Have you told your friends?  Your family?  Their friends and family?  Neighbors?  Co-workers?  Casual acquaintances?  People you ride the bus with?  No?!  Well getting moving!  Only nine days until SGU premieres!

The excitement is certainly mounting on set and in the offices, often finding expression in a colorful lunacy that has gripped certain individuals involved in the production.  Things are getting mighty weird.

Take Executive Producer Carl Binder for instance – USC grad and diehard Trojan fan.  This was him the day after his team suffered a stunning upset loss at the hands of the Washington Huskies –

Yep, it's official.  He's lost it.
Yep, it's official. He's lost it.

In the meantime, just days after poking fun at Executive Producer’s Assistant Ashleigh for looking so much like WWII icon Rosie the Riveter –


– I had to do a double-take while strolling by Ashleigh’s office today because the following pic was pasted to her office door (no doubt compliments of Lawren Bancroft-Wilson)…


Out of the blue, for reasons unknown, Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela surprised us with a little gift.  Not t-shirts or caps or interesting books, but something he calls a Bacon Explosion (or was it Bacon Overload?)…

IMG_4586xFrom what I understand, it’s bacon wrapped around sausage wrapped around bacon.  Oh, and glazed with barbecue sauce.  For the guys who have everything.  Except bacon wrapped around sausage wrapped around bacon glazed with barbecue sauce.

And what the heck is going on over on Stage 2, the site of not one but two green screen off-world locations.  In a bid to give the place an out-of-this-world alien feel, they’ve trucked in tons of dirt and mud for the ground – and, for some inexplicable reason, what certainly smells like a half ton of manure for good measure.  Was this done to hint at some sort of methane atmosphere?  I’m not sure.

Still, despite the burgeoning craziness, it’s nice to see that some things remain constant – like, say, Ming-Na’s crazy furred footwear that she insists on wearing to set.  Yes, granted, we are in Canada – but it was 27 celsius (80.6 fahrenheit) today!  At this point, I think she’s just doing it to annoy me.


A late post tonight as I was out to dinner with the lovely Ming-Na, and the equally lovely Carl Binder and Robert Cooper.  More on our amazin meal tomorrow along with pics (Atlantis) past and (SGU) future.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday boy (I’m guessing) Tim H.!

JYS writes: “I wish I could watch the premiere! But unfortunately, I’ll be in class. I went to DB Bistro today and had the DB burger. Maybe my palate’s really bad, but I didn’t taste any truffles.”

Answer: I’m not crazy about the DB version.  I mean, it’s fine, but the flavors of both the truffle and the foie are overwhelmed by the beef.  Interestingly enough, Diva at the Met served their own version (I believe they called theirs the DC Burger) that was actually more flavorful and included braised short rib as well.

Daniel writes: “Boston Legal alum!!!!! That’s my second favorite show after Stargate (all of them). Clues to who it is please!”

Answer: Female.

Phil writes: “Joe, what would you say to those who didnt watch SG1 or Atlantis (for whatever reason) to watch Universe?”

Answer: If you enjoy science fiction, action, adventure, exploration, discovery, character-oriented drama, or any and all of the above, then definitely check out the premiere of Stargate: Universe.  And if you’re new to Stargate, the beauty is you don’t really need to be familiar with what has come before.  Even if you’ve never watched a single episode of SG-1 or Atlantis, you’ll be able to tune in and enjoy the new show.

Airelle writes: “Just finished reading Stranger in a Strange Land. Not bad, enjoyable reading. Picked up another by Heinlein/Spider Robinson, Variable Star, looks promising as well, any other suggestions by him that are good Joe?? Heinlein I mean. “

Answer: I enjoyed The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Ming Na was awesome in E.R. I’m rewatching it on TNT now. I’ve gotten to the episode where she is overworked and accidently kills a patient. She doesn’t look any older. What’s the deal with that?”

Answer: I don’t know.  Maybe she’s an immortal.  Seriously, after meeting her for the first time I was amazed by how much she hadn’t changed since The Joy Luck Club.  A lot of the time, certain actors look great on screen and then, when you see them in person, you’re floored by how much “work” they’ve had done.  In Ming-Na’s case, it’s just the opposite – you‘re floored by her natural good looks.  So, yeah.  Probably an immortal.

JES writes: “I have just received the Non Prop Rock of Mallozzi from a special courier cleverly disguised as a U.S. postal carrier. As I opened the seemingly innocuous package, I was struck by the overwhelming responsibility I was about to shoulder to preserve and protect this unique relic.”

Answer: Guard it well, my friend.  Before sending the rock on its way, it joined Carl and I for an evening of football.  As it turned out, the rock was an Ohio State fan and, well, things got kind of ugly…

The evening starts off amiably enough.  Everyone's all budy-buddy at kick-off.
The evening starts off amiably enough. Everyone's all budy-buddy at kick-off.

Things quickly turn ugly as Carl and the rock get into a heated argument.
Things quickly turn ugly as Carl and the rock get into a heated argument.

Carl has had enough.  He's through talking.
Carl has had enough. He's through talking.
Carl is exhausted.
Carl is exhausted.
Bubba consoles the rock following the Ohio State loss.
Bubba consoles the rock following the Ohio State loss.

Tim H. writes: “Could you please do the same 5 and 5 with the NHL? I’d be really interested in seeing your picks.”

Answer: Although I’m not a big hockey fan (I know I know.  Shamefully un-Canadian.).. Top 5 Favorites (5. The Chicago Blackhawks – They’ve been perennial losers for so long that I’ve taken pity on them. 4. The Phoenix Coyotes – The only thing crazier than the thought of hockey in Arizona were those wacky Aztec coyotes they used to have on their jerseys.  3. The Buffalo Sabres – For some reason, this was my NHL team when I was a kid so I still have a soft spot for ‘em.  2 The San Jose Sharks – I miss the garish teal jerseys.  1. The Montreal Canadians – Strangely enough, I hated the Canadian when I was living in Montreal but, since leaving la belle province, I’ve re-adopted them as my team.  To 5 Hated (5. The Toronto Maple Leafs – Surprising only because I used to like this team until I actually spent some time with their trash-talking fans (Ivon Bartok).  4. The Philadelphia Flyers – Chalk this one up to an Eric Lindross hangover.  3. The Boston Bruins – The Canadian’s biggest rival.  2. The Minnesota Wild: What’s a wild?  Is it anything like a Laker?  1. The New York Rangers: The equivalent to baseball’s Yankees and basketball’s Lakers – both of which I also hate.

Jimmy writes: “Are there any space battle scenes planned for season one? I am a big fan of sweet explosions…”

Answer: Yep.  There’ll be several, both small and large-scale battle sequences.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Hey Joe. Where did you study for your Marketing degree?”

Answer: I don’t have a Marketing degree.  I do have a Masters in English Lit if that helps though.

For the love of Beckett writes: “How’s your Mom? Has she had her knee operation yet?”

Answer: Mom had the operation and is now at home, with sis, recuperating nicely.  Thanks for asking.

64 thoughts on “September 23, 2009: 9 Days To The Stargate: Universe Premiere!

  1. Huh. I figured Carl for a Lifestyles man. 😉

    And Joe, good to hear about your mom. I wasn’t even aware she was having surgery (since I don’t always pay attention and/or remember 😳 ) . My mom just had her knee done last winter, and is doing great. Of course, now her other knee is bothering her…

    Have a good evening, sir! ‘Cept…I’m not sure I can forgive ya for hatin’ on the Flyers. They were *my* team back when I was 13. Broad Street Bullies, oh yeah!! Of course, I haven’t watched hockey in years, not since they wussified it with the helmets and extra rules and stuff…so I probably don’t have much say in the matter. 😛


  2. Oh, good. A female BL alum. I’m glad it’s not a guy. If she brings her puppy, can we have pictures? Or would that be a spoiler?

    9 DAYSSSS!!!! I’m currently so excited I might pop, but at least I have other premieres (and finales, in the case of Warehouse 13) to keep me occupied. I’m kind of sad that WH13’s finale episode got such low ratings (w/ respect to its previous episodes) but it was against NCIS:LA, so that’s forgivable.

    I’m running a 10K this saturday called the Great Cow Harbor Race. For all y’all who like the icky English system better (seriously Joe, why bother converting! FORCE your readers to use SI!), that’s like 6.2 miles! 😀 Gonna be a fun time. I’ve heard there’re a lot of people in cow costumes and cowbell bands along the way, cheering for the 5,000+ participants, so I should come back with some interesting stories!

  3. Joe:
    You know, I’ve told all my friends, family, and even random people on the street that SG:U premieres in 9 days but I keep getting the same response. “I heard you the first time!” LOL!

    USC…gag. It’s all about UCLA!
    Everyone has a fault Carl. ;p

  4. Wow. The bacon explosion is scary, and wrong on oh so many levels…..

    Now if you want to try a yummy bacon treat, try cooking the bacon by your favorite method, then coating it with milk chocolate and roasted nuts. Saw it on the Food Network, then our sous chef @ work made it for kicks.

    Did you hear that there is a potential Canadian buyer for the Phoenix Coyotes, attempting to move them to Toronto I believe. Locals here are upset, especially on the Glendale side of Phoenix (where their brand-new, taxpayer built stadium resides).

    Glad to hear your mom is doing fine, I hope she figured out the TV before the recuperation!!

  5. Hey Joe,

    I think I am with Bubba, I would rather play with a rock than watch the game. Matter of fact, I rather play with Bubba, squishy squishy squishy.

    Wow, my entire FB page is covered in Stargate Universe. I post daily on twitter. I actually do more than this but can’t talk about it…just to let you know that I am doing all that I can to help the cause. I’m just sorry it’s not just a huge snow ball that we don’t have to worry about….or is it.

    Here’s to all of us being happy a week from Friday. Can’t wait. Can’t say that enough.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

    P.S. Mark, that looked horrible. Keep trying to wrap my self around the idea (bacon….). I am sure it tasted much better than it look in the picture. Labor of love I am sure.

  6. Wow, the Non Prop Rock shows its face again! And a great appearance by Ashleigh 😀
    I like the cast chairs pic too.
    Wow, only 9 days…

  7. I’d tell random clients to watch SGU but then they might think I have a brain. Nah, take more convincing than that.

    I knew I should have done a 😉 at the end of my question. I may be a software programmer by trade, but the software I work with is sales and marketing based so I have a Marketing degree behind me. Means I can’t help but see marketing strategy or get very suspicious when I’m sensing strategy.
    Nice personalisation of your new team by the way 🙂

  8. @Joe I put up a count down sign today at the store. So 75% of Goochland, Va now knows that in 9 days they gotta watch. Plus my friend was able to get a projector from our old church so SGU will be shown at a party on the side of my barn. Lets just hope for no rain.

  9. What no Canucks? What kind of Vancouverite are you? ;P

    Today in North Van it got up to 30. Very unfall weather. Not that I’m complaining. Excellent camping weather 🙂

  10. I’m surrounded by USC fans. Now I find out that Carl is one also. Tell Carl that USC had to lose one in their conference. It’s tradition.

    Nine days! Can’t wait.

  11. I was happy for JES’s win until your pictures; now I’m just jealous. You didn’t say before now that BUBBA had touched the rock. Only that a bunch of the guys at work had come into contact with it. And the pictures are way cooler than some certificate of authenticity. Also appreciate the mailbag. I suspect I can guess at the titles of the posts for the next eight days or so; thank you for at least putting more into the posts than just the cheerleading. Not that I blame you, but not having lived and breathed life into a new show like you have helped to do, I don’t see the premiere in quite the same light as you do. Mind, I am happy to see at least one decent sci fi entry on the television scene. For all its influence on people, good sci fi (or even bad sci fi) has traditionally been underreprestented on the small screen. I mean, really, a remake of “V”? ANyways, thanks as always for the fun pics, and let us know when Carl gets his SAG card.

  12. what happened to your mother? must have missed that entry, good thing you got her a new TV!

    Top 5 hated teams,
    5. Montreal Canadiens – sorry Joe, but everytime you see a player/coach or equipment manager, all they are doing is whining or complaining. It seems so negative over there no wonder why they can’t win a game.
    4. Florida Panthers – Atleast Phoenix has the Gretzky factor, what does Florida have?…sand
    3. NY Rangers – I think we agree, too much money, too much talent, too much ego.
    2. Calgary Flames – dirtiest bunch of players ever, cheap shots galore, now add Theo Fleury that inches them ever so closer to number 1 hated team.
    1. Toronto Maple Leafs – i mean really who does like them?

    Top 5 favorite teams,
    5. Phoenix Coyotes – I love an underdog and these guys are about as low as you can get right now.
    4. Buffalo Sabres – I’m not sure why but I was a big Buffalo fan when I was a kid, must have been those cutlass’ on the jersey.
    3. Philadelphia Flyers – I love the old time hockey, and how can you not like Lindros?
    2. Vancouver Canucks – gotta support the hometown
    1. Pittsburgh Pengiuns – since I was a kid this was my favorite team, Lemiux and Jagr were unstoppable.

  13. Boston Legal alum is Tara Summers, isn’t it? Well, that’s my guess anyway, I doubt you’ll confirm or deny it (okay, you might deny it), but hey, at least if I’m right, I can say I knew it all along. And if I’m wrong… well, we won’t go there. But if it’s not Tara Summers, I’m gonna have to guess that it’s Constance Zimmer. But I do love BL, so I’m not gonna complain either way…

  14. OH MY GOD.

    So, the Holy Rock got nuzzled by Bubba?! That’s just…that’s just…GAH! That just makes it so much more holy and sacred!! One of the royal pugs have graced the rock with their Divine Fur and Saintly Moist Nose!

    It’s not fair! Why isn’t my flocking treated the same? Sure, it’s somewhat poisonous (only a little), and it flakes off into tiny pieces if you try to touch it so it’ll probably end up in their Divine Fur or up their Saintly Moist Noses or in their Hallowed Lungs, but they’ll just have fun with that! Who doesn’t want flocking in their lungs? I know I don’t!

    Poor Carl. That photo of him in the Huskies Shirt obviously shows that he is suffering from delusions brought on by the mentioned traumatic event. I believe that he now believes that he is and always has been a fan of the Huskies, so that it is perfectly normal for him to be disturbingly happy about their victory. Poor, poor, Carl. The hurt of the Trojan’s loss is so great that his mind had no choice but to bury it deep into his subconscious and create a false shell around it to protect his fragile psyche. He loves the Huskies, and is very glad that the Trojans lost, because he hates that team! He’s always hated that team!! No, their loss can’t hurt him! No way, no how.

    Oh sure, it’s hilarious now, but just you wait. People in Carl’s condition has a habit of occasionally accessing that buried memory, and the result can be…messy, let’s just say. You would not want to be around when that happens, Joe. Oh no, you do not. Those long, happy index fingers raised in apparent triumph over Carl’s “team” in that photo can just as easily be jammed into your spinal cord when Carl realizes the truth. He’s a ticking time bomb now.

    Anyways, is Carl gonna show up in person on Stargate any time soon (no, playing Keller’s daddy in a photo doesn’t count)? I think he’s got a great range in facial expressions. He could be a stellar actor for all I know! He can play the ticking time bomb, which he’ll be good at now that he’s “lost it”.

    So, how much prodding did it take to get Carl into that Huskies Shirt? I can just imagine it: so disgusted he is at selling his soul just for your (and our) amusement that, just after the photo is taken, he immediately rips the shirt off and cries while in a fetal position. 😉

    Love the craziness around Bridge Studios! We tweeps on Twitter actually heard about the Bacon Explosion from Mark; he tweeted it. Oh yes.

    Man, Bridge Studios sounds a great place to work. I would love to be just a fly on the wall and witness the hilarity and craziness that surely abounds. I can’t wait to see how much crazier it gets as the premiere date gets closer!

    And yeah, Ashleigh’s hotness remains unabated. I just wanted to mention that, for awkwardness’ sake.

  15. Wish your mum all the best from another painful knee sufferer, mine is osteo-arthritis and at 46 although I need surgery I’m deemed too young for it so the suffering must continue, my last x-ray resulted in the doc wondering how the heck my knees are twice my age, they musta bin secondhand when I got them:)

  16. So I’ve nearly finished the decorating, just in time for the SGU premier party, I tell you it was a hell of a job getting the replica stargate through the door, we had to take half a wall out! I just hope I’ve managed to successfully recreate the correct ambience with the special lighting and I may need another half dozen fog machines for the night….anyone know any explosives experts I can get to finish off?

  17. Naturally enough while I’ve been decorating a hive of misplaced Wraith seem to have commandeered my living room and kitchen, don’t they make a bloody mess?

  18. Why is it that just as you hit the “submit comment” button you think of something to add…

  19. Always fun when Carl’s in the house. – He looks really good in blue. Maybe the UCLA alum at the Bridge (forget who it is; you posted a pic of his and Carl’s hallway encounter) could be persuaded to give Carl a UCLA jersey as well. — Nah, I suppose that would be taking the torture a little too far. (Although if you know someone personally, that can be fun. Now I know what to get my bro for his 35th.)

    I can’t believe the Detroit Red Wings didn’t make your list of 5 Most Hated NHL teams, since in my memory they’ve been much more Yankee-like than the could’ve-been Rangers. And I’m disappointed that the Bruins are only #3 in Most Hated. Not only are they Montreal’s worst nightmare, but the fans talk trash even better than Montrealers who compare the Rangers to the Spankmes. I’ll start by pointing out that a true Canadiens fan knows how to spell the team’s name, FCOL. But since spelling doesn’t count once the puck hits the ice, for my second diss, I’ll just resort to the sports forums perennial slam, “Your team SUCKS, man!” (I haven’t visited such forums in a long time, but I’m sure they’re still saying it. Uninformative, but pithy.) – Wishing I could channel a born-to-the-breed Bruins fan so I could represent a lot better.

    Props to Lawren for nice work with Photoshop, and to Mark Savela for bringing in a dish fit for a Bruins defenseman on a comparatively slow day (i.e., when they’ve played the Canadiens).

    Ming-Na’s buff-colored boots look great with black pants. But I agree that on a warm day she’s probably just wearing them to annoy you. If you brought it up and she joked about it, the most sensible response, IMO, would be to turn even more paranoid than Baron Destructo. But maybe that’s just me.

  20. Hi Mr M!

    Sunshine (unseasonal) here for September!

    RE: SGU Launch Party: Well, we’re starting a tad early here. As you know, Guinness celebrates its 250th Anniversary today, and my local pub is celebrating (along with most of the world it appears). The Pub’s owner is an SG fan (more Atlantis than SG1 curiously enough) but anyway, I (in my non-paid true altrusistic SG kinda way) suggested that we promote SGU at the same time.
    The link (*drum roll*) is that…..GUINNESS is sometimes put short hand as GUS which of course is an anagram of SGU…(*sound of lame groans around the blogosphere*)
    So linking a North American brand new 21st Century Sci Fi extravaganza to the 18th Century Irish porter in one easy skip. Also, of course, we had Guinness feature in “Lost City” (if memory serves). So we shall be raising a pint to Guinness and SGU at one-minute-to-6pm here in Ireland…that’s 9-59AM in Vancouver.

    Please give my best wishes to your Mom, I didn’t realise she was in for an op. On that note, please recommend to her “Brooklyn” by Colm Toibin. If memory serves, she is a Maeve Binchy fan….and this book is VERY Maeve Binchy (Not my cup of tea, but I had to review it for another Book Club….suffice to say I was delighted to get back to SciFi)

    Hope all is well at The Bridge and thanks for the snaps!

    Best to all


  21. Well, the sand sent to me for safekeeping is, indeed, still safe. I’m glad someone is watching the rock!

  22. Wait a minute. The Rock is an Ohio State fan? Holy crap!! I’m gonna have to rethink this whole guard-the-rock-with-my-life obligation. As a University of Iowa graduate, I don’t know if I can safeguard a rock dumb enough to root for OSU. I’d say letting it be eaten by one of the dogs or crushed under my car’s tires would probably just be natural selection at work. (Why is the thought of that making me giggle maniacally?) I think the rock’s future may be in doubt. Would you happen to have another sacred rock that understands that it’s HAWKEYE not Buckeye? I’ll trade you.

  23. It finally happened, I can no longer read the blog at work. I have been censored, blocked, cut off… this is just wrong.I’m up so early just to get my daily dose of laughter that I receive from this blog that I washed my hair with my hair gel!!!!!!!!!! I wondered why it smelled different. I think I need an overpriced cup of pumpkin spice latte, I won’t mention any brands, we have been abusing your blog Joe, for our own purposes, which I / we can’t thank you enough.

    Deni, Trish, Airelle – looking forward to meeting y’all. Sheryl has told me so much about you guys, I think we are going to have a great time. I didn’t realize there were so many of us here in FLA.

    Your blog, Joe, has reached and touched so many people in so many ways. Thank you and God bless.

  24. Another question ’bout SGU:

    Now, I don’t know what the peeps who ended up aboard the Destiny brought along, but will the issue of clothing be addressed?

    It’s a fun topic on GateWorld, had to ask. 😀

  25. Joe, Joe, Joe. You may know food, but not footwear. Ughs know no boundaries, no seasons! They’re fashion!

  26. Of course I told everyone!

    And Joe, when you were doing you degree in English Lit, did you already know you wanted to become a writer or was is something else? I am studying English Literature & Language and I’m interested in the experience others made.

  27. “Answer: I enjoyed The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”

    I’ve long considered The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein to be a textbook example of how to write a science fiction novel. Heinlein’s extrapolation into the future and lunar culture are both very believable. Include an excellent story with some of the most compelling characters in all of literature, let alone SF, and you’ve got a novel worth reading over and over again.

  28. Yeah…now that I’ve had a good night’s sleep…lemme just offer my sincere apologies to Mr. Binder. I have NO idea what I was thinking… 😳

    Sometimes I just have no class. (I can’t even blame that one on the fever…or alcohol, since I haven’t had a drop in days. Maybe I can blame it on Gatorade… 😛 )


  29. It’s working, Joe!! One guy on the Benbo replied (to my post with links to the reviews for SGU): “Hmmmm… I usually just catch a show here and there of Stargate stuff, but this has genuinely piqued my interest. *sets DVR* “

    You sure as heck better have Todd all bundled up and ready! Just be sure to put airholes in the crate…wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him during shipping…



    Oh. And throw one or two of those foie gras protesters in there with him, just for good measure. I wouldn’t want to die five seconds after opening my prezzie! 😀


  30. Mmm, bacon. This year at Burning Man, we discovered a new bacony goodness. A friend brought me maple creme cookies, which I cannot find in Utah, three precious packs. You know what goes well with maple goodness? You know it, wrap it in bacon goodness.

    Too bad we forgot the can of EZ-Cheez.

  31. Ugh. HOW did I miss Ashleigh’s pictures last night??! (Heh…maybe it WAS the fever…) I LOVE Ashleigh the Rooter Riveter!! Go her! 😀


  32. I made the Bacon Explosion a few months ago. It was good, but I’m not quite sure it lived up to all the hype it received on the net and in the press. How did you like it?

  33. Ming Na an immortal? Hmmmm….. using Occam’s razor theory……….hmmmmm. Going through all the probabilities………..ummmmm.

    Makes sense to me, she’s an immortal. Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. M.


  34. Jes, PG15 and Thornyrose: Thanks for the laughs about the rock!

    Das: I hope no one steals your mail! Or maybe your hubby….

    Mr. M, glad your mom is doing ok. Please give us an update on if she likes the tv now. It’s stories like that you will remember the most.


  35. @ Tammy Dixon – Todd would have to understand that there is a strict hands-off policy when it comes to my husband, and his family. His ex-sister-in-law, on the other hand… 😈


  36. Ahhh home for lunch. Y’know I meant to say earlier I washed my hair with my shower gel – and it’s humid- and my hair is very frizzy.

    Anyway – Happy National Punctuation Day, Joe, I thought of you being a writer. That article wasn’t blocked at work. go figure. Should I be designing a greeting card for this????? It just might boost my sales. hmmmm

  37. Hi Joe, sending your mom all good thoughts for a speedy recovery!

    @Kabra: Yeah, it’ll be fun! Haven’t heard from the elusive Trish, though. We’re still planning on Oct. 31, then?

    Joe, you really must make more of an effort to make Stargate fans happy and have lunch with us in Orlando. Really 🙂

  38. Bacon! My future son-in-law insists that his bacon chocolate-chip cookies are to die for.

    I’m certain his cholesterol count agrees.

    Ever had those, Joe? Bacon chocolate-chip cookies?

    They’re…an experience.

  39. Coucou Joseph!!!

    Yé!!! plus que 8 chez moi!!! Oui j’en ai deja parler à mon entourage proche concernant la sortie de sgu, mais pour les autres j’attends que la serie sorte sur les chaines françaises =)!!

    Il reste aussi 20 jours avant une date trés importante, j’y pense tout les jours!!!!

    Ahahaha jadore la photo montage d’ Ashleigh, c’est trés ressemblant ^^!

    Ici aussi il fait 27 degrés =P…oh si je viens un jour à Vancouver je n’aurai pas de mal à m’aclimater^^!

    Gros bisou!
    A bientot!

  40. Wow! I just saw D. H. on an old E.R. epsoide! Has everyone been on E.R.?


  41. So, Ming Na’s not a mortal, but she plays one on TV? How will she handle pretending to age once SGU hits the tenth season?

  42. Carl!! Dude! Wearing an ugly purple dog sweatshirt? Did he lose a bet? This trojan is so disappointed.

    Boston Legal alum — you’ve given us one good hint. Female. Any change for another – regular, semi-regular, or guest actor?

  43. Sorry could not resist…
    4DP – her acting abilities will convey the proper age; the makeup and costume masters will take care of the rest.

    4DAS – the other other day – your question of what was in it for you. LoL, I fully expected your statement to be, “…as long as it was lean, mean, pale with long white hair.”

    The mock up of the poster using Ashleigh’s image is just spot on. WOW…they are related.

    The boots are cute, nice, warm, comfy – all those things that make Ming Na happy.

    Can’t wait to see photos of dinner. Ming Na tweeted about it…now we need details.

    Thanks for the priceless photos. Probably could have left out the bacon one though. It defies decent description.

  44. @TRISH, where are ya .Call Deni back and also give her your e-mail!! @AIRELLE, did you get my e-mail from Joe?? Let us know. Sheryl

  45. Hey Joe, I’m on a trip now but I’ll be sure to tell all about SGU when I get back. I’ve convinced my parents to work our travels around October second so I can have my freiend over for a premier party. Soooo psyched. Also, once I get back to a normal schedule, I plan to resume my status as a blog regular!!!! Sorry I haven’t been posting here lately, I’ll be a man and say I truly have no excuse.

    So one question.

    Are all the people wearing the Icarus base uniforms military, or is there a mix between civilians and military?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  46. On SGU: I have been telling a few friends who are scifi fans about the premiere – but most of them already know. So your marketing folks must be doing a good job. I must say that once the promos for the show moved away from their Battlestar Gallatica-like look, I personally became more interested in seeing the show. Yet, I find that the closer we get to the premiere, the more I’m missing SGA. Oh well. Life goes on.

    On NFL, NHL and college sports: I don’t pay attention to any of these enough to even list 5 teams for a countdown. So I’ll stick with my favorite and least favorite.

    NFL favorite: Chicago Bears – because I’m from Chicago and I remember the 1985 championship and I’m hoping they’ll do it again this year. The 1985 season was an amazing time to be in Chicago. People like me who didn’t even particularly like football got caught up in the craziness. On Sundays when the game was on, the streets of Chicago were deserted. The only stores that had people in them were stores that had TVs with the game on. I worked at the Field Museum of Natural History at the time and we had a stuffed polar bear in one of the exhibits. The bear was mounted in an upright, attack position. When the Bears made the playoffs, the museum moved its mounted polar bear to the center hall at the entrance and put a Chicago Bears t-shirt on him – specifically, a Refrigerator Perry t-shirt (the biggest player on the team). Fun times.

    NFL least favorite: The Dallas Cowboys. Just because my daughter and mother-in-law don’t like them – and they’re the diehard, knowledgeable football fans in our family. (I know, very atypical.)

    NHL favorite: New Jersey Devils. Mainly because I live in NJ now and I went to my first ever hockey game last winter – NJ Devils vs. NY Rangers – and discovered, much to my astonishment, that it was fun! I had no clue what was going on, other than when someone scored a goal. But just watching the players skate was fun – and the fan participation was hilarious. At random moments throughout the game, the fans would start humming this tune that ended with everyone shouting “Rangers suck.” Ahh, nice to see such unity in animosity.

    NHL least favorite: The NY Rangers. Because I live in NJ and, therefore, I must hate the Rangers. I think it’s state law.

    College sports: To be decided. Depends entirely on what college my daughter ends up going to next fall.

  47. So let me flip my previous question a little now. Joe, what would you say to those who did not like SG1 or Atlantis for whatever reason, to watch Universe?

  48. Hey Joe

    When will you be able to tell us who this Boston legal alum is? I want to know so bad. Fingers crossed for Rhona Mitra over here 😀

    Also, what are the the chances of the lovely Tricia Helfer appearing on SGU?

    It seems a lot of casting calls have gone out for female characters with ‘star names preferred’, Gloria Rush, Eleanor Perry, and Kiva. Surely she must fit the bill for some character? 😀

  49. i’ve been rewatching sg-1 on & i’ve noticed that some of the episode titles have come from the dialog. have you found this has been the case with scripts that you’ve wrote?

  50. I hope that Lou Diamond Phillips will be in more than the opening episode of Universe. His name came up at work, and I mentioned he’s been working on the show. This may be my best chance to actually hook my coworkers on the new series.

  51. Joe, as a UW grad can I just say I love whoever made Carl wear the Husky shirt? 🙂 Seriously, can I send them a card?

  52. Must be fighting off that bug that’s traveling around. Everything’s been moving in slow-mo today, including me. 😉

    Joe wrote,
    Mom had the operation and is now at home, with sis, recuperating nicely.

    That’s great news. Send her our best wishes. This is the year she and sis come to Vancouver for Christmas, isn’t it? Good, then you can wait on your Mom and spoil her. It also gives sis a chance to league up with Ashleigh and Kerry to form the Triumvirate of Terror. What kind of trouble can they cook up for you now?

    Joe wrote,
    4. The Phoenix Coyotes – The only thing crazier than the thought of hockey in Arizona were those wacky Aztec coyotes they used to have on their jerseys.

    Whaddya know? The Cheesehead/Colts fan is also a (haphazard) Phoenix Coyotes fan. That’s ‘cause their coach/managing partner, Wayne Gretzky, first put professional blades on ice in…that’s right….Indianapolis, with “The Ice.” The Coyotes are having underdog problems right now, what with staffing and location negotiations in court. All the more reason to “fan up!”

    Speaking of those lovely jerseys, I borrowed one from my brother’s closet one day. It’s always fun to wear a jersey on a game day, but this was a kind of scary/challenging day. Wearing the Coyote perked me up, and the day turned out well for all concerned. THIS is exactly the jersey I wore, though I swam in it ’cause it was oversized. (I should ask to borrow it again.)

  53. David Hewlett is in that episode of ER as well. I was watching a few clips on YouTube of that one.

  54. Not going to lie… wasn’t very impressed last night with SGU. In fact very underwhelmed. The relationship stuff stale, the flipping back & forth in time distracting and of no real value, the chick practically fawning over her injured commander so sickeningly Sam/Jack it was sad, the “go because your mother needs medical care” ploy puke worthy. And the nonsense of the leaking air… for crying out loud at least SHOW them trying to simply close off that area or constructing paneling over the ship door. That they didn’t even try made it utterly ridiculous.

    Does it have potential? Sure. But I see us going on and on waiting to find out the SPY who betrayed their location, the waxing on of the chick that was supposed to already been gone… Really, it will have to improve a lot for me to every get that involved. Will I watch? Sure I am a SG junkie. But I am very disappointed. Could probably right now give you 10 events that are supposed to surprise or shock us this season it is so predictable. I hope I am wrong, but last night was not promising.

    The SGU forum had 67 votes C+ and below, 52 higher (49 were D+ and lower).

  55. Joe,

    Why was the life support on the Destiny on all of this time? Rush said the Ancients sent it out unmanned, to be boarded at a much later date. Doesn’t make sense to supply oxygen to an unmanned ship, not to mention the fact that with no one on board, there wouldn’t be any Co2 to clean from the air. Or did Detsiny have other inhabitants we don’t know about yet?

  56. SGU is definately what stargate fans are NOT used to and like… will there be another show in this style? I’ve decided to stop watching SGU.

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