See, this is why I don’t offer people lifts more often.  No, that’s not right.  I don’t offer people lifts because I can’t be bothered to take ten minutes out of my day to help them save twenty to thirty minutes out of theirs.  I also have a terrible sense of direction and often end up losing my way, driving around aimlessly, and arriving home way too late resulting in a later than usual blog entry.  Tonight, I was out with my language exchange partner, Miho who, in addition to helping me practice my Japanese, administered the following “psychological” test.

You’re transporting five animals – a lion, a monkey, a cow, a horse, and a sheep – and have to drop off one of at a time along your route.  List the order in which you drop them off.  My response: 1. Cow (the methane factor makes this one a no brainer), 2. Sheep (an otherwise passenger who would add little to the enroute conversation), 3. Horse (I figure he’d rather walk anyway), 2. Lion (he, on the other hand, would probably have plenty of great anecdotes – or, as one actor used to say, “antidotes”), 1. Monkey (he’d keep the mood light).  Anyway, according to Miho, in rating the animals you are subconsciously rating the things in life you find of greater/lesser importance.  I think I know a guy who did his PhD dissertation on this very study.  Anyway, my priorities in life break down thusly: Of least importance for me is money (represented by the cow) which is dead-on as I’m the type of guy who would be just as happy backpacking through a Honduran jungle as I would staying at a five-star hotel in Tokyo.  No wait.  I’m the opposite of that guy.  Anyway, of almost equally less importance to me is love (represented by the sheep).  This is no doubt the result of the fact that I have no soul, misplaced five years ago along with a pair of sunglasses.  Of middling importance in my life is business (represented by the horse of course).  Then, coming in a close second is, believe it or not and probably not if you’ve watched by Weird Food Purchase of the Day videos, pride (represented by the lion).  Finally, at the top of my list is friends, represented by the monkey.  And, given some of the people I hang out with, I can’t think of a better animal to represent (although hyenas and lemurs tie for second).

Congratulations.  Several of you finally guessed the title to episode #1 of season two – and all you had to do was run through every word in the English dictionary starting with I-N-T.  So the newly revised SGU second season episode list looks like this:




#4: P*******

#5: C*********

Mom’s making progress.  She’s actually strolling up and down the hall like a woman half her age who also happened to break her hip.

Next thing you know she'll be kickboxing.


susan the tartan turtle writes: “Joe – I know that screening the series of SGU in two segments with a HUGE break in the middle is a network decision. But do you know the logic/reasoning behind such a decision?”

Answer: I believe it’s part of the network’s strategy to air original programming year-round.

Flagitous writes: “1. Two Part Question:a.) Are the gates in Universe made of Naquadah?

b.) If so, can the gates be used to find other sources of Naquadah by resonate frequencies?”

Answers: Yes, the gates in Universe are also made of naquadah.  The use of gates to locate other sources of naquadah by “resonate frequences” sounds like a reference to something we’ve done in the past 16 years/325+ episodes – but it doesn’t ring a bell (although I do remember using naquadah detectors to locate source deposits.).

Flagitous also writes: “2. Do stargates use direct, gate to gate dialing all of the time, or do they sometimes use chained gate sequences like we used for the gate bridge?”

Answer: The Destiny gate dials directly to single gates.  Alas, no chained gate sequence capabilities.  Short of locating a power source capable of dialing back to Earth, chained gate sequences would be the only other viable means to return home.

Will answer more of your gate questions in the coming days.

Taylor writes: “Just wondering if you knew when mgm would be releasing any more of the kino webisodes?”

Answer: No idea, but I would guess somewhere in the lead-up to the second half premiere.

Bryan M. White writes: “Since you are so close to Vancouver do you or any of your staff have plans to go to the winter Olympics?”

Answer: Ironically, most of the Vancouverites are getting the hell out of town.  Brad, Rob, and Paul have travel plans.  Carl, on the other hand, is actually sticking around for the “fun”(?).  As for me, I have a friend in town so I’ll be entertaining.

Andy Brind writes: “when you write about something technical in the series, do you refer to your blog to see whether or not you have already discussed it so that your blog can remain faithful to the series? or do you just write it, even if it contradicts something that you have already said on here?”

Answer: When I respond to a technical question, my response is based on a) what we’ve discussed in the room and, b) common sense.  Of course, either are fluid and something that is established in the room can be easily “un” established if it hasn’t made it to the small screen.

59 thoughts on “January 17, 2010: Lose Ten Pounds in one Week on the Club Soda and Balsa Wood Diet!

  1. Hey! MOM looks *great*!!

    Amazing, isn’t it, how a couple of days on an IV and chasing after cute doctors can make you look like you’ve been at a spa?

  2. “INTERVENTION” *was* going to be my 3rd choice… And didn’t someone already pick it a couple of days ago…?

    Anyway… as to the Car Pool…
    1 – Lion – cause it will just want to eat everyone else and make a bloody mess!
    2 – Horse – cause they’re just fidgetty. Seriously, have you ever had to clean a horse stall?
    3 – Cow – cause they’re just as big and messy and will stampede when you have to you the horn.
    4 – Sheep – let’s face it, they’re warm and cuddly, and “……” – and, makegreatsweaters!
    5 – Monkey – cause it’s the only one who can actually operate the GPS!!

  3. Mama Mallozzi is already up and about. Good for her.

    Geez, I had so many guesses, I can’t remember if I actually guessed Intervention.

    Here’s my list of car poolers:

    1. lion–I don’t want to be eaten.
    2. cow–yeah, the smell
    3. sheep–I hate wool. Can’t stand it.
    4. horse–Don’t horses talk? That’s what they do on TV. Conversation.
    5. Monkey–I liked the GPS comment, Ganymede. I think you’re right. I still haven’t figured out my GPS. Maybe I need a monkey, or to bribe my teenager to figure it out for me.

  4. Mrs. M., Wow, you look great! Up and moving already! Good for you! Keep on moving and soon you will be going anywhere you want to go.

  5. Hey, have you noticed yet that with Episode 3 of your second season, the total number of Stargate Franchise episodes reaches half of Star Trek’s 726 episodes in just 13 short years? I think that’s an awesome accomplishment!

  6. Woohoo!! Looking good Mama Mallozzi! Soon you won’t need the walker to kick Joe’s ath!!!


    I figure you drop the animals all off at the same time. That lion will scare the shit out of them and they’d make their own super expedient way home. Horse would win.

  7. Woo hoo! Mom on her feet and moving around is a great indicator of how well your mom will recover. And your mom looks and sounds more like the ballroom dancing type. Who kickboxes the competetors to knock them off their feet if they are doing too well.
    Um, where in the world did Miho get that test? As for me, first to go is the sheep. They are too stupid to bear, and don’t smell all that great either. The cow is next, though with me it’s iiable to be because I’ve shared a few choice steaks with the lion. The horse next, to make sure it doesn’t end up as the lions’s first or second meal. Finally, the lion. If it has an “accident” in the car it’s going to smell worse than the crap from the herbivores. The monkey is last to leave the car. Like you, most of my friends are already primates. However, if the monkey in question starts throwing poo, it’s either a Simba snack or out the window., no matter the order.
    #4 is Patience. #5 Compulsion. And if those are not the titles, they should be. I hate being wrong, about anything. Who do I have to bribe and how much will it cost to make sure I’m right? Please note I only pay bribes in tolars, takas, or lekes.
    I am very much looking forward to your Olympic adventures, as I expect you’ll be venting frustrations at the invasion of your city in this venue. Thanks for the post, and good luck beating that pesky script into final submission.

  8. Is “Intervention” the episode where the crew confronts Park about her sex addiction?

    As for the “screening original programming all year round” thing – if that’s what the network seems to think, then aren’t they being a bit dumb? The plan is, as I understand it, to show Part 1 of SGU, followed by Part 1 of Caprica, followed by Part 2 of SGU, followed by Part 2 of Caprica; 40 episodes, spanning 40 weeks, with the remaining twelve plugged in by all those days off from programming that the US seems to have.

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding a basic principle of programming here… but if they showed Part 1 of SGU, followed by Part 2 of SGU, would that magically make the show less original? Or is it more about throwing something hip and new out in both October and January, to keep up audience interest?

  9. Oh, my….

    I had already decided that my animal drop-off would go like this:

    1. Monkey – I hate monkeys (except those cute little marmosets).

    2. Lion – Get rid of it quick, before it consumes me.

    3. Cow – Valuable for food and milk, but too big to easily control.

    4. Horse – Love horses, but people frown upon eating them.

    5. Sheep – Warm, fuzzy, and controllable. And you can eat them. 😀

    THEN I read what each represented. I think it’s all wrong, because – obviously – the most important thing to me is food. I never thought love was all that important to me, but I do tend to fall in love with odd things, like flowing locks, pale skin, boxes, trees, chocolate…

    Friends, on the other hand, seem to be disposable to me according to this test. In some ways this is true – I rarely keep in touch with a friend – no matter how close we were – if they move away, and I HATE going back in time when it comes to friends, thus I won’t go to class reunions and stuff – I’m very much a been there, done that type person…living in the moment. However, I am loyal, tend to accept a person for what they are (except Atlanteans) and hate drama, so rarely have I ever had a conflict or falling out with a friend. But, I am a loner – happier by myself than under the scrutiny of others…so…

    Yeah. I think the monkey thing is just about right.

    Horse & Cow to me go hand in hand. Work and money. I don’t know what to make of that, because – although I work in a family business – I hate it and have always wanted to be just a plan ol’ housewife and community volunteer. I don’t like earning money…it’s not my goal in life…that’s the man’s job! 😀 However, I do have to pay bills, and the financially secure (not rich, just secure) do have less stress than those of us who have to juggle funds at the end of each month. So, if anything, I would think the cow/horse positions would be reversed, because – though I’m not a person who actually ‘thinks’ about money – I certainly think less about my career.

    And pride? I have none. 😛

    JOEY!!!! Gotta tell you real quick about my dream!

    The other night I had a dream about you, Joe. You arranged a big dinner party with all your blog readers invited (that’s us!). It was held in a large dining room – one I’ve never consciously seen before – lots of glass windows around, dimly lit, tables elegantly set. I remember a lot of light reflecting off the drinking glasses. The only recognizable face in the crowd was yours, Joe. You were dressed in black (natch) – jacket, no tie – and all smiley, but not hyper or geeky or anything, just kinda laid back and cool…

    Then you announced that you had a special surprise for us.

    You left for a bit, and came back with…Paul McGillion. Of course, everyone was thrilled! But I just wanna know – why not Chris?! It was MY stinkin’ dream, afterall…and I didn’t even dream about the actor I want to meet most. 🙁 Story of my life, so full of disappointments… 😛 (Of course, Chris was probably off doing some weird Frenchy thing, so he’s forgiven for not being available… 🙂 )

    Anyways…that’s about it for now. Have a good day, sir. Me? I’m gonna try REALLY hard not to kill any of our employees 😡 …but no promises, none at all.


  10. Ack, ack, ACK!!!

    *slaps back of typing hands*

    I totally forgot to add…

    Mom looks GREAT! In fact…she’s lookin’ kinda feisty, like…if I was standing in front of her, she’d have no problem at all mowing me down!

    Speaking of which…

    Last night as I went to sit on the couch next to Mr. Das, he cringed. “Why’d you cringe?” I laughed, knowing full well the reason why. “Because I thought you were gonna tickle me…”

    I am notoriously ‘feisty’ at times, and an unguarded pit is fair game for the tickle finger. 😀 But I feel kinda bad that everytime I get near my husband now, he prepares for a tickle attack! I think maybe I better back off a bit, eh… 😛

    “As for me, I have a friend in town so I’ll be entertaining.”

    Uh-huh. I’m gonna be keepin’ an eye on you… 😉


  11. Kickboxing!? It attitude was what counted, then kickboxing it might be. I would recommend water aerobics first. All kidding aside, your mom looks great! Can’t keep a good woman down.

    Visitor during the Olympics, hmmmm?

    I tried the link for Ms. Baker yesterday and had no luck. Did it work for others out there?

    Cute “psychological” test. Too many varibles though.

    Das: glad you still with us. I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Wow! That’s great. Glad to see your moms making progress!!

    Just got back from backpacking in 2-3 feet of snow for 3 days. Dang, talk about a workout, my body is sooooo dang sore.

    Oh and I has an SGU dream last night. I was watching a deleted scene from air. James and some other marine lady were in it. It was a pretty action packed scene. Lol

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  13. Hi, Joe.

    Best wishes again to your Mom. She does look great in yellow! A cheerful color. And she’s doing, being up and walking so soon. Good for her!

  14. Hi Mr M!

    First off: Well done to your Mom! Way to go! An inspiration to the rest of slackers in our 30’s! Delighted that she is making a speedy recovery. Best to her once more from the Emerald Isle. We are actually making her famous Friendship Cake here this week, for a family celebration.

    Second: Very saddened to hear about Ms. Baker. I really enjoyed the Company Series. I have put all fellow Baker fans on the case, so positive thoughts and prayers are being sent in that direction.

    Best to all


  15. All my friends who lived through the Atlanta Olympics said it was WAY less crazy than expected. The city had made all these plans for traffic control, etc, and it was only needed in the immediate vicinity of venues.

    Others that friends have attended have been the same way.

    I don’t think Vancouver is going to be quite as nuts as you think. You won’t be able to go do your usual restaurant-going, but the rest of daily life should do okay.

    I, however, am very annoyed that Washington State took over the public health coordination efforts so us US feds can’t go to the actual games. Boo!

  16. I’m happy to see your mother’s doing fine (given the circumstances, but it’s nice to see her smiling 🙂 ).

    My animal-order was based on how much I liked them:

    first to go: cow
    and sheep (no surprise considering my nickname ‘Moonsheep’)

    That makes my priorities:
    1) Love (sheep)
    2) Pride (lion)
    3) Business (horse)
    4) Friends (monkey)
    5) Money (cow)
    well… friends should definitely be closer to the top o.O”

  17. WOW! Mom Mallozzi is out and about, very cool! Thanks for the update. I know appearances can sometimes be deceiving, but Mom looks like she is having fun.

    Now, where are the diet details? It was a loooong holiday chowing down season.

  18. HA! Catching up with a couple rugby matches from the weekend, and it appears that Colm Meaney was in the crowd at the Leinster v Brive match in Ireland. If it wasn’t him, the guy sure did look like him. The announcers had a bit of fun with it, referencing Star Trek and suggesting they needed Captain Kirk on the pitch to sort things out, and maybe a couple Vulcans in the back line…

    Heh. At least I thought it was funny… 🙂


  19. Oh, and PS to my dream post…

    Joe…I think this is the third or fourth dream I’ve had about you. It is sorta starting to creep me out a little…



  20. Mr. M up and cruising already. That is so great to see. Careful Mrs. M, don’t slip on any spilled hospital food. Better yet – see if you can whip up some culinary delights in the hospital kitchen for your fellow “inmates”.

    Joe, I really laughed at your profile. You would need to hold onto five cows just to pay for your Japanese foodie adventures.

    My choice would be not to travel with any animals except dogs but given the test, my choices would be:

    1. lion – dangerous cargo – first to go
    2. cow – just big and lumbering
    3. horse – because it’s big and I like them better than cows.
    4. sheep – innocuous and easier to ferry
    5. monkey – they are the most entertaining – last to go

  21. Dear Joe,

    I have started Culinary School, when I graduate and if I decided to open my own restaurant, would you dine there?

  22. Coucou Joseph!! ça va ? Moi super! j’ai passé une bien bonne journée!

    Sympas ce petit teste, moi je choisirai:

    1 le lion pour qu’il ne mange pas tout les autres animaux.
    2 Le singe, car il ne sert a rien.
    3 Le mouton, après m’avoir fais un bon michouï!
    4 la vache aprés avoir fait du fromage.
    5 puis le cheval qui m’aura empêcher de marcher à pied.

    viola 🙂 XD

    Ahh trop contente de voir votre maman aller mieux!! D’après votre soeur la nourriture de l’hopitale est horrible, elle doit lui faire sa cuisine elle même, vivement qu’elle sorte de cet endroit, Andria est incroyablement disponible pour votre mère je trouve.

    Bonne journée!

  23. I am really torn between the club soda and balsa wood diet and the diet on the internet that gives me a bikini body in 6 weeks. If all the advertisements for diets are to be believed 😕 I will have the perfect figure in a matter of weeks.

    I wonder if there is any balsa wood in the house…..

    When is Brie moving out? Lulu will miss her.

  24. @Joe

    Thanks for answering a couple of the questions. We’ll continue to wait for more answers with eagerness. For now, I’ll copy/paste the replies to the new thread I’ve started for the specific questions as they appear.

    You have our appreciation.

  25. Mom is doing well! That is so great. I’m sure she’ll soon be running the hospital herself! And it is so great that you still have a mom to keep you in line.

    Animal List:

    Lion — Cause to him, the rest of us look like tasty snacks.
    Cow– Smelly, Large
    Horse — mostly so the rest of us have more room.
    Monkey — so active, like having too many kids in the car
    Sheep — fuzzy, warm, most behaved.

    Episode List P:

    Episode List C:

    @das — Sounds like a pretty good dream to me! Only way it would be better is if David H. also showed up with Paul. 😉
    Yes I am one of those pesky gray rodents.

  26. Glad to see your Mom up and about – she’ll be kicking serious butt in no time…

    As for your psychology test – remember that psychologists all have deep-seeded issues that they try to diminish the importance of by making other people seem more loony than they are…I would kick out the cow, lion and horse first since they are the largest and I don’t like being squashed like a clown in a clown-car. Monkey would be last to go (especially if he was wearing a fez) and the sheep would be sort of a non-entity that I would likely forget about until he cleared his throat and announced “this is my stop”…

  27. We lived in Atlanta during the Olympics. And most of the disruption was only around the venues. Our area was not affected at all. We went to a couple of events. If you have the chance, you should go. We had track and field tickets for the day after the Centennial Park bombing. We expected a lot of chaos, but we didn’t have any difficulties, even with all the added security. We took our older daughter (who was very young at the time) to see the Dressage gold medal round. Being able to go to an Olympics is a great experience.

  28. Okay so if I had to pick carpoolers in the order I’d kick them out…

    1) Sheep. Seriously I cannot stand sheep (just refer to my anti sheep shirt. “Sheep are bad. Sheep are Dumb. Sheep Stink”)

    2) Lion. I don’t need him eating the other passengers thank you very much.

    3) Horse. A bit big and twitchy for my taste.

    4) Monkey. They are just a little too rambunctious for my tastes.

    5) Cow. Very useful animals actually. And if you happen to break down just break out a yoke and hook up the cow and away you go.

    Oh and your mom looks like she’s doing very well. I remember when Grandma broke her hip. Lets just say I don’t think the hospital has been the same since then.

  29. Das: referring to your tickle attacks: I have Raynaud’s disease. If you’ve never heard of the condition, it’s no big deal but my body over reacts to cold. My fingers are almost also cold.
    I’m always sneaking up on my hubby and putting my fingers up his shirt. He’s gotten wise to me and started tucking his shirts in, though. If he has a headache, he will grab one of my hands for his forehead. More handy than a cold pack? Probably not but it’s his idea of humor.
    Also, once when we learned to do basic flips in karate class…. Let’s just say my hubby is always aware of where I’m at 😉 .

  30. Great to see your Mum looking so good.

    As for the animals. I’d rather take them all home and they can hang out until they want to go home. Anyone know how that is interpreted?

  31. Watched the premier of ’24’ last night and saw my favorite gouald actor Cliff Simon playing a henchmen…was hoping he’d have a more prominent role since I think he plays such a great villian…but alas…it wasn’t to be.

    Was wondering if you ever read Harry Turtledove’s “WorldWar” series? I always thought it was a good mix of sci-fi and alternative history. If you haven’t read it or heard of it…its worth checking out in my humble opinion.

  32. Fantastic that Mama is up and about! I bet she’s hanging out to get home now.

    I’m looking forward to watching the Games from the comfort of my armchair… love the figure skating!

    Oh and a question: How is the ‘script from hell’ going? Been able to incorporate all the notes into it yet? Fingers crossed Joey boy.

    Cheers, Tan 🙂

  33. Interesting seeing Cliff Simon in 24 yesterday. He was only in the first episode, he had a sniper rifle and shot at people. I think his character was killed off. It all happened so quickly to be honest. Not really much of a speaking role there.

    Kinda funny seeing ex Stargate people in 24, and ex 24 people in Stargate lol

  34. @ Tammy Dixon – I like you! 😀 I’m the opposite – my hands are usually warm. But when they are cold (for whatever reason), hubby ALSO uses them for an icepack! LOL! But I won’t tell ya what he needs cooling down… *wriggles eyebrows*




    (Actually, it’s his ears…so get yer mind outta the gutter! 😡 )


    @ Narelle – It means you love animals, or you’re a hoarder, or you want everything in life and you’re willing to put up with a lot of shit to get it.

    Take yer pick! 😀


  35. Hey,

    Glad to see your mom is up and around.

    I don’t what order I would drop off the animals, but the cow would be last. I’d probably drive past it’s drop off and take it to the slaughterhouse for some fresh beef. Fresh prime rib anyone?

    Best wishes.

  36. My guesses for episode 4:

    And for episode 5:

    (all of which have probably already been guessed/discarded by others. Ah well).

  37. @ Narelle – Oh, okay…make me look bad by gettin’ all noble and philosophical on me! Show off! 😡

    I love ya anyways!



  38. Narelle –

    I’m going to guess that your choice means you should reestablish Monty Python. My reasoning? Dunno, I’ve forgotten after ten times in a row listening to Powderfinger’s “Waiting for the Sun.” (Great stuff!) But just on general principles, and thinking about the energy-saving light bulb….

    Joe –

    Thanks for the great pic of your mom. It’s very encouraging.

    I was going to take the animal drop-off quiz, but …decided to take a break from the hamster wheel and the club soda/ balsa wood diet tonight, and have a roast herbivore sandwich with a beer, so am feeling very lazy. Progressing well otherwise, need the occasional small reward. And am concerned about ramifications of OCD response to quiz results. – Totally lame? For sure.

  39. I haven’t read the blog in a few days (okay, maybe a full week). I’m sorry to hear about your mom, and glad she looks like she is up and around. While she was in the hospital, did they bother to look into the diverticulitis possibility issue?

    As far as the psychological test, I don’t play by the rules. I’d let the lion, cow, sheep and lion off at the first stop because the lion would eat the rest anyway and my Civic can’t accommodate them all anyway; why drag it out? The monkey can stay. He would amuse Patrick (my son).

    Loved Cliff Simon on 24 last night. His sniper character fell 8 floors to his death by the foot of Jack. Now if he was Ba’al, his G’ouald would have healed him.

    @TammyDixon: I have that, too, as part of my autoimmune stuff. My husband tells me I must be dead. I ask him to please make sure that I’m really, really dead when I am dead and they just don’t go by my internal temperature and/or my hands/feet being cold.

  40. Pimple!

    I hate this game!

    Okay, I’m sorry. I don’t hate this game. I just don’t want to play fairly anymore.

  41. das – Naw, your reasons are far more likely 😉
    We’ve got a lot of racial tension locally here at the moment so it’s just something that’s front of mind.

    ostros ojos – Shorted the toaster this morning and had another ATM malfunction. There might be something to this Uncle Fester syndrome.
    Glad you’re enjoying the Powderfinger tunes 🙂

  42. Ok I’m gonna guess polarity for the p title. A couple mailbag questions as well.

    1. Is Rob directing Aftermath?

    2. Is Will directing Awakenings?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  43. My animal order:

    1. The Lion never makes it into the car. Well dah! I ain’t lett’in no lion ride with me, no matter how beautiful they are. He stays on the curb.

    2. The Monkey. Hyperactive little thing would just excite everyone else and start a riot in the car.

    3. The Horse. I figure he can run the rest of the way and be happy about it. Maybe he’d let the monkey ride on his back.

    4. The Sheep. Sorry sweet face, but you probably don’t mind walking a little bit either.

    5. The Cow. Don’t want to make him get out and walk because he’s too big.

    This means I have:
    no pride
    few friends
    want to retire early
    love almost everyone
    have lots of money

    That’s 4 out of 5 right. Only one of those is wrong.

  44. Hooray, Mrs. Mallozzi! Glad to have your positive results to balance my family’s negative experiences.

  45. Did someone say dreams? This morning, Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks were husband/wife resistance fighters in a scifi epic. My dream character went on a mission with AT, then became a spectator. Wild dream ride!

  46. Hello.

    I see a few people agree with me that you should go to the winter games. I know you said you would be entertaining a guest. Perhaps you can get tickets through your production company for an event or two, and take your guest. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Last year a friend offered me a ticket to the first round of the FedEx Cup play-offs at Liberty National (PGA Tour Golf), an hour away, by the Statue of Liberty. I had made myself a promise earlier that year that I wouldn’t pass these opportunities up. You know what? It was a nightmare finding parking, but I had a great time, and if I had the opportunity to go to the games, I would take it (alas NY lost the bid…). I am sure you and your guest would have a blast, and I’ll bet you it will be a big surprise that your guest would probably never expect.

    After the games, you hit a great restaurant… Now that’s entertainment!

    Again, best wishes to you and your family. By the way, I was originally on the fence about SGU, but I can’t wait to see how Rush gets back to Destiny (I’ll bet he uses the ship), and tension it will create when everyone finds out that Young marooned him on the planet… Thank you.



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