Yesterday, we sat down and watched the director’s cut of Air I and II. Even without the visual effects and the music, it was mighty damn impressive. MIGHTY damn impressive! A big congratulations to show creators/runners Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, the entire cast and crew, and go-to-guy Andy Mikita who directed his big ol’ heart out in treating us to one hell of a spectacular premiere. Later in the afternoon, we sat down to watch the director’s cut of Fire. Now I usually dread watching cuts after 4:00 p.m. as, late in the day, my mind tends to wander while my eyelids seem to put on about six pounds a piece, but this episode was absolutely riveting. GREAT – except for the fact that it’s about twenty minutes too long, and this isn’t even taking into consideration a bunch of scenes that Brad actually wrote but had to cut at the script stage for fear that the episode would run long – which it has anyway. And yet even though the running time is long, the episode is tight, moving along at a surprisingly brisk pace. So congrats to Director Peter DeLuise on his triumphant return to the Stargate franchise.

Now allow me to clarify a few things about the Stargate: Atlantis movie. Back in the 2008, we floated the possibility of shooting a two-hour Atlantis movie. The idea was to roll right into it right after episode 20 and then play it by ear. If the show got picked up for a sixth season, those two hours would form the first two episodes. In the event the show was not picked up, then we’d already have a movie in the can. Alas, Project Twilight (which is what I dubbed the two hour event at the time) didn’t come to pass. The series ended and focus shifted to Stargate: Universe. But not ALL of the focus because the intention has always been to make a movie. Actually, the focus has been to make two movies: an SG-1 movie, and an Atlantis movie. Now many of you are asking: “Hey, we hear that production on the Atlantis movie is being held up by the economy and yet, you have the money to make a new series and that SG-1 movie. What gives?” Well, first of all, it’s not a simple matter of us getting a whack of money and being able to pick and choose the projects we want to apply it to. Each production whether it be SGU, SG-1, or SGA, is contingent on their respective deals. And no two deals are alike. Furthermore, part of a project’s production budget is made up of licensing fees from various broadcasters, sales to various territories both domestic and international. Now these entities are a fickle bunch and won’t just buy anything. If they want product A, you can’t just replace it with product B. And that’s just one aspect of the many elements that go into any given deal. The bottom line is that the deal in place for Stargate: Universe has different components than the deal for the SG-1 movie which has different components than the deal for the SGA movie (yes, in spite of the fact that they are both Stargate movies, the deals are different).

So even though the SG-1 movie has been greenlit, I can assure you that plans are still in place to move forward on the Atlantis movie as well. Brad is working on the SG-1 script while Paul and I hope to have a first draft of the Atlantis script by month’s end (we’re already past the halfway mark). No firm production dates for either movies, but if I was a betting man, I’d be looking at this fall. All this to say – there’s no need to get all negative. When there is a need, I’ll let you all know but, at present, we’re making progress on all fronts: SGU, SG-1, AND SGA.

As for that new episode title I promised: Divided.

Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? Discussion:

Sparrow_hawk writes: “. I wasn’t as impressed by Deena Pilgrim – she seemed to be there more as a foil for Walker. I thought that her reasons for working with Walker were well stated in the beginning, but then she became a mere sidekick.”

Answer: I quite liked Deena’s portrayal. Clearly, he has a bit of a chip on her shoulder which suggests significantly more going on beneath the surface. I also enjoyed her single-minded determination to confirm her suspicions about Walker. She surprises him with a kick, asks him point blank, and then resorts to snooping to learn the trust. She had her own little investigation going on and, in the end, closed the case to her satisfaction. She’s tough. And, in subsequent stories, we get to learn a lot more about her.

Sparrow_hawk also writes: “. I know that I’m not supposed to ask questions like this because it is fantasy and I’m supposed to suspend my disbelief, but I’ll ask anyway because things like this bug me: If the police used “drainers” to keep criminals with superpowers under control in prison, why didn’t the forensic pathologist just use one to conduct his examination?”

Answer: I’ll include this question in the batch I’ll be sending Brian’s way. However, I simply assumed that the “drainers” kept superpowers in check (ie. Enhanced strength, speed, flying ability, etc.). Other physical attributes (ie. A third eye, impervious skin, etc.) weren’t “superpowers” per se and, thus, not affected.

Dasndanger writes: “… wondering what the conversation between Walker and Calista was all about. I had a few suspicions, but eventually I had to ask some folks who have read the entire series what the ending meant, and they explained that all is revealed in later issues.”

Answer: I thought it was fairly self-explanatory that Calista, like Retro Girl, is the next in a long line of powerful women throughout history, the eternal champion Sparrow-hawk refers to in her post. I guess you could liken it to the Buffy Summers character who is the recent incarnation of a long line of female slayers, no?

Dasndanger also writes: “However, not so much love for Walker. Perhaps – if I read the entire series – he’d grow on me, especially once his demons are revealed. But, basically – and pardon my French – he was a bit of a prick. Then again, I guess that’s what he’s supposed to be, but I have a lot of trouble warming to that sort of character…a bit like how I’ve never been able to like Scott Summers/Cyclops.”

Answer: Walker struck me as more of a lovable goof. What was it about him that you considered prickish? The only moment that comes to mind is when he snaps at Deena after she’s invaded his privacy but, in that instant, he has every right to be upset. The fact that he takes care of Calista in his albeit awkward way suggests a lot about the man’s character. Finally, as for Scott Summers – we are in total agreement. I always find him bland as white bread. And the big screen version is even more boring!

Dasndanger also writes: “I found Calista’s dialogue too mature and unnatural in the beginning for a kid her age, and it threw me off at first.”

Answer: I found her precociousness hilarious. Her asking Walker “What’s a clitoris?” is one of the funniest moments in the book.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “For me, the juxtaposition of the artwork with the more adult themes just didn’t work for me. I kept expecting a more PG-rated kind of story, and the first use of adult language kind of threw me for a loop.”

Answer: I was unsure at first but, eventually, the contrast in styles between the gritty noir storytelling and the illustrations that I found quite atmospheric despite being a tad cartoonish.

Lisa S. writes: “ I did have a few problems with this book; I’ll try to go in order in which they appear:

1. Highly cliched small child already mentioned.”

Answer: She may have seemed cliché at first but surely the revelation at book’s end changed your mind in this regard? No?

“2. Pilgrim’s clothing. This was the major WTF? thing for me in this book. I didn’t see Johnny Depp anywhere so this can’t be 21 Jump Street so, why is she dressed as though she just went shopping with the high school senior class?”

Answer: Ha, okay, I’ll give you that. Of course keep in mind that at the time of its publication, that look may have been all the rage. Probably not department issue, but stylin’.

“3. Zora and her ‘there is no God I am my own God’ deal. I get tired of anti-religion digs.”

Answer: I didn’t see this as anti-religion and thought the philosophy behind it was quite clever. It’s not unlike a lot of contemporary motivational groups that focus on the individual ability’s to influence their environment through the power of positive thinking – to the nth degree.

“4. To skip to the end the interrogation scene really got my hackles up. The whole ‘He’s intimidated by boobies. Pilgrim, you have boobies, go stick your scary boobies in his face and he’ll tell us everything’.”

Answer: That’s an extreme interpretation. The victim is intimidated by women, so why not send a woman in to intimidate him?

“5. Oh, and Triphammer felt a little too much like a poor-man’s Tony Stark.”

Answer: I immediately seized on the parallels and assumed Bendis was doing a little iconic subversion here. Also, keep in mind that Triphammer’s dozen or so pages in Powers pale significantly in comparison to the innumerable issues Marvel has dedicated to detailing the Tony Stark character.

Lisa S. also writes: “They didn’t send Pilgrim in there with the suspect because she’s a good detective. They sent her in there strictly because she’s a woman.”

Answer: “Well, no. They sent her in because she is a female detective.”


Daniel Willis writes: “I live in Australia and I am currently studying Film and Television production. I am only in my first year of a two year course, but I would like to see if it would be possible to do work experience/volunteer work for SGU next year?”

Answer: Sorry, Daniel. The production isn’t looking to bring in new people at present.

Luis writes: “Joe!!! I dont see the Flash you dont like Barry Allen????”

Answer: Already picked it up. Check my April 4th entry.

James writes: “I’m curious Joe if you read green lantern?”

Answer: I will be.

Shiningwit writes: “Brie is VERY photogenic, to whom does she belong? any video of her mingling with your crowd?”

Answer: Yep. I’ll be posting some this weekend.

Tuskin writes: “I have a question, what year does SGU take place? How close is it to the finale of SGA?”

Answer: It picks up where the Atlantis finale left off. Ish.

Becketts Patient writes: “The wraith came into being because the iratus bug turned slowly into a more human form after feeding again and again on humans over thounsands of years. So I wondered now if that was an ongoing process. Whether the wraith are still becoming more and more humanlike by feeding on humans.”

Answer: Like humans, they have attained a point a plateau in their evolution – though that’s not to say that, like humans, they won’t undergo future developments.

Silversi writes: “But question…we watched ‘Irresponsible’ with Lucius last night, and his ancient shield device seemed very strange compared to McKay’s back in the first season. How were the Genii able to dunk his head under water, whereas when McKay had the shield it wouldn’t allow him to even drink?”

Answer: A) Different shield, and B) Air would have to pass through the shield to allow the wearer to breathe so, in Lucius’s case, he was “breathing” water.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “Spider-Man revealed his secret identity during the Civil War series, but that was retconned too.”

Answer: I believe that was one of the last few comics I checked out during my last comic-reading phase. So, what happened with the whole Iron Man killing Giant Man thing? Did that get retconned too? Also wasn’t Aunt May killed off and brought back to life once before?

Deni B. writes: “Does Joel bring the orchestra to Canada or is this done in the U.S.?”

Answer: Brad and Rob usually head down to Seattle for the recording.

Deni B. also writes: “ Elway’s doing ok this morning, although I think it’ll still be a long day because it usually takes 24 -36 hours for the episodes to be over.”

Answer: Give him a recuperative kiss on the nose from all of us.

Dasndanger writeS: “ It’s one reason I’ve considered switching to TPBs for certain books since their stories read better all in one shot, than when they’re dragged out over 4-6 months.”

Answer: Trade paperbacks also collect the crossovers to other titles as well. Crossovers, by the way, are what pretty much killed my interest in reading comic books.

Anne-Marie Sloan writes: “While out and about this weekend, we ate at Horzions up on Burnaby Mountain and ABC Country Restaurant across from Bridge (love the SGU signs we saw). Have you eaten at either place and what did you think???”

Answer: I’ve eaten at both. As for what I thought…not much.

Dreams-of-Skies writes: “Speaking of writing, I notice that you’re playing around with various writing ideas at the moment. Is there anything in particular right now that has you really excited?”

Answer: Well, I’m very excited about this short story I’m working on.


65 thoughts on “April 7, 2009: SGU Cuts, That Atlantis Movie, and Some Powers Discussion

  1. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the heads up on all of the cool SG news. Glad to know things are still progressing for SG-1 and SGA movies. 🙂 I haven’t been able to watch SG at all cuz I was feeling sad over SGA’s cancellation, but was able to enjoy The Kindred Part 2 this weekend on syndication and hope to get back into my DVDs over the summer.

    Although I did express some doubts and concerns (and a few sniffles and shaking fists) towards SGU when the news broke, I’m feeling pretty happy with what I’ve seen from the trailers, your blogs, cast news, etc. I hope it’s a smash for you guys.

    You said: “…sales to various territories both domestic and international.”

    I read: “…sales to various terrorists both domestic and international.”

    LOL! Yup, I amuse myself.

    If it’s OK, I’d like to ask the kind folks here to keep some prayers and positive vibes flowing towards my Black Lab, Simon. He’s not doing well due to diabetes and degenerative myelopathy (it’s like MS for dogs). We’re getting on a schedule for all of his pills, shots, food, ointments, etc., and he’s feeling good enough right now. Just need a little psychic and spiritual push, eh?

    I am looking forward to more BotM discussions. Picked up Land of Laughs and Multireal (for myself cuz Infoquake was so good!).

    Take care!


  2. Crossovers, by the way, are what pretty much killed my interest in reading comic books.

    I could kiss you for writing that! It’s the least enjoyable thing about reading comics. I hate having to buy titles (like I have all that much extra cash to burn) that I wouldn’t normally buy just to get the entire story. Le Marvel is notorious crossover territory… I don’t know about the other publishers.

  3. oops, forgot to add:

    She may have seemed cliché at first but surely the revelation at book’s end changed your mind in this regard? No?

    Not really. It made a bit more sense for her character to be involved with Walker but Bendis was too fuzzy with the execution. I had to read the final pages a couple times to get the gist of what he was getting at.

  4. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you for all the update news on the SGA movie, and on SGU.

    Congratulations to Stargate once again. The TCON 2009 Constellation Awards Nominees were announced, and Stargate scored some nominations:

    (Please follow the link for the complete list of nominees.)

    1) Best Male Performance in a 2008 Science Fiction Television Episode (include)

    David Hewlett – Stargate Atlantis – The Shrine

    3) Best Science Fiction Television Series of 2008. (include)

    Stargate Atlantis

    4) Best Male Performance in a 2008 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series. (include)

    Richard Dean Anderson – Stargate Continuum

    5) Best Female Performance in a 2008 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series. (include)

    Amanda Tapping – Stargate: Continuum

    Claudia Black – Stargate: Continuum

    6) Best Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series of 2008. (include)

    Stargate: Continuum

    7) Best Technical Accomplishment in a 2008 Science Fiction Film or Television Production. (include)

    Stargate: Continuum, Special Effects – (Rainmaker Digital Pictures)

    8) Best Overall 2008 Science Fiction Film or Television Script. (include)

    Stargate: Continuum – (Brad Wright)

    9)Outstanding Canadian Contribution to Science Fiction Film or Television in 2008. (include)

    Amanda Tapping – Canadian Actress/Producer

    The Stargate Franchise – Canadian Produced Series/Films

    Best wishes!

  5. Joe said (in reply to why the “drainer” wasn’t used for the autopsy:

    I’ll include this question in the batch I’ll be sending Brian’s way. However, I simply assumed that the “drainers” kept superpowers in check (ie. Enhanced strength, speed, flying ability, etc.). Other physical attributes (ie. A third eye, impervious skin, etc.) weren’t “superpowers” per se and, thus, not affected.

    Hmmm. Maybe. Although I would consider a third eye or 6 fingers or extra arms mere physical variants, in my mind impervious skin would be in the same category as enhanced strength. My own take on the “drainer” not being used was simply that the author did not want to introduce the concept so early in the story. I think it might have shifted the focus away from other superheroes and supervillains as suspects. I’ve got to admit that I really wondered how the heck someone could cut the throat of a woman with impervious skin – it seemed that only someone else with superpowers would be able to manage it.

    As for liking or not liking various characters, well, it’s all a matter of personal taste. And that’s as it should be.

    And I liked the Triphammer/Tony Stark character, too.

  6. Joe,

    If they want product A, you can’t just replace it with product B.

    Well put. I feel the same way about SGU replacing Atlantis.



  7. I have just dropped by to say hello.


    Susan – in a cold and yucky Scotland and 0456 hrs.


    Wow….it’s been over a month since I’ve had time to write a comment on here. But, I’m back now……..anyone miss me?

    Joe, I wanted to know what you think of the Vancouver Film School……good? Not-so-good? I’m thinking of going there when I’m finished high school.

    Thanks Joe!

  9. Any idea if you’ll be able to share the deleted scenes with us light you did for Atlantis? That was really cool when you were able to do that…

  10. Can’t say I’m thrilled that the SGA movie still inhabits a bit of a limbo, but I’ll take the reassurance you offer. Given a new show in production, and trying to shoehorn in the SG-1 movie, it seems reasonable to put off the Atlantis movie for a bit. And unless your superiors are playing an unusually duplicitious game, the fact that the script is still being worked on bodes well. And given that Universe doesn’t come out until September, there’s plenty of time to see how the situation develops. My admiration and sympathies for putting yourself up in front of the shooting gallery as people interpret and misinterpret your post in whichever way their biases incline them.

  11. I figured that the music can’t have been recorded in BC, otherwise I would have been outraged that Joel wasn’t nominated for a Leo!

    Hooray for updates. Thanks =)

    Any chance Fire might turn into a 90 minute episode? If it’s a tight script, why not? I hate to see significant parts of the story disappear because of a time limit! If all 20 minutes end up being cut, any chance it’ll be put on the special features of the DVD (like with Morpheus in SG-1)?

  12. AV eddy says: If it’s OK, I’d like to ask the kind folks here to keep some prayers and positive vibes flowing towards my Black Lab, Simon.

    Will do!!!

  13. Thanks for the updates! Guess you finally got tired of answering my questions. LOL

    Thanks so much,
    Major d. Davis

  14. das —

    Yeah, I see what you mean about the Wolverine movie. Much as I like Jackman, he doesn’t have the right build at all. I mean, do those people even know what a wolverine is? Sheesh. But it actually wouldn’t surprise me if they made Sabertooth his half brother. I mean, for a long time they were sort of going with the theory that Sabertooth was his father, without actually saying it, then I guess they decided against that at some point. There’s definitely a sense of some family relation between those two, so it’s almost natural they’d do something with that in the movie (although it does bother me a bit that they recast Sabertooth from the X-Men movies; I hate it when they recast). But Gambit? I was so excited when I heard they’d finally put him in a movie (though giving him his own would have been even better), but if they’ve screwed him up, I’ll be annoyed. I may just have to watch this movie with the same mindset that I watched X3: that it’s all just some completely alternate universe. I can deal with that. Guess I’ll just have to see how it turns out when I watch it.

  15. Well….
    You haven’t sold me yet on there actually being an SGA movie, but keep trying!
    I’m listening and remain vaguely hopeful.
    Thanks for the update.

  16. So translating what you said about The Atlantis movie: Don’t hold your breath. I hate to see something I loved treated like the neighbor’s stinky evil step-child. You just keep gushing over the new toy (SGU) and your total admiration for the past pet (SG-1) while SGA gets shovled into obscurity. And with all the SG-1 alumni cameos appearing on SGU, all your favorites are on screen again. No room for any SGA actors on this ship – right?

    Sorry, I shouldn’t complain since it falls on deaf ears anyway. I am just so broken hearted with all the empty SGA movie teasing. I bet it will never happen.

    Just another cranky pants.
    (a VERY cranky pants)

  17. Since you kind of started talking about it a little in this post could you please explain why the different series are “run” by different production houses? While actually being run by the same people. I saw on the tour that even accounting was split up between the respective production houses. To me this seems a horribly hard way to secure funding. Instead of being the production company that brought you SG-1 (aka a proven track record) your a whole new company.. How does this all work out for you in the end? Do you get paid from the different accounts depending on which show your writing the episode for? Does it cost more making sure that each account is separate? Ever have any mistakes where one shows company accidentally funded the other? Is this question so long and boring for everyone else that you won’t touch it with a ten foot pole? Only time will tell…

  18. @AV Eddy spiritual and psychic push coming your ways, a few prayers as well. I hope Simon feels better soon. Sounds like he has people who care very much about him. There is nothing like a dog in your life (or many dogs in Mr. Mallozzi’s case!). My golden retriever brings so many smiles and laughs to my life that can get overwhelmed quite easily with my child with autism. And Patrick (my son) is like the center of her universe. She makes this really funny noise whenever she sees him (first thing in the morning — loud enough that my son puts his hands on his ears), when he comes home from school, when he leaves the livingroom to go to the bathroom. I may be playing with her on my bed, but if she sees Patrick whip by going into the livingroom, she is out of there. And my son pretends to hate her, but I catch him secretly smiling at her and loves when she runs around, especially retrieving a tennis ball, or jumping in and out of the pool. I keep telling my husband I would like to try getting another retriever, but he is just into having 1 dog at a time.

  19. So glad to hear the heads-up on the SGU episodes. If someone with such a discriminating eye as you enjoys “Air” that much, I can’t wait until the fall.

    I do have a question, though. I popped in the SG1 Season 1 DVDs the other day, and I heard Joel Goldsmith’s fantastic Goa’uld musical cue. The high-pitched, minor-key string glissando (I’m not sure how musically-inclined you are). It made me wonder if there was a chance of having Joel on a Q&A someday? And, if there is, could you ask him how he came up with such a fantastic, visceral, memorable musical cue?

    Thanks for writing. It’s a lot of fun to read.

  20. Thanks, Joe, for the insight to the movie situation etc., good to know so we don’t wonder and jump to conclusions.

    A belated congratulations to all involved with the Stargate Franchise on the Leo Nominations – this is an awesome testament to a great franchise.

  21. I’ve never been a cheerleader for promoting a show to a network or studio. But for whatever reason, Atlantis is a show I just can’t seem to let go.

    Would a campaign of emails, letters, etc. to the powers that be help to convince them that the Atlantis fan base is large enough that is would be as lucrative an endeavor as the SG1 movies have been?

  22. Hi Joe

    Have something for Peter DeLouise if its not too late 🙂


    I would like to thank you for your work on SG1 over the years and for your irreverant commentaries on the dvd releases. I always found them to be a lot of fun (especially where you made Joe and Paul sing the Stargate theme!).

    My favourite episode of Stargate is Urgo, (I am a fan of your dad as well), I regret you not being able to do a commentary with him very much. Did you have a lot of fun making that epsiode?

    DId you ever find it a problem getting yourself your cameo in each episode you did? “Sokar is attacking!” and the PD in candles from Threshold come to mind 🙂

    Thanks for your work on Stargate


  23. Well, what you said about Air part I and II and Fire is greatly encouraging. You have seen tons of SG episodes so if you said those were riveting then I definitely trust you.
    About the extra 20 mins in Fire, could you place those in the next episode? Or maybe make them a web or DVD exclusive?

  24. @AV Eddy, sending prayers/thoughts/positive vibes and a big hug your way for Simon.

    I’m looking forward to seeing puppy vids this weekend, it may not be a total loss after all. Could finish up with a big family schism tho after the stunt my daughter (the married one) just pulled.Man is SHE going to get her pedigree read to her!

  25. Daniel Willis said:


    Unfortunately I live in Adelaide! I know, its a hell hole. LOL. At least for the film and tv production industry. I plan on moving away as soon as I can!

    Hey Daniel, I had a look on the ‘net and found a couple of Comic Book Stores in Adelaide that might be worth checking out if you haven’t already:

    Pulp Fiction Comics
    34a King William St, Adelaide

    The Adelaide Comic Centre
    Shop 15, Citi Centre Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide

    Cheers, Chev

  26. Hi Joe, Elway thanks you for the recupertive kiss and is, I’d say, 100% today. It’s off to the vet’s office this morning with him and Flannery for blood tests for both, but all is well. It’s going be one of those “a correre e cagare ci si
    immerda i garretti” kind of days…:)

    Exciting news on all Stargates, can’t wait for all of it. One thing at a time, I suppose, but for now, I’m just waiting on the season 5 DVDs of Atlantis!


  27. Thanks for the clarification and update. I hope you get green lights for the SGA movie as well, and soon. Am already looking forward to it.

    Let us know if we can help with selling it internationally – if everyone of the millions of fans who’re reading this blog writes an email or letter to broadcasters in their respective countries, it woud certainly make an impression…

  28. Hey that not a new title, it was on the white board in one of the pictures you posted on April 1, which I correctly guest on gateworld that one looks real.

  29. Thanks Joe for answering my question. Do you know if work experience has been allowed in the past? I only ask because I wonder if it would be allowed in season 2. If not how can I send a resume in? Just to bridge studios and address it to stargate? Thanks for your time! Daniel

  30. Hi Joe, Im enjoying what you guys have been doing and whats been shown on the trailers so far, looking forward to when SGU is broadcast over here on Sky.

    Now that there have been 2 SGU trailers and footage appear in an upcoming shows ad when do you think their might be an official release of decent promo shots of the cast in costume and in action or you may be able to post up some of the behind the scenes photos you have been wanting to share (looking forward to seeing all the costumes and especially the Icarus base – part of me wants to wait for the Destiny to be revealed when they evac to it)

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  31. Lou Diamond Phillips also directed his new film Love Takes Wing.
    So will he direct an episode of SGU?

  32. Bonjour Joseph!

    Ohh non, je ne veux pas que sga soit suspendu j’attend le film encore plus que celui de sg1 et sgu! J’espere vraiment qu”il vont donner leurs feu vert car cela serait trop dommage!

    Bonne journée! Bisou!

  33. “I thought it was fairly self-explanatory that Calista, like Retro Girl, is the next in a long line of powerful women throughout history, the eternal champion Sparrow-hawk refers to in her post. I guess you could liken it to the Buffy Summers character who is the recent incarnation of a long line of female slayers, no?”

    Not self-explanatory to me. Remember I once said that I don’t like things too cryptic? This is why. Yes, I suspected that’s what Calista meant, but without reading further into the series I had no proof that that’s what she meant, and therefore it bugged the hell out of me. I know there were hints about strong, heroic women through the ages, and then Calista in the cape, playing hero, but it still didn’t translate to me that Calista was now christened as the next hero, a la Retro Girl. I thought she was just being creepy. And I’ve never watched or read Buffy, so I don’t know what the hell you’re talkin’ about there. 🙂

    “Walker struck me as more of a lovable goof. What was it about him that you considered prickish? The only moment that comes to mind is when he snaps at Deena after she’s invaded his privacy but, in that instant, he has every right to be upset. The fact that he takes care of Calista in his albeit awkward way suggests a lot about the man’s character. Finally, as for Scott Summers – we are in total agreement. I always find him bland as white bread. And the big screen version is even more boring!”

    Yeah, don’t get me started on Cyclops. 🙄 Although – since he started diddlin’ Emma, and gave Wolverine & Warpath, et al, a license to kill – he’s not been quite as bland of late. In fact, I’m thinking maybe he’s slightly …uh…psychotic…

    Anyway…what didn’t I like about Walker? What did I find prickish? Well, yes – his reaction to Deena invading his privacy. But even before that – when you’re first introduced to the guy – when he goes off on Flinch. That was my first introduction to the guy, and I thought, ‘what an ass.’ Then how easy it was for Kutter to get under his skin, I though, ‘what an ass’. What comes across to you as ‘lovable oaf’ came across to me as ‘big, spoiled baby’. Now, maybe I totally misread the guy, but he really irritated me. Now Kutter, on the other hand, who WAS obnoxious, totally tickled me to death. I REALLY liked him and his button-pushing…which means, since I like the guy, he’ll probably end up dead someday. It seems to work that way for me – the characters I hate live on, the ones I love, die. It’s really starting to give me a bit of a complex…

    “I found her precociousness hilarious. Her asking Walker “What’s a clitoris?” is one of the funniest moments in the book.”

    It was funny – ONCE. It got old after a bit. But it wasn’t that – or that line – that I found unnatural. It was the flow of her dialogue…it flowed like an adult’s, not like that of a child her age. (Granted, I do know a couple kids that age who speak like adults, but it sounds just as unnatural on them as it did on her.) It was the stuff at the beginning – later in the book her dialogue flowed a bit better. So, it’s not necessarily WHAT she said, but how she said it, that didn’t work for me at the start.

    “Trade paperbacks also collect the crossovers to other titles as well. Crossovers, by the way, are what pretty much killed my interest in reading comic books.”

    Yeah, crossovers are a killer. It drives my OCD nuts: Do I pick up every single book and get the whole story, or do I sacrifice the ones I don’t normally read, and then, HOW THE HELL DO YOU FILE THESE THINGS???! The latter, for me, is the worst. To have Wolverine Civil War in one box with all the Wolverine issues, while the rest of the Civil War books are in my general ‘Marvel U’ box…and, well…

    Let’s just say that I look at those boxes and I swear they are mocking me…

    @ Sparrow_hawk – Yeah, I liked Triphammer, too. I think it was his bluntness, his coolness. NOT that I’d like to know this guy in real life, but as a character on a page, he really worked for me.

    Gotta run and do stuff! I do have a couple questions for Bendis, but will wait until later when I don’t have Mr. Das standing over my shoulder, asking where his breakfast is…

    Oh, and Joe…good cover on the SGA movie 😉 , but – ya know – no one is gonna buy it, not with how cynical Atlantis fans have become. There are a lot of really irate fans out there right now – fans who think they’ve been totally screwed over by the franchise as a whole. I’m one of a few diehard Wraith fans that are still around – most have just left the fandom – gone, with no interest in the new show at all. Not sure about the Shep & Co. fans – some have taken to the idea of Universe, but even judging by how many have stopped visiting here, I’m thinking a lot of them have just thrown up their hands and moved on, too. So, I’m really not sure any amount of reassurance is going to work at the moment – not until they actually hear the cameras are rolling. And then – after all this jerking around – they are really going to expect something beyond brilliant. Me? Well, I’m simple and you know what would make me happy…but not so sure the others will be as easily satisfied. You’ve got a challenge ahead of you, that’s for sure.

    REALLY gotta run now, seeing as how Mr. Das just came in with a bowl of cereal, glaring at me with those ‘where are my EGGS, woman!’ eyes of his… 😛



  34. Hi ho Joe!!
    Just wishing you a happy Easter for this weekend. Getting in early as I’m off on a camping trip with the family starting at 5am tomorrow. Although I will be returning by Friday night to go to work this weekend but making another trip to the bush for a surprise visit…the family don’t know yet. It’s our first Easter without dad so it will be good to be there for mum and my brothers on Easter morning.
    Do you have any special or unique family traditions for Easter??
    We have this tradition by which we take a hard boiled egg (already dyed in bright colours!) and slice it in half…cross ways not length ways. We then remove the yolk and fill the white with vinegar, oil, mustard/senf and salt and pepper…then put the yolk back on upside down and shove the whole thing into your mouth. It’s great! You have got to try it! It’s German…I think!! I believe it’s called Sor Eier…or something like that. I think basically it’s meant to be sour egg. Anyhoo, maybe you could give it a shot.
    Happy Easter Joe to you and your family!! Hugs, Chelle xxxx

  35. Joe: “So, what happened with the whole Iron Man killing Giant Man thing? Did that get retconned too? Also wasn’t Aunt May killed off and brought back to life once before?”

    I don’t know anything about Iron Man and Giant Man, but I could probably find out for you.

    Aunt May died of natural causes years ago, I think in the late 1980s or early 1990s. But then it was revealed that the real aunt May had been kidnapped, and the one who died was a fake. (That had not been the plan from the beginning, though, as there was a great scene where May told Peter that she’s always known he was Spider-Man and she was protecting him by not saying anything. Which is not to be confused with the scenes in the JMS run where she discovers that Peter has been lying to her for all these years.)

    If you’re interested in Spider-Man, in 2007 BenBella Books published a nice collection of Spider-Man essays called Webslinger. (I happen to have an essay in the book on the real Forest Hills neighborhood as opposed to the Marvel Comics one.)

  36. Heya Joe, thanks for answering my question yesterday about the ancient shield, I’ll pass that along to my friends. 🙂 Also–thanks for the heads up about the Atlantis movie, that’s really REALLY good to hear!! Is there a possibilty that Beckett will be in it? 🙂

  37. Hey Joe!

    Sorry I haven’t posted on your blog for a long time, I have been awfully busy lately. 🙂

    I am definitely looking forward to Stargate: Universe, despite the fact that some people are pessimistic about it. Your notes about Air make me look forward to it even more. Can’t wait! 😉

    Also, it is quite understandable about the SGA and SG-1 issues, in that they are both different series, and thus, have different licenses, production costs, budgets, etc. Nonetheless, it is good to hear that progress on both movies is progressing smoothly.

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  38. @Ponytail: Come on, give Joe a break. Whatever the case may be, we’re all still here enjoying ourselves and more importantly, being able to voice our opinions, gripes and everything else in between. For those that have left (as Das said), I’ll bet you anything they will be watching SGU and anything else that’s Stargate. Maybe I’m naive, but I think we’ll see the Atlantis movie eventually. If we don’t, ok, we have great memories and DVDs. Personally, I don’t like the SGU cast too much (I want “my” Daniel back, that’s all…), but I’m more than willing to give the show a try. If it’s anything like the past two incarnations, it should be great.

    @AV Eddy: Goes without saying – done!

    @ Joe: Yep, I stepped in it, for real 🙂

  39. Hi again Mr M!

    Greetings to all at the Bridge! Re: the short story… how did our hero get out of the room?

    Best to all


  40. Hi Joe,
    Well in case you missed the questions here they are. If you skipped them purposely then, sorry for asking so many questions. I do actually read your blog. I don’t just drop my questions and leave, sorry if i am being annoying!

    Well here they are anyways.

    1. Will Andy be directing Life?

    2. I just found out there will be gay characters on SGU. Will the fact that they are gay come up in the story often or will it be an every few episode occurrence.

    3. Will Richard Woosley make an guest appearance in Universe?

    4. Will Universe have a lot of straight out relationships or will it be subtle like in Sg-1 and Atlantis?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  41. Once a Stargate addict, always a Stargate addict. I’m shameless, I admit it, I’m looking forward to any Stargate related movie or series. Your blog cheered me up no end! Do I wish things had gone otherwise? Sure, but I can’t ride a solar flare to another universe where SG-1 still rules, so I’m not gong to bitch about that which is beyond my control. Life’s too short, heh?

    Totally unrelated ramble: I have three days to come up with a SuperHero costume for a fundraiser street fair and evening adults only party this Saturday. It simply can’t be a cheapo Halloween POS, I have to start sewing now. I’m out of ideas, although my friends suggested Super Bad Maggie, which makes me chuckle, but I’ve got no visuals. Anyone have a spare super hero outfit that a fat, lumpy old lady can borrow? No? Ideas? Hubby has a costume… it involves over the knee shiny PVC stiletto-heeled boots, a, gauntlets, a spandex catsuit and bat wings. I swear, the man was a supermodel in a former life.

  42. that would be incredible to be trying to run SG-1, SGA, and SGU in the fall. don’t go signing on to any more short stories

    P.S. Go Tarheels!

  43. 525,600 minutes, 525thousand moments in time…that’s how you measure the moments before Stargate.

    I’m going through withdrawals here, man. If I don’t see some new gate shots I dunno what I’ll do!


  44. Thanks for the updates on Atlantis and SG-1. I do think that many people don’t see the “business” side of making TV shows. Unfortunately that’s show business. I do think that these movies will be made eventually. No one makes a movie or show unless they think it’ll make money. Whether TPTB are correct in their assumptions remains to be seen. Good luck with the movie and SGU. I’m rooting for SGU for the fact that if it is successful, I think it’ll give the big bosses (money guys) more of a reason to greenlight SGA movies and more SG-1 movies.

  45. das —

    Oh my goodness, I am so with you on that filing thing. I hate it when I can’t figure out where to put a comic. Does the Spider-man/X-Men go with Spider-man or X-Men? Does the Amazing X-Men go with X-Men, or do I make a separate Age of Apocalypse section? Does the UFF issues where they first meet the zombies go with the Fantastic Four stuff, or with the Marvel Zombies stuff? It’s so irritating.

  46. Hi!

    I have a question:
    Sci-fi Channel had published a video(sorry I can’t find the link) about the shows in 2009-2010.
    We can see a gateroom in the footage. My question is: Is it the SGC’s gateroom or it belongs to the Icarus base?

  47. @ AV eddy – Sending good vibes your way for you and your pup!! {{{hugs}}}

    @ Shawna – I have a whole box of ‘I don’t know where to put these!!!’, plus a ‘crap’ box (for the Free Comic Book Day and con books), and a “I got these signed – now do I stick ’em in the attic, or put ’em in a safety deposit box box. And then there is…Messiah CompleX. 😛

    That one really made me nuts – 4 different books, but all an on-going story. So…do I put the X-Men in with the X-Men, and separate it from the rest of the story…or do I put them all together, and leave gaps in the other series? I ended up putting the whole story together, but I cringe when I think that X-Men is mixed with X-Factor and New and Uncanny. It’s just… unnatural!!

    Now, does it really matter what they do with Gambit when the guy portraying him looks like this:

    Ya know, looking at that makes me almost wanna dump Wolverine… 😉

    There is a Gambit Origins one-shot coming out in June, make sure you grab one!

    Deni B. – I think Ponytail is just echoing what a lot of fans feel, and even I hear the crickets in the room when the subject of the movie, or the SGA cast, is brought up. Not just here – but elsewhere. Joe does his best to keep us hopeful, but…really…I am not hopeful at all. I am cynical enough to think the worst, but at the same time it wouldn’t be that bad because without a movie, they couldn’t kill off Todd. 😉 Of course, a movie in which Todd survives would great 😀 …but I’m not holding my breath for that, or for anything.

    In fact, I’m so mixed up in my head about what I want for Todd that…well, what I really want would automatically be a death sentence for him (which would be to stay Wraith, stay deliciously tricksty, and gain control of the PG – and make the Lanteans go home). So, in order for him to live, I have to also wish he finds an alternative way to gain nourishment, and continues to work along with the Lanteans…like Sheppard’s lapdog. The only way I would really enjoy the latter scenario is if Todd was made a part of the team, since that could create amusing situations, not to mention real tension between the Lanteans and human populations who refuse to trust them because they’re slummin’ with Wraith. But that doesn’t seem likely at all…there’s just not enough trust between the two. So I’m back to square one – I’ve given up, and just hope that if there is a movie, they don’t kill off the character.

    As far as fans leaving and not coming back, I guess that happens with every change. I know a couple people who loved SG1 but refused to watch SGA, for various reasons. Same will happen here – lose some, gain some. But I really don’t think many Wraith fans I know will come back to the Stargate franchise since, like me, they only liked those characters, and they liked them for very specific reasons – reasons that cannot be duplicated in the new show (it’s more than one pretty face replacing another). In fact, I still can’t guarantee that I’ll stick around for the new show…but at least I’m willing to give it a go. If I’m not sold by the mid-season break, I’m moving on.

    Ugh….I went and rambled on about all of that, while I was supposed to be getting my questions for Bendis together… 😛


  48. As usual, feel free to skip this as it is a medical update:

    Hey, everyone!

    After a brief upswing, my health has gone down hill again. I have two different infections but my body just isn’t fighting as well as it should. (My white blood cell count Saturday morning was 21.3 [test done twice] but only 8.9 on Monday [again checked twice].)

    I’ve been on oral antibiotic since Friday evening (Keflex for Infection #1) with two shots of Rocephin (one Saturday, one Sunday). Monday afternoon, I started Bactrim for Infection #2 (MRSA again).

    This morning my nurse practitioner made the decision to stop the Keflex. I will have seven daily Rocephin IV treatments instead. I’m hoping this does the trick and clears everything up. Even if it does, though, the next infection will find me back at this point.

    I’m not too uncomfortable though I have some pain. I am, however, very, very tired and am letting myself nap when I feel the need. It’s a bit hard to type and sleep at the same time, so expect gaps.

    Thanks to everyone. It helps to know so many people care.

    Anne Teldy (looking forward to the Jasper Fforde discussion)

  49. I don’t think there will be a SG1 or SGA movie anytime soon. Not unless MGM does well with their current active projects.

    IMO MGM is siphoning revenue from all those Stargate DVD box sets and DVD movies to offset the losses incurred by the recent under-performing Valkyrie movie and others. Yes I know it took in about 193 million worldwide. But it only gross about 83 million in North America with a rumor marketing budget of 60 million, with the revenues split between UA (United Artists), MGM and the theaters. MGM is only distributing the movie in North America.

    Most of the MGM TV & movie projects are delay and re-schedule even before the October meltdown last year. Also the recent performance of MGM as a whole make it more difficult for MGM to get financing for future projects.

  50. @Das: I do like the scenario with Todd being part of the team – that really would open a whole new can of worms 🙂 The way I see it, Atlantis is finished, over and done with, and for those of us who loved the show, we’ll be lucky to get a movie. I don’t doubt for a minute that Joe & Co. were planning on a sixth season, and that makes me think that there will be a movie. Whether or not it will include Todd is anybody’s guess, but I do hope so, if only for you! Like I said, if we get it, great, and if we don’t, nothing we can do about it. To not watch SGU or the SG1 movie seems a bit silly. Who knows? Maybe we’ll all love both. I could NOT get into SG-1 in the beginning (was much more of a Star Trek fan for many years), but by Season 3 or 4 I was completely hooked. Never say “never”, I say!

    @Anne Teldy: Hang in there! We’re all thinking of you! Have you ever listened to Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”? If you haven’t, go to my blog and leave me your address and I’ll send you a copy. I think you’ll enjoy. I don’t usually listen to this type of stuff, but this was good.

  51. @ Deni B.: “For those that have left (as Das said), I’ll bet you anything they will be watching SGU and anything else that’s Stargate.”

    Um… nope.

    I won’t.

    And Ponytail has just as much right “to voice our opinions, gripes and everything else in between”, as anyone currently running high on the adrenaline of SGU. In fact, i’ll second that post. And third it. And whatever-else-it. SGA has been short-changed.. and that’s crappy. Nuff said.

    Hey Das! Long time, no email/rugby/Todd-Shep-shipping! I need a good headbanging session with a Wraith-Lover 😛

  52. AV Eddy – Vibes on your way.

    Joe – Reading John Scalzi’s “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded”. A clips show of the book world but great for a laugh. Have you read it yet?

    Anne Teldy – I think we all wish we could do something more than just say “Hang in there”.

  53. @das: I did manage to order a copy of the comic you suggested (Spider-Man Extra #2); it should be here in a few days and I’ll let you know what I thought.

    Maybe it’s my Wolverine/Rogue colored glasses but I’ve never understood the appeal of Gambit. All that referring to himself in the third person crap is like nails on a chalkboard to me–not to mention all the lying and cheating he’s done in regards to Rogue. If they put him and Rogue back together in X-Men: Legacy I’m totally done with that book (not that I’ve actually been enjoying that one but, with the exception of ‘Ultimate X-Men’ it’s the only X-book with Rogue in it. I wish they’d move her to Astonishing or Uncanny.) I also don’t get the collective orgasm that hit when it was announced that Gambit would be in Wolverine Origins. I mean, it’s not like Remy has anything to do with Wolverine’s past. It just makes me scratch my head and wonder why. I can understand the hoopla over Deadpool: he’s mouthy and ultra-violent and is obviously there for comic relief. The one that really makes me go ‘huh?’ is the presence of a certain young man in ruby quartz shades.

  54. To support or not support Universe. Whether or not we actually *get* an Atlantis movie I can tell you right now that I will not be watching Universe. I have zero desire to. I’m a fan of Atlantis. I didn’t watch SG-1 before or during Atlantis’ run and I honestly have no intention of supporting a show that I feel is only there at the expense of the show I loved. Universe may turn out to be the best thing since sliced bread but I won’t change my mind about it.

  55. Questions for Brian Michael Bendis:

    Hiya, Brian…remember me? 😀

    First, thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A with us – it’s much appreciated! It seems that Joe has managed to get my nose out of Wolverine books and into something a bit different for a change. 😉 Now here I am, just having read Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? for the first time, and full of questions and thoughts. So, here it goes…

    Powers felt like a totally different animal to me, unlike anything else of yours that I have read, though a few elements were certainly there. In some ways, the overall tone of the book felt more geared to a male audience than to a female audience, which makes me wonder…

    1. Do you have a different mindset when writing original stories than you do when working on mainstream books, perhaps based on the target audience? If so, please explain.

    2. When you first wrote Powers, did you have any apprehensions about how it would be received, or was it simply a labor of love, with just seeing it published more important to you than how well it would sell?

    3. Did you have any particular inspiration that lead you to create Powers, or any of the characters therein?

    4. I’ve never had a problem connecting with your characters, but here I did, so I gotta ask: Is Walker a prick, or did I just totally misread him? If the latter, then can you describe him to me from your perspective as his creator?

    5. On the other hand, I really liked Deena, a lot. I have always enjoyed your portrayal of female characters as strong individuals who can hold their own in a man’s world, without being either too masculine, or overly feminine. Do you ever struggle to get a female character right – without making them too cliche, especially in the comic book genre? And did you feel more freedom when creating Deena – and if so, what do you think makes her different from the mainstream comic book characters you have written?

    6. With Powers a go for the small screen (congrats!), do you have any say in how the show will be cast, or any actor in particular that you envision in a role as one (or more) of your characters?

    Again, Brian, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. And thank you, Joe, for making this all possible.


  56. @ anneteldy – Oh, no…not again! {{{hugs}}} Just keep fighting kid – you’ve done it before, you can do it again! I have faith in ya! 😀 In the meantime, hang in there and just take one day at a time. I know when I was sick this winter, I’d have good days, and bad ones…often more bad than good…and I almost gave up. But then things turned around, started having more good days than bad, and that just made me more determined to get better…and the more determined I got, the better I felt. Still not 100% (still have sinus problems), but a LOT better than I was just a month ago. So hang in there, hon…and keep fightin’! 🙂

    @ Deni B. – Oh, yeah…can’t you just see it – Todd and Ronon, on a team together? It would be hilarious! First, the hair jokes alone would be priceless…then there would be the whole ‘I hate you!’ ‘NO! I hate you more!’ thing…bicker, bicker, bicker** …followed by challenges of who could best whom in a fight. But it could also open the way for a LOT of character introspection, and even soul-baring between characters, which fans really love anyway, like the pier scene with Rodney and Shep in… thatepisodeIcan’trememberrightnow. 😛 Still…I imagine the creators would see such a thing as too silly and fan fictiony for the show, even though it really would be quite the opposite.


    **must be said like the kid in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Home

  57. The SHRINE!!

    Amazing what I can remember when I hit the submit button… 😛


  58. Das – stop worrying! IF an Atlantis movie is made, I’m sure Todd will be front and center. I think he is just as important as the 4 main characters. Before Atlantis takes off from Earth, who knows, they might have to go round him up first ( if he was on Atlantis he might have escaped and be walking around California now – sorta like in Vegas). I’m with you, I love the Wraith. As long as they leave Ronon alone. Very cool aliens.

    Perragrin – I understand what Deni B. meant. I’m still here, and poor Joe is still the Franchise’s whippin’ boy. Joseph Mallozzi, Producer, Writer, Public Relations Executive and damn good at it too. If I was Joe, I might make better use of that delete button. This is not a pubic forum. This is his personal blog. He doesn’t have to put up with people like…well… me! (ha,ha) Joe, please feel free to delete me anytime. I won’t be mad. I’ll just try to be nicer the next time. I love you Joe!

    Anne Teldy – thanks for the updates. When you don’t post, everyone is concerned.

  59. @ Perragrin – *hugs* Sorry I missed ya! Oh, just you wait and hear my new Todd thing! It has to do with the games he plays with Sheppard & Co…if only Shep could find them as amusing as Todd does! 😀 Your boy is such a sourpuss at times. 😉 Most serious discussion has died down at GW…so maybe I’ll e-mail you, unless you want to bore Joe to tears with my Todd – and your Shep – thunking. 😉

    I’m still watching my rugby – but it’s mostly Super 14 now, with a few northern hemi matches now and then. The last two weeks have been extremely hectic – things won’t settle down until the weekend, if that. I am way behind in everything!

    @ Lisa S. – Oh, you little shipper, you! Have you been watching the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon on Nicktoons? There is an interesting relationship between Rogue and Logan in that.

    As far as Gambit goes – well, I wonder if fan outcry had anything to do with it. Fans were really upset that Gambit wasn’t in the X-Men films. I was modding Marvel’s forum after the last movie and the ‘bring back Gambit’ & ‘Gambit for the next movie’ petitions were all the rage. I mean…letter-writing to Marvel – not on-line stuff. I know…I sent a letter. 😳 I didn’t know a thing about Gambit at the time (he was ‘Death’ when I came in), but I figured it would be fun to jump on the bandwagon. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one…so maybe that played a part in it.

    I hope you like the Wolverine story in S-M Extra. There is one story before it that might be hard for you to follow since it ties into the main Amazing Spider-Man storyline. But the Wolverine story is a stand alone, and I just really enjoyed it – ESPECIALLY Spider-Man’s ‘expressions’ at everything Wolverine does. Oh, and let me know what you think of how Logan holds his liquor…lol…


  60. At first, I really did believe you when you told us about the SGA movie – but not anymore. First SGU replaced SGA, now the possibility of us even getting a movie is moving further and further away. I’m so disappointed in the franchise in general, that I have no intention to even sample SGU. You are right, product B can’t replace product A. SGU can’t replace SGA. If there is a movie – and that’s a big IF – I will buy it but I have no intention to invest into something else the SG TPTB will produce. I feel screwed up and double-crossed and no amount of sweet talking can change that.

  61. So Stargate Atlantis was cancelled because the salaries for SGU would be LOWER & both movies have been delayed possibly cancelled again because SGU aka Stargate Galactica is cheaper and in production. As a loyal Stagate fan I feel my loyalty has be abused and betrayed far better SG1 & SGA were cancelled WITHOUT this SGU abomination to kill the franchise because all the promos & leaks have done is cause despaire.

  62. The characters traits in SGU are truly self-serving people, one of them is truly evil, that I cannot relate, nor feel any sympathy. I think most of them should be jettison out the air lock, and I would be perfectly happy and cheer.

    Before in SG-1 and SG-Atlantis, characters were heroes that I admired and respected, and were good role models, especially in dealing with other cultures, and politics.

    I know they are taking creative license with SGU, but honestly, I don’t think people like this could survive (group dynamics), and to make such cancerous personalities survive challenges makes the show seem too artificial, heavy handed top-down writing style. I think seeing a ship of back-stabbing goa’uld would be more intriguing than degenerative humans sinking to an all new low…

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