Success! I was snowed in today and so, with no distractions (with the exception of the Denver Broncos’ glorious late season collapse that has set up an all-the-marbles showdown with the red-hot San Diego Chargers in San Diego next week), I was able to concentrate on my still-untitled short story today. I’ve been ping-ponging back and forth between positive and pleased to downtrodden and disappointed on this one and, happily, today is a good day. I’ve polished the first few scenes and made some headway, hitting the 13 page mark, although I seem to have hit a wall that has seen me agonizing over the same sentence for going on three hours now. It’s either underwritten or overwritten with no satisfactory middle-ground. Essentially, I’m trying to convey the sense of resentment my main character feels for having been made to return to an old neighborhood, shattering his perfectly preserved memories of the people and places he knew by exposing them to the ravages of time. Sort of like watching that Brady Bunch reunion movie. Well, I’ll be bringing what I’ve completed along with me to Montreal along with the outline for my Stargate: Universe script. Although the mid-season two-parter is a long way off, I’d like to get started as production deadlines have a way of sneaking up on you – especially when you have more than one project on deck (Atlantis movie, anyone?).

Oh, heard from Brad last night. He finished his Q&A. Whenever I get it, I’ll post it. Stay tuned.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday individual Sessy.


Jinx writes: “What’s with the Italians taste bud’s fondness for bitter? Ever sampled their version of Coca-Cola? Ew! Talk about a face maker!!”

Answer: If you’re referring to chinotto, it’s not so bad, certainly not as the aptly named Bitter. “Bile?”asked Paul when I told him about the singular beverage. “Do they also have bile?

Jenks writes: “ When you say ‘life force’, is that because you don’t wan to elaborate on the process too much, or because it really is supposed to be something supernatural?”

Answer: No, I wouldn’t call the process supernatural. There is a plausible physiological effect that allows the wraith to draw sustenance from a human, simultaneously degenerating their, but let’s just say that the specifics are beyond our understanding for now.

Steve writes: “Joe, can you tell us when we’ll hear something definitive about the third SG-1 movie?”

Answer: Well, it’s definitely in the works. Brad and Carl hammered out a story and Carl is presently writing the first draft. I also believe there has been some preliminary discussions with the actors.

Deni B. writes: “Ever had Guatemalan food? Some of it is to die for! You’re welcome to come over on the 24th!”

Answer: Would love to but I risk my mother’s wrath if I bow out of Christmas Eve dinner at the Mallozzi household.

Sandra writes: “Why wasn’t Neeva’s body in a coma the way Daniel’s and Vala’s were when they linked with Harrid and Sallis?”

Answer: Although similar in most respects, this was a different version of the device.

Rachel writes: “Joe, I’m not really sure you are supposed to leave the kids behind when you go away. What kind of parent are you?”

Answer: A very worried parent who will no doubt be calling Lawren a couple of times a day to check up on the pooches.

Sheryl writes: “So OK , what about the picture of Fondy, did she agree to let you put one up?”

Answer: She’s kind of particular about her photos. I’ll try to get her to approve some tomorrow.

Quacky writes: “It’s a simple fact that in spite of his proclaimed support for local and organic products, Belcham is sourcing a “product” that is produced in an industrial scale farm using methods that would not be allowed under BC’s organic standards.”

Answer: Like I said, the gang at Fuel strive to source ingredients from organic and ethical producers, sourcing from local suppliers like Polderside Farms or Sloping Hills whenever possible. They may not be 100% beyond reproach but, again, I have to ask “Who is?” Certainly not you who neatly side-stepped my question about how conscience a consumer you are when the issue isn’t foie gras. Do you strictly purchase organic and ethical produce at all times? Do you avoid wearing leather? Have you eschewed your automobile in favor the far more eco-friendly bicycle? Do you make it a point to carefully research any and all purchases to ensure they weren’t manufactured in a sweatshop or environment with similarly hazardous conditions? Or do you assume the high moral ground only insofar as it doesn’t inconvenience you personally? No, don’t bother answering. Again. I think I know.

Chelletoo writes: “With all your weird food purchases, have you ever tried the Miracle Fruit?”

Answer: I have.

74 thoughts on “December 21, 2008: Creatively Cruising, then Spinning My Wheels in Frustration

  1. I have to board two of my “children” at the vet this holiday. GeekBoy we’re taking with us, although dropping him off at his cousin’s house so they can kill zombies together for hours on end. Radar is getting more and more unsteady on the stairs, and we just weren’t comfortable leaving him home with only a daily check from the neighbors. He doesn’t mind the vet, because everyone pets him and he loves company, but Spock has flashbacks to his youth in the shelter, I think, and doesn’t really like it. Since Radar will be with him, we’re pretty sure he’ll know we’re coming back and not abandoning him. This is all my parents’ fault for having a life of their own. For 25 years we just showed up at their house, dogs and all, and stayed free whenever we wanted. Now they’ve moved off to their lakeside condo. How dare they??

  2. It’s not snowing here, but it’s so cold that urine on the ground freezes while you watch. TMI? Heh, heh, I love my job! Advice: don’t drink and drive, especially when it’s unbelievably cold. The officers will be dressed for it, and you won’t, and you shoulda made that restroom stop before you left…

  3. Huh.

    The situation you’ve described in your short story is precisely how I felt when I returned to China 8 years ago, back to the place I grew up. The walls were grimier and more dusty, the paint was peeling on the roof of a parking lot I used to play at when I was a child, the paved ground of the playground next to it was filled with cracks; and of course, my grandparents whom I was visiting was more frail than I was prepared to accept. I never wanted to go back, but was forced to, partly because of my parents, and partly because of myself, as otherwise I’d be an ungrateful grandchild. Still, seeing the images of old unfiltered by the instrinsic imperfections of human memory was a tough pill to swallow.

    And then there was my trip 2 and a half years ago, when everything was the other way around. China bloomed in prosperity, highrises extended across the sky, and the simplicity of life way back when was replaced by the hustle and bustle of Western culture. The quaint suburb I grew up in was replaced by a modern city that felt alien and intimidating. In many ways it was worse than age; people and objects age all the time, but when they are replaced, they are destroyed. I managed to return to my old home one time, and no more, because of long-lived rivalries between my grandparents and their old neighbors. Their new house had wooden floors, pure, smooth, white walls, and in many ways is superior to our old stone-floored, pitted-walls apartment, with the stairs leading up to it still covered in spots of blood that I dripped when a friend pulled a thorned-branch out of my hand when I had been grasping it tightly, not knowing what his actions would result. But my blood had stained it, it was my old home, and this new home had no business in my life.

    Did that help? Heh. It’s all true by the way; I didn’t just make it up.

    Can’t wait to read Brad’s Q&A; knowing how he carries himself in interviews, I think I can expect some pretty blunt answers. 😉

  4. Joe,

    Disaster befell the Rose household today. Our beautiful 1 1/2 year old Doberman was hit by a car and her right front leg was badly broken. We’ll find out tomorrow morning, after hearing from the doctors, whether her leg can be saved or not. I know people say that dogs are amazingly adaptive but it hurts to think of our active, graceful dog minus a leg. Please send good thoughts our way.

    Thanks much,


  5. Heya Joe,
    Wishing you and your family and also to the “JoeBlog Family,” the best over the holidays.
    Mele Kalikimaka
    Hauoli Makahiki Hou/Kung Hee Fat Choy
    Have a great time…and lots of good food to tease us with.
    I’m hungry already!

  6. You were just snowed in today? Why you lucky lucky duck you!

    I’ve been stuck at home since TUESDAY with no way out.

    We tried to leave yesterday and that just went *swimmingly* (read with intense sarcasm). I think that ended in someone hiking the 2 miles one way to the nearest gas station, though I’m not sure.

    Currently we are sitting back around the 2 foot mark(we hit a 2 and 1/2 foot high earlier this week) though it has resumed snowing here. *sighs*

    So when do you leave for Montreal?

  7. Wow – that’s really interesting about the miracle fruit – so glad you had an experience to share! I must try to find this somehow, just to try it out for myself!

    Joe – about the writing. I once asked writer/artist David Mack (Daredevil; Kabuki) how he approaches his writing, and he said that he first writes everything down – every thought and idea – just as it flows out of him. He doesn’t try to get it ‘right’, he just writes and then goes back, draft after draft, until he has the story the way he wants it, which is often much different than how it started out. This way he avoids slowing down his thought process by getting hung up on the details of just one part of the story. Is this how you approach your writing, or do you try to get it right the first time around?

    I love David’s artwork, and have this print (signed and framed) hanging over our bed:

    I also have this Mack print of Wolverine that I picked up this summer – just looking for the perfect place for it:

    Yeah, I like his work a lot – especially his use of color – and one of these days I hope I can either afford to buy an original painting, or have him do a commission for me. Until then, I’ll keep dreaming.


  8. @ Rose – Sending good vibes and thoughts your way. Don’t give up hope! Animals have an amazing ability to adapt, it’s just that sometimes the healing process is harder on us, than it is on them. Hang in there, we’ll be thinking about you.



  9. Rose, add my mental projections for doggie healing to the well wishes of the others here. Mr. M. Once you finish the short story, what is its fate? Is it going to be submitted somewhere for publication? Was it a solicited contribution for an anthology perhaps? I’m looking forward to seeing the final result in whichever venue it is made available. Safe travels for the holidays, to you and any and all others venturing away from home this week.

  10. I’m so sorry that that happened, Rose. Maybe the fact that she is young will help her heal faster?

    Anyway, many good thoughts to you.

  11. Joe Please delete that last comment I’m not awake yet and made a balls up. I’ll redo it right away.
    *curses lack of editorial control*


  12. @ Rose – Thinking of you and sending good thoughts and vibes for a positive outcome. We had a dobe when I was growing up and they are awesome dogs, very intelligent and fiercely loyal, whatever happens I know she’ll be just fine, its the humans that have the problems adapting (guess who watches too much Dog Whisperer)



  13. Would love to but I risk my mother’s wrath

    Your mother has a Wraith??

    Oh wait, it says ‘wrath’.. lol

    Hey Quacky, give it a rest. Are you not being environmentally ‘unkosher’ in order to use a computer to type out your hypocritical comments to Joe? Or is your computer made of recycled cardboard and runs on nothing but air? (Clean air of course)

    Didn’t think so.

  14. Bonjour Joseph!!!

    Vous allez bien? Moi oui super j’ai dormi comme un ange, même si cela a mis du temp car je m’inquiéter sur ma vie futur car j’arrive vers la transition, petite fille unique qui a la belle vie et fille adulte qui doit faire des concessions et qui
    doit eassayer de réussir sa vie ….je pense que le passage entre l’un et l’autre sera délicat …j’ai peur =(

    Rooh ils on de la chance ce qui laisse un commentaire en premier ils ont on droit un petit commentaire de votre part..snif moi je ne peut pas car il faudrais que je me réveille trés trés tôt le matin.

    Bon et bien encore un journée,stargate pour moi je me demande quel son les new aujourd’hui?

    Je vais voir. Bisou Bisou. Passer une bonne journée!

    Ps: Moi aussi je veux voire Fondy en photo =)

  15. Joe, thank you so much for the dedication, you brightened my day more than I can say *hugs*

  16. Hi Joe:

    Our weather in Alberta has been rather frosty. Did you know that -40 is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit? Yes, it’s that cold.

    By the way, what is the difference between:
    -cut to:
    -rush cut to:
    -smash cut:

    O.S vs. V.O

    thanks so much,

    Patricia (AG)

  17. @Rose – Our good thoughts are with you – hang tight!

    Joe, maybe next year, then? My son (a chef in the making unless he changes his mind again…) and I spent the better part of the day making the freakin’ tamales (“Mom, this is why your mother had maids and cooks!”). The kitchen was a complete disaster at the end of the day, but the things turned out delish. More cooking today! We’re going Guatemalan style all the way, with dinner late on the 24th and presents at midnight, and then I’ll get these gringos and Brits dancing one way or the other. Meanwhile, we lit the Hannukah bulbs (yes, no candles, we have dogs) amongst peals of laughter and decorated the Hannukah bush. My husband will be getting up on the roof to stomp around for Elway (go Broncos!), my epileptic Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer because the damn dog LOVES Santa Claus (ask him where Santa comes and he’ll look at the ceiling). Otherwise, we’re just hoping he has no seizures over the holidays.

    I’ve so enjoyed being a part of this craziness this year, and wish you and your family nothing but the best for the coming year. To everybody out there (Das, you crack me up), it’s been fun, see you after the holidays! Be safe, be happpy, be well. Peace! Deni

  18. Das wrote: “Although I love NZ rugby, and sometimes even find myself rooting for a team on that ‘big, damp, foggy island nor-nor’east of Ushant’, I have to admit to a super secret indulgence… “

    Firstly… Eeeek!!!

    Tis The Enemy.

    You’d have thought that over a millenia of blowing one another’s Navy from the waters of the English Channel might have allowed us to sort our differences, huh? Pfft.. It’s a Tudor thing. Everything south of Dover is considered enemy territory and therefore free for ravaging and pillaging by the barbaric tribes of Britannia. After severing our ties from the powerful claws of the Vatican, Henry VIII did what any Patriot of this tiny green isle would do.. He declared war on the Frenchies because he could. And possibly because we’d already become rather bored of beating the crap out of the Spanish. Anywhoo.. it stuck. And in one way or another, we’ve been at war with them ever since. Up until a few years ago, we had a 25 mile stretch of water to slow us down.. but not any more. Noo, thanks to the easy access of the Chunnel, barbs can now be exchanged on a far more intimate and frequent basis.

    Course, I do prefer the Rugger battlefield of Twickers.. Murryfield.. and Cardiff Millenium Stadium in which to settle scores. And there’s something so delightfully barbaric about watching two Nations ruck down to take out over a thousand years worth of misguided animosity on one another 😀


    Secondly.. We need to have a serious talk. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion you’re suffering from a poorly understood affliction known as SamsonandDelilahairy-itis: a degenerative condition that attacks the Victim’s ability to make rational choices when faced with images of overtly hairy male specimens. Symptoms often include an unfortunate need to salivate and drool over long manes of wild locks, often with the almost overwhelming need to run one’s fingers through them. The Victim may also be stricken by a paranoia that sees them equate excessive body hair with power and sexual prowess, typically if the given target of their affection carries a mane of white, unruly locks and looks to be at least three thousand years dead.

    The cure?

    A pair of scissors and one of these:


  19. @ Rose:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Doggy. I know things probably feel pretty bleak right about now, but it’s true.. Dogs do have a habit of bouncing back from alot of terrifying situations. Don’t fret 🙂

    I hope everything goes well and will keep fingers and toes crossed that your news is good over the next couple of days. Keep us up to date, huh?

  20. Thanks Joe! 🙂

    The thing I find the most curious yet about the Wraith feeding process, is that it affects the hair pigment as well. The extraction of electrolytes, chemicals, proteins, fluids – that I get. You’d think the Wraith would have no use for hair pigment, though – except for a red-haired queen here and there.

  21. Hey Rose!

    Dogs are amazingly adaptive. Did you see the video of the dog who learned to walk on his back 2 legs only after his front 2 were amputated?

  22. I don’t mind so much being snowed in, but I’m looking at day 3 tomorrow (1 a week so far) & winter has just begun. Blah. We may also be snowed in on Christmas Eve, which is sorts fun. The kids weren’t too excited when I mentioned re-enacting the “sprinkling the magic reindeer feed” picture from when they were little though.

    I hate leaving the furry kids when we travel, but I think I miss them more than they miss me.

    Rose: Good thoughts from my end of things too. Fingers crossed as well.

  23. Hi Joe,

    After reading the character info for SGU, I was thinking Chloe Charpenter could use a handbag pet. Maybe this could be an acting venture for Jelly or Lulu.

  24. Oh writer’s block. *shudders* I’ve been stuck on the same paragraph for about a year..I haven’t been trying too hard, but it’s getting annoying. I’ve resigned myself to writing nonsense stories until I can get out of my rut..Good luck! Hope the sentence doesn’t take you too long to master!

  25. Me revoila^^!!

    Je vient de comprendre certaine questions qui vous a été poser.

    Tout d’abord moi aussi je vous invite a passer le 24 chez moi lol, j’ai un plan pour votre mére, vous prennez l’avion pour Montréal vous enmnez votre mére et votre soeur (même toute les personnes que vous voulez) puis direction aéroport de bordeaux et puis super réveillon avec des frenchi hyper sympas (je ne sais pas pourquoi mais mon idée me parais beaucoup plus simple a dire qu’à faire o_O?)

    Et concernant si vous feriez un bon pére, je suis sur que oui. Mais grâçe à cette question et ma mére qui na pas césser de me crier dessu depuis quel est rentré du travail j’ai compris pourquoi vous n’avez jamais voulu d’enfant!!!
    Car enfaite un enfant c’est certe pleins de bonheurs mais surtout au moin 25 ans de stresse et une hausse de tension assuré!!! Vous aimez avoir une petite vie tranquille donc se changerai^^!! Pour ma part mes parent on fait le plus dure lol::

    Passer une bonne journée!!!! Bisou

  26. I had my first fine dining experience on Friday! While I can’t give details like you’re able to, I can say that it was quite enjoyable.

    What do you usually have to drink when you eat out?

  27. Merry Chrstmas Joe, can you provide some more information on how the SGA movie is progressing?

  28. Oh Rose, hugs for you and your pup.

    Catching up from a long and drunken Solstice weekend filled with friends new and old. I had my first couchsurfer and she was a lovely and interesting woman … new friend no doubt about it!

    Ramblings: Raisin bread grilled cheese is a favorite of mine from childhood. Mom always would make my sandwiches on raisin bread if I asked.

    Of course the desert gods will eat you if you stop unexpectedly. That’s why we always carry water, food and blankets plus entertainment in case of nuclear winter on the backroads.

    Applebee’s and Chili’s may be two different establishments, but both are equally vile and to be avoided at all costs. I’d eat Mickey-D’s dollar menu before … no. Wait. That’s not true. I’d starve.

    There is ugly wind-driven snow outside the window, I’m still cleaning up after the debauchery, and hubby is up in Boise delivering tons of Coors (why? Oh gods why does anyone drink that crap?); I’ve already had my presents. A lovely new stone to replace the old, sentimental CZ in my weird engagement ring, (18K and a big fake stone in a goofy cartoonish style) but after 20 years, it doesn’t look right. I love hubby, but I could strangle him for spending so much of what we do not have right now! And I didn’t get him a thing, because I took him seriously about no presents this year. Sigh, husbands you have to love them. It’s in the fine print.

  29. Christmas Eve dinner huh? Does that mean you are like the rest of us crazy “Canadian’s of European Decent” who have Christmas on Christmas Eve with a big dinner and presents then round it off with a crazy bout of midnight mass?
    That’s what I call hardcore…

    Ack, gotta go. Visiting my Dad for Christmas and he is scaring the crap out of my dog, Pavlova, with his bagpipes. There had to be a reason I moved out all those years ago.

  30. Joe writes []…sense of resentment my main character feels for having been made to return to an old neighborhood, shattering his perfectly preserved memories of the people and places he knew by exposing them to the ravages of time. []
    Not quite Brady Bunch redux horror but my brief exchange with Das did get me thinking and I looked up my childhood dad’s mom’s neighborhood in S Jersey via Google Earth. Sorry to see so many trees gone from what was a pretty dense forested area, dotted by small farms. I especially morn to see gone the absolutely enormous single perfect maple tree that I saw from my bedroom window at Nana’s; it was on the neighboring property. I will cherish forever the memories of helping that rich old man who adored me (but didn’t leave me any money) rake the leaves, then jump in the huge piles, then finally inter them in the burn pit for cremation. I even tried to tap the tree for the sap like I had seen in Vermont but I guess it wasn’t that type. Maybe the Lenapes or Quakers knew the trick since they both had been on that land 350+ yrs before me. I still have this fantasy of buying that old farmhouse which, according to records, has changed hands a dozen times since the man I knew died. Apparently his relatives couldn’t deal with it. At least the ghost knows me.

  31. I was snowed in too. Darn snow, puts a damper on my last minute Christmas shopping (yes, I am always last minute).

    Just remember when writing the Stargate Atlantis Movie that we are counting on you, but no pressure, lol.

    As for your short story, I am the one who’d people see if coming home again, but sometimes regret not having the guts to leave home to pursue bigger and better goals. So, if I imagine coming home to what I left behind, I would think that relationships with friends would be different less comfortable and more forced. Oh, well, just my two cents. Good luck!

  32. I’ve been snowed in all weekend as well. I took the free time to relax and catch up on sleep!

    Your short story sounds really interesting!

  33. And of course then there is something like “frack” – which is Creative Cussing – babum *g*

  34. Snow? Hmm, cold wet stuff. Right??


    I last saw some in 1980 – and no, I’m not kidding.

    It’s bloody hot this side of the world. I’ll trade you 10 degrees C of hot for 10 degrees C of cold anytime! (Celsius)

    And lastly, Rose, good thoughts go to you and your puppy.

  35. @ Perragrin – 😆

    Like I said – I know, I KNOW! But Sebastien Chabal…*sigh*…he’s like…he’s like the Wolverine of rugby! Well, Wolvie is a bit shorter, and not French…but they’re both hairy little scrappers, so it’s almost the same thing! ALMOST!

    Talking about animosity, did you watch the Bath v Sale match? Chabal was a delight to watch – he was really riled up that first half, too. Chabal and Harrison, pulling each other’s hair! 😆 (Personally, I think Harrison just wanted to run his fingers through those flowing locks…I know I want to! 😉 )

    I understand Chabal’s leaving Sale at the end of the season, and may be going to rugby league. Shame…he’s just the kind of guy who should be in a ruck, and not rolling the ball back like some namby pamby who’s afraid to fall on the ground and get stomped on.

    About the ‘3k-year old dead’ thing…funny you should say that. Over on the comic creators forum (where they all know about my Wraith and Prince Nuada thing – much to their dismay), I recently commented how cute James Franco was with his straight (long!) hair in Pineapple Express. One of the guys came back and said, ‘Glad to hear you say that. I was starting to think you only liked dead-looking guys.’ 😆

    The hair thing. God, you’ve got me pegged. 😛 I am a total sucker for long hair – I’ll stare at a dude with long locks the same way a dude stares at a chick with big boobies. Totally irresistible..and yes, I have been known to go up to a total stranger and tell him how beautiful his hair is. At least I can do that and not get slapped!

    And NO cure for me! 😡 Gimme a brush, instead! 😀 Todd, a Brush, and Me – locked in a room. I can just hear the poor fella now as he squirms under the boar bristle brush…”A quick death will be a welcome reprieve!”



  36. Hi Joe!

    When I return home, I feel dread and anticipation at seeing the ol’ hometown and family. When I see pristine hills turned into subdivisions, certain businesses or buildings gone, and my parents’ growing frailty, it’s pretty darn depressing. But then I see the new businesses, cleaned up buildings, and feel the warmth of home and Mom’s cooking, it perks me up a bit. 🙂 The interesting thing is how much new stuff I don’t notice or old stuff I notice again, as if it were new. Our memories aren’t as accurate as we think they are – your post earlier this week about people taking credit for others’ ideas proves that for sure!

    @ Rose: Best wishes and prayers for your dog and family!

    Take care all!


  37. Dear Joe,

    There are leaks in your studio and various departments, Vegas and Enemy at the Gates are on the internet and rumour has it they are indeed the real pre-air copies. Its a shame… to end the show like this… I wish you catch the bastards responsible for this.

    Keep me updated buddy

  38. When I saw the Ancient communication device working for a two-way body swap within the same galaxy in Identity, I just assumed its previous uses included a comatose sleeper because the device couldn’t correct both ways for relativistic effects on perception due to the movement of the planets in different galaxies relative to one another (although I have no idea at what speed that would be). We have definitely seen it working in a variety of ways (referencing Joe the Barber, wasn’t it a Goa’uld page turner at one point?). Daniel and Vala can always be said to be a special case because they used those bracelets first, anyway.

    Could the Ancient communication devices be used to save on CGI costs…I mean…cross the language barrier with those methane-breathing aliens?

  39. Have you seen that TV commercial for Pedi Paws Deluxe which grinds your dogs nails down?

    It looks really gentle. Don’t know anyone who has actually
    tried it yet. My friend ordered it so we’ll see.

    If it does what it says it looks like a great product. My dog
    groomer says she’s already had over 50 clients ask her about


  40. When will we know details of the Stargate Atlanis movie? Will all the regular cast be starring? When and where does filming start?

  41. I saw something yesterday at the grocery store and thought of you and you Wierd Food Purchase of the Day. Have you ever had wasabi roasted peanuts? They looked disgusting, but then again I hate wasabi or horseraddish in general.

    I’m not quite snowed in here in Bishop but we are facing our first white christmas in almost 20 years. It snowed about 2 inches last night and we’re supposed to be getting more today, Christmas Eve and Christmas, but knowing the weather of the Owens Valley, us locals know better than to follow the weather report as it can change whenever it feels like it. I’ll post a few pictures on my blog today (

    Have a great and safe trip to Montreal and have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  42. @sandra good – Mine are terrified of the thing, and it takes forever to do 5 dogs with it. Still, for dogs with black nails and those who are not total idiots about nail cutting, it’s much better because you won’t ever cut the quick.

    @Rose – Please let us know how your pup’s doing!

  43. I may have missed this, but are you writing a short story by request for an anthology or will you be trying to sell it. If you’ll be selling it, what markets are you looking at?

    I thought a while about not posting the rest of this, but then decided, eh, what the heck. I’m as likely to be dismissed as attacked. I remain fascinated by your response to the question about foie gras (said fascination possibly resulting from my inhalation of too many gas fumes while snowblowing). Your scathing tone makes me wonder if you’ve been harassed before about food choices or perhaps tortured by some well-meaning vegetarian and now harbor deep resentment. I infer from your response that you try to be as socially conscious as you can be about the foods you eat and the lifestyle you live? But like most of us, you make choices about where and when you incorporate those choices? I don’t think anyone can ask for more. Still, someone may feel quite strongly about a thing and speak out loudly about it, as seemed to be happening here. Do you believe that someone has to be 100% eco-friendly in order to ask a question about food choices or lifestyle choices as they relate to saving the environment or humane treatment of animals? If that were the case, we’d likely never make any progress to addressing our global environmental ills as no one would be on that moral high ground able to ask the questions.

  44. @ Das: “God, you’ve got me pegged 😀 “

    Hmm.. lemme think..

    5 WaystogetDasexcited:

    1. Talk about Todd.
    2. Mention Sleazy Eddie and hotpants in the same sentence.
    3. Mention Todd, Sleazy Eddie and ruck in the same sentence.
    4. Paint descriptive images of excessively hairy men grabbing each other’s flowing locks whilst wrestling over balls in the middle of a muddy field.
    5. Bind Shep up in leather and chains and present him to Todd with an apology for the last five years of Lantean interference within the Pegasus Galaxy.

    .. am I getting there? 😛

  45. Rose – my thoughts are with you. I hope your dog is going to be OK. I also hope the driver’s OK, as I would be inconsolable if I hit an animal driving.


  46. Dear Joe,

    I and Hélène wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year

    Have a nice trip to Montréal in La Belle Province with your family

  47. The wraith probably feed like spiders. Like the spider a wraith must feed using external digestion. This means that enzymes and other digestive juices are injected or spat into the preys body. The soft tissues are broken down by these juices and sucked up by the spider. Instead of breaking down soft tissue, the enzymes injected by the wraith break down life force so the wraith can feed. Yummy. Anyway, thats my 2 cents worth.

  48. I watched leaked episode 19 – just in time to do it still on my birthday! As a Sheppard fan whose *small* collection of cd’s involves *several* cd’s by marilyn manson and johnny cash, as well as a csi fan, I guess you can imagine my feelings. And the ending… wow!!! Loved Rodney in this one, too.
    10/10 !!!

  49. And I know it’s not very correct to download, but episode 19 was the best tantable birthday gift this year.

    Can’t wait until all five seasons come out in a box!

  50. @Rose: hope your puppy is okay!!! Our old lady beagle, Miss Bessie, fell out of her chair and was whimpering all day yesterday. Her old lady hips have just about had it… but she seems better today (the ibuprofin has kicked in). Here’s hoping your puppy is feeling better today as well!!!

    Today is my birthday. 🙂 I celebrated by watching Continuum with mi padre!!!

    So excited to hear Brad’s done with the lengthy Q&A. Can’t wait to read it!!!

    Everything I know about professional sports, I learned from reading this blog. I said something about the Bills (my dad’s favorite team) and the Jets today, and he looked at me like “She DOES follow my team” and I told him to blame you 😉

  51. Hey Joe,

    Remember all the positive things you’ve said about Dr. Who? Well series creator Russel T. Davies returns the favor. On learning that Robert Caryle had signed on to do Stargate: Universe –

    “Stargate, can you believe it?”Davies said. “That was a surprise. Has his agent watched it?”

  52. Vegas? Way Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Felt like I trippin’ on something, but so much love for this ep.
    Thank you.

  53. Damn – I just lost my post…

    Try again…

    @ Perragrin – Do ya have my social security number, too?! 😉

    You sure do know what gets me going, and you have a pretty good memory, too. I had almost forgotten about the hotpants! 😆

    And I am about ready for someone to bring Sheppard bound and gagged before Todd. I hate to tell you, but I am right back to where I started where Shep is concerned. With Joe’s recent comments, I see that Sheppard is incapable of change and growth and forgiveness. I also have a really sicky feeling that if Todd survives this season, he will be the big bad in the movie since they have no one else, and since the growing friction between him and Sheppard seems to indicate this. If he is the ‘guest star’ that is going to have a significant role, then I can only see that to mean that he’ll be the villain, unless, of course they invent a new threat for the movie and Todd is just along for the ride to help the Lanteans out. But with Michael gone, what ‘Wraith threat’ is left except Todd? Unless Joe can convince me otherwise, I really don’t think the writers can see any good in the Wraith at all – they will always be irredeemable in their eyes – even Todd. I can’t help but feel they are setting him up for a big take down in the movie…which will totally suck, and piss a hellava lot of people off in the process. I just have this feeling that Todd will be the leader of the Wraith threat alluded to in Inquisition, and that will just serve to prove that Sheppard was right all along. Of course, he isn’t, because I will never see the Wraith as ‘wrong’, but just fighting for their own survival.

    Okay – I’m gonna shut up now because I’m just making myself mad again… 😛


  54. I wonder if the Wraith feeding process is less a “lifeforce” and more a process that draws energy that is required to keep the human body moving. It’s sort of like picking that one atom that is the keystone of keeping an object cohesive and degrading it. Everything else sort of falls a part mimicking age deterioration.

    So I suppose you could call it a “lifeforce” but really it’s a particular energy that comes from the specific building blocks of human cells and DNA. So the Wraith have some sort of energy enzymes that directly convert energy into something they can feed from and get nutrition from…sort of.

    I wonder if that’s even in the ballpark…I never much preferred baseball anyway.

    You know what’s a fun place? Trader Joe’s. You should come to Trader Joe’s…Joe. It’s fun. Groceries are fun.


    oh, PS:
    In the Atlantis movie is there a possibility (even though I know the effects bit is not your area) that the Wraith’s (if there will be any) eyes can be CGI? I know I said I much preferred puppetry over CG, but I’ve always had this huge desire to see a Wraith’s pupils contract with light or expand in darkness. I think that’d be so neat.


    Okay, that’s all.

  55. Hey Joe; I’ve decided to do some house-cleaning of Stargate Universe info and wanted to know somethings; if you don’t mind…

    1. Who is writing episode 6?
    2. Who is writing episode 7?
    3. Who is writing episode 8?
    4. Who is writing episode 9?
    5. Has the director schedule for Universe been lined-up yet?


  56. Well I survived the christmas food shop, going late is definitely better because there are no kids to have to be wary of when elbowing people out of the way for a kilo of sprouts or cornering sharply into the booze aisle, its every man/woman/transgendered person for themselves!

    Right, I’m ready so bring it on!

    oh yeah
    Merry Christmas

  57. Everyone,

    I can’t thank you enough for all the good wishes. It must have helped because the surgeon is postponing the decision another day and is cautiously optimistic that our Doby’s leg can be saved. We’ll know for certain tomorrow.

    I am overwhelmed by your kindness and not a little teary-eyed. I know that your positive energy has made a difference today. Thank you.



  58. They may not be 100% beyond reproach but, again, I have to ask “Who is?”

    You certainly raise a good point here, but I have to respectually semi-disagree. People have to eat, after all, but the difference between fois gras and something else is that nobody really needs to eat fois gras. It’s the Hummer of foods because nobody needs a Hummer, either, unless they’re working in a war zone. And, unless you’re literally starving and there’s nothing else around to eat, fois gras is a luxurious extra. I think most of us do the best we know how when it comes to responsible consumption most of the time.

    That said, hey, do what you want. If the guys at Fuel are trying to go local, then good for them. I hope to eat there one day.

  59. Hey Joe,

    What kind of budget will the SGA movie have? Have the actors been approached yet? Will it air on SCI FI first, or be released on DVD first?

    Happy Holidays to you and your family! Hope you have a great time!!



    P.S. SCI FI released the numbers for SGA’s season to date, 1.53 HH with over 2 Million viewers! Yet the show is ending. What is wrong with this picture? Get MGM and SCI FI on the phone, lol.

  60. Joe,

    Will Peter DeLuise be directing any episodes for Stargate Universe? I ask this because his commentaries for the episodes of SG-1 and Atlantis with Gary Jones were so funny. I can’t be the only fan to miss his commentaries in the later seasons of Atlantis.

    Something you might want to try sometime is a Vegan pizza (all the vegetables and no cheese). Without the cheese to calm the taste of the vegetables down, the flavors of the peppers, onions, and garlic explode in your mouth.


  61. I don’t think my other comment went through, but essentially, I really liked Enemy at the Gate!
    Thanks for a wonderful 5 years!

  62. To answer your question about what kind of consumer I am: I am vegan, and I try to buy organically as much as possible.

    But, asking that question is a neat way on your part of sidestepping the issue of foie gras. Why don’t you really speak to the issue of the cruelty inherent in foie gras production?

    One does not need to be an angel in order to be concerned about certain issues. Eating meat does not excuse someone from the ethical implications of force-feeding ducks for gastronomical pleasure. I wonder why you would think that it does?

    Does harming animals to eat them mean that we can do anything we want to all other animals? Just because someone eats meat, then they are fine eating a live cooked fish or monkey brains? Does this extend to the abuse of animals in other situations? If I eat meat, then does that mean it’s ok for me to beat cats or wear fur? I don’t get the logic there.

    1. My point is that foie gras production is no more cruel than the production of chicken or beef found in most supermarkets and that while I may avoid supermarket chicken and beef for that very reason, I certainly wouldn’t be obnoxious enough to reprimand people for NOT following my lead. Hmmm. It’s interesting you have nothing to say about that but, of course, your type wouldn’t dare actually risk offending the general meat-eating populace. My point is that, if you look hard enough, you can fault anyone for not leading a perfect, socially-conscious existence. Do you drive a car? Is polluting the environment more acceptable than eating foie gras? In your opinion, it probably is. In my opinion, it isn’t.

  63. But willingly indulging in something that causes pain and suffering is undoubtedly wrong, especially when it is something that is so easily avoided.

    And yes – I was part of a campaign against KFC and have often been out showing footage from factory farms and distributing vegan outreach leaflets… All directed at the “general meat-eating populace.”

    Demanding that animals be treating with respect and concern may be obnoxious. That’s only because everyone seems to be caught up in their own selfishness. “I can do whatever I want. No one should say anything about it because it’s my choice.”

    As long as someone has to suffer for that choice, be it foie gras or eggs from caged hens, then someone should be speaking up about it. It’s sad that someone who loves his dogs wouldn’t have any concern for other animals.

    And actually, the UN came out with a report stating that animal agriculture is far worse for the environment than all of the world’s transportation combined. If you are really concerned with the environment, and not just paying lip-service to environmentalism, you should consider giving up all meat and dairy. Intensive farming operations are worse for the environment than driving a car.

    For instance, Aux Champs d’Elise gets their ducklings shipped to them from a hatchery in France, then raises the ducks in intensive conditions (48,000 ducks are on that farm at any time) then ships the meat all across the country. The meat of course has to be refrigerated during the whole time. The corn alone that the ducks are fed during the force-feeding process could feed several people. It also has to be grown and shipped from somewhere else. That little piece of foie gras certainly has a serious environmental impact. Some meats are worse, some not as bad. Polderside gets their ducklings from France, but then raises and slaughters locally.

    My point is that making up excuses based on environmentalism does not speak to the cruelty inherent in foie gras production. I think that there must be a lot of truth to the cruelty, and you must see it, if you try so hard to sidestep the issue so much by putting up smokescreens about me, other meat, and the environment.

  64. And my point is that an unfortunate byproduct of our contemporary society is that most any choice made be it the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the supplies we use, or our chosen mode of transportation, we are directly or indirectly causing hardship for others. Ultimately, you have one of two choices: either give it all up and go live in a cave, or “pick your spots” and take a personal stand on certain issues. I, for instance, try to support the organic, free-range farms that ensure the health and well-being of their animals prior to slaughter. It’s a more expensive choice and, as such, one many may not be able to make – but one I can and will make myself if it helps support these local producers. While I commend your vegan ethics, I draw the line at giving up meat.

  65. If you “try to support the organic, free-range farms that ensure the health and well-being of their animals prior to slaughter” then avoiding foie-gras should be a no-brainer. Not organic, not local, and they certainly do not ensure the health and well-being of the animals prior to slaughter. No need to give up meat, just stand by your professed “choice.”

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