Zac Efron took a stroll through the Destiny set. No kidding. While meeting Ming-Na and Elyse Levesque yesterday, he apparently mentioned he was a Stargate fan and expressed an interest in taking a little tour of Stage 4. Of course the production was more than happy to oblige. By all accounts, he really liked what he saw – so much so that he requested a screener of the SGU premiere. I’m sure that can be arranged as well. I’ll admit that I’m not familiar with his work, but from I’ve heard about the guy from those who have met him – and, more importantly, have or are working with him – he’s very professional, incredibly focused, grounded, courteous and kind. And, as I’ve often said, as someone who works in the industry, I know enough to put a hell of a lot more stock in the firsthand opinion of a hair and make-up person than an infinite number of polished t.v. interviews, magazine blurbs, or supermarket tabloids. Anyway, nice to hear.

Okay, you know what’s really annoying? Besides the smiley faces you guys put in your posts that make cutting and pasting your comments all sorts of trouble? People who park nose to bumper, right up behind you. Today, I was at local cheese shop Les Amis du Fromage, checking out the selection (I highly recommend Le Regal de Bourgogne that comes studded with raisins, which I remove. I find them overpowering but they leave a lovely lingering sweetness). I returned to my spot to discover someone had parked right up behind me. Even more annoying – there was a half car length of space behind THEIR car. I hopped in and put it in reverse. My back-up sensor alerts me to the proximity of anything behind me, emitting a staccato beep-beep-beep with increasing frequency as I draw closer. In this case, there was no staccato delivery, just one long sustained beeeeeep to indicate something was flush up against my bumper. I was boxed in. Well, I had no choice. I threw a look to the patio across the street where a bunch of guys were sipping coffee, watching, and muttering amongst themselves – and tapped the gas, eliciting a satisfying crunch. Their conversation grew a little more animated. I waited, hoping one of them would stroll on over for a chat. Alas, no go. I pulled out of my spot and motored off. Odd. I figured that anyone with that kind of parking etiquette was either looking for a confrontation or a complete idiot and/or a jerk.

WTF? I just got a call from the assistant to the guy who sold me some dress shirts last weekend, wanting to know how I was enjoying the shirts. I assured him I was enjoying them as much as could be expecting in a non-fetishistic manner. He seemed pleased to hear it, offered to assist me in any future shirtly endeavors, then wished me a good day and hung up. Really. Is this a sign of how bad it’s gotten for retail? Sales associate (or in this case associates of the associate) now feel compelled to follow up on the most mundane of purchases in their bid for return business. To be honest, I always found it a little odd when restaurants did it, but this is downright bizarre. I mean, what’s next?



Hi, this is Jerome at Home Depot. Just wondering how those floor mats you bought last week are working out for you?

Oh, uh, fine. Fine.

Keeping your carpets clean and the like?

Yep. Pretty clean.

Great to hear. Great to hear. Hey, we’re having a sale on AAAA batteries…



Hi, this is Troy from Piggly Wiggly. I was just calling to find out how you liked those green onions you bought yesterday.

They were good.

Un huh. Did you use them in a salad?

Actually, no, I used them in the omelet I had for breakfast this morning.

Oh, I bet that was tasty.

Uh, yeah. Listen, I’d love to chat but I’m expecting a call from my wife. I think she’s about to go into labor…



Hey there. Chad from Walgreens. Just following up to see how you’re enjoying your condoms.

Excuse me?

You bought some condoms a couple of weeks ago. Everything alright with them? Was there a problem?

No. I just haven’t used them yet.

I see, I see. What about the suppositories? Have you used them yet?

Those were for my mother.

Oh. Can I have her number?

Well, off to dinner with Ivon tonight. And Brian J. Smith if he gets back to Ivon. So that means pics of Ivon’s Cornish game hen in tomorrow‘s entry!


Juralas writes: “Also, is there a way to sign up so that my comments don’t have to be moderated every time I post?”

Answer: Nope, sorry. All comments are moderated.

DasNdanger writes: “Second, Joe, that’s fanboy talk! They’re comic books…if you can buy into one character shooting beams out of his eyes, another turning into a human torch, and yet another popping metal claws out of his knuckles, you can certainly buy into the whole ageless thing.”

Answer: Oh, I certainly buy into it. I’m just saying it’s kind of pointless to make a big deal of the suffering of someone who is doomed to watch his friends and family age while he remains unchanged – when his friends and family haven’t aged in the 35 years I’ve been reading comics.

Liz writes: “Meanwhile, nobody is ready to step up and acknowledge the anger and the hurt about Atlantis being cancelled. All we hear is universe this, universe that.”

Answer: With all due respect, you’ve adopted a fairly narrow viewpoint, dismissing the disappointment of many involved in the Atlantis production (as expressed in this blog) in favor of fixating on perceived sleights. I’ve often said that it was a mistake to announce the SGU pick-up in the same press release as the Atlantis cancellation as, unfairly or not, it gave the impression that one was replacing the other. I understand the thinking behind it – the assumption that the bad news would be tempered by good news – but, understandably, it’s hard to get excited about a new show when you’ve just been dropped the bombshell that a show you love has been canceled. Furthermore, you hear “universe this” and “universe that” because that is what we are presently working on.

duneknight writes: “ joe, do you like canada’s healthcare system? coz a friend just told me its terrible, something about waiting too much and it was gonna take forever to pass through all the bureaucracy.”

Answer: Quite frankly, there are pros and cons to any of the healthcare systems out there. In the case of the Canadian system – yes, there’s universal coverage which is great, but the bureaucracy that one has to deal with can be incredibly frustrating. Take my mother for instance. She’s been waiting months for a knee operation. Finally, she was contacted and informed the surgery is scheduled for late September – only not at the more convenient hospital of her choice. Also, even though they have given her a date for the surgery, it’s not unheard of for surgeries to be rescheduled, particularly at the last minute.

Majorsal writes: “how much is sam in the premier of ’sgu’, minutes wise?”

Answer: Sadly, I lost the spreadsheet program that allows me to track the exact onscreen time count of every character. I also seemed to have misplaced my archived records of the exact letter count in every word of dialogue spoken by each character. Which I guess means I’m going to have to count on the fans to do it. And I know they willJ

69 thoughts on “September 4, 2009: Zac Efron and Stargate Together At Last! Close Parkers and Smiley Faces! Hi this is the post office calling to find out how you’re enjoying those stamps you bought! And some mailbag!

  1. Hey Joe,

    Nice blog…no pictures! I’m going to blame Ivon. There is quite the debate on twitter over who you “didn’t” invite to dinner. Mostly Carl and David, really pretty funny.

    But, back to no pictures…is this a test? Being a kid going from picture books to the first book of just words? lol Oh, and by the way “lol” does mean laughing even if Patrick Gilmore thinks we are all faking it.

    The Zack thing I don’t get. Younger kids know him and all his shows and movies. Cute kid, I thought you had a closed set? Was that just a rule to keep unrulies out? LOL

    Hope you have a nice dinner…looking forward to seeing the “pictures” of Ivon. Have one of the pups post it on twitter.

    Best to you Joe,

  2. The calling thing from retail stores is something most high-end places do, even before the recession. I did it at an up-scale handbag place I used to work at, and I do it now at a maternity store. Just a way of saying, “Hey thanks, don’t forget us the next time you need whatever.” I do try to avoid calling people if they don’t want me to though. Trust me, it’s usually just as awkward for the associate as it is for you.

  3. LMAO! Very funny Das… 😛

    Ohhh… Dinner with the boys! I can’t wait for the breakdown about the meal with plenty of pictures. Hummmm Good!

    You still crack me up! Love the phone dialogue!


  4. I wanted to thank you for suggesting The Speed of Dark a little while back. I just got finished it tonight and really enjoyed it. I’m a picky reader, so this was especially nice.

  5. I was referring to the annoying smilies, Joe… 🙁

    Smilies are my friends… 😥


  6. @Das and Joe: With all due respect to Fondy and Mr. Das, you two should be married 🙂 Oh, Das, I have your stuff ready to go, keep missing the mailman, but will go to the post office tomorrow somehow. Holy crap, forgot to tell you, now the witch endocrinologist done got me “severely hypothyroid”. HUH? Are you kidding me? Gotta love them doctors, hey? Oh, oh, and she wants me to take only half of my anti-thyroid meds. WTF? I see her on Wednesday, but really…come on. The only reason she even bothered to tell me was because her nurse called late one evening to confirm my appointment and I got my lab results from her and freaked out. Two days later the nurse calls me to tell me to cut the dosage. Ya think? So, speaking of health care “systems”, they all suck. I’m all giggly now, just skipped my first dose! What the hell am I talking about? Ok, nightie night people, be well and have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Has Elizabeth Lackey been working on the show? Thought I saw her in a clip…

  8. As much as I appreciate the SGA pics, and I really do, I can’t help but feel it is alittle too late to try and extend any ‘olive branch’. I will probably watch alittle of SGU, but it won’t be with the enthusiasm as with SG1 and SGA. I can’t help but feel slighted by the timing of the announcement of the cancellation, of which you have remarked, the comment by BW to do it “right this time”, and the remarks about targeting a younger audience. I feel that tptb have lost sight of the ‘age groups’ that have supported them for so many years. There is alot of bitterness , bordering on hatred, for what is going on now out there. Justified or not, fanatical or not, it exists.

    Michael Shanks and Joe Flanigan have remarked at the recent con that fans should watch SGU for the “crew and the cast”. Love and respect for the fanchise and hope for future movies is what is keeping me hanging in there. The situation is violatile enough, tell BW he needn’t extend any more branches. It’s not being preceived very well in some sectors.

    I know that SGA is your “baby”and you and SGA’s crew were just as upset about the cancellation as anyone. I sincerely hope for your, theirs and our sakes the movies gets made.

    SGU will air and it will succeed and it will make MGM, Syfy and BW and his merry men lots of money. I’m on the fence..will see. It’s just too bad that some viewers will be lost. I would sincerely hope that someone up in BC cares.

  9. now how did i know you’d answer snarky?

    me: about how long is sam in the premier?

    you: i’m not sure, but i’d say about 5 minutes.

    me: thanks!

  10. I’d throw in some emoticons, but I’m too lazy to bother. Also, I was at the store and thought I’d pick up an anime, to see what all the fuss was about. Of course, my mind blanked out on your reccomendations, since it was a spur of the moment thing. My eyes glazed over around the third shelf. What’s sad is the anime equals both the horror and sci fi section combined. And the horror is about triple what the sci fi section is. It’s a bit depressing, especially when the bulk of the Sci fi includes the star wars and handful of other franchise series. At any rate, I beat a retreat, deciding to venture into anime at some time in the future.
    Instead, I’m now battling not to become addicted to WoW. Not as much fun as the old rolling the four, eight, and twelve sided dice, and designing dungeons, but not bad. Any addiction is blamed on you Mr. M. for tempting me into looking for anime in the first place.
    as for the overly concerned businesses surveying your satisfaction, you did an excellent job of showing some of the pitfalls. Still, given your occasional rants about poor service, it’s amusing. All too soon,hopefully, the economy will start turning around and the customer service sector can go back to abusing you. Thanks for the chuckles for the day, as usual.

  11. Perhaps this is out of the range of questions you prefer to answer (and if you don’t I understand, but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask) – with the universal health coverage in Canada, do you have the ability to carry your own coverage and thus choose your own doctors/hospitals etc?

    And just to be another positive voice – I’ve enjoyed your behind the scenes look at SGU. I would think as a writer there’s a sense of deep satisfaction in seeing something that started out with a basic premise take on its own mythology. I look forward to seeing that story played out with a new cast 🙂

  12. Haha I just tweeted to Ivon that I was looking forward to seeing what you all ate for dinner on the blog.

  13. Speaking of anime, I recommend these.

    Code Geass

    Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind (A Studio Ghibli movie. I saw Grave of the Fireflies on your list.. it’s by the same people.)

    Spirited Away (Another Studio Ghibli film)

    Vampire Knight

    Shugo Chara (Well, it’s basically a girl anime.. or a kid one. But hey, I’m a kid and a girl so whatever XD)

    Azumanga Daioh (Really really funny school girl anime.)

    Bleach (Great anime, but so many episodes..)

    I would say Death Note, but you already mentioned it. That one is my favorite of all time >.<

  14. Zac Efron hey? Well I’d never had picked that one. Nice to hear he’s a decent guy. I don’t know how some of these actors manage their fame at such a young age. They haven’t had a chance to work out who they are yet and have every man and his dog reporting their lives for the world to see/read/hear/gossip/judge. I saw what happened to a lot of young footballers during my time involved in the AFL. And geez, that’s just football (dodges sniper bullet from AFL fan). Although it could also be considered a religion to many.

    Just want to say Thank You so much to everyone for your kind thoughts yesterday for my Dad and the well wishes for our anniversary.

    Mum called at about 5pm to tell me the hospital had just called to let her know all had gone well with Dad and he was already chatting the ear off of another muso in his ward. When we were waiting in admissions he looked around at the room of people waiting to be admitted for surgery, leaned over and whispered, “I think I made a bad book choice for this crowd”. He brought out the book from his bag to show me the title, “Number One In Heaven. Legends who died for Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Better than “The World’s Worst Surgery Screw Ups” I suppose.

    I got home to find these on the front doorstep from my Husband which was a lovely surprise.

    So with the good news of my Dad (pending no post-op nasties), they were the best tasting fish and chips and as long as Nath and I were together for our anniversary, we didn’t really care what we were doing.

    Now it’s my Aunty, Cousin and Uncle we need to get on the mend.

    otros ojos – Glad you checked out Powderfinger! I would describe them as the sound of Australia in Summer. Especially their grittier stuff. Then you have songs like Lemon Sunrise which is perfect for sitting on the beach and just looking out over the ocean.

    Perragrin – Ack! Cold ocean! Dedication. I start shaking uncontrollably when the water temp dips below about 17 degrees C. That’s why places like Thailand agree with us so much. Water temp all year round, 29 degrees Celsius. Mmmmmtoasty. Plus it’s nice to not have to don a wetsuit.
    It’s our vacation dream to do an Endless Summer for a few months. Travel the tropical destinations of the world with just our surfboards and whatever we can fit in the surfboard covers. One day. If you’re Aus way, let me know. Sounds like even our Winter water temps would be considered quite balmy.

    Joe – On the topic of sales associates, have you ever noticed how waiters seem to always ask, “Everything ok with your meal?” just as you’ve stuffed the first bite into your mouth? And here’s an obligatory smiley there for ya 😉

  15. Very nice, das! 😀

    About the only follow-up calls I get are from the Toyota dealer when I’ve had the car in for service. Never a call from a restaurant or store. Actually, I think people recognize you, Joe and are just tryin’ to get on your good side since your a celebrity and all. 🙂

    Ooh, Cornish hens! I haven’t had one of those in just ages! Those are one of the foods that set of the smoke alarms in my house when I cook them. No, it’s not because I burn them to lumps of charcoal, but the fat makes the oven smoke and my exhaust fan died and, well, there you have it.

  16. I laughed. I snorted. I woke my sleeping daughter who is trying to recover from her day at Dragoncon. Okay she didn’t wake up but she called me a name, I think it was in Klingon. Whatever it was, I am sure it wasn’t nice. Tomorrow when she gets my email with your column she will probably call me more names. Then she will want to know why I sent her something about your buying condoms. I just wonder if your wife knows. (I would insert smiley at this point but since you just said they are a bother, I didn’t. … Picture smiley here, evil smiley if you will.)

  17. You have a Piggly Wiggly?! Oh my gosh! I haven’t seen one of them down here in Texas for quite some time. Cool.

    Joe, good point about how they should have waited a little bit before announcing SGU. That way it would have seemed like Atlantis had been cancelled because of ratings, and the TPTB had come up with another idea and they were going to create a new show and try again for all their fans. You know what they say about hindsight…

    Well, well, well. A short mailbag just to prove you are still ignoring me. Okay. I give up.

    (By the way, your smiley faces are dorky!)

  18. Just saw an add on the Australian sci-fi channel (yeah, we still spell it sci-fi, yay us), saying that Stargate Universe was coming soon. I’m assuming this means they’ll be fast-tracking it and it will start next month.
    At first I was a bit ‘eh’ on if I was gonna watch it because it wasn’t the spinoff I wanted (Teal’c and Vala, intergalactic bounty hunters) but I really like Ming-Na and Robert Carlyle, and the photos make it look interesting, so I’ll give it a go.

  19. “Nope, sorry. All comments are moderated.”

    That’s fine, actually…keeps out the riff-raff. I just noticed that some people had accounts (or their own blogs) and wondered if there was any correlation.


  20. Joe,
    Is Ivan Bartok going to Direct any SGU EPPS?? The Power’s that be should think about giving the young man a Shot…..

  21. Hehe I love when you talk about your cute Canadian stores. We don’t have Piggly Wigglys or Costcos or Tim Hortons where I’ve lived in the US (Cleveland and Scranton). Might not be representative of the whole country, but I’ve been to 36 states and only remember seeing one Costco, and ZERO Piggly Wigglys and Tim Hortons.

  22. Honestly, who is Zack Efron? What is he famous for? I think I’ve heard the name but that’s about it…
    Guess having to ask that proves I’m not the desired demographic, darn it.

  23. Zac Efron eh…god job Michael was not visiting with Tatiana apparantly she loves him…bless her

    Thanks everyone for your kind words re Deanna my lovely cat….I am still numb and getting used to not being woken up by a ‘yelling’ cat…but I will get there.

    Kriss 🙂

  24. Zac Efron, eh? Interesting. Wouldn’t have placed him as a sci-fi fan (but then again, most wouldn’t think of me as one either at first. Not until I break out the Vulcan

    Oh, dear. Now I’m going to be worried about my use of emoticons. But sometimes, they’re just necessary!!

  25. Perhaps the shirt-fellow recognised you and is a fan? Which would make it rather sad that asking about shirts is the only reason he could come up with to call. Do you normally leave your phone number when you buy things? O.o

  26. Bonjour Joseph!

    Ahh mon dieux que votre vie est formidable !! Enfin elle est surement banale mais vous en parlez tellement bien qu’elle nous parait extra =D

    Zac Efron O_O waou! Cette acteur est super! Et personnellement je préfére Zac en guest que Paris (hum -_-‘ lol)

    Passez une trés bonne journée!
    Je vous adore ♥

  27. Me revoila (j’ai remarquer que je n’avais pas tout dit dans mon précédent commentaire)

    Aujourd’hui c’est l’anniversaire de ma mamans =D!

    Pour reparler de Zac, s’ il lui prend un jour l’envi de jouer dans sgu, pourquoi ne pas le faire vivre sur une planéte où il n’y aurai que des garçons sexy! ….ahh je fais mes baggages j’arrive,!!!! (bon je vais arrêter de fantasmer, il ne faudrai pas que stargate ce transforme en ‘ile de la tentation lol”). Mais plus sérieusement vous n’avez pas des photos de son passage?

    J’ai une autre question aussi, dans toutes les photos inédites que vous possédez, vous n’en n’avez pas des Sheyla?

    Bisou Bisou!

  28. Hi Joe:

    Just a quick question on an earlier comment of yours, stating that no SGU character is safe during the season finale.
    It’s kind of you to warn us ahead of time, hopefully avoiding the Dr. Beckett issue. But don’t you worry that people will not become engaged by the characters, fearing that if they do, and their favorite character dies, then they will feel brutalized by the studio once again? I know that I will be reticent to bond with a character, knowing that he/she may have very limited shelf life on the series.

    Regarding your opinion about Canada’s health care system. It is true to a point. Hospitals take emergency cases first, then they take elective surgery cases. So if your mom gets bumped from her date of surgery, there is usually a good reason for it. Also, when compared to America’s system, we know that we won’t go broke trying to pay for health services. To me, that has incredible value. “No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick.”


  29. Ahahahahaha . . . . Oh snap, I forgot to keep track of how many times I died laughing while reading your entry. And drooled. (Over the green onions in omelets and le fromage, not over Zac Efron. He’s ten years too young, and IMO is just too pretty. So I laughed about him being well-known to the hair and makeup people. – Oh, I also drooled over the dress shirts, but definitely in a fetishistic way that I think started with watching – at a young age – the elevator scene in Barefoot in the Park, with hubby-shirt-clad Jane Fonda messin’ with Robert Redford.) And empathized over people who box you in when you’re parallel-parked. I drive a man-trans, and find that situation particularly maddening. – Oh, but then I died laughing all over again, thinking about the unused condoms and a wife going into labor.

    – Which leads to Cornish hens . . . *reminisces* That’s what I fixed for dinner on my wedding day. (My choice to cook and not go out. Priorities, and all . . . *coughs*)

    I hope you and Ivon had a great time. Which NFL team is he backing?

  30. Hello Mr. Mallozzi.
    I am going to be in Vancouver on New Year’s Eve 2009 and I am wondering how Vancouverites are celebrating New Year’s Eve.

    Any recommendation on where to go for dinner on that special day?
    New Year’s Eve parties?



  31. Smileys :O are 😛 annoying 😀 ?

    I for one 🙂 will 🙁 try 😉 to refrain from using them in the future then 😛 .

    Sorry 😉

    🙂 😛 :O 🙁 😀 😉

  32. Narelle – I loved your description of Powderfinger’s music as “the sound of Australia in summer.” Lemon Sunrise is a great title, especially when I think about your remark to Perragrin about Endless Summer. I’ve seen that more times than I can remember, and even with the longboards, no Taj Burrow, and “a time long gone” feel, for me, it comes closer than anything else to truly epitomizing summer. The theme plays half a dozen times or so on my “Surfing Sessions” playlist, which I’m always wanting to add to, so that’s where Lemon Sunrise comes in. Looking forward to listening.

    PS: Are you near Bell’s Beach? Do you go to watch the competitions? When stationed in Hawaii, my dad, bro, and I went to see one at Waimea, but the crowds were impossible.

  33. Oops, I came home on realised I forgot to hit submit, got sidetracked and this post was still sitting on the screen. Anyhoo here is the post I meant to send hours earlier.

    Ah Das, you beat me to it. Have fun with Ivon, Joe. 😉 Do you guys need a chaperone now? Looking forward to the photos and running commentary.

    So, what do you think about the Brett Favre “block”? Gonna really be open season on Favre now me thinks.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. A little bird told me the cornish game hen was “so good”

  34. Parking …..

    Or when you pull into a nearly empty lot, go into the store and return to find someone has parked so close that you can’t fully open your door to get back inside – while there are still several hundred empty spaces close by.

  35. Hey joe,
    Have you seen Miyazaki’s latest Studio Ghibli film, Ponyo?
    I haven’t but heard its good.

    I had my first staff meeting at my current job today, Sushi Train.
    We got given these lists of things to do, both in japanese and english translation. And we were laughing over some of them.
    Some include:
    Smooth tea service.
    Check if lights turn off.
    The sushi dishes running around should be covered with a lid.
    Be careful no sushi rice on seaweed.
    Staff stored in fridge must not be over 70% occupied, then cool air goes through.
    No lust on cooking table.

    Those are just a few.
    Have you ever had any hilarious mistranslations, in any language?

    Also its my partners and I’s first anniversary tomorrow. I was wondering if you could make a mention of it tomorrow.

  36. Zac Efron visits SGU, huh o.O
    strange (for me, he’s just the guy from Highschool Musical so many little girls love – I haven’t even seen Highschool Musical)

    well, but I mainly wanted to write here to recommend an anime series I absolutely love (due to lack of time I haven’t read through all of the comments to check whether anyone else mentioned it but it’s a rather old series so I hope, it has not been mentioned – if it was just think about how great it must be if many recommend it 😉 )
    you listed Revolutionary Girl Utena as one of your favorites and the reasons I bought the books of Utena was that it reminded me of my favorite anime: Lady Oscar or the Rose of Versailles (Berusaiyu no Bara)
    I wasn’t so much impressed by Utena but perhaps you’re going to like Oscar?
    I loved it when it aired here but I was too small to get everything (or rather I didn’t really understand the “gravity” of some things I then thought rather unimportant). Thankfully it’s been released on DVD and I had the chance to rewatch it and it’s even greater than I remembered it to be (sadly there was no Japanese version included – I like to watch the original versions as well [with subtitles if I want to understand more than names and the most primitive of phrases]).
    I couldn’t find out about any available English versions but amazon listed a French dubbed version including the Japanese original version (more than I have o.O”), so you could use it as language training 😉
    but you’d better stay away from the real movie version – it’s good for a laugh and has it’s cute moments but it’s rather ridiculous and cannnot be compared at all to the anime or manga version

    … I just couldn’t withstand the opportunity to praise my favorite anime series…
    All the best to everyone ^^

  37. Hi Joe

    Long time lurker, first post…
    Nice blog, really friendly people. And I admit, I came to your blog for the Stargate stuff, but have stayed as much for the other things. The food, the books, dogs and the CHOCOLATE!

    Anyway, what got me out of lurkdom was your indication of smilelys geting in the way of cutting and pasting remarks from the website. Try cutting and pasting into notebook first, then cutting and pasting back into whatever application you use. You’ll lose the smilelys!


  38. 😉 Sorry to get you all angered up.

    I had a parking incident once this year and left 1 scratch on the bumper (I’m still learning to drive, I’ve had a car for exactly a year now) and then the woman whose car it was went and claimed every dent and scratch in her bumper – and it was covered with them – was from me… (oh yeah? how come my car didn’t have a scratch?) so my insurance company wasn’t amused over the bill and if I break anything else this year, I have to pay. Meh.

  39. @ Joe – See…if you had used those condoms in a timely fashion, you wouldn’t have had to cut short your little chit chat with Troy. 😉

    Ya know…maybe that shirt guy called for reasons other than what you suspect. Such as…

    1. He was checking to see if you were home. He’s got your phone number, does he have your address, too? Exactly how expensive were those shirts?? Did you flash a lot of cash around?? Hmmm…I wonder if he drives a white van…

    2. Identity theft. Not the kind where they steal your personal info and buy a bunch of crap, but the kind where they become you…

    3. He thinks you’re gay and is looking for a hook-up.


    @ Perragrin – Didja see, didja see??! Total turn-around for Australia this week! Watched it on a live feed – just finished, and the boys certainly deserved their win. Good stuff!

    @ Deni – Married to Joe??! Ha! Nah…Joe’s not pale enough. 😉 We’re more like good cop, bad cop…you just have to figure out which is which. 😈


  40. Wish me luck. My daughter just started driver’s education and we’re off to the local (hopefully empty) junior college parking lot to practice.

    @Narelle: Beautiful flowers! And I’m glad to hear that your dad is doing well.

  41. Hey Joe,

    Could you please wish my neice Hannah a happy birthday in your blog for 5th? It’s her birthday on 6th but she lives in England and we are a day ahead of your blog. Thank you.

  42. Joe I have a question about your “no fan left behind campaign”.

    I asked a few people who almost never watch SG1 or Atlantis. I asked them why not.. and they replied that “its cheap” (the CGI) and “its silly”?

    I highly disagree with the cheap CGI statement. I watched the battle scenes in Be All My Sins Remember’d and the Atlantis shots in Quarantine in HD… and they are stunning.

    What is your response to these people? How will Universe be less “cheap” and “less silly”?

  43. Haven’t had anyone call yet about something I’ve purchased lately, but in the past year I am suddenly getting a lot of calls from stores I’ve visited. Some are recordings, but many – to my surprise – are from live people. I sort of understand the calls from smaller, boutique stores. But when the grocery store (a chain store in Michigan) calls to thank me for being a valuable customer and to invite me to come in this weekend, it’s slightly weird. I keep expecting that next time I go grocery shopping I’ll find someone waiting at the door for me. “There you are! You made it! How have you been? Here, come on in and sit down in the cafeteria, we’ve been making muffins…”

  44. @DENI, There are still plenty of “SPECIAL” tickets left to bid on- just so ya know. My hubby is at Dragon-Con today-Sat.- he says it is mobed, thousands of people, many in costume, says it’s amazing and FUNNY to see these people! One on a girl that was SOOO tight, he was sure that she couldn’t breathe!! Well off to do “NOTHING” while he’s away!! Hi Joe, btw do you want chestnuts this year, let me know. Plenty on the trees. ….. Sheryl

  45. Hi Joe!

    Thank you for telling us about Zac Efron. My youngest daughter (11) thought that was sooooo cool! Any pics? I added the link to my Facebook site. This may add a whole new group that would watch the show. Maybe you could even get him to come in for a small role. That would be interesting to see the numbers for THAT week. Have a great weekend!

    Jen 🙂

  46. C’est encore moi!
    je me posais une autre question (et oui encore)

    La musique “Gravity” sera t’elle celle du futur générique de SGU?

    voila! Merci!

  47. LOL, Zach and Stargate, together at last!!!!

    Didn’t know he was a stargate fan, no only if he can convince his fans to watch SGU, LOL.

    Oh and glad to hear such positive reviews from the press regarding SGU.(mostly on twitter). Heres some of the tweets about SGU. (minor spoilers ahead).

    I’ve seen the first 6 minutes of #Stargate Universe … this show is going to rock #Syfy. Seriously.

    Beautiful reference to Gen. Hammond in #Stargate Universe. Made me tear up.

    I haven’t seen a lot of @msmingna in #Stargate yet, but love her anyway. @davidblue rocks … but wow, @brianjsmith has come out of nowhere

    Sorry about that … meant to say that @brianjacobsmith is definitely a standout who came out of nowhere on #Stargate Universe

    @DavidBlue I am through the pilot and going through the third episode now. Awesome work! I love your character!

    #Warehouse13 is getting boffo ratings, but #Stargate Universe is definitely the new signature show of #Syfy … I love it.

    By the way, I hate to admit when I watch something that makes me cry. But #Stargate Universe did it twice in three eps. Bastards.

    Coolest Stargate moment? When @davidblue visits his first alien planet, and he’s snapping pics on his iPhone. That’s what I would do .

    End of tweets.

    Both Popculturezoo and airlockalpha gave SGU very very VERY positive reviews. COOL STUFF!!!!!

    Oh and Joe have you seen this article yet?

    SGU is on the list, and the cool thing is most of the other shows on the list are network shows!!! GO SGU!!! ITs really picking up momentum. And there gonna be a new trailer out this weekend. SO EXCITED FOR IT(still some of my worries are killing my hype, hopefully they will be sorted out when i actually see the eps. 🙂 )

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  48. *kicks bed*

    Come on! Rise n’ shine!! It’s after lunchtime…hereontheeastcoast.

    And…I’m bored. 😀


  49. Thought I was on the wrong blog when I read Zac Efron. Don’t suppose you got any pix? Youngest daughter gave a fannish squeal when I told her he was a fan which has now cemented her SG fandom further.

    @ Narelle, sending positive vibes/prayers your way for a speedy recovery for your dad

  50. Heh. Bed-kicking worked. 🙂

    Of course, now I’M busy…will have to read later. 🙁


  51. I had to google Zac Efron to find out who he is (that’s how old and out of touch I am). Looks like he’s angling to be the next Tom Hanks. More power to the next generation.

    And just because I’m feeling cranky, could we as fans dispense with the political questions? Those I can find and debate elsewhere. I come here for the entertainment info, the doggie pictures, and the occasional weird food experiment. FTR, I oppose a Canadian medical system for the United States, and I don’t care to discuss it here. I’d rather have SGA pictures and SGU updates.

  52. Troy and Chad will enter their phone call results, including your responses into the UN’s database and the NWO will think they have some blackmail on you. Proving you were just being snarky will bruise their egos and make you a target.

    @Das – How did I know you’d be the first to post a bunch of smilies?

  53. Joe – You probably won’t be able to answer this question, because you are most likely asking the same thing. Why are people so STUPID???
    I mean, really people. Saying that you’re not going to watch SGU just because it’s not SGA, is like saying “I lost my toy and I will never play with another toy again in my life because it’s not the same.” Okay. You go ahead and remain toyless and bored, but that’s YOUR choice. Stop taking it out on the rest of us. I’ve had MANY shows that I really liked canceled before I felt it was their time, but that’s life. It’s not anybody’s fault, it’s just that shows can’t go on forever. At least we have some form of Stargate to look forward to. Would you have rather them cancel SGA and not give us anything else? THAT’S dumb.
    Anyway, I just needed to rant because I am so about to punch one of these people (well, I don’t know any of them, so I just get the urge to when reading their comments, but still). Just STOP, people.

  54. I had to google Zac Efron (I bet it tickled!) because I didn’t know who he was. Cute. Reminds me a lot of a young David Cassidy.

    I had a crush on David Cassidy when I was a wee lass. I will refrain from having a crush on Zac. Mostly, because, ya know…super creepy if I did. I DO have my standards, ya know…a fella has to be at least 25 these days before I get stupid over him.

    (24 if he’s REALLY hot…or an albino…)


  55. Joe – thanks again for the laughs. Doesn’t seem like there is a such a thing as parking lot “etiquette”. And, the current effusive customer service, it seems somehow “creepy”.

    Major D. Davis – thanks for posting those Tweets. I am not sure I would ever be able to follow all of them and it’s nice to see some grouped together like that. Good job!

    Narelle – glad to hear all is well with your Dad. Agree with the water temp thing – warmer is definitely better. I’ll bet Thailand is fantastic. My hubby lived in Yorkshire for awhile and I visited as much as my job would allow. Loved Scarborough and that whole northern area. We will definitely go back – but not for a swim.

  56. Ok, I had to google Zac Efron too to see what all the fuss was about 🙂 Nah, too pretty, too young, too NOT my Daniel.

    Hey Joe, watched “The Quest” (both parts) early this morning (with Elway and a pot of tea) and just in case I haven’t told you before – I effing LOVED it! I was ROTFLMAO again with the Puff thing and the dragon being most vulnerable in his exposed underbelly. What a great story – thanks!

  57. Hey Joe,

    We have family visiting from Ohio (they’ve been staying with us all week) with a 3 year old son and we ended up at the PNE yesterday. I actually saw that stand for Deep Fried Mars Bars – it made me chuckle.
    It wasn’t too bad, except that they were there to see this kids program called the Doodlebops. (If you don’t know who they are, you don’t want to).
    The best part was the Superdogs. Have you seen them? One of the “acts” that went through the flags (I think it’s an agility thing) was a family of 3 pugs, and it was pretty funny (and adorable).
    Anyway, I won’t be going back to the PNE any time soon. I think I’ve had my fix for another 16 years (until yesterday the last time I had been I was 4 years old).

    Hope Jelly is doing well, and hasn’t needed any more tests.

  58. Je vais au lit =P

    Donc je vous dit à demain!
    Dormez bien vous aussi!

    Je vais faire de beaux rêves en pensant au meilleur producteur de la planète 😉


  59. Joe,

    I am going to be controversial in what I say here: I do not care one bit that Atlantis was cancelled yes I liked it and will look forward to any movies that stem from Atlantis but I am over it I have moved on I am quite literally wetting my self with excitement over Stargate Universe.



  60. Thank your for the pics of Brian eating. And noodles, his fav! I cannot wait to see the pics of your dinner last night. I tell Brian all the time that Ivon is hot! Bet this will get me into some trouble, ha!
    By the way, I live in Southeastern Kentucky where there is still a Piggly Wiggly. I LOVE IT! They have calculators on their grocery carts, what about that.
    Really Really excited for Oct. 2nd. I just have to say that there have been a lot of shows that I loved that have been cancelled, if I chose not to watch another show that nework did, I would never watch TV again. There, I said it. This is MY personal opinion, not that anybody cares, but I feel better having said it.
    Waves to you!

  61. What is the meaning behind these little alien type characters to the right of the comments? Things that make you go hmmmm.

  62. You ask about tiny alien thingeys and expect a coherent response from a person who writes all about larger alien thingeys?
    I guess they make him feel at home. (smile)

    It’s 01H22 in the morn here and I can’t go to sleep before finishing this darn webpage for a client. Oh’s gonna be a long night…

    Note, no emoticons.

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