“There’s a spot,”I informed Fondy as we rolled into the parking lot. I pointed. “Right there.”

“That’s the difference between you and me,”she said as we rolled by the empty space. “I’m more of an optimist. Instead of settling for a spot, I’m willing to take a chance and find something closer.”

We spent the next ten minutes creeping through the lot, stopping for foot traffic, winding our way around double-parked cars and people unloading their groceries, until, finally, we found a spot. Clear on the other side of the Costco parking lot.

“If we had parked where I’d suggested, we’d be shopping by now,”I couldn’t help but point out.

She put the car in park. “This spot is closer.”

“No it isn’t. It’s closer to the building, but we have to walk all the way around to get to the entrance. Plus, the time we spent looking for parking – “

“I prefer this spot.”

I hopped out of the car and swung around to meet her. “Really? You prefer this one? The one that’s further away.”

She threw me a look that suggested I might want to reconsider pursuing the subject. “Just go get a cart.”

So I did. I got the cart, dropped the topic, and wasted two hours of my life at Costco and Home Depot lugging top soil, a lawn chair, a seven drawer organizer cart, cucumbers, and enough toilet paper to last us through the next two apocalypses. Fortunately, I brought along a book (John Wyndham’s Chocky. So far, so brilliant. I’m a huge fan of Wyndham’s prose style.) and, while Fondy studied the lavender plants and office equipment, I stood guard by the cart, reading. I’m pleased to report I made it two-thirds of the way through the book without incident (the suspicious elderly woman who eyed our cherry tomatoes notwithstanding).

Tonight, I think we’ll follow yesterday’s lead and watch a movie. After last night’s screening, I’m inclined to agree with Carl. The wrong movie won the Oscar for best picture. Ratatouille was robbed!

With the satellite down (A repairman will be coming by anytime between 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics, so we have to make sure someone is home.), I’ve been dipping back into my vast anime storehouse. Lately, I’ve been watching a series called Hell Girl in which impressionable young kids summon up demonic forces via internet to wreak vengeance on bullies, cheats, and veterinarians who diss their dogs. The twist, of course, is that by cursing others, they are also banishing their own souls to Hell. Yet this decided con is often glossed over as the involved parties reason “But that’s a long way off.”. The interesting thing about the series, besides its bizarre premise, is its unapologetic treatment of countless doomed innocents. Often, it’s high school students who should know better than to consign their souls to everlasting torment over toughing it out through their senior year, but sometimes its misunderstood adults who are banished as a result of some oversight. In the episode I watched yesterday, some poor slob gets sent to Hell because a girl assumed he was responsible for her father’s death. Turns out he wasn’t but “Oh well. Take it up with Connie in Human Resources once you actually reach the underworld. And say hi to Ty Cobb for me. Sucker.”

Today’s blog is dedicated to the generous Paloosa and her CD shipment.

Today’s video: Wraith chat with Aaron and Tyler. Click on the link:




Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “Why do the Milky Way planets get designated with “P” and Pegasus Galaxy planets get designated with “M” designations?”

Answer: It’s a simple way of differentiating between planet’s in either galaxy, P for Pegasus and M for Milky Way. No. Wait.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Do you feel confident that this season is going to clinch a spot for a season 6?”

Answer: I’m very proud of the season 5 episodes completed to date but, at the end of the day, a sixth season pick-up will depend on much more than the quality of the show. Other variables that will be taken into account include ratings, production feasibility, and bottom line economics.

Thornyrose writes: “ Do you have a secondary pile waiting in case you finish the main pile off early? […] Besides your books, do you have any plans for going to the movies, the theatre proper, or watching dvds? If so, which ones?”

Answer: Only my two days into hiatus and I suspect I may have underestimated by reading capacity. I’ll pick up some more titles on Wednesday since I’ll be dropping by the offices anyway to watch the Ghost in the Machine day one mix and the Broken Ties final mix, and begin discussions on Project Twilight.

Rose writes: “Just wondering – how business-free is your hiatus? Do you get frequent calls from sycophants and minions asking where the tape is or are you able to relax?”

Answer: Well, I will be working on that script rewrite. And directors’ cuts and mixes will inevitably find their way to my home. So, in answer to your questions – no, this hiatus will not be Stargate-free.

Bugguy writes: “They had bacon ice cream on Top Chef and most of the recipients loved it. Any chance we will see you giving this a go on your ice cream Friday?”

Answer: Where have you been, sir? Re: the bacon ice cream. I’m intrigued enough that I may just give it a go this Summer.

Gate Geek writes: “Have you ever done or know anyone who has done the Grouse Grind?”

Answer: The Grouse Grind, for those not in the know, is a 1.8 mile ascent up Grouse Mountain here in Vancouver. Quite frankly, it’s not my thing. That said, I once climbed not one but two stairwells to reach Szechuan Chongqing Seafood Restaurant on West Broadway. Close enough.

JoanielovesChachi writes: “Will Mitch Pilleggi be in Season 5?”

Answer: Yep. Watch for Mitch in the season premiere and mid-season two-parter.

Enzo Aquarius writes: “What is that dish in the first picture?”

Answer: Tea-smoked duck from Northern Delicacy in Richmond.

Enzo Aquarius also writes: “Judging by the cut McKay “I said good day, sir” line, I surmise this was a scene where McKay talks back to somebody? […] Heck, if it was between Zelenka and McKay, I would’ve made McKay say it then.”

Answer: It was. And it was meant to be sarcastic.

David writes: “Do you usually get “special treatment” or privilages due to your job?”

Answer: I get to okay the 100th Anniversary cake. Other than that, not really.

Leila writes: “Why can’t the puddle jumpers go through the Gate cloaked?”

Answer: The physics of the cloak won’t allow it to re-molecularize once it exits the gate.

LibKat writes: “In one of the season 10 commentaries you mention that you are a ’shipper and list Jack/Sam, Daniel/Vala and Mitchell/Landry. Did you mean Mitchell/Lam or is there a hidden slasher somewhere?”

Answer: Did you see SG-1’s Uninvited? Those two carried on like an old married couple!

Boston writes: “Have you ever gotten a note on one of your scripts from a fellow writer that you’ve simply ignored or strongly disagreed with?”

Answer: There have been times when I’ve disagreed with a note and have argued the point or tried to address the point in a way that would prove satisfactory to both parties. This is usually easier to do when it’s just a single voice in the room and you have other writers backing you up. When it’s a consensus note, that’s a lot harder to do.

DisplacedDanny writes: “1) If the Ancients created ring platforms, why have we not seen any Pegasus?

2) En terme de ville, est-ce que Montréal te manque?”

Answer: 1) That’s a good question and one that has engendered much discussion in the writer’s room. Ideally, we’d love to address it in an Ancient-focused episode. Maybe in season six. 2) Des fois.

Caitlyanna writes: “I’m just starting to get into Science Fiction novels, but what do you think would be a good one to really get me into the genre?”

Answer: I’d check out either The Android’s Dream, Old Man’s War, or Ender’s Game.

Luis811 writes: “When the main actors are reading their lines while filming the extras you see in the background are also engaed in conversation are they actually reading lines from script or are they just mumbling.”

Answer: Their lines are scripted. What they’re muttering is anyone’s guess. I suspect they’re usually discussing that week’s episode of Lost.

Platschu writes: “1. What will happen, if the SAG strike begins in July? Can you finish season 5 as you planned?

2. The new hostile race will return in the second half or will they be only in the mid season two parter?

3. Which TV actor or actress would you like to see as the leading star in Universe? Are there any plans to call somebody for Universe or will you choose from those, who goes to the casting?

4. Are you satisfied with season 5? If you have to give points to the episodes, than how much will you give? Which is the best?

5. Do you plan a bigger advertisement campaign for season 5 on TV channels / newpapers / electronic media? There is less than a month, but I could see only some short article about the season on scifi.com. When will we get a longer promo or pictures about the team?

6. An 1,2-1,4 average rating would be enough for SciFi to order season 5? “

Answers: 1) Without Joe, David, and Jason? 2) TBD 3) I have no preference. 4) So far – yes, very much so. 5) I have nothing to do with the show’s official promotion. It is up to MGM and SciFi how they wish to promote the series. 6) As I stated above, there are a number of factors that will figure into the decision.

Sarcasmo writes: “How is it a criticism of an episode when I’m not even talking about that?”

Answer: Sure you are. This is all about the Whispers casting and how, in your less-than-humble opinion, it was all about hiring a bunch of hot women (apparently confirmed, in your myopic view, by an off-hand quip made before the script was even written). I find it kind of ironic that you’re passing judgment on these four women based solely on appearances. You’ll be infinitely disappointed once the episode airs and they prove to be infinitely capable. But, like I said in my previous response, I’m sure that, by that time, you’ll have moved on to find something else to complain about, oh Cranky One.

Crazymom writes: “Have you ever had a guest actor on the show who turned out to be far worse than you expected? (not asking for names). Or just a huge pain and not worth their talent?”

Answer: Over the course of my nine years on Stargate, there have been actors we have hired who have disappointed both in front of and behind the camera. I’m sure it’s no different than any other show.

Shiny writes: “Seriously, how naughty is Martin’s YPF movie on a scale where Enchanted is a 1 and Shortbus is a 10? Is it just the title that folks are objecting too?”

Answer: I’d say YPF is a 6 on the Naughty Scale. Yes, the government had a knee-jerk reaction to the title and now they’re looking awfully foolish. Sarcasmo, take note.

Gina writes: “If SAG goes on strike you wont be affected in Canada will you?”

Answer: We certainly will.

79 thoughts on “June 15, 2008: Court Rules Entrance Exams Discriminate Against the Stupid and Lazy

  1. Of course Ratatouille was robbed! I love that movie.

    Speaking of which, what are your favourite animated films of all time? I’m curious now.

  2. Hey, Joe!

    On your recommendations, I picked up both Android’s Dream and Old Man’s War for my husband for Father’s Day. He’s started on the former and thinks he’s really going to love ’em (especially after reading the First Law series based on your say-so).


  3. Joe- Do you think you could dedicate a blog post to my sister (and fellow Stargate fan) who got married today? Please?

  4. Hi Joe,

    You had fun shopping then! My husband Andrew is like that he always looks for a spot that he likes I usually point out all the spots & say there one right there! Can’t you see it!

    Seen any good movies worth mentioning lately?

    Hope you have a little time to relax on the hiatus! Do you get a break or is that just for the cast?

    Hopefully going to borders to pick up some books that are on the list that you have suggested to read. I absolutely love reading now! Thanks for helping me get back into reading!
    I have finished Day of the triffids & loved it! I used to watch the tv show as a kid.

    I really hope that Stargate Atlantis gets picked up again for season 6 & beyond!

    Take care & happiness always!


  5. Do you have a backup plan if SGA does on strike this summer? You don’t have much of a show if Joe, Jason, and David go on strike seeing how they are 3 of the main actor’s. I hope they don’t strike but is their a plan?

  6. Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “Why do the Milky Way planets get designated with “P” and Pegasus Galaxy planets get designated with “M” designations?”

    Answer: It’s a simple way of differentiating between planet’s in either galaxy, P for Pegasus and M for Milky Way. No. Wait.

    I remember in a commentary or “Behind the Scenes” featurette it was explained that in the Milky Way galaxy ‘P’ meant a planet and ‘M’ meant a moon (done only once).

    Perhaps in Pegasus, instead of labeling the planets and moons they were visiting, they number the missions?

    maggiemayday wrote:

    Anne, what type of music do you enjoy? I have 15 years worth of Dr. Demento fan club CDs. Just sayin’.

    I love Dr. Demento! Just seeing his name brings back fond memories of “Green Garden Hose”, “The Masochism Tango” — I own the collection “The Remains of Tom Lehrer” (who, FYI, invented Jello-O shooters) — Weird Al, and quite a few others. That show was always good for a laugh.

    Anne Teldy

  7. Joe regarding a possible s6, the ratings for the back half of season 4 were a lot better than for the second half of s3. obviously you already know but I just wanted to point this out. personally I’m fairly confident 🙂 also hopefully a solution can be found and the SAG won’t go on strike. anyway good to hear about Mitch Pileggi, I’m looking forward to seeing him again. btw you said you’re not sure if we see the new enemy in the back half. not even the 100th episode? hm it’d be cool if they were the ones that board the Daedalus in “The Daedalus Variations”. LOL thanks for the vid

  8. QUOTE
    Answer: The Grouse Grind, for those not in the know, is a 1.8 mile ascent up Grouse Mountain here in Vancouver. Quite frankly, it’s not my thing. That said, I once climbed not one but two stairwells to reach Szechuan Chongqing Seafood Restaurant on West Broadway. Close enough.

    I have back problems, managed to avoid the Grouse Grind. Instead, found my challenge last year at an economical hostel in downtown VanGroovy. No elevator, room at far end of third floor. By the end of my five-day stay, my stamina had improved!

  9. Loved the film clip, as predicted. The unexpected drawbacks of being a Wraith… I didn’t expect the pictured book pile to last a month, but are you really going through them so fast that you need more by Wednesday? If so, I need to find out which speed reading course you took. I’m no slouch, but you’re in a world class league to read that fast. (well, ok, you’re world class in other ways too, so why not that in addition)
    Thanks for the video and the adventures in the Megastores. And if you keep up with the anime descriptions, I’m going to end up with a new vice to pay for.

  10. For ‘Gaffney’ – SciFi did not air ‘…Tornado’ out of respect for the boy scouts killed during last weeks storm.

    For ‘Platschu’ – During the VanCon last April I asked N. John Smith how SGA would be affected by a possible strike. He said that production would cease and the end of S5 would be in danger of finishing and airing by the end of this year.

    The lastest I read was that the SAG PTB aren’t close to an agreement but will allow their members to continue working past the June 30th deadline. A strike vote requires a 75% approval from members.

  11. Hey Mr. M, have you been watching the Eurocup? Do you have a favorite team? I think The Netherlands has a good chance, since they beat France and Italy!

    Also, have you ever consider a cameo in the show?

  12. RE: Ring platforms.

    Clearly the ancients developed the ring platforms after they returned to the milky way galaxy and before they accended. How’s that for a reason? (This also addresses why the gates are more advanced in the Pegasus galaxy- the gate network was developed in the milky way galaxy before they left to go to the Pegasus. The ring platforms became a necessity at some point when gate travel became less of a priority because of the reduced Alteran population. (Between those that died in Pagasus and those that were ascending…))

  13. Hey Joe,
    Really busy in the fight to stump out pestilence and disease.
    My wife says you should go to the Top Chef site and check out the recipe for the ice cream. I’m Pennsylvania Dutch and we will eat just about anything, I love scrapple, but even I’m not sure about bacon ice cream.

  14. Joe you’re awesome about doing the mailbag but I notice you are always answering more on McKay than any other character and although I enjoy McKay I also watch alot for Sheppard and Teyla and Teyla yet not much is said about these two but merely tidbits .
    Why can’t Sheppard/Teyla be considered for one of the shippy couples worth pursuing . If it works out that’s great and if not at least it was pursued and given a chance .
    I like McKay/Keller/Ronon and I’m sure it will be good but I’m much more interested in watching Sheppard/Teyla and seeing where these two end up and if if it could be a possibility .
    I never liked Sheppard/Weir and I hate Sheppard/Larrin and Teyla/Kanaan and get frustrated watching the wonderful charismatic dynamics between Sheppard/Teyla consistently being ignored in favor of trying to pair Sheppard with women who aren’t clicking with him and the whole sudden Teyla/ Kanaan revelation was just too contrived.

  15. Good day to you sir. Sorry I’m dropping by late, I spent the day running for towels and other such sundry items at the animal shelter garage. Well that is when I wasn’t chasing that rambunctious wee pug around(who knew old pugs could run that fast?!)

    “Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “Why do the Milky Way planets get designated with “P” and Pegasus Galaxy planets get designated with “M” designations?”

    Answer: It’s a simple way of differentiating between planet’s in either galaxy, P for Pegasus and M for Milky Way. No. Wait.”

    Gee, trying to confuse me more are you?! Well it worked 😉 👿

    My QOTD- Do you do something to mark the pugs(and Lulu’s) birthdays?

  16. Mitchell/Landry…Great, now I’ve got to go scrub my brain with peroxide. Thank you.

    You could totally continue filming if SAG striked (struck?) and you didn’t have David, Joe, and Jason. Of course, you’d have to write new scripts and they’d probably be stand-alone eps with little relationship to the season arc. It would be a great time to explore some of the secondary and minor characters. Personally, I’d love to see a “Lorne & Zelenka” episode.

  17. Oh, yes, and I meant to comment on the parking scneario, too. The oft-quoted line in my family (something once said by my dad’s coworker): You can’t park in the front if you don’t drive to the front. Of course, I generally favor getting a feel for how busy it is, and looking down the line to see if it looks like there’ll be anything open. I’d certainly rather park as close as possible, and don’t mind doing a quick swipe to see if it’s likely, but I’m also not above walking a bit if it’s ultimately faster and less hassle. Although I do get annoyed by people who will immediately park at the first spot they see, no matter how far out, when there’s every chance that there’s something available closer.

  18. I so envy you. envy envy envy. I saw your pix of your stack of books to be read and my eyes saw only one there – “Inherit the Stars”. The mystery that is the beginning of that series is still so remembered in my head, that just thinking about it is making me want to scrounge through my boxes of books in my study. Who cares if I am allergic to dust mites? Good sci-fi is good sci-fi! You do know its a trilogy, don’t you? Actually its more like a Douglas Addams trilogy, the kind that come with 4 books. JPH has written many other great books. I especially love, “Genesis Machine”, because like everyone, there is a small child inside me that wishes you could really really make the world a better place with some applied math, a bomb, physics and friendship. Also, “the Two Faces of Tomorrow” has one of the best arguments against AI. You can teach someone or something how to think, but you would still miss some very important components. Common sense being one of them. The visual image created in the scene where the computer is trying to make breakfast and take out the trash is surpassed only by the computer’s solution on how to get rid of fleas on your pets. Just think incinerator and 3000 degrees of heat. ewww.
    You made me wonder about JPH and I found he has a webpage. I thought you might get a kick out of how he started writing. On his biography he writes, “… by this time I’d been writing science-fiction as a hobby for some years. It began when I saw and enjoyed the movie 2001 but didn’t understand the ending. The whole thing ended up as an office bet that I couldn’t write a science fiction novel and get it published. To cut a long story short I did, and it was, in the shape of Inherit the Stars, which made 50 pounds (I was still in the UK at the time) on top of Del Rey’s advance. ”

    …..I didn’t understand the ending to 2001 either. Didn’t know I could make money off of it, though.

  19. Hey, saw the pic in your last post, GO Isaac asimov! Enjoy!

    Glad to see that Mailbag has returned. And that questions are now being answered by your monkey assistant. Yeah, thats right, we know.

    Question for the day, What kind of music do you like? And what about other cast members, do you know what they enjoy? You, I would guess as a mix between Phil Collins when he went solo (and cried all the way to the bank) and….Joshua Bell (classical violinist.)

    See ya next time!

  20. Also, if SAG ever went on strike, there are TONS of us here who would love to fill in for a short time… 😉

  21. Joe have you read any SF books by Mack Reynolds? If you have, think any of them could be adapted to a screenplay?

  22. Answer: Their lines are scripted. What they’re muttering is anyone’s guess. I suspect they’re usually discussing that week’s episode of Lost.

    If I’m not mistaken, extras can’t actually say anything or they’ll have to be paid more — scripted or not. Muttering is a very apt description.

  23. Wow, such a lengthy mailbag, Thanks!
    While I’d love one or two Lorne/Zelenka episodes, more than that and I’d get restless. I mainly watch SGA for the adventures of Shep and his team; with 3 of them out of the picture, I honestly am not sure I’d make it a point to tune in…
    But I’d still read your blog!

  24. This sounds like a slice from my life: my man has “logical” reasons for parking across the street from Rona, rather than “in” Rona’s parking-lot. I, on the other hand, need to find that “Just Right Spot” so my shopping experience will be set right before I enter the door. Not that I make most of my decisions this way, but it is interesting how my intuitive decision making is quite different from my man’s logical decision making. There is probably some science to this, but I do know that if I get too much resistance to “how” I decide when I shop, my mood is no longer “set” and I feel too glum to shop at all. I suppose it’s all about setting the mood.
    Right now I am taking a break from marking and hence reading your blog. I teach grade 10 & 12 academic/gifted English and after marking 100 exam essays (with more to go 🙁 ) on Julius Caesar and Hamlet you may read of the crazed English teacher somersaulting down Yonge St. in a Toga. It’s also hot here, broken up by a few thunder showers. Now, after I post here, I am off to continue marking with hopefully another break in an hour where I would like to start on Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s “The Killing Joke”. The question I have for you today is this: 1/ do you read comics/graphic novels? 2/ How much of what you write do you visualize? (I am a visual person and enjoy how Moore, for instance, will have frame after frame in his narratives with no written text 3/ How much/often do you need to collaborate with the artistic directors to flesh out a scene? 4/ Finally, when you write a story, how does it take place in your head: Do you focus on the dialogue most, the body language of the characters most or the setting the most? Or, regardless of how you intend the story, does it become an altogether different beast by the time we see it?


  25. I just returned from the theatre where I saw a preview for Hellboy (II?). I was astonished to see creatures that look just like wraith! Not only do they look like wraith, but they also seem to have ninja powers. I can tell you that I laughed out loud at that part, although no one else around me was laughing. (I’m sure you have determined I know nothing about this movie or the presumed comic book it came from.)

    Are the “wraith” characterizations copyrighted? If so, do you plan to sue?

    (I’m sure my mock trial team will want to know this answer!)

  26. Bacon Ice Cream? –you probably know what I think on that–don’t be weird 😉
    If you’ll try this, why not try chocolate covered ant ice-cream; or particle board ice-cream; or sole of old shoe ice-cream? Why don’t you make a “Wraith Dream Ice-Cream” and surprise us? Actually, X/NAY that. I can imagine you putting old toe nail clippings and eye lashes to make up the “human-bits” that would go into a wraith’s idea for ice cream. heh heh (chuckles awkwardly) blach 🙁


  27. I was excited to see that Matt Mitovich from TVGuide Online has posted that he will be asking you questions about the new season coming up!! It’s great to see that TVGuide is finally focusing some of its attention to Atlantis, instead of its obvious obsession with BSG.
    Do you know when he will be getting in touch, and when it will be posted?
    It looks like they are asking for input from viewers for questions!!

  28. Aha, I’ve done the parking lot dance b4, know what you are talking about,,
    I read Android’s Dream and Old Man’s War(Scalzi) and told my husband about it and he want to read it now. Going to BAM tomorrow to see if they have the new books for next BOTM.
    Did you read Ghost Brigade by Scalzi, if you did, is it worth getting?
    Can the Wraith (in costume,) (on breaks) eat anything or is it thru straws? Those teeth look fearsome. thanks for sharing with us about the bathroom wraith,,,.
    I agree also with the breyers not really being so good for all the big pricetag they put on it. yuck poo.
    Anyone getting married in S5?

  29. I saw the Hellboy 2 preview today. My first thought was, “Wraith!!” My second thought was, “Gee, they sure ripped off SGA.” It looks pretty sweet though. Seen the Hulk yet? I rather enjoyed it.

  30. Thanks for the mailbag Joe!

    And yes – the parking lot shuffle is one I tend to do depending on which vehicle I drive. Our full sized pickup is more of a park near the back and walk, since it’s a biotch to wiggle into those spaces when the blue haired lady driving her caddy left her shopping cart in the middle of the lane, and the guy with the beemer has parked sideways so no one dents his doors (moron)… My hubby’s little echo, however, can pretty much park on the sidewalk and be mistaken for a covered scooter. It’s like drivin’ a go-kart.

    Although – going to home depot in an echo would be ill-advised when buying anything bigger than a lightbulb.


    PS – and on a totally cool note – my first manuscript has been picked up by a publisher! I guess don’t suck so bad! Now all I need to know is how much it’s going to need editing, what they want to change, and when it’s going to be released. Just a few minor details! But I’m freakin’ out none the less!

  31. “Answer: The Grouse Grind, for those not in the know, is a 1.8 mile ascent up Grouse Mountain here in Vancouver. Quite frankly, it’s not my thing. That said, I once climbed not one but two stairwells to reach Szechuan Chongqing Seafood Restaurant on West Broadway. Close enough.’

    This answer has me cracking up in laughter. My family is the same way (lol).

    You have put the reading is good notion into my mind. However, and don’t laugh too hard, I started with the Stargate Atlantis books. I enjoyed them so much, I ended up reading 3 of them in 4 days. I know it is not up to your level, but it is a start.

    Have you ever read these books or given insight to the writters of them? In the books, what has happened already on the shows is referenced. It was like watching an episode as I read.

    Now I just have to work my way up to your level (lol)!

  32. Dang. I won’t be able to watch the video until tomorrow – ha! A reason to get to work EARLY for a change!!! 😀

    @ anneteldy & maggiemayday – heh. Count me in on the Dr. D thing. Fish Heads is my all-time favorite, followed closely by I’m Looking Over My Dead Dog Rover. Grew up on his radio show – it was hard to pull down out of Philly, but out of sheer determination (and with the help of a really long wire) I somehow managed. I think I was the only kid in my school that even knew who Dr. Demento was – which might explain why no one ever got my jokes… 😛

    @ JM – The parking lot thing sounds just like me and Mr. Das. Don’t fight the logic…just go with it. 😉

    I know I missed my opportunity to ask a question…but this is something I’m really trying hard to figure out, so bear with me…

    Regarding the Wraith and the gift of life, you suggested that the Wraith don’t do such things out of altruism, but only out of self-interest. However, Ellia proved that – in the right environment – a Wraith can be different. Sure, she still had to feed, but she struggled with it and with her nature in general, showing love for her human ‘father’, and fighting against the influence of her Wraith ‘brother’, though not totally successful. In the end, she could not change her nature, but she COULD change her personality (well, up until that whole unfortunate retrovirus thing).

    In contrast to Ellia’s upbringing, Wraith hive society appears to be a very brutal one – one that seems to have a total disregard for individual life as the weak fall at the hand of the strong, and where one survives through a cold display of arrogance and unflinching aggression. To me this suggests that the individual Wraith is the way it is (aggressive, brutal) because they know no other way – it’s in their upbringing, it’s how they survive among their own – just as a child raised in an abusive household often becomes an abusive adult.

    Raised apart from such an environment, however, Ellia was different. She showed that the Wraith have the capacity to love and to do good (choice) – even though she still needed to feed (instinct/nature). This suggests that the Wraith are not mere self-serving automatons, but individuals whose personalities are molded by their social environment, apart from the necessity to feed.

    At least, that’s how it translates to me. Is this how it’s meant to be seen by the viewer – that the Wraith are a product of their (seemingly brutal) environment, and it’s more that environment than their need to feed that ultimately makes them the cruel and tricksty fellas that they are (‘kill or be killed’ mentality)? If so, couldn’t it be said that the Wraith are ‘victims’ of their own social upbringing, and, in turn, would this mean that it is possible for some Wraith to resist such an influence – or would it just mean their death because the hive mentality is too strong?

    Thankies – and I hope you could follow my line of thought. Sometimes I even confuse myself… 😛


  33. Hi Joe!

    Happy Doggie Father’s Day! 🙂

    Interesting posts/mailbag the past couple of days. I gotta get back to editing my video (ooooh!), so will stop now with some Platonic Blog-Reader Love.



  34. Hey Joe,
    I was watching “200” this morning, and when they discuss the scene when the Wormhole Xtreme Team are “beamed up” (and I know those transmitters can really frustrate you!), they said if someone mentioned how easy it was, it they “hang a lantern” on it – is that a real writer’s term?

    Also, based on your recommendation, on my latest trip to the local library, I checked out John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War. I checked it out a couple months ago, but I didn’t have time with school work and all, and it sat on the kitchen table. This time though, school’s out, and I read it right away. Gee, I wish I read it the first time, it was worth every minute. It’s well written, I got into it right from the first page, and most of the characters are pretty well fleshed out. Plus, the plot is (at least for me) quite original and has alot to offer. So thank you so much for recommending the read, I haven’t gotten into a book like I did with this for a long time. Have you read any of the sequels to it?
    Have a great week, and it’s wonderful to see the ice cream machine again!

  35. Hey Joe.

    I’ve spent the entire weekend studying…my first exam is tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck!

    Today, I’ll just ask the same unanswered question as I did last week…

    Do you tell Fondy about the script your writing? Is she a fan of Stargate, or just not interested?

    Thanks Joe…and good luck with your renos. My parents are currently landscaping our yard.

    One last thing…were you able to sleep in your own bed last night, or was back to the couch?

  36. Hey Joe,

    I’m a big fan of John Wyndham – have you read The Midwich Cuckoos? That and The Chrysalids are my 2 favourites.

    Re a possible SAG strike: I imagine you’d be fine for the first half of the season, since it seems that you’re already on to filming episodes in the back half, and I would guess that SciFi probably wouldn’t be airing the second half of the season until January. Depending on the duration of a strike, would you extend your shooting season past October to finish up the season? How much of a lead time do you need between filming and airing?


  37. If you know that a SAG strike may be imminent are you working twice as hard with your main actors to get as many of their scenes finished as possible?

    Enjoy your summer break – let us way,waaay down south take over the cold and rainy winter duties for a while. 🙂

  38. Luis811 writes: “When the main actors are reading their lines while filming the extras you see in the background are also engaed in conversation are they actually reading lines from script or are they just mumbling.”

    I had the chance to talk to one of the extras on Atlantis once. She told me that they really aren’t supposed to talk at all so what they do is mouth the word “watermelon” to make it look like they’re saying something profound when “talking” amongst themselves. According to her, that ‘no talking’ thing even covers the time when the cameras aren’t rolling on most sets but that Stargate was very lenient about it which is why we got a chance to talk. The way she explained it, if the production team caught your voice on tape, they’d have to pay you more. At least I think that’s how it went; I was very tired and very excited, so I might of got that a bit garbled up. Then again, the next scene we did, the guy I was standing next to was actually whispering very quietly, not just mouthing words to me, so there you go.

  39. Hey, Joe!

    I’ve not perfected the technique of standing and reading, but that could be the solution to all my shopping problems. Hopefully when I have to stand around in the women’s underwear section of shops while my girlfriend tries to make a decision, I won’t get so many funny looks!

    Are there any “medical” storylines next year – the base going into quarantine, or anything like that – since Jewel is becoming a full cast member? If so, will Woolsey at any time ask Keller to “Please state the nature of the medical emergency?”, or are you guys above that sort of thing?

    Also, I know its probably more to do with the costuming department than anyone else, but why are there a few people still dotted around Atlantis in the old uniforms? Lorne springs to mind. Is that intentional/accidental? Does Evan / Kavan prefer the older style jackets?

    Not even sure why I’m curious, but then I have spent several hours flicking through web comics, so my psychological health is probably a little suspect…

  40. Hey Joe,

    I’m sympathising with your parking situation. I park in a spot immediately as I’m happy to walk a bit.

    Although once when spending some gift vouchers I decided to get a new underlay, king doona, king sheet set, king doona cover set, 2 super pillows and walking back to that car with that… it hurt. With all that fluffy manchester I looked like the StayPuff Marshmallow guy from Ghostbusters… minus the dinky little hat.

    Hubby might as well leave the car at home. To him it is a living, breathing entity that can’t be in the sun for too long, be parked close to another car or be exposed to any kids, adults, animals, passengers or precipitation. Yes the BMW carries the dogs, the ute stays at home and gets lotsa love. Don’t try and apply logic to that – it doesn’t exist.

    Remind me to ask you to do the MS Readathon one hiatus year. I think with the number of books you read and the sponsorship you could gather there would be enough money raised to find a cure in no time. And you wouldn’t have to do anything different to a normal day. Everybody wins! \o/

    Have a good night.

  41. Thanks so much for answering my questions 2 days in a row.

    Gotta agree about Ratatouille. Unfortunately in today’s critical environment the imaginative and entertaining seems always to be trumped by the turgid and nihilistic. Just look at the attention heaped on Galactica versus the lack of same for Stargate.

  42. mmm…. Wraith have to unzip to tinkle? That makes me wonder where the bathrooms are on the Hive ships.

    Anyways, thats for the vid clip.

    Question, I heard of term ‘bottle show’ on one of the SGA commentaries. What is a ‘bottle show’?


  43. Guess you just finished all of their medical exams? Thats right me!
    *runs around room happily*
    Now Im on holidays too!

  44. Have you ever read any Raymond E Feist, David Eddings or Richard Laymon, in my opinion the Riftwar Saga and the Belgariad are two of the finest fantasy series ever written, and Laymon’s Beast House Trilogy should be a must for any horror fan?

  45. I just got done watching Stagate Episode Lost City. I noticed That Jessica Steen played Dr. Weir. And Torri Higginson plays her in Atlantis. Just curious on why that changed.
    No complaints. 🙂 Just curious.

  46. Well Joe, I’m off to the states tomorrow! Wish me luck on a good trip! I’ll miss the blog dearly but…well, I’ll catch up when I get back on the 22nd. Don’t say something too inflamatory; I don’t want to miss the fun.

    Before I go though, here are some quick notes about the last 3 episodes I watched on the marathon:

    Cure: Nice little episode. I had to look through transcripts to make sure that Egeria was mentioned before, and it was, in “Crossroads”. The episode for the most part was average though enjoyable, but I loved the final few minutes, with Egeria being conscious and talking to her descendents. The Tok’Ra were suddenly placed in the position of children, while they were always warriors during the other times we’ve seen them, so this was a good change of pace. It felt epic.

    Promethus: A better episode. Prometheus herself was just cool-looking, and I loved the whole sequence where she is revealed (awesome score) and when she takes off. The hijacking plot was nice, but nothing spectacular, I think. Still, I liked how it wrapped up the Simmons/Conrad arc from last season. The final confrontation between Simmons and the others looked weird, but was exciting nonetheless. Did they speed up the film or something? Anyway, a very enjoyable episode.

    Unnatural Selection: Wonderful episode, loved it. Thor’s return was very much welcomed, as well as the hilarity of O’Neill in the first act or two of the episode. The crack about the Enterprise, the gag with the ice cream, all hilarious. And then there is the great sequence of the Prometheus touching down on (again, set to a great score) Halla, which was just a spectacular environment. Very alien. The meeting with the human-form replicators was creepy to say the least (First was deliciously evil and arrogant…and powerful), and right away I started pitying Fifth. He was acting like a child, but a cute, innocent child instead of the bratty Reese. I felt so sorry for him, and for once I disagreed with Jack’s actions. I think they SHOULD have taken him. As Jonas said earlier, even neutral races can commit evil. Well then, they should be able to commit good too. A human being is pretty dangerous if you look at it in a way (some people can kill others with their thumb, for instance), so why can’t a replicator choose to act human and not kill everything in his path to replicate? Anyway, this was all very powerful and heavy stuff and, even though it depressed me knowing that Fifth will never know true happiness, I still enjoyed it for what it was: a riveting, morally ambiguous development in the replicator arc. Awesome episode.

    That’s it for now! See you in a week!

  47. Thank you Joe and Anne for the dedication, but I’m really more than happy to help. And Anne, I’m glad that you can enjoy some of the music. In time, more will be coming your way, so let me know if there any particular musicians you like.

    Joe, I really hope your trip takes you far enough away from the pressure of the show so you can truly relax for awhile.

    And I’m just so looking forward to Season 5 and seeing all the evil and dastardly things you’ve done to the team!

  48. Just alerting anyone that was thinking of going to Best of Both Worlds in July – the new date is 14th – 16th November (Sydney venue to be announced). There is also a new lineup of guests – no Kavan 🙁

    The guests are:
    Special guest – TBA
    Jaime Ray Newman – Lt Cadman
    Peter Williams – Apophis
    Douglas Arthurs – Heru’ur
    Ivy Isenberg – Casting Director
    Jan Newman – Make-up & Actor
    Suzanne Wood – Author

    Details at http://www.bobw.com.au/BOBWs/29/index29.html.

    Amusingly, under the Jan Newman pic it says Kavan Smith
    Make-up Artist & Actor. Nice to know he’s picked up some skills.

    I’m just glad I didn’t rush out and book travel and accommodation.

    Cheers, Chev

  49. Coucou Joseph =) Sa va aujourd’hui ? Moi, trés bien =)

    Merci pour cette video, vraiment super =D.
    Je suis contente de voir Mitch Pileggi dans cette saison^^!
    J’espert vraiment qu’il aura une saison 6, de tout façon même qi sa s’arrêtes croyez moi, stargate a encore de belle année devant elle, je sens que ma collection de DVD ne va pas finir de s’allonger^^!

    Vous savez quoi? je vient d’apprendre que mon prénom qui est “Anais” vouler dire “Je t’aime” en haitien^^, c’est trop mignon=)


    1) Que font les acteurs sur le tournage quand ils ont une pause entre deux scénes?
    2)Quand avez vous l’intention de faire un voyage en Europe?
    3)Connaissez vous, des bonbon qui se nome “Les bétise de Cambrai” ?


    Passez une bonne journée,=), je vous adore! gros bisou =)♥

  50. Ooooh Chocky! I loved that book as a child. There was also a very good TV series adaptation of it in the UK probably in the late 70s/early 80s. In fact, a lot of John Wyndham books got made into TV dramas in the UK, including the Midwich Cuckoo and, of course, Day of the Triffids.

    How about a sympathy blog dedication? I’m home from work today with a crummy cold and feeling generally sorry for myself… although any Sheppard/Sheppard whump tidbits (look there, I even used the US spelling to spare your delicate sensibilities!) you might care to share would certainly help cheer me up… 😉 😀

  51. A colleague of mine is going to Comic Con this year, and she asked me if there was someone whose autograph I’d like her to try and get for me. Well, this was a no-brainer: Martin Gero. Maybe he’s not even doing the autograph thing. Maybe he’s not going to be there at all for one reason or another. But I could get lucky, right?

    Now I was wondering, would it be all right for me to print out one of your pics to have it signed? (In particular I was thinking of one of the Martin-in-action pics you posted on May 24th.)

    Come to think of it: what are the rules you’d like us fans to play by concerning your pictures?

  52. Hi Joe, could you please wish me Happy Birthday for the 17th as it’s an important one ending in 0. Not 20, not 30. I’m going to an Indian restaurant for dinner. But there won’t be any photos. Thanks for making such an enjoyable blog.

  53. Silly Fondy, you always park as far away as possible and then make the other person walk to the shops. I always do this to my mum. I park outside the centre and down a bit, then i make her walk all the way up a big hill and down the other side. I always tell her, if you don’t want to walk up the hill you can always take the bus. (insert dirty look)

    LOVED the VIDEO! (simple things amuse simple minds)

    can’t find my book, need to start reading again.


  54. Good morning Joe,

    Thought this article might interest you about a mystery scifi author – http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/1/story.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10516217

    I might pick it up from amazon. Looks like it would be an interesting read. The author must have had quite an imagination or maybe it’s proof of time travel.

    But then again, if you could travel anywhere back in time, why would you choose New Zealand? 🙂 (Sorry Kiwi readers – just a gentle jest!) Or maybe the time traveller made a mistake like Doctor Who seems to do from time to time and got stuck there.. hmmm..

  55. Hi:) I ve just finished Homecoming by Orson Scott Card and it was brilliant. Have you read it?

  56. Chev’s rule of parking – Even if you park at the far end of the carpark with no-one next to you, by the time you get back to your car it will be surrounded by dirty-big 4 wheel drives (SUVs).

    I’m a bit like you Joe, I park in the first spot I find. In large shopping centres I often follow people to their cars, ok you might call it stalking 😀 but it works. I don’t understand people having to find the perfect parking spot out the front. Do they expect us to applaud? I’d much rather be in and out of the shops quickly.

    Cool post though. I could almost see the steam rising from my monitor 😉

    Cheers, Chev

  57. So how are you enjoying your “break” so far?

    And how are the floors coming along?

  58. Thanks for the vid! And yes, you know the fans (well, some of us) so well! That’s just the sort of information that we love!! Yep, weird lot, aren’t we?! (Not all, not all, I’m sure some aren’t so…odd!)

    Okay, to prove just how, erm, obsessed I am, I have been surfing the GateWorld omnipedia for planet designations … and this is my analysis so far:

    Planet Designations:

    In SG1 – Of the 114 planets in the GateWorld omnipedia that are from SG1, only 1 has a ‘M’ designation, and that is a planetiod/moon (M4C-862 in the episode ‘Prodigy’). The assumption can then be made that moons/planetiods are ‘M’ and planets are ‘P’.

    In SGA – of the 14 planets in the GateWorld omnipedia that are from SGA, only 2 have ‘P’ designations (P3X-447, mentioned by Ford, and P3M-736, the world they are on, in the episode ‘Runner’). It is unclear how the designations work in Pegasus, as all the ‘M’ and the two ‘P’ designation planets were planets and not moons/planetoids.

    As for the configuration of the designations, of the 128 planets in total on the GateWorld omnipedia, 113 of them follow the Letter, Number, Letter, Number, Number, Number format (eg P9G-844). In SG1 (only), there are 9 that follow the Letter, Letter, Number, Number, Number, Number format (eg PJ2-445), and then there are the planets: PAS-A81, PGG-002, PT1-AA1, PWW-98C, PGG-002, P3X-8596 that don’t follow any specific format.

    This information is correct up to and including Season 10 of SG1 and the Ark of Truth movie, and Season 4 of SGA (assuming that the omnipedia is up-to-date, and that I counted correctly!).

    Yep, sometimes I am that, erm, obsessed dedicated!!


  59. I hate the parking lot circle … and I don’t drive. Several years ago, my lower spine went south and I walked with a cane for a while. Hubby would get me as close as he could, or did the dreadful drop me off thing. Now I can walk, I want him to park wherever is easiest, but he still roams the front half of lots, looking for parking. Annoys me to no end.

    Ah, yes, Costco. The one in Utah doesn’t sell wine or booze, the lot is full of Mormon Assault Vehicles aka monster SUVs with seating for twelve, the aisles are packed with screaming ankle-biters, six or seven per family. Hey, I was raised a Mo, I can talk.

    Gotcha, Anne! DasND, click my username which takes you to my boring blog, hit the about me, find my email and we can talk Dr. D fanclub CDs. Don’t be surprised if I don’t answer soon, we’re gearing up for another burn event in the desert, in a few days, I’ll be offline and away from civilization for a week or so.

  60. Hey Joe,
    I read an interview with Brad Wright today and he’s saying that soon SciFi and MGM would have to make a decision about the production of the new series Stargate Universe. Can you tell us if you are going to be involved, and if and when Atlantis ends, would you jump to Universe, or you’ll be done with Stargate?

    thanks in advance

  61. The lastest on my list of what I’ve learned at my job: If you’re going to steal a car, stay sober. Large quantities of beer make it likely you’ll end up in handcuffs.

    And if you do end up in jail, don’t flush the toilet repeatedly just because you’re bored. It really annoys the people listening to you over the microphones. Oh, you didn’t know anyone was listening? Yeah, I now know WAY more than I ever wanted to know about your girlfriend.

  62. Talk about displacement activity, I’ve done everything under the sun rather than the one thing I know I should be doing which explains why I’m back here again so soon. This furniture really isn’t going to move itself is it? 🙁

  63. Since you’re an anime fan, have you ever seen Death Note? If so, what did you think about it? I think it’s (one of) the best animes I’ve seen thus far. Have you got any recommendations for me to watch?

  64. First of all: Thank you for the video clip of the Wraith, Mr. Mallozzi. And yes, you are right: We do like it. 😀

    dasNdanger wrote on June 15, 2008 at 7:24 pm
    Wraith hive society appears to be a very brutal one – one that seems to have a total disregard for individual life as the weak fall at the hand of the strong, and where one survives through a cold display of arrogance and unflinching aggression

    It’s always interesting how our sight of the Wraith differs at some points. I don’t think that the Wraith society is a very brutal one. Yes – they are hard against themselves and others and they scorn weakness, but are they brutal? I don’t think so. If I had to name a human society that is comparable to the society of the Wraith I would name the ancient Sparta. That’s my sight of the Wraith society.

    My reasons for my assumption? Most of all: Michael’s behaviour as a human. Do you remember how he behaves? He was friendly and polite to everyone, (mostly) self-controlled and he was willing to settle his differences with Ronon, although he didn’t known, what happened between them. And when you have in mind that social behaviour of intelligent beings isn’t innated, but has to be learned over years, then one might get a glimpse of the real behaviour of the Wraith.

    Nearly all of the Wraith I’ve seen in the series are polite – even Steve. But if the Wraith society is as brutal as you think – what sense makes politeness then? Why should they learn it?

    And Elia? Well – I feel pity for her. In the end she’s in the same position as the Drac boy in “Enemy Mine”. I have that scene in mind where the boy is watching himself and his human father in the surface of a lake and says that he thinks he is ugly and that he wants to look like a human. Nor Elia could accept what she was, because – aware or unaware – she has been learned that she’s different and that her inhere behaviour of feeding is wrong. Poor girl….

  65. Saw you were a shipper 🙂 Got a question you might not answer but I figured I’d try. Do you like John/Elizabeth or John/Teyla better?

  66. Hey Joe,

    Just wondering if you ever read any more Terry Pratchett novels beyond ‘the Colour of Magic’?

    I know the novels contain a ‘certain’ brand of humour, so wondering if you they appealed to you. 🙂


  67. “The fans are gonna love this.”

    First, I’d just like to point out here that Mr. M is aiding and abetting the Wraith Objectifiers. 😉 (keep up the good work, boss!)

    And thank you!! Great video! I was actually wondering why he was missing a nail in one of the pictures from the other day, and just figured it had fallen off. But now I know…

    I just hope he washed his hands before pawing at his food…then giving it to Tyler (who sure looks mighty suspicious of that muffin). Are those poor gentlemen aware of what a little green makeup and a couple extra nostrils does to a gal?? Not to mention confirmation of the need to unzip in the…um…prong region… 😆

    This actually raises a serious question we’ve discussed on Gateworld – 1. Do the Wraith need to drink water, or do they get all the fluids they need when they feed? If they don’t require water, it would certainly add to the complexity of the feeding process. 2. But if they do require water, then how is it eliminated – the traditional way, or by some other means (perspiration, etc)?

    Thank you again – very much – for the video. It has made the first day of the work week a great one!

    @ noir – Funny, I’ve always had the impression that the Wraith are rather brutal – or harsh – in their treatment of one another. They have no qualms about attacking other hives, or feeding on their own crew in order to survive. The Queen in Allies didn’t hesitate to feed on her humanized crewman – only the humans seemed disturbed by it. The Queen in SoW didn’t think twice about the prospect of feeding on Todd. Todd himself showed no compassion towards the poisoned Wraith he had the warriors unceremoniously drag out and dispose of. The Superwraith in Sateda enjoyed watching his warriors and young officers engage in bloodsport with Ronon, even though so many fell in the battle. The way Michael addressed Heyerdahl-Wraith in No Man’s Land suggests that one must challenge, even threaten, in order to gain respect among fellow Wraith. Commander Wraith in Midway was curt and aggressive in the way he addressed his technician, and it was that same technician who betrayed Todd – so he could dish it out as well.

    Everything I’ve seen so far suggest that they are quite aggressive and harsh in their treatment of one another, and the ‘reserved self-control/politeness’ we see in them suggests that they know the drill well – from ‘birth’ – that if they step out of line just once, they’re dead Wraithmeat.

    But maybe I’ve just read it totally wrong, and that’s why I asked JM the question.


  68. 1)Do any of the characters harbor a specific angst within them throughout most of the season?

    2)Do any of the Atlantis team still believe there is hope for Michael’s redemption?

  69. @ Hachi – JM is the bravest of the brave – but he also holds his ground fairly well. 😉

    My opinion about it is this – true, you can’t please all the fans, and only a very small percentage participate in on-line discussions. However, I think it’s fairly safe to use the internet input as a reflection of how the fanbase as a whole is reacting – taking the ‘pulse’ of the fans, as it were. For instance, if 10 on-line fans out of a 100 like/hate a certain character, then it *may* be safe to assume that that 10% will remain the same whether your talking 100 fans, or a million fans. 10% may not be anything to worry about. But if 50% or more on the net are reacting in a postive, or negative, way – then maybe someone should take note of it.

    I have little respect for creators who don’t care what fans think or feel (I’ve heard lots of negativity in this regard). Even if it’s not going to change someone’s mind on how a character or show should be treated, it at least shows respect for the people who are keeping the program on the air. I love how Johnny Depp put it – his fans are his boss. Though he certainly chooses roles he likes, he also tries to give his fans what they want in the process. I love him for that…even if I personally don’t agree with all of his choices, I know he at least cares about what his fans think and feel, and tries to please them as a whole, even if he can’t individually.

    From what I see here, I think Joe is the same sort of person. He cares about his show, but he also obviously cares about the fans of the show, and wants to share with them and satisfy them while making a product he can be proud of. I might not agree with all of the choices, but at least I know he listens to my concerns, no matter how panicky I get. And I really do appreciate that… it makes me want to watch the show, even if I might threaten otherwise… 😛

    Now, I don’t think it’s healthy to take what fans say TOO seriously, or get into arguments or debates and stuff…and neither should creators compromise the quality/integrity of their work to cater to a few vocal fans. But at least listening to the fans shows respect for those who are ultimately providing the paychecks. No fans = no viewers = no advertising/backing = no job. So, when someone like Depp – or JM – acknowledges fans by listening to them, and – perhaps – making some small adjustments even if they can’t fulfill every fan’s wish, well…that means a lot to someone like me.

    But when someone says they have no time to listen to on-line fans – no concern at all – well, maybe then I have no time for their show. Of course, I only watch 2, maybe 3 shows, and of those SGA is the only one I really (and passionately) care about (first show I’ve cared about since…probably TNG/DS9 – and the Hornblower series on A&E). I’ve never been a big tv watcher, so – in the rare case I get hooked on something I do like – it’s nice to be able to share my feelings about it with others, and extremely special to be able to do so with someone who actually helps create the show.

    So, as always, thanks Joe. Even if you can’t make us all happy, you at least are nice enough to lend us an ear, and humor us whenever you can. It’s greatly appreciated.


  70. Hey Joe!

    Thanks for answering my questions, especially about that dish you took a photo of. It looked absolutely salivating! I have never had duck, but boy would I want to eat that. 😀

    The next time you’re having a problem getting a parking spot (especially at Costco, where it’s always busy 😛 ), just follow somebody leaving the store (everybody does it during Christmas anyways, heh). Atleast you brought a book and got some good headway on it. 🙂

    Thanks again, and glad to see the mailbox back!

    – Enzo Aquarius

    PS – How have the ‘intuitive’ blog titles been affecting your views?

  71. My mom used to do the EXACT same thing with parking, and your conversation with Fondy mirrors the ones I had with my mother. Also, when I was younger (back in the “I hate shopping” days) I would bring books with me and follow my mom. Usually I was done with the book by the end of the trip.

    Haven’t been around for a while. It’s nice to be back 🙂

  72. Perhaps your phone was the victim of a Wraith feeding? I’d check the Wraith extras for the distinctive Motorola “M” imprint on the palm of their feeding hand. Or listen for your favorite ringtone emanating from a Wraith head the next time they’re on set.

  73. Hi Joe,

    I’ve made several attempts to write this email and each one seems horribly long so I’ll just “bullet point” my question and hope you can see what I’m trying to ask.

    Does the military ever suggest story lines or subject matter for any of the Stargate story lines or episodes? Or, in the alternative, do they recommend edits or censure of material considered for episodes?

    I guess I’m just curious about how involved they really are in what is produced, how deep their influence goes.

    Be well,

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