To mark our last day in the office, we watched not one but TWO mixes – a Day 2 mix of Pain, and a Day 1 mix of Subversion.  You know what I really love?  The cute that plays over the previously on segment.  Love.  It.  Joel Goldsmith did his usual spectacular job and I was particularly impressed with the moody and unsettling score for Pain.  It really ratchets up the tension.  And, speaking of tension, what happens to Volker…it’s enough to give me nightmares.  Actor Patrick Gilmore’s performance was terrific – in a creepy, frisson-inducing way.  Also – it’s the little things.  While you’re watching Pain, make a point of noting Wray’s wardrobe.  Subversion, meanwhile, is a real winner: Jack, Daniel, Rush in deep, the Young-Telford showdown, and a few surprises including a guest spot but franchise fave and past blog guest Mike Dopud.

I worked on those first eighteen pages of my script and, after several re-reads and tweaks, I’ve gone from “hate” to “mere dislike”.  I hope that further rewrites will improve my opinion to “firm ambivalence” before I leave for Montreal.  In the meantime, I’ve forged ahead with the next scene – a toughie – and hope to be out of Act II by the weekend.  Hopefully inspiration strikes and I can roll through Act III in time for my Montreal departure next week.

Hey, speaking of inspiration, I just did an impromptu liquor cabinet count.  90+ bottles ranging from cloying root beer schnapps to throat-stripping grappa!  Mighty impressive for someone who isn’t much of a drinker.  A potential new hobby?

I feel inadequate as an international emailer.  My friend Akemi has been sending me emails from Tokyo studded with the most elaborate of emoticons – flying pigs, dancing teeth, wizards engaged in resplendent duels – and all I’ve got in my arsenal are:  :-), :-(, and ;-).  How mortifying.  I’m practically a Luddite in comparison.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Suziesbluefeather and Karen Ford.  Happy Birthdays!

Sukoshi mailbag:

Crayonbaby writes: “Assault Girls II? Now I have to look this up because I’ve never heard of this movie. And I probably don’t ever want to hear of this movie, right?”

Answer: Oh, you do.  Trust me.  The trailer is available on Youtube.

Cody writes: “Was writing easier with SG1 or SGA? Why does being angry help?…. it usually slows me down because I’m too pissed to concentrate.”

Answer: Actually, I do some of my best writing when I’m angry.  Alas, I’m not angry enough.  As for the first question – I recall struggling when I was writing for SG-1 and Atlantis, though maybe not quite as hard.

Beaudacious writes: “Hey Joe… Any chance we’ll get any detail’s on Destiny. Like size , number of weapons.A technical schematic? Just a curious tech-head.”

Answer: We’ll be filling in the details as the series progresses, but nothing in the way of publishing a manual or online reference guide.  Which really wouldn’t be a bad idea.  So long as I didn’t have to do it.

PG15 writes: “1. Ok, so you told us that, when your season finale got expanded to 2 episodes, the concept for episode 17 was scrapped to make room for it. Will that episode 17 show up in Season 2 now?

2. Since you guys have the finale figured out, will you guys start planning how to get there from here on out? I.e. plan a series-long arc? Or will you guys keep the middle of the show fairly blank so you can fill it up with spur-of-the-moment inspirations?”

Answers: 1. Yes.  A drastically modified form of the story will figure into the first half of season two.

2. Let’s just say we know where we’re going and leave it at that.

Black Panther writes: “I don’t remember if this has been asked before or not, but will Stargate Extinction be what would have been the premiere of season 6 or is it something else you’ve come up with as a series finale?”

Answer: Extinction is a fleshed out version of what would have been the season six opening two-parter.

Dasndanger writes: “Why not try some other places to eat around the world? Paris? London? Rome? Istanbul?”

Answer: That’s like asking me to date other women when I’m deeply committed to someone else.  Tsk tsk tsk.

Dasndanger also writes: “More than once you have expressed a desire to have all of the Atlantis series explained away as a dream – the ‘it never really happened’ scenario. Do you really hate it that much?”

Answer: I believe it was a joke I made twice regarding the same set-up.  I’m particularly fond of the last two seasons of the show.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Finally, how is your Mom? Is she recovered from her op?”

Answer: She’s fine but may have to go in for another eye operation.  She’s not enthused.

Deni writes: “Hey, I KNOW I’m a pain in the ass with this, but whatever happened to Joel’s Q&A?”

Answer: No idea.  I just send out the questions and let the guest turn their around at his or her leisure.  Last time Joel checked in, he assured me his responses were on their way.  Of course, that was six months ago…

Michelle writes: “If you want to see what’s slowing down your MacBook, open a Finder window, go to Applications, then Utilities, and start up “Activity Monitor”. It will show you all the applications that are running, sorted by CPU usage. Sometimes Firefox gets very hoggy and has to be restarted. Other times it’s anti-virus software running in the background that goes crazy. You can quit the apps from the Activity Monitor, then restart as necessary. Or just tell us what you see.”

Answer: Thanks, tech wiz.  Yep, Firefox and Word were major hogs.  Thanks.

Swedish Guy writes: “Cold, you say. How cold is Vancouver in December? Here in Sweden we’ve had a bloody freezing -25 degrees celsius today. How was it over there? Hotter? Colder?”

Answer: Okay, not that cold.  But I still reserve the right to complain.  And welcome to the blog.

dodaida writes: “1) What was the very first scene you were filming on SGU?
2) What the crew did with that “time” alien creatures, they had captured on the Jungle planet? Did they kill them because of cure or meat? I wish they have them as a pets…
3) Are you going to post some “behind the scene” photos from Justice? Especially from the desert planet? Where were these scenes filmed?”

Answer: 1) Don’t recall.  It may have been the shipboard Eli-Rush scenes from Air I.

2) Yeah, they were adorable but, no, they killed them and made use of their medicinal properties.

3) Sorry, no.  I wasn’t on location for this shoot.

SSJPabs writes: “When Destiny is dialing planets, where are they? Just somewhere in space they can reach gates or do they emerge in a single solar system that has multiple gates? Some people got an impression that they dialed the gate to a planet they were orbiting which seems incorrect.”

Answer: No, if the ship was actually orbiting the planet, they’d take the shuttle down.

Bailey writes: “Reading about your script woes and post-Japan ennui makes me wonder if you’d just like to chuck it all and head out on a jet plane somewhere to live a new life – mysterious recluse or international playboy?”

Answer: Uh, if I had a choice I’d go with B.  Do you have a jet I could borrow?

50 thoughts on “December 18, 2009: SGU, Emoticon Envy, and The Mailbag!

  1. For some reason this thought popped into my small brain.

    How is data transferred back to Earth from Destiny? It can’t be written or recorded on a device – so it would have to be memorised. Or have I, as usual, missed an explanation shown in the programme?

    Best wishes to all the family for the festive season – especially the hounds.


  2. “Okay, not that cold. But I still reserve the right to complain. ”

    Hey, any degree under 20c is worth complaining about.

  3. Ah, so you are going to Montreal. Why did I think the family was flying west this year? Happy travels!

    Not so happy here – we’re bracing for a winter storm. We get like…an inch of snow every two years…and now they’re saying 6-12″ (we usually get a rain/snow mix since we’re on the coast). 6-12″ brings everything around here to a halt because no one knows how to drive in snow, slush, ice. Needless to say, if it comes to fruition, I’m hunkering down with comics, Elric, and cookies! 😀

    “Answer: I believe it was a joke I made twice regarding the same set-up. I’m particularly fond of the last two seasons of the show.”

    I sometimes can’t tell your light-hearted jesting from your snarky disdain. 😛

    “Answer: That’s like asking me to date other women when I’m deeply committed to someone else. Tsk tsk tsk.”

    Fondy made you say that, didn’t she?? 😉

    Have a good evening, sir!


  4. Subversion sounds like my kind of episode. though Jackson isn’t my favorite character, and I’d rather see others doing the crossover. still, the telford/Young showdown by itself is enough. And Pain sounds deliciosuly grusome.
    If you need to be angrier, would you like us, your dedicated fans, to assist? I’m sure we can come up with some way to get the creative juices flowing. Hmm. maybe that explains the episode Pain…. so, back from one trip and ready for the next. Hope you’re red-eying the flights so that you can minimize all that nasty radiation you absorb at the higher altitudes….

  5. I was thinking, you spoiled Subversion, “Daniel”, I suppose means Michael Shanks is going to be making a guest appearance. I suppose as a switched body on the Destiny.

    …sorry I am trying to figure it out…

    I did want to ask since the stargates’ ranges are technically capable of spanning the width of a galaxy as far as I know, how would the Destiny be “Moving into range” of a stargate? Do these other stargates not have an individual power source like the pegasus and milky way gates which have DHDs? Are they powered by ambient energy sources like heat, sunlight, and radiation since the gate can hold and possibly store significant amounts of energy before going critical? Since they use an ambient energy source for power instead of the power provided by a dhd, does that fact reduce the effective range of a stargate to less than that of a galaxy?

    Does the Destiny’s FTL take it between galaxy’s far faster than even the most advanced of Ancient hyperdrives?

    What happened to the time dilation effect McKay mentioned about getting closer to the speed of light the slower time goes for you… I mean wouldn’t just a few minutes of time in FTL equate to months in non-FTL time?

  6. >Answer: Actually, I do some of my best writing when I’m
    >angry. Alas, I’m not angry enough.

    Does this mean we have to start a campaign to make you angrier (solely for the good of the show, of course)? Then you can finish up that script and be happy with it.

    Of course, at that point, you wouldn’t be angry anymore. So we’d have to start all over again with the MakeJoeAngry campaign. Hmm.

    Just let us know if you need to get angrier. I’m sure someone out here could think of something…

    – KB

  7. Hey Joe, been sooo busy lately, I messed up. Today – the 18th is my kids-2-yes twins , birthday and I forgot to ask you to dedacate it to my kids- They are 21 today!! Could you do it for tomorrow, please? Thanks, Sheryl.

  8. Hi Joe:

    I have two questions.

    1) That sweet potato that Greer ate in “Justice”. What was it really? It looked almost like playdoh. But I know you wouldn’t feed the actors playdoh.

    2) If Destiny is supposed to seed the galaxies with star gates, wouldn’t it be kind of like the railroad where you can’t use a train to get further west until the railroad is actually built? In other words, why would the Destiny be traveling around to planets it’s already been to and seeded if it’s dropping Star gates? Or are the crew using star gates that the Destiny just put on the planet? Maybe I’m being thick and not getting this concept.


  9. Did you type Daniel, because that would be awesome to see him on SGU?

    I did find a Youtube video of Assault Girls. Everyone must go Google it now. It actually looks like it might be a fun movie to watch. Who can’t resist women blowing stuff up? Well, my favorite character is Sam Carter.

    **Spoiler for people who haven’t seen the last show of the midseason**

    Can’t wait for the Telford/Young showdown. Telford must have something to say after their last confrontation on Earth. I keep wanting to tell Young that his wife really isn’t worth it. Let Telford have her.

  10. Thank you for answering my question and dropping some sweet spoilers from Pain and Subversion! Both sound excellent!! 😀

    To mark our last day in the office, we watched not one but TWO mixes – a Day 2 mix of Pain, and a Day 1 mix of Subversion. You know what I really love? The cute that plays over the previously on segment. Love. It.

    The cute that plays? The cute what? THE CUTE WHAT?!

    The cute…squirrel? The cute…flapjack? The cute…rubix cube?! Gosh, some weird stuff must’ve gone down if a cute rubix cube was playing in the previously-on segment of Pain and/or Subversion.

    On a completely different subject, the music that plays over the previously on segments are Awesome.

    (Did that succeed in making you angrier? ;))

    Answers: 1. Yes. A drastically modified form of the story will figure into the first half of season two.

    Nice! Thank goodness I’ve saved the snippets of info you’ve revealed about episode 17.

    So now the question is, which one is it? Is it one of the first 5 that are already under way?

    2. Let’s just say we know where we’re going and leave it at that.

    Leave it at that? LEAVE IT AT THAT?! I will do no such thing good sir! No, instead, I will stop mentioning it for the next few weeks, and then BOOM, I’ll ask you about it suddenly, thus blindsiding you. Hopefully, in your subsequent panicked state, you will accidentally blurt out what I need to know. It’s the perfect plan! Muahahahaha!!

  11. @ Arctic Goddess: The Destiny is following the line of Stargates dropped by older Seeder Ships that are far ahead of Destiny.

    In other words, the Destiny is NOT dropping off Stargates. It’s merely visiting Stargates that were dropped by older ships.

    I love italics.

  12. Coucou 🙂

    Vous allez bien?

    Lol pas mal l’arsenal d’emoticon, moi je ne connais que ceux qui sourient 🙂

    Héhéhé oui bientôt Montréal, je suis impatiente d’avoir des nouvelles de votre mére.

    Moi je suis déjà en vacance, je vais pouvoir me consacré plus à vous et à stargate 🙂 !

    Gros bisou,
    Bonne journée!

  13. Thanks for answering. You should send your friend an email with a facepalm smiley back. You can’t beat the facepalm.

  14. You seam to be answering a lot of fan-questions lately. Which I find awesome… So, I will take my chances and ask some questions as well.

    1. How much in advance do you write? Say you are at episode 2. How many further episodes are completely planned out at such a point?

    2. Do you always have a plan/plot for an entire season, or do you make it up as you go along?

    3. Do you have complete freedom in what you write, or does anyone (e.g. the network) give some guidelines?

    4. You have more than one writer. How do you decide who writes which part? Do you just brainstorm and whoever has the best idea writes the script?

    5. Are all the dialoges completely written out or do the actors have some creative room while acting? How much of a dialog comes from an actor rather than a writer?

    6. Now that the atlantis base is on earth, does this mean I get to rent an apartment there?

    So, that’s it… Have fun 🙂 Or since you write better while beeing angry… should I suggest to go all HULK instead?

    p.s. I din’t read through everything. Sorry if some of the questions already were answered.

  15. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas and a healthy happy New Year!

    Also wanted to thank you for some advice you gave me a while back about writing.

    While I dont claim to be in your “league” – and probably never will be – I have discovered the thrill of writing and I love it! – So far I have only written in a well known website but I hope that if my writing improves I may one day submit a story to a magazine. In the meantime I am just enjoying my new hobby

    Best to you and your loved ones – including the dogs of course!


  16. Word was taxing your macbook too much? I don’t know what to say.

    Anway, I’m loving SGU and eagerly anticipating the new episodes, despite the long wait. Hence my question:

    Why do they make the breaks so long? I understand you can’t keep churning out episodes but with a break as long as 4 months the tension of the cliffhanger with have disappeard and some people (casual watchers) might forget about show and not tune in every week.

    Thanks for all the blogging Joe,

  17. Wow…

    Woke up at 4:30am (snow day!), and just didn’t want to go back to sleep, so started watching Howie Mandel on Larry King talk about his OCD/ADHD, etc. Very enlightening for me (made me feel practically normal!). I’m nowhere near Howie when it comes to these things (never needed counseling or meds to function), but even if my actions are not exactly like his, the thought process is similar when it comes to some things. My OCD is visual-related, I’m more of a picture straightener-type and only have mild germaphobia that’s triggered when I’m around someone who IS sick, or if I find lipstick on a glass at a restaurant (or something similar). But it never stops me from eating! 😀 (Though I won’t enjoy my meal as much, and may never go back to that restaurant – but I don’t think that’s fairly normal if you think a kitchen isn’t clean.)

    I’m very similar to Howie with the ADHD things, only he prefers the distraction of excitement (such as performing) over quiet, whereas I NEED quiet to get my mind to calm down and focus. (Unless I’m having a ‘bad thought day’, then I need loud, screamy music…lol…)

    I’ve actually been a bit better with my focus lately, too. Not sure why. (Prayer, maybe.) It’s far from perfect, but I am doing a lot better at getting projects done at work, and around the house. My biggest problem is focus on priorities – I’m late to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. because of such silly things as not being able to leave the house without washing all the dishes, for instance. I’ll be ready to walk out the door, and spy a glass sitting on the end table, and I’ll have to take off the coat and put down the keys and wash it…after which I’ll inevitably find ANOTHER glass on the nightstand…and by then the cats will have finished their breakfast, so now I have their food bowls to wash…and aaaarrrggghhh! It’s like my OCD collides with my ADD! The whole time I’ll be telling myself to ‘just leave it, you idiot!’, but I can’t, no matter how late it makes me to other, more important, things. But it’s not because of fear that I do it – it’s more because I need to put things in order just for my own satisfaction, nothing more.

    In watching this program, I realize that I am not the OCD type that cries and frets because I can’t do something that I should, or am prevented from doing something I want to – this part of OCD I can’t fully relate to. I’m not afraid something will happen if I don’t wash that glass – I just want to wash that glass because it annoys me knowing that I left a dirty glass in the sink. Perhaps it’s more of a ‘perfectionist’ thing – it reinforces my feelings of self-failure if I don’t wash the glass? Who the hell knows! 😆 I just know that fear does not overwhelm me and prevent me from doing things – except when it comes to spiders, and heights. 😀 I don’t have a ‘fear’ of flying as much as I made a decision NOT to fly because I hate flying – period (trip to Hawaii was too long, trip to France was too bumpy…don’t remember the flight to Jamaica because I slept the entire way. Rum punch and dramamine! Woo! 😛 . 😛 ). Flying is just something I don’t want to do, the same way I don’t want to watch The View, or talk about babies.

    No…I’m more the type that needs to do things, not out of fear, but out of a compulsion to have ‘order’ for no other reason than to have order (and because it looks nice!) – though I am FAR from perfect in this regard. I just like organization in my immediate surroundings.

    And this is why the program was so enlightening. I’ve been told by medical doctors (not psychiatrists) that I have OCD, etc. But can people actually be pigeon-holed like that?? Should they be?? Yes, I have obsessive behavior – but it’s more the type that focuses on an interest (like Wraith, or bugs, or pirates), and that interest becomes my sole topic of conversation. Some people would say that’s closer to Asperger’s. And yes, I have a compulsion to keep things ‘orderly’, but is that ODC, or just me preferring organization over chaos? And yes – I have trouble focusing, but is it really ADHD? I’m not really hyperactive – at all (though I get nervous and overly chatty in public, so I suppose that’s called social anxiety 🙄 ), and maybe the attention problems can easily be explained away as having more demands on me that come along with age, aging parents, and added responsibilities.

    See what I’m saying? Do we have to label everyone with some sort of mental disorder? If that’s the case, then I say the entire world is barmy, since I don’t know a single person that doesn’t have some sort of ‘issue’. Sure, there are people who really do suffer from these things, such as Howie, but I also think we feel better about ourselves if we can give everyone a label, or if we can make an excuse for the way we are, thus somehow negating the need to try to change.

    And yeah…I just totally hijacked your blog about something you probably don’t give two hoots about, Joe. Sorry. But you’ve made this a comfy place to share thoughts, even if they are a bit OT. Thanks for being so patient, and generous with your space. 🙂

    Have a good day, sir!


  18. Grrr….that was supposed to be ‘but I think that’s fairly normal’ in the bit about eating at restaurants – the ‘don’t’ doesn’t belong! Perfect example of switching thoughts mid-sentence! 😛


  19. Ok it was only me that thought you mentioned Jack,Daniel, after talking about your well stocked liquor cabinet. See the confusion. 😉 It will be difficult to wait til April for the next season, but it is my bd month(yes i celebrate the whole month) so ok, if I have to wait…
    Hope you have a safe trip to Montreal and that Mom and Sis and Felix and all have a wonderful Chirstmas!

    Ichinen nante
    atto iu ma da ne. (hope thats correct)

  20. @ Alexander of Houston: Time slowing down as you approach the speed of light is a real aspect of physics, as is the fact that we can’t exceed the speed of light. Presumably breaking one law of physics (speed of light) breaks the other too (time dilation). Hope that helps.

    Also @ Alexander of Houston: I always assumed that the reason only a few gates are in range of Destiny is because the stargate network is really, really old. It’s like how when planes were first around, you couldn’t do transatlantic flights. The Milky Way and Pegasus networks are more modern versions. ‘Course I could be wrong.

  21. Re 🙂

    Dites je voudrais savoir quelque chose:

    Où en est le tournage du prochain film sg1? une date de tournage a été fixé? Vous avez finit l’écriture?

    Biss, =)

  22. Wishing you, Fondy, Mom, Sis, your furry lil ones, and their furry lil ones a very happy holiday season.
    Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou
    Merry Christmas and the start of a Happy and prosperous New Year!

  23. Whoa. Bed on fire, Joey?? Or did Lulu throw up on the pillow?

    You know what’s the worst part about this snowstorm? I didn’t buy a Snuggie. 🙁

    Have a good day, sir!


  24. I’m so jealous of everyone getting snow!!! If I were in Cleveland still, I would have snow right now, but here in NEPA, nothing so far! 🙁

    The Hiatus Project was lots of fun last night!

  25. Don’t use “Word”, use Openoffice – free, compatible, efficient – poke in the eye of Microsoft.


    Except the sentence construction of “by older seeder ships” suggests Destiny is also a seed ship. And for all we know it might have been doing that all this time, the humans haven’t really been exploring the ship, they just sit in ten forward moaning about life.

  26. @das …
    “Not so happy here – we’re bracing for a winter storm. We get like…an inch of snow every two years…and now they’re saying 6-12″ (we usually get a rain/snow mix since we’re on the coast). 6-12″ brings everything around here to a halt because no one knows how to drive in snow, slush, ice. Needless to say, if it comes to fruition, I’m hunkering down with comics, Elric, and cookies!”

    Yep, as a fellow New Jerseyan, I’m also waiting for the flurries falling outside to stick. But I really doubt it will be in the forecasted quantities.

    I did mange to hit Toys-R-Us this morning… what a load of crap in that store! I don’t remember kids stuff as being quite so garish, cheaply made or uninteresting before. Is it just me? I tried to find a few things for my grand nephew & grand niece that had SOME redeeming qualities, such as being teachable or creative or thought-provoking. But the pickings were slim.

    I remember as a child I loved getting any kind of art supplies, large box of Crayola crayons, lots of plain or colored paper, molding clay, water color paint pots, sketching pads, lots of colored pencils & markers. If I got a selection of the above, I was a happy camper.

    Anyone else with old time favorite toys or gifts from childhood?

    Let’s start a list! Copy & paste and add to your post.
    Any age group is allowed!

    1) art supplies
    2) Lincoln logs
    3) Risk

    Who’s next?

    2cats in NJ … awaiting the blizzard.

  27. Shadow Step: sorry I love Word! I’ve always loved Windows. I remember when it first came out. It was love at first click!

    Swedish Guy: What do people wear when the temp is that low? Or do you stay inside mostly?

  28. If any relative/friend of mine reading this post decides I need a “Snuggie” for a Christmas gift, be forewarned… my cats will be using it. And they’ll probably really enjoy it… hey!

    Merry Christmas Joe and fellow blogger minions! 😆


  29. OT to our East Coast USA /CAN friends…

    ././ sung as building major chord, as in WHITE CHRISTMAS film ././

    snow, Snow, SNow, SNOw, SNOW!

    I’m slightly jealous. Growing up in NJ, I often wished for but didn’t receive a white birthday on Dec. 23.

  30. Hi Joe! I have a couple of questions your blog entry created today and I really hope you can answer them.
    1) How long is a standard 1 hour television script normally? Is there a standard number of pages, or does it change with every script?
    2) How many times do you see an episode before it is deemed finished and sent to TV?

    Thanks so much if you can answer these and I hope you have a happy holiday!

  31. Grappa is brutal, don’t do it Joe, you have so much to live for!

    whats with the 6 month hiatus? you could have squeezed in some episode between christmas and the olympics then saved the back 7-8 for march/april. who has control over the schedule to air the episodes now that it is airing on multiple stations internationally?

  32. Shadow Step: Oops, you’re right. There should be a comma in there somewhere. Heh.

    But no, all indications from the show and the producers say that Destiny is not a Seeder ship. And of course they’ve been exploring; they found the chair, didn’t they? 😉

  33. @ 2cats – We really haven’t had much snow…maybe two inches, and a lot of sleet. Still, not going out in it – it’s windy and nasty out.

    Toy list? Of course!

    1) art supplies
    2) Lincoln logs
    3) Risk


    4) ThingMaker

    5) Johnny West action figures

    My two favorite toys of the 60s/70s – ThingMaker was probably toxic, and I burnt my fingers on it all the time, but loved making the bugs and flowers! I only had three Johnny West figures, but about 6 horses and the buckboard. I grew bored with the figures, and preferred the horses and wagon, which worked very well with Barbie dolls. My last ‘scene’ I set up was Barbie as a gypsy, the buckboard converted into a caravan. I think I was in my 20s when I did that. 😛 I really loved those horses… they came with bridles and saddles and everything – really cool! I have (somewhere) Flame, too! More images here:

    Those were great toys…


  34. Okay usually I just comment but have 2 questions.

    First, why doesn’t your wife ever go with you on trips? You’d have hell getting on a plane to Japan without me if I were your wife! 🙂
    Second, lol.. ever watch Ninja Warrior? We love it, lol. Now there is US version but won’t be same without the Japanese announcer. His excitement makes the show!

  35. “If you want to see what’s slowing down your MacBook, open a Finder window, go to Applications, then Utilities, and start up “Activity Monitor”.”

    A faster way to check is to install this free widget into dashboard:

    Then you can check by simply pushing F12 whever something seems slow. The widge also gives you information on how fast something is down/uploading, how much space is free/used on discs, and a slew of oher usefull info in a very clean, easy to read layout.

    I use it all the time to check what’s going on at a glance.

  36. Toy list:
    1) art supplies
    2) Lincoln logs
    3) Risk

    I’m not sure if this counts but I had endless fun with:

    4)deck of cards

  37. oops, sorry I guess deck of cards would be after Das:

    1) art supplies
    2) Lincoln logs
    3) Risk
    4) ThingMaker
    5) Johnny West action figures
    6)deck of cards

  38. Well, this isn’t really a toy, but not much beats a really huge, empty cardboard box, or two or three.

    The snow here in DC is approaching 20 inches! Woo-hoo!

  39. @dasNdanger: love the Johnny West reference. I still have my collection of all the horses, most of the characters, a buckboard, covered wagon, ranch, dogs, bison, and fencing. I didn’t use Barbies to play with the set, but had a pet budgie that loved to ride in the wagon and on the horses. He even let me put a cowboy hat on his head. No one told me that budgies weren’t suppose to play like that…

    @Tammy Dixon: Swedish Guy has nothing on us Albertans. We dealt with -45C to -30C for several days last week and the key was not to go out but hole up inside. When I did have to go out to deal with my horses, I bundled up so only eyeballs were peaking out and my lashes were frosted in a couple of minutes. The dogs were trying to figure out how to run without putting their paws down. The horses didn’t seem to mind the cold (esp with a heated water supply), but I put them in a nice insulted barn over night.

  40. @ Bilo&Bella – Can I come over to your house and play…pleeeeeaaaaasssssse?? *makes puppy eyes*



  41. @dasNdanger: Anytime. Just pull out the dogsled and bundle up! Lots of snow and cold…

  42. Could you explain the overnight ratings and the basics of how the overall ratings are compiled?

  43. @ Bilo&Bella – Woo! Got my puppies (well, kitty cats) harnessed up, and I’m on my way! *opens door*

    Uhhhh…brrrrrrr…it’s cold. *looks at snow* Nevermind! *crawls back into bed* (Tell ya what, let’s wait for spring… 😉 )


  44. Sorry But i dont speak English only spanish.Espero que puedas leerlo, queria darte mi enorabuena por la serie, me gusta en todos sus aspectos, no veo el momento de ver la pelicula de stargate atlantis y de que se estrene en españa el comienzo de Stargate Universe que desgraciadamente tarda un poco en llegar.
    Feliz navidad para ti y toda tu familia desde España (Sevilla)

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