Wow!  160+ comments and counting!  Who knew haggis would prove such a popular topic.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my first attempt at the Scottish delicacy.

Also, thanks to those who have been weighing in with their thoughts on Stargate: Universe – their likes, dislikes, and hopes for the future.  As I stated in yesterday’s entry, you have the entire back half of season one to look forward to come April and I can assure you that many of your requests will be magically honored when the show returns.  While the first ten episodes established the series, the ship, its characters and their various relationships, the next ten will be more action-oriented, focus more on exploration, and delve deeper into our crew.  Still, this is the perfect time to chime in as we gear up for the show’s second season.

I’ve received a slew of comments (and expect many more), but would like to address each of the topics in term.  So today, let’s discuss the responses to the first questions asked:  1. Which character would you like to see explored more?

Not surprisingly, you weighed in with a wide selection of worthy candidates ranging from main characters to background players.  But leading the pack was SGU’s resident medic, Lieutenant Tamara “T.J.” Johansen.  Many of you cited the character’s potential and the surprising depth of Alaina Huffman’s performance in even the most cursory of scenes or exchanges.  It’s something that struck me as well, especially in later episodes, Alaina’s ability to masterfully convey so much about her character in subtleties like a simple line delivery of a thrown look.  Although most of your diehard fans know where we’re going with the character, but I’ll resist the urge to spill the beans for those who don’t want to be spoiled.  Instead, I’ll simply assure you that T.J. will have a developing story arc through the back half of season one, one that will have major ramifications for her character well into season two.  A lot of wonderful Tamara moments throughout the back half, but Faith, episode 13, is the episode that fans of the character (and fans of actress Alaina Huffman in particular) should really look forward to. And the show’s second season gets off to a very interesting start for her as well.  One of the aspects of the T.J. character we see flashes of in episodes like Water that I truly love and want to explore is her military side.  In short, I want to see her kick ass!

Two more characters who you’re requesting to see more of are the Machiavellian Dr. Rush (Robert Caryle) and SGU’s spirited warrior, Master Sergeant Ronald Greer (Jamil Walker Smith).  While Rush has been front and center to date, many of you are hankering for a peek at Rush’s motivations, his backstory, what potentially dark events from his past shaped him.  Well, fans of the character won’t have to wait long for some answers.  Human, episode 14, will explore the Rush character and, if not answer many of these questions, then at least offer some major hints to a troubled past.  And, of course, Rush will continue to follow his own agenda (which we’ll begin to piece together as time goes on), ultimately taking this game to a whole new level as we head into the show’s second season.

As for Greer, many of you have expressed a desire to find out a little more about his backstory as well, what makes him tick tick tick.  He’s one of the more fascinating members of the Destiny crew, a soldier’s soldier with an explosive volatility simmering just beneath his ice cool exterior.  And, in episode 15, Lost, we finally get a glimpse at Greer’s past, some of the events that shaped him as well, for better and for worse.  In addition to that episode, the back half of season one is sprinkled with plenty of wonderful character beats both dark and humorous, as well as moments that will speak to the bond of friendship between Greer and Scott.

Plenty of other characters made the wish list.  Quite a few of you want to see more of  Eli Wallace (David Blue), find out a little more about how his mother is doing, and see the character mature a little over the course of his incredible adventure aboard Destiny.  Check, check, and check although, admittedly, the latter requires us to walk a fine line between having the character mature over the course of his experiences yet keeping him the grounded, fish-out-of-water the viewer can continue to identify with.  There are many challenges ahead for the young genius, not the least of which being his uncertain positioning in the ongoing tug-o-war between two diametrically opposed father figures: Young and Rush.  Remember that last scene in Justice where Eli goes to visit Young after Rush has been left behind?  You figure he suspects something’s up?

Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque) was another character that received quite a few votes and more than a few requests to see the character developed beyond what we’ve established to date.  Well, things will get very interesting for Chloe almost immediately upon our April return and her harrowing experience will have repercussions not only for her, but for the rest of the crew as well.

Camile Wray (Ming-Na) and Colonel David Telford (Lou Diamond Philips) also received mentions.  Wray is a civilian with a background in Human Resources and while, at first blush, the skills she possesses may seem impractical in a space-faring scenario, Camile will step to the fore later this season, especially when all hell breaks loose in the show’s two-part season finale.  And then there’s that hate-hate relationships she’s got going on with Greer. We’ll be exploring that throughout – and in very interesting fashion later.

Several of you wanted to know more about Telford.  As one poster mentioned: “There has to be more than what we as viewers have seen of him”.  True, true. And we’ll find out plenty more about him later this season.  Also, someone else cited his past with Young and suggested that this was an element that warranted further exploration.  Well, yes, we have hinted at some history between these two and some of these shocking and tragic details will be revealed late in season one.

Also receiving votes: Luis Ferreira’s Colonel Everett Young (big trouble looms for our anguished commander on the heels of his shocking decision in Justice), Brian J. Smith’s Lieutenant Matthew Scott (Faith, episode 13, in particular offers us a better understanding of his selflessness and willingness to self-sacrifice for the greater good), secondary characters (some great moments upcoming for the likes of James, Brody, Volker, Park, Franklin and Riley), and Destiny itself (shipboard exploration and discovery to come).

So plenty of character development headed your way, most of which will hopefully satisfy your numerous requests (while simultaneously stirring further interest in our extended shipboard family).  And if what’s ahead in the back half of season one doesn’t clear your entire wish list, well, there’s season two to look forward to as well.

To JimfromJersey who complained because I didn’t post a pic of my finished haggis.  Sorry.  I forgot.  Here it is.

Sweet potato mash on the left. Haggis with whisky cream on the right.

Viewer mail:

PG15 writes: “I just got accepted into the Calfornia Institute of Technology as a Graduate Student!! Woohoo!!”

Answer: I echo Carl Binder’s congratulations (If you missed it, check the comments.  He posted especially for you!).  Go Beavers! (to quote Cal Tech alum Dr. Alison Porter in Whispers).

Michael A. Burstein writes: “Haggis is one of those foods found in every culture, that people within the culture appreciate and people outside generally can’t understand. (In my background, that food is kishke.)”

Answer: Now kishke I have done, back in Montreal where some of my Jewish friends also introduced me to the joys of chicken liver dumplings.  Yum on both counts.

dasNdanger writes: “Now…how about that 100-year old egg.”

Answer: Also done.  It was a tasty ingredient in the congee Fondy and I would get when we used to go to Richmond for lunch.

Kerry writes: “You should now try Blood Sausage – a traditional Irish breakfast DELIGHT! Black or White pudding are your options, and I have to admit, if you don’t think about what you’re eating (much like Haggis), it’s a pretty great part of a Sunday fry. Alan makes his friends from home stock him up when they come to visit because the good stuff is hard to find in Vancouver.”

Answer: First Carl, now you.  It’s a practically a Stargate reunion in the comments section today.  So, yeah, I gratefully accept your invitation to try blood sausage the next time Alan’s friends come to town and bring the good stuff.  Looking forward to it.

Dasndanger writes: “But I was wondering about the writing team – what’s really better? A team of the same writers, or mixing things up a bit by bringing in new blood? Personally I think having a consistent team of writers is good, since they really get a feel for the characters. Sure, outside writers can bring in new ideas, but what if those ideas are at the expense of the characters? Just wonder what you think of regular writers v guest writers…if you have a sec or two to share.”

Answer: You started your post by referencing Mark Harmon (who I hear nothing but good things about on and off screen) and NCIS and I just wanted to say I LOVE the fact that this show has been pulling in some of its best ratings ever in its 7th season!  Hats off to them on a truly impressive achievement.  As to your question – Which is better, established writers or new blood? – I would answer: Can’t we have both?  On the one hand, established writers know the show and its characters better than anyone and they’ve developed a strong working relationship with the cast and crew; on the other hand, new writers could inject some new ideas and approaches to the stories and characters.  Why not the best of both worlds?

Steve Eramo writes: “Glad to read that your first Haggis experience was such a positive one! I wouldn’t steer you wrong.”

Answer: Hey, Steve.  So what’s next on the menu?

70 thoughts on “January 27, 2010: Which SGU character would you like to see more of in the back half of season one and beyond??

  1. “Why not the best of both worlds?”

    Greedy. 😀

    As far as the 100-year old egg – after a year + of nagging – why am I just now hearing about this? You really don’t read my posts all the way through, now do you? 😉

    I’m looking forward to the Scott/Greer thing you mentioned – could that be a bit more of the ‘brother-in-arms’ thing I’d like to see more of?

    “We’ll be exploring that throughout – and in very interesting fashion later.”

    Oh, wait. Greer gets Wray to switch teams, right? 😀


  2. Just what I needed to fuel tonight’s dreams…visions of white ?! sweet potatoes and innards. I used to run screaming the other way when Mama fried liver. 😛

  3. does Stargate Productions have a time machine? you guys do an incredible job considering all the distractions around the office! (ie. your blog, and Ashleigh)

    Speaking of Bridge Studios. Did you hear that after the Olympics, the VPD will be moving it’s headquarters into the VANOC headquarters building. It’s one block north of 1st Ave on Boundary. Anyways, people have been complaining because apparently when the VPD bring people in for questioning, and don’t press charges, they release them out the front door. In such a residential area, there is concern about where all the “unsavory” people walking out the building will go. Since most are homeless, residents are afraid they’re not going to leave the area.

    And speaking of cultural dishes, have you ever had the filipino desert, Balut? great Weird Food Purchase item….oh make Carl eat one too!!

  4. Oh, dang…

    Forgot to mention that Robert Patrick (Col. Sumner in The Rising) was in Psych tonight, and his character in NCIS made an ‘appearance’ a couple weeks back. The man gets around!

    Also, my sister was telling me tonight that she might be going to Haiti. She and her husband do volunteer relief work, and they’re currently on stand-by. She’s a bit nervous at the prospect, but also eager to help. She’s not 100% sure that they will be called in, but she’s ready if need be. I’m under strict orders not to tell our mom, though…since she’ll worry herself to death over it. Personally, I’m a bit envious – I’d love to go and help out, but not with my recent health issues. After being so sick last winter I want to get a good year under my belt before I put any sort of strain on my system. But Mr. Das and I like doing that sort of work and even looked into taking first responders courses a couple years back, but decided against it when we found out that we’d be asked to stay behind in case of evacuations. Since my parents are not in the best of health our first obligation would be to them, so we put off the idea for now. (Having pets also discourages us from the idea, since we’d want to assure their safety, too. Since our area is mostly prone to hurricanes and there is usually fair warning before a storm, evacuating really makes more sense than staying behind.)

    Aaaand…I’m rambling.

    Nite, sir! Thanks for answering my questions, too! As far as Mark Harmon goes – I, too, have heard good things about him, albeit not from inside sources. I really think what’s helped boost NCIS‘s ratings is syndication, and those 3-hour mini-marathons most weeknights on USA (I think Sleuth channel may be airing it, too). It exposed the show to new audiences, and even got my sister watching (she’s totally hooked on the show now!). But it’s also a good, ol’ fashioned procedural…something missing from most shows today that weigh themselves down with drama and gore (the old formulas work best – when will people realize this?! Just look at the ‘predictable’ Avatar!). What I mean about it being ‘old-fashioned’ is that it plays out like a standard mystery – body, clues, suspects, solution – all very sleek, uncomplicated (even if some plots have good twists and turns), and supported by a cast of well-defined characters.

    AAAAANNNND…I’m totally rambling again! Serves me right for falling sound asleep while waiting for Mr. Das to get home from work, then waking up, taking a shower, watching Psych, and – basically – feeling like I’m ready to start the day! Woo! 😀 And ugh. I’ll probably be up ’til three now… 😛


  5. Once upon a time my rover crew ran a Highland Games themed camp. The fellow in charge of grub decided it would be timely to serve us Haggis for dinner. Fortunately there was an alternative choice of tacos, as while the Haggis smelled quite good, I couldn’t get my brain to stop long enough to just enjoy it.

    Another Haggis-portunity for you: The BC Highland Games.

  6. Haha wow I’m late to the game. Just posted my wish list, and all of the characters I want to see are in this blog post! 😀

    Re: Alaina Huffman’s acting: she reminds me of Yunjin Kim, the actress who plays Sun on LOST. Somewhere I read that Dominic Mongahan said she can say more with her eyes than most people can say with their mouths. Alaina possesses this quality as well… I can’t wait to see what you guys wrote for her, though I believe I can already see the seeds being planted! 😀

    Will you address our responses to your other 4 topics of discussion as well? Because I believe each is worthy of its own blog post!

  7. Hey, PG15, congrats on being accepted as a grad student! As a first year myself right now, let me tell you, you’re in for a ride, but it is absolutely worth it. I wouldn’t give it up to do anything else (well, until I get my PhD, then I might finally give up school for a *gasp* real job, lol).

    Thanks for touching on our comments, Joe! I can’t wait for the rest of the season. It sounds like it will be truly amazing!

    And hey, Mark Harmon shout out! He’s been one of my favorite actors since I first saw Moonlighting when I was like, 8.

    Hope you had a good day, Joe!

  8. Bonjour Joseph ! Personnellement, le personnage que je voudrais voir dévellopé un peu plus c’est celui de Greer. C’est un peu un méchant mais ça donne envie d’en savoir plus sur son passé.

    Au fait, petite question pour le Mailbag:
    Vers qu’elle époque a été lancé de Destiny ? Avant Atlantis ? Après ? Il y a combiens d’années ?

  9. Congrats PG15. Now you’ll be in my neck of the woods.

    I totally missed the post. Drat. I do agree with people though. I really want to find out T.J.’s background, what makes her tick. There have just been a few flashes (you writers are so sneaky) of potential situations that makes me want to know more.

    I’m sorry. That haggis just looks icky. That’s just me though. Not adventurous.

  10. I’ve always wanted to try haggis, but I can’t eat hot dogs anymore without my stomach throwing a fit. Glad you finally got a chance to try it.

    Sounds like the second half of the season may be what I’ve been waiting for. Here’s my wish list for Season 2:

    1) Have I ever mentioned Lisa Parks?

    2) Destiny – it’s such a great name for a ship. I always felt that Atlantis should have been explored more. Would love to see what discoveries Destiny could reveal.

    3) The stones, unless they’re used to try and save the crew.

    4) The camaraderie on the jungle planet where they all needed each other to try and stay alive. Good stuff.

    5) You need a new character on the ship. A middle aged menopausal woman. Someone who could be warm, loving, and kind one minute, then turn into a confused, sweating, homicidal lunatic the next. Possibly used for comic relief, and beating up Telford, which would be Young, right? I get confused.

    @PG15 Wow and congratulations! What a fantastic opportunity for you! We’ll be neighbors.

  11. I took GeekBoy to a local restaurant to try to broaden his horizons a little bit. He liked the fried calamari quite a lot. However, after eating a bite of rare seared tuna with wasabi, he proclaimed, “Okay, that texture? Is just wrong.” His favorite dish was the pulled pork slider, followed closely by the pot roast slider.

  12. Congratulations to PG15 on being accepted to the California Institute of Technology. That is an honor that PG15 has worked very hard for and it is well deserved!

  13. woah, you’re fast with responding to those answers o.O
    I planned to take my time with them but I guess I’ll better think of them now…

    1. Which character would you like to see explored more?

    I’m with the majority – more TJ would be great.
    But not too much information about Rush – don’t get me wrong, I want to see a lot of him (favourite character of mine and so on 😉 ) but there should be some secrets remaining.

    2. What aspect of the show would you like to see exploited more?

    I’m not really sure – it’s not that I didn’t like many aspects but if you exploit them too much they might be “ruined”…
    But I don’t want to miss the scheming and character backstory elements.

    3. What aspect of the show would prefer to see minimized?

    I’m not generally against the stones – I liked the tension between Young and Telford but I really don’t need the sex scenes. They don’t bother me but they don’t add anything for me either.

    4. What was your favorite “story moment” from the first half of SGU’s first season?

    Rush fooling Telford at the end of Earth.

    5. What element (I’m leaving this one wide open) would you like to see added to the series as a whole?

    No idea about any particular element, but I still think it would be *very* interesting to see Rush saving Young, there’s no need for it to be a voluntary choice of him but the idea of Young owing his life to Rush… fascinating 😉

  14. PG15 — if you can pull of the timing, moving via Amtrak train (make sure it’s the TRAIN not bus connection from Vancouver-Portland, then Pacific Coast Starlight) is both pretty and will get you in the grad-student-minimalist mentality. Congrats!

  15. I actually did see Carl’s comment, but waited to post my response in the new entry because I wanted it to be near the top of the page, so that it’ll be easier for Carl to see:


    This means a lot to me!! I mean, it’s seriously surreal to be congratulated on an accomplishment in life by 2 of the Executive Producers of your favorite TV shows! That’s so strange and yet so Awesome!! 😀

    Also, “He posted especially for you!” – That just made my year. Well, that and the CalTech thing. 😉 Beavers, eh? I should look that up; never was a big sports guy (sorry Carl :P).

    So anyway, thanks again you guys! Carl, it is very interesting seeing you say that about CalTech; being from California I knew you’d have more experience dealing with this institution, and now I’m doubly excited over the prospect of going to such a prestigious University!

    Oh, and it’s about damn time I said this: these last 5 years at UBC have been pretty stressful, and I like to thank Joe, Carl, and the rest of the Stargate productions for providing me with that one-hour-per-week where I get to veg out and enjoy some quality entertainment. You guys rock!! Never underestimate the impact you have had on your millions of viewers!

    And, of course, I would also like to thank my fellow blog commenters for the past 1000+ days’ worth of hilarious, touching, and thoughtful comments that I have had the pleasure to read through. You guys are all amazingly Awesome.

    Life is good.

    @ das: Thank you!! 😀

    @ Narelle: Thank you as well!! My term starts in September 2010, and yeah, it’ll be a big move. I’m gonna have to go from Vancouver to Los Angeles (or, following in Marty G.’s twitter’s footsteps, YVR 2 LAX 4 CalTech). The culture shock is gonna be…interesting.

    Ok, I looked through that website, and specifically through those photos. Ugh. So many long corridors leading towards darkness. Also, those holes in the wall? I thought they were just wear and tear, but turns out they were holes made by the more violent patients punching the walls – that is just disturbing. But, not as disturbing as “You should go back” and “Are you scared yet?” Wow. If the new inhabitants knew this, it’d probably be empty again soon enough!

    Indeed. These abandoned mental institutions all seem to have the signatures of human psychosis imprinted on their walls or something. Creepy stuff.

    @ fsmn36: Wow, thank you for the congrats and sharing your experience! A ride, eh? I’m looking forward to it. 😀 Good to know that you’re having a good time; I hope I will too.

    Yeah, real jobs – who needs ’em? Let’s just keep researching or something! 😀

  16. I don’t think I’ve ever heard or read of a single bad thing about Mark Harmon, as a person or as an actor. He’s one of those rock solid types that can really keep a show on course, as proven by the show ratings(mind, the rest of the cast is great too).
    Of the established characters, I’m happiest to see we’re getting more of Greer, who has emerged as my favorite. Rush runs as a close second, as he’s a dark character who I cannot see as a one dimensional villian. If anything, he’s a McKay who never used his childhood heroes as a role model to smooth over his anti social behaviors. I can’t see Rush changing as much as McKay has over the years. Hopefully the show will do well enough to prove me wrong.
    Meantime, between Spartacus(ok show but the attempts to miimic 300’s style detract from it) and Kitchen Nightmares, Friday nights will pass a lot more smoothly until April. Sorry Syfy, but Caprica is boring me to tears. Maybe I’ll try the dvds later.
    Thanks as always for everything. Now off to work and to get ready for that nasty 4 letter word that sends sheer panic through the souls of people down here. Snow.

  17. Great teasers for the show! I’m looking forward to more episodes.

    Congrats to PG15 on his graduate spot! I know a physicist and he has told me how hard it is to get established. I had no idea of the Elitism involved in academia. The California Institute of Technology is a great start! I know you will do well.

    As for NCIS, I’ve been watching it since its premiere. If I watch the show, it’s usually doomed 😉 . So I’m glad/surprised the show is getting more ratings as time goes by.

    Das: I send much luck and prayers to your sister and her hubby! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

  18. What was that on that plate? It wisnae Haggis!

    Haggis should be served dry with buttered mashed carrots and creamy mashed (normal) potatoes.

    Save the Whiskey Sauce for chicken, nom nom nom.

    What did Mr Carlisle say about your take on Haggis?

  19. Hi Mr M!

    Two points of business:

    First: El Buli is closing for 2 years!!

    Second: For those who asked :

    And finally, @PG15 : We are not worthy!! Bravo Sir! Heartiest congratulations. Getting in to Caltech is like…..well taking out a hive ship with a spork….almost impossible. Nicely done! Enjoy!

    …back to childcare for me. Really enjoyed the many views expressed on your fan input.

    Best to all here


  20. Talk about eyes, look at Joe’s, he says a lot with his, look deeper. happy,sad,excited, he runs it all in his eyes, haven’t seen mad yet. (don’t really want to)
    – Mark Harmons eyes also, then he slaps Michael Weatherly up the back of the head. Great show NCIS. terrific family of characters.
    -Joe, how much longer does your mom have to be in the rehab place? Is she feeling better getting around, does she have a date with Claude yet? Did Felix bite him? Hope she is raring to go home soon and can do well. Best wishes for her continuing recovery. Hugs to sis and mom. How are you feeling Joe? pains gone away, are you getting your rest?
    Blog on…

  21. Greer is my favorite character by far, but I’m glad to hear that TJ and Wray are getting more screen time as well as I think both were really underused in the first half of the season.

    Also, while the Destiny crew is cut off from Earth (physically anyway), will we see any new crew members/visitors come aboard (ie. aliens) or perhaps new supporting/background characters come to the forefront that we haven’t gotten to know yet once the second half of season 1 starts?

  22. Thanks Joe! I’ve always wanted to try haggis. It’s not available locally as authentic haggis been banned in the U.S. since 1989. I hear that it’s going to be legalized again soon though.

  23. Please, please, please bring back the humor that SG1 and Atlantis was known for. Stuff like – Sheppard was teaching Ronan about earth guns. Ronan takes the machine gun and hits the bullseye. Sheppard says, “that’s good”. Then Ronan takes the pistol and hits the bullseye again. Sheppard says, “that’s good too”. Then Ronan takes his own gun and blows a huge circle out of the bullseye and says “I like this one better”. The camera shot goes through the circle from the other side and frames both their faces and Sheppard says “I can see why”. Even in the darkest times, the characters had fun with eachother on both SG1 and Atlantis. So far, I can’t see much fun going on and therefore, I don’t see much of personalities shining through.

  24. Sweet!! I like what I’m hearing!!!! I have one other question.

    Will Becker get some development or screentime inthe second half? Please keep him, he’s one of the coolest characters!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

    Oh and CONGRATS PG15!!!!!

  25. Hey Joe –

    Is the Stargate prop auction the death knell for the movies, or is someone just tired of paying the storage fees?

  26. “Answer: Now kishke I have done, back in Montreal where some of my Jewish friends also introduced me to the joys of chicken liver dumplings. Yum on both counts.”

    But did you have the kishke in beef intestines or in synthetic casing?

    I should note that the observation I made about foods within a culture that others wouldn’t appreciate as much came from Nomi. She also reminded me that besides kishke, we also have gefilte fish.

  27. Bravo PG-15! (See, I’m still catching up…) Your achievements and impending Californication are putting a gleeful smile on my face. I enjoy feeling joy for others. *applause*

  28. Mr. M, just curious but is there any food you have absolutely refused to try?

  29. @Shirt n Tie: Gorgeous!

    @PG15: Congratulations, well done!

    Joe, I meant to say “get rid of the stones but find a way to keep O’Neill and Jackson.” 😉

  30. Haha


    Your a lucky man. ;). Usually people like us are fans of the producers, but in this case, the producers are fans of you. 😉

    Oh and are das and I really the only Becker fans out there? Anyone else wanna see more from him?

  31. @das & @ytimynona

    I think with the theme discussions ya’ll are talking about multiple, distinct concepts and that’s why you guys are floating among different terms.

    There is the symbolic, visual system which movies do do better and with a lot of discipline, especially when it comes to contrasting opening and closing images (Forest Gump’s feather). It’s done more free-form and optionally in episodic television.

    There is also the runner, or running gag. This is something that occurs exactly THREE times in an episode. Why not two or four? I don’t know. Watch Psych again. The runner is always there and it’s particularly easy to spot in Psych. Shows usually either have runners or they don’t and Stargate has already established that it doesn’t. They bookend sometimes, but that’s different.

    Visual systems and runners sometimes intersect, but, if you remember the rule of three, you’ll easily spot the distinction.

    You guys are also talking about another concept or two relating to theme or recurring concepts, but I wasn’t able to identify it. I’m providing these definitions so maybe you could set aside these two distinct concepts and distill out what that other concept you’re thinking of is.

  32. @pg 15 or anyone.

    Where is carl’s comment. I looked through all the comments in last entry. Must have missed it. In what section is it. Third quater? Fourth quater?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  33. Hi Joseph!!!!

    ça va ? moi ouép =P

    Merci d’avoir demander nos avis sur la suite de sgu=) je pense qu’en général beaucoup de réponses vont dans la même sens =)

    éhéh moi hier j’ai eu plus de coms que vous =P ..160 c’est pas mal^^! ce n’est pas le nombres de coms qui compte mais leurs qualités 😉

    Passez une très bonne journée!

  34. Hi Joe! Of course I would like to see more of Lt. Scott. That being said, I love Greer! My dad retired from the Marine Corps after 27 years. While I don’t believe he was/is anything at all like Greer, I did meet many of his fellow soldiers. Many of whom were just a little screwed up, and loyal to a fault! I have fond memories of them teaching my brothers and I how to drive, smoke cigarettes and drink beer! They were also there for us when our mom was ill, and our dad was out of the country, taking us to school and our activities. I still smile when I think of them arm wrestling to see who had to take me to piano lesson! I believe that is why I have a special attachment to Greer. On the other hand, he is very good looking. It is entirely possible I am just shallow!

    I also really enjoy the Kino’s on the web. They give us another look into life on the Destiny. They are at times, hard to find. I would like to suggest whomever is responsible should make an effort to put them in one place and in some sense of order. Hmmmm, It’s no secret that I think Ivon is cute too. I see a pattern here!

    On another note, are you aware we have a chat dedicated to talking about SGU while the show is on hiatus? It has become quite popular, with lot’s of the cast and crew stopping in to chat with the fans. We also play the SGU drinking game, nothing but fun!

    Glad to hear you are keeping busy, and back at writing more wonderfulness that is SGU. College started back for me a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling too old to be returning to school until I read an article that a woman got her Bachelors at the ripe old age of 100. Never too late, I suppose!

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the DVD release in 2 weeks!

    Sherry Harris

  35. I forgot to tell you I would really like to see Josh Blocker back on SGU…Spencer was such an interesting character. Flashbacks maybe? I have no clue, you guys could figure something out!

  36. @MICHAEL BURSTEIN, Being of the same religion as you, I was one who never ate much of “our” food. Sorry, but I HATED Filter Fish. Funny tho, my kids and hubby(who is not jewish) Love most of the food!! I will stick with my safe white fish and bagels!! And I make killer motza ball soup!! Sheryl.

  37. Oh… Awkward. I don’t think I used the word “invite” or “invitation” anywhere in my comment… so…. ya… (cough, cough)


  38. Watched the Haïti Telethon the other day. There were a lot of my favorite TV personalities and singers on it. That was so really very cool of them to invest some of their time in this cause!!!!!…There was also a telethon in Montreal…. I’m pleasantly surprised at how generous people have been so far … makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!!!
    Now, why is it that everybody writes Louis Ferreira, but you’re the only one that writes Luis Ferreira? Maybe if you could find me that middle name I heard the other day, I might decide to give you a break!!
    It’s a bit weird to ask to see more of Young …. He already appears a lot on the show with R. Carlyle… But I guess more is always better then less!!!!!
    I also noticed that you wrote the episode that starts the second half of the first season in April and the last 2 that ends it! 😉

  39. woohoo….just preordered the SGU dvd from Amazon. And, the price is lower than the original price. It was only $27.99 US.

    Everyone has weighed in with many of the SGU comments I would have proffered for your consideration.

    2Malibu – it really is “never too late!” Cool news.

    PG15 – NEAT-O. Congratulations!

  40. @malibunextyear and @Joe

    Please!!!! Yessss!!!! I loved Spencer and I wish he could have been around for at least a little longer!!! Anything would be great!!!

  41. Okay some thought on what I want to see more of in the show.

    1 Character Development: Col. Young. I adore him. So would love to see him more in the episodes to come.

    2 Aspect of the Show: Definitely the Destiny. Want to see her explored more. She is massive and would love to see more of her.

    3 What I want to see less of: Not sure since I love all aspects I have seen so far.

    4 Fave Story moment: Can’t really decide on just one. Since there has been so many

    5 What element I would love to see added: I know many have asked for a alien character. And I actually agree. Some one who risks their life to save the life of one of the crew. Helping them return to the Destiny. Also having to go to the Destiny since it would be too dangerous on that planet for them.

  42. Holy poop!!!!

    My air novilization arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just read the first few pages!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It is a must read for any SGU fan. You get insight into the characters thoughts that you just can’t get out of tv. Joe, do you think we could do this book for the your book club. It’s soooooo good!!!!

  43. Pic of the finished product.. gross. Eww. Blech. I once was a guest of honor and offered lamb eyes. I told my husband I could disgrace him by not eating them, or trying and puking.. his choice. He graciously told them he loved them and I would like to honor him by letting him have them. 🙂
    What I want… Joe, Joe, Joe… you know. Better stronger more realistic women characters. You have some wonderful actresses, you GUYS just need better written women for them to chew on. Which is why I adore all the guys, even the bad ones, but can’t get into the women. It remains the one area the SG franchise leaves me disappointed in. Let your mom write an episode! 🙂 I bet she can kick ass! Well write a kick ass episode while her hip recovers. Give her something to do!

  44. Missed the post so didn’t see your haggis experience till today…….hmmm I’m a traditionalist myself when it comes to haggis but you’ve certainly put a nice spin on it.

    But of course the taste really all depends on whether you are eating farm-reared or wild haggis and whether it’s your common garden clockwise haggis or you’re lesser spotted anti-clockwise haggis……. (if you’re not sure what the difference is I’m sure one of the other scots who reads the thread will explain 😉

    As for Universe – the characters – any character who you woulld want to spend an hour with on a bus ride we want to see more of, any character you would rather take a bus ride than spend time with write less of…….

    As for the rest of it, more humour please, and more scifi, less soap.

  45. So, pg15, I see that your Master Plan is coming along well. **makes steeple with fingers**

    First, you get accepted into a top institution (the learning kind, not the other kind). Under the guise of a meek science guy you become the Go-To man of the physics world.

    While keeping up this Mr Nice Guy image, you spend your free time getting on the good side of certain Executive Producers of the Stargate Franchise via a personal blog.

    Having taken a night course in “Hypnotism: Using the web to bend people to your will”, you manage to plant seeds of a storyline idea into Joe’s head which will involve physics concepts that only you can help with. Naturally, you offer your services on the matter and as you had planned, are brought on as a Physics Consultant for the Stargate Franchise.

    And this is where we find the reason for this complex plan. You are now working in the same department as Mika… or you’re doing all of this to work with Carl. I haven’t worked that bit out yet.

  46. Hi Joe

    I’ve a pitch for a double ep that I’d like to run by you. How would I do so?

    On characters, Eli must have some fear shooting through him at the end of Justice. Rush, who says he’s boy wonder, is gone. Young has told Eli what’s wanted, and he’s just deleted Rush’s presence physically and now wants it digitally. Who else will he delete. And who’s going to second guess Young, who was wrongly accused and now back may seem unassailable. Eli is losing his innocence. Character arc moving ahead. Who can he look to for help?

    Chloe? She has to show up, if not for Eli but to face other risks and threats, both within Destiny and for the crew’s communications with others/aliens, and draw upon what she had to have learned in politics in range of high-minded purpose to gutter actions. Truths, semi-truths and shades of lies, all for a greater good – whose?

    The dark side of the doc has not been tested. TJ is military, as others remind us. Is she MASH and positive disposition left a cynic through command rules, or a Masher – letting a side of her take hold, and squeeze, hit, when need be. Switch on. Off. She was asked by Young to check others for stability. What makes her tick, what drew her to the military – belief or is it only a vehicle for her? How’s she doing, really?

    Rush – oh, Rush. Interesting, of course, to look at his background but how far would he go to discover what he really is about, if he fully knows yet himself. Is he keeping a crew hostage? But how do the number of people matter when his passion, hunger for Destiny’s secrets, and possession/control of its hardware, is threatened? How many to hurt? Or save, from what can be learned? Greater good, again. He can’t know how far he would go, for who does?

    By the way, check if RC looks for the fresh made haggis or prefers the best – MacSweens! And, F-fae-glasgow is so right about serving dry, for when cut open its moist, crumbly texture brings warm tastes…

    On aspects of the show – Destiny. It’s route(s) needed examined. Might a game interface be possible – a cooms initiative to test/tease out its methods, priorities, agenda through a combo of Rush and Eli setting up such. Would be an interesting development to take on from the game-seeding done to ID Eli in the first place.

    I’d separately wondered about other technologies, including variations on wormholes to see what else would be done apart from the gate – remote checking, sampling, siphoning? Also, I loved the fly through the star but what did the Ancients know of Zero Point energy as an any time, anywhere boundless (unless limited somehow) resource?

    It would seem that Destiny is monitoring the crew for wasn’t it just too convenient about the life forms in Water than were then so vital next on the world where crew was being killed…so what does Destiny know of what’s ahead, for it’s not exploring but following a known route?

    Less off? The stones and trips to Earth, unless the stones can have a greater role – such as they become a risk when a brief possession of a crew member occurs by a non-Earth intruder, then happens again, again, briefly, cummulatively, until slight odd behaviours start to tip others – such as a lover. realising they are being spied on, but by whom and for what purpose, it is known that the stones need to be locked away, or severely restricted. Some people aren’t happy with losing the contact, such as it is, with Earth and, possibly, their roots, themselves. The crew will then be more caught in this crucible, more hungry for ways back. But is all it seems?

    Ok, ’nuff for now. Love the blog, and opportunities for creative storytelling feedback, and response, is great. A chance to pitch too, that’d be worth a dozen MacSweens.



  47. I’d prefer to see more of Col. E. Young. He’s the most interesting person so far. I do not really care about Rush. He seems to be too determined and rational for the rest of the people on the Destiny. Young, in my eyes, also represents the “unknwon” other people aboard of whom we do not (yet) know the names. He’s unpredictable due to his inner struggle and you never know what he’s really up to. Might be he’s doing it for the survivors, might be he’s just helping himself.
    I wouldn’t also mind if one of the female characters would leave the shadows…preferably Johansen.

    About NCIS: I love the show, have seen every episode. Well writen, great actors and a good sense of humour! Almost half as good as SG1 (and that’s a compliment!) 🙂

    alors, bonne nuit. Je vais a dormir, c’est déja trop tard.

  48. uhm, forgot something:

    First, thank you for giving us such an opportunity. Really, thank you, thank you, thank you! It just made my day 🙂

    and finally the thing that didn’t let me sleep: please, less M Scott. He looks like one of my ex boyfriends…everytime I see him I think “Oh yeah, you again…!” If you can’t do that, I’m sure Brian Smith looks great with curly hair 😀 That an idea?

  49. That sweet potato mash doesn’t look like it was made from sweet potatoes. The haggis does look like something that came out of a sheep’s chest cavity.

  50. Didn’t get to weigh yesterday on the future of the show.

    I’ve stopped watching. I don’t think it is very good.

  51. 1) Characters: Both Young and Rush are awesome characters, same goes for most of the cast. I would also like to see the women characters explored more, especially TJ.

    2) More of: The “hard” SciFi aspects and problems worked great, I’d like to continue to see the crew struggle through tough and “realistic” problems that have a high geek appeal. For example, the aerobraking maneuver and the CO2 scrubbers were awesome and refreshingly fact-grounded. Don’t give away too much of Destiny’s secrets at once, little bits here and there can have a much more profound impact than big game-changing reveals. Continue to make it hard work for the characters to survive through consequently planned scenarios.

    I also loved the aliens so far. It would be great to skip cheesy english-speaking pseudo-humans and stereotypical scifi archvillains entirely.

    3) Less of: The stones, and everything earth-related or too deeply connected with SG1 for that matter. SGU has a different audience from SG1, their expectations are not really compatible for the most part.

    4) Favorite moments: So many of them were great, almost every episode had at least one highlight that made my day. The Young/Rush confrontation in Ep 10 was awesome. I’d like to see more of this type of story where everybody really has good intentions but they inevitably clash in slightly unpredictable ways. Keep the characters controversial but likable, I know it’s a fine line…

    5) Adding elements: If I may be so bold as to suggest, don’t add any big foreign elements to the show. The premise works great as it is. More physics, more science, we can take it! Resist the temptation to access too much SG1 mythology. Add more character depth, especially to the female characters. Make us think, do morally ambivalent storylines.

  52. So I’ve been thinking about your questions:

    1. Which character would you like to see explored more?

    Lots of them.
    Volker (what did he do before Icarus, why did Rush pick him)
    Wray (what’s her agenda)
    Destiny (‘cos I always think of ships as characters and I want them to learn more about her, what weapons she has, what was her purpose, do they encounter another ship like Destiny?)

    2. What aspect of the show would you like to see exploited more?

    I think exploited feels dirty. I don’t know if I can think of another word. I could say the KINO ‘cos I’m kinda in love with it 🙂 but I’m gonna go with politics and action. I love that Young is getting Eli to spy and I can’t wait for that to pay off over and over, finally coming back in his face. I like the power plays. I’m hanging out for a mutiny.

    3. What aspect of the show would prefer to see minimized?

    Definitely agree the use of the stones for personal use. I know it might help them from going stir crazy but perhaps they should be thinking about finding a way home than dancing, having sex & getting drunk. I think Young’s personal use of the stones bothers me the most ‘cos he’s in charge.

    If McKay & Sheppard were on Destiny they’d be halfway to working it out (I know wrong people – I guess that phrase could be minimised)

    4. What was your favorite “story moment” from the first half of SGU’s first season??

    I loved the ending of Time (which I felt was spoilt a bit when I saw the Kino that explained the ending). Its like someone explaining the tag to a joke that you understood in the first place & yes I know many people didn’t understand the ep so I know why Rob wrote it. I just wished I hadn’t seen it.

    I loved Eli being prepared, albeit slightly reluctantly, to sacrifice his arm to keep gate open.

    I loved the conversation between TJ & Eli in the cave in Time. Learnt so much.

    I loved the KINO being used to film the ship from the outside and the KINO hoverboard. I wonder if we know everything about it. Perhaps it has more features.

    5. What element (I’m leaving this one wide open) would you like to see added to the series as a whole?

    More Alien/Ancient technology, more Alien life just not weird and freaky like Trek…and not blue.

    A theme…I like TV themes….wish it was Gravity. I liked that.

    Some buddy moments. I hope you develop the friendship between Matt & Eli.

    Some Easter Eggs..or maybe I’ve missed them…would be cool to have something that was in the background in one ep that pays off in a later ep.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Cheers, Chev

  53. I think my recent viewing of “So I married an Ax Murderer” has skewed my feeling on Haggis. Mike Myers fondeling haggis? Not pleasant.
    As for the second season, I would either like to see one of the women step out, not as the uncertain, restrained, character as a force. I feel if they (the women in the show) continue on the path they have been following, many of the characters will become ‘stock’. The women all seem passive, apologetic, always looking to the men for direction, even when they have power. Can one of them please step forward, maybe put someone in their place? Also, the guys seem to be the complete opposite, all brash and hormonally driven (sauf pour Eli).
    Leave the stones alone for awhile, all that shifting, romance, politics, etc can happen on the ship. We want to know more about the ship and it’s denizens!!!!!! We’ve never had such a cool ship and want to learn more about it!
    Please give us a leader and some clear enemies! Explore worlds, be less worried over sexual dalliances. Bring an Ansley Hayes (WW nerd?)
    (Not very) Patiently awaiting new episodes.

  54. Anyone in the U.S. who subscribes to the Stargate Magazine: have you received your issue #32 yet? I received #31 on Oct.21st and expected to receive #32 in late Dec/early Jan. Still have not received it yet. I sent an email to Titan Magazine but they have not responded yet. I am wondering if anyone else has not received it yet. Thanks.

  55. Whoa…

    Bought some cheese today at Sam’s Wholesale…Great Midwest Three Alarm Colby-Jack cheese. It has Chipotle, Habanero, and Jalapeno…packs a nice punch on first tasting (though I quickly got used to it), and it has a very nice, mild ‘smoky’ flavor, not overbearing like a smoked Gouda, but just an undercurrent of smoke, as it were. I can’t find much about it on-line, which makes me wonder if it’s only made for wholesale stores. It is delicious, though…can’t wait to make an omelette! 😀


  56. Congrats PG15! Welcome to California. Say goodbye to rain and clouds. CalTech has a long tradition of excellent academics, and excellent and stellar pranks. If you can find it, check out a book called “If At All Possible, Involve A Cow: A History of College Pranks”. There’s an entire chapter on CalTech.

  57. I am newer to your blog, what is your experience with Korean Cuisine?

    Since the Sushi Restraunt I work at is owned by a korean family, they provide mainly korean cuisine for the employee meals. These usually consist of chicken or beef soups, they also will have some kind of stirfry, the squid is good. the cook, Alfredo (this is Houston), make this sausage stirfry, I calit Alfredosausage, I love to put it in my mouth you know? it is wonderful if you have a good batch of steam rice with it and a side of kimchee. they have like 3 kinds on hand at any given time, here I am gushing about the food at work. well, I want to make something special for them sometime you know? I just have to decide.

    Speaking of making a good food. I made this Cold serve soup, it is made from peaches. Very simple, peach and yogurt soup. I could tell ya how to make it if you want, and it is to die for. Unfortunately I lost control of the cinnamon container when I added cinnamon(the dog jumped on me as I was gently taping out the cinnamon). It was tart from the fresh fruit but dear me it was divine. no added sugars, just honey and the sweetness of the fruits. I loved making it, it took every ounce of will I had not to eat it all i one sitting. I have a picture, it will be linked, so if you want to click the link, great! hell if you want to send me an email I will share the recipe.

    okay I have to tell you about class today, we made minestrone, chicken consomme and french onion soup. the main problem we had with the french onion soup was we did not really allow it to toast the cheese in the oven long enough, otherwise it was decent, still needed more seasoning. this is learning you know? I grew up with a poor American’s palette. naturally I am learning good food alongside how it is supposed to taste and forgetting what I know. No for work i use a global knife I usually bring it to class, but i left it up at work this last time, the chef asked me about it, unfortunately I was unable to make the carrot butterflies I wanted to make for the consommes. I was disappointed, the knife I was using was just too wide for the thin slice I had to make. Well I guess that does it for my day.

    Keep up the writing I look forward to the stargate adventures you know? I have no idea when I was hooked on it, but it was likely the ship to ship battle aspect. I think if you have more space dogfights, you have to continue to remember that space combat is 3 dimensional combat, top bottom left right, they are all aspect of the fight. being land based creatures humans can have a tendency to forget their ups and downs. Okay I have run outta things to chat over, later joe.

  58. For anyone that wants to see images of Joe’s calendar I did screendumps and Twitpic’d the pages. The three missing months are the first three I uploaded before I added the month names etc.

    Joe’s Calendar

    Cheers, Chev

  59. I’ve only recently started reading your blog, so I’ll apologize in advance if I’m covering old ground, or if I’m out of step with the current backstory.

    Being of Irish descent, I can testify that Black and White Sausage (which was mentioned in comments to the last post) is one of those foods that sounds disgusting outside the culture. I love it though. You can find some on the internet if you want to try it:

    You may also want to try White Pudding (suet instead of blood):

    I haven’t tried Haggis, even though I lived in the UK for three years (I lived near Bristol, which did not have many Scottish inhabitants). Guess I’ll have to wait for the US Ban to lift…

    Before I provide input, I want to thank you for the opportunity to do so…my family and I have really enjoyed the Stargate Franchse and hope it continues for a long long time!

    1. Which character would you like to see explored more?

    Rush, definitely. Some background on how he came to the SG program. What drives his mental state, et cetera. Robert Carlyle has done an excellent job portraying him, but I still sometimes watch Rush without any real connection to his behavior, and I think “what is driving this?!?”

    2. What aspect of the show would you like to see exploited more?

    Time visiting planets. I feel cheated they can’t explore more. Maybe the time before the next jump can be variable? Say if Destiny finds something interesting that the team has to figure out?

    3. What aspect of the show would prefer to see minimized?

    I need to give a little background to answer this:

    My son is 11 years old and loves SG-1. It has so inspired him that he wants to join the Civil Air Patrol next year (it helps that we’re aviation buffs). He also likes SGA, but SG-1 is his favorite.

    And my 12-year old daughter is a fan of SGA (she wanted to go to a costume party as Teyla, but had costume problems).

    Given their ages, the sexual content, and some of the ethics portrayed (I’m thinking of the body-swapping sex here), I’ve had to DVR the SGU episodes and preview them before I could allow them to watch. So less of the sex would be my vote.

    I also had to “scene-skip” the original DVD copy of the SG-1 Pilot Episode for the kids, so I’m hoping that in similar fashion the sex angle will tone down from here on.

    4. What was your favorite “story moment” from the first half of SGU’s first season??

    Rush losing it (fascinating to watch, but still a little of a mystery motivation-wise).

    5. What element (I’m leaving this one wide open) would you like to see added to the series as a whole?

    Longer time exploring (see #2 above)…maybe another bad guy (outside the crew). This could tie into a longer time exploring a particular planet.

    Does Destiny have defenses? Maybe some hostile aliens attack?

    Anyway, thanks again for the chance to comment and I’m looking forward to April.

  60. So far, I’m finding SGU a tad… not quite boring,but not yet exciting. I’m still waiting for that something interestingly cool that will catch my attention like SGA did. See, I didn’t like SGA to start with, but then unexpected things happened that made me more interested. I have to say, I mostly watched to see what Rodney would do wrong next (if he would end up doing something wrong).

    I don’t know what that something cool is yet, but so far, SGU has proved kind of like… how I’ve expected it to (or imagined it to be), which is a little disappointing. So, now I’m just waiting for the other half of season one and waiting to see where the ride will lead me. I expect it’ll be what I’ve been waiting for. It is still early on and I don’t really get what’s going on yet… as such, I have no comments on what I want more, cos I don’t know what it is.

  61. ” 1. Which character would you like to see explored more?”

    None of them. As soon as more gets written it turns out they are also abnormal psychos behaving like retarded teenagers (and nothing like adults). If we learn nothing we can pretend they are better.

  62. I’m amazed at how many people like Scott, Greer and Rush; those characters turned me off so completely that they are beyond redeeming. I’d love to see Lou Diamond Phillips become a permanent crew member along with some fresh blood like Adam Beach or John Cho.

    I just don’t think SGU is for me, which I guess is inevitable in a big franchise; you can’t please everybody. The show might still grab me down the road; I really like Eli and Young.

    I think I’m past fretting about what SGU is not and I’ll just wait and see where the show goes.

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