Maximus = Best in Show
Maximus = Best in Show
Maximus and Bubba all smiles
Maximus and Bubba all smiles
Lulu Lounging
Lulu Lounging
Jelly Smiles
Jelly Smiles
devilish Lulu
devilish Lulu

Hope you’ve all finished up this month’s fantasy book of the month club pick, The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden, because I’ll be weighing in with my thoughts tomorrow. I’ll also be collecting questions for author Catherynne M. Valente who will be dropping by later in the week. This one was a very unique and interesting read. I look forward to checking out your comments.

Speaking of dropping by later in the week… You first knew her as replicator technician, then as human technician, and now as fab-haired recurring gate tech Amelia Banks on Stargate Atlantis. Next weekend-ish, actress Sharon Taylor will be dropping by to field your questions about her growing role on the series. What’s in store for Amelia in season 5? The answers may surprise. I’ll be taking questions for Sharon starting on Wednesday.

Well, the early numbers for Ghost in the Machine come in tomorrow afternoon and I predict our hitherto consistently upticking numbers take a bit of a hit as we went up against the Olympics last Friday night. Alas, not even the combined forces of Earth’s battle cruisers and the city of the Ancients are a match for the triple jump and women’s sabre. Hey, did you catch Tajikistan win the bronze in judo? No, neither did I.

Big news on the home front. Bubba took his first off-leash walk today. And, I’m proud to report, that not once did he go berserk and get all up in that passing Chihuahua’s grill. I’m sure that to those of you who don’t own a dog, this may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Hmmm. How to put it in terms you could understand? Well, I guess it’s sort of like a baby saying its first words or taking its first steps. Only more meaningful.

Fondy came back from a pet expo today, arms laden with dog treats. “Here you go,”she said, holding up a bag of desiccated chicken hearts. “Your next weird food purchase. I dare you.” Well. Them’s fightin’ words. On the other hand, them’s also some nasty smellin’ treats so I think I’ll hold off on the desiccated chicken hearts and go with something only slightly (and I do mean ever so slightly) less disgusting today: wheat grass. Check out the video at the bottom of this blog entry.

Hey, 1st Assistant Production Coordinator Tanja Balic was kind enough to send me copies of the photos she took during my dogs’ last visit to the studio. If the pooches look crazed, that’s only because they are.

82 thoughts on “August 17, 2008: Upcoming Guests, Pooch Pics, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

  1. Not a big fan of wheatgrass – especially after using it to grow cultures of Paramecium. Good idea to pass on the desicated chicken hearts.

  2. Looking forward to the discussion tomorrow, even if I have to stay up late to get my thoughts in. congrats on Bubba’s achievement, and I am looking forward to viewing the video, if I can find a computer here at work that will let me view it. Wheat grass? Shades of Celebrity Apprentice!

  3. Big news on the home front. Bubba took his first off-leash walk today. And, I’m proud to report, that not once did he go berserk and get all up in that passing Chihuahua’s grill. I’m sure that to those of you who don’t own a dog, this may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Hmmm. How to put it in terms you could understand? Well, I guess it’s sort of like a baby saying its first words or taking its first steps. Only more meaningful.

    As a dog lover (although mine have passed on), and sometime grandma dog-sitter, I can appreciate this very well.

    As for the wheat grass… um… grass. What was your first clue?

    Also, Olympics. Bah. If there were no Stargate Atlantis, I’d probably be watching paint dry.

  4. Looks like you might have done better to get some grass from the back yard. At least you wouldn’t have had to pay for it.

  5. Hey Joe!

    Wheat grass looks as yummy as sour prunes! You made the same face. I think that video made MY gag reflex start up. 😛

    Ok, here is the thing with Great Pyrs: NEVER let them off the leash. Ever! Sebastian loved us very, very, VERY much. And he wanted to run away from us every day of his life. Pyrs WILL roam.

    I envy you and your off-leash pooches.

    Annabelle is half pyr. That literally means we can trust her off leash half the time.

    And your doggies are crazed, too? Good! I don’t feel so bad that every dog we seem to welcome into the family is crazed. I’m in good company.

    Now it’s bedtime.

    Trish 😀

  6. Oh god! You didn’t!!! You didn’t! *bleh*

    Yeah, the female technician that went from room to room with Lorne, Shep & Chucknician in ‘Quarantine’? She looks awesome!

  7. Ahahahahahahahahahaha! Your face! Ahahahahaha!

    I’m sorry, I know it’s impolite to laugh but still … wheat grass?!


    Oh my. I tried it once … like you said, you can really … REALLY taste the cholorophyll.

  8. Whether you ship milkmaid with gladiator, garage mechanic with amnesiac socialite, or pizza delivery guy with twins, you needn’t resort to fan fiction to get your fix.

    I’m betting the fanfic has much more merit. LOL!

    Yay for pup pictures! They’re looking delightfully cheery.

    Erm. Good luck with those chicken hearts. Yikes.

    Hey, did you catch Tajikistan win the bronze in judo? No, neither did I.

    Did anyone? Then again, I’ve been too busy working, I’ve hardly have time to glance at the TV. Though I did manage to see all but one of Phelps’ events. Frankly, I can’t believe table tennis is a sport. Just because I can’t play it, doesn’t make it a sport. Not saying it’s not athletic…but the Olympics? Really?

    A poli sci degree? Impressive, Joe! That’s what I’m in for (and business admin). So interesting how many people go into careers having nothing or little to do with undergrad degrees.

    Hope you’re having a good day!

  9. Hey Joe!

    Those pooch pics are amazing. I’m thinking about getting a french bulldog or a pug. We’ll see…

    Question regarding “Ghost in the Machine”:

    are they just going to leave her out there? It’d be one thing to ditch them all out there and retreive you-know-who, but they just leave her out there? Couldn’t McKay just reactivate the nanites?

  10. For Muddypiddypop:

    The only news that is public knowledge about JF’s personal life is that his adoptive father passed away earlier this year. It was on his sister’s web site. Any other “personal” news is just that, “personal”.

    Well I hope GITM didn’t take too big of a hit Friday night. It’s too bad if it did because it was good. I wish JS and Weir had shared a ‘moment’ before she walked through the gate, other than just a look, but all in all it was satisfying. Thanks for a good show.

  11. Joe,
    There are a couple point that need clarification on Ghosts in the machine, can you please answer the following questions:

    1. So including Dr.Weir there were only 9 surviving replicators aboard that aurora class ship at the end of BAMSR? I would imagine a ship like that would contain more.

    2. Will their Aurora class ship that we see grounded on the planet where they meditated ever gonna be found and used by our heroes or will it be forgotten just like the TRIA?

    thanks again…. hope to hear from you buddy

  12. So…Ghost in the Machine…

    Why is it that the good guys are such pricks? Seriously, do they even want to form any non-human allies? First Fifth, then Niam, then Michael, now these guys. Okay, yes, they didn’t really have a lot of options with Niam, but I’m beginning to wonder if they would have shanked him soon enough anyway, even if he hadn’t gone all psycho. And you’d think they’d have learned their lesson about the dangers of betraying people with Michael, when they ended up literally making one of their worst enemies.

    On the plus side, it was nice to see Weir again. I’d much rather see the character without the actor than the actor without the character (see: my feelings on clone!Carson). Still a pretty sucky end for her, though. But I guess she, like the others, are still out there, so if they really, really wanted to at some point, they could probably go retrieve her and revive her like they did with Niam in The Return.

  13. Sorry for my recent posting absence. It’s not for lack of quality dishing on your part. I actually just got a big raise in our editing department at Next New Networks. It’s no Bridge Studios, but some of our shows are really popular with online Do-It-Yourself communities like Indy Mogul (DIY Filmmaking). Plus I just had to find another place to live due to unusual circumstances beyond my control. Big headaches.

    The dogs look great. Most people don’t realize that’s what they’re supposed to look like. You end up with weird stares or shocked bystanders and all you can say is “yep, that’s my buddy”.

    I can’t wait to hear from Sharon. It’s really cool to get different perspectives on Atlantis production from the top to the bottom. Almost like a double secret commentary track.

    Could you comment on the choice of Production company names from the various powers that have graced the show like:

    RDAs/Greenburg’s “Gekko”
    Wright/Glassner’s “Double Secret”
    Wright/Cooper’s “Jump Shark”

    Did they have any particular reason for choosing those names? Is there any reason underneath the obvious references?

  14. Hi Joe,

    More pic’s of your lovely dogs! They are so cute!
    Chicken hearts! Treats for your dogs! I give my dog chicken wingtips! The vet says it really good for them! Not the chicken necks cause they have awful stuff in them & fat!
    I take my dog Molly to the off leash park too! She loves it!
    Once I was walking her near the water on a warm summers day & she decided to take a dip & start swimming in the lake. So I got wet too! All this from a dog who hates getting a bath!

    Wheatgrass by itself its awful but in a shake say from boost juice they are really nice. I dont know if you have boost juice over there. We do in Sydney! Its yummy!

    Still liking the weird purchase of the day videos! Thanks for making me smile!

    Take care & happiness always!


  15. Hey Joe,
    Chlorophyll … yuck. I agree!

    Tanja Balic is a great photographer! Wonderfully expressive shots of the pups.

    Ah nuts, no mail bag today! So nothing to say, but ah nuts!!!

    Happy Sunday! Hope you have great Monday!

    Patricia Lee

  16. You know, I think you should have a second cameraperson filming a reaction shot of Fondy as she films you eating your weird foods — that is what I want to see! She’s really a good sport about this, isn’t she?

  17. It was bond to happen, you having Fondy video the wierd food purchase, she naturally wants to make it really good by offering the actual purchase of the day. As for the wheat grass, thanks but I’ll get my vitamins and amino acids another way. Preferably in pill form so I don’t have to taste it.

    Well just finished Continuum. I have to say that I like Ark of the Truth much more. I wonder if that is because I began watching Atlantis first then went to season 9 and 10 of SG1 to see what it offered. It could be that Ark of the Truth had more action in it. Don’t get me wrong Continuum was good, I guess hearing everyone say they loved it so, I had higher expectations. It was like when I saw X-files last night. While the movie was good, it was like watching the TV show not a movie. It left me looking for more and I felt that way with Continuum. Oh well, just my thoughts.

    As for the dog, congratulations! When my dog was alive she could only be walked on a leash because she always wanted to run off and be curious (yellow labs do that). I always would have to get in my car, open the back door and tell her we were going for a ride to get her back. It wasn’t totally a lie, she’d get in the car and we’d ride back to the house.

  18. Well, don’t the pooches look spiffy. I’m guessing they’re wearing harnesses? I’ve never seen any like that before.

    “Bubba took his first off-leash walk today.”

    That’s great! An important skill for every dog (and owner) to master. They should be as well-behaved off the leash as they are on it.

    Of course, I had working dogs and you have pets. A subtle difference, but still a good principle for both. 🙂

  19. How old is Bubba?

    Where I used to walk my dog – around a giant park (giant for Perth) all the dogs ran loose. Most of them would just trot around after their owners. My dog would just see the river Tay and go for a swim.

    He was a great dog – and a total embarrassment.

    If he wasn’t swimming down the Tay he was stealing golf balls from the golf course or sticking his teeth through footballs. Then he mastered the art of rugby tackling joggers to the ground – he was part bull-mastiff!

    At this stage we started going for our main walk in the dark – around midnight. 🙂

    You say that Sharon Taylor is fab-haired – are you just an observant male or has it been pointed out to you.

  20. Aaaah, darling puppers. I can take my old dog out off leash, but she has trouble keeping up, even with slow old me. However, I can let her out into our unfenced front yard, she does her thing on our grass or goes around the house into the back yard. When she wants in, she knocks on the back door and sits patiently on the porch until I hear her. If other dogs, or cats, come by, she cries and runs away. Whatta wuss. Unless she’s indoors, she’s better than any alarm.

    But the poor babe won’t walk down the basement stairs to the living room anymore. She fell once, just the couple bottom steps, not the full tumble, and now has to be carried. I’ve done the full top to bottom stair tumble and am lucky I didn’t break any bones. No one will carry me down the stairs.

    Wheat grass … riiiight. You can have mine. Or not.

  21. Did you see the episode of the Simpsons where Homer invented a cocktail called the Lawnmower? It was a shot of 1/2 Vodka 1/2 wheatgrass.

    Its not bad and I had a similiar reaction as you to wheatgrass.

  22. Charles Schneider wrote: …RDAs/Greenburg’s “Gekko”… Did they have any particular reason for choosing those names? Is there any reason underneath the obvious references?

    For a somewhat answer to part of your Q about Production companies logos… see
    The story goes that when Richard Dean Anderson was vacationing in Tahiti, drifting to sleep late one night and watching the moon reflecting off the Pacific, a little gecko ran up onto his chest, paused, cocked its head, looked directly at Richard, and did a tiny pushup, then continued on its way. Richard found a spiritual significance in the moment, and when he investigated the folklore surrounding the little creatures, he felt that the lucky lizard was the perfect symbol for his new production company. He kept to the original Latin spelling, and thus “Gekko Film Corp” was born.
    Patricia Lee

  23. That lucky lizard thing must only work with Tahitian ones… Had a Floridian one sort of crawl up my shorts once, and my “luck” has been questionable ever since!

    Then again, I was *at* DisneyWorld…..

  24. Wheat grass – nasty! They sell it at a place that I once got interviewed to work at; in the group audition it was the only drink my friend could remember from their list of beverages, probably because it sounds so nice =D

    Yay for Bubba! I’m not a dog owner but I can appreciate what a big moment that is =]

  25. Normally I can’t decide if you’re nervy or nuts eating all that weird food. However, I happen to *love* wheat grass. I also like alfalfa (not just the sprouts) and enjoy chewing on fresh hay. Perhaps, in some other life, I was a cow.

    I’d continue to avoid the desiccated chicken hearts if I were you.

    A question on the pups. How do you tell Bubba from Jelly? They look completely alike to me.

  26. Coucou joseph=)

    Mouhahaha XD La tête!! Sa ne devais vraiment pas être bon lol ^^!!

    Impatiente de savoir qui jouera amélia!

    Pour l’instant la France a 26 médaille au jeux olympique et on c’est fixer d’arriver a 35, mais je ne pense pas qu”on va y arriver….de toute façon on n’est pas un grande nation de sport -_-‘ ..sauf peut être en escrime.

    1)Pour l’instant quel est la chose la plus horrible que vous avez manger?
    2)Combient de scènes par jours peuvent tournée les acteurs de stargate atlantis?

    Aller gros bisou joseph! Je vous adore!♥ Bonne journée!

  27. I’m scared by the pictures. I feel like they’re going to eat me. Seriously.

    Oooook, loved that WFPotD vid! Sorry Joe, but the better ones are always the ones that totally gross you out. Hilarious. But hey, it’s what we paid imaginary Schrute bucks for, right? Right. Cool.

    Meanwhile, managed to watch and review Ghost in the Machine. Great episode; very dark and analyzable, as you can tell from my 21000+ character review, split again into 2 parts on Gateworld:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    If there’s one thing I want to state right here, is that Michelle Morgan is one of the best actors you’ve ever had on Stargate. She WAS Weir; it was creepy and inspiring watching her channel Torri Higginson’s portrayal, and she nailed it. Very sad ending. I really don’t want to see the story end this way; I think it still has a lot of legs left in it!

    Oh, and thanks for answering my questions yesterday! By the way, that Mandarin pin yin was a tad…uh…ok, just, keep practicing.

  28. Patricia Lee Thank you for your message. I have emailed David N my postal address, it may take some time to get all the way to the Pegasus galaxy.

    It is always exciting to win something. I dont read much and feel left out of Joe’s book club (and the prizes) – but this is nice.

    It is 0939hrs here in Scotland and it ISN’T raining. Looking good! 🙂

  29. Good Morning from *looks out window* subaquatic Cornwall. Just as soon as my ZPM is recharged I’ll be taking the city back to the surface.

  30. Ghost in the Machine: It’s a good episode. Emotional and funny. I wasn’t sad about the end. Because I haven’t the feeling this was really Elizabeth Weir. The consciousness (or whatever it’s called) might believe it was Elizabeth Weir but I don’t feel so. For example the real Elizabeth would have never led the other replicators to Atlantis. Replicators are still machines which can become dangerous even when they are likable. And I think the crew had their doubts, too. Great acting from everyone.

    Isn’t it too dangerous to leave the replicators in space? What if someone finds and reactivates them by accident? They have great knowledge about Atlantis, haven’t they?

    With all the Weird Food Purchase: Is there any food (for humans) you wouldn’t try? Have you ever done a ‘boy-thing’ like “I’ll eat this bug when you pay the next beer for me”? A friend of mine did this and it was just disgusting. Since I haven’t heard about anything similar from girls I guess this is one of the real differences between the genders. 😉

  31. Were the dogs all wearing underwear from the set because poor Jelly looks like she got McKays 😉

  32. Mr. Mallozzi!! Why did Ghost in the Machine’s ending have to be so sad!

    That Carl Binder sure knows how to write Elizabeth-whump, doesn’t he?? 🙁

    Lookin forward to The Shrine next week though, I know a lot of stargate fans down here have been envisioning that concept for a while, can’t wait to see what Mr. Wright has done with it 🙂

  33. Wheatgrass? It’s like $2.50 – $5 a shot here in Australia. They give it to you with a wedge of orange just in case you don’t like the taste. I don’t mind it.. don’t really like it but it’s not disgusting (at least you didn’t pull the sour prune face)..

    Dessicated chicken hearts? wtf?

    I still reckon you need to try salt licorice!

  34. GiTM has left me torn. Good performances by everyone including Michelle, but my overall feeling after the episode was of disappointment. I’m finding it difficult believing that Weir would betray Atlantis like this after the sacrifice she made in Adrift. She lead the Replicators to Atlantis and lied to Sheppard. I can’t see Weir ever doing this so and I’m not really sure why Sheppard suddenly believed that it was in fact Weir in the end. Carl Binder distroyed Weirs character here and the hardest thing to accept is why the team were even forgiving of the “new” Weir, considering how close she had come to destroying Atlantis.. It not only made Weir seem out of character but sadly Sheppard as well.

    It’s becoming obvious that the writers are desparatey trying to get us to believe this Kanaan love story for Teyla but adding in stuff that seemingly happened in previous seasons is ok, but I wish the writers would do a bit more research so that it doesn’t conflict with previous statements. Teyla told her friend, I think the episode was Sunday, that she had a crush on someone from Atlantis and hoped he would make a move. But we are now to believe that Teyla at the same time also had a sparkle in her eye for Kanaan. It’s sloppy writing and I wish the writers would try for a bit more consistancy with the characters and how they have been portrayed in previous seasons.

    So GiTM just seemed to highlight these character inconsistancies and I will never believe that Weir would betray Atlantis and lie to everyone like that. Rodneys and Johns sudden acceptance of someone who had no real proof as to who she as at all, again just seemed too contrived
    The ending leaves the door open for Weir to return which I don’t know is a good idea or not. I thought it was a reckless move not to kill the replicators completley when they know how distructive they can be, and I’m sure we’ll see them back in the future seeking revenge. Hopefully not though, as having Weir return again would just seem a bit too incredulous, and how many times can the poor team grieve

    So overall some nice moments in this episode but too many inconsistancies and out of character moments. I feel the team dynamic seems to be lacking lately and Ronon and Teyla were unfortunatley regulated to props again. The only dynamic that seems to be in play at the moment is between Sheppard and McKay, as Sheppard and Teyla seem like strangers lately. I hope this trend in not going to continue.

  35. There are some lines that just shouldn’t be crossed Joe, and those dessicated chicken hearts are one of ’em! Blearrgh!!! Wheat grass, on the other hand, isn’t really that bad, if you put it into a smoothee type concoction with wheat germ, fresh ginger root, ginkgo, a bit of panax ginseng, some fresh lime, a bit of cayenne pepper, white pepper, echinacea, spirulina and a few other things. In fact, it’s pretty good for helping to get rid of whatever nasty bug is bothering you. It may not taste the greatest, but it does work. Yeah, yeah, I know, you may as well drink the damn Nyquil and take the extra supplements, but I swear the whheat grass way is less painful to the stomack and the taste buds. Unless, of course, you happen to like the burning taste of Nyquil and other such glaarge :-p

    The dogs look cute, but what on earth are they wearing, puppy dog Olympic swimming gear? Whatever it is, they appear comfortable and cute, and that’s all that matters, right?

    As for the Q&A for Ms Sharon Taylor, I would first off like to thank you for having her here and her for taking time out of her day to chat with the crazy fans. My question is how does she like being a part of one of those crazy cult sci-fi shows that have rabid-make-a-balrog-look-tame type fans? Is she a fan of the series and does she get a kick out of working in the show to the point where she thinks “I don’t believe they pay me to do this, it’s soooo cool!” As such a rabid fan of the series, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find out which, if any, of the cast and crew are just as bad. You develop a certain feeling of comradeship with them, despite the fact that you’ll never know them.

  36. You are writing a season ending not series.

    We haven’t had enough excitement this summer, so everyone seems to be working themselves into a frenzy over the little mass of clouds to the south of FL. But, as with all meteorological events that intersect with human activities, better to err on the side of caution. I guess. I don’t expect it to delay my book review tomorrow nite or Wed. morn.

    Ghost in the Machine = never mind the Police. Pretty damn creepy, kudos to actress Michelle M for eerily channeling actress Torri H’s previous Weir performances (loved her as FRAN!!), Bob P for a great Woolsey and Joe F for an agonized Shep. I still say he was in love with Weir so yet another punish. What an ending and I can’t help but think, there they are for the plucking later by them or somebody else… It was a pretty good wrap up for the Asuran storyline. For now. Yeah, I was happy with this ep.

    Next week’s is *really* hotly anticipated, DH has made no secret The Shrine is one of his faves and I have high expectations.

  37. Dear Joe,

    I’m a confused about a scene in GitM. Where Elizabeth/Fran guesses that Kannan is Torren’s father and says this to Teyla:

    “Every time you spoke of him — this friend — there was always a sparkle in your eyes.”

    But in the commentary for Sunday, it was clear who her crush was, but now this is showing us something completely different. As if to force the issue that it’s always been Kannan.
    Unless, Dr. Hewston knew Kannan as well, why would she volunteer to help Teyla with the person they were talking about?
    How can things be so different from Sunday to First Strike?

    I guess I was hoping for a clearer reason for her being with Kannan.
    Yes, Ronon mentions in BAMSR, that he heard her talk about him, but otherwise no one really knew she was interested in him. Both John and Lorne pointed that out in BAMSR and SoW.

    I’m also wondering if the comment by Weir/Fran was done in GitM so that there wouldn’t be the need to have a conversation about why Teyla had a secret and sudden relationship.

    I’m not condemning Teyla for having a relationship, but clarification of how and why it started would been nice.

    I hope you can clear up my confusion. Thank you.

  38. Shawna Buchanan wrote:
    So…Ghost in the Machine…

    Why is it that the good guys are such pricks?

    Thank. you.

    I think this is why I have such a love/hate relationship with this show (right now, I’m leaning towards the hate). For the first time in my life, I love the ‘bad’ guys…and just barely tolerate the ‘good’ guys. Though I may like some of the main characters, I lack any real feelings for them – I really don’t care if they live or die. They are, for the most part, a bunch of ‘pricks’, as you say – both the Lanteans, and especially those godawful Ancients.

    Now, it might be because of how I came to watch the show – it was Todd who brought me in. So, I felt immediate sympathy towards him, and hated everything the pricks humans did to him, and – by extension – to his fellow Wraith. And see, I watched the series backwards…think of Michael, watching his transformation backwards…it was like that for me, and the more I saw, the angrier I grew with the Lanteans – experimentation on and poisoning of Steve, cold-blooded murder of Bob, the rape of Michael – there is nothing now that can make me hate the Wraith because I see them (as a whole) as victims, not as villains. They are just fighting against the invaders of their world, invaders who have thrown off the balance and are probably responsible for the total loss of more human civilizations in the past 4 years than the Wraith have been responsible for in 10,000.

    Yeah, I have no sympathy for the supposed ‘good guys’. This same thing happened to me with Star Trek Voyager and that equally prickish Janeway, the only series in the franchise that I grew to hate. However, Voyager had no interesting ‘bad guys’ to keep me watching, so I just dropped it cold. See, for me, the most exciting and intriguing part of this show are the Wraith – they are the only things right now that keep me watching – keep me hoping that an acceptable solution for both human and Wraith can be found, though in my gut I know they’re all destined to die. It’s torture. I guess that’s why I’d like to see a small faction saved, though that won’t happen because there are ‘no plans to have another Wraith ally like Todd’. Any hint of Wraith annihilation makes me depressed, which isn’t healthy, and then I question whether or not I should keep watching because I know the humans will always win, and the Wraith will always lose. And tossing Wraith fans one character (Todd) who *might* be different doesn’t cut it – we like them as a whole – their amazing ships, their unique tech, their mysterious culture – we like the whole creepy package. To maybe save one while destroying the entire race is just…argh.

    Yeah – I’m in a mood so shutting up now.



  39. Joe

    When is Lexa Doig going to be a guest on the blog? I’ve been waiting for her to be on here.


  40. I think an interesting weird food purchase of the day would be durian. I think it’s disgusting, but the Asian part of my family would disagree.

    I’ll try and think of a good question for Sharon by Wednesday.

  41. Hello,
    Does Martin Gero wear anything but red or black shirts?
    I understand what you are saying about the dog being off leash. My chocolate lab still doesn’t understand that off leash does not mean, “yeah, I’m free to run!”

  42. Joe – I can always tell by the length of the video if it’s a good weird food purchase or a bad weird food. the short ones usually mean they are bad and you’re going to hurl.
    Love those puppy faces. Do you need a dog sitter? Perhaps they would enjoy some vacationing here in So. FLA, well maybe they’ll want to wait unti Fay passes.

  43. I’ve been watching since after BAMSR, feeling that something important was missing from SGA.

    I didn’t mind Carter. I actually like Woolsey, which I never thought I would.

    But what’s been missing? Elizabeth Weir.

    I know you say you now believe her to be dead, but given the revelations of GitM, it looks like the door has been left open for Elizabeth to be brought back.

    Please, please bring her back.

    Ghost in the Machine just reiterated how important a character she is.

    Please tell me the door isn’t closed to her coming back. With the wonderful Torri Higginson in the role.

    Sheppard and McKay need Elizabeth to balance them out. The spark between the three characters was obvious, even with Michelle Morgan playing the role instead of Torri. It’s intensified when Torri plays the role.

    She’s said before that if she thought the story was good for Elizabeth she’d come back. Please consider bringing her back. She doesn’t need to be the leader. The character has evolved beyond that.

    But Joe, Elizabeth IS Atlantis. People who haven’t complained about the loss of the character are even saying how much they miss her, as played by Torri, while also praising MM, in the episode threads at Gateworld.

    Please give this character a new chance at life on Atlantis. With Torri Higginson in the role.

  44. Hm, i may be the only one, but i think those dogs look like agents of evil from the forecourts of hell *g*

  45. Hi Joe, I just finished watching Cowboy Bebop and really enjoyed it, but I didn’t expect to be so moved by it. I thought the music was incredible.

  46. 1)Are there any mystical/magical elements to any of the storylines this year?

    2)Do Teyla and Kanan have any serious issues coming up between them?

  47. LMAO! I just watched the last three installments of the WFDP and I feel like I’m watching someone’s little brother who has been paid to eat the weirdest things! I just love it! ….Not that I ever paid someone’s brother to eat weird things…

    *scurries off to wait for the next installment*


  48. Time to display my ignorance: I’m guessing those are halters on the dogs, not body armor.

    Speaking of doggies, I may have facilitated an adoption at ADL yesterday. While I was walking Lucy, a shy chihuaha, a family took an interest…and Lucy suddenly was no longer shy.

  49. To everyone posting about why the Replicators are dump in vaccum.

    It’s one thing to kill in combat, it’s quite different exterminating the last remnants of a sentient race. The proper term for that is genocide. No matter the causes, the total annihilation of a sentient race is morally reprehensible.

    I also presume that a SGC ship will show up eventually to remove the Stargate later so that others wouldn’t stumble onto the drifting Replicators.

  50. Hi again Mr M!

    Greetings from wet/miserable Tipperary!

    Have been off line due to family committments….So what was/is Mr Momoa’s favourite RONON line anyway??
    Had to skip through all the GITM talk….. S+R Screens tomorrow night…Have the Friendship Cake all set!!! The “Meex” is just right!

    Having read to last couple of days entried together, I get the melancholy feel re:Season 6 pick-up? Fear not! I have a little intuition that there will be a Season 6 pick-up and certainly the up-tick on the Live+7 would underline same…

    The dogs look great!

    Am working my way through the Box Set of Season 5 listening to the commentaries….Marty G is excellent in the Miller’s Crossing ep with Mr Mikita (who is outstanding as usual). RE: The Bloopers reel….Mmmmm, as hinted at by Marty G., in the intro., I suspect he hit the nail on the head saying that people may not find them as funny as perhaps they thought? Well anyway, some bloopers are better than none for the die-hard fans….Who was that sleeping boom technician?? Poor guy!

    Glad to see EP 100 script is finished….Hats off to Mr Mullie!


  51. Got to say I loved Ghost in the Machine, but is this really the last time we’ll see Elizabeth/Fran?????

  52. Just watched the WFPD – amusing as usual! I love these, I really do…

    If you haven’t yet – PLEASE – I wanna see you down one of those 1000-year old (century; 100-year) eggs!

    If my niece can do it, you can! 😀


    (not sure if this is a dup – my server went screwy just now…oh, it’s probably the link doing it. Guess you’ll have to wade through the penis enlargement ads to rescue it…)

  53. For those wondering, the dogs are wearing vest harnesses. VERY common for small dogs or for anyone who shops doggie boutiques. They are very popular on my dog forum. 🙂 In this case, you’re seeing the Puppia harness and the Three-in-one Safety Harness being modeled. 🙂 Nice choices by the way, Joe! My Boston has several puppias and buddy belts and my GSP has the Three in one vest in blue as well as some buddy belts (another great Canadian made harness you should check out!) All great harnesses!

    I hope you’re very careful with your pups off leash. I personally don’t agree with letting a dog off leash ever, no matter how well trained, unless in a fenced yard or an off leash dog park. I’ve seen too many times where even the most well trained dog suddenly darted out to see something and was hit by a car and killed. 🙁 My dogs both have their CGC’s and still are not allowed off leash except for as mentioned, the yard or an off leash park. I know that’s just my personal opinion though! Just please be careful! 🙂 Your pups are beautiful!

  54. ew, wheat grass. 😛

    BTW my brother suggests that if you want to keep doing these WFPD things, to invest in a microphone. is was kind of hard to hear you today.

  55. Hi.

    I know this is SF and anything can happen but PLEASE!!!! say this is the final end to the replicators? I did enjoy the trouble they caused but I think that arc has really gone as far as it could.

    I want to see new kinds of trouble for Atlantis to deal with.

    Thanks for the laughs with your weird food do the day. : )

  56. The Pooches are looking good In those pics! 😀

    That wheat grass on the other hand looks positively disgusting – seriously I applaud you Joe for trying some of the stuff that you’re trying cause I certainly wouldn’t be brave enough to touch most of it. 😕 🙂

  57. Great doggie pictures,,love the smiling and grinning!! Just sitting here in Fla, waiting to see if FAY decides to visit me, I hope not! I hope the weird food purchases are not making you ill,,yuck poo!
    Loved GiTM, Think we haven’t seen the last of Fran,(weir),anything is possible in the Pegasus galaxy. Woosley was great, and John looked a little sad at the end. I am glad the baby was off world with Kanaan. Gosh I like Friday nights with SGA, thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work. 😎

  58. Hi Joe I don’t have cable so I had to go to a neighbor’s house to see Ghost In The Machine because it was that important to me to see what was going to be done with Elizabeth. I was very disapointed and I am feeling dejected too and I am someone who adores Carl’s episodes Echoes is my favorite episode of Atlantis. I am sorry but I was not impressed with Michelle’s portrayal of Elizabeth at all she was fine as Fran in BAMS’R but not as Elizabeth she did not reach me emotionally at all she didn’t seem like her I have read in GW that alot of people thought otherwise so I am in the minority but I will stand my ground even if it means standing alone. I am a reasonable person I can listen to the other side and can change my mind if the argument is sound and logical so far the reasons for getting rid of Elizabeth have not been. The reasons don’t hold water.

    Would you and the rest of the producers do to Daniel, Sam Teal’c, Jack, Cam or Vala what you did to Elizabeth? I don’t thinks so you guys value those characters and their fans. Why was Elizabeth so disposable to you? I understand why Torri said what she said in a GW interview

    GW: What can you tell us about the circumstances that led to the decision to have you recurring?

    TH: I can tell you nothing. [Laughter] I wasn’t a part of the decision, so I can tell you nothing about what their process was. I can hypothesize. To be honest, to be frank — and I don’t judge them for it — I believe that there is a loyalty to the [SG-1] people and when they knew that show was ending they tried to find a way to keep the people they’d been loyal to for ten years alive, and I absolutely admire that. There is a lot of loyalty to this business. I think that’s very great, and very gracious of them.

    here is a link to the interview

    I just wish you valued your female fans like you do your male fans. I like Teyla and Keller but I do know why they are still there eye candy for the boys and yes I know what Sheppard and Ronon are for the girls but Elizabeth is who I related to the male geeks got Rodney to relate to what about us girls who are smart and strong minded we got the shaft. So only child prodigies and female aliens are worthy of you guys for women on the show. Season 4 was a struggle for me and now I may be done with Atlantis because I am not making the same mistake with this show that I did with Las Vegas when they completely changed show and ruined my characters I still watched with blind loyality no more I will make my own ending. I think Paul was wrong he obviously didn’t like the character if he can kill her off screen like that.

    You may hear from me again I do plan on watching the mid season 2 parter just for Daniel but I think I have reached my limit with this show best of luck I wish no ill will to you or any other fan I am done.

  59. Hey Joe!

    Judging by your response, I take it the wheat grass is one of the worst tasting things you’ve had thus far? Also, where did you tape today’s WFPOD? Looks like a mall? (New Retailer)

    Have you been following the Olympics? Although it’s not the best, Canada has won 9 medals, including 2 gold. 😀

    Thanks as always, and here’s hoping the numbers for “Ghost in the Machine” are good!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  60. Woah, Maximus was rocking that black flack jacket. All he needs is to strap on a P-90 and he’ll be ready to pump hot lead into a Wraith dart. Max could totally be the fifth team member.

  61. *Squee* I LOVE it when you take the time to post pictures of your dogs. Cuties – all of them!!

    Since we haven’t heard from Lexa yet, can you just confirm that she is still able to do the guest blog? I know that she and Michael have been away on vacation, plus she has a new project that she is filming. Not that I’m impatient or anything, just really looking forward to it. *g*

    Wheat grass? Well, imo, it’s an approvement over chicken feet.


  62. @ susanthetartanturtle

    Dog harnesses are a safer alternative to attaching a dog’s leash to the collar. Think on when you see people out walking their dogs and what you typically see. The dog straining ahead and choking itself in its eagerness to get going! In some breeds in particular, like Pugs, Frenchies, and Bostons, this is also dangerous as it can result in a collapsed trachea. Another medical condition that can occur from the pressure of a pulling on a collar is Glaucoma as the pressure causes an increase in IOP (intraocular pressure). A harness is two-fold. It takes the pressure off the neck and protects the trachea and protects the eyes and some, depending on the design, also discourage the pulling behavior itself by putting the pressure elsewhere. Dogs pull as a natural response to pressure when a leash is pulled backward. The puppia and Three Way Safety harnesses are not anti-pull harnesses, but they are much safer. So yes, part of it is a fashion statement, LOL, but it goes much deeper than that. 🙂

    Sorry for the ramble. 🙂

  63. Hi Joe,
    I just finished watching Ghost in the Machine and I must say my reaction was mixed. First off i have to say that I love Torri as Elizabeth Weir, so I was pleasantly surprised by Michelle Morgan’s portrayal of the character. She did a good job, as did the rest of the cast.
    That being said, I really didn’t like this ending arc for Elizabeth Wier’s character, though I must say it is consistent with the direction of the character from the beginning as a tragic heroine. In the beginning she gave up her old life, her personal and prior professional life for Atlantis. On Atlantis she gave of herself completely to the city, to her people, to her leadership. I think that she loved Atlantis to the detriment of her own wellbeing as shown in season 3 when she went back to earth and could not adjust at all.
    For many of her fans, Elizabeth Wier was the heart of Atlantis, so for me it is difficult to see her go from one bad experience to another.
    Since the character has been dropped as a regular she has gone from comatose, to half replicator, to MIA in enemy territory, to a replicant, to supposedly dead, to possible new enemy, to body less being trapped in purgatory (i.e. subspace/computers), to a replicator with a new face who none of her friends trust, and lastly now she walks to her death in space to protect Atlantis.
    I truly hope this is not the end of the character as I believe she deserves a better ending, but please don’t bring the character back if it will just be for more angst for the characters and the audience.
    If there’s a season 6 I hope you will bring back Elizabeth Weir in the form of Torri Higginson and finally give the character a peaceful if not happy closure.

  64. Hi Joe!

    Seems that there are a lot of commentaries about GiTM, so here is another one:

    Amazing episode!!!

    Michelle have done a great job, and it´s nice to see Weir again.

    I hope you come back her again for the next season because now she is a character with a lot to explore!!

  65. Aw, c’mon, Joseph! We’ve seen that bit hundreds of times with the wheat grass. Surely you can come up with something a bit more original?

    Granted, you do have a very expressive face…

  66. Steph – thanks for explaining about the harness. My two dogs, both now deceased, were large dogs who pulled on the lead and I used something called a Halti – it was like a horse’s head thingy.

  67. Thank you Tanja for the pictures!!!
    I had one of my suitemates over and she was like “oh, cool… whose dogs?” lol so you now have a new fan Joe… all thanks to Bubba, Jelly, Lulu, and Maximus!!! (Now I just have to work on our Friday night TV schedule =)

  68. @ susanthetartanturtle

    You’re welcome! Halters like the Halti and Gentle Leader are great too. I’m a big fan of them. 🙂 But they often won’t fit on a short-nosed breed like Joe’s Pugs or Frenches or like my Boston. So harnesses are the next best thing. I used to use a halter on my GSP before he was trained to loose leash walk. Now I just use a harness instead most of the time. Even though halters have been around for 10 years now, they are still often sadly mistaken for a muzzle. I put my pointer in a Gentle Leader, and people veer away from him (this is a therapy dog who LOVES all people, especially babies!). I put him in a harness and people crowd around to pet him. Sad! Also, halters, because of their anti-pull feature, aren’t allowed for CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification or Therapy certification since you have to prove the dog is well mannered on its own. Although I will still use the GL on occasion as it provides the most security and control…like when he goes bike riding with me. 🙂 Both my dogs were rescues (yes, you can get purebreds from rescue!) and both came to me young and untrained. So the right halter and/or harness really helped in the process. 🙂


    Hey everyone giving you a heads up. Some of you may already know this, but I just saw Micheal Shanks on an episode of Burn Notice. I think he is going to be on there more than once as well. The bad thing is he doesn’t play kind, caring, gentle, save everyone from harm character that we all love and adore. No instead he plays the complete opposite. However, he is very good with the character.

    If anyone is interested the show is called Burn Notice on USA. However, it is a SPY show not a Sci-fi series. For those of you who watch Battlestar Galactica Tricia Hefler is also on the show. Micheal Shanks character, Victor, works for her company (a bad company).

    Like I said some of you may already know.

  70. On the up side, at least when you were a boy, your mother never said, “Finish your wheat grass,” and “What, you don’t like my dissicated chicken hearts? I’ve been slaving over the stove all day!”

    I’m always pushing odd food at my kids. No wonder they started looking for work when they were 8 and 10, respectively, so they could afford McDonald’s.

    Your Weird Food of the Day vids are one of the best parts of your blog. I’m so happy you started doing them!

  71. @ poundpuppy29(Erika) – Don’t forget the Wraith – the male Wraith are definitely there for us gals who like the wild & free types. However, it seems that their very creators are extremely jealous of their appeal, since they kill them off every opportunity they get, while leaving us with the type of guys they *think* we should like…ya know, the geeky ones, just like them. 😉


  72. I just watched Ghost in the Machine. I loved the episode, but I HATE the ending. Although I do hope it is the end of the Replicators. We need new allies or enemies. No more replicators. Why couldn’t Elizabeth choose the VR instead of Space? I’m assuming it was her choice.

  73. As an “aunty” and occasional walker and babysitter for 2 Chihuahua-Jack Russell cross dogs, I can understand why other dogs are afraid of them. Them go absolutely insane at other dogs 🙁

    As for the wheatgrass – no thanks.

    Last week I promised to write about Pomegranete soda. I dont have a video – but it wouldn’t show much, except me loving that soda. The inital sensation onthe tongue was – not to fizzy and not very sweet at all, but not sour – just right. Also, despite being stored inthe refridgerator, it wasn’t too cold either. The first fruity taste was of black fruits (blackberries/blackcurrants) but the after taste was ‘different’ but nice.

    The bottle I had was marketed by a NZ company owned and operated by an ex-All Black. I will definitely be buying more I summer instead of products by those 2 big global congolomerates that operate from south of the border.

    Another thing about Pomegranetes is that, in a scheme run by and English ex-heroine addict, opium producing poppies being grown in Afghanistan are being ripped up and pomegranet e trees are being planted. These trees will not mature and produce fruit for another 3-5 years, in the meantime, to help the farmers stay away from growing poppies, a scheme is also being run to subsidise the farmers living costs. This is being done by a variety of companies in Great Britain. These companies use this logo – POM354 – to indicate that they are helping to suppport the Afghani farmers until they can support themselves.

    If you see this logo – please help the company(s) support the farmers and help rid the world of heroin – at the source! The farmers will get more money from pomegranetes than they ever could from poppy production.

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