Well, after much hemming, some heeing, and a touch of hawing, I am finally Tokyo-bound. Today, I booked my flight and hotel for my 11-day culinary adventure in the Far East. Actually, not as far east as I remember it. The direct flight from Vancouver will take a little under ten hours. For some reason, I remember it being longer. Of course, going on past experience, while the lengthy flight is nothing compared to the unbearable 90 minute drive from Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo. Fortunately, the accommodations look very promising. I’ll be staying at the brand new Peninsula Hotel in Chiyoda-ku, within walking distance of the Imperial Palace, Hibiya Park, and, more importantly, the Ginza district with its eclectic shopping, high-end restaurants, and department store basements filled with every dessert imaginable (Chestnut cream pastries never seem to go out of style in Japan. And I, for one, am grateful.). Now, it’s just a matter of hitting my Michelin guide, doing my homework, and narrowing the selection of restaurants choices down to 40ish (lunches and dinners). Oh, and I suppose I should also be considering some non-culinary activities like visiting the Harujuku district, going on a few tours, and, of course, getting lost in unknown neighborhood. I have a feeling this trip will be incredibly exciting. Or very, very sad. Well, only time will tell – and you’ll all be the first to read about it because I’ve made sure my room has wireless internet access.

As part of the prep for the upcoming trip, I’ve switched gears in my language training, shelving the Mandarin and dusting off the Japanese: Watashi no ringo wa sabishii desu = My apple is sadL *, Ano hito ga no kami o wasuremashita = That guy forgot his hair, Takusan sukotchi of nomimashita = I drank a lot of scotch. And so on. I picked up some travel guides that will hopefully direct me to some of the can’t-miss-sights Tokyo has to offer like (choosing at random from the handy guide sitting beside my laptop): the Japanese Sword Museum, the Sumo Museum, the Meguro Parasitological Museum. And HMV. In addition, I padded my already robust reading pile with three titles from the horror section – Sarah Langan’s The Keeper, Justin Evans’ A Good and Happy Child, and Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts – in the event I can find the time during the twenty-three hours of travel time there and back.

Oh, today I also picked up my new traveling cologne. Given that scent is one of the most powerful memory triggers, I always make it a point to associate a particular scent with a particular trip or facet of my life. The smell of Tuscany will always remind me of my home life, Terre d’Hermes will take me back to Hong Kong, while Burberry will make me queasy with recollections of my post-snake soup malaise suffered in Shinjuku. For the upcoming solo journey, it’ll be John Varvatos’ Vintage. Mmmm. Tokyorific!

Carl put out a preliminary beat sheet for the next SG-1 movie and will, no doubt, be expecting notes in the coming days. I, meanwhile, have completed yet another pass on the preliminary beat sheet for the SGA movie that I’ll be sending Paul’s way on Monday. Hell, I may as well hand-deliver it as it looks like we’ll be heading in anyway to check out some visual effects, watch a mix, and pick up my birthday presents.

Well, I’m off to head downstairs and continue watching season 1 of The Tudors. I honestly didn’t expect to like it, but I do. Fondy, meanwhile, hasn’t been this invested in a show since Six Feet Under. Other than that, we’ve whittled our appointment television to a mere handful of series: Boston Legal, House, 30 Rock, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Grey’s Anatomy for her, and The Office for me. Also, watched the first two episodes of Life on Mars and while Fondy has abandoned ship, I’m still on board and enjoying the fish out of water developments.

78 thoughts on “October 18, 2008: Me and Tokyo – It’s A Date!

  1. Keep us informed of your culinary adventures Mr. M. Can’t wait to read them!

    Hyper-space related questions for the next mailbag:

    1. How come we’ve never seen an F-302 jump into hyperspace? It seemed like the hyperdrive on the previous version of the F-302 was great.

    2. How come the Daedalus has never exited from hyperspace closer to Atlantis, say right above it in the atmosphere?

    3. Finally, how come ships can’t exit hyperspace within Atlantis’ shield?

  2. “Carl put out a preliminary beat sheet for the next SG-1 movie and will, no doubt, be expecting notes in the coming days.”

    yay!!! 😀

  3. Friday’s episode of Atlantis felt like classic Stargate to me. Team gets stuck offworld and has to find a way out. And since I like classic Stargate, there’s no complaints from me.

    I thought the twist of having the counselor trick Jervis (??) was interesting. I felt bad for the poor counselor, which was a different feeling because I usually don’t care about the guest characters that are only in for one episode.

    Anyway, nice episode!

  4. I’m excited for your up-and-coming Tokyo trip!!! Sounds like it’s gonna be ohsomuch fun!!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the SG-1 and SGA movies (hint, hint…) 😉

    I find your list of TV shows interesting… House and Amazing Race are two of my absolute favorites… but I’m more with Fondy on the Grey’s Anatomy/The Office divide. Can I assume since you’re a fan of The Office that you know where Scranton is located? I’m originally from a town very close to Scranton and that’s how I explain to the Ohionians where I’m from 🙂

  5. Looking forward to your reports during your journey, though I find it difficult to believe you’ll manage to find the time to post them, with so many choices in activities. Your language/translation stories along look to be singularly entertaining. And as much fun as a daily account would be, I’d rather you extract the most pleasure out of your trip, even at your readers’ expense. And the heck with the Sumo museum. How about attending a Sumo match? Though I suppose the chances of one of the big tournments going on during your visit are not that high…
    Before you leave, will you be posting the reading selections for January? Given your schedule, and the time of year, I don’t expect we will get to do a December BotM review. At least by picking up the books before Christmas I can do my share to boost the economy for the holidays. That, and my to-read pile is starting to shrink. The reading will also provide some distraction for those of us who will be stuck in our side of the International Date line while you are off forgetting about your wireless access as you try to sneak in one or three extra meals. We’ll enjoy reading about your trip, though hopefully not as much as you’ll enjoy the excursion.
    One SGA related comment. Some people seem rather upset by Sheppard’s coldness in blowing up humans in taking out the Wraith. I don’t see why they should be. Sure, he helped set up the trap to draw off the Wraith from the Stargate, using those humans. But those are also the same people who had been willing to sacrifice other humans to save their own necks, blindly hoping the Wraith would honor any bargain. the sacrifice of those few, saved both the native villagers and the “outsiders”. We don’t see Sheppard’s dark streak often, but we have seen it often enough to know it’s there. I found that plot twist to stengthen the whole episode, rather than distracting from its quality. Alan McCullough gave us another top-notch episode for the season with this one.

  6. Hey Joe,

    was curious what you use for language learning – books or software?

    TV – House is a favorite here as well. Trying to get into Amazing Race since I found out an old friend does the music for that show. I haven’t historically been much on the reality tv stuff.

  7. Wouldn’t Narita have a bullet train to Tokyo?

    Whatever, seeing as you plan on taking the Tokyo Tastebud Tour, you should probably make room in your luggage for the souvenir chopsticks collection that you will no doubt acquire – what better way than this to remember each place you visit?

    But don’t forget to pack the big bottle of Pepto, just in case!Oh, and maybe bring some SGA goodies along with you too. Never know when you’ll run into a “fan” with connections.

    BTW, been watching LIFE ON MARS too. Takes me back… I keep hoping to see Jason playing some biker or bouncer in the background!

  8. I too am liking “Life on Mars” so far, although a lot of people seem to prefer the British original. (I’ve yet to see so I can’t comment) It’s quirky and cute, not necessarily a classic but very watchable.

    Remember to take lots of pics of your culinary conquests in Tokyo. Tanoshinde! (Have fun, I think)

  9. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. Have tons of fun, visit lots of stuff, and eat lots of wierd food.

    Besides SGA my TV watching is Bones, Supernatural, and sometimes Ghost Hunters.

    I hope the upcoming SGA movie plan is for lots and lots of TEAM goodness And Rodney being WITH the Team!!!! Please? And no more romantic stuff with Keller.

    Outsiders wasn’t bad. Sad to say I was happy Keller was off this episode. And you know, I did like her last season. I was a little disappointed in how little time Rodney spent with the rest of this team, but running around the hive ship was interesting.

    One thing that really bothered me – Why was Rodney Off World WITHOUT a Tac-vest or P90?????!!?? That did not make any sense! Just a handgun against wraith? Teyla has a tac-vest and P90. So, why wasn’t Rodney? How did Sheppard let him off world without protection? why would Rodney want to be without protection?

  10. Hi, Joe. First time commenter, though I’ve been reading for a while.

    I was inordinately pleased with Life on Mars. The BBC version was incredible, and I was extremely wary, if not downright negative about the US remake. I’m still not completely sold on it, but I’m curious and it has potential. I’m working on not actively comparing to the BBC version (which you have seen, I’m guessing?), and it’s getting easier, which is a good sign, in my opinion.

    I, um, saw the original pilot (set in LA), and it was a souless remake. The reimaged version and the change of setting seem to have done a world of good for it. They seem to have done a decent job of not attempting to shoehorn a very British show into [insert US city here], actually working to ground it in the US. *shrugs* I’ll keep tuning in for a while at least!

  11. About Life on Mars… the UK version was so great that I just can’t bring myself to watch the new one. I sometimes wonder if I should give it a try. Maybe I’ll get the DVD. By the way, I really enjoy your blog, it’s my first post but I keep reading what you have to say everyday, your blog is right up there in my internet “to do” list, right after checking in on my emails and facebook page 😉 And have a nice trip!

  12. Hey Joe

    Give my thanks to Alan when you’re next in the officer. ‘Outsiders’ was brilliant. I love the Rodney/Beckett scenes, especially where Beckett gets to save Rodney. Action Paul! Plus ‘Outsiders’ gives the Keller haters one less chance to whine, although I suspect someone will find a way to complain about her two brief mentions.

    Sounds like Tokyo will be fun. Enjoy yourself!


  13. Ah, we’ve come full circle now, haven’t we? With Narelle‘s most excellent blog entry/memory jogger fresh in my mind, it seems only yesterday that you were trying to figure out how to post pictures of your previous Asia trip on Blogger, or changing fonts on a daily basis for each entry. Every post filled with strange foods that I couldn’t (and still can’t) even pronounce.

    Interesting note about the smells. For me, it’s the music. Whenever I hear Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman”, I think of our family trip to Banff; specifically, cresting a hill on the crowsnest highway in the family Ford Taurus as a sudden reveal of morning rays of sunlight striking the bare rocky mountains in the far distance…uh…revealed itself.

    Thanks for the updates on the movies! It’s much appreciated!

  14. Hi Joe,

    Cool. Beat sheets everywhere! This bodes well, methinks.

    I was curious…any idea when Mr. Goldsmith and Mr. Wright might be stopping by with their guest blogs? I’d like to mark my calendar. 🙂

    Also…just wondering if the stuffed penguins in Carl’s office left their little footprints all over the beat sheet…?!?


  15. My younger sister is listening to the audiobook of The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks. She sent me an audio clip of Mr. Twelve Hawks’ short introduction to the novel. (The voice sounded as if it was on a phone and altered.)

    My copy — thanks again, skgraff! — doesn’t include an author’s intro or note which made me I think others reading the book might like to see what Mr. Twelve Hawks had to say about it and maybe those who are still unsure whether to read this particular Club selection might find it useful in their decision-making. Thus, I’ve transcribed it below.

    This is John Twelve Hawks. I wrote The Traveler in an attempt to understand our contemporary world.

    Each day when you go to work, you are monitored by dozens, if not hundreds, of surveillance cameras that can identify you and track your movements. Your phone calls and email messages are routinely scanned. Modern technology gives almost anyone the ability to know your medical history , the names of your friends, the titles of the books you read. I’m not describing the future or some Hollywood fantasy. This. Is. Our. Life., right now.

    Writing this novel, I’ve tried to reveal a larger truth, using the power of fiction.

    In The Traveler, a small group of people risk everything for knowledge and freedom; they believe in the power of the individual and the light which is in all of us.

    I wrote The Traveler because I still believe in honor, and bravery, and love.

    I live off the Grid . Who I am and what I’ve done are not important.

    This is John Twelve Hawks. The Traveler speaks for me.

    I tried to capture his emphasis without interpreting too much.

    Anne Teldy

  16. Hi Joe~~
    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Wow, sounds like you’re gonna be busy in Tokyo…just catching up on reading your blog….loved the “…this is your bloglife”…she summed up it up so eloquently for some of the newbies to your blog….
    Very happy with the last episode….
    btw..Life on Mars is pretty good…different; I think he’s in a coma though……
    Have you checked out Fringe? Pretty good show… it reminds me of the X-Files ( loved that show)…
    Too bad; every time that I really get into a show **It gets cancelled..Journeyman, Moonlight, you guys…..:-(
    If Monk Or Psych goes…..I’m DONE..


  17. Might I also recommend picking up the boxsets for Dexter… You have to love a show about a serial killer with a heart of gold! =)

    I myself just got into it and I have to say I don’t know why it took me this long to watch it. You won’t be disappointed.


  18. Yay to the trip being booked! Still a shame Fondy can’t make it. Is she also still working in the diamond trade?

    I’m another one that has a scent for a trip. But I always buy it duty free on the way out. It’s also a great way of getting your mindset back to your holiday when you are back in the hustle and bustle of work life.

    Boston Legal is always great food for thought. It’s content seems to come up in conversation when the family gets together.

    I saw one of those “Text CHEAT, to find out if your love is cheating on you” ads last night, but this time it was “Text PAST, to find out what you were in a past life”. And some of the examples they gave out for what you may have been in a past life were Elvis, King Kong or Bruce Lee.

    Hmmmm, King Kong? Anyone else see a problem with having been King Kong in a past life?

  19. Hey Joe!

    Congratulations on setting up your itinerary! Sounds like you’re going to have lots of fun, and with all food you’re going to eat, a very delicious trip at that. 🙂

    Oh, and that HMV trip, definitely gotta make that a stop indeed. 😉

    Thanks as always, and I’m glad to hear that the next SG-1 and SGA movie are coming along!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  20. Not sure if I have the right guy. Writer of Stargate Atlantis? Maybe I do, Maybe I don’t. My curiosity is still peaked. Who came up with the name Larrin and how? If you know and don’t mind sharing it would be interesting to know. I have had the name my whole life and rarely hear of it anywhere let alone it becoming a name used in pop culture. If I have the right man. Drop me a line … watching this character is surreal.


  21. Happy belated birthday, fellow Libra!

    Okay, I reread part of your diary of an episode that references the script breakdown:

    Anyway, my question. I’m still not exactly sure what a “beat sheet” is. Is it just hitting the plot points within the acts? Watching the tones you want to keep funny/drama/mystery flow? Something else?

    (BTW, are you ever going to finish that last installment of the production diary?) 😉

    Safe travels to Japan!

  22. Call me a sluggard, I just don’t care about food that much. Of course I’ll sit down to a nicely prepared meal, but I find it so utterly uninteresting, all the dishes and thats and this’s. And it’s not that I haven’t had my share of restaurant hopping. When I had my first job out of university, and was still living at home, my boyfriend and I spent tons and tons of time going to every restaurant in Toronto: Three Small Rooms, Rhodes, Winstons, the plates were on average $250.00 a pop, but that was fun, was fun…was. I suppose I’m just not a foodie. I will say that I do hate junk food, can’t stand candy (my husband bought me a bag of whoopers–malt chocolate balls, it sat on the shelf for four years. Last week I threw it out). I guess I’m saying I can’t relate, and I guess I don’t really have to.

    And, cologne? I cannot relate to this either. I never wear anything perfumey, nothing. I don’t like perfumed soap, or shampoo, or obviously perfume. I was in an elevator a few months back, and a rather good looking guy got in. He started to chat me up, but I could barely stand next to him he had so much cologne on. I felt like I was gasping for oxygen when I got out of the elevator. When I left the building I took the stairs.

    I do find pretension irritating, the trappings of the nouveau riche. I suppose you dislike certain dispositions in others that you also see in yourself.

    Lastly, why sad? The only thing that would make a trip to an exotic place sad, is that you would have to go it alone. No one to really share a particular moment with. For me, travelling is just as much about the places as the people I go with.


  23. Now about the wraith…there was some sort of pod cast a few days back asking about whether fans still saw the wraith as frightening, well they certainly wouldn’t after The Outsiders. Keystone Cops is more like it: Brendan Penny, who plays the wraith in the mine (he looks an awful lot like BP), picks up an explosive that says “EXPLOSIVE” and “C4” written clearly on it, then has the stupidity to ask “what it is?”…duh!


    And telepathy…isn’t the whole point of telepathy suppose to be “mind conversations” not whispers in the ear: “mumble, mumble, mumble…going down to the pub after this culling…mumble, mumble”


    I’m sorry, but how can I not point that out?


  24. Happy belated birthday, Joe. I hope the presents are worth the trip to the office.

    I understand about Season 1 of The Tudors. I was ashamed of myself, since it is so historically inaccurate. But once I accepted it as Whitehall 90210 starring King Brad and Brittany Boleyn I wallowed in the trashiness.

    Have you and Fondy tried Eli Stone? It’s my favorite non-Stargate show on right now. Lovely sense of whimsy.

  25. I didn’t take you to be a Survivor kinda man…but don’t worry, I won’t make fun of you…I love Survivor…and have actually been meaning to send in a tape for years now, just never got around to actually doing it. Great season so far…these people are annoying me already, and that’s always a good sign.

  26. I’m also kinda surprised that the list doesn’t include Heroes…you seem like someone who would be a Heroes guy. Best sci fi show not on cable, and I’m just a huge fan of Zachary Quinto. No one can be a villain like him, except for this season, I guess.

  27. Looks like a promising trip, Joe! One of my friends visited Japan this summer, and I think he had a great time. Of course, I have no idea what he actually did, but he seemed really happy when he got back! Must be the food. Well I do hope you have fun!
    -Is the Amazing race the same as the American one? The team I was rooting for got eliminated in the last episode.

  28. What do you think of Life on Mars? I saw the pilot episode, and though that the plot was not very coherent, I’ve seen more solid pilot episodes. I do like the main character though, but I think that Harvey Keitel outshines him. Do you think I should try and watch the 2nd episode of just leave it?

  29. ¡ noʎ ɹoɟ pǝʇıɔxǝ os ɯ,ı

    It’s about time this blog returned to the Orient. I pray you have a safe trip and wonderful experiences to share.
    Shouldn’t you buy a fragrance in Japan ?

    Happy Birthday & congrats for some wonderful episodes.


  30. After reading this blog for a while now I have only one question for Mr. Mallozzi. Why don’t you weigh 400 pounds and why hasn’t your stomach exploded?

    All I know is that if I ate a nine course birthday dinner the fat would instantly migrate to the already wobbly bits on my body and I would wake up the next morning and find I’d gained five kilos. And that’s *after* doing my one hour of fast walking every day (and on the weekends I hike up the side of a really steep hill).

    Curse you and your freakishly good-at-fat-burning genes.

    I think your ability to remain slim in the face of all that food warrants a blog entry. (Unless it’s something to do with the Wraith being real, and then… maybe not.)

    And on the favorite TV show note…

    Breaking Bad. Largely unnoticed (until Bryan Cranston won an Emmy), this show is amazing. Although not for the squeamish.

    Entourage. Jeremy Piven. And Rex Lee. ‘Nough said.

    Generation Kill. (Seven part HBO series.) This has finished but it’s definitely worth getting on DVD.

    Dr Who.

    I’m also watching True Blood but I’m still undecided.

  31. Ah… The Tudors. The BBC’s wonderful portrayal of our over-dressed, over-sexed and over-bearing Monarchy.

    Yes, I have to admit that I enjoyed watching that too when it first hit our screens, although coming hot on the tail of HBO’s ‘Rome’, it did seem to lack a little in the blood-thirsty action and depravation of Ceasar and his minions. Still, the first season got a full viewing on my tv set and it was a breath of fresh air between Jeremy Clarkson’s cynical ramblings on ‘Top Gear’ and the predictable gags of ‘Have I Got News For You.’

    The costumes were a delight to see and the settings almost typically english enough to make me homesick. Historically, it was about as accurate as Mel Brooks’ ‘Men In Tights’, but with the promise of seeing Ann Boleyn carrying that dainty head of hers around under her armpit.. I don’t think too many of us minded the occasional slip of artistic licence.

    Unfortunately, I have to admit that I haven’t yet watched season 2. SkyOne seems to have snaggled up my viewing time and being the cynical anti-royalist toad that I am, I prefer to lose my own head within the realms of scifi and such. It is nice however, to see a return of the period costume drama to our screens and kudos to the BBC for innovatively combining history with soft porn in an attempt to up their viewing quota.

  32. Finally got to see “The Outsiders,” it was nice to see the team together again with the bonus of Carson. Good solid episode that I enjoyed.

    Glad to hear you booked your trip. However, if you think 10 hours from Vancouver is bad, you should try the 15 hours (plus a layover) from Philadelphia (2 hours to Chicago, then 13 to Narita). Of course, we get the shorter flights to Europe. I did the Philly to Tokyo trip twice, the second time went on another 4 1/2 hours to Hong Kong. The return was even longer, considering we came home with a 9 1/2 month old baby who woke up everytime a meal came. Somehow, as hard as it was, she made it well worth the trip.

    I don’t watch much TV, however, I did like the premiere of “Life on Mars” and have Thursday night’s on DVR. Hope to catch up with it tonight. I never heard of “The Tudors.” Assume it’s a period set.

    Oh, a belated “Happy Birthday.”

  33. Hope you have fun in Tokyo. Wish I was going with you well not really. I would probably starve in TOkyo unless there was a McDonalds near by or something I recongize.

    Looking forward to the SG1 movie. If Carl Binder is writting the movie I know it will be good. Just please no VALA, Ancients, or Replicators. The only way there would be good Ancient story is if an ancient wanted to defect and become human, b ecause they can’t stand seeing innocent humans dying and not being able to do anything to help. So they go to Daniel for help so that he can talk them into letting her become human. But that story would only work if SG1 was still around and its not so now Ancients in the movie please.

    @elf-ears: You said that you watch Ghost Hunters, so do I. Did you know that Amanda Tapping is going to help the team hunt ghost on the Live version of GH Halloween Night. I can’t wait. Should be interesting.

    @Wraithcake – I totally agree with you about the Explosion. I thought it was strange he didn’t realize what it was right away either. Also I would think he should have realiized that something was up when no one was in there the minute they walked in. Also what about Teyla’s DNA wouldn’t the Wraith have picked that up. Overall it was an excellent episode. And it was good to see the Team back and Beckett.

  34. Hi Joe,

    Love the team in the Outsiders. And how I miss Rodney and Carson together. Thank you for that.

    Question: Why didn’t Teyla sense the Wraith when they first walked into the village?

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday.


  35. Finally. We now know the truth behind all those secret Wraith communications…


    As far as the rest of the stuff from yesterday – we will all just have to agree to disagree. Friday’s episode (among others) showed the humans up for what they really are, and only served to reinforce my feelings about the Wraith. It just made me love them more (even if they are a bit naive at times – why they keep believing humans is beyond my comprehension. Poor things…they’re so trusting, just like little children).

    On a side note, I am loving Sanctuary very much because it’s everything SGA is not when it comes to dealing with those who are different. Of course, since it seems I’m in the minority when it comes to trying to find non-lethal solutions for problems, I doubt the show will last a season. But, for now, I find it quite refreshing, despite the darkness of the episodes. It just strikes a nice balance between that darkness, and hope…and for that I will keep watching as long as it’s on.

    Joe – Glad you trip plans are coming together – you should have a wonderful time! If I flew, I would go to Japan in a heartbeat (well, after Scotland and New Zealand). But, alas, I gave up my wings back in 1980…blame it on a shaky return trip from France. But at least I got to France (and Italy and Switzerland), and Jamaica, and Hawaii. So, I’m good. I just can’t stand being locked up with strangers in a long metal tube, thousands of miles in the air, without the ability to tell the driver to pull over, and LEMME THE HELL OUT!!!

    I’m not good on buses, either. 😛


  36. Coucou Joseph!!! Sa va ?
    Me revoila=)
    J’ai passer une semaine magnifique^^!!
    Vous avez trop de chance d’aller au Japon^^!
    moi pour l’instant mon grand rêve serais d’aller a Vancouver, voir les studio, visiter cette superbe ville et surtout vous rencontrez=)

    Ofaite vous ne m’avez pas répondu? Vous avez reçu ma carte? Sa vous à fait plaisir?

    Passer une trés bonne journée♥ Bisou!! je vous adore!

  37. Ok, I can only see the need for the last Japanese phrase about the scotch and if that is the case, your posts ought to be interesting.

    The Tudors, huh. My daughter loves that show, she has weekly Tudor viewings at her friend’s house that bought all the seasons DVDs.

    Oh and the cologne, that is just too funny. You really take your trips to the next level.

  38. Interesting selection of shows. I don’t watch any of those.

    My fave show is, of course, Atlantis. I also make a point to watch CALIFORNICATION, BONES, NCIS, SANCTUARY & FRINGE (the only new show this season I like). I have given up on Heroes.

    So are you travelling alone?

    I have flown alone alot but I always want to meet up with someone at my destination. I find that not having someone to share the adventure with to be depressing.

    As for the C4 in Outsiders, Why do you assume the Wraith know what that is? Just because there has been contact between the Wraith and Atlantis doesn’t mean they know every explosive device the humans have. For all they knew it was just a little box with a blinky light. ; )

  39. It was nice to see the team together, no matter how briefly, at the beginning of Outsiders. I soon lost interest with the endless dialogue among the villagers and then the seemingly endless Rodney/Carson segment on the hive ship.

    The “previously on” clips made me nostalgic for the days when the Wraith were a credible threat to Atlantis and they didn’t look like a bunch of goons in plastic masks. When not every show was shot in the dark. The team worked together and the characters were interesting.

    Lately everything seems simplified, plodding, and the plots feel slapped together. There’s way too much emphasis on Rodney and Daniel, Rodney and Carson, Rodney and Keller….. I’m watching for the other characters, for the team.
    I’m starting to think it’s a good thing Atlantis is ending. That’s depressing, because I used to really love these characters — not they’re barely there.

  40. So, there will be a photo blog when you get back from Japan, right?

    My travel fragrance for Japan is Shiseido “Relaxing”. However, it only got me as far as EPCOT!

  41. Hey Joe,

    I’m so excited for you and your trip. I hope you have the time of your life. The different scents is a good idea I’ve never thought about purposely changing perfumes but I can relate to scents triggering memories. When I was in Junior High I was addicted to the perfume Sun Flowers and now every time I smell it I always smile because I remember how young and naive I was then 🙂

    I like your list of shows. I use to watch the Tudors but canceled Showtime so will have to catch up with the DVDs.
    Other shows I was/still am hooked on…
    HBO’s Deadwood (I couldn’t miss an epi..ever!)
    HBO’s Rome (I truly wish I was related Cesar!)

    24 – Watching the 1st season I thought I was going to have a panic attack but kept on going back for more.

    Prison Break – Have you seen Wentworth Miller? *nuff said*

    The Closer – I enjoy the stories.
    Cold Case – This show made me cry every time so I kinda stop watching it.
    The 4400 – I still can’t believe its canceled!

    I use to watch all 3 Law & Orders and CSI but about 3 years ago I got sick of watching shows like this. I spent years watching the same people and after all those years felt no connection to them. I understand the show isn’t about that so I didn’t complain I just went elsewhere. I’m now in Love with..of course SGA is at the top of the list…

    Eli Stone

    Other than that I don’t really watch anything else.

    Maybe I’m just stuck on Ronon cause I only seem to have questions about him 🙂

    Question for mailbag.
    I’ve noticed Ronon doesn’t carry a sword around anymore (I know Broken Ties) but this season he just seems to go off world with just his gun. I miss the sword carrying, knife hiding, gun(s) blasting Ronon! What happened? Was this a creative decision to have him with just his gun? If so, please undo it and bring back fully armed Ronon. Thank you 🙂

  42. Joe,

    Did my first comment come through? I got a duplicate comment error but I thought I only hit the submit button once 🙂

  43. Have you seen the original Life on Mars? It’s an amazing series. I’ve avoided the U.S. version because I am so fond of the British version and I can’t imagine a re-imagining that could be any better. You’ve probably already been told that by others, I ‘m sure. There aren’t any current SF shows that you like?

    How goes the super secret project? Why is it so super secret?

  44. Have you ever taken a solo vacation before?
    Did you enjoy it?
    Shows I watch:
    must see SGA!,Supernatural,NCIS, Psych then, if I get a chance, Chuck, Reaper, Bones, The Closer.
    I used to watch CSI but when they started pairing Grissom up with that gal I was out of there. Ruined the whole show.
    Also thought Heroes started off OK, but the characters never got together to form a group; since I like character interaction I just stopped watching. Lost interest in Lost after a season or so, I hoped it would be a kind of Redemption of the lost souls, and very supernatural, so to speak, but it went in a direction I didn’t like.
    Hate reality TV with a passion and want to start downloading Dexter from the net if I get a chance.

  45. Tokyo’s official now, great!
    and it’s gonna be all exciting, no chance for any sadness when there’s such a lot to eat and see ^^ *looking-forward-to-your-Tokyo-blog-entries*
    perhaps you’ll even find situations in which you can use those Japanese phrases 😉

    yesterday’s pics from Fuel looked very, very tasty but nine courses are a lot, wow

    I’ve just had the time to watch Outsiders. It had some very, very great Carson moments and I liked the Wraith commander (the one in the village).
    Still, the fact that they (team and villagers) sacrificed that one villager along with the Wraith was hard to swallow for me. Okay, he wasn’t the nicest guy around and wouldn’t have hesitated to sacrifice those Hoffan-drug-people but the whole thing was about not sacrificing anyone, wasn’t it? In the beginning, the villagers didn’t want to sacrifice a few people for the well-being of the rest but that’s exactly what they did at the end…
    I’d definitely have preferred it if they had found another way out of the situation without sacrificing anyone (it would have been a different situation if he volunteered to the “mission” but he didn’t and surely wouldn’t have if someone asked him).

  46. Ahhhhh….Outsiders…….Now that’s what I call a good classic stargate ep….We need more of these kinds of eps….So good to see the whole team together again, It’s been few and far between this season…That’s what stargate used to be all about..The team…Alan has never let me down with his eps yet….Long may it continue 😀

    It’s also good to see Carson back, Whispers really didn’t do him any justice but our old Carson was back to his best in outsiders 😀

    Just one little thing that I was curious about though..Why didn’t Teyla sense the Wraith before they showed up at the village? Has she lost her Wraithsensing abilities, no one seemed to notice she didn’t sense them!

  47. Don’t forget the Miyazaki/Ghibli museum!! I hear it’s brilliant!

    Shows I’m watching:
    The Sarah Conner Chronicles
    One Tree Hill
    My Own Worst Enemy (which despite the bad reviews, I quite enjoyed — I’d forgotten how much I love Slater. Gleaming the Cube, anyone? 🙂 …)
    Bones (I do wish Hart Hanson would bring David Hewlett in as Grant Jansky for an ep, since Hanson produced Traders as well …)
    Pushing Daisies
    Smallville (only for Oliver Queen)
    ER (although I’m considering ditching that one)
    And, of course SGA
    (and reruns of Queer as Folk, which I’m seeing for the first time, on Logo — gotta love Hal Sparks …)

    I like John Rhys-Meyers, so I will have to rent The Tudors at some point …. ‘Course, I have a tonne of stuff on my “need to see one of these days” list. XD

    @wraithcake: I do find the telepathy thing puzzling myself, but as for the C-4/Explosive thing, can Wraith read Roman letters? Would they have any idea what C-4 is, to be able recognise it on sight even if they can’t read “C-4” or “Explosive”?

  48. We’re having this debate on groups I’m on too, about the Outsiders episode. And after reading all the debates on yesterday’s blog here I too have to disagree with Das. Sorry, Das.

    I don’t see it as “everyone was using each other as pawns” but I do see that Sheppard and Elson were strapped with a a very difficult decision.. both tactically and morally. I also do not see Sheppard as having shown no remorse. His expression is steeled so hard in order to try to show no doubts in that decision. The pause he took even before telling Elson he did good said a lot that he was saying that to simply try to lessen Elson’s feelings of guilt but as we saw that didn’t work. Incredible performances by everyone involved.

    Sheppard Team had tried to get the villagers to stick together and offered to protect ALL of them. That one villager Jervis, chose to save himself and against the
    decision of the village leader turned in the Balarans. Once that happened, Sheppard and Elson had little choice if they were going to try to save the innocent from this betrayer and the enemy.

    Now the two I point fingers at for all of the confusion and the inevitable ending is Jervis and that Balaran guy who was so willing to allow all his own people to be taken in order to save himself from the Wraith, which also didn’t work and he was killed anyway. Great.

    But because of him Carson and McKay had been taken by the Wraith. And the Balaran’s hand would never have been forced in the first place if Jervis and his men hadn’t turned them in to begin with.

    In the end, to save the Balarans – the innocents in all of this mayhem – Elson and Sheppard chose to use the betrayers to lure the enemy into the mine. Neither looked pleased about doing it but there is an old saying which holds true in any survival situation – “the good of the many outweighs the good of the few”. It’s reality. And one of the things I’ve found intriguing throughout this series is
    the moral dilemmas that arise and make our favorite characters have to make hard decisions.

    Would you have chosen differently? Perhaps. And how do you think it would’ve turned out? Who knows? Making hard,
    life saving decisions on the spur of the moment in a dynamic situation that is changing faster than you can keep up with… that’s a difficult spot to be in.

    I enjoy these types of episodes because they aren’t clear cut and easy. They aren’t reset and all the universe sings our praises.
    They’re all human and they each reacted as a human being would… some selflessly and some selfishly. Even the best of us don’t really know what they would do in a similar situation unless and until put in the same situation.

    Were all the choices correct? Were they well thought out? Not necessarily. .. but they were human decisions and they chose as human beings, not as analytical robots.

    I enjoyed it the second time much better than the first viewing. And we got to see a bit more of Sheppard’s
    darker no-nonsense side. A side we’ll never see fully… too bad really, in my opinion. But that’s my take on that episode.

    Would Col. Sumner have chosen a more merciful tactic in the end? I doubt it. And if he had done the same and Sheppard had argued the morality of it everyone would’ve said that John “needed to grow up” or needed to get with the military program. Well he’s done that.

    Even Caldwell himself stated to Weir in Critical Mass, “We don’t have time to debate morality. Unfortunately sometimes you have to do unpleasant things to save lives.”

    So many military commanders see it the same way as Sheppard obviously did. Perhaps we should put all of our military commanders on trial. You can’t point fingers at Sheppard and forget Sumner’s entire mentality. You can’t point fingers at Sheppard and forget Caldwell’s comment to Weir.

    Even in a para-military organization such as Emergency Services, we face many decisions especially in a mass casualty situation where you are required to do triage in an explosive and dynamic and dangerous situation. “Playing god” and having to decide who can or should be saved is part of these difficult decisions and the decision has to be made according to how to save the most people as possible. That’s just the way it is. And I loved the reality of that situation in this episode. And anyone who thinks that simply because he hid his personal feelings in the course of doing his professional job means it didn’t have an affect on him… knowing Sheppard from past years I’d have to say you’re wrong.

    But this is what makes this type of episode so great. Human beings pointing out the morality or lack of… and having never been in such a situation to have to decide for so many who depend on your choices to keep them alive.

  49. A Happy Belated Birthday to you Joe! The food at Fuel looks absolutely delicious. I hope to one day travel cross country to visit Vancouver.
    I’m sorry that Fondy won’t be able to go with you to Tokyo but I can completely understand why she is not able to. I have worked in retail for the past 20 years and all vacations are prohibited for the months of November and December unless there are special circumstances. This is the time of year when the average daily sales are at least doubled. At least you don’t have to worry about your kids while you are away. I am looking forward to read about your trip.

  50. @ Mondschaf – If it makes you feel any better, they didn’t sacrifice just one villager, but about half a dozen. It didn’t set well with me, either.

    What I saw in this episode was the logical need for the Wraith to keep their food supply untainted (much like we kill chickens with bird flu, cows with mad cow, or sheep with foot and mouth disease). NOT saying that it isn’t a terrible concept, but – if you look at it from the Wraith standpoint (and compare it to how we manage our own food supplies), it is logical and necessary (for them), and not something done out of malicious intent, or because they are ‘evil’.

    On the other hand, I saw humans willing to sacrifice other humans to save their necks; none were exempt – the rogue villagers wanted to sacrifice their guests to protect their village, and the other villagers, along with the Lanteans, did sacrifice the rogue villagers to save themselves. It was a very disturbing episode about man turning on man (when, perhaps, there were alternatives), while – as terrifying as it is – all the Wraith were trying to do was feed themselves.

    Like I’ve said before – you know what to expect with the Wraith, it’s the humans you can’t turn your back on for a single second.


  51. Having made the Narita to Tokyo run after 10-hrs in the air, I know what you mean…it was unbelievable that such a short distance to travel took soooo loooong. And I was at the end of a very long travel day…and a touch cranky. But I was headed for Diego Garcia the next morning, so yet another long day in the back of a cargo hauler with “Sum of All Fears” for company. Tells you how long ago the trip actually was that I took!

    I’m tentively enjoying Life on Mars. Just worried that they’ve used up all the good gags about the 70’s (please, did we really look like that!) way to early in the series. But Jason O’Mara and Michael Impreoli (sp) make it well worth following for awhile (and I believe he’s in a coma…heard a ventilator last week). House is always worth a good hour of entertainment…I’ve known a few docs like him in my career (not absolutely sure they were pill poppers, but I had my suspicions). But good diagnosticians are hard to come by in the real world.

    Enjoyed Friday evening’s episode. Always like team episodes where everyone gets involved. Also quite enjoying Sanctuary. Have you seen it as yet?

  52. Nice hotel and posh website, with no less than 5 places to eat – and a complete ‘wellness’ center.
    I think you’re going enjoy the relaxation.

    Long flights are so intensely boring, I get very fidgety after 5 hrs and never seem to be able to sleep on planes.
    Heck I’m grumbling at flying London to New York just to get a guitar signed.

    Well, whatever comes of this new ‘Verse’ series, I think with the outstanding work you’ve done this last year you deserve a good break.


  53. Ah, Tokyo! What, no day trips to Nikko or Kamakura? The Pension Turtle in Nikko is wonderfully old and funky. I’m fascinated with history and culture, so getting off the beaten path in Kamakura was always more interesting to me than places like Shinjuku or Shibuya. And I have a soft spot in my head … uh, heart, for Chinatown Yokohama.

    Ganymede wrote: Wouldn’t Narita have a bullet train to Tokyo?

    Uh, that would be no. Bullet trains are high speed for longer distances, intermediate stops are rare. Think a plane on rails. Or mag-lev strips. There are regular and express trains into Tokyo from Narita, but navigating them with luggage is a nightmare. A taxi service is expensive, but generally the most comfortable. We used the Navy bus provided by the base most of the trips we took. However, it was 80-ish miles from Yokosuka, south of Yokohama, where I was stationed. That took four hours on a good day; I laugh at the “two hour” estimates. Tokyo is considerably closer, under 40 miles, but given the traffic, it easily takes 90 minutes. One doesn’t measure a trip by miles or kilometers in Japan, one uses time taken to travel.

    Apparently, when we go to Malaga this winter, it will take 17 hours to fly to Spain via Paris. Yikes.

  54. @das

    I wouldn’t say the Wraith are squeaky clean as far as evil intent goes. When they wipe out entire villages or civilizations (like Sateda) simply because the humans are fighting back and resisting being culled – that is not just managing your food supply, that’s cruelly and intentionally stomping on humans when they’re already down, to teach them a lesson. And what about the whole concept of Runners, which has nothing to do with their food supply – how is hunting someone for sport not evil? (granted humans do it too, but not to sentient beings.) Plus, although Todd seems to have some sort of honor code, not all the Wraith do – as demonstrated in Sateda when they wiped out the entire village after the villagers turned Ronon over to them, contrary to what they had promised. So I would argue that you don’t always know what to expect with the Wraith – they are just as capable of treachery as humans are. At the very least, the Wraith are like any other race (including humans) – there are good ones and bad ones, and you just can’t generalize.


  55. Hello, after reading your blog for a long time I’ve finally plucked up courage to post a comment. First of all, thanks for all the entertaining insights into your life, reading your blog never fails to brighten my day. Second, I’d love to offer a tidbit of advice for your trip to Tokyo. I’ve recently returned to the UK after living in Japan for over six years. It’s been wonderful seeing all my friends and family again but I miss Japanese food so much! I swear my tastebuds will never forgive me and if they could, would stage a coup d’etat with their main mission being to march my body right back on a plane to Japan. It sounds like you’ve got a lot of exciting dining ahead of you. One of my favourite parts of the Japanese dining experience (apart from the never being exactly sure what extra things might turn up in your noodles, my favourite being bee larvae!) were Japanese sweets. Not only are they often the most exquisitely beautiful nature-inspired creations, often reflecting the season, but they make wonderful (and easy to pack) souvenirs. The fact that they are made out of sweet bean paste is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially those used to enamel-dissolving western-style candies since childhood. But after seeing your weird food tasting videos I’m sure that won’t be a problem. I could recommend wonderful food from Japan for hours but half the fun is in discovering things for yourself. Enjoy yourself in Japan, remember to say ‘itadakimasu” before you start eating and I look forward to reading all about your travels. Thank you

  56. A little under 10 hours? Egads! I would die. My 8 1/2 hour flight to London was horrible enough (plus the 2 hour flight before it). Good luck in being seated next to a nice, non chatty person (or chatty if you prefer).

    I think I’m about as excited for your trip as you are! Tokyo is a place I’d love to visit. Though, unlike you, I don’t think I would eat anything the whole time I was there. Not so big on Japanese fare. But it’ll be great to read about what you find to eat.

    And I have to say, what a shame you associate Burberry with an unfortunate food situation. I’m a big fan of that cologne. I like how you purposely select scents to go with memories. That’s very unique!

    I hope you’ll be taking lots of scenic as well as food pictures. How fun!

  57. @ ltcoljsheppard – Hey, disagree away. I have issues with how humans treat each other in real life, and on this show, and I know my feelings are more sensitive than most. To make this short and sweet, the bottom line for me is that it’s all about hypocrisy. Don’t condemn the Wraith for doing what they must do just in order to live, while you’re doing the same, without conscience …not just to the Wraith, but even to your own kind, and not only for survival, but because you can, and you want to.

    Let’s look at this another way. There was no outrage over Teyla abusing her power in The Queen to kill Wraith – Wraith who may never have presented a threat, and who may have been brought into Todd’s alliance, which was considering an alternative way of feeding. This wasn’t self-defense, it was wanton slaughter. If that had been Wraith killing humans like that, folks would be screaming about how ruthless and evil they were. But since it was human killing Wraith, it was okay…it was even cool.

    So, if you’re going to condemn the Wraith for killing because they have to, then humans should be equally condemned for killing because they WANT to. Teyla was killing those Wraith out of hate, not hunger, and not in self-defense.

    Likewise, Sheppard sacrificed those villiagers because he could kill a handful of Wraith, and get rid of an annoying problem at the same time – he basically played judge, jury and executioner (again). He made a decision based on his concept of morality, and imposed that morality on an entire village (I’m suspect that, eventually, some will regret selling their souls so easily to him). I think I will start calling him ‘Janeway’. This was even beyond his actions in Miller’s Crossing, where he merely presented the facts, and Wallace then willingly acted upon that information. Wallace made an informed decision, but these villagers were not given that luxury. They were used as pawns, condemned to death because Sheppard decided that they were expendable, that their lives were less valuable than the hoffan-infected villagers.

    So, if Sheppard can determine that some humans are worthy of death, while others are worthy of life, then don’t whine that the Wraith – who aren’t even ‘human’ – feed on humans in order to live. It’s as easy as that.

    If the team’s actions over the past 5 years are justified in some way next week, if all are given a pat on the back for a job well-done, then I have no hope for the remainder of this show, and certainly none at all for the movie. I’m so done with ‘death as a solution for everything’ and godlike heroes, determining the future for all based on their concept of morality. If the writers so easily kill off human characters without moral considerations, surely the Wraith are doomed, even though they have clearly established that Wraith kill out of a need, and not out of evil intent. Of course, they can change that now – they can take away their need to feed and THEN they can be turned into evil killing machines, hellbent on destroying humans because they can, and not simply because they need to.

    At this point, I hope they succeed, I’m just starting to hate the human race (in the PG) that much. I used to love Carson – he was bright and refreshing – but his character is so much darker now I can harldy stomach him. I used to overlook Sheppard’s actions (because he was so darn cute), but now I’m seeing him as a very nasty man who thinks killing is the solution for everything (god forbid he ever has a road rage moment – he’d probably shoot up a minivan full of soccer moms and 10-yr olds 🙄 ).

    I’ve had my issues with Ronon, but I understood his motivations – until now. He, like Teyla, still hold onto their old prejudices, despite seeing that some Wraith can be different, and despite learning more about this species who was once just an enigma to them. They haven’t even tried to understand the Wraith, their narrow-mindedness reminding me of 19th century big game hunters, out to kill every lion in Africa because it’s great sport, without giving consideration to what it means for both the species, and the continent (or galaxy, in this case).

    As for the rest, Rodney had no qualms about a total Wraith annihilation with a flick of a switch, and I’m still not sure about Keller and Woolsey…but I’m sure they will eventually fall in line with the rest.

    Even the Lanteans whole ‘we are only doing this for us, not for you’ attitude toward Todd bugs the hell out of me, and I wouldn’t fault Todd for turning on them because of it. Surely he can see by now how self-serving the humans are. At least he is willing to acknowledge that some things are of benefit to Wraith and human alike, whereas the humans only see what is benefit to them, while still seeing the Wraith as totally expendable if they ever get the chance, ally or not.

    This cold-blooded attitude, this refusal to understand another species, this willingness to just kill your own kind because you disagree with their ideology…it is all making the Atlantis team a very ugly group of individuals to me. At one time I wanted redemption for the Wraith – but no more. They are what they are – a race who feed in order to live – and they have no need to justify or explain themselves.

    But the Lanteans are nothing more than a group of self-righteous, self-justifying backstabbers…and the fact that they are viewed as the heroes really scares the shit out of me. In my eyes, it is they who now need redemption – it is they who have to prove that they CAN – for once – do the right thing.

    And no worries, Joe – this is not a ‘meltdown’ post. It is an honest statement of how I am feeling right now about the characters in this show. I’m sticking it out at this point only for Todd, and god forbid you screw with him, because right now he’s the only ray of hope in SGA – he’s the only positive force in a show that is growing darker and uglier by the minute.


    (Did I say I was going to make this ‘short and sweet’…? 😆 )

  58. Wow Das,
    If that was short and sweet, I’d hate to see long and sour!
    You are very passionate though, and although I don’t think I agree with you at all, I like reading your posts.

  59. @wolfenm & tamijb Hey thanks for responding to me!

    Up to this point, all wraith that the show has shown us, know how to read the language of the Lantians. Joe even mentioned here that once anyone goes through the Stargate all language becomes understandable.
    It just seemed a bit of wraith buffoonery. Nonetheless, I agree with you, it didn’t hamper the enjoyability of the episode. It was nice to see Carson and of course see Carson and Rodney bickering in a comical fashion.

    For Joe:

    I know this idea has been discussed to death, however I did want to put together what makes sense to me regarding wraith cloning. This is a little long winded, but I think you may find it interesting.

    Since the queens are incapable of reproducing like insects, if the show follows a reasonable scientific explanation, the wraith would have a mammal like reproductive system. One of the basic theories that divides large mammals from smaller mammals and insects is called the r/K theory. And remember a scientific theory is not a theory in the way we understand it in common usage. A scientific theory is the technical term for “the only possible explanation that fits with all the available facts.” This is a brief quotation from Wikipedia:

    r theory: In unstable or unpredictable environments r-selection predominates, as the ability to reproduce quickly is crucial, and there is little advantage in adaptations that permit successful competition with other organisms, because the environment is likely to change again. Traits that are thought to be characteristic of r-selection include: high fecundity, small body size, early maturity onset, short generation time, and the ability to disperse offspring widely. Organisms with r-selected traits range from bacteria and diatoms, through insects and weeds, to various semelparous cephalopods and [small] mammals, especially small rodents.

    Where as the K theory goes like this:In stable or predictable environments K-selection predominates, as the ability to compete successfully for limited resources is crucial, and populations of K-selected organisms typically are very constant and close to the maximum that the environment can bear. Traits that are thought to be characteristic of K-selection include: large body size, long life expectancy, and the production of fewer offspring that require extensive parental care until they mature. Organisms whose life history is subject to K-selection are often referred to as K-strategists or K-selected. Organisms with K-selected traits include large organisms such as elephants, humans and whales….

    Wraith were obviously the dominant group in the Pegasus Galaxy, further lending to the idea that they would belong to the K theory of evolution.

    Observably, the wraith fall into the “K” category theory. Todd confirmed this when he said the queens can only produce a handful of warriors at most–meaning, like a human woman, we can only physically carry about a hand full of babies in the womb at a time, and/or produce that number of eggs.

    I suspect what happens is that wraith worship the iratus bug because of the traits that it gives them and therefore adapt an “insecty” like culture. However, in terms of their ability to reproduce, it probably is not that different from a human female. I doubt the queens have children and rear them….[aside: right now I’m listening to AC DC as I’m writing this, and they have this hidden joke tract called “Dirty Deeds ‘done with sheep'”. It’s hysterical] There are probably wraith females that do not have the same standing as a queen. I would bet, if the show follows good science in this regard, that wraith females give birth to faced and warrior wraith alike. The rank of the wraith are probably determined at puberty when the physical difference is clear. They are groomed according to the rank they will have later in life.

    With the cloning facility and the ZPMs, the queens were able to take their eggs and make numerous warrior wraith based on one cell from a warrior wraith.

    You probably know this from grade nine science, but every cell in the body has the exact coded material of every other cell in the body, except reproductive cells–gametes only contain fifty percent DNA. So, all that is needed to create a clone is an ovum, with a removed nucleus, then replace the nucleus of the ovum with the nucleus of say a blood cell, or a skin cell. The result is a clone, of the entire being owning the blood or skin cell. The queen cannot have sex, or any other female creating a clone cannot have sex to reproduce in this way simply because it requires genetic tinkering.

    The fact that the ova were not placed back into the queen for her to lay “eggs” later speaks once again to the likely mammalian reproductive system–since insects lay eggs “fertilized”. In SOW, all that was required of the queen was for her to sit on her throne, and for her eggs to be extracted from her body (Ewwwaaaa! Manga tentacle rape!!). These ova, were “processed” then for the purposes of mass cloning, put into pods. It wouldn’t make any sense for the eggs to gestate as regular babies in the womb, the whole point was to produce large quantities, in a short period of time.

    The queen probably has a harem of female wraith she “has relations with” and does not engage in sexual relations with the males. I can’t see the queens having children, breast-feeding them and raising them, or even getting it on with other male wraith. (Think of that truly ugly commander in The Queen *shiver*) She probably has sexual rights over mating couples, and all off-spring are her property and part of the society of her hive.

    Now what could have happened at some point was a disease that killed many female wraith, so the only possible way for wraith to reproduce is through cloning. That would mean that they never have sex. This would be an interesting story line, and could possibly be what Mallozzi is going with.


    This is what I posted at the WDC. My uncle is a professor of entomology at U.P.E.I. He specializes in parasitology–Professor Rick Cawthorn. He’s also answering some questions for the peeps at the WDC regarding the development of insect hives and society.

  60. @dasNdanger as you know I completely agree, accept of course the wraith are another “race” not species…. 😉


  61. Good luck with the preparations for the Tokyo trip! I’d give you the names of a couple of my favorite places, but I think your meal budget is probably greater than mine (I love the roto sushi/noodle places, found a great Irish pub, and for truly out of this world sushi, sushi from the tokyo fish market – fresh off the boat).

  62. Das said: So, if you’re going to condemn the Wraith for killing because they have to, then humans should be equally condemned for killing because they WANT to.

    They are. It’s called jail. Unless you’re saying that humans should be condemned for killing something that’s trying to kill them. In a court of law it’s called self defence.

    Wraith kill sentient beings and it’s a social norm within Wraith society within the confines of the story. Humans kill sentient beings, and in except in times of war, within stable societies its socially unacceptable deviant behaviour and there’s consequences within real life.

    If a human being is in their normal frame of mind hearing someone plead for their life is more than likely going to invoke compassion and empathy, and it’s partly these innate traits which is why so many of us can live grouped together in such large numbers in relative harmony. What makes the Wraith such an effective bogey man for TV is that someone pleads for their life and they laugh in derision before killing them anyway. They haven’t just been shown killing people for food, they kill people and enjoy the suffering beforehand. They represent the very worst that people can be, the psychopath that just keeps coming at you, bundled up in makeup and wigs.

    I’m not saying that human beings can’t be capable of some truly horrific actions, but I think you’re selling people short in lieu of romanticizing a fictional creature that’s based around murdering people for fright value on tv.

    If you’re watching the show with the POV of the Wraith you probably will get annoyed when the victim fights back, but SGA is the story of us plucky humans – we came, we got eaten, we fought back. We may be flawed but at the end of the day we’re really not that bad overall.

  63. @ The Peoplemobile – The Wraith do what is natural in their society, and just like a cat delights in playing with its prey before the kill, the Wraith do the same…it’s not like they claim to be merciful. In fact, as a predatory species, such mercy would be counterproductive. They don’t cringe at the sound of a human crying for mercy, no more than humans cringe at the sound of their food animals crying out in fear just before the slaughter. (The sentient argument doesn’t apply here, because in this case it has more to do with the feeling of pain and helplessness, something humans feel under the hands of Wraith, and something animals feel under the butcher knife of man.)

    The Wraith – shaped by their biology and culture – do not claim to be anything other than what they are.

    Yes, the Wraith kill, but the human characters in this story act as if they are horrible things because of it, while they themselves kill (human and Wraith) all the time. The Lanteans now have Wraith stunners, why not use them to subdue humans who get a bit unruly? Why must everyone – Wraith or human – be subdued with a bullet? It’s not about plucky humans anyone, it’s about invaders hellbent on doing things their way, while condemning others for doing the exact same things.

    To put it in the words of Eddie Vedder – “If you hate something, don’t you do it too.” The Lanteans – without remorse – do the same things they condemn the Wraith for doing. That is what I am having a problem with – the double-standard. If they hate the killing of humans so much, then they shouldn’t be doing it themselves. If they hate their enemy taking lives in a preemptive move (subduing advanced cultures), then don’t take unprovoked, preemptive action against your enemy. Either acknowledge that you have as much blood on your hands as your enemy – that you are just as cruel and merciless and deceitful as your enemy – or stop complaining. If you’re not going to practice what you preach, then stop pointing the finger at the other guy and saying he’s wrong, when you’re doing the exact same thing.

    For me, that’s what it boils down to…if you hate something, don’t you do it too, a lesson the Lanteans have yet to learn.

    das (I consider this dead horse buried…I promise.)

  64. Coucou Joseph! Sa va?

    Je sais, je suis matinal aujourd’hui, mais mon bus n’est pas passer -_-‘ ma mére travail et mon pére a des chose a faire et ne veux pas payer 60 km aller/retour d’essence. snif…
    Je n’aime pas rater des cours!

    Hier j’ai regarder les 10 premiers épisodes de la saison 4, les bonus des dvd son super!!! =)

    Bon je vais m’occuper de mon blog, de toute façon je n’ai que sa a faire^^!

    Bisou, a beintot =)

  65. BridJess said:

    how did silver get the writing upsidedown and backwards, or did i imagine it?

    Methinks that looks like Flip. Eh silver?

    Cheers, chev

  66. Das said: The Wraith do what is natural in their society, and just like a cat delights in playing with its prey before the kill, the Wraith do the same…it’s not like they claim to be merciful.

    So do you think Wraith are like cats are unaware of the harm that their actions do to their victims and so because of this they are not to blame? Because from what we’ve seen on the show I’ll have to disagree with you and say that the Wraith are very much aware of what they’re doing on an intellectual level and enjoy inflicting suffering on human beings which is why they’re the shows bad guys.

    The Wraith – shaped by their biology and culture – do not claim to be anything other than what they are.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything on the show where the Wraith have actually articulated anything in this regard. Essentially though you seem to be saying that unrepentant psychopaths are morally superior to us flawed humans who may have compassion and empathy, but unfortunately do get it wrong sometimes. I think human beings obviously are quite aware of our shortcomings, which is why there’s a struggle and a drive to be better people and why there are things like laws in societies which are agreed upon ways of conducting oneself that is about being just, fair and minimising harm to others.

    If they hate the killing of humans so much, then they shouldn’t be doing it themselves.

    Who are ‘they’? The international armed forces who Sheppard is leading? Or are you saying that the PG folks don’t have a right to defend themselves and that any armies should be split up with everyone becoming pacificts, lying down and letting the Wraith eat them without a struggle?

    You seem to be saying that humans believe that killing is wrong, but however in times of war people are killed, therefore humans are the same as the wraith, except the wraith are inheriently better than humans because they’re cats and can’t help it. Or something. I’m not really following you.

    If you’re not going to practice what you preach, then stop pointing the finger at the other guy and saying he’s wrong, when you’re doing the exact same thing.

    So humans, unlike Wraith in your scenario, understand wrong from right and strive to be better, but because sometimes we don’t attain the level that we aspire to we can’t turn around and point the finger at a species who are going around eating human beings and causing them suffering for giggles and say ‘hey that’s wrong, stop that’?

    In that scenario you seem to be suggesting that not only should humans not kill wraith that they should sit there silently and be slapped around and eaten and then send a thank you note afterwards.

  67. dont forget your guide wont have the little mama-san shops on the corner that make really good food too. And if its sumo tourney time that would be something great to watch.

    Some of the best food I and my husband had while staying in Japan over on the isle of kyushu was at a little mama san shop located a few streets away from our little ginza like shopping district. not listed in any foodies guide but the kinda place that advertises by word of mouth only.

  68. maggiemayday: I was out on “The Rock” from 93-94 as senior flight nurse. I had a ball!

  69. ooo, UK or US “Life on Mars”?? I truly hope UK, I fell in love with that show, altho unusually for me it took 3 or 4 episodes. Normally I would have given up before then, but am a John Simm devotee after his turn on Dr Who.
    Wonder if they’ll show the US version here after already doing the UK one…

  70. You think you have a lot of shows? I live in a house of six. Here are all of our shows that air every week.

    Stargate Atlantis
    Eli Stone
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
    House M.D.
    Robin Hood on BBC (In a few more months)
    24 (Almost here!!!)

    And not to mention the ones that Arn’t airing anymore.

    Stargate Sg-1
    the 4400

    We rewatch all of these at least once a year.

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