Cousin Matt

Matt in happier times (ie. before we started eating).

I gambled on the blueberry pancakes...and lost.

Matt\'s post-brunch malaise


The phone rang. I snapped it up and answered “Hello?” (as opposed to the far more colorful “Yello?” or “Urology Ward. Name, please.”).

“Joey?”came the male voice at the other end of the line.

There are only two reasons why someone would call me Joey. Either they’re trying to annoy me, or they’re someone from so far back in my past that they don’t know any better, assuming I still go by the name my parents used to call me when I was a kid.

“Yes?”I asked, my voice betraying nary a trace of annoyance.

“It’s your cousin Matt.” As opposed to Matthew, his nom d‘enfant. “I’m coming into Vancouver and want to know if you’d like to get together for brunch.”

Matt, formerly known as Matthew, is my cousin Jeannie’s son. Bright, articulate, he’s an airline pilot with a very busy schedule that doesn’t allow him to attend many family functions. Add my equally heavy schedule to the mix and you have two guys whose paths rarely cross. Until today. Matt informed me that his flight was getting in at 11:45 p.m. on Friday (too late for a late dinner), and he’d be flying out at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. Not exactly perfect timing, but it would give us about an hour to catch up over, I suggested, dim sum since the airport hotel he was staying at was located right in Richmond, Vancouver’s Chinese restaurant heaven. Alas, the thought of shrimp dumplings and steamed pork buns for breakfast didn’t appeal. He actually wanted breakfast for breakfast. Well, I was at a loss. A breakfast place? In Richmond?

I assured him I would think of something, clicked off, and consulted the expert – or, in this case, as close as I could get to an expert on the subject: my wife.

“The Fairmont Hotel is supposed to have a nice brunch,”she advised.

I woke up early, showered, called up (read: woke up) Matt to tell him I was on my way, then hopped into my car and made for Richmond, one eye on the road, the other on the directions to his hotel (and the directions from his hotel to the Fairmont).

Despite my inhumanly wretched sense of direction, I was able to find the Delta Airport Hotel where he was staing. My cousin was waiting for me in the lobby, looking cool (both figuratively and literally) in a thin, long-sleeved shirt. He looked pretty much as I remembered him the last time I saw him (about seven years ago on his last trip through Vancouver) with the exception of those big shoulders. Clearly, someone has been working out!

We skipped the Fairmont in favor of the River Rock Casino on the recommendation of the Delta concierge who assured us that the brunch at the casino was MUCH better. Well, in retrospect, I suppose he would know better than me. But all I have to say is that if the brunch at the River Rock is really better, then thank God we didn’t go to the Fairmont because that meal probably would have killed us.

Not much of a brunch buffet to speak. Eggs five different ways, sausages, and some sketchy-looking pastries. The Bellagio it aint. Following a quick perusal of the offerings, we returned to our table and opted to go a la carte instead. Matt had a healthy omelet. I went with the corned beef Benedict and side of blueberry pancakes whose only claim to blueberriness rested with the half dozen berries anointing the top of the tiny triple stack and the good word of our waiter.

We ate. We chatted. He’s based in Houston. He’s almost fluent in Spanish thanks in no small part to the year he spent in Argentina. Some day, he’d like to fly some helicopter medical evac. Compare to me who has never visited Houston, speaks no Spanish, has no plans to visit South America, and would only be caught in a medical evac chopper if I was the one being evaced. He has much bigger shoulders too. You could never tell we were cousins.

It was nice catching up. An hour an half later, I dropped him off at his hotel. Hopefully, it won’t be another seven years until we again cross paths.

I returned home and immediately got to work in preparation for Fondy’s return tomorrow afternoon: laundry, vacuuming, garbage and recycling. And, all the while, running dialogue through my head for the next scene I have to write: McKay, Zelenka, black tea, and a frank admission. I went on a bit of a creative tear last night, hitting the 29 page mark before running out of steam. But much of the night after that was spent lying in bed, tossing and turning as I plotted out the next couple of acts.

Not much time for reading of late although I am about a hundred pages into Vellum, by Hal Duncan, and am eyeing the interesting assortment sent my way by Jason Sizemore of Apex Books. And there’s also Astérix et les Goths I’ve been meaning to get around to. Where will I find the time? Oh, yeah. There’s that entire month of hiatus. Provided I get this damn script finished in time.

Hey, check out Marty G. fielding questions about his controversial new film:


Trish writes: “Since you’ve been using your way-snappy blog titles, have you noticed an increase in traffic?”

Answer: Not really, but I think further research is required.

Airelle writes: “How many queens do the wraith have, or are they in different hives?”

Answer: It’s impossible to tell how just many they have, but there is a Queen for every alliance. More on wraith politics in The Queen.

Thornyrose writes: “A question for you Mr. M. If enough attendees at this year’s Shore Leave suggest you as a speaker, and you get an invitation, what would you rate the odds of you accepting?”

Answer: I’d like to say yes but, as is always the case, it comes down to scheduling for me.

PG15 writes: “Do you guys know, generally, what you want to put in those 2 empty spots at the end of the season, or is it completely blank? Are there “notions” for those spots?”

Answer: No notions, but there are a couple of loose ends that could use tying up.

Rachel writes: “…any chance … in some future sam/jack will be together… ?”

Answer: Sure.

Thunder writes: “Sorry to hear that Jelly is still having hip problems. Have you tried giving her some glucosamine?”

Answer: Jelly is on both glucosamine and Metacam. Her hips are badly deteriorated so, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to reverse the process short of surgery.

Anne Teldy writes: “From what you’ve answered before, Mr. M, I’ve inferred a Wraith can survive off large animals but the sustenance gained isn’t as tasty or the effects as long-lasting as when they feed from humans.

1. Is this essentially correct?

2. If yes, do the Wraith in general know this?

3a. Will Sheppard and the others ever learn this fact?

3b. I’d like to see Sheppard’s reaction when he finally learns he could have fed Todd a cow instead of Wallace in “Miller’s Crossing”. Possibility?”

Answers: 1. I’d liken their feeding on animal to our consumption of chocolate and candy. In some respects, it would temporarily sustain us, but we would need real food – in our case protein, in their case humans. 2. The wraith do know this and are not inclined to change their ways given that feeding on humans is what gives them their regenerative abilities and strength. 3a. We’ll be exploring the wraith feeding process in season 5. 3b. It wouldn’t have worked.

WK writes: “ If the wraith do not mirror us, and therefore develop beyond the “baddie” let’s pack up and go home, because we know the end of this tale—dull. However, you did not say this…exactly.”

Answer: In fact, I said very little on the subject beyond the fact that the wraith will remain an enemy of Atlantis for the foreseeable future – and this has to do with other reasons beside the wraith’s need to feed. They’re far more complex as a race than the expedition originally assumed, and some individuals (Todd and even Michael for example) colorful and not wholly unsympathetic. Again, more on this (and them) in season 5.

Kevin writes: “1. In Season 2’s Instinct we see Jewel Staite play the role of a wraith child and in Spoils Of War we learn of wraith cloning. Will the topic of wraith children be revisited in season 5?

2. Is it possible that we may come across some planets that the wraith are not aware of in the Pegasus Galaxy?

3. Will we see Beau Bridges (General Landry) or Gary Jones (Walter Harriman) at all in season 5?

4. Just an off the wall question, are you or any of the other Stargate writers or cast into NASCAR?

5. Will we be seeing anything that has to do with the Goa’uld in season 5?”

Answers: First, congratulations on your impending fatherhood. Next – 1. I had pitched out a story early in the season that addressed this issue. Alas, it didn’t make the cut. Maybe season 6? 2. Sure. 3. Unlikely. 4. I’m not sure. 5. Nope, sorry.

Sammie writes: “Now that you answered Sam/Jack shippers about Continuum, is there anything for Sam/Cam shippers in Continuum?”

Answer: Nope, sorry.

Linda Gagne writes: “When the writers write for Carson, do they write it for his scottish dilect or tell him to fill in the appropriate phrase he would use if in Scotland?”

Answer: A little of both. In Whispers, for instance, there’s a point in the script where Beckett makes a surprising discovery. Under the character slug (Beckett), I wrote: “Insert quaint Scottish expression!”.

DasNdanger writes: “We had hope in Todd, but it seems that he will not be given that sort of character arc…either because he will be pigeonholed as a ‘villain’, or because he will be killed off.”

Answer: Really? Is that what’s going to happen to the character? Do you know something about episodes 17 and 18 that I don’t? Well, since you’ve already resigned yourself to the fait accompli based on who-knows-what information, don’t let me spoil it for you.

David writes: “ Hey, guess what…I was in a car crash last night.”

Answer: Glad to hear you guys are okay. Sad to hear the moose isn’t.

Dori writes: “Because you are a great book lover I was wondering if the new ebook reader devices have caught your eye. They seem like they may be very use ful in storing all the books that you read.. Any opinion if this device would be worth buying?”

Answer: Sorry, I have no opinion on this. I’m a collector and like the look and feel of real books.

89 thoughts on “June 1, 2008: Consumption of Plutonium Linked to Insomnia

  1. I really want to know about the new race of S5.
    Can you tell us more about it? Or which episode they will show up?
    As a recurring role or just a one time thing?
    Please please please…Don’t turn me down.I’m just so exciting about that.Thanks.

  2. “Insert quaint Scottish expression!”

    I dinnae ken if thon ither people wid unnerstan whit Carson wiz oan aboot if he talked in Scots a’ the time. They wid be fair confused.

    English: “Where do you come from?”
    Scots from the north: “furryboots ye fae”


  3. Joe,

    Have you considered getting a nav for your car? My minivan has the awesome Honda Nav. IT RULES! 😀 It has been known to be wrong, on occasion. But the upside is arguing with your car that IT was wrong and YOU were right. 😉 As crazy as I may look when I’m arguing with my van, it’s probably safer than trying to read directions and drive at the same time.


  4. Hey Joe. I’m feeling a lot better today…although I am extremely tired due to the fact I was in the hospital until 4.30 am!

    I was wondering if there is any chance that the Ori, or something they did, will ever effect Atlantis?

    Thanks Joe. And I’m happy you got to spend time with your cousin!

  5. You realise of course that you’ve just opened the floodgates to a deluge of people calling you Joey, just for the fun of it? 😀 I should imagine some Aussie fans would find that particularly amusing… 😉

    Did your family do that thing where you were only called by your full name when you were in trouble? I’ve gone by Ali ever since I can remember and even as a child my parents only ever called me Alison when I was being told off! 😆

  6. Answer: A little of both. In Whispers, for instance, there’s a point in the script where Beckett makes a surprising discovery. Under the character slug (Beckett), I wrote: “Insert quaint Scottish expression!”.

    Well, that’s just plain adorable. Almost as adorable as the actual quaint Scottish expressions. Aw…now I miss Carson again.

    I don’t remember if you’ve mentioned it or not, but have you read the Twilight books? My cousins are on my case to read them. (Incidentally, I directed one of them to this blog and your book club, as they both read wicked fast, too, so maybe they’ll get in on it.)

  7. You’ve been careful not to photograph or mention Joe Flanigan during this part of the filmng season. Hoping everything is OK and that he still works on SGA.

  8. Dontcha love the family spin on your name? 🙂 Whenever it came to getting into trouble, my parents would roll through the name of every sibling, cousin, and child on the block before they hit the name they wanted. Although most of the time it just ended it up being “YOU! Yes, you!”

    And heck, i still get called every nickname twist … it occasionally comes in handy when trying to place the location or group when you get the phone call from someone who just says HEY! (name) and you scramble your mind trying to place the voice, often getting it wrong, and then having to answer the “you have no idea who this is, do you?”

    I still get Nicki, Nicole, Nika, Nic, Tina (no idea how Grandad came up with Tina as a twist on ‘Nicole’) and the ever annoying knick-knack or nickel.

    Ahh, family. Can’t live with ’em…. can’t… live with ’em.

    – Nika

  9. Cool Cousin, and as good looking as the rest of the Mallozzi clan. I hope he gets to achieve his goal as a med-evac pilot. An important job, and a satisfying one according to the pilots I know. And I envy you having a cousin you can admire. If I saw any of my cousins coming, I’d slide out the back door…
    Isn’t there some sort of rule about there being no worthwhile places to eat within 2 miles of an airport, especially if it involves a meal requiring batter and fresh fruit? Course, I’m not much of a breakfast person. I prefer not to be awake during the hours people normally consume that meal. Alas, realities of work and other peoples’ circadian cycles dictate I must awaken at horrendously early hours..
    McKay, Radek, and a frank admission?? ohohohoh. I can hardly wait for the season to start as it is, and this is an episode that won’t even begin filming for what, weeks??? Delightfully cruel of you. Thanks for sharing your day with us yet again, and I hope all is ready for Fondy’s happy return. Now, if we can see to it that next year’s hiatus(I prefer to be optimistic about a season 6) to land on July once more, those of us on the east coast can begin plotting for you to come to a Shore Leave.

  10. Fan: saunters up to Man at the brunch counter

    Can I call you Joey?

    Mallozzi: smirks and rolls eyes

    Not if you want me to answer!

    Hey Joe,

    Will you please tell Marty that he rocked in that interview and I can’t wait to see the movie! Also, could you ask him…
    1. When can we expect to see it in the US?
    2. When will it come to DVD?
    3. When will be able to pre-order the DVD on Amazon?


    Hey Joey,

    Is your cousin married? Because he is almost as cute as you and I’m drawn to that tall, dark, broad shoulders, and smiley type!


  11. Got a question about how you write the script. How do you plan for commercial breaks on it? Do you specifically think of somewhat suspenseful times where it would be good? I imagine that would be hard to get the timing right.


  12. Hey Joe,

    Its been a while since I’ve been able to read your blog, my internet was gone for almost a week! Silly replacement modem! Anyway, just finished catching up on all my reading, and I was wondering if they had wrapped up filming the midseason two-parter yet? Nice to be able to read your blog again!

  13. I hope Fondy had a great trip! Do the dogs ever climb into your suitcases and refuse to budge when they see you and Fondy packing?

  14. Hey Joe,

    Any chance we could get a post one day of some excerpts of comments that don’t make it through moderation?
    Only ones that don’t incriminate anyone or aren’t currently being investigated by police.

  15. I had to laugh at the half-a-strawberry to go with your four-blueberry pancakes.

  16. Joe-Question: In Sci-Fi TV everyone seems to have “Life Signs Detectors” that depending upon the plot sometimes can pinpoint one character on an entire planet or at other times can’t tell if another life form is in the same room.

    I know it is just a way to move the plot forward, but have the writers ever discussed exactly what “life signs” are being detected or how this theoretically works?

    The Star Trek “Scanning for Life Signs” thing always bothered me a bit but it seems to have become a standard convention for TV Sci-Fi. Otherwise, how the heck do you find your characters/story point on an entire planet within a reasonable time frame?

    Any thoughts?

  17. Answer: Really? Is that what’s going to happen to the character? Do you know something about episodes 17 and 18 that I don’t? Well, since you’ve already resigned yourself to the fait accompli based on who-knows-what information, don’t let me spoil it for you.

    Ooo. I pushed a button. (Hey! You started it when you said ‘no one is safe’. 😀 Do not mess with a perimenopausal woman when she doesn’t have any chocolate!) You’re not alone…when I pestered Bendis about giving Wolverine some balls, he compared it to being in the deepest circle of hell. He said it with a smiley face, though. 😉 Of course, he then proceeded to have Wolverine’s wee bits blown off in New Avengers #34…which is exactly why I fear for Todd now…

    Anyway – like I said under yesterday’s entry – I’m done talking about it.

    Time to move on…I thought you might enjoy these two Stargate-related pictures from today, Joe…

    This is a very special sign for Sheppard near Tuckerton, NJ:

    And this one (sorry for the blurry cell phone pic) is of a ‘Stargate’ geode – a piece of fossilized coral with a crystalized center I found today on the beach – it’s much more impressive than in this picture:



  18. Hey again,

    Has the amount of fanfic so easily accessible online made writing for you more difficult? I know you aren’t allowed to read it, but with so much out there do you ever get fans accusing the writers of stealing their material?

  19. Alipeeps said:

    You realise of course that you’ve just opened the floodgates to a deluge of people calling you Joey, just for the fun of it? 😀 I should imagine some Aussie fans would find that particularly amusing… 😉

    Yep, even without the kangaroo ref, a lot of Aussies, particularly guys, like to shorten people’s name and come up with nicknames for everyone. Sometimes it’s opposites, like calling a redheaded person Bluey, sometimes we just tack a ‘y’ or an ‘o’ on the end of a name and suddenly it’s Joey or Thommo. So I was thinking the same thing Alipeeps. Whenever we want to piss Joe off, we’ll just call him Joey. Of course I won’t do that because you might just re-write Remnants on me. yikes! 🙂


    I just stumbled across this and thought I’d share with everyone (in case you haven’t seen it, although you probably have)

    Lego stargate

    The chevrons light up. How cool is that?

    Cheers, Chev

  20. “…McKay, Zelenka, black tea, and a frank admission.”

    This makes me happy. Very happy.

    As does the coming exploration of the Wraith. I’ve always thought they were like humans in the sense that they’re another intelligent creature spoiled by the ability to walk erect and wear pants. I look forward to seeing the developments play out.

    @Nika…I know what you mean about the nicknames. At this point in my life, I have collected so many that my given name sounds foreign. It’s a good sign that either you don’t know me or that we have a formal relationship if you call me Christin, especially if you mispronounce it (but that’s another story for another day).

    As for getting in trouble, I remember once my grandpa went through everybody’s name, including the dog’s, before he finally hollered the right one (my sister’s). And I got in trouble for laughing. 🙂

  21. GenericWhiteGuy wrote:

    I know it is just a way to move the plot forward, but have the writers ever discussed exactly what “life signs” are being detected or how this theoretically works?

    Maybe it detects ammonia? I read somewhere that only chimps and humans excrete ammonia. Some law enforcement agency uses an “ammonia gun” to detect human presence. I forget which one.

    Mr. M, thanks for the clarification on the Wraith’s “dietary requirements”. Next question: Do Wraith have enough human DNA for Beckett’s gene therapy to work on them? It occurred to me both Michael and Todd would now know about it.

    Anne Teldy

  22. When talking to locals to get advice on restaurants its always a gamble. While in New York City my dad asked a native New Yorker where the best place to eat was and we were recommended the cafeteria at the UN building. That may be true but even before we’d asked him, it had been long since closed and waiting for 30 minutes to get through security just to have to turn around was aggravating.

    And I’m with GenericWhiteGuy on the issue of “life signs detectors” however I think that you guys have done a better job at showing the potential limitations of anything that previous sci fi shows have done like telling which life sign is which person. In the season 1 Atlantis episode “The Eye” Carson asks Ford how they can tell which one is Sheppard and he replies that he’ll be the dot getting rid of the other dots. And in the episode “Travelers” Larrin is running towards the life signs that she thought were her people but turned out to be the wraith. But I have always wondered about “Life Signs Detectors” myself.


    P.S. My birthday is tomorrow. Same as Jewel Staite’s birthday in fact. Maybe you could spread some blog birthday wishes for us if its not too much trouble.

  23. Joe said, “We skipped the Fairmont in favor of the River Rock Casino on the recommendation of the Delta concierge who assured us that the brunch at the casino was MUCH better. ”

    Gotta say I’m dissapointed in the concierge! The Delta Airport has a wonderful little resturant on the lobby level called Hemisphere North. The breakfast buffet has an omelet station ( there is a chef to make it) and other hot and cold brunchy things.

    My Mom and I took a trip up North last September and stayed at the Delta on our way home. We really enjoyed our breakfast there.

    Just think, you could have enjoyed your brunch AND avoided driving in Richmond!

  24. Sorry, another question. I’ll shut up and go away shortly.

    If you have to introduce yourself to someone and they ask what you do how do you sum it up?

    And for non-watchers of the show do you get “Ohhhhhh, that’s the one with MacGyver, right?”?

    I’m contemplating making up what I do when asked. During a recent “Just give me something to make the pain go away” visit to the docs, the pharmacist asked what I did. I was stuck there for 45 minutes while he grilled me on what is the best way to set up CRM software. There was going to be violence if he hadn’t stopped when he did.

    Maybe slightly better than when I ran into an old friend at a pub. Picture Jason Momoa as a blonde white guy – dreads and all. He’d been there for some time so was staggering and kept on asking what I was doing for work.

    After him asking me 5 times I decided to switch things around a bit and just started making professions up. After the 9th time of him asking me I said I was a hooker that had some nice territory in Collingwood that was paying off well.

    Wouldn’t you know it, he remembered that!
    ::palm slap to forehead::

    Excuse me while I go and salvage my reputation out of the gutter.

  25. Isn’t Cousin Matt a little (ok, not so little) cutie? I’m terrified to ask how old he is, I’m sure he’s jailbait to an old fart like me :-).

    Someone suggested a GPS. Let me just say, a bad GPS is worse than trying to read your own writing in heavy traffic. When a friend and I drove out here apartment hunting we took her GPS, also known as “The Bitch.” The Bitch regularly gave us wrong directions and, I swear, got snottier when we didn’t follow her orders. The Bitch got us lost in Toledo, Ohio. Getting lost in Toledo, Ohio is like blowing about eternally in the 2nd Ring of Hell.

    Poor Jelly! I’m so sorry. I sympathize and feel for her, although for me it’s my spine, and there’s no surgery to help. I take a drug called tramadol; morphine when that’s not enough. I don’t recall how old she is – are you considering surgery for her, or is she old enough that age is a factor?

    Lastly, with your reader who hit a moose — everyone I know who goes to The Magical Land of Canadia feels obligated to bring me back something Moose related. I have at least 3 versions (bumpersticker, etc.) of the slogan, “Break For Moose, It Could Save Your Life!” I know that hitting a deer can total your car and injure you badly, and moose are at least twice as big. How scary.

  26. “How many queens do the wraith have, or are they in different hives?”

    I first read as “How many queers do the wraith have, or are they in different hives”

    I had a major what the! Moment before I realised what it actually said although that would be an interesting question wouldn’t it.

  27. It’s nice you got to visit with your cousin, and it’s especially nice that he wore a t-shirt that shows off some really nice pecs. (insert wolf whistle here) – Sorry you had a mediocre breakfast, but it sounds like you had a nice chat anyway. It’s fun (usually) when family drops by.

    I know that people with pets all have to make their own decisions regarding how they’re going to approach major health problems, and maybe after getting a lot of advice you and Fondy have decided that Jelly is better off without hip surgery. I mean, sometimes humans go through the same dilemma over whether to cut or not to cut. I just wanted to note that my family had a late-middle-aged dog with degenerative hip disorder, and once she’d recovered from surgery, she got a good deal of relief from pain the problem had caused. – Just for what it’s worth. Sorry if that example is of no help. I know you and Fondy love your dogs a lot.

  28. 1. re: the wraith ‘gift of life’. when u realise that the gift is really just recycling life energy from one human to another human thru a wraith, its not so much a gift as it is being given stolen goods. altho larrin just got hers returned, i would think that someone in shepherd’s situation would experience some guilt, knowing that the energy given him had just been painfully stolen from someone else.

    2. do u always go to restaurants with your camera? i can’t remember ever wanting to take pixs of my restaurant food. have u ever had restaurant staff react negatively to your taking these pixs? ever have to take them surreptitiously?

  29. I quite like the idea of a long-running nemesis in the Wraith; I get bored with shows who have the ‘good guys’ always overcoming these superior/different races every time a new one is thrown in their way.
    It’s far more plausible to have that kind of battle, because it doesn’t write-off the bad guys as one dimensional idiots who can’t adapt in the same ways the Atlantis crew can.

    If you need more blog titles, might I suggest “Young People F******” (or at elast mention it at least oce an entry)

    Not only is it good advertising for Marty G, but your traffic should increase…

  30. Wow…ok, just watched “Threshold” on my marathon, and I haven’t been this emotionally drained since “The Last Man”. It’s now #3 on my best-to-worst episode list, behind Torment of Tantalus and Window of Opportunity.

    Thanks for answering my question, Joe! I really do have ideas for an episode, and this seems perfect (and it won’t even be expensive..and it has Todd!) but…well, obviously you can’t really use it.

    I’ll find my way on staff at Bridge in the future, somehow. Mark my words. Oh yes.

    *dials down the creepy*

    Ok, let’s move onto the marathon:

    Double Jeopardy: A fun episode overall. Loved the inclusion of the robots from way back in Season 1, and it was nice seeing Harlan again. Seeing Cronus taken down by a Teal’c double team was sweet, as is the “For our father”, weakly uttered by a brilliant Chris Judge. Having the episode end on a sombre note, with Robot!Jack and Real!Jack coming to an understanding was very satisfying, though I think it would’ve been even more satisfying if the robots were reintroduced in previous episodes that are more recent, so that the ideas from Tin Man didn’t suddenly appear in this one after being absent for 3 seasons. Missed Danny, but I know Michael Shanks directed this so his absence was understandable. Very good episode overall.

    Exodus: Oh yeah, bring on the big guns. A great episode, full of twists and turns, as well as character stuff. This truly felt like a culmination of the entire season, which is awesome. The action was also very well plotted and shown, as well as the humor. Jack arriving via mothership was just the coolest thing ever. He was like a superhero at the end of the teaser, just smiling after throwing out a wonderful quip about parking. The blowing-up-a-sun plan was great, but didn’t quite sit well with me physics-wise. If you remove mass from a star, then the pressure applied on the core will lessen, thereby DECREASING the rate of fusion, and thus shutting the core down. That’s why less massive stars are less luminous. Oh well, still cool though. Or maybe I’m just overthinking it? The cliffhanger was excellently done, the Jaffa revenge stuff similarly. Loved seeing Teal’c reflect upon his failures and…oh hell, just a great episode overall. Though…

    Enemies: was even better! Like I said in my blurb about “Nemesis”, I will always love the Replicators, and having them return this time, in bigger and better form was just…GAH, AWESOME. Seeing the big P90 battle at the end of the episode was just out of this world. LOVED IT. The rest of the episode was also steller, of course. Jack was on the ball in the humor department, along with Selmac (hehe…Mr. Positive), while Teal’c was just disturbing. The many, many plot twists and turns in this episode just kept coming, and just as one problem is solved, another one appears. Just…this is one of the best episodes of Stargate, barnone. Still, while this was a spectacular action episode…

    Threshold: is really one of the great emotional episodes of the franchise. I cannot, CANNOT, CANNOT praise Chris Judge enough for his…indescribably awesome portrayl of Teal’c in this episode. I mean really, this guy has RANGE. We had creepy-smiley Teal’c at the beginning, we had young, naive, honorable Teal’c in the early flashbacks, we had screaming crazy Teal’c in the present for half of the episode, a sleepy, pitiful, drugged-up Teal’c for the other half, and we have a doubting, conflicted Teal’c in the nearer present…did I miss anything? My God. I mean, I teared up close to about 5 times over the course of this thing, the most of which was at the very end when Teal’c sees the light, and when he says “then why am I so ashamed?”, refering to his sacrifice of a village and a dear friend to save himself. Seeing Teal’c progress was just phenomenal.

    Then we have Bra’tac. Tony Amendola…in an ideal world, he would be able to change appearences, but keep the talent, so that he can play multiple roles on Stargate, over and over again, just because he’s SO DAMN GOOD. This would’ve been only half as good if Tony wasn’t in it. The faith he had in Teal’c, the wisdom shown in every scene he was in; clearly one of the greatest guest stars Stargate has to offer.

    Man, I’m rambling. Threshold was truly a delight to watch. Like I said, I felt emotionally drained after this episode, and thus it goes into the catagory of Stargate episodes that are truly a work of art, whether considering within the realm of the Stargate franchise, or without. Great episode.

  31. A question for RCC/BW;
    How far can the deadalus travel (lightyears) with a fully charged ZpM and for how long if it’s running at 80-100% output?

    I ask because what, did the Ancient ships from SGU have powering them? How far and for long did they run for? Are they running for?

  32. While I read your Blog most days, I rarley comment but maybe you could help me with this, my friend and I had an interesting discussion on The Ark of Truth, she believes the way it was written implies that Daniel & Vala’s were a couple, I saw no such thing, were there hints there I missed or was she just seeing things because that’s what all D/V shippers were hoping for?

    Also, as you’ve responded to the Jack/Sam and Cam/Sam shippers, will there be anything for us D/V shippers in Continuum, except what will be an awesome movie of course?

  33. 1)Is there any chance… Stargate will be inventing Earth military ranks? I don’t see why you couldn’t(with permission fromUSAF)

    2) What are the chances we’ll see a conversation between Caldwell and Woolsey? Touching base on a certain balcony scene?

    3) Is there anychance that Ford is alive?(no AUversion. please)

    Please bring Mitch Pileggi back for some episodes in season six, or make him part of the last two episodes of season five.

  34. Can you please bring back guest blogging?? I have so many questions for ROB COOPER who through Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: SG-1 have inspired me to pursue film school.(You’ve inspired me yourself)

  35. Dear Joe,

    Thanks for answering my question about the Season 4 finale! Also, much thanks for the restaurant guide! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to visit Canada next April. I’m sorry to read that there seems to be a lack of good breakfast places though. I love breakfast foods. I also love dessert pastries. Are there any good bakeries in Vancouver?

    Oven-roasted bone marrow and pear tarts? Yum! My favorite pear dessert is baked stuffed pear with ricotta cheese.

  36. Awww Joey!

    At least your name is adorable with a “y” at the end. 😉

    I truly dislike “Kimmy”.

    Kimberly, Kimbers, Kimber and Kim are fine. I’ll even accept Kimbo from my parents and hubby……but “Kimmy”? Ewwww……blech!


  37. Before we end the series… and because it deserves more than a two hour SGAmovie, could we please have Ford’s situation resolved. Please! Even if you bring him back to kill him off.
    (Beckett in season 4. lol)

  38. Um….and if any Kim’s out there like “Kimmy”…..sorry!


  39. Can you atleast for those of us ‘Rooting for Ford'(hehe), discuss with Brad Wright and Rob Cooper the possibility of a Ford based episode? PLEASE JUST BRING IT UP!!! Your really the only one we can ask directly for any assistance with this topic because… well… unless you want2give me Brad’s number/e-mail/ address.

  40. Dear Joe,

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, (cuz ya know I loves ya) but you have changed your answer quite a bit on why the Wraith choose to eat humans rather than cows(animals).

    Here’s the answer you gave Anne Teldy today:

    Answers: 1. I’d liken their feeding on animal to our consumption of chocolate and candy. In some respects, it would temporarily sustain us, but we would need real food – in our case protein, in their case humans. 2. The wraith do know this and are not inclined to change their ways given that feeding on humans is what gives them their regenerative abilities and strength. 3a. We’ll be exploring the wraith feeding process in season 5. 3b. It wouldn’t have worked.

    And, here’s my question and your answer from November 26, 2007 :

    Kdvb1 writes: “Why do the Wraith have sharp teeth as they (and Iratus bugs) don’t chew food to eat? Can Wraith feed on animals instead of humans?”

    Answer: They can chew food (ie. Condemned) but it can be argued that their sharp teeth are, like claws, an offensive/defensive holdover of their evolution. Also, they can feed on animals but they are hardly as satisfying. Why have cow hamburger when you can have human steak?

    Hmmmm….I think hamburger is much different than chocolate. {but I would argue that you CAN sustain life with chocolate! 😉 } And, would be very sustainable to life…even if a steak would taste better. But, wouldn’t they want some chocolate too? YUMMY! Lol


  41. So, are you wishing you had decided not to answer the wraith food questions from us pesky fans?

    I think you all haven’t really decided exactly what is up with the wraith and feeding yet, and we keep putting you on the spot. You being the nice guy you are, keep trying to give us answers on things not really determined yet.

    So, thanks for trying to appease us fans with our in depth questions!


  42. “McKay, Zelenka, black tea, and a frank admission…”

    Sounds promising! I love interaction between these two characters (and actors.)

    Also, a rather cheeky adaptation that (hopefully!) might raise a smile.

    best wishes,

    Finn x

  43. You might not have received my question in time to answer it yesterday, so I’ll repeat it. If it goes unanswered again I’ll take the hint. 😛

    Bambam got to play a guy wearing a flightsuit in Misbegotten. Any chance you know what name was on his name badge? It’s about time a character of Bambam’s got a name, rather than “Athosian” from Siege 2 or “Orderly” from The Real World. 🙂

    Thanks 😀

  44. Bonjour Joe!

    Voilà je me demandais comment vous trouviez les idées pour vos scripts? Est-ce que vous vous forcez à en trouver? Ou est-ce que vous les trouvez n’importe où et n’importe quand?

    Parce que personnellement, mes idées viennent n’importe où et n’importe quand et je suis toujours obligée de griffonner sur un papier la trame, sinon je suis sûre quelles vont me tourner dans la tête jusqu’à ce que je les tape! Alors je voulais savoir si j’étais la seule à fonctionner ainsi?

    Voilà, merci beaucoup!
    Bonne journée
    Bisous du sud de la France

  45. Hey, Joe.

    apologies for the cranky sounding post the other day, been told repeatedly i can’t have a cat and not in the best mood. But that’s all done now.
    I suppose we’ll just have to disagree about ‘the gift of life’, the way it was portrayed in ‘common ground’ made me believe it was something …more. I know all you writers help each other with the scripts, so maybe it just has a different feel to it if other people were working on it. Topic closed. i’m sure you’re sick of it.

    Shawna said
    I’d love to see an episode more or less from the wraith’s point of view.

    I would love this so very much. To see the lanteans through the wraiths eyes. All the goings on within the hive. Any chance at all Joe? (like a snowballs chance?)

    I am very happy to hear there is going to be a lot of wraithy info coming up in season five. I hope all our poking and prodding of you Joe, about the wraith, hasn’t annoyed you too much. (a little is ok cause it’s fun)

    there’s more i wanted to write about but it will have to wait, my face is about to meet the keyboard.

    DAS, don’t be so negative. If things go bad at the end of S5, THEN you can pull out your torch and pitchfork and go writer hunting.

    Bye Joe.

  46. “I’m a collector and like the look and feel of real books.”

    Wow there are other sane people in this world! ok, ok I know not very nice, but I can never picture replacing books, I love them for what they are, their smell and feel…just my opinion XD

  47. Hey dasNdanger, be carefull – with all the stuff he eats he is bound to have high blood pressure 😉

  48. I thought Martin G. did great in his interview.

    My aunt’s dog gave birth to puppies, well still giving birth to… so far 3 girls 1 boy!

  49. Going back to the episode titled “Vengeance” I have a question or two.

    Who came up with those big huge ugly bugs of Michaels and who created them? and Will we see more awesome creatures like that?

    Those folks deserve the credit those things were so cool and awesome and well done. The effects, and everything else is so awesome in this show. You all do such a fantastic job. Hey Joe there is just one more thing to say.

    Thanks Joe for all you do for this show. You and the whole gang deserve the credit.

  50. **wanders in all bleery-eyed and Blurry-brained**

    Hey, got back from the Utah Burn last night … yes, I had fun. Pics on the blog as usual, although I didn’t get many fabulous shots. That’s the trouble with being a Fuel Master for the fire performers, you’re in back dipping and fueling and making sure no one sets the fuel station on fire … I never get more than a few glimpses of the show much less the opportunity to take nice pictures. They’re good though, amazing energy with fire staff and poi and fans and wings and flaming swords and fire jugglers and stilters … I don’t mind missing the visual action, I’m just happy to help them put on such a wonderful show.

    Breakfast while camping? Left over pastries and cold left-over chicken gouda sausages with sketchy coffee morning one, morning two: left over Mai-Tais and SunChips and a really, really left-over chocolate covered donut. Made the onion rings and Papa Burgers on the way home taste positively delicious.

  51. Those are the most ghetto blueberry pancakes ever. Hooray for Casino food!

    Anyways, I have a question for you:

    When Carson was killed off, was their always the intention to bring his character back?


  52. Wraith Cake–the intermittent blogger:

    Yummmm–pancakes mmmm…blueberry pancakes, or, or–blueberries on pancakes mmmm.
    How ’bout wraith on a pancake? ….

    I’m gonna make me-self some pancakes right now.


  53. I am going to Las Vegas next week, do you have any suggestions of places to eat? I am staying at the Stratosphere.

  54. @ BlueJay – Don’t mind me. I have separation anxiety…or something… 😀

    @ Shadow Step – I e-mailed Joe privately about a week or so ago, asking if my comments were annoying him because I realize I’ve been very vocal about several things, and probably posting way too much. He didn’t respond, so I took that to mean that he was okay with the way I was expressing my feelings and concerns, and he certainly knows I appreciate the opportunity to do so.


  55. Awww, Joey!!! That is soooo cute that he still refers to you like he did when you were kids. I think I detect a little family resemblance there too, Joe.

    I’m, also, a collector of books. Some of the books that I have date all of the way back to the early 1900’s. I love books, especially when there’s ‘special memories’ attached to the more recent ones that I own.

    (((hugs))) for Jelly.


  56. I don’t get. At the beginning of that interview she said she couldn’t even say the title of Martins film and then they put it along the bottom of the screen 3 times. Do they think it will be less offensive if they don’t say or do they think people who would find it offensive can’t read?

  57. McKay, Zelenka, black tea, and a frank admission

    Is McKay going to finally admit that he’s got a thing for a certain flyboy with mussed up hair?

    My husband is a trucker and there is no shortage of family that takes him out for a lovely meal for an hour or two since that’s usually the most time he has wherever he winds up. If he should wind up in your neck of the woods for an hour or two will you take him out to dinner and treat him like a distant cousin? 🙂

    Seriously, though, it really is nice for those who make their living on the road.

  58. Well, now we REALLY have to get you to Texas.

    Feel free to give Matt my email address, in case he should visit San Antonio in the future.

    Breakfast /brunch in Richmond…as long as you don’t mind hotel prices, the Best Western Airport (scene of past Gatecons and Legendary Gatherings) has a decent selection. I’m not a “gourmand”, but I recall the waffles and buffet were good.

  59. Rachel writes: “…any chance … in some future sam/jack will be together… ?”

    Answer: Sure.

    Sorry for being picky, but that aplies to “some future” as in some alternate realities / timelines future or to our own ?
    I ask because as my favorite Jaffa says , only our reality is of consequence …
    And in honour of your favorite Portuguese bun, could we have a Portuguese tech somewhere in SGA, please 🙂

  60. I just remembered (because Josh brought it up….) that there was going to be a special guest blog about Ark of Truth. I’ve been away for a bit…. did I miss the AoT guest blog?

    My sister just came home… we’re off to watch Emancipation and hopefully fit in Broca Divide, too!!!

  61. Your cousin does have similarities to you believe it or not.

    As for breakfast, you should of listened to Fondy!

    A comment on a previous poster. I have also noticed that you have kept comments on Joe F. to a minimum if at all. I also hope he is still on SGA, YIKES! That would be awful! On the positive thinking side, we could look at it as you are just trying to not give away some juicey story lines to surprise us in a good way not in a bad way that would make us real sad/frustrated and maybe a little lost (lol).

  62. glad that you got a chance to catch up with your cousin. you should tell him to read your blog if he wants to know what you’re up to.
    sorry about the crappy buffet and what appears to have been a less-than great brunch. maybe the books will make up for it.
    BTW it’s my birthday tomorrow (june 3) and if you would be so kind as to dedicate that day’s entry to me, it would be much appreciated.

  63. “”Maybe it detects ammonia? I read somewhere that only chimps and humans excrete ammonia. Some law enforcement agency uses an “ammonia gun” to detect human presence. I forget which one.””

    As the “mom” of 8 cats I can tell you that humans and chimps are not the only ones who produce ammonia…

  64. Hey Joey-Joe!

    I have a question for ya!

    I was watching the incredibles, and you know how Elasti-girl is like super stretchy, do you think that childbirth was like SUPER EASY for her?

    and, We know teyla can speak english, but can she read and write english as well?

  65. Been having a rough couple days, my friend’s teen son was coming home on his bike Sat nite and got hit by a speeding pickup and killed. RIP Justin, good kid.
    Parents, give your kids some extra hugs.

    Emancipation- one of my Top 3 SG-1 s1 eps.

    Wraith- yet again I say they are the best “villains” since the original Klingons. Love getting to know the individual personalities, and my fave is still Michael.

    Saw the family resemblance immediately. Good lookin clan.

    I don’t collect books, they collect me, apparently I’m a really popular acquisition.

    McKay, Zelenka, black tea, and a frank admission.
    Let me guess. McKay frankly hates green tea.

  66. Glad you got a chance to catch up with your cousin. I hope you don’t have to wait another 7 years either.

    Also, good for you for attempting to clean the house (and maybe succeeding?)for Fondy’s return. I seem to remember you didn’t fare so well the last time she was out of town.

    I have to agree with you about the books. I like to have them in my hand, feel the book and (yes, this is a tad weird, but you gotta consider the source) the smell of a new book.

    Not much else to say, other than thanks for blogging for us. 🙂

  67. Hey Joe!

    It’s always great to see relatives you haven’t seen for ages. I’m glad you two got some time together and enjoyed a nice meal, and definitely, that buffet doesn’t sound worth it at all. 😛

    29 pages eh? Nice job, you’re definitely on a roll with your script this week. I’m sure you’ll have a very relaxing hiatus due to this. 🙂

    I know I don’t really ask anything in regards to Stargate, but this reply is an objection to the rule. Have you folks ever thought about making a story surrounding the moons of the Atlantis’ new planet?

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  68. Any chance of writing a Cross over Epsiode with the Guys from The Big Bang Theory? I would love to see McKay and Sheldon get into a huge scientific scuffle, and then Leonard getting all huffy cause Shep is hitting on Penny…

    come on, you know that would be an awesome episode!

  69. So I was watching the finale of Lost the other night, (which was awesome!) and my hubby comes in and says so who is from Stargate? I play a game “Spot the Stargate actor” whenever I’m watching something (usually spot alot in tv movies) I had to stop and think and I’m like, “No, I don’t think there is anyone on here that’s been on SG1 or SGA. Then as he left I yelled, “No wait Keamy! He played Ziponac a Goald with a funny hat!” It seems as if I can usually spot an actor that has been on either SG1 or SGA. I spent one bored October weekend a couple years ago just flipping through the channels (and I only have basic cable) and writing down all the Stargate actors and shows they were on……..I know it’s time to get a life…….

  70. Do the writers have favorite characters they like to write for on Atlantis?
    I’m going to guess Martin Gero’s is McKay.

    Do the writers generally get to write the episodes that feature a storyline for their favorite character(s)?

  71. It’s nice you got to see your cousin (who is looking pretty gorgeous, by the way!)… I don’t get to see mine nearly as often as I would like!!!

    I wish YPF would be released in America!!! I would dearly like to see it here, if only to be able to observe the annoyance it would cause the crazy extreme right-wing conservatives!!!!

    And who says we can’t live on candy alone? I’m pretty sure I did my freshman year in college!!! Protein=peanut butter cups!!!

  72. Still riding high from Wizard World where I saw some old faces, and meet some new ones…and so I was wondering, Joe….

    Do you have a favorite comic book writer and/or artist?

    I now have a special place in my heart for Mike Choi (Uncanny X-Men) – we know each other from the net, but never met until Saturday. I was actually flattered when he told me that he worries now whether or not I will like his Wolverine artwork! (Yeah, I’m as vocal about Wolverine there as I am about Those Who Will Not Be Mentioned here) He’s just such a talented and sweet guy, I hope he doesn’t get jaded by this old world. His enthusiasm is a delight!

    Also had a chance to finally meet Alex Maleev (Daredevil) – another guy I know from the net and exchange recipes with. See, he LOVES food – the same sort of freaky food you like, Joe. So I told him about this blog, and about Fuel and other restaurants you’ve mentioned, and his ears perked. He may show up here, who knows.

    Another favorite of mine, a guy I’ve met before, is David Mack (Daredevil/Kabuki). He’s so generous with his time and his talent, always willing to share. And he, too, draws one hellava Wolverine. I have several of his prints now, like this one over our bed:

    So, I was wondering if you also have a favorite comic book writer or artist? I’m sure you know some of these guys personally, but was just wondering if you have a particular favorite out there.


  73. Joey?! That is sooo cute! Alipeeps was at least right about one Aussie finding it amusing, I have amental picture of Joe crossed with a joey. Hey, maybe that could be a new alien, distantly related to the Furlings of course.

    On a more serious note (well, sort of(, Joe, your comment about being a “collector” of books reminded me of a character in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. It’s a pity you didn’t like the first book, because this character probably would have amused you with his book collector antics. The one thing he wants to save in the world is a bookcase full of first editions with misprints etc.

  74. Like most other SF fans, I have come to expect cliff-hangers in my television shows. When encountered them I have the typical viewer response of rolling my eyes, muttering mutinously and possibly throwing pillows across the room. I am much less accustomed to to cliff hangers in my pleasure reading.

    *pauses to mutter roll eyes and looks around for a pillow*

    Having finished The Garden of Inden, but clearly not the story of the heroine, I’ve ordered Kage Baker’s Book 2 of The Company Series (Sky Cyote). Now I’m going to be anxiously checking my mail box until it comes.

    Mr.M, what did you get me into?!?

  75. Hi Joe!

    You said, “McKay, Zelenka, black tea, and a frank admission…”

    Ooooh, that sounds cool! Can’t wait patiently!

    *waits impatiently for S5*

    Just finished watching S4 again – The Last Man is still a very moving ep!

    Did you hear in the new A&E version of The Andromeda Strain they went into a whole explanation about spatial wormholes and people/aliens traveling through them? I was like, “Well, yeah! Everyone knows that!” 😉 If you didn’t see it, I suggest not bothering. I was disappointed. Great actors and cool story that petered out badly, IMHO.

    Hey das! That geode is wicked cool! 🙂

    I’m gonna check out Martin’s interview tonight. I am interested in someday seeing YPF.


  76. 1)Will there be any acts of heartbreaking betrayal this season?

    2)Do any of the crew find themselves acting extremely out of character this year?

  77. An update: my sister *loved* Emancipation, though she was a tiny bit disappointed that Sam didn’t spit on the bad guy that she supposedly belonged to for part of the episode. When he said “turn around” and Sam just stared at him, my sister was literally on the edge of her seat screaming “spit on him, spit on him!!!”

    And she was rather disturbed by RDA’s performance as a prehistoric man in Broca Divide. At first, she asked me “is that even really him? It’s like he actually became an animal!”

  78. I just wanted to know if you would dedicate your next post to your blog to my Parents it is there 35th wedding anniversy on 6/2/08. Thank you very much


  79. Hey Joe, I also was wondering…do you read everyone’s comments everyday, or do you just skim over them and if a question pops out you’ll answer it?….this blog must consume hours of your daily life…but I speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate it!

  80. Not true about ammonia (re: humans and chimps being the only creatures that excrete it). Pigs create ammonia by the bucket-load.

    I also enjoyed Martin G’s interview. He looked both serious and very pleased with himself both at the same time. He certainly is getting lots of free publicity. Good on him.

    Joe, did you wear one of your trademark suits to brunch with your cousin? Since you always seem to be in a suit and tie, I just can’t see you in jeans and a sweatshirt.

    Patricia (AG)

  81. One more thing. Congratulations to Ryan Robbins (Genii leader Laydon Radim) for his Leo Awards for:

    Best Guest Performance by a Male
    in a Dramatic Series
    Ryan Robbins – jPod – Sprite Quest

    Patricia (AG)

  82. Will Aiden Ford be in an other episode? Will we ever know what truelly happened to him? And have you ever thought about an episode where the story is about the lower level of command? Such as Lorne, Zelenka or even Chuck? You know like in Other Guys in SG- 1 or Lessons in Next Generation? I think it would be interesting to see there point of few in an episode.


  83. I just caught the new promo with the home-made gate and the exploding puddlejumper. It’s great! I giggled for quite some time afterwards.

  84. Very interesting story.. don’t you just love relatives and how they act and showing up in a surprise. I seem to get annoyed with them too.. but calling you Joey is kinda cute.

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