Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days or staying at your mother’s place in Montreal without proper internet access, you probably already know about the new, revamped, ultra-cool and informative dedicated Stargate site at MGM.com. It’s a terrific-looking site, easy to navigate, with tons of goodies on all things Stargate: SG-1, Atlantis, and, of course, Universe – with advanced peeks on everything from the characters to the ship itself. Congrats to Grey Munford and the rest of his team at MGM for putting it together. Check it out: http://stargate.mgm.com/

Doubly good news for Stargate fans as this means I can finally start posting all those interior Destiny pics and video of the early gate tests.

Hey, to all of those asking me why I haven’t bought my mother a new t.v. yet – I’m trying! She insists the picture quality on her present set is fantastic – whenever it works. Truth is, I’d like to buy her a new refrigerator, a fence for her backyard, heck, even take her for the occasional lunch and/or dinner while I’m in town but she stymies me at every turn. Today, for instance, I suggested we head out for some smoked meat sandwiches – a Montreal tradition. Instead, we had leftovers. What’s a son to do?

I’m pleased to report that, last night, my confidence in the Montreal dining scene was fully restored with a visit to Restaurant Europea. My sister and I enjoyed a 10 course Menu Degustation with a creative flair that reminded me of my visits to Chateau Joel Robuchon in Ebisu and L’Osier in Ginza. Our meal went like this:

An amuse-bouche cauliflower cream gelee with black truffle served along a bowl of parmesan crisps. An great start.

A superb lobster cream cappuccino with truffle shavings.


A truffled egg cream served in an egg shell. Very good as well but I wonder about the decision to serve three successive truffled dishes. Had I arranged the menu, I would have started with this more subtle creation and built to the more intensely flavored lobster cappuccino.

Scallops and sweetbread served with parsnip and bak-choy in a “yellow wine” reduction. A nice dish but I felt the sweetbread were an odd addition that, while certainly tasty on its own, really had no business being there.


A delicious tuna tataki, one of the best I’ve ever had, although I wasn’t enamored of the accompany vegetable vermicelli.

A very subtle filet of Mediterranean bass served with poached rice lettuce,sturgeon caviar, and Jerusalem artichoke mousseline.

A foie gras cromesqui shaped like a cigar and, appropriately enough, served in a cigar box – its crispy and savory exterior concealing a luxrious and sweet interior.


An intensely flavored Cornwell chicken with a galanga infusion and shiitake vermicelli. This meat was wonderfully tender and aromatic. My only quibble with the dish was the skin of the chicken. I would have preferred a nice crispy exterior. As it was, I ended up removing the skin and setting it alongside the vermicelli – which, in my opinion and in all cases, are barely a step up from a garnish.


Our next course was a glass domed presentation, its contents obscured by the opaque smokiness captured within.


The domes were whisked away and the smoke dispersed to reveal the Kobe Beef short ribs served alongside a crispy galette of root vegetables.


The beef possessed a wonderful barbecue flavor and, while tender, lacked the characteristic marbling I’ve come to expect from Kobe beef. Still, a very good dish.

Then came the desserts. And they kept coming…

A trio platter comprised of a sugar dusted doughnut, a coconut panecotta, and a Tahitian vanilla crème brulee.

Then some tiny but tasty mignardises: chocolate crisp, raspberry macaron, nougat, pistachio-almond cookie, and marshmallow.


Followed by a bowl of pink cotton candy.


And a box of warm madelaines.


Then a berry sorbet.

Topping things off with some meringue cookies, home made toffee, and anise candies.

An incredibly inventive menu, fun presentations, and some wonderful flavor combinations made for a truly memorable meal. Service was terrific throughout.

Tonight, something a little more rustic. Finally – Au Pied de Cochon!

By the time I got home, I was stuffed.  But mom insisted on my sampling some of her freshly made Russian tea cakes.  Anyone else familiar with these?  When done right, they just melt in your mouth.


Advertising Age questions whether Burger King being intentionally offensive as part of its international marketing strategy: http://adage.com/globalnews/article?article_id=137801

Drunk badger disrupts traffic.  No, really: http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idUSTRE5683O720090709?feedType=RSS&feedName=oddlyEnoughNews&rpc=22&sp=true

The great tipping debate.  Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit weighs in: http://www.bonappetit.com/magazine/2008/10/foodist_tipping

64 thoughts on “July 9, 2009: Get Your Stargate Fix! Finally, A Decent Meal! And News Of Note!

  1. I have been reading your blog for several months now after I found it on one of the various Stargate web sites, never commenting but enjoying the perspective of Stargate behind the scenes look and life, food, book reviews and dogs. I just thought I say Hi. Don’t know if this is where to post questions (sorry forgot where to send them)but here it goes a question came up on the forums of another web site that was debated and no one had the answer ” How old is the Character Vala?” if you could provide you insight on this and use it to put the isseu to rest. If you want to email me back, or just mailbag it, it ok with me. Thanks, Jeremy

  2. I love Russian Tea Cakes! Does your mom put finely chopped or ground nuts in hers? I don’t usually bake them but my aunts and cousins make theirs with walnuts. Yum!

    I hear you on the problem with buying things for your mom. Maybe it’s an Italian thing, but for years my mom was resistant to my getting anything for her house. She didn’t want me to “waste my money”. You could try to be sneaky about it, but that might backfire and make her mad – and you wouldn’t want that.

    I’m glad you finally got a good meal and are going to one of your favorite places tonight!

  3. Daaaaaamn. That Knowlton fella looks kinda yummy. Can I eat ‘im???! 😀

    I always over-tip breakfast waitresses, since it’s a cheap meal and they normally run around like heads with their chickens chopped off, so they deserve a bit more. If I pester the waiter/waitress with lots of questions and requests, or if I’ve held up the table longer than normal, I always leave a lot more. Bad service gets 15% or less…good service gets 20%, and great service gets whatever I can swing above 20%. Here in the States our waitresses make about $2.50 an hour on average, so they really need those tips to support themselves.


  4. We take a 90 degree angle approach. Our moms might be more gullible and we might not be “completely” truthful.

    Technique number one for replacing mom’s things: “Mom, we bought a new computer/tv and now we need a home for our old one.”

    Number two: “Mom, my friend has this fridge that they were giving away. I thought you might could use it. Other wise, they will just have to give it to charity.” (I’m not sure why it’s bad to give things away but….that one works with my mom).

    Number three: “Mom, my work gave me this _____ and I don’t have room for it. Can you take it?”.

    The food looks awesome but to me, your mom’s dessert looked the best! Please include recipe.

    Have a fun time.


  5. Oh, PS…

    Glad you finally had a good meal! It looks delish, ‘cept that foie gras looks a bit like a fried mozzarella stick…


  6. Wait, I looked up the Russian tea cakes. We use pecans and call them “Pecan Meltaways”. They do melt in your mouth…. mmmm. Walnuts would be too.


  7. Hi Joe,

    Oh yeah, the Russian tea cakes (aka Mexican wedding cakes) are to die for, especially when your mother makes them! Your dinner looked fabulous! The pistachio-almond cookie kinda made my mouth water. Re buying your mom stuff, just do it, don’t ask! She’ll love it once you do. She’s just trying to get you to save your money, but don’t listen! Just have your sister take her out to lunch/shopping/manicures/dinner one day and have it all done! You always come across like a good son to me, so I do hope you know I was just teasing 🙂 Except for the part about the duct tape…;)

    The bloopers on MGM’s site were hilarious and way, way overdue. Can’t wait to see if we’ll ever get some from Atlantis.

    So, around here, I decided to have a maid service come in for a half day to help with the heavier cleaning before the “kids” come on Sunday (no sh-t, I’m still congested and sputtering, 2 weeks later) and was reminded of the old saying “If you want a job done right, do it yourself.” Won’t be doing that one again any time soon! Finally got the cleaning done myself after they left, watched a bit of Season 5 of Atlantis and took a nap for a whole hour 🙂 Maybe I’m showing my age here, but damn, whatever happened to doing your job properly and not being an entitled douchebag? Have a good evening!

  8. Oh dear me… that Cornwall chicken photo is making me drool.

    Joe, I liked what I could view of the upgraded MGM Stargate site, soe images and videos but I won’t install Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in. It is buggy and a security hazard for your browser.

    AND I am dismayed that the site is not accessible, to our many blog friends in UK and Aus, for instance. What’s up with THAT MGM?Stargate does air globally, yes? Lame site development, despite the new bells and whistles.

    AND why aren’t there any SGA bloopers available?

    I just discovered a dish that is fabulous!
    Butternut squash-filled ravioli in a creamy white sauce with finely diced walnuts, crisp snap peas and julienne carrots. Absolutely delicious.

    Yes, Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine.

    Carol in NJ

  9. Haha as usual when you’re talking about food, I can’t pronounce HALF of what you guys had to eat.

    The cotton candy in a dish amused me, though.

    The new site is indeed awesome. All the actors advertised it on their Twitters 🙂

  10. Joe is this what the wheels on the doors of the Destiny say?


    Im having trouble with the outer ring, i think it says this:


  11. Mothers! And Italian mothers are on a level on their own. I live in fear of upsetting my friend’s mother. You don’t waste money or food or you get a lecture. My friend loves to translate, she wouldn’t want me to not know what a fool this ‘mangiare cake’ has been.

    Um, does your mother ever ask you if you are ever going to get a real job? Or does she know how important you are?

    Glad you FINALLY found a meal worth eating. I was worried your stomach was going to be home ‘sick’ before you.

  12. Heck yes BK is trying deliberately to be offensive. Did you see how they marketed their Sponge Bob Kids Meal here in the US? One of those cases where it was incredibly satisfying to be able to hit the fast-forward button on the DVR.

    Regarding tipping, I got curious about whether the appropriate amount might vary from city to city, and found this article from Fine Living: http://www.fineliving.com/fine/rejuvenation_essentials/article/0,,fine_1422_1275910,00.html

    I have to say, I usually tip 20%. I used to be a server. But 20% is also easier to calculate. 🙂

  13. I didn’t know about the new MGM site so I went to visit it.

    I found it difficult to navigate – I was trying to look at all the Behind the Scene pictures for Atlantis.

    Each time I finished viewing a batch of pictures from one episode I found it difficult to locate the next batch of pictures to watch. I had to click on <<BACK to get to where I wanted to go.

    I hope that you are enjoying your little visit at your mother's house. My mother was one of the evil people who ply you with food and then tell you that you are putting on weight.

  14. did anyone correctly guess the names of episodes 18-19 or was it 19-20? what were the clues again?

  15. You’re early tonight! I did check out the new MGM stargate site and I have to agree with you it does look great. That meal looked pretty good too – although no matter what they brought to me covered by that glass lid I think I’d always feel a bit disappointed when they took off the lid and let the smoke out kinda like when the DeLorean opened up in ‘Back to the Future’.

  16. I just took a closer look and counted up your dishes for that 10 course meal. I counted a lot more than 10 – or did all those desserts make up a single course?

  17. Welll, I glad to hear that you’ve regained some confidence in Montreal dining scene. Here are a few other restaurants suggestions.

    A) French cuisine:

    1. Restaurant Le Tour de ville
    It’s located on the 30th floor of the Delta hotel in downtown Montreal. It’s a revolving restaurant. humm tasty!

    2. There was the restaurant les Remparts facing the St-Laurent river at the Vieux Port de Montreal. It was my personal favorite for its amazing French cuisine and its lovely rooftop terrace but the administration and orientation of the restaurant was changed and it went from French gastronomy to French bistro. It’s now called the Narcisse. I haven’t tried it ever since the chef was changed.

    B) Steackhouse with a flair:
    Restaurant La queue de cheval.

    C) Sushi restaurant
    On the website, select the peel/ Centre-Ville location (it’s the only location I’ve been to). Then, on the left side, 2 tabs will allow you to see pictures of the restaurant and some of their specialty dishes. It’s a very cozy restaurant. Some of their dishes presentations, not illustrated with pictures on their site, are spectacular!

    D)Taste of the Islands: Fine Caribbean Creole cuisine
    Restaurant Le Kalalu
    Their website is not the greatest. It’s only in French and the posted menu is incomplete. On the right side of the site, there’s a film strip. Pictures on it can be enlarged by clicking on them. I was able to find an English review that describes a bit more the restaurant.

  18. mmmm I flipin LOVE madelaines!
    You have inspired me to bake some and take a trip over to Montreal.

  19. Those burger king people are jerks, I couldn’t stand those commercials of theirs that had people(3ladies I think) chasing that costumed character of theirs and trying to run him over, very bad example. Its a wonder the remote still works as fast as I change channels.
    Thanks for the food pictures, I can taste the cotton candy, one of the reasons to go to the fair, since I am done riding rides. Glad you were pleased with this meal. Bet Fondy and the pups are missing you and wishing you were back home. Another mom food item,,yummy, I said it b4, moms are the best cooks. !!
    Looking forward to your pictures of the new show. Enjoy yourself!

  20. Thank you MGM for finally giving us some bloopers…and boy aren’t they good! So good we crashed the site last night…LOL…will go back and have a look at everything else soon as well…

    Kriss 🙂

  21. I LOVE Russian tea cakes! Now I have to make some, because you made me crave them! Darn you! 😀

  22. Thanks for promoing the site on your blog. I’ve been a reader of yours for some time, though I sometimes hate reading your blog as I end up super hungry afterwards 🙂

    In particular your Japanese entries drive me nuts!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Photosynths — and thanks for holding off on publishing your photos and videos so that we could release them in an experience like this!

  23. Judging from the photosync thingy on the MGM Universe site I’m guessing the Destiny Gate prop is actually capable of rotating like seen in the newest trailer right?

    If so, How can you guys make the lights work on the gate if you obviously can’t hook it up to a power cable? (Cuzz it would rip the cable from the socket if the gate rotated to far)

  24. So, now they have compiled the Stargate information, yet there is still one piece of information that I’ve not been able to determine:
    What is the origin for the symbol that Ba’al’s jaffa wear?
    Is it a construct of imagination or a compilation of the pagan symbols or other?
    If it is a construct of imagination, I’m assuming the copyright belongs to MGM? This isn’t for any $$ venture, it is for a personal family photo with a slice of geek humour!
    thank you very much for the info, in advance 🙂

  25. From the article re: BK: “This in-store advertisement was running to support a limited-time-only local promotion for three restaurants in Spain and was not intended to offend anyone.”

    That’s the same argument I made to my Hindu friend when he was offended I gave him a funny look while we were at BK: he had to be in the store in the first place to be offended.

    Yeah, BK has lame advertisement folks.

  26. BTW, I’m just noting the coincidence in the similarity of the counter-arguments. I’m not putting friends smirking across a lunch table on the same level of inappropriateness as BK’s advertising department.

  27. I would trade a meal at any restaurant for a sit-down of leftovers at my mother-in-law’s home in Bergamo. I’ve been back in the States for 27 years and can’t manage to get back to what I weighed when I lived in Italy. Well, maybe that’s not so bad but I do miss the food. Mangia!

  28. As for that badger, I’ve never heard of cherries getting overripe on the tree. Birds always eat them all within days of cherries getting barely ripe. That badger’s story doesn’t add up.

  29. I think I figured out what the vicious circle is. You are probably asking, “Mom, let me get you a new refrigerator.” Mom’s reply is going to obviously be “no.” What you do is just purchase it and have it delivered. She can’t refuse deliver so what is a mom to do but accept it.

  30. *collapses with relief*

    It’s very welcome news that you had an enjoyable dinner last night. The pictures are nearly edible, and your descriptions, as usual, get across the taste experience quite well. I thought the cotton candy a bit much, especially given the abundance of other sweets (pistachio-almond cookies: perfect combination of delicate, delicious flavors; and madeleines, mmm) — but the sight would’ve put a smile on my face anyway.

    Russian tea cookies! My mom made them every Christmas when I was a kid, and I could never get enough. Now I’ve made them every Christmas for ten years, and still can’t get enough, especially since I’ve fiddled with the recipe to get exactly the flavor and texture I prefer. – How nice of your mom to make a batch for you. 🙂

    Thank you for all the links. Burger King: Some of this is insanely funny, but the emphasis lies on “insane.” And their damage control is less than credible by a long shot. Drunken badgers: Good thing it was still buzzed when the cop dealt with it. Funny story since the animal wasn’t killed. Getting kirsch right from the source – clever dude, that, and makes me think of a past pet who got downright aggressive if anyone tried to come between her and a dishful of dark beer.

    New MGM site: Awesome! I loved the SGU character profiles with the actors’ takes, and was blown away by the fact that you guys went so far as to get input from John Scalzi (funny vid), and think it would be very cool to see what he might do with a TV script – though I know I’ll enjoy the show regardless. But I *have* to re-read The Android’s Dream – zoooomg, that book is more fun than a really good theme park. If I live long enough, I’m going to get a VR chip of it for my Home Bipolar Management System.

  31. @Anne Teldy: It’s always good to see you online, and I’m glad to hear you’re over your bout of high-fever illness. Geez. . . .

  32. We call the tea cakes “snowballs” and make them at Christmas time. Real butter, lots of powdered sugar, and finely chopped walnuts. Yum!

  33. Have a quick look at the new MGM site. Navigation is difficult. Too much flash video windows. My computer processor is almost running at 100%. People with computer more than 2 years old will have issues with the site. My single processor CPU is nearly max out. Don’t think a netbook have the system resources to access the MGM site without conking out often.

    By the way. Does anyone have any comments on Google rolling out the Chrome OS in competition with Microsoft.

  34. @ ANNE, Welcome back!! Nice to see ya again. Hope you are feeling better. See joe, the Fl. crew is welcoming you, you can tour the state. Hello to all, Off to see the shuttle luanch on Sat. Bye, Sheryl

  35. Joe —

    So glad you finally had an enjoyable meal out. It looked fabulous. I wonder if the foie protestors felt the vibe from Montreal and went to harrass Fuel.

    Blooper, bloopers, we FINALLY have bloopers. Spent much of my day today watching, then re-watching. Thanks for being an advocate for us on the subject.

  36. Okay, your food pictures today are a huge improvement. Everything looks so good and perfect. Don’t understand the cotton candy. Wonder what the thinking is behind that?

    My parents are about 10 years older than your mom. Whacha gotta do is swoop in like a tornado, say I bought you a gift that I want you to have, rip out her old TV, removing it from the house immediately, then install the new one. Don’t listen to a word she says – just do it. What is she going to do, refuse to watch it. (Gee, I hope not.)

    Yes, Burger King and that obnoxious masked grinning king guy. I have the same reaction to haunted house goons. So irritating I just want to punch them out if they don’t get away from me.

  37. PS about my dog drinking beer: We gave it to her all of two times (spread apart), about 4 oz. in a dessert dish, and figured out it likely wasn’t in her best interests, since she scarfed it the same way she had the cat chow (like a maniac), once when we were out of dog chow. Different effects, obviously, but not the best things to do more than very occasionally. Probably every other pet-owner here knows that; I just didn’t know it until I was about 21.

  38. “By the time I got home, I was stuffed. But mom insisted on my sampling some of her freshly made Russian tea cakes.”

    Ah, the Russian teacakes strategy. Can’t eat just one, thus no complaining.

    Lie and tell your Mom your taking her to the grocery store. Based on what she’s wearing, take her out for a casual lunch. Less threatening than dinner. Or even just for a dessert. Sons have rights too – don’t be a wuss.

    Heard a great saying from a family friend today about how to deal with stress. “If you can laugh at it, you can live with it.” I hope it’s true. Between Mom and work, life hasn’t been too funny lately. But trying.

  39. I had the same trouble with my mom concerning some of her needing to be replaced items in her home. I would ask if I could buy her something, she always said “NO!” that what she had was fine. I finally just went out and replaced her item, took away the old, while she was gone. What could she say then? She asked me what happened to her old TV and I said, “What? No idea.” My suggestion is to just do it. Maybe say she won a contest? HAHA!

  40. Folks, I retract my earlier comments about Silverlight, seems they got most issues fixed with version 3.0

    I have to agree with dasNdanger, first time through the MGM site and I was lost too. The Photosynths are grand though, please make some more Laurence Moroney. 🙂

    @ susan the tartan turtleThe internal navigation within the MGM Images area does work oddly. I too resorted to using the browser << Back button to find my way, just as you mentioned.

    Ah me, it's now 3:42am ET and I am W I D E awake, writing a post. Insomnia anyone? Where's Rodney to cheer me?

    2cats in NJ

  41. Bonjour Joseph!

    ça va? Moi aussi un peu fatiguer^^! Waouuuuuuuuuuu miame mais tout cela à l’air délicieux, en plus c’est du sucré^^, jadore ça!!

    Il faudrais faire tout ces cadeaux à votre mamane lors de son anniversaire ou Noel et là elle ne pourra rien dire^^.

    Aller bisou bisou
    aplus tard.

  42. We call them sand tarts and the nuts are pecans — a Christmas staple. We fall on them like drunken badgers.

    For Otros Ojos: I just reread The Android’s Dream and it was a hoot — or should I say …. 🙂

  43. You must adopt the strategy we use with my 90-year-old grandmother: you buy it, have it delivered with little advanced notice and tell her it can’t be returned because you got it on sale.

    I think it’s the sale part they can’t turn down.

  44. Joe, was thinking about you last night. Reading the latest issue of Town & Country. Great article on restaurants in Tokyo. You should check it out. -Jennifer, Long time reader in Orlando

  45. How does one eat ten courses? I don’t think I have the capacity. I think I would surely love to try.

    We called them Swedish Wedding Cookies. Amazing how the good stuff always comes from another land, hence becomes more exotic.

    In Japan, the old ladies would put out dishes of milk and sake for the tanukis. We would encounter them passed out on the sidewalk late at night. The tanukis, not the old ladies.

    The problem with springing a major purchase as a gift on a parent? They will bitch at you about it eternally. They may love it, or appreciate it, but they will bend your ear without end. You will be the stuff of Family Tales.

    I’ve finally watched a bit of the new SyFy. What’s with all the shiny and beautiful kids in the promo spots? Imagine greater, my fat old ass. Imagine plastic, more like. I miss Saturn.

  46. Glad your family is well.

    I’ll be checkin out the revamped MGM site thx for the tip.

    ok… cotton candy? boardwalk or carnival style? the “smoked dish” thing, certainly interesting.

    It’s taken Ad Age this long to notice BK’s ad agency needs a slap? we’ve been questioning that strategy for months, concluding in Apr that the sales drop will finally get someone’s attention.

    waves@ Anne T

  47. I’ve always found it best to just go ahead and buy my mum the gift she needs.

    If I don’t then my mum might have received slippers for the last 15 christmas’

    Today is her 60th Birthday. ‘Don’t waste your money’ was her mantra. Oh well!!!! Shame I just bought her the gold locket 😉

  48. In the atlantis finale the Phoenix was said to be renamed the General Hammond, but in pictures that around on various sites the name Plaque on the ship reads USS George Hammond which is better sounding name for a ship anyway. Is there a reason that in the episode it was said wrong by Carter?

  49. Thank you for the links. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. The McDonald’s ad reminds me why India had the massacre when the British settled there; the cultural insensitivity.

    Anyone have a recipe for madelaines, they look yummy.


  50. I am finding that with the older/eldery generation – you can’t move their cheese. They just get their minds set on things and that’s it. I think all they really want is for us to spend time with them, talk to them, just be with them… it’s not about the the things we try to give them, they just want to spend time with the ones they love. Sometimes it’s hard for me to look past this, then I realize I’m being just as stubborn, as they are trying to change things, or not change things, when they are happy and content, but I figure, if they are complaining about something, then they probably need some help in correcting, but that’s not always the case. They just want us.

    Joe, you can offer your mom a new t.v.,fridge, etc., but I think she just wants to feed you, know that you still enjoy her cooking and just spend time with you. But – hey you gotta draw the line somewhere and a new matress for your back – sounds selfish, but maybe a good night’s sleep,while you’re there, will help you deal with things better.

    Give your mom a hug for me and best of luck to you.

  51. I went to the MGM site and guess what ? there is plenty of SG-1 BLOOPERS
    ATABOY !!!!!

  52. Heya Joe,
    This is dangerous…but you could say you would visit more if there was a new TV, mattress, etc., so you could enjoy more of her cooking.

    Of course then you would have to provide the new things as well as show up more than a couple times a year.

    just a thot…

  53. Hi Mr M!

    Greetings from Sunny Spain (and a mercilessly slow internet connection)

    I risk divorce by going on line, but had to check in on Montreal and your mother´s cooking! Glad to see both still in fine form.

    Safe trip over, and great wandering through the Moorish architecture of the fab city of Malaga. A seering 30 degrees celcius ( not sure what that is in farenheit)

    Love the book discussion/ belated birthday greetings to Marty G and many thanks for your kind dedication a few days back.

    The internet gremlins are about to attack, so I shall sign off, suffice to say…great time being had by all. Thanks again for your kind mention!

    Best to you and the Mallozzi Clan

    Shirt´n´Tie in Spain!!

  54. I love Russian tea cakes! My grandma used to make them at Christmas time. They were so good.

    Wow, all those desserts! How did you manage?

    The site looks great! Though, I admit, I am still annoyed by the new SyFy logo. Hermmmm.

  55. I agree with Luis…just buy a tv for your mom, as a prezzie – maybe presented with a favorite movie on DVD (and a DVD player if she doesn’t have one).

    Then, get a book published or something to pay for it all. 🙂


  56. @2cats — watch this space. We’ve made a bunch more and we’re working with the studio to figure out when the best time to release them is!

    As I was working on them, the amount of detail we can reveal gave up 2 huge spoilers, so we’re certainly not releasing the spoiler-laden ones until Brad, Robert, Joe and the rest of the crew say so.

    And Joe — if you’re ever across the border in Seattle, look me up. We foodies have to stick together 🙂

    And as for the MGM site — I think the team did a fine job — I tested it on my daughters netbook, and other than screen res issues (not everything fits on the low res screen) it worked great! 🙂

  57. Russian Tea Cakes are one of the worlds most perfect foods! Being of Russian decent it is tradition to make these cakes all the time! (I taught a Russian cooking class at a camp over the past week and of course they were on the menu!)
    Both my Grandmother and Mother take the cakes one step further and tuck a Hershey kiss inside so when they come out of the oven the chocolate is melted inside. We have also used chocolate covered cherries, any of the Hershey kisses flavors available, and a variety of nuts (my personal favorite are the walnuts).

    We also pair them with one of our favorite Russian Teas, Czar Nicholas II (brand) tea, St. Valentine flavor. Although the regular black tea is just as good, but it helps when you prepare it in a samovar. 😉

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