Volker and Brody check the in-ship enertainment units in advance of next week's Stargate: Universe premiere (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
Volker and Brody check the in-ship enertainment units in advance of next week's Stargate: Universe premiere (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)

To think that this same time next week, many of you will be manning the phones, making that last minute push to lobby friends, former high school classmates, and local prisons to tune into the premiere of Stargate: Universe.  And I can guarantee they will not be disappointed.  Especially not the prisoners.  I bet they’re just starved for good entertainment.

Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.
Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

To those of you asking, I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of Richard Dean Anderson on the lot.  However, in the event I was to confirm it (which I’m not), I’d say he was in great spirits yesterday when he joined us for lunch in the writers’ room – joking away, his charming old self, simply happy to be back.  IF he is back.  Also, in the event he has returned for a guest spot(s), it’s possible he could have started shooting his scenes today.

Riley at the gate console (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
Riley at the gate console (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)

After lunch today, that Boston Legal alum in for a guest spot(s) of her own stopped by following her costume fitting.  I was told she’d have her dog in tow but, alas, the cutie didn’t make the trip – not a pug, as I was told, but actually a French bulldog.  Possible boyfriend material for Lulu?  (Brie’s too young to date).

So, what’s everybody watching?  In my case – everything.  Or, well, close to everything.  This time of year, with the commencement of the fall t.v. schedule, I have my DVR set to record all the new shows.  I’ll watch every premiere and, if the series has promise, check out the following week’s episode – and continue to do so as long as I like what I’m watching.  If a show stumbles – yet showed promise early – I’ll give it two episodes to get back on track before I drop it from the rotation.  Over the last couple of years, it’s been the same routine, with hours of television to catch up on in those early weeks, ultimately dwindling down until I’m back to watching only my old favorites.  That’s not to say that a lot of the programming I drop is bad (although some certainly is) only that certain types of shows – regardless of quality – are simply not my cup of tea.  Legal, procedural, and medical dramas are good examples (although I have made exceptions for atypical productions like, coincidentally, Boston Legal).

Truth be told, I don’t watch that much television, somewhere between my writing partner Paul (very little) and Martin Gero (everything on air).  My modest must-see list is made up:

House: Yes, there are those who complain it’s formulaic (and, yes, it is a medical drama, a genre that rarely captures my interest) but the writing is smart and the characters are engaging and very likable.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the great Andre Braugher guest in the two-hour season premiere.  A great opener, but I was missing the rest of the team.  Seriously, where were Teyla and Ronon in this one?

Curb Your Enthusiasm: My favorite comedy, partly because of the awkward and absurd scenarios, and partly because Larry David reminds me fellow producer Carl Binder.  We’re at the point now that whenever Carl launches into one of his trademark rank, Lawren will call up the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme on his iPhone.

The Amazing Race: The crème de la crème of reality t.v. – always a blast.  As Carl put it: “The fastest hour on television.”.

Survivor: I know, I know.  Shame on me.  But, really, aside from The Amazing Race, this is the only reality show I watch.  Call it a guilty pleasure.  Carl is also a fan.

The Office: I was a huge fan of the British version and so was very dubious when this show premiered.  But, in no time at all, it had won me over.

30 Rock: There’s a good reason this show is a critical darling and continues to garner a slew of awards.  It’s quick, clever, and outrageously funny.

Well, those are my must-see favorites.  I’m sure many of you will have something to say on the subject.  Agree?  Disagree?  Lament the exclusion of The Real Housewives of Orange County?

Today’s entry is dedicated to Narelle and the recuperating Ralph!

76 thoughts on “September 25, 2009: Only 7 Days to the Stargate: Universe Premiere! Production Goings-On (or Not Goings-On)! Firing Up the DVR!

  1. I can’t wait for next friday, 2 reasons:

    1. Stargate Universe Premieres

    2. It’s my birthday!

    Notice how SGU comes before my birthday?

  2. hi, joe,

    amanda did an interview recently, where she stated that she might do another spot on ‘sgu’, (i think if her schedule permitted?). so the question: is amanda/sam going to be on another ep of ‘sgu’?

  3. What, no Fringe of Sanctuary on the To watch list for this fall? I’m shocked Joe. Shocked.

  4. Have you seen Castle? Definately a must see, if not just for Nathan Fillion. Also, have you seen the Flash Forward premier. That looks like it may be pretty good.

  5. but how about fringe? and Flash Forward and ncis LA? anyway i guess we can put the whole SGA movie thing to rest, by the looks of it i doubt it will happen with MGM being bankrupt.

  6. You’ve got the date wrong!

    JES already has his rock?!?!?

    Anne Teldy a.k.a. “She-who-hasn’t-received-her-script-page”

  7. I still check out Top Chef. This season’s chefs seem a step above the previous year’s in talent, but overall the show is less exciting because of it. You could pick out the top 6 almost immediately – the rest is just waiting around until those are the ones left.

    I used to be a fan of Project Runway. Now, I just read the blog “Project Rungay” (Tom and Lorenzo) and get the highlights.

  8. The only reality tv I watch is Top Chef. I know, that makes me odd. I can’t really help it. Don’t like House. Don’t like sitcoms. We may have to break up. It appears we don’t have much in common!

  9. Oh…

    I do volunteer work at the women’s shelter near my home and the ladies were all aflutter over SGU. It seems there is a divide within the group. Some are eager for the premier and the others are still mad at the way SGA seemed pushed aside (their words) for SGU. Knowing I am a fan of SGA, my opinion was requested on whether or not the new show should be boycotted. My view is this; the more the people in charge of such things see that the franchise is still viable and desirable to the fan base the more likely we are to see movies involving our favorites (which ever that may be) in the future. I have no idea if my opinions will sway the ladies but I gave it my best shot.

  10. Well hello there! What have I been watching? Well it’s more like what have i been playing. I’ve been playing Mass Effect. But it’s not really just any game.. its literally an interactive film, a cinematic experience like i have never experienced before.

    I would be interested in knowing what you think the future will hold for interactive story telling (in video games). If you haven’t heard of Mass Effect you can easily find some youtube videos on it. Nevertheless, it hooked me. It was like watching a film.

    You may or may not play video games Joe, but this is a game you definitely have to try out.

  11. So, do we call you Joe the Icepick for the way you spike shows as you go through the recordings? Alas, I have to admit to an embarrassing flaw. Namely, with the removal of my VHS player from my television setup, I haven’t a way to record off tv. I THINK my cable company allows me to do so, but I have yet to figure it out. But your system sounds like a good one, and I may have to get off my bum and figure it out. Especially as I am working on the second, third, and fourth episodes of Universe.
    As for favorites, well, House just doesnt do it for me. I love Laurie, and his performances are always spot on. But the show is too centered around his character, and its a character I cannot like. I’m not above watching the odd episode when time permits, but I have no problem skipping the show on a weekly basis.
    Dropped Showtime and HBO when I realized it was cheaper to wait for the dvds to come out for shows I was interested in(Penn and Teller’s Bullshit, for one), so havent watched Curb. And I”m not big into situation comedies, though I’ve enjoyed The Office. Survivor is definitely my favorite reality show, and the only one I watch. With this season’s evil Manipulator Im especially looking forward to watching it.
    Like specter 177, I really enjoy Castle. It and the Mentalist are nice twists on the cop show buddy shows, and while both shows have very strong leads, the writers seem to be paying some attention to the supporting characters.
    Still love NCIS, my main “forensic” viewing now. The original CSI is off to a good start this season, especially as it fills in the gap between the mentalist, and I have no interest in Gray’s anatomy.
    Other than that, there is Mythbusters, BBC America and its sci fi offerings, and the odd History or Food Channel show.(gotta love the Chairman in Iron Chef America after all, and always hoping to see a certain Vancouverite to serve as a guest judge some day). Guess my overall viewing ranks higher than you and lower than Gero, as most of my viewing is time killing at work or a background distraction while I’m on the computer. (only the best shows beat out reading a book or web surfing). Thanks for the post, and I’m trying to figure out how to make the local cable company broadcast nothing but SyFy next Friday night on all its channels.

  12. Heeey, Joey!! Joey da Icepick! I’ve been advertisin’, like you say. But I ain’t seen no white-haired gentl’men on my doorstep yet. You an’ me, I thought we wuz paisanos! What wit da ‘no fan left behind’, I figgered I’d have da payoff by now. What gives?


  13. Just finished watching 1969, and remembered something that has been bugging me since the first time I saw it. Did you all ever revisit the character “Michael” who was about to get shipped out to Vietnam? Curious about what happened with him.

  14. Survivor? Yes, I love it. Also the Amazing Race. My guilty pleasure is Dancing with the Stars, but I used to watch competition ballroom dancing as a kid on PBS. Even my hubby watches it with me.

    I like Big Bang Theory and My Name is Earl. I never watched enough of The Office or 30 Rock for them to grow on me.

    All the Skiffy standards, Sanctuary and Warehouse 13, even Eureka, which is spotty. NEVER Ghost Whisperer. Yech. Eastwick looked promising, but no, I’ll still with Uncle Jack.

    I like CSI and NCIS and Criminal Minds, if a Law and Order is on and I’m bored I’ll watch it. I never did take to Grey’s Anatomy, and I haven’t caught House fever, but I could if I found it in reruns.

    Castle is great! And not just because that’s my maiden name!

    I missed Flash Forward, so I will have to look for it online. I don’t get HBO or Showtime, I’m poor. I lost track of Heroes, but would not be adverse to watching it on DVD.

  15. I just turned on someone else’s TV to DVR SGU. What came on? A youtube of a French Bull Dog rolling on its back like a flipped turtle.

  16. Hey Joe,

    Thanks to you and everyone for the well wishes for Ralph. He’s home!

    For those interested in canine surgery, here’s ouchie angle number 1, aaaand ouchie angle number 2.

    As you can see, Australian native animals may look all cute and cuddly with their soft fur and big innocent eyes but they will rip you to pieces given the chance. Just sayin’.

    A very long time friend had a theory on the Birthday bad luck. She said, “Have you ever thought that you have incredibly Good Luck every other week of the year? How many times have you had a plane delayed? I love travelling with you. Guaranteed to get there on time and with my luggage. You didn’t end up in Bali when the bombs went off by a freak coincidence, because the opportunity of your house came up you cancelled your Thailand trip when the tsunami hit. So your Birthday is the time when you have to make up for some of that Good Luck!” She made me laugh, and she had a point. Despite some hairy situations, I’ve been generally pretty lucky (touch wood!). So as we heard another vet say to us today, “He is one lucky boy” our little family is back together today and for that I’m extremely grateful.

  17. El Capo di capi, Don Joey the Icepick, howya doin’? And the borgata? I hear Shifty Luisa Giordano is shakin’ you down for her “advertisin”. You shoulda paid her, Joey, you shoulda paid. Bada bing, bada boom. 😉

  18. What about True Blood?

    Have you ever seen True Blood? If you have, what did you think about is?

  19. Hey Joe,

    Let’s see…I watch (in order of remembering):

    1. Big Bang Theory
    2. Glee (what a surprise THAT was!)
    3. Sanctuary
    4. SG1 reruns
    5. Time Team Earth
    6. Time Team UK (if I can find it)
    7. Discovery Science (just about anything)
    8. History International
    9. SGU’s on the TiVo list
    10. Castle (witty and fun, marvelous stuff)

    That’s about it…

  20. RDA in the House? This could only mean good juju for SGU.

    I have been watching Flash Forward, Fringe, Community (for Joel McHale – love him from the Soup), Glee, House, Curb, 30 Rock – am waiting in anticipation for SGU.

    @Narelle – so glad to hear Ralph is doing better. I have a friend who always points out that things go in cycles (good and bad). This keeps things in perspective when things are going badly for me. Be grateful you have friends like this – and always remember to pass this on to someone else. Everyone needs this perspective from time to time. Cheers.

  21. Since Lost and 24 are on hiatus until January, these are my top 5 favorite current shows:

    1. Heroes
    2. Sanctuary
    3. The Mentalist
    4. Castle
    5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    TBD: SGU

  22. All of my favourite shows must be on DVD. We moved out of the City almost 2 yrs ago, leaving cable behind. I have to say that we have enjoyed the break from commercials and the constant marketing. (Christmas with little people is a totally different experience without commercials telling them what they want for gifts. Loved it!). Having said that – I absolutely couldn’t have made it without the SG1 box set (BEST birthday gift ever from my Dear Husband). I am also the first person in line for DVD releases for Atlantis and the movies.

    So, current fav’s are: SG1 and Atlantis (naturally), Eureka, Boston Legal – and just discoverd Big Bang Theory this week. Shows I miss watching – Deadliest Catch…huh, thought that would be a bigger list…most shows I can catch on the web (Jon Stewart and Colbert on Comedy).

    I was getting a little twitchy about missing Universe – until I heard I can buy the episodes on iTunes…that’ll tide me over until the DVD’s are released next year.

    For the premiere I will be driving over an hour into the City…having a “Universe Party” to celebrate what will most certainly be the best show on T.V. 😉

    So, a big “Congratulations” to you, Brad, Rob, Paul, Carl, John – and the whole SG family! (Especially the folks in the Model Shop)…Have a fun and wonderful week!

  23. Shows I watch:
    Dancing with the Stars (my guilty pleasure, and I’ve always wanted to learn to dance… I guess that pretending to dance while watching this show doesn’t count)
    Castle (great banter, fun characters, and Nathan Fillion)
    Mythbusters (great fun)
    SGU (when it starts up)

    I’d also like to second the fact that Mass Effect is an amazing game/interactive entertainment. I’ve played it through 6 or so times and the writing, art, music, characters, gameplay, welll… most everything about it was great. And it really did have a cinematic feel about it. Anyhow, I’ve loved everything Bioware’s made that I’ve played. I even think that Mass Effect or Knights of the Old Republic would translate well to being a television show.

    Just thinking about that… why do Televisions shows introduce most all of the cast right up front in the first episode? I could completely see television shows of any genre start with a small cast of 2 or 3 and then build up to a regular cast of 10ish.

  24. I love House and the Office (both of which I only discovered this past summer – and watched all the dvds!!). I was particularly blown away by the House season premiere (Hugh Laurie is just a top notch actor). Also I appreciate the writer’s take on depression on that show as they manage to capture the painfully realistic nuances of such a difficult condition.

    A friend of mine just introduced me (last night!) to Curb Your Enthusiasm and it is pretty hilarious (although personally I find the Office (US) funnier) – it reminds me of Seinfeld if Seinfeld had been allowed to be more risque.

    I think someone mentioned Fringe and FlashForward – I gave those a shot. I was impressed with the premiere of FlashForward and I’ve started watching Fringe S 1 on DVD (and I like it, it makes me think of what X-Files could have been if Chris Carter had an actual plot arc and better characters). Did you catch either of these?

    My Must Sees: House, Castle, the Office, and FlashForward (with a possible Fringe… and I think I might give Heroes another show via internet, but last seasons sucked so bad). For 2010 it’ll be Lost, 24, and Chuck.

    Of course, I’ll be tuning into the premiere of SGU… looking forward to it 🙂

  25. I have a wonky schedule with working 3pm to midnight every night and then working my two side jobs when every I have an ounce of free time. My TV time is extremely limited. Saying that my DVR is set to record:

    SG Atlantis
    Burn Notice
    Grey’s Anatomy

    I usually let a whole bunch of episodes record and then I watch them back to back. Fast forwarding thru commercials I can usually watch 2 episodes in time it takes to watch one. Thus wasting less of my precious time.

    Speaking of side jobs… christmas is coming up. do you want anything Joe?

  26. @ Thornyrose – I’m thinkin’ he’s Joey the Icepick because of his sharp wit and icy disposition, especially when staring down the likes of foie gras protesters and McKeller bashers.

    Anyhoo…my tv shows…

    Really, I don’t even know why I bother. Here’s what I watch:

    1. Rugby

    2. News (CNN, Local)

    3. NCIS

    4. Sanctuary

    5. Monk (last season)

    6. Psych

    7. NCIS: LA (If I like it)

    8. SGU (If I like it)

    9. Brit mysteries (anywhere I can find them; currently they are few and far between)

    10. Most anything on Turner Classic Movies…any of which I’ve probably already seen a dozen times.

    Really, that’s all I watch. There are some channels I haven’t tuned into for years. For such a short list, I should probably just drop satellite, and watch everything on-line or DVD. TV offers up a whole lot of nothing anymore.


  27. I watch waaay too much television and would probably have a lot of subjects to discuss with Martin Gero.

    My must-see list

    Returning series:

    House – It’s had its ups and downs; some episodes are too formulaic, but what goes on between the “cases” is always interesting. House going crazy was very interesting last season, and the season premiere did not disappoint.

    Dollhouse – SPOILERS A slow start to an absolutely amazing first season. It held on despite Fox’s apparent hatred of the show and Joss Whedon in general and picked up enough ratings to garner a second season. I hadn’t learned the second season was premiering tonight until yesterday. It was a good premiere, not great and was definitely lacking Alan Tudyk (of Firefly fame) as the psychopath, Alpha.

    30 Rock hasn’t returned yet, so, The Office – The season premiere was hilarious and had me giggling “Parkour!” for hours. The second episode wasn’t nearly as funny but kept the plot rolling.

    Fringe – An absolutely incredible first season made the premiere a must-see for me and it did not disappoint at all. Hell, it exceeded my expectations. The second episode has aired and it if it continues like this, this season may top the first.

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – One of the funniest shows on television and I only began watching it a few months ago. I’m all caught up to season 5 and the premiere episode was as funny as ever.

    New series:

    Glee – It’s been on for a few weeks now and the laughs have kind of died off. I’m still a fan though, and will stick it out a few more episodes to see if it picks back up.

    Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday – Worst. Title. Ever. But funny nonetheless.

    And of course, SGU is on my much watch list and I’m pretty sure I’ve got all my friends on board. To be honest, the main selling point has been “you don’t need to have watched the other series to watch this one”.

    Well those are my must see shows. I told you I watch too much TV.

    Side notes:

    Defying Gravity – I just love this show. Period. I can’t explain why, as according to the ratings I’m the only person watching it. I’m just glad I’m in Canada where the entire first season will be aired. The show was pulled in the U.S. and on a very critical cliffhanger episode. Sucks to be you, America.

    Community – I can’t decide whether or not I like Community yet. Every episode I’ve watched I’ve only been paying half attention to, but there are definitely some good lines in there and it seems to fit well in that 30 Rock / Office / Parks and Rec comedy block. It’s definitely the least funny of the four, though.

    Death Note – Upon Joe’s recommendation I watched the series beginning to end recently and loved it.

    My drop list:

    Heroes – Way more downs than ups. Last season had a few good episodes, but it was mediocre overall. Hopeful, I figured I would check out the premiere and have decided to drop this show from my watch list.

    Mercy – watched the premiere and didn’t like it. Won’t be continuing with this series.

    FlashForward – I watched last night’s premiere and was underwhelmed. I wasn’t feeling the emotional impact of the global catastrophe that was introduced. The tv series “Jericho” did it right and from the viewpoint of a small town to boot. Anyways, the acting ties to Lost and little Easter Eggs (like Oceanic Airlines ads) are a nice touch, but I don’t think I’ll be watching this series.

  28. Oh, yum!! Tony Todd was in Psych tonight! I’ll always love him most as Kurn in ST:TNG; DS9, but any way I can get him is just fine with me! I guess I just go for big guys with great voices. I suppose I’d really be in heaven if I was a horror fan, but I’ve always enjoyed him in the non-creepy roles I’ve seen him in…so I’m content with that.

    Aaaaaand…I really should be back in bed. Fell asleep at ten, woke up a couple hours later and watched Psych…which probably isn’t the best way to get a ‘good’ night’s sleep. 😛


  29. Hey Joe,

    I didn’t see SGU on you “must see” list. Top of mine. Love Fringe, Bones etc.

    Can’t wait. I wish everyone loved sci-fi and had cable. The two biggest reasons that have been given me when attempting to sell them on SGU.

    I have been on twitter and facebook doing “everything” I can. Small steps..have to keep it up past the premiere.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  30. Yeah, where were Ronon and Teyla? That was funny.

    I have House DVR’d because it’s two hours. I only watch because of Hugh Laurie. He’s amazing.

    Tell us what you like when it gets down to the nitty gritty. The way I figure out how to watch shows is this: I don’t watch the first season. I know, I’m probably missing stuff. Then I go in and watch the first episode of the second season. By then, if the show hasn’t been cancelled, it’ll have hit its stride. It’s worked almost every time I’ve gotten into a show. I did it with Chuck, Burn Notice, Buffy (well, I started watching that in the fifth season) and several others. Then I can buy the first season and watch. I definitely will not be doing that with SGU so you better deliver! Just kidding. It’ll be an event at my house, that’s for sure.

  31. I will have my VCR on record for that evening. Since unforuntly I am Volunteering at VIFF from 4:30 to 8:30pm and then heading over to a screening afterwards. But will watch it as soon as I can. Can’t wait to finally see all of you guys hard work on screen!!!

  32. Bonjour Josepg!
    ça va bien?

    Moi trés bien =)

    Merci pour ces photos!! Je n’ arrête plus de au 2 Ocobre.

    Lol, bon pour le lycée je préfére freiner mes ardeurs “Stargate” Il y’en à déja beaucoup que me trouve bizzarre il ne comprennent pas comment on peut être aussi fan d’un serie et surtout stargate^^. Y’en à même certaine qui m’appele “stargate “lol

    Bonne journée!

  33. Narelle….and you complain of BAD luck? 😯

    I would also gladly have all my bad luck in one foul swoop if I knew the really, really nasty stuff would happen elsewhere!!

  34. Hey Joe!

    Guess what I’ve been putting a lot of time into? I have been making a replica of the Universe Stargate to put around my dorm room door…. it’s 7 ft. tall and 7 ft. wide… a big undertaking that I have put a huge effort into. I’m finishing it tomorrow and plan to take pictures.

    Is there an e-mail address I could send a picture of it to you?

    I’m having a HUGE official Universe premiere party at my school. Best estimate: at least 40-50 will be there. … and we’ll be having CHICKEN, MORE CHICKEN.

  35. I like House too, the stories are good and the acting very good.

    Lie to Me was another that could go formulaic but at the moment is fun

    Others I like are Bones and NCIS, reality-wise I like Deadliest Catch, scary program !

    Here in the UK reality TV is dominated by programs in which people want to be famous – Big Brother (hope it never comes your way) X-Factor and such

    These sorts of programs seem to be destroying half our young population as they don’t want to get a job, just think that they are going to get on the tv and “be famous”

  36. Have to admit to being in Paul’s camp re. TV-watching. It’s not that I dislike the medium (on the contrary), just that there’s so much else that either I want to do or needs to be done, and I wind up forgetting those cool season-premiere ads I saw during a football game. But I do pay attention to the buzz, and at some point check out what a lot of people liked a lot — for instance, 30 Rock — agree with your mini-review, even if I’m missing some showbiz and pop-culture in-jokes.

    ER used to give me my TV adrenalin fix; haven’t gotten into other medical series. (No rants except at work, where there’s plenty of company.) My current fix is NCIS. I think it’s the attraction of someone who used to play QB for UCLA, and I really can’t overemphasize the UCLA factor. Bruins = great team name. – Hard to believe it’s the same Mark Harmon I’ve seen in late-night showings of Summer School, apparently before he took acting lessons. Older, yes, but waaaay smoother. – Okay, I’m over that.

    I would check out Curb Your Enthusiasm if we got HBO. But that’s funny about the comparison between Carl and Larry David, and Lawren playing the theme song when Carl rants. (That would make for a pretty good YouTube vid.)

  37. The only shows I watch now are The Big Bang Theory, Eureka, and The First 48 (a reality show on A&E which follows real detectives as they try to solve real-life cases). Can’t wait for SGU to start on Oct. 2nd (sooo glad that the Space channel is airing it here in Canada on the same day as the U.S., that way it won’t get spoiled for me by folks online before I actually get to see it).

  38. I love Amazing Race!!!!! It just makes me happy knowing it’s on that day…I do watch Survivor …and occasional other reality shows (non of the “finding” love ones – I think they’re pathetic)

    I really like Criminal Minds and and the perennial Law and Order (all of them).

    Can’t wait for SGU to get some scifi back in my schedule.

    Although I loved Buffy, Angel (some seasons) and Firefly, can’t get into Dollhouse…

    Don’t like House (love Laurie tho’), don’t watch any sitcoms, except Big Bang Theory which is hysterical!!!

    My problem is I watch ALOT of television (I read and watch movies, too) So I am pretty choosey about what I’ll start watching each new season. Also why I only allow myself basic cable, as I’d never leave the house if I have more – no DVR or Tivo either. Actually a friend DVR’d the Torchwood miniseries and I went up to her house in Mass (I live in CT) on a Sunday and spent all day watching it w/her (well really her husband, as she wasn’t so interested) So there are a few new shows I’m checking out this year….

  39. I usually don’t watch too much TV, but since the end of new TV shows in the spring I got attached to a few. House, The Office, 24, Fringe, and NCIS are now all favorites. Of the new shows this fall, NCIS: Los Angeles and Flashforward look very promising. Can’t wait for the SGU premiere. I hope the New York Rangers first game of the season is over before SGU starts!

  40. Hmmm, I can’t stand reality tv which makes Summer tv especially bleak and Netflix my best friend. The exception might be American Idol before they get to Hollywood.

    A lot of my favorite shows are over (BSG, SG-1, etc), but I LOVE Dexter and get Showtime only for that show. It’s by far my favorite show on tv right now. Have you seen it?

    I saw Cougartown this week (I hadn’t even planned on watching it) and really enjoyed it, so I’ve added that one to my rotation.

    Fast Forward seems promising and I’ll watch House too, although you know that by minute 50 they will finally figure out what’s really wrong with the patient. But that’s about it for me. Everything else seems so predictable and completely unrealistic.

  41. Since becoming more a fan of cable than the major broadcast networks, the fall TV season doesn’t seem as big of a deal as it once was. Most of the programs I enjoy had their summer run and won’t be back till winter.

    But! I do really enjoy “Castle”. Clever, nice balance of seriousness and humor, and both Nathan Fillion and the character he plays have miles of appeal. There is also a Richard Castle Twitter account for fans of the show, which the showrunners used to write a mystery over the summer, from Castle’s POV. That was fun to follow.

    I’m a fan of 30 Rock, The Office, and now Community, too.

    I have recorded “the forgotten” on my DVR but as I’m ambivalent about actually sitting down to watch it, I have nothing to report yet. Maybe I should just delete it.

    I did check out “Fast Forward”, but tend to agree with the critics that while the opening of the show had lots of “Lost”-like chaos, after a while it turned into people sitting around asking each other what they saw in their fast forward. Eh.

    Yes, I will check out “SGU” when it airs next week.

    And I’m really looking forward to the return of “Storm Chasers” later on in the month.

  42. I’m thinking Rhona Mitra then – when people start fussing about the nationality of their dog, it makes them easy to Google 🙂

    I’m happy to (not) hear about RDA – I know SGU needs to stand on its own but there’s no reason why the crew can’t have friends to stay or you know, inhabit their bodies. Like you do.

    Good luck with the viewing figures and such.

  43. Two new shows that have grab me already are DEFYING GRAVITY ( which I hear is now on the Endangered list – Stupid ABC) and FLASH FORWARD. Robert Sawyer has always been a fave author of mine. Have you read anything by him? Have you see either of these shows?

    My fave recurring shows are CALIFORNICATION, LOST, FRINGE, NCIS, CSI, SANCTUARY, BONES, MYTHBUSTERS, DIRTY JOBS & COLIN & JUSTIN’S HOME HEIST. I guess I fall in the watch alot of TV catergory. : )

    Have you seen BORED TO DEATH yet? I watch the first ep and found it oddly amusing.

  44. Yo! Joey! Me an’ da boys here in Chicago cannot help but feel disappointed by da fact dat you have not delivered what you owe to my paisan’ das. We may hafta pay youse a visit and make youse “an offer you can’t refuse.”

  45. I can’t argue with your list of shows Joe, except maybe Survivor which I burned out on after the all star season.

    I’ll second Castle, sure it’s a procedural cop show, but it’s a lot of fun, and Nathan Fillion is great. I also like How I Met Your Mother; it’s very creative and clever.

    I’m looking forward to SGU – I have recruited 2 people, possible 3 to catch the premier!

  46. I have fallen in love with Burn Notice, it’s my new favorite series. I highly recommend checking it out, I think it returns a little later on.

    Supernatural has had some jaw dropping shockers this season so far. I’m so glad it’s back on the air.

    Another one that I’m excited to see return is the Mentalist. I love that show and Simon Baker is awesome. I recommend checking it out.

    The first episode of the new season for Fringe was good. The Aussie actors are really taking over television. 🙂

    Sanctuary is bound to be a hit again here. I can’t wait to see it premiere in October as well as Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy and American Dad. Seth is a television genius.

    Dexter will be starting shortly as well. I think that show is really interesting. It might be disturbing that the two actors who play brother and sister are married in real life, but the show has an intriguing theme and never fails to impress.

    Jason Hawes from GH and Ivon both twittered positively about FlashForward, so I’m looking to check that out as well as V when it premieres.

    Destination Truth on SyFy has started the season with a bang, it’s all very exciting.

    I think NBC has made some bad choices this year by cancelling Earl. They do not have much in the way of good shows on there.

    There are seriously way more medical dramas then the world needs right now. I think the ones that are already established, like House, are great, but we don’t need a hundred different versions. It’s time for something new. Thank goodness for Burn Notice, I think that is one of the best shows out there right now. It’s witty, funny, and completely entertaining.

  47. The website Deadline Hollywood is reporting that MGM is near bankruptcy, with bondholders apparently happy to get it go under! What would this do to SGU? Is the franchise in danger? Or is this just normal business dealings with the media’s usual “OMG everybody panic!” angle to attract readers?

  48. I’m with you on bypassing the medical, procedural, & legal dramas, aside from the quirky ones. Which removes about 10 shows per week from my schedule. Fringe is too gross, Castle I want to love but somehow it’s not that compelling. Nice eye candy, though!

    I think you once mentioned Mad Men — have you stopped watching? This season is even darker and more pathos-ridden. Yeah, those were the days.

    What do you think of Jay Leno at 10 pm on your mother channel? I find it unwatchable. The only funny bits are those he steals from The Onion or Howard Stern. Gawd.

    Of the new shows, Community, Glee, and Modern Family are on my “keep watching” list. Cougar Town was actually too crass even for me, and I’ll laugh at anything.

  49. Yo, Sparrow! Youse better be careful, I’m hearin’ youse been singin’ again to da boys down at da Miscellanea. Dat might not go over big wit da likes of Joey da Icepick. Songbirds have a way of findin’ demselves knocked off’a their perches around here, ain’t dat right, Joey?


  50. Hi Joe. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the current MGM financial situation in terms of the Stargate Franchise, specifically, more seasons of SGU.

  51. Looks like it’s going to be Rhona Mitra then! 😀 Fantastic. She’ll be a great Kiva (providing that is the character she is playing).

    A good actress and a beautiful woman. And English 😀 You couldn’t ask for more really 🙂

  52. I’m an avid Stargate fan and was wondering if Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis) props would ever hit Propworx? (like what they did with BSG props)

  53. Every show, Joe? That means you’ve tried the premieres of Melrose Place and The Vampire Diaries? 😉

    I tend to watch every genre show out there. Not exclusively and not every single one (I’m not watching The Vampire Diaries and I don’t do reality TV even if it is “sci-fi”). But mostly. So my list tend to look something like this:

    SGU (when it airs)
    V (when/if it airs)
    Torchwood (provided it gets another season/series)

    And then the non-genre shows are:
    The Mentalist (have you tried it? Simon Baker is genius.)
    NCIS: LA
    Melrose Place
    Eastwick (well, I’m going to try the premiere)

    You know, I never used to like crime shows. But that’s 4 of them on my list. Not to mention the “supernatural” kind of crime shows. At the same time, the crime part is my least favorite aspect of those shows. I love Castle for Nathan Fillion’s humor, and NCIS and The Mentalist are all about that team aspect. I haven’t wholly decided on NCIS: LA yet, but already the main two team members mesh pretty good so that’s probably team, too.

    Sadly, I lost a few this year. Mainly, SGA and Battlestar Galactica. That still makes me sad. (Though it isn’t like I don’t have enough TV to watch anyway.)

    N’awww! I bet Lulu would like a boyfriend…lol

  54. My usual watching habits were interrupted this month. Former must-sees included the SG franchise, True Blood, America’s Got Talent.

    Still must see: local & national news, Project Runway, Medium, King of the Hill.

    Future must-sees will probably include SGU, Warehouse 13, Smallville (season premiere was interesting).

  55. I think I’m gonna celebrate Oct 2 next week. Maybe a house party or… an enormous cake with a bottle of whine. Yeah.

    Another question about SGU:

    I just watched an interview with Robert Carlyle, he mentioned letting his hair grow, bc y’know they’re up in space and can’t look perfect. Are the issues of clothing etc gonna be dealt with on-screen, unlike in SGA S1?

    Thank you.

  56. New shows on my DVR list so far are Community and NCIS Los Angeles. I loved Community. Very funny and quirky. And topical, since, in the U.S., community colleges are starting to get some respect and attention. With the economic crisis and the cost of college, a lot of students are saving money by doing two years in community college and finishing up at the 4-year universities. And it’s good seeing Chevy Chase in something where he’s actually funny again.

    NCIS Los Angeles: I DVR’d it mainly because I like NCIS and the NCIS episode that served as the pilot for the new show looked interesting. But I think it looked interesting because the original NCIS team was in the episode. I was less than impressed with the premiere of the new show and it’s off my DVR list. Which means I probably won’t watch it any more.

    Haven’t DVR’d SGU yet, but I will since I’m going to be out next Friday night. Sorry, Joe, but I’ll have to watch a few episodes before I decide if I’m going to start planning my Friday nights around the show.

    On the shows you mentioned:

    House: The season opener was Excellent! And oddly, I didn’t much miss the rest of the team at all. (But don’t get any ideas for any future SGA movies! THAT team needs to stay intact.) I didn’t watch House much last season because it is so formulaic – and frankly House’s constant misery was getting on my nerves. But the opener was great because it showed the character with all his defenses stripped away and unable to control the situation. Nice change. Hugh Laurie was fabulous and Andre Braugher (love him!) was excellent as the one person House couldn’t manipulate. Hopefully the writers will continue to bring something fresh to the future eps.

    The Amazing Race: Love it! I didn’t watch it much last season, but I plan to remedy that this season by adding it to my DVR list. I like it way more than Survivor – which I haven’t watched it much for years now. I think I like the fact that there’s more action in the Amazing Race and less sitting around talking and plotting.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office and 30 Rock: All shows I’ve heard great things about and that I’ve watched a couple of times and liked. They just never made it to my regular viewing list. Maybe I’ll add them to my DVR list for a few weeks and check them out again.

    And looking at the other posts, I realize I need to add Glee and Castle to my DVR list. What did I do before DVR?

  57. Relle, good news about Ralph! Those ouchies look ouchy, all right. Your friend’s right–you avoided a Tsunami in Thailand? The one where so many were lost? Yes, ma’am, you do have good luck! Thank goodness for that friend and the reminder.

    Joe, I knew you were The BlogFather, but what’s up with “Joey the Icepick?”

    Noticed three SG-1 veterans were (or maybe not confirmed!) guests on SGU. We know the SGA folks aren’t stepchildren. Howabout some Atlantis veterans doing guest turns? Since we’re talking about “no fan left behind”?

  58. Hi Joe, Can you bring us some photos with RDA? And what´s going on with David Blues Q and A?

  59. Naurelle: glad Ralph is better. Wounds look to be healing nicely.

    TV Watching: I record a whole range of shows; sci-fi, mystery, romance, educational. NO reality TV.

    I’m surprised that you watch reality TV at all, Mr. M! No one is perfect.

    Das: perhaps your package escaped? I haven’t been watching the news lately. Have you heard about any serial murders? Todd could pluck off one or two and it probably not be big news.


  60. @ Tammy Dixon – I never thought that maybe he escaped. 🙁 Geez. Now I gotta stand out on the back doorstep, shaking a box of Sheppard-flavored kibbles in the wee hours. The neighbors are gonna LOVE me. 😛

    I wonder if Todd responds best to the psss-psss-psss noises you make when calling a cat, or the smoochie noises you make when calling a dog?

    Of course, if Todd hears me making smoochie noises, it’ll probably scare him further away. 🙄


  61. I was immediately sucked in by Flash Forward. They just go ahead and dump you straight in to the story. As long as they don’t fall victim to the Lost trap of dragging things out and making it too complicated, I’ll stick with it.

    Witches of Eastwick was amusing, but I’m’ not sure it’s going to keep me interested.

    Vampire Diaries? That went off my list right after the premiere.

    Otherwise my focus is SyFy Fridays. I can’t wait!!

  62. Gee, someone has mentioned all the good shows already, is that an indication that there are so few to watch, hmmm.
    Ok, set up to watch and tape the Oct 2nd debut of SGU, ready to go. popcorn -check,nachos,-check,–jack d,ccheck(he was on the guest list). have I forgotten anything>?
    -hope the cable company is not associated with mgm if they go under, whats this talk..oh crap, hate to watch it online, the tv screen is so much larger.

  63. Hi, been reading the blog for awhile, but never posted before.

    I have to say it: I’m VERY excited about Stargate: Universe. All of the previews I’ve seen so far have looked great! Can’t wait to see it next week.

    Other shows I watch:

    House: Such a great season premiere. Wow.

    Heroes: Not as great as House, but interesting.

    Flashforward: Whoa. The first episode blew me away. VERY good. The preview for upcoming episodes looked excellent.

    Fringe: Love this show. It just gets better and better. And Walter is the best character!

    Supernatural: VERY good season so far. Next episode looks like it’ll be the best one yet.

    CSI: Had to watch this on demand, WAY too many shows on Thursday. lol. Good first episode for the season.

    Medium: Excellent show. Glad CBS picked it up.

    Numbers: Really good first episode back.

    Monk: Good season. Hope the last episode is great.

    Psych: Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

    I was watching Eureka & Warehouse 13, but they are over now.

    I plan to watch Stargate Universe (can’t wait) and Sanactury (the first season was really good).

    So many shows to watch! Most of them are Thursday/Friday too. lol.


  64. I just don’t have time to watch many shows anymore. SGA was the only series I tuned in weekly. Hope SGU can fill the gap. Tried to get into Warehouse 13, but it didn’t do it for me (except for JF’s episode). Otherwise, it’s Weather Channel – nice to actually see what weather looks like since we rarely get any in LA. History Channel, CNN, Californication (occassionally).

    Next week I’m asking two BSG die hards in my office if they’ll give SGU a try. But from the trailers I’m seeing, it seems this series is trending toward conflict between characters, and less about the core team building we’ve seen in SG1 and SGA. So I’m not too sure how I should sell the show to them.

  65. I really hate not having access to this blog at work, I feel so disconnected.

    Joe, I was looking for something the other day and I came across a kid’s story I wrote 20 some odd years ago. I did sent it to 5 publishers and it was rejected 5 times. It’s only 3 or 4 pages long. I know you’re busy but would you read it for me and honestly tell me if it’s crap. There’s no rush – you can read on the plane to Tokyo. I would be honored.

  66. Your list is my list, along with some extras: Big Bang Theory (aka McKay and Zelenka, the Early Years), Castle, Chuck (whenever it’s brought back), Dollhouse, and a few others.

    BTW, have you heard the inspiration for “House”? Sherlock Holmes! I heard that a few weeks ago, and so many things about the show make more sense to me.

    And, regarding Amazing Race and Survivor, hosts Phil Keoghan and Jeff Probst feature prominently in my dreams. And, I love reading their blogs about their shows on the Entertainment Weekly website (www.ew.com). Their access to fans reminds me of you.

  67. Hi, Joe —

    New US shows I’ve given a look see:
    FlashForward – expected not to like it and was pleasantly surprised. Good performances by all. The plot may get so convoluted that I lose interest (hello, Lost and Fringe), but so far it has a series pass on my DVR.

    Eastwick – I adore Paul Gross and the lovely Jaime Ray Newman enough to give it a couple more episodes, but it was underwhelming. And I can’t see how the story can sustain an open-ended series.

    The Forgotten – Dull and uninvolving. Won’t watch it again.

    NCIS:LA – loving Linda Hunt, but can’t help wishing they tried to do something different from the parent show. And that they had cast a more compelling actor (like Michael Shanks or Joe Flanigan) in the lead.

    Established never miss shows:
    Supernatural – is kicking ass again so far coming off its series high last season.

    Castle – Nathan Fillion is cute as a bug.

    Big Bang Theory – Funniest show on. Jim Parsons is brillant.

    Top Chef – Even though the group of cheftestants are kind of dull this season, love Tom Colicchio too much to give it up.

    Project Runway – See Top Chef remarks changing “cheftestants” to “designers” and “Tom Colicchio” to “Tim Gunn”.

    Thinking about breaking up with:
    Grey’s Anatomy – I went back to Grey’s Lobotomy when Kevin McKidd joined the cast, but after the ghastly season opener, I may just settle for rewatching Rome on DVD.

    Bones – Just hasn’t been as good since they shafted Zach.

    Dollhouse – Even Joss Whedon worship has its limit.

  68. @ fore (snarfle) the love of Beckett – The Blogfather – I like it! 😀 I still lean towards Malevolent Overlord, though…


  69. I just discovered BIG FINISH productions. Will SGU have any audio adventures?? Gary Jones has a Harriman adventure coming out this month. All the others look great too (haven’t bought any…yet). Dr. Weir, Jackson, Beckett, Frasier, Zelenka, Mj. Lorne, Vala, and Teal’c and now Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman. Do you and the other producers have any involvment with these? If so, how much? And do you consider these as officially taking place within the TV franchise?….what we don’t see b/t the episodes.

  70. Joe, thank you for giving Airelle my e-mail address. She did contact me, and now the 5 of us are trying for a meetup in Orlando, FL. Or maybe 6?? hint hint, yea I know it’s a long way to go. We will take pic’s and post them. Sheryl

  71. Hmmm….let’s see what do I watch?

    In no particular order:

    Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1, CSI (only the Vegas one, can’t get into the others), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (mostly only the Goren & Eames eps), House, Supernatural, Mythbusters, Californication, Entourage, Man Vs Wild, Air Crash Investigation, Seconds to Disaster, Gilmore Girls, The Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol, America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway (and the Aussie versions of the last 3 however they aren’t as good), The Apprentice, NFL, odd AFL & netball games, when I can catch it the US version of The Office (tried the brit version but didn’t like it).

    I generally don’t like Aussie TV shows. One problem I have with them is that they’re too damn bright. They need to create some mood with a bit of darker lighting. Also not really enthused with some of the writing.

    Oh and with regard to the Real Housewives…I’ve seen an episode or so late at night when I had nothing better to do and New York is the bitchiest of the bunch.

    So, where do I rate on the scale?

    Cheers, Chev

  72. I’m afraid I’m very boring. The only show I watch and never miss is HOUSE. I guess I am just very particular. HUGH LAURIE is an AMAZING talent and he mesmerizes me each week. I also love Wilson! 🙂

  73. OMG, Alexandria, I had no idea Dexter & Morgan were married in real life! The premiere did not disappoint, as usual.

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