Hurray!!! We did it! We saved Christmas!!! By all accounts, Earth Hour was a rousing success and the environmental threat posed by carbon emissions finally resolved. Phew, that was a close one. But I for one am not surprised. After all, we managed to defeat acid rain didn‘t we? Those pesky greenhouse gases didn’t stand a chance.

My Cookie Monster yahoo account received some bittersweet news today in the form of an email from John Max who was contacting Cookie to remind him of a recent passing. “..you were listed as a beneficiary to the total sum of £10,600,000.00GBP (Ten Million Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds) in the codicil and last testament of the deceased. (Name now withheld since this is our second letter to you).” Tragic. Cookie Monster wrote back:

“Name witheld because dis be second letter to me? WDFC?! (What de fudge cookie?!) How monster supposed to know who dead? Maybe me guess and if Monster close, you say “Warm! Warmer! You burning up!” and if way off base you say “Cold! Colder! Icy cold like corpse of dead relative!” Okay, first guess be: German cheese baron Uncle Adolph Muenster because he old and sicklier den Count after weekend bender in Tijuana. Declared dead and buried three times already but feisty old coot always find way to wake up in time and claw way out of casket. Good for him but disappointing for family who have to cancel funeral and give back presents. To avoid repeat problem, wife suggest put doorbell inside casket so if he wake up again, only have to ring for service instead of get nails dirty. But custom casket too expensive. Turn out cremation cheaper alternative! Anyhoo, so sad if true. Poor uncle Meunster. But 10 600 000 pounds help dull pain. Still, Cookie Monster need to know who move on to great chipwich factory in de sky. Want to avoid confusion like last time when me contacted as benefissary but turn out have no relation to Herman Munster. Boy, Eddie pissed!

John Max write: “We therefore reckoned that you could receive these funds…” You “reckoned“? You no own shoes and eat possum too? Heehaw! Hey, is coincidents. Cookie Monster work part time as hillbilly wedding planner. Very easy to organize because always de same guest list.

Best regards to your wife/sister.


Cookie Monster”

Looks like it’s going to be a big week. I’ll spend most of Monday and Tuesday sequestered in the cramped, dimly lit confines of an editing suite, working on my producer’s cut of Broken Ties, taking time off to do my Kindred I dvd commentary with Pete Woeste, then welcoming MGM’s Priscilla Pesci and the gang as they lay out the game plan for Atlantis’s fifth season. Not one but two fan dinners to look forward to as well as the final preparations for my third annual chocolate soiree. As part of my continuing research into the upcoming party, I picked up a bunch of new Zotter bars including the intriguing “Tofu and Sake”.

Mailbag may return tomorrow. I’m not sure. It left the house yesterday morning to go pick up a quart of milk and never came back.

No, wait! The mailbag was glimpsed at the corner of 12th and West Broadway –

Trevor writes: “Yeah, that’s usual lame response that megafans and often producers give when faced with criticism. “Oh, come on, just forget about it and go with the flow.”

Answer: Is that “usual lame response”? Really? Well then I’m sure you’ll have no problem digging up an example of one of the producers telling you to “go with the flow”.

Trevor also writes: “Or, there’s the ever-popular attempt to attack the critic for daring to question below-the-board decisions and proceedings. No one has the stones to actually defend poor decisions, there’s just an awful lot of passing the buck.”

Answer: There was no buck passing in this case. At the time, we stated it was a creative decision. Feel free to disagree, but try to avoid making yourself out to be some oppressed victim who is being denied the right to speak their mind. I’m infinitely amused by critics who defend their God-given right to free speech – right up until someone exercises their God-given right to disagree with them.

Trevor also writes: “Instead of either accepting criticism as valid and taking responsibility or outright admitting that, yes, someone else made them do it, the producers now try to give a wink and a nod and hope that critics will be placated.”

Answer: I see. So our choices are either a) accept your criticism as valid OR accept your criticism as valid and thereby take responsibility. Hey, here’s a novel notion you may want to consider. Perhaps your opinion is just one of many opinions, no better or worse, correct or incorrect.

Trevor also writes: “Take Rob Cooper’s latest interview. Instead of saying that Scifi demanded Ben Browder be hired, he says, “…the network really liked Ben….”. Then he says something like, “But that’s not to say we were against it”. Sure.”

Answer: Actually, SciFi didn’t demand Ben. As I’ve stated numerous times, I suggested Ben for the role after watching him on Farscape. I was vacationing in Hong Kong at the time the decisions were being made on the show‘s ninth season, and I emailed them from the Peninsula Hotel to lobby for Mr. Browder. And, yeah, after working with him on Farscape, SciFi loved the idea of bringing him on board.

117 thoughts on “March 30, 2008: Take that greenhouse gases, hillbilly lawyers, and my-way-or-the-highway man!

  1. You need to ignore the nutjobs like Trevor and answer the really important toilet-in-the-puddlejumper questions! Sheesh!

  2. Oh Joe,

    Why don’t you just ignore Trevor… we all do!

    Can’t wait for the fan dinner… see you Thursday!

  3. Joe-

    Whats the status on the blooper reel? I’m willing to throw down whoever is standing in its way!



  4. Wow Joe, all your talk about chocolate is making me want to stuff my face with some Hershey’s Dark Chocolate With Almonds. Mmmmm yum. Oh, wait. I just did that during the Cup race (NASCAR, for the uninitiated).

  5. Blonde question – what is the origin of the word “Anyhoo”?

    A friend of mine and I have used it for years without running across it in any other general conversations with people that aren’t us (we are 30 so a good 10 years or so of usage). You use it here. Then watching Frasier last night he also used it.

    I’m sure a lot of regulars to this blog will say “how stooopid is she?” but I’m willing to go out on a limb to find out.

  6. A less controversial question (or not 😉 do people get paid for doing DVD commentaries?

  7. Hey Joe, another Stargate fan here introducing himself from up north. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now and absolutely love it!
    I was sifting through my stargate dvds when I bumped into “Deadman Switch”. Any chance we could see Aris Boch ever again? Maybe we could somehow get him on Atlantis or even on Universe? 🙂

  8. …what Bailey said. Actually, no. I’m glad you address them head on, depriving this brand of critic of the right to claim some moral high ground because they’re ignored out of fear. Still, it seems unjust that we go toilet-answers deprived while Trevor gets the whole stage. Looking forward to the upcoming week’s posts, and from comments from those lucky enough to be attending the Fuel dinners.

  9. Trevor is an idiot. He makes some good points about the Carter character. He presents them in a coherent (if forceful) way. Then he gets all riled up by another poster and subsequently makes a lunatic post like the one to which Joe responded, thereby offering Joe the opportunity to make him look foolish instead of actually answering the complaints/critique/criticism.

    Folks will walk away thinking Trevor was wrong or crazy, when he’s actually got something to say. Fans will take it as Joe having responded to the spirit of Trevor’s posts and having put those criticisms down, when Joe hasn’t really answered them at all.

    Learn from Trevor. If you give Joe an opportunity to avoid the question, especially controversial ones, he’ll take it. After all, he’s already got the power to approve or disprove comments. He’s already got the option to not respond. He usually only does when there’s an opportunity to “win” against complaints of the show and to “put down” those folks who do vehemently disagree with what SG-1 has done to itself.

  10. IT’S ME AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN. I would really really really appriciate it if you answer my questions, please please please. I know your busy, but please… Ok I’m done begging but here are my question again, thanks bunches

    Joe; 1) Is there any hope that we will get to see more of sheppard’s past in season 5? Will we get to see 2) why his mother isn’t around, 3) why things with his father and brother went so bad, or 4) More of his brother and ex-wife and how they interact with him now? 5) Will the reactions of his family and friends when he was announced KIA in season 4 be revisited or did he come back before the funeral and news were given? 6) Also will we see any episodes where you explore the fact that Sheppard has the strongest accent gene and what that means for Atlantis? I know it’s been touched on, but not for some time and I’d sure like to know? Sorry for rambling but i’m really really really curious and have been thinking about these questions for a while now.

    Had another Question or two…
    Are we going to see more of sheppards personal life like say his Mensa testing days, the wise cracks about how smart he is or will we get to see more of the feud he has with the Genii? Thanks bunches, Nicole.

  11. I like the question about the location of the mini-bar. Cookie Monster sounds like he is expecting a windafall soon, think of all the chocolate you/he can buy,,yummy!! I am reading The Android’s Dream,,different, hope to have it finished in time for some kind of semi-intelligent discussion.. Did you ever get the milk? Have a great editing day..!

  12. @ bailey – totally agree 🙂 where IS the bathroom? I mean, thank gosh it was all men on “Midway” marooned on the darn thing. At least they can pee in a cup.

    Eww, please tell me they DON’T have to recycle!

    Not looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. Anyone else? wams352

  13. I vote that the next wraith be named “Trevor” and that he gets “taken out” because he disagreed with Michael. Feel free to be as creative as possible concerning his painful demise. REAL fans loved to be surprised!


  14. Wow. Trevor sure is testy. At the risk of sounding like a pandering suck up, I’ll repeat my opinion that Ben and Claudia brought interesting changes to the dynamic of SG-1 that made it fun to watch.

    In a franchise like the Stargate series, would you say that the producers have more or less control over casting than on other, less well-established shows?

  15. I concur. And since, obviously my opinion counts more than any other, Mr. Browder was a brilliant choice. That should more than settle the matter.

    Hey, my daughter is getting married soon and I was considering chocolate favors… any recommendations for the best? Thanks!

  16. Really? Well then I’m sure you’ll have no problem digging up an example of one of the producers telling you to “go with the flow”.

    Now to be fair what about that time when I got caught in that rip tide and I asked you for advice? Because you did in fact tell me to go with the flow and then commended me for my ability to type while being swept out to sea and to my certain death. Short memory, or just don’t want to admit to saying just that very thing you’re accused of and are now denying?

    I think you should definitely take responsibility for making us all victims by those choices you make about a television show that we may or may not agree with. Does the UN know? I think there should be sanctions against the studio…hell, Canada. Someone get on the phone and get the US to invade, the producers are apparently ‘winking and nodding’ at me and I no longer feel safe.

    You need to ignore the nutjobs like Trevor and answer the really important toilet-in-the-puddlejumper questions!

    Plastic bags and air freshner. Hey, you asked. And now I wish you hadn’t.

  17. Love you blog. It really brightens my day. The time you spend on it and the attention you give you fans and blog readers is unusual and appreciated!

    I’ve enjoyed Ben on Farscape & SG-1. I’m glad you recommended him.

  18. I agree with bailey. Wholeheartedly.

    It’s amazing that some people will expend so much energy and time being so down on something or someone, when all they have to do is go away. Which, really, would be a win-win, in your case, Joe.

    Now, about the commode…..

  19. Hour of Power went off without a hitch… or a light!!

    I WANT TO COME TO FAN NIGHT!! Alas I’m sitting in my lazy boy in Ontario gosh darn it. While fans are mingling with you I’ll just sit and read the rest of Timescape.

    Tofu and Sake?? Chocolate?? ah please let me know what that was like…. weird.

    I’d love a shout out on the DVD comentary.. just a Hi… 🙂

    Anywho….off to bed.

  20. Aw, that’s not nice to make fun of the word “reckon”. Mitchell says “reckon”. I’ve even heard some very posh Englishmen say “reckon”.

    …Of course that does remind me of “A Fistful of Datas”…

  21. Panna Cotta Said:…He doesn’t have to look it. Maybe the Wraith equivalent of a healthy live-birth looks like a human premature infant. *shrugs* I don’t know. I’m still wondering about Wraith reproduction ever since Spoils of War. But given the method drones are produced, I’d like to think that Wraith sex is complicated, versatile, and varied.

    Sooo…you said you liked weird…You really should join us in the Wraith Defender’s Club at Gateworld…crazy bunch we are! 🙂

    Regarding the reproduction idea…

    I figure they’ll show us if and when they feel like it…but I don’t want it TOO weird. Too weird and my suspension of disbelief goes right out the window. GROSS is okay – weird, not so much. I’d much rather see how they RAISE their young – I imagine it to be a bit brutal considering the difference between Ellia – raised with love – and the average Wraith who’s full of vicious aggression, even towards their own.

    I really don’t think much about their sexuality. I’m more fascinated by the satisfaction they get from feeding (kinda like Joe M and his chocolate and fancy dinners…hmmmm… ) 😕

    For instance, we were discussing Todd’s ‘Tasty Teyla’ remark, and saying how it was like an off-color joke…not sexual, but like feeding eroticism. It’s a bit of fun imagining queenless hives full of male Wraith, sitting around and boasting about their feeding exploits, much like human men boast about their sexual exploits. “Whoa, dude… did you taste the set of lungs on her?!” Heh – maybe that’s why I like the Wraith so much, for once – guys who are more interested in eating than in sex! WOOT! Now THAT’S science fiction! 😀


  22. Dear Joe,

    Hope all is well with you and your work. I was just wondering if we can expect to see new ship designs in season 5 or will it be just the older models introduced in the past seasons. It would be nice to see that new wraith cruiser model you showed us earlier in your concept art pictures in one of your previous blog postings. Also I was always wondering which is bigger a wraith Hive ship or the city ship (Atlantis)

    Thanxs buddy

  23. lol You emailed them from the hotel to lobby for him.

    I did my best for Earth hour. Unfortunately the family made it tough. I never realized how many of them leave lights on all over and how often. I’m glad we managed to save Christmas!

  24. Hey Joe!

    “Tofu and Sake”? What the heck does that taste like? 😛 I’ll just take my dark chocolate or white chocolate thank you, lol.

    Have fun with the “Kindred Part I” commentary! We all love the neat side-notes with the episodes on DVD, and I’m sure your’s will be great to hear!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  25. Hi Joe!

    Hey look! Mailbag ran off again, this time for cookies to have with the milk! LOL!

    Yergh, I would’ve thought the pointing and pouting about Ben Browder being hired on SG-1 would have died out…I dunno…years ago. Like, y’know, the show isn’t being produced anymore? 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Sure, we have AoT and Continuum (coming soon!), but I figure if the movies bring up too many painful memories of a splendid actor in a great show, it’s probably a good idea to put the DVD down for a while.

    Last time I checked, Ben’s, Rob C.’s, and Joe Mallozzi‘s jobs aren’t a personal threat to anyone.

    Perhaps, instead of listening to the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage,” one could try RUSH’s “The world is a cage for your impotent rage, but don’t let it get to you.

    Cruising off to Pegasus,


    P.S. Narelle – awesome comment!

  26. I actually liked Ben Browder more in SG1 than Farscape. He brought a great energy to SG1 and I enjoyed the dynamic he created with the original cast. So, great idea Joe.

    Have you ever been surprised by a response to an episode, positive or negative? That is, ever expected fans to respond a certain way to an episode but got the opposite reaction?

    Good luck with the edits.

  27. Joe Mallozzi said:

    “Answer: There was no buck passing in this case. At the time, we stated it was a creative decision. Feel free to disagree, but try to avoid making yourself out to be some oppressed victim who is being denied the right to speak their mind. I’m infinitely amused by critics who defend their God-given right to free speech – right up until someone exercises their God-given right to disagree with them.”

    First of all, at no point have I attempted to nor felt the need to “defend my God-given right to free speech”. And you know it. Secondly, you’re attempt to paint me as some sort of whining “oppressed victim” is also patently disingenuous and a paltry attempt to once again attack a critic in the hopes of scoring some meaningless points with who? A bunch of sycophants who will cheer at the wide thrust from their champion? And please, try to move past the laughably baseless notion that “all opinions are equally valid” or that “my interpretation is just as right as yours”. It may be that my opinion is that Richard Dean Anderson’s involvement with SG-1 from the get-go hurt the show by drudging up some eighties’ has-been and trying to resurrect his career. Are you really going to try and cop to the notion that that is as “correct” an opinion as what most others’ opinions are? Or are we going to agree that it’s a bit ridiculous given the overwhelming evidence, both empirical and anecdotal, to the contrary? As for the assertion that Scifi didn’t demand Ben, well, you’re going to have to excuse me for thinking that’s bull. Rob Cooper’s interview pretty clearly states otherwise, and, frankly, I do indeed think that he’s done enough publicity over the past twelve years and is experienced enough to know exactly what he is saying and how it will be read. It wasn’t veiled. It wasn’t subtle. It was ribald and, for the first time in a while, seemingly honest. I don’t doubt that you or any of the other producers thought that Browder was a decent idea for an addition to the cast. But I do doubt that any of you had the power to say “no” to the suggestion or to not incorporate Browder exactly how Scifi wanted him incorporated. In fact, recently you were queried here by a fan who believed you endorsed Mitchell’s usurpation of Carter’s role and instead of explicitly clarifying your position on the issue you once again attempted to imply that you don’t. So we’re to gather, what? That you loved the idea of Ben Browder on the show but didn’t like the way he was incorporated? Even now here in your response to me, it seems now like you’re trying to throw yourself under the bus in an attempt to diffuse the still-too-present criticism of the events of that time. Your first demand that I find examples of “the producers” telling fans to go with the flow is also taken out of context as that exact sentiment was attributed to both the producers and the “megafans” that post here hoping to silence the criticism in a din of praise and adulation. However, since you ask, I’m sure there’s no need to point out your own comments here that fans who disagree or criticize are “shrill and ill-informed lemmings”. But I know, I know. That’s not how you meant it. Oh, and nice job ignoring the questions in my first post. I’m sure us fans will stop asking them sooner or later.

  28. Cookie Monster work part time as hillbilly wedding planner. Very easy to organize because always de same guest list.


    Careful CM.. yer gunna bee roahd keeyall ayftrrrr thayit comment!!!! CM’s a sermtarms food yeehaawww!!!

    Hey Trevor! How’s dem stones of yours??? 😉

  29. Where is the toilet? What moron designed a PuddleJumper without a toilet?

    They do their business in bucket, then all in the back hold on the side railings for dear life as the back door is opened and the bucket gets sucked out.


  30. Joe,

    I didn’t get to comment on your blog yesterday…I think I went to bed before you posted it? Which is odd for me, since I’m always up late…who knows. Anyway, read it tonight as well as today’s entry.

    I really love the way you take the time to hammer someone who is as pissy as Trevor. I will never understand people who continue to watch and comment on a show they seem to dispise so much. Personally, when I don’t like a show, I don’t watch it. I find the unrequited angst isn’t very productive and being angry makes me a tired and cranky momma. In the words of The Beatles “All we need is love”. Personally, I love Ben B. Never saw a Farscape ep. or anything else he may have worked on; only SG1. Still like ‘im.

    Rewatched “Outcast” this afternoon while unpacking groceries. Loved it, again. I would love to know more about John’s continued relationship with his brother – is it really on the mend? Or just as strained as ever? Also, would love to see Ronon in jeans again (fanning self).

    I am working hard on relaxing this week and recharging my batteries for the last 9 weeks of the school year. Hope you have a wonderful Monday and wish you were here, on Spring Break, in Miami. (Actually wish everyone was here right now. We could have a fantastic party! – On second thought, my DH would never believe there are that many Stargate fans in the world and I would have lots of ‘splainin’ to do…then again, come on down! LOL)



  31. I can see that I will not be interested in reading the comments for the next day or so, as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing left to beat regarding the dead horses named Ben & Claudia.

    Have a great time with the Fans at the Fuel dinners!

  32. Oh my…I, for one, am glad you suggested Mr. B. for the job. Brought in a nice change of pace from Mr. A. Not the same character in any way, shape or form…which was nice. No attempt made to replace him, just his relief.

  33. Hello Mr. Mallozzi. No questions here. Just hope you’re doing well and that you’ll be a guest on Top Chef or Iron Chef America (or both!) right alongside Ted Allen and Anthony Bourdain. That would be all kinds of awesome.

  34. hi, joe,

    you’ve said that rob cooper is going to stop by and answer questions from fans concerning ‘ark of truth’, but is there a chance of brad wright doing the same for ‘continuum’?

    sally =)

  35. I figure the mailbag was spotted between 12th and W. Broadway. Probably headed to dinner at Vij’s.

    (Now picturing the mailbag as a near relative of The Luggage…)

  36. Trevor has a right to blog. Joe spent that entire Mail Bag with Trevor so some really inportant questions could not get answered like “where is the toilet on the puddle jumper”…..give me a break!!!!

  37. Has anyone looked at the April pictures of their Atlantis calendar yet? The bottom right photo should show “Rod” shaking hands with Rodney. However it shows the actor who is standing in for David when they do the split screen work. Am I crazy or is this a misprint?

  38. Hello to everyone 🙂 Ok, 1st to you Joe for your great blog, and then to the rest of the people here ;-).

    … Sheesh, I just leave my pc alone and away from blog reading, (ok, I dropped in, but briefly to read, but not the comments), and.. and.. wohoo. A lot, ok, just a tad of flack about critics and for who was allowed to join? wow.

    Well, ALL I can say is this:

    Dear Joe,
    I would like to thank you for your blog. Especially when you posted on the 26th of March, 2008, the image of a script! That truly made my day!

    I opened the image, extra zoomed, re-examined, and then, I was able to decipher the writing (or the printing as others would call it), on the bottom left hand side. It was, yes, wait for it, the ADDRESS, yes, the address of the studio and production I tell you, of our beloved show, Stargate Atlantis.

    I started to go in to a state of euphoria! I was at last able to start from somewhere, a point of contact, since I now had a starting point, a reference, for where a whole plot, a story of opportunities waiting to be opened, awaited for the person (aka “ME”) that would be inclined enough to indulge and rub his little not so greedy gremlin like hands, getting a while lot of mischievous ideas in to his mind (not a whole lot of space up there, but then again, most of it is vacant, so anyway, lets continue shall we?), and get everything rolling to his not so brilliant plan…

    So, what is this brilliant plan of his? What does this all mean? Simple! I can finally prepare all the post cards that I want to send to you guys there, with a “c/o” or “attn.: “.
    Of course, the cards are going to be the cover-up, the icing on the cake to get the people to open the envelopes, and say, hey, what is all this in here.
    Included with the cards, will be a few pages of… ah-hmm (clears throat)… stories 🙂 yes, a subtle, but an un-effective (or in-efficient) way to get people to read some of the things that I have written, beyond friends and old forum readers 😉 To get some more specific guidance on:
    1. If my style is suitable for a t.v. series.
    2. If ok for a ‘little’ sci-fi book.
    3. Am I actually any good or not, and people just were saying kind words… instead of actually liking it, when they actually loathed it.

    Then, the people (writers) will look at the post cards again, the writing (scripts) will most likely go in to the recycle bin or desk bin, and be cleaned out by the cleaners, and maybe get a post card as a reply.:-D

    Sich a wonderful and blissful idea, that is so blatant and anachronistic, that hey, it may even work, and get a reply along the lines:

    Dear Sir (my name here),

    We loved your post cards, your script was great, we will use your idea, give no credit back to you, and will put a stop mail on your name, so if anything comes from you again, it will be sent back to sender.
    Please do not send us this type of material again, we have brilliant writers etc, and if you would like to pitch, find your own plane tickets, your own agent, as we can not recommend any, due to legal reasons, that if we do, it will seem like we have preference over others etc.

    Now, if you would like to send us chocolates etc, or other gifts, please write that on the customs CN22 declaration form, so it will not be sent back.

    Thank you, the Mayor of Atlantitis, and big cookie monsters uncle.

    Ok, now on topic again.

    Dear Joe,

    Thank you for providing that link in the “March 28, 2008: Nominees, Winners, and Not-Losers-But-Not-Exactly-Winners-Either”. I say this, since for some reason, I think it is the way that you have configured your blog, it DOES NOT show all of a months worth of entries, unless you know the direct links.

    Now, on to today’s post.
    I would like to inform before hand, that my b-day is tomorrow, 1st of April. Yeah-ha, another year younger, and another year wiser, or I think that is the order they go in.

    Greenhouse emissions? What emissions? Personally, I have changed most lights to those flicker annoying, eye damaging, fluro lights. We do not use a clothes dryer, and use a clothes mill to let them dry. Well if the weather is rainy for a lot of days in a row, we have a fair amount of clothes, and then do a huge wash with our smallish, 8.5kg washing machine, that way minimising on the constant use of the washing machine.
    Most people around here have installed rain water tank, and also Bore water systems… As for us, we get water from the mountain, and then filter it 😉 We don’t use the car a lot either, exercise is great, ok, when we can, and weather permitting, mood swings, toddler too :-p
    The t.v. stays nearly off all the time, and use the computer to be doing things, and watch tv too. Yes, we have a tv tuner card in it 😀 That way, we save on using a separate dvd rec/player When we need to print, we use both sides of the paper, and also when possible, print two pages on each side, so an instant saving of 3 pages for every page that prints at least 4. Oh yes, others have also connected there washing machines (too much of an investment actually) for the grey water, to go in to a tank, and then that to be used to flush the Toiler/W.C./C.R/Loo/Dunny (insert own English version), water the garden after it has been filtered etc.

    Anyway, enough of my ramblings for a single post.

    Thank you for your time everyone that was kind enough to go through all this huge message.
    P.s. I enjoyed your other pics too Joe of how the scenes are done (drawings). it has ignited my imagination even further 😉

  39. Dear Trevor,
    There are many horrible things going on in the world at this very moment. If you have so much anger in your soul and apparently, time on your hands, do something productive and helpful.

    If the reasoning behind a television show casting change that happened years ago is the most important thing you have going on, I’m very sorry. Out of respect for the rest of us not caring, move it along, buddy, move it along.

  40. Trevor said: I don’t doubt that you or any of the other producers thought that Browder was a decent idea for an addition to the cast. But I do doubt that any of you had the power to say “no” to the suggestion or to not incorporate Browder exactly how Scifi wanted him incorporated.

    So if the producers thought it was a good idea, and the studio thought it was a good idea, the producers are hardly going to turn around and say no are they? They’re both on the same page and it’s a win/win situation. Though of course Scifi did send in that tactical strike force to kidnap Joe’s dogs to get him to relent to the casting choice that he already wanted, but that goes without saying.

    Or are we going to agree that it’s a bit ridiculous given the overwhelming evidence, both empirical and anecdotal, to the contrary?

    There’s evidence? Fantastic! Well, come on then. If there’s not a least one statistic to be made up I’m 86% sure to be disappointed.

    I think you might also be a little bit mixed up between what is opinion and what is fact. For instance, it’s a fact that in my opinion McKay is the best character on SGA. There are other people who in their opinion might think he’s the worst, however it’s also a fact that 93.5% of these people do unnatural things to goats in their spare time and have poor personal hygiene.

    A bunch of sycophants who will cheer at the wide thrust from their champion?

    Steady on. He’s a married man and we’re not those kind of fans.

  41. Hey Joe, just wanted to drop by. I watched my recorded copies of Outcast and Midway for about the sixth time each last week. I enjoyed both as much as the first time I saw them. Can’t wait til the box set is out. And I very often dread spending money. It’s a shocking level of re-watchability, which leads me to the obvious question, How are you guys so awesome?!

    Also, I always seem to be behind on things. Totally missed ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ as a BOTM. But I wanted you to know I picked it up on your suggestion and I’m reading it now. There was a certain paragraph in the introduction where I realized I was going to love the author. It’s true some stories have clicked with me personally better than others. But I’m enjoying Gaiman’s style immensely. Though that single part in the introduction may continue to remain an all-time favorite. Thanks for the rec.

  42. In a random note regarding Mitchell, I’ve been showing my roommate some of the later eps of SG-1 (she hasn’t see very many SG-1 at all) and when Mitchell first came on screen, she nearly choked, then went, “Whoa…I mean, he’s hot…I mean, he’s a good actor.” I just thought that was funny.

    But anyway, I can’t believe people are still complaining about Mitchell being on the team. Sure, he’s no O’Neill, but he’s cool in his own right. I may not think he’s the best thing in the history of the world, but I do think he’s a fine and appropriate addition to the team and I look forward to seeing more of him (and the rest of SG-1) in hopefully many movies to come.

  43. Joe, ps. Just wanted you to know that every dam time I come on this blog I get hungry. Tisk tisk, I am a chocolate lover and I must hold back from attacking my chocolate stash each time I read your blog. You work for some super secrect food company i’m sure of it now. Sorry just read your older blogs today while hungry…:0

  44. Oh yes by the way; luis asked; where is the bathroom on the puddle jumpers…

    LOL i’d never thought of that before, hmmm interesting.
    😉 Nicole.

  45. I, sycophant #1, award Joe (my Champion) 250 points and 5 cheers for his wide thrust at Trevor! Huzzah!

    And Dovil, you are hilarious.

    Joe, are you planning any shenanigans for April Fool’s Day? Hope you enjoy your Fuel fan dinner! Wish I could make it!


  46. I, like everyone here, am very grateful that you even make the time and effort to give us a window into your world.

    And there have been so many thoughtful questions asked lately, and sadly, so few mailbags in the past month because of your busy schedule.

    Which is why I don’t understand why you decided to spend an entire mailbag, albeit short, on one poster (whose opinion I’ve both agreed and disagreed with over time) as opposed to all the others on your blog.

  47. Hi Joe

    So it’s you who we have to thank for Ben B. being on SG1!! Here I am again so impressed with your good taste. Ben being on SG1 revived the series for another two years and I think the show could have gone on for another 3 or more seasons. I personally think it was cancelled too soon. But anyway I’m still impressed with your good instincts.. Love your Cookie MOnster..


  48. Can you name any decisions that have been made on the show which looking back over you consider a mistake? There must be a few, apart from Irresponsible which you have seemed to look down upon 😉

    Oh and any word on the bloopers yet?

  49. Ahem. Stop stereotyping hillbillies. Even Hillbilly Lawyers. Being a hillbilly doesn’t make one either uneducated or incestuous. It is bigotry to imply any such thing. I realize you used it in jest, but making slurs about hillbillies is no more okay than about blacks, jews, or any other racial, religious or cultural group. And for those of us who are “hillbillies” it is as offensive as Polish jokes. Thanks.

    Btw, where IS the toilet on the jumpers?

  50. Um, awkward! Tonight, I feel like the gal that showed up to the party late and walked in during the middle of an argument between the host and an angry mob of revelers. “The beer has arrived! Wahoo!” I holler, proudly holding up my contribution to the merry-making, only to be met with an uncomfortable silence and stares from the rest of the party-goers. “Brewski?” *silence* “ Anybody?” *more silence* “No?”

    You know, I envy you, Joe…and then I don’t. The opportunity to work with an amazing creative team to put together what I’ve come to find is the best show on TV–yeah, I envy you that. Being the genius behind Baron Destructo, Aloysius P. Hazzencockle, and the rest of the motley crew over at Spambait–yup, I envy you that too. Having to defend yourself to unhappy superfans with obviously skewed ideas of what goes into the complicated day-to-day decisions and politics of making a hit show–yeah, not so much.

    I think the fact that you allow fans to interact with you at all is a great testament to what a cool dude you are…so thanks for that, and sorry you have to deal with all the pissing and moaning. Now, I’m taking my beer into the kitchen and re-filling the chip bowl. Who wants a cold one?

  51. OK, Trevor is officially scaring me. No need to get your panties in a bunch. It was just a movie. If you didn’t like it, or it was to hard for you to understand don’t watch it. To go all postal on Joe is silly. Joe gives all us fans a unique opportunity. I can’t think of many producers, giving the fans a chance like this. If he was trying ignor you, he would not have accepted your comments. He does not have kiss your ass because you are a critic. He doesn’t to treat you with some sort of respect. He gave you the chance to voice you opinion. But instead of being a man, you whined like my four year old little girl. Present questions like an adult, and maybe you will be answered as one. Just please stop whining, I can’t take the whining.

  52. Thanks muchly for the pics of the puddle jumper, Joe, I very much enjoyed seeing all of the details the props department put into it. I’ve been addicted to the minutiae that go on behind the scenes, especially costuming and props, ever since I watched all of the behind the scenes footage on the extended editions of “The Lord of the Rings” DVDs. Also, I realize that you’re only the producer of the show and that MGM has say on the merchandising, but could you please put in a good word for adding models of the various ships and such to the action figure lineup? Yeah, I know, I’m an overgrown kid. :-p

    For MajorSal, Trevor and the other folks angsting over the whole leadership of SG-1 kerfuffle, the US Military utilizes date of rank in determining command of a unit between two individuals of the same rank/pay grade. If I’m not gravely mistaken, Cameron Mitchell was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before the events in Antarctica at the end of season 7. Sam Carter wasn’t promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel until several months later in early season 8. Therefore, Cameron Mitchell would become the leader of SG-1 when assigned to that team.

    Hmmm…I’m having a strong sense of deja vú here, so I think we’ve all been over this before; but, to use a Teal’c-ism, far be it from me to protest the flogging of the dead equine. Yes, I personally would have preferred Cam Mitchell to have been the one with less time in grade and therefore have Sam be in charge just because she is my favorite character and I thought it rocked that we finally had an excellent female leader in a science fiction series (sorry, I never cared much for Captain Janeway Kirk), but I can also respect Amanda Tapping’s desire to spend more time with her new baby daughter. I’m just happy that we got more kick-ass Sam Carter and SG-1 for another two seasons. Adding the hotness that is Ben Browder to the mix certainly didn’t hurt my eyes any and, quite frankly, I greatly enjoyed his characterization of Cameron Mitchell as well.

  53. Okay, I know I’m late to the party, but didn’t the pilot side of the puddlejumper dashboard include a couple of piloting sticks? Has the puddlejumper been redesigned since last season? Please tell me I didn’t miss a redesign between season two’s addition of lights and the finale of season four.

    Also, is it possible that definitions of fans of science fiction television shows ought to include a line about the obsession of said fans with (a) bathrooms, and (b) commodes…? *grin*

  54. oops! looks like its bee in bonnet time, Trevor mate, why don’t you save getting riled for some REALLY important issues? You’re like a terrier with a rat mate and after all it IS only a TV show! I got like you over on the skynews comments page (you know real events and stuff?) but then I love nothing more than a good argument and was a fanatical member of the debate team in school.
    I’d just keep taking the medication if i were you and let Joe answer the really important questions like WHERE ARE THE DAMN TOILETS IN THE PEGASUS GALAXY!?

  55. As eloquent as you are in defense, you need to ignore the trolls! It only makes them come back for more. They thrive on abuse and become bigger …. :/

  56. narellefromaus Said:

    Blonde question – what is the origin of the word “Anyhoo”?

    A friend of mine and I have used it for years without running across it in any other general conversations with people that aren’t us (we are 30 so a good 10 years or so of usage). You use it here. Then watching Frasier last night he also used it.

    I’m sure a lot of regulars to this blog will say “how stooopid is she?” but I’m willing to go out on a limb to find out.

    Hi narelle. It’s not a silly question at all. Many people have wondered about the origin of this word. You won’t find it any of the main dictionaries. There are also two spellings – anyhoo (which I use) and anywho.

    I managed to find the following site with some references:

    Phrase Finder

    Cheers, Chev
    (also from Aus)

  57. A couple of questions:

    1) What happened to the Wraith’s ability to regenerate from bullet impacts very fast, and to create hallucinations?

    2) When you are writing a script, at which point in the story you usually begin writing? Beginning, middle, end, or does that differ each time?

    3) What’s the general direction s5 is heading? (i.e. in s4 it was allying with the wraith to fight a common enemy, the asurans)

    4) Any Traveler or Genii stories in s5?

  58. Every once in a while, I just feel compelled to make a statement: I really liked O’Neil and hated to see RDA leave SG-1. I missed O’Neil. I really liked Mitchell, too, but never felt disloyal to O’Neil or RDA for that. I liked Beckett, but I don’t feel the need to dislike Keller because she replaced him after he died. I’m still waiting for her to grow on me (or not), but I don’t dislike her. I liked Weir, and I like Carter. Again, I don’t feel disloyal for that. I’m pretty sure I’ll like Wolsey, in terms of his character and what he brings to the show. I don’t think Sam Carter OR Amanda Tapping would slap me for that. I’d cry if McKay left, but I’d like to think I’d give the new Chief Science Officer a chance.

    I love the show(s)! Things change, in the real world and the fictional one, and I like to think that the writers and actors can make the changes interesting instead of tragic (unless of course, they’re supposed to be tragic). I enjoying the anticipation of what they might do next!

    Now I’m off to work, where once again, half the job is the anticipation of what might happen next!

  59. I’m intreaged, where exactly is this interview with Rob Cooper?

    Anyway, leaving that subject the hell alone, I would like to say how much I love Cookie Monster! WDFC (what the fudge cookies) I am going to have to start using in real life, just to see people’s reactions. I read this entry in Uni and my friends think I’m crazy because I started laughing right in the middle on the computer lab.

    Thanks you Cookie Monster, if you’re ever looking for a Mrs Monster, you know where to look.

  60. Hello again Mr M!

    Greetings from…..actually Terminal 5 Heathrow !?!
    Yes, am en route to Vancouver.
    Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday night.
    Any news on Lt Col Anne Teldy?


  61. Joe may have avoided Trevor’s questions but, the fact of the matter is, his second response goes to show *why* people do not get their sometimes valid questions answered.

    You don’t like the direction your show is going in? Fine, no problem.

    But there’s these little things called manners – if you look to past blogs in relation to issues like Beckett and Weir leaving, you can clearly see Joe’s respectful answers to those fans who came across in a polite and non-accusatory way.

    If you are rude, accusatory and, in some fans’ cases, downright unpleasant, why should you be responded to in any other way?

    Save your vitriol for something worthy (the conditions in Zimbabwe, Tibet or Africa perhaps) because – as much as it pains me to say this – it’s just a TV show.

  62. Hey, thanks for responding to Trevor, I’m sure he would have been even more complaint-filled if you had just ignored him and let his opinions go rot.
    But hey, like Joe says, every one of you has every right to express your opinions and make yourselves look as silly and unrefined as you wish. But you have no right to demand his answers or attention, sorry.

    And it’s lovely to know that the problem of global warming has been kicked to the curb after an hour of lights out! We should all celebrate. 😉

  63. Hi Joe!

    Wow, we’re a commenting bunch, aren’t we?

    Did Cookie Monster figure out who died and wanted to leave him all those pounds? Kinda mean to want to give pounds to a monster whose raison d’etre is to eat cookies! What if he’s sensitive about his weight?! 😉

    Rob C. made a comment I agree with in the AoT commentary. To paraphrase (because it would take too long to find the exact quote – I gotta work!), he says he’s amazed/surprised/saddened(?) by some people’s ability to hate. He was talking about when RDA left the show and Ben joined.

    Letting anger and frustration build to the hatred I’ve seen in Gate fans (and other fandoms) really makes me question my “I’m OK, you’re probably not a slug,” philosophy. 😉

    The way I’ve determined Sam’s rank is watching the shows. Captain, Major, Lt. Colonel, Colonel. At the end of S10, she’s a Lt. Col. In AoT, she’s a Lt. Col. and it occurs before S4 of SGA. In S4 of SGA, she’s a Colonel. I dunno about Continuum because it isn’t out yet. If she’s an LC, then to me, it’ll be before SGA. Beyond that, I don’t care. It’s not a deal breaker for me.

    Quick note to Trevor – you are the second person this week who, while commenting here, made a point to negatively label fans who didn’t think like you, in an attempt to vilify and quash their voices. It’s possible to express your opinions to Joe, however critical they are, without attacking others.

    Now, where’s that beer essaytch was talking about????


  64. Trevor does it really matter if scifi demanded Ben Browder? He’s saying no, you are saying yes. He’s on the inside you are not. So you are essentially saying he is lying. You think that’s going to put him in a good mood? Maybe scifi leaned on them and he rationalized it away, maybe they didn’t. Does it matter? Would it make you happier to know why Browder was there? I doubt it.

  65. 1)During Season Five, will any words or actions be exchanged between team members with harsh ramifications that cannot be undone?

    2)Will any prophecies or disturbing ancient text be uncovered during the next season?

  66. Hey Joe,

    What address can I use to send you a a care package from South Louisiana? Great pralines from New Orleans, Pecans, and seasonings?


  67. *Shrugs about the Ben Browder thing.* I have utterly failed to finish the last couple seasons of SG-1 because I didn’t care for the Ori storyline. Browder’s a cutie. I liked Vala better as a vamp than when she toned it down and went with pigtails. *shudder* However, I’m still watching SGA, despite the reduction of my favourite character to recurring status and his near-absence from season 4, even in being mentioned, let alone seen. I just hope he continues recurring rather than going the way of Ford.

    Anyhow, about your book stuff, I’d like to encourage people to forego ordering from amazon if possible, in light of their strong-arm tactics against print-on-demand publishers– many of which are small-press– to try and make them go with amazon’s own POD program, BookSurge, which has generally proven to produce an inferior product, has no distribution through Ingram (the major book distributor), and would require the publishers to reformat all their titles at considerable expense. Publishers who do not sign with BookSurge are having their ‘Buy’ buttons on their titles’ amazon pages “turned off.” writersweekly.com has the latest about this here– http://writersweekly.com/the_latest_from_angelahoycom/004597_03272008.html

    Just thought all the book-loving fans ought to be in the know.

  68. Salut Joseph =) Sa va?? Moi oui, j’ai passer une bonne journée, j’ai eu 19,5 sur 20 a mes verbes irréguliers, trop happy 🙂

    Il sont bizzard les email que vous reçevez, c’est quoi cette histoir de compte, et ces sommes d’argent??

    Mais euhh…il y’a eu du favoritisme dans la réponse au question aujourd’hui, Trévor a trop de la chance 🙁

    Mes questions:

    1)Il est prévu que vous commentiez combient d’épisode de la saison 4 dans les dvd?
    2)Aimez vous le catch?

    Voila =) Bisou Bisou, a demain =)je vous adore♥

  69. (Dovil: Your comments are brilliant! Thanks for making my Monday start with a smile!)

    Thank you for creating this blog and taking the time to interact with us fans. It’s another reason why I love Stargate. I was really sad to see RDA leave, but completely understandable, family first. But, I’m also glad that you suggested Ben Browder. Farscape and Stargate are my favorite sci-fi shows of all time, and when it was announced that Claudia Black and Ben Browder would be on SG-1…Indeed…It was a happy day. As a Teal’c once said, “undomesticated equines could not remove me” from lovin’ this show!

  70. Regarding the puddlejumper in yesterdays pics: I thought it looked different too until I was rewatching Sateda last night and noticed the back section was the same as the one in the pics. I didn’t remember to take a better look at the front. Do different puddlejumpers have different setups so so teams can take the one best geared for a particular mission?


  71. Hey…hey…hey we who frequent Joe’s blog are not sycophants, we prefer the terms, adulator, apple polisher, lick spittle, minion, parasite and my personal favourite sniveler.

    And after looking up the origin of the word sycophant…may I say I have had nothing to do with ‘figs’ I don’t even like them!!

    Sycophant one who shows the fig “Showing the fig” was a vulgar gesture made by sticking the thumb between two fingers, a display which vaguely resembles a fig, itself symbolic of a @*£$…..WHOA! Can’t put that word in.

    Lighten up Trevor.


  72. Darling Trevor, Chillax! I mean, so what? Honestly, WHY are you so angry and insistent? What if you are right? What prize do you win, who will care? Think anyone is going to say, “Wow, Trevor was right all along, we should respect the Clever Trevor?” Ain’t gunna happen bub. I asked a question, Trevor, several in fact, answer me, answer me ASAP and I will KNOW if you lie. Dude, you can lead water under a bridge leaving no stone unturned but you can’t make the grass greener on the other side of the fence until the unhatched chickens cross the road to come home to roost.

    Oh, I am married to a West Virginian hillbilly, beard and all. Yes, we have a shotgun. No he doesn’t say “reckon” but he does pronounce “tiger” as “tagger.” It’s cute.

  73. I think maybe Trevor needs to take a chill pill already. I mean really. 😛

    I am adding my voice to the others here who’ve expressed their delight that Ben Browder was chosen to be a part of the excellent SG-1. Both Ben and Claudia brought a wonderful, fun energy to the show and made it even more of a joy to watch. So a HUGE thankyou to everybody involved in the casting process of the lovely Mr. Browder. 🙂

    A quick question Joe: Do you know if any of the Atlantis Cast Members are taking part in the Episode Commentaries for the Season 4 DVD Boxset?

  74. Okay – being clueless like I am (and not a SG1 fan), I had to look up to see who this controversial ‘Ben’ was…hmmmmmm…seems he was the guy I saw in Ark of Truth – and I liked him lots. In fact, for me, he was the best part of the show (loved the ‘whumping’ he got, too 😀 ). See, not being very familiar with SG1, I have no emotional attachment to any of the characters, so I went into AoT almost blind. Of course, I know a few of the characters, but most not very well…and didn’t know Mitchell at all – but he was the one I ended up liking the most.

    So…there. Pffft.

    (now…can we get him in Wraith make-up anytime soon… 😉 )


  75. Light: Is the amazon thing only US or all the sites? Should I consider boycotting them in the UK? I’ve signed the petition and am quite willing to move my business elsewhere – but only if this will help the cause! I hate it when companies get so big they think they can bully the smaller companies and get away with it.

    Joe Hope the producer’s cut of Broken Ties goes well – the same for the DVD commentary (which for once I’m actually looking forward to listening to!).

    Congrats to Cookie Monster on all that money, though commiserations on the loss of the unnamed relative. Hope he discovers who it was soon. Nothing worse than not knowing.

    Leesa Perrie

  76. Mr M. You’ve dazzled us with great episodes and great reading lists. I’ve gone through 5 of the 16 books you listed recently and a tad further back. ( and I’m having a blast, thanks)
    that’s books. searching through we can find some of your best movies and anime.

    do you read graphic novels, (or no time)
    besides poker any other games (or no time)

  77. This is the article that TREVOR keeps referring too. I don’t understand why he is taking what Robert said out of context. Robert has said many times how happy they were/are to have Ben Browder on SG1 (remember they originally wanted him for the role of Sheppard) and unless reading with jaded eyes, he clearly states AGAIN that they LOVE BEN. I think that he was illustrating how Claudia and Ben were two different decisions. Joe has even stated twice now that he wanted Ben as well. I think that SciFi was right in saying that Ben would be a great addition…they need to continually make corrections to their idiotic cancellations of the shows that actually are worth watching…but no, they continue to pay for the stupidest “SCIFI” movies that I am ashamed to say some of my favorite actors even decided to be in! I mean it was their decision to “not renew” BSG but they are going to drag out the back 10 just so they have another 10 weeks of ratings (which have dipped since they screwed up SciFi Friday when they split up SG1, SGA, and BSG)!
    So as it always goes…I can’t change TREVOR’s perception of this article or anyone’s who has a problem with Mitchell’s character but I thought I could at least show those who wanted to know where he was getting this from. I don’t think Robert has a problem with Ben…I could not see him lying on the DVD or in the article below but to each his own.
    -here is the statment-

    Blaine Kyllo: Who’s idea was it to bring Ben Browder and Claudia Black in for season nine?

    Robert Cooper: They were actually, believe it or not, independent decisions. Claudia was in an episode in season eight, and we cast her as a guest star in that episode. She was so awesome, that we were like, “We have to find a way to get her back.”

    Blaine Kyllo: She’s very good.

    Robert Cooper: She’s very entertaining and dynamic. When we looked at retooling the show in season nine, when Richard Dean Anderson decided to go back to L.A. and not do the show anymore, we looked at a number of options, but SCI FI, the network, was very familiar with Ben’s work through Farscape, and felt that fans of science fiction and of their station would recognize him and would like him. Basically, SCI FI liked Ben a lot. That’s not to say we were resistant to the idea at all. We love Ben. They were just two independent decisions. The fact that we ended up with the two stars of Farscape was something that we obviously talked about and debated. But it really wasn’t a big issue. We made a bit of a joke about it in the first episode, and they, I think, transcended their previous roles and became who they are on Stargate.

    Blaine Kyllo: The dynamic of the casts — it’s true of SG-1 and certainly something that is true of Atlantis as well — the cast chemistry is really critical to the success of the show. You had already seen how Claudia was going to integrate with the cast, but were you a bit apprehensive about mixing things up?

    Robert Cooper: Not really. It was season nine. It’s kind of hard to fail in season nine. If it doesn’t work and you end up off the air, it’s kind of like, “Oh, well, nine seasons.” But it did work, and it worked because Ben is a great guy and a very professional actor, and came in and recognized that he was joining a cast that had been together for a very long time, and found a way to make his role his own and kind of carve out his own little place in the Stargate world, and I thought he did a brilliant job to the point where Cameron Mitchell has become a part of the fabric of the franchise. That’s to Ben’s credit as a person as well as an actor.

  78. However Ben Browder made it to SG-1, it seems pretty irrelevant at this point. People liked him, so they brought him on board. Seems logical to me, and very sensible. I just know that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Ben. He’s why I started watching the show. My only complaint was that he wasn’t utilized enough in S10.

  79. Bon je vais surment aller regarder un petite épisode avant de me coucher, d’ayieur j’ai remarquer qu’il n’y a pas de commenntaire de vous dans la saison 3, impatiente de voir se que vous aller dire dans les dvd de la saison 4 ..alalala je vais encors pouvoir m’endormir avec votre voix ♥_♥..alala Joseph

    Bon aller bonne nuit, a demain, je vous adore!

  80. For Trevor who called most here sycophants and basically insulted anyone whose opinion didn’t match his:

    Okay, I’m done laughing now. What a load of utter crap, Trevor. First off, your opinions are your own and that’s fine, but please…don’t attempt to pass them off as every fan’s opinion. Some of us really enjoy Ben Browder.

    Even though, I feel like I’m talking to my teenager when I say this, I’ll say it anyway. When folks like Cooper and Joe make comments about a show they’re making fans will take away their own interpretation of it whether it’s correct or not. Sometimes, a fan, like yourself, will not accept any other explanation or opinion no matter what.

    I’m not so presumptuous as to think my opinion is better than anyone else’s, but I’m not one to insult people for having a different opinion than mine, either. You’ve already done that and I have no doubt some folks are fitting you with the label of troll as we speak.

    Thanks for the entertainment, Trevor. Please, come back again. It’s always nice to have a toy to play with here.

  81. *is now breathlessly awaiting a spoilerrific photo/concept art shot showing Rodney’s rubber duckie perched precariously atop the button for a fold-out commode in the back of the Puddlejumper*

    Also, can Ancient commodes be used to give swirlies? Enquiring minds wish to know!

  82. Maybe I should just go on a rant about TBTB and decisions made, and I’ll get a whole mailbag devoted to me. 🙂

    Nah, I try to keep my whining of Person X behind Person X’s back. That way they can’t fight back. haha.

  83. Here’s a question I’ve not seen before, but then again, maybe it’s here, and I just overlooked it. How is the decision made who among your recurring characters get added as regular cast members? i.e., Paul McGillion was a recurring character during Season 1 and was added in Season 2. Likewise, Jewel Staite had a recurring role this season and is (from what TV.com says) being added for Season 5. However, David Nykl, Mitch Pileggi, Kavan Smith and Conner Trineer – all of whom recur regularly, have not been added as regulars. How is it determined who you add and who you don’t? Just curious. My husband has expressed on more than one occasion that he wouldn’t mind if Larrin was added as a regular character, but what man honestly would mind that?

  84. OK – the obsession with the toilets on the puddle jumpers has special meaning for me today 🙂
    Workman digging the road outside my office damaged the mains water pipe and our water supply has been cut off. Second time in four days. Five o’clock came and off home they go.I want them to work through the night dammit. No water no flushing. When you have no access to toilets that what everyone thinks and talks about. Perhaps the Atlantis teams have been specially trained to go without them for days! No morning coffee for me tomorrow then 🙁

  85. Just seen Ark of Truth!

    Yes, I know, I’m behind – but I had to borrow it from a friend ‘cos I don’t get Sky One.

    Anyway, I liked it a lot. It was every bit as good as the best SG1 episodes and had some extra cool effects added too (and some nice whumpage – hey, don’t care who they whump, I’m an evil girly who likes whumpage!).

    Loved the added complication with the Replicators and the interferring IOA and that Merrick guy – suddenly Woolsey doesn’t seem so bad!!

    I’m not a big SG1 fan, that is, I enjoyed watching the show and might re-watch the occasional episode now and though not exclusively so), don’t read fanfic etc, so not a big fan (unlike Atlantis, to which I am totally addicted!). So maybe that’s why I had no problems with it and thought it was a great way to end the Ori storyline. *shrugs shoulders* Or maybe I’m just easy to please!

    Anyway, I thought it was very good and am looking forward to Continuum when it comes out.

    And yeah, I like both O’Neill and Mitchell. I like all the SG1 main cast characters (even Jonas, though I wasn’t cut up when he left because we were getting Daniel back).

    I have no problems with the casting etc. And I seem to remember one episode (Univited, I think) where Mitchell says he’s not really in charge of SG1 because Sam and he are the same rank, Daniel is a civilian and Teal’c and Vala are aliens. Make of that what you will, but I always interpreted it as being more of a team effort

    In this film Sam says they need to pull back in the opening scenes and Cam agrees – how is that him being solely in charge? It has never struck me as Cam being in charge full stop (period, if you prefer), but that the leader side of things slips back and forth between Sam and Cam depending on the situation.

    But then I don’t know the episodes inside out like some of you out there do – it’s just the general gist that I get; that they work together to lead the team – and let’s face it, the team isn’t always ‘led’ (just like the team in Atlantis!), so it’s often even more of a team effort anyway!

    Hmm, just a few thoughts and general rambling. Off to read a SGA fanfic now (and try not to think about the Ark of Truth being reprogrammed by some random bad guy…’cos that way lies plot bunnies and seeing as I only write SGA fic these days, how on earth (or not earth, in this case) I can make THAT idea into a SGA fic I don’t even what to start thinking about…!!!)

    Leesa Perrie

  86. Earth Hour? Hmmm. Here in South Africa we have been celebrating this Earth Day thing for a while now and haven’t even realised it.

    Because Electricity is so scarce we have what people euphemistically call “rolling black-outs”. Translated, this means that a whole suburb has their power shut off for two hours every second night, in our case either from 12 noon to 2pm or 10pm to 12pm.

    Now I have a candle in each room, a flask of hot water ready to hand and total hatred for Eskom (our national power people) in my heart.

    Needless to say, TV viewing is kind of a maybe-I’ll-see-it-maybe-I-wont kind of thing.

    You know, it takes a lot of strength to live where I do.

  87. Mr. Mallozzi:

    Upon further examination of the movies at the Philadelphia Film Festival, I found another movie with Stargate connections besides Young People F***ing with Martin Gero (Exec Producer – Stargate Atlantis) and Universal Signs with Robert Picardo (IOA rep Richard Woolsey). It’s Choose Connor, which has in its cast Michael Welch (clone Jack O’Neill), and Erick Avari (Kasuf).

    Philadelphia Film Festival site

  88. Personally, I’d be honored to have JM make fun of me. I’d probably copy the comment and send it to all my friends!

    Am I a hillbilly if I, in fact, grew up on a hill (off the gravel road) and am my own cousin? When I was a kid it took me forever to figure out which side of the family Great-aunt Helen belonged to. It turns out she belonged to both sides!

  89. Bonsoir, M. Mallozzi.
    Je voulais savoir si cela était vrai, vous allez tourner le final de la saison 5 en France ? Si c’est le cas c’est génial. Merci pour cette série formidable. Thank you.

  90. Is Major Anne Teldy still MIA?

    Come back Anne Teldy, Joe’s blog needs you, hell we need you…Trevor’s scarring us all!!


  91. Okay so I have one ‘r’ too many and we are scarred as well as scared so there.

    Pauline again!

  92. Several other people have said this, but I think it is important to remember that Joe doesn’t have to answer questions or even blog everyday. I for one am glad he takes the time to do so and would like to thank him. I really enjoy the behind the scenes pictures and info. I just worry that one day, he’s going to get fed up with people who use this blog to attack the show or him and ruin it for the rest of us.

    (By attack I mean accusatory rants. Critisisms when stated in a constructive manner are sometimes interesting to read.)

    When a show is no longer enjoyable to watch, I stop following it. Why would you argue and waste your time over something you have no control over. I find it much more enjoyable to find a new show to get caught up in.

    Now, a question for Joe: When will we find out when Continuum is being released? The coupon I got with AoT said that it was coming out July 29th(unless I misread), but I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere.



  93. Dear Joe,
    Please take all the Ben Browder bashers out back and shoot them, immediately.
    Thank you.

  94. I am also hoping to find out why the jumpers have no toilets…I am also still wandering why the com units seem to always go to whom a character is talking to (like the ones on Star Trek)…I find it hard to believe that everyone is on the same channel and listening to others conversations…though that would bring up some really funny and revealing moments to play off of.
    I am also totally excited that “Agathon” from BSG is going to be on Dollhouse with Eliza! Can’t wait for Joss’s new show!
    Does anyone out there have a Stargate theme tattoo and if so what is it?

  95. Sulien Said: “For MajorSal, Trevor and the other folks angsting over the whole leadership of SG-1 kerfuffle, the US Military utilizes date of rank in determining command of a unit between two individuals of the same rank/pay grade. If I’m not gravely mistaken, Cameron Mitchell was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before the events in Antarctica at the end of season 7. Sam Carter wasn’t promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel until several months later in early season 8. Therefore, Cameron Mitchell would become the leader of SG-1 when assigned to that team.”

    a snippet of the transcript from ‘avalon pt.1’ –

    MITCHELL: General. I’m here to join SG-1.

    LANDRY: Colonel. You’re here to lead SG-1.

    MITCHELL: (close up) ah…what about Ltd. Colonel Carter.

    LANDRY: well…she’s taken command of Stargate’s RND out of area 51.

    sounds like mitchell was expecting sam to be leading. so if sg1 hadn’t have disbanded, would mitchell have just joined and been sam’s 2IC?

    while time has passed and mitchell has become one of my faves, i still feel the sting of this decision sometimes.

    and btw, mitchell has more time in grade *because* the writers wrote it that way.

    argh, i’m really coming off anti mitchell and i’m not! sam, jack, and mitchell are my fave characters. i guess i like the military edge more, or i just like the actors more.:P as fun as mitchell whump can be, i’d like more emotional scenes with him (like in s9’s ‘collateral damage’) because what little we’ve been able to see of mitchell’s vulnerable side, ben pulls if off wonderfully. more would be nice. 🙂

    sally =)

  96. Has anyone ever seen Hillary Clinton and Trevor in the same place at the same time?

    It makes one wonder…

  97. Trevor – Everyone has a right to their own opinions, but you have seriously mastered the art of nit picking. Have you lost the ability to watch a TV show or movie for pure entertainment value, or are you determined to facilitate negativity towards your fellow fans?

    Joe – I truly love all SG shows and respect what you and your peers have done to make it thrive. Keep up the good work and continue to respond in kind to both the Trevors (“critics”) and the fans. And if you have the time, please pass on whatever answer you might have to the toilet in the puddle-jumper issue. My sister (and several other fans) are getting ansy. Oh, and please give McKay more screen time – he’s my main source of joy in life 😉

  98. “and btw, mitchell has more time in grade *because* the writers wrote it that way. ”

    Heck, the only reason the CHARACTER Mitchell even exists is because the writers wrote him at all!

  99. Rhonda said:
    “I concur. And since, obviously my opinion counts more than any other, Mr. Browder was a brilliant choice. That should more than settle the matter.”

    I agree Ben was a fine choice. I was looking forward to him on SG-1. To me that’s not at issue. It’s the placement of *his character* that rankled. Badly.


  100. I’d just like to voice my agreement with those who’ve enjoyed Ben Browder as a welcomed addition to the last years of SG1.
    Though it was ….er….different to read another one of those long um…rants which I thought we’ve been able to leave behind.
    Hope you (and anyone else here who is planning on going) have a great dinner tomorrow night! I wish I could go, but alas, I seem to be a few hundred miles too far south.

  101. I never really saw Sam as a leader…she is more of the solid right arm. It is not just because I LOVE MITCHELL but she was the voice like Scully was to Mulder.

  102. Jami Said:

    “OK, Trevor is officially scaring me. No need to get your panties in a bunch. It was just a movie. If you didn’t like it, or it was to hard for you to understand don’t watch it. To go all postal on Joe is silly. Joe gives all us fans a unique opportunity. I can’t think of many producers, giving the fans a chance like this. If he was trying ignor you, he would not have accepted your comments. He does not have kiss your ass because you are a critic. He doesn’t to treat you with some sort of respect. He gave you the chance to voice you opinion. But instead of being a man, you whined like my four year old little girl. Present questions like an adult, and maybe you will be answered as one. Just please stop whining, I can’t take the whining.”

    You seemed to have missed the bit where he did ask “like an adult” and was ignored in favor of a…less well crafted… post.

    I rather liked his response to Joe. And agree with it.

    And those you you who are basically saying to get a life… well, here you (we) are, so… pot and kettle. just because he’d like SG-1 answers (though admittedly Joe has no need to provide said answers) doesn’t mean he shouldn’t ask. I can’t think of anything less pressing than if there are toilets on puddlejumpers…


  103. And thanks to Trevor…and toilets…today’s replies have topped 110…



  104. trekkiegirlt Said:

    Dear Joe,
    Please take all the Ben Browder bashers out back and shoot them, immediately.
    Thank you.

    Someone’s bashing Ben? Where? <> All I see is (not really) bashing Lt. Colonel Greenie “Give Sam the Shaft” Mitchell.


  105. So it’s 822 PST and no Joe… Where or where did our Joe go!!! Withdrawal are already setting in…


  106. Rebekah said “My husband has expressed on more than one occasion that he wouldn’t mind if Larrin was added as a regular character, but what man honestly would mind that?”

    I would. She’s an annoying twit, and Shepard comes across as more a blond bimbo than he already is.

    So get rid of him and bring over Ben Browder 😉

  107. Càite bheil an taigh beag?

    SO they have sucked out all the ‘stuff’ and repressurised the jumper. Where do they get the new oxygen to refill the air lost during depressurisation?

    Your concept is naff and unacceptable (you eejit) and the jumper will have to be redesigned to incorporate toilet and showering faciilities.

    I can feel a new campaign arising out of this – a new batch of letters and ideas, You-tube clips and even another piper to scare the S*** out of you. Hope you are not in a jumper when this happens – no toilet!


    Enjoy your dinner – wish I was coming. But Perth to Vancouver is a bit far to travel for a meal – even a good meal.


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