Book of the Month Club participant and Weber swag winner Sparrowhawk settles down to a readeriffic weekend compliments of the gang at Baen.
Book of the Month Club participant and Weber swag winner Sparrowhawk settles down to a readeriffic weekend compliments of the gang at Baen.

By now, most of you have probably heard Christian Bale’s expletive-ridden tirade from the set of Terminator: Salvation, a four minute+ outburst triggered by the Director of Photography stepping into Bale’s line of sight during filming. A lot of you are expressing outrage at the actor’s behavior. Others, seeking to defend him, are quick to point out that the audio clip was taken out of context and that we’re not privy to the circumstances surrounding the incident. Maybe it was very late in the day, everyone was exhausted, and they were struggling to wrap a crucial yet emotionally-charged scene! Yeah, and maybe the DP in question was a notorious puppy-killer and slumlord directly responsible for the shutting down of three separate orphanages. But I doubt it.

Let’s get one thing straight. Production can be very stressful and the occasional outbursts do happen. It’s to be expected and, frankly, in most cases, excusable. But not when it goes on for over FOUR FREAKING MINUTES! And to do it in front of the entire crew?! THAT is the height of unprofessional behavior. I mean, seriously. At some point, you cross the line between justifiably upset and thoroughly unhinged. By my estimation, it’s the one minute and twenty-three second mark.

So how does something like this affect an actor’s prospect for future employment? Well, quite honestly, it depends on the actor. If it’s someone like Bale who has proven himself highly bankable in the past, it probably won’t. If it’s some schmo who just landed his first big acting gig, it probably will. No one likes dealing with unpleasant people but, at the end of the day, it’s a reality of any workplace. Happily, however, there are occasions when the squeaky wheel gets the shaft – and don’t discount the sweet surprise of karmic retribution.

And what has this incident taught us, if anything? Well, how about the fact that despite the good vibes you may get off your t.v. screen, a magazine interview or, say, a daily blog, people can surprise you. Sometimes, in the worst way possible. The seemingly reliable combo of public persona and your own gut instincts may prove fallible and fail to provide an accurate read. So what’s an interested fan to do? Well, they can read interviews from fellow actors, directors, or producers but, let’s face it – at the end of the day, anything they say should be taken with a grain of salt because they’re always going to be very politick. But crew members, on the other hand, don’t have to be politick, only discreet. So here’s my secret advice to the congenitally curious: If you want to get the real story and truly separate the princes from the pricks and the beauties from the bitches, then get to know the men and women who spend the greater part of their days on set with these people: the grips, the gaffers, the sound mixers, and, oh yeah, the directors of photography. After a few drinks I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to dish on which actors are the self-centered knobs, which directors the temperamental control freaks, and which producers the type to kick a craft service guy in the nuts for serving them a lukewarm latte.

In conclusion – don’t trust your instincts. Just because someone plasters pictures of their pooches all of their blog doesn’t necessarily mean they’re generous, good-natured souls. Remember, Leona Helmsley was a dog-lover!

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“A high-speed, high-spirited tale of capitalist skullduggery.” (Norman Spinrad, Asimovs).

“The book deserves all the praise it has garnered, and then some! Only rarely will a debut author produce the sort of work which habitually comes from celebrated veterans.” (Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist).

Discussion the week of February 23rd with author David Louis Edelman

THE BOOK OF JOBY, Mark J. Ferrari

“A decidedly unorthodox twist on the personalities of God and the devil that offers much to ponder as well as enjoy.” (Booklist).

“…one of the more surprising and delightful fantasies that I’ve had the pleasure of reading in years …could be the fantasy debut of the year.” (Robert Thompson,

“The Book of Joby is a rare gem, the kind that is only seen once every generation or so–a novel that sparkles with wit and charm, humor and wisdom, courage and compassion.” (David Farland, author of Sons of the Oak).

Discussion the week of March 2nd with author Mark J. Ferrari.

DOGS, Nancy Kress

“… Dogs is the kind of thriller that continually makes you want to turn the pages faster than you can read them.” (Greg L. Johnson, SF Site).

“The suspense ratchets up in this perfect vacation read.” (Booklist).

“A spine-chilling, suspense-laden story of pets turned unwitting killers. Kress brings her thorough knowledge of genetics and biology to bear in this nicely creepy thriller.” (Publisher’s Weekly).

Discussion the week of March 9th with author Nancy Kress.

By the way, I’m truly loving all of the childhood misconceptions you’ve been posting! Keep ’em coming! Your entries reminded me of one more: There were snakes in the sewer that could slither up out of your toilet at the most, uh, inopportune moments.


Jon K. writes: “ Any news on when we will hear the rest of the SGU cast announcements?”

Answer: Hopefully by early next week at the latest.

Alexandria writes: “I’ve been pondering what was first mentioned about SGU and how it will be written differently than SGA and SG1. Will it have a similar style to Supernatural?”

Answer: Sorry, I can’t answer that. I’ve never watched the show.

Patricia Lee writes: “What ever happen to your special Weird Food Purchase of the Day: Liquored Up edition in which you sample a shot from each bottle in your Liquor cabinet?”

Answer: I lost my guest host with the departure of Marty G. Happily, several other candidates have been kind enough to volunteer for the position. We’re thinking maybe next weekend.

Kups writes: “I have a bit of a favor to ask. Could you post your Vancouver Resto Recommendation List now?”

Answer: I’ll post it tomorrow. Remind me!

Anais33 a ecrit: “ 1)Savez vous bien skier?
2)Dans le premier épisode de SGU allons nous voir des personnages de stargate SG1?”

Reponses: 1) Non. 2) C’est possible.!

Translation: 1) I don’t ski. 2) Will we any SG-1 characters make an appearance in the SGU season premiere? It’s possible.

AvatarIII writes: “talking of your BOTM, i was wondering if i will ever see, or have ever missed, any of my 3 favourite authors featured? (being Peter F Hamilton, Alastair Reynolds, and Dan Simmons)”

Answer: Not yet.

GateFanSamJack writes: “How many script pages should a series like SGU come in at? What’s the count at the act breaks?”

Answer: The length the different acts vary. As for the scripts – aim for longer when you’re writing dialogue-heavy stories, shorter for action-heavy adventures. So far, it’s looking like the SGU scripts will average about 54 pages.

Banderas writes: “What kind of uniforms the Destiny’s crew will have?”

Answer: Depends on the individual.

Shadow Step writes: “Do you plan to do an episode of Universe in 3D?”

Answer: No plans to produce a 3-D episode. Yet!

89 thoughts on “February 4, 2009: Celebrity Freak-Out, Book of the Month Club Push, and The Mailbag

  1. Joe M. wrote: “aim for shorter when you’re writing dialogue-heavy stories, shorter for action-heavy adventures”

    Shorter for both? What makes SGU scripts longer?

  2. Ok, I’m not big on commenting on celebrity chaos, but in the case of Bale I’ll make an exception.

    It’s not the end of the world if a DoP steps into your line of sight. There have been more noticeable mistakes that have made it to airing, and you don’t see other actors going off on four minute tangents.

    Do directors do that with their stars when they stuff up a line? I suppose there might be one or two directors out there who do, but it doesn’t make for a happy actor.

    The bottom line is that film sets can be high tension, high pressure places and everyone needs to be treated with respect in order for it to run well. What if the DoP was so put out by Bale’s attack that he decided to sabotage every scene with Bale in it?

    The first thing I learnt on a film set was that the director and producer may be Gods, but the crew are the people who get it done. You have to be considerate of everyone.

    And really, if an actor is going to throw a hissy fit because of someone coming into his or her line of sight, what does that say about their ability to focus and commit to the role?

    I have always thought that production crews are generally under-appreciated by the public, which is why I always love DVDs with special features that include people like the Director of Photography or the Boom Mic Operator etc.

    Which brings me to my final point. Joe, you’re great because you actually talk about these people and how great they are, how much they contribute to the overall product. You even get some of them in for q&a’s!

    At least those of us reading your blog regularly are developing a better appreciation of the whole crew behind a production. Maybe (hopefully) that balances out the unfortunate scoldings of people like Bale?

  3. Joe wrote: “…and which producers the type to kick a craft service guy in the nuts for serving them a lukewarm latte.

    In conclusion – don’t trust your instincts. Just because someone plasters pictures of their pooches all of their blog doesn’t necessarily mean they’re generous, good-natured souls.”

    Oh. Okay. But I figured that out a loooong time ago. 😉

    @ Sparrow_hawk – Whoa! Look at that haul you got from some not-so-generous, not-so-good-natured soul! Congrats!

    @ Joe – Thanks for your insights into the Bale thing. I’ve been in a discussion about it over at Jinxworld, and my views are much the same as yours, only you were more generous with your minute, twenty-three second mark – I thought a 30-second rant would have sufficed.

    I’ve never cared for Bale as an actor, but this doesn’t sway my opinion of him one way or the other – it just reminds me of the value of building a larger vocabulary. 🙂


  4. I agree that 1:23 makes a good dividing line.

    Maybe it’s my job, but I pretty much take what everyone says with a grain of salt. You know that episode every sitcom does where they tell the story from different characters’ POV? That’s my life, every day. Then it morphs into another classic–the blind men describing an elephant. I have these different parts of a story that don’t seem to go together, but eventually we get the whole animal.

    Take one of my coworkers, for example. Is she a sweet, efficient, organized, compassionate person, or a spying, controlling, anal harpy with boundary issues? Depends on who you ask. I just keep my mouth shut, smile, and never ever touch her pens.

  5. i gotta disagree with you on that one, Bale had a right to express his anger and i think he expressed it professionally…how? well after he was done he didnt take a 2 hour break or anything, but he said lets go again right after, that tells me that hes in control of the situation even at a moment of outburst. its the director whos at fault, who shouldve done something about the DP’s behavior, Bale only did that because he felt the director wasnt up to it.

  6. If you ever have some spare television time I highly recommend watching Supernatural. I happen to have excellent taste. Not stop laughing I do. Its first season was fun, if a bit cheesy at times but starting with season two its really hit its stride. One of the better written shows with a clear idea of where its going. Its worth watching for the giant talking teddy bear alone. Okay so Teddy is only in one episode, but hands down one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    They do a really good job balancing humor, angst, and good old fashioned horror. Check it out some time, you won’t be sorry.

  7. Hey Joe,

    So the 4th of February is now officialy over, Have you guys started principal photography on Universe yet, Or will you be starting next week?

    Also, Is there anything cool we can expect to see on your blog once Universe starts shooting or are we going to have to wait till Summer 2009 for some behind the scenes pictures or anything like that?

    With Kind Regards,
    Angel 🙂

  8. How on earth did you come up with 1:23? Maybe because of 1, 2, 3? A radio station in LA had a contest to see who could come up with the number of times Bale said a “certain” word. I think the answer was 39 or 49. I can’t remember. To drop the f-bomb that many times is a little excessive.

    A friend of mine kind of summed it up nicely about actors. There is the character that they play, their public personna, and their private personna. The one we don’t know about is their private personna. And maybe we don’t want to know that. In some ways, I’d rather hear about the behind-the-scenes people like yourself. Much more interesting.

    You like horror, so you should check out Supernatural. I can’t stomach some of the episodes though.

  9. I would love to read more of the BOTM selections; but at anywhere from $8 to $15 a book, they’re just not in my budget right now. Each month I check the library (and Half Price Books) for the selections. Occasionally I find them. I do very much appreciate learning about new authors. (Checked out John Scalzi on your recommendation. Thanks very much for that one!) I also just started an Octavia Butler title that I picked up at Half Price Books. I picked that one up because of your recommending the author, too. I saw Tad Williams’ Otherland in your stack of books. Please, oh please, pick that one as a BOTM selection! I already own it! (And wouldn’t mind at all reading it again.) Anyway, keep the book and author suggestions coming; they are much appreciated.


  10. I’d be surprised if anybody hadn’t heard of the Christian Bale bruhaha considering every news outlet glommed on to it (well, it’s a break from news of another bank failing). 😉 I can’t think of any place where a person wouldn’t be fired and shown the door after a tirade like that. And yup, having spent a full day on the set of a TV show many years ago, it’s the crew (not cast) who have all the dirt, tidbits, and are generally the most fun and genuine to talk to as they don’t worry about people talking about them in the gossip rags 😉 Plus they gave me free reign of the commissary! 🙂 Ah, the good ole days.

    SGU question: Will you be filming in the woods again, or will you find a more exotic location (maybe a golf course can double as an alien planet)? 😉

  11. Wow, your blog today brought me back to my teen years and something my dad had said to me. Typically, I had posters plastering my bedroom walls and every month I was “in love” with a new pop icon.

    My dad’s pearl of wisdom that stuck with me was “How can you love [fill in blank] you don’t know them… for all you know, [fill in blank] gets their jollies by setting people’s toes on fire.”

    Thanks for the flashback, my dad passed away a year ago this week, I needed the positive memory.

  12. My co-worker says she’s actually worked with the DP in question and apparently he’s a really nice guy. Which, you know, just sorta makes Bale look like even more of a prick. Actually, I loved the part at the end where he was like, “It’s over for us professionally!” Because, what, they’re still gonna hang out on the weekends?

    I just couldn’t believe the director was trying to pacify him rather than reining him in. Hello, isn’t the director supposed to have control over the actors? Did someone want to mention that the star isn’t the boss of the movie?

    My friend commented that she would express her displeasure with Bale by “not giving him any more of my money”. She’s evidently under the impression that stars get “the lion’s share” of a film’s profit. I tried to explain to her what you said about karma and the smallness of this industry, but she still feels the need to do something to try to get the message to Bale that what he did wasn’t cool. Seems a bit futile to me, but if if makes her feel better, who am I to stop her?

    To duneknight, I just have to say… Wow. Seriously? So, if “expressing one’s anger” meant punching or shooting someone, would a person have the right to do that, too? No, people don’t have a right to express their anger, not at the expense of others, particularly those who have made a totally honest mistake.

  13. Congratulations Sparrowhawk, how wonderful to have all those books to read and a carry bag,,I love bags and reading, way to go!!
    Joe said—In conclusion – don’t trust your instincts. Just because someone plasters pictures of their pooches all of their blog doesn’t necessarily mean they’re generous, good-natured souls. Remember, Leona Helmsley was a dog-lover!
    — Isn’t she the one with all the shoes? can’t remember.. The dogs wouldn’t lie, they said you are a nice person… Have a great day!

  14. On the Christian Bale thing, well, people are crazy. And that behavior is definitely inexcusable. And it just shows: If you want to see what people are all about, see how they treat the people they don’t HAVE to be polite to (or at least they don’t think they have to be polite to). A few years ago in my other job I was arranging (on behalf of my boss) some travel and other details for a VIP coming in to do a seminar, and what struck me most about this VIP, and what’s stayed with me, is that he was gracious and courteous in all his dealings with me, and took the time to thank me (in front of my boss — always nice), even though I was relatively-speaking a nobody, and was only doing my job.

    OK, OK. I’ve been trying to catch up and have been reading the BOTM selections from earlier, but I have at last realized that I will never in fact catch up.

    Unless I lose my job. Hmm, so there WOULD be an upside to that. 😉 AND I’d escape my insane, egomaniacal (Think Rodney McKay without any of the redeeming qualities.) useless, utterly clueless and soulcrushing new (well, 4 months new) boss. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Simply useless we could deal with, but the soulcrushing and egomaniacal thing is really getting in the way of our work. oh well.

    – KB

  15. Hmm. Now I’m curious. I hadn’t heard about it yet (yes, I have been under a rock for most of the day). Is it comparable to the Bill O’Reilly tirade? That one was pretty funny.

    I already started Infoquake and and the all of five pages I’ve gotten through were very intriguing.

  16. I think what is interesting is that it took so long for the Bale incident to come out. I think with all the technology out now, that more incidents will come to light. Although I do like Bale as an actor and have since “Empire of the Sun.” I believe he was very unprofessional. The rant went on way too long and the DP did apologize and Bale went off on him again. I also think people need to stop thinking celebrities/actors/musicians/etc are the persona that is placed out in the public or the character that they play. That’s why so many of them think they can get away with such atrocious behavior. It was out of line.

    I also appreciate the behind the scenes commentaries we get from the crew. I think the best are when there are crew members and actors. I’ve always been fascinated at what goes on on a set. Never wanted to act, but have wanted to work behind the scenes…..

    And as you said if you want to know what is really going on, become friendly with the crew.

    As a teacher, the golden rule is secretaries and custodians run the building – make nice – and you’ll want for nothing. And we grin and bear it, even though our secretary is a witch (our old prinicipal was even scared of her, but our new principal puts her in her place!)

    So I appreciate this blog for all the insight and the Q&A of the various memebrs of the crew and even the little known guest actors.

  17. I went to a high school for the arts. This one to be exact: If I learned anything from it, it was this:

    You DO NOT piss off the techies!

    They will sew your costume a size too small if you’re rude, they will purposely poke and jab you while you’re in the make-up chair if you whine, they will shut off the lights and go home if your rehersal is running late (although to be fair, that’s because if you missed the late bus, you were stuck in downtown Las Vegas which is just not anywhere you want to be at night. Also you would get locked in the theater with the theater ghost, Mr. Petrie).

    And I wasn’t even a theater major, I was an art kid.

  18. im on bales side.the guy kept getting in the way of him doing his job.and honestly who hasnt blown up on someone when ur stressed and trying to do something.probably everyone.besides i read a couple reports that say bale has made up with guy and theres no hard feelings.and Supernatural is an awesome show and i also recommend it to anyone who hasnt seen it.although i have not seen the killer teddy bear but i here it was awesome.

  19. I totally thought that same thing about snakes when I was little. We read a book where that was the basic plot in third grade.

    My main sotry is when my dad told my sister and I that there was a ditch monster who ate little kids that tried to cross the ditch without parental permission. I know now that it was to keep us in the yard, but I was convinvced that I would be eaten by a creature made of leaves. He was intense about it, too. He invented siblings named Peter and Mary (my dad’s name is Paul; didn’t get that joke at the time either) and my Grandma even got in on it and told me about her children that got eaten. I believed them until I was about 12 since it was so elaborate.

    I would also love to take part in the BOTMC if I didn’t have collegiate obligations. Right now I’m reading All Quiet on the Western Front, Night, Hard Times, The Good Earth, everything else for my classes and trying to learn German. I wish I had time to read for pure enjoyment…such times are missed. And needed.

  20. I was a nurse/paramedic working part time for 2 seasons on a VERY POPULAR show in the 80’s in MIAMI!! The #1 star would go “OFF” and rant and rave and no one would say anything about it. I stayed FAR AWAY from him. He could have gotten ANYONE fired!! The directors and producers never said a word. This person mostly yelled at the crew- for NO reason!! I found the crew and most of the cast were very nice, wonderful people who would answer ALL of my THOUSANDS of questions as this was new to me! And let me tell you – they worked HARD !!!! Sometimes 12,14, and even 16 hr. days! The most important thing that I learned- HURRY UP AND WAIT!!!! But I did enjoy it and learned alot, I think I appricate (spelling?) T.V. and movies much more. Your thoughts, Joe? Sheryl

  21. I’m darn good at my job, perhaps even “indispensable”, but if I ever let ONE expletive fly at a co-worker I’d be out on my less-than-prima donna rear in a flash. There is NO call for bad manners, no matter WHO you are, or in what position.


    Books, now that’s a yay & I need to get afore-mentioned rear in gear & start reading in time to make lively comments!

  22. I didn’t see this tirade, but I understand that the remix version is becoming very popular on the interwebs.

    @Airelle…I thought that Imelda Marcos was the one with all the shoes. I might be mistaken, though. I can’t keep track of MY possessions let alone some rich person’s stuff.

  23. Gee, apparently I’ve really gotten comfortable under this here rock as I hadn’t heard about this one. *shrugs* oh well. My world isn’t going to end. 😉 😉

    So I was playing with my Nav device tonight and found a few fun new voices for it(Joe the Vancouverite, Dalek, Darth Vader, to name a few) and will now be spending the next 6 hours or so downloading new North American maps for it *sighs*

    “Just because someone plasters pictures of their pooches all of their blog doesn’t necessarily mean they’re generous, good-natured souls.”

    Well, having met you, I must say there are a lot worse people I have encountered(the woman in my advanced goats course this weekend for one). I mean I asked you to do me a favor and before you even knew what it was you were offering me that spare kidney 😉 😉 😉

  24. Thanks for the perspective on Bale. I didn’t even know he was in the Terminator remakde!

    Of course the more fervent among us get to meet the actors at conventions and assess them that way too. And still we come away with very different impressions. One person’s aloofness is another’s cautious self-protection. Or you catch them rested and fed, or three hours into signing autographs… Anyway it’s good to be reminded we’re not their friends or colleagues, and we truly don’t know them.

    I’ve already read Dogs, so I’m ahead of schedule.

  25. @ fsmn36 – Oh, this makes O’Reilly’s meltdown look like a Sunday school lesson. 😆

    Here’s a transcript (up to you, Joe, if you want it posted – if not, please snip the link) – caution, very explicit language (the audio is on TMZ):

    I was holding my tongue here, but since Joe’s expressed his opinions on the matter, I feel a little freer to do so myself. The point where I felt Bale went over-the-top is when he threatens to kick the guy’s ass – it sounds as if he is making an aggressive move (you can hear movement, and people trying to calm him) – that’s just a bit harsh, IMHO.

    Speaking of the guys behind the scenes and their opinions of the actors, my friend’s uncle is a cameraman and has worked with many celebrities. A couple years back at a dinner, he must have had enough to drink 😉 because he started telling stories about different celebs. He had nothing nice to say about how a certain influential talk show host treated her behind-the-scenes people, but had only praise for Johnny Depp. Now, I’m a bit partial to Depp (even when he used to throw hissy fits), but it was good to hear someone who’s actually met him say such nice things about the guy, and how he treated the crew.


  26. Thank you for your take on the Christian Bale tirade. I can understand being annoyed enough to cuss as someone. But to keep on and on and on…. Bale was trying to do his job, and so was the DP. Nor is there any indication that Bale went back and made any effort to apologize, though that simply may have not made the news. The whole fiasco had definitely reduced my interest in the latest Terminator offering, and in Bale’s other works. Given the true professionals out there, it’s a shame that people like CB set the public image of actors.
    As for the BotM club, I hope to be picking up the books this weekend, if I can resolve a certain issue with DMV. Worst case scenario, early next week. And I look forward to you coaxing or badgering more people to participate; I really enjoy seeing how others look at the books.
    I’d also like to mention you’re now indirectly responcible for a little competition we have going on at work. Because of your frequent food reviews, I’ve been watching Iron Chef America and Food Network. That in turn has inspired a Firehouse version, where each work cycle myself or one of my shift partners will be taking a not so secret ingredient and coming up with a three course meal. None of the pressure of the show in terms of time, but we’re all out to impress the others. Today’s meal, mushrooms, might not have wowed the judges of ICA, but it’s adding a sense of fun and providing more variety to our meals.
    Thanks again for the always entertaining and often educational posts here. And your final caveat is duly noted, along with the picture of Sparrowhawk that was posted today.

  27. I understand some method actors are incapable of turning their character on and off, that they have to stay emotionally charged if their character is. That’s about the best defense I can come up with for Bale’s outburst.

    But as you said, Joe…four minutes is a bit much. And I think that if Bale had yelled like that at a teamster, his uppance would come forthright. Because they are such gentle souls and would be well defended, of course.

  28. Hi Joe!

    Huh. I didn’t hear about the Bale blow-up. Four minutes, eh? That’s a lot of blowing…er..up. Bummer for all involved. Beyond that, I really don’t care.

    @aboleyn24 – Teddy from Supernatural was hilarious! Especially the part with the you-know-what when he you-know-whats! ; Crazy minds over there.

    So I’m supposed to start reading the freaking books? OK! OK! Don’t have a four-minute blowup at me!

    I like your puppy pictures. They make me think you’re nice. And you’ll bring me ice cream. While wearing a jester’s costume. But that’s just me. 🙂


    P.S. Is Canada transitioning to digital-only television (for high-powered stations)?

  29. which producers the type to kick a craft service guy in the nuts for serving them a lukewarm latte.

    Are you describing yourself? 😉 But seriously, I always take it with a grain of salt. That being said, I firmly believe that when I met my favourite actress Jessica Hynes in the bathroom of the NYC movie theater, she really was being her genuine nice self. After all, its a place where you don’t really expect people to draw you into a conversation. LOL

    I didn’t get a chance to post my childhood misconceptions yesterday so I’ll do them now. Thanks to my late grandfather, as a kid I firmly believed all the usual threats such as “if the wind changes, your face will stay that way” and that carrots can really make you see better in the dark and they also accounted for my ginger hair. But he also instilled in me a fear that he was in earnest when he would threaten to hang me from a ceiling fan by my ears if I didn’t behave. I also thought that kids couldn’t have cheesecake because we could pay for it. “Its too rich for you!” I also truely believed that my freckles came from suntanning through a screen door. And no matter how much I tried to stay away from screen doors, they just hung around.

    When I was 11 we moved from a small town on the border of southern Ontario to a city in Louisiana. And on our way down to look for houses, my dad took us by way of Texas and we went for an airboat ride. He had me convinced that we would have to ride to school in a pirogues and that we would have to be careful of the alligators. I was terrified and wanted my dad to take the job in Florida instead cause Mickey was a far safer choice.

    And like many others, I believed that 3 second rule once the lights were off. I would ready myself, flip the switch and launch myself across the room toward my bed. I missed on occasion. And I too believed that the world was fake somehow or at least that people were always watching me. I would always walk around with a fake grin plastered across my face. It was a paranoid feeling that faded a bit as I grew up until The Truman Show. I still get that feeling sometimes.

    And this last one isn’t so much a misconception on my part, but my sister and I had our other sister thoroughly convinced that we were related to Eric Idle. We made the connection as confusing but memorable as we could for a seven year old and maintained the lie for years. Papa Len’s father’s brother’s son’s son. She was so convinced that she told her entire class and she believed it until she was about 16 years old. She is still angry about it at 23. 😆

  30. Oh, I was also convinced that MacGyver was real and I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. To this day, I carry a pocket knife!


    That’s it? that is only like 5 seconds, not even close to Bale, you got alot of work to get to his standards.
    I totally agree he has a right to be pissed, I mean how would you like someone walking in your office constantly while you are trying to work. But 4 minutes is overboard, he is in need of anger management. Especially threatening him with physical harm and to quit the production?? Good luck with the next 2 Terminator movies.

    I will be picking up Dogs tomorow, hopefully that will give me enough time to get it read by the time the discussion comes around. But no promises.

  32. One of my childhood misconceptions – When I went to first grade I rode the bus to school, and our bus driver had a lot of scarring on one side of his face. I asked my mom why he looked funny and she said that he had been burned and had had plastic surgery. I kept trying to figure out which parts of his face had plastic in them.

  33. A lot of people blamed The Dark Knight for making Heath Ledger need the sleeping pills and anxiety meds that eventually led to his death.
    Maybe it drove Christian Bale crazy too? That had to be a very taxing film to be a part of.
    Still, no excuses for rudeness. Wil Wheaton would certainly have some advice for CB…
    I’m up late writing my paper about time dilation. Which is actually fun because my professor is letting me include reference to time dilation in science fiction books, TV shows, and movies…

  34. Hello Joe:

    With your permission, I’d like to update everyone who has been wondering how things are going with the American Affirmations and Stress, It’s all in the Mind, CDs:

    Holy parking lot, Batman!

    I have never seen so many luxury cars in my life!! Well, standing on the corner, watching all the people go by, proved to be a wonderful adventure. I stood on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Avenue of the Stars holding a sign that said, “Thanky You america from this Canadian. I also had a big U.S and Canadian Flag to draw attention to myself. People honked and waved and passersby stopped to find out what I was up to. What an amazing experience!

    And, San Diego loves me!! The Veterans there got in touch with me and want to welcome me to the city. They are taking me out for a meal after I stand on the corner at the U.S.S Midway and they even want to give me the key to the city! What wonderful patriotic people! I am really looking forward to this visit. I’m in L.A until Thursday noon, and then off to San Diego by train. More to follow if people are interested.

    Now, two newspaper articles:

    Canadian woman shows her spirit for America
    By Diane Bell
    Union-Tribune Columnist

    2:00 a.m. February 3, 2009
    Photo of diane-bell Fax Diane at

    Patricia Stewart is on a crusade.

    She is a Canadian who wants to thank America.

    Stewart, 48, a housewife and employment counselor, is spending about $1,000 to fly to Southern California this week to stand on a street corner in Los Angeles and in San Diego holding a sign that says: “Thank you, America, from this Canadian.”

    To emphasize her mission, she will be flanked by U.S. and Canadian flags.

    In an interview from her home in Cold Lake, Alberta, late last week, Stewart said she grew tired of hearing people denigrate Americans.

    “I was especially upset when people in the Middle East were cheering after the attacks on the World Trade Center,” she said.

    Stewart wrote down her thoughts on why America is great and how U.S. citizens have aided others under attack during World War I, World War II and more recent conflicts; how we have defended freedom of speech; helped countries around the globe deal with disaster; and engineered advances in technology.

    She approached Cliff Simon, a South African-born actor who lives in Los Angeles, whom she met at a seminar. They decided to collaborate and create a four-minute CD, “American Affirmations,” with Simon narrating Stewart’s words. Their message was broadcast over American Forces Network, and Stewart said the response from troops was so positive she decided to ramp up her efforts.

    Hence, she will stand on a street corner in Los Angeles from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow and Friday on Harbor Drive in San Diego, near the Midway Museum, saying, “Thank you” to passers-by.

    Stewart’s goal is to “tell America that there are lots of things to celebrate about this country, and there are still many people who are not American-born who are thankful that America exists.”

    Today at 09:29
    A giant ‘thank you’ to all Americans
    Albertan to spread her message on U. S. street corners
    Canwest News Service
    Published: Wednesday, February 04, 2009

    Patricia Stewart says she loves every single American — and now she’s got a plan to show them.

    Stewart, who lives in Cold Lake, Alta., plans to stand on a street corner in Los Angeles today and in San Diego on Friday, draped in Canadian and American flags, holding a sign that reads, “Thank you, Americans, from this Canadian.”

    “Americans have always been the first to go in with disaster relief, they’ve committed their own people to freeing the world from tyrannical leaders, and still people claim to hate them,”Stewart said of the motivation behind her trip.
    Email to a friendEmail to a friendPrinter friendlyPrinter friendly

    “The American people have gotten so much bad press lately that it’s time they were made aware that they are still a good nation.”

    She also hopes to hand out copies of American Affirmations, a CD she produced with Cliff Simon, an actor best known as Ba’al from the Stargate science-fiction TV series.

    Kicking off with a booming timpani roll and the sound of a lone trumpeter, the five-minute recording features Simon waxing poetic about American virtues such as democracy and freedom of speech.

    Stewart, 46, said the recording isn’t intended to change the minds of people who hate America, but more to let Americans know that there are plenty of people who love them.

    Cold Lake is about 350 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.

    © The Calgary Herald 2009

    Ok, I’m done hijaking your Blog Joe. Thanks again!

    Patricia (AG)

  35. Oh, a childhood misconception… I thought I had life and death all worked out: your heart rate starts out fast when you’re a kid and gets slower and slower as you age until it stops altogether. I also thought the little hole in my dad’s ear was an antenna to his alien brethren in space, but that was because he told us it was. 🙂

    Joe, I noticed several of the actors cast for SGU have theater training (Brian Smith, David Blue). Was that a conscious choice and if so why is it something you’d look for?

  36. Just for the record, I never thought at any point that you were a generous and/or good-natured soul. But you are endlessly intriguing.

    But to be fair, I never thought you were a terrible, bitter man with a hidden anger, a stash of whips and grenades, a cyanide tablet tucked in one cheek or a penchant for stealing candy from small children (or childish actors).

    When I picture you in my mind I see your face, your dogs, your beautiful wife, and a white webpage scrawled with paragraphs of fun and interest with a Maximus at the top.

    I suppose I should, at some point, try and form some sort of emotional connection to you, your stories, and who you are as a person. But you’re very careful to write around yourself even in your most passionate of outrages on this blog. And I absolutely refuse to assume anything about you.

    I think that’s what I’ve done with David Hewlett as well. Even though I’m fairly convinced that David is, at least, in the heart of it not a bad guy I do realize everyone has big flippin’ flaws. In David’s case I imagine it’s something to do with temper. And the only reason I imagine it’s something to do with that is because Mr. Hewlett has been so kind to outline these personality flaws in bright highlighter by telling those sort of stories to fans.

    That certainly doesn’t make me think that David is anything better or greater but it doesn’t give me, at least, a micron of admiration of truth. Of course that could all be a “politick” ploy! He could be a plucker of bluebird feathers, for all I know.

    Ugh, and on the reading thingy. I’m slowly trying to get back into reading for enjoyment. I’m literally retraining my brain to read long stories again. Slight dyslexia and slight attention deficit disorder are slowing me down. I’ve started by getting myself on pre-teen chapter books. I’ve done pretty well, so far. I’ve read Coraline and Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell and the something Egg Thingy.

    If all goes well I can actually start reading more complex books.

    You laugh, but before recently I’d literally not attempted to read anything longer than a few pages for probably over 3 years.

    Good God, you’re not reading this anymore, are you?


  37. I was fortunate to work at a few production companies where the people were great (mostly), which included a couple of A list actors, who could with a four second look make the same point as a four minute tirade.

    One learned pretty quickly where not to work, like with the very successful producer at a studio who enjoyed flinging sharpened pencils at his office people, which eventually escalated to flying fax machines. The problem is there are never any repercussions to the idiots who behave this way…like jail time for assault. The studios just replace the mangled staff.

    On the other hand, some friends on the Sony lot have always said how lucky people were to be working on Stargate. Evidently you have a low mortality rate.

  38. I suppose I should be labelled an “Alien” or as being from an alternate reality, cause I totally missed this whole Bale thing! I really don’t watch much TV after 5pm and during the day – when not out clearing glaciers or running errands – I only watch the Business Channel… Even so, I usually stay clear of all the ShowBizesque shows.

    That said, I still know my share of people in the “Industry”. Both actors and crew alike. PAs are a wonderful source of insight! — not that they spill their guts at the drop of a hat, but if you really NEED to know something… Of course, some actors just really are little “Gifts” when they don’t think any Fans are watching…

    Behind the scenes at conventions are also another wonderful source… [I recollect a certain popular SciFi show – not SG or TREK – celebrity who was just a tad over the top about his ‘chai’ not being exactly perfect and the poor errand guy having to return it like 3 times!] Seriously, I’ve witnessed first hand more than a couple of these type of actors putting on “the Face”, sweetly signing autographs for the adoring Fans and in almost the same breathe turn away to their assigned “slave” and quietly rip into them over something quite trivial…

    So, Bale… has he done any theatre work? Cause he sure as hell wouldn’t been able to pull that sort of crap in front of a live audience! — It’s been my observation that those actors with a lot of Stage work under their belts are MUCH more civil WITH and around Crew people! And think of themselves as being no more higher up the food chain than any other production member.

  39. Not that you need it, but I second the whole ‘don’t trust your instincts’ paragraph wholeheartedly.

    I’ve been working on several film sets during the last decade or so, usually making ‘making of’ featurettes, which is the perfect position to observe discrepancies between the public and private personalites of actors, directors and producers. But I can’t remember ever seeing someone so totally lose control like Bale did, not even after 20 days of 16-hour-shifts. Having to vent for a minute is one thing, but a temper tantrum like Bale’s is neither professional nor adult behaviour.

    And thanks for the book recommendations. I think I’ll get The Book Of Joby first, then try the others.

  40. Hey there Mr M!

    Thanks for the Mailbag. Glad to hear you are a book-elf. It never hurts to carry a book, although finding a “pocket-size” version is a problem. (I have RUINED many jackets by stuffing over-sized books into jacket pockets that are too small).
    Glad to hear Carl Binder is in good form and that things progress both on an SGU front and indeed SG1 front!

    Just clicked on the MGM site, re: SG1. Some footage from the Cast and Crew Continuum Premier last April (i was very priviliged to attend and feature on this blog!!) Mr Shanks makes special mention of the 20 fans laughing/reaction, which was very nice of him. Thankfully he didn’t mention the Martin-Woods-esque “SWEET” that eminated from a certain fan three seats away as the FX shots hit the screen!!!!

    Thanks again for answering the questions.

    @DasnDanger: Agree re: names!! Also, re: Rugby, you gotta remember that great French International : Jean Condom….I too am also 12 years old!!! Imagine the ruck with Ol’ Danny and Jean. *Completely adolescent I know!!!*


  41. It’s interesting, even here in Germany we heard about the incident. Or rather all the bleeps. 😉 I have to admit, reading Bale’s tirade was highly amusing. Of course, I know it wasn’t amusing for the people on the set.

    I can understand, that sometimes there are circumstances where one has overwrought nerves and doesn’t behave the way he should. But I agree with you, this was way too long. And I hope he apologized afterwards.

    Sadly sometimes even people you know personal for years can show surprising characteristics – not always in a good way. I would never think I know someone who I just saw on TV, read about, know only from the internet or met at a convention.

    I’ve just finished The Dark Beyond the Stars. Wow. I haven’t read real science fiction for years (I don’t regard Stargate as real sci-fi). But this book was amazing. I didn’t want to put it away and read it whenever I had time. It was a very unique story which I didn’t foresee. Thank you for recommending it. 🙂

    And now I’m starting with The Book of Joby. Not something you would call a short story. 😉

  42. I can’t help but think that Mr Bale was very unprofessional and somewhat diva-like in his OTT response on the other hand a stream of profanity can help ease a shit load of tension, I doff my cap to anyone who can sustain it for over four minutes but how many times did he repeat himself? My convent education gave me the gift of vocabulary AND the ability to swear like a trooper with gravitas….(which I take pills for)

    PMSL and now going back to read everyone else’s comments

  43. @Shawna– Bale was doing a very emotional scene, which he was preparing for extensivily, dont forget that Bale when he acts he BECOMES the character hes playing so it is possible that the DP’s interruption caused Bale to drag these “acting” emotions onto his real-world frustrations. so what i mean is instead of screaming and yelling at a deadly cyborg who killed his best friend, he rather unleashed the tirade to the wrong guy.
    i think he had lots of emotions bottled up which could be a result of the acting preparation process, as well as his frustration with that specific scene. especially when a DP doesnt listen. Bale told the guy repeatadly what he shouldnt do, but clearly the DP total disregarded the actor’s feelings. in order for the film to go well, actors must be comfortable, who cares about the lights? the lights are useless if the actor cant give the scene its due.

  44. “AvatarIII writes: “talking of your BOTM, i was wondering if i will ever see, or have ever missed, any of my 3 favourite authors featured? (being Peter F Hamilton, Alastair Reynolds, and Dan Simmons)”

    Answer: Not yet.”

    not yet eh? does that mean no? i understand they are writers of long books, probably too long for BOTM, but have you read any of their books, if so, which ones? if not i really do recommend them.

  45. I’d also like to weigh in on the Supernatural Appreciation Society. I’m currently playing catch-up starting from season 1 and thoroughly enjoying it, Jensen Ackles is very easy on the eye and I love the humour. It makes for entertaining viewing and has whiled away a whole day of being snowed in

  46. alright i got a question concerning atlantis, i just read your interview in and you said that it would be nice to reveal the stargate program to the public. but wont that harm the franchise?

    if the stargate becomes not a secret to “us” the public the contemporary element of the stargate series will diminish just like that. what makes stargate unique from the rest is that its set in today’s world. if you hadnt noticied many viewers of the show believe that there is in reality a stargate program or something similiar, the show sort of created a mini-conspiracy theory. but thats just my personal opinon of course. I thinks is important for stargate to remain top secret, it makes the SGC more intriguing.

  47. Hi Joe!

    Im liking this entry, a lot! It is neccessary to point out, from time to time, that the shiny big Hollywood idols are just people with flaws like anyone else and their adoring can be rewarded with a deep disappointment.
    If I can, I try NOT to learn more about actors/authors etc. who I like.
    Illusions are what they sell, illusions are what I want to keep.
    It’s a shame that hard working people out there are treated like a garbage, by someone who could still keep asking “do you want fries with your hamburger?” if they had just less luck!

    Anyway… My question is simple: Will we see Chuck the technician in the SGA film? 🙂

    take care

  48. Well, I can only speak for myself of course but personally I don’t really care whether an actor is a prick or a prince (and I care even less about the actresses). There’s really only one exception and that’s Tom Cruise, who creeps me out in every single imaginable way.

    The point is, I like the show, movie or whatever I’m watching. In fact I really don’t want to know anything beyond a few basics about the actors – those basics that make it understandable why that actor radiates such brilliantly done warmth towards a child actor who is supposed to be his kid in the movie (duh, because he has kids of his own!), or why this actor is doing so brilliantly playing the grief-strucken friend (the season’s finale mentioning the demise of gen. Hammond was a good one here, Amanda’s grief looked far more real than Joe’s). Basically that’s the sort of information you’ll find on the internet movie database. And of course besides from this, I want to know when an actor from a favourite show of mine gets injured, sick or dies. But that’s it.
    I most certainly don’t want to know the character of the actors. No no no no way. I don’t enjoy stumbling upon information about them – occasionally I do, like with Flannigan’s campaign donations or Teryl Rothery’s drunk (?) convention performance on youtube, or actors who beat people up or leave angry messages to their ex-wives and kids – and it ruins things for me. It ruins the image of the movie or the series, an image I happen to enjoy.
    Also, how are you supposed to love a person you know nothing about? I never got this one. I love the characters on a show. Sometimes I love them to a point where they make me think naughty things like Sheppard. Sometimes I love them to a point that I’ll be pouting for days if they get killed, like with dr. Janet Fraiser. But the actors? I know nothing of them, and 9 times out of 10, I want to keep it that way.

  49. What I don’t understand is all the interest in and publicity about C Bale’s tirade, except to give him MORE publicity. He was having a bad time in his life last summer but showed up for work so I respect that. YAWN he sure ain’t the first actor-acting-as-ass, and not the last!! Yeah its always uncalled for to treat people badly, but in showbiz, I’ve consistently found that it comes with the territory. If you’re fortunate, you have a mostly good experience. But I advise growing a thick skin as soon as possible if that’s your chosen field of work, you will encounter jerks guaranteed.

    BOTMC- if sounds interesting, available for free download or the library has ’em, and I have time, I’ll read ’em. Can’t afford to buy at this time since I don’t have a full job yet, every penny I can put towards media is currently being saved for SGA s5 box set.

  50. I haven’t heard the tirade. Nor will I. I have made a conscious decision to avoid it. Primarily because I think its ridiculous that the media is fanning the flames of this incident.

    I think Christian Bale is a wonderful actor and he sure is pretty to look at. But it ends there. I made a rule a very long time ago that the personal business.(and yes, even if its his behaviour on set is personal business) of any actor/actress I love is off limits. Basically, if its not in a flick or in promotion of a flick, then off limits. They are human. They make mistakes. I don’t need to know ever little thing about celebrities. I just don’t. And besides, given my propensity for using the f-word, who am I to judge?

    Though, ya know, given that the tirade in question was recorded in July 2008, I think its pretty suspicious that it just surfaced now.

  51. About bale, i think someone needs anger management. And that is all i am going to say about that. He is a good actor, but… well…

    About SGU, when does it star filming? You say the casting is almost complete, so, i guess it will be soon. Can we see some photos of the set?

    Keep up the good work, i love it!

  52. I was introduced to the rant last night and gave an almighty sigh upon its conclusion and said in an exasperated voice “Actors” while shaking my head.
    For the most part, they are so excruciatingly idiotic and self centred. I understand the self centredness and insecurity on account of what they do, to put emotions out there like some of them do for everyone to see is pretty ballsy.
    They can be snobby jerks with a misplaced sense of self entitlement and their lack of brains is staggering. I once spent an hour trapped in a car full of actors and the whole time they discussed what kind of salad they were going to make when they got home. It was intellectually draining.
    Now, some of them are very intelligent (this is fairly rare in my experience) and when I hear one utter a few smart things I get all excited and hopeful. (Duchovney is smart and so is Flanigan, I mean, he knows what prescience means! I love it!)
    It’s easy to imprint the characters they play on them but they are usually nothing like the real thing.
    What Bale did was ridiculously unprofessional and was a di@k move.
    You want to get the “DL” on the real story, cozy up to the crew like Joe says. I think it’s ridiculous that Bale will carry on without repercussions. If I did that I would be fired. There is a reason a lot of crew wander around with a crusty look on their face. 😉
    Now I will probably be yelled at by people for my opinion, but it’s just an opinion so please keep that in mind.

  53. Good take. I’ve met a few of those self-centered knobs.

    So, Joe, I’m new and curious. What sparks an idea? And do you start in the middle, beginning, or end?

  54. As far as actors or anyone in general is concerned, I try not to judge people unless I meet them personally, then watch out. Although, I am pretty good at pegging people like a picture of a proposed boyfriend for my daughter. All I can say is, I told her so! She had to learn the hard way.

    I can say that I don’t know much about the Bale incident, but there are no excuses for anyone who lashes out like that and I include myself in that at times. Not that I have a temper, but when you work day in and day out with family members, occasionally the heated moment will happen. It may not be excusable, but it happens.

    Another misconception I thought of; When I was growing up my mother always said that if you look into a car passing by with their high beams on, you would be blinded. For years I was concerned that if you didn’t know if they had their high beams on you would be blind if you looked by accident. When I got my license even I was concerned that I would be instantly blinded if someone decided to be a jerk and turn their high beams on just for fun. Of course now I think back on it and it was funny I thought this way. I took what she said literally and not as it was intended.

    Once again, I will try to pick up one of your books, but no promises. Truth be told I don’t think I form very good questions, but I will think about it (I know, like you care or that it would make a difference, lol).

  55. Hey Joe.

    regarding Enemy at the Gate

    1) Why didn’t they use the chair to take out the darts….it would have been easier.
    2) If they couldn’t use the chair please tell me the greatest military minds of our times were smart enough to pull the ZPM before the darts crashed in.
    3) I’m guessing they will either shift the drones to Atlantis or look into getting a replacement chair…any chance Lost in Fire will become lost without a chair?
    4) And here’s a fav question…Once Atlantis found out they were dialed into the hive, why not close the gate, dial the Alpha site get a nuke, redial the hive and send it through…yes I know I’m putting too much thought into what I would do.

  56. @ Sparrow_hawk

    Sniff, I am not disappointed that I didn’t get Baen giveaway prize. Since I realise that the only book I don’t already owned is the Storm from the Shadows hard cover. Yes I am somewhat of a Honorverse fan. But can you drop some hints on how well Storm of the Shadows transition from the previous book, the Shadows of Saganami.

    @ AV Eddy

    About your question on Canada transitioning to digital TV. Most people won’t even notice. There is only a very small fraction of the TV viewers in Canada not hook up to cable or satellite connection. The typical over the air TV reception in major build up urban areas is ghastly. You get cable TV, internet and phone service from the same providers in most place in Canada who offer somewhat reasonable packages. But getting back to your question. Canada is also going totally digital, just a little later than the US.

  57. My biggest childhood misconceptions:

    Whenever someone called the house, my dad told my sisters and me that we had to be VERY quiet. If we didn’t then the person calling would be able to hear us through the answering machine. (This, I believe, was a result of my dad wanting us to be quiet when the phone rang so he could hear the person who was calling.)

    All people on TV were really just miniature people who acted inside the TV. (I don’t think I’d believe that anymore, what with much slimmer TVs.)

    Everyone who shared the same last name was somehow related. For who knows how long, I was sure I was related to a senator who was alive during the Civil War era.

  58. hey Joe,

    MISS YA!!!!

    im in kentucky and the ice storm has left us with out power and they are saying another 2 to 3 weeks with over 2,000 down poles. looks like a war zone… im at my collage using their computors…

    will check on up dates later miss all the blogs and of course
    HEAT HEAT AND MORE HEAT and power too


  59. Bonjour Joseph =)

    Vous allez bien? Merci d’avoir répondu à mes questions c’est trés gentil 🙂

    Lol vous ne savez pas bien skier?^^ Pourtant il y’a beaucoup de neige en ce moment à vous posez cette question car beaucoup de personnes de la clinique où je fait mon stage partent à la neige….Moi je n’y suis jamais aller, mais je pense que cela serai un catastrophe^^.

    C’est possible ! ….lol je prend sa comme un “oui” lol. Si c’est le cas, cela serai un retour au source trés attendu pas les fans^^!

    Passez une trés bonne journée! Bisou

  60. Hey Joe.

    So I’m heading to Florida on the 18th, want anything from down there?

  61. @Joe, the interview, the weir’s body storyline wouldve been cool! oh man that wouldve been great if season 5 wasnt the last. it kinda reminds me of a short story that i wanted to wrote when i was a kid, about a detective detecting his own ‘murder’, weird right? but at the end i went with another story, because the other got way to complicated in my mind.

  62. @Arctic Goddess and Canada: Thanks/Merci back atcha!
    Especially for ice hockey and a bunch of great actors!

  63. grrrr…. amended to say:
    Especially for ice hockey and a bunch of great actors & TV shows!

  64. @Montrealer – Thanks! 🙂

    RE: the whole Bad Bale Incident. I was thinking about this, the Phelps pot-smoking thing, and some “professional” business people openly fighting online across several websites, and feel like asking,


    If Bale or the DP wanted to blog about what jerks each other are, then fine, be stupid. But y’know, this isn’t any of our business. It’s the business of the movie company, Bale, the DP, and other staffers who were involved.

    Phelps did a stupid thing. Sheesh, it’s not worth a multi-week discussion. It’s between him and his sponsors.

    The other thing is just stupid for all involved. Accusations, swearing, unaccepted apologies, and getting “armies” of supporters together just ruins the entire business community. Makes me wanna never work with any of them.

    So…Joe, all-knowing and cool blogging guy, while I’m waiting for my ice cream, please enlighten us as to why nothing is private anymore?


  65. Dear Joe,

    I would like to challenge you in these question, should have the time or patience to answer it:

    1. Please list your five favorite Upscale Gourmet Restaurants world-wide?

    2. Please make sure Ms. Fondy is not looking over your shoulders: Please list the 5 hottest actrices that you had the opportunity to meet and would have not minded going further with them 🙂

    3. Please list your five favourite travel destinations away from home and your five that you have’nt been to yet?

    4. Finally, if the the star ships in the stargate series were really which one would you most want to own… you can’t pick Atlantis nor a puddle jumper?

    Thanks sir this should prove intresting and I really hope to hear from you …. hi hi

  66. Ah yes, the whole Bale Tirade….


    I for one was disappointed and appalled when I heard his tirade. I’ve always enjoyed watching him in movies, particularly in the recent Batman films and it’s a shame that he’s behaved so unprofessionally. If he was in the middle of an “intense emotional scene” and the DP inadvertently interupted it, then I could understand Bale being slightly ticked off but to go in to a 4 minute rant at some poor guy who was also trying to do his job is completely unacceptable. As most of us know, for all the long hours that actors put in on sets, the crew often work twice as long and as hard and Bale should have done a better job of controlling his temper.

    Now, on the subject of “SUPERNATURAL”, I’d also strongly recommend this show to you Joe and to anyone else who’s not seen it yet. We’re currently at the start of the 4th Season here in the UK and both the writing and the acting continue to be top notch. 🙂

  67. I kinda like cursin’ Batman. I can see the action figure, pull the string and it lets out a 4 minute rant. Bale sounds like a soccer hooligan, very Begbie. But do I think he could use a spa day with some nice scented candles to unwind. I heard that he threw a similar spat on Newsies, only then the tiff was over a bag of Skittles.

  68. Hey Joe,

    I head from a friend that at the convention in the UK they were told the SG1 movie filming was pushed back to summer as well. Can you confirm that?

  69. duneknight —

    And the actors are useless if you can’t see them. I didn’t get the sense that this guy had been doing this either repeatedly or for any malicious reason. And when he tried to calmly explain himself, it continued to only set Bale off further. There is simply no excuse for Bale going off like that, for that long. How do you know it was such an emotionally-charged scene? But even if it was, and even if he went off because he was so in character, then okay, that gives him maybe thirty seconds leeway to get it out and come back to himself, and even that’s being generous. After four minutes, it’s not because he’s in character any more.

  70. @Montrealer said:

    I realise that the only book I don’t already owned is the Storm from the Shadows hard cover. Yes I am somewhat of a Honorverse fan. But can you drop some hints on how well Storm of the Shadows transition from the previous book, the Shadows of Saganami.

    Well, I’d love to oblige, but I’m afraid that you may have to wait a very long time for me to get to “Shadows of the Saganami” and “Storm from the Shadows” because I am brand new to the Honorverse books. “On Basilisk Station” is the only one I have read so far.

    And I’m afraid I’m an alien, too. I haven’t seen or heard Christian Bale’s tirade and know nothing about it aside from what I’ve read here. Like some of the other people here, I don’t intend to go out of my way to watch it and for the most part I prefer not to delve into the private lives of the actors/actresses I enjoy watching.

    On the subject of dogs: There is a difference between celebreties who own foofy dogs and have people to take care of them and regular people who actually love (and are loved by) dogs. Leona Helmley is one of the former. You are one of the latter. Dogs DO know.

  71. Hey Joe, I’ve been busy of late so hard to keep up. Did you ever try the haggis? I had some Saturday at a Robbie Burns social. Very good. However, the best haggis I’ve ever had was in a town called Tain, in Scotland. We ordered it as an appetizer and everyone in our party loved it, even the Ukrainian-Canadian!

  72. “Answer: No plans to produce a 3-D episode. Yet!”

    Haha – the pressure will come form the 3D gods in the sky. Of course much scifi offers many opportunities to have long pointy objects flying at the audience.

  73. Hi Joe
    i submitted my questions on the wrong date. My bad. Here it is anyway.

    1. Could you at least give Major davis a small role or at least a cameo in project twilight?

    2. What is your favorite episode you wrote?

    3. Do you eat out fancy every day?

    4. Did the Military have a positive or negative response to the scripts you sent them?

    Thanks again. Glad to hear you finished your script. Hope it didn’t cause you too much trouble.

  74. Davidd, where in Florida? Several of us live here. Hope it’s warmer when you get here, holy crap , it was 32 in port saint lucie , where I live- 1 hr. North of West Palm Beach- this am. Wolfnm and Denib. , What was the temp. in g-ville, tampa and orlando? This is way TOO cold for us. It was 40 in parts of S.D. and Colorado today- WE were colder. What’s with that?? Hey Joe, how cold is it in Vancover? Sheryl

  75. I’m back. Looks like I came back at a good time. Glad to see all the same people are still here and that there are new ones as well.

    Glad to see that things for SGU are going well. Looking forward to it this summer.

    As for the Christian Bale thing can I say two things:
    WHO CARES!? The only reason this has been a major issue is because of who he is. If this was some schmo yelling at a cashier at a Wal mart it wouldn’t have made a big deal. And this happens a lot. Its only because of us and the media that its a big deal. I mean yes he was out of line and I do feel bad for the person who was at the other end, but what can we do about it. Ignore it is what we can do about it. Then things can move on. The media will stop as well if they see that no one is paying attention to it. I mean look at Miley Cyrus, her and here friends were goofing off in front of a camera and making funny faces. Because she is a celeberty she was accused of offending the Asians. Anyone else it would have been precieved as that, funny faces. So it goes to show that if you are a celeberty anything they do wrong, the entire world will know. No one is perfect.

    My question concerning the Termintor movie is why the heck are they making another one. The first one was the best, but the 2 and 3 sucked. Sarah Conner Chronicles is the best so far.

    @Sessy: I totally agree about not knowing everything about an actor. I like it better that way to, because then they seem more mysterious and you can keep picturing them as that favorite character. As for me I look for their talent and the kind of work they do. I don’t care about what they had for breakfast, or what their childhood was like, I only watch for the work they do. I only need to know their basics like maybe their birthdays, where there from, if their married, and what other projects they have done something like that that’s not too personal. There more interesting on screen that way. The only way I want to get to know them is if I meet them in the public. Then I would know it was honest or at least I would it be.

    @Joe: Since you read so many books have you ever created a guest character on SGA or SG1 on any characters that you liked in the books you read?


  76. Here comes my ignorance. What is a Director of Photography? I always thought that was the director. I didn’t realise there was a director and a director of photography. They seem like the same thing to me. One director the filming (photography) while one directs the photography??

    @duneknight: I don’t think anyone would say that frustrations occur. They happen to the best of us. it’s how we handle that frustration and how we act towards other people that define the quality of person we are.

    Bale may have been annoyed. He is allowed. What was disresptful and arrogant is his public dressing down of a director of photography. if he had taken the guy aside away from everyone else and said things to him, so be it. If he had complained to whomever is the “boss” on the day and asked them to speak to the director of photography so be it. Even if he swore a bit and said “look get out of my line of sight, I’m finding it hard to concentrate.” Then so be it. But to publicly humiliate and berrate another person for a prolonged period of time demonstrates an immaturity and extreme lack of professionalism on the part of Bale.

    Let’s be honest. This isn’t the first time he lost it publicly. he punched his mother not so long ago too. He blamed it on stress and will no doubt blame this outburst on stress too.

    This is simply another demonstration of his inability to control anger.

  77. @Shawna–
    im just speculating here, all im trying to convey is that what he did is understandable and i can relate to that, the guy is a perfectionist. what surprised me other than the fact that he chose this terminator project directed by a nobody called McG, is that he took the role seriously and didnt phone it in like those idiots who acted in star wars prequels. but who knows he mightve just been having a bad day, or woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Bale doesnt desire all that hate from the public, its not like he hit the guy or threw a phone at him or said he hated jews. all he did was show a bit of rage…im sure after that incident he probably apologized and probably bought him beer.

    i hate to say this but i cant help but think about this relating to The Dark Knight somehow, i mean that movie is plagued (except in box office), i mean i remember hearing a stunt guy die on set at the beginning then Heath Ledger died and now Bale is acting weird…something is going on here.
    anyway even thought the audio didnt show it, im sure Bale is a nice guy who is just going through something. it wasnt not ego-fulfillment, i think it showed him feeling vulnerable.

  78. Hey Joe,

    Considering the Destiny set is probably fully or almost completely built.

    What can you tell us about the gadgets being used on the set, Like the Atlantis Control Tower had the see through holo-display.

    Can we expect to see something along the lines of that, Maybe a Microsoft Surface Table?

    Or are you guys going waaay out there and give us CGI based gadgets, Like “real” Trek-like holograms?

    Not asking what they’re called on the show, Just want to know if any new high-tech todays world gadgets will be used on the show.

    Kind Regards,

  79. Joe…hope you’ve had a good day! Mine has been pretty decent (finally!).

    So, anyway…since you’re not answering any of my stupid Wraith questions lately 😉 …I was wondering if you could answer just this one:

    In your mind (or if it was ever discussed amongst the writers), do Wraith need to drink water, or do they get all the fluids they require through the feeding process?

    (I don’t know if you’ve answered this before, but if you have, I must have forgot. My apologies if that’s the case.)

    @ Shirt’n’Tie – Bwahahahahahaha! 😆 That’s priceless! Names certainly can be amusing! Now…don’t get me started on rugby terminology…ruck, maul, scrum…I think you probably know how the saying goes. 😛

    @ AV eddy – When a person becomes a public figure – whether a politician, entertainer, ceo, or religious leader – they have to be prepared for the public’s reaction, especially those who are considered role models. Many of us would probably be more conscious of our behavior, and act accordingly. But all too often those in the public eye do just the opposite, and act out more than the average Joe. In the case of Bale, he wasn’t ranting privately away in the seclusion of his home, but openly on the set. He made it a public matter.

    In the case of Phelps – well, besides the pure stupidity of it – he wasn’t alone and his buddy was taking pictures. If the guy was taking a hit in the privacy of his living room, no one would care, but when they see what seems to be blatant behavior…well…it tends to piss folks off, especially considering how many have looked to him for inspiration.

    Look, we all know that these guys aren’t perfect…but if you’re gonna do something boneheaded, just don’t do it in front of an audience.

    What annoys me with public figures and the media is when they do attempt to find privacy, and that privacy is invaded – taking pictures of them on a secluded beach with their family, for instance. Just let the people have some peace. And the other thing I can’t stand is the whole ‘which star is saggy, baggy, and haggy’ … ugh. Just very petty and invasive, imho.

    Of course, it all is up to the media. If they didn’t report it, we wouldn’t know. It’s natural for us to be curious about celebrities and the like, but the extent to which their lives are exposed to us is really up to the media.


  80. i’m of two minds on this whole christian bale situation. one, i think he just basically had a hissy fit and it wasn’t cool. but, how many ppl have moments where they lose it, but have it televised for the whole world to see/hear? i’m lucky my ‘moments’ haven’t been heard around the world.

    two, i can imagine how hard it must be for an actor to do intense scenes, so when someone keeps doing things to distract them, i can also imagine getting ticked. didn’t christian say this guy had done this to him before?

    the director should have immediately stepped in and shut this down. he should have taken chritian off somewhere and spoke to him about keeping his cool. he should have also talked to the DoP guy and told him to just stay put when a scene is filming (especially with christian right now).

    but especially, i think this thing should have stayed between them and on the set.

  81. Oh, and regarding the SGU 3-D thing… isn’t it pretty much impossible to have 3-D on TV at all?

  82. I must admit that I didn’t hear about Bale losing the plot. Four minute long rages are a tad OTT.

    I have just realised, through checking Google, that it happened around the same time that he was arrested for allegedly attacking his mother and sister.

    He seems like an angry chap – life’s too short !

  83. I’m sorry, but Bale’s tantrum was over the top and made him seem like he’s either a spoiled little jerk, or else he’s using something industrial that causes irrational rages at minor things. I don’t buy the “overly sensitive artist” excuse, when it’s just a case of extremely bad manners. About halfway through that stupid tirade, I would have said screw the job and clocked him.

  84. I saw that you read Paolo’s collection. I liked it quite a bit. He was on my list of under-appreciated authors back when you asked months ago. I had the opportunity to attend a reading of his last summer and enjoyed that as well. Have you ever gone to readings done by authors? it’s not their forte, necessarily, so some can be really good and sell a story and others? well. Sometimes, not so good. Paolo, he did okay.

    I need to read more. Time for some BoTM reading, methinks. Maybe it’ll help me to forget the snow and cold.

  85. Arctic Goddess – wanted to say that is very cool, what you are doing. I’m gonna email the article to my uncle, a life-long Marine, now retired and living in San Diego (which I think is one of the nicest places I’ve ever been)

    Also just wanted to say that I know several people who have worked as extras. A couple worked on Glory and they praised Morgan Freeman up and down. Class act all around they said, he greeted all the extras and even had lunch with them.

  86. Since I’m a burner and relate everything to my desert experience … sounds like Bale was badly dehydrated. Really, I’ve seen the nicest people have meltdowns in the desert and just turn into screeching banshees, mindless screaming machines. I’ve done it once myself, when the Mook was rummaging in my raw meat cooler for ice to put in her coffee. Or maybe he is simply a prick. Not that it matters, four minutes is excessive.

    Pick up the damn books? But, but … I’ve never stolen anything! I doubt shoplifting is a good way to acquire reading material!

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