Follow Carl down the new-look corridor on Stage 5.  Hang a left, up the stairs, and you're in the control room.
Follow Carl down the new-look corridor on Stage 5. Hang a left, up the stairs, and you’re in the control room.


The stripped-down gate room.  The former SGC gate becomes the gate on Icarus Base.
The stripped-down gate room. The former SGC gate becomes the gate on Icarus Base.

Back in early February, Carl and I wandered down to Stage 5 to check out the work in progress. After 11+ years as Stargate Command – gate room, control room, briefing room, and General’s office – it was finally undergoing a complete transformation. The control room and gate room, once separated by fictional wall, glass, and sliding blast doors, was now an open expanse, a metal walkway running from the nerve center directly through the gate. The surrounding corridors and control room had been given a new paint treatment, with touches of protruding rock suggestive of a rough and recent off-world construction. The upstairs briefing room had been emptied of its SGC trappings. Gone was that old table that served us well for countless years, chipped and scratched in so many places that directors were forced to choose their camera angles judiciously. The vast window that once looked down on the gate had been walled up. In a few short days, it would be a dining area. And, a month after that, the headquarters of Homeworld Command.

The old briefing room - under construction.
The old briefing room – under construction.
The bay window view down to the gate room is re-imagined.
The bay window view down to the gate room is re-imagined.

I was admittedly wistful. After all, I’d written for those standing sets for seven great years and, suddenly, they were gone. But eventually, as the new sets took shape, that initial melancholy gave way to excitement at the prospect of the upcoming Stargate: Universe series and the third SG-1 movie. Over the course of the next few weeks, the sets were finished and, as impressive as they were on those casual strolls, they were ten times more impressive once properly lit and engaged. And then ten times more impressive than that when we first saw them in dailies.

For now, I leave you with pics of the early stages of construction, Stargate Extreme Home Makeover – Phase 1.…

Shaping up nicely under Carl's watchful eye.
Shaping up nicely under Carl’s watchful eye.

92 thoughts on “May 3, 2009: Transforming Stage 5 From Stargate Command to Icarus Base

  1. Thanks for the photos. But i feel a sense of loss! Like i have lost the sets of my most favorite show! Keep it together daniel, you’re at tafe! Ha ha. I am looking forward to see it being used! In addition to feeling sad, i also feel priviliged to know we get to see the sets, way before it airs! Thanks joe! I don’t there has been anyone as dedicated as yourself in keeping the crazy fans updated.

  2. Cool! Thanks for the pictures! Can’t wait to see everything in action!

  3. That last shot is quite iconic…I love it…

    It shows the Loss of a Beloved Show and the rebirth of another…very moving….


  4. Wonderful pictures. Hard to imagine the SGC no longer being there. But living in a history-laden area(ok, historic by New World, not Old World standards) I’m used to seeing places torn down to make room for new, and often better things. My only regret is that when and if they open the new sets for tours I won’t be able to attend. Thanks for keeping us informed and providing us with tidbits to keep our sanity till we can get a full dose of Stargate.

  5. “… now an open expanse, a metal walkway running from the nerve center directly through the gate…”

    Wow, just like in South Park!

    Or, alternatively,

    “Does this mean I can’t borrow the Stargate for Burning Man?”

  6. So does that mean when they get around to putting it back to the SGC for the Next SG-1 movie it will look better(or newer considering they’d have to re-paint it back to normal and stuff)

  7. Thanks joe for the pics.


    Oh I guess I was supposed to play.

    1. I am a proud American

    2. Jee, that’s hard. Probably a 4 way tie between BASMR, Midway, vegas, and eatg.

    3. I love cats. I have 2 blacks.

    4. Some random excuse for a salad I once made.

  8. Ok my gosh I meant two black cats. I got distracted and forgot to proffread. Wow that sounded rasist. Sorry. I am truly not a rasist. Just a typo.

  9. Thanks heaps for the pics!
    But I was wondering, when they make the next SG-1 movie, what will they use for the gateroom?

  10. Lalalalalalalalalalala. Not looking. Not looking. Not looking.
    Sorry Joe. Wanting to watch Universe through new eyes. Figuratively, not literally. Although this set could do with a backup pair.

  11. This now poses two questions;

    1. Doesn’t Icarus base get destroyed thus making all this work now redundent…

    2. What about the SG1 Movie? We can’t not have the SGC in it :/

  12. If it turns out that y’all like the new “documentary” style of shooting SGU, will you want to use it perhaps for either the SG1 or SGA movie? Or would that mess with the feel of the individual shows too much?

  13. At least you can understand why these pictures make people like me feel like crying Joe. I kinda feel like the real, true, classic Stargate has been torn down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing what SGU is like, but a lot of the fans are being harsh to those of us that feel a bit wronged because the SGC has been torn down. How are you gonna film the new SG-1 movie without the SGC? It’s kinda like the death of an old friend.

  14. @ Major D – You’re too funny sometimes! No worries, I don’t think anyone though ill of you.

    So, anyways…just got back from the Wolverine movie, and I was pleased. A solid comic book movie for a character that is very hard to sum up in two hours, give or take. I really want to see it again…not for Jackman, however…but for…oh, SPARROW

    Gambit! 😀

    Joe, hope the pups are well and that you and Fondy have a good night. Thanks for the pics. Of course, I’d prefer pictures from the set of the Atlantis movie, but I will try to be patient. 😛


  15. Yeah, that was supposed to be ‘thought’. I really need to go to bed. 😛


  16. I really need to read my comment before posting! My above should say “i don’t think there has been anyone as dedicated”… That’s a good point about the movie. What will they do for the sgc? I can’t imagine the cost involved in building a set, only to have it destroyed, as someone said above. Also good to know i’m not the only one that has a sense of loss! Ok, proof read. Submit!

  17. It was bittersweet seeing the new gateroom on the set tour last month. But everyone was quick to reassure us that all the parts are still available to pull out for the movies when needed. But it did feel like the real end of an era.

  18. Hi ya

    That was so sad to see….all I can say is I hope we get to see the old one in the new movie and that the new gateroom I saw was on Icarus base…phew!….

    Thanks Joe for all the inside info it is greatly appreciated 🙂

    Kriss 🙂

  19. It does make one nostalgic. But I’m excited, too! I can’t wait till the premiere. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Sorry, just read back to the May 1 blog and it just sunk in. I need a ride to White Sands now. And by the way, Alamogordo isn’t so far away, depending on how far into the park they went. The town’s really come a long way from the one-street-with-NOTHING-to-do town it was some years ago. They even have a zoo and a space museum. Is the military base going to be helping them out with bomb-like special effects? And would they really freak out if someone where to show up to enjoy the dunes and be all like, “Oh, there’s something filming here?” Back when I first moved to the area, we were in the park when the singing group Boys 2 Men where filming a video and I swear I saw them from a distance. We only found out though because they had several chairs set up by the main road which was to be used by the orchestra or something. But to see the gate, even from a good deal far away would be awsome.

  21. I’m guessing there’s not really a complicated explanation for the set-is-no-more/SG1 III situation. If there’s any scenes that were to have taken place at the SGC, they got it in the can before disassemble commenced. Or on the byte. Whatever the kids are calling it these days.

    Sorry, but do you guys even use film anymore?

  22. this is sad, even though the new sets looks good and alieny. doesnt seem like an enviroment made for humans, too cold like a mental institution in eastern europe. lol or that place in the movie hostel. but its futuristic and cool and i cant wait to see it. i especially like the new gateroom, and the creepy corridors. the only thing missing is a disco ball haha im evil.

  23. Great pics Joe, cant wait to see what the finished Icarus Base looks like, I am guessing the ‘Homeworld Command’ you mention these sets being used for are to be the new SGC for Universe, the SG-1 movies and Atlantis (if at any point they need to contact Earth).

    If so its a sad day, but maybe after 10+ years it was time for the SGC to get some new digs.

    Any chance of some more pictures of the cast either doing what they do or between takes suited up in their costumes (in a non spoilery way of course)

  24. @das
    Ok thats good. Sometimes I use my I touch to commen, it replaces words for me. For example when I put black, I must have spelled it wrong. So than It thought I wanted to say blacks so that’s what it changed it to. Then, to complete my embarrassment, I forgot to say cats.

  25. Thanks for the photos. It looks so weird, seeing the old sets, essentially the same but designed and painted differently.

  26. Wonderful pics Joe… thanks for sharingit , it looks amazing, so are you keeping those same sets for the new SG-1 movie as for SGU? for what i see it will be a new look for the stargate sets … i like changes and those look aswesome, really.

  27. Bonjour Joseph,
    Merci pour ces photos, ça donne envie de voir SGU.
    1) Verrons nous la base Icarus seulement pour le pilote?
    2) Que devient le SGC, est ce qu’on va le revoir dans les prochains téléfilms? Si oui, vous allez le reconstruire à la place de la base Icarus ou dans un autre studio?

  28. Hi Joe! Wow, out with the old, in with the new, huh? From what I’m imagining the end result to be, it looks like it’ll turn out nicely, though! I like the last photo, by the way.

    Got a pet sitter yesterday, took off to Tampa to buy new furniture (and by the way, Flannery’s on a new antibiotic and seems to be feeling much better :), got together with some Star Trek/Stargate friends and their non-sci-fi spouses. Much discussion, speculation and laughter re Stargate Universe and the movies amongst us way cool people, very quiet on the “other side”. Oi.

    @das: Stuff on the way to you next week – have pet sitter, will get out of here one way or the other!

  29. #2. It think i am going to re-answer my second question. In reality, I have 20-25 episodes of both atlantis and sg-1 episodes that are tied for my favorite so its kinda hard to choose.

    Anyone want to guess my age, just for the heck of it?

  30. Will the gates in SGU all (Ancients building them in their girlfriend’s basement notwithstanding) be the same size as the ones in previous shows?

  31. Thanks for the picture posting Joe, We do get to see a lot of a certain side of Mr. B, when he is tour guide, not complaining though. 😉 Do hope Lulu is doing better, and the others babies are ok as well.
    Have a great day!!

  32. Cool pictures! Thanks!

    I just watched last week’s NCIS on my DVR. They had a new very cool tech toy. Did anyone see it?

    My hubby says it’s called Surface by Microsoft. It looked like something off a futuristic show. They had window touch screen programs and they moved them around to different screens just by dragging them over with their finger. Very cool!

    Major Davis, kudos for getting black cats. They are always the last to be adopted at our humane society. I’ve got two of them myself. They published two of my cats photos on “stuff on my cats” website: There is the link, if anyone wants to take a look at two of my “kids”.


  33. I haven’t seen blue stripes like that since I graduated from Washington Park Middle School! Which way is homeroom?

  34. As a long time fan from Turkey I just wanted to say that I am also sorry that the old gateroom is gone it was the staple of the series for nearly 12 years but everything changes after a while. The question is will we not see the SGC in the new SG-1 movie(s)?

  35. Hi Mr. M.:

    Thank you for the photos….as they say….’when one door closes, another opens’….

    I would like to ask if you will be twittering any time soon along with Martin Gero and Carl Binder and the rest???

    Have a terrific week!

    ….and as always….
    Have A Very Stargate Day!


  36. Coucou Joseph! Merci pour ces photos!! j’avou c”est triste de voir partir l’ancien décor, mais bon place au renouveaux =D La décoration sera surement aussi éxtraordinaire!

  37. Thanks for the pics, Joe, yeah this is cool we get to see the sets before the show airs, do they post on the SyFy site too?

    It’s kinda bitter sweet. Missing the good ol’ days. I’ll have to have my own Stargate Marathon.

  38. Wow, this series of pics is amazingly bittersweet. I am thrilled to see the beginnings of what is sounding more and more like a fantastic third show in the franchise. My finger is itching to press ‘purchase now’ on the tickets for next spring’s tour w/ creation entertainment. 🙂

    But I was just really surprised by the depth of emotion I felt at knowing the old familiar gateroom is no more. *sniffle*

    Also, I’m wondering if by, “The former SGC gate becomes the gate on Icarus Base,” do you really mean the gate ITSELF? I feel like that thing should be hanging in a museum somewhere…

  39. In preparation for SGU I am enlisting my new roommate and long time friend into an intensive Stargate training boot camp. I will be starting him out with the original Stargate movie, working all the way through each and every episode of Stargate SG-1 (+ Movies) & SGA.

    I guess I want to make it seem like its for his benefit, but in reality I just want to watch them all again! It’s been a good 1.5 years since I did some intensive SG-1 marathons.

    My auditing exam is tonight and I am skipping my advanced accounting class right now to “study”, so I should at least start to do that. Just a few more weeks until graduation!

  40. Hey Joe,

    Jeremy’s home and for the next six days all will *seem* right with the world. Although he misplaced his Microsoft badge and is accusing everyone from me to Ziggy as having taken it. Yeah… ‘cuz I’m all about getting into the Tampa Microsoft office for more *Windows* sticky-notes. 🙄

    Aaaanyway, we DID take the girls to see Topol in Fiddler on the Roof last night. It was pretty amazing. Also that Erin (my 7 year old) sat thru the first 2 hours with her eyes glued to the stage. Allie’s and Erin’s new favorite person: Topol! He’s still funny and has an amazing voice (both speaking and vocally). He’s a little bit slower in the dance department.

    What else? Today is the big b-day week for me. Both girls turn a year older. Amazingly, I stay at 29. 😉

    Thank you for the set pictures. Your readers are certainly the most informed on all things Stargate! 😀


  41. @sparrow_hawk: I know this is a couple days late but I’m glad your terrible headache is gone. I’ve been fighting them off the past couple days. I’ve just realized maybe cutting out caffeine from my Starbucks would help. It has… today I tried some full-octane to see if it triggers a headache. We’ll see.

    @chevron 7: So I want to play your *getting to know you* game!

    Here are MY answers:
    1. What country are you from? The US of A (born and bred)
    2. What’s your favourite episode? Just one? Window of Opportunity for SG-1 and Tao of Rodney for SGA
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both? Mostly a dog person. I vicariously enjoy cats thru my cat-owning friends. Jeremy’s deathly allergic so our house is a kitty-free zone. I’d own a wooly mammoth if they weren’t extinct and it wasn’t illegal. I love animals of all kinds.
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten? I have several answers to this. I think the weirdest thing I know of was actually consumed by Allie. She had made herself a tuna fish sandwich for lunch. A half hour later she decided to have a poptart. Not realizing there was still tuna on her plate she put the poptart right ontop of a glop of tuna…and ate the two together. I believe it was a brown sugar and cinammon pop tart. Worst part? She loved it! 😛 Seriously I cringe when I think of this story. For me people find it really odd that I love pineapple on my pizza. I think it’s normal. I do understand their fear of my mom’s Summer Salad. It’s cottage cheese with Cool Whip and a packet of whatever flavor jello you love (we usually use strawberry) and then the real fruit mixed in. The six kids in my family call it *Pink Stuff*. It’s basically a dessert but we have it at BBQs in the summer. Most people find it totally unappealing. But hey, I always say, “Yup, it’s terrible! More for me!” 😈

    And that’s probably more than you wanted to know about me. 😆

  42. @Tammy Dixon,

    what ur talking about is really old. where have you been? seriously go here to keep up with the fast world of technology: you will notice that none of them solve our problems.

  43. Hi Joe –

    While I’m all for recycling and love the pix of the sets being transformed, I’m also going to ask the big question …

    How are you going to film the SG-1 movie without a Gateroom and Command Center?

    I know quite a few of us have posed this question (in various forms) – I just figured that if it gets asked lots and lots, you just might find it in your heart to let us know the secret …

  44. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the pictures! Look forward to seeing the show.

    Out of curiosity, do you see directing in your future, Stargate or otherwise? And for kicks, how easy is it for a writer on the show to get a spot as director?

    Thanks — hope Lulu feels better!

    (P.S. – I may have accidentally submitted this twice. Sorry.)

  45. @Major D.
    Don’t worry, I have two blacks as well. 😀
    ‘Tis a case of read that how you like.

    Oh, and you are a nineties kid, not a sixties kid like me. 🙂

  46. Duneknight: I’m techno relunctant. My hubby told me about Surface last year but I try not to absorb new tech. until I have to. He is always updating our OS and it drives me crazy.
    On Vista, but I would be ok with Windows 95. Now hubby is threatening me with Windows 7 already! Looked at your link, cool stuff but not as cool as Surface (tech stuff doesn’t easily impress me but this did) : Product


  47. Ugh! Put my comment on the wrong post. Hate that. I’m really enjoying the answers. Looking forward to some of the weird food combos – peanut butter on a hamburger. I think I’ll like that one.

    Time for some more?

    1. Got a scar? How did you get it?

    2. What operating system are you using on your home computer? Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Don’t care, so long as it works etc

    3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?

    My answers:

    1. Got a scar on my finger from a whale. OK, so it wasn’t a real one but it still hurt. I dropped a pottery soap dispenser that was shaped as a whale and cut my finger. It bled a lot. I was very brave though, even though they didn’t stitch it. Got a butterfly clip.

    2. Currently using MAC OS X (Tiger – Hope to upgrade to Leopard soon, perhaps Ocelot after that).

    3. Hotel for Dogs. Um, I got really teary towards the end. It was like watching a Benji movie. It’s always sad before the happy ending. Anyhoo, I had fun and give it a thumbs up.

    Cheers, Chev

  48. “But eventually, as the new sets took shape,
    that initial melancholy gave way to excitement
    at the prospect of the upcoming Stargate:
    Universe series and the third SG-1 movie.”

    Hmm No mention of the SGA movie again then..

    So with Atlantis being based on earth at the moment, are you saying that they won’t be using the SGC Gateroom at any time in the movie or is the SGA movie back on the shelf?

    Just curious you understand……

  49. Thanks for the pictures Joe, I really can’t wait to see the show when it airs, but for now I have to go watch my dvd’s of SG-1 and Atlantis. How i miss those shows. Especially Atlantis, I really miss Sheppard. 🙁

  50. My answers to Chevron 7’s *getting to know you* game:

    1. Got a scar? How did you get it?

    I have a few scars. On my left hand I have scars on each finger (not the thumb) from when I was 3 and feel thru my mom’s aquarium with a glass top. 😯 My pointer finger is still painful all these years later. The stitches were horrid. No 3 year old or 30 year old should ever have to endure what I went thru. I still remember the color of the E/R walls and my mom clutching my little down coat and backing herself into the corner and crying as they strapped me into that *mummy* thing because I literally flipped out. And my other scar is on my right wrist from a recent wrist surgery… MUCH more pleasant experince. I talked *Starbucks* the whole time? 😳 I guess the orthopaedic wanted to make sure Jeremy knew it was OK to get me Starbucks on the way home.

    2. What operating system are you using on your home computer? Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Don’t care, so long as it works etc.

    Windows… Jeremy works for Microsoft so no choice there. You wanna know how much the next Windows sucks? I will tell you since we use it before it comes out. I TOLD you all Vista would suck. 😈 Although I can’t complain… we don’t pay for it. Oh wait, yeah I can complain. Microsoft can do better! Although I’m a PC girl, not a MAC girl. MACs and I don’t mix well.

    3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?

    Wolverine. I liked it. But what do I know? I don’t read the comic books. 😛

    @Chev: Again, THAT was fun! And Hotel for Dogs? Really? Oookay… now I’m gonna put it on my list! Glad to get a good review… Aw… I miss the Benji movies!

  51. That last picture is EPIC. Seriously. It reminds me of the first teaser for the new Star Trek film. That teaser ended with:

    “Under Construction”

    Very cool. Also, it reminds me of a mad scientist (aka. Carl Binder) overseeing the completion of his doomsday weapon. 😀

    @ chevron7: Yay! More questions!

    1. Got a scar? How did you get it?

    The most prominent one is the one on my hand. It’s not gross or anything, but it’s definitely there. When I was 5 or something, me and my mom were visiting a supermarket. I wandered around the place with one of those classic glass coke bottles, and tripped. The glass broke and cut into my hand. It was bleeding like mad, and we had to get my dad back from work (he was a doctor) to patch it up.

    Good times. 😉

    2. What operating system are you using on your home computer? Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Don’t care, so long as it works etc

    Windows. I think a few around here remember my rant about Macs. 😀

    3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?

    Oh, this was a loooooong time ago. I’m just not one for cinemas and theatres anymore. I think the last one I saw was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. When I got home, I wrote up a scathing review of it. Basically, I felt it was far too rushed, and instead of it being a fluid movie, it was rather a bunch of key scenes in the book strung together by a barely-there thread of a plot. The climax was non-existence.

    Now I’m angry. Thanks a lot. 😛

    Questions of my own, for Joe:

    1. What is episode 8 of SGU?

    2. What is episode 7 of SGU?

    3. What is episode 6 of SGU?

    4. What is episode 5 of SGU?

    5. What is episode 4 of SGU?


  52. Big day…falling asleep at 7:30…but will try to answer chev’s questions…

    1. Got a scar? How did you get it?

    A few minor ones that have no interesting stories behind them. The one I remember most is a scar on my knee that I got when I knelt on a piece of glass in the bathtub (from a bottle of bath oil that I dropped in the tub). I was like…6.

    2. What operating system are you using on your home computer? Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Don’t care, so long as it works etc.


    3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was good fun, as long as you’re not a fanboy who takes stuff like continuity too seriously. I will see it again.

    Two good things from today – got my car fixed (hopefully this time for reals), and read two of the sub-books in the The Weird of the White Wolf. Not too shabby for me.


  53. 1. I got attacked by a dog and have a heart shaped scar on my right arm

    2. I am a religious mac user.

    3. Just got back 10 minutes ago from seeing the new x-men. Good movie. 9/10

  54. Thanks for sharing these photos. I’ve just finished re-watching all 10 seasons of StarGate SG1 and am nearly through Season 4 of Atlantis. I’m looking forward to the new series and a third movie. Hard to believe this hardcore Star Trek fan is also a serious StarGate fan.

  55. @ Tammy

    Thanks. I love black cats. They are so cute and so loving but totally scared of the vacuum. Poor things.

    Awwww, Your cats are so cute, are you thinking of getting a third one (I want to but my mom says 2 is enough, darn, guess i have to wait till i move out)

    Questions for next mailbag.

    1. Has Fire been made a two parter or a 90 minute episode?

    2. Who is directing justice?

    3. What percent of the people on the destiny would you say are military?

    4. Don’t you think stargate should do more intense action sequences? I mean you have little camera movement and no shaking whatsoever in stargate, so in the end it looks somewhat staged and unreal( I still love any action though). I mean not to the extent of Private Ryan but i think it would work well on sgu( intense action would go with the theme, wouldn’t it?). Like after i showed my friend Continuum, he said he liked it but he wished the action would be more real and intense. I mean you want SGU to feel real and i know you guys can pull it off. Do you understand and agree with what i am saying?

    5. What episode slots do light and darkness currently occupy?

    6. When do you think fans will get to see the next SGU trailer? Are there any all edited and ready to go?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  56. 1. Got a scar? How did you get it?
    On my ankle and foot. I broke up a dog fight with my foot last year. I was wearing thick boots and thought I would be “somewhat” protected, until I could leash/pull off one of the dogs from the other. The pit bull mix (the other was a chow mix) grabbed my boot and kept chewing. I managed to slip my foot out and laso the chow pulling her away. Ending up with a few nasty bites BUT now I know that a pit bull CAN chew through thick rubber boots.

    2. What operating system are you using on your home computer? We use Vista. My husband is very pro windows. I like anything that works but since he is my tech guy I am completely dependant on his tech whims.

    3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good? Monsters vs. Aliens. Very good movie.

    Tammy Dixon

  57. Chev
    1. I only have one obvious external scar. I was about 7. Was heading off to school in the rain. Picked up my Smurf umbrella, noticed a spoke had come loose. Showed Mum. She said it would be fine. Opened up the umbrella and it sliced my index finger open. Fun times, fun times. I still have the umbrella somewhere.

    2. Windows. It’s a necessity for the SQL programming I do.

    3. I’m ashamed to say that the last movie I saw was, “He’s Just Not That Into You”. I’m not a chick-flick type of chick but I have a great friend that no matter what movie we see together we end up laughing. My Husband hates going to the movies so that works out well.

    While I’m purging my sins I might as well let you know Joe that I read the Twilight series a couple of weeks back. **sigh** There you go, it’s out now. Let the mocking begin!

  58. 1. I was brutally savaged by a guinea pig resulting in a teeny tiny nearly invisible scar on my hand. I…I don’t want to talk about it…

    2. There’s an operating system? I thought wizards made this thing work.

    3. Dirty Pretty Things, which reaffirmed that it’s a smoke a cigarette moment of joy to see actors who can act, you know, act.

  59. 1. Got a scar? How did you get it?
    cat scratch
    2. What operating system are you using on your home computer? Windows XP
    3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?
    Can’t remember, it was so long ago. I see all my movies on my computer screen now.

  60. @lindasbusiness: Not hard to believe at all! You’d be surprised how many of us there are out here 🙂

    Ok, so:

    1. Scars? Oi, you don’t want to know. Many, some from riding horses for 20 yrs, others from surgeries.

    2. Operating system: Windows Vista. Not compatible with Skype, but otherwise ok. Need a new laptop with XP.

    3. Last movie: The Changeling. Liked it!

    Rented Marley and Me to watch tonight (bad, bad idea, I think, after reading the book).

    @Trish: I’ll be in Tampa on Saturday. Tell me, any great places to eat?

  61. Anyone else keep on getting that “Getting To Know You” song from The King and I stuck in your head after reading each response to Chev’s questions?

  62. Cool stuff! But how will the new sets affect the 3rd SG-1 movie? Will they be converted back to the SGC?

    love the blog.

    William Overton

  63. @Deni B: You like greek food? You’ll loooove The Acropolis in Y’Bor City. Live music weekend-nights. Great atmosphere. Best tsaziki I’ve ever had. But one of my favorites is Jackson’s Bistro on Harbour Island. The Tempura Lobster Roll is so good. It’s right on the water and has a pretty view. Also, if you love hispanic food the Columbia House is supposed to be amazing. Sadly I haven’t eaten there… yet. It’s on my list. Jeremy doesn’t like hispanic food so I’ve gotta find someone else to go there with me. I know, I know… who doesn’t like hispanic food? He likes Sci-Fi, tho. 😉 So he’s only half crazy.

    I have other places to recommend, too.

    I eat out too much, me thinks.

  64. @Trish: Thanks sweetheart, so nice of you! I’ll go with you to eat hispanic food ANYTIME. I’ll be going to Tampa often for the next month or so – we should get together! Drop me a line at if you want to 🙂

  65. Hey, Deni – thanks. I’ll keep an eye open.

    Also – the other day someone asked if I had ever read Lobo (or something to that effect). No…I haven’t, but is that character albino? Damn my OCD, but right now I can’t seem to break away from ‘pale’ mode. And me, once a lover only of the raven-haired. Go figger. 😛


  66. Some great pics! Thanks, Joe.

    And because everyone else seems to be:
    1. There’s the one on my elbow from when I slipped in the slower and snapped the porcelain soap holder on the way down. Eep! And a tiny one between my eyes from when I was trying to chop a rather green stick in half and it bounced up into my face.
    2. Vista. It came with the laptop. Looks pretty but it does have its issues 🙁
    3. Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. That was fun, if a little obvious.

  67. @ Trish Girl you in the south? We call the Cottage cheese jello thing Orange Delight. My friend’s mom makes it. With Orange jello and chunks of oranges and grapefruit. Have to say it’s a like or dislike taste.

    And I would also like to change to weirdest food to a dish my dad made me this morning for breakfast. It was an omelet (I think. It was more like scrabbled eggs with stuff in it) It had apples, onions, celery in it. His reasoning was Chickens come from eggs and he stuffs these things in a chicken when he smokes it so it must be good in egg form too. It was not.

  68. A colon, not a full stop, I hope.

    After all, how many USS Enterprises have there been? And, there’ll probably be more.

    SG-1, you have a go!

  69. Hi Joe!

    Could you pass along to Peter and the rest of the Deluise that my family is sad at the loss of their dad? My daughter and I were just watching “Urgo” two nights ago. He was such a funny actor. He will be missed very much.

    Jennifer Draves and Family

  70. I Have just heard the sad news about Dom DeLuise I wish to convey my condolences to his family & friends he will be sorely missed.


  71. I love this Star Trek stuff!!!!!

    I’m new. Is it faux pas to mention one’s own writings about black holes, Big Bang theories, relativistic probes, etc.?

    Phasers on stun!

  72. “OH PLEASE, as a result, you’ll soon be treated to sneak peeks of the Destiny set, the shuttle in Stage 2, and footage of actor Brian J. Smith changing his shoes between set-ups.”PATHETIC!!!

    Thank god I’m too old for this crap!!!BRING BACK ATLANTIS, for the grown ups please.

    The cancellation has even soured me towards the new SG1 3rd movie, I personally have nothing but apathy towards that project now, an as far as the “promise” of an Atlantis movie well, its off, its on, it’s a maybe, its off due to financially reason, its back on again !!! An WHY is a SG1 movie being done first!!! Again would you like Atlantis fans to go an lie on the freeway, in England we call that a motorway, but I thought I would use you terminology. Its been suggested by some fans that Cooper/Wright should have hired a PR firm as they have DONE an appalling job at SPIN!!!! In one few comments “p off! 1000s!!!!!!

    Yes SGU may well be a good show even a hit BUT that’s not the point, loyal fans have been have on crapped from a great height with the cancellation of SGA, you wanted to do SGU FINE go ahead, BUT NOT at the expense of SGA.

    An I wont be forgiving Cooper/Wright an time soon. They dont want me as an older female fan SO BE IT dont want to be one if it means I have to watch the crap that is (B)SG U. SG1 & SGA WERE AN ARE STARGATE!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I am quite bemused about this, the show is awarded with nominations and NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME, and has a wonderful cast. This show is everything that Stargate ever was, a loyal fan base and good ratings and its cancelled AND REPLACED by SGU!!!!!


    We the older fans are not wanted, or even needed, women fans are just dismissed, let alone all the other fans who so loved this show, its quite despicable, truly disgusting.

    My kind regards and wishes are to the actors, they have also been treated appallingly. I wish them the best in any new endeavour and will support them in whatever little way I can.
    I hope Messer’s Wright & Cooper NEVER experience, the hurt, betrayal and contempt they have levelled at us.

    I so disgusted by this, it may only be a TV show but there attitude is deplorable, there is an old saying, “what goes around comes around” and this will definitely come back and bite them on the bum.

    One last thing Michael Shanks has given an interview, please explain the contents because I am confused VERY CONFUSED

    “There are some darker elements to it. It’s visually stunning.” Shanks said. And I really look forward not only to seeing it [completed, with finished visual effects], but also the audience’s reaction to it. It’s not your father’s Stargate. It’s a very different kind of show. ‘It won’t be quiet on the bulletin boards’ is the best way to put it.

    It will not be your fathers Stargate, OH GREAT, visually stunning, OH GREAT and it will not be quiet on the bulletin boards, ITS NOT QUITE NOW and the show has not even aired. An the hype about the SG1 appearing in the show was just that hype, we really are NOT that stupid, this was a desperate attempt to get back lost viewers and REALLY a few minutes of screen time for Jackson, Carter or O’Neill just to watch SGU is laughable at best insulting our intelligence at worse. IT DID NOT WORK, IT WOULD NOT WORK EVEN IF THE WHOLE CAST OF ATLANTIS TURNED UP, I am afraid your damage control has failed

    disgusted ex Stargate fan

    RIP Atlantis the gate dies with you,

    Babygate Universe aka (B)SG U no THANK U!!!!!!!!

  73. Dear Joe

    Please can pass on my replys to a recent interview given by Cooper & Wright as I dont have an address for them.

    BW: The other thing is the old series, SG-1 and Atlantis: As much as the Goa’uld were the rational for the Milky Way and the Wraiths were the rational for Pegasus, they were still “good” versus “evil.” Whenever we had our characters fighting each other in any respect, it seemed petty in comparison to the larger battle that was going on between us and them.”

    And now, not only are we removed from our galaxy, and going home is not an option right now, the ship is also populated with the wrong people. These are not the folks that were supposed to go here.”

    1) It did????? come on were we actually watching the same show??? loved the good guys beating bad guys i.e. ” good verse evil

    “RC:… I think we wanted to do something that was maybe a little more grown-up, a little more mature in terms of the way we attack the characters, and also something that was … Again I don’t mean to sound critical of past shows, but I think one of the things that sort of bothered me as a producer was that we tried very hard to make a little movie every week, a feature film.”

    2) WHAT!!!, I thought SGA was grown up an what in god’s name does “a little more mature in terms of the way we attack the characters” mean!!!! PLEASE give me strength, that one comment alone feels me with absolute dread, sorry words fail me! Funny I thought I was watching a brilliant show every week, a movie is a movie, frankly do not understand that comment at all!

    “RC: … and hope. I think there’s going to be a little more reality in it. We’re trying to get more realistic about the characters. It is more character driven. If I could compare it to the old shows, the old shows were more of an action/adventure series. This is more dramatic.”

    3) I thought SGA was dramatic, and character driven and had believable and LIKABLE people, you know ” The right people in the right place”, I do not know what he watched but I watched a action/adventure show week in week out AN LOVED IT.

    RC: It’s not to say we’ve completely lost our sense of humour! It’s not going to be, hopefully, not pretentious or take itself too seriously. But at the same time, I think, it’s going to be more dramatic and take itself a little more seriously — which I think some fans will embrace in a more positive way.

    I think there was occasionally a sense that maybe we weren’t taking the show seriously enough from fans. I don’t think that’s the case with this show.”

    4) Humour and the ability to laugh at yourselves is a plus and a big why to relive stress. I love the fact there were times when they did exactly that an did not take them selves to seriously.

    “RC:The production value was spectacular, but yet we didn’t have the money. And, you know, I am a television fan. I love television and I think there are things that television does very, very well, and that is telling stories over the long term and getting you invested in characters and people.”

    5) Really you are a TV fan, well it doesn’t show!!! WE WERE AND ARE INVESTED IN THE CHARACTERS AND PEOPLE!!!!

    “RC: I think there is a segment of the television watching audience who would watch a show like that, and say, “I don’t like that kind of show. There’s latex faces, and puppets, and …”

    6) What’s wrong with a bit of latex ” ha ha” Ever seen a little show called Farscape, was brilliant and SHOULD NOT have been cancelled. Also how big is this segment that say ” I don’t like that kind of show”. Please can you provide a break down of the extensive market research that you have done, it would be interesting to see the stats, an you will of course broken it down into demographics I assume!

    “BW: It allows us to imagine stories take place where we don’t have to worry about “Where are the Wraith?” “Where are the Goa’uld?” “Where are the Asgard?” Where are this? Where are that? That mythology can, while we are still talking about Earth — now — the events that are happening to us are so removed from events in the Milky Way or Pegasus for that matter that it’s a different canvas”

    7) WHAT?????? This is just rubbish, why dont you just say you got bored with doing SGA, by guess what we didnt!!!!

    “RC: And hopefully more real people. People who are not mythological archetypes but rather flawed human beings who are going to interact in the way that a microcosm of society will interact in that situation.

    You look at a show like Survivor, where you take a bunch of people and put them on an island, and how they act, and the best and worst of them comes out. That’s something we want to try and reflect on the show. Nobody is going to be a perfect hero and nobody is going to be a perfect villain, either.”

    8) RIGHT, real people OK opposed to WHAT???? Who was the mythological archetypes in the show then. Oh I guess he means the characters you like and love!! Funny I thought Sheppard was a flawed human being and Mackey certainly was and what about Ronan he obviously had NO FLAWS. I love the interact with the microcosm of society bit, the fact it actually means nothing is here nor there but it does sound good, especially if you like to hear the sound of your own voice.

    The bit that has got me the most is i.e. look at a show like Survivor, O M G. I for one ABSOLUTELY HATE TV REALITY SHOWS, HATE THEM WITH A PASSION. I personally refuse to watch shows like Survivor, Big Brother, Love Island and ALL the pop idols type shows ect… I just don’t like them never have, If it aint got a script and actors I don’t watch it.

    To compare any thing Stargate to a show like Survivor is ludicrous” how they act, and the best and worst of them comes out. That’s something we want to try and reflect on the show. Nobody is going to be a perfect hero and nobody is going to be a perfect villain, either” All I can say is O M G and your trying to tell me this is NOT directed to a teen audience.

    Thank the stars I am not going to be watching SGU, JESUS CHRIST, words do fail me, well polite that ones I can use here anyway, but suffice to say I am thinking plenty of words I could use!!!!!!!

    RC: … There was an emotional reaction you had to that, and you felt, “Somewhere in the midst of this, there is hope.” And I think that, that sort of fear and terror of a tragedy combined with the sense that there is hope for us in the basic ways in which human beings survive, is the essence of the story we’re trying to tell.

    There’s people who are thrown into a situation where they are not prepared and potentially are not capable of dealing with but at the same time [they] have to survive and come together and work together.

    So, when we say “dark and edgy,” yes, there is death and there is jeopardy and danger and behaviour that is probably unheroic. But at the same time you see all that positive things about people come out, too. And the idea works in doing that juxtaposed to exploring the wonders of the universe. I do believe there is still the core essence of what is Stargate that will appeal to people”

    9) So we are now talking about BSG I guess!!!! oh at least there will be a “core element of Stargate” what’s that then, the Stargate its self, Oh and the fact its in the title.

    “RC: You have geniuses, but they have flawed aspects to their personal lives which makes them more realistic. Or they aren’t always right. They say, “Pressing this button is going to save the day.” And then it doesn’t”

    10) Oh right again so Rodney was not flawed and NEVER got things wrong ” emm” Oh and Carter was she RIGHT every time. The last bit about pressing a button, ” beats me I am confused and I’ve really lost plot, or is it the will to live!!!

    I’m not even going to comment on the “documentary style filming” I’ll just give it the contempt it deserves, because that’s just plain terrible!!!!!

    Well if I wasn’t irate before about SGA being “AXED” ( which I was) I’m sure as hell am now in fact getting more annoyed as time goes by, thanks mainly in part to Cooper/Wright and the insults SGA fans keep getting thrown. They really have a thing about us older fans, that called Ageism.

    Thanks RC & BW that’s has helped a disgruntled SGA fan an soon to be an ex stargate fan, NOW I KNOW THAT EVERYTHING I LOVED ABOUT STARGATE WILL NOT BE IN (B)SG U.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  74. “The Real SGU” are not the only ones doing stuff…

    For about two years, we’ve been ashamed of the fact that the website has been mostly out of action:

    We can’t post news, teams don’t have their own area except the forums, and it’s just taking up space in a control panel we can’t even login to… as a result, some of us are doing something about it. In the next few months, in time for the launch of your studio’s third series, we hope to have our site reborn. You don’t need to worry about the name of our site, however, as we will probably be changing it so it doesn’t conflict with your show.

    All you guys at Stargate Productions are always welcome to visit after not minding that “Stargate: Horizon” kept going, so if you ever want to talk to us, simply register on our forums at the above-link!

  75. tout d’abord je suis français et j’aime rais savoir si la série sera diffusée en France

  76. Oh,
    This is pretty cool to see. As always I have to wonder if it’ll be any good. Also, why do the studios do this really? They just switch up the shows. I mean they all have the same concept, but what’s the point of changing it all the time.

    Oh well hey if anyone wants to see a cool behind the scenes type feature, sorta thing then check this out

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