Or, The Kino Revealed and-my-top-10-favorite-stargate-episode-titles.

I was down on Stage 5 today watching Director Ernest Dickerson calling the shots on Earth. At one point, Camera Operator Greg Fox swept by and I asked him how much his camera weighed. By way of a response, I was given the honor of a hands-on experience.

“Hold it here,” I was instructed as the camera was lowered onto my shoulder, my left hand positioned to support it, my right hand guided over to steady it.

“And here.” Then, a nervous: “You got it?” I could see the exact same scene playing out in their heads: The uncoordinated producer helping himself to the camera —and dropping it, casually kicking it under the table before quietly shuffling off with a murmured apology.

Damn! The thing was heavy! “Damn!” I said. “This thing is heavy!” It was like having an oversized second head with the weight of a bowling ball.

“It’s not so bad,“Greg assured me. “You get used to it after a day.” I was dubious. Greg smiled and, as he reclaimed his camera, he replaced it with mine, the portable little handheld camcorder he helpfully propped up on my right shoulder. Much better!

Speaking of shooting — tomorrow is Ivon’s big directorial debut as we begin shooting those kino scenes. Sorry. A few mailbags ago, I was asked what a kino was. I was in the process of answering, got distracted, then continued answering the other questions and never got back to my kino response. What is a kino? A kino is an advanced MALP. Specifically, it’s the Ancient version of a MALP.

To those of you asking — yes, Carl is still around. As proof, check out some recent pics from our recent outing to Quattro Restaurant on 4th.

My Top 10 Stargate Titles

Finally, sometime last week, some website put together a list of their favorite episode titles. Alas, Stargate failed to make the list. To rectify that oversight, I’ve decided to put together a list of My Top 10 Favorite Stargate Titles:

10) Double Jeopardy: The audience sits there wondering “Why the hell is this episode called Double Jeopardy?” until the end of the first act when Daniel Jackson gets decapitated, at which point they suddenly realize they’ve been following the android versions of our heroes (last scene in Tin Man). Double the SG-1 = Double the jeopardy.

9) Watergate: What else are you going to call an episode focusing on the team’s investigation of a secret Russian project in which a second gate is connected to a water planet – with disastrous results? Okay, granted, it could’ve been called plenty of other things and when Rob Cooper first suggested calling his episode Watergate, I remember we all laughed. Well, as it turned out, Rob was the last man laughing.

8) Crossroads: We were once pitched a freelance story which the author titled, broadly enough, Turn of Events. Really? Something is going to happen in this episode? How fitting then! Sure, we all made fun of the title at the time, but Paul was quick to point out that we’d been just as guilty several years earlier with this episode title, Crossroads. Really? Someone faces a tough decision in this episode? How fitting then!

7) Cold Lazarus: Well, it sounds cool — despite the fact that there is no discernible connection between this cryptic title and the actual events in the episode. Apparently, upon reading the script, someone at the studio called the production offices demanding to know: “Who the hell is Lazarus and why is he cold?!”

6) Talion: Damian Kindler was always great at coming up with these obscure titles (see: Ethon). According to dictionary.com: “A punishment identical to the offense, as the death penalty for murder.”. All well and good except that whenever someone mentioned this episode by name, I always assumed they were saying “Italian“, resulting in much confusion.

5) McKay and Mrs. Miller: One the one hand, McCabe and Mrs. Miller is the name of an old Robert Altman western. On the other hand, we had a story involving the character of McKay and his little sister. A bit of a stretch unless… “Hey, maybe Miller is her married name!”Marty G. suggested in a stroke of genius.

4) Avenger 2.0: The best thing about this episode was the title. Felger (last seen in The Other Guys) invents a computer virus capable of deactivating stargates. While testing it, the entire gate network shut down. Will Felger and Carter solve the problem and come up with a working security patch in time? No, don’t’ bother watching. They do.

3) Miller’s Crossing: Keeping with the Miller movie theme, Marty G. went to the Coen brothers for inspiration in titling this episode which saw the return of McKay’s little sister, Jeannie Miller. See, her last name is Miller and, um, well Rodney’s last name is McKay but her husband’s last name is Miller and there is this scene where he snaps at McKay, you see, he’s very cross, and…Aaaah, forget it.

2) There But For the Grace of God Go I: Best Title For An AU Episode Ever! – because, at the end of the day, this is what is at the heart of every great A.U. story: the path not followed, the road not taken (coincidentally, the title of another SG-1 A.U. episode).

1) Ex Deus Machina: When this episode aired, some fans were livid because they assumed we’d unwittingly screwed up the Latin. Well, yes, we did screw up the Latin —  but wittingly. The story involved System Lord Baal making his way to Earth. “Maybe he becomes a mechanic,” I suggested. “Then we could call it Deus Ex Mechanic.”

“Better yet,”said Paul. “He’s a former god. We should call is Ex Deus Machina.” So we did.

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  1. “Cold Lazarus: Well, it sounds cool – despite the fact that there is no discernible connection between this cryptic title and the actual events in the episode.”

    Kind of like “Fragile Balance”?

  2. “What is a kino? A kino is an advanced MALP. Specifically, it’ the Ancient version of a MALP.” ~ Joe

    Finaly, The big mystery has been revealed 😛

    So, It’s an Ancient MALP huh… I’m guessing it can fly, cloak and make a mean cup of cappuccino. Kinda like that probe thingy the Wraith had that one time on SG-A… Minus the coffee part… Wraith don’t do.. Coffee. 🙂

  3. It would be very hard for me to list any fav SG-1 titles, as I like (yes, present tense) most of them; but for Atlantis, Epiphaney stands a truely revealing, and very, very helpful episode for me and my life, but again, all are great.

  4. I think my favorite episode title is “Adrift” because it just conjours up images of being lost (mostly at sea, but I guess space works just as well) and desperate for rescue or a way home.

    Question: I noticed that “Parable of the Sower” was a BOTM selection at one point. I’ve never read it, but I loved Octavia Butler’s “Clay’s Ark”. Have you read it and if so what did you think of it?

  5. I liked the 2001/2010 reference…and Wormhole X-treme! was good marketing.

  6. I think ‘Ex Deus Machina’ is probably my favourite, too. Other faves not on your list – ‘Forever in a Day’, ‘It’s Good To Be King’, ‘Citizen Joe’, and ‘Grace Under Pressure’ (which I thought was one of the funniest and cleverest ones).

    One I never understood – ‘Deadman Switch’. Maybe I’m just dumb, but I looked up ‘dead man’s switch’ and I still don’t understand how it connects to the episode.

  7. Hi Joe, Hey, whatever happened to Felger? He was hilarious! You should consider bringing him (and John Billingsley) back for SGU. I disagree with you about Avenger 2.0. The best thing was not the title, it was such a funny episode and I still watch it on shitty days to make me laugh. Funny thing is, it still does the trick.

    @das: In case you didn’t see it on last night’s comments, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

    Have a good night, everybody! Deni

  8. Hi Joe, I found out today that my little Sandy (a pomeranian/beagle mix) is allergic to grass. Yes, my dog is allergic to grass (though not as bad as my friend’s dog, who is allergic to cats). Do any of your pups have allergies?

  9. I’m sorry, but I can’t rate Miller’s Crossing as a top 100, much less top 10 title. In fact, the title was one of the major disappointments of that episode. But to put my $2 worth in(hate inflation), I’ll list the following in no order of preference.
    From Atlantis:
    1) Rising. Such a perfect title.
    2) 38 Minutes. Harkens to the SG mythology/rules, and is an almost real-time episode.
    3)Tabula Rasa. Great title, great episode
    4) The Last Man. Loved the ambiguity of the title, ostensibly referring to Sheppard, but applicable to McKay.

    From SG-1
    5) The Broca Divide. Not among the greatest of SG episodes, but the title is a wonderful reference to “Broca’s Brain”.
    6) Torment of Tantalus. Invocation of Greek mythology with a great story(and our first peek at Paul M.)
    7)Watergate. Love a title that is both literal and a reference to a cultural/historical event.
    8) Citizen Joe. Again, title gives fair warning as to the main theme of the episode, and is one of the “non-traditional eps that makes the SG franchise so good.
    9) Deux ex Machina. gotta love classic literary references.
    10 Momento Mori. So, I have a thing about old languages.

    Just a couple of other things I’d like to note or ask. First, The latest Honorverse is a must read. Not actually the best of the series, but only because it has so much brewing in it, setting the stages for the the big blowout. Weber is reminding me more and more of the Lensmen series, constantaly ratcheting up the size of the fights and the stakes involved, but does so in a much more skilled and plausible way. Well worth the couple of hours of lost sleep needed to finish it.
    Finally, any chance we can coax some poetry from you on hints about say, the first half of season 1 of Universe? Maybe something you can post a month or three before the premiere? Since you’re not allowed to share all your cool pictures, surely TPTB will permit you to offer us a few little crumbs in the form of the written word.
    Great pics, and thanks for sharing.

  10. I am doing the Twitter thing, and I came across David Blue, and Brian J. Smith on there. Anyways, Brian J. Smith kept talking about the Pancakes he has every morning. So I asked him if maybe they had blueberry encrusted chevrons on them, and he said no, but they have a butter and syrup kawoosh. And so I said I heard that Aunt Jemima was cast on SG:U, and she was the one who discovered the purpose of the ninth chevron. He then wrote me back and said that she “Gets his gate dialing in the morning”. So my questions for you are, have you had these said pancakes? And if so, are they that good? And does Aunt Jemima have a chance of surviving the first season of SG:U??? Because if she dials his gate for him, maybe there will be a Sam/Jack type romance hehe.. But hopefully not a TEN SEASON long one!!

  11. Kino? Does it have something to do with the cinematography elements in the script? Movements and camera work and the like – such as movement within frame, or off-frame, etc?

    MALPs are kinda like that…

    Anyone watch NCIS tonight??! Anyone loving Trent Kort (David Dayan Fisher – from SGA’s The Game) as much as me? Anyone think his relationship with Gibbs is JUST like Todd and Sheppard?? Anyone else think he’s kinda hot… 😳

    Ah…yet another recurring character for me to fret over… 😛


  12. Haha, as soon as I read your blog title, I thought of “Ex Deus Machina”. Ever since that episode came out, that’s been my favorite Stargate title just because it’s so darn clever, and also one of those that actually requires some knowledge of literary terminology to understand, which makes it kind of an inside joke, as well.

    I think “Beneath the Surface” was a good one, too. Nice double meaning there. Literal, with the mining, and figurative, with the buried memories.

    I also liked “The Last Man”, because at first you think it refers to Sheppard, but then as it goes on, you realize that it means McKay (or that it means both simultaneously).

    “The Prodigal” was an interesting title choice for that episode. Because it seems to imply that Michael belongs to/in Atlantis (the whole ‘prodigal son’ thing), which puts a subtle and very interesting spin on his whole storyline. But I could get into a whole thing about that, so I’ll refrain. I can’t seem to talk about Michael without getting worked up with frustration.

    I should say, though, that I enjoyed the Felger episodes. The whole thing with people who work with the main characters but also kind of idolize them is a lot of fun.

    Also, I was a little disappointed that the robo-team didn’t last longer than they did. After I first saw Tin Man, I was kind of hoping they’d show up a few more times. Glad they got at least one more ep, of course, but had they survived it could have made for a lot of fun in later seasons.

  13. @ Deni B. – Yup! I saw! Thanks, again! Our evening has been rather quiet – just our regular tv night. Long day for both of us, so we’re going to do something nice over the weekend, hopefully. Mr. Das did buy himself an anniversary gift, however…a flat screen tv. 😕 Not too big, and it is nice…but I really wanted chocolate. 😛

    Ack! and I didn’t get my computer turned off before April 1st! Oh well…if I have that conficker worm, can’t do anything about it now, I guess…


  14. Brie is unbelievably cute! I love that expression on her face in the first picture. Is she a French Bulldog?

    ‘There But For The Grace Of God’ is one of my all time favorite episode titles. I was thinking about it the other day while reading some discussion of the one word titles. While I’m sure they will will be entirely suitable, they just don’t have the poetry that ‘There But For The Grace Of God’ has.

  15. There But For the Grace of God is one of my favorite episode titles. I also remember it’s the episode in SG-1 that sealed the deal for me as it were…made me a fan.

    I also like “Grace Under Pressure” not only because of its connection to events in the episode but I think it was also a play with an episode title from SG1 where Carter was trapped alone and hallucinated?

  16. @ Thornyrose – I have to agree with you about The Rising being such a great title. The rising of Atlantis, the rising of the Wraith…it was a perfect title for the premiere and established the right atmosphere for the series.

    For the most part, however, I don’t pay attention to episode titles unless I need to reference them in a discussion, or something. There are several SGA titles I don’t know off the top of my head, and most other series I watch I haven’t the first clue to what the show titles are. When I DVR a show then I become familiar with the titles, but mostly I never notice them. Probably not something the writers and producers want to hear, eh? 😉


  17. My favorite episode title is definitely “Line in the Sand.” I love the Alamo reference (that IS what you were referencing, yes?). It also happens to be one of my favorite episodes, but that’s not the point 😉
    I’m also quite fond of “Be All My Sins Remembered” and “This Mortal Coil” because of the Shakespeare reference! 😀

    @Das: Mmhmm I saw NCIS tonight! I love watching Mark Harmon interact with any guest stars, but guest stars who have also been on Stargate make it that much more special 🙂

  18. Hey Joe!

    I’m in Vancouver! And it’s FREEZING here. Today was sunny and gorgeous, though. So I do feel spoiled. Maybe I brought the sunshine with me?

    Anyway, Jeremy rented a white van. I’m going to drive over to your house and have Jeremy knock on your door. He’s sort of forgetful so he might ask if Stanley’s home. Plus, he can be shy. He will probably just stare in your windows and not ring the bell.

    See ya soon!

    Trish 😀

  19. Hey Joe,

    I thought I’d share my excitement for today. Today I got my copies of the book “Thrilling Wonder Stories” which has in it the article I was commissioned to write last year during the writers strike. It was a behind the scenes history of the Star Trek hour-long Internet episode we had done earlier — the one called “World Enough and Time” for Star Trek: New Voyages and starred George Takei – oh how time flies. Seems like only yesterday it was being nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula Awards (Doctor Who beat it, I think).

    It’s very thrilling to see myself published in a real book in the company of accomplished and prestigious pro Star Trek writers – many of whom I read when I was much younger. And it’s being sold on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Thrilling-Wonder-Stories-Winston-Engle/dp/0979671817/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1238548371&sr=8-2)
    where I’ve bought many a book and DVD myself. I’m even listed in the product details.

    I know this is small considering how many scripts you’ve written and produced, but considering how my writing career in LA is more beating my head against the wall and selling scripts and articles that are unproduced, this is huge to me.

    So I’m celebrating tonight by sharing with you and your blog, which appreciates the printed page.

    — Crystal

  20. Apparently, upon reading the script, someone at the studio called the production offices demanding to know: “Who the hell is Lazarus and why is he cold?!”

    Hahaha!! I love that. I always wonder about that with some titles. I find some are common for every single show ever made (There are very few shows out there that by the time they are complete haven’t used “Memento Mori”. And if they haven’t, I suspect it’s because the network cancelled them before they could get around to it.) Others are so obscure and irrelevant you wonder where in God’s name people came up with them. One show that sticks out a bit? Supernatural. A lot of their titles are lines from classic rock songs. Very cool. And unusual.

    “Maybe he becomes a mechanic,”I suggested. “Then we could call it Deus Ex Mechanic.” “Better yet,”said Paul. “He’s a former god. We should call is Ex Deus Machina.” So we did.

    Brilliant. 😀

  21. Oh, yes, I have to add “Grace Under Pressure” to my favorite titles, as well. SG-1 reference FTW! And, of course, clever literal use of a common phrase.

  22. I have no idea why our Internet hasn’t cut out yet. But since it’s allowing me access now, I suppose I’ll relay my message.

    Apparently we will no longer have Internet access. This means no more Joe Mallozzi.

    So, this is a goodbye.

    I’ve really had fun reading your blog. It’s been the highlight of my days.

    Yeah. How sad is that?

    Anyway. Thanks for the laughs and the information. Don’t be too funny without me. Or…don’t tell me about it if you are. Just…reach me by carrier pigeon.

  23. A few days ago you referred to Brian Michael Bendis as “one of the most popular writers working in comics today”. Bendis may be prolific but a lot of his work is, well, ‘meh’. He’s too heavily into ‘Event’ storylines which are overhyped and move at snail’s pace. If popularity is measured in sales then, yes, he’s popular but most folks are going to buy those comics regardless of the writer–they buy the book because they’re regular readers of a series. I’m about 50/50 where Bendis is concerned. I really enjoy ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ and I read ‘New Avengers’ (which are the two Bendis titles that come to mind when I think of my monthly comic shipment). However, the event storylines are just AGONIZING! ‘House of M’ was the exception–I mostly enjoyed it. However ‘Civil War’ was just annoying and ‘Secret Invasion’ was dragged-out beyond all measure. I must also point out that Bendis is often accused of misogyny and, quite frankly, it is there (‘New Avengers’ #35 comes to mind if you need an example.) It’s there in ‘Powers’ but I’ll get into that when the book discussion starts.

  24. What is a kino? A kino is an advanced MALP. Specifically, it’ the Ancient version of a MALP.

    So are you telling us its like a MALP on a stick…

  25. I’ve always hated trying to figure out a title to something I’ve written. Now I see that the writers at Stargate have the same issues. Sometimes titles mean something, sometimes not so much. Sometimes it just sounds really cool.

    Why are you feeding Carl lamb sausage? Does he not like lamb? Would they have fired you if you had dropped that camera?

  26. @whovian… That was just hilarious!!! You crack me up… Can’t wait to see you and meet Jeremy! Tomorrow girl! See you then!

    Ha Ha ha… 😛

    Patricia Lee

  27. Talion probably comes from the Latin phrase “ius talionis”, or “lex talionix”, which losely translates as “an eye for an eye”. It was widely discussed during my law education at my university over here in Europe, not sure if it’s ever discussed in other countries though. At any rate, I use it for my signature on a message board.

    Cold Lazarus – I always thought it had to do with the word “Lazaret” or “Lazaretto”, usually a monastary where ships (and later on, also foot soldiers) who were carrying a disease could stay and get help until they were dead or better. Here, the alien is trying to heal Jack’s “disease”, except he can’t, so see – it’s “cold”.
    I also thought the name was simultaneously with a play on the Biblic Lazaret who rose from the dead (Jack’s son) several days after he was dead (cold body), like Jack’s son is rising from the dead – sorta – after Jack has come to terms with the loss.

  28. I missed a few days and i have just read the Amand Tapping Q&A, I really injoyed it. thanks to her for answering questions and thank you for having her on.

  29. As far as I know, “kino” is a german noun, which, as Das suggests, has a cinematographic meaning. I think it was something of the likes of “theatrical” or “movie” or “film”, probably also related to the place where movies are played. Sorry about the inaccuracy of the descriptions, I’m not german, I just happened to watch (and translate) a few german movies and playing some german games. 🙂


  30. Hey there Mr M!!

    Great to see Mr B back on the blog!! How goes the SG1 Movie Script? Cannot believe that it is a year today, that I touched down in Vancouver.?! To celebrate same, I am wearing a sports jacket I bought at one of the Tailoring Shops in Vancouver. Wish I could be there for what promises to be a great weekend at the Con with Ms Tapping, Mr Flanigan et al. I hope all the regular JM Blogees that are there enjoy same. Speaking of which, where is Vikkitty? Haven’t seen her here for a while!

    Nostalgia got the better of me and I trawled back through last years Blog entries re: Fuel dinner. *Sniff*

    Anyway, cool about that cameralift…those things LOOK heavy!!

    Best to all


    PS Re: Ep titles….I still wish you had managed to get “Fool’s Goa’uld” in for one of the seasons!!!

  31. WEll as you wrote down you’re favourite Episode titles I was reminded of our good old German Titles of SG1-Episodes. One might think, what about it, it’s just the englisch title in German.
    NO, very wrong. Germans are creative. Germans don’t like it, when an English title translated doesn’t sound that good. SO they are creative. Here are my top ten trnaslated and back into english translated GErman SG1- Episode titles:

    10)The Broca Divide Die Seuche (The contagion)

    No need to translate that piece of inventiveness
    9)There But For the Grace of God Die Invasion – Teil 1
    Politics Die Invasion – Teil 2
    Within the Serpent’s Grasp Die Invasion – Teil 3
    The Serpent’s Lair Die Invasion: Kampf um die Erde (The battle for earth)

    8 ) Prisoners Zerstörerin der Welten (destroyer of worlds)

    7)One False Step Tödliche Klänge (deadly sounds)

    6) Crossroads Shan’Aucs Opfer (Shan’Aucs sacrifice)

    5) Frozen Virus aus dem Eis (Virus in the ice)

    4) The Changeling Hilfe aus der Traumwelt (Help from dreamland)

    3) Fragile Balance Der falsche Klon (the false clone)

    2) The Curse Die Rückkehr der Osiris (The return of the Osiris )

    1)Forever in a Day Sha’res Tod (Sha’res death)

    Well we all kow that you can’t translate everthing but these titles are only a small collection of worse than worse spoilerish titels

  32. Hello Joseph =)

    Vous allez bien?

    Rohh quel question! Je n’ai jamais réussi à faire ma liste de mes 10 épisode préféré, car il y en à pleins que j’aime beaucoup il faudrais faire un Top 100 et encore il y aurait des égalité^^!

    En tout cas merci pour votre liste.

    Bisou, a demain!

  33. Just thought I’d update you on the flooding in ND. The Red crested at 40.75 in Fargo which was lower than expected. Most of the dikes held but one breach flooded an elementary school. The river level right now continues to fall but Monday thru last night, we got a foot of snow which contains about 2 inches of water. Soooo…….the river will crest again mid April but they are predicting only 37 feet which is bad enough but not horrible. So our sandbags and dikes will have to stay up probably until the end of April.

    Fargo is reopening today. Stores, malls and other businesses will be opening as well as the streets and road that have been closed for a week. Schools that have been out for 2 weeks will start again on Monday. Life hopefully will get back to normal soon.

    Ok this got a little long, sorry. But thanks again for caring.

  34. LOL @ Whovian.
    Good to see you made it safely.

    I just checked the weather for Vancouver. I wish it was that warm here in NS. : )

  35. “What is a kino? A kino is an advanced MALP. Specifically, it’ the Ancient version of a MALP.” ~ Joe

    … I always thought you were referring to the next Altantis or SG-1 movie XD. Because “kino” means cinema in german. I was actually wondering, that you use this german term as well in english… but thank you for sorting this out :D.

    The thing now is that if I think of this MALP I always have to think of something that has to do with the cinema 😛

  36. He is cold because he’s dead. lol …well, he was…you know, before the whole Jesus intervention and all.

    I liked “Tabula Rasa” as a title.

    “Misbegotten” That one is just cool cause, oops look what the silly humans begot.

    “Epiphany” just because it is such a great word.

    I always thought an episode called Section Eight would be cool.

  37. Hey, don’t pick on Felger & Coombs! Those were great SGC episodes and I regret we didn’t have time for another adventure. Lots of fun. Also too bad Atlantis didn’t have time for one of those with Chuck and McKay’s female Japanese colleague (from Letters ep)

    JMHO, but going with one word elemental titles for SGU has me shaking my head. Too much anime.

    I’d be hard pressed to name a fave SG1 or SGA title, but I thought Moebius was just about perfect. There But For the Grace of God, Grace, and Grace Under Pressure also makes a nice set.

  38. I thought Miller’s Crossing was kind of clever, because I immediately assumed that the “crossing” was “crossing over”… to the other side, so to speak. So I spent the next 40 or so minutes of the episode afraid that you guys were going to kill her off. (Hey, Gero killed BECKETT! He’d stoop that low! Waaah! Ok, just kidding)

    Turns out that someone DID die and it was done so spectacularly, but I digress. It wasn’t Jeannie. So you got me! Good job!

    Also, I keep thinking that the kino scenes have something to do with gambling — isn’t kino what they call those little slips of paper you fill out at bars and then watch the outcome on the tv screens? My recollection is hazy, but I WAS in a bar…

  39. Good luck Ivon…or is saying “good luck” to a director like saying it to a stage actor? If it is, what would you say otherwise?

    Thanks for your top titles. I really liked Ex Deus Machina and also It’s Good to be King, because I thought there was a fair bit of irony in it.

    Also, I’ll just quickly mention that I’m looking forward to discussing Powers next week, should be really interesting to see what people think!


  40. My favourite title is one that never happened. Teal’c Interrupted was the working title of 48 hrs but BW didn’t like it. I still think former was way better.

  41. April 1st. I am going to hide today, the pressure of being clever and devious just isn’t in the blood on a cold, snowy morning. Ah well, I have no one to impress except the cats, and they’re too easy.

  42. Kino:
    “Initiating physical contact with a girl, in order to induce sexual vibes and get the girl in the mood. Often used together with NLP as a powerful combination in seducing a girl. By doing kino, one also demonstrates his high alpha values and let’s the girl know he is a sexual creature.”
    From the Urban Dictionary listed above.
    What were those skeevy ancients thinking?
    Using MALPs as Sex toys!!!

  43. @ To all of you who are going to the convention: Will somebody please get me a pic of Michael Shanks and tell him I send him a kiss? Ignore his wife, and tell him I’m 20-something and GORGEOUS. Seriously though, have a blast, and do get pics for the rest of us!

    @Das: I’ve been reading about the Conficker worm since yesterday, and apparently it hasn’t been as big of a thing as expected. Actually, I read about a woman who was going to turn off her computers for a week, but what’s to stop it from infecting computers after that? What is a good idea is to download the fix, rename it (because once you have it, your computer won’t run anything with the Conficker name) and save it to your desktop in case you need it later. Naturally, the thing has a new name here now (amongst the friends), F–kalicious. That’s what I renamed it.

  44. Just a note on your Latin, Ex Deus Machina could have been correct as E Deo Machina. (you usually omit the x when the preposition is infront of a consonant.)
    Any way I did like the idea of mixing it up!

  45. @Whovian- Hey you, glad you made it safely!!! So, uh, I got my traditional Vancouver injury out of the way yesterday, so hopefully will be injury free tomorrow when I come see y’all!

  46. Is that the hallways of “Homeworld Security” in the first two pictures?? Unless your office hallways have eagle topped flag poles, pictures of jet fighters, with camera men and soldiers holding light meters?

  47. “4) Avenger 2.0: The best thing about this episode was the title.”

    No, Joe. The best thing about this ep was RDA channeling R. Lee Ermey in the video playback.

    “O’NEILL: (obviously annoyed) “I told you not to trust that brown-nosing little weasel!”

    Ah, maybe you can post the video or audio, Joe?

    I once asked DSD if he knew ahead of shooting the scene that RDA was going to sound like Ermey. He answered, “We never know what’s going to be in the playback!” Never told me whether they needed more than one take…


  48. Joe, how come you guys still have the old stargate universe logo on the clapperboard?

  49. The aborted kino answer got me hyped up on suspense. I thought you did it on purpose.

  50. Hey Joe,

    I’m late!

    Can you please tell Ivon this from Chev

    “You don’t need luck because you’re Captain Awesome, so….go knock Brad & Rob’s socks off”

    Cheers, Chev

  51. Hey Joe,

    Didja get my email, or did your spam filter kill it? Sent about a week and a half ago.


  52. I think my favourite titles are Be All My Sins Remember’d, Grace Under Pressure and Tabula Rasa just because they sound all classy and stuff. *wipes nose*

  53. @ Deni B. – They say that the thing has been around since Octoberish…that’s when I got infected (by it or something like it) – it just bypassed my Norton security. It was terrible…and I’m not sure how long it was in my computer before I realized it. It’s like a time bomb…you might have it and not even realize it until it goes off, and then – what a mess – your computer is totally hijacked. This is what it did to me: 1. Disabled my security (that was first), 2. Prevented me from accessing ANY security site – Norton, McAfee, Spybot – for updates or downloads or fixes, 3. Started re-directing all my searches – if I googled ‘Stargate’, it gave me websites for ‘knitting products’, 4. It made all my words REALLY BIG on the screen, 5. It bombarded me with pop-up spam, and 6. It totally pissed me off!

    Not sure if they managed to get any of my passwords (e-mail would be my only concern), but I fear it may have stolen some info in a fake security backup (that I aborted, but which had already started). I don’t do any banking, etc. on-line, but I have used my credit cards to buy stuff. I just hope I didn’t use them during the time my computer was infected, since the attack started slow and I didn’t notice it right away.

    And the thing that ticked me off the most is that when I called Symantec/Norton about the problem, complaining that the $60 security program I purchased from them had allowed this thing through, they wanted to charge me $99 to fix it! HA! Bunch’a whores…

    Sometimes I long for the days when we communicated through cave paintings and smoke signals. Such a simple life…

    …a short life, but a simple one. 😉


  54. [b]@das[/b] , I dislike norton also, similiar story, so I went to a free virus protector, and for all the time I have used it, *crosses fingers* it is still good to go.
    — and its real tough to pick favorite titles of Stargate episodes, they are all so good,how about any that Joe M. wrote?!? *grins*

  55. Hi Joe!

    Nice list of fave SG titles. 🙂 Mine would include

    1. Rising – good reference to both Atlantis and the Wraith

    2. Ex Deus Machina – funny, but true ! 🙂

    3. Grace Under Pressure – great ep, great album (also, nice play on Grace SG-1 ep.)

    4. The Other Guys – Yeah, what about the other guys? LOL!

    5. 2010 / 2001 – Awesome shows

    6. The Defiant One – bold, strong title. Wraith & Shep were both very defiant

    7. Letters from Pegasus – Niiiice

    8. The Torment of Tantalus – really described what both Earnest and Daniel felt

    9. Window of Opportunity – great name for one of my fave eps

    10. Watergate – RCC was right. Great title

    Special Mention – Fallen – works well with Rising, as the search for the Lost City started in Fallen and was achieved in Rising. Niiiiiice.

    Halfway through Who Killed Retro Girl? Hope to participate in discussion.

    Have a good one, eh?


  56. @Pat and Kassandra: See ya both soon. 😀 Kass, stop killing your knees. Sheesh!

    @Scary: Uh, it snowed this morning. I take back what I said about the weather in Vancouver. It’s April first and I guess nature is playing the joke on me. Snow! 😯 While my children are wearing shorts, tank tops and flip-flops at home and complaining about sunburn I’m freezing and dressed in multiple layers. I guess I’m meant to live in Florida. 😀 I hope spring has sprung for you! 😀

    @Deni B: So what you said was KISS Michael Shanks for you? Sure! I’ll do that! 😆 And blame it all on you. Ha ha ha! Just kidding. I’m not that brave, actually. But I’ll tell him you say *hi*. And you can try to send some warm Florida sunshine my way. I miss it.

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