“I was grabbed by the throat and choked”the guy explained. “I used a knife to protect me. I can’t work here anymore!”

I turned my head slightly in his general direction only to have Fondy reproach me in French, a secret language understood only by her and me and about 260 million other people worldwide: “Ne faites pas cela!”

“Quoi?”I asked back innocently. Seriously. If the guy had wanted to ensure his conversation remain private, he wouldn’t be having it on his cell phone in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

As I was about to explain how I wasn’t really eavesdropping, merely checking out what our neighbor’s had ordered, Chokee snapped the cell phone shut and marched into the kitchen. An animated Cantonese discussion ensued as I feigned interest in the menu.

“Ready to order?” The waiter was suddenly at our table.

“Sure.” I flipped through the menu. “We’ll do the crab with the special spices.” In the kitchen – voices raised. “The yang chow fried rice.” Shouts. “And the sweet and sour fish.” Something is slammed and the alleged victim storms back out of the kitchen, incensed, crosses the dining room and stands defiantly at the entrance, arms crossed, legs wide apart should, I assumed, someone foolishly attempt to upend him.

“Great!”beamed the waiter, snapping up our menus and heading off.

“I hope we get served before the police get here,”I confided. “What if they end up confiscating our dinner as evidence?”

Well, we were halfway through our meal when the police did eventually arrive – three squad cars and some six officers who did their best to look if not concerned then at least somewhat sympathetic as the former waiter delivered his blow-by-blow account. Through the big front window that looked out onto the street, I watched him clutch at his throat, sweep his free arm wildly in front of him, and throw up his hands in surprise. The cops listened and nodded. I ate my sweet and sour fish.

We returned home in time for me to catch the scores of the late games and check out the response to yesterday’s entry. The results were pretty much as expected. Memphis and Kansas won big, and reaction to my tirade on modern society’s “Everyone’s a winner, baby” mentality was mixed. Yes yes, I realize kids are impressionable and need certain positive reinforcement. And I’d argue it’s possible to help them feel good about themselves AND help them accept losing as a natural part of growing up. It’s as simple as taking them aside if they ever come up short and just saying: “Hey, you gave it your best shot and even though you may not have won, you’ll always be a winner in my heart. Where it doesn’t really count.”

Belated congratulations to John Scalzi, author of May BOTM club selection The Android’s Dream and future guest-blogger, who received a Hugo nomination for Best Fan Writer, and John Picacio who received a Hugo nomination for Best Professional Artist. You can check out both of their blogs by clicking on their links in the blogroll.

Today’s pics: So this is what the inside of puddle jumper looks like.  So where’s the HUD?

90 thoughts on “March 29, 2008: Please, don’t kill the waiter. I haven’t been served my spicy crab yet.

  1. I feel that a meal tastes much better when they also lay on entertainment. 🙂

    It is now bedtime here in Scotland and “summer time” starts tomorrow. It is friggin’ freezing today so hopefully the start of summer will herald an improvement in the weather.

    Have a nice Sunday and give the mutts a cuddle from me – and the feline sibling duo from hell. 🙂

    🙂 🙂

  2. KU played magnificently last night, I admit, and I’m not even a huge fan of basketball. (Something that is largely unheard of in Lawrence, trust me. Although it is strange to see Sasha Kaun or any of the various other players walking around town.) Not to mention the university students go a little crazy on campus after a win, but that’s definitely not unheard of. I still can’t believe Davidson won, though. So much for Wisconsin! How’s that affect your Final Four bracket?

  3. The sideshow must have been fantastically entertaining. Not a single comment on the quality of what you were able to eat while the floor show was going on. About the pool and payoffs for the not-quite-winners-so-really-losers. From experience, playing “winner take all” pools end up with a lot fewer players, and thus a smaller pot. With a chance to place or show, its a lot easier to lure in the casual sports fans, in effect having them donate to the more knowledgable players. So, if you win, console yourself that the money paid out to the losers would not have been in the pot in the first place.
    Oh, yes, and I agree wholeheartedly with your take on the “everyone’s a winner” philosophy practiced by too many people who should know better. I’m afraid a lot of young people are going to be learning the realities of life in a far harder venue than a spelling Bee or sports game. And thanks for the great pics.Ah, to have the money to build a car that looks like a puddlejumper…

  4. Thought I’d leave a comment as it’s giving me a few more minutes before I’m forced to tackle the huuuuge pile of dishes from last nights dinner party – it’s nearly 10am Sunday here.

    Your dinner with drama could be an alternative to cheesey theatre restaurants. Maybe throw in a fight sequence between main and dessert and it could be an entertaining night for all.

  5. Hello Joe,

    Very cool pic’s. I’ll bet that guy begging for pic’s of the puddle jumper in past blog entries is dancing on the moon about now!

    By the way… do the folks (model makers) who construct the set pieces use Stereolithography (SLA) to make the glass (plastic) triangles on the control panel? SLA uses liquid photopolymer that is selectively cured using an ultraviolet laser. The triangles look so clear and the gate addresses appear to be imbedded in the center of the plastic… I was just wondering because it is a very cool modeling technique!

    Patricia Lee

  6. Thanks for posting early, Mr. M! Wow – dinner and a floor show! I am SO jealous!! Time for lights out! (does that mean tv out, too…’cause…it’s time for COPS…my other addiction…)



  7. Whoo Hoo for John Picacio, the hometown boy from San Antonio, TX, USA!

    Joe, I just called John. He very much appreciates your mention of the Hugo nomination.

    Now to go play “local media source” and point some local reporters to John’s blog entry about the Hugos…


  8. Be glad you’re not in South Africa. The waiter and all of the staff would have been dragged off for questioning down at the nearest police station. The police don’t settle disputes on street corners – they tend to get shot at.

    South Africa is a beautiful place, but we have one of the highest crime rates in the world.

  9. Hey Joe. I was wondering if it would be plausable Daniel Jackson is going to start teaching again(In civilan capacity)?? And I would like to recommend Sean Maher, the young doctor from FireFly to be his “star-pupal”.

  10. Congrats to both Johns for their nominations.
    We had many Hugo nominees at Eastercon last weekend, all of whom are friends, to a greater or lesser degree, some of whom I’ve known for donkeys years. Including Paul Cornell, Charlie Stross, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, The Langford, Chris Garcia and of course, my partners in crime, The Plokta Cabal.


    Oh and myself in the Fan Artist category, not that I’m expecting to win again, how many Hugos does one fan need? Don’t answer that, Langford! Two is quite enough, thank you. But, as always, it’s a terrific buzz just to be nominated, and to be amongst such illustrious names.


  11. bailey said: Darn it, I still don’t see a commode in that jumper.

    Maybe it tucks away, like Mal’s setup in Firefly. After all, we wouldn’t want to be looking at the bowl all the time, would we?

  12. Are we to assume the chef is responsible for the alleged choking? Must remember not to criticize the food at Vancouver restaurants. *g*

    Did they change the design of the front of the puddlejumper? The console and seats look different than I remember. Thanks for the details pictures!

  13. It’s as simple as taking them aside if they ever come up short and just saying: “Hey, you gave it your best shot and even though you may not have won, you’ll always be a winner in my heart. Where it doesn’t really count.”

    Brilliant. Reminds me of the William Goldman quote – “Life isn’t fair. It’s fairer than death, that’s all.”

  14. You could have asked for a dish called Suffocated chicken… (an American dish). That would have impressed him. hahaha

    Well glad your sweet and sour fish didn’t become exhibit C and end up in a plastic bag.

    I watch too many forensic shows LOL.

  15. I love having secret languages. 🙂 Mine is German. My partner and I will often banter in German while those around us give me a quizzical look. It’s great.

  16. You have the weirdest experiences.

    Speaking of winning, Avatar: The Last Airbender has won the Kid’s Choice Award for “Best Cartoon”!! Woooo!! I like to thank all those here who voted.

    So just me huh? Well, I’ve got no qualms towards self-congratulations. 😉

  17. Hey, at least you were inside when it snowed yesterday. I had the joy of walking around campus.

    And is that oxygen tanks in the back of the puddle jumper?

    Weird question: Are you going to Richard Dawkin’s talk on April 28?

    – Anna from Ladner (the most awesome town in Metro Vancouver).

  18. Otoole writes: ,em. “Hey Joe, is Tobias Slezak any relation to Erika Slezak or her father Walter? Both great actors?”

    Answer: That he is.

    Oh…I LOVE Erika Slezak! I’ve been watching her on One Life to Live since I was a teen! Um…Ok, I don’t watch it as much since SGA and SG-1 have become my new TV obsessions..lol. Which is all your fault…um and the other writers…and great actors…etc..etc.

    But, I really think she is awesome! Is Tobias her son or nephew?

    I have friends going to the whatsitcon next week..lol. Is it going to be cold enough to snow for them???(If conditions allow) If so, I’ll have to tell them to pack the snow clothes!

    You had a good day yesterday and I had a great one today. Something just about impossible happened. My husband opens up the mail and there’s a $500 check for us from our home insurance company! No note or explanation or anything. My husband asks me if I know anything about it…I have no clue. We want to just run to the bank and cash it before they change their minds…but then again…there are such problems in Florida with home owner’s insurance and getting cancelled and having a hard time getting new policies that we are a bit afraid to rock the boat.

    Our insurance agent is closed on Saturdays of course…why would they want to be available when most of their customers are actually home and may need them? So after my husband opens the rest of the mail, we get our explanation. When they wrote up our policy, they thought our roof was a different kind and would cost more to insure..*geez, $500 more?* so when the pictures were sent to them, they corrected the policy and owed us $500 back! Woo Hoo!!!

    Like I said…some thing just about impossible happened! An insurance company, let go of some money!


  19. LOL – I’m just killing myself laughing at your dinner incident! Tell me, do these things happen a lot to you?

    Yay to John Scalzi – I certainly hope he wins it 🙂

    And as someone asked above – where are the facilities in a PJ?

  20. A PJ-PJ (Puddle Jumper Porta John)? LOL And where do they store all the toilet paper? If there’s weeks of food and supplies – does that include enough TP for the group? 🙂

    The dinner story is awesome. Nothing like a little live dinner theatre Vancouver style. 😛


  21. So let me get this right you take a camera every where you go?

    Take pictures of puppy dogs and wonderful food even Carl’s nashers.

    But come a bit of investigative reporting and suddenly no camera!

    You have truly let us down, let’s hope the waiter wasn’t arguing with the chef, he might have pissed him off.

    I trust you could identify *all* the ingredients in your Yung Chow fried rice?

    Nice pics of the Puddle Jumper, never mind the toilet where do you keep the mini bar?


  22. Catching up on the last couple of days. Snow?! You got snow?! Lucky, lucky man. My air conditioner is already earning it’s keep here in Louisiana. What did the dogs think about it?

    Well, if you ever want to swap regional climates, please feel free. The Baron can handle a simple little thing like changing the weather can’t he? (After all, it’s a great method of mayhem.)

    *bats eyes then looks around innocently*

  23. I may ister say and eh I eh eek spay ig pay atin lay en way ee way on’t day ahnt way oo tay ee bay erstood unday 🙂

    Oo day oo yay eek spay ig pay atin lay???

    Haha not sure how many other people speak our private language, but I expect that many people do 🙂

  24. You do have some interesting restaurant experiences…People talk about the strangest things on their cell phones. Good to hear that you were able to get your food and not have it end up as evidence!

  25. hey Joe,
    im back due to flooding we had to do with out a lot for a while but were back up and running. I love the pics and miss you all very very much


  26. Such an eventful dinner!!!
    Why don’t exciting things like that ever happen to me???

  27. Wow, Seeing actual pictures of a Jumper interior is kind of weird. Never knew there were levers and buttons on the dashboard, To be honest I was kind of expecting something a little bit more high-tech… Like, Frikkin futuristic touchscreens and cool looking neon-lights. I guess the only visible high-tech thing in that Jumper is the Holographic Hud (To bad it’s animated, I’d love to have me one of those 😛 )

    And whoa dude, For a moment I thought you choked someone. Don’t know why, But that was my first thought when I read this update. Maybe its you? 😉

  28. My husband and I speak Gaelic…forgotten by even my own people, so we can say very rude things and no one ever knows. Very useful.

    Since the HUD shows in the view screen for ATA-types…do you have to be a gene carrier to use the toilet, too??? Could be awkward, and probably never written into a show. Pity really. Reality TV is all the rage.

  29. Jen Said: “Um… aren’t you kind of ignoring the fact that Sam didn’t even WANT to be in charge or part of SG1 at the start of season 9? That she had left to do her own thing at Area 51, BY HER OWN CHOICE? While YES she is military she is also a scientist and for the most part I think she thinks of herself as a scientist first, military officer second. She only came back because Cam needed her help and she decided to come back.

    She wasn’t really in command of SG1 during season 8 – it was more of a three-way partnership with each of them playing to their strengths like they always have.

    And I’m sorry for your daughter being upset but I think instead of letting her get upset about Sam not being in charge you could have explained that Sam wanted to do other things rather than be in charge of SG1 (which is true) and then came back to help out because she’s a good person, and the right thing to do (also true). Cameron didn’t take anything away from her at all! She had already left and had no expectations of being in charge of SG1.”

    uh, you do realize that sam didn’t make those decisions for herself, the ptb did? sam *was* in charge of sg1 in s8 (and spent 7 years as 2IC under jack’s tutelage), so i think that shows she’s pretty much interested in leadership roles. sam didn’t decide to leave sg1, the ptb decided that the new male lead had to command the team. they knocked out the entire team structure to rebuild it so the new male lead could have it. it’s as simple as that.

    btw, i like mitchell, but i don’t respect the decisions made in s9.

    sally =)

  30. Do you ever pay attention to TV critics? Do you read what they write about the show and the eps (good and bad), or do you ignore it all and make the show you want to make?

    Any chance on seeing Nancy or David Sheppard in S5?

  31. cheri Said:Since the HUD shows in the view screen for ATA-types…do you have to be a gene carrier to use the toilet, too??? Could be awkward, and probably never written into a show. Pity really. Reality TV is all the rage.


    THAT would be too funny!!! Shep to the rescue, again – Col. Flusher!

    My question is this…

    If there is a toilet in the jumper, and if it is [supposedly] in the rear section under one of those cushions…then where did Shep…er, ah…ya know…when he was holed up in the forward compartment at the end of Midway? 😕

    Well…I did my ‘lights out’ duty. 😀 It was no problem, except trying to eat pizza in the dark (Pizza by tv-light…yum!) and shuffling around the house to avoid stepping on cats.


  32. So I just enjoyed a Lord-of-the-Rings-Palooza where I watched all three Lord of the Rings movies (extended edition, of course!) and that has made me wonder…where do you stand on the Lord of the Rings front?

  33. Your dinner incident sounds so much like something my dad would come home from work with. He’s a police officer with 23 years down and 2 to go in a small town. He’s beyond trying to look sympathetic, though. His looks usually range from stoic to annoyed to mildly amused.

    The inside of the puddlejumper looks really cool. Too bad it doesn’t have a rear view mirror. It could use some fuzzy dice.

  34. On March 29, 2008 at 7:08 pm cheri Said:
    My husband and I speak Gaelic…forgotten by even my own people, so we can say very rude things and no one ever knows. Very useful.

    True – I don’t know any Gaelic, my brother knows some of the language – he now lives in England and doesn’t have much use for it now. 🙂

    It is a dying language alas.

    Has nobody found the ‘ladies room’ on the jumper yet? What moron designed a vehicle capable for long distance transportation that has no facilities? It was probably a man! 🙂

  35. Yay! Puddlejumper pics! I love the jumpers! 🙂 I know Joe F. dislikes fliming in them – but we so love to see him flying – so keep putting in the puddlejumper scenes! 🙂 🙂

  36. Awesome pictures! Makes me want to push all the buttons. In fact, I probably would if I were presented with the opportunity.

    The cops listened and nodded. I ate my sweet and sour fish.

    This part made me laugh.

  37. I never realized there were so many seats in the back. I guess I never really paid attention on TV because I was busy focusing on the action taking place inside/around the jumper. Very cool.

    Your dinner entertainment would make a great short story. Think about it… (I smell a contest)

  38. Hi Joe,

    I did my part for Earth Hour, powered down the computer, turn out the light but I couldn’t sit in the dark so i watch SG1 AoT.very entertaining with the Ori and the Replicator bugs. Yes, I did enjoy it.

    I heard or I read the Todd the Wraith will be in three episodes in season five. That will make a lot of Wraith fans espically Todd fans. This may be late but, Thank-you thank-you 🙂


  39. Crab with “Special Spices”? You Canadians are such Hippies.

    Our favorite Chinese place is frequented by local cops on their lunch breaks, usually in uniform. It never gets held up and it isn’t in the best section of town. They do a killer Lemon Fish, which I am now craving, Thank You Very Much. Nicest owner, he used to take soup to mom at home before she passed. Sometimes he sits in the booth with us and chats.

    Love the puddle jumper pics, that’s some attention to detail and good hard work in that thing! Excellent! But I was laughing, I watched Galaxy Quest, again, this morning. I could hear the echoes of Thurmians applauding.

  40. The Chokee sounds a bit like a dropout from Mme. Fumer-Gauloise’s School of Histrionics and Scenery-Chewing. (I took the whole course.) But perhaps I’m being too quick to judge, and the Chokee actually has some talent, plus a few interesting (if not well-known) acting gigs. Between your accounts and those of hubs’s cousin in Burnaby, I get the feeling that in Vancouver, one never knows. – Pretty funny/weird story, and fun to read. I enjoyed the glimpses into character for all concerned.

  41. Salut Joseph !!! =D

    j’allais vous dire que j’ai trés mal dormie, mais votre blog ma réjoui aujourd’hui!..Vous savez pourquoi? 😀

    éh oui!!! Vous êtes un privilégier de parlé cette magnifique langue joseph^^! 260 millions de personnes, waou sa fait beaucoup de monde^^!

    Alalal que j’aime ma langue^^!!

    Je sais pourquoi, il c’est mis en colére!! Je vennais de lui annocer par téléphone qu’il n’y’aurait certainement pas de francais dans la saison 5 de sga, il y’a de quoi s’énérvé lol XD (bon j’arrête avec ça^^)

    Passez une bonne journée, Gros Bisou, je vous adore!♥

  42. Oooh! Nice ‘jumper shots! Thanks! And are those fire extinguishers? Giant water bottles? I don’t remember seeing those before. Nice touch!

    Speaking of details…

    I’ve been thinking about The Kindred I recently. I wanted to compliment whoever added this little detail: That part where Todd takes the tablet from Mckay and flips it around, and then flips it around again because he had it upside down? That was a nice touch!

    dasNdanger:Seahorses?! 😮 Somehow a pregnant Todd just doesn’t work for me…

    He doesn’t have to look it. Maybe the Wraith equivalent of a healthy live-birth looks like a human premature infant. *shrugs* I don’t know. I’m still wondering about Wraith reproduction ever since Spoils of War. But given the method drones are produced, I’d like to think that Wraith sex is complicated, versatile, and varied.

    And I like weird! I also like to see how the Lanteans react to weirdness! A remove from familiar contexts and all.

    Gateworld forums is too high traffic for me right now. I don’t think I brought up seahorses, but I do remember making a post about Wraith reproduction perhaps being like aphids.

  43. Hi, Joe. I just wanted to let you know, if you didn’t know already, that Martin Gero’s movie, Young People F***ing is playing at the Philadelphia Film Festival. Martin’s movie is being shown on April 7 and 12.

    Robert Picardo is also in a movie at the festival – Universal Signs. It will be screened on April 6 and 8.

    Festival link

    Martin’s movie

    Bob’s movie

  44. uh, you do realize that sam didn’t make those decisions for herself, the ptb did? sam *was* in charge of sg1 in s8 (and spent 7 years as 2IC under jack’s tutelage), so i think that shows she’s pretty much interested in leadership roles.

    Sorry Sally but you can’t have it both ways – if you believe Carter is “interested in leadership roles” because of the way you interpret what the writers have previously done with the character then you have to accept the internal logic that it was indeed the character who decided to go to Area 51 and give up the “command” of SG1. (Not that I personally believe that she was in command but that’s a whole other argument.)

  45. uh, you do realize that sam didn’t make those decisions for herself, the ptb did? sam *was* in charge of sg1 in s8

    uh, if Sam was in charge of SG1 in season eight, why did Daniel and Teal’c report directly to Jack and not to her? I think there’s far more evidence to support Jen’s contention that SG1 at that time was a three way partnership. It’s not like she had any other military people she could “order” any way and Jack learned long ago that ordering Daniel and Teal’c was a waste of breath. 😉

  46. Ah, one of your more colourful dining experiences. It would have been interesting if the waiter (or ex-waiter?) had known French, although I’m glad he apparently didn’t.

    So, how was the food?

  47. As long as they don’t start serving “choked chicken”!
    Yes I just said that out loud as I’m laughing. Poor fella I guess he screwed up once too often.

    Annie HUD = “Heads Up Display” with the gages and maps that appears on the windshield when the pilot or copilot asks for it (thinks it) Wish my car had one! I think a HUD is the coolest thing, when the space shuttle landed the other day we were watching on TV and the camera showed that from the pilot’s POV.
    btw if you look close, mini bar is under the copilot side of the jumper.

    Our “secret” languages are Hungarian, Yiddish, Dutch and Swedish. All of them have abundantly colorful and descriptive vulgarities. 🙂 unfortunately my teens have learned those used most often but on the flip side, because of them, Jesus Christ gets left alone.

  48. Hi Joe

    Thanks for the photos.

    I watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory on TV last night and I immediately thought of you. Do you plan to have a chocolate river and waterfall at your party?

  49. Hey Joe, once again Louisville throws away a game. I don’t watch games any more. It’s bad for my health. So, work Monday, the water cooler talk will be WTF! Yeah, I live in Louisville. I’m a Patino fan. My mom is a U of L allumni, so she’s bummed too! My dad just rolls his eyes. But this game was not nearly so stressful as when UK lost to Duke and the arch villain Christian Laitner. That was a hell of a game! And I guess I still hold a grudge. Hearing of either of the two starts my skin crawling, my claws extend, I a growl is heard rumbling from my throat. We were robbed I tell ya! Yeah well, if UK had been the one to make that extremely lucky shot, all would have been well with the world. 🙂 On the bright side, the Kentucky Derby is just around the corner! And there is always next year.

  50. majorsal Said:uh, you do realize that sam didn’t make those decisions for herself, the ptb did? sam *was* in charge of sg1 in s8 (and spent 7 years as 2IC under jack’s tutelage), so i think that shows she’s pretty much interested in leadership roles. sam didn’t decide to leave sg1, the ptb decided that the new male lead had to command the team. they knocked out the entire team structure to rebuild it so the new male lead could have it. it’s as simple as that.

    btw, i like mitchell, but i don’t respect the decisions made in s9.

    I thought the decision was to do with Amanda’s availability. Wasn’t that when she was pregnant and it was decided not to write it into the show? Or else she’d had a child and needed some time away from filming, hence Sam not being in all the eps that season.

    Anyway, I remember it as being due to Amanda and her situation that Sam wasn’t in all of season 8’s eps, and TPTB needed an explanation for her absence.

    In other words, there was more to it than just introducing a new male lead.

    Joe – thanks for the pics of the jumper! Love them!

    Leesa Perrie

  51. watcher652 Said:
    Robert Picardo is also in a movie at the festival – Universal Signs. It will be screened on April 6 and 8.

    As are Margot Kidder (SUPERMAN film franchise) and the talented Deaf actor Anthony Natale. One of my favorite ASL tapes features Natale teaching sign vocabulary.

    I am so jealous of Philly right now!

    *raised in Central NJ, college NW of Philly (Ursinus in Collegeville)*

  52. Second thought for Joe:

    I’m reading Leonard Nimoy’s I AM NOT SPOCK (1995). Current fans would do well to read this book and other TREK histories/biographies for insight into production and scifi con management. The former seems not to have changed much, but the personal-appearance/con business has definitely grown and become more bureacratized.

    I’ve been fascinated by “behind the scenes” books (and now blogs) since reading THE MAKING OF STAR TREK back in the early 70’s.

  53. Joe; 1) Is there any hope that we will get to see more of sheppard’s past in season 5? Will we get to see 2) why his mother isn’t around, 3) why things with his father and brother went so bad, or 4) More of his brother and ex-wife and how they interact with him now? 5) Will the reactions of his family and friends when he was announced KIA in season 4 be revisited or did he come back before the funeral and news were given? 6) Also will we see any episodes where you explore the fact that Sheppard has the strongest accent gene and what that means for Atlantis? I know it’s been touched on, but not for some time and I’d sure like to know? Sorry for rambling but i’m really really really curious and have been thinking about these questions for a while now. Thanks again, Nicole.

    Had another Question or two…
    Are we going to see more of sheppards personal life like say his mensa testing days or will we get to see more of the fued he has with the Genii? Thanks bunches, Nicole.

  54. It’s amazing how that set looks like some run down cheap junk when its not under the movie lights *g*

  55. Hey Joe!

    Looks like you had a dinner AND a show! Atleast you seem to have enjoyed your food. 😛

    Cool photos of a puddle jumper. Didn’t know they had little knobs, thanks for the photos! 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  56. Can you explain the production logo / vanity clip shown at the end of each episode of Stargate: Atlantis? I got to thinking about it after laughing over the vanity card that Chuck Lorre posts for his two shows, “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS. My family only watches “The Big Bang Theory”, or as I like to call the show: “McKay and Zelenka: The Early Years”. Instead of posting a standard image, Lorre writes something unique that requires a “pause” button to read. My favorite in awhile was the vanity card entitled, “my soul’s journey”. You might like this one and this one, too.

    BTW, have you watched the season three Doctor Who episode called “Blink” yet? You know, the Hugo nominated one?

    And, did you know it only costs $50 to be able to vote on the Hugos? It’s too late to vote for the 2008 nominees but not too early to prepare for the 2009 nominees!

  57. You make a good point about the “everyone’s a winner” view that schools and coaches like to teach kids. If kids were taught that this mentality only lasts while they’re young, then it might be okay. Or maybe they want kids to experience what being a winner feels like because the sad reality is that they might not ever experience it when the get older.

    Coll pics of the Jumper. The two chairs in the front look really comfortable. Are they?

  58. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░♡★░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

    Bon je vais au lit, j’en est finit avec mes verbes irrégulier..et oui demain contrôl d’anglais.snif!

    Je suis contente, mon blog va bientot franchir la barre des 70000 commentaires et des 30000 visites =)! C’est super!

    J’ai penser a quelque chose, sa serais cool que Tod le wraith tombe amoureux d’une humaine et par amour, qu’il décide de devenir humain ..Alala c’est beau, une vrai love story(♥_♥)


    1) Avez vous l’intention de mêttre des moments sheyla dans cette nouvelle saison ?
    2)Pour l’instant quel est votre scéne préféré dans la saison 5?

    Bon aller, gros bisou bisou, a demain 🙂 Bonne nuit! je vous adore !♥! 😀


  59. Thanks for all the PJ pics.

    I’ve been listening to the audio commentaries from the s3 DVDs, and I have a couple of questions:

    1) Martin Wood says in Irresponsible that Robert Davi had an idea for the scene when Kolya dies and wanted to play it in a certain way that could allow his return in a future episode.
    So… any plans?

    2) About the final scene in Phantoms, when Teyla asks John about Holland:
    Carl Binder says that the original idea was that John did save Holland in that mission, but his helicopter was shot down 4 weeks later and he died, so in John’s mind he didn’t save him. Carl also says that you (general you, the writers) may revisit this in a future episode.

    That would be awesome. Any plans?

  60. bert Said: “Sorry Sally but you can’t have it both ways – if you believe Carter is “interested in leadership roles” because of the way you interpret what the writers have previously done with the character then you have to accept the internal logic that it was indeed the character who decided to go to Area 51 and give up the “command” of SG1.”


    if i am to accept that the team disbanded because the big threats (goauld, replicaters) were gone and sam, teal’c, and daniel wanted to do other things, then why can’t i expect that when another big threat (the ori) came, the military officer with the most experience would be put in charge of the team?

    no matter how many ways i cut it, the sam character got shafted. and i guess it’s still a sore spot and always will be, even though i really like mitchell now and he’s one of my favorites. there were other ways of working around amanda’s maternity leave and bringing in a new male lead without shunting sam back to 2IC.

    marty Said: “uh, if Sam was in charge of SG1 in season eight, why did Daniel and Teal’c report directly to Jack and not to her?”

    jack was the head of the entire base, of course members of the sgc would go to him. but show me when in any episode or any scene where daniel and teal’c just by-passed what sam said and went to jack.

    s8 didn’t highlight very much sam leading the team, but in ‘zero hour’, it was made quite clear that sam was in charge of the team, and in ‘it’s good to be king’, she was *shown* leading the team off world.

    *hugs sam’s stint on atlantis*

    sally =)

  61. Crazy waiter story. There was one Chinese Restaurant we were at once, where the cook came out and stood at the door and started yelling his head off. In Cantonese. A somewhat disturbing experience. Needless to say, I’ve never been back there again.

  62. I have a question for you. I have Sky TV and they tend to show programmes ad nausaeum, so if I watch Atlantis or whatever multiple times does it count in the viewing figures? I’m trying to do my bit here in deepest darkest wettest cornwall.

    I locked my !£”$% car keys in my car yesterday, the only set i have (yes I know d’uh)and had to break into it, well it just so happened to be hammering down with big fat soggy raindrops. There was me and two mates with assorted tools that could have doubled as instruments of torture and a big umbrella, two of us were wedging the door away from the car body at the top with anything remotely wedge shaped with a view to getting a hooked wire in to then pop the catch up and open the door, the hammer was honestly just there as a last resort. SO there we are soaking wet in the trouser and jacket department cuz the rain was coming in horizontally by this time rendering the umbrella defunct and blowing it inside out when what should come around the corner but a police car, oh yep, try explaining that the car you are trying to break into is your own and that your documents (not the originals I hasten to add) are in the glove box while trying to keep a bit of hooked wire on track and pry a door away from the body of the car while being buffeted by gales p*ssed on by rain and quizzed by an unhappy copper. not my favourite way to spend an hour on a saturday I can tell you.

  63. You’ll never respond to this, but what does it say to you when your audience really can’t agree upon what actually took place regarding Sam’s character? They can’t figure out if she was in charge, wasn’t in charge, if she left willingly, why she came back, etc. Folks still can’t figure out her position or rank in AoT, can’t figure out what will be going on in Continuum. You have totally failed this character, foisted her into impotency.

    So I ask again, even though you’ve never responded to me before and likely won’t again:

    What is Sam Carter’s rank in each of the movies? What is her position on SG-1? In what way was her returning to be 2nd in command after season eight NOT a demotion?

    I understand that you probably have no answers for these questions, but by ignoring the continuing problems you’ve written into her character you only turn more and more new fans against her. It’s unfair, and it’s poor writing. Why won’t you (any of TPTB) stand up and declare just what story you’re actually telling?

  64. I have to giggle at Fondy. My father is always warned and corrected in French, as well.

    While the odds are probably way better in Vancouver that someone will understand French, it does come in handy for muddling discreet conversations pretty much anywhere in which it’s not the primary language. If most of their transactions are in English, it’s harder to switch over to listen to muttering.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve been aggravated that I’m out shopping with friends who don’t speak French. It comes in handy for discussing the ridiculous nature of products and their pricing without being horribly obvious about it.

  65. Hey Mr. M.,

    I’m getting a new car tomorrow. A Chrysler 300m. It’s replacing my 1994 Pontiac Grand Am that just rolled over 100,000 mile mark last Wednesday. I’m feeling very upset at losing my first car. It has seen me through many things and persevered through periods of neglect.
    Tomorrow just before I trade it in, I’ll be removing the last personal belonging – my Stargate Atlantis bumper sticker (I taped it to the inside of the back window). I’m going to tape it in the back window of my new car. I just have to proclaim to the word that I LOVE Stargate Atlantis! If you are so inclined, could you dedicate a blog entry to my old Grand Am??

    Here’s wishing you have a great, trouble-free week!

  66. Whoo Trevor…. this is just a show.. no need to get all huffy about it… cool your jets and let it a lone. This and that are not all that important in the grand vision of the world.

  67. Creepy!
    And don’t even get me started on people and their &*^$#! cell phones. If you want to have a private conversation on your damn phone, then don’t sit in my lap while you’re doing it. Seriously, people should have a reasonable expectation of privacy when talking on cell phones, which is to say – none.

    Grrr! Hate cell phones. HATE! Can you tell? I’ll have a lineup of 5 patients waiting for me to help them with their glasses and the person I’m working with will stop to take a phone call. Not an important phone call but a “what do you want for dinner, darling?” phone call. I’ve finally come up with a solution that does not result in me stabbing someone in the eye with their glasses. I walk away and help every single patient waiting for me before going back to the cell phone user. Frankly, I’ve taken less Nexium since I started that policy and the not-rude-asshat patients appreciate it as well.

    What? You thought I just taught pole dancing? Nope, I deal with patients at an eye doctor’s office all day. (Optician, certified and everything.) My day job really kind of explains why I like my pole stuff so much. Its either that or hurt someone…

  68. Hey Joe,

    Congrats to all of the Hugo Nominees and congrats on the better than expected Whispers notes meeting. Nice relief for you. Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual experience.

    I would love to rant on about rewarding people for non-achievement after taking in a homeless person, but I will only semi-rant instead.

    I used to think that when things had reached rock bottom, every human had it in them to to get back on track with the support of others (he asked for our help so we lined up 2 jobs, fed him, gave him a place to stay for free and set some goals so he would stay on track) and instead he lied to us about going to work (they were labour jobs paying at least $20 per hour, much better than $0 per hour as his excuse was $20 per hour wasn’t enough), stole from those who were trying to help him, and now he is back on the streets blaming everyone else. It has jaded my outlook on the human spirit and made me look at how much we just let mediocrity be rewarded with horrible consequences later on.

    Now some readers may think I’m being unfair and that there are greater issues with being homeless than just giving food, shelter, money, and there are in a lot of cases. However, this isn’t the first time we have helped someone who was “down on their luck” and there are those that take responsibility for their own actions and rise above it, and there are those that never do and will continue to blame everyone else for their lot in life.

    If that was a semi-rant, you’d hate to see a full rant.

    Oh and on the global warming – don’t mess with mother nature.

    I believe in climate change – whether caused by humans or a natural cycle, it’s changing, and while humans think we are all conquering, we need to prepare for what mother nature has in store next because she will win if we maintain this attitude.

    It’s a delicate balance which keeps us on this planet. The planet is an organism and like everything that lives on it, it has a natural survival instinct. Eventually the planet will do what it needs to get the balance back so it can survive. If it means wiping out 30% of the population every now and then, it will find a way.

    I’m struggling to articulate my thoughts today so I apologise if it is a bit rambled. Also, it was not my intention to offend anyone that has a varying viewpoint, that’s just mine through my experiences.

    I should also note that these experiences are part of the reason I shake my head at how much angst there can be over a new AoT poster or a storyline that seems to have caused so much pain to people. It’s TV and must be seen as just that. Let the barrage of abuse begin!

  69. majorsal (sally) – one of the best examples of Sam leading the team in season 8 is the episode “Icon”. Sam leads the mission to rescue Daniel and does a superb job. While off-world during the mission, Daniel looks straight at Sam to follow her orders when she is using hand signals on what she wants Daniel and the rest of the team to do. I love that scene. Even though Daniel has been missing for months, he looks straight at Sam to follow her orders. IMO that is one of the best episodes that shows what a good leader Sam is.

    Joe – thanks for the awesome pictures. Sounds like you had a pretty exciting meal last night. *sigh* some people get all of the luck.


  70. Joe,

    Here’s a total left turn from most of what gets talked about here…
    I have a 12 year old son (Evan). He loves to read, is great at math and science, and, he and I share Stargate watching and have great discussions around episodes (“Hey Dad, wouldn’t it great if the Air Force could really build an F-302, and they could put the “insert actual current day weapon” on it?”)

    He’s a great kid, with a fabulous imagination… but we can’t get him to write ANYTHING. He hates writing! I’ve downloaded Stargate episode transcripts, and discussed how you write, and re-write based on notes from all sets of people. But still, no writing.

    Do you have any words of advice, thoughts, suggestions, a special rumination?

  71. calm down said:
    “Whoo Trevor…. this is just a show.. no need to get all huffy about it… cool your jets and let it a lone. This and that are not all that important in the grand vision of the world.”

    Yeah, that’s usual lame response that megafans and often producers give when faced with criticism. “Oh, come on, just forget about it and go with the flow.” Or, there’s the ever-popular attempt to attack the critic for daring to question below-the-board decisions and proceedings. No one has the stones to actually defend poor decisions, there’s just an awful lot of passing the buck. And that would be fine, but it’s always done in a cowardly manner. Instead of either accepting criticism as valid and taking responsibility or outright admitting that, yes, someone else made them do it, the producers now try to give a wink and a nod and hope that critics will be placated. Take Rob Cooper’s latest interview. Instead of saying that Scifi demanded Ben Browder be hired, he says, “…the network really liked Ben….”. Then he says something like, “But that’s not to say we were against it”. Sure.

  72. We were at the Moapa Indian Reservation and they sell fireworks in the casino. Lots of fireworks. Big signs all over the place saying “No Cellphones.” Why? Because technically there is a chance, however slight, a cell signal could set off an unintentional display. What did we see? Morons yammering into their cellphones standing next to the signs warning them not to use their cellphones. Whatta buncha maroons!

  73. Oh my GOD, did you watch that Kansas/Davidson game?! I was nervous the entire time, but glad to see the Jayhawks finally move on to the Final Four! Who were your picks for the Final Four, and who do you think will win it all?

  74. Joe, if you’re interested in pursuing films after you’re done with Stargate, I have an idea.

    Murder at the Chinese Restaurant… With Crab Legs, Spicy Mustard & Ginger Sauce

    I smell a hit.

  75. You’re a bad influence on me, Mr Mallozzi. Despite the fact that I am a life-long preferer of milk chocolate and have never really been a fan of dark chocolate, I found myself today purchasing a bar of chill-flavoured dark chocolate! I’m blaming it entirely on you and your cunning and diabolical scheme of subliminal pro-dark chocolate propaganda on this blog!

    P.S. Actually, it’s quite nice… 😉

  76. Thanks Joe for all the great pics 🙂 My question is will Richard Kind return Lucious LOL .. I think he is a great comedic actor and really enjoy seeing him on SGA ..

    Thank You !!

  77. “Waiter, there’s a dead waiter in my soup! Oh. Never mind.” Wow, you did have a fun night out.

    I’m using my one fan trump card on this: My question is will Richard Kind return Lucious LOL, so on the excel sheet that you keep with the tally marks as what to do on future story lines that I just made up now, it wont go ahead. Rape – not the untapped mine of comedy gold that one might initially think. Now, dead orphans? Not nearly enough jokes. I think this should be investigated further for season five.

  78. Hey, if the waiter was a good actor, you should have taken his number and given him an audition. If he wasn’t, it would have made for some ammusement when it came time to watch the next bath of audition tapes.

  79. What an astonishing array of chocolates you constantly share with us. Wherever does it all come from? I’ve not heard of half the brands, and like to think I’m pretty well versed with most US and UK brands.


  80. Oh gods, the number of comments here who are worried about Jumper Potties is just amusing. Don’t people know — there are no poop in space? Nobody ever pees. and forget about colons. In space, nobody can smell your farts.

    [Heh. Er, sorry. I guess I’m in a strange mood. But, geez, it’s TELEVISION. Nobody ever says, “Sorry, I gotta go take a leak.” Genitalia don’t pull mid-day surprises on folks, women don’t have to deal with their periods, nobody farts in the elev- er, transporters, hell, people generally don’t trip and fall unless it’s germane to the plot. These are PLASTIC PEOPLE in a LITTLE PLASTIC WORLD on our tellies.

    Really, fans just crack me up.]

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