So I was watching Euro Cup today and it got me to thinking. One of the biggest complaints I hear about soccer (occasionally a.k.a. football) is that it’s too slow-paced. Not enough points. The final scores are always Two-Nil or One-Nil or the dreaded Nil-Nil. Three goals are considered an offensive explosion. Well, I came up with a way to make soccer a little more exciting, and all it would require would be a slight adjustment to the way the game is played. Presently, the goal keeper is the only one who is allowed to use his hands to catch, trap, and throw the ball. I would like to suggest that, instead, EVERY player on the field be allowed to use their hands EXCEPT for the goal keeper. Think about it. You could transform the game into a goal-scoring bonanza overnight! Now I understand how purists might object to this relatively minor modification of long-established soccer convention, but I firmly believe that average fan would be on board. Think of the fun of watching goal keepers having to resort to headers or the bicycle kick to fend off potential scoring strikes! It would offer sports entertainment the likes of which we haven’t seen since the untimely demise of the XFL.

And, while I’m at it, here are a few more ideas to help improve the game:

1. Pack the ball with fireworks that go off every time someone scores. Presently, the players are so reserved, you would never know they got a goal.

2. In addition to the yellow warning card and red explusion card, include a blue payback card that allows an injured player to deliver a retaliatory kick to his opponent’s shins.

3. In a salute to 20th century technology, incorporate an official game clock that tracks extra time rather than relying on some guy and his Casio.

4. Players are not permitted to shield their private areas during a free kick.

5. Immediately after a penalty kick is made, the goalie races the player who made the kick to the other end of the field. If he beats him there, then the goal is disallowed.

Thanks to everybody who has weighed in with an opinion on the whole BlackBerry vs. iPhone debate. I’m still thinking about it. It’ll either be the BlackBerry, the iPhone or, preferably if I can wait long enough for the technology to come out, a neural link.

Also, thank you to everyone who offered up suggestions on how to salvage my phone on the heels of its watery interlude. I took the best of the ideas offered and incorporated them into one fantastic plan of action that involved dismantling the phone, steaming the individual pieces in rice, then rolling the rice to form an enormous sushi cone, wrapping it in plastic, and putting it in the freezer overnight. I am hopeful that this has solved the problem and that my cell phone will once again be operational once I’ve removed the seaweed from its various components and figured out how to reassume the damn thing.


Today’s entry is dedicated to happy couple fishbaum and Dajaje.

Today’s pics: The dogs working on their respective tans.


Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “What is the one thing you are looking forward to about this hiatus(now that its officially started)?”

Answer: I look forward to taking my mind off of work and just relaxing.

Girly_curly_3 writes: “I’m really looking forward to the start of S5 and am very sad to hear you won’t be making it to Comic Con. Do you know of any of the cast members plans to attend or not?”

Answer: They have yet to confirm the line-up, but I believe David, Rachel, Bob, and Joe are safe bets.

Erin writes: “BTW, what do u do with all the books you buy? Large personal library? friends? goodwill? ebay? give to your local library? Family?”

Answer: a) Large personal library.

Narelle from Aus writes: “How’s the holiday planning going?”

Answer: We’re making plans to visit Hong Kong and Shanghai later this year.

Majorsal writes: “I was amazed by the difference in opinion between focus groups and online fandom.” was the difference of more negative or positive opinions between the two?”

Answer: It wasn’t so much a difference between the number of positive or negative opinions as it was the different things that interested each group.

Rose writes: “Are all the extras hired in or does the director, in a pinch, call into the office to find out if someone who works there fits the costume of “villager #6″?”

Answer: All of the extras are hired during prep week, well before the episode goes to camera.

MELorne-Super-Fan writes: “I wonder if I could use one of the few pictures of Mr. Kavan Smith you did capture on the set of S&R in February or March, to create a Vector of him.”

Answer: Sure thing. Knock yourself out.

Erin writes: “1. So a lot of places I’ve been to have said Jason Momoa’s eyes are green. Is that really true??

2. I was wondering, back in season two when they pretended to blow themselves up and they “have a new adresss” how was that supposed to work? Were any allies supposed to dial some other planet to contact them, even though there wouldn’t exactly be anyone there? I don’t think I’ve missed something, but I sometimes tend to.

3. And are you a music fan?”

Answer: 1. No idea. 2. In the case of Atlantis’s allies, they would meet and/or communicate through a secondary planet. 3. Not so much.

Shannon writes: “Is it a contract thing that Michael Shanks gets his name added to the end (noticed it in Ark of Truth)?”

Answer: Like David’s similar credit at the end of the Stargate: Atlantis opening, this is a placement that the actors have negotiated.

Morjana writes: “ Have you seen this?


Stargate Atlantis Home Theater!”

Answer: Love it!

Wraith Cake writes: “I am very careful with statistics. They can give you surprising insights or completely incorrect information—for instance, how much control do you have on how these focus groups “screen” potential volunteers—know what I mean?”

Answer: Exactly. The results of any focus group testing should be taken with a grain of salt as well.

DasNdanger writes: “ So I sought out people of like mind who wanted to rant/rave/analyze/gush about the same things that were of interest to me. Doing so has introduced me to new ideas and opinions and possibilities I would never have thought of on my own. I love the mental exercise of it all, even if there’s no real value in it.”

Answer: But I disagree. There is great value in expressing yourself through the written word, and perhaps even greater value in the friendships you’ve undoubtedly made online.

Belcouchi writes: “As you might have figured out sir I’m a student at mcgill and also co-own a wholesale business of cellular telephones in Montreal:

Answer: Hey, Belcouchi, thanks for the offer.

Jade writes: “When you watch other shows, do you find yourself critiquing the writing or are you able to turn that off?”

Answer: I can’t watch a show or movie without critiquing the writing. It drives Fondy crazy.

Porlandbound writes: “Which charater would you like to read if their is a strike?”

Answer: Oh, all of them.

BlueJay writes: “…ever seen Footrot Flats or read the comics?”

Answer: I haven’t.

Stargatelvr writes: “Do you plan on reading “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer or and of the Twilight Series?”

Answer: Not familiar with either.

Sorka writes: “Have you ever had Porkroll or Scrapple?”

Answer: I’m not sure. Scrapple sounds very familiar. Was he a Jaffa?

Dovil writes: “1. Will any of the team be struck by a debilitating foot fungal infection that will test their fortitude to their very limits?
2. Will Sheppard get a date to the prom?
3. Will the Wraith and the Replicators merge to form the Wraithlicators and robot dance and life suck their way to victory?”

Answer: 1) We did this back in season four. It was cut for time. 2) Nope. He’ll have to take his cousin. 3) Sure. We’ll be looking for a dance choreographer. You busy?

David writes: “I finished grade 9 today!!!! Please wish me luck on my exams next week though!”

Answer: Good luck!

116 thoughts on “June 17, 2008: Month of September Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

  1. Hey Joe!

    Hmmm… changing the way soccer is played.

    Well, Allie is usually a goalie (she takes after her father) and I would hate to watch her struggle without the use of hands.

    The exploding ball when someone scores is a MUST have! I’ll ask the local league if we can add that feature.

    Besides, I watched the U.S. v. Barbados the other day and that was anything BUT boring or low scoring. Heh, heh, heh.

    Oh! I minored in dance in college. Can I be the choreographer for the Wraithlicators? Maybe Dovil and I could do this together.

    Trish 😀

  2. Why haven’t you been made Prime Minister for life of Canada? LOVE your solution to the boredom problem of soccer/football. You are absolutely right, everyone but the goalie being able to touch the ball would not only speed up the game, but reduce long term head trauma to more players. I would suggest an alteration to suggestion #1 though. Rather than exploding on scoring, have a small detonation device in the ball set to go off at random times. Players can be required to have steel toed or heeled shoes to avoid permanant damage. Upon the explosion a new ball is thrown into play along the midfield, and the teams can scramble to gain possesion. I would add one more option. For each score made by either team, another ball will be put into play, with a maximum of balls to equal the number of players on the field. This would lead to scores that could exceed that of basketball, and the resulting explosions (see last suggestion) will make for non stop adreneline production.
    One stray question, as my brain seems to be heading to early alzheimers. Were both parts of the mid season two parter filmed before the break, or does filming resume with the second half? Thanks for the too adorable pictures of the pooches, and continue to enjoy a well deserved rest sir.

  3. Hey Joe.

    In reference to yesterday’s picture of your phone, where could one get that skin? Or is specially made just for you?

    By the way, your blog title today was HILARIOUS…I read it to my mom and she also thought it was hilarious!

    As for your suggested rule changes to soccer…it would make football seem a lot less painful 🙂

    Thanks Joe!

  4. Joe, have you ever looked at the ‘automatically generated’ possibly related posts on your blog? They lead to some *cough* interesting places (although some I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole!)

  5. I can’t watch a show or movie without critiquing the writing. It drives Fondy crazy.

    My sister and I do the same thing with acting and cinematography and some of our friends refuse to watch anything with us around.

    It looks like I left my last comment just before you posted your new entry, so to recap – I don’t have a BlackBerry or an Iphone, but I’d be leaning towards a BlackBerry because they’re more established and have had more time to figure out problems. The Iphone’s are relatively new, and, as with most new technology, Apple seems to be releasing newer models more frequently than other brands. Which, to me, means that the Iphone won’t reach its potential for a while yet.

    There’s a fairly interesting review of the new Iphone 2.0 on the Sydney Morning Herald website at:
    hope that helps.

    And to reiterate a question I asked last time, do the actors who get speaking parts on Stargate:Atlantis have to be SAG members? From what I can gather they don’t have to be, but I would like to be certain.

  6. Hey Joe. I’m a big soccer fan, I like it the way it is, though I suppose I do prefer to play. One reason I don’t like watching is because have you noticed hoe horrible the goeal keepers seem? Not to say they actually are, but a lot of times they will go the other way the ball went. It’s just that the forwards are such good shot that the goalies really never have a chance.
    So I don’t suppose you’d care to gaze into Jason Momoa’s eyes for me to see the color? 😉

    I’ve been rewatching some episodes, and a few have …unofficial? writers. How does one get an idea turned into an actul episode when they don’t write for the show?
    Eri (without the ‘n’!)

  7. No, no, no, no, Joe.

    Cancel AUGUST. Nobody has any use for August anyway. And it gets far too hot. And there’s no good holidays.

  8. lis said…
    No, no, no, no, Joe.

    Cancel AUGUST. Nobody has any use for August anyway. And it gets far too hot. And there’s no good holidays.

    Nonoonooo! August Bank Holiday at the end of the month (Coincidentally also my wedding anniversary)!!!

    And you can’t cancel July cos that’s when new SGA starts. It’s gonna have to be September I’m afraid…

  9. Awwwww puppies! They’re so cute.

    “I can’t watch a show or movie without critiquing the writing. It drives Fondy crazy.”

    Some years ago I was taking a summer class at a small college about US politics. For some reason, one day the Professor showed a documentary about … I don’t recall, to be honest. The only thing I remember is that the Prof would often say, “Now, what you’re about to see is…” and analyze what was coming up! After about the 4th or 5th time, I interrupted him and said, “Do you do this when you go to the movies with your family?”

    He said, “My kids are perfectly happy to let me sit on the other side of the theater from them. I think my wife has learned to completely tune me out.”

  10. Hey wait! My baby sis is getting married in September. This won’t do!

    Do you have ANY idea how long she’s waited for Mr. Right? And his name just happens to be Mr. Wright. 😆

    Plus, I think Dragon*Con runs into September. Would that mean it would run into October instead?

    If that’s the case, and if I can get my baby sis to move her wedding to October, I’d be totally fine with cancelling September.

  11. Hope the trip is a blast!

    Wow, grass! Looks so cosy. We don’t really have that in Aus anymore with our water restrictions. Our dogs sunbake on dirt. Occasionally Ralph sunbakes on Jack. He seems to find it a lot more cushier.

    One weekend, tired of staring at dirt, we made a concentrated effort on a 2m x 2m patch – we have a half acre so wanted to run a control first and besides we couldn’t afford lawn seed for the entire block.

    So, we dug up the dirt, fertilised it, put a 15kg bag of lawn seed on it (just to be sure) and with much TLC including the reciting of some classic English poetry and a little Beethoven Symphony Number 5 in C Minor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Powderfinger on every other day we now have a lush patch of grass specially designated for our totem tennis pole. What we do here for a bit of grass. And we don’t get out much ….

    I’m all for cancelling September. My birthday is in September and I tend to follow the Buffy model of birthdays where everything goes wrong. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of my birthday knowing that something bad will happen, then some nice person organises something, and then something horrible happens – rinse and repeat annually.

    And as I head kicking and screaming towards 31 it gives me an even greater reason to support your cause. So, no complaints from this camper. Count me in.

    The final entry for “Possibly Related Posts” is intriguing. Is it an opinion article by a Soccer fan of your suggested changes? They get pretty passionate.

    It seems the native football game to Australia has already taken some of your advice with using your hands. It’s more like a game of netball … with less punch ups.

    With scores such as 22 goals 11 points = 143 vs 15 goals 12 points = 102 the fans don’t have a chance to throw flares or start pelting opposition supporters during the game. They just wait until they get to the train station instead.

    2. In addition to the yellow warning card and red explusion card, include a blue payback card that allows an injured player to deliver a retaliatory kick to his opponent’s shins.

    In the NRL if a player starts pushing and shoving, it’s an unwritten rule that you can give them one good punch. They have found since implementing this rule that the amount of argy bargy has decreased.

    6 seasons with an AFL team means I have lots of useless sporting facts stored away. Just let me know if you ever need any.

    Q’s: Which episode is the Prom episode. The Queen? Very subtly titled, you really mean Prom Queen?
    Is Sheppard’s cousin a man?

    Hubby’s 30th Birthday today. I’d ask for a blog dedication but it should go to a more deserving poster. While watching Sci Fi one night you came on as one of the Sci Fi Front Row 5 minute specials.
    I said to him, “Hey, that’s Joe!”.
    He says, “Who?”.
    “Who’s Joe?”
    “Joe’s blog”
    “Oh, he’s a guy? I thought you’d been saying Joan’s blog.”

  12. Hi Joe,

    Do you know if any of the crew write blogs?

    @BlueJay – RE: Footrot Flats. You are taking me back to my childhood. Every school holidays our babysitter used to play it on ye olde VHS. Unfortunately it was the only tape she owned so we got kinda bored of it eventually..

    @lis – Please don’t cancel August. I have holidays then!

  13. Hi Joe, great news to day in that David Hewlett is coming to NZ. Michael Shanks is also listed as attending the Armegeddon Expo in October.

    Looking at the airline’s website now!!

    Please, please dont let filming run past the end of October.

    McWraith said “Thought this article might interest you about a mystery scifi author –
    I might pick it up from amazon. Looks like it would be an interesting read. The author must have had quite an imagination or maybe it’s proof of time travel.
    But then again, if you could travel anywhere back in time, why would you choose New Zealand? (Sorry Kiwi readers – just a gentle jest!) Or maybe the time traveller made a mistake like Doctor Who seems to do from time to time and got stuck there.. hmmm..”

    Thanks for the tip. As I live near the Hocken library in Dunedin, I will check it out.

  14. Skip Soccer.

    Play hockey.

    Much more fun. Great agression therapy. Have a bad day? Rub someone out in the boards…. much better! Plus, there’s the added bonus of playing a sport in a freezer when it’s 42 with the humidex outside.

    Love the dog pics! They’re so photogenic – especially Jelly from the looks of that pose. Do they recognize the camera or just ignore you now?


  15. I. This Day’s Title is the best by far!

    II. The 7’th pic from above gives me terrible Pain in the Hip just by watching!!

    III. The Purple ball on the last two Pics is interesting, I wonder if I could recreate it digitally just by this ref pix.

    And IV. but not least…
    Thank you for the okay, and you are gorgeous, but I guess you know that already! *hug*
    Also thank you for the fast answer.

  16. I’m really crushed to hear that the foot fungal plot line got cut, I think it would have been a really big character development arc and a way of SGA saying to the community, ‘hey, you know what, just because you’ve got disgusting diseased feet doesn’t make you any less of a human being. Stand strong, hold your head up, and no, you can’t borrow my socks’. But ditch the good stuff…that’s fine, whatever.

    3) Sure. We’ll be looking for a dance choreographer. You busy?

    Well I was booked in for BSG for their big interpretive dance number, but I’m sure I can pencil one of my favourite shows in. I’m seeing lots of top hats and jazz hands, maybe some blue glitter to really bring out the green hue of their skin. Trust me, it’ll be 45 minutes of fabulousity.

  17. Shannon writes: “Is it a contract thing that Michael Shanks gets his name added to the end (noticed it in Ark of Truth)?”

    Answer: Like David’s similar credit at the end of the Stargate: Atlantis opening, this is a placement that the actors have negotiated.

    Really? What’s the significance of that particular spot that would make actors want it? I never thought it would be something worth negotiating over.

  18. Aw, your doggies are so cute!

    I haven’t commented here before now, but I enjoy reading your blog. Love the glimpses into your life and the making of Atlantis. 🙂

  19. Hey! Burning Man runs from the end of August to the beginning of September! No canceling either month! Come to the playa, I promise y’all will not be bored.

    Online friendships … I have many online burner friends, some of whom I’ve only met in person once or twice out on the playa. But we take care of each other; we’ve pitched in for eye surgery, a laptop, emergencies … and then there’s our beloved Fishy. I met Fishy twice in person, but we spoke almost daily online. She married a wonderful man and he died tragically after two short years. She was a trooper, and began healing a year later by treating herself to a special trip to Europe. Cowbells and Crystal, it was great, she visited Euro-burners and sent postcards. Then, she lost her legs in a fight with a train in Innsbruck. We got Euro-burners to host her family, to take her whatever she needed. We pooled money for a good computer, an I-Pod, books, many things. When she got home, burners showed up and made her parents’ home wheelchair accessible. Fishy will go to Burning Man this year, and you better believe we’ll make her journey fun and comfy, even those of us who are far away. Online friendships? Online family!

  20. Looking forward to season 5. I was not much of a blog reader until I came across yours. Each entry is like another piece to a puzzle about the show. Do you think this is the best season overall your team has done? Is there times you could do something but can’t because of money? What’s the craziest thing an actor has done for the show to this date? Take care, Joe!

  21. Hey Joe!

    Although some refer to ‘football’ as slow-paced, I think it’s because we’re used to fast-paced games such as basketball, hockey, and, especially, American football. It’s more based on one’s tastes. To Europeans, their soccer is huge, and thus they’re used to the pace of the game. Again, it’s to each their own. I like basketball, American football and hockey, but I do enjoy watching the occasional soccer game as well. The fan support for EuroCup 2008 is amazing as well. 🙂

    Love the photos of the pugs, looks like they’re relaxing after a fun-filled day!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  22. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    Just finished watching SG-1’s “Revisions”, so I think I’ll pass on the neural link. Why would anyone ever want to grant anything that much access to their mind I’ll never know.

  23. Love your soccer add ins. I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically with the goalie chasing the goal scorer.

    My daughter is a dance choreographer, I will ask her to do it, but I will have to where armor cause she will most likely throw something at me (lol). She does not understand the SGA attraction even though I do make her watch it with me at least once a month. She does enjoy the show once she stops her protesting is done. She’ll come around!

  24. Hey Joe. One more question…

    In the SG-1 series finale, the Asguard (forgive m if I spell it wrong) blew themselves up, right? Along with their homeworld. So, if they gave all their knowledge and technology to SG-1, and, like said in the episode, ALL died…how can Thor be in Atlantis?

    Thanks Joe.

  25. Hey Joe, I’m pretty new with reading your blog, so I don’t know if you ever said this and if you did, I probably missed it. Did you adopt your pups or buy them from a breeder, and which breed do you personally think would make a good apartment dog? Do they bark alot? I’m breed hunting for me when I move out… I have a growing list. So far I have Beagle, Puggle (Beagle-Pug mix), Bull Dog, Great Dane( I heard that they are just giant couch potatoes) and Greyhound. If I decide on the Greyhound I’ll definitely rescue from a group of ex racers. Thanks for any Info on you pups!

  26. Stargatelvr writes: “Do you plan on reading “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer or and of the Twilight Series?”

    Since you’re not fimiliar with these books, I can let you know a few things I know about them. I haven’t read The Host yet but will once I can since it more on the SciFi level whereas the Twilight series is more vampires without the horror associated with them. I read the first three books of the Twilight series in two and a half weeks (in between helping customers at work) and I absolutely love them. They’re about a vampire who falls in love with a living, breathing human girl, narrated by her. They’re intended for late teens to early twenties, but that has never stopped me; makes for an easy read. The fourth book in the series comes out August 2 and I can’t wait for that and the movie made from the first novel, Twilight, which comes out in December. At one point in reading these novels, I realized that it is more of a love story than anything else while following a different lore about vampires that most people don’t know about because they’re used to Anne Rice’s vampires or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. They were books that kept me up into the wee hours of the night wanting more even though sometimes Bella, the main human character, can get on my nerves. There’s nothing wrong with a love story mixed with vampires, werewolves, and teenage hormones run amuck.

    I would even be willing to lend you my copies if you want to read them so long as you send them back, which I know you would, because I want to read them again.

    I also loved today’s title, but if we cancelled September, then we’d lose my cousin Donald’s 19th birthday, my best friend’s 27th birthday, and my third cake entry at the Fair. Please don’t cancel September.

  27. Alipeeps wrote:

    @Anneteldy – Sorry for ruining your birthday plans hon!

    Well, the least you can do is provide alternate entertainment. Tell Mr. Flanigan anytime after 11am on July 27th. 😀

    Anne Teldy

  28. In a BTS pic for Continuum I saw a pic of Amanda Tapping in a Fighter Jet which led me to wonder….
    Does Sam Carter have a known Call Sign?
    Or Even O’Neill?
    We Know Mitchell is “Shaft” but I don’t recall hearing Carter or O’Neill’s Call Sign ever.

    Just a curious mind at midnight here 😛

    Love the pics and vids you post!

    Thanks for all your work on my fave shows!

  29. @lis- I second and third what others have said, don’t cancel August! I’m going to the Stargate con in Chicago then, been waiting all year!

    @alipeeps And same with July, SGA starts, Continuum comes out, and last but majorly not least…my birthday’s in July!

    But enough of that…And Joe, those new soccer rules look really awesome, I can just picture the game! That would definitely be something I’d pay to see.

  30. Noooo!! Don’t cancel September!! I’m going snowboarding in New Zealand and my board is looking forward to fulfilling its true life purpose, not just being a wall hanging for most of the year!!!

    Cancel October if you must. Got nothing planned but work. And if you cancelled my workplace, I’d send you chocolates for life!

    What casting agency do you use for hiring extras? Might register with them…:lol:

  31. Did you hear about Fedcon USA? I was planning to go and see Paul McGillion….I’m so glad I didn’t spend any money on that convention. 🙂

  32. “Shannon writes: “Is it a contract thing that Michael Shanks gets his name added to the end (noticed it in Ark of Truth)?”

    Answer: Like David’s similar credit at the end of the Stargate: Atlantis opening, this is a placement that the actors have negotiated.”

    Okay… reading that question and answer made me remember another question I had been meaning to ask. I had guessed that the credit was negotiated, but I had always wondered why? Is it a status symbol? Any sort of SAG or ACTRA/AFTRA meaning? Is there some sort of ‘actor meaning’ behind it?

    I have to admit that I took notice of it and David Hewlett and Michael Shanks’ credits always stood out to me. Is that simply the reason an actor would bargain for that sort of credit?

    I know it seems silly, but it always intregued me… I believe Michael’s credit changed after the whole Daniel-less season… and I always laughed over the thought of that being the thing that got him to return. “Okay guys, but only if I can have a cool credit!”

    Oh, and if the actors strike, you could just do Stargate: Teyla! Look at the bright side! Or: Stargate: Chuck… how about Stargate: Walter?? 😛

  33. LOOK AT YOUR BABIES!!! Sooooo cutie cutie cutie. And the picture of your cutie in the fluffy blankets the other day, curly tail, snuffling snuffling
    …(stopping now)
    Oh but looooook look, they’ve got their little toys and their rolly polly on

    –Alwriiiiigt (I’m saying this to myself) stop the gushing… Anyway, I’m definitely one of those chiquitas fawning over pets on the street.
    My man downloaded a picture last year and put it on a card he made me for my birthday. It’s a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on it’s head–someone had put a pancake on this poor rabbit’s head while it was eating lettuce then took a picture of him. The caption below it read “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but here’s a picture of a bunny with a pancake on his head”
    When my students come up to me mumbling about somethin’ somthin’ (usually to do with dogs eating homework and houses burning down bla bla therefore needing an extension) I point to the picture of the bunny I have taped to my binder. They look at me confused. I look at them shocked. Then I point to the clock on the wall, and rush out of the room like the white rabbit. I find this works very well.
    Anyway, thank you again for responding to the focus group comment. I was wondering about this and had a brief chat about it at the WDC. There’s a wonderful documentary called the Persuaders by PBS on this type of research. It’s completely fascinating, I show it to my grade 12 media students and they’re shocked every time.



    PS heres the pancake bunny:

  34. I am writing a book and have been writing since I was 9. I am 28 now. When did you realize that you loved writing and wanted it as a career? What got you in the door? What was the first thing you had published, not in a school paper or student book, but actually sold? I’m sure you get this sort of question a lot and understand if you have no desire but since you are a writer and like to read would you be willing to read my rough draft? It’s not science fiction but is fiction. I would understand if you didn’t want to, God knows your a busy guy, but would love the feedback from someone who understands what writing means and how it is more than an activity, it’s a passion. If you have any free time a quick read would be fantastic, please if you are not interested or unable to read it, feel free to omit this portion. I wouldn’t want to fuel the please read my stuff fire, I just thought I’d give it a try and see what you said. I only have 110 pages so far and have been writing this novel for two years. I know, slow right? But I only write a little every few days as I work full time and have other priorities as well. I have several different stories that I’ve started but only three that I am truly passionate about finishing. I also have idea’s which I’ve worked and ran through in my mind several times and simply have to put it down on paper, but this story is currently my baby. Thanks as always, Nicole.

  35. Sorry, the bunny picture link got cut off. (My man’s an IT guy, I on the other hand am L A Z Z Z Z Y and don’t make more of a “techno” effort.) My home feels like command central, which is probably why I’m lazy, with computers in every nook and buttons and lights to everything (four buttons to turn the TV on, three buttons to make toast…) I’ll try one more time then I won’t jam up you blog with my spam.

    🙂 🙂 WK

    This seems really long, no?

  36. Hey Joe!

    2 things.

    1. I take offense to the lack of interest comment of september! I was born in September! and that is enough reason for the entire planet! Just kidding…I’m not concieted…I’m just the best person there is.

    2. I would like to offer up a point in the Iphone V Blackberry debate. I have a windows mobile based smartphone(very similar to a blackberry, but instead of running of a blackberry’s very strange, original OS, it runs off of windows mobile) and I love it. It offers all of the features of a blackberry and more. For example, Syncing the blackberry to the computer sometimes proves problematic, whereas a windows mobile device syncs very easy with a PC. I don’t know if you use a PC or a Mac. They do not sync with Mac’s. I have also heard that accessing the Internet off of a blackberry is difficult, whereas a windows mobile based device has Internet explorer mobile right on it. Another feature of Windows Mobile smartphones is a Microsoft office suite right on the device, you can load a Powerpoint, Excel, or word document right onto the device, and edit/view it on the go.

    It also has the button qwerty keyboard you mentioned. Some phones, like the T-Mobile WING, incoporate a touch screen on the outside, and it flips to the side, and slides open for the qwerty keyboard. Since you mentioned getting an Iphone, I’m going to assume you have AT&T, A friend of mine has the Pantech DUO that they offer, that has both a 1-9 keyboard, and slides another direction for the qwerty keyboard. It is also windows mobile based.

    Basically…there is a third point to this debate….Window’s mobile based devices, are in my opinion, the best of the best.

  37. Ok Joe so I have diarrhea of the keyboard tonight. I am a type one diabetic have been for 14 years, as I mentioned before my mom has brain cyst’s which are causing her to have violent seizures. She had one last night, that’s why I didn’t read yesterday’s blog entry until after reading today’s, because I spent my night in the ER waiting for her to come out of it. Anyway I have cancer and such in my family as well. Do you know anybody or you yourself have any condition like type one Diabetes? Do you know anybody on set that has a condition like that? No recall reason for knowing, just wondering out of curiosity. Thanks once more, Nicole.

  38. Football doesn’t need changing; it’s perfectly wonderful the way it is.

    If you want a great, high-scoring, high impact game, might I suggest rugby? It’s American Football’s less wimpy European version – pads? helmets? BAH! We don’t need none of that; some tape to hold your ears on and a gumshield to keep all your teeth from being knocked out, and you’re all set to go!

    …which, bizarrely, leads me to ask: Broadway and whatnot have their own show softball league, is there anything like that up around Bridge Studios?

    What with all the different things filmed in Vancouver I’m sure you could maybe even start up your own Ultimate Death Match Soccer League…

  39. Soccer is boring? Oh, no, no, no. Well, I have to admit there are boring games. But watching soccer isn’t only about the goals, it’s also about the whole game. Maybe similar to watching SGA not only for the big spaceship-explosion at the end but also for the whole story? 🙂

    If you want more goals, Netherlands-games may have a lot of that. If all goes well, the pairing on June 26th will be Netherlands-Italy. 😉

  40. Answer: But I disagree. There is great value in expressing yourself through the written word, and perhaps even greater value in the friendships you’ve undoubtedly made online.

    Yeah…until they start stalkin’ ya or stealin’ yer identity…

    All kidding aside, thanks for that. When I’m trying to explain something (not so much if I’m just being silly) I have trouble expressing what’s in my head because I tend to think in pictures and emotions – not words – thus my ‘rambles’ as I struggle to translate what I *see* and feel into the written form. LOL…I’d probably make a great director, but I’d totally suck as a writer – I really don’t know how you do it. Of course, now you’ve gone and encouraged me with the whole ‘value in expressing yourself’ thing, so don’t be surprised if your own words come back to bite ya on the ass. 😀

    “Presently, the goal keeper is the only one who is allowed to use his hands to catch, trap, and throw the ball. I would like to suggest that, instead, EVERY player on the field be allowed to use their hands EXCEPT for the goal keeper.”

    Yeah, they call it ‘rugby’ – you should give it a try. 😉 Best sport on the planet, if you like wet men with massive thighs, that is. And cauliflower ear. And noses relocated to the side of the face. But other than that, it’s a wonderful game to watch. To put it in the words of two announcers from a few years back, during what was then a Super 12 match (now Super 14)…

    Announcer #1: “Ah, the rolling maul. It’s the sexiest part of rugby, isn’t it?”

    Announcer #2: “Oh, yes it is. Just look at all those sweaty, smelly great big blokes in there.”

    *sigh* Yeah…that about sums it up for me, too…

    On a side note here, I’m thrilled to hear that Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman are making a movie about the Springboks (South Africa’s national rugby team) during the time when the country was trying to heal from the wounds of apartheid. It’s based on the book, The Human Factor: Nelson Mandela and the Game that Changed the World by John Carlin. You might want to pick it up for your summertime reading, Joe. Me? I’ll just wait for the movie. 😉

    Love the rest of your soccer/football rules, especially #4! I agree!! However, I’d like to suggest one little addition…

    When a player takes a dive, judges on the sidelines should immediately raise scorecards, rating the performance. Straight 10s, the penalty is allowed. But only get fours and fives? Then you gotta play out the rest of the match wearing a Miss Piggy mask.

    A thought about New Zealand. There’s only two places I really want to visit (or live in) – Scotland (because of my heritage, and the fact that I love cold, wet weather…and kilts), or New Zealand (just ’cause). NZ has the most beautiful national anthem, too…and then there’s the rugby.

    Oh, and we saw The Incredible Hulk tonight! It was – incredible!! Non-stop action – I actually liked it better than Iron Man in this regard (I love action movies that are loaded with – well…ACTION!). There were several highlights – cameos and whatnot – but the best part (for me) was seeing ‘Delmar’ again – a.k.a Tim Blake Nelson. LOVED him in O Brother, Where Art Thou, and he was just as entertaining as Samual Sterns in this!

    It was also a delight to see the Hellboy trailer again – if SGA isn’t going to give me enough pale, eyebrow-challenged guys with flowing white hair, at least Hellboy will. I mean, there’s only so many times one can watch that Steve vs Teyla fight scene before one burns a hole right in the DVD. 🙄 I sure hope we get some spinny hair in S5 – if there’s anything that can make me weak in the knees, it’s white spinny hair. That, and wet guys with massive thighs. And kilts.

    Ya know, I’m thinkin’ now that wet guys in kilts, with massive thighs and white spinny hair, would probably just kill me dead. 😛

    Yeah, see…I warned you about encouraging me…



  41. I am so linking this bloooog to my son Kris who’s a die hard Arsenal fan …

    Thanks :0

    God do your pugkids get any cuter??

    How many chewtoys do they own anyway???

  42. Coucou Joseph!!

    Bon, tout d’apport je ne ferais pas de commentaire sur le match d’hier, tout ce que je peut dire c’est que je suis trés deçu….bon bah maintenant je vais supporter ma 2iem équipe préféré le Portugal!!! (éh oui, moi aussi j’ai plusieur origine^^)

    Alalala vos chiens sont toujours aussi mignon!!!!

    Je me suis rendu compte que l’ordinateur crée l’insomnie, ce n’est pas trés drole, je ne dort plus trop en ce moment, mais bon cette aprés midi, c’es “tondage de pellouse”, je suis sure que sa va me mêttre K.O

    Bon j’y vais, je doit m’occuper de mon blog, éh oui bientot 90000 commentaire..^^

    Une petite question?

    Serait t’il possible d’avoir une interview du grand Joseph pour mon blog? Quand et comment?

    Bon aller énome Bisou!! je vous adore!!! a demain =)!!!♥

  43. HOw can you say soccer is boring? At least I think that’s what you meant…
    Unfortunately my lifestream stopped working at some point so I can’t really say whether this was one of the slow games but I think not.

    I really need to protest against allwing the players to use their hands. That’s another sport called handball I think that’s a rather boring sport. Scoring goals is nothing spectacular. Nothing special.
    In a soccer game, if you know its rules and tactics on the other hand can be very exciting. 1 goal can change the whole game and if it’s a good game that one goal can be scored at any time…

    Okay, I’ll stop now ;o) you either love soccer… or not. But I guess most important is that Italy as well as Germany won the games they had to win to get on :o)
    My guess is, that Germany meets Netherlands in the Finale.

    What’s your guess?

  44. Thought I’d pop in a blog dedication request, for a couple weeks from now, I have my mid-year exams then! (eeeek!) Anywho, if those changes are made in soccer I may just decide to play 😀 also great pictures of the dogs, they look like they’re having a fun time relaxing.

  45. Hi Mr M!

    Greetings from Tippearary

    Lovin’ the soccer comments. If you are interested in a “soccer-type” game, check out Gaelic, this is one of our two national sports and invovles a “soccer type” game, except the players can use their hands…Lots of scores and riveting stuff. The other game is hurling which is the fastest outdoor team sport in the world (according to Guinness Book of Records)

    Glad you are settling into the hols!

    Any sign of Marty G’s european release date (that’d be the film as against Marty G himself!)

    Flicked on the TV on Saturday to see the Triathlon from Vancouver?! I’m being to think Canada is calling me back ‘coz the next day was a full page colour photo of the new baby whale in the Aquarium in Vancouver….Curiouser and curiouser

    Love the pics


  46. hello Joe

    I loved Footrot Flats when i was a kid, we didn’t have it so i never got tired of it.
    Scrounged around Youtube but they have very little, this is the best there was. If you want to see Joe it’s just the intro, you can skip the first minute.

    Tucker time!

    There is a part in the show that would be so you if one of your puppies went missing.

    Soccer changes. If only.

    I saw those behind the scenes pics at LA Times! Does a manic happy dance!! Is that Todds hive the team is on where they’re sitting around a table with what looks to be fruit? Todd entertaining guests is he?
    Going off to stare at the Todd pics again.

  47. I don’t know why people outside of Europe think football (socccer) sucks? If it’s played by great teams it can be very interesting (I’m talking about the Croatia vs. Germany game in the Euro).

    You know what sport needs changing? Needs to be more exciting? Golf.

  48. Thank you for the Birthday wishes Joe. You’ll be pleased to know that I took my very Aussie Mum to an Indian restaurant for dinner (a lot of Aussies are chops and sausages people). She’s from the country and had never experienced Indian food in her 70 something years.

  49. @Sander: GREAT PYRENEES! They make GREAT apartment dogs. They only really bark when they are outside alone. And mine gets really tired after one walk around the block. 😉 Seriously! They aren’t coach potatoes so much as giant, white, furry rugs. They are natural guard dogs which means they are nice to people you want in the house and they will eat a burglar trying to take your tv. They don’t eat a lot because they have really slow metabolisms. Dogs half their size eat more than they do. (Great Danes a massive pigs, if you ask me. I think all four legs are holllow on that breed.) Also, Pyrs are sorta cat-like in their independence. That means you can go to work all day and they are quite happy to lay around the house. The downside? They shed. An obscene amount. It helps to brush them daily. And my dad would add their is drool. But Great Danes drool as well. Good luck!

    @Dovil: Okay… you and I are on the same wave length about the dance number. Let me help! OF COURSE we need to see lots of jazz hands! 😆 (It’s not a dance number without jazz hands! ) For costumes, I’m also picturing feather boas in bright pinks and purples. The kind of boas that also have silver threads in them. Know what I mean? And neon colored false eye lashes. Plus cod pieces. Neon colored ones. Like in Spamalot! I think the wraith would look FANTASTIC with cod pieces. Lemme know.

  50. I was hoping you could dedicate tonight’s blog to me, since I’ll be graduating from high school today.

    I was curious, since you said that you don’t listen to a lot of music, what kind do you listen to?

  51. I love the pictures of the dogs! They’re so awesome.
    Couple questions:

    1. What happened to Hermiod?

    2. Are you guys gonna bring him back?

    As you MAY have noticed I am pretty much obsessed with this little asgard and his quirky ways. I think it’d be kinda cheap if you guys killed him off and didn’t mention it in one of the shows….it’d also be cheap if you did kill him off and it was because of the Asgard disease contracted in the season finale of Season 10 of SG1.

    It’d also be very cheap if he commited suicide. So in other words, keep him on the show! 🙂

  52. Joe if you had tried scrapple I’m sure you’d remember it. As your resident southern belle (Virginia) let me enlighten you on one of the more “colorful” meals available with leftover pig parts.

    From Wikipedia (because I’m too lazy to type it myself):

    Scrapple is typically made of hog offal, such as the head, heart, liver, and other scraps, which are boiled with any bones attached (often the entire head), to make a broth. Once cooked, bones and fat are discarded, the meat is reserved, and (dry) cornmeal is boiled in the broth to make a mush. The meat, finely minced, is returned, and seasonings, typically sage, thyme, savory, and others are added. The mush is cast into loaves and allowed to cool thoroughly until gelled. The proportions and seasoning are very much a matter of the region and the cook’s taste.

    @Shannon As an actress (albeit on the stage) I can tell you that having your name at the end of the credits (e.g. and Lady Dulcinea as Dream Girl #1) is pretty desirable for any actor. Not only is it kind of an inside joke in the acting community (one I can’t really explain it just is) it makes that actor’s name more prominent. Usually it is reserved for cameo appearances by bigger names in movies, plays, and TV shows. My husband and I always get a big kick out of (and Michael Shanks as… & and David Hewlett as…) On a related note, my wedding program was designed like a playbill. Our little joke was to add “and Anthony Crandall as The Father of the Bride” at the bottom. My dad didn’t get it, but our actor friends thought it was a nice touch.


  53. Wow, I just realized my spelling and writing errors on my comment above. So sorry it was late when I was typing (lol). Of all the people to do that to.

  54. I think you could go further with the soccer excitement:

    1. Fill ball with angry bees.
    2. Make ball rip open after a certain amount of time if no goal is scored. (See #1)
    3. Release Dobermans after every missed goal.

    The only thing funnier than dogs and bees is dogs with bees in their mouths, so when they bark they shoot bees at you…

  55. If Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) is such a popular character why is he last in the credits? Who decides who goes where in the credits?


  56. i´m usually not a big football/soccer fan (althoug i could explain the “offsite-rule”, which usually is a nearly impossible task for most females), but having the european championship in your own country (austria, not switzerland) makes it kind of hard to miss…
    currently most of our radio stations are sending traffic news in 14 languages!!!! hell, when they are finally done, they have to start all over again. there´s hardly any time left for music…..

    hope you are happy with yesterday´s results:
    netherlands – romania 2:0
    italy – france 2:0
    which means that italy will get to play in the quarter finals…

    but i don´t think they have any chance of winning the tournament. my money is on portugal or maybe the netherlands.

    of course the austrian team (or as i like to call them: the national soccer suckers) failed to qualify for the quarter finals. but well i have to give them credit for trying really hard. they didn´t suck as bad as i expected. it was close and they actually had a chance…..

    still i´m looking forward to watching wintersports. skiing for example –> much better for that bleeding austrian sports-heart of mine….

    thank god SGA S5 airs in less than a month!!!!

  57. I’m off to Dark Skies … I will try not to die in the desert. A hundred and ten degrees in Mesquite NV yesterday, and we’re headed into the desert. Heat stroke, dehydration, snakebite, scorpions, alcohol poisoning, bonfires, effigy fires, wildfires, explosions, car wrecks … yeah, baby, yeah. Good times.

    Y’all behave.

  58. I’ve never been one for football, but with those changes I’d soon get into it. What would you do with golf?

  59. Great pooch pics, just the ticket for a head-up-ass-in-blind-panic morning I’ve just had. I don’t remember being this bad over my own wedding, mind you we all know how THAT turned out don’t we? LOL. Anyways, the paraphernalia is rolling through the door on a daily basis now in fact today the Khoom-Fay(sky candles) I ordered arrived and holy crap they are HUGE! I had this cute romantic idea for the end of the evening releasing them over the river (we live on the river Tamar However I imagine I could end up being responsible for the razing of the Tamar Valley so I’m trying to come up with an alternative launch pad, maybe off the viaduct would be a safer option….or give a larger opportunity for greater disaster and mayhem. Roll on July 6th by which time it’ll all be over bar the shouting.

    Narelle, your photo of a beautiful daybreak reminded me of one I caught last year, check it out.

    Cheers all.

  60. Oops! forgot to say Good Luck to Maggiemayday. I’m looking forward to reading all about it.



  61. @ MysteryMadchen – I have diarrhea of the keyboard EVERY night. And afternoon. And morning. 😛

    with a similar condition, and they were able to drain the cyst and give him relief. But health issues are always a worry.

    I know lots of peeps with type 2 diabetes, but not so many with type 1. There are two that come to mind off the top of my head, both Canadians, actually. Bobby Clarke, of the Philadelphia Flyers (he was capt. of the team during the 70s, then GM, now VP) has had diabetes since he was a kid. I had a wicked crush on him, so bad I even went to his house!! 😳 He was very nice (of course, I was only 16…today I’d never do anything so bold). ANYWAY, he was a little devil on the ice, and – if I recall correctly – he needed 2 injections a day, but he maintained his health through a careful diet and exercise.

    I also have a friend (Italian lady from Montreal – no relation to JM 😉 ) who visits with us every summer. She’s in her 60’s now, and has maintained a VERY strict watch over her diet and health – so much so that doctors are amazed at how healthy she is, and that she shows no signs of organ degeneration common among diabetics (esp. type 1) her age.

    Bottom line – with a strict diet and good exercise – anything’s possible!

    @ JM – First, quick SGA question: S5 seems really intense – will there be a lighter episode or two so we can catch our breath?

    And your puppies are so cute!! That Lulu and her little froggy legs – adorable!! They remind me of our cats when we take them out for ‘supervised visitations’ of the back yard. They get all goofy and stoned in the sunshine. Of course…they also get fleas. Ugh. I am slowly winning the non-chemical battle of the bugs, but we have one cat that I SWEAR is the mothership. 🙄

    @ BlueJay – ACK! Thanks for reminding me about those pics! I looked at a couple at home, but my slooooow connection was quite uncooperative. I must check them out now that I’m at work. I did get stupid over a couple of the Todd pics I opened, though… 🙂 Todd & fruit, who woulda thought it’d be such a ‘tasty’ combination! (I just hope Chris doesn’t read this stuff…it might make him a tad uncomfy….)

    @ Lady Dulcinea – Scrapple is traditionally a PA Dutch thing, too…very common in the Philadelphia area. When I was a kid (about 9), my mom took me down in the creepy, dark basement of an elderly lady who used to make it from scratch. I remember pig heads in various stages of dissection…a bowl of eyeballs (no idea why), a pile of tongues, intestines hanging from a line like twisted snakes (for sausage), and a pot of fat being rendered for lye soap.

    Yeah. And you thought Wraith birthing scenes were bad… 😛


  62. Why has there never been a US Coast Gurad character on Stargate (either one)? Every other branch has been represented. I would REALLY like to know the answer! You don’t have to have small boat station Atlantis or anything; there are USCG people who are pilots, doctors, cooks, engineers, mechanics, EVERYTHING!

    A Somewhat Pissed Off Coastie Brat (who will keep asking this question until it is answered!!!)

  63. @ MysteryMadchen – Okay – something weird just happened. Part of my comment went missing (I must’ve accidentally erased it just before posting). In the beginning there, I said that I was sorry to hear about your mom and hope she’ll be okay. We have a friend with a similar condition, and they were able to drain the cyst and give him relief.


  64. The dogs are looking cute again! They sure like their suntanning (unlike McKay!).

    Football? No interest – and neither has my hubby, thankfully! All we’re interested in sports-wise is F1 racing – though I believe hubby likes to watch the occasional game of snooker as well.

    Okay, not much to say today (!). Thanks for the cute dog pics.

    Oh, and if anyone is interested in birds, I have a short vid up on YouTube of my resident female blackbird taking a bath – check it out here.

    Not exactly a sunrise or dog pic, but there you go!


  65. Hi Joe,

    Football doesn’t need improving, it’s already the most popular sport in the world :D. As you can tell from my name (Sheffield United supporters are called Blades ;)) I am a big football fan.

    Is Teyla in Remnants?

    Cazz x

  66. First time to come to this sight and I love the blog! Love the shows you do too. Thanks for letting us into your life and sharing your fun and witty outlook on it.


  67. Squeeee!!! You posted pug pics!!!! I’ve had such a stressful week, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to click on your blog and see such cute pics. Thanks for posting them, Joe.


  68. Hello Joe,

    I wanted to weigh in on the Blackberry/IPhone debate. I just read the comment above re:Window’s Mobile Devices and have to say that I had one (Company forced it upon me and a few others) and had to back down. It is a computer first and phone 2nd, which in my opinion is not the way it should be. The battery life was less than 12 hours, the keys were not compatible with conferencing requirements, etc., etc. – I hated it. But I love my Blackberry and everyone that I know that has an IPhone seems to be in even more love…

    Now that that is out of the way, would love to see the goalie sprinting to the other goal just for the chance to negate a goal. That would be loads of fun! – And we (those of us working stiffs in the US) should all be upset that September was cancelled as it has one of our only holidays…and my sister will be disappointed that her birthday doesn’t warrent any interest.

    Looking forward to July and the start of Season 5…

  69. Hey Joe,

    Love the dog picca’s. I regularly blog my dog to. Specially when I made some nice picca’s.
    I hope you don’t mind, but I blog at wordpress myself and added your blog to my blogroll.

    Greetings Nadine

  70. “Shannon writes: “Is it a contract thing that Michael Shanks gets his name added to the end (noticed it in Ark of Truth)?”

    Answer: Like David’s similar credit at the end of the Stargate: Atlantis opening, this is a placement that the actors have negotiated.”

    See now I think I would have preferred to go the route of Richard Dean Anderson and have my name before the title of the show. 😆

    As for the new rules of soccer. While I personally love soccer as is, (though I prefer ‘football’ from Scotland) I find your ideas intriguing. Having played for years on a recreational team with middle aged lawyers and the like who seem to take pleasure in relieving stress by being extremely ‘ruthless’ I love the idea of the blue card. Most of my residual injuries like bad ankles, bad shoulders and lack of enthusiasm for playing are a result of ‘playing for fun.’ That card would have come in handy!

    Thanks for answering my question. I’ve noticed this quality in myself with plays being a theater student.

    ~ Jade

    P.S. I’d be ok with getting rid of September. Our anniversary is in September but as its the same day that Britney Spears got married, I’m less than enthusiastic. We can just pick another day in October, my favourite month.

  71. The Americanization of soccer… Interesting. Perhaps you should also offer your views on European films and how to make them more palatable for US audience. Ya know, more spaceships, less dialog, etc.


  72. Soccer? Hell no, its football! It was called football long before they invented america – hell even Shakespeare mentions it (King Lear) !

    Soccer is for … wraiths 😉

  73. AAAH – I can’t edit my comment. so here’s the next question: I read Apollonia Vanova will play a Queen. Will she keep on playing them and replace Andee Frizzell or will Andee keep on playing the Queens.

    I like the fact that there’s going to be another actress playing Queens – but the one and only is Andee 🙂

  74. Hey Joe, me and some friends, including my mom, were wondering if there’s anyone at the network or in another position of influence who we could write to or e-mail about allowing Jason Momoa to lose the wig. I don’t know if they care any more about the fans feelings than they do about the actors but we want what’s best for Jason-and his neck- and think Ronon would look great with his new haircut. (Also we think it sucks the network veto’d the producers ‘ok’.) Is there anyone in particular we can direct our protests/requests to?

  75. Oh, I love you suggestions to improve football/soccer. It would be interesting to watch those games! You’re a genius 🙂 I should really tell our team manager about them.

    Congratulations on Italy qualifying for the Quarterfinals. I’m not sure if Italy will win against Spain, but I am crossing my fingers for them. I only hope our team wins on Friday, cross your fingers!

    How much do you follow the European cup and who’s your favourite thus far?

    Thanks for the pics. The dogs are adorable.


  76. Hi Joe,
    tonight I was watching SG-1 Season 6’s “Descent” on DVD, and I was wondering about the scene with Carter and O’Neill, trapped in the corridor when it flooded. So, since you and Paul wrote it, can you tell me, were the sets waterproof and can they be used after the water filling. Or maybe it was filmed in a pool, decorated as a Goa’uld ship’s corridors? It was interesting, because the water rose very quickly and then it came down just as fast.

    thanks in advance 🙂

  77. hmm….. interesting thoughts on the soccer, good ideas but we should probably leave it as it is due to the fact that the rest of the world has no problem with how it is currently played. This could be seen when visiting a remote part of Kenya where the children were delighted to be given a regular football (soccer-ball) and the only english they knew was Manchester United and David Beckham.

  78. Hi Joe!

    What is the hardest part about what you do? and How do you unwind after a hard day at the office?



  79. Merci!!!!!

    Je vient de voir le blooper réél de la saison 4 sur Youtube et c’est génial!!! Trop rigolo, c’est téllement coool!!!!


  80. love the ideas about soccer. especialy the blue card. but i think soccer would be much more interesting if there were 4 goals, 4 teams and three balls. much more action on one field.

  81. Hi Joe,

    More very cute pic’s of your dog’s!

    Hope your getting a little relaxation in! While on hiatus.

    Take care & happiness always!


  82. Last week I spent the majority of the week looking forward to new episodes of SGA on friday. I had gotten it into my head that new episodes start the 2nd friday in June. IO9 reminded me that I was wrong. It was one of the biggest buzzkills i’ve gotten in a long time. Why must we wait so long for new stargates!

    I know, its a heartbreaking story.

  83. Joe, it is football, not soccer 😉 Soccer is it only in US where is something between rugby and crazy running called football – and it´s not a football 🙂 Football is a great game, that is played by 90% of the world, except US 🙂
    That´s all from a European football fan 🙂

  84. Not familiar????? Wow. I’m sorry. It’s huge here. Twilight’s becoming a movie (12.12.08) the only thing that can hold my attention that isn’t Stargate related. Although the parasites in “The Host” sound kinda like Goa’uld to me.

  85. *waves*

    We got back safe and sound you’ll be pleased to hear only slight jetlag that’s heading into it’s 3rd day. 😆

    Now that i’m just recovering… yet still squeeing, much to the chagrin of my staff. I thought it was time to get back into the real world. Booooo I would rather live in make believe thanks very much. 😉

    So Linz and I finally wrote up our visit, I hope you don’t mind, but we played up your villainous streak, especially after lifting our wallets. 😉 Talking of which any chance we can have them back the Visa bill has just come in…. unless of course you want to pay for it. 😉

    I know people were asking for details, so here they are if anyone wants to read. Surprisingly, Linz was more long winded than I was. 😉 It must be the fangirlyness coming out of her. 😛

    SO before I bid you goodnight i’m after a favour. I promised Brigitte I wouldn’t post some of the pics, but a couple of the Wraith queen’s chair has already been posted on the LA Times site, so would it be ok if I just posted the couple we have of those and none of the others, obviously until the eps air?

    One last thing, did you ever find those elusive missing chocolates? I know we left them on the Outsiders set… I think. 😳 Well in all fairness I did have other things on my mind. 😉


  86. Hi, Joe.

    Just a short note to let you know that my medical equipment supplier just called to ask how I was doing without my supplemental oxygen.

    (cough, cough, cough)

    Then they asked if they could deliver the supplemental oxygen equipment BACK to my home today!


    Now, I can walk, breathe, and chew gum at the same time!



  87. @whovian – I’m now officially sub-contracting out to you. The feather boas were great but it was the cod pieces that sealed the deal. I’m thinking gumboots for that truly flattering look.

    NZ has the most beautiful national anthem, too…and then there’s the rugby.

    Except nobody knows the words and it pitches up and down so much you can’t help but sound completely smashed, which considering it’s only really sung (yelled) by drunk people at sporting events is probably fitting.

  88. AWWWWW, love the bow wow photos.

    In this weeks TVGuide – small article with photos of Jason Momoa; one without and one with dreads. The article stated the dreads weighed 5 pounds and that he has had them for 6 plus years.

    He looks super without them things.
    This is a direct quote from TVG:
    He stated, “…The wig weights more than my own hair, which sucks. I’d love to get rid of it – and see what the fans think!”

    My vote – drop the dreads.
    Next vote – Blackberry – 8830
    Next vote – more puppie pictures
    Standing vote – more photos

    And, where and when does the line start for getting an official Stargate Atlantis phone? Ahhhhhh, that would be sooo cool.

  89. Dovil, Whovian – I feel I am perfect for the job of assistant choreographer.

    I have 18 years of professional dancing under my belt, plus I once played a dancing crab and I feel that kind of experience will be invaluable in this situation. 😐

    I can spirit my fingers like you’ve never seen. ** throws head back and spirits fingers wildly**

    Where do I submit my resume?

  90. Joe-
    Love your blog and especially your new blog titles!! Since you love chocolate so much…I can assume you’ve tried some Aussie chocolates? What about Violet Crumbles? Or Crunchies? You like those? They are pretty much amazing! =]

    Oh and if there is a Season 6 *fingers crossed* of SGA…what are the chances of us seeing Daniel Jackson again on the show? *big hopeful eyes*

  91. Ok I’m checking my calendar here, as far as I’m aware I woke up this morning and it was June now listening to what’s going on outside its just possible that I a) fell asleep and woke up in October, b) stepped into that pesky parasite dimension that seems to be following me around trying to get me to like it or something, or c) Its the end of the world.

  92. Thanks for the pics of the pooches! They are so adorable.
    Please don’t cancel September, I will be on vacation!

  93. You cannot cancel September! It contains my birthday – a very important day, indeed.

    The dogs are adorable, as usual. The last two pictures are particularly cute. Dozing with the toys! So cute.

  94. Dear Joe,

    I’m not sure if you can answer this or not because of spoiler reasons, but I just saw an extended version of the SGA promo trailer. After they show Teyla giving birth, Scifi has a caption saying, “A prophet is born.”

    Is this one of Scifi’s bad publicity stunts or is there some truth to that?

  95. Glad to see the dogs getting their tans au natural. No tan lines.

    Anywho, can we not cancel September? ‘Cuz my birthday is in September. Wait….if we cancel it, then I won’t be a year older.

    Never mind. Cancel September. 😉

  96. Hi *waving*,

    The Mikeyla fanatic is BACK! And although I’m well aware that insanely fanatical fans, such I, are rarely paid any amount of attention, I would like to give you crazy denizens of SGA fandom something to chew on.

    You see, this Mike and Teyla fanship….it’s building, and it’s growing bigger, worldwide. Now, I don’t know what you guys did to make so many people want more of this nonexistent couple but I’ve got a video that will hopefully give you an idea….

    Anyway….way to go, SGA.

  97. @ Dovil – I’ve heard it sung beautifully…I can’t really search well because I’m on dial-up right now, but grabbed this one for anyone who wants to give a listen…it’s just so lovely. I’m a bit partial to the Maori verse.

    I pretty much know all the words, and I’m not even from NZ…I just watch THAT much rugby. 😳


  98. @ dasNdanger (this @ bit is very handy, props to who ever came up with it) I’ve got to say the person singing has an amazing voice, plus I agree that the Maori version is 1000 x preferable because at least this way most people can’t understand what’s actually being sung. After the first line (God of Nations, smell my feet…) it always gets a bit blurry. That could be the beer.

  99. @ dovil, who wrote: “After the first line (God of Nations, smell my feet) it always gets a bit blurry. That could be the beer.”

    😆 😆 😆

    I think I see the problem now. I’ve been watching rugby sober! 😛


  100. Love your blog! I’ve just started reading it regularly a couple of weeks ago but I have enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for all of the cool production photos/videos and for helping put a human face on the mysterious people behind the scenes.

    I also love to read sci fi/fantasy novels and I have gone out an read some of the ones you have been talking about and really enjoyed them. I will say that I was forced to read Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451 in high school for a class and will give you fair warning…I thoroughly hated that novel. With the fire of 10,000 suns did I hate that novel, the only thing I’ve read that I hated more was Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Maybe you’ll read it and like it, I don’t know. But good luck and happy hiatus!

  101. OK, I can’t believe that no one else has made the obligatory obvious statement yet: looks like the dog days of summer have arrived at the Mollozzi house! 🙂

  102. No! No! Way! September is my tenth birthday. I’ve been looking forward to this for years. You can’t just take away a month, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Cancel some useless month like October. More useful things are in September than October. Anyway, it should be against the law to do this. The National Weather Bureau has no authority to do this. The only authority they have is to predict weather
    (and may I say they don’t do very well). It won’t save them millions of dollars because 1. they aren’t in charge of the calendar 2. calendars have already been printed so they can’t change it. I’m sorry for those people who think this is a good idea, but your thinking that if they don’t cancel September they will have to cancel some other month but they don’t have to. If
    Florida had a tropical storm their government should take care of it. Just because Florida suffered something doesn’t mean someone in lets say Ohio has to suffer by taking a month away. Anyway that would be disobeying the laws of physics, because it takes Earth 365/6 days to circle the sun so that is twelve months for a year they are the National Weather Bureau is trying to make it elven months.That is impossible.

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