They spun and sprang, twisted and twirled, flipped and flopped. Hell, they even capered and cavorted.  We stood rooted, transfixed, utterly horrified – and not in a good way. “Uh, less acrobatics,”suggested Will. “Less acrobatics!”shouted Bam Bam. They paraded by once again – creeping, crab-crawling, caterwauling, and staggering around like a bunch of drunks. I threw a look to Will.  “Hmmm,”he weighed in.  “Maybe we should do this with fog.”  Egads! Weirdest. Audition. Ever.

Guess who dropped by the production offices today. Nope. Try again. Nope. Want another guess? You’ll never ever…oh. Yeah, that’s right. Martin Wood. He was in to record the Stargate: Continuum commentary with Brad Wright. I told him about my third annual chocolate party and he seemed genuinely relieved. Apparently, Diane had recently asked: “Since you’re not working on Stargate, does this mean you’re not friends with Joe anymore?” “Of course I’m friends with Joe,”he replied. “Why?” “Well,”she reflected, “isn’t this around the time of year he holds his chocolate party?” Fear, not Diane. You’re both invited. And this year’s party will be bigger and better than ever!

Speaking of invitations and Stargate: Continuum, I received my invite to the film’s special advance screening today. It’ll be a matinee and attendees will be treated to pop and popcorn and if last year’s Ark of Truth screening is anything to go by – desserts!

Well, a conference call has been scheduled for notes on the revised Whispers script. How that particular chat goes tomorrow morning will pretty much dictate my mood when it comes time to write tomorrow’s blog entry – so you’ve been warned! 

Today’s blog entry is dedicated birthday girl Jeanie, hardworking crishash – and an extra special dedication to Loren and her friend who she is no doubt missing.

Today’s mailbag –

Amyfo writes: “Where do we send gifts for you at the studio?”

Answer: No need to send gifts. Your much-appreciated company here on this blog is all I need. 2400 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC V5M 3Z3.
Aidan writes: “Todd is my favorite character; I feel like dancing! May I ask, are the three episodes he will be appearing in (so far) set in the first half of the season?”

Answer: More or less.

Heather writes: “So when you say you gather the first two days of the discussion does that mean starting the 14th?”

Answer: It does.

Jenn writes: “ Yeah, seriously how did the Mo’s Bacon Bars taste?”

Answer: While interesting, it’s got nothing on the truffle version.

Patricia writes: “Any word from Anne lately? How is she doing?”

Answer: I’ve yet to hear word from the Major. Hopefully in the coming weeks once she’s out of the hospital and on the road to a full recovery.

Planettv writes: “Do have any back up plans in case something bad happens with SAG when their contract up’s since 2 cast members are members?”

Answer: 2? You mean 5 don’t you? As for the back-up plan – all those of you lobbying or a couple of Chuck-centered episodes will finally get your wish.

Otoole writes: “Hey Joe, is Tobias Slezak any relation to Erika Slezak or her father Walter? Both great actors?”

Answer: That he is.

91 thoughts on “March 27, 2008: WTF? Invitations! An old friend drops by!

  1. Good luck with your rewrite meeting! I hope it goes well.

    I am so envious of your BOTM club. Once graduate school ends I’m going to start joining in.

  2. I did not know that Martin Wood was no longer working on Stargate. I’ll miss his director commentaries on the DVDs. I guess one could say he was my favorite. I shall miss his work. I’ll raise a glass to him the next opportunity I get. Here’s to you, Mr. Short Pants Man Martin Wood…Here’s to You!

  3. Heh heh. I have to say, if it honestly did come down to Chuck (or other similarly-ranked characters) being the star for an episode or two, I really wouldn’t mind. Or this might be the chance for an episode about the peons of Atlantis, the janitors and other necessary yet unglamorous jobs. Or perhaps time for that episode where all of the minds and personalities of the main characters take up residence in one (conveniently non-SAG) other character. One thing I’ve learned even in my brief forays into film making: challenges and roadblocks are only opportunities for unforeseen creative greatness.

  4. Okay so I was bad and went out and bought two more books (like I need anymore) and they were The Android’s Dream and The Tomb by F. Paul Wilson. I need to stay away from the bookstore…I still haven’t read the last three Pendergast novels, the Mortal Instruments new book…and all the other authors I am faithful too…but now that I know that The Keep is the first in a series I have to finish it. But oh well…there are worse addictions.
    Good luck with the meeting tomorrow.

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – not another commentary from Brad Wright! He promised he’d only do every 200th – oh well, at least Martin “Shol’va in short pants” Wood is there 😉

  6. One of those invitations to Stargate: Continuum would rock, but alas, I’m sure you have to know someone who knows someone to be gifted with one of those.

  7. For a few fleeting moments there, I was thinking there was serious thumpage in the making when I saw the first artist rendering. Then I quit imagining which of our heroes would be in danger of said whump, and realized what the renderings were for. Have to love that kind of attention to detail, though I imagine a few sighs of disappointment from a certain catagory of fan.
    Very happy to see MW about. Is there any chance he is going to be available to do a late 5th season episode? And here is hoping that tomorrow will find you in a non-chocolate induced state of good humor after the conference call.

  8. This has no connection to todays blog post what so ever but.. Could the good Baron and Cookie Monster maybe do an advice column once in a while.. I need some help with a few problems and think that the Baron could help me out alot..

  9. I would imagine that all the leads have SAG cards at this point in their careers. So, if SAG goes, it takes out the top tier including the new commander of the base and the premiere Atlantis “off world” team. Am I close?

  10. Is Diane Martin’s better half?

    Does she know that he has no long trousers in his wardrobe?

    Does Martin know it’s cold outside?

    And will we all live happily ever after?

  11. Hay Joe,
    My wife is pregnant with our second child and this time it’s a girl!! We had came up with several names such as Lorelei and Evelyn, which were “HER” choices, and Hailey and Adria, which were my choices. We would like to know who came up with the name Adria and where it originated from? She has finally given in and it looks like the winner is going to be Adria Nicole. If this child is anything like I was growing up, had to be the center of attention and hell-bent on world domination, the name will more than likely be very fitting. She is due sometime in June so I will be sure to announce the rebirth of the Ori.


  12. What’s the most construction you’ve ever had to do for a particular episode?

    Have you ever considered owning a cat? (if you didn’t have all the dogs of course)

  13. Hey Joe,

    I hope the meeting tomorrow goes well. Do the dogs hide when they sense Dad has had a bad day?

    Thanks for caring about the people here. Your acknowledgement of events in people’s lives, most of whom you have never met, is unique and commendable.

    If there is a problem with the SAG strike Sci Fi is the genre to be in. No boundaries! Oodles of body swapping, AU and let’s see what’s happening on that planet that is inhabited by 3 Pugs and a feisty French Bulldog possibilities.

    Have a good night.
    All the best to those that are remembering a lost loved one, human or animal.

  14. Baal_527 – We had a friend name their little girl Inara, after the “companion” in Firefly. That’s going to be an awkward conversation when she’s old enough to know.

  15. Speaking of “whatsitcon” and set tours I was curious if after they reimburse the production company costs for hosting the tours is there much money left over for them?

    I hope my visibility in the front row during the comic con extra on the DVD hasn’t detracted too much from it’s sales figures. 😉

  16. I’ve been meaning to ask this question for some time now. Is the fact that Carson is going to be back for a few episodes mean Keller will be there less? Will they both be able to be in the show? I hope so, since I’m in the minority that likes them both equally.

  17. Woo! Thanks for the photo of Ol’ Sexy Legs! Nice to see him again. And he’s a lucky bastard to score an invite to one of your chocolate parties … I checked out the pics from last year – ye gods! That’s a lot of chocolate!

  18. Thanks so much for your good wishes, Joe. Arjun was a great guy and the world lost a good one this week.

    Thanks again and I’ll keep you in my thoughts as you get your notes on Whispers.

  19. I know i’m a broken record, I’d just really really like to know and the pc gods did give me the ability to cut and paste. :>) Again thanks for your blog it’s my lifeline to stargate while it’s in hiatus.
    Joe; 1) Is there any hope that we will get to see more of sheppard’s past in season 5? Will we get to see 2) why his mother isn’t around, 3) why things with his father and brother went so bad, or 4) More of his brother and ex-wife and how they interact with him now? 5) Will the reactions of his family and friends when he was announced KIA in season 4 be revisited or did he come back before the funeral and news were given? 6) Also will we see any episodes where you explore the fact that Sheppard has the strongest accent gene and what that means for Atlantis? I know it’s been touched on, but not for some time and I’d sure like to know? Sorry for rambling but i’m really really really curious and have been thinking about these questions for a while now. Thanks again, Nicole.

  20. Your mission, should you accept it, is to ‘convince’ as many of your SGA minions/staff that a trip to Dragon Con will be an excellent idea.

    The more hunky guys the merrier.

    I am travelling outside Europe for the first time – my big adventure. So please, please drop hints to the ‘guys’.

    David Nykl, David Hewlett, Mars Hewlett, Kavan Smith, Joe Flanigan, Mitch P, Paul McGillion, Jason M and any of the amusing ‘behind the scenes’ guys. I hope I got all the boys in there.

    Stick a note on the notice board – or somewhere they will actually read it. In the gents!


  21. Hey, Joe, best of luck on those rewrite notes. I’ll spare you one set of crossed fingers. The rest I’ll have crossed for myself, because it’s finally time for my gallbladder surgery. Friday morning at 9:30 Pacific time, to be precise.

    May I please have a blog dedication tomorrow? It would mean the world to me. At least it will when the anesthesia wears off enough for me to read. 🙂

    Also? I second Nathanial’s idea for a Cookie and Baron advice column. I think they could do a lot of good. Or in the Baron’s case, evil.

  22. Mmm chocolate party. A friend of mine has an annual chocolate party in February. This year there was the usual mounds of this, that, and the other kind in bowls, the ubiquitous chocolate fountain, cookies, cakes, and dinner: chocolate lasagne. Very weird. Lots of fun.

    Interesting picture of Mr. Wood. I can’t tell if his expression is horrified, terrified or both. Just what did you do to the poor boy to get that expression on his face?

  23. SAVE THE BLOOPERS (SGA s4) Glad to see MW
    That place looks very Gothic. Naw wait, Dark Age.

    Carrying convo fwd, I have to disagree that Sheppard has gotten worse, now after s4 I still feel more in touch with Sheppard than any other Atlantis character, I think s4 was definitely much stronger for him than s3. And I too would like to see some more of the ATA gene ability explored, in regards to how strong John has it. I have an idea that would make a cool story but obviously can’t write it here because Joe M would see it and since he’s a smart guy he might think of it himself, therefore I would spoil it because then he couldn’t use it. I think I can safely say it occurred to me when Daniel was paging thru the Ancients’ people directory on Atlantis, when I was kind of hoping to glimpse someone that looked like John…

    Haven’t had the pleasure yet, just bought 2 of John Scalzi’s books incl. the BOTM.

  24. Sometimes it seems like my job and your job are strangely similar. I spent two hours today talking about a malevolent clone. Well, listening mostly. I did spend some time explaining why I couldn’t arrest this clone (he hadn’t actually committed a crime). And you think your job is surreal.

  25. I really want to know more about that audition… video would be nice! 😆 Sounds hilarious!

    dignan50yp Said:
    Das: It wasn’t your post that I was commenting on! Your Lorne idea was actually quite interesting!…I was remarking in agreement to that person’s post.

    And hey, I agree with all your comments on Miller’s Crossing! The last fifteen minutes rocked.

    Only thing missing from those last 15 minutes was to actually see Todd feed – or, more specifically, to see his reaction to being offered a meal. (Shocked that humans would do such a thing for him? Skeptical, thinking it was a trap? Or would he be all cocky, knowing he had gotten his way?) I have to admit to loving the ‘dinner presentation’ scene in PtW – and seeing Steve’s reaction to the “craptastic” food he was offered. Nothing more amusing than a finicky Wraith…

    As far as the Lorne thing goes…I wasn’t sure (since I can’t remember exactly what I said earlier… 😆 ). Thanks for the clarification. I get so damned confused as to what I’m saying between here, Gateworld, and Jinxworld – a comic book creators site operated by writer Brian Michael Bendis, where I try to convince all the guys who hang out there that the Wraith are totally hawt.

    They think I’m scary… 😛

    Hmmmm….Todd’s scheduled appearances are ‘more or less’ in the first half…aaarrrgghh! That’s not an answer! 😆 (First JM plays with our hearts…now he plays with our minds. 😉 ) Oh well, I’m not complaining. There are two things I do NOT want when it comes to Todd: That every Wraith-based episode include him, or that he pops up everywhere for a second or two as go-between, with little or no further development. My dream would be for him to somehow remain an ally – though one always kept at arm’s length. It’s the ‘friendship’ and attempt at mutual understanding and coexistence between Todd and the Lanteans that I personally find so exciting…not just the bartering back and forth for information. I don’t think the Wraith as a whole could ever have this sort of relationship with humans, so to have one who does is quite interesting.

    But I’m just repeating myself…again. (Sorry, Mr. M…but your blog is a really great place, hard to keep things short and sweet when there’s such nice folks here! Thanks for letting us play, and for all the updates and pictures and vids. Good stuff! AND the chocolate…can’t forget the chocolate. 😉 )


  26. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM chocolate party! I can’t wait to see and hear about that one!

    Good Luck with the Whispers call tomorrow…hope it’s just a word to say…great final draft!


  27. I was excited when I saw the words “an old friend drops by” in the title. My first guess? Martin Wood. And that was before I saw the pictures, just so you know. Very happy to hear he’s on the commentary for Continuum, too.

    Can you tell us what the audition was for? A new planet’s inhabitants?

    Speaking of weird auditions though, what you were describing sounds eerily like what I had to do for an audition recently. Although there was a bit more yelling and making strange, pained and aggressive sounds involved. Pity it wasn’t for Stargate Atlantis or I would have said hello.

  28. Maybe a SAG strike would be a chance to see the scientists to stage a rebellion against McKay? Zelenka for head scientist!

  29. Thanks for the dedication. If only I could get this essay to go a fair bit faster, I’ve been writing this for so long I’ve seen the sun set and rise. How depressing is that?

    I re-watched The Ark earlier, I think it’s a brilliant episode, I know there were some people who complained about it, but three characters had a significant role in the episode, McKay, Sheppard and Teyla, and none eclipsed the other. Not to mention, I thought Rodney had some of the best lines ever.

    I do have a Stargate related question though if that’s alright.

    Of the first four seasons, which was the most entertaining and fulfilling for you to be a part of, and which season has had the best overall storyline, whether it’s preparing for the Wraith (1), hiding from the Wraith (2), creating a dozen different bad guys (3) or evading/dealing with those bad guys (4)?


  30. Still making my way through the series, Joe (have to catch up before July). I’m almost through Season 3 now…and tonight’s episode? Made me cry. Thanks for that. *sigh* Hats off to Damian Kindler.

  31. OK…………where’s my ticket?????????

    Hum….. all those scritches and hugs for nothing??


    Enjoy the screening,……..loved Ark of Truth so I hope Continuum is as good.

    Drooling over the keyboard thinking of chocolate parties. Yummy.

    You lucky git!

    Izzy 😛

  32. You mean you guys aren’t going to do an episode featuring the unsuccessful applicants to Cirque du Soleil, and their street-theater friends? I’m heartbroken. Wardrobe and makeup would outdo their best-ever efforts, I’m sure; and I’ll bet Joel Goldsmith would do impossible feats with scoring. No Atlantis-related storylines occur to me (well, okay, they do; but never mind), but you’re a creative bunch. It could open up a completely new subgenre of sci-fi. . .

  33. Mmm… chocolate party!
    I think you’ll like my little gift. It’s something made by the company I work for and judging from a previous blog entry I know you could use it. 🙂

  34. The perils of offering the guest bloggers …. fans just want more of them.

    After seeing the shots of future episodes you are working on, it would be interesting to hear from a member of the technical crew sometime on how they make all that work. It looks absolutely amazing.

  35. Joe —

    After the shock of picking up Canadian currency for my trip to The-Con-Which-Must-Not-Named, I’m wondering if the freefall of the US dollar is having any impact on production budgets. Wasn’t much of the US participation in Vancouver’s status as Hollywood North was based on the beneficial exchange rate?

  36. On March 27, 2008 at 12:00 pm freidag Said:
    Wow, it’s amazing how opinions vary! I think Sheppard is one of many interesting characters on Atlantis – especially after this season! His actions in Miller’s Crossing disturbed me – talk about being unexpected – and yet fascinated me at the same time.

    The idea of replacing him with Lorne, a recurring character is quite bizarre and I for one hope that never happens. Nothing against Lorne, I really like him, but Sheppard is military commander of Atlantis and I’d rather he stay that way.

    May I just say ditto?

    I’m sorry, but I obviously missed something about Lorne. Sure, he’s a nice guy and a good, solid, supporting and recurring character. Kavan is a very, very nice guy. Very funny and sweet. But lead on the show, replacing Sheppard? Good grief. How incredibly bizarre. As nice as Lorne is, leading man material he isn’t, in my opinion. I’m not sure he’d have the charisma or appeal to the masses to pull it off, to be honest. He’s good as he is, I think; a solid supporting character. Of course, that’s just my opinion. 🙂 It’s rather akin to saying Zelenka should replace McKay, and as lovely, cute and appealing as Zelenka is that too would be equally bizarre, in my opinion.

    I echo the sentiment of those who are interested in seeing more character development for Sheppard and more insight into Sheppard’s ancient gene. I’ve honestly all but given up that we’re going to see anything like that, I’m sad to say.

    There is such huge potential as far as Sheppard is concerned, and it’s a pity that this seems to be overlooked sometimes. As a big Sheppard fan even I feel sometimes that Joe F isn’t given the opportunity to get his teeth into something really meaty. There are so many things I’d like to see happen to Sheppard, both emotionally and professionally in season 5. Many of those things are repercussions from events in previous seasons. I feel sometimes Sheppard just shrugs everything off too easily, and as a viewer I feel cheated.

    Hopefully something good is coming both Joe and Sheppard’s way in season 5. I won’t give up hope until I’ve seen the whole of next season. I do hope I’m not setting myself up for disappointment though. With lack of news of a specific episode for Sheppard and no news of any sort concerning an arc for him – the latter concerns me more than the former – sometimes it is difficult to stay optimistic when concerning character development for the show’s leading man.

  37. Pauline said:

    Chev, as any one who reads this blog regularly knows my love of all things scientific is boundless. And to this end I am willing to…put my self forward as a test subject for the ATA gene experiment.

    I will qualify this with a proviso *no* in vitro procedures it has to be all in vivo. And with compatibility issues not with standing either Sheppard or O’Neill will do, I’m not fussed!

    Come on girls whose with me?

    Pauline (I do have the ATA gene honestly!)


    I’m so glad you’re willing to take one for the team. I must say I thought I was the only one here with the ATA gene :-D. Of course one must do these things in the name of Science and advancement of Earth. Naturally, it doesn’t always happen the first time around.

    Cheers, Chev

  38. I’m running the relay for life tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who donated!

  39. G’day Joe,

    Is that the office where they do the audio commentaries? I imagined they were done in a mini home theatre area with comfy chairs and a big screen. Weird!

    Cheers, Chev

  40. TFI Friday! what a long week its been but its now the weekend and my book arrived this morning so I’ve got some major reading to do this weekend, I’m halfway through The Blade Itself and would’ve finished it by now had it not been for pesky interruptions for trivial stuff like feeding kids, sleeping and the obligatory work related crap.

    So when is Continuinuinuum going to be released then? (its difficult to get off of that word isn’t it?)

    Could I be mega cheeky and request a shout out for my eldest son Chris’ 23rd birthday tomorrow please? He’s an avid reader of fantasy too and has called dibs on my entire book collection when I pop me clogs LOL
    Cheers Joe and have a good weekend I know I shall with all this serious bookage!

  41. Well, a conference call has been scheduled for notes on the revised Whispers script. How that particular chat goes tomorrow morning will pretty much dictate my mood when it comes time to write tomorrow’s blog entry – so you’ve been warned!

    *Braces herself…*

    Better arm ourselves with chocolate, whoopee cushions and some of us had better be prepared to do bad acrobats and tell jokes if Joe seems grumpy.

  42. Hi Joe:

    Are there any plans to bring back Sheppard’s brother David in Season Five?

    Have a great weekend!
    Sabina 🙂

  43. *wolfwhistle* What is it with Martin Wood and wearing short? Is he trying to emulate Peter Jackson?

    Any word on the bloopers front? I know that the preliminary DVD contents has been published with them there but these things can change.

    I would like to third the idea that either the Baron or Cookie Monster should do an advice column. We could send in suggestion. Please?

    Also, I know Continuum is coming out around the time of Comiccon, any chance of some kind of world premire for the screaming fans? Come on it’ll be fun. No, really it will.

  44. How do you choose the names of characters? People have commented on GW that Dusty Wells sounds like either a porn star or a cowgirl (makes me think more of a cowhand on an old western). Of course, Googling the name pulls up several real-life people with that name.

  45. “those of you lobbying or a couple of Chuck-centered episodes will finally get your wish.”

    OMG! Really! *jumps up and down* YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now, to begin work on the “centering around Lorne episode!” lol ^^

  46. Thanks for doing this blog Joe 🙂
    Will there be any John and Teyla centered episodes ? I’ve seen several on John and McKay and even John and Ronon but hardly any where John and Teyla are the main leads .

  47. Hey I adore Chuck (and I was quietly thrilled recently when his name was mentioned on air) and I root for the quiet guys there every time (Walter is still one of my favourites from SG1… along with Siler.) but… not sure how I feel about the idea of a “peon episode”. My mind instantly pulled up an old TNG episode (“The Lower Decks” I think) which focused on noobs. And while done really well… was still awkward and annoying because – hey! where’d everybody go? who are these people?

    In other news, I am ridiculously excited about Continuum. Ridiculously!

  48. Hope the conference call went well, thanks for the pictures. Eat more chocolate..

  49. “While interesting, it’s got nothing on the truffle version.”

    Hmmm I think that I shall have to try the truffles. Took a look at the pictures from last year’s Chocolate Party and all I have to say is W-O-W. So I take it this year’s theme will be Death by Chocolate…though if you have to go that’s the way to do it.

    That audition did sound…um awkward, and very painful.

  50. Playing catch-up…..thanks for all of the pictures that you’ve posted this week. LOL on your “Smattering of Scenes” idea for Martin’s script. Very funny. I hope todays conference call on your “Whispers” script goes well. I’m sure it will, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed just in case.

    It’s great to see that Brad and Martin will be doing the commentary for “Continuum”. I hope you will post pictures of the special screening like you did with “Ark of Truth” – definitely appreciated.


  51. Hi Joe:

    Just wanted to say how great Season 4 of SGA was, a good mix of action, adventure,humor, character development, etc. And the special effects and CGI make it seem like a mini-movie every week. Although I know many people out there want more and more on Sheppard’s personal life or the others of the cast, I believe there was equal attention on the different characters without becoming a soap opera. I don’t mind some attention paid to the back stories and personal lives of the characters as long as it lends itself to the story without ‘becoming’ the story.And I think you’ve managed to do that this year, and all the past seasons, too. I loved the inclusion of Todd this season,he makes the episodes he’s in so much fun. I’ll be looking forward to another season to come that’s as good or even better than this one.

  52. Hey Joe,

    I’ve been looking for some new Scifi to read, so am going to give Scalzi’s books a try on your recommendation.

    I wonder if you or your readers might have some suggestions for my 10-year-old son. He has read and enjoyed I,Robot, Ringworld, Rendezvous with Rama, the Wrinkle in Time series, among others. Those were all books I loved as a kid. Other ones I remember like Ender’s Game, Dune, Left Hand of Darkness I think may be a little too hard for him right now. Do you have any others in mind that he might like? Are you familiar with the Uplift series by David Brin? I vaguely remember reading and enjoying those but can’t recall much detail. Startide Rising won both Hugo and Nebula but I think it’s the second book in the series – could it be a stand-alone or does one need to have read the first book (Sundiver) first? Also, I know Asimov wrote a bunch of “Robot” books, but I’m not sure which are good…

    Any suggestions would be great, thanks!


  53. I thought the same as Thornyrose:first drawing instrument of torture, dungeon scene then second drawing Oh just a lamp..phew. Teyla’s episode titled the ‘Queen’ is it Michael forcing her to marry him to be his Queen and rule the new hybrid people. If this is to close to the truth delete this part of the comment if you wish.

  54. Salut Joseph =D

    Yé, je suis enfin en week ednd ^^!
    Par contre c’est nul qu’il pleuve encore, sa fait deja 10 jours snif.

    Roalala la chance de voir continuum^^!!

    C’est chouette de revoir Todd =), je trouve qu’il faudrais plus de peuple qui ne resemblant pas des humain dans stargate atlantis, genre unas,asgard car apart les wraith..il resemble tous a des humains.

    Jespert pas voir beaucoup de réplicateur dans cette nouvelle saisonn, car je ne les aiment pas trop.


    1)Les wraith vont au toilette?

    XD…bah oui c’est une bonne question sa! ^^

    Bon aller kisou, je vous adore♥♥Merci

  55. Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!

    Actually, one of my burner buds is Chuck of Arabia; who constructs fabulous contraptions (aka catapults and flingers and crossbows), builds amazing effigies to burn (such as a giant White Rabbit and a 30 foot tall Gingerbread Man styled after the Candyland game pieces), and engineered his own 85 mph wind-proof circus tent. Red and yellow striped of course. The tent, not Chuck. Nice guy, brilliantly geeky engineer-desert rat type.

    Death by Chocolate? I’m doing that a day at a time.

  56. I read an announcement today that Jill Wagner will be co-hosting the new ABC reality series Wipe-out. How does that affect any plans you may have had for her to appear in Season 5 of SGA?


  57. Re: dasNdanger:RE: Mantis-mating Wraith – of course, I was just joking about that – would hate it, too. Too many handsome Wraith are dying anyway, don’t need their queens feeding on them, too. 😉 Though the Wraith remind me of the praying mantis physically, but their social structure is closer to bees or ants, and so you would think their mating behaviors would be closer to those species

    Yes, so many dying one-shot Wraiths makes me sad. Though I’m glad to see Todd’s betrayer make a reappearance in Midway.

    They’re in another galaxy, I don’t like to draw analogies between how the Wraith appears in comparison to Earth-based lifeforms to form all their cultural and biological aspects. I like to go craaaazy with speculation!


    Seahorses, Joe. Seahorses.

    lamjohn: The other scientists, lead by Zelenka, can revolt against Rodney for abusing his Chief Scientist privileges by hogging all the coffee!

  58. You haven’t seen personalized M&Ms around the studio in the past week or so, have you? I sent some to David H and was wondering if he was sharing?

  59. I hope things went OK with your conference call today. I don’t envy you that situation.

    Taking a cue from your thank you blog this week, I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to write daily here. I think you know I’ve been very disappointed by a number of the decisions made about SGA, but even if I stopped watching–and I’m not at that point yet–I would still swing by your blog because it’s entertaining and well-written.

    Any chance of some meaty Rodney and Teyla scenes next year? We so rarely see them alone together, it is difficult to believe they are friends who would willingly die for each other.

    Take care.

  60. You mustn’t assume (per your previous blog entry) that because people are not commenting everyday, they aren’t reading everyday.

    Great choices for BoTM in May, btw. Made me eager.

    I think I asked this question once before, and maybe it’s a boring, or unanswerable, or already answered question I don’t remember at this point, but will we see any more of Sheppard’s brother in Season Five?

  61. Who IS this chuck guy?

    And anyway TNG’s “Lower Decks” was an excellent episode and something that Atlantis arguably should have “Homaged” a long time ago. So what if you see a little less of the regulars for this week, you’ll see them next week! It’s like that silly argument for putting big spotlights in someones helmet “we need to be able to see our stars” – we’ve seen them for years! We know what they look like! A few minutes without seeing them won’t hurt you. That’s the beauty of series over the annoyance of movies – there is plenty more down the tube.

  62. 1)Will Teyla struggle with the repercussions of Michael’s injections once the child is born?

    2)Do any of the team members purposefully deceieve the others next season, even if they have the best intentions?

  63. *waves*

    I’ve really rambled today. Sorry, you might want to go stuff your face with chocolate first before you read this. 😆

    Given the talk on Shep’s ATA gene, i’ve always enjoyed that part of him. It’s something natural, but something i’d like to see explored. I think we saw in Travelers just how much his gene is underutilized in Atalntis. I think for me that just showed me what his gene is capable of, and even then it’s just a fraction of it’s potential. Is there any chance we can explore his gene’s (minds out the gutter ladies, I said GENES, not jeans). *cough* Does it break down? Is it affected by anything internally or externally, What else can it do? Can Shep control Atlantis, like he could with the Aurora ship in Travelers? Can the city communicate with him if it’s in trouble? Will Shep be able to sense it? I have lots of questions… never grew out of that phase as a child. Sorry. So, i’m curious. I think there’s still lots of potential in Shep and exploring different sides of him. I absolutely loved the bit in Miller’s crossing. To see that ‘dangerous’ tinkering on the bridge of that fine line really got me excited. I love those sorts of dilemmas that the writers create. That grey line where a character could potentially cross it. It makes them interesting and curious about just how far they’ll go. We all have that within us and it’s a side that sometimes people don’t want to confront, that darkness that escapes now and then. Yes i’m rambling now.

    For me, what got me interested in Shep was that side of him, the side we saw in The Eye/The Storm, Lifeline, The Seer, Poisoning the well, Miller’s Crossing. Those sort of eps where he sees things differently because of his experiences. He has a dark past, one that we don’t know that much about, but it’s there and resurfaces again and it’s interesting to the viewers when we get to see…. okay, so i’m generalising now. I do seem to be very tangenty today. 😳

    When you started Shep’s arc (yes I do think he’s had one) with the bugs, and then his fear of them I thought this was a great concept to get onto as it’s not often the ‘hero’ is afraid of things. So for me, it makes the character less two dimensional (not that Shep ever was that mind you), but let us see the vulnerabilities. I loved Tao of Rodney purely for that reason. McKay stepped out of his normally adorable snarky self and allowed him to portray a side that we rarely see. So when it comes to the foreground it’s endearing and heartwarming and makes me gush and become very girly. Likewise with Ronon in Sateda, he had all but reached his limit in that ep. Because it draw on painful memories it took him to breaking point and made him vulnerable. I’d love to see that more….

    As for the leading man thing, no contest. The leading man for me needs to have that x-factor and for me it’s Joe. Could Lorne potentially take over from Shep? I can’t see it to be honest. While I really like Lorne as Linz said more succinctly than I, for someone to become the leader, they have to stand out in the crowd, and are willing to go that extra mile. To do something different and not be afraid to take risks and to step out on that precipice. I don’t see that in Lorne. Sorry. Kavan is a lovely sweet gentle man, but his character for me, although lovely, likeable and dependable, but I don’t know if he’s capable of going that extra mile. Lorne is ‘by the book man’, Shep isn’t, he has that edginess that’s required to make those decisions that aren’t easy, and sometimes you have to go that bit further. That for me, is Sheppard.

    Ok, there was some questions in there amongst the rambling if you can be bothered finding it. 😆

    Hope your day wasn’t too bad, and that when you get home from your meeting you’re in a wonderful mood.

    I’m done at last, you can breathe a sigh of relief now. 😀 I can’t help myself sometimes….

    Thanks for the pics especially the S&R ones. I love the set for that ep it’s huge!!! So, *beating a dead horse* 😉 will we get to see and infirmary scene in S&R? 😉 I had to sneak that in in the end. 😀


  64. You know you’d think with all that yabbering i’d have actually mentioned that it was lovely seeing MW back in the studio’s. 😀 Are there plans for him to come back and direct after Sanctuary finishes its season?

    Ok I am done talking now, I promise. 😆

  65. I’d like to know too about whether the injections Michael gave Teyla’s baby will have far reaching effects or was Michael taking something from the baby ?

    Thank You !!

  66. AGH! I’ve lost a book!! *headless chicken routine* I know I put it somewhere safe and I can’t read The Born Queen until I reaquaint myself with The Briar King. MAybe I should try Bette Midler’s tactic in Hocus Pocus, let me see

    *sobs disconsolately into cocoa*

  67. I feel very remiss! I forgot to mention MW’s legs. Does he ever cover them? 😉

    Also, I just read spoilers for Whispers. Yes, yes, I said I was going spoiler free…that lasted a long time didn’t it? 😆

    Can I just say I’m scared already! I’m going to be hiding behind cushions again when watching this! (I spent my childhood doing that while watching Dr. Who. Daleks and Cybermen STILL scare me!)

    Whispers sounds really different and pretty exciting! 🙂

  68. Panna Cotta Said:Yes, so many dying one-shot Wraiths makes me sad. Though I’m glad to see Todd’s betrayer make a reappearance in Midway.

    They’re in another galaxy, I don’t like to draw analogies between how the Wraith appears in comparison to Earth-based lifeforms to form all their cultural and biological aspects. I like to go craaaazy with speculation!


    Seahorses, Joe. Seahorses.

    First – Todd’s betrayer. Yes! We were thrilled to see Todd Jr. ( 😆 ) make another appearance, but it would have been fun to see him escape, only to later run into Todd and pay for his betrayal at his old commander’s hand, and not the Lanteans. Oh well, I guess these actors get a one season shot, and that’s it. James had two years, and Steve was so well-played, I really wish he was still around. Hmmm…maybe he could have a twin …lol. Also loved the Wraith in Condemned – at least HE survived! Is that the only one of James’ Wraiths that survived? He was so many, it’s hard to keep track.

    Seahorses?! 😮 Somehow a pregnant Todd just doesn’t work for me… 😕

    Do you post at Gateworld? Someone brought this idea up once in the Wraith Defender’s Thread there, not sure who. I have trouble getting my head around the idea of Wraith males carrying the young…just seems weird. Besides, they seem so particular about their figures. 🙂 I prefer to think of them as a buncha sexually dormant males whose greatest passion in life is to feed, since – by the looks of things – that’s about as lucky as they’re gonna get.

    Poor buggers. 😉


  69. Will be keep my fingers crossed that the conference call for “Whispers” goes well.

    *Huge hugs for the lovely Martin Wood* 😀

    Oh why not….

    *huge hugs for you too* 🙂

  70. WOOOOOO!!! Guess what happened today, Joe!

    So here I am, calmly/nervously eating my lunch, waiting for my package to arrive…AND IT DID!

    At around 1:30 pm, my phone rang, and the dude told me that he was downstairs, and at that moment I dropped all my food…er, well, no, I didn’t drop ’em on the floor or anything. Anyway, I stopped eating, went downstairs, and picked it up. It’s a big package! I told the guy how good a job I think you guys are doing (after verifying that he did indeed work for you guys and not just a regular delivery man you plucked from the nearest post office…or something), and went upstairs, tore the package to pieces and dumped the DVDs onto my bed.

    And what do I discover? AN AIRFORCE CAP!! Talk about your bonuses!

    I can’t say how happy this has made me, for you see, I had had some minor eye-irritation that was plaguing me all last week (that was the source of the headache), and today, not only did it get healed, but I also got the DVDs! It’s all karma, I tell you!

    So, thank you SO MUCH for this great (and pricey!) gift! It’s virtually unheard of that an Executive Producer of a show would give away something like this in this manner, so you really are truly unique and wonderful, Mr. Mallozzi!

    I can’t wait to watch them! Thank goodness it’s the weekend!

  71. ‘Well, a conference call has been scheduled for notes on the revised Whispers script. How that particular chat goes tomorrow morning will pretty much dictate my mood when it comes time to write tomorrow’s blog entry – so you’ve been warned!’

    OK Joe. Flak jacket – check, helmet – check, drinking choc and comfy armchair – check. All set. *Hopes for best: prepares for worst* 🙂

  72. Lol, I would not mind some CHuck centric eps at all.

    Did you get a chance to see Anthony Bourdain’s return to line cooking a couple weeks back? That was fascinating and nerve wracking all at once.


  73. I love Martin’s face in the picture. 🙂

    Good luck with the Whispers’ conference call tomorrow!

  74. Thanks for the great pictures of late, firstly. I must say, I especially enjoyed the men goofing off for the camera from the other day.

    I also am happy to say I found a bookstore selling several of the BOTM books I hadn’t been able to find. I’ll actually be able to participate this month and even into next. I’m also very excited to read and hear from Scalzi as I’ll admit, reading the back of the book, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Not so much in premise, but certainly in wording.

    In addition to a special Stargate-related give-away contest open to all BOTM club participants, those taking part in this particular discussion will also have a shot at winning a copy of Before They Are Hanged, the second book in the series.

    Oh, very exciting. Though I must ask, did you ever get around to awarding the book to the winner of reviews for Sean Williams’ The Crooked Letter?

    I suppose since it was an audition, there’s no video of the tumbling auditionees. Sounds terrifyingly amusing, though.

    Here’s to hoping the revisions went over well today!

  75. Hey Joe hope all is well, any chance of seeing Atlantian battleships in season 5. Also I was wondering if u ever went to Juliette et Chocolat here on St. Denis street in Montreal. Cheers and have a great weekend

  76. Does Martin Wood ever wear jeans or slacks to work? I’ve only ever seen pictures of him wearing shorts. (NOT that there is anything wrong with wearing shorts…)

  77. For Jean,

    John Scalzi’s books are great — you won’t be disappointed. As for your 10-year old, if he likes fantasy I’d like to recommend Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising books. Check out the info on Wikipedia about the series.


  78. Just saw somewhere in the comments that perhaps an episode will fashion Michael as King of the Mutants with Teyla forced to be his genetically enhanced Queen. On a tangent from that we notice that John, presumably because of his strong Ancient gene, has been offered a kingship twice so far (notice a pattern here?) Hmmm… King Michael or King John which one rules… 😉 so I went from only mildly interested to eager to see what this Queen episode will *really* be about.

    Are we going to see Carson’s mum in Whispers? I remember his description of her as “delicate, pure” I can only imagine what kind of heart attack the poor woman must have had when C-Carson showed up.

  79. Have there ever been thoughts to visit a world that has a society made up of pirates that live on pirate ships? Would it be to costly?

  80. Wow. Sorry about the Badgers. That was one of the most horrible second halves I’ve seen them play.

    Moving on with my life…

  81. Whatever happens with the SAG, yay for Chuckcentric episodes! Thanks for that fun little crumb for all the Chuck fans 🙂 Sounds like an excellent plan…

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