Today, I finally finished the scripts. Well, not really because a script isn’t technically done until it’s been shot and I still have my most despised stage of the scripting process not to look forward to – the dreaded rewrite. But, for the moment, a much-needed breather. Now, it’s all in the hands of my fellow writer-producers who will read, consider, and give me notes – some time between now and early next month. While I’m waiting, I’ll shift focus to other producerly pursuits – like watching Rob Cooper’s dailies on Human and a Day 2(?) mix of Darkness (a terrific episode that offers all kinds of insight into our various players, big and small). Sitting in with us on the screening was the fab director himself, Peter DeLuise, who was in the office today prepping his next episode, Sabotage.

The many faces of Director Peter DeLuise.
The many faces of Director Peter DeLuise.
Well, maybe not "many".
Well, maybe not "many".
Just these three for now.  But, hey, he's here all next week!
Just these three for now. But, hey, he's here all next week!

Wow. It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the home stretch and already eyeing our October 2nd premiere.  And, a couple of weeks later, we’ll be wrapped.  And, hopefully, starting to think about – dare I say it – a potential season 2?

David Blue dropped by the offices today to chat character development with Carl and I. We talked about Eli as the grounding force who’ll offer the fish-out-of-water perspective many of the viewers can relate to. Despite some early fan suggestions that Eli will be little more than a Junior McKay, the truth is that, aside from the fact that they are both geniuses, the two characters don’t have that much in common. In fact, if one were to compare Eli to past characters from the franchise, the one he lines up closest with – and thank you, Carl, for pointing this out – is O’Neill. Yes, similarities to Jack, certainly in his sense of humor, but more cautious, less sure off himself – charitable, enthusiastic, thoughtful, and extremely loyal. Oh, and incredibly likable. Of course a lot of that (if not all of the aforementioned character attributes) stems from David’s wonderful performance. I knew he was good when we hired him yet he’s managed to even surpass those lofty initial expectations. His turn in Time still leaves me shaking my head in amazement.


I had to cut out early today so that I could bring Jelly to vet’s. Poor gal. She puts on a brave show whenever she walks into the place, then crawls up onto my lap and trembles until it’s time for her appointment at which point she’ll try to make a getaway. She’s not as nimble as she used to be, however, so I can usually head her off at the pass, scoop her up and carry her into the examination room where she doesn’t really put up much of a fuss. She had some bloodwork done in order to follow up on her elevated liver enzymes. Results tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s not mononucleosis!

Apprehensive as she awaits her appointment.
Apprehensive as she awaits her appointment.
Holy crap!  It's the vet!
Holy crap! It’s the vet!
False alarm.  Phew.
False alarm. Phew.
Let's check those tonsils!
Let’s check those tonsils!

45 thoughts on “August 12, 2009: Done and done! But not really. The Return of Peter DeLuise. Talking Eli with David Blue. Jelly checks in, tries to check out, but gets checked up.

  1. Poor Jelly, hope all is well.

    Still, I’d rather take a dog to the vet than a cat. Our Siamese yowls the entire car trip and bites the metal grate. But Harry ButtLicker, he’s nearly 20 pounds of Dun Wanna Do Dat … first you assemble the tag team. Then you sneak the carrier into the room. Harry runs. You trap him under the bed and send the nimble half of the tag team in to pull him out. Harry does not cooperate. The tagger on the floor finally pulls Harry from below the dust ruffle. You try to shove him into the carrier. He resists. Finally, after much manipulation, Harry is in the carrier. Once you are at the vet, they weigh the carrier with Harry in it because there is no way he’s going to stand on a scale. In the exam room, you disassemble the carrier because Harry is not going through the carrier door again. They weigh the carrier, and figure out his shots. He’s pretty calm as the vet handles him, but you bet you have to put him in the bottom of the carrier and assemble it around him. Too bad that doesn’t work at home. At least he doesn’t scratch or bite, but his growls and hisses are fierce. Harry, not the vet.

  2. Oh Poor Jelly, I hope the test results are good! But the pictures are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    The pictures of Peter Deluise are cute and funny too! I hope he does the commentary on his episodes! He is my favorite Director. Glad he is back!


  3. Poor Jelly. 🙁 Hope all will be well. I have a cat with elevated liver enzymes…it just seems to be how she is. Of course, she once had to be operated on for a bladder stone…a type of stone only Dalmatians get. Leave it to one of my cats to have a dog problem. 🙄

    We have a friend who has a condition usually only seen in dogs, too…she had torsion of the stomach and a wandering spleen, causing extreme pain. It’s a condition rarely seen in humans, and at the time she was being treated, the doctors only knew of a couple cases, and so they had to try a lot of experimental ideas, especially since she was just a little girl and still growing. They were able to fasten down her stomach, but she eventually had to have her spleen removed. She’s all grown up and doing well now.

    And why I’m telling you this, I really don’t know…

    Looking forward to David Blue’s Eli – I’m really avoiding spoilers, but from the little I’ve seen, I’m guessing he’s going to be the most engaging one in the bunch. Too bad he’s not a little paler… 😉



  4. Loved hearing the description of Eli…it’s nice to have something to paint a more clear picture of who he is. You are the absolute best. I look forward everyday, even if I am new….to being here, drinking in what is always a surprise. You never let me down. Thank you. :o)

    Hi Jelly, pat pat, kiss kiss, squish squish squish, pat pat, kiss, squish squish squish, pat pat pat, squuuuiiiissshhhh,
    hhhhuuuuugggggg, kiss kiss, pat pat. Bye Jelly :o)

  5. Aww, Jelly is so cute. Best of luck to her.

    I’ve been away for so long that I have several questions for the mailbag.

    1. It’s quite likely that my google-fu just failed me in the brief amount of time I spent looking, but I can’t seem to find schedule info for SGU. I know it starts Oct. 2 (the day after my birthday!) but I can’t find a time. Help me out? There are 3 shows I want to watch Friday nights…but I also work Friday nights, so I’m hoping none of them conflict (for the record, I’d totally choose SGU over Dollhouse if it comes to that).

    2. When the SG-1 episode 2010 aired in 2001, the future seemed so far away (and I suppose 9 years is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to television). Did you ever imagine new Stargate would still be on TV when the actual 2010 hit? Also, kudos to the prop department. *I* never would have guessed that those glasses of Daniel’s would be making a comeback. (gosh, I hope that link works.)

    3. I just heard that the SG1 and SGA movies have been moved to the back burner because of the economy. I’m trying to be ever hopeful, but I have this sinking feeling that we won’t be seeing them again. Part of that is economics-based but I can’t shake the feeling that there might be some cast members (not naming names) who would be less receptive to coming back the farther out those series got.

    So I guess I’m wondering if that, in your opinion, is a legitimate fear or if its an incredibly silly assumption or if there are still contractual obligations for the main players regardless of feelings.

    And if anyone could send good thoughts to my family, I’d appreciate it. In January there was a fire and my parents and sister lost three of their four cats and the one that survived died a couple days ago from an unrelated thing. My mom is 55 and this is the first time in her life she can remember not having a cat, so she’s very distraught and sad right now.

  6. Joe,
    Had Pekin Duck yesterday do say it was Delicious…will be visiting that Chinese rest. more often.

  7. It’s good to hear you’ve got a respite of sorts. Images retrieved from the kino indicated that you could use it. But then, those could just still be in the system from the last time someone offered you candied lemon peel tart for dessert.

    Here’s hoping that Jelly doesn’t have anything that can’t be easily treated. She looks like a sweet, loveable pooch. Your account of the trip to the vet’s reminds me sharply of multiple vet visits with my dog CeCe, who had a degenerative hip disorder that I was clueless about until she started wanting to be carried halfway through our long power-walks. I wish so much that pets could tell us when something’s not right.

    Thanks for giving another look into Eli’s character. Carl’s insight re. the similarity to O’Neill is very helpful. These mini-profiles are enjoyable to read, and especially to think about in combination with what we know about the other characters. – October 2nd isn’t so far off, as you noted. I’ve set up an online reminder for myself. – Nice pics of a moody-looking Peter DeLuise; also enjoyed yesterday’s vid of Ivon taking care of business.

  8. Jelly is realy too cute with her very real expressions of apprehension (Twitter) to the pix above with the relaxed look of “I have the world by the pistachios.”

    David Blue is “real” and cute too!! Can’t wait for the SGU start. We have to put all the puzzle pieces you have left around together so we can finally enjoy the show.

  9. Poor Jelly! I can sympathize.

    I had my check in with the doctor Tuesday during which he won “The Worst Thing a Doctor Can Say” Award. I had commented that I was feeling better, yadda, yadda, yadda, and, as to the future, I was trying to keep my hopes up. He then said “It never hurts to hope.” I know he didn’t mean it as it sounded – his subsequent comments proved that – but still not what you want to hear!

    Anne Teldy

  10. Hope all goes well with Jelly. The pictures were great. Some day you’ll have to write a Stargate script using the pooches as the actors. Or heck, just any script. They are all are as photogenic as any actor ‘ve ever seen.
    Glad to see Mr.DeLouise back doing Stargate episodes. Though with his continued mugging, perhaps he is comptemplating a career in front of the camera? I can just see it now. Him, the dogs, AND Carl all in their own show. It would be the biggest hit on television since Quark.Thanks for the daily dose. Now to see if I can put about a thousand miles of road behind me today….

  11. Hi Joe, hope Jelly’s better in no time 🙂 We’ve been dealing with the same thing with Elway for a couple of years, although in his case, it’s his anti-seizure meds causing the problem. Nothing’s off the charts or anything, but still a concern. That said, Flannery (the Greyhound) had her 15th birthday on the 3rd – this from a dog we thought had had it a few months ago. Vanilla cupcakes were had by all, frosting was everywhere (baths ensued), and thankfully, no stomach upsets. Flannery’s been piss and vinegar lately, really enjoying life. As I’m writing, I’m watching her sleep in her very cushy doggie bed, chasing after that elusive rabbit, tail wagging, all four legs going like crazy. Elway’s snoring away right next to me, Molly’s on top of him, sound asleep, and Summer’s at the foot of the bed, giving me dirty looks every so often. It’s hard to believe that Molly’s been here over a year and will be going to England in October; no idea what I’m supposed to do without her. Don’t know where I was going with this, but did want to mention that for the most part, when I take one of these guys to the vet (which is pretty often with all these geriatrics), it’s usually the pet moms that have taken time off work (or whatever they’re doing) to care for the animals. When I see a guy there, waiting in some little room comforting his dog, it never fails to touch me. You’re a good guy, Joe Mallozzi. Have a great day 🙂

  12. Mr. M, I hope Jelly’s checkup results are good. I worked as a Vet Tech for 15 years and I’ve never heard of Mono in dogs. Not TOO surprising because dogs seem to get most things people can get. Interesting though. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Also, Jelly doesn’t look like she has a problem with the drink 😉 I hope the vet CAN pinpoint the cause. Sometimes, it will remain a mystery.

    My MIL passed away early this morning, so I’m waiting to find out the funeral plans. What is it about 2009? The world lost so many loved ones.

    Well, anyway, I hope everyone is doing well today. Exercise, eat right, and don’t smoke!


  13. I echo good outcomes for Jelly and her tests. You certainly take good care of your furry charges Joe.

    @maggiemayday… ah yes, the dreaded “Dun Wanna Do Dat” syndrome, I know it well. None of my cats like the carrier, the stroll to the car, the loading into the car with seatbelt, the drive to the vet, and the arrival. Howls of piteous protest always ensue, along with a side of solid deposits. Yes, I have cats that poop in the carrier, even if they already went before leaving home. It’s a mystery how they manufacture it so quickly.

    No amount of consoling, distracting or cajoling seems to help either. I’ve always kept cats strictly indoors due to my home location next to a parkway, so I guess not being acclimatized to car trips is my fault. But it’s for their safety and well being.

    The return ride back home is calm, subdued and behaved. They all know the next stop is familiar turf and peace. 😉


  14. Sorry your dog is vet apprehensive. You need to just explain it to him straight out, the vet is there to help and anything with needles is just for a moment. What helped even more was I started slipping a lil treat (“vet special”, something they don’t get at home) after vet or nurse does bits of unpleasantness, Cat not so much but Dogs much more relaxed now, looking for the treat after.

    If there’s one thing about SGU that I want to see, it’s David Blue. I’ve liked all his stuff so far.

  15. Hey Joe, this may be old news but I saw on Canada AM this morning that Jodelle Ferland is joining the cast of the 2nd Twlight movie.

  16. Damn! Another mailbagless entry the day after I ask a question.

    Oh well.

    Best of luck with Jelly’s results — here’s hoping that it’s nothing serious!

  17. @ 2cats – Cats are pathetic in the car. PA-THE-TIC! Big babies. I’ve tried everything – soothing music, no music, calm talk, normal talk, windows up, windows down, carrier covered, carrier not covered…and basically what I find works best is the shock treatment. First, I make like everything’s normal, then I quick grab ’em and stuff ’em in the carrier. The whole ‘leave the carrier on the floor and let them get acquainted with it’ usually ends up with someone pooping in the thing 🙄 “Oh…Look! Mommy bought us a covered poopy box! Let’s try it out! TWICE!”

    After the snatch and stuff, I drive like a mad[wo]man to the vet – get in – get out – get home as quick as possible. Bam-bam-BAM! No time to think about it kitty! The more gentle I am, the longer I take in an attempt to keep them calm, the more spooked they get. I think they can’t handle the suspense. 🙂

    However, I do love how – after an hour or so of sheer panic – once back in the house the cat comes out of the carrier like Fonzie strolling out of Arnold’s Drive-In. “Ayyy! I’m cool! I’m cool!”

    Kitties do NOT like to look silly.

    Joe, I hope you have a great day! I just finished another Elric story – The Fortress of the Pearl – and loved it lots. What scares me, however, is that I love Elric best when he’s at his cruelest – in this story he does a couple things that are very Melnibonean of him…very twisted…and I loved it. Not sure what that says about me… 😛


  18. I just picked up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and was excited that I finally found a book in the store that was on your list!! But its not the side bar? is it gonna be a BOTM? If I start now I should be able to get it done by say November?

  19. @drldeboaer and everyone else with pets: I usually promise a visit to Starbucks, some madeleines, and that does the trick. I get some coffee, the dog gets a treat. Ok, that’s for Elway. The others, not so much. Summer, who on any given day hates my guts, will claw at me, desperately trying to sit in my lap. She’ll even call me “Mommy” when we’re at the vet’s office. She’d offer me a bribe to get outta there if she could. She hates car rides, as well, so she sees the vet only when absolutely necessary. Then, when we get home, like das’s kitties, will breeze in like nothing happened, looking over her shoulder to make sure we’re all paying attention at how brave she was 😉 I once had the bright idea of taking all 4 of them (before Molly was here, when I had my huge Lab, Jake) together. They all had diarrhea and lemme tell ya, I wanted it over with. NEVER again. 🙂 That little trip aged me, big time. Be well, all!

  20. I am so bummed about the SG1 and SGA movies!
    I’ve really been trying to be optimistic but that interview with Cooper is just depressing beyond words.
    I hope you will someday be able to publish the script you wrote, or at least give us the plot details so we know how things turned out on Atlantis…
    Meanwhile, in other news, the kerfluffle over the Eleanor Perry character continues on the net and I see several disability organizations have been contacted about the episode.
    I just wonder how issues such as this impact the episodes we see. Would the SGU writers/producers ever consider changing a script or rewriting the ending (so that they didn’t actually do the nasty)? I order to satisfy advocacy groups that get wind of a theme or scene? Is that something y’all take into consideration when you write?

  21. So glad I’m not the only one flummoxed by getting my cats to the vet…The thing I’m still trying to figure out is, how do they grow those extra limbs the minute I try to get them in the carrier? One second they’re four-legged, the next there are limbs everywhere in all directions, each one clawed, braced and dedicated to keeping the cat out of that thing. [sigh…unhappily contemplates upcoming vet visit]

    Hope Jelly does well.

  22. I’m going to echo the warm & fuzzy thoughts for Jelly. My dog Worm is just like Jelly re: lean into me and tremble when we walk into the vet’s office (she hates it there). I took my Worm to the vet yesterday to have her teeth cleaned and to have a fatty tumor removed. Instead they discovered a kidney problem! So…no teeth cleaning or fatty tumor removal but, change the diet (no more of those yummy treats!) and leave her there all day to have IV fluids, bring her back today for more IV fluids & tomorrow more fluids & hopefully home for good…

    I guess once we get all this under control, she can have her teeth cleaned and the tumor removed.


  23. Poor Jelly, I hope all goes well for her. My cat sympathizes with her. He is so terrorized at the vets I have to now wear work gloves when I take him. Earlier this year for his regular check up the poor thing got loose and when I tried to catch him he bit my hand very hard. I had to get a tetanus shot and go on antibiotics. I still have a scar.

  24. idea of intro for webisode:

    [humoristic ON]

    Bienvenu sur le Destiny:
    150 personnes, enfermé dans un vaisseau de 10 000m carré pour plusieurs années. filmés 24h sur 24h et 7 jours sur 7 par de nombreux KINOs, des mini caméras espions volantes ultra-sofistiqué.

    Chaque mois vous pourrez eliminer 2 candidats qui seront ejecté dans l’espace.

    Amour, conflits, bagarres, bataille spatiales.
    Quels sont leurs secrets??qui survivra?quel sera le meilleur couple et qui gagnera le ticket de retour pour la Terre??

    vous le saurez en regardant notre tout nouveau show de télé-réalité en direct du fin fond de l’univers:
    DESTINY STORY!!!! a partir du 2 octobre 2009 21h00 EMT

    Welcome to the destiny:
    150 peoples, locked on a 10000 square meters spaceship for many years.
    Screened 24h per day and 7 days per week by several very-sofisticated flying spies camera called KINO.

    each month you can eliminate 2 contenders.
    The losers will be ejected into space.

    conflict, love, fight, space battle.
    What are their secrets??Who will survive?? who will be the best duo??who will win the ticket to return on earth??

    You will know to seeing our new TV-show in directly to the end of universe:
    DESTINY STORY!!!!! on october 2, 2009 21h00 EMT (earth mean time)

    😀 😀 😀
    humoristic [OFF]

    salut joe, j’ai plein de questions:

    1)parlez vous courrament le français (bilingue)???

    2) A quoi sert le chevron se trouvant au sol (ground chevron)???

    3)Quel sera la durée des webisodes???

    4)Aurons nous un extra-terrestre allié comme teal’c ou ronon?

    5)Pourquoi ne pas mettre un animal domestique dans le vaisseau? (comme le chien d’Archer dans startrek enterprise)

    6)Y aura t’il des ennemis reccurent technologiquement avancé?

    7)peut on voir des photos de bonne qualité?:
    -du DHD des portes planétaires??
    -des shuttlepods du destiny???
    -du KINO en action


  25. @Deni, the countdown begins – 8 days till the Chicago Con. Ya holding it togeather ok? Who is babysitting the kids? (dogs) Boy , I wish it was me going! I still have over 3 months!! Just the thought of going away , by myself is a welcome thought!! LOve the hubby and all-really love him, but this will be a first for me and i’m looking foward to the new experience! What will you do with Mr. Deni during the time you have your MEETUPS? And no people, there is nothing sinster going on with that!! PICTURES and UPDATES, don’t forget. OK ,i will calm down now!! Hey Joe , glad to see P. Delouise (SP)? back, ERGO was just on again, and I bet it was hard to keep it togeather while he was on set!! Happy Thursday to all. Sheryl.

  26. @ MAggymayday , 2 cats and Das, i have the same problem with my 2 cats, hate the carrier and the car ride and the vet, amazing how strong they get when they have to go into the carrier. They become “SUPERCATS” !! When we get back, they won’t talk to us for hours!! Spoiled brats!!, bye Sheryl.

  27. Hey Joe, I thought you would be interested in a certain Twitter thing from today involving the lovely Jewel Staite, foie gras, and a vegan who, according to her Twitter, had a Stargate audition yesterday.

    Vegan’s Twitter name: stephbelding (or you can go the Jewel Staite’s Twitter and get to her that way)

    Jewel twittered “At Grace. Just ate grilled foie with roasted pineapple and black pepper brioche. Not even joking you.”

    To which Ms. Belding twittered: “Appalled and disdappointed to read @jewelstaite chows down on foie gras and is keen on it. Oh Kayley, not so shiny now, not a fine Firefly.”

    Of course, she also put a link to a website talking about how the ducks are mistreated and force fed.

    However, I remembered your June 7, 2009 post about the protesters outside Fuel: “Of course they’ll argue that ducks are being mistreated (although I’d guess none of them have ever visited a foie gras farm in their lives whereas those I know who have gone reported the ducks were not mistreated and actually lined up to be fed),” and just shook my head.

  28. Deirdre/Das, Thanks for sending the e-mail to Sparrow_hawk. Hopefully she’ll have time to read it by Friday, so Saturday might work out. This should be fun, regardless. I’ve never been to a “Con” before. Will have to look at GenCon’s web site and what else is going on that day. Also need to decide if I want to risk looking like a boring adult or dressing in costume. We’ll see! 😀

    Another Con I’d really love to go to is Creation Con in Chicago in late August. The darling Pauly McGillion is scheduled to be there. So if anyone happens to be standing in line for an autographed picture, and you could give him a big hug and smooch from me, I’d be over the moon. 😀

    Aw, Joe, you’re such a good dad, taking Jelly into the vet on a work day. Is this a follow-up blood panel they were taking because she’s on Metacam for joint pain? The pictures of the poor grrrl were adorable. Like someone else said, I wanted to pick her up and give her a cuddle, too. Get better, Jelly!

  29. Hello Joe!
    Today is my birthday! 😀

    Did you get the Hungarian cook book, what I had sent to you? I hope you will like it. 🙂


  30. Re the “Sabatage” debate: Imagine the straight (white) guy switching bodies with the quadriplegic gay guy who then proceeds to have gay sex (possibly on the receiving end, oh the horror) with another guy on the expedition. Would that be OK?

  31. Joe —

    By now you’ve figured out that the casting call for Sabotage’s Eleanor Perry has been leaked. Please understand that there are many, many people who are deeply concerned about this plot.

    I hope you will reconsider some of the ethical issues involved in this plot.


    1. People with disabilities can and do have “intimacy.” They even kiss other people.

    2. If someone is “intimate” with my body while I am asleep or otherwise not in conscious control of it and I have not previously given explicit permission for that act, it is rape.

  32. Hey Joe,

    Hope Jelly’s results come back showing her fighting fit. Is she on MetaCam? I know my Mum’s/Gran’s 18 year old Maltese x Shitzu x Ewok x Gremlin needs regular liver tests to ensure the MetaCam isn’t damaging it. He’s had to move onto injections now.

    Our two dogs have a strange reaction to the vet. Strange in that they don’t seem to mind it. I could understand this if the vet had been a place of joy involving meeting new mutts and butt sniffing, but Ralph on his own has been in there for more than one major operation and the look they make when it comes to getting their temperature taken is not one of enjoyment, surprise perhaps initially, but then definitely not enjoyment.

    Ralph has to be seen in a special room where they have a lift to raise the dog. Jack jumps up next to Ralph once the table has been raised to join him while the vet looks over Ralph. One visit the vet and I were having a general chat about how they’d been and Ralph decided it was all a bit of a bore and fell asleep with his head on the vet’s lap. It’s the same vet that saved his life when he was a few months old after eating corn cobs. Maybe he remembers.

  33. Hope everythong ooops, I meant everything is okay with Jelly. I can certainly sympathize with her. Her face’s look like mine. I hate going to the vet as much as dogs do. I tend to drive over there real slow. At the front door, my feet are planted there for a bit until I force myself to open the door. When I do and I’m accosted by that “vet smell” I feel faint. After checking in I sit down, nervously staring at the floor. I don’t want to see any other sick animals or I may start crying. In the exam room I never sit on the stool. I stand and hold my dog for comfort. Walking out the front door is the biggest “yippee!” moment. I feel free. My 4 month old beagle puppy Maggie has not developed the curse of the vet yet. But I can tell, just one more visit may put her over the edge.

    Last night I was on my computer and suddenly the TV changed channels. I thought, “the remote!”. And sure enough there goes Maggie running by with it in her mouth, with eyes wild and a big grin. What was funny was, as I chased her about the house to get it back, everytime she came within the vacinity of the TV, the channel would change again. She even had the menu up at one point. I finally took it away and regained control (of the TV at least). I wonder what she wanted to watch?

    Oh the joys of puppyhood. Here is the latest list of what I will need to replace or throw away if she ever gets thru her chewing stage:

    3 window screens
    a card table
    recarpet entire house (pee & poo)
    various throw rugs
    1 swivel rocker
    2 pair of shoes
    replace dirt in all potted plants
    and stuffed toys as she dismembers them, ripping their guts out (stuffing)

  34. >> a potential season 2?

    I personally think it’l reach probably 5 or 6 seasons.

  35. Jen said (from the previous blog entry):

    If you can’t see or understand how offensive that description sounds than I feel sorry for you. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH CRAP I DIDN’T BOTHER TO READ AFTER YOU STARTED PATRONIZING US.

    Eh? I thought you were leaving? What is up with that? To be honest I was looking forward to it.

    Look, the issue is not what’s at hand here. That is a whole other can of worms. The fact is, you came here, did your little conclusion-jumping rant (“I’m sure you think it’s AWESOME that she gets to be “cured” for an episode…” Really? You’re sure of it? OH MY WORD A MINDREADER), threw around rhetoric – “what it means to be disabled”…ok, what does it mean? WHY NOT TELL US?! – and basically acted like a whiny baby throwing a tantrum.

    Actually, you sounded like one of those Health Care nuts.

    You could’ve explained yourself in a calm manner, and maybe we would’ve then understood, and even learned some stuff about how disabled people feel about their condition. Instead, you demonized TPTB, admonished them on their past “BS”, then basically said “SCREW YOU GUYS, I’M GOING HOME.” I only replied in the way I did because it was clear you weren’t looking for any kind of discussion or civil discourse; you just wanted to have your rant and pretend that you and your words mattered by OMG telling us that you won’t watch the new show!! OH SHIT CALL THE POPE, I’M SCARED.

    Now, as for the actual issue, which, thanks to you, was hidden behind your immaturity and angst about the past, I will wait and see how it goes down in the show. As the initial SGU casting call showed, character descriptions can be deceiving and hilariously awful. It’s a delicate issue to be sure, but as long as the disabled person is written as a human being and not some caricature, I think it’ll be ok. By human being I mean that they are still capable of doing offensive things, but it’s true to their character. It doesn’t feel to me like this is TPTB’s way of showcasing a quadriplegic character, but rather it’s “a character that just happens to be quadriplegic”; just like Doc Rush isn’t supposed to represent all Scottish people; this character probably isn’t designed to represent all disabled people.

    Who cares if this particular character wants to experience physical intimacy or whatever once she gets “cured” – does it mean all disabled people are just looking at the nearest hot thing and thinking “Gee, if only my limbs weren’t useless, I’d tap that till Saturday!”? Hell no.

    Well, maybe some might.

    And that’s my point. By suggesting that this particular character will represent all disabled people is just saying that all disabled people are the same…which is bad. I have had enough with the strange mentality that all minority characters (in terms of race, physical form, whatever) are somehow representations of that entire minority, and that they must then be treated with respect and they must be good people, or else the entire minority will be tarnished! What utter shit. They are people. They can be treated with zero respect, they can be terrible people; it shouldn’t matter, because they are a PERSON first and foremost, and a person of a minority group second. When I look at a human character, I pay attention to their emotions, their actions, and motivations WAY more than what physical abnormalities they may have or what race they belong to.


    Anyways, I certainly won’t be some dumbass who thinks “oh hur der der der, a kwadrapleegik person is being immoral! That must mean I should treat them like shit because they are all like this in real life!” And if there are dumbasses who think this, then they are dumbasses.

    Ok…this kind of got away from me there…um…good luck, Joe!

  36. Ah, I see PortDover and multisemi have addressed the issue in a polite manner. Good stuff.

    To them I say this: it’s a fairly clear-cut moral situation, in that it’s obviously NOT ok. However, why is that important? This is a TV show, they show Not-OK stuff all the time. The real test is if TPTB can come up with a serious treatment of the character fallout from these events. This will be difficult. I hope they are up to it.

  37. @C. I found this on Gateworld as to the time it will start on October 2nd:

    “Stargate Universe premieres October 2 at 9 p.m. on Syfy in the U.S.,”

    I imagine that would be 8 central, etc.

  38. @Sheryl: Yep, countdown has begun, but now a little worried because I read on Michael’s (Shanks) website that he’s doing a movie in Australia that begins filming on the 24th, and he’s due to be at the convention on the 22nd. Just hoping he doesn’t cancel! As for my “meetups”, I’m not dumb, I’m taking my son! He can keep Mr. Deni company while I lunch and dine with the stars…:) As for the “kids”, I don’t/can’t leave Elway alone at all, so they have my usual pet sitter (one of the vet techs at their vet) who is a sweetheart and will stay here 24/7. They all love her to bits, so I can go away and not worry – too much! Elway has a nasty habit of having seizures every time I go away, so every time my phone rings when I’m away, I dread answering it. Right now, I’m just hoping we have no hurricanes or some such thing before I go!

    Oh, yeah, Joe, have you tried milk thistle for Jelly’s liver? I had been giving it to Elway and it made a noticeable difference in his liver values. Between so many meds and so many dogs, I’ve been forgetting to give it to him but am starting again tonight! We’d tried Denamarin, but he did much better on milk thistle, and hey, what’s one more pill? Nightie night!

  39. Nomi and I have been home for three weeks because we just had baby twin girls, and in the midst of taking care of them we sometimes keep the TV on in the background. As it so happens, History of the World Part I was on, and Dom DeLuise was in it, looking so young. It’s amazing how much Peter looks like his father.

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