Production on Stargate Atlantis wrapped today for most of our cast and crew. As the sets go dark here at The Bridge Studios, the scene shifts to Vegas for a few more days of filming after which work on the series is finally complete. Well, almost complete because work continues for post, viz, the producers, and Joel Goldsmith who still have weeks to go before they can sail off into the sunset.

Yesterday, Bob Picardo came by the office after he wrapped and, as promised, took the time to sit down and answer some of your questions. Rather than do a video interview, we opted for a written Q&A which I’ll be posting next week as part of a special Bob Picardo guest blog. Speaking of guest blogs – Executive Producer/Writer Carl Binder has kindly agreed to field your questions and comments on Tracker. So, if you happen to catch tonight’s episode of Atlantis and feel like raking Carl over the coals on this one, let’s hear from you.

Amanda Tapping also swung by the office this morning to say goodbye. She’s been working very hard these past few months but still found the time to put in an appearance in our final episode. And it was a pleasure having her back. Colin Cunningham also wrapped his guess stint and made it a point to pop his head into the writers’ room and thank us.

With regard to the ongoing discussion on the forthcoming Stargate: Universe – At the end of the day, it is, of course, up to you whether you give the show a chance or not but I feel the need to point out that, at present, those characters are simply names on a page and a long way from being fully realized. It’s easy to imagine the worst case scenario. As for the relative value of my opinion – well, that’s also something for you to decide on. However given the fact that I’ve been privy to details beyond the official casting breakdown and public statements made, I am speaking from a informed position. I’ve always followed the maxim “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” so you can be damn sure that if I didn’t think SGU had potential, you wouldn’t be reading my opinions on the subject.

Well, I’m off to – think about the Atlantis movie, clean up in preparation for Fondy‘s return, and pick out my office for tomorrow night’s wrap party. “So what are you doing?”Amanda asked me today on her way out. “Cocktail or full dress?” I told her I’d definitely be going full dress on this one.

Final scene as per today’s call sheet:

INT. F-302 COCKPIT 1: Sheppard

Push in on the screen, word ARMED flashes

129 thoughts on “September 19, 2008: Last Call

  1. Okay, that is such a ridiculously hot picture of Amanda Tapping.

    Surely I’m not that big of a geek.

    Dear Lord, I believe I am.

  2. If I win the lottery tonight, I just may contact you about how much it would be to save SGA. 😉 I don’t really need my own private island in the Caribbean…besides with the constant threat of hurricanes and no SGA to watch, what would be the point? 😀

    Personally, I would rather SGU and SGA run together. I’d be far more excited about SGU then.

  3. Tis a sad day in the Pegasus Galaxy *sobs*

    Thanks Joe for letting the fans vent about SU. We all know that you had no decision in the cancellation of SGA and if it were up to you and Paul, Atlantis on TV would last for as long as possible. It’s going to be a long mourning period for us.

    Please thank all the writers, producers, cast and crew for 5 wonderful, entertaining and fantastic years. Fingers crossed for many Atlantis movies.

    Have fun at the wrap party!

  4. “With regard to the ongoing discussion on the forthcoming Stargate: Universe – At the end of the day, it is, of course, up to you whether you give the show a chance or not but I feel the need to point out that, at present, those characters are simply names on a page and a long way from being fully realized. It’s easy to imagine the worst case scenario. As for the relative value of my opinion – well, that’s also something for you to decide on. However given the fact that I’ve been privy to details beyond the official casting breakdown and public statements made, I am speaking from a informed position. I’ve always followed the maxim “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” so you can be damn sure that if I didn’t think SGU had potential, you wouldn’t be reading my opinions on the subject.”

    I agree, man. I posted your words from yesterday on GateWorld in a thread of its own, and there has been quite the battlefield continuing to rage on in the thread. Nevertheless, your statement did calm some minds, at least, and mine was one of them. I thank you for taking some time in the blog to speak about SGU, and for confirming that you are, in fact, informed.

    Also, do let me know if you need help thinking about the Atlantis movie. Nevermind that you’d need to sign me on as part of the crew in order to do so. I’m sure we could work something out. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. AMANDA!! 😀

    *squeezes amanda. amanda burps. apologizes*

    oop 😛

    and we’ve got *blond* sam! 😀

    thanks, joe. sincerely.

    sally 😀

  6. Well I’m depressed. I know…”All good things…” and assorted cliches, but like most cliches…they don’t really help. The thought of the sets going dark and Friday nights being bereft of SGA leaves me with a heavy heart.

    I know it’s not really good-bye. But still…you know…it won’t be the same. I can’t wait for the movies…both SG1 and SGA (you won’t let Brad forget about that 3rd SG1 movie, will you Joe…please?)…but right now it seems such a long, long way away. Write….quickly.

    And please, Joe…accept my thanks and the thanks of my family for so many years of quality episodes in a show that’s captured our imagination like few shows ever have. Tell everyone involved in Stargate that we say thank them…and we’ll miss them…and we can’t wait until we see them all again very, very soon.

    At least, though…we still have you. 🙂


  7. Hi Joe,
    Just wanted to thank you for all your work on Atlantis and Stargate in general. I enjoyed Season 4 a lot and even though I came over for Amanda, I stayed for Season 5, which is great so far. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the movie. I am also hoping that you will be involved in Stargate: Universe (which I will definitely give a shot).
    Enjoy the party tomorrow. You all deserve to celebrate a fantastic show.
    Keep up the great work. And please keep up this blog. I look forward to reading about your trip to Asia.

  8. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!
    I am now really crying….
    You made me cry, damn it.
    Anyway Thanks so very, very much to everyone involved in SGA for an incredible, wonderful 5 years!
    “It’s been a long, strange trip”

  9. Hey Joe.

    Thanks for the great pictures………………………as well as five great years of Stargate Atlantis!

    I have one question though, once the rest of S5 has aired, can you do a special blog and tell us all the secrets from SGA…… some of the storylines that never made it before camera, or characters that were never introduced?

    Thanks Joe. And have a great time at the wrap party!

  10. It’s been a sad week with everyone finishing shooting. Thanks to everyone involved in the show and for making it great!

    I hope you all have a great time at the wrap party!

    On another note, I picked up a copy of The Traveler today and am going to participate in the BOTM for the first time!

  11. Are those oakleaf clusters silver? If so, great job on giving the man an overdue promotion! I hope you and everyone else has a blast tomorrow night. You folks have earned the right to the biggest blowout celebration of the decade. Please convey our thanks to everyone for everything, and a special thanks to Mr. Picardo for taking the extra time to participate in your blog. Off to wait till Tracker comes on, and figure out questions for Mr. Binder.

  12. Aw, reading that just makes me want to cry. Also because I got stung by a wasp today and my finger twice its normal size, but more for the end of Atlantis.

    Anyway, have fun at the party and I hope that you’re keeping up the blog!

  13. “..and pick out my office for tomorrow night’s wrap party”

    careful, it may pinch..

  14. I totally agree regarding the pending judgement of SGU. Of course I myself will watch it regardless I guess my critical opinion doesn’t really matter. Although I know it will be awesome. I’ve really missed ship-based shows since Star Trek went off the air a few years ago.

    Thanks for brining Bob Picardo on to guest host the blog. I’ve been a fan of his since he started on Voyager way back when I was in high school!

  15. Hope you all have a fantastic wrap party!

    I for one will be giving SGU at least a few episodes before I have an opinion. There was a character in SGA that I wasn’t mad on at first but after a while I ended up liking. Pays to give things a chance to grow on you.

    Beckett though was love at first sight, or was it first vowel..

  16. Hey Joe!

    Have fun at the wrap party tomorrow, takes lots of photos, including you in full dress garb! 🙂

    Nice to see Colin Cunningham (amazing guy) and Amanda Tapping for the last season of Atlantis. This may be the last season, but you are all going out with a bang. Season 5 has truely been an amazing season and you all have done an amazing job (and it’s not even halfway done yet!).

    Anyways, thanks as always, enjoy the wrap party, and don’t stress yourself out too much with cleaning for Fondy. 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  17. Are we really going to have to see teenagers running around the universe, the SGU universe that is??? I already see too many at work! Even people in their early 20s, unless they have had exceptional experiences are essentially in their tweens.

    So, what, let me think: the show’s been running for five years, and the actors are currently: ….Joe Flanigan is 42ish, Chris Heyerdahl 43ish, Rachel L. 37-38ish, David Hewlett 36ish, Liz Weir (actress is 40ish) Connor (Micheal is 39), Zelenka (actor late 30s), Bob Picardo early to mid 50s, who else, who else? Lorne (actor 38)…other than Jason Momoa who is now 30, and is married to Lisa Bonnet (44) none of the people on SGA were in their 20s. The only one I can think of, who was a regular, was James L. He was 27 at the time. Even Andee F. is in her 30s. Come ooooon. SGA was a fairly successful show, so doesn’t this say anything about not needing the T and A in tweenagers.


  18. To Everyone at Stargate Atlantis:

    In the midst of an often busy and hectic life, it has been a genuine pleasure to “step through the gate” at the end of the day on Friday, and into your world. The adventures you’ve pulled us into have been suspenseful, frightening, dramatic, and wildly funny (usually all at once). And along the way, the characters have become as familiar to us as old friends.

    You’ve really accomplished something wonderful and my family and I have had a great time watching. We expect many, MANY Atlantis movies from you all in the not-to-distant future, got that?

    My sincerest thanks and warm wishes to you all!



  19. reading this made me really sad. i just don’t want it to be over!!! SGA is my favorite show of all time. i’m going to miss my weekly episodes very much.

    on a more positive note, i’m really excited about ‘tracker’ tonight, and i’m crossing my fingers for some McKeller scenes.

    once again, i want to thank all of the cast and crew of Atlantis for creating such a wonderful show. you guys really are the definition of the word amazing. Atlantis can always put a smile on my face, and i just love the show!

  20. hmm…(Final scene as per today’s call sheet:

    INT. F-302 COCKPIT 1: Sheppard

    Push in on the screen, word ARMED flashes)
    very interesting

  21. Hmmm…there’s something strangely poetic about that last scene on the call sheet. I’m sure it’s not the last scene of the series, but still, it’s interesting that the last scene shot for the series at Bridge Studios reflects a state of readiness, the calm before the storm; the will to fight living on.

    Thanks for the photos, Joe! Robert’s facial expression seems to reflect the feelings of many fans, while Amanda is smoking hot, as usual.

    And she’s wearing that blue shirt thing that Jack wore when he was leader of the SGC.

    Oh my God.

    Does that mean what I think it means? That Sam and Jack had hot hot sex and accidentally wore each others’ clothes the morning after?!


    Or that Sam is leading the SGC, which is just as AWESOME.

    You know, I talk big now, feeling as if I’ve moved past the grieving stage of Atlantis, but I think that, once the series ends, THAT’s when it’ll really hit me. At the moment, there are still many things to get excited over in the Atlantis universe.

    Some correspondences:

    @ das: Thank you so much for saying that. It means a lot. You’re a good friend too, and one whose expertise of Wraith knowledge truly astounds/frightens me. 😉 Don’t worry though; I’ll still be here. I can’t leave the entire fandom; that’d kill me! The WDT sounds nice, but I’m not one to partake in specialty threads (i.e. character threads, pro/anti threads, etc. etc.); besides, I doubt I can compete, discussion wise, with the rest of you. 😀 No worries, I’ll still lurk at Gateworld though. You guys have fun. One day, I shall return. *cue epic music*

    @ Narelle, Trish, chevron7: See, you guys are the smart ones who manage to get out early before the weight of fandom crushed your souls. I wished that I had realized this earlier. It would’ve saved much angst.

    @ VOOK, JimFromJersey: Hey, join the party guys! Let Gateworld stew in its own venom for a while; we’ll see who survives. 😉

    @ Shirt’n’Tie: I agree. Gateworld’s repository of knowledge (hehehe) far exceeds any other Stargate-related site (well, the Lexicon comes pretty close…and Solutions is up there too, I guess), and I go there often to check my facts and find the latest news. Both Darren and David have done a fantastic job keeping the site’s quality at its highest while maintaining a level head; but even they can’t control the ugly urges of the unwashed masses, unfortunately. I wish them all the best, though.

    @ wolfenm: How dare you disagree with me! I shall smite you!! SMITE SMITE SMITE. Haha, just kidding. Even if I appear calloused and disrespectful towards how the fans are feeling, I really am not. It’s how they’re acting. I totally understand what they’re feeling, as I was that way myself a few weeks ago (and maybe again down the line; who knows what can happen; I do know that I felt betrayed when the news first broke though). I respect that you will stand by your promise. Hey, we may disagree, but how can I possibly fault someone who is doing what they’re doing out of love for a show that I, too, love? That’s right, I can’t. Good luck. 🙂

    @ Peg: See, that’s the problem. The amount of anger at the fanbase I get everytime they act like this must be additive because, even if they’re acting the way they usually do during times of crises, it just makes me more and more tired of it every single time. This time the straw’s broken the poor camel’s back (what a violent metaphor). I hope you’ll forgive me for saying this, because I’m usually the first to say no to lessening the impact of another’s opinion just because they disagree, but is it possible that you see things as not being as bad because you agree with those who are disliking what they see as Stargate Universe? I find that, when I dislike a certain part of Stargate, any form of complaint towards it doesn’t really bother me (as I agree with them, to an extent), while complaints about stuff I like tends to rouse my ire quite easily.

    Either way, I think things are pretty bad over there. I know the fans have a right to be angry, but it doesn’t mean I have to tolerate it. Heh.

    Ah, don’t worry Peg, no matter how wild the fandom gets, you always remain a piller of reason and logic, even if we disagree. That’s why I have much respect for you, and it will be that way even when I’m on sabatical. Just as you can’t change who you are; I can’t change the kind of person I know you to be. I won’t forget the fun and meaningful discussions we’ve had (and I look forward to future ones). In time, I shall return, and that snarking match shall befall Gateworld once more. 😀

    @ Leila: Actually, I think the article comments are far worse. In fact, I’d say they’re just above YouTube comments, and that’s only because profanities aren’t allowed on the Gateworld comments.

    @ lindagagne: I can definitely understand that. A lot of the comments after the news broke was…tactless, shall we say? Especially the junkie comment. But then, I’m used to this carelessness-of-language by now (I mean, I was there when Enterprise got cancelled, when SG1 was cancelled, and of course when Atlantis was cancelled; I’m used to having something that I love very very much be treated as just another bucket of cash to relocate somewhere else). As far as I know, out of all the executives, Joe’s the only one who knows the score when it comes to interacting with fans and how his words will be received (and that’s all due to experience conversing with us crazy fans); the rest can use a blog of their own, if you know what I mean. That said, I’d rather base my opinions of the show on the show itself instead of what the people behind it usually says; it just makes life easier.

    Oh, and there’s one thing that I forgot to say about the character breakdowns yesterday: they’re not meant for us. Obviously some site got hold of these from an actor’s hub or whatever, and posted it for all to see. The way these are worded are not for the fans, but for actors to get into character, I’d imagine; I’m not surprised (anymore) that they focus a lot on looks (so actors know who they want to audition for) and the more extreme qualities of their personalities (so the actors can get into that frame of mind easier than, say, a very subtle one that’s not too different from their own personality, but just different enough to throw them off balance. They might think, “do I act like myself, or what?” Hey, I’m no actor, but that makes sense, no?); you think they sound shallow and cliche? Well, they are. That’s character breakdowns for ya. The meaty stuff won’t happen until there’s an actor and sufficient writing behind him/her, and THAT’s for the fans to see, not what we currently have.

  22. Oh, Joe. If you don’t stop with all this good bye stuff you might just make me cry. Thanks for everything!!! Have fun at the Party and be sure to hug everyone for me. : )

    On a more positive note, We still have 11 more eps to enjoy. I am especially looking forward to Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay together.

    It is great to see Major Davis again. I hope it is more then just a quick cameo. Will he ever going to get a promotion? Gee, Carter has had at least three. ; )

  23. Mmmmm, a man in uniform. Life isn’t all bad.

    Of course we’re sad about losing SGA, which makes it easy to call SGU the red-headed step-child and throw rocks at it. You’re good to allow us to do so here.

    My latest theory on the youth of a team, since they wouldn’t have the military expertise to be chosen for such a mission … they’re there by accident. A three hour tour, as it were.

    Some days humor is all you have. My brother is dying of cancer. He was holding on alright, but now he’s in the hospital trying stem cell transplant therapy. It could have gone better. I am so scared. I’ve already lost one brother to cancer, I’m a double survivor myself, and now my favorite brother is in a bad, bad way …. I lose it now and then. So given the opportunity to make bad jokes and be snarky, I’ll take it. I hope those who know me, or my online personna, will understand.

    At least there isn’t a lifetime supply of Degree on the Ancient ship. Is there? *shudder*

  24. “I’ve always followed the maxim “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” so you can be damn sure that if I didn’t think SGU had potential, you wouldn’t be reading my opinions on the subject”

    But but but …. if you have always followed that maxim, the powers that be know that you follow that maxim and if you didn’t say anything they would know that you hated their project and they wouldn’t hire you? 🙂

  25. Thank you Joe,

    OMG Amanda looks so thin! She must be working hard, I can’t wait to see Sanctuary on Oct 2nd … great picture of her, Robert and Colin!

    Oh… the last scene… ARMED!!! So will you be giving us any clues as to the direction the movie will take???

    Have a great time at the wrap party and please shoot some video as well as stills for us to see when you give us minute by minute breakdown of the evening’s festivities!

    Thanks you to the cast and crew for 5 great wonderful years.

    Patricia Lee

  26. Oh I forgot to ask… did you water Fondy’s plants while she was gone, or will you be dashing to the plant shop on your way home to buy replacements? Will Fondy return in time to attend the wrap party with you, if not; I will offer my services to be your escort! Pretty Please!

  27. Well, I agree with the second comment in that it would be much easier for us to accept SGU if SGA didn’t have to be cancelled because of it. I believe most of the fans know you didn’t make the decision and we are all grateful to you for giving us five wonderful years of a great show. Being and old-timer in sci-fi and a bit of a dabbler in science I’m not easy to please, and I was hooked on SGA from the get-go.
    So my thanks to you and all the cast and crew for the amazing work they have given us, and all the best for the future 🙂

  28. Joe, thanks for all the behind the scenes of SGA. I missed last weeks episode The Queen because I was in the ER for Dehydration and was happy for TIVO at least but our TIVO taped Wow, Wow, Wubbzy instead. So bummed. Scfi is showing an encore tonight before Tracker so I’m happy about that. Have fun at your wrap party. I appreciate everything the cast and crew and everyone else whom never gets mentioned, thanks for a great 5 years! Looking forward to SGU next summer. I’m a fan of all stargate. I will look forward to the new show with an open mind and I haven’t been disappointed what you all did so far so I’m not worried. Take care!

  29. There’s something radiant about Amanda Tapping.

    Here’s to a great night tonight. Hugs to all of the cast and crew for not just an amazing show, but for also being such a great group of people. We see it when we watch the show.

    Atlantis has changed a lot for me since finding your blog Joe. It’s as though I have watched two different Atlantis series.

    In the last 9 months I’ve gone from a lone fan who would enjoy being able to take some time out of a hectic schedule to watch the show to feeling part of a bigger community with many people I would love to meet in person one day.

    I’ve gone from just watching a show to understanding it. I used to sit for a while after an episode and ask myself a lot of questions. How did they come up with that concept? Is the physics in that episode partially factual? Why is Homer Simpson on Stargate, and it is very cool that he is? And now, I can know those answers. It changes the experience.

    I’m not someone that follows what actors are up to. I love what actors do, but for shows such as Stargate it’s the writing that gets my attention. On the flip side to that, the commentary you give on the actors that make up your family has made me realise how much of a symbiotic relationship it is and without the quality in both aspects, a show will never become what Atlantis has.

    And while JF may not make many appearances in public, I’d like to say good on him for wanting to keep his privacy. Sheppard has always been my favourite character and one day would love to be able to give Joe F a big hug to say thanks for the laughs.

    To all of the writers, and particularly you Joe, thank you from the bottom of my heart for such great writing (and communication here) that gives my inner nerd a great outlet.

    I’ll cease my senseless rambling there.

    Joe said:

    “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.”

    That was one of my Gran’s sayings and a wise one at that. Just think of how quiet the web would be if everyone lived by that maxim.

    Good luck with the tidy up. A clean house upon return is one of the best presents for any woman.

    Cheerio and I’m sensing a lot of “I love you mate”‘s tonight in the latter stages of the wrap party.

  30. Thank you Mr. Mallozzi – for everything. I have to agree that we all would have been happier with SGA and SGU running concurrently, but there’s nothing we can do about it except give SGU a chance. I sincerely hope we will see some of the “old” faces; it would help! I think some of us are concerned about a new and “edgier” version of Stargate being a bit like in SG-1’s “200” (Heaven forbid!). New episode starts now, so I’m off to relish it! The best always to you and yours, Deni

  31. Did the writers ever consider giving Davis a promotion? As long as he’s been a major (at least eight or nine years), he should probably give up on Lt. Col.

  32. Linzi said on Sept. 18’s entry:

    ’ve loved SGA so much, and am pretty annoyed and saddened at its demise. I echo the sentiments of WolfenM. I can’t support SGU. Whichever way you look at it, SGA was sacrificed as a TV series and SGU has taken its place, and I can’t forget that, because I’m loyal to SGA – period.
    I do feel disrespected as a fan. That is down to BW’s comments and words from various network execs. That can’t be changed, alas. As a fan of SGA, I feel let down. That won’t change either.

    Very well said, Linzi.

    Not an SG-1 fan here, but I know a good part of the SGA audience has also watched SG-1 and came to SGA because of it. Well, had SG-1 been canceled at THAT time and SGA started alone in 2004, I’m pretty sure a big part of those initial viewers wouldn’t have giving it a chance either.

    They used SG-1 at the moment to lanch SGA. They should’ve used SGA to lanch SGU this time. Run SGA’s s6 and SGU’s s1 simultaneously and see if people was interested enough in SGU. Some of those SGA viewers who now are refusing to watch SGU because of the way things were handled would have given it a chance in that case.

    And if making the two shows wasn’t feasable due to economics, they should have given a 6th season to SGA and start with an SGU mini series and try to get those SGA viewers interested in SGU while watching SGA’S S6. And, for Pete’s sake, avoid insulting their established audience.

    Had TPTB said “we’re renewing Atlantis for a final 6th season, and producing a new mini series that will lead to a new show’s full season after SGA 6th and final season ends”… Well, from what fandom has being saying, that would’ve been received far much better.

    Instead, they chose to insult the audience by saying things like “you’ll get over it”, “you’ll tune in because you’ll need your Stargate fix”.

    Well, nice to see they think so highly of their loyal audience. I’m in my late 30s, almost 40. I’m not a child who is having a fit because she’s not getting the candy she wants so bad. No matter how good or bad SGU turns out, I won’t tune in to find out because, above all, I feel that loyalty has been betrayed. And yes, it might sound over the top, but it’s the way I feel.

    So, like you, Linzi, and others have said, I feel disrespected as a fan and, as a result, there’s no way I’ll tune in for a new show.

    IF those PTB stepped back, renewed SGA and stopped insulting my intelligence, I might consider giving a new show a chance. But pigs will fly before that happens, so I’m not deluding myself.

  33. Dear Joe —

    What a sad day for all of us who love Stargate Atlantis, the staff, cast, crew, and fans. Movies are nice to look forward to, but nothing beats that 20 doses per year of new Lantian goodness. I hope all associated with the show know how deeply they are appreciated by the fandom. I know we whine, bitch and moan when things don’t follow the course we would have charted if we were in charge, but that is only because we care.

    I was among the disheartened when I read the character descriptions for SGU. As a fifty-mumble year old woman, I worry about whether the show will be appealing for me. It does seem, on the surface, as if much of the ongoing fanbase is being cast aside in pursuit of the holy grail of the teenage boy demographic. There are already way too many movies and TV shows that I have no interest in because they are pitched at a level of emotional and intellectual immaturity that I left behind years ago.

    That does not mean that I will not give SGU a chance. I fully expect to be watching through at least the entire first season to see what you folks at Bridge come up with. And then I’ll make my decision. I hope the other fans out there will chill out and do the same. No one should condemn a show until they have seen it.

    I hope the wrap party is a blast for all of you.

  34. Your opinion and “insider” status and knowledge are respected and valued in many corners. Please bear with us, or, at least, me. There is such a dearth of quality TV, when something comes along that catches the eye, imagination and heart, it’s difficult to let go. When it also appears it was canceled just to make room for a new series, it’s like adding insult to injury. Add to that a set of bios, released by the people making the new series, for characters that seem to belong in Saturday morning cartoons, it is like pouring salt in the wound and rubbing it in.

    I know, I know, it’s just television. (One could actually say the same for any form of entertainment.) I also know it is also very early days and these characters may morph into something that will end up be entertaining to the masses of the wrong demographic. It’s just for a first impression, the actual introduction and handshake, for crying out loud, it was pretty nasty. At least it was for me and some of my friends.

    I am willing to wait and see. I just have worries about it all and don’t want the first impression to be the reality.

    To you and everyone associated with Atlantis – thank you for all the fabulous work. It has gotten only better with each season. I am very much looking forward to the rest of this season. Like a good book, though, I am anxious to see what happens but don’t want it to end.

  35. I’m in total agreement with you.

    I will take the watch and see approach to SGU, I will watch it when it airs and take it from there. But if the past is anything to go by it will be worth watching. I don’t usually read any other SG site other then your blog so….. yeah I don’t like people who judge something without all the info.

    I hope you have fun at the wrap party please let everyone know how much we appreciate everyones hard work over the years 🙂

  36. Thank you for 5 exciting years. I’m sure you are well aware that there is some very serious negative posts out there regarding SGA/SGU. Hope all TPTB are reading them.

    Remember PLEASE, take pictures of EVERYONE at the wrap party!!! Even you know who!! PLEASE!!

    Have a good time! Do you really have to wear a tux?

  37. “I’ve always followed the maxim “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” so you can be damn sure that if I didn’t think SGU had potential, you wouldn’t be reading my opinions on the subject”

    Fair Comment..

  38. SGA’s last day… WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not fair! There had better be lots of movies, or I may die of dehydration from all my crying.

  39. Just finished watching Tracker and I loved it.
    Much regret for all the negative internet buz; so sad to see SGA go.
    Looking foward to the movies!
    My best wishes to all of you, thanks for all the wonderful entertainment.

  40. *sniff* so sad. I’m not ready to let go. Well I’ll never be ready to let go, but I am just sad.

    As for Tracker, I loved it. I really loved the way they handled McKay and Ronon, that final scene was priceless. I also thought Jewel Staite was brilliant.

  41. Joe!
    Yes, I know you are sitting around waiting for my post. Here goes…yippee!!! Loved Tracker! It was well worth me wishing my whole week away. I will definitely be downloading this from Amazon tomorrow. Loved Ronon and McKay together..But you know what I loved even more? Come on guess…yes, Jenn and Ronon. If you saw me after the end of the epi you would have thought I was crazy! Intentions? Of course he has intentions. OK, so far so good..This love triangle hasn’t turned out to my worst nightmare, at least not yet. I loved Ronon’s and McKay’s little talk at the end. So don’t go messing it up by having Jenn choose McKay, that would just ruin it. Please have Kryk come back again. He was HOT! It was so sad to see him go through the gate.

  42. @Green ~ I join in the ranks of drooling at Amanda! Yay for Amanda visiting!! 😀

    Hey Joe, is that Doomsday in her hand?

    Aaaaanyway … I LOVE KIERRICK! (or however you spell his name.) I mean, I instantly liked him, from the first moment we saw him; such a sweet sadness about him. Kind of reminded me of Bruce Willis. (Of course, the fact that I saw Sin City today might have something to do with that — grizzled older guy protecting a young girl, sacrificing himself …) I suppose it’s too much to hope we see him again before the show is over?

    I admit that there wasn’t as much bonding between Ronon and McKay as I’d hoped, but it was still a really good ep. 🙂 Loved the little bit in the beginning with Sheppard, of course, and McKay’s constant awkwardness. (Was that a chicken foot in his soup? *snicker*) The teleport was cool! And yay for Keller for having the guts to fight against the Wraith, and showing a lot of smarts, both of the street variety and the tech sort! 😀 McKay must be proud …. Also, I’ve noticed that Rodney’s been a really good shot these days! (When not even looking half the time!) Yay for him! 🙂

    (Tell me I wasn’t the only one who had a total gutter-dwelling moment when McKay said he had a guide to Scouting for Beavers ….)

  43. Thanks Joseph for trying to calm me/us. I can’t say anything about SGU and how it will be. For me, when all is said and done it is the Fan treatment that ticks me off.

    On another note, at the bottom of today’s entry it says “Push in on the screen, word ARMED flashes” were we supposed to do that? cause I did and then felt like an idiot (be nice) cause nothing happened (lol). I can laugh at myself too.

    For Carl: This episode was nice. Love the very little Mcshep stuff and the bonding of Ronan and Rodney.

    Were there any interesting tidbits you can share regarding the making of the show?

    The device you had gerrick use for dissappearing was similar to the sodan warrior’s device, was that intentional?


  44. Joe,
    OK, sorry for the double post my joy got the best of me. 🙂 🙂
    I forgot to mention Jewel was great in this episode. It was nice to see her kicking some Wraith butt!

    A big thank you to Ronon for giving Jenn sparring lessons.

    Overall, this was a great episode. It was funny.

    I busted out laughing when McKay had his first run in with the Wraith. The “Oh sh…..” line caught me by surprise. Just great.
    Thank you!

  45. That is a fantastic picture of Robert Picardo. I’m looking forward to his Q&A. Such a lovely man.

    I’ve no clue what the difference is between cocktail and full dress as both sound more fancy than I’ve ever been required to be. But have a good time at the wrap party no matter what you wear.

    I hope you ALL have a good time at the party. After five years of such great work, you all deserve it. You guys should be proud. 🙂

  46. But Joe aren’t you also part of the movie machine? What actor, and/or writer will openly say negative things about a work he/she is directly involved with–unless he has the clout to do it (Harrison Ford–Blade Runner) or really doesn’t care anymore? Is this not career suicide? This applies to all careers, not just those in film. So, of obviously you wouldn’t be completely honest. Have you EVER said anything negative about an SGA episodes? You can’t truly expect us to believe you think that each and every episode of SGA was wondrous and magical. Surely there are some you simply thought were weak. Have you ever said anything like that here–of course not.

    At the same time, I will certainly give the films of SGU a gander, perhaps in a different setting than others, but I will nonetheless take a look. If nothing else to see if anything develops between Todd and Tayla.

    Also, maybe I’m the biggest ass in the universe, but I DON’T have a problem saying “hard, difficult and not so nice things” about a person as long as I know I would also say it directly to him/her, in exactly the same way, in person not hiding behind a keyboard–ergo tact is IMPORTANT. People know where they stand with me, always. I’m just not often returned the same courtesy


  47. A small problem for Aussies is that, if SGU does air down here, we may only get it right after the DVD boxset is released, so I’m deciding whether or not to go straight into buying the DVDs, or see how SGU fares on air.

    Just wondering, are the SG-1 sets still up? (i’m expecting the gate/embarkation room to still be existing, dusty, but existing) It would be great for some small cross-over action to happen in the SGA film (maybe you could suggest that when spinning it further?)

    Oh yeah, about the writing of scripts and storylines, at which point do you stop trying to spin more ideas than actually needed?
    Where do you get some of the motivation from, seeing as Sci-Fi tends to repeat storylines/events (eg, time travel, disease/epidemiology, stopping someone blow up a sun, blowing up a sun to stop someone and of course, the recurring facts of space-bugs and etc). Also, i’m not trying to say everything is repeated, but each show that uses a story-type makes the story it’s own through the use of the characters and setting and so forth.

    I hope the wrap party is good, and the food and such, and of course, I expect plenty of photos

  48. Finally, thank you for the show. It has been wonderful and you had a great deal to do with that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if SGU spanwed another SG something series?? I betcha you’ve thought of that.

  49. @1 green

    “Okay, that is such a ridiculously hot picture of Amanda Tapping.

    Surely I’m not that big of a geek.

    Dear Lord, I believe I am.”

    OOooo Hawwwt she looks, most definitely! I’d ask her on a date, if I didn’t love the wraith more. 😉


  50. I’m going to miss SGA like I miss SG-1 but I will definitely be giving Universe a chance.. Have fun at the party tomorrow! Can’t wait for the special Bob Picardo guest blog..

    Thanks for five great years of SGA. I look forward to the movie and hopefully many more.

  51. I’ve been looking over the casting call for SGU, and I foresee that the character previously known as “Eli” shall have his name (and gender!) changed to “Ellie” before the show airs… just seems like there aren’t nearly enough girls in SGU!!!

    Rob Picardo guest blog!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!! I guess I’m easily excited =)

    Thanks for the picture of Amanda Tapping… I’m looking forward to the rest of Sanctuary, although I definitely prefer Dr. Sam Carter to Dr. Helen Magnus!!!

    Questions for Carl:
    If there were a 6th (and 7th and so on) season, is Kiryk one of those characters you would bring back? He definitely grew on me!!!
    Comments for Carl:
    I *loved* how Keller all of a sudden busts a move here and there. I’m assuming this is what Joe meant when he said you guys had a few surprises for viewers about Keller…
    I love the believable awkwardness David Hewlett has when McKay is crushing 😀
    I also really enjoyed the Ronan/McKay competition over Keller… and this is the first episode where I watched it going “Dang, Ronan is not only hot and amazing, he’s cool too!!!” (I’m relatively new, so perhaps this was more novel for me than it should have been!!!)

  52. Tracker was way cool. Way to go Keller – really kicked it up a few notches – good for her. Ronon is so bad messing with Rodney like that.

  53. Tracker:
    I loved Rodney running from the Wraith when they came through the gate. Him hiding then popping up to be face to face and almost getting it…that was great. Great scenes b/w Rodney and Ronon.

    OMG and Rodney calling the woman “sir” – friggin’ hilarious.

    Oh and I did like the moment when Keller said “not helping” near the end when Rodney rambles…

    Great episode!


  54. Tracker was a pretty good episode!
    Still don’t like the shipping aspect of it, but liked Keller just fine here. And wish there was more John and Teyla (can’t help it, just like the Team eps more- although I liked Whispers alot). Rodney and Ronon are funny together.
    On the whole, it was very entertaining.
    No questions, really, but Thank you all for another very nice episode in this farewell season.

  55. The picture of Amanda’s cute. Looking forward to Universe.
    A couple of questions for Carl.
    What was the most difficult scene to shoot during the filming of Tracker? And will you be working on Universe?

    P.S. Tracker was great.

  56. About SU: don’t you think that a grown-up should go along with all those kids on their adventures…preferably Rodney to help them get out of trouble? 😉

    Thanks to everyone for a great time!

  57. Tracker…yet another amazing episode in what has been a great season of Atlantis. Excellent performances by David H., Jason, and especially Jewel. Keller kicked butt in this episode. Not only did she run a Wraith through with a sword, she held off an attacking Wraith with a stick Teyla style until McKay could shoot it. I think Keller has been taking a lot more sparring lessons with Teyla than she has been letting on. Hopefully this is the episode where everyone can finally agree that the character of Dr. Keller is a great one in the Stargate universe.
    I loved the banter between Ronan and Rodney. And their little “let the best man win” handshake at the end was classic. I thought they made a great team in this episode. I also like how in the episodes where Sheppard isn’t in it for much, he always finds a way to pop in somewhere.
    Next week…bring on First Contact!

  58. Re Tracker: I really liked it. A lot. And I will say that I liked Keller in it, too. I found her believable in the part, the things she did made sense in the circumstances, including all the medical things, and she didn’t whine. She showed courage and ingenuity.

    Good episode. I’m actually watching it again as I type this.

    I will miss Atlantis.


  59. HI Joe.
    I just want to say thank you for 5 fabulous seasons of SGA.
    And thank you for the laughs along the way!
    When it comes to the new show, I will be keeping an open mind and will give it a fair go. I almost gave up on SGA so I won’t make the same mistake again. In my humble opinion, Atlantis got better and better with each new season. I look forward to the movies…how ever many there are…with luck, there will be lots!!
    Good luck with everything.
    Oh hey, are you still going to be posting the “weird food purchase of the day” on your blog again?? I get such a kick out of that!!
    Thank you so much Joe. To you and the team at SGA…thank you.

  60. Thanks Joe for, as always, being honest and straightforward with regard to all things Stargate.

    Just finished watching Tracker and wanted to congratulate Carl Binder on a really great episode. Very exciting. I actually jumped a few times and really got caught up in the story. My husband, not a regular viewer and my true gauge of episode quality, very much liked it as well.

    I am in the industry and definitely understand the business so I’m not the person to dwell on the inevitable but as I was watching I couldn’t help but feel bummed that the show was ending. I imagine you and others might have experienced similar emotions as you were wrapping today.

    Feel the need also to say that the last couple of shows have been good and I can’t help but notice that SGA has gotten some great mainstream press this season (TV Guide mentions, LA Times article, Flanagan guest on Chelsea Lately…). For a show in it’s fifth season that is impressive. Much as I despise Chelsea Lately – that appearance alone would have been a nice building block to a bigger and more high profile guest slot that could have added viewers/boosted ratings. All seems a bit of a waste. Just keep reminding myself that it will all help DVD sales for the ensuing feature length films.

    Last thought… whether or not I tune in to SGU will most likely be based on the final cast but I will say that I’m inclined to give it a chance based on the franchise and bts people involved.

    Oh yeah and Love the blog!!

  61. Just watched Tracker – I enjoyed it well enough, despite how the Wraith were handled. (I’ll only comment on them because everyone else will cover how Our Heroes fared.)

    First, it was cool to finally see the (faced) Wraith presented as a ‘swarm’, instead of a few here or there. As a hive-based species, they should give this impression, but rarely do. However, this episode was successful in suggesting the presence of many Wraith, swarming in to attack their prey. Good job there. It was also quite exciting to see so many faced Wraith in one episode, and not just masked warriors. Beautiful, the lot of them. And it was interesting to learn how the Wraith had perfected their tracking tech, and I loved seeing a bit more Wraith hand-to-hand combat – something that has been long overdue. However…

    Since when did the Wraith turn into the Keystone Cops? Honestly, I have never seen such an inept group of predators – and I love these guys! It’s not the actors – they are working with the scripts they are given and do a fine job at looking absolutely stunning, even in death. But, think man! This species survives by hunting! And yet, an entire horde of them are easily taken down by 3 guys, an unconscious child, and…Keller. 🙄 How in the world did they ever conquer the galaxy??! What next? Sneaking aboard and defeating entire hives with atomic wedgies and purple nurples?

    Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciated all the eye candy, but it would have been nice to see the Wraith presented in a more menacing or threatening way, instead of being so easily dispatched. I also would have liked to finally get firm answers to why the hunters hunt in first place (practice? funsies?), and whether or not all Wraith do this, or just an elite group or faction.

    I guess it’s really no use even mentioning any of this, seeing as how everything’s going to be over soon. But it would have been nice to finally see a group of Wraith who can actually hunt and fight with skill, considering it is what they do for a ‘living’.

    Of course, I understand the whole ‘Wraith are enemies’ thing…but it would have been cool to see them presented as hornets, instead of bumble Wraiths. 😉


  62. HI Joe – Another excellent episode. From start to finish Tracker was a great fast-paced ride. The interaction between Ronan and McKay made me laugh out loud! Keller’s actions and reactions with Kiryk and the little girl was very believeable. I thoroughly agree with “Mary’s comments”. The episode shows the character with more maturity and ability to face her fears and still be a professional. I must say the ending was interesting with “Brains versus brawn” duking it out for Keller’s affections. Who will win?

    With all of the great episodes to date and more to come, it’s still a sad day for all of us SGA fans. You’re going to have to write one great movie (no pressure).

    Questions for Carl – Keller states that the tracking implant in Kiryk is more complex than Ronan’s. Would this mean that Kiryk was made a “runner” later than Ronan, using better technology?

    The use of the defibulator to create an eletrical malfunction in Kiryk’s tracking device was very innovative. Did you research this to determine if it could really happen?

  63. Have to agree with everyone else. Tracker was awesome! I enjoyed the opportunity to finally see interaction between Rodney and Ronon. What a hoot. Rodney talks his head off trying to get Ronon to at least begin to engage in conversation. Must say, John is sitting in the drivers seat knowing how the Ronon-Rondey-Keller triangle works out. AND don’t forget that Keller already knows how Rodney feels about her. And knows it enough to repeatedly play that piece of video over and over and over…….
    Question for you Joe: Have the cast members signed to do the movie yet, or is that still up in the air? I’m asking because if you plan on having a script by the end of the this year or early next year, an begin preping in January and filming end of January beginning of February, I would think you would be running into pilot season and I’m somewhat certain everyone will be jockying for position on a pilot for the fall pickup, unless they don’t want to work (find me an actor who doesn’t).
    Questions for Carl: First, I so enjoy your episodes. I find them quite character driven and I gain so much insite into the lives of the people I have come to love on Firday night. When you sit down to write an episode, how do you decide how much of the character to reveal? Or does that just happen as the script falls into place? Do you specifically “grab” the character episodes, or do they just happen to fall into your lap by rotation? Thanks for all the character moments over the last 5-years. I shall miss John, Rodney, Teyla and Ronon. I barely got to know the new and improved Woosley, but he’s been fun to observe. It’s very sad to seem they go… DVDs will truely get a workout (just like the SG1 discs do!).

  64. pg15 wrote: “Thank you so much for saying that. It means a lot. You’re a good friend too, and one whose expertise of Wraith knowledge truly astounds/frightens me. “

    As it should. Sometimes, I even frighten myself. 😛

    And, yeah – I know I just bitched about Tracker, but I did so with smiley faces and humor. I get points for that, right?? 😀


  65. Thank you for all of the pictures of the last days on set, Joe. I’ve been enjoying them greatly, even if I do feel very sad when I look at them, because I’m going to miss my regular Friday night fix of Stargate Atlantis like you would not believe. I’m particularly pleased to see that you brought Colin Cunningham back as Paul Davis! Yay! I will say that I have to wonder if your US Air Force technical advisor has either fallen asleep on the job on just gone away completely, though, because Major Davis was a Major in season one of SG-1 over eleven years ago and he should have long since been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and very likely Colonel by this time. I can’t believe that he screwed up badly enough to remain unpromoted all this time, because he certainly wouldn’t still be the SGC’s liaison with the Pentagon if that was the case. Here’s hoping the oversight is corrected in one of the Stargate movies.

    “Trackers” was an excellent episode and I enjoyed it a lot. Rodney and Ronon make a great team, though it looks like Ronon would die before admitting it. Kiryk was an interesting and sympathetic character who I wish we could see again and I’m glad that Keller was able to deactivate his tracking device. It’s good to see Jennifer coming along nicely and learning to handle herself in a tight situation. I have to say that the ending of this is my favorite part, though. I love that Rodney had the guts to go and ask Ronon what his intentions were toward Jennifer and didn’t back down when he found out that Ronon was interested in pursuing her romantically, saying that she should be the one to decide. One of the reasons I love Stargate so much is that the franchise treats its female characters like human beings, for the most part, and gives them a say in things when too many other productions don’t, even in this supposedly enlightened age.

    Question for Mr Carl Binder. I don’t watch episodes with the active intent of reading subtext into a given story, but I can’t help but notice that the subtext between McKay and Sheppard most definitely exists, especially when the subtext just reaches out and grabs me. I noticed that John seemed to be quite put out that Rodney was using his day off to go off world with Keller in the first scene of “Trackers” and there have been numerous other instances where the subtext was pretty obvious. Do you, or any of the other writers that you know of, intentionally write the scenes to include subtext? Is it just the way the actors choose to play the scene? I know some writers and actors in various productions through the years have actively put the subtext out there and I was wondering if the McShep is intentional even part of the time.

    Lastly, I want to thank you for all of the work you’ve done to bring two of my favorite television series to the screen. Brightest Blessings to you and may you get the opportunity to work on such a wonderful production again regularly soon!

  66. @ Maggie Mayday Hugs and Brightest Blessings to you and your brother, as well as the rest of your family. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and sending healing energies your brother’s way.

  67. Maggiemayday – I hope your brother takes strength from the fact you are a two time survivor. All the best for the stem cell transplant. Thoughts are with your family.

  68. So just thought I’d drop by before dragging off to bed. Are you sure it was the REAL Bob Picardo who dropped by today? 😉

    See- I went to a concert down here, and I could of sworn that I saw a younger version of him, on stage playing lead guitar. It was kind of weird/cool, you know in that Stargaty kind of way.

  69. For Carl Binder,
    Tracker: Keller ROCKED!!! Thank you Carl… the banter was great, the jokes funny…scouting for beavers… BWHAAA! And I loved the actor you cast as Kiryk. I did not realize he played the Russian officer Colonel Chernovshev in Season Eight’s “Full Alert,” and the bounty hunter Odai Ventrell in Season Ten’s “Bounty.” He looked so different and so handsome in this episode. I guess some men, like you, getter better looking as they age!

    Mike Dopud was a great rival for Ronan. And the no shirt scene was, well what can I say …sigh!!! Any chance you can convince Joe and Paul to have him in the SGA Movie???

    What was your favorite scene in Tracker and why?

    I am just noticing this for the first time. Why is the DHD center device on this plant blue instead of red?

    It looked like it was very cooled in the forest on the day you shot the scene when Rodney was first confronted by the wraith… were you on location when they filmed this part and was it really cool or did they CG the breath effect? Was there anything interesting that happened when you were on location?

    This is my favorite Keller episode to date! She deserves an Emmy nod for this one too!

    Thanks Carl for the video tours and all you do to make my favorite show awesome! You ROCK too! I will miss SGA, but I look forward to SGU. Will we be seeing your credits on SGU?

    Patricia Lee

  70. Carl-

    I really enjoyed “Tracker”. The competition between Rodney and Ronon for Keller’s affections is interesting to watch. I look forward to finding out how Jennifer feels about both of them (and of course to her ultimately picking Rodney as her love..ahem).

    Rodney was cracking me up! His almost swear left me in fits of surprised giggles! And I loved him practicing his medical jargon in the mirror so he could impress her. For all his genius, he’s got the social skills of a smitten 13 year old.

    The teleportation device was pretty cool. Since Rodney did get a look at it and managed to get it working, any chance of something like that popping up again (probably not since all the episodes are in the bag now, but it would be cool).

    Well, I’m very sad that filiming is over and done, but I look forward to the SGA movies. I’m gonna reserve judgement on Universe until I see it. I will give it a try. I have a feeling what’s on the page is going to seem a whole lot different once it’s on the, screen. And if you wanna bring Dr. McKay on the show every now and again, well that would just be dandy!

  71. It’s a sad day indeed 🙁 (or yesterday… the time zones is confusing if you live across the world)
    Be sure to thank the cast and crew for these 5 years on the wrap party from us fans – I can’t imagine the 5 years without Atlantis – and a big thank you to you Joe – for putting up with all the rants!

    I do wish I’m completey wrong in my judgement of SGU, as I do want the stargate franchise to continue. I will tune in of course of it when it comes on TV, and I will go from there.

    oh, you gonna have you camera with you on the party?

    Looking forward on tidbits about the atlantis movie 😉


  72. Mr. M

    Have a nice wrap party.

    Do give out a few tidbits on the SGA movie soon. So the fans will know that the TPTB is going ahead with the project. And not a case of “Vaporware”.

    P.S. too bad you didn’t take up my earlier suggestion of putting Amanda in a purple wig and silvery catsuit a la the UFO TV series as the commander of a moonbase. LOL (and running away from the Amanda fans)

  73. For Wraith Cake:

    Just a mild correction. Flanigan is 41 and Hewlett 40, not 36ish. But hey, it’s nice you kind you think he looks so great for his age! 🙂 You can find all the ages by checking out the IMDB.

    Other than that I agree with your sentiments exactly. I guess in TV Land…youth sells…until of course, it doesn’t. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Personally after twelve plus years of being glued to my TV Set every Friday, I’ll have to find a new hobby. I have no desire to watch a show about one forty year old dude babysitting some young inexperienced charges. Of course I guess by not watching I’ll miss the episode where Chloe Carpenter negotiates for the release of her friends from nasty aliens using her amazing political rhetoric but that’s a cross I’ll have to bear. This 34 year old guy has had it. But that’s probably for the best because Brad and Co. don’t want my viewership or expendable income anyway.

  74. Tracker was cool.

    Love the McKay/Ronon competition for Keller’s attention. Especially at the end, with Ronon’s amused little smirk. Why do I think he doesn’t really have “intentions” toward Keller?

    The fight scene near the end, where Keller brought out her Teyla-y fighting was very cool. I particularly liked the end, where the runner tossed the blade to Ronon.

    This ep reminded me of that one with Keller and Teyla in the woods being chased, only Keller didn’t irritate me in this one. I think she’s certainly improved since then.

    Oh, yeah, and the whole “sir” thing… great little real-life bit. Who hasn’t been on one end or the other of something like that?

  75. I will enjoy the rest of Season 5 beautiful Stargate Atlantis and of course look forward to “Atlantis The Movie” (what you call that? Project Twilight?). I believe it’s going to be An Epic Story.

    About Stargate Universe I must say, that we all can try to watch first few episodes of that show. I really want to believe, it’s will be great continuation of STARGATE franchise.

    /// Music: Goodbye Milky Way [artist: Enigma; album: A Posteriori] ///

  76. Hi Joe,
    It makes me a little sad to think of the lights going (even temporarily out) at the Bridge 🙁 Still, I have faith you’ll all be back in the middle of it in no time. I’m a big believer in waiting to see the ep/series before judging, no matter what the hype is, so I’m looking forward to the Atlantis movie and SGU.

    Anyway, the random question that has me posting is that I was perusing amazon and was sucked into the BluRay section. I notice there was a listing for season one of SG1 on BluRay, which got me very excited. In fact I could see the financial abyss opening in front of me as I contemplated the joys of seeing all my favourite Stargate in Hi Def! However I also noticed it wasn’t actually available, which made me wonder if you are aware of plans to re-release the series’ in hi def? (or am I unbearably slow on this front and it’s all been discussed to death ages ago….?).

  77. When I read the character sheet for SGA, I was interested, but was sure that I would hate one character in particular.


    The ACTUAL character – versus what I had envisioned in my mind – was so different that it took me all of the first half hour of Rising to completely change my mind.

    I will watch SGU. I probably will bail on it quicker than I did Enterprise if it’s bad, but I will give it a shot.

  78. McKay: “Oh sh…” HAHAHA!

    (Does it speak to my level of maturity that one of the things about the SG1 movies that never fails to crack me up is when we get to actually hear our beloved characters swear? Daniel in particular…)

    The last scene, the handshake, Ronon smiling. Just classic. Loved it.

  79. I said my goodbyes and thanks yesterday and thought that was that for me… sniff… but you know… you go away… and start thinking… so

    There’s never one reason to decided anything… just as there must have heaps of criteria why SGA had to be cancelled at this point…

    For me, the casting list simply confirmed my opinion, that I would not enjoy SGU… And this opinion didn’t simply come from pique that SGA was to be cancelled… Wasn’t simply because it is aimed at a younger audience, and therefore, at 50, I’m not even supposed to be watching!…Wasn’t simply because of the insult of needing ‘a fix’ …but from… another reason… and one that I haven’t seen mentionned anywhere else…

    SGU hasn’t any Stargate mythology… Both SG1 and SGA had their origins in Earth’s ancient history, bringing it forward to the present, and even to the future. SG1 began among the pyramids and we had a new intrepretation of the ancient Egyptians. Daniel Jackson was always turning up things from the past. And, of course, SGA is our lost city under the sea. There was always a sense of living, discovering and making history all at the same time. It is these aspects, in my opinion, that gave SG1 and SGA their essence, uniqueness, individuality, call it what you will, and set them apart from all other Sci Fi.

    SGU is simply a ship… lost in space… that happens to have a stargate…

  80. Hi Mr !
    How are you ?
    I wanted to write this because it will probably help me to feel better but I warn you I will seem a total girlish, stupid fan and I hate this but it bothers me and as there is others things I try to eliminate the issues that I can.

    I’m really disappointed on one thing. In fact several (if we count the end of SGA) but with the end of it I’m disappointed we don’t see Teyla in this ep. I know there is probably a lot of possibility as to why she wasn’t there, motherhood issue, The Queen shooting… But I’m disturbed with Keller. I know I will sound anti Keller and it’s perhaps unbelievable (I don’t know) but I am not I enjoyed her character and I will probably received lemon but I loved her in Missing I find her so fun.
    Now Keller is the doc, can fight and save her life. Will she become a leader too ? In this case it would be a perfect opportunity to replave Teyla. I’m really saddened that we haven’t a season 6 but at the same time I ask myself if we would see again Teyla.
    My problem isn’t the lack of Teyla (as I said undertand she can miss eps) besides I thought that she had great ep. But you said we will see a lot more of Teyla than in season 4 and in fact she missed 2 eps it’s more than in season 2 and 3. But like I said my problem isn’t this my problem is that Keller had so much development. I liked her as whiny like everybody said I don’t need another hero or worst a whiny hero otally like McKay. In 2 seasons she had more development that a lot of character. You say it’s because people dislike her but to be honnest Teyla suffers a lot of critic (as a fan I can assure you that I was really disgusted) and you didn’t give her that chance in my opinion. Even if I really love her arc in season 4 and really like Teyla in season 5 and even more if it’s possible in The Queen.
    So in fact my question is besides Prodigal as you said to us did we have to fear that Teyla be MIA ?

    Another problem that I have (and on this poit it’s totally my fault I shouldn’t have became a shipper, believe me it gave me a lesson) how is it possible that Keller has 2 love interests and in the main cast while we waited for so long for Teyla ?
    I am a sheyla shipper and I hope that it won’t declare a war and once again I hope I won’t receive lemon lol but why give us something like the beginning of Search & Rescue ad nothing more ? Don’t you know that if you give a hand people want the arm too ? So John and Teyla will have some scenes together or after 4 years of great friendship (yeah I speak of friendship) they will do as if they don’t know each other ? I can’t believe you gave a love triangle between main cast while you always said it would’t be possible for John Teyla. If you wanted to drop the ball so you only needed to stop it all. I find it a little cruel (but I suppose you don’t lead it against me personally lol). But I don’t know a lot of spoiler and if it’s possible I will seem even more stupid that I can seem right now :S I wanted to know too if there will be a resolution between Kanaan and Teyla I mean are they friends or more. At least if she had find someone nice and caring it’s good.

    So after all of this I want to assure you that I’m not an anti Keller and if you remember my other posts (I doubt it lol) I’m all for what you’ve done until now and I can’t say that there is one ep that I dislike. Yeah once again I’m probably one of the few or the only one to have liked Irresonsible lol.

    So now that I expose my mind and find me totally stupid (it’s the problem when you decide to don’t think) and that I know that in only 2 words you will probably put me in my place again I will stop here, even if I have another things to say like I don’t care for the doctors generally I like them but I always find they made awesome and beautiful death (in SG1 yet) and didn’t saw the point to bring one in full force but once again I fear to receive a lot of lemon lol.

    I wanted nevertheless to thank you for all these awesome years and Stargate Continuum was awesome I so love it and I cry several times. I so hope there will be more movies (I don’t know if it is decided yet).
    To excuse myself I have to say too that I was in a loçt of stress these last several weeks and that finally I find a job 😀 After weeks of crying I’m crying from joy now lol.
    Thanks for listening (you understande what I mean :S) and sorry for my poor english if you cringe as much as I cringe when I read something in my language with faults so I really pity you.

  81. Very big thanks to you and everyone involved in Atlantis! It was a great time and I’m really looking forward to watching the rest of season 5 and then the movie(s). Have fun at the party!

    And again thanks for trying to cheer us up considering SGU. I’ll definitely watch the pilot but if I don’t like it I’m not going to force myself to watch the rest only because it could get better. That’s just the way I would approach every new series.
    (I’ve learned from past mistakes like getting angry with SG-1 because RDA left and not watching the 9th season or not watching Atlantis at all till the middle of season 2 because I couldn’t imagine to be able to like the show… been watching reruns since 😉 )
    SGU is at least going to get its chance with me.

    I haven’t watched Trackers yet, so no questions to Carl Binder from me up untill now. But I can at least say thanks for many wonderful episodes, so: Thanks, Carl!

  82. And I’m back from shopping and Starbucks. Still sad, though.

    @PG15: I meant to say you are brave to venture into Gateworld. And I totally get why it makes you go all *GRRRR* sometimes. I do get that. I just think my wittle heart can’t take that sort of stress. My life seems to throw stress at me I can’t avoid. So I avoid the stress when I can. But I am thankful for the brave souls, like yourself, who can tell me the tales from GW. Otherwise, I’d be out of the loop!

    @Das: Had a scare yesterday myself! I was happily (note the sarcasm in my voice) doing the laundry in the laundry room. All of a sudden I saw it! Or HIM or HER! 😯 Yup. It looked like big, furry, black… SPIDER! Soooo… I was very, VERY brave. I took all the dark towels I’d just sorted and one by one, flung them to the other side of the laundry room. Until, finally, there at the VERY BOTTOM, right there on the floor, was the offending creature/scary thing. I stared. It stared. (I assume.) Neither of us moved. About twenty seconds goes by and I decide to be really, really, REALLY brave and take a closer look.

    And what do my eyes spy? A clear sticker with the letter M on it. The kind found on clothing! 😳 Yeah… not a spider. Phew! And… duh! 🙄

    Maybe I should go see that therapist…

  83. I just created a Hey!Nielsen rating page for Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog. You’ll find it here

    I wrote a long description, but they cut it short:

    Joe Mallozzi, best known as a writer-producer for the Stargate programs, blogs daily about anything that crosses his mind. Books, food, movies, his continuing fight to drive spammers insane, his dogs, news stories, backstage insights, and life in general….

    Anne Teldy

  84. Well, I hope those who are left have a nice couple of days in Vegas. Too bad you didn’t have everyone going. That woulda been one heck of a place for a wrap party! 🙂

    I hope you guys have a great time at the wrap. Thankfully, it’s not fully goodbye. We look forward to the reunion in the upcoming movie.

    And hopefully you’ll be heading out into the Universe so you can shape the show into something that folks will enjoy.

    By the way, we want details about the party since you were key in helping to plan it!

  85. Hi Joe,

    extend a thanks for me to amanda tapping for not changing out of costume before that photo, could the patch on her shoulder mean Carter will be the admin of the moon base she mentioned in the end of Continuum?

    well onto more important things, i’m going to miss atlantis, and i hope you’re given a job as writter for Universe, they can only benefit from your experience and talent.

    good luck with all your future work.

  86. Thanks for the pic of Colin…he is a very nice and extremely funny man who gives lovely hugs and kisses to old ladies who should know better!……..

    Deeds xx

  87. Tracker was awesome from start to finish, snappy, tight and fun! I loved all the Rodney/Ronin scenes; what a wonderful bromance! Jewel did a great job of showing how much Keller has grown since she joined the team. Keller is now cooler under pressure and can be tough when she needs to be while still retaining her Keller kindness.

    I loved the storyline and the new tracker; I hope we’ll see him pop up again somewhere in the SG verse. The show just keeps getting better each week and I hope the ratings reflect that.

  88. I hope you and everyone else has a fantastic time at the wrap party Joe and I leave all of you lots of hugs and appreciation for the amazing work that has been Atlantis. 🙂

    It’s terrible really, we’ve only just had “Ghost In the Machine” this week and I miss the show already! Every episode that I watch over the coming weeks will be tinged with a very bittersweet feeling. 🙁

    Thankyou all of you for 5 amazing years.

  89. Hey Joe,

    Would it be too late to warn Todd that Keller with a P90 in her hands is Rambo-like material, and therefore he should most probably duck?


    She rocked, of course. 😀

    I went in expecting nothing much, and that was a good idea, since I was pleasantly surprised by the episode. Very nicely done.

    As for the next episode, looks like cleaning that ‘boom’ up will be a problem… :S


  90. @Das: Eek!!! GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT! :O I just left Target on my way to Erin’s voice lesson. I’m walking out the massive sliding doors and something red and multi-legged flies into my face! 👿 Now… I’m thinking in my head, “Ok. Enough FALSE spider sightings. 🙄 It’s just some fuzzy bit of cloth or maybe a ripped up leaf. Sheesh.” But then I am hearing someone yelling, “Holy Crap! What the hell?!!” And I realize it’s me. I’m bent over and trying to keep that thing out of my hair. It lands on the ground infront of me. And… it was a REAL spider! 😯 *shudder* I’m still getting chills up and down my spine. My mom didn’t believe me. Allie didn’t believe me. Then I hear both of them say, “Oh yeah! Lookatthat! It’s a spider alright.” Like it’s no big deal. Yeah right! Allie might not care. But my mom would have been doing that “Get the spider away from me!” dance if it had happened to her.

    Now I’m gonna have nightmares. *sigh*

    P.S. You totally get extra-super-bonus points for using smiley emoticons while being snarky. I think Todd would be proud. 😆

    (freaked out) Trish

  91. Thanks for a great episode last night – and a delectable and scrummy baddy to leer at. Not that I am shallow… not at all….well, maybe just a little …….


  92. Carl,
    Have to say I enjoyed Tracker, it was nice to see the interaction between Ronan and Rodney, especially since so many episodes of this season have had a darker feel to them. Found myself laughing out loud at multiple parts. I do have a few questions for you, hope they aren’t repeated from earlier posts. 1) It feels like when John walks into Rodney’s room (great shot with the mirror, by the way) that there is a missing scene-as if John had the same interaction with Ronan earlier. I kind of feel that John would be more curious that both are volunteering to go with Keller as opposed to Rodney going on his day off. Am I right about this one? 2) Read in an interview that Jason feels that Keller is wrong for Ronan, but I’m more curious to see how Ronan would grow within a relationship than Rodney. If Keller chooses Ronan, how do you see his character changing? 3) How come we haven’t seen any of the sparring sessions? 4) Was it wrong of me to feel that Ronan and Rodney jump to the conclusion (albeit correct) that Keller is missing too quickly? Finally, and this question has nothing to do with Tracker, rather with a comment that Joe made at comic con (just watched the video on the website). Ok, maybe this itself is more like a comment. Anyway, the question was thrown at Joe as to how he’s seen his character grow over the course of the series. He commented that that has been one of the larger arcs, but I have to disagree. I feel as if there is one character that resembles themselves the most from the first season it would be John. However, I see this as a good thing. I feel that his character provides a foil for the others-he enables them to change and grow through their interactions with him.

    Ok, have to say that your episodes definitely rank among my favorites. As much fun as it is to see the cast get into danger and fight their way out, its also nice to be provided an opportunity to just watch them interact with each other.

  93. Have fun at the party, Joe, and take pics please! BTW, what was the crew gift this year, after all? Did they like it?

    I’m sure it’s a bittersweet time, but sometimes change is good.

    I enjoyed Tracker quite a bit, most of all Mike Dupod’s performance as Kiryk. I thought he added amazing vulnerability to the role, esp compared to when he played Odai Ventrell in Bounty. I’m not a fan of the love triangle thing at all, sorry, but given the premise, it was well written. Rodney’s on-going monologue in the forest was hilarious.

    Questions for Carl on Tracker:

    — Were you on location during the shooting? If so, were there issues you weighed in on, or anything that surprised you?

    — What do you think was really bothering John when he confronted Rodney in the first scene?

    — Do you think Ronon and Rodney are friends? In The Shrine, Ronon went to the mat for Rodney, but here, he seemed dismissive if not contemptuous of him. Was that just guy banter, or are they too different to be friends?

    — Is Ronon really interested in Keller, or is he pulling Rodney’s chain?

    — Did the Wraith redesign the tracking device because Ronon got rid of his too easily?

    Thanks for a tight, well-written episode!

  94. Well as for me I am definately going to give Stargate Universe a chance. I came a little late to the Stargate fan base but I am a total geek for it and I cannot imagine not having something with the word Stargate in it to watch.
    I will miss all our Atlantians just as I missed SG-1 but I am not one to give up on a franchise when change comes along. As you may well assume from my moniker I love all things Star Trek and welcomed all newcomers. I think I need to change my name somehow to included Stargate.
    Thanks Joe and keep the updates coming!

  95. Hey Joe,
    Been too depressed to look at your blog recently. The fact that Atlantis is wrapping for the final time is not what I want to be reminded of. Thanks to you, Paul and the entire cast and crew for such a great ride. I want to see the remaining 11 episodes (obviously) but don’t want to knowing there are no more coming except for the odd movie now and then.

    Last night’s episode was very cool. Liked the new Runner and am actually starting to like Keller (yes, I did say like). The ending scene between Ronan and Rodney was well written and acted perfectly by Jason and David.

    I do have a beef with the ep. How come in one year Keller becomes able to fight off a wraith while after five years, Rodney has trouble loading a 9 mil? I get really tired of Rodney being used as comic relief and would like to see his skills improve. Knowing his instinct for self preservation is in overdrive, you’d have thought that he would be interested in having more defensive skills. Some writers seem to be kinder to Rodney than others and, as much as I like Carl’s writing for the most part, he doesn’t write Rodney well at all some of the time (Quarantine anyone?).

  96. I loved the Atlantis episode last night and it really made me that Atlantis was going off the air soon. 🙁 Do we know when the last episode airs?

    Was this the original place in the season for this episode? It felt weird having the Ronon vs. Rodney for Keller’s affections after the events in the The Shrine. Not impossible, just odd.

  97. Ah it’s so so sad that SGA is wrapping up. I will miss it terribly.
    As far as SGU is concerned, I was definitly worried by the character breakdown we saw…I really don’t like the sound of those characters as they are on that list. But to be frank, it really doesn’t matter. I am going to watch it regardless, because you guys at the Bridge have always done a fantastic job on these shows. Even when there’s been decisions that I’ve HATED, it’s never stopped me tuning in because even at it’s worst, Stargate is still better than most of what’s on tv.
    I’ll be flying the ‘let’s give SGU a chance flag’. At least until I see the first ep 😉

  98. I thought Tracker was a hoot!!!!! The scene at the end was priceless. I think it very sweet that Rodney went to see Ronan about his intention for Jennifer. Poor Ronan, this is one battle he is not going to win. Jennifer and Rodney are meant to be. : )

    I love that John finds it amusing that Rodney won’t confess as to why he is really was going to help Jennifer. Rodney is a terrible liar.

    Love that Jennifer is more kick ass. I think it is a nice touch for her to be taking Sparing lessons.

    For Carl, what inspired to have Rodney make mention of Fort MacMurray and Whitehorse? Should we assume that Rodney spent a portion of his childhood up north?

  99. Well it looks as if Keller is the test run for SGU with Rodney and Ronon competing for her attention. If this is what is planned for SGU then it’s another reason for me not to tune in. SGA has lost it’s way in season 5 and if this is the new direction the ptb want Stargate to go in then I’m definitely not interested. I always watched for the team but that is non existant this season, and by team I mean Shep/Teyla/Ronon and Rodney. I think the last time we saw them hang out as friends or actually seem like friends was in season three. I find it kinda sad when an episode ends up with who will end up with Keller.

    Teyla sadly seems to have been tossed aside for Keller. I hope the Queen wasn’t her only tour de force episode. So I have no reason to wait and see with SGU, the fact that it consists mainly of kids and that their relationships will probably be a focus of the show leaves me cold. I don’t tune into scifi to see angsty young emotionally challenged kids. I have nothing to relate to with the age group. It’s like asking a bunch of teens to tune into a show with 50 somethings gardening and telling them they’ll love it. Do you think they would really need to wait and see to know that it wasn’t for them.

    It’s pretty sad the Brad Wright doesn’t think the older audience are worth catering to and that we would be remotely interested in seeing kids in space. I don’t see why it would have been so bad to give us a more diverse age group and stop pandering to the young and sexy. Keller seems to be used in that regard on SGA and it’s pretty much ruined my enjoyment of the show. The team dynamic has been lost and the wonderful chemistry they shared. Anyway its’ all in the past now so I hope the new show appeals to all the youngsters as much as you hope it will.

    I feel incredibly sad saying goodbye to SGA and for the most part it’s been a great ride and I would like to extend my utmost thanks to all the amazing actors who brought these characters to life, particulary Joe Flanigan who kept me watching. That thanks goes to everyone else involved in bringing SGA into my life once a week over the last 5 years. Nothing can replace SGA for me and I feel sorry that it has been prematurely taken away. I wish you Joe all the best for the future and hope all the SGA cast and crew go on to bigger and better things in the future.

  100. Loved Tracker for all the reasons already named. Humour, action, drama…all the things you guys do so well.


    I especially loved the little moments that seem to foreshadow who Keller is likely to choose. But depending on how you interpret the scenes, there’s foreshadowing for both Rodney and Ronon. Like when the little girl says that Kiryk isn’t really mean, but just acts that way. And Keller says, with affection, that she knows someone just like that (could have been talking about Ronon or Rodney…except that right after she says that, the next scene focuses on Rodney….) When Keller takes the teleporting device because she’s thinking how Rodney would love trying to figure it out. Yet, she and Ronon seem to share a “look” during the scene in the infirmary at the end.

    And Ronon’s smile/smirk at the end during Rodney’s “let the best man win” comment. Is he smirking because he’s feeling there’s no contest? Or smiling because he’s busting McKay’s chops?

    Love the attention to the little things like this by the writers, directors and cast. This is one of the reasons I’m going to miss SGA.

  101. @ Trish – 😆 Your two experiences have described my entire summer! I’ve been freaking out over specks and leaves and dust balls and anything else that resembles one of those leggy creepy-crawlies. And I have laundry problems, too. You know what gets me ALL the time? The labels in clothes and on towels. Everytime. I see a black ‘thing’ on light-colored material, and the laundry goes flying! You and me? We both really need to get someone else to do the wash. 😀

    @ Joe – Is it just me, or do you get up and going later when Fondy’s not around? Usually new posts are up by 9-10 am ET, but the last few days they haven’t been showing before noon, my time. It messes up the whole mid-morning coffee-and-computer thing I have going on, not to mention what it does to my image of you. See, now I kinda imagine you lying around in bed with the pups, eating weird stuff and getting crumbs in the sheets, just reading books and not even bothering to shower and shave. Am I hot? Cold? Lukewarm? 🙂


    @ Mr. Binder – (Some may be a repeat of my comments above, only in question form. )

    Although I enjoyed Tracker well enough, one thing I found disappointing was that – after three episodes dealing with Wraith hunters (Runner, Sateda, Tracker) – we still really don’t know why they do it. Yes, there was speculation in Runner, but that’s all it was – speculation.

    1. So, in your mind, why do they hunt – for sport? For training? And do ALL Wraith hunt in this fashion, or just the elite? Or, is it reserved for those who have a more sadistic taste for the kill, who savor human suffering more than those who simply feed in order to survive (in other words, are the hunters Mallozzi-Wraith 😉 )?

    2. Since when did the Wraith become the Keystone Cops? Seriously, these guys are predators – hunters by nature – and yet an entire army of them is taken down by Mad Max McKay, Ronon, Rambo Keller, dude that just had a heart ‘attack’, and an unconscious kid. Really, now. 🙄

    3. Would the Wraith have fed upon an ailing child? After what happened to Steve, I doubt any Wraith would opt to feed on someone so ill, unless it was absolutely starving. So, was it your intention to suggest that the Wraith was about to feed on the child, or just kill her outright? If so, is this (attempted killing of a child) your way of turning them back into monsters in viewers’ minds, perhaps to counter the enlightening episode last week?

    4. Since I thought he’d be stunning as a Wraith, I asked Alan M. if he’s ever considered shaving off his eyebrows, slapping on some green face paint and plopping a cotton mop on his head, and he said no, because he’d look like you. Do you take that as a compliment?

    After all is said and done, there are several things that I did like about the Wraith in this episode – stated in an earlier comment if you care to read. And if nothing else, they are just as beautiful in death as they are in life, so at least I had the eye candy, if only for a moment.


  102. Hello,

    I just finished watching Tracker, a very nice episode, and wanted to thank whomever is responsible for the “Princess Bride” reference !
    I was kind of complaining a couple of weeks ago that it had been too long since SGA either quoted or made a reference to it, and you guys just gave it to me 😀
    So thanks again ! 🙂

  103. Question for Carl,

    Who’s decision was it to have Rodney be unable to load his gun properly and why? as I found this aspect beyond annoying and can not figure out why this was done.

    Ive never felt that Ronon was great friends with Rodney but felt there was a great deal of respect there. However I did find some of the banter harsh and unnecessary towards Rodney and wondered where the respect had gone. Was there a concious decision to portray there banter this way or am i missing something here?

    I did enjoy the episode but these two little things bugged me, sorry.

  104. Quick Tracker questions for Carl:

    1) Where was the sunset filmed? It was gorgeous!

    2) Oh, not Tracker but just general: What will you be doing now that SGA is done? Do you think you’ll move on to SGU or another series? I have enjoyed the episodes you’ve penned.


  105. Hmmm… I seem to be in the minority. I didn’t care much for Tracker, although I liked Kiryk. I have tried not to prejudge the McKay-Keller-Dex storyline. I often find romance and related “triangles” detract from a show, but I truly wanted to wait and see how it played out on screen. Maybe handled another way it would have worked for me, but as it was, I feel like it nullified the Rodney-Ronon relationship we’ve seen develop over the years. They acted like they had no use for each other. Honestly, they seemed like strangers to each other much of the time. This is the Rodney who erased Ronon’s scars? This is the Ronon who was so saddened by Rodney’s decline in the Shrine? The Rodney who sat next to Ronon’s bed through his withdrawal? I adore the big 4’s team-dynamic, and I felt like that emotional continuity was sacrificed for the sake of a storyline that didn’t add much to the totality of the show. I love SGA, and Search and Rescue and the Shrine thrilled me, but now that we know the show is ending, I’m hoping we have more team-centric stories for the remainder of the season. And, while I sincerely hope you don’t read this as character bashing, I have to say: I like Jewel Staite as an actress, and I dug her in Firefly, but I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of her as the focus of a story. If she seemed a little less “damsel-in-distress” (to paraphrase one fan, Rodney whimpering-yet-competent subverts gender stereotypes; Keller whimpering-yet-competent just reinforces them) or if I knew we had one or more seasons beyond this one to develop a fan relationship with her, I’d be more sanguine about such an increase in focus on her, but as we’re ticking closer to the end, I selfishly want the main four to shine. Regardless, thanks for the forum to express opinions to TPTB, and thanks for 5 awesome years.

  106. @maggiemayday Sorry, I’m not good with words, but I was sorry to hear your news about your brother. I wish things were different. If good thoughts count for anything, know that you and your family have mine.

  107. For our Atlantis family,

    We know it takes a small city to deliver an episode every week. Every single writer, producer, actor, makeup artist, camera artist, technorati (FX, stunts, we are not worthy!), craft services, and editor has poured his or her heart and soul into 5 very special years. As you celebrate those years tonight at the wrap party, know that your Stargate/Mallozzi family wishes they could be there with you. We’d like to let everyone know how important their individual contribution was. While we may be smitten with one actor or department, the truth is everything is different when one person, any person, is absent from the mix.

    According to theater tradition, at the end of the show, the players line the stage, raise clasped hands, and take a bow for the house (audience). Tonight, do that for us, though we can’t be there physically. Line up, every last one of you, close the line into a circle, raise those clasped hands, and bow for each other. When you do…

    We will be there with you, in spirit, in the center of that circle, giving you wild applause and a standing ovation.

  108. Okay I’ll admit it! I had to use a US Proxy so I could watch “Tracker” online because I couldn’t wait until Monday to see it here in Canada. Not that I WON’T watch it again on Monday, in HD, but I just could not wait! 😛

    Love, love, loved it! The conversation between Ronon/Rodney was amazing. Rodney trying to be all cool and “these tracks are deeper lets follow these” only to have Ronon reveal the trap a few feet down the trail was one of my favorite parts! Loved Rodney’s “Sir” and his tough-guy concern for Keller. Jewel rocked in this episode! Her sparring lessons comment was perfect, and her attitude was very much take charge. This was my fave episode of the season so far!

    Joe, if possible, could you ask Carl if he’d be willing to share some of the edited scenes or missing scenes similar to what you’ve done for your episodes? I am very curious to know what didn’t make the cut or what was changed from his original idea.

    And to the cast and crew, I wish everyone the best. I’ll miss the show terribly! It’s the only show I don’t dare miss each week, and with my schedule, that’s hard to do! And please make sure to include Kavan when you’re planning! ^_^


  109. Joe,

    This is a question for Carl —

    Thanks for your great work over the last five years. Your stories have been among my favorites, especially Aurora, Phantoms and Echoes.

    Have you ever been given a “note” from the studio that required you to take a story in a direction that you didn’t agree with? Can you give us any examples, if so? Thanks again,


  110. So while you’re thinking about the Atlantis movie, think MICHAEL (the half-wraith, not Shanks), unless he’s already bitten the dust in The Prodigal. But of course, even that wouldn’t matter as nobody ever dies anywhere in scifi, especially in the Stargate universe (small “u” in universe, not to be confused with the now, apparently, controversial show).

  111. Me again, forgot to insert my PS. I loved the last scene in Tracker between Ronon and Rodney. Great looks by Jason and David H was just wonderful.

  112. Joe,

    Thanks for 5 great years of SGA plus 7 excellent years of SG-1. I hope you are involved with SGU, but even if you’re not, I will give the show a chance because Brad Wright, Robert Cooper and the others have done a wonderful job, and I believe the new show deserves a chance before it is judged. I hope everyone else will do the same.

    I’m gonna go nuts…
    But at least it’s confirmation that the movie will be intense! 🙂

  114. omg I can’t believe it. I just started watching the show last year because of Jewel Staite. It’s such a wonderful and popular show. I can’t believe it….
    An amazing Sci-Fi show.
    Stargate without Sheppard and McKay?????? No Keller?????

  115. I’m playing catch-up here, been offline a few days.

    *indignant glare*

    After all this time, you didn’t give “Paul Davis” his long-overdue promotion? I see Colin’s still wearing the gold oak leaves of a Major, not the silver of a Lt. Col.

  116. For the information of those questioning the “younger” cast, US Air Force demographics support the proposed character ages.


    – The average age of the officer force is 35; for enlisted Airmen, it’s 29

    – Of the force, 38.47 percent are below the age of 26

    — 44.54 percent of enlisted Airmen are below 26 versus 14.58 percent of officers


  117. Dear Joe,

    I haven’t been that faithful with watching SGA, but on the other hand, I believe that if you brought in SGU as SGA was still running, we would all get used to the new show. Just like they had SGA run while SG-1 was still airing. Instead of having a year gap inbetween. Besides, i’m still waiting for the new episodes of SGA’s season 5 to show here. This is why i so hate living in Newfoundland, Canada. We are always so far behind everyone in watching the good shows.

    **Deep sign** I hope I won’t have to wait much longer.

    I hope you will still come in and write and keep us informed on your day and projects. It’s great that you do this. I just wish that the cast would do something like this, mainly Michael Shanks.

    Anyway, hope you have a great day.

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