I spent the day working with Mike Banas. “How exciting!”I imagine you saying. “Were you involved in a car chase? A shoot-out? Did you catch the bad guy?” After all, with a name like Mike Banas, you’d assume he’d be a private detective of some sort. (MIKE BANAS, P.I. Starring: Mike Banas as Mike Banas, Connie Stevens as Trixie the secretary, and William Conrad as Police Chief O’Hara. With special guest star: Charles Nelson Reilly as Dr. Emil Fitzwater the Third. Tonight’s episode: “Death Rides A Luge“.) But you would assume incorrectly because Mike is, in fact, one of our ace editors. Today marked the very first time I’ve actually worked with Mike. I had a great time and I can honestly say I’ll no doubt be working with him again. Most probably tomorrow as the cut is still a minute and a half long.

But great progress today. The director’s cut was terrific but, at five minutes and thirty seconds over, it desperately needed some trimming. And most of those trims came from the first act. No scenes lost, but some of the dialogue had to go including a reference to Carson’s wee turtles, Michelle and Jeffrey. Well, you’ll read all about them after the episode airs – provided I don’t find a way to squeeze them into another script first.

Speaking of scripts – I’ve finally made some headway on episode #15. Sort of. I’ve expanded the story and included throughlines for three separate characters, an A story mystery, and a B story probationary review.

Well, with less than a week to go before we commence our next round of book of month club discussions (check the sidebar for the books and dates), I thought I’d go ahead and announce July’s selections so as to give you all plenty of lead time. Looking over past BOTM selections, I’ve noticed that female authors have been underrepresented – so I’d like to address the imbalance by going with an all-female line-up for July…

In the scifi category, it’ll be Kage Baker’s In the Garden of Iden, the first book in her Company series. From Amazon.com: “In 16th-century Spain, everybody expects the Spanish Inquisition, as they have a well-known tendency to cart people off to their dungeons on trumped-up charges. What 5-year-old Mendoza, on the brink of being tortured as a Jew, is totally unprepared for is to be rescued by the Company–the ultimate bureaucracy of the 24th century–and made immortal. In return, all she has to do is travel through time on a series of assignments for the Company and collect endangered botanical specimens. The wisecracking, mildly misanthropic Mendoza wants nothing to do with historical humans, but her first assignment is to travel to England in 1553–uncomfortably close to those damn Inquisitors–with Joseph and Nefer, two other Company operatives.”

Discussion on In the Garden of Iden begins the week of June 30th.

In the fantasy category, it’ll be K.J. Bishop’s The Etched City. From Amazon.com: “Set first in the dustbowl wasteland of the Copper Country, Bishop introduces the battlefield sawbones Raule and her gunslinging companion Gwynn. The duo’s relationship of necessity is cemented as they flee the justice of “The Army of Heroes,” a force created to put down a rebellion in which they were active participants. Wanted and destitute, they make for the uncharted Telute Shelf to find new lives amid the sprawling metropolis of Ashamoil. Gwynn’s ruthless knack for violence sends him to the top of the town as an enforcer for the Horn Fan Cartel and its bustling slave trade. Raule, meanwhile, heads to the bottom where she tries to erase her brutal past through ministrations to the city’s forsaken. Between the opposite poles of Gwynn and Raule is a languid tale wandering through a sideshow menagerie of lovelorn mobsters, debased priests, brutal imperialists, sorcererous drug dealers, gangland warlords, and otherworldly artists that deftly examines the nature of violence, compassion, spirituality, redemption, and reality.”

Discussion on The Etched City begins July 7th.

In the horror category (although “Dark SF” would be a more appropriate description), it’ll be Jennifer Pelland’s Unwelcome Bodies. From Amazon.com: “Pain. Pleasure. The sensation of touch.we feel everything through our skin, that delicate membrane separating “I” from “other,” protecting the very essence of self. Until it breaks. Or changes. Or burns. What would you do if you were the one called on to save humanity, and the price you had to pay was becoming something other than human? Or if healing your body meant losing the only person you’ve ever loved? Wander through worlds where a woman craves even a poisonous touch.a man’s deformities become a society’s fashion.genetic regeneration keeps the fires of Hell away.and painted lovers risk everything to break the boundaries of their caste system down. Separate your mind from your flesh and come in. Welcome.”

Discussion on Unwelcome Bodies begins July 14th.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Sebastiaan. Wishing him all the best for a speedy recovery.

Today’s pic: Whispers.

72 thoughts on “May 13, 2008: Whispers, July’s BOTM club selections, and Mike Banas, P.I.

  1. Umm, I don’t quite know how to tell you this but…today is the 13th, not the 12th. Man, did you have a long start to the week or something???

    QUESTION: Are you doing any special features content on SGA S4 or Continuum?

  2. Carson’s wee turtles should be called Hamish, Angus, Donald, Hughie or even Susan.

    But at least they haven’t been forgotten.

    I hope that your puppies are all well.


  3. Oh, please tell me we’ll get to see those missing bits some time, especially the turtles comment. (Do you have any idea how much some of us would love to at least get some mention of them? I know, it’s sad.) If it was only cut for time, I would really love to see those cut parts put back in for the DVD release. I know, you probably don’t have any control of that, but maybe you could put a word in with someone?

  4. Get some rest Joe.. you’ve got a few typo’s so you must be tired…. date is 13th… against should be again!!!

    Smiles P: …that even a professional writer can have typo’s… like the rest of us!


  5. That’s a creepy picture but I guess you were banking on that.

    My order was sent from Amazon.ca so I MIGHT make the first book discussion. YIPPIE

    Don’t want to point out the obivous but today’s entry says “May 12, 2008″… But your over worked and sleep deprived so no worries Joe.

    Can you believe it’s May 24 weekend almost already… Where does the years fly??

    Have a great “humpday”!!

    PL 🙂

  6. Hey Joe,

    Garden of Iden sounds interesting. It says “5 year old Mendoza”. Really young person with a lot of responsibility or a typo on Amazon, or me just completely missing something?

    Have a relaxing night.

  7. Thanks for the next round of BotM club selections. Just as soon as I have a bit of cash I’m off to the store. Please, please find some way to mention the wee baby turtles in another episode, even if its just Sheppard commenting on Rodney having them as a midnight snack while working late in his lab. When the season five dvds come out, is there a decent chance you’ll be able to do the commentary? Somehow, it seems only right that you do, allowing us to follow the progress of Whispers from your first tease to your final thoughts on it. Oh, and thanks for creeping me out with that picture just before I head to bed. I’ll forward any therapy bills I incur to the Baron in your name.

  8. Quick question about fan pissing and moaning…

    I’m sure it’s irritating enough when someone like me whines about not killing off characters, or begs for special character-centric episodes, blah, blah, blah – but that’s because we like the characters and want them to stick around.

    But how does it make you feel when fans dump hate on a particular character (which can be also seen as a criticism of the actor)? Does it just roll off your back, or does it hurt a little, since you know what the actors put into their performances?


  9. Oh man…creepy, creepy, creepy.
    To be greeted by the Whispers photo was an immediate “shivers up the spine” moment.

    Thank goodness there was the protector overlooking the blog. Is that Maximus or Lulu? I think Lulu’s ears don’t relax much so guessing it is Maximus?

  10. “…including a reference to Carson’s wee turtles, Michelle and Jeffrey. ”

    His turtles are named Michelle and Jeffrey? Seriously? You’re pulling my leg (the left one, please, as I’m still having a little trouble with my right knee). I hope there’s a good reason for that. Those aren’t good turtle names. Leonardo, Raphael…those are good turtle names. 😉

    I think I may have to try the next horror selection for BOTM. Unwelcomed Bodies looks interesting. Maybe so, maybe so.

  11. Just got The Blade Itself today in the mail, so will try to read fast!
    I find that I am fascinated by the process of making a television episode. So much work goes into it that I never thought about before. You say that, for Whispers, the Directors cut is over by 5 or so minutes and is then trimmed down. I am wondering about how much actual footage is filmed for each episode in order to provide material for you to work with? There must be hours of film, different shots of mist and smoke, for example, so that you can choose the best ones. What happens to the excess footage? Is it destroyed, or kept in some kind of archive?

  12. Hi Joe

    Lulu looks absolutely gorgeous. With those soulful eyes and beautiful looks she should have a part on the show.. You should sneak her into a shot.. Did you take the picture . It’s really good. A calendar shot.. I read In the Garden of Iden and found it really entertaining. I am now reading Mendosa in Hollywood.. Good series. Have you read the last book in the Blade series.. I’m hearing some disappointing rumours about it.. I hope not because I really like the first two and I want my characters to end up having some meaning or purpose to their existence. Anyway Take Care and give Lulu a kiss for me..


  13. Yay, books ordered! I have thoroughly enjoyed the few Kage Baker novels and stories I’ve read so far, so am really looking forward to that one, and the Jennifer Pelland novel sounds very interesting.

    Out of curiosity (and because I’m currently on a Richard Feynman reading blitz), do you ever go through patches where you find yourself craving non-fiction?

  14. I have tried and tried to read the book but never have enough time to read it an i have trouble finding my place in the book when i do try to pick it up. Blade Itself isn’t wrking for me. Any suggestions on to stop my reading aversion.?

  15. Hi Joe,
    That’s one creepy looking pic! Oh! Carson’s wee turtles are called “Michelle” & “Jeffrey”! Are you kidding me! Who named them?
    Those books sound pretty good!

    Have you read any H.G.Wells Books?

    Have you read The Day of the Triffids?

    Take Care & Happiness always!


  16. I thought we had to wait to see who survived Whispers to become part of the cast. Being a Christina Cox fan I was hoping that it was she. But Wikipedia has had this posted for awhile.

    The season will feature two new characters, Captain Alicia Vega (Leela Savasta) and Alison Porter (Nicole de Boer). Captain Alicia Vega, who will be a new member of the Atlantis expedition’s military contingent, will be introduced in the season opener “Search and Rescue” and will be a member of an all-woman recon team by the episode “Whispers” [15]. Alison Porter will be introduced in the episode “Whispers” .

    Is this speculation or did I miss something?

  17. After seeing that pic from Whispers, all I can ask is…

    “Are you my Mommy?”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist being a geek 🙂

    (And for those of you who didn’t get the reference………… it’s from Dr Who)

  18. coucou joseph =) sa va Bien???

    Ohh snif, sayer il re pleut chez moi =( quel triste temp.

    Sa fait 2 jour que je ne dort que 2heure par nuit..car mon ordinateur serait trop stimulant! Mais j’aime trop sa!

    Plus que 2 jours et c’est le week end! courage!!

    Kiss Kiss a bientot =)♥

  19. Wasn’t there suppsed to be a scene or soemthing in McKays room with the turtles? I recall seeing a set design sketch on your blog for it.

  20. I just wanted to say thank you very much for the blog dedication. I printed it out and will bring it with me tonight. unfortunatly the visiting hours are pretty strict, so i can only see him 1 or 2 times a day for about half an hour. But it’s better than nothing right?

    Once again thank you!

  21. I have thought it through, and I believe that if Ronon aquired a signature trait, other than dredlocks, and it was facial oriented, that it would really do well for charcter development.

    I was thinking tattoo, or scar. I know he got Jason got the tat and you worked it in. But it doesn’t stick out enough. Maybe losing his dreds will be a stand out thing in season 5, however, I would like something more. MAKE IT COOL, and HAVE A FAN VOTE. MOst VOtes WiN!?

  22. Spooky picture, thanks, but I know the guard puppy at the top has things well under control, guarding us from the scary beasty, or at least I believe that,lol..
    Hope things are going along well again today, snip,snip,edit,edit,,,,success!! Have a wonderful day!! Friday will be here soon. 8)

  23. Mike Banas, P.I., I like it! Did you ask the actual Mike how he’d feel about being made in to a P.I. character?

    Looking forward to discussing The Blade Itself next week, and I’m looking into the scifi and horror selections, but not sure I’ll be able to get them. Apparently Australian book stores are great at not having the books I’d like. But we’ll see.

    A question though, I haven’t got around to reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep yet. Do you think that would affect my reading of Androids Dream, or are the two not so related? (I’m guessing you’ve read both by now…). Let me know.


  24. Wee baby turtles. Yum, yum, yum. Oh. Wait a minute. Not a food review.

    Hatin’ on characters … I love to hate Vala, but that’s because Claudia Black portrays her so well. What confuses me are the “fans” who hate characters AND the actors who portray them; to the extent they criticize not only the actors’ career decisions, but their personal lives. WTF? There’s worse, though. Honestly, people who HATE the show and watch it and nit-pick it? Are you kidding? Get a life.

    (I watched Flash Gordon under duress and once I decided I disliked it, I stayed far, far away from any forum or discussion. Why bother? The patient was terminal.)

    For giggles, click on my username to have a gander at the Renn Faire pics. Genius as a Distressing Damsel in Da-Dress. AKA Wilhemina the Thespian.

  25. Thanks for the BOTM entries for July. Usually I read only one selection, but all of them sound interesting this time and I may try to read at least two.

    I’m glad that you are making progress with your script and that you are getting along well with your editor — life could be difficult for both of you if you were at odds. I find the little glimpses you give us into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a TV show fascinating.

    And the image from Whispers is extremely creepy. Congratulations.

  26. Congrats on the headway with episode 15, I hope it goes well, also creepy picture..

  27. Wait, the turtles are still alive? Are they coming to atlantis?
    I can just imagine- the self destruct has been set, the wraith are over head, everyone is running for their lives to the gate and the safty of earth or another pegasus planet and i’m red faced and screaming at the TV “save the TURTLES, won’t somebody save the turtles? They’re only babies!”

    It’s amazing what I can watch as long as the animals survive. I practically had a fit watching that sceen in Independance day with the dog in the tunnel of fire! I didn’t care that supposedly millions of people had been killed by the end of the film, as long as the dog survived I was happy. It’s the same watching things like Lord of the rings with big battle sceens in them, people are being stabbed, impaled and mutilated left right and centre and I can laugh about that, but god forbid someone shoots a horse!

  28. Hi Joe!

    CREEEEEEPY picture tonight! Gonna give me nightmares before the episode airs! (I’m a little worried we’re going to expect Nightmare on Elm Street and get House (the movie) instead.)

    Michelle and Jeffrey? Interesting names – wonder why they were named so? Any mention of the wee baby turtles would be good – and showing them in a proper habitat (if one can have a proper indoor turtle habitat) would be a great benefit for those of us who support turtles. I don’t eat reptiles. For me, it’d be like eating a dog. 🙁

    (Not telling anyone what to do or say, but I would be happier to see fewer “eating turtles” comments.)

    *steps off turtle-painted soap box*

    Have a lovely day!


  29. My internet connection went all funny – and I couldn’t read your blog yesterday. Talk about withdrawal symptoms!!

    Anyway, thanks for the pics – make sure to thank Christina for us – and loved the vids too.

    Today’s pic is sure scary…but also kinda cool…

    Sorry to hear that the turtles mention had to be cut – but here’s hoping you can work it into another episode. If not, looking forward to reading the cut scene.

    I like the Mike Banas P.I. idea – maybe you could pitch it to someone?! I’d watch it…I think!

    Okay, will go now. Got lots and lots and lots of internet type things to catch up on! (I’m such a net-addict!)


  30. Joe – I know Jennifer Pelland. Do you think that folks would be interested in her coming by to talk about her stories? I can contact her and ask, or send you her email.


  31. I was just sitting here at work, passing a bit of time watching flickrvision.com as I wait for my live hockey to start (I was really working, but I can only take so much of the loop), and saw someone’s account that may interest you.

    They are from the Vancouver area, and they have posted a lot of pictures of food (a lot of asian cuisine, esp Pho), and shots of the restaurants themselves (one of them had a Fuel menu in the shot).

    I thought you may enjoy seeing some of the shots, reading any comments they made about the food, and use it to try some new restaurants you may not have heard about. The link is using the ‘restaurant tag’, but you could just click on their name to see more of their photo album, or click on the tags to see more of the tag options. (I hope that I’m not pointing you to your own album!!).

    Anyway, enjoy!!!!


  32. Not to seem pitifully self-absorbed or anything, but is it possible the names of Carson’s turtles were inspired by the leaders of a certain save-a-character campaign, SaveCarsonBeckett, led by MICHELLE, and Tara JEFFREY? If so, we love it, even if we did end up on the cutting room floor. If not, never mind!

    A question about editors — do they do the first pass on choosing the best takes and performances by the actors?

  33. I think I’m going to go pick up the scifi and fantasy book tonight. Those both sound really interesting!

  34. Hey Joe!

    Awesome Charles Nelson Reilly reference there. He was an amazing man! 🙂

    Finally, with school over for me, I should be able to participate in the BOTM club. Should be lots of fun, especially since the books you choose seem to be very good. 😀

    Sorry to hear that you had to cut the part of Carson’s ‘wee turtles’, but atleast we know they’re still in the minds of the writers!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  35. Hey Joe,

    Thanks again for that creepy picture! Keep ’em coming!

    I’m currently rewatching about every Atlantis episode, and some question popped up in my head. I don’t know if you’ve been asked before, or if I’m going to state the obvious, but I’m going to, anyway.

    In Aurora, we learn that there are 2 Cruisers coming towards the Ship, but don’t they normally belong with a Hive? In Allies, the information from the Aurora mission was taken by the Wraith, and they managed to speed up their hyperdrives with that intel. May we safely assume those Cruisers belonged with that particular Queen?

    Thanks for reading, and thanks again for the photo!


  36. I completely understand the need to trim an episode and turn it into a “lean, mean, grilling machine” so to speak. But, darn it all to heck, the “tuttles” are gone? Rats.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I live for those little “tuttle moments” in the show; they provide insight into the characters, humanize them and add depth to the Stargate universe. (I wished the Sam/Jack reference in Trio would have stayed in too). These little bits also provide fodder for endless discussion on the fansites.
    So thank you for telling us about them here, otherwise we’d never know!

  37. Dear, dear AV eddy : (Not telling anyone what to do or say, but I would be happier to see fewer “eating turtles” comments.)

    Get a sense of humor, love.

    Or I’ll eat your turtles.

  38. I’ve read the first five book of Kage Baker’s “Company” series. It’s great stuff.

    In re: to the statement about Mendoza being five-years-old…the story opens with her first contact with the Company at that age.

  39. Got my book in the mail this morning and its on my desk right now to read in between calls today 🙂

  40. Hmmm. I’ve just ordered Kage Baker’s book. It looks like an interesting read.

    Have you ever read The Carpet Makers by Andreas Eschbach?

    Love the picture of Maximus at the top of the blog!


  41. Are you editing “Whispers” because you wrote it, or because it just happened to fall to you in the producing rotation? What determines which producer ends up creating the “producer’s cut”?

    PS – my first ever comment. There should be cake.

  42. I just ordered Jennifer Pelland’s book “Unwelcome Bodies”. It sounds fascinating, and I love short story collections. Somehow, short stories prevent me from sneaking peeks at the ending! (Which, unfortunately, I do more often than not).

    However, I am proud to say that I did not sneak a peek at the ending of “The Android’s Dream”. I read the whole book, without skipping, skimming or sneaking peeks at the end. (a tribute to the book, perhaps?)

  43. Hey… Criminal Minds has a new episode tonight that is called Tabula Rasa…. I wonder, isn’t that title already taken by SGA… how come they can use it as a title too?

    Just wondering.


  44. Shame on me but I can’t recall ever reading a scfi/fantasy book written by a female author. No reason. Glad to now make up for it with the July BOTM.

  45. I was going through my bookshelf taking stock of all the books I’m in the middle of and need to finish and came across two of my favourites. My first thought was whether you had read them or not and if you had, wondered what you thought and if you hadn’t, would you possibly be interested?

    …Oh, right! You need titles. Heh. They would be:

    1. Talion: Revenant, by Mike Stackpole.
    2. Doc Sidhe, by Aaron Allston

    You have the option of downloading Doc Sidhe at http://www.baen.com/library/ as well as picking up a hard-copy at your fave retailer.

  46. The minute you said turtles I had a Simpson’s flashback with Willy (the janitor) screaming “Someone save the wee turtles!” which of course is pronounced more like tur-uls

    Sad to say I’ve found there are many days when it’s difficult NOT to reference the Simpsons, Family Guy, and yes even SGA. Although occasionally (read frequently) my friends are very confused with the SGA references – like the day I pointed out someone who’d jurryrigged a tripod and commented with a “Look! A MALP on a stick”. Got lots of strange looks for that one.



  47. Patricia,

    You probably don’t know this, but titles cannot be copyrighted. I could write a book and name it “Dune” if I wanted to, and it would be perfectly legal. Also, “Tabula Rasa” is a very common episode title. Buffy had one, Lost had one, Law and Order had one, Justice League had one. And if you plunk it into Amazon.com and do a book search, you get 11,439 hits.


  48. Interesting list of new authors. Since I think I’ve asked in the past about what female authors you like, I feel I must thank you for making a point of doing a month with three of them. Not that good writing has anything to do with gender, but I appreciate the decision.

    I’ve read two of them: liked one with her original ideas and really didn’t like another for her pretentious style. I’m looking forward to trying out someone new, though. I’ m curious if you’ve read all three previously or are any of the selections new to you?

  49. The Blade Itself is lodged in my throat. I never was good at sword swallowing. But I have the whole weekend to get it out by Monday.

    I have not read those 3 books chosen for July and will endeavor to do so, glad to see the women! more faves to name a very few: Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, C. J. Cherryh, Mercedes Lackey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Elizabeth Moon, Elizabeth Scarborough, Laurell K. Hamilton, Sonny Whitelaw, Sally Malcolm, Martha Wells…


  50. You should have seen my face when I saw that one of the books selections for next month is alas part of a series….double damn. I am so behind in all my other series…and I just started reading Val McDermid’s books with Tony Hill in them…love Wire in the Blood. But I will be a dutiful (sp?) reader and tread on down to Powells in Beaverton and try to avoid the cranky checkout people…I might even have to go downtown and check out the main store to get the books.
    I was wondering if you have read INNOCENT MAGE by Karen Miller…i have that book and the sequel on standby…maybe she could be one of the BOTM selections in the future?!
    Going back to a previous discussion on what favorite books that got made into movies and if they were good or not…I never mentioned my severe disappointment in the Dragonlance animated movie…what cheese. I bought it straight out on faith that Weiss and Hickman would never let their awesome story go so wrong…does anyone want a free copy…i can’t in good conscienceness (sp?) keep that movie in my house.
    Sorry about the spelling…my migraine seems to be blurring my words…

    By the way my sister wants to know if you might have Jacqueline Carey Kusheil’s Dart as one the BOTM selections.

  51. I am also watching Joe Flaggin on CSI:MAIMI…was he on it before Shanks? It looks like it

  52. Thanks Jennifer… it good to know these types of details…



  53. “maggiemayday

    Dear, dear AV eddy : (Not telling anyone what to do or say, but I would be happier to see fewer “eating turtles” comments.)

    Get a sense of humor, love.

    Or I’ll eat your turtles.”

    First, don’t call me “love.”

    Second, you don’t decide for me what’s important and what isn’t.

    Finally, your humor falls flat.

    I hope you have a lovely day.


  54. You are indeed a prodigious reader! Garden of Iden sounds really good–it’s next on my list. Have you read Robin Hobb’s Soldier Son trilogy? Best saved for a long rainy weekend- her detailed descriptions are simply incredible!

  55. I’m in agreement with eveyone else, what a creepy photo! It popped up on my wide-screen monitor and I thought I’d logged into the “Night of the Living Dead”!

    After we finally see “Whispers” will we have to sleep with the lights on with wee turtles by our beds?

    As always Joe, you give us SGA fans cool episodes!!

  56. Oh where or where can our Joe be???? It’s almost 9:10 PM PST and there is no May 14th post!!! Did you have a heavy meal at Fuel tonight and fall asleep on the couch with the wee litte puppies licking your face!!!

    Come group… join me in a chours of Where or where can our lovely Joe Be…………………………………………..


    PS… it’s okay of you take the evening off… you don’t owe us anything…. in fact you deserve it!!!

    Have a good night!

  57. Hi Joe,
    I was wondering, since it will be my first time, when and where you will be having this book discussion with Joe Abercrombie. I would really like to be involved or at list watch and learn for the next time.


  58. Ooo. Creepy picture. Speaking of creepy, I just finished watching “Pin”, a 1988 movie starring a toothpick-thin, 20-year old David Hewlett. (It also starred Terry O’Quinn, who plays Lock on LOST. Cool.) Anyway, creepy movie on a lot of different levels. It revolves around this life-size (and apparently anatomically correct) plastic mannequin that displays just the muscles and tendons of the human anatomy – no skin. The movie plays on the whole psychotic ventriloquist thing, with the Hewlett character as the psychotic ventriloquist. Did I say creepy?

    Makes me doubly glad that I’ve refused to go see the “Bodies” exhibit that’s on display in our area. It’s a traveling exhibit of actual human bodies that have mummified or something, with their skin stripped off, posed in different positions to show how our muscles and tendons work. It’s supposed to be this great display of how amazing the human body is… The idea of it creeped me out before. Now, after seeing Pin – thanks, but no thanks. Though, this might be an idea if you ever do another horror episode on SGA…

  59. Hey It is a great name! I should know It’s my name. Question There did the Banas come from?
    We have to be some long lost cousins from somewhere a long, long, time ago. From a galaxy far, far away, maybe.

    I am from Chicago, IL.

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