Given my position, I’ve always been uncomfortable referring to myself as a fan of a particular actor or actress.  Sure, there are performers whose work I admire and enjoy, but I would never go so far as to call myself “a fan”.  That said, I will say this: I am a fan of Amanda Tapping.  In fact, I’m a HUGE Amanda Tapping fan.  And I’m not the only one.  No, I’m not talking about all those Samantha Carter supporters out there.  I’m talking about pretty much anyone who has had the pleasure to work with Amanda over the years.  She’s immensely talented, ever-professional, and just plain delightful. 

But enough of me talking about Amanda.  Let’s let Amanda talk about Amanda.  Here’s her Q&A.  At the risk of inundating her, I trimmed the initial 20+ pages of questions down to half that before sending them her way – so if you didn’t get your question answered, my apologies. 

Over to Amanda…

Ngan writes: “1. What’s your take on Sam’s and Jack’s relationship? Dating, Engaged, Married?”

AT: Sleeping together…once he’s retired. Crazy, mad, passionate love. Way too much sexual tension for it not to pay off. Then, they’ll take it from there. Dating….Fishing….Dating…..

“2. Do you want to see an acknowledgement of their relationship in the next movie? If so, will there be one?”

AT: I’d like to see some pay off for all their years together. But, I don’t have any say in that.

“3. What are the chances you can get either RDA or Michael Shanks or Chris Judge to guest star in an upcoming Sanctuary episode?”

AT: I would welcome any and all of them. I do think it’s important that Sanctuary be seen as an entirely separate entity in its own right. But having said that I’d would work with any of the boys again in a heartbeat.

Laura writes: “Which was the hardest episode for you to film?”

AT: Of Stargate…..hmmmmm…. That’s so hard. Heroes because of the subject matter. Point of View. Any of the twining episodes. Of Sanctuary…Requiem.

“Did you ever watch any sci-fi TV shows/movies before you were cast in SG-1?”

AT: Battlestar. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Dr. Who. Blade Runner. Little House in the Prairie…The Space Years.

Tim Gaffney writes: “As an actress, what is the biggest difference/challenge between working on an actual set with buildings and objects you interact with and working on a virtual set where you essentially have to imagine them. It seems like it would take a lot longer to film on a virtual set because the actors would miss their marks more often than on the physical set. And could you answer the question as an executive producer as well.”

AT: Good question. As an actor it’s actually a lot like doing theatre. Very minimalist theatre. The words, the characters, the relationships, the moment all become heightened. There are no distractions. We have props and key set pieces, so that helps. But it is up to the DP, Camera, the Director and the actors to make the physicality work. It’s definitely a team effort. It doesn’t really take a lot longer to film once everyone has figured out where everything is!

Caitlyanna writes: “1. What are some of your favorite memories working on Stargate? Favorite episodes?”

AT: That is such a hard question to answer because working on the show in general was so much fun. It was the afternoon giggles. The laughing until tears streamed down our faces. The general comfortable feeling of family and goofiness that the show fostered. It was so easy to be there. The cast, the crew, the producers, the writers, all were in on this lovely atmosphere. We prided ourselves on being the fun show that guest starts wanted to be on. I guess my favourite episode is Heroes, because it was everything that was great about our show. It showcased everyone well. And it was so intense.

“2. How hard is it to work on an almost all green screen set on Sanctuary? (Love the show by the way.)”

AT: Thank You!!!!! It is actually quite fun and quite liberating to work on a green screen set. Once you get used to the intensity of the green, you live in the moment. Your job is to sell the reality of the situation and the space. And it becomes more about the words and the scene. I really appreciate it a lot more now.

“3. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not acting?”

AT: Hanging out with Olivia. We paint and play music. She has an incredible imagination and I love going on adventures with her. We walk a lot in the woods looking for fairy castles. It’s precious time and it goes by so quickly. She’s reintroduced me to “wonder”.

Sheryl writes: “You are a wonderful role model for young female actors. What 1 piece of advice would you give them to watch out for when dealing with casting, producers and directors?”

AT: Be True to yourself. Don’t ever feel like you’re being compromised. Make strong choices and be prepared in auditions and on set. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but make sure they are important and relevant. It’s also important to understand where you fit on a set. They are busy and complicated places and we actors aren’t always the most important element. We need to have respect for the whole process. Spend time on set, sitting and watching what everyone does and how it all fits together.

Sandel’ writes: “There are a few interviews where you have mentioned Sanctuary’s Requiem and how you had to act like you’ve never acted before. How would you compare your experience in Requiem to the different instances in SG-1 where you portrayed all of the alternate Sam Carters?”

AT: Funny to get this question after answering Laura’s question. 🙂 It’s cool that we think alike! Requiem was very much like the alternate Carter episodes in that I was playing a very different version of my character. It’s always fun to change things up and find the dark side. I just felt that with Requiem I stretched my wings even further. I think part of it is having more life experience under my belt. And part of it is feeling braver as a person. It just felt like a new level for me personally.

StellaByStargate writes: “The late Don S. Davis once said that to prepare for his character he liked to know everything about them…from their favorite color to their politics . When you prepare yourself to portray Sam, especially over the past few years, do you have a specific backstory in mind for the part of her life we don’t see, and if so, could you share some idea of what it is which helps you shape your performance?”

AT: I wrote some backstory at first, but so much was given to us in the first season. The writers also worked hard to develop our characters over the years. I did a lot of research into the military and into astrophysics. I wanted to feel comfortable as a soldier and as a scientist.

Suziesbluefeather writes: “You were super cute last Halloween on Ghost hunters. How scared where you really and did it effect your beliefs in the supernatural any?”

AT: Super cute!! Thank you! I was really scared a few times. The whole atmosphere on the island and in the fort was creepy. And we were so cut off from everything. We took a bus to the dock and then a ferry to the island and then a tram to the fort. So there was nowhere to run! Plus it was so cold and that made it even scarier somehow. The tunnels below the fort were, for me, the worst. I couldn’t help but imagine all those men held down there. How scared and cold and angry they must have been. It definitely had a very strange vibe. I couldn’t sleep when we got back to the hotel.

Bristow1941 writes: “ I was curious how much gender bias you find in your new role as a producer now that Sanctuary is off the ground as producers seem to have remained much more of a male-dominated role in television. What are the most successful strategies you have used to have new business associates understand the value you bring to the team (experience, female perspective, etc.)? Also how would you described your management strategy for the Sanctuary production? I’m always curious to learn from the experience of successful female executives and managers.”

AT: I am blessed in that I work with two incredibly evolved and sensitive men. I have never had to prove myself to Martin and Damian. We have known each other long enough to know what our individual strengths and weaknesses are. We have an amazing chemistry together and we are a good team. I feel the need more as “the actor” on the show to prove my worth as an executive producer. That applies to men and women. I have to overcome the “vanity title” perception that some people have. That is dispelled once they see me work and the commitment and ethic I bring to the table. This is not to say that I haven’t encountered sexism in my career. I have. I have been referred to as “the chick” and have been spoken to as if I am stupid. I believe in grace and dignity and in humility. I’ve learned that there is more power in those virtues than there is in railing against injustice. I am learning, slowly, to be calmer and to take a breath before reacting. I hope I lead by example on set. I think my “style” is one of mutual respect and admiration. I believe at the end of the day, that it should be fun to be here. And I hope people understand that they are valued.

Katja writes: “What is your fondest memory regarding your fans at conventions/events and why does it stand out?

AT: I have had incredible convention experiences. Fans are always so willing to share with me. I am touched by the trust people put in me. The fact that they feel safe enough to share their life experiences and their hearts with me. I couldn’t give a single example without feeling like I was betraying someone’s trust, but suffice to say, I have been blown away by the amazing stories of courage. I am also touched by the families that I have met. Mothers and daughters, Fathers and daughters, different generations all bonding over the show. It’s incredible.

“You are known as one of the most down-to-earth actresses in the sci-fi world and very much loved, do you ever worry about disappointing your fans?”

AT: I always worry about disappointing the fans. I have a huge amount of respect for fandom. Always have, always will.

“I miss the show terribly, do you think that you would continue to participate in the movies for as long as possible?”

AT: I will be there for as long as they want me to.

Astrid writes: “I have a feeling that the writers/producers get help with the military stuff they need to create (like dialogue and what kind of outfits you should wear). Did You actors receive any special education about the military way of things? Were You educated on the different (Earth) weapons you were supposed to handle?”

AT: We were very well trained in the military aspect of the show. We had advisors and armourers. We covered everything from military protocol to the handling of various weapons.

MaggieMayDay writes: “For Amanda, what would be a “dream role” outside the realm of sci-fi?”

AT: Eleanor of Aquitaine in The Lion in Winter.

DasNdanger writes: “I admire Chris Heyerdahl’s work very much, especially as Todd, and now as ‘Foot and Druitt. He has a magnificent presence on the screen, and there is great chemistry between Druitt, and Helen. Will Druitt’s role become more prominent in the show, especially in relation to his family, and if you care to share, what is it like acting a scene with Chris?”

AT: Druitt will remain an important element on the show. He’s so important to Helen. Acting with Chris is wondfierously astoundazing. In other words, there are no words. He’s a dream. Instant connection, instant chemistry. He’s not afraid to try anything and as a result pushes his acting partners to do better work. I adore him.

AmmoMonkey writes: ““I was recently watching old episodes of the X-files and noticed you alongside Mitch Pileggi in the episode Avatar. How was it to work together again on Atlantis? Though of course with significantly more screen time!”

AT: When I saw Mitch on the Atlantis set, the first thing he said to me was (in a loud voice in front of the crew), “Hey last time I saw you, you were naked!!” 🙂 He’s a character! I think he such a lovely actor and such a lovely man. No ego, no bullshit. He’s the real deal and therefore it’s a treat to spend time with him on and off screen.

Morjana writes: “1) Does Helen Magnus have any siblings?”

AT: No

“2) In “Unending,’ Sam Carter chose to learn how to play the cello. If you had the opportunity, what musical instrument would you like to learn how to play? And, do you already play one?”

AT: Piano. I would love to be able to play Piano. I play Guitar….ish.

“3) Thinking of your favorite movies, which one if it were to be remade would you like to be cast in? (PS, I totally see the cast of Stargate SG-1 in Casablanca…)”

AT: Haha. That would be cool!

“4) Do you have a portrait of yourself displayed in your attic?”

AT: Um….no. I don’t actually have an attic….or a portrait of myself. Great question….weird :)…..but great!

LibKat writes: “I remember that you directed an episode of SG1 back in season 7. Is that something you would like to pursue further? Do you think it would be more difficult to direct Sanctuary since so much is virtual?”

AT: I am slated to direct this season. It is more difficult with the green screen. Panning the camera takes on a whole new meaning. I directed a day for Martin last year and it was tough. There are so many variables to consider, like how to shoot virtual reflections for example. It’s going to be an interesting challenge.

J BlueCello writes: “1. In the Stargate SG-1 episode “Learning Curver” (written by Heather E. Ash) where Brittney Irvin played the 11-year-old reactor expert from Orban who works with Sam to help build a reactor using earth materials, Sam Carter tells “Merrin” that “Half the interesting things in my life didn’t happen till I turned 15.” Merrin asked what kinds of things, and Sam dissembles. What “interesting things” do you think Sam meant?”

AT: I think Sam in her awkward way was referring to boys. As soon as she said it she got embarrassed … and she wonders why she is still single! Sheesh.

“2. Many actors comment that playing the villain is more fun than playing the good guy. In Stargate SG-1, we had Black Ops Jack O’Neill who had done some “d**n distatesful things”, Teal’c who had killed many as Apophis’ first prime and many Goa’uld who tortured and killed countless victims, not to mention The NID/The Trust. Did you ever tire of playing Sam “Mary Poppins” Carter, and if so did the AU/RepliCarter Sam Carters help alleviate that? Did you enjoy Sanctuary’s “Requiem” more than the usual play of Helen for the same reason?”

AT: Absolutely. It’s always fun going dark side. It’s very liberating to unshackle yourself from social constraints with relative impunity.

“3. How on earth did you film the scene where Martouf joins all the various Sam Carters in the room in “Ripple Effect”???”

AT: It took along time. I ran back and forth changing outfits with the doubles. We had to position every Sam very carefully so they didn’t walk through each other. We used motion control and did the scene over and over. Peter DeLuise was very patient!

Kraut writes: “Dear Ms. Tapping, what are your plans for future projects, a) in terms of genre (Sci-Fi or something else?) and b) in terms of new challenges – specifically, will you be directing and producing more? And if so, what do you like best about working behind the camera, as opposed to in front of it?”

AT: Immediate plans are all about Sanctuary. We are just starting season two. Damian and Martin and I are developing other projects, but Sanctuary is our priority. I will be directing this year and continuing to executive produce. I like having a hand in the other creative aspects of the show. Everything from breaking stories to casting to post production. I’m loving this journey!

Flygirl writes: “1. Since you wear both actor and Executive Producer hats for Sanctuary, how do you manage to juggle both roles, so effectively? Good planning? Good karma?”

AT: Sometimes I’m not so effective. I drop the balls. I have amazing partners at work and at home, who help me when I fall. It’s all about time management and prioritizing. I’m learning…..

“2. If you had the opportunity to produce and direct a movie about a key female figure in world history (living or dead), who would you pick as your central character?”

AT: Oh man, that’s hard. There are too many inspirational women to pick just one. Off the top of my head…Mother Theresa…selfless and committed and compassionate. It’s so hard to imagine her life, and yet she lived it with such grace.

Anne-Marie Sloan writes: “For you, what was the best part about working on Stargate???”

AT: The sense of family amongst the cast and crew. We really enjoyed the ride.

Tyler writes: “I was curious to know if, given your experience in Stargate and Sanctuary, you’ve developed a real-life interest in science and technology and what you think about having provided a positive image for young people who want to pursue a career in science (I actually 11 years old when SG-1 started and watched it all the way through an astronomy major in college).”

AT: 11 years old?!! Damn, I’m old! Congratulations on the astronomy major! I always had an interest in science. Stargate sparked a further curiosity. It’s amazing how much I retained from doing the show. I’m no expert obviously, but I can hold my own in a conversation. I love that the show had such a positive impact on young people. It’s humbling.

MyNameIsNada writes: “If we had a chance to glimpse Carter’s life ten years into the future, where do you see her? Do you think it is more likely that Carter lives out a long, satisfying life at the SGC, or to go down as a fallen hero, along the lines shown in SGA’s “The Last Man”?”

AT: Carter would definitely go down with ship, so to speak. But if that didn’t happen, I could see Carter at the SGC. I could also see her teaching. She has such a healthy appetite for knowledge and I could see her trying to foster that in others.

NZNeep writes: “Hey Amanda, I love the idea of a true green set. The no paper cup thing is awesome. What other green initiatives do you have going on set?”

AT: No small plastic water bottles on our set. I’m giving the crew stainless steel water bottles as a start of season gift this year. We encourage the crew to bring their own plates and cutlery for lunch and their own coffee mugs. Its amazing how much of a daily environmental impact that has. We have recycling stations on all our stages. We are trying to make it as convenient for people as possible. If you can do without a paper script and just get one electronically, we encourage that. We are trying to create less waste. We recycle and repurpose our sets. And of course we do a lot of virtual sets, so we don’t use as much wood and building materials as most shows. That’s just for a start. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our footprint, and the crew is so on board with it. We still have a ways to go, but we are proud of the effort everyone is making.

Tina writes: “What was the best prank ever pulled on the Stargate set?? “

AT: – Christopher Judge duct taping people to the chairs in the briefing room.

-Convincing Chris that there was a bear coming over the hill towards us on location. Michael was brilliant. The look on Chris’s face…priceless.

IggyMing writes: “1. I love your strong, intelligent portrayal of Sam Carter. I’ve read in interviews that you’ve described yourself as a feminist. Would you say that your feminist beliefs has had a strong impact on how you’ve portrayed Sam and Helen, and also the kind of roles that you accept? Thanks, by the way, for describing yourself as such, and not shying away from using the “f” word. As well, thanks so much for showing women as strong, intelligent, well-educated, sexy, kind, and compassionate individuals. I’ve always thought of Sam as being a strong role model for all women.”

AT: Wow. Thank you. I am not afraid of the word feminist. It’s been hard fought. The women of my grandmothers generation weren’t considered a “person under the law” when they were born. Astounding. We are well aware that women are still struggling around the world for equality and in some countries for their own safety. So it’s not a bad word to me. I’ve been lucky in my career that I’ve generally been cast as smart strong women. Sam and Helen have both been gifts for me as an actress. So much depth and courage. Sam is a great role model for many reasons. She helped make Amanda a stronger person.

“2. Joe mentioned the lack of recognition from the Canadian entertainment industry regarding science fiction shows, and SG1 in particular. As a Canadian actor and producer, do you feel that the Canadian industry as a whole has not embraced SG1 and Sanctuary as much as it could? Are you indifferent about this, or does it bother you?”

AT: It definitely bothers me. I don’t think Stargate was ever embraced by the Canadian industry. It was always seen as that American show even though it was filmed in Canada and the majority of people working on it were Canadian. We are finding the same thing with Sanctuary to an extent. Even though we are a 100% Canadian show. It may be a Sci-fi stigma, I don’t know. But it is something that we struggle with because amazing work is being done in this country by our writers, producers, crews and actors and our industry, to a large extent, does not validate it.

“3. As a Sam/Jack shipper, I would love to see some on-screen confirmation of their relationship. How do you feel about this… Do you think that they are already in a committed, romantic relationship? If so, do you think they’ve been together since the end of season 8? In movie 3, will you be portraying Sam as someone who is in a relationship with Jack (either subtly or not-so-subtly, depending on the script)? “

AT: Ah, it’s such an ongoing issue. Part of me wants to see it wrapped up and part of me loves the fact that it is still tantalizing. I would like to think that they, in the very least, found a really satisfying way to relieve some of that sexual tension. The script will definitely dictate how the relationship will be played.

Bailey writes: “Do you find yourself evaluating your own peformances differently, now that you are a producer?”

AT: I generally don’t watch my work. I find it too difficult because I am way too self-critical. In post production I try to look at the bigger picture and have sort of found a way not to criticize the way I look too much. It’s hard not to be constantly evaluating yourself, but it can be detrimental as an actor because you end up becoming too self aware and that kills the performance.

Artdogspot writes: “1. Aside from “Moebius”, is there an episode in SG1 that you can point to and say – “Thank God, Carter finally got to be funny!”?”

AT: Carter very rarely got be funny. What made her funny was the fact she was fairly dorky with humour. I think the later seasons showed her lightening up and becoming more comfortable in her own skin. She was a little funny with Pete.

“2. Congratulations on Sanctuary. It is great and I am so pleased you get to call the creative shots. Between the production responsibilities, on screen performances, and oh yeah, raising a family – how do you relax?”

AT: Relax???!!!!! Hahaha you’re so funny! Actually I find time with my family to be really relaxing. Walking in the woods has always been a great equalizer for me and I am practicing Yoga more. That is a huge stress reliever. It’s impossible to be too stressed around a four year old….she’s way too funny. So I’m lucky to have an amazing family for balance.

“3. How was it to work with Peter Wingfield and Jim Byrnes? I really enjoyed watching their scenes together on Highlander. Assuming that “no one really dies in Sci-fi”, I wondered if these two could be brought back together on the show somehow?”

AT: They are both amazing actors and people. And yes they will be back. The beauty of playing a character that is 157 years old is that we can go back into her history and show the people that were important in her life. We are working on a story to bring Peter back along those lines. Jim is too wonderful not to have back. We found a way to bring him back into Helen’s life and we ain’t letting him go! Will we be able to have them back together? We’ll see. I agree it would be wonderful.

Izzy writes: “In Enemy at the Gate, I was touched to see the homage to the late Don S. Davis. What were your thoughts when you read the script and saw that Sam would be the one to pay homage to him?”

AT: I cried. I can’t say enough about Don and what he means to all of us.

Fabienne writes: “Hi Amanda, you’ll be honoured with the ‘Woman of vision’ award from the Women in film and Television Vancouver in a few days (which is so awesome !!) how do you feel about that ? Do you still have time to mentor women with Sanctuary ? What did you learn from your participation in this program ?”

AT: I was so blown away by that honour. Arguably the most meaningful award I’ve ever received. Women in Film is such an incredible organization and our community here in Vancouver is so vibrant so passionate and so incredibly supportive. I still try to mentor when I can. Mostly now it is with people who work on the show. I’ve learned that there is always something to learn. I’ve also learned that I know more than I thought I did and that there is great joy in sharing my mistakes and my successes with people. I enjoy sharing my mistakes more because that’s where I’ve learned the hard lessons…and it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself. (Luckily I have a lot of material! :))

Dani writes: “As a producer and business woman, and even as an actor, I am sure you had to do tasks that are outside your usual comfort zone or that you simply didn’t think you could accomplish. How do you go about dealing with such challenges and how do you get motivated to at least give it a try?”

AT: If the past three years have taught me anything at all, it is that life is an enormous leap of faith. I took bigger risks and took on more challenges than I thought possible, but I did it with Martin and Damian and that helped. We scared the crap out of ourselves and more than once felt like giving up, but we didn’t. I just realized that it was time in my career and in my life to take on a new goal.

“You mentioned your fear of heights you had to face for the filming of “Trio”. I too am deadly afraid of heights and was wondering if you could share how you managed to overcome it.“

AT: Uh…I didn’t really. I was so scared up there. It’s irrational and debilitating. Part of getting over it for filming was that people were waiting, the show had to go on. But at one point our rigger had to walk along the beam and take my hand and walk me back. Very embarrassing. I did feel like I was more comfortable at the end of filming that episode than I was at the beginning. But if I had to do it again today, I would be back at square one. I jumped out of a plane years ago, to try and overcome my fear of heights. I did an unassisted jump with an old army issue parachute. I survived and even felt really proud of myself…..until I had to climb up a ladder to the roof. Gulp.

Jann writes: “1) How did you, together with Martin and Damian came on the idea to make a tv-show(or internet show) like Sanctuary? And how did it progress from an idea to actually making this show?”

AT: Damian actually wrote it as a spec script back in 2000. He showed it to Martin in 2006, I think. Then they gave it to me. It grew from there through many stages. The Internet didn’t really pan out for a lot of reasons. I think we were trying too hard to do too many things at once. The TV show was a natural progression because of the interest from broadcasters. It has been a very difficult road. But we are really proud to be here.

“2) You also directed some episodes on Sanctuary and one in SG-1? Did you learn a lot of aspects for directing from Martin Wood?”

AT: I will be directing Sanctuary this year; I just filled in for Martin last year. When I first decided that it was something I wanted to do, I went to Martin and shadowed him. He is an amazing teacher and a great director. I think I’ve taken the most from watching him.

“3) Also some of us were wondering when Martin Woods birthday is? We can’t find this anywhere on the internet. Is it a state secret or are you allowed to tell it?”

AT: It is a state secret. Something to do with his past as an international super spy and gigolo.

“4) How is it to work on a project together with Martin and Damian? This is because you know both of them.”

AT: They are amazing. We compliment each other well. Plus they are both incredibly funny, well read, sensitive, caring……etc. etc. They are my best friends. The three of us have been though a lot to get this show to where it is and we have each talked each other off the ledge so many times. I have an enormous amount of love and respect for them both. I feel really lucky to be a part of this journey with them.

“5) Do you already know something more about the 3th SG1 movie?(more than that it is written)”

AT: Nothing. I heard it has been green lit. Which is great!

“6) If I recall correctly you said on AT3 that if Sam won the lottery she would buy acres and acres of land around a certain cabin in Minnesota, would Sam also go into that certain cabin? Together with a certain (retired) General(alone)?”

AT: Certainly! 🙂

IggyMing writes: “Will you be at the Genie Awards this year, taking placing in Ottawa? If so, is there an opportunity for the public to meet with you?”

AT: No I won’t be there. Sorry.

Jess writes: “We know that on SG-1 Sam Carter loves blue jello. How did that get started, and what are your thoughts on the treat?”

AT: I picked it out of the fridge onset on the day. I thought it looked fun. It was also kind of a weird choice for Sam. It made me laugh. It snowballed from there!

Catsmeow writes: “1. Two part question for you about parenthood: What do you like best about being a mom? What have you found to be the most difficult aspect?”

AT: I love it all. It’s grounding and heart opening and liberating and wondrous. I feel like I was meant for this. It’s so comfortable. The difficulty comes in being a working Mum and trying to find the balance. I always feel guilty.

“2. When you spend all day on the set being a particular character (whether it is Carter or Magnus or whoever) how long does it take you to shed that character once you go home? Do you find yourself still thinking and reacting as that character for while?”

AT: I shed her pretty quickly. I made a vow that the moment I walk in my front door I’m fully engaged with my family. So I have to let her go quickly.

“And along more fannish lines… 3. In the movie Continuum, after Carter, Mitchell and Daniel wind up in the altered timeline and are separated – do you really think the three of them obeyed the proscription against contact? Or do you think before they were separated they devised some clever & subtle ways to contact each other?”

AT: I think they are brilliant enough to have devised a way to stay in contact.

Carrie writes: “ I’m wondering (a) if you have any advice for the new cast of Stargate: Universe, especially regarding the technobabble. You pulled it off so effectively, and I’m wondering if there is a secret that should be passed on! Also, (b) does your daughter watch you on TV at all? If she does, what does she think?”

AT: Try to learn, at least in layman terms, what you are talking about. The secret…. Enjoy this incredible ride! The Stargate family is wonderful.

Danielfanforever writes: “Michael and Chris have both said that you’re like a sister to them. Could you please share you’re fondest memory that you guys had on the set of Stargate?”

AT: Again, I have to say it was the day to day aspect of being around them. They are good men and they are funny and smart. I loved the talks we would have. Usually when we were traveling together, after dinner and few drinks we would have these wonderful, intense talks. I miss that.

Meg writes: “What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?”

AT: When I doubt, keep your mouth shut.

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  1. Good answer to my question. Simple and to the point!!!


    I am now the proud Great Aunt of a healthy and adorable Great Niece. The first child of my brother’s son.

    No name yet and still waiting conformation on her birthweight. But she was born a week early on March 28th!!

  2. Firstly, thank you, Joe, for giving us this Q&A opportunity with Amanda, and to get to know her a bit better (especially for me, since I was only just introduced to her in S4 of Atlantis). What a lovely lady!!! And secondly, thank you, Amanda, for sharing your time and your thoughts with us. It is truly appreciated, and a very nice anniversary gift (tomorrow we will be 19 years wed!).

    AT: Druitt will remain an important element on the show. He’s so important to Helen. Acting with Chris is wondfierously astoundazing. In other words, there are no words. He’s a dream. Instant connection, instant chemistry. He’s not afraid to try anything and as a result pushes his acting partners to do better work. I adore him.

    And so do I. 😉 Thank you so much for sharing that with us! Can’t wait for Sanctuary to start up again, and looking forward to whatever you all have in store for us!

    Thanks again, Joe…and Amanda…this was a wonderful treat! 🙂


  3. Many thanks to the always wonderful and gracious Amanda Tapping!! Great Q&A.

    Thanks Joe for making this possible.

  4. Gosh, I love her. 🙂 I totally understand why you are a ‘true fan’ of her, Joe. Thank you for presenting this Q&A opportunity, and thanks to Amanda for taking the time to answer these questions. She’s such a well-spoken, funny, savvy woman. I’m totally adoring her in Sanctuary, and I can’t wait for season two (and the third SG1 movie!!). I’ll always look up to her!

    Thanks again! This was a blast to read.

  5. Dear Joe,

    Hope all is well. Well unfortunately my questions to Amanda Tapping were among the ones that didn’t make it 🙁

    I hope you can give me first dips next time


  6. Many thanks to Amanda for a wonderful Q&A, and thank you Joe for setting it up. 🙂

    Oh, and go Tar Heels! 😀

  7. Just checking in after a few days’ absence…just in time for AT’s Q&A. Thanks again, Joe, for providing these opportunities.

  8. Thanks so much Amanda, for answering my question! And best wishes for another incredible year with Sanctuary.

  9. Thanks to Amanda for a great Q and A!
    I really appreciated her answers and the time she took!

  10. A GIANT thank you to Amanda for answering all those questions!!! She’s so insightful and quirky!

    It’s been so long since we asked them that I forget completely whether or not I had one, so no hard feelings that none of them were mine 😉

    I’m spending tonight writing ten of what my screenwriting professor calls “loglines” and then a twelve page paper about black holes! Haha I’m gonna be up all night but at least I can stop hitting “refresh” on this blog now!!!

  11. Thanks for the wonderful Q&A. 🙂

    Too bad my questions did not make the cut as I would have loved to have them answered. However, it’s helped me come to the conclusion that I’ll just skip the Chicago convention just in case she isn’t going to be there. I’ll do some sightseeing in Norfolk, VA and California instead.

    Well, things are getting pretty busy with out wedding coming up. I’ve applied to some park ranger jobs in Florida, so hopefully, we’ll be making the big move from Australia to Florida in the coming months. 😀

    I think I’m going to sign off of here. Hopefully I’ll return soon when I can either find the books to purchase for the book club (by being in the US) or if I have access to watch SGU (which I don’t think is very likely). Downloading is bad, so I probably won’t get to see it unless I’m in Florida by then 😀 But at any rate, just in case I’m not, I think I’ll withdraw myself from Stargate related forums and stuff so I don’t get too excited and then majorly disappointed when I can’t watch it on the tele.

    I wish you much success with SGU..wish I could join the book club but the authors here in Australia are rejecting an offer to allow more imported books in at a cheaper price. Getting the books in time to read with the group is nearly impossible. I look forward to joining it later on in the year hopefully. *fingers crossed*

    Wish you all the best!
    *retreats back to folding wedding invitations while seriously thinking that we should have eloped* lol.

  12. Hi, Joe.

    Thank YOU, and Ms. Tapping, for the questions and answers. Very informative and entertaining reading.

    Best wishes to everyone at Stargate (and Sanctuary)!

  13. Amanda Tapping is always a joy. Unfortunate that my question didn’t make the cut. But I bet she likes Pete second best.

  14. Nice post, Ms. Tapping seems like a down-to-earth person with a great sense of humour. A scifi actor who actually like scifi? Refreshing. I had no idea about Santuary’s “green set” but it sounds pretty cool.

    And morjana l loved your “portrait in the attic” question. (That’s one of my favorite books)

  15. Amanda Tapping wrote:

    I believe in grace and dignity and in humility. I’ve learned that there is more power in those virtues than there is in railing against injustice.


  16. Many thanks to Ms. Tapping for participating here, and doing so with such grace and style. And more thanks to the host for taking the time to cull through the questions and offer them up to Amanda, and for providing the forum. Both of you are class acts.

  17. Hi Joe,

    I just finished reading “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” and enjoyed it thoroughly, and was looking for another Heinlein novel to read. Do you have any suggestions?

    (I will start following along with the book club soon enough…)


  18. What an incredibly thoughtful and generous person Ms. Tapping is to answer those questions at great length. Wow. I never have great questions like these. I greatly enjoy seeing such thoughtful questions and such thoughtful responses. I wish I had discovered this blog many years ago.

  19. Thank you, Joe and Amanda, for the q&a.

    Morjana’s reference to Picture of Dorian Gray as a way of saying how Amanda seems to look younger every year was priceless!

    All the questions were so brilliant and well thought out, as was Amanda’s answers. It is heartening to find so many intelligent people in one place.

  20. I am a retired Physics PhD who spent the majority of her professional career working on military airborne systems for the Boeing Company in Seattle.

    Once initiated into watching Stargate SG-1 by one of the guys working for me, I have watched everything Stargate at least once and have the utmost respect for Amanda’s portrayal of Samantha Carter.

  21. Thanks to the busiest woman in showbiz for taking time out and answering all those questions. While directing, green screens, Sam/Jack, and producing are all pretty cool stuff, it is nice to hear Amanda Tapping saying things like:

    “I believe in grace and dignity and in humility.”

    “I hope I lead by example”

    “I am learning, slowly, to be calmer and to take a breath before reacting.”

    “…my “style” is one of mutual respect and admiration.”

    Truely words to live your life by. Thank you Amanda. You are a very successful yet incredibly graceful woman.

    Thanks Joe for another wonderful Q&A!

  22. Many thanks to Amanda for answering so many of our questions. I loved the story of the prank they pulled on Chris Judge. Priceless.

  23. @Das:

    Here is a couple of my favorites for now… sorry for the delay: I hope you can read french Das… if not I’ll translate it tomorrow:
    this serves about 4 people:

    1. This is the Tagine au pruneau….
    1 Kg de gigot d’agneau
    500 g de pruneaux
    100 g d’amandes mondées
    1 oignon coupés en petits dés
    1 bâton de cannelle
    1 cuillère à café. de cannelle en poudre
    2 cuillère à soupe d’eau de fleur d’oranger
    1 cuillère à soupe de miel
    Huile d’olive
    Sel, poivre, gingembre


    Dans un autocuiseur mettre l’agneau, l’oignon, l’huile d’olive, le sel, le poivre, le gingembre et le bâton de cannelle. Faire revenir sur feu doux pendant 5 minutes en remuant de temps en temps. Couvrir d’eau et faire cuire à couvert 40 minutes. Ajouter la cannelle en poudre et faire diluer le miel dans la sauce. Laver les pruneaux et les mettre à cuire avec la viande pendant une dizaine de minutes. Rajouter un peu d’eau si besoin. Verser l’eau de fleur d’oranger et laisser réduire la sauce. 15 minutes avant de servir, faire dorer les amandes dans de l’huile chaude.

    2. Kefta… Moroccan hamburgers or mince meat patties:

    Ingrédients :

    * 500 g de viande hachée nature
    * 1 branche de menthe fraîche
    * 1/2 bouquet de persil
    * 1 petit oignon
    * 1/2 c. à c. de cumin
    * 1/2 c. à c. de paprika
    * Sel.

    Préparation :

    Hacher finement le persil, la menthe et l’oignon. Les mettre dans un saladier, ajouter la viande hachée et les épices. Saler et bien pétrir ce mélange avec les mains.
    Cette préparation peut servir pour faire : Des brochettes : dans ce cas prendre une petite boule de la taille d’un oeuf dans la main, légèrement mouillé. Entourer la broche avec, en lui donnant la forme d’une saucisse. Bien coller les extrémités pour bien fixer la kefta. Des galettes de kefta : à frire dans une pôele ou au four.
    Un tajine de boulette de kefta et oeufs : se reporter à la recette suivante pour la préparation. Enfin, elle peut remplacer toutes les recettes à base de viande hachée, comme la bolognaise…

  24. What a great, varied selection of questions, Joe. (Of course, I especially appreciate your including mine! ;p) Thanks for doing this. I’ll thank Amanda in person this coming weekend. Sure wish we were going to get to see you, too!

  25. Wonderful Q&A, and great questions as well to those who made the cut!

    Thank you for organizing this, and thanks to Ms. Tapping for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to answer them. It’s nice to know she’s maintained such a down-to-earth perspective on life.

  26. Thank you Joe. That was brilliant. And big thanks to Amanda for taking time out of her busy schedule in answering our questions. 🙂

  27. Hi Mr M!!

    Greetings once more from Sunny Tipperary!

    @ AT (if you are reading this)Thank you Amanda for your time, patience and as always honesty/sense of humour and groundedness (if there is such a word) My small girls all send you huge hugs and to Olivia (and Alan also!!)

    @ Mr M : You trimmed my question *sniff sniff*….worry not… I have the very good fortune of attending AT4 (barring natural disaster).

    WOW! Can that lady type!! Hats off to Amanda for an amazing Questions and Answers session!!….but of course I would expect nothing less. I have printed this off and will peruse during the day, as I can get time between treatments.

    @ JANN: Hello Jann!!! It was little old me that asked AT the “What if Carter won the Lottery?” question at AT3!!! *takes a bow* I can’t believe you remembered that question (not necessarily the asker of question…but hey..touched none the less!!) Are you going to AT4??

    And finally, Mr M., keep meaning to ask, have you ever watched “The Prisoner” with Patrick McGoohan? I know there is a remake, but have you seen the original? I recently got a gift of same….great stuff…really stands the test of time very well.

    Best to all at The Bridge!!


    PS: How is Carl Binder…he’s been awfully quiet!! Has he gone on holidays with his brother in the white van?

  28. In fact, I’m a HUGE Amanda Tapping fan.

    You put on weight, Joe?


  29. hi amanda not know if you see this message, I just wanted to say you’re a great actress and person, .. I’m from Portugal and I consider whether to come here one day, you have many fans here…I saw all the episodes of Stargate and Sanctuary because I am really amazed with the way you represent…You do some more production in 2009 than the third movie of Stargate? and the sanctuary, stopped for a second season?

    I was really happy that you could respond to my questions, but … anyway now I am happy to see you on screen! a huge hug

  30. Wow!!! How much time did she spend answering them all!!! So great to hear from Amanda. She is amazing!


  31. Wow, Thanks to Ms Tapping for coming on here to answers questions, how cool is that!! and thanks to Joe for asking her. What a postive way to start my day, happy thoughts, Have a great day!!

  32. Nice interview.

    Amanda Tapping always made me believe that Samantha Carter was a Ph.D. physicist, and I speak as someone who has a Master’s in Physics and who taught Physics for many years. Carter always came off as a real scientist to me.

  33. Wow Joe, loved the q and a with AT. Hey, did you ever think of doing these on viedo like Gateworld.net ? That would be soooo cool! Of course you would need to redo ALL of the q and a’s you ever did! What do you think? sheryl

  34. Wow, great answers to so many questions. Thanks to Amanda Tapping for sharing stories with us, and thanks Joe for organising it and going through 20 pages of questions! I really appreciate the time that must have taken, and it’s definitely well worth it for us!


  35. What a great Q&A!! Amanda is just so sweet and incredibly funny. I love her to bits. 🙂 Thanks to both of you!

  36. MaggieMayDay writes: “For Amanda, what would be a “dream role” outside the realm of sci-fi?”

    AT: Eleanor of Aquitaine in The Lion in Winter.

    What a great question! And a very interesting and revealing answer. For what it is worth, I think Amanda would do an excellent job portraying the somewhat devious, independent and intelligent Eleanor. I’d love to know who she would like to have cast to play opposite her as Henry II????

    Thanks for an outstanding Q&A, Joe. I’ve always enjoyed Amanda Tapping’s work and it was a joy to read her replies to the questions. She sounds like a very fun and classy woman. And a great mom!

  37. @ Belouchi – 😆 You are funny! French?!? I have trouble with English! 😛 And I took two years of French in high school…a lot of good it did me. I understood olive oil, salt, pepper…and…onion.

    Just a reminder about the conflicker worm due to activate on April 1. I had a similar worm back in the fall, and it totally hijacked my system as if someone else had control of my computer. It BLOCKS ACCESS to your security websites and the computer security already in your system…you can’t run scans, etc, to get rid of it. So, make sure you run scans today – update your microsoft stuff (this is attacking Microsoft) and all your security. Maybe just leave your computers off tomorrow, though I’m not sure that will work, since they say this is a VERY smart worm that keeps adapting and updating.

    I have Norton, and that bugger got around it and totally shut down my security back in the fall. Now I regularly run Spybot, Malwarebytes and Dr. Web Cure It! as well as the Norton. I really recommend Dr. Web Cure It! because it finds crap that other programs don’t. I just use the free scan program, but I am tempted to buy the full package once my Norton expires.

    so…just be warned. It got to me once, and it was hell getting rid of it.


  38. THANKS so much Joe. Loved to read amanda’s responses to the questions.

    One question

    Is William Waring directing Earth?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  39. *picks herself up from the floor, where she was rolling around laughing*

    Ahem. Thanks for doing the Q&A Amanda! You’re great!
    (and bear? rotflmao! you guys should do a book on all the practical stunts you ever pulled on the set! there’s this youtube video of the “You used to be McGuyver now you’re McNothing, McUseless” speech, if everything else is as hilarious as those two… LOL!)

  40. WOW!! Fantastic Q&A. Thank you so much, Amanda, for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer so many of our questions, including mine. It’s greatly appreciated. Thank you too, Joe, for arranging a Q&A with Amanda and her fans.

    (((Hugs))) to both of you.


  41. Joe: Thanks so much for passing on my questions to Amanda, and for hosting such a wonderful Q&A.

    Amanda: Thanks so much for answering my questions. I really appreciate that you took the time to do so. I look forward to seeing you in s2 of Sanctuary and SG1 movie 3.

  42. coucou Joseph!!

    vous allez bien? Moi super aujourd’hui c’était sorti et on à fait fait les magasin et manger plein de truc à Bordeaux!….a si j’avais oubluier on à visiter un musée lol.

    Merci pour ces questions posées à Amandé c’est trés interessant!

    Bisou, a bientot

  43. Thank you Amanda for taking time to answer all those questions when your so busy, its much appreciated!!

    And thanks Joe for making the Q&A possible. You both rock!!

  44. Thanks for the answers, Ms. Tapping. The positivity in your personality really shines. A bear! Too cool.

    @Das: As long as we’re sharing recipes with Das…yep, gotta’ decant them poke greens a good 3-4 times – toxins aside, they are just too strong-tasting otherwise. You can fry up the stalks however you do your fish and squash, but I don’t recommend it. If you can afford the frying oil, you can afford something better than poke.

  45. THANKS SOOO MUCH Amanda for the super great Q&A and JM for posting it!!!!!!!!

    AT: Peter Wingfield and Jim Byrnes will be back
    Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!! Hope also to see Michael & Chris sometime.

    Best wishes with SANCTUARY Amanda & Co, I’ll be watching!

  46. @ GateFanSamJack – No worries. I don’t mess with poke. My sister ate a bunch’a poke berries as a kid – not sure if she actually swallowed them, or just smushed ’em in her mouth – but mom was in a panic! Fortunately, she was okay…but I grew up hearing the story of how my sister ate poke ’cause she thought they were ‘boo-berries’, and mom thought she was gonna die, so I never went near the plant. Grows all around here, though.

    I think my father-in-law didn’t know he had to boil them several times, and that’s why they affected the way they did. That’ll learn ‘im! I prefer just normal greens, cooked up with onion and bacon and…mmmmm! My mom’s are pretty good (grandma was from Charleston, SC), but we have a couple of friends who are southern-style chefs, and…oh, my…their greens are to die for! His mom still cooks here, as far as I know (the hotel was just sold, so I don’t know if the kitchen staff will be the same):


    Funny thing is – see that menu for a good ol’ southern-style breakfast? It’s that fella from Morocco who cooks it! 😀

    Great. Now I’m hungry. 😛


  47. Also some of us were wondering when Martin Wood’s birthday is? We can’t find this anywhere on the internet. Is it a state secret or are you allowed to tell it?”

    AT: It is a state secret. Something to do with his past as an international super spy and gigolo.

    I knew it, he has a 00 number, just like James Bond. 😀

    Oh, and Das, use Google Translate. Thanks for the recipe Belouchi (we can share it, can’t we?)

  48. Fantastic interview Amanda, i really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to come and answer our questions.

    Your a fantastic acctress 🙂

  49. A huge Thank You for all the answers (and all the great questions).

    And, I would personally LOVE to see Amanda Tapping as Eleanor of Aquitane!

  50. @das

    I took a crack at translating Belouchi’s recipes. My notes in square brackets. Think the second recipe is somewhat incomplete. 1 kg is about 2.2 lbs, 500gm is about 1.1 lb. I usually use 1 lb for every half kilo in recipes.

    1. This is the Tagine to prune ….

    1 kg leg of lamb
    500 gm of prunes
    100 gm shelled almonds
    1 onion cut into small dice
    1 cinnamon stick
    1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
    2 tablespoon of orange flower water
    1 tablespoon of honey
    Olive oil
    Salt, pepper, ginger
    [maybe 1 tablespoon each of the last 4 ingredients, ask Belouchi]


    In a pressure cooker [or maybe Dutch oven] put the lamb, onion, olive oil, salt, pepper, ginger and cinnamon stick.

    Fry over low heat for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    Cover with water and cook, covered, 40 minutes.

    Add cinnamon and dilute the honey in the sauce.

    Wash the prunes and put them to cook with the meat for about ten minutes. Add a little water if necessary.

    Pour in the orange flower water and reduce the sauce.

    15 minutes before serving, brown almonds in hot oil.

    2. Moroccan … keft thin hamburgers or meat patties

    500 grams of minced meat nature
    1 sprig fresh mint
    1/2 bunch of parsley
    1 small onion
    1/2 teaspoon of cumin
    1/2 teaspoon of paprika


    Finely chop the parsley, mint and onion.
    Place in a bowl, add ground meat and spices.
    Add salt and knead the mixture with your hands.

    This may serve as:
    kebab brochettes on skewers:
    in this case take a small ball about the size of an egg in hand, slightly wet. Roll into the shape of a sausage. Thread onto skewer.

    patties of keft:
    Frying in a skillet or oven.

    3. Tagine of balls and eggs keft:
    refer to the following recipe to prepare.
    (what following recipe?)

    [mostly translated with google]

  51. aaagh! That should be square brackets aroung that what following recipe? line in my previous post. Really could use edit function.

  52. @ Deni B. Thanks! 😀

    @ Montrealer – Thanks! 😀 Wow, that first one sounds delish!! Now…who wants to come cook it for me! Now…to find orange flower water…

    Well, gotta go meet Mr. Das! Have a nice evening, Joe! Oh, and please don’t forget my question from the other day – do Wraith eat to live, or live to eat.



  53. Thank you for hosting Amanda Tapping’s Q&A, Joe! And thank you, Amanda, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer them! I really enjoyed reading all of the questions and answers. Mine wasn’t selected, but that’s okay, it was mostly fangirling anyway. *blush* I’m not easily star struck, but Samantha Carter is one of my heroes (right up there with Aragorn) and Amanda Tapping is right up there with the character she plays. What an amazing woman!

    It would be great to see AT portray Eleanor of Acquitaine. I think she may even surpass Katherine Hepburn in the role and that would be a sight to see!

    AT’s answer about Martin Wood’s birthday being a state secret because he was a super spy and gigolo made me laugh until I thought of Christopher Lee. He’s an amazing actor who has been on stage and screen for decades, but he was also a British intelligence operative during WWII. I’m sure she was only joking….

    @ Das and Gate Fan SamJack Man, you guys are killing me talking about good home style Southern food! My Mom’s people are from Kentucky and Tennessee and a pot of mixed greens is one of my favorite things in the world. Throw in a ham hock with some onions and a smidge of cracked black pepper and salt and you’re set. *stomach rumbles*

    Joe, is there a place there in Vancouver/Burnaby that serves Southern/Soul food? I’m headed up there tomorrow for the convention and Das and GFSamJack have really got me craving a good mess of greens with corn bread.

    Also, can you pretty please recommend some good places to eat in the Burnaby area?

  54. Joe, thank you so much for this opportunity to learn more about Amanda Tapping. Guh! My admiration for her knows no bounds. I’m in awe of how gracious, dignified and humble she is…truly an inspiration. I hope to meet her in person someday and tell her this face to face, but I’m afraid my brain would cease to function in her presence.

  55. Thank you, Joe for giving us the opportunity for the great Q&A from Amanda. She is just so amazing and we are lucky that you are so very gracious. And, thanks also for your great “foodie-ness”. Love the culinary insights.

  56. What a lovely, gracious woman! Ms. Tapping never fails to impress. Thanks for the Q&A!

    And thanks for the tagine recipe, Belouchi! I can read French even if I can’t speak it. 😉

  57. Wow, she sounds like such a honey – just the sort of mom I would like to have round for coffee and girly chats while the kids played on the jungle gym. Bet my four year old son would love Olivia too 🙂

    I’ve lurked here for a bit – just de-lurking to say thank you for this Q&A and for the link to the Science Fiction South Africa site you posted a few days ago. I really didn’t know we had such a thing here, and, since I started writing again for my own pleasure and sanity, have been feeling rather isolated. My writing is so not J.M. Coetzee… now I know there’s other Saffers out there writing the fun stuff!

  58. Thanks AT!! You are such an amazing woman!

    And thanks Joe! I love the questions that you sent along. 🙂

  59. The lovely lady Amanda has her fair share of fans down under also. Glad to see she’s enjoying her time as a producer/actor/mother/director and fantastic to see she’s taking time out to answer the fans. Inspiritaional woman all round really.

  60. Thank you to Amanda for the great interview. Joe, can you get Chris Judge or Rachel Luttrell to answeer sme questions?

  61. Thanks for this post! I deeply admire Amanda Tapping, her Sam Carter character’s been an inspiration to me.

  62. Very disappointed in finding Stuck! I guess you needed the money but sorry to say you are no longer my heroine.

  63. thanks joe (and amander) i loved reading it answerd alot and i think now i under stand more about it.

  64. I have truly enjoyed seeing her in all the sg series and do enjoy the sanctuary shows. I look forward to seeing her in the seriies that are sure to follow. with much respect . Charlie

  65. I am so very sorry about Don S. Davis.
    Amanda, what is your favorite color?
    Thank you.

  66. Amanda Tapping I loved you from the moment I first saw you and would give any thing to meet you and talk to you on a daily bases I will always love you Amanda you are so beautiful I love you

  67. Hi Amanda, My name is Jasmine I am 15 years old and I just wanted to say you have been my inspiration from the moment I saw you, you are ABSOULETLY with out a doubt the most Beautiful, Smart and amazing person ever! You are my hero! I hope the next time you come to Australia (Sydney) I get to meet you! Anyway I love you and yeah you are amazing!!!!!!!


  68. I’ve been in love with you for years your one of the most Beautiful Ladies I’ve ever seen.

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