Director of Photography Jim Menard
Director of Photography Jim Menard

First order of business: Hey, Jason Momoa wants to know your favorite Ronon line.   Let’s hear ’em.   

Second order of business: Today, I turn the blog over to Stargate Director of Photography Jim Menard who has been with the show for – well, as long as I can remember.  Now I’m sure many of you reading this are wondering: “Joe, what the heck does a director of photography do?”.  Hey, if knew the answer to that question, I wouldn’t have invited Jim here to explain it to us.  And now that he has, things are a lot clearer for me as I now understand why, every time I visit set, he’s always standing around those damn lights.  Anyway, enjoy the Q&A and, once you’re done, check out the Weird Food Purchase of the Day video at the bottom of this entry.  Today, by popular request: chicken feet. 

Hello everyone, thank you all for your continuing interest in the show and for sending along the questions. When Joe asked if I would be interested in participating in the blog I was delighted and only asked him one favor, “Could they only ask questions with a yes or no answer as I am not a writer and cannot type very fast?” He said, “No.”

So, here goes, a short intro which may answer a few of the questions. Being an avid skier in my teens, I was inspired by Warren Miller and planned, with a couple of friends, to produce a feature ski film after graduation. In 1975 we released ’Skiing In The Mind’s Eye’, followed in 1979 by another called ‘Different Slopes’. These led to contracts to produce some ski area promotion films and commercials. Slowly, the film industry began to grow in Vancouver and I was drawn to second unit photography which mainly dealt with action sequences. Basically, I was being paid to have fun. I worked on ‘MacGyver’ where I first met Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Greenburg who, along with Brad Wright and Jonathon Glassner, helped bring ‘Stargate SG1’ to the small screen. On year two of SG1, I came aboard, alternating duties with Peter Woeste. In general, having two DOP’s gives us some prep time with the director to plan out an episode. It allows the opportunity to test and try out new ideas, and we shoot our own second units which shortens up our schedules and saves money by not tying up a whole main unit to shoot stunts or explosions.

Now, on to some questions.

Bailey writes: “To Jim, what exactly does a Director of Photography do on Atlantis? What decisions are you responsible for making? Which one have you been proudest of and do you regret any choices you have made?”

The DOP is in charge of the camera, grip, and lighting departments. In league with the art director, director, writer, and producer, concepts are created and a plan is formed so that everyone is on the same page. Sometimes very specific looks are scripted and concept drawings are made. I love to take one of James Robbins’ drawings and try to recreate the look on a finished set. It is not always possible as he is creating his lighting on a computer and it is impossible to match in reality. Brad Wright and Robert Cooper gave me a pretty free reign for the look on SG1. If I am going to do something really outside of the box, I will shoot some tests and get a pre-approval on the concept such as was the case with ‘Tabula Rasa’, making irreversible commitments to the HD recording with the use of filters and control settings.

On set I am lucky to have great camera operators, Greg Fox and Ryan Purcell, who can concentrate on the shot we have blocked out and rehearsed. This gives me time to work with the gaffer (head of the lighting department) and key grip who is in charge of lighting control and camera movement.

One of the best things I have achieved for the show is probably the practical puddle. It improves every year as we get better and better LCD projectors. It started on SG1 when Thor came through the puddle ended up in a length discussions with the puddle behind him. I had the VFX department generate a puddle loop to project, and by keeping the light levels low to create a shallow depth of focus we did every close-up practically (without visual effects) except for the actual pass-through. Over the years, we could project on to bigger and bigger screens and, by making a screen that fits in the gate, we now do a lot of full gate shots. It is best if you do not feature it too closely and save the real CG for when we are right in front of the event horizon. VFX puddles cost between five to seven thousand per shot so you can imagine how much money is freed up for other things. My only regret is not getting a cut of the savings!!

Melissa writes: “Now Question for Jim Menard, because he’s seriously one of my heroes, as I’m a ltheatrical lighting designer who loves his work:

What is your preperation process? Do you experiment, draw things out, test during whatever time you get or do you just wing it? If you plan everything, what method do you find easiest?”

In prep we start with a concept meeting which is on the first day that the other rotation is starting to shoot an episode. This gives us only seven days advance before we start shooting. With a rep from each department, we go through the script and talk about how to make it all work. On bigger shows, we will get a heads-up from the art department well in advance in order to start thinking about problems. I get copies of all the art work and floor plans and use these to draw lighting plots on. Recently I have found it better to walk around with the rigging gaffer and draw the plot on the set so that we can see where the lights can physically go. I do have computer plot makers that will tell me the throw of all the different fixtures and actually give us gear requirements as you place lights on the drawing, but it is time consuming and I prefer to be in the space to judge what we need. I love to test because it means I am trying something new. I will try to be the first to use anything new and get a heads-up from Panavision if new gear shows up. The more I can prep an episode the easier it is during shooting, and it gives the director more time to work with. Some sets will play as several different places so we will sometimes put in multiple lighting set-ups in advance. Then we wing it.

ChelleToo writes: “What inspired the shades of blue for Atlantis and the stained glass around the city?”

The production designer on the pilot was Bridget McGuire. She came up with that plan.

Linda Gagne writes: “For Jim: I have noticed the change in background lighting on the show. From season 1, 2 and 3 being bright to season 4 and 5 being a bit darker, did you make that choice and why? I like it, it is more real life looking, don’t know if that is the reason you did it or not.”

I really like to shoot with very little light so that any practical lights will actually illuminate things. The glow of a cigarette, an LED light on a prop, computer monitors etc. Years ago I saw ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ and had the revelation that you could make rubber monsters look scary by keeping the lighting edgy and dark. I cringe when they write a wraith coming into a set where you can’t justify keeping them dark and spooky. Todd Masters of Masters FX and his people make the Wraith incredibly detailed and they do stand up to very close inspection but they’re cooler sketchy. On my first episode of Atlantis, Michael Blundell came to set and said “You’re really setting the dark bar high.” I like to hear that as the opposite is being too bright. He has done some beautiful, edgy work and I mostly follow his lead on the established sets like the Wraith hive. Lighting can create the mood, feel and look of the show. There is a psychological application through the type, color, and positioning of the different fixtures. Ideally, I like to subtly manipulate the viewer so they don’t even know what I’m up to. Watch ‘Absolute Power’ from your SG1 collection and see if you can pick some things out.

Patricia Lee writes: “Questions for Jim Menard:

Hello Jim
I’ve enjoyed watching all the DVD extras and commentaries you’ve been on for 10 years of SG1 and 4 plus years of SGA and I have to say that your profession is so complicated and detailed. I have a new appreciation for the filming process based on what I’ve learn from you so far that makes my viewing experience that much more enjoyable…so thanks for all you do!

How long have you been involved in film and what drew you to the profession?

I was a Bell and Howell certified projectionist in elementary school and on the stage crew in high school. I made my first ski film in high school when they combined English and social studies and called it the integrated program. You had to turn in a contract on what you would do with totally unsupervised free time for a whole term. I contracted to make a ski film and they bought it.

Since the science of lighting a set has evolved over the years; what in your opinion has be the greatest technological breakthrough in the last 10 years?

LED lighting is coming on strong in professional fixtures. ‘The Queen’ is the first episode where I have used it in a fairly big way. Because the fixtures contain red, green and blue lights you can color mix to get any color you want without gel. This allows us to change the color of a set from the dimmer board.

With the constant change in industry and the refining of techniques, what kind of technical understanding do you require to continue growing as a DOP? Do you have to have a Mechanical Engineering degree?

I keep up on what all of the new gear can do without trying getting too detailed. The size of an image sensor and how it will affect imaging is important to me but how they achieve compression and storage codecs is not.
4- As an established DOP, do you still attend training and seminars to keep abreast of changes happening in the industry?Always.
5- Since you are such a seasoned DOP, do you teach others either in a college type setting; do you take on apprentices or both?Our union has a trainee program but it is only for second assistants. I like to share knowledge as long as I get to use it first.
6- When you switch from film to HD Video, what was the most challenging part and why?Shooting day exterior was the most different thing as the dynamic range of the cameras is less than film. A bright sky that will burn a good negative and be brought back on a scanner with film will be totally gone and burned out on HD. Now that full size 35 mm sensors are coming it will only be a matter of time before they use two of them through a prism to double the dynamic range. That will give it a bigger latitude than film or let you shoot 3D.

Michelle writes: “Jim, I really enjoy it when you’re on the audio commentaries. It’s clear you really love the show, your colleagues, and your work! Two questions: 1) What are the pros and cons of HD filming in terms of lighting? 2) How much of your lighting work is aimed at making the actors look their best, and does that ever conflict with how you or the director want the sets to be lit?”

Part of this is answered above and the ease of burning out the image can also be used to your advantage on interiors. We have a tether to the cameras from an engineering station where we can control all of the functions on the camera. It is a bit tedious running all the cable and keeping everything set and matched but the tapes and hard drives can hold a lot of material so the directors can keep rolling and give the actors more time to play with different performances. I like to make the actors look as good as I can if they sit and talk for a long period of time. During action sequences or while they are moving on a big dolly shot you can get more dramatic as they quickly move from light to light. In order for a director to do 360 degree steadicam shots you usually have to use top light and that tends to be unflattering. With our model shop I have recently developed a wireless dimmer that I can use to operate a camera-mounted LED light which makes it a lot easier to do these shots. We used to put a little fluorescent light on there but if the light got too close to a wall or the actor it would be too bright.

Smiley_face06 writes: “Question for Jim Mernard: What made you want to be a Director of Photography?”

See intro.

Anonymous J writes: “Question for Mr Menard: After listening to various commentaries, I still can’t figure out who’s responsible for the look of a show (angles, light & shadow, colors, lenses etc) – the Director, the Director of Photography or the Lighting Director. And then sometimes the commentaries talk up the camera operator, too. Is there a rule as to who does what, or is that pretty fluid, depending on the individuals involved?”

Will Waring was my camera operator for several years and he is so good at it he was bringing a lot to the party. He asked to direct an episode during contract negotiations figuring they would just give him more money but they gave him one and he killed off Daniel Jackson on his first time out. The episode came out great so they gave him more and now he does it full time.

We try to collaborate and, while the operators are setting shots, we will light and try to work around each other. Our gaffer, Bruno Bittner, is also a DOP and we work together on the lighting. Some shows, he may be called a lighting director.

Flygirl writes: “1-When you are shooting a fight scene, where the action is rapid paced and the actors are very close to each other, as in Broken Ties, do you use one camera on a dolly, a hand-held camera or multiple cameras to catch the action at various angles?

No rules. Hand-held can get you in close and intimate and allow you to move fast, but sometimes sitting back on a really long lens will compress the action and make the hits look closer.

Jason writes: “Jim, First of all thanks for taking time out to answer questions for us fans. My questions to you are: What his harder to do, lighting indoor sets like the Village Set that is suppose to simulate outdoors for night or day? If it wasn’t a problem of time or scheduling, would you like to shoot more outdoor night shoots or is the technical problems involved with shooting outdoors at night more of a pain? Since changing over to HD, what do you find the biggest difference you have to make in order to film in HD and what is the biggest challenge of HD?”

It is harder to make a huge indoor space appear as day than it is as night. The second and largest version of the village had close to two million watts of light available and was on the top five list of my gaffers biggest setups in the city. It is nice to have total control over the light and it has been a lot of fun on that set. I also like the scope of working outside at night and you are right about the time and money. It is not technically difficult but you do require large lighting cranes. HD is not as portable as film as we are attached to an engineering station where we control the look and keep an eye on focus. You can shoot without remote monitoring but you would probably have to redo more stuff. Focus can shift on the cameras as the temperature changes due to a prism block that supplies the light to the three chips. This changes the distance to the sensors enough to put the focus marks on the lens out. We have to adjust the back focus on the lens as this happens during the day. Full-size sensors are coming but are currently too expensive for our situation. This is changing quickly and the RED camera is giving filmmakers that capability. The RED sensor has a fairly low ASA as compared to what I am using, but you can use faster lenses to compensate.

AV Eddy writes: “How’d you get your start in commercial television? Where do you get your inspiration for new or interesting angles/lighting/etc.?”

I like to come up with my own and that is where knowing what the gear can do will let you offer up choices to the director. I will also visit the rental houses and snoop through the inventory to see what’s new. Stage lighting is quite different from movie lighting but has made it’s way into our world. Every set we now do is controlled by lighting boards and dimmers.

Trekkiegirlt writes: “Jim, who is the easiest star to film? Who is the most difficult? Please give examples. Thanks for your contribution to SGA!”

Rachel can stand in any light and look amazing. I rarely require filters with her unless it is for a mood. The Atlantis cast is generally easy to photograph but sometimes Jason’s hair will keep me from getting as dramatic as I like because it blocks the light if you get too far around to the side.

Tim the Technician writes: “Is it difficult to work in enclosed spaces, i.e. the Atlantis conference room, the puddle jumpers, the bridge of the Daedalus/Apollo? Keep up the fantastic work!”

The other advantage to working with low light is that in a small space the practicals built into the set will light the actors and let the director do 360 degree shots. I try to get in on the design stage to have the lights built right in. We have used fibre optics and now a lot of LEDs. The glow from a monitor will be enough to light someone sitting right in front of it and if the monitor is not on camera the playback people will run white to it to glow the actors.

Nika writes: “I was wondering if you could explain how you create the pulsing blue lighting effect for the gateroom when you do the night/lights off scenes. It’s a fantastic rippled water look and I was wondering what the secret was!”

We use a plastic mirror sheet of mylar that is in a four foot square frame and hit it with a daylight balanced fixture which appears blue when you are shooting balanced for tungsten light. By wiggling the frame you get the ripple look. I always look for lights that will give me the same effect and there are now a few although most are not bright enough for big spaces.

Andron writes: “How much has the production changed since you began working on Stargate SG1’s season 2?Do you have now more input/free reign in your lighting choices?”

All of the writer/producers on both shows give us pretty free reign on the sets and if they want a specific look it will be scripted and discussed in prep. Film was a bit more of a dark science as you could play with the look through lighting color temperatures, process, filters, and film stocks and not see it until dailies came. HD is “what you see is what you get“. We also do a digital correction pass in timing where you have another chance at changing the look.

Johnny E writes: “1. Being a DP, what do you find is the hardest part of your job, the prep work for a shot, or shooting the shot itself.

The hardest part is managing time and knowing where to just get what you need or where to indulge a little.
2. Any interest in directing an episode? I thought you had, but as I breifly checked all 14 of my SG dvd cases, i don’t recall seeing your name. If you did, could you let me know so I can rewatch it.I have not directed here although I used to shoot and direct second units. I may give it a shot in the future.
3. Lastly, love when you do the dvd commentaries! Thanks for the great work!”Shirt’ n’ Tie writes: “Question for Mr Menard: Has there ever been a look or image that seemed really good intially (for Atlantis) that you wish you could “take back” and re-do but were stuck with?”

We get to watch and control the image on set with a $30,000.00 monitor and, until color timing at the lab, never get to see it at that quality again. Once it leaves our hands it is very easy for someone at a broadcast studio to change the look to something we didn’t intend, usually too bright.

GrapesofWraith writes: “Question for Jim Menard:
I’d just like to say that I really enjoy listening to your commentaries on the DVD’s, and I have alot more appreciation for lighting in the episodes!
1) What types of lighting styles are different from SG1 and Atlantis? For that matter, how do you decide how a scene should be lit? And 2) are you involved in other projects besides Stargate, (either currently, or during the hiatus, etc)?”

I will always try to achieve as dramatic a look as possible especially when the scene or dialogue call for it. You cannot always do this if there are multiple cameras shooting at once or the time will not permit the setups required. It is much more time consuming to photograph a dark look, and you have to have the director agree to the camera angles required to do it.

We work for eight months a year, 12 hours minimum per day so I like to take the hiatus off. However, I have a tough time turning down work. I did SG1 season 10, ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’, (David Hewlett’s feature film), Atlantis season 4, and the pilot for ‘Sanctuary’ all in a row. That was a bit much.

Jenny Robin writes: “For Jim Menard:

Thank you for your DVD episode commentaries. You have a soothing voice and a calm and patient manner in explaining things that makes me enjoy the experience.

A couple of questions:

With a limited number of sets, especially as regards ships, how do you approach giving each one it’s own distinct look and personality?

We have to mix it up with layered lighting setups, lens choices, and camera angles. The ships are tough to make different but you can argue that they are all of a certain class and why would they look different? ‘Midway’ and ‘Daedalus Variations’ show the diversity of the set.

Also, how have you had to modify your work processes and execution with the advent of HD?

Lastly, don’t worry…I won’t ask you to write a haiku…unless you think you’re up to the challenge.”

Thornyrose writes: “For Mr. Menard. Thank you for participating here. It’s been great hearing from different people behind the scenes on what it takes to put together a show like SGA, and what the experience is like. My questions. First, what changes in techonlogy have made your job easier?

HD has made the job both easier and harder as discussed in other questions.

Which have made it harder? Do you foresee some new technology emerging in the near future that will change how you do your job?Electronic capture will evolve as memory capabilities grow. We currently record to hard drives with a tape backup and will move to pure RAM very soon. With increased recording latitudes I think you will see more raw data capture with more finishing in post.
Is there a scene, show, or movie, that you wish you could redo after seeing it aired?I am usually happy when it leaves my hands but it can get to air a lot different.

What is your all time favorite scene/shot/accomplishment during your career?The underwater submarine in ‘Watergate’ was shot completely practical although VFX added a little deep background to the final product. It was a challenge because the bubble front of the sub showed everything we tried to do. That one sticks out in my mind but I have had many good moments.

Exactly how many people do you have operating under you in your department, and how much do you personally supervise them vs. simply passing on what you want and letting them decide how to accomplish the task? Sorry for so many questions, but as a person with no artistic talents its always fascinating watching those who do have such skills at work.”There are seven people in the camera department and about the same in each of the grip and lighting departments depending on the size of the day’s work. We are pretty polished after this long together so I really just have to tell the keys what I would like and it all comes together.

Muddypiddypop writes: “Mr. Menard, Is your interest in photography mainly film or do you also take still photography.”

I have both film and digital SLR cameras and love to capture unusual light. I did a little fashion photography very early in my career.

CazzBlade writes: “Questions for Jim Menard:

1) What filters do you use (if any)? Do you have a favourite filter or do you design the style for the show and use the filters that will achieve it?

The first HD cameras we used on SG1 from Sony were very sharp focus and I used a lot of filtration on close-ups. I almost always used a º BDFX (black diffusion FX) to take a little of the video edge off the image. The Panasonic cameras that we have now have a much softer image and we actually add a little detail. The BDFX filter is a combination of little lenses on the glass which maintain focus while smoothing the image and a light speckle of black mist which glows the light slightly. The computer in the Panasonic cameras tries to eliminate the effect of the little lenses so I now use a BPM (black pro mist) for some close-ups. For more stylized shots I will test various filters with different lighting because you will usually get the best effects from filtering the lighting highlights. The cameras also have built-in color correction filters for daylight or tungsten balance, as well as neutral density filters for bright light situations. We can also control the contrast and color in the whites or blacks individually electronically.

2) When shooting scenes that are supposed to be pitched black, how do you balance the lighting so that the viewer can see whats going on but still give the impression that it is dark for the characters?

This is a great question and one you will have to ask during every dark setup. We have to decide on what level of ‘Movie Dark’, we are willing to go to in order to tell the story. I love to have it absolutely black and bring in a few flashlights which will play off of shiny surfaces and the smoke we add. This generally works great on wide shots but the director will always want to go in tight. I find that one backlight looks nice giving a sillouette and then we can sneak in a small handheld light as the camera moves in. If a set is too dark you can lose a lot of production value and detail.

3) Do you light the scene by eye or by monitor?

I don’t want to get totally reliant on a monitor for lighting so I use a Pentax digital spotmeter with an I.R.E. scale which is exactly calibrated to the scope we use to monitor the signal. This also matches the equipment at the post house. On set you will inevitably look into a light and this will close the iris in your eye, making it tough to judge contrast, so I trust my meter 100%. When I get back to the monitoring station I check to see if I miss anything. My digital technician remains in the dark tent and can better judge the levels when we are exterior.

4) Do you have to be more careful with HD when it comes to highlights, I’ve read that they tend to get blown out, or do you treat it the same way as you would film?

See above.

5) Do you set your lighting designs from the director’s shot list or do you leave it until blocking the scene on set? Or a mixture of both? Does it depend on which director you are working with?

The look of an episode is planned in advance and I do as much set prelighting as possible. Each shot is then lit according to the blocking.

Raindrop writes: “Do some types of lighting and framing flatter only cetain actors? I mean, do you ever choose a specific setup for a scene because the actor in it has, for example, an angular face vs. a round face?”

Absolutely, every face has a different complexion and shape. A soft light close to the actor will wrap nicely and smooth the skin. A kicker from low and æ back will pick up a cheek or accentuate the jawline. You get to know each face and know what you can get away with.

Sari writes: “What do you find the most satisfying about your job? When you get to a scene, what do you immediately start looking at? Can you tell us about any really difficult lighting situations that you’ve ended up being really happy with the way they turned out?”

My favorite thing is going to a theatre, having a big bag of popcorn and watching a feature film that I helped create.

During the blocking of a scene I have to decide how to place key lights that will cover all the positions and not be ‘flat’. One of the harder things to do is light a group of actors standing in a small cluster. We do an episode in 7 days or less so you have to make quick decisions and stick to them.

I had some fun on the upcoming episode ‘The Shrine’. I can’t discuss it yet but after it airs we can talk.

Lisa writes: “Questions for Mr. Menard:
Favorite espisode?

It is hard to pick just one. The duplication and shots of ‘Doppelganger’, the style of ‘Tabula Rasa’, and the scope of ‘The Last Man’ all stand out.
Easiest one to work one?‘Miller’s Crossing’ because I am back on earth and get to do normal stuff.
Worst one to work one?‘Trio’ was a little tricky as we were in a set that tipped 45 degrees and we had a telescopic Techno crane that could put the camera anywhere and leave no place to hide lights. There was very little room above the set and all departments needed to use the one hole available.

Linda Gagne writes: “What do you feel was your most challenging episode to date and why?”

‘The Shrine’ had me doing more tests than I have in a while and everything worked out great in the end. Brad Wright writes big and it is great to be able to play big.

Sean writes: “Hi Jim do you have a set template for lighting indoor and outdoor shots and do you use this template all of the time and then just tweak it with additional lighting to capture what your trying to accomplish?

I have noticed the strong head lighting on interior scenes but do you follow up with softer lighting on the sides for skin tones and then use gels ect. for effects on equipement.”

I wouldn’t say I have a set template but over the years you learn the best ratios and you use those to your advantage. The eyes do a lot of acting so it is important to get a little glint in at least one of them. Backlights give separation from the set and can carry a shot through a dark area on a walk and talk until you find a spot to put in another key. Color is another way to separate the layers of a shot.

Thanks Jim, You are very cool and I don’t just mean the cool lighting effects!”

146 thoughts on “August 13, 2008: Special Guest Blogger Stargate Director of Photography Jim Menard, Your Favorite Ronon Line, and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

  1. Sorry, could not stand to watch the chicken feet…:)

    As for the favorite Ronon line? Two of them, both of them short and sweet. It was the tone of the voice, of course, that makes them memorable for me:

    “They’re Wraith.” Which was followed, (I think) by: “They’re not going to lose any sleep over it.)

    He seems to cover a lot of territory with that. I love THAT line.

    And in answer to Rodney’s ( I think), “What kind of a plan is that?” Ronon answers: “Genii.”

    Jason is the master of the one word lines. Ronon is a man of few words indeed.

  2. My favorite Ronon line:
    “I try not to let things I can’t change bother me.” – Tao of Rodney

  3. Jason some of my favorite lines for Ronon have been:

    In “Tao of Rodney”

    McKAY: Yeah — it’d be like Batman and Ronon. Has a nice ring to it.

    RONON: Yeah, you keep eating like that, it’s more like Fatman.

    In “Travelers”

    McKAY: How should I know?! We don’t even know who “they” are, remember?

    RONON: Does it make a difference? Even if it was a fleet of hive ships, would it stop us from trying to get him back?

    In “Tabula Rasa”

    RONON:”That never gets old” -after stunning Sheppard


    RONON: We’re friends. The things we’ve been through together – I don’t care what anyone says, no disease can wipe that away, not completely.

    In “Outcast”

    SHEPPARD: Where are you goin’?

    RONON(without looking at him): With you.


  4. Sheppard: [about Ronon’s gun] Put that thing away. I told ’em we were friendly.
    Dex: I’m friendly.

    Jason, pleeeease come and do a con in Australia sometime!

  5. One of my fav. Ronon lines:

    From Miller’s Crossing

    SHEPPARD: Where’re you going?

    Ronon: To get some food.

    SHEPPARD: Well, in case you forgot, McKay and his sister are still missing.

    Ronon: What, you want my help dissecting corporate structures? When you find someone to point a gun at, you let me know.

    and the 2nd part:

    Ronon: Tell me you have something!

    SHEPPARD: Devlin Medical Technologies.

    Ronon: That means …?

    SHEPPARD: You’ve got somebody to point your gun at.

    Ronon: Sweet!

  6. Gotta think about a favorite Ronon line, but quite enjoyed Jim Menard’s Q&A today. Thanks very much for taking the time to answer the questions (I didn’t submit any, but saw that several people suggested ones I would have had had I remembered!) 😉

  7. Hey Joe,

    One of my favorite Ronon lines would be in “Midway”..

    Ronon: You say that a lot.
    Teal’c: What?
    Ronon: Indeed
    Teal’c: I have not noticed.

    LOL, good stuff! 🙂



  8. Ah, wow, well, I’m going to plagurize Kristen’s post as these are my most memorable RONON lines as well..

    In “Tao of Rodney”

    McKAY: Yeah — it’d be like Batman and Ronon. Has a nice ring to it.

    RONON: Yeah, you keep eating like that, it’s more like Fatman.

    In “Tabula Rasa”

    RONON:”That never gets old” -after stunning Sheppard


    RONON: We’re friends. The things we’ve been through together – I don’t care what anyone says, no disease can wipe that away, not completely.


    SHEPPARD: Where are you goin’?

    RONON(without looking at him): With you.

  9. favourite Ronon lines:
    1) “You say that a lot” – Midway
    2) “I can’t stand people who are nice all the time” – Mackay and Mrs. Miller

  10. I.
    My favourite Ronon Line was in Ep 3×04 – Sateda
    Ronon Dex to Lt. Col. Sheppard.: You kill him before I do, I kill you.
    Sheppard.: What if he kills you first?
    Ronon.: Then you kill him.

    Just wanted to say thank you, thank you… for giving us so much pretty Major Lorne already in the first four Episodes. It makes me very happy, and I believe I am not the only one! ^^;

    And one more thing, could you get us another well lit, front face, hi res, headshot of Mister Kavan Smith? I would be so immensely thankful and happy if you could! 🙂

  11. Ah, my favorite Ronon line is:

    “It never gets old.” after stunning Shepard.

    Has anyone taken count of how many times Ronon has stunned Shepard?

  12. Can’t remember the episode (shoot me).. but Ronon’s pulling out knives out of various places to try and jimmy the Wraith cell open by throwing them.

    Sheppard asks Ronon how many knives he has…Ronon with a slight smirk on his face answers “How many you need?”

  13. I got a couple of favourite Ronon lines:

    Sheppard: Looks like one of those toys you play with as a kid.
    Ronon: Triple barrel shotgun?

    Caldwell/goa’uld: I warn you, as a Goa’uld, I now possess the strength of many men.
    Ronon: It’ll be a fair fight then.

    Ronon: I just wanna know who thinks I’m not a threat and give ’em a chance to change their mind.

    Lt. Col. Sheppard: Was I the dashing hero saving you from the big bad monster?
    Ronon: Actually, you were the big bad monster.

    And it was just the way Jason said this line in Phantoms that made me like it: You shot me, too.

  14. Hey Joe!

    Great Q&A session, I always have wondered how they got around to doing proper photography in sets such as puddle jumpers and bridges. Great to know now. 🙂

    My favorite Ronon line? His statements in “Search and Rescue”, when Michael’s team found them, with Sheppard were very honorable, and that’s perfect character for Ronon and shows true friendship. Also, in “No Man’s Land”, the conversation between Ronon and McKay as Ronon is able to cut himself out of the cocoon was very good and a personal favorite. I can’t think of any others at the moment.

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  15. First order of business: The two lines I thought were funniest were saying “Indeed” back to Teal’c in Midway, and “Hit me with that” handing the stick to Teyla in Echoes.

    But my favorite line (no question) is his advice to Teyla (in the Hive Part 2) when she’s stressing about Ford, “If it distracts you, clear your mind of it. If it fuels your anger, use it.” I felt like it went to the core of his character.

    Second order of business, thank you so much to Jim Menard for the great Q & A session!

    Third order of business…eeww, chicken feet? Bleh. Better you than me.

  16. Shoot, Kristen got to my favourite line first. Okay, I’ll think of another one. This is why I love the transcripts on Gateworld, I tried to remember a line on my own, I’d screw it up.

    DEX: If we get this beam off you, we get you free, we dig ourselves out together. Deal?

    SHEPPARD: You ain’t gonna listen to me one way or the other, are you?

    DEX (nonchalantly): Great, deal.

  17. OMG! I’m drawing a blank..I feel like someone just gave me a pop quiz! Jason, I love Ronon! He is my favorite character. OK,here goes..

    Ronon tells Teal..Indeed, you say that a lot.

    Retun Part I or II?
    (McKay explaining the replicator gun)
    Ronon – Thats not what I asked
    McKay – Yea, it works good.

    Ronon (to Keller) You got this

    I know I have more, I just can’t think now.

    Jason, just to comment about your last interview with cinema spy, many fans of Ronon wants him to be with someone, yes you are right we don’t want to see Ronon walking around like a love sick puppy…we just want to know he isn’t lonely and he has someone “special” that cares for him. We get tired of the strong brave hero never finding love 🙂

  18. A second vote for the one from Tabula Rasa “that never gets old” after stunning Sheppard. 😀

  19. Favorite Ronon line was from Tabula Rasa, after shooting Sheppard.

    That never gets old.”

    Of course my favorite Ronon scenes are any time he’s giving McKay a hard time.

  20. Hm, favorite Ronon: “I say we nuke the site from orbit, just to be sure!” … no wait, that was Worf

  21. Thank you Jim Menard! YOU ROCK!!!

    Favorite Ronon line:
    From “Duet”

    Sheppard shows Ronon how to fire the Tau’ri guns…..

    Ronon: “I prefer this.”
    He then picks up his own gun and fires at the target.

    Sheppard looks at the massive hole and says “I can see why.”

    My all-time favorite Ronon line/scene is in “Tao of Rodney” when Rodney healed Ronon’s scars. Jason did a wonderful job in that scene. He was uncomfortable with Rodney hugging him suddenly, but he hugged him back anyway, and then his face showed how amazed and touched he was that Rodney had healed his scars. Jason’s face conveyed so much emotion in such a short scene. He could’ve easily given off a simple, “Huh? I’m healed?” vibe in that scene, but he made it very emotional and tender. LOVED IT!!!!

  22. My favorite Ronon lines is from “Coup d’ Etat”:

    RONON: Sheppard’s on the list. McKay is on the list. Why aren’t Teyla and me?
    WEIR: What, you’re feeling left out?
    RONON: I just want to know who thinks I’m not a threat and give them a chance to change their mind.

    My father’s favorite Ronon line is in “Conversion”:

    RONON: That’s it? One Wraith, in the forest?
    GORAN: Yes.
    RONON: I’ll be done by morning.

    Anne Teldy

  23. “That never gets old” after stunning Sheppard in Tabula Rasa is one of my favorites too.

    @syble – Has anyone taken count of how many times Ronon has stunned Shepard?

    I come up with 5 times: twice in Runner, though the second just numbed his arm; twice in Conversion; and once in Tabula Rasa.

  24. I have never been so happy for backlighting in my life. Thanks to it, I could watch WFofD and get your reaction without actually having to *see* it. Chicken feet. *shudder*

    As for Ronon lines, I’m sure there have been many that I loved for their humor, but there are two in particular that Jason Momoa’s delivery really made me sit up for and I actually haven’t been able to forget them since. And I really hope you don’t think I’m just being a kiss-ass when I say they were both from Reunion.

    1. You’re Wraith worshippers? … After what they did to Sateda?!


    2. You run. Run and get away while you can, because the next time we meet, it will not be as friends.

  25. First, a special thanks to Jim Menard for answering all those questions! It will be my reading for the evening…despite the pile of comics I picked up today. 😛

    Second…favorite Ronon line? Oh, there are too many!

    Off the top of my head…

    “Don’t look at me!” BAMSR

    “Ya know, Ronon. It’s a good name – boy, or girl.” BAMSR

    “Nothing. No. Maybe just a little.” (in response to Rodney’s questions) SoW

    “And this is a real sport – men and women dancing around on ice? Your planet’s weird.” Outcast

    “This is free, right?” Outcast

    It’s hard to remember all my favorite lines, but Ronon does crack me up quite a bit – it’s his abrupt, no frills delivery that’s so priceless.

    Will have to wait until tomorrow to watch the video. Is it chicken feet? Oh, do I have stories to tell about those… 😛


  26. Oh, Ronon lines — there’s also “I need to learn some science.” I’ve been using derivatives of that line ever since.

  27. My favorite line would be from Phantoms

    “Y’shot me too.” Loved that. Lit up my living room.

  28. Favorite Ronon lines.

    Tabula Rasa: “That never gets old.”
    Missing, responding to Rodney’s comment about arrows.
    ” Only if you’re stupid enough to get shot in the ass by one.”
    Outcast. “This is free, right?” given an affirmative, “Excellent.”

    Thanks to Mr. Menard for answering so many questions, and participating in this forum. And to Mr. Mallozzi in your unyielding search for that ultimate of weird foods.

  29. My favorite Ronon line is from Runner. It was a cute precursor of things to come from this new character. Ronon was holding Teyla hostage and meets Dr. Beckett for the first time:

    Ronon: What’s in the case Doc?

    Dr. Beckett: Surgical instruments, diagnostic tools, various drugs, antibiotics.

    Ronon: What?

  30. I’ll second Christle about the ones in S&R..all the lines between Ronon and John in the rumble there are golden.

  31. First, a huge thank you to Mr. Jim Menard for such detailed answers. Awesome!

    Second, my favorite Ronon lines are:

    “It never gets old.” after stunning Sheppard
    Coup D’etat : “I just wanna know who thinks I’m not a threat and give ‘em a chance to change their mind.”


  32. Just read through the Q&A – wow, so much I didn’t realize! Thanks again, Mr. Menard! Now I wish I had thought up a question, but since I really wasn’t sure what you did, I had no idea what to ask. 😳 Therefore, I really do appreciate that you added some insight into your treatment of the Wraith, since – whatever I would have asked – would have been about them (seeing as how I have a one-track mind and all).

    And thanks, Joe, for providing this opportunity.

    Joe – a question. My sister and I just watched BAMSR tonight, and something struck me for the first time: When Rodney went to set the countdown and the power went out, was it really the ‘superdense blob’ that did it, or was it the Wraith, stealing a ZPM?


  33. Fantastic Q&A with Jim Menard!! Thanks so much for being so cool! 🙂 🙂

    Joe – when you ate the chicken feet, did you spit out the toenails?


    Fave Ronon quotes:

    Tabula Rasa – “Never gets old”

    Coup d’Etat – “I just wanna know who thinks I’m not a threat and give ‘em a chance to change their mind.” (Thanks, Carmen!)

    Broken Ties – “You kill me or set me free!” *shivers*

    Broken Ties – (After Tyre says, “Would that be before or after you try to beat me unconscious?”)

    “I don’t know. You choose. Or I could just surprise you.”

    Midway – (to Sheppard) “I hate you”

    Critical Mass – “What’s a Goa’uld?”

    Critical Mass – “Nothing. He fainted before I could touch him.”

    Most Powerful Ronon Quote:

    Broken Ties – “You are not the man I risked my life for. You are a traitor to the memory of our people. You have no honor.”


  34. oh I have so many as Ronon is my fave Character but lets see

    Ronon (after fireing the P-90 and the 9mm) : “I prefer this” Shot

    McKay and Mrs Miller:
    Ronon (talking to McKay after ‘Rod’ left):”This one time in school some bullies made me wear my underwear onmy head…no wait that was you.”

    The Tao of Rodney:
    Ronon (talking to McKay after he finds out that he can read minds):”no it’s not”

    Ronon (after find out his ‘friends’ were Wraith worshippers):Run, RUn because the next time we meet it will not be as friends.”

    Be All My Sins Remebered
    Ronon (talking to Teyla after finding out she was preg.):”You know Ronon is a good name for a boy or girl.”

    Ronon talking to Teal’c after finding a Marine who had been feed on by a Wraith):”you say that a lot.”
    Ronon :”Indeed”

    Kindred pt2
    Ronon (saying good bye to Carson:”This is what I was afraid of.”

    The Daedulas Veriations
    Ronon (in deffense of not being tought about the stuff on the ship):”I was busy”

    There is also every line from Trinity, Sateda, Midway, Reunion and of course my new favorite eppy Broken Ties (had me in tears great job Jason!)

  35. Oh and of course the great line from Tabula Rasa after Ronon stuns John “That never gets old” and the speech he gave to John about them being frineds okay I am done now

  36. Wow, that was definitely a heavy Q&A; facinating, but I think I barely understood half of it, LOL. Very technical, but very enlightening. Thank you Jim Menard! And thank you Joe for offering him the chance!

    The Shrine is looking better and better every day.

    Let’s see, favorite Ronon line…well, I’m sure there’s a bunch in seasons 2, 3, and 4, but I just can’t remember right now (haven’t seen those episodes in a while), so I’ll stick to Season 5:

    Search and Rescue

    Ronon: All right, how do you wanna play this?
    Shep: Shoot until we can’t shoot any more.
    Ronon: All right.
    Shep: Been a pleasure.
    Ronon: Same.

    Broken Ties

    Ronon (to Teyla): Ah, you’re no fun!

    Ronon: You are not the man I risked my life for. You are a traitor to the memory of our people. You have no honour.

    That last one brought a tear to my eyes. Jason was absolutely phenomenal in that scene. Absolutely phenomenal.

    The Daedalus Variations

    Ronon: I’ve heard McKay talk about this stuff before. Supposedly there’s a million different realities out there, with every possible variation, which also means there’s a million different Torrens. You can’t worry about every one of ‘em.

    Oh, I guess there is one from Season 4 that I remember:


    Sam: Ronon, where are your friends?
    Ronon: They’re right here. Let’s go home.

    Questions for you, Joe:

    1. MGM is releasing some schematics of Atlantis tech on their website, here. Are these things canon?

    2. Is The Red Shirt Diaries as DOA as Hexed?


  37. When I think of Ronan, I always think of him saying “I’m friendly.” That line just stands out above all others for me….

    Thanks to Jim Menard! that was really fascinating to read. 😀 I’m glad he took the time to do a guestblog. As a pro (still) photographer, I have a very strong appreciation for his job.. and I’m liking the dark, Jim. 🙂

  38. Hi Joe,

    Big thanks to Jim for his hijacking of the blog today for a Q/A! That was incredibly informative and what an awesome job… well, almost as awesome as writing… 😛

    For my fave Ronon line, I couldn’t really decide there are so many good ones!!!

    No man’s land… Rodney says “How’s that an escape plan!?” and Ronon says “I never said it was an escape plan.”

    Doppelganger: “Triple-barreled shotgun?”

    Epiphany after they’ve caught up with Sheppard, John voices how he’s missed them, and Ronon says “Yeah, well, it was only a couple of hours for us, so…”

    And my ultimate fave from Quarantine when he walks into the infirmary and Jen says “another sparring accident” and Ronon says “Actually, I slipped in the shower.”

    I’m also with JoJoB – anything with Ronon/Rodney going at it is totally awesome.


  39. I gotta echo Squall78 and say the following interaction between Teal’c and Ronan was AMAZING and my personal favorite:

    Ronon: You say that a lot.
    Teal’c: What?
    Ronon: Indeed
    Teal’c: I have not noticed.

    Also, thanks to Jim for the awesome and incredibly informational Q&A!!!

  40. “Never gets old” is up there especially since it was a adlib.

    “I try not to let things I can’t change bother me. ” was great.

    “You are not the man I risked my life for. You are a traitor to the memory of our people. You have no honor.” is the best recent one

  41. I know the “Never gets old” line makes up almost half of the favorites listed so far, but it was the first one to come to mind 😉

  42. My favorite Ronon quote from The Return part 1:

    SHEPPARD: You know you guys are welcome to come back with us, right?

    TEYLA: My place is with my people.

    DEX: And I can’t leave this galaxy until every last Wraith is dead. (He smiles.)

    I love that one 🙂

  43. GeekBoy and I had the same first response to your question: “Never gets old.”

    The “triple-barreled shotgun” line was next, along with “Don’t look at me.”

  44. Hmm, my favorite Ronon lines…pretty much all of them. My top faves are when he tells John that he “needs to learn some science” in First Strike, and my second fave, is not really a line but an action, in Daedalus Variation when he bangs his fists on the console when he is trying to fire weapons. I crack up each time I see that!

  45. I have to agree with what’s been said before –
    Tabula Rasa – “Never gets old.”

    Search and Rescue –
    Ronon: All right, how do you wanna play this?
    Shep: Shoot until we can’t shoot any more.
    Ronon: All right.
    Shep: Been a pleasure.
    Ronon: Same.
    –Very Butch Cassidy, although I’m waiting for Ronon to quote one my favorite lines from said movie “Bitch, bitch, bitch” to McKay.

    As far as non-verbal moments go – I love seeing Ronon hug various characters – Sheppard in “The Return,” Rodney in the “Tao of Rodney” and Carson in “Sateda” and “The Kindred.”

  46. Favorite Ronon lines are the exchange between him and Teal’c on Midway.

    “You say that a lot.”

    I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.

  47. Fav Ronon line – from MIDWAY – when John drops him off at the Gate to go with Teal’c:

    “I *hate* you…”

    Loved that pout! 😀

    Oh, BTW! Joe, could you ask Jason if Lola liked “The ‘Manu’ Blanket”…? He should know what you’re talking about.


  48. Hmmm…I just realized…I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tabula Rasa 😳 – it’s one of the three or four from the first half of S4 I haven’t seen, or seen in full, yet. Must watch them soon.


  49. Ronon quotes:

    Ronon: “I prefer this.” Duet

    Ronon:”Never gets old” Tabula Rasa

    Ronon: :You can fly this thing. It’s in your blood – literally.” Tabula Rasa

    Sheppard: “Last night Ronon clubbed me in the head.”

    Ronon: “By accident … sort of.” This Mortal Coil

  50. Thanks so much to Jim Menard for what I’m sure was hours of work to answer all those questions! So glad to know what a gaffer and a key grip do, as well as the technical stuff, which was very understandable!

    Personally I hope you don’t go any darker on the filming, since it’s hard enough to lighten up the screen captures for our websites, banners, icon, and fan art as it is. 🙂

    My favorite Ronon line was Jason’s whole recent interview at Just kidding, but it’s an awesome interview! Jason lives with Joe F? How cool!

    I too loved “Kill me or set me free!”. Very powerful.

  51. @ Mr Menard ~ Thank you for the insightful answers. One reason I love Joe’s blog is that I’m always learning new stuff, and this edition was highly educational! Alsoc, a couple of compliments: 1) I adored A Dog’s Breakfast! (So much so, taht I run a fansite dedicated to it, and David’s site is one of my daily haunts). Going in, I expected it to look “indie”, and was very pleasantly surprised! And 2) I am amazed at how you manage to make darkly lit so easy to see! One of my big complaints in many movies and shows is that it’s so often soo dark I can’t see what’s happening; somehow you manage to get that dark atmosphere but still let us see what’s going on! Bravo!

    Now on to the fave Ronon line … agh, too many to choose!! PG-15 and Das had a lot of good ones …

    Like many others, I love “Never gets old ….”

    I also love the man’s delivery of the word “What?” in a confused context. He must have said it at least once an episode last season. My fave was when they were all talking in Sam’s office in Doppelganger, and Sam and John were doing that thing that John & Rodney usually do, where they’re practically speaking another language — they know what they’re talking about, but poor Ronon was lost.

    Speaking of which, I love the “First Strike” bit, where Ronon says he needs to learn some science.

    I also love the bit in “Kindred, Part 1”, where Teyla is telling them about the Athosian gift-giving tradition, and Ronon says to McKay “Hey, maybe I’ll get you somethin’!” “Really??” “No.” *Grin*

    “Triple-Barrel shotgun?”

    “Don’t look at me!” BAMSR

    “Ya know, Ronon. It’s a good name – boy, or girl.” BAMSR

    “And this is a real sport – men and women dancing around on ice? Your planet’s weird.” Outcast

    “This is free, right?” Outcast (That bit was sooo adroable.)

    His line to Tyre about the man being a traitor, and the line to Teyla about her being no fun.

    Ronon “Right! Shoot ‘em like Sheriff Brody did in the movie ‘Jaws.'”
    Keller: “Yeah, I know, I’ve seen it. How do you …?”
    Ronon: “Sheppard showed it to me. It was a good movie!”
    (Quarantine) Specifically, it’s the way he says “It was a good movie!” that I adore. Heck, in general I love lines where he’s got a boyish sort of enthusiam going on.

    So, you gonna tell us what Jason wants to know this *for*? Just a point of curiosity, or is he planning to do something with this intel?

  52. Favorite Ronon line? Apart from all the good ones everyone else quoted , especially triple barreled shotgun, well, I will have to do my homework. But really, Jason could read the phone book to me in that growly voice and I’d die a happy woman.

    Thumbs up on chicken feet. There’s a great pun there, but I’m too tired to think of it just now.

  53. McKAY: They emit a directional energy beam that disrupts the connection between nanites.
    RONAN: Not what I asked.
    McKAY: Uh, yes. They work good.

    TEAL’C: I would very much like to have a weapon such as this.
    RONAN: Yeah. Get in line.

    TODD: Are we done?
    RONAN: Yeah.

  54. Thanks so much to Jim for answering all those questions. And for not wanting to answer more than “yes” or “no” he was great and very detailed.
    Favorite Ronon lines have already been mentioned by others, primarily the “never gets old” and “Ronon, good name for a boy or a girl.” Loved both of them. Actually love almost everything Ronon says and the way he says it! I think he’s the most emotionally layered “tough guy” I’ve ever seen on TV.

  55. Thanks Jim! Very interesting to hear what you do, and your time was much appreciated.

  56. Oh, I almost forgot! In REUNION when a blindfolded Teyla is whacking the snot out of him!

    “OK! *Stop* hitting me!!”

    Gotta luv a girl who carries a big stick! AND knows how to use it!

  57. Hi Joe – Thanks so very much for Jim’s Q & A. Not only do you have a great blog, but it’s also fun and educational, too.

    All of the lines already mentioned are great Ronan comments, especially when he shoots Sheppard in the puddle jumper in Tabula Rasa.

    Chicken feet? Chicken feet!! Oh Joe, you don’t know where they’ve been!!

  58. Thanks Jim for giving us insight to your profession.

    My favorite line of Jason’s:

    First thing I thought of, before reading the other comments, was:

    “Never gets old”

    I knew what he was refering too and it was funny.

    I also liked:

    “I just wanna know who thinks I’m not a threat and give ‘em a chance to change their mind.”

    Love lines like that, they make me crack up.

    And my daughter, who will watch cause, he is so HOT loved:

    “Tripple-Barrel shotgun”

    Ewwww to the Chicken feet, but very entertaining.

  59. Joe,

    Here are my favorite Ronon quotes:

    Ronon: You are a science team, remember?

    Also Doppelganger:

    McKAY: Really? You think you can’t control a person’s dreams? My father read me “Moby Dick” when I was seven years old. I mean, seriously, what was the man thinking? D’you have any idea how long I had nightmares about being eaten by a whale?

    (Ronon glances at John, then looks at Rodney pointedly.)

    DEX: They haven’t stopped, have they?

    McKAY (embarrassed): No.

    Tao of Rodney:

    Ronan: Yeah, you keep eating like that, it’s more like Fatman.

    The Hive:

    Maj. John Sheppard: How many of those
    [knives] have you got?
    Ronon Dex: How many do you need?

    I added other character’s quotes on some, if I thought they were needed to understand the meaning.

    Great work Jason!


  60. Joe, John Scalzi’s new book called Zoe’s Tale arrived in store today. Go grab it quick!

    Re: favorite Ronon lines, I like: “I need to learn some science.”

  61. From Doppelganger…

    McKay: Yeah, but don’t you think that a science team would be better suited …

    Ronon (walking past): You are a science team, remember?

    Cracks me up every time.

  62. Teyla: I purchased the pendant from an artisan in Croya, the village we are about to visit. Among the Athosians, it’s quite common to present such gifts as expressions of admiration and respect.
    Ronon: [to McKay] Hey. Maybe I’ll pick you something up while we’re there.
    McKay: Really?
    Ronon: No.

  63. “That never gets old” was what came immediately to mind when I read the question

  64. Thank you Jim Menard for the Q&A. I’ve printed them out so I can take my time for reading.

    I also have to wait until I’ll get home before I can watch the vids.

    An here my two favorite Ronon lines:

    In “Tabula Rasa”
    ”That never gets old” -after stunning Sheppard

    In “Submersion”
    McKAY: I said I knew its last known location. It is a mobile drilling station, remember? Obviously that’s gonna take a few hours.

    DEX: If we don’t find it soon, this is gonna be your last known location.

  65. Bleh! Chicken feet?! I don’t care if they taste like chocolate, you’ll never get me eating them!

    As for my favourite Ronon line, I believe someone has already said it but what the heck it’s so great it bears repeating!

    McKAY: Yeah — it’d be like Batman and Ronon. Has a nice ring to it.

    DEX: Yeah, you keep eating like that, it’s more like Fatman.

    It cracks me up every time!


  66. My favourite Ronon line has to be “I need to learn some science” followed by “you keep eating like that, it’s gonna be more like fatman…” I laugh so hard each time I can hardly breathe.

    Question for Joe: Have you ever been to Sweden? I bet you could find a lot of “weird food” here to try… Also I wanted to tell you that I just found out I’m having a baby and if it’s a girl I’m gonna name her Adria. Just LOVE that name. Who came up with it and where did that person get it from?

  67. So “It never gets old” was adlib?

    That’s definitely up there in my top 3 faves and looks like it might be the winner!

    Love you Jason! You never get old 😉 hahaha

  68. Coucou Joseph!!

    Ahhhh c’est la première fois que je vous entent parler français!!! C’est trop mignon ce petite accent ^^!
    bonne appétit ^^!!

    Aller bisou, je vous adore!! Bonne journée!!♥

  69. Okay, I would try chicken feet only if someone else with would try it too. Though I admit I only would try it since you said it was ok. 🙂

    Oh and thanks to Mr. Menard for a great guest blog. Love the answers he gave!

  70. Favourite Ronon line? Um, he doesn’t have quite as many as others, but they’re all wonderfully deadpan.

    Still, I think my favourite is Reunion when sparring with Teyla – “Okay, *stop* hitting me!”

    Because, hey, Teyla kicking Ronon’s ass while blindfolded? Awesomesauce.

    And I would like to be the first to whoop and cheer at your eating chickenfeet! Because they are teh tasty at yum cha (dim sum, I guess you called it) and my family always gets them.

    Then again, I am 100% Chinese in ancestry, so it’s not wholly surprising.

    And no, there’s not a lot of meat – it’s mostly cartilage, but it’s tasty and edible and my little cousins and I used to ‘wave’ at each other across the table with them when we ate yum cha.


  71. Ronon had a lot of wonderful lines in “Sunday,” (Ronon was wonderful, period, in “Sunday”) but I think my favourite one is:

    “So, this is a water hazard?”

    Jason’s got such a great, dry, delivery. Plus, I always enjoy it when he’s messing with John’s head. 😛

  72. Wow, very in-depth! Thank you so much for appearing, Jim, and to you, Joe, for hosting! I really enjoy these guest appearances. I love learning about this show and more about TV making in general.

    Favorite Ronon lines? Oy! I’ll try to recall some of them here.

    Does it make a difference? Even if it was a fleet of hive ships, would it stop us from trying to get him back?–Travelers

    What, you want my help dissecting corporate structures? When you find someone to point a gun at, you let me know.–Miller’s Crossing

    To Sheppard: I hate you.–Midway

  73. Tao of Rodney
    Yeah, you keep eating like that it’s gunna be more like Fatman.

    The Ark
    After putting his shoulder back in place, “I don’t like to wait.”

    “I hate you”. Perfect brother’s moment.

    “Well pick a spot I’ll hit it there.”

  74. Chicken feet? Seriously? Oh my. Brave man.

    Nervousness from yesterday is gone; I got into University :D! And on the course which demanded higher grades. Currently doing my own little victory dance :D.

  75. Just like to thank Jim Menard for the guest blog, it was fascinating and a very enjoyable read 😀

    Cazz x

  76. Hello Joe.
    In july, you wrote about Picacio’s work.
    Do you know the paintings of Jason Momoa (pastel and maybe oil)? I saw some of ceramic tile mural of his father (great) and two abstract paintings of Jason. Interesting work. Do you know Jason’s work?
    Ask him, please, if he thinks that his work is close to the Abstract Expressionism movement and if he stops this art’s activities ?

  77. Thanks Jim!!

    My all time fave Ronon line is :
    “If you want to live, stay behind me”.

    There have also been a lot funny lines over the years, but I prefer the darker, warrior side of Ronon.

  78. Ronon lines, he has so many,its the way they are said! Never gets old
    Arrows only hurt if you are stupid enough to get hit in the ass with one
    And the What? Wonderful!
    and the tear jerkers,
    Kill me or set me free etc
    everybody has said all the good ones already, like i said its how he says it!

  79. Hi again Mr M!!

    Firstly a big THANK YOU to Mr Menard. That was very insightful and I have gone back to the old SG1 eps to re-watch as he has suggested!

    Secondly, re:


    mmmmm lots of people are quoting lines from Season 5 that I have not seen!!! Hummph!
    My favourites so far are:

    “That never gets old!”

    “Ronon – good name for boy or girl”

    “Stop hitting me!”

    All as detailed by many above! However, as is ALWAYS the case with the Stargate universe as I’ve learned over the years, I am sure Ronon’s best line is yet to come!!!!!!

    On a side note, a big hello to Mr Momoa (we shared a Can of Guinness at the photo op in April at the Creation Con!) The resulting pictures are hilarious! Thanks again!! Ireland is still waiting for your promised visit!


  80. Must have been tired last night, forgot one of my fave Ronon lines from “Tao of Rodney”.

    Can I shoot him now?

    My fave Ronon scene is so anti-Ronon, but just shows the growth of the character. It’s from “Sunday” when he goes to see Rodney while he is cleaning out Carson’s quarters. The two are not friends, not like he is with Shep or Teyla, but he is there for Rodney, knowing how much he’s hurting. Great scene for Ronon that is wonderfully played by both Jason and David.

  81. There are so many to chose from. I love all the ones that have been said so far, especially “that never gets old” & “stop hitting me”. I think my favourites are

    Condemnded: Ronon asks if it’s an order. Shep ” am beat up, tied up, and couldn’t order a pizza right now if I wanted to. But if you need it to be, yeah – it’s an order. ” Ronon “OK”. It’s more what it means than OK being a great line!!!

    Also from Millers Crossing: “What, and you want my help dissecting corporate structures? When you find someone to point a gun at, you let me know.” Absolutely brilliant!!

    There’s many many more, but those are the ones that stand out right now! 😀

  82. I have several Ronon favourite lines, of which most of them are his witty and slightly rude comments to McKay. The legendary “Fatman and Robin” line cracks me up again and again! Another favourite is this one:

    McKay: I did this. I’m responsible for the destruction of my own planet!
    Ronon: If anyone was going to do it, it’d be you.


  83. Ronon lines……

    THE LONG GOODBYE (To Teyla re tracking Sheppard & Weir)

    “Cause i know how his mind works, I don’t have the slightest clue about how she thinks” (I think that’s the wording..)


    DOPPLEGANGER (To McKay aobut his whale dreams)

    “They haven’t stopped have they?”


  84. Hi Joe,

    My favourite Ronon line has to be,

    Coup d’Etat – “I just wanna know who thinks I’m not a threat and give ‘em a chance to change their mind.”

    It’s just perfectly Ronon on so many levels.


    Do you think Jason would come along and do a Q&A about Season 5 for us?


    THANK YOU! also to Mr Menard for giving up his time to answer our questions.

  85. Thank you to Jim Menard for answering my question. And really for all those detailed answers. I actually learned something.

    Favorite Ronon line –
    The Ronon line when I first realized I absolutely loved him was at the end of The Lost Boys after the Wraith take Sheppard from the cell and Ronon bluntly informs Ford
    “If he dies, you die.”

    Two of my favorites from Season 5 so far are from Search and Rescue. The lines themselves are short, but the way Jason delivers them is hysterical –

    When Sheppard grumpily rebukes Ronon for not getting out of the rubble when he had the chance, all Ronon says is
    Yeah, whatever.”
    succintly and totally dismissing Sheppard and his dopey notion that Ronon was ever going to leave him there.

    And when Sheppard has trouble reaching up to plant the C4, Ronon grabs it and tells him
    “You don’t have to do everything.”
    in this sort of barely-patient tone like he feels he really should not have to explain simple concepts like getting help from your friends to Sheppard.

    Okay, I’ll stop, but just so you know, I could go on all day.

    Oh, and I read Jason’s interview for Cinemaspy.
    When he says that he could work with Flanigan for the rest of his life, I say good plan. I’d be more than willing to watch him work with Flanigan for the rest of my life.

  86. So many good Ronon quotes, where to begin?

    As others have said from Tabula Rasa
    “Never gets old.”

    That is probably my favorite, along with the entire speech he gave to Sheppard to convince him to lower his weapon.

    The Last Man
    “I was just gona blow it up.”

    So many from Doppleganger.

    “They haven’t stopped have they?”
    “I have got to se this movie!”
    “You are a science team, remember?”

    The Lost Boys
    “You wanna live, stay behind me.”
    “Pick one.”

  87. Jason Momoa wants to know your favorite Ronon line.

    Toss-up between:

    “Does it make a difference? Even if it was a fleet of hive ships, would it stop us from trying to get him back?” (From ‘Travellers’ — I love the quiet emotion in his voice and expression)


    “That never gets old.” (after stunning Sheppard in ‘Tabula Rasa’ — cracked me UP)

    Hey, do you ever plan to take pictures of Flanigan or Rachel to post in your blog? It’s been a really really long time since we’ve seen either of them. If you’re not usually on the set when they’re around for whatever reason, since you’re the producer and stuff could you maybe come up with an excuse to be there? 😛

  88. Favorite Ronon line is from episode 2×11 when they’re all stuck in the Wraith cell and Ronon is pulling knives out from his vambraces and his hair.

    John: How many of those things have you got?”

    Ronon: How many you need?

    From Quarantine when he tells Keller “Come on, you got this.”

    Weird Food – Chicken feet. ~shudders~ I was once offered some at dim sum and nearly hurled at the sight. No thanks.

  89. Hey Joe,

    Aside from all the great Ronon lines already mentioned, I liked this one from Vengeance:

    RONON: Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?
    SHEPPARD: I fly it; pick you, Rodney and Teyla up; we use the Dart’s D.H.D. to dial the Gate.
    RONON: I was thinking, “Blow it up,” but your idea’s better. Get movin’.

    @tam_myst and sible: Ronon also stunned Sheppard in Irresistable.

    Question for Joe: Who makes the decision regarding Season 6 renewal: is it SciFi or MGM or both? And since Hexed seems to be DOA, can you tell us what the creative snafu was that killed it?

    Lovin’ Season 5 so far!


  90. I really enjoyed reading what Jim Menard had to say. It definitely gave me new insights into the production process.

    As for favorite Ronon lines, I think the other commentors have pretty much covered it all. I do have to say that I loved “Tao of Rodney” and everyone’s interaction in that episode. The character driven episodes of Atlantis have always been my favorites.

  91. So I’m going to countdown my fave Ronon lines. They’re often short but they’re memorable. Of course there’s usually a smirk that goes with them. Naturally you’ll see that most of the quotes are directed at Sheppard. I love the Dex/Sheppard friendship. One of my fave scenes in Season 4 was the way Ronon woke Sheppard up in Midway by tickling him. You can tell they’re good friends. They don’t even have to act that.

    10. “Indeed.”
    (Midway, Said in a deep voice when he points out to Teal’c that he says Indeed a lot)

    9. Right! Shoot ‘em like Sheriff Brody did in the movie Jaws.
    (Quarantine, after Keller suggests using oxygen tanks as an explosive device)

    8. I was beginning to think you were afraid to fight.
    (Condemned, to Sheppard when it looks like they’ll have to fight the prisoners)

    7. Yeah, well, it was only a couple of hours for us, so …
    (Epiphany, after Sheppard says he misses them)

    6. Is that an order, Sheppard?
    (Condemned, just before Sheppard’s couldn’t order a pizza line)

    5. I prefer this.
    (Duet, after Sheppard shows him how to shoot all of their guns on Atlantis)

    4. Bite back.
    (Sunday, after Sheppard asks about penalties for biting)

    3. They’re right here. Let’s go home.
    (Reunion, when Carter asks where his friends are)

    2. How many do you need?
    (The Hive, after Sheppard asks how many knives he has)

    1. You kill him before I do, I kill you.
    (Sateda, before the face-off)

    Thanks for the guest blog Jim and your participation in the audio comms., very informative. Sorry I missed out on leaving a question.

    Cheers, Chev

  92. My favourite line:
    RONON: We’re friends. The things we’ve been through together – I don’t care what anyone says, no disease can wipe that away, not completely.

  93. Mmm…chicken feet. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was a kid and I make it a point to judge a new dim sum restaurant in how well they handle that dish. Well, that and their egg tarts. Was this really your first taste of it?

  94. Yay, chicken feet! You’ve just given me more courage to order that the next time I have dim sum. Were they particularly bony? I heard you stick the whole thing in your mouth and spit out the bones.

    Now try tripe! Or frog legs! 🙂

    I have many Ronon favorites, but I especially like the ones where he’s all “What? What’d he say?” The Atlantis expedition is in a strange new galaxy and yet he’s the real “fish out of water” — even Teyla is better at masking her ignorance regarding Earth culture or when Rodney technobabbles. Ronon isn’t afraid to show that he doesn’t understand something, or that he thinks our world is “weird” (which it so is).

    I also liked “Aw, you’re no fun” from Broken Ties. It’s nice to see that even with his terrible past, he can move beyond it and retain a sense of humor. Of course, then Tyre shows up and Ronon’s world is shattered again. 🙁

  95. My favorite Ronon line was when Teyla, Rodney and Ronon were going to the peddler’s market to look for the person who sold Teyla the necklace she saw in her vision. Teyla explains that at the fair, sometimes people buy gifts for those that they respect and want to honor.
    Ronon turns to Rodney and says – Maybe I’ll get you something – and Rodney perks up and replies – Really? Ronon waits a second and says, “No.” Tears me up every time.

  96. All of my favorites have already been mentioned but just to get another vote in:

    “Never gets old.” Tabula Rasa

    “Does it make a difference? Even if it was a fleet of hive ships, would it stop us from trying to get him back?” Travelers

    “Great, deal.” Search and Rescue

    “Same.” Search and Rescue

    “You are not the man I risked my life for. You are a traitor to the memory of our people. You have no honor.” Broken Ties

    “I was thinking, “Blow it up,” but your idea’s better. Get movin’.” Vengeance

    “Triple-barrelled shotgun?” Doppleganger

    “I have got to see this movie!” Doppleganger

    I will say that my favorite Ronon moment actually has no words. In Outcast when he appears in the doorway while Sheppard is standing at his father’s casket. Ronon pauses then turns away. No words needed.

  97. I like this Ronon line: “Yeah, you keep eating like that, it’s more like Fatman.”

    I always think it funnier when the more serious characters same something humorous.

    Thanks to Jim Mernard for answering the questions! I’m a bit more informed as to what a DOP actually does now!

  98. Well, my favorite line seems to also be a lot of other people’s as well… “Never gets old.”

    I think Ronan says a lot without saying a lot, he is physically very expressive.

  99. Thanks Jim M, fans & Mr M for the great Q&A! I was particularly interested in the HD photography answers.

    Hey Jason I knew the “never gets old” was gonna be tops, my fave as well as the “Fatman” crack. I tend to think of, and actually prefer, Ronon as a man of few words because you do body language and action so well, but when he says something its worth the listen.

    DEX: If it distracts you, clear your mind of it. If it fuels your anger, use it. – The Hive

    DEX: You know, you may be able to make him look like a human, talk like a human, but he’ll still be a Wraith. Nothing you do will ever change that. – Michael

    DEX: What, you want my help dissecting corporate structures? When you find someone to point a gun at, you let me know. – Miller’s Crossing


  100. For the character people joke about not talking much, he really does say a lot with a few words, especially with the way Jason Momoa delivers those lines.

    My all time favorite line is from Tabula Rasa, right after Ronon stuns Sheppard:

    DEX: “Never gets old.”

    I laugh every time. A few other favorites, though:

    The Lost Boys
    SHEPPARD: I know – just be patient.
    DEX: Historically, that hasn’t been a strength for me.

    No Man’s Land
    MCKAY: …I’m responsible for the destruction of my own planet.
    DEX: If anyone was going to do it, it’d be you.

    TEYLA: That is, unless we discover he’s revealed the location of Atlantis to anyone.
    DEX: In which case I said I would track him down, hang him by his feet, and cut off his …

    TEYLA: As I said, my fellow Athosian who spoke to me of this hero saw him in action against several armed men.
    DEX: I do that all the time.

    DEX: (to McKay) If we don’t find it soon, this is gonna be *your* last known location.

    DEX: Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?
    SHEPPARD: I fly it; pick you, Rodney and Teyla up; we use the Dart’s DHD to dial the Gate.
    DEX: I was thinking, “Blow it up,” but your idea’s better.

  101. Okay – just watched the video – and as someone who’s tried chicken feet, all I gotta say is this…


    I’ve lost all faith in your food preferences. With chicken feet, it’s not the flavor, it’s the fact that it’s all bones and gristle and skin. Anyone want to know what it’s like to eat chicken feet? Bite your pinky finger. Actually, your pinky finger probably has more meat on it…

    Flavor-wise, you could put the same sauce on chicken wings or chicken tenders, and actually have something to eat, not just to suck on.


  102. Did I sound angry just then? I wasn’t – I was sneakin’ in a quick comment before I got caught, ’cause I’m supposed to be working, and not playing…

    like…right now… 🙂

    *scampers back to QuickBooks*


  103. Pretty much all my favorite lines have already been mentioned.

    I’ve noticed how often Ronon is right, but no one listens to him. That’s probably why I like this exchange from Vengeance so much:

    SHEPPARD: Oh, hey, wait. Set your gun to stun.

    DEX: What?!

    SHEPPARD: Yeah. We’re gonna need to question him.

    DEX: No. No more talking, no more questioning. I’m gonna do what we should have done the first time we captured him.

    SHEPPARD: Ronon, listen to me.

    DEX: No, you listen to me, John. This whole retrovirus thing was a mistake. I said it then — no-one listened to me. It was a bad idea.

    SHEPPARD: We had to try. If it worked, we wouldn’t …

    DEX (interrupting): But it didn’t work. Admit it. It just made things worse. How long do you wanna keep paying for it?

  104. Thank you Lenas!!! That is the ultimate Dex line!!

    “If you want to live, stay behind me!!!

  105. My fave Ronon Lines:

    “Never gets old.”

    Yeah, you keep eating like that, it’s more like Fatman.”

  106. First – a special thank you to Jim Menard for an excellent guest blog. Really enjoyed it.

    Second – chicken feet????? ….uhm, I don’t think so. Please tell me that they were, at least, the feet from an organic raised chicken. While that might make it a ‘tad’ bit better….uhm, still I don’t think so.

    Third – since it’s hard for me to narrow down a favorite Ronon line, I’ll just have to say that I love all of them. *g*


  107. I think that most of Ronon’s lines are fantastci but I do really like:

    “Never gets old”

    ” Does it make a difference? Even if it was a fleet of hive ships, would it stop us from trying to get him back?”

    Also the “Indeed” exchange with teal’c always cracks me up and when he speaks to the unconscious Dr Weir in “Adrift” and thanks her for letting him stay – that was a very powerful and moving moment for me.

  108. Hey Joe,

    I’m glad I NEVER have to try chicken feet. Ever. 😛

    My favorite Ronon line is from Season three epi four I think: Sateda. Ronon is on his home planet fighting with the wraith who turned him into a runner. Shep and Teyla arrive to help out but Ronon has other plans:

    DEX (to Shep and Teyla) : You kill him before I do, I kill you.

    SHEPPARD: What if he kills you first?

    DEX: Then you kill him.

    That’s what I love about Ronon. He’s a “no guts, no glory” kinda guy.

    Trish 😀

  109. @Das: I thought your monster’s springy bottom meant you head a *Tigger* like personality! 😉 Ya know: you are bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN! Plus, I think your monster is a darker wraith-green. So maybe a wraith with a bit of a tan? 😆 That’s how I see it.

  110. Can I say ditto to all the great Ronon lines you all beat me to it. The one that always makes me laugh is the one from Tao of Rodney
    “Keep eating like that it will be Fatman”
    I also like the one Get behind me if you want to live and the threat one everyone is mentioning

    I also like the scene in Adrift when Ronon was talking to Elizabeth thanking her for letting him onto Atlantis that was a very touching scene for Ronon. Ronon is one of the few reasons I am still watching I want to see how Ronon’s story unfolds. Ronon is my second favorite male character second to only Daniel.

    Jason also has a way of giving a look that says so much, he has great delivery and great presense. Jason always gives me emotion that’s why I love the character he brings to life.

    I have a question did Daniel have any scenes with Teyla in the mid season two parter? There are some of us who like to ship Daniel with everyone and I am not betraying my favorite ships Daniel & Vala and Ronon & Teyla. You who wrote Ripple Effect gave me the perfect solution

    The multi-verse theory of quantum physics posits the existence of parallel universes, an infinite number of ever growing alternate realities that exist concurrently with our own. The theory holds that anything that can happen, will happen, if not in this reality, then in another.

  111. WOW! What a lot of detail to deal with, I am more then ever impressed with the calibre of craftsmanship behind my favourite show!
    More! Sky is showing Search and Rescue on Tuesday YAY!!!!

    *needs to go lie down*

  112. @Jason
    My favorite Line? Good question. There are so many of them. 😉

    Ok – “Indeed!” is simply unbeatable. 😀

    From “No Man’s Land” (stuck in the cocoons):
    Rodney: “I did this. I’m responsible for the destruction of my own planet.”
    DEX: “If anyone was going to do it, it’d be you.”

    From “Broken Ties”:
    “Sheppard… It’s about time.”

    Chicken feet? 😯 Really – I admire your courage.

    I’m curious whether the Icons change within WordPress or not…..

  113. Thanks for the guest bloggers – always educational! 🙂

    I have a couple favorite Ronan lines:

    (Discussing the movie “Alien” after Teyla, Dr. Keller, and Ronon’s dreams)
    McKay: So, very tense, working like a charm, Jocelyn’s all freaked out beside me, I’m packing away the goobers and popcorn…and then the alien bursts out of John Hurt…
    Teyla: You didn’t.
    McKay: Mm hm. Puked, all over her.
    Ronon: I’ve got to see this movie.

    [The Team was just attacked by a creature]
    Teyla: What is that?
    Ronon: A piece of an arm, it looks like.
    Sheppard: Lets hope that slows it down.
    McKay: Maybe it’ll bleed to death.
    Ronon: Or just grow another arm.

    Caldwell: I warn you, as a Goa’uld, I now possess the strength of many men.
    Ronon: It’ll be a fair fight then.

    Ronan: If we don’t find it soon, this is gonna be your last known location.

    Ronon: Sheppard’s on the list; McKay is on the list. Why aren’t Teyla and me?
    Elizabeth: What, you’re feeling left out?
    Ronon: I just wanna know who thinks I’m not a threat and give ’em a chance to change their mind.

    Sheppard: Put that thing away. We told ’em we were friendly.
    Ronon: [holsters his blaster] I’m friendly.

    Ronan: If you want to live, stay behind me.

  114. For Ronon’s best lines, there are so many but I have to lean toward any with Sheppard. I’m a huge Dex, Sheppard friendship fan. I’ve even begun writing a series called The Thousandth Man that focuses on Ronon’s friendship and loyalty to that frienship with Sheppard, based on Rudyard Kipling’s poem. My favorite one by the way, cuz I think every man deserves to have a Thousandth Man… wish I had one.

    Favorite lines though —

    “Never gets old” – Tabula Rasa

    “I hate you” – Midway

    “With you” – Outcast ( and his entire interaction with John in that episode, most memorable non-speaking part was when he appeared behind John who was standing at the casket and a moment’s glance before vacating )

    “Sheppard, hey buddy…” – Search and Rescue (perfect)

    “You were the big bad monster” – Doppelganger

    “Bite back” – Sunday

    “I always thought you and Teyla would… you know…” – Sunday

    There really are a LOT of moments and lines I could choose as favorites for Ronon. I gotta say though that there are many more that are actions only and say so much more about his character and him AS a character, for example…

    One of my favorite moments that mean alot to me in regards to Ronon is the proof of his loyalty and his deep feelings for John, Rodney and Teyla is during Reunion when the two teams split up and Ronon went with his Satedan friends… but upon hearing his Atlantean friends’ gunshots he didn’t even hesitate to turn and race off in their defense, leaving the Satedans on their own. that was a GREAT Ronon moment.

    His entire “stand by me” actions to John in Search and Rescue and his guidance to Sheppard through Tabula Rasa. It really is difficult to choose just one moment that stands out when talking about such a stand out character.

    All I can say is “Bravo, Jason”. I’d love to see you and Joe F play alongside each other in many more projects. You guys have great chemistry that bleeds through everything you both do and say to one another.

    I would love to see a real character episode that focuses a LOT on just the two of them and the dynamics of this unexpected bond.

  115. Well all the good Ronon lines have been stated. I have always loved Jason’s deadpan delivery of his lines. It’s so Ronon.

    Joe – do you know where those feet have been?? Did that chicken wash his feet first before walking unto the chopping block?

  116. Oh, I have so many! A lot has already been listed, I won’t list those again.

    Ronon: (slaps friend) stings doesn’t it

    Ronon thanking Wier for giving him a home

    Ronon and McKay on the Wraith ship. Wraith was about to touch McKay to escort McKay, and Ronon pulls his gun and says don’t touch him..or something like that. That was just so Ronon, always the protector, shoot first ask questions least when it comes to the Wraith 

    Ronon: You got this. (To Keller about cutting into oxygen tank)

  117. Off the top of my head, my favourite Ronon line is probably from Tabula Rasa, after he stuns Sheppard: “Never gets old”, complete with satisfied grin. 😀

  118. Trish wrote:
    @Das: I thought your monster’s springy bottom meant you head a *Tigger* like personality! Ya know: you are bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN! Plus, I think your monster is a darker wraith-green. So maybe a wraith with a bit of a tan? That’s how I see it.

    Funny you should say that about the Tigger thingy. In certain situations I tend to be VERY ‘Tiggerish’…or, like a hyper, over-friendly puppy. When I was a kid, I hid behind my hair and never talked, but then I hit 19 and became the exact opposite – all bouncy and chatty, joking around and just blurting out whatever pops in my head. Both are forms of social anxiety, but I went from one extreme to the other, literally overnight. On top of it, I tend to be a worrier, over-thinking everything then expressing my thoughts in a way that never comes out quite right.

    Like the other day when I was with Mr. Das at the Verizon store, getting a new phone, and I said something to the lady next to me about not liking so many technological advances because people are getting dumber and dumber and pretty soon, when the next disaster hits, there’s going to be a massive societal meltdown because no one is going to know what to do without their gadgets. I said in my hyper, jovial way, “Hey, at least I know how to build a fire – I’ll still be able to cook. If worse comes to worse, I can eat my cats! Heck, I can even eat my neighbors!”

    The lady just kinda looked at me funny… 😳

    It was just my nerves talking. Really. So…yeah – just imagine Rodney, with boobs… 😛


  119. My favorite Ronon lines are the ones we have yet to hear.

    Joe, you’ve said you love writing for the Ronon character and Jason obviously loves playing him. It shows.

    More Ronon please.

  120. My fave Ronon line would have to be this one from Submersion:

    “McKay, if we don’t find it soon this is gonna be your last known location.”

    Just cracked me up!

  121. My father’s favorite Ronon line is in “Conversion”:

    RONON: That’s it? One Wraith, in the forest?
    GORAN: Yes.
    RONON: I’ll be done by morning.

    Actually, AnneTeldy, that’s from Instinct, Conversion is the one after it.

    And I loved that bit too, Katja! Makes Ronon look a tad dumb, but hell, I woulda been doin’ that from the start!

  122. Joe, On some of the commentaries, directors have said that another director may film scenes for each other due to time constraints. Does a director with a different style shoot in their own style or try to mimick the style of the existing director? Thanks for your time.

  123. Hmmmm. My thing for Ronon isn’t so much the words he says as the actions accompanying them. That’s why I adore his “Ronon, good name for boy or girl” to Teyla, along with the support and tenderness he displayed (probably in a tie with Lorne, but that’s another story).

    The raised eyebrow, intense fighting technique and survivor guy history are things we expect of him. But the softer side of him is what gets me Every.Single.Time.

    Anyway, Joe, congrats for eating the chicken feet. I’ve always liked them because of the spicy sauce. And, to anybody who thinks they’re yucky, well, all I can say is … wait for it … CHICKEN!

  124. Fav Ronon line:

    After McKay and Lorne get to arguing about trying to locate Sheppard in The Travelers:

    “Does its matter? If it were a fleet of Hive ships, would it stop us from trying to get him back?”

    As Helenka said, its not only the line, but the gentle side he displays when someone else is hurting.

    Love the Big Man!!

  125. I just wanted to add another favorite Ronon moment.
    In “Sunday” when Rodney is clearing out Carson’s room, Ronon stands at the door and asks if Rodney needs any help.

    Rodney: “I should’ve gone fishing with him…….”

    Ronon: “Don’t….”

    Arrgghhhh! Makes me cry every single time I watch it. Jason is the king of conveying tremendous emotion with very few words. Sniff.

    I’m a big fan of the banter between Shep and McKay, and the buddy buddy relationship of Shep and Ronon, but I’m growing more and more fond of Ronon and McKay’s interaction—those two make me laugh one moment and say “Awwww” the next.

  126. Tabula Rasa, that line he delivers after he drops Shep:

    “That never gets old…”

    pure gold! Pure Ronon!

    Chicken feet – taste just like chicken don’t they? *wink*

  127. My favorite Ronon line ever is from ‘Midway’.

    “So nobody gets in, nobody gets out? Just the way I like it.”

    It doesn’t sound so great written, but the way Jason delivered it gave me goosebumps all over. It was a the same time menacing, humerous, deadpan… loved it!

  128. Ah, Ronon:

    “The Kindred”

    Teyla: I purchased the pendant from an artisan in Croya, the village we are about to visit. Among the Athosians, it’s quite common to present such gifts as expressions of admiration and respect.
    Ronon: [to McKay] Hey. Maybe I’ll pick you something up while we’re there.
    McKay: Really?
    Ronon: No.


    Teal’c: I would very much like to have a weapon such as this.
    Ronon: Yeah. Get in line.


    Ronon: And this is a real sport? Men and women dancing around on ice?
    Sheppard: Unfortunately.
    Ronon: Your planet’s weird.
    Sheppard: You can say that again.

    “Millers’ Crossing”

    Ronon: I look dumb!
    Sheppard: Helps you blend in a little.
    Ronon: I’m gonna stand out no matter what you dress me in.
    Sheppard: That’s a good point.

  129. Fave Ronon line: In “Tabula Rasa” after he shoots Sheppard. “Never gets old.”

  130. Hmmm. I’m not sure whether it’s my favorite Ronon line, but it’s the one that comes to my mind now because the episode is new: At the beginning of “Broken Ties”, Ronon suggests that Kanaan could spar with him, and Teyla answers that she wants him in one piece. And then, I loved Ronon’s “Aw, you’re no fun!” 😀

  131. I was expecting it, and even so when Weir sends her name through the computer is the best early act-out of Atlantis yet.

  132. Hi Mr. Mallozzi! I adore your blog and I look forward to reading it as often as I can. You make me feel like every one that watches the Gates and loves them as much as I do is a part of the big happy family that these shows have created. Thank you more than words can express for that!

    Also thanks to Jim Menard and every one else that’s been kind enough to take the time to answer all of the great questions everyone’s presented.

    Ronon quotes:

    “That never gets old.” -From Tabula Rasa

    “You shot me too!” – From Phantoms

    “DEX: I’m not good at this.
    SHEPPARD: What?
    DEX: Waiting to die.
    SHEPPARD: Don’t think about it.
    DEX: I don’t like small spaces.
    SHEPPARD: Could be worse.
    DEX: Personally, I’d rather die fighting.
    SHEPPARD: I’d rather not *die*.
    DEX: I’m just sayin’ …
    SHEPPARD: OK, look. If this rock burns up in the atmosphere, I’ll fight you to the death myself. Deal?
    DEX (smiling): You’re on. (He sits down, calmer).” – From The Ark That bit makes me giggle every time.

    “Hey. Remember – you still owe me a fight to the death.” -From The Ark

    But my all time favorite isn’t actually a line, it’s the way Jason pulled off the facial expressions after he punched Lucius Lavin at the beginning of Irresponsible. Perfection!

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