Yesterday's haul
Yesterday's haul


Braised Lamb Ravioli
Braised Lamb Ravioli
Foie Gras
Foie Gras
Pan-seared Quebec foie gras on brioche
Pan-seared Quebec foie gras on brioche

So, hey, despite the fact that I’ve been cooking at home a lot more of late (I made a roast lamb shoulder last night, braised short ribs today, and it’ll be venison osso bucco tomorrow), I have made it a point to keep in touch with my old friends – namely, the gang at Fuel. I was in on the other evening for yet another wonderful meal. I enjoyed a seared foie gras with apricot preserve, almonds, and fennel served atop a toasted brioche (So melt-in-your-mouth delicious that I could’ve enjoyed it for dessert.), some braised lamb ravioli with cipollini onions, watercress, and pecorino stagionato (Bold in its flavor; a nice addition to the menu.), some ultra rare Albacore tuna served with dandelion greens, crispy semolina, pancetta, and romesco sauce (A really nice, subtle dish.), venison served with bratwurst, choucroute, pink lady apple, and potato croquette (Heavenly!), and, for dessert, the Manjari chocolate terrine with peanut butter ice cream, salted caramel, and concord grape (The perfect meal-ender.).

I spent the day re-reading and polishing the first thirty-five pages of the short story (I actually like what I have. It’s one of THOSE days.) and pressed ahead. Next up: the big confrontation, the shocking reveal, the wrap-up and…we’re out!

Hey, I’ve been thinking of getting back into the whole comics thing. It always happens in waves. I’ll go years without reading and then, one day, the mood will strike me and I’ll pick up one of every title. I’ll drop the ones that fail to engage me and continue purchasing the ones that do – until they do fail me at which point my general interest will peter out and I’ll go another couple of years without reading. Well, I’m considering getting back in. I see that Neil Gaiman is over on Batman while the prolific Geoff Johns brings Barry Allen back in Flash: Rebirth. The Luna Brothers are working on a new series, The Sword, while my favorite merc with a mouth, Deadpool, ventures out in a one-shot titled: Game of Death. The Thunderbolts was a title I always enjoyed back in the day and Brian Michael Bendis explores Nick Fury in the one-eyed one’s new series. I’d prefer to avoid playing catch-up in midstream, so I’m trying to jump aboard with the commencement of new storylines. Anybody have anything to recommend? And, Das, I’m of course talking to you.

Speaking of playing catch-up. Let’s hit the long overdue mailbag:

Deni B. writes: “Do you have any footage of Joel and orchestra that you could post?”

Answer: Alas, I do not. I’ve yet to attend a recording session for the show.

Fathercrow writes: “Hey Joe can we get a QnA with the computer graphics folks sometime?”


Major D. Davis writes: “1. Does the cut include visual effects such as the Destiny?

2. Is Will Waring directing Water?”

Answers: 1. It takes several months to complete work on visual effects. So – no.

2. Yes.

Vincenzo 1992 a ecrit: “1)Peut-on se procurer un objet officielle de la série SG-1 ?

2)Aimez vous un sport ? lesquelles ?

3) Pourquoi il n’y a pas de français sur l’expédition Atlantis ?”

Reponses: 1) Vous devez les chercher sur eBay.

2) NFL, NCAA football et basketball.

3) Il y a des francais sur Atlantis mais vous ne les avez pas vus.

Translations: 1) Check out eBay for the occasional SG-1 merchandise.

2) Sports I follow – NFL, NCAA football and basketball.

3) Sure there are French members of the Atlantis expedition. You just haven’t seen them.

Michael Linn writes: “Hey Joe, Did the gate get a redesign for Universe like it did for Atlantis?”

Answer: Yep, all new gate. Or, actually, all new old gate. I’d say it’s probably the coolest of the three gates, almost steam punk in operation. The SG-1 gate comes a close second. Atlantis’s Vegas design, while certainly nice, doesn’t really compare.

Sappho writes: “Was the General Hammond (the ship) destroyed in Enemy at the Gates or did it survive to fight another day?”

Answer: Oh, it’s still out there.

Kathryn writes: “What is the actual email address to write to Joe?”

Answer: Try

Belouchi writes: “Can you please tell us when are we going to be able to see the Destiny Space ship pictures or concept arts and if you are going to post them on your blog?”

Answer: I’m sitting on an insane amount of pics (behind the scene shots of the sets in various stages of construction, the actors in character and out, art department designs, props, etc.) but, for now, the studio wants to continue to keep things under wraps.

Wm writes: “ Just read on GW that RDA is guesting on Universe. Any chance for a couple of pics? Any more info you can share?”

Answer: Sorry, no pics. See above. However, I can say it was terrific having Rick back. He’s just a good-natured, easy-going guy. A lot of fun to be around. When I told him we had added a French bulldog to the brood since last we spoke, his reaction wasn’t the usual “Are you crazy?!” but a grin and a “Bless your heart.”

Juralas writes: “Is Ivon Bartok directing “Water”?”

Answer: No. Ivon is directing the kino scenes.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Is there any chance (snowball or otherwise) of Mr A doing a JM Q and A Blog?”

Answer: Alas, not in the foreseeable future.

Babancat writes: “On another note, will we see a return of ‘The food purchase of the day’ at some point, Joe?”

Answer: Sure, whenever I come across a weird food item to purchase.

Anonymous writes: “In your years as a professional writer, have you seen one’s college affect his or her chances at a career?”

Answer: Nope. While a good college can certainly help get you in the door, it’s talent that will secure you that staff position.

65 thoughts on “April 4, 2009: Cuisine, Correspondence, and Comics

  1. You hear?

    martingero – Kristin Booth just won a Genie (the Canadian Oscar) for her role in my film “Young People Fucking”. Congrats!
    about 2 hours ago from TwitPic

  2. I saw something that would make a good WFPOTD item, but I forgot what it was.

    BTW, did you know that blueberries have a much larger bar than other fruits? It’s true, according to this bag of bluberries.

  3. The foie gras on brioche has my mouth watering, and I’ve yet to try foie gras. Thanks for the pictures. And the mail bag, even if it strikes me as somewhat short. Given the number of questions you’ve been collecting, and your progress on the short story, I stand contented. And I know you’re just utterly relieved to be moved off my “I hate you list”. I just can’t manage to carry a grudge, even when you torture your readers. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and good luck on polishing off your not so secret project.

  4. Glad to hear you like your short story today! Hopefully we’ll get to see it soon!

    Your Fuel deserts always sound amazing… the main courses are a bit adventurous for my taste!

    What does XXX mean? 😉

    Sometimes I feel like a dumb blonde… it took me forever to figure out what a “kino scene” actually is! And even now I’m not entirely certain that what I think it is makes sense in the context of SGU. 🙁

    This past week has been one of those weeks where I just can’t bring myself to write, for reasons even I can’t comprehend. So I’m now 5 days behind on Script Frenzy (NaNoWriMo for screenplays) and 7 days behind in my English class. 🙁 *sigh*

  5. Joe: This isn’t a superhero comic, but if you can get Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Kim Deitch, I think you’ll really appreciate the storytelling and, perhaps, the art work as well. I see you’re writing a short story. I missed this development — have had my head in the sand lately. What’s it for?

  6. Comics: The upcoming ‘Wolverine Noir’ looks good (X-Men Noir was pretty decent with a nice twist. There’s also a Spider-Man Noir and Daredevil Noir but I’ve not read them so I have no idea if they’re worth while.)

    ‘Astonishing X-Men’ is still on their ‘Ghost Boxes’ storyline. It’s been a good book but there always seem to be two or three months between issues.

    ‘Uncanny X-Men’ has been pretty good even though I wasn’t real keen on the whole moving to San Francisco thing.

    ‘Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk’ is apparently (finally after, what, a three year wait) being released in it’s entirety.

    I’m bummed about the Ultimate universe ending. I’ll miss Ultimate X-Men especially now that Rogue is finally in the fore-front (and we got a little taste of Rogue/Wolverine–which is my OTP– in Ultimatum: X-Men/Fantastic Four) I think Ultimate Spider-Man is supposed to return (which is good since it’s normally a good book.)

    ‘Wolverine’ is normally a good read but I’m hating the current ‘Old Man Logan’ storyline.

    Wolverine: Origins is a pass though. Daken is a throw-away Gary-Stu character. They already have X-23 to heap on the Wolvy-angst and Daken is no more than a male X-23.

    ‘New Avengers’ is usually entertaining but if I never hear the word Skrull again it’ll be too soon.

  7. Hey Joe,

    Long time lurker… Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend ALIAS by Brian Michael Bendis. It’s a Marvel series he completed a few years ago, and is available in 3 or 4 trades or a single omibus that collects the whole series.

    It’s much more drama heavy than Powers, but man… it’s great. In my opinion, Jessica Jones is the best new character added to the Marvel universe in decades.

    It and Alan Moore’s Miracleman are my all time favorite comics, and that’s out of print and very difficult to track down due to legal issues…

  8. Hey, if you are interested in the volume 4 of Green Lantern, which is essentially Geoff Johns Wonderland, I have written a detailed-yet-brief catch-up on all you need to know about GL before jumping into volume 4, which is a fantastic jumping-off point for a GL newbie (much like season 9 of SG1!). With it includes full-color pictures and an up-to-date list of all GL comics and side-series in publication order starting from the top of volume 4. I’ve actually done this for a number of franchises for various friends who felt overwhelmed at the prospect of approaching something with such an intense amount of backstory. If you’re interested, I can either email you the file or ship it up to Vancouver.

  9. one of my gust where i work handed me a new book. Its called “Deep Storm” by Lincoln Child. I have never read any of his work before but i must have admit I am looking forward to finishing this one and checking out another one of his books.
    Deep Storm is bout an under water lab looking for somthing that has been at the bottum of the ocean for at lest 600 yr. As they drill to get to it and bring it up every one is getting sick.
    So far its been really good. If you have not read it you might want to ck it out. Have fun reading the comics. I know i alway did. I like the old ones mom want let me see them any more she put them in the attic. I hope and pray to god they are not rotting. Alot of them are first prints.

    Any way latter.

  10. Hey Joe,

    Are you enjoying the nice Florida Sunshine I brought with me. I know I am. 😉

    I got to see where your office is today. I also saw John’s office (as in N. John Smith). It has lots of doggie toys in there. I am wondering, do your dogs ever spend time in John’s office?

    @DeniB: I hate to tell you this but I completely forgot about kissing Michael Shanks for you. I have shamed Florida. 😳 I apologize. I did get a nice hug from Paul McGillion, however. 😆 And Joe Flanigan. I’ll be going to Dragon*Con in September and Michael is supposed to be there. So maybe THAT will be my chance to kiss him? Deal? 😀


  11. Hello Joseph!

    ça va? moi super! Hier on à était au cinéma regarder “Monstre contre Aliens” ^^ Trop funny, les graphique était trés réussi, je suis impatiente que les lunettes 3D arrive chez moi. En plus un personnage à était doubler par la même personne que Rodney sauf que le personnage lui,n’avez pas de cerveaux lol.

    Bonne journée!
    Bisou, Bisou

  12. Does anyone know how behind the mail bag is?

    I’m eager to get a response from Joe…

    Thanks, Daniel

  13. Geez Joe, its been YEARS….no actually DECADES since I last read a comic book and I have NO idea whats out there any more and quite honestly I don’t think I have enough room for any, my bookshelves are bulging at the seams as it is and there’s still shed loads in the attic that I just can’t quite bear to part with so for now I’m going to have to deny myself that pleasure. (its a bugger being grown up!)
    Right now I’m back to parking wars witht he neighbours. most of whom have at least THREE cars to their households whilst I have only one. Happy days:)

  14. if youre looking for a weird food purchase of the day I’d say you should definitely try German Leberwurst. Especially the chunky kind looks pretty weird 😉

    But you probably don’t get Leberwurst in Canada and me sending one isn’t an option either. But ..well… just an idea 🙂

  15. OMG, i told those folks at gateworld long time ago in october 2008 that the show will have a steam punk design!

    it was the only way to steer away from atlantis’s design. but no one cared.

    ummm, you can go for the Duneknight comics, they are cool, its about a guy who does nothing all day. interesting.

  16. Would love to read Flash: Rebirth but comics are always late getting here (Newfoundland) and it looks I’ll have to wait until Monday to pick it up. What did you think of the first issue?

  17. Is dandelion nice to eat? I tried it when I was younger but only cos my rabbit ate it and was curious (I also tried paper cos my cat ate it, odd)

    I’ve been getting more into graphic novels at the moment, doing a project designing a wordless graphic novel and hoping to get some printed at some point. In my research my favourite ones were : ‘Robot dreams’ a sweet story about a robot who gets separated from his friend, and ‘We3’ about a dog, cat and rabbit that get changed by the government into fighting machines, break out of confinement and try to be free. The graphics in the last one are very good.

  18. Richard Dean Anderson!!!!!!! I maybe slightly over excited that he’s going to be in Universe. Just slightly…
    Comic book wise… I reccomend steering clear of any of the new Wolverine stuff. It may just be my stubborness, but it seems like a bit of a fad and the originals are just so much better. Plus, hated the films, which could have something to do with it. Apart from that, I tend to stick with Star Wars (the X-wing comics are worth a read), Dan Dare, and TMNT. (Not a big comic connoiseur, more like an occasional fan.)
    The fois gras looks surprisingly good. I don’t object on ethical grounds, although I’m sure I should, I’ve just never really liked it. Go figure. The chocolate terrine, on the other hand, sounds amazing.
    I love how most elements of SGA which haven’t be in the show that perhaps fans would like to have been can be explained with ‘they’re there, you just haven’t seen them’. It actually makes good sense.
    I think I’ll go and try to work on *my* short story… I haven’t got past the opener yet…

  19. Hey Joe! Great to see you are back on comics, it is a great time! Flash:Rebirth will definitely be worth the read, as well as Geoff Johns Green Lantern. Also Deadpool’s one shot as well as his regular ongoing series are DEFINITELY worth the check out, as they are reminiscent of the Deadpool series of old. Just my 2 cents. Let me know what you think.

  20. Hmmm…..35 pages and it’s still not finished. I think your definition of short and mine are totally different 😀

    With regard to some recs, have you ever checked out the website, comics worth reading? I stumbled over this website the other week. Or perhaps listen to the podcast at Comic Geek Speak. They have their own BOTM club.

    Cheers, Chev

  21. Good morning Joe 🙂 Re Joel again, does he give you (the collective “you”) various music choices for the show’s theme? Does he view an episode or scene and then add the music (and then, who decides if the music fits the writer’s intent)? Can you explain the process to me (and ignore my naivete in such matters)? I can’t imagine how long it takes to bring everything together for one episode. It’s amazing how we, the viewers, just take the end result for granted 🙂

    Otherwise, kickass lasagna for my son’s birthday lunch here today – wish you lived nearby! My maternal grandfather was Italian, so this recipe’s been around forever and is always a huge hit. Maybe next time, hey? Have a great Sunday!

  22. Joe, I read a lot of comics, mostly DC, and if you’re looking at what’s currently going on, here’s a few suggestions:

    Superman is spending the year off Earth and living on the planet New Krypton, in the comic book Superman: World of New Krypton. The books Action Comics and Superman are covering other characters taking over for Superman on Earth. James Robinson, who wrote the acclaimed Starman series in the 1990s, is writing some of these stories, so that’s worth picking up.

    It looks like you’ve got the first issue of The Flash: Rebirth in your photo. It’s the return of Barry Allen, who has been “dead’ in the DC Universe since 1985. I have no idea how it’s going to be, but Geoff Johns is writing it, and he’s usually good.

    Neil Gaiman is only writing two issues of Batman story; but right now we’re in the middle of Battle for the Cowl, which may or may not end up being really cool.

    Booster Gold is a great series, especially if you’re into time travel stories. The premise is that he’s fixing time anomalies throughout DCU history.

    For some great nonsuperhero stuff, pick up Fables. The entire series back to the beginning is available in trades, and I highly recommend it.

    I’ll probably have more to recommend later…

  23. “Anybody have anything to recommend?”

    Well, looks like you’re on the right track with Scalped. Though I have not read it (seeing as I have enough trouble keeping up with my regular books), I’ve heard nothing but praise for it (as I have for BMB’s Alias that Brian recommended). Personally, I am loving Jason Aaron’s work at Marvel right now. He really helped turn Wolverine’s image around after several years of the character being a tad too watered down. Starting this month (this week!), Marvel is launching a new Wolverine book called Weapon X, with Aaron on as writer. I have high hopes for it.

    Another new book that’s just started up with Bendis on it (three issues in) is Dark Avengers, with Norman Osborn as leader of the team, as well as leading what used to be S.H.I.E.L.D., and is now H.A.M.M.E.R. If you’re interested in this one, I’d certainly try to get the first three issues, and not start with #4. I am liking this one a lot. (New Avengers, starting with the Dark Reign issues, is a good companion book to this one – also written by Bendis.)

    I’m also enjoying Invincible Iron Man, though that one is about a year in. But it’s good because it’s showing the flipside of what’s going on with Osborn & Co. Now Stark is the hunted, and Osborn in complete control of everything.

    X-Force is a bloody mess, and I love it! A killer X-Men team, what more could you want? Again, this isn’t a new book (about a year or so in), but it’s written by Kyle and Yost, and – like Aaron – they are not afraid to get down and dirty and show the raw side of heroism – as much that can be shown without making it a MAX-style title. You have to like Wolverine, clones, and claws…but otherwise the book is pretty damn good.

    I see you have Amazing Spider-Man – not sure if you know what’s going on there – but the character has undergone a major retcon – and I am loving it! No Mary Jane dragging him down. 🙂 Lots of people are upset by it, but the last year of Spider-Man has been GREAT! The on-going story has been really tight, and I find it the most entertaining book I read – well-balanced with story, action, drama, and humor.

    Uncanny X-Men is always a good read, but in order to really appreciate what’s happening there, I’d suggest looking into picking up Messiah CompleX, since it is basically the re-set for mutants, and establishes why things are currently as they are (the X-Force team, for instance). It was also a pretty decent story.

    Those are the ones I have personal experience with, but since you don’t just like superhero books, I’d also recomment a completed series now in trade is Y: The Last Man. I have not read it, but plan to pick it up for my husband since I’ve heard so much good about it. It’s the sort of story he’d like more than me, and I’m thinking it might be right up your alley, too.

    Anyway – that’s about it for now. Some stories now in trade that are worth looking into, and a few that are just starting up, if you feel like jumping on board now. But I’ll ask around, since I’m pretty much limited to stuff Wolverine’s in, and the odd hero here and there. I’m sure there’s something clawless out there that beats ’em all! 😉

    “And, Das, I’m of course talking to you.”

    Since I have your attention…Wraith – live to eat, or eat to live?? 😉 (YES! I AM a pest!!!! *nag*poke*nag*)

    And a side note – when you go to a fancy-shmancy wedding like I did last night…and you’re stuck at a table with a bunch of giggly 20-something bank tellers in skimpy outfits, talking nonsense that you’re totally not interested in…just blew ’em away with your knowledge of how – with more streamlined vessels, longer-ranged guns, favorable winds, and fireships – the British navy totally defeated the Spanish Armada. 😈

    The dead silence alone was priceless. 😀


  24. @Das: Not that you’re asking me, but I would think the Wraith would live to eat. I can just picture you (ok, not really picture you because I have no idea what you look like, but at least the idea I have of you) prattling on about the British navy and shutting them up. Living in a college town, I can totally relate 🙂 Ewww.

  25. (I made a roast lamb shoulder last night, braised short ribs today, and it’ll be venison osso bucco tomorrow.)

    Do you have a cardiologist?

    Seriously, how do you keep up this sort of pace and stay at least semi-fit?

  26. Hi,

    I wonder if you could answer a question:

    Will MS be appearing in the Stargate Universe premier? I know Michael reported that Brad had asked him but I havn’t seen it confirmed anywhere.


  27. RDA’s gonna be on Universe? Excellent. Stargate’s just better when he’s there.

  28. Congrats on the Genie win for YPF to Martin Gero and Arron Abrams and of course Kristin Booth for getting it. Awesome.

  29. @ Lisa S. – I liked X-Men Noir, but I think it would read better in trade, mainly because without the hero costumes and stuff, I really had a hard time keeping track of who-was-who with the month wait inbetween, and that took some of the momentum out of the read. I will be picking up the Wolverine Noir book, and I heard Spider-Man Noir was pretty decent, though I did not read it.

    And I, too, am saddened to see what’s happening in the Ultimate U. I’m thinking they’ll have a reset, with new books replacing old ones…but Ultimate X-Men was one of the first books I really got into – have every ish in trade or individual copy – and I actually liked Ultimate Wolvie a lot better than 616 because he was a bit more ruthless – and certainly more badass. I’m following Ultimatum, but not liking how things are unfolding.

    I’ve never read Ultimate Spider-Man, but it is a much-loved book. The only story in it that I read was a two-ish arc where Wolverine and Spider-Man switched bodies, and it was a RIOT! 😆

    As far as Wolverine Origins goes, well…I’ve been with this book from the beginning and it’s one of my favorites, so much so that I managed to get Way to do a Q&A for me back when I still modded Marvel’s forum. I have no complaints about it – but it is more angst than action, and I understand why it doesn’t appeal to a lot of readers. However, I gotta disagree about Daken – I really like him at the moment (actually prefer how Way has dealt with him than Bendis so far). His introduction was powerful – seducing the male SHIELD agent, killing him, then poisoning the chick he was shacked up with, telling her how stupid she was as she died. He did it all without claws, but in other…slower…ways, suggesting to me a sickness that his father – and X-23 – do not possess. Being as cruel and cold-blooded as he is he reminds me more of Sabretooth in personality, only much more intelligence. And he’s controlled – he takes his time – unlike X-23 and Wolverine. It’s the cold calculation that I like in the character – and I’m just curious if he will be a hero, or eventually become a major villain.

    Lisa – did you read Marvel’s 1985 by chance?? I did, and it was fantastic! As I understand it, there is a tie-in to Old Man Logan, but I haven’t read the latter arc yet because I’m saving it up to read all at once. But someone said that reading 1985 helped them appreciate the Wolverine story a bit more.

    @ everydaysuperhero – I partially agree about Wolverine, that’s why I didn’t suggest Origins or Wolverine’s on-going (which will soon become Dark Wolverine, featuring Daken, while Logan’s Wolverine moves to Aaron’s Weapon X title). However – speaking of the latter – I think Weapon X may be worth looking into, especially considering how well Aaron handled the character in the ‘Get Mystique’ arc. That was pretty good stuff right there.

    Marvel is trying to reset Wolverine (probably because of all my whining about giving him some balls 🙄 Of course, I wasn’t the only one 😉 ). He had become really watered down – not so much in his main book, but certainly in X-books and every guest appearance he made elsewhere. I mean, some writers were just making him out to be a total idiot…not the sort of guy who’s been everywhere – done everything. Then they gave him that insane healing ability where he could regenerate after being fried to a crisp, and dumbed down his fighting skills so much that Aunt May could beat him. It was horrible.

    But Guggenheim wrote an arc that took his healing ability down a big notch, and made him more determined to rely on his skills than his healing factor to win fights. After this, we had Aaron come on board, and things are looking really hopeful. So, I wouldn’t be in a rush to write off Weapon X – I think it might be worth try if you like Wolverine (of course, if you don’t, no writer will change your mind).

    See, Joe…not really sure what sort of characters you like. I know you like villains, so Dark Avengers sounds like it’s right up your alley because it’s mostly a team of villains, packaged up as Avengers. If you don’t like Wolverine because he tries too hard to be a good guy, you might like his brat son who has his sights on becoming one of the bad guys. It all depends on what you like – and if character – or story – is more important. I am one of the few (I think) who read for character first, story second. I can enjoy a bad story or plot if I just like what the character does in that story. But no matter how good the story is, if I don’t like the characters, I’m not going to stick with it.

    So – what about you, Joe? What’s most important? Character, or story? (I think I know the answer already…)

    @ Deni B. – I think it might be a little of both – and might depend on the individual Wraith. At this point in his life, I think Todd eats to live. He was willing to try the gene therapy, so that indicates that he sees food as something merely to sustain his life – not so much his quest in life. However, hunters – especially those who might do so for sport – would certainly seem the type who live to eat – their hunger aroused by the hunt, kinda like what happens when an appetizer of braised rabbit pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and olive oil is set before Mallozzi. 😉 Am I right, Joe??


  30. das said:

    And a side note – when you go to a fancy-shmancy wedding like I did last night…and you’re stuck at a table with a bunch of giggly 20-something bank tellers in skimpy outfits, talking nonsense that you’re totally not interested in…just blew ‘em away with your knowledge of how – with more streamlined vessels, longer-ranged guns, favorable winds, and fireships – the British navy totally defeated the Spanish Armada. 😈

    The dead silence alone was priceless. 😀

    Excellent! You are a stinker … but in a good way. I’ve got to admit that I generally just zone out and then leave as soon as I can politely manage when in a situation like that. But I really admire people who can pull off a bit of one-upsmanship the way you did.

    You dinner looks fabulous, as usual. I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut when it comes to dining out, but that was bound to happen since my main dining companion is my teen-age daughter.

  31. Hi Joe,

    I have rather an unusual question, but one which has been nagging at me for a while.

    On the Stargate DVDs each episode is divided into chapters for easy navigation. Each one of those chapters has a title. Are those titles created by you, the writers, as the episode is written, or are they done after-the-fact by someone putting together the DVDs?

    And yes. I probably do have too much time to ponder such things.



  32. Ok one more prediction/question

    Is Andy Mikita directing Time?

    Thanks so much
    Major D. Davis

  33. @ Sparrow_hawk – I am NOT a stinker! 😡

    I wear deodorant! 😀

    And yup, dinner at the fancy-schmancy wedding was delish! But having eight people looking back at you like this 0_o was even better! LOL. Yeah, I just can’t help myself…I love making awkward social moments even more awkward…it’s a gift. Main reason I did it was when we introduced ourselves to the table, this one chick with a skirt halfway up her butt just kinda rolled her eyes and gave me this ‘look’ – like, ‘why the hell are you at our table?’. So, yeah…within the first 10 seconds, I had already picked out my victim. 😈

    And S_hawk – I got your pm. No worries, I am thinking about it…just have to muster up the courage. 😉


  34. Hey Joe,

    For the last couple of months I’ve been reading the Giants series by James P. Hogan.

    With 20 pages remaining of the 5th book I would classify this series of books as the most rewarding I’ve ever read.

    If I had to guess where the series would end up after reading the first book, I wouldn’t have even been close.

    I could ramble my head off about some of the topics that it covers but I’ll spare you the pain.


  35. Oh wow, I really wish there was a Fuel equivalent here in Brisbane every time you mention what your meals are like. The photos alone are enough to make me hungry, but add to that the excellent descriptions you write and it’s almost unbearable.

    I think I’ll just have to keep sampling food through your blogs – haha.

    I’m also really looking forward to the Powers discussion starting Monday – any one else? Interested in how many of us there will be.


  36. @das: No, haven’t read 1985. I could never tell, going by the blurbs, whether or not I’d enjoy it so I just took a pass. The good thing about comics is if you miss it in the original run you can always grab it in Trade form. I think Old Man Logan is a pass for me because I can’t tell whether or not they actually mean it to be canon. Sort of like the ‘The End’ books that really didn’t matter when all was said and done. Plus it’s a little heavy on the ‘Oh God! They did not just do that’ type stuff.

    I’m not enjoying Ultimatum either (well, except for the Road to Ultimatum X-Men/Fantastic Four but that was strictly for the Rogue/Wolverine… even if things weren’t exactly as they appeared in the end). Ultimate X-Men and Wolverine were my intro into Marvel comics and I hate seeing Ultimate go. I too loved the Ultimate Spidey/Wolverine body-swap issues though Bendis will never convince me that Wolvy smells like a wet dog. 😉 (is it just me or does Bendis try to write Wolverine as physically/sexually unappealing? I’m thinking of Spider-Man’s crack when he learns that Daken is Wolvie’s son: “You had sex?” and a crack in, I believe, Dark Avengers where someone says something like “I can’t believe a woman let him on top of her”)

    From what I can tell, Daken is a love him or hate him character and I fall in the latter… he just feels pointless to me. Wolverine has plenty of angst without adding another character. Maybe it’s because Daken reads as what you’d get if Wolvie and Sabretooth had a child. I think they would’ve been better off re-vamping Sabretooth (instead of what *did* happen to him)–made him more of a threat and less of a joke–I’d’ve been more interested in that. I’m not a big angst fan as it is so maybe that’s why I gave up on Origins after Daken showed up. If they are keeping him around (and I cringe as I write that) then he needs to stay strictly in the villan category: as much as I love Wolverine we don’t need three of him.

  37. @Whovian: Ok, but don’t let me down next time 🙂 I’m going to try to make it to the Chicago convention in August, but it’s always difficult finding a pet sitter that can handle seizures and stay all day while hubby is at work. Tell me you got some good pics, though!

  38. Thanks das for the link 🙂
    Never underestimate the power of dance to bring a smile to someone’s face. Ten years now since I retired. Still miss it 🙁

  39. @ Lisa S. – 😆 @ “Daken reads as what you’d get if Wolvie and Sabretooth had a child.”

    See…I love angst. Gimme angsty or self-destructive/critical/condemning characters over romance and over-the-top drama any day. I think it’s the only way I can like a character – if I can see his inward turmoil. That’s why I was immediately sold on Todd with his ‘hunger burns like a fire’ line…just knowing he had a vulnerability – a weakness – made me love the guy. Of course, seeing him sitting there in Infection, all rejected by Sheppard and sulking in his cell, helped too. 😀

    As far as Daken goes…well, I’m wondering if in a few years they’ll ‘kill’ off Logan, and bring Daken in as Wolverine for a bit – just to see how it plays, something like what they did with Cap. If Daken does turn hero, I can see him appealing to today’s younger, edgier audience, while Logan – with his underlying moral conscience – is more geared for older folks like me.

    And yes, Bendis tries to make Wolverine as sexually unappealing as possible…but, ya know, sometimes that backfires. I mean, just look at me – I love his hairy, doggy-smellin’ li’l self as much as I love eyebrow-challenged green dudes with extra nostrils on their face! Men will never understand what women like! Still, I’ve wondered about that “I can’t believe a woman let him on top of her” line…seeing as how a couple people told me they immediately thought of me when they read that! 😆 Erm…I mean… 😳


    (BTW – I love the whole ‘smells like a dog’ thing…stuff like that just makes me love the li’l fart even more. But then again, I’ve been buggin’ Mallozzi to tell me what he thinks Wraith smell like…so, maybe I’m just obsessed with stinky men…lol. )

    Did you, by chance, read Spider-Man Extra #2 – it came out about a month or so ago. If you didn’t, try to track down a copy – the second story is a great Wolverine story, one I’m sure you will enjoy. Just a nice moment between him and Spidey…good stuff.


  40. So, okay, all you guys need to frakking entertain me tonight because I’ll be up all night. Elway’s had two horrible seizures this afternoon and it aint over yet. Epilepsy sucks. xoxo

  41. A couple of questions for Peter DeLuise if still possible Joe.

    Mr DeLuise, growing up in a household of performers, is it ingrained in you to the point that you find yourself rehearsing your McDonald’s drive thru order while waiting or can you switch it off easily?

    Did you ever dress up as Captain Chaos when you were younger?

    Everytime a DeLuise smiles you can’t help but crack up. It’s so infectious! Thanks.

  42. Bonjour Joseph !!!

    1) Quelle est ta meilleur recette de pancakes ?

    2) Combien mesure Amanda Tapping ? et vous ?

  43. @ Narelle from Aus – You’re welcome! I think they’re done for T-Mobile commercials, but they remind me of the dance bit in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…just very uplifting. This is my favorite one so far, just love it – would love to be there when it happens. 🙂


  44. My question for Peter DeLuise:

    The Defiant One was one of my favourite episodes and your commentaries were some of the funniest things out – I laughed so hard I died, which was tragic for everyone concerned.

    No, wait, that’s not a question. Read it aloud in a quizzical voice and maybe add a question mark to it. Yeah, I’ve got nothing. What’s your credit card number?

  45. Off beat subject

    Regardless of how great posters of this blog think of RDA. The man is just about 60 years old. Maybe it’s time to put the Jack O’Neill character out to pasture. After all he is older than most of the active serving generals in the USAF. If the TPTB wants to attracted new viewers to the franchise, maybe they should reboot SG-1 as a future team. Forget about focusing on RDA on the next movie. Instead introduce the next incarnation of the SG1 team while phasing out the current team members. In the real life you have people drifting in and out in a military unit constantly.

    [slinking off from the irate RDA fans]

  46. I miss the dessert pictures,,yum,,, Never was much for comic books, I remember reading superman and x-men as a kid, but not so much later. Hardy boys and Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, later a lot of cookbooks, or is it that I tend to just collect them..oh well.
    and @das, thanks for the link, how unscripted and cool,,,
    have a great day!

  47. @das
    Did you, by chance, read Spider-Man Extra #2 – it came out about a month or so ago. If you didn’t, try to track down a copy – the second story is a great Wolverine story, one I’m sure you will enjoy. Just a nice moment between him and Spidey…good stuff.

    No, I didn’t see that. Thanks. I’ll go over to Westfield Comics and see if they have it in their back-issues.

  48. @ Airelle – Glad you enjoyed! I’ve watched it several times…just makes me smile. 🙂

    @ Lisa S. – If you can’t find it, try on-line, like here: (Lone Star is very good with shipping and quality – I also use Mile High)

    @ Joe – We just finished watching Continuum, and I really enjoyed it – probably more than Ark of Truth intrigue-wise. I know nothing about the storylines or anything, but it was easy enough for me to follow and I thought it was very well done. Still, watching it only served to remind me how limited the screen time will be for all characters in the SGA movie, especially those who are not part of the team. 😉 Guess there’s no one we could persuade to turn the movie into a miniseries, eh?

    I know, I know…dream on. 🙄

    Continuum also made me aware that in one movie I’ve learned more about SG1’s enemies than I’ve learned about Wraith in 5 years. I know you guys were really trying to fix that in S4 & S5 and I really do appreciate it, but it’s a shame that development didn’t start back in S1, or S2 at the very latest. I just hope you plan something for the movie.

    I think the one thing I’d like to know about more than most anything is Wraith language – just like to know what it sounds like, and I’m sure you guys could come up with something good, especially if the words are pretty much unpronounceable for humans. I know it’s supposedly based on Ancient, but that doesn’t mean it sounds the same. Could be all hisses and clicks and and snarls as far as I know (which would be really cool). I was kind of hoping to get to hear something in The Queen, but that didn’t happen (though I can’t complain about that ep at all…absolutely loved it).

    So – a question – is there any chance we might get to hear a Wraithy word or three in the movie?


  49. Speaking of “bless (his/her/your) heart”*…

    Attended a house concert today by singer/singwriters Jack Williams and Ronny (Sen. Kinsey in SG1) Cox. Since meeting Ronny in 2004, I’ve supported his music; he plays my area at least once a year.

    Ronny’s says he’s doing well. He certainly looks good.

    * Ronny features “Bless her heart!” in his concert patter.

  50. I just finished catering an engament party and can safely say none of the food looked as good as what u posted Joe. I guess I will have to work on that.

    My mom would never let me read comics. When I got my first job I was a Startrek fanatic so my first comic and actually the only comic I ever read was STNG. Actually I think I still have it some where in a box with my old uniform.

    So let me ask you guys this… What would be a good first time comic for me to pick up?

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