In a reflective mood.

Sis fires up a steak and pepper lunch

Sis enjoys that full-bodied smokiness.

It’s a little like choosing between two people you happen to be dating. When you’re with one, all thoughts of the other are instantly forgotten and the decision seems pretty simple. But when you’re with the other, it’s just the opposite. Well, I made my decision nine years ago when I moved to Vancouver and, while I certainly don’t regret it while I’m there, it’s easy to miss Montreal whenever I come back into town. No matter how many things change since the last time I was, there’s always that overwhelming sense of familiarity that makes it so easy to settle back in and consider the possibilities. If and when Stargate ends, will I choose to remain in Vancouver? Will I return to my hometown? Or will I try my luck in L.A.? I suspect that opportunity will pretty much dictate my decision.

Steady work is tough prospect in an industry where most shows don’t make it past their first season. There’s no doubt I’ve been very fortunate landing a position on one of the most successful franchises in television history. Paul and I joined SG-1 in its fourth season with the understanding that the show would end with its fifth season on Showtime, having attained its golden 100 episode milestone for syndication. But SG-1 was atypical of most shows. Rather than end, it moved – over to the SciFi Channel where the show, in its sixth season, proved a tremendous hit for the network. Immediately establishing itself as one of SciFi’s tentpole shows as part of its SciFi Friday line-up, SG-1 went another four seasons, spinning off a sister series, Atlantis, before finally concluding its run with a full ten seasons and over 200 episodes produced.

SG-1 lives on in long-form, DVD features that have outperformed expectations and have, in turn, assured future movies, while Atlantis has chugged along and, with the conclusion of its fifth season, attains that golden 100 episode milestone. Waiting in the wings is Stargate: Universe, the third entry in the hugely successful franchise that should inevitably make its way to the small screen sooner than later. Will it ever end? The franchise? Not likely for a long time. The individual shows? Eventually, sure.

So what does this mean for Atlantis as its fifth season premiere approaches? Can it go 10 seasons like it‘s big brother? To be perfectly honest – it’s highly unlikely. It was a perfect storm of events (let’s call it a pleasant Summer squall) that came together to grant SG-1 an unheard of 10 season run: the timing of the move to SciFi, the performance of the first-run episodes, the performance of the repeat block, the performance of the show on DVD, among numerous other variables. Sure, some of those elements are in play for Atlantis but as a show moves past its fifth season, the odds are stacked against it. Ultimately, it comes down to the numbers – less the ratings and more the bottom line. The longer a show is on the air, the more expensive it is to produce. Throw in the resurgence of the Canadian dollar, once pegged at 63 cents to the U.S. greenback, it now hovers at par, an approximate 37 cent bump which adds a significant hit to the production budget.

And yet who knows what the future holds. WE certainly didn‘t nine years ago when we expected production on SG-1 to conclude after it‘s fifth season. But if and when Atlantis does come to an end, I don’t think it should be cause for anger or resentment. Both MGM and SciFi have been great supporters of the show and, if you go by SG-1’s example, fans can be assured that the end of the series will not be the end of Atlantis. Like SG-1, it will live on in longer form dvd releases.

And what will that mean for me personally? To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve always said that one of the best things about working on this franchise (beside the catering) is the people. Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis can probably put faces to some of the names that flash by onscreen whenever Stargate airs. Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Paul Mullie, Carl Binder, Martin Gero, Alan McCullough – individuals I’ve spent more time with over the past few years than even my wife. It’s tough to imagine a Monday when I won’t come into the office to catch-up on the weekend highlights with these guys, my second family, or sit through a concept meeting where I’ll decide the gate should shut down off-screen, or swing by our post facilities to approve an insert shot of someone standing somewhere holding something. But all good things do come to an end.

And, at the end of the day, like I said, I’ve been luckier than most.

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  1. Whoa. So going home makes you get all nostalgic and junk.

    *sigh* If I can’t be angry or resentful about SGA ending, can I at least be totally depressed for about six months? Can I whine and cry to anyone who will listen?

    So… on a happy note: Did you see Jeremy’s transition fix for your DVDs? I had no idea he was going to do that. He’s quite proud of himself, too.

    Tomorrow we talk about “In the Garden of Iden” right?

    Like Sponge Bob, “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!” 😀


  2. You’re in a contemplative mood. What you say here makes me think you suspect something, that you are preparing us for the end of SGA. No season six. Or it doesn’t mean that at all. Sometimes fans might forget that when a show ends, not only do we lose a show we enjoy, many people lose their livelihoods.

    Cheer up and enjoy your break.

  3. I hope ,to think that you are waxing nostalgically about the end to a never-ending story. I know we must in life try to roll with the punches it gives us, and I know you will be right there rolling along. you seem pretty well able to take things as they come, like water heaters,alarm clocks, etc. So I believe you are a survivor and even if the end of whatever would come, bigger and better as they say are right around the corner. We are here pulling for the good things. On the other hand, do you ever wonder if people who get their fortune cookie at the end of the meal, really play those numbers on it and if they ever win?!?

  4. Liking the haircut!

    I think we will all be sad when SGA ends, but the carrot is already out in the form of Stargate Universe.

    I was totally prepared to hate SGA when it aired and only watched the pilot because of boredom – for the first five – ten minutes then I was hooked.

    Here’s hoping though that SGA stays alive at least 7 seasons and then perhaps a movie.

    Who knows perhaps McKay accidentally zaps himself and the rest of the team into Stargate Universe with some Ancient device. No? It would be good though….

  5. Waiting in the wings is Stargate: Universe, the third entry in the hugely successful franchise that should inevitably make its way to the small screen sooner than later.

    See this does make me a bit angry. SG-1 went on while SGA came into bearing. Statements like this make me think that a show like SGA are going to be pushed aside and cut short so the studios can play with a new toy that’s unproven.

    Is this more thoughtful post your way of trying to brace us that season 5 of SGA will be the last despite good ratings last year?

  6. No. The intention wasn’t to brace anyone but to put things in perspective. Like I said, we assumed SG-1 would end with its fifth season and it went on for another five. I’d love for Atlantis to equal this impressive feat but the realities of television production make this unlikely.

    As for last year’s ratings – they were good enough to get us a fifth season pick-up. If the fifth season ratings continue to improve (especially in key demos where it has always performed strongly), then that would certainly help make the argument for a sixth season pick-up.


  7. An introspectove entry today. All I can say is I hope to see Atlantis last a while longer and the best of luck to you after it’s over.

  8. Geez, Joe! I was and still am, I think, excited about S5 and then I read your blog. Are you preparing us for something?

  9. I hope the posting wasn’t triggered by some conversation with TPTB on the fate of SGA. I’ve been preparing myself for the possibility of the show ending after the upcoming season. But I am hoping to see it go to at least season six, and maybe season 7. Anything after that would require a change in my religious beliefs. And I’m hoping that SGU will pick up the void left by SGA. Still, all I can do is buy the product and send the odd letter of encouragement to MGM and Sci Fi.
    For me the worst thing will be the splitting of such a great team. I’ll be forever scanning credits to see who is working on what, and of course cheating by using IMDB. And I suspect that some of the production staff and cast might be looking forward to new challenges outside of the SG franchise. Still, it will be bittersweet. My biggest fear is that the show ends without the resolution supplied by Ark of Truth for SG-1.
    (Sniffs). Now you’re getting me all moody. Less than 2 weeks to the season premiere, not to mention Shore Leave. Enjoy the rest of your homecoming, and thanks for sharing a bit of your personal life with u.

  10. Hehehehe. That’ll teach you to be all reflective Joe! One small blog entry and you are about to have the fandom forums in a flapping frenzy. There will be people running around smashing into each other screaming “the sky is falling!”.

    As with everything in life, enjoy it while you can.
    As long as Stargate graces our screens it will have a place in my heart and viewing schedule, but when it does finally end I will look back on the show and the discussions with fond affection. It will be a representation of that part of my life.
    Life changes, you can’t help that.

    Kick back and enjoy your time off. Forget about us!

    Opportunity = what causes alternate universes.

    I’ll go back to my chanting and discussions with the ants.

  11. Here was me in a little bipolar depressive zone – got up out of my bed (0125 hrs) to surf the net to cheer myself up.

    For heavens sake try and at least fit a joke or two into your contemplative writings.

    Now where will I go to cheer myself up?

    🙁 🙁

  12. Hi, Joe.

    As fans of a genre show, I think the Stargate fans have been luckier than most. The love from everyone who WORKS on Stargate is reflected on the screen — from the acting, story lines, direction, music, lighting, stunts, costumes, set designs, make up — all the elements, all the departments, together have created an excellent entertainment enterprise.

    Thank YOU, all of you, for sharing your lives with us. For being part of my extended “family.” For making me laugh, and cry, and dream, and anticipate Friday nights.

    Best wishes to you all.

    Respectfully, Morjana

  13. Hey Joe!

    Sometimes, when I get a chance to go home to my old stomping grounds, it’s a relaxing thing, but I find after a short time, I realize it’s not really home any more. I miss too many things from the new part of my life.

    I’m always one for trying new things, but having the old to go back to is definitely more comforting than those who’ve burned bridges or can’t go back.

    So (raises a glass) cheers to going home and relaxing into that state of blessed bbq’ness and beers on the back patio. 🙂

    Enjoy the holiday!


  14. Okay – now THAT was depressing. 😛 Are you PMSing, ’cause that sure sounds like one of my PMSing posts. Maybe you need a bar of chocolate…a really BIG one.

    Look – if and when SGA ends, just keep a few Wraith alive so that they can live on in my imagination, and I won’t resent a thing. Kill ’em all off, and I’ll be praying you end up flipping burgers at McDonalds.

    (just kidding)




  15. whoa, joe, that blog entry is sad… 🙁

    i did read through the replies first, though, and i see you’re not ‘bracing us’. but still…


    you might not need the hug, but i felt like giving it.

    sally =)

  16. Joe, everytime I watch one of the “better” episodes of SG1 I actually find myself a little saddened that such a great show came to an end. With the right spin of the story it could have easily lasted another 10 years. (Although, explaining how senior citizens have not been forced to retire from the military would be a bit of a problem!) I miss it. While I love Atlantis and could see it survive another 5 years, I will continue to miss the original series and hold out hope that by some miracle MGM will realize that they can have their cake and eat it too. More shows available for syndication is always a good thing, no?

  17. Well, I for one am thankful for all the hard work that you and all the others have done over the years. Its just awesome, and fun.
    I love the shows and love introducing it to people that haven’t seen it before.
    recently, i have been catching up with an old friend from college. She asked what as good show to watch on DVD, seeing as she a full time nurse, she is rarely home. So without reservation i reccommended SG-1. and after 3 episodes of season 1, she was hooked!!!!!!!!
    thank you guys for all your hard, really hard work!!!!!!
    may the show and you guys continue for a long time


  18. “As for last year’s ratings – they were good enough to get us a fifth season pick-up. If the fifth season ratings continue to improve (especially in key demos where it has always performed strongly), then that would certainly help make the argument for a sixth season pick-up.”

    Thank you Joe for the letting us know this….glad I jumped the gun on thinking this was your little way of preparing us 😀

    Will hope for good ratings for season 5!

  19. It’s a little like choosing between two people you happen to be dating. When you’re with one, all thoughts of the other are instantly forgotten and the decision seems pretty simple. But when you’re with the other, it’s just the opposite.

    much experience with that type of situation? 😉

    and yes, you’ve been very lucky to be apart of the stargate franchise. i hope whatever you find when your time with stargate is over will be just as interesting for you.

  20. Hi Joe, is the photo of you in the grey t-shirt with blue mutant (June 27) a before or after shot?? If it’s after – I like the new ‘do.

    I know that tv ratings in NZ don’t count towards a decision f owhether a show is cancelled or not, but I am hoping that SGA lasts as long as SG-1. It’s that good!!

    I would love to have a Q&A with anyone in costume design/making. Thanks

    Happy Holidays!!

  21. Whoa! Thank heavens you clarified, because the old ticker was sputtering there for a minute. But just so you know, I truly love watching Atlantis. I work two jobs, and trying to start a business, have an elder to keep an on, plus my ”Shaken – Not Screwed” campaign to keep people safe during and after earthquakes. And the one thing in the universe I really look forward to is plopping down on the couch Friday night to watch the team get into and out of action packed trouble, with wit, compassion and just plain good old fun.

    Atlantis is the only show that I watch regularly. And I truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication everyone has given to make it so enjoyable.

    So I’m hoping “Universe” gets its financial chain yanked for one more season, at least, because, well, Atlantis has become family, and I don’t have time to break in a new one.

  22. Eep, I hope my rant against the pirate-supporters didn’t spark this journal entry! XD I’m going to hold on to hope for a sixth season at the very least. 🙂 Well, hope for the best but prepare for the worst, I guess ….

    I’m also thinking I should take down my link to off of my site next update, after reading that link Deb gave yesterday. I love Carson, and I want him back, yes, but it seems to me that I must be watching a different show than those fans, because I very much disagreed with almost everything the commentors there said. I don’t want to be associated with that kind of negativity, the kind that makes me wonder why they’re still watching and complaining at this point, a year later! Why not just say “I hate what happened,” stop watching, and be done with it? It seems an awful lot of time to spend thinking about a show that apparently no longer fullfills their expectations. Also puzzling, is how (at least as it seemed to me) many of their claims about the opinions of the fandom *at large* (as opposed to just within their comm) were as gross of generalisations as they complained Gero’s statements were ….

    The article writer said that there were no glowing reviews of Keller, even after Missing, despite gero having assured them taht that ep would change their minds of her. Well, Keller most certainly got glowing reviews from me, in my column, after Missing — *and* after Quaratine, *and* after Trio. And from the links Morjana potsed at Gateworld, it seemed to me that I wasn’t the *only* one who liked her, either (though I certianly saw plenty of anti-keller stuff too, not denying that). Nor did I agree with a number of the article writer’s and commentors’ claims/suggestions/insinuations that the writing in certain areas of the show last season (and third season) was poor or cliched — in fact, I thought fourth season overall was superior to the seasons prior, on par with season 10 (which was my fave season) of SG-1. (I also greatly enjoyed the third season; Tao of Rodney is still my absolute fave ep, and Sunday and McKay and Mrs Miller are pretty high on my list as well.) There were a (very) few things that I considered on-par with it last TV season, but nothing that I felt was *better*. I’m also baffled at how a) many people over there seem to be missing the fact that Gero and McGillion are friends (gee, I wnder how Paul feels about his fans maligning his buddy?) and b) that it was the network that demanded Joe & Co kill off someone — they seem to be continuing the insinuation that Joe & Co killed Beckett because they wanted to bring in Staite, rather than accepting that the crew’s wanting to use Staite again *at some point* logically made her a natural choice to replace Beckett when they *had* to off him (rather like the whole Wier/Carter thing). *sigh*

    Maybe you do the whole villain persona too well, Joe. 😉

    Now, I will admit, if I had to choose, my love still goes to Beckett first, and if getting rid of Keller would mean getting him back, then yes, okay, I *would* choose Carson over Keller. But that’s not how things are, and watching Kellerif * 8can’t* have Beckett is *not* what I would call torture, by any stretch of the imagination. Meanwhile, I am very happy that Joe & Co got Sci Fi to let them bring Carson (and therefore McGillion) back at *all*, rather than just keeping him Captain Marvel Dead!


    Enjoy your vacation, Joe — you deserve it! 😀

  23. Well, Joe… if it does end, you know we’ll follow you through to your next project. (So long as you keep some eye candy in it.)

  24. Wow.

    If you’re this depressed on vacation, you must be one heck of a maudlin drunk.

  25. Come on guys! Joes just in a mood. He has said over and over that they won’t know about Season 6 until later after Season 5 ratings start flowing in.

    I am going to be POSITIVE and keep saying that we get to see the amazing and fine cast of SGA for YEARS to come.

    No doom and gloom from this poster!

  26. And that would be a wrap–I guess? Again, another laugh out loud (I strongly dislike the “E” expression lol–so I avoid it when possible) I know I’m going to come across cocky (*sigh* oh well) but I haven’t really ever had trouble in my life dating–but I can’t say I’ve dated two people at the same time!!–ha ha ha ha ha At least not seriously anyway–felt too guilty. Maybe a better analogy would be sleep and wakefulness or dinner and desert–both states and tastes are super duper, but one cannot do both at the same time. (Though when it comes to work, especially ENDLESS Bureaucratic meeting after meeting I waver between wakefulness and sleep–my head bobbing up and down really is sleep not agreement) Being at home has a way of making one wistful: familiarity and routine do a lot for the soul. I see why some actors like working with the same director again and again–at least this is consistent.

    In terms of Atlantis going on to season six, seven and eight–I think it’s a strong possibility if Hollywood looks to the other Coast of Canada, or another country. The price of gas, food and clothing has been kept artificially low for the American people by its gov. for so long. So now with global crisis’s of every sort and shape (esp. oil) we may very well have to pay the “real value” of the merchandise we import–in every western country that is, not just the US. Just like luck eventually runs out for everyone, this shakiness for the greenback was inevitable. Let’s see what Obama can do–though for my part, I love that our Maple leaf remains green green green!

    Nonetheless, in terms of the writing, cast, fan support etc., it’s a shoe-in. At the same time, no one can predict how The Money will decide what is worth investing in. Would you be able to get other backers? Also, you’ve made many important contacts and had much success with this show, I don’t think you’ll be looking for work for long…it’s just the not knowing for “sure” that’s the clincher.


  27. Hay Joe,
    I would like to announce the newest member into the Stargate fan club, Adria Nicole!!!! Adria was born Thursday the 26th and she was 7lbs 4oz and 19 inches long.


  28. Sorry, I just wanted to say one more thing about the success of shows. I think of Fire Fly–such an awesome, awesome show. Really, really and it was a crying shame that Whedon wasn’t able to launch it into a second season. I know they got Serenity because of fan support, which really wasn’t a movie but rather an extension/conclusion to the show. So, I really can’t say much about the excellence of a show and it’s financial viability. Perhaps it falls into the age old argument between art and money–for the first time, I really don’t know what to say. It’s too bad but I guess it’s a reality??

    Maybe you should make the show more like BS…G, you know, naked angst ridden alien women running around with a religious, neurotic, nymphomaniac bureaucrat (did I mean Jimmy Swaggart?) and a dying woman suffering from immortality who looses her hair every ten episodes. You do that, and the money will fall in–guaranteed.

    😉 WK

  29. Well, I feel slammed. First the news re Torchwood’s “almost season 3”, then the events of Doctor Who’s “Stolen Earth” and now gloom and doom with a coating of “that’s the way it goes”.

    I worked my tail off last year participating in MGM’s Team Stargate (angering a lot of members of my Yahoo Groups along the way) to drum up still more viewers for SGA. I’ll do it again, this year, if they ask. But how much more can they really need to know that this is a show we want to keep on the air?… hopefully as long as SG-1? We got it voted Best SciFi show on People’s Choice, after all, beating out the Fanboys’ BSG. Any convention that features one or more of the actors/writers/directors gets plenty of attendence. Doesn’t that tell them (MGM & SciFi) something? Believe me, if I have to start an email/snail-mail campaign and join forces with the Save Carson Beckett’s, I will.

  30. I was assuming (hoping) that there would be seven seasons of SGA. A large number of the series I love best seem to make it that far, if not farther.

    More movies would be very nice, or a mini-series? I miss SG1, even though I’ve got all those DVDs.

    As to keeping the numbers up, would letters to the sponsors help? My viewing preferences almost never match my ‘demographic’ and as the ‘person who makes all the purchasing decisions for my household’ I think I’m the one they need to hear from.

  31. As always, Joe, thank you so much for continuing your blog during your vacation. You are a must read every single day. Many of us would miss your blog if you decided to call it a day.

    Patricia (AG)

  32. Wow…

    I could not turn my eyes away from your blog entry today. It was absolutely fantastic. Stargate has been an amazing show, SG-1 got all the right cards, and it has helped turn the franchise into what it is today. If I recall correctly, if SG-1 ended at season 7, for all we know Stargate Atlantis may not have formed. You are part of an amazing piece of science fiction history Joe, and I’m glad you’re proud of it. 🙂

    In regards to the continuation of the franchise, I’m sure the head honchos would allow you the opportunity to write for Stargate: Universe when it enters production. Of course, this is purely your own decision, and I know you’ll make some good ones in your future. 🙂

    Thanks as always, and keep enjoying your trip! It’s quite obvious the food is amazing!

    – Enzo Aquarius

    PS – I may sound pompous mentioning this, but it’s my birthday tomorrow (Monday). Maybe a little shout-out? lol 😛 I’ll save you a slice of cake. I hope you like vanilla!

  33. Hi Joe,

    Great pic as always!
    I hope SGA goes for a few more seasons. Maybe 10! I really like the show & would be totally bummed when its not on anymore. My stagate box set would get really worn out!

    Enjoy your time with your relo’s.

    Take care & happiness always!


  34. Hey Joe.

    Hope your trip is going well!

    I wanted to know: Does it look like, or do you think, that SGA will end BEFORE Stargate: Universe starts production? Or will it be like SG1 and SGA, produced simultaniously?

    Also, was there a hint in today’s entry that SG:Universe might be near?

    Thanks Joe!

  35. With all the Season 5 talk about Atlantis I’d almost forgotten about the prospect of another Stargate spin-off and more SG1 movies. Thanks for reminding us! I can’t say anything about Montreal or Vancouver having never been there, but I have considered the prospect of moving to LA should the opportunity present itself. I don’t think I’d want to live there unless I was working on a good project. Being really young and unmarried though I wouldn’t mind spending three months on location somewhere abroad as a PA.

  36. You are very lucky, and we in return have been very very lucky. I know its very cliche to say but some shows change peoples lives, the Stargate franchise is like that for me. I had seen the original movie when it came out, and liked it, but never saw SG-1 until my freshman year of college, which happened to be the end of the 6th season, I came in at a great time because I hadn’t developed the huge commitment to characters like Daniel Jackson who were replaced by Jonas Quinn, I wasn’t mad, so since the very beginning of when I started watching I’ve liked all the characters. Atlantis brought me a lot of happiness as you brought my favorite side character to the forefront. I had been a fan of David Hewlett since I (against my parents wishes) watched Cube, they said it would scare me. Watching Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis has gotten me through some pretty tough times during my college years. I thought I would tell you this so you know that we all feel lucky that you work for such a great show, and we are lucky to have writers, producers, actors, and all the staff that know how much their work means to people. THANK YOU

  37. Joe

    You scared me today. I can only hope that SGU will not be the death of SGA. If I felt that truely was the case I would feel great resentment towards MGM and others. SGA never took away from SG1 and thus I was very content to enjoy both shows. I feel that SGA under you and Paul’s guidence has become a gem in the world of Scifi entertainment. Season 4 for me was amazing and having seen S&R I feel as if season 5 will surpass it. I would really hate for it to end prematurely.

    I am hoping against hope that you were just being maudlin and not with any facts (such as there won’t be a season 6) and preparing us for the worst.

  38. You know, I don’t like that saying, “all good things come to an end.” I don’t believe that’s true. Most good things, perhaps, but not all. I think all bad things come to an end. Or at least, more bad things than good things come to an end. I’m an optimist like that.

    I hope Atlantis gets at least 7 seasons. But even if it’s unlikely, I’ll continue to hope that it hits 10. I also hope that whenever the third series shows up, one of the characters from SG-1 or Atlantis will transfer over. I like the sort of bridge that provides. And I hope we’ll get to see the occasional familiar face on the new show, too. Those kinds of things always help ease the pain of the cancellation of the older show.

  39. So Joe, having your hair cut and revisiting old haunts puts you in the mood to be maudlin and to reminisce.

    Did you go around your old neighbourhood looking at the places that you remembered as a child?

    The street where little Jimmy McRoberts stole your lunch money, the same little Jimmy McRoberts who grew up to be Big Jimmy a hit man for the mafia. Once voted in high school most likely to serve twenty to life in the big house.

    And the swing park where you had your first kiss ahhh! Which a life time of psychotherapy has failed to eradicate and the school janitor is still….well we won’t go into that now best forgotten!

    Once in a while a show comes to our screens which balks the system, defies all expectation and the ubiquitous critics’ season count down to disaster and cancellation.
    Stargate was and Atlantis still is such a series.

    Where many Sci-Fi offerings both good and bad have lasted only a season or two
    the Stargate franchise has gone from strength to strength boosted by a large and faithful fan base.

    So to para phrase another iconic sci-fi series ‘All good things’ must and inevitably do come to an end and when Atlantis does fall into that black hole in space lets hope it remerges on the other side into a universe where fans will be happy enough to leave it to explore. Safe in the knowledge that Sheppard and co will be ready to save the day when called upon.

    Stargate has striven to evolve and grow with its audience, incorporating contemporary scientific knowledge and not being afraid to laugh at its self and others.

    The writers and production crew can look back with pride knowing that they have pushed the boundaries of their art that much further allowing their fetal sibling
    ‘Stargate Universe’ to hopefully take the lead in another direction.

    Who would have thought that being mawkish was catching? Its 5am please god this still makes sense when I re-read it later but I don’t hold out much hope!

    In my defence it was a slow Sunday. If it made sense my names Pauline if not then my name is Anne Teldy (sorry Anne lol)

  40. I’d really rather see a few more seasons of SGA than start watching a new show (SGU). I have too much invested in the characters and plotline of SGA and would probably feel “robbed” by the new show if it seems to have kicked SGA off the air. I’m not sure if I’d even be able to garner the energy to start watching it. Nothing against the new show, but SG1 and SGA combined have pretty much used up my alloted Stargate fanatic fannish quota. I would eagerly look forward to DVD movies with the SGA cast though.

  41. Thanks Joe for that 11+ year look back. I wasn’t able to enjoy Stargate until it went to the SciFi Channel but I was hooked with my first eppisode. And I still watch reruns over and over and over again. I’m a pathetic addict, what can I say. It’s funny because the timing of your nostalgia coinsides with the announcement, just today, of the closing of my employment. Dare I say….Star Trek the Experience will end on Sept. 1. A very sad day for many fans, not to mention all the employees. I’m sure your fate will be much more enduring now with SGU in the works. There is so much potential and endless stories that can be written. And this faithful fan is encouraged that you will be living in Vancouver for many years to come.


  42. Wow…you are back to suit and tie and the reflections pose is stunning! Now we have Shirt and Tie and Suit and Tie. Sorry, could not resist.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your career path from the start. I think it is brilliant to consider all paths IF FOR NO OTHER REASON than there is absolutely no control that can be leveraged. Of course we, in the fandom, will be doing all we can to ensure we are watching and buying the DVDs, etc., those activities that help to shore up the numbers game that is played annually with your lives and work that you all do. Keeping things in perspective, as you said, is important for all of us.

    Thanks also for the reassuring post that these were your thoughts and musings as you sought to gain or establish a perspective.

    Enjoy the feedings/feastings and your holiday at home.
    Might need to get sis a fan for all the smoke.

  43. I suppose visiting your hometown would make you a bit retrospective and sentimental. Thanks for sharing your thought processes as you reviewed your career decisions to this point. It puts things we all feel strongly about in their proper perspective. All things must eventually come to an end. The trick is to enjoy what we have while we have it and when it is gone go buy the dvds (in this case):).

    Hope you continue to enjoy your visit with your family. (Just don’t get too maudlin.)

  44. Ha! I had that same feeling about DC and Boston. Loved them both, and whenever I was in one that was the one I was in love with.

    Ahem. Not to make your metaphor ENTIRELY awkward, or anything.

    Having lived in LA for 3.5 years, I suspect you would not have the same ambivalence you have about the Vancouver/Montreal debate. The food is not as impressive as you’d expect.

    To unpack that statement: in the Northeast, Italian is the go-to ethnic food. You have your cheap Italian in the restaurant with the vinyl booths, the mid-level Italian served at restaurants with tablecloths (in Boston, the best one of those is hidden in the back room of a convenience store, I kid you not), and the high end Italian places, which sometimes look an awful lot like the low-end ones done in more expensive materials. Mexican fills that ecological niche in LA, only there’s not nearly as much of it. There’s not as much stellar cheap food in LA as you get in Boston, NYC, Atlanta or DC, and the high-end restaurants have been distinctly hit or miss. The level of service is fairly European; everyone is an actor/writer/director first, just waiting tables to make ends meet. (I have sometimes wondered if saying “I’m a producer” at the beginning of a meal would garner an improved level of service.)

    There is nowhere you can live that is convenient to everything – I’m probably as close as you get to that, and I’m really only convenient to the Valley and Westside.

    And everything shuts down bizarrely early. Last call is at 1:45am. I find that just bizarre.

    On the other hand, even more than Vancouver, this really is the seat of TV production in North America, and you go where the work is.

    I was dragged to this city kicking and screaming, and, to my surprise, it’s not as bad as everyone said it was. I actually like LA, and I’m sorry I’ll be leaving it shortly. If I could live closer to where I worked, or work closer to where I live, I think I’d like it more.

    Sorry to go on so long – this is your blog, not mine! You just happened to say something close to my heart.

  45. SG-1’s “200” was on this weekend. Believing, of course, everything on Wikipedia, I know that the puppets were created by the Team America people and cost $25,000 each. (Really?!) But, what happened to them post-production? The actors get to keep them? Some sly producers? Random lucky fans?

  46. Hm, your today’s blog makes me a little sad because it almost sounds as if there will be a decision to cancel SGA soon. Almost – I know you haven’t wrote this as a fact.

    In my opinion SGA is able to become even better with every season although it has been a great show from the beginning. This isn’t something I can say about many other shows. Or any other show?

    Sure, quality costs money. But is it really better for a network to produce for example five (bad) one-season-shows than one great show for longer?

    I also see that this would be a bigger issue for everyone of the cast and crew than for the fans.

    I just wish they would think about a way (and find one) how we people abroad could support SGA in time. Buying the DVDs two years after airing on TV isn’t important for any kind of decision.

    One or two films on DVD wouldn’t be the same as a regular show. Besides I can imagine how difficult it would be to coordinate this since everybody involved would probably have other engagements.

    So *keeping fingers crossed* for more SGA!

  47. In the episode Wormhole X-treme Martin talked about a show he wrote called Pooh-chin-ski, which was about a talking dog that solved crimes. Is there any chance of you doing or pitching a show like this to the powers that be in the future after Atlantis ends? Personally I would watch. I have 10 shih-tzus that live in my house. Not kidding.


  48. Like whovian, I was struck how nostalgic you sound in this entry. Fearing the end of something that lasted years of your life must be is certainly an unpleasant thought for you, much worse than for us fans.

    I hope that — should SGA stop at the end of season 5 — we will be left with an ending that sounds like an actual ending for the episode, but that leaves space to speculate about what might happen next.

    Let’s hope a long life to SGA.

  49. Oy, I go away from my computer for a couple of days and now the world is ending! Hyperbole maybe, but blast it all, Stargate Atlantis is the one TV series in production that I try not to miss the first showing of in first run unless it’s a bonafide emergency of one sort or another.

    What I will miss most after the characters to whom I’ve grown so attached is the quality of the series. SciFi has shown a bad tendency to replace good, established programming (Farscape, SG-1) and new programs that were beginning to hit their stride a few episodes into their first season (The Dresden Files), which were actually doing well in the ratings, with utter crap like Painkiller Jane, Flash Gordon, bad reality TV and wrestling. Wrestling?! For crying out loud, it’s getting to the point that Spike TV has as much or maybe even more science fiction programming than the SciFi channel! I’m serious Joe, the only thing I watch on SciFi channel besides Stargate Atlantis is reruns of that and other series, like SG-1 and Star Trek: The Next Generation. I certainly the blinding blue blazes don’t watch their ‘SciFi original movies’.

    As far as getting angry goes, what makes me angry enough to chew nails and spit bullets is the fact that the NBC/SciFi execs have such a godsforsaken ‘dog in the manger’ attitude and won’t allow any other network to pick up a series once they’ve dropped it. If they’re so willing to have done with something and move on to the next new thing, they should at least have the decency to allow another network to pick up a series they’ve dropped and run with it. Criminy, they’re worse than Fox network (who are infamous for dinking around with airing times and cancellations off hand) and that’s saying something.

    All of that rant said, if NBC/SciFi does screw the pooch and cancel Atlantis (unfortunately, the safe bet is on that near eventuality), I wish you and everyone else who works on the series all the best. I’ll continue to support the franchise by watching first airings of the first run and pre-ordering my SG-1 and Atlantis DVDs and will continue to do so for as long as they’re produced (you guys have seldom let me down, so I think that’s justified).

    Unfortunately for you, however, I enjoy your blog on its own merits, so I’ll definitely be hanging around regardless of what SciFi does. 😉


  50. A very good post, and good advice. I consider myself a Stargate fan as a whole. As long as Stargate continues, I’m happy. Atlantis is amazingly fantastic, and season 4 exceeded my expectations. That being said, I will not be too terribly upset when the series ends. Don’t get me wrong, it is my favorite show on television, and every season has been better than the last. It’s simply that I would rather a series end too early than too late, and especially considering the advent of the dvd movies to continue the story, I’d rather have large chunks of SGA at a time rather than a season stretched thin by weariness. Television shows live and die just like people… they are born young and inexperienced, as they grow older they try new things, maybe experiment a little, and at the end of their lives, they’re wise and seasoned. Then, they respectfully die. Some rot in a hospital connected to machines because loved ones can’t bear to let them go, but by the time you pull the plug, all that was left was a pale mimicry of what it had once been.

    Pardon the dramatic overtone! It’s just the when Atlantis dies, it will be sad, but I will be happy for what it provided in its lifetime, and thankful that it died with grace. Not to say I’m expecting an impending cancellation… but I am prepared to not be too upset. Besides, the SGA movies should be great.

  51. Hi Joe,

    I too was hoping that SGA could stay alive for other 5 seasons, but your statement makes me think otherwise…. or at least that it would be very unlikely, and I’m so sad about that.

    Unfortunately, I can’t influence the ratings, since I’m one of the worldwide audience who enjoys the show through the DVDs, but I so wish we could make the difference.
    Too bad the survival of the show is NOT counting on us.
    I think SGA would have lasted forever!! 😉

    Anyway, I wish all the best to you and the show and surely I will watch ‘every’ season of SGA you will give us.

    Long live to SGA.


  52. Oh, also a question…

    The SG-1 movies shed the SG-1 denominator in their titles. I’m glad they did this, because it doesn’t restrict it to just one aspect of the Stargate franchise, but allows it to flourish as the second film in the series as a whole. However, how does this affect the titling of the Atlantis films? Will they also be “Stargate: *subtitle*”, or will it be more like “Stargate Atlantis: *subtitle*”?

    I say leave out the denominator, and just leave it Stargate, but whatever you do I’ll watch it anyway! Have a good week, Joe!

  53. Going home again is always a bittersweet experience full of if’s and maybe’s and guaranteed to bring some forced introspection with it. Unfortunately today’s society seems to hold fast to the idea that home is where the money is rather than the heart. I say follow your heart because money can’t buy happiness in spite of what most people seem to think. As for all good things ending well I survived the end of all the Star Trek franchises despite my initial feelings to the contrary and moved on whilst still holding that very first fandom in a special place like your first love.
    I always try to remember that as one door closes another opens inwards and smacks you on the nose!

    5 days and counting.
    cover me I’m going in….

  54. I sense a disturbance in the force. Are you sure you didn’t get…THE call today? Reassurance of the negative aside, it still sounds mighty forboding. Have faith, Joe. Under your reign (along with Paul Mullie), Stargate experienced the first rise in ratings in nearly 3 years. That’s something to be proud of.


    Forsaken: It’s like Star Trek meets Stargate! Overall the episode didn’t really appeal to me too much; there was far too much flirting going on. Still, the backstory on the Hebridan was intereting and Warrick was a cool character. Corso and his ilk weren’t very interesting (Reynard was hot, but that was it). Like I said, too much Star Trek infused here, too much time spent fixing the ship and flirting.

    The Changeling: And boom, we have a winner!! I LOVED this episode when I first saw it (I think it was one of those episodes that resulted in me getting hooked on Stargate), and even though the impact’s lessened somewhat since I knew the twist of Teal’c real situation, it was still a wonderful, wonderful episode. Seeing T acting all “normal” was certainly a treat, and the way the realties shifted from one to another was masterfully done, and totally unexpected at times. Chris Judge did a marvelous job writing in all the parallels between his real situation and his delusions (and of course, props to any other writer that helped him along); the kidney = symbiote, Teal’c’s primal fears of loosing that symbiote, him feeling normal again when he gets it back, etc. etc. Whats more, we have those small character moments, like when Jonas thanked T for making him feel like part of the team, or when Bra’tac told him to save himself, or when Chief O’Neill traded insults with Bray, or exploring a little of Teal’c fear of death and what may be in store for him in the form of Apophis, etc. And then there was Daniel. Great, GREAT comeback appearance. Better than in Abyss, I’d say. I loved the takeoff on the typical psychologist at times, and his promise to Teal’c that he’ll be by his side throughout all of this brought a tear to my eyes (right after his idea that neither of Teal’c “realities” were real brought a chill down my spine) And finally we have again showing the strength of Teal’c, how he thought up this idea of switching the symbiote between him and Bra’tac. So reckless, and yet so enduring and honorable.

    This was an absolutely FANTASTIC episode. In fact, it’s currently #13 on my list of 131 episodes seen so far. Just…awesome.

    Memento: An above average standalone episode. The opening action bits were very well done, with the Prometheus theme blaring out every few minutes (which is welcomed). Then, we get some good ole’ fashioned aliens, which were nice enough. I gotta say, I liked chairman Ashwan a lot; he was a very honorable…well, just a good person. You don’t see many of those with guest characters. He also delivered a very powerful speech near the end, and for once, weapons fire didn’t solve things. And of course, I loved the Stargate-raising montage. Great music, great cinematography.

    Prophecy: About on par with Memento. Boy…I’m gonna miss Jonas when he’s gone. This episode seems to wrap up his arc in some ways, namely how Jack finally warmed up to him at the end there. Corin Nemec did a GREAT job portraying the confused and at-times-sickened “Prophet-Jonas”, and to see him try really hard (even risking his life) one last time to prove himself to the team (and realizing that he had finally convinced Jack to accept him) was a great bookend to his story. It was also heartbreaking though, knowing how soon his part in the story will end. As a side note, I really loved the moment when Sam got injured despite Jonas’s efforts. The shot of him turning around to face Sam and the docs coming down the corridor, combined with the suspense music really made that moment epic.

    Really, I thought he did a great job throughout the season, and while he pretty much became Daniel in terms of the role on the team, I found that he very much had his own identity and style. If Daniel hadn’t returned, I think I would’ve been happy with Jonas being on the team until series’ end. The rest of the episode was fairly average (though I did find the destruction of the SGC quite chilling).

  55. Coucou joseph…! Comment allez vous ??

    OUlalalala superbe photo, encore une a mettre dans ma gallerie! Vous avez l’aire trés sérieux dessu…

    Ohhh non, il faut que vous réstiez au Canada, vous êtes Canadian!! En plus si vous allez a L.A il y’aura pleins d’incendi et au états unis tout le monde se balade avec une arme sa fait peur..mais le pire c’est que je n’aurais jamais une chance de vous voir un jour si vous habiter la bas ..c’est bien trop compliquer de réntrée sur le sol american.
    Concernant Vancoucer/Montréal, même si Montréal et plus prés de chez moi, je vous direz plutot d’habiter a Vancouver car c’est ici que vous avez construit votre vie, une partie de votre histoire, et c’est ici où ce trouve beaucoup de vos amis, de plus, Vancouver est pour tout les Fans la ville de Stargate! vous faite partie de sa, je voudrais vous voir un jours lors de mon futur pélrinage^^…..Je vote pour Vancouver!

    ..ou sinon vous pouver venir habitez en France! =D lol XD

    Concernant la durée de stargate atlantis, un sondage fait récement sur mon blog pense que la serie dura 7 ou 8 saison en majorité je pense pareil, et même si sa s’arrêt avant, il y’a encore stargate univers, peut être d’autre téléfilm, notament sur stargate atlantis, croyez moi, on a pas finit d’entendre parler de stargate !

    Ne vous inquiétez pas pour votre avnenir, Je suis sur que votre avenir sera remplit de joie,et de bon moment dans un endroit où vous vous sentirez bien. =)

    Aller Gros bisou Joseph, je vous adore, passez une bonne journée!♥

  56. Hi Joe,
    when you put it this way, I remember way back in 1996 when I read about a Stargate TV series in development. Then, there were rumors that the series was canceled before the start of the production. Then two years later it premiered in Europe and was a big hit in Germany, France, Italy and in Bulgaria, where I live. We caught it every week on cable, mostly from german tv stations. After season 5 it was like: “Damn, I don’t want it to end. There are so many stories left to tell.” And now it’s been 10 years. 10 great years for the franchise. The people behind the show never gave up, never said “let’s end it”, never got tired, or even if they did, that never showed on the screen. Sure, it was a hit when Richard Dean Anderson left entirely, but you guys managed to reinvent the show somehow. It became different, but the same.

    Now to Atlantis. If you look back, season 4 was the only one that premiered in september. Season 5 premieres again in july. Personally, I watch it and it doesn’t matter when the show airs, but what do you think? Are you for july or september premiere. And of course the splitting of the season. It affects a show greatly. Like season 3, episode 10 airs in september, and episode 11 airs in april next year. Those are 6 months. People who watch it from time to time feel too distant after such a long pause. I can’t wait for season five, and I’m certain after the strong season 4, you guys have taken the game on a whole new level. When can we expect a word on season 6? How many episodes does it take MGM and SciFi to make a decision?

  57. Dear Joseph,

    first of all let me thank you and the whole team for this awesome show! I have watched the entire SGA series now and have so far very much enjoyed it. I am looking very much forward to the next installment with Season 5 and hope for more awesome scenes with my favorite SGA actors.

    I do hope that you enjoy your break with the family and find out some new great restaurants (I do enjoy your cuisine photos as well) to return fresh to Vancouver to continue your great work.

    In that regard, my best wishes from Germany

    Yours, Sebastian

  58. Goodness. I read your entry and felt so incredibly sad. I read your post as you being rather akin to a harbinger of doom! 😆

    I do want Atlantis to get a sixth season pick up. I’ve long understood that a seventh season is very unlikely, owing to contract negotiations with the actors, and I realise that SG1 was incredibly lucky ot survive as long as it did, etc.. But, I’d always hoped SGU could wait another year so I could see Atlantis get a final season beyond this one, that is presuming SciFi wanted to pick it up because the ratings for season 5 were strong. I sincerely hope that will be the case, and that SGA isn’t being shafted so SGU can be made. Why? because quite simply I love SGA, feel the quality of the show has improved significantly, and think it deserves another season, and if the ratings do improve, I’d hate it to be cancelled so MGM can make SGU. And, I have to say, from reading various interviews I have been given the impression that SGU would be made at the possible expense of Atlantis.

    SGU is unproven and could turn out to be an expensive flop, for all anyone knows. Then you’d be in the situation that a reasonably succesful show was canned for one which flunked. As a Stargate fan, I’d be pretty annoyed about that personally.

    As Kristen said, SGU is unproven and VERY expensive, so BW said in a recent interview. My feeling is that SGA has a lot more mileage yet, though, yes, the ratings this summer will dictate what happens to the show to a certain extent, and we don’t know what those ratings are going to be like at this moment in time.

    Would I resent SGA being cancelled because MGM wants to make SGU? Hell yes. Would I resent SGA being cancelled because the ratings weren’t good enough and SciFi didn’t want it anymore? No. It’s a business thing, and I understand that, even though I’d be disappointed.

    At the end of the day, I do want the Stargate franchise to prosper, of course. I might love SGU for all I know. I loved SG1 and was sceptical about the idea of SGA when I first heard about it, and yet I ended up being more passionate about SGA than I ever was about SG1, which surprised me at the time!

    So, where does that leave me? It leaves me feeling a sense of great unease, to be honest. At the end of the day, I’m not one to campaign for saving shows or characters. It’s futile most of the time. However, if SGA is cancelled so SGU can be made, and for that reason alone, I will be saddened, disappointed and a little cross. Though I suppose dvd’s would soften the disappointment somewhat.

    My hope is that SGA performs strongly in the ratings this summer, and that if SGU HAS to be made now, that both can film one season together.

  59. Greetings once more Mr M!

    Sunshine here in Tipperary!

    What great snaps (as usual)… That pic of your sis I thought initially was from Search and Rescue !?! …So now I know where the REAL Fog testing for “Whispers” took place!!!

    I know what you mean re: home comings, every time I visit my home town, it always reminds me of the ending of “Cinema Paradiso” (a film I think you’d enjoy)…. Anyhoo, am just *furiously scribbling* finishing a book report of Garden of Iden, which I’ll post a little later on.

    By the by, caught a little of “Deus Ex Machina” on Sky One over the weekend, and having visited The Bridge, I laughed out loud as Daniel and NID Agent are on stake out for Ba’al…..from the BACK LOT!! You can see the Sky Train rail over Mr. Shank’s shoulder!!

    Regards to all in Montreal!


  60. Joe, nostalgia is always a good thing in life, I appreciate this semi-small but meaningful blog. Always good to be able to remember when a turn of fate happens, who knows, SGA may even get more seasons than SG1, although as you stated, the economy restricts it from getting as large.

    I believe anyone who has had a hand in the Stargate franchise is lucky, as Stargate is one of Sci-Fi’s biggest influences. Also, I recall SG-1 being the first show to be somewhat endorsed by the USAF? That is an achievement in itself.

    Everyone moves on eventually, but staying close to the path you chose on early is vital, all close friends are worth keeping.

    I appreciate all the writing you have done for SG-1, despite me not knowing as deep into the series.

    Family is not restricted to blood.

  61. Some very contemplative thoughts there.

    I, personally, will accept SGA’s end whenever it comes. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore it, but it’s had a good run, and you and the other guys have done a brilliant job.

    I’m definitely willing to give Stargate: Universe a try, and I will keep rewatching SG1 and SGA for years to come =]

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your time at home away from home away from home.

  62. Argh, now I’m even feeling a bit down!

    Isn’t there some kind of deal you can make with Sci Fi? Along the lines of ‘give us two more seasons to wrap things up’ – it being season 6 and 7, and then everybody can be happy?
    (Meaning you’ll see the ending coming, instead of getting a ‘no’ on a next season when you might already have plans for a huge cliffhanger at the end of the season?)

    Do you personally feel that you and your team can get two more good seasons out of Atlantis? Aka do you guys still have some good original thoughts left for the franchise?

    Like some others, I’m worried that getting a go for Stargate Universe is going to mean the (immediate) end of Stargate Atlantis. Like you said yourself, it’s difficult having the two shows run at the same time, and I think it’s been said that Universe isn’t going to be a cheap show to make, if they want it done properly. And quite frankly, axing Atlantis is a way to get some more money for that show, in a sad way. 🙁

    If that does happen before it’s time to say goodbye to the show, then I’d like you to consider this one little thing: “Todd: The Movie.” I think we both know a couple of girls who would totally be up for that. 😀

    And on that note, I’ll end my post for today. Ciao!


  63. Joe, like the others here, I think perhaps you are preparing yourself and your readers, for the end of SGA. I hope not.

    Keep in mind that as the US and global economy slips into recession more and more people will be staying home on Friday nights to watch TV, not going out to bars, restaurants , whatever.

    As for the US dollar, as I understand it, for some stupid reason our government depressed it on purpose. Its going to rebound sooner rather than later. I miss the currency exchange too as I go to Montreal (or used to before it got too expensive). Those unbelievable strip clubs (beautiful women, friendly, and inviting), those cuban cigars, and staying in a suite the size of my home for under $100USD a night. And lets not forget the cost of great clothes and other goodies. Oh how I miss that exchange rate!

    What I don’t understand is the tight grip SciFi channel has on the Stargate franchise. I believe SG1 could have gone on to be a profitable show on other, higher profile, networks, USA, Spike, or some other. Seems to me SciFi is always looking to cut costs (those Saturday night movies being made for $20 and a 12-pack of Dr Pepper for instance) … The best night of TV was when SciFi broadcast SGA, SG1, and BSG. Now you never know what Friday night will bring. Charlie Jade looked really interesting, I’m wondering why it was pulled after one episode…

    Anyway Joe, if you are still reading this lengthy post, can you tell us if MGM has a department that is specific for the Stargate franchise? Is there a staff of people whose job it is to make sure the franchise is healthy, growing, and alive?

    And finally, Joe, some names you left out; The Deluise brothers, what happened to them? And since I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee already, I’ll dare to ask; “Jonas”. What’s the deal here? SG1 had a great year as it premiered on SciFi in its 6th season; and we all know Jonas was the 4th member then… Can you please tell us what happened to the relationship with Corin Nemec and Stargate? I used to watch “Parker Louis Can’t Lose” with my kids, and I loved the Jonas character on SG1, my wife and I just can’t understand why he’s become a non-entity.

    I for one am hoping for a solid 10-year run for SGA, and Universe, and at least 12 movies for SG1 … 🙂

  64. Wow. You are in a contemplative mood. Not to mention nostalgic and perhaps even a little melancholy? I hope nothing more than being home again has prompted this attack of wistfulness?

    I often feel the same when I go home to Wales… although in my case I doubt I could ever move back there. The job market there is just not great and I’ve gotten too used to living in cities.

  65. I think we have been spoiled by the SG1 success. It’s a good reminder that we should be pleased if we get five seasons and ecstatic if we get more.

    On a related note, does SciFi’s agreement mean that they can’t rerun SGA Season 4? I would have thought they’d use the mid-season break of BSG to rerun SGA in anticipation of July 11th. But they put SG1 in there, instead.

    So that does make me pessimistic about SGA’s future. But I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

  66. Taking stock of where you are and things that might happen is fine, as long as it doesn’t keep you from enjoying the moment you’re in right now. Which you should be enjoying–because you’re doing what you love, with people you enjoy being around. Right? 🙂

    BTW, Fondy did a really good job on your hair.

  67. What is it that sometimes moves you to answer a question within the comments instead of in a mailbag?

    And why am I here when I have 15 minutes to make myself presentable before leaving for work? We don’t have a makeup trailer waiting, so I have to manage on my own. The other officers have learned that while I may look awake and ready for the day, my brain is just barely able to grasp the complexities of putting all my equipment on my belt in the correct order. They just say hello and leave any more complicated questions for after 10:00, when I’m fully functioning.

  68. …and here comes the realist just 2 weeks before SGA s5 premiere (which a large number of fans have already seen). While I respect the honesty and agree that, in today’s market, it’s highly unlikely to get 10 seasons out of ANY show anymore, despite your assurances I wonder why you would discuss it now. If it were me in your shoes, I’d be hyping, not waxing.

    At the end of the day, it’s the quality of your product that’s going to sell records (TV shows). If it’s THAT good, once out there the product will sell itself (higher viewership).

    Last I looked the s4 box set was #8 in sales at Amazon.
    I’m hoping s5 is THAT good, because SGA needs a s6.

  69. Concerning the contemplative mood you’re in:

    Are you worried about the actors’ strike and the negative effects it may have on SGA? That the series could become too expensive for MGM and SciFi?

  70. Quick step back to the comment about the performance of the DVD movies:

    Got any figures or anything on that, because I’d love to hear more. Sounds incredible! 🙂


  71. Thanks for the blog and the comment (lol).

    I know you want to keep things in perspective, but I need at least a couple more seasons (if not more), I only found the show this year and even though I purchased all the episodes on itunes (yes I did) and have watched everyone more than 3 times (sometimes a lot more than that), I need more time!!!! I want to get to one of these Comic Cons and well if we are all coming to the gate in 2012 before the end of the world (lol) then it still needs to be there.

    Your hair looks great short by the way, but then I don’t believe I have seen you with long hair, so, I guess I can’t judge the differences.

  72. Bonjour Joseph,

    Ha nostalgie quand tu nous prends !

    Seriez-vous en train de nous préparer à quelque chose? Mais vous êtes très habile ce uqi laisse penser que vous ne faites que nous confier certaines réflexions lâchées nonchalemment autour d’un verre sur le bord de la piscine.

    Ce qui semble plus sûr, c’est que des décisions seraient en train d’être prises entre MGM et M. Brad Wright. Il y aurait du changement dans l’air…

    En autant que vous trouviez un rôle titre pour Claudia Black dans Stargate Universe, cela me convient très bien !

    Bon repos à Montréal

  73. Well, all I can say is SGA is the ONLY show on television I watch religiously. It is the only tv show that I know what night and time it’s on.

    I’ve heard of other show titles but couldn’t tell you when or where to find them if you asked me right now.

    I watched SG-1 the first 6 years or so with ONE focus… will they ever find Atlantis. The myth of Atlantis has been an attention getter for me since I was a child first hearing about the legend of the lost city. Then I stopped watching SG-1 in the final few years due to … the Replicators, sorry. It’s not that the human form Reps were dumb or anything it’s just my own personal squick about things that “can’t be stopped”. I don’t watch “Z” movies either for the same reason… “the unstoppable” gives me nightmares, so I’m glad you found a way to stop them eventually for good. Anyway…. a few years goes by and suddenly I hear about a new show doubling up with SG-1… and it’s called Stargate: ATLANTIS!!!

    The pilot movie had me hooked even before the titles ended. lolol seriously… the opening scenes music and visuals caught me up tight. The theme music is a character all its own… not to mention Joe F’s hair.. that should be insured. lolol

    If and when Atlantis goes into permanent hiatus… I’ll be so depressed. It’s not as much fun sitting in front of a blackened television screen looking at your own reflection.

    Oh and just so you know. I work third shift, so I have to leave my house on Friday nights in the MIDDLE of the live airing…… but BOTH of the televisions in my house are left on ALL night on Fridays just so I can do my part in the viewer count. 😀

    Sorry for the ramble, but everytime people talk about the end of days… with Atlantis and cast and crew….. well… *sighs*

    I just might’ve outdone our resident Wraith worshipper with this one. LOLOL! Hey, Das!! *waves*

  74. I really hope that SGA goes another 2 years. I would be happier, however, if they demoted Keller and brought back Carson.

  75. Move to L.A.? Ick. I mean, I assume you’ve been to L.A.. Ick, yes? I’m a California by birth and breeding, if not current residency, and I despise L.A.. Did I mention ick?

    San Diego … now there’s a town. Killer commute, but probably worth it.

    Why are the peppers crowding so far away from the steaks? Is there some type of veggie-meat war dance on that grill?

  76. Hi again Mr M!


    *wipes perspiration from brow* Here are my humble thoughts on this wonderful book.

    Book Report:

    Wow, firstly a tremendous read! I was unfamiliar with this series, til your recommendation Mr M. Ms Barker’s introduction to the whole Dr Zeus Company and its machinations at the start were succinctly portrayed, without overkill. The SciFi element almost brushed over, but yet very present and real, setting up for a wonderful premise.

    The historical take on the Inquisitions was excellent. The child-like innocence of Mendoza being lured from her home and subsequently interrogated, was reminiscent of “Boy in the Striped Panamas”. The description of the religious fervour had hints of “In the Name of the Rose” and certainly that old Black and White Joan of Arc film came to mind.

    As Mendoza is brought to training, again the wonderful portrayal of child maturing and anxious to burst out into the world was beautifully depicted. Joseph as leader of the expedition was wonderfully detailed. As the book progressed, we saw a capable leader, a little jaded from his missions, but ever vigilant. His ability to roll with the punches (literally) made for a truly riveting read. He had shades of Dumas’ Monte Cristo, in that rather than vast wealth he had eternal life meaning that changes were of little importance to the great scheme of things.

    The foil of Nefer as the “also on the mission” was excellent, giving a real sense of reality (if you will) to a very unusual premise. I liked her constant whining and her little goat trick had me laughing!

    The introduction of the radio device was another masterstroke, not just to keep the outer events focussed but rather also give a “Shrek”-like commentator quality to historical events. Again, the use of real events as the backdrop reminded me of “Twenty Years After” by Dumas, and his placement of the Musketeers under the guillotine of King Charles I, and his famous “Remember”.

    Mendoza herself underwent such a transformation from wide-eyed innocent to specialist botanist, field agent, human loathing, to love lorn teen!! Above else, this also had such a great love-story at its core with some really sound and spot-on religious debate. Wow again I say! As the inevitable occurred and Nicholas met his fate, it intrigued me that Mendoza didn’t make some more physical attempt to release him, but then I suppose she was full sure he would recant.

    This book left me thirsty for more, and I shall indeed read the second Company novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it is a book that can ABSOLUTELY be recommended to non-scifi people. In fact, my 74 year old mother-in-law is reading it right now and is enthralled!

    My question to Ms Barker, why did you choose the Spanish Inquisition and the English setting for the book? Both excellent choices for this tale, and a remarkable feat of story telling. Also which of the Company Series did you find the most rewarding and-or difficult to write and why? Thank you for a wonderful creation!


  77. A little introspective moment every once in a while does the body (and the mind) good. I will be sad when SGA comes to an end but in my heart it will never the end.

    The great thing about science fiction is that the stories you can create in your own head. In my head Stargate will never end.

  78. reading this post made me a bit nostalgic. remembering the final episode of SG-1 …
    man.. i’d be glued to the screen if i was in a place that showed Atlantis. Well i guess i’ll just have to wait for the DVD’s. Watching season 3 at the moment 😀

  79. Hmmm I have to say, Joe, it rather sounds like you are already saying goodbye. Like you know something we don’t. Which, would make perfect sense being one of the top dogs and all, but still… it worries me.

    For me, Atlantis leaving will be hard because this show is what got me watching SciFi in the first place. Before it, I was just another misinformed, prejudice people who disliked SciFi without ever giving it a try. For many, SciFi is stupid and the butt of many jokes. It’s like a default everyone has. In that way, I relate it to country because most people make fun of both, and many never give them a try. They may love it. And that is what I learned.

    Well, not entirely true. I love Atlantis and like SG-1, but I haven’t found another SciFi show that I like. The X-Files has its moments, but on the whole, its SGA and SG-1. While that gives me hope that I might like SGU, I think I will be too upset about losing the first show I’ve really ever fell in love with. And no team will ever be able to replace Shep’s team. I know I’m biased, but it’s human nature I guess.

    Anyway, to say that your post doesn’t worry me would be a lie, but in the end, I have no control so.. hey, what are you gunna do? I’ll just watch my favorite show and what happens, happens, right?

    Later 🙂

    Oh, a random question for ya: How much time takes place between S&R and The Seed? Better yet, what is The Seed about? No one really has any clue.

  80. 5 season 100 episodes are A LOT in these days. Other show can’t even get one whole season. So I’m very grateful we’ll get that much.

    Having said that, I’m still hoping for season 6, I just found SGA and I’m not ready to loose it so soon.

    Either way, I’m planing to enjoy Season 5 and stop worrying about what will happen in the future. Since I live in Greece and can’t influence the ratings one way or the other, it’s really not in my hand, so why worry about something I can’t change 🙂

  81. When I got married we moved to Canada and have now lived in Vancouver for thirty-three years. Yet, each time I am back in Scot;and I reflect just as you are. I happen to think it is healthy to do so. At the end just do come back and give us some more great SGA.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  82. Hm,
    your post leads me to a question I was occupied myself with: Are you writers proud of your jobs/work? And do you think the main actors are? Or is such a tv-show like Stargate Atlantis “just a job, waiting for a better one”?

    I hope very much, that there *will* be a Season 10 of Stargate Atlantis of course! 🙂

    Thanks for your blog, your cogitations and all that stuff.

  83. A very interesting and contemplative blog Joe. 🙂

    However I really hope Atlantis doesn’t end after Season 5 and at least manages to make it to a 6th or perhaps 7th Season.

    I know that realistically, the chances of it making it to that mega milestone of 10 Seasons is very slim but I for one, am not ready to let John Sheppard and his team go for quite some time yet.

  84. I’m not sure if I should be reading between the lines here…. Do you know something your not sharing??

    Just kidding 🙂

    Hope your having fun while your back home I’m sure your mom and sis are going to spoil you rotton. hehehe!!


  85. I’ve recently moved to Nashville from my home city of Knoxville. I’ve been in Nashville a month. At first, the city gave me some turbulent situations but now I have finally accomplished more than an acquaintance for it. I’ve had my times of extreme home sickness, clutching plushie creatures stolen from my Knoxville abode, but right here and now I can say that Nashville is my home (a statement I’d not been able to make until recently) as much as Knoxville is my home.

    This is my first move. I’m 25 years old and this is my very first memorable and impactful move.

    Anyway. That’s stuff I should type about in my own blog.

    I’m going to be terribly honest. The first time I saw Atlantis I immediately had a distaste for it. But I loved certain aspects. I’m very glad I continued watching and I’m incredibly glad it’s lasted this long. I wouldn’t be satisfied if it only made it to the 5th season mark and even though it’s terribly unlikely for it to go far past the 5th season I think the show will prove itself past the average and normal road for a show of its nature.

    Speaking from experience (less from ego) SG-1 fans and Atlantis fans are some of the most devoted fans I’ve met. I doubt they’ll let you down.

    aside: I hope you get Wall.E up there soon. It’s an amazing movie if for no other reason than the “camera shots” and plot of the first act. In some places it’s very Firefly-esque in how it’s shot. It’s also reminiscent (in my mind) of The Little Prince, again the first act more than anything. Just a rec because you give us so many.

    (Hm. “Us.” That sounds creepy. Like we’re all connected at the brain or something. Like we’re this mass collection of fans who move as one…mass…collection of fans. *shiver*)

  86. @ ltcoljsheppard – Out-do me? Nah. You’re not as prone to panic and whiny as me…BUT, you might be tied with Wraith Cake for second place… 😉

    @ Joe – Hope you’re feeling a little lighter in spirits today. Not sure we can handle Pensive Joe as easily as we can handle Snarky Joe.

    I also just realized that you approve posts backwards – that explains why I miss SO many comments!! I always assume the newest are the last…but when you’re approving, they could be further up in the thread. I must remember to look all comments over each time I visit now…

    Enjoy your vacation! Thanks for remembering us when you’re supposed to be relaxing!! And…as Shep said to Todd, “don’t be so negative!” 😉


  87. Joe,
    you sound so like down sounds to me like we are all in for a surprise annoucement. The end of SGA…hope not but like the saying goes “all good things must come to an end.”

  88. Pauline wrote:

    If it made sense my names Pauline if not then my name is Anne Teldy (sorry Anne lol)

    If it doesn’t make sense, most people would have assumed I wrote it anyway. It’s not like I ever make sense here.

    My Name Is Scott wrote:

    Not to say I’m expecting an impending cancellation… but I am prepared to not be too upset.

    Whenever it comes, I am prepared to cry hysterically, incoherently sob the news to everyone I know via the phone, and need tons of Ativan. The second year after the last first run episode airs, the hysteria should begin to subside.

    Paula wrote:

    On a related note, does SciFi’s agreement mean that they can’t rerun SGA Season 4? I would have thought they’d use the mid-season break of BSG to rerun SGA in anticipation of July 11th. But they put SG1 in there, instead.

    On Tuesday July 8th, SciFi channel is running the last eight episodes of Season 4 (“Quarantine” through “The Last Man”) during the day. The marathon starts 8am Eastern/7am Central.

    Anne Teldy

  89. Okay everyone sing up 3…2….1

    Always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the light side of life…

    Some things in life are bad
    They can really make you mad
    Other things just make you swear and curse.
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
    Don’t grumble, give a whistle
    And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

    And always look on the bright side of life…

    Always look on the right side of life…

    (Come on guys, cheer up season 5 soon!)

    Always look on the bright side of life…

    Always look on the bright side of life…

    (Worse things happen in space, you know.)

    Always look on the bright side of life…

    (I mean – what have you got to lose? The Ori are dead)

    (You know, you come from nothing – you’re going back to nothing good old genetics.What have you lost? Nothing!)

    Always look on the right side of life…

    [With thanks to Eric Idle]

    Sing up Joe!

  90. A quick response to Wolfenm. I’m the one who wrote the SCB editorial, which as my personal reaction to Gero saying Keller would be universally admired if Beckett had never existed. Can you see how that might be construed as a tad arrogant and contemptuous by fans, whether they be Carson fans or not? And my comments about positive reviews referred to professional reviewers and genre magazines, no offense. If you know of professional media reviews of Keller that are very positive, I’d be glad to know of them.

    Regardless, SCB is over, this was just a last bit of venting. Many of us, including me, still love most aspects of the show. We’d just like to be given a bit of credit for some brains by Mr. Gero.

  91. I’m very very sad about Don S. Davis. I met him at a few cons, and he was the nicest, most genuine, multi-talented man. He seemed to know he was on borrowed time, but 65 is far too young. He left a lifetime of work that will not be forgotten.

  92. @ Spikey – Ah, yes – Todd: The Movie (or, as previously suggested, Objectifying Todd ). I would certainly be up for that! Heck, I’d even write it!!


  93. Lol! I had a feeling you would volunteer for that!

    Seems like season 5 is loaded with Todd again! Hey, I’m always up for that!

    Thanks, Joe!


  94. To Das – Touche’. lolol I’ll take the second tier with Wraith Cake.

    To Joe M – (in Sheppard’s words) Try to stay positive.

  95. OH yeah……. *sombers*

    Farewell and Godspeed to Don S. Davis… so sad. I feel like we lost a part of our true family.

  96. @ Spikey – In all seriousness…I think Todd’s character could stand a closer view…and I’m hoping we get some it in S5.

    Lemme ‘splain…

    We became so intimate with him so quickly in Common Ground – it was a bit hard to accept the ‘distancing’ of his character that took place in S4. In Common Ground we not only heard how he felt, but we saw it – hell, I even think we felt it, too. Everything about him as an individual came at us in that episode – his suffering, his concept of his suffering and his need to feed, his mental state, his humor, his wisdom, his honor, his patience, his abilities…he was better developed in those 45+/- minutes than any other character in a single episode to date (Ronon is a close second).

    However, in S4 – and though we had some wonderful Todd moments – we were also distanced from him, his character pushed back a bit, separated from us by explanations and facts and figures. Yes, they needed a ‘vehicle’ to relay this information to the viewer, and – under the circumstances – Todd was the perfect choice, but at times there was so much of it that he came across a bit more like…

    …well, like Rodney. Since the Wraith have no need to explain themselves, I actually prefer to hear the humans doing the explaining, while the Wraith just look…smug. This was handled PERFECTLY in Miller’s Crossing, when Rodney was appealing to Todd for his help. The disdain, the indifference, the yawn …all expressions, not words…it was one of the best moments since Common Ground. BAMSR and The Last Man were pretty spot on, too…the former having more conversational dialogue, and the latter just excellent all the way round (except the dying part 😛 ).

    However, The Seer, SoW and Kindred all seemed to have more moments where Todd was left to explain things, and few moments where we really get a closer look at the character…well, except for that ‘tasty Teyla’ comment. Naughty boy. 😉 Common Ground was different in this regard because his explanations were personal, but in S4 episodes his dialogue was of a more technical or factual nature. But, even with all the expository he’s left to handle, Chris has excellent intonation, and manages to get in those little sneers and eye rolls and head twitches, all of which help flesh out the character despite the impersonal nature of the dialogue.

    That said, I DO love Todd’s geeky techspeak. Oh, and that flirty little ‘but you always come around’ comment he made to Sheppard in Kindred. See – there were great moments, but I still think S4 relied on his character too much to deliver wordy explanations, and not enough on the power of Chris’s expressions and body language to accent just a few, more personal, words.

    So, I’m hoping that a good balance is reached for him in S5. I want MORE personal insight into him as an individual, but I also realize that he’s the best source of Wraith information for the audience. Perhaps the explanations can still be there, but in less ‘formal’ interactions. I think that’s why Common Ground was so beautiful – you had two enemies speaking to one another as equals, on the same level, all walls broken down…no formalities at all. A bit more of that between Todd and another character or two would be nice – Rodney, or Sheppard come to mind first, but I wouldn’t mind seeing such interaction between him and any character. Even Woolsey. 😉


  97. I didn’t get the same feeling about “Miller’s Crossing”. What stroke me was the symmetry between the Wallace/McKay and the McKay/Todd face-to-face. In both case, the first one held the second one prisoner and pleaded for help for a personal reason. And it seemed to me (although I’m not sure) that McKay himself saw the symmetry, too, and that’s why he keeps saying to Todd “I suppose it wouldn’t convince me either”. I wouldn’t call Todd smug in this episode. Bitter (and so hungry he is weak and can’t concentrate), but not smug.

    Oh, and I love the way Todd says “I’ll see what I can do…” in “The Kindred”. He seems quite eager to be able to eat again, doesn’t he? 😉

    But on a whole, I agree that deeper peeks into Todd’s thoughts would be wonderful!

  98. I get that it’ll always come down to the ‘cost=business’ and it has to, but for me the difference between Atlantis and SG1 is this – there are so much more possibilities in Atlantis.

    Yes you’re right with ‘all things come to an end’, but the Trek franchise totally lost it’s way in it’s story lines with the cast being the only common denominator.
    With the SGF, you guys think about longer running story lines, it keeps us all interested. Weird one-offs don’t really work albeit some of the ‘earth based’ Atlantis shows have been interesting regarding more background info on the main characters.

    For the most part, you’re a year or so ahead in your story line thinking, where as we are a year behind in our thoughts of where we think the stories should go.

    So while you’re in a contemplative mood, and with the odd cringe of production costs, until something that can honestly rival the SGF comes along – one way or another, you’re safe.

    You never know, SGA could exceed SG1 (wishful huh? lol)

  99. @ Laura Dove – We should move this to Gateworld – I’m just avoiding it because I’m on my sloooow dial up, and that site takes such a long time to load – but it would be better to continue this discussion there. But I will just say a couple things:

    As far as Miller’s Crossing goes, I wasn’t thinking about the creative presentation of the scenes (this we can discuss at GW), but only at Todd’s ‘Wraithiness’. Perhaps ‘smug’ was the wrong word to use in this instance, but he certainly looks down his green nose at Rodney, and why not – he’s Wraith, he’s superior to the food that is presently starving him to death while at the same time asking for his help. It was just a great scene, one where Todd, in true Wraith form, feels no need to explain himself, but still manages to convey so much through his expressions and body language.

    And, ah – yes…the “I’ll see what I can do…” line. I loved that too. His slippery little smile, the *purr* in his voice – I suspect he already had the information (or was well on his way to getting it), but wanted to look at that tablet first to see if it was worth his while to share his intel. It also seems to me that Todd (and other Wraith) really enjoy the ‘games’ they play with humans. I know this is just my perception, but I imagine they have very little in the way of entertainment (besides hunting), which – for such intelligent creatures – creates boredom. They need a challenge. So the games – the mental sparrings, the manipulations, the living games of chess and chance – are stimulating to them. I think – in Sheppard & Co. – Todd has found his perfect opponent, and though he may hate to ask humans for help it’s well worth it in the end, if only for the sheer excitement of the game. Besides, he may win.

    Yeah. I doubt that, too. 😛


  100. You haven’t updated spambait in awhile, any interesting “offers” lately?

  101. Hiya Joe!

    I was sorry to read, this morning, that MGM has decided to end regular run of SGA after season 5. I have to admit it darn well broke my heart! I was a late comer to the Stargate universe, but let me tell you that I have been a totally hardcore fan ever since my friend Kathy told me I should check it out.

    Ironically, this entry was originally posted on my 40th birthday! Now I fell like a jinx!!

    While we do have movies to look forward to, as well as a potential third franchise, it will be hard not to have Atlantis to look forward to every week…

    All that’s left to say is thanks for your hard work, Joe. It was definitely appreciated!

    And Go Habs Go!!! 😉

  102. Very, very sorry to learn about the axing of SGA. It was bright spot on a fairly bleak SCIFI Channel list of shows (Ghost Hunters, give me a break!! “Made” for SCIFI movies…are negative stars??) At least Eureka is back. Appears we have a long wait for BSG as well.

    Looking forward to the SGA movie. Continuum and Ark made my summer.

    Good luck

  103. Wow. I just wrote a very long diatribe filled with vitriol and just realized that directing it at you won’t do any good. I’m extremely sorry that MGM has made the decision to cancel Atlantis. My money and my support of the SG franchise will end with Atlantis.

  104. i love the show, i watched sg-1 also. but sg-1 lost a lot when the team stopped going through the gate and running into aliens, it just turned into a dull movie, so far atlantis is still fighting aliens and thats wonderfull, as long as the fight these monsters the show will be a huge hit. keep up the good work.

  105. Okay, I’m slow at getting the bad news. Why oh why, do all of our favorite shows get axed to be replaced by such horrid ‘reality shows’ stupid SciFi original movies, ECW on SciFi???? So what is going on with the big shots at SciFi???? I am a loyal fan of the Stargate franchise and will continue to support it, but each time this happens I go into a state of panic and depression!

    I watch every episode re-run or not, of SG-1 and SGA. I buy all the DVD’s. I’ve actually learned alot about ancient Egypt and have many books on the subject. I actually know what they are talking about now, with quantum physics, etc. So, not only do I learn new things, because it is so well researched, I have my weekly escape from the planet earth and I enjoy it thoroughly! People even know they can’t disturb me on Friday nights, because it’s “Stargate Night”!

    We have fallen in love with the characters of SGA and the Wraith. Can you please keep the fans satisfied by at least having John, Teyla, Rodney, Ronin, Dr. Beckett and the Wraith be the team that goes on to Stargate: Universe?

    And keep the DVD’s coming, because we still want SG-1.

    So, there’s my two cents worth, but it would be nice if you could let us know what is going on with the big shots at the SciFi Channel???

    Maybe we need a new channel for the people that want to watch science fiction 24/7. We could ressurect Moonlight, vampire shows are hot now, and draws a younger crowd. Keep SGA and have SGU. Keep BSG, Eureka is fun, Sanctuary is good, and many more.

    What are they thinking????

    Maybe they aren’t…..

    Thank you for quality shows. Don’t let us down, okay? Stargate must live on……

  106. Well, I for one am immensely sad (and more than a tad resentful) that SGA is about to be sent to the big trashcan in the sky. I am in love with the characters, in love with the city, and even Todd holds a special place in my heart.

    But maybe this wouldn’t have had to end if the show would actually GO somewhere! With such strong characterizations to play with, I thought there was going to be tons of SGA to come. With the “Wraith Problem” almost solved, I was all expecting some new horrible race of alien to show up and make some serious waves!


    Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox and submit my two cents. Probably not worth anything though, what with the declining value of the US dollar…. *note the sarcasm*

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