Our office assistant poked his head into the room, interrupting the meeting to inform Paul: “There’s an alien waiting for you in wardrobe.”

As Paul excused himself and headed downstairs, Marty G. said what we were all thinking: “We have the most surreal jobs in the world.”

Yep, a return to surreality today found me in my office, screening Kairo, Dead Birds, and the original Shutter to put me in a Whispers frame of mind. The search is on for Dusty, Porter, and Teldy (who, sadly, has been busted down to Major following a short-lived promotion). Two huge playback-heavy episodes in The Daedalus Variations and Ghost in the Machine will have that department on their toes for the next few weeks, while Brad has the waterfall situation under control. As predicted, we didn’t get around to giving Carl his notes on Tracker. Maybe tomorrow.

What we did get around to, however, was checking our standings in the inter-office March Madness pool. Our of 175 entries, I hold on to the #7 position with all of my Elite Eight selections still in the running. I’m banking it all on a Memphis-Louisville showdown.

With the April book of the month discussions fast-approaching (Timescape April 7th, The Keep April 14th when we’ll be joined by author F. Paul Wilson, and The Empire of Ice Cream April 21st when we’ll be joined by author Jeffrey Ford), I thought I’d turn my thoughts to May’s BOTM club selections. Rather than offer up some nominees for you to choose from, I thought I’d try something different (read dictatorial) this time out. So I’ve gone ahead and chosen for us. In the fantasy category, it’ll be Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself which we‘ll be discussing the week of May 19th. I’ve chosen this book because I’ve already raved about the it, would love to introduce avid readers to the First Law series, and I’m pretty sure I can convince author Joe Abercrombie to stop by and, if not answer some of your questions, then at least grace us with an angry tirade about packing peanuts. In the scifi category, it’ll be John Scalzi’s The Android’s Dream which we’ll be discussing the week of May 26th. I’ve chosen this book because I’m a big Scalzi fan and have been dying to read this particular title. Finally, in the horror category, let’s go with John Shirley’s Crawlers.

Today’s mailbag:

Mick writes: “ Is episode sixteen the big SG-1 (at least Carter, Daniel, Teal’c) crossover with Atlantis that I’ve been waiting four seasons for??? Please say YES!!!!”

Answer: No can do. No SG-1 in episode 16. Sorry.

PG15 writes: “Who spends the most time in the infirmary so far in season 5, as a patient?”

Answer: So far it’s a three-way tie between Sheppard, Ronon, and McKay.

IAmJohn writes: “Is the McKay/Katie relationship officially on the rocks and done, or are they going to start thinking about getting back together?”

Answer: Given that Katie requested a transfer off Atlantis (revealed in Trio), I’d say it’s pretty much over between them.

1norriski writes: “So Joe come on let us in a little more on these great rewrites for Whispers, is this still going to be Carson (beloved Carson Beckett) with the all female team?”

Answer: Yup. And he’ll have company.

KaziWren writes: “Any chance you can offer twice as many books for the next book club?”

Answer: How about some reading suggestions instead – Joe Abercrombie (The First Law series), Scott Lynch (The Lies of Locke Lamorra), Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind), George R. R. Martin (The Ice and Fire series), Iain M. Banks (Consider Phlebas, The Player of Games, Use of Weapons), Octavia E. Butler (Parable of the Sower), Ted Chiang (Stories of Your Life and Others), Thomas M. Disch (Camp Concentration), Cory Doctorow (Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom), William Goldman (The Princess Bride), Daniel Keyes (Flowers for Algernon), China Mieville (The Scar), Walter M. Miller Jr. (A Canticle for Leibowitz), Elizabeth Moon (The Speed of Dark), John Scalzi (Old Man’s War), John Steakley (Armor), Karen Traviss (City of Pearl), Gene Wolfe (Book of the New Sun), Roger Zelazny (Lord of Light). Start with those and get back to me.

Masterchief writes: “I’m still wondering whether there’s a reason that only a few episodes (SG-1 and SGA) are written and directed by the same person?”

Answer: It’s simple. Most writers aren’t directors and none of the directors are writers.

Ascended Tauri writes: “What are you picks for the Elite 8 and Final 4?”

Answer: Elite 8 = North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisville, Wisconsin, Memphis, Texas, UCLA, West Virginia. Final Four = Louisville, Wisconsin, Memphis, and UCLA.

Thornyrose writes: “To echo squeakjep’s questions, when is the next planned hiatus in the shooting schedule?”

Answer: Our hiatus is presently scheduled for early July.

Joesmom writes: “Why are you bringing in new characters when the older ones still don’t have much development?”

Answer: If I had been working on this blog way back in season one and mentioned we’d be bringing Major Lorne over from the SG-1 universe, I’m sure many would have reacted exactly the same way. A new character?! NOOOOO!

Bailey writes: “When you get “suggestions” from the studio to change things in your scripts, do they tell the writers why they want the changes?”

Answer: Always.

Amy writes: “Also Teyla’s episode titled the ‘Queen’? I am guessing this has to do with Teyla again getting inside the mind of a wraith Queen. This story line is getting a little old is it not?”

Answer: If you say so. And you guess wrong.

StellaByStargate writes: “Is there any chance that we might get some unambiguous insight into Sam’s personal life during one of her current two S5 episodes, as you’d promised when the Trio scene was cut?”

Answer: Given Carter’s reduced role in season 5, it’s highly unlikely.

97 thoughts on “March 25, 2008: A return to surreality

  1. Hi Joe
    i was wondering, is there going to be some kind of transition for when Carter leaves between her and the others???
    By the way, i just got a very, very large basket of Ghirdelli dark chocolates in an easter basket, if i was close by i’d share with all


  2. Who is the guy in the pictures ? Anyone know ?
    Also thank you Joe for all the Teyla information 🙂

  3. I for one am glad you brought Major Lorne over to Atlantis. More Lorne in Season 5!!!

  4. I’d say your judgment concerning literature is pretty sound. No problems here with you choosing for us.

    I can certainly understand the problem with an “SG-1 episode”. The show is called Atlantis and as awesome as it would be to see the old gang together again, that’s what the features are for now. That being said, a guest cameo here and there is much more appropriate from a series-narrative point of view.

  5. Nah, ah… if you had the blog back then and had so much as mentioned Lorne coming over for Season II, a lot of Fangirls would have been happy and anxious to spot him!
    After all there were enough people killed off in Season I! *like Grodin*

    01. Is there any hope for us to get more info about Lorne in the coming Eps.?
    02. Will we ever get a Lorne-centered Ep.?

    After all you have to milk out Mr. Smith skills…

  6. Ok. just for the record, your pics from the Search and Rescue set are driving me nuts. But that’s ok. I’m finding insanity is a…peaceful state of mind. Well, not really. But thank you anyways for the pics. I’m focussing on waiting for the BotM club discussions to help me get through another few weeks. Good luck on the office pool. At least you’re still theoretically in the running. Amy speculated on The Queen being another Teyla takes over a Queen Wraith situation. You indicated she was wrong. Does the story perhaps center on Teyla herself becoming a queen, or percieved to be one, by Wraith or humans? Finally, while I’d love to see more development of established characters, I appreciate that we do need new faces. The real world is like that too. Things rarely stay totally static. Besides, it makes it even more exciting when we get a glimpse into the backgrounds of our various heroes (racing pigeons, being an uncle). If I’d my druthers, there would be 4 hours a week of new SGA episodes year round. But you’ve accomplished what every entertainer should. Leaving us happy with what we got and eager for more. kudos. And apologies for the rambling nature of this post. Sleep deprivation due to work.

  7. Thank you for answering my question! Oh, and email’s on the way with the numbers.

    No question today. And yes, I can see how surreal your job can be, which is why I have decided that a job at Bridge Studios is what I want. In the distant future, of course.

  8. Thanks for your time today Joe. I was a bit worried the Jaffa you have posted outside your super cool office were going to catch me. Still, I figured that if I had a chance of making it past the front desk it would be while I was wearing a tux. I forgot to tell you that while at the studio today I got to long jump over Lily Cole the supermodel (I was still catching my breath from dodging the staff blasts). It was awesome. See you in the mid-season (I hope).

  9. BOTM: You’re so dictatorial. *chuckles* Hey, your idea, your blog, you’re allowed. 😉

    Thanks for your answer about the scheduling of shooting scenes. 🙂

    Had borrowed some B5 DVD’s from a friend as I’d never followed the show when it was on, and chuckled to see some SGA folks peppered in here and there…including the actors who played Otho in “The Tower,” the Hoffan leader in “Poisoning the Well,” and the actor who played Peter Grodin. All roads lead to Vancouver…

  10. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for giving me the head’s up about Sam’s personal life in S5. I sort of figured that was the case but I had to ask. One more question, then I promise I’ll stop pestering you for a while…would you say that the time has come for us SamandJack shippers to be content with what we have or can we continue to hold out hope for something more in Continuum?

    And not that I want to pressure you or anything, but tomorrow is my birthday and it would sure be a nice present if my question was answered! 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Joe,

    I would like to echo Jason’s sentiment: More Lorne! Please put something in there where he’s actually called “Evan” by somebody so that it is established canon…I know you’ve said it in reference to a line that was dropped, but once it’s on screen it’s almost gospel – especially in the fanfic and chat realms.

    I’m gearing up for Spring Break and that means lots and lots of family time. So on the family note, I have two questions: Any sign of Jeannie Miller in Season 5? What about Shep’s brother or ex-wife? Will we ever find out about Shep’s mother? Or what the infamous argument with his father was about?

    One more thing, is there a “bible” that the writers use when writing the characters? Has someone, for instance, worked up an entire background on John Sheppard or Rodney McKay the writers have to stick to or should draw from, at least?

    Thanks again for the blog and the pics are fantastic. Hugs for Fondy and the pups (and you, too!)


  12. Are we going to see more of Todd the Wraith in Season 5? He always seems to be working on his own, which is interesting since the Wraith seem so hive-oriented. Does he have a Wraith Queen he answers to? I can’t remember if we saw whether he had a hive and it was destroyed or if he was rejected by his hive, or if he’s just rogue…

    I like Todd as a character. He’s got this ambiguous status as foe/friend with the Atlantis folks. He seems like he’s been more on the friend side lately, but he is still a Wraith…) I hope we see more of him. Thanks!

  13. Hi Joe
    Just realized when clicking on the button to comment, that you didn’t have a fancy title for yesterday’s entry – just the date! Lacking creativity yesterday? Or exhausted from the script – though glad to see you’ve been able to finish the Final Final draft on Whispers. As for the BOTM front, I’m on spring break, and am using the time to read Timescape (and your blog!).
    Out of curiosity, who’s got the top spot in the March Madness pool?

  14. Haha I had always imagined that your job would be so… easy… but I bow to your better description: surreal!!!

  15. Thank-you for the Connor pic (and the other Connor pics you’ve given us recently)!

    Poor Anne Teldy, sorry about your demotion! 🙁

    @ das ~ eeek! I’m glad they didn’t take any of the team, seeing as Weir’s role was, to my mind, more of supporting. No way would I want Sheppard’s — or McKay’s — role reduced or restricted that way! I’d rather keep them on the gate team then put either of them in charge! But I’d be all for having Todd on the team. 😉 (Hell, I’m about to roleplay him as such in an Atlantis-based RPG — I already play McKay and Carson, while a close friend of mine plays Sheppard, Ronon, and Lorne …)

    And I don’t really want them cut off from Earth again either — we wouldn’t get any more Jeannie or Caldwell then! (And to be honest, the “cut off from home” scenario makes me anxious and depressed — but I recognise that I’m very nuerotic, so I wouldn’t beg the writers to *not* cut them off from Earth either …)

    Well, glad you liked the feeding hoof, at least. 😉

    @ sq2830 ~ yeah, definitely have to agree to disagree! To me, it’s all one universe, just different galaxies. ;P And if we disallowed crossing galaxies for stories, we’d never have had Atlantis in the first place, or the Ori storyline. Even the Ancients have gone back and forth. I’m just not ready to say goodbye to the other characters just because sci-Fi cancelled the show. People say 11 years of SG-1 was enough, but I’ve been a Who fan since I was five (I’m 32), so I heartily disagree with that kind of thinking. And I love Torchwood refs in Who, and vice versa! So I’ll take more SG-1 any way I can get it! 😀

    I chalked Rodney’s jerkiness in “TPP” up to the simple fact that Sam was around — people sometimes revert to old habits in certain situations, so it didn’t really seem OOC to me, especially back then. I think slipping back now and then makes things more interesting, so long as there’s a good reason for it and it’s not permanent. At least when Sam came to SGA, he didn’t revert to jerkiness — well, okay, he was jerky now & then, but I didn’t think he did it any more than he would without her around, and felt he had plenty of sweet moments with Sam too, IMNSHO.

    But I see what you mean about how SG-1 always get to play the heroes when they come around. Then again, they are legends for a reason, and have been around longer, so it also makes sense for them to stay heroic … but yeah, that’s an arguement for not bringing them in. Well, at least Teal’c wasn’t overpoweringly so, IMNSHO — Ronon came out of the Wraith fight in much better shape, and he came pretty close to whipping Teal’c’s butt. And Sam’s deferred plenty to Rodney — it was nice to actually have the chance to see that!

    And what about Dr Lee? He’s not elevated to a more heroic status than the rest when he visits! And like Joe said, what about Lorne? Hell, what about Rodney and Weir? Technically they were SG-1-verse first! 🙂

    Yes, okay, I’m sure many heartily disagree with me. Joe, I think you and the others are doing an excellent job, both with crossover-eps and *non* crossover eps. 🙂

  16. Hi Joe:

    Flowers For Algernon – I loved that book! It was one of the very first sci-fi books I read that brought me to tears. And since My oldest son was born with a developmental disability, the book has taken on special meaning for me. Many times I have wished that there was some wonder drug that he could take that would help him achieve the life that we all take for granted. My son will never live on his own. He will never be able to get married or have a family. If there was a magic pill that would give him those things, it would be very tempting to give him that medication. But then, I think my biggest challenge would be, would I lose the sweet person that he is now? It really is amazing how the right story can really affect a person.

    Have you ever been really affected by a book?

    Patricia (AG)

  17. hey Joe,

    the whumpers will be very happy about the first pic 😀 I’m not sure about pic #3, is it the actor who plays Kanaan? no SG-1 in episode 16? that’s ok, it supports one of my theories. Ronon spends a lot times in the infirmary? it’s been some time (I believe since Quarantine). what about Woolsey? will he spend some time in the infirmary too? I’m guessing Carson’s “company” will be the Wraith or another enemy.

    once again thanks for answering another one of my questions. it’s really that simple eh? anyway regarding Lorne in Atlantis, I for one wouldn’t have objected. the Teyla/Queen scene in “Spoils of War” was pretty cool in my opinion, I wouldn’t mind seeing that again. however something new is even more intriguing 😀

  18. Me and my baby writer friends are all in various stages of rewrites, and we are all miserable as hell. How does one prep for a major rewrite when you can’t stand the sight of the thing and dream of hiring a strike team to eliminate each and every copy? When I get stuck on a spec I’m always happy to shelve it, but writing for hire doesn’t give me that luxury. What suggestions do you have for dealing with these oh so fun script note meetings? Do you pack a parachute for a quick base jump out the window? Would it be bad if I were to curl up in the fetal position under the director’s desk?

  19. Looking into May’s BOTM selections now. They sound good so far excellent picks, and considering the word “dictatorial” is almost completely synonymous with “evil”, I’d say you’re more benevolent than the word suggests. You do yourself injustic, fair Joe.

    And on casting for Teldy et al, I wonder, could you tell us a bit about the casting process for roles on SGA?

  20. Answer: Given Carter’s reduced role in season 5, it’s highly unlikely.
    Which is a shame because I was really liking the way her role was developing.
    We had a ‘Welcome-Back-Carson’ party. Great episodes, by the way. I wonder, will there ever be another appearance of the ‘Dr. Mallozzi’s Latin book’? (window of opportunity).
    And a quick side note, have you ever heard of the ‘Life on Mars’ series (w/ john simm, philip glenister)? I think you would like it ;).

  21. Yes! Good pick with Wisconsin. That D-fense is just too good. Though you said Louisville and Tenn. are in your Elite 8, but they can’t be because they play head to head in the Sweet 16… I’m assuming you meant Kansas as the other team. My prediction is a UCLA-North Carolina matchup with UCLA winning it all, but I’m still riding high on those Badgers.

    Ha! Lt.Col. Anne Teldy now Major again. I was going to joke with you yesterday that before long we’d see her as a General! Lol, much love your way Joe.

  22. JOE!

    Thank you for the reading material! I promise to let you know when I’m ready for Round 2, oh great French Canadian dictator. 🙂


  23. OHHH now THAT’s a really great Michael pic THANKS!!!!
    and thanks for the SGA work updates again I really appreciate being able to come here and get what’s going on.

    Pleased with the May BOTM choices good call. Several of those others you mentioned were quite good too and to offer my answer to a comment I just saw- I have been emotionally affected many times by books I’ve read. Some of them I still think about, many many years after reading. Some I’ve read over many times, just to keep “reliving” the story. For me, reading a good book is a heavy emotional connection- more than TV or movie- I have a pretty good imagination for creating the “pictures” the author is conveying and unlike watching a show, many times I get a different impression upon reading again. Which is why many times I’m pretty disappointed with a movie or TV adaption of a book, the pictures in my head were better. But sometimes those mediums do a book justice- just to mention one, Lord of the Rings, for example, very good. Ok two- the Harry Potter movies have turned out pretty well too so far. I heard somewhere they plan 2 movies for the last book since there was so much going on, I’m pleased that the effort is being made.

  24. In one of my classes, I am attempting to define Sci-Fi literature… any thoughts???
    I always think of Michael Crichton and Jurassic Park (science fiction with science in it!) but my classmates are arguing that any fiction which incorporates futuristic ideas or technology is science fiction writing…. what is your opinion???

  25. So the search is on for the all female team. Hope the actresses cast are at least in their late 20s, Atlantis is no place for ingenues.

    Sorry to hear Anne Teldy got demoted. But the Space Cows don’t care, they just wanted a few pieces of her. Still hopeful that TPTB can get ex-supermodels for Space Cow fodder. It’s more interesting than an aspiring ingenue.

    Will the girl team in the “Whispers” episode have only Alicia Vega surviving?

  26. Hi Joe, Any chance we’ll see Jack in season 5? And what’s with the big SG-1 crossover?

  27. Hi Joe,

    Just curious, will there ever be an episode that Zelenka will be a lead character and Rodney take second seat to him for a change? I really enjoyed the extremely few times that it has kinda happened in the past when he warns Rodney not to do something… 😉

    Also, as everyone, I too like looking at your pics from the set. (p.s. Just remember to fix your date on your Sony camera 😛 )

    On another note, if someone wanted to visit the studio’s, how will that be organised? Any specific contact details or procedures (or website to find this info) are available? Any details for people from down under on how to go about this?

    I hope Carson v2 will get to stay and not die again 😉

    @Padawan Aneiki: I liked Babylon 5 too. I remember seeing a few episodes here and there. Great series. 😀

    @myself. Must remember to keep my posts short and to the point.

  28. Ah, the surreal life. Love it. I highly recommend it to everyone. Get Surreal!

    For instance, this weekend I was complaining that because I spent all day sewing pink ruffles onto my Easter bonnet and glomming plastic eggs onto MyLarry’s I Am the Eggman hat, I did not have time to attach the hundreds of bright orange pom-poms to my Granny coat and had to wear the Singed Faux Mink instead. The singe was from the Winter Solstice when the Young Bride borrowed it and wore it through the Tunnel of Transformation, a metal art piece in the shape of a hollow arch filled with burning wood. Well, after all the orange pom-poms would have clashed with the new pink ribbon camo boots. But I did bedazzle and jewel the snot out of an old SynOrgy tee shirt I’d made after the 2003 Regional, a picture of the giant White Rabbit effigy, titled Burn Bunny Burn; that year our theme had been Alice in Scubaland. And then I had to find a last minute item to be set a flame and flung from the catapult, I went with the Breast Cancer Head in a Basket sculpture I’d made when I had to take all the wires out of my bras … it flamed and flew beautifully. The Spring effigy was a cobbled together creation called the Pentagon, topped with a Santa pulled by a swan, all of which was set aflame with a single shot from the giant crossbow. We cheered and danced and drummed mightily! All Nightily!

    Yep, every word of that is true and accurate. And that was just Saturday night. Burnal Equinox!

  29. Joe; 1) Is there any hope that we will get to see more of sheppard’s past in season 5? Will we get to see 2) why his mother isn’t around, 3) why things with his father and brother went so bad, or 4) More of his brother and ex-wife and how they interact with him now? 5) Will the reactions of his family and friends when he was announced KIA in season 4 be revisited or did he come back before the funeral and news were given? 6) Also will we see any episodes where you explore the fact that Sheppard has the strongest accent gene and what that means for Atlantis? I know it’s been touched on, but not for some time and I’d sure like to know? Sorry for rambling but i’m really really really curious and have been thinking about these questions for a while now. Thanks again, Nicole.

  30. Arctic Goddess

    I’m very moved by your comments about your developmentally disabled son. I have a first cousin with the same condition, and remember my aunt saying all the same things. As a teen, I thought a lot about Jessica’s limited intellect combined with her incredibly sweet, loving, and forgiving disposition. A conversation with my aunt led to my reading Flowers for Algernon, which was the first book to make me cry.

    As an adult, I’ve thought a lot about how much Jessica has contributed to the world: she loves to make people happy, and as far as I know, is successful the great majority of the time. I feel privileged to know her, and to have spent a lot of time with her when my aunt and uncle lived nearby. “Special” may be used as a euphemism by most, but I think that much of the time, it really is true. As for the “needs” part, it’s obvious to me that my “special needs” cousin has what I dearly wish I had as well. True, she has to have help with her most basic requirements; still, she has a rare and precious gift to share. It sounds like your son has that as well. – Many blessings to you and your family.

  31. In “Trio” Keller mentioned she’d be making morphine mandatory in the med kits from then on. Will she need to be using it in any of the S5 episodes so far?

  32. Joe, thanks for the surreal and very nifty pics, and your remarks about the sometimes-surreal nature of your work. Those insider’s glimpses are pretty cool.

    The surrealistic aspect of things is enhanced by Davidson having beaten the traditionally formidable Hoyas. You think of the two North Carolina schools most likely to appear in the Sweet 16, and Davidson just ain’t one of ’em. It’s not fair that this very appealing Cinderella team will be playing Wisconsin – I want them *both* to win! – Good luck with your office-pool standing. Do you people play for money, or for some very strange prize(s)?

    John Scalzi’s The Android’s Dream sounds great. I read the excerpt on Amazon, and I’m already hooked. (As always, will have to pass on the horror selection. Maybe I’ll watch Federico Fellini’s The Clowns instead. :D)

  33. Joe,

    Like you, I am a very big Scalzi fan. I absolutely adored Old Man’s War. What I was wondering is if you happen to know if anyone has optioned it? I think it would make a wonderful feature.


  34. Thanks for all the extra book titles Joe. Now I just have to remember to download them into something that I carry with me all the time.

    The local book store is getting tired of playing book charades as I try to get them to guess the author and title of the book seeing as I forgot to write it down before departing the house. Three words, sounds like, starts with a C…

    DasNDanger – Sorry if my comment seemed insulting 🙁 I was actually thinking on the flip side when writing that post, ie: there are people that discuss their theory in a balanced and sane way… which is why your name came to mind… because I also agree… I mentioned sane right?…Forgiven?

  35. Hi Joe,
    I don´t know if this was asked before but did you already cast someone for the Weir-role in Ghost in the Machine?
    I was just thinking about it and had the idea of Jessica Steen.
    As she played Dr. Weir for some Episodes back on SG1 I bet there would be quite some Fans (like me) having a nerd-moment.

  36. AHA! Your comment about the Teyla-centric episode “Queen” has confirmed my suspicions regarding plot, now I know I’m right I can feel it in my water.
    Its the episode where Teyla accidentally finds out that SOMEONE has a cross-dressing secret. I understand the working title was “Too Wong Foo, Priscilla Queen of the Pegasus Galaxy”

  37. Maggiemayday – Hunny you are completely deranged and I would REALLY appreciate a personal invite to your next pagan celebration, I’ll bring along the dip and supply snorkels!

    Commiserations to Anne Teldy’s namesake for dipping out of a richly deserved promotion back to red shirt. I’m sure the Space Cows will ensure her demise is as painless as possible now.

  38. Isn’t RCC a director and writer?? Of course, not necessarily on the same episodes.
    Which leaves me wondering about his “overall role” in the episode ‘Seteda’. And Didn’t he have a very large involvement in AoT, when it comes to writing and directing? After all, the Ori are like his fragile babies. No?

  39. are you going to chose another skin for your blog joe? You went through a few in the first month or so of having this blog and since then you haven’t very much changed it.

  40. Joe M said:

    If I had been working on this blog way back in season one and mentioned we’d be bringing Major Lorne over from the SG-1 universe, I’m sure many would have reacted exactly the same way. A new character?! NOOOOO!

    Hmmm……you don’t know us very well do you? If you had a blog way back then you would have had to block your ears from the squeeing. I remember when Lorne first appeared on Atlantis the forums were buzzing. I’m sure there are loads of other fans that agree with me.

    Joe M said:

    Teldy (who, sadly, has been busted down to Major following a short-lived promotion)

    Phew! That was a close call. I’m glad that “saner people” have prevailed :-D. Now don’t back out on the death scene.

    Now I see that you haven’t said anything about a promotion for Major Lorne. What are chances? He’s saving SGA-1 (or whatever you call them, btw…what do you guys call them?) every other week. Surely he’s proven himself worthy. Maybe we could have a Lorne episode where he gets a promotion, then gets trapped off-world and perhaps gets amnesia (always handy) and joins the Genii. Then SGA-1 have to rescue him. Of course by then he gets his memory back. Have I used every cliche in the book? Wouldn’t want to miss anything.

    Cheers, Chev

  41. “mentioned we’d be bringing Major Lorne over from the SG-1 universe, I’m sure many would have reacted exactly the same way. A new character?! NOOOOO!”

    Oh yes but we love you for it now! YAY LORNE!!!!!!!!!

  42. Yay! I already own two of the three books for May’s BOTM selections. Guess they’ve just been bumped up the reading list!

    Any chance Scalzi will be stopping by in May to field questions? He seems like a friendly enough guy over on his blog… 🙂

  43. Hi Joe,

    Nothing good on T.V. and no new Fanfiction to read so I just watched an episode of SGA that I downloaded from Amazon and was just wondering if the deleted scenes could be included with the episodes to Amazon and iTunes for the downloaded episodes since the time restrictions are not a concern in this forum. That way the fans would have to watch the show on T.V. because who could wait, and then download the episode to get the extra scenes that were deleted, and then buy the DVDs for the extras. Brillant idea no?


  44. Hi Joe

    I really love your book offerings on your blog. Can’t say I’m as vorousous (excuse the spelling) as you, but I have read quite a few of your best recommendations. I really did love Joe Abercrobies and the Locke Lamorra series( am reading the second one in this series now). I just finished Kage Baker’s “in the garden of Iden” I loved it! Am now looking for more in that series.

    All the best with the SGA production. Keep the good storeis coming.. BY the way What is Rob Cooper and his crew doing now that there is no SG!?



  45. Teldy has had quite the colorful career, already! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. 🙂

    May you have many more surreal moments in your day.

  46. Joe Abercrombie’s novels sound good.. I just wish I could FOCUS on books!!!


    I wonder if being an avid reader is genetically inherent in a few of us…

  47. Ooh! You mentioned Major Lorne voluntarily. Virtual cookies for you. That actually reminded me of a question I had. Can you tell us how many episodes Kavan’s signed on for so far in season 5?

    Love the pics by the way, it’s always nice to see new ones of Connor.

  48. Wow, all your Elite 8 picks are in and you’re #7 out of 175 – quite impressive. Here at our house, we’ve got two people still in their respective pools – one’s #9 out of 42, another is #14 out of 45. So we’re all bowing down to you!!!

    My copy of Empire of Ice Cream should arrive tomorrow and I hope to be able to join my first book club conversation come April 21.

  49. Salut Joseph =) Merci pour ces photos =D

    Ma journée c’est mieux passer qu’hier , heuresement =D

    Mince lol, vous répondez à pleins de question a chaque fois que je ne vous en pose aucune ..donc mes questions aujourd’hui; =)

    1)Le couple Mckays / Keller, a t’il un avenir dans la saison 5?
    2)Quel est la scéne la plus difficile que vous n’ayez jamais tounrnée??

    Bon aller, bonne journée, je vous adore♥♥♥

  50. Okay, I do get your point about the new characters. I cannot imagine Atlantis without Lorne, even though I only liked him in SG1, here I am head over heels in love…

    I think all the negative thinking and doubts are due to fans worrying that with introduction of a new character old characters (including Lorne damn it) will have less screen time (and now Kavan doesn’t have the second show to shoot so he’s all yours, yes? yes? yes???).

    But I have every faith in you and the rest of the writers. I”m sure season 5 will rock as much as s4 did 🙂

  51. I’m actually looking forward to the new leader of Atlantis (because I suspect banter, and I love banter!)

    Will Keller continue to be flirty in Season 5?

    You mentioned that Teyla will not be getting inside the mind of a wraith queen in “Queen”, any chance we’ll see Andee Frizzell in season 5, if not in “Queen” but maybe in a different episode?

  52. ok so whenever Sheppard is in the infirmary, how come the stretchers he is always on seem so small?

  53. Looks like one of your elite eight will have to go. Louisville is playing Tennessee tonight so one will lose. I’m rooting for Louisville of course being from KY. It’s great to see both U of L and Western KY University still in there. WKU is a real surprise. Let’s hear it for the little guy.

  54. Hey Joe!

    Thanks for the update with season 5! But poor Teldy is being pushed back to Major…I guess. 😛 Also, judging by your status with the pool, I should ask you for picks for any pools I’m in in the future, heh.

    Looking at the images, I have a question. What is the most dangerous place where scenes have been shot for Atlantis?

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  55. Excited by Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself as one of the selections next month…already started reading it a week ago…while reading THE KEEP, and Dhampir. I have a bad habit of reading three or four books at once.
    Since this will be the first time I have participated in one of your book discussions…do you only want questions or comments the day before F. Paul Wilson joins your blog?
    I am finding that as I read THE KEEP it is almost as if it has its own hidden soundtrack…it flows with a chaotic rhythm that continues to draw me in.

  56. I picked up a copy of Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself from the library today and started reading it in the car after I’d done the crossword in the daily paper as I waited for mum to finish with her dental appointment, I have to say page 1 grabbed me by the unmentionables and won’t let go! looking forward to next months discussion.

  57. IAmJohn writes: “Is the McKay/Katie relationship officially on the rocks and done, or are they going to start thinking about getting back together?”

    Answer: Given that Katie requested a transfer off Atlantis (revealed in Trio), I’d say it’s pretty much over between them.

    Yes! *punches air* Oh…did I say that out loud???

    Um….I really just hated them together. *goes back to quietly reading the blog*


  58. Arctic Goddess and Tiger’s Eyes, I completely agree with you about Flowers for Algernon. It is truly a moving story – one that has remained with me for years.

  59. Hey, Joe, I just read that Season 4 DVD will be coming out July 8 in the states and Canada. And that Disc 2 will have bloopers. Have the issues with the actors about bloopers been settled or is this a lot of hooey?

  60. So when we make a wrong guess I get the distinct impression that you LOVE to say “your guess is wrong”, am I right??

    BOTM selections picked now just have to order them from amazon.ca.. My basement is fast filling up with books.. YIPPIE!!

    The book that I read that made me cry (well there have been a few) but the one that stands out is “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” by James Patterson was SOOOO good!!


  61. This is a different Amy BTW… but with the Teyla ‘Queen’ episode… do the Athosian’s have royalty? Is that the aim you guys are taking? Or does the title maybe have nothing to do with linking Teyla to the term ‘Queen’? I know those answers would be super spoiler-ific, but I’m curious and it can’t hurt to ask!

  62. If you get notes from the network that suggest reworking a script – do you have to follow what they say or could you simply say that you are going to leave it exactly as is. The network is buying the episode regardless right? So how much leverage do they really have?

  63. 1)Will whatever fate Kannan succumbs to be influential on Teyla throughout the rest of the season?

    2)Does Sheppard make any decisions this year that put his own personal interests above all else, whether intentional or not?

  64. Will Michael’s storyline be concluded once the premiere is over or do you plan to bring him back later in S5?

  65. Hi Joe, i have never commented on your blog before but i have religiously read it since i discovered it. I have no questions to ask just praise for the brilliant work that you and the rest of the Stargate Atlantis guys are doing. We all adore you and your work, please keep it!!!


  66. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the pics, great as always.

    Saw “Ark Of Truth” on Monday and can I just say….. Oh My God! It was sooooooo good, I loved every minute of it! The scenery was stunning, the music beautiful and powerful and watching SG-1 again was…well, it was like being reunited with close friends/family that you’ve not seen for a while but have really missed.

    My heartfelt congratulations to all involved with the movie for making it such an enjoyable experience.

    Here’s to the next one!

  67. So will you guys be whumping Teyla at all this season? I see that the guys, as you have said, have been making trips to the infirmary….will Teyla be getting roughed up or roughing anyone up this season?

  68. Now i feel rather stupit as in the above statement i wrote how “we all adore you and your work, please keep it!!!” This implies that your work may be stolen in the near future. I am such an idiot! Oh well, what I really meant was keep UP the good work, not just keep it. Oh well, i will just stop rambling madly on and go laugh at another crazy stunt gone wrong on Youtube.

    Bye, Josh T

  69. narellefromaus Said:DasNDanger – Sorry if my comment seemed insulting I was actually thinking on the flip side when writing that post, ie: there are people that discuss their theory in a balanced and sane way… which is why your name came to mind… because I also agree… I mentioned sane right?…Forgiven?

    NO WORRIES!!! I was NOT insulted!! I was…erm…makin’ a funny. 😛

    Obviously, I’m not so funny… 😛


    wolfenm Said:@ das ~ eeek! I’m glad they didn’t take any of the team, seeing as Weir’s role was, to my mind, more of supporting.

    Oh, we wouldn’t want it FOREVER…but half a season, perhaps…maybe a little more? Sheppard, pacing around with his knickers in a bunch, fusing and fuming that he’s not out having fun, but instead dealing with all the politics back on Atlantis…would be an interesting direction to go. Imagine all the things he’d get into trying to amuse himself…in fact, he might even find new and exciting adventures right in Atlantis, exploring areas not yet opened up and getting into all sorts of trouble on his own.

    Could be exciting, especially if he starts dragging others who are normally stuck on Atlantis along with him – Zelenka or Keller, for instance.


  70. Hey Joe!

    Bless you! More Connor Trinneer pics! Thank you!

    Could you possibly do me a favor? Could you dedicate a blog to me one of these days? That would impress the hell out of my husband! he he he We’re in the process of beginning all over with a new puppy, so I could use some cheering up! I’m more of a cat person myself.

    Hope you get the bloopers on the DVD set……we all make mistakes, and some of those from TV shows are hilarious. We all could use a few laughs.

  71. Okay Mr.M, I just booked a ticket to Victoria for a conference in May. I decided to splurge a bit and spend an extra day there to have a look around. So, what is the one thing, in your opinion, that I shouldn’t miss?


  72. Uh oh, just seen this photo and I think you need to worry about the advertising deal that Cookie Monster has just picked up…

    Leesa Perrie

  73. Hey Joe-

    Are you watching any of the women’s tournament? I’m from Virginia, so the UVA-ODU matchup was a win/win for me! Who do you like in the finals?


  74. When will the next season start?!?!? I am already having withdrawl symptoms.
    By the way, thank you for bringing Conner Trinner in to play Michael. I loved him on Enterprise and was delighted to see him on SGA.

  75. Yay for Joe Abercrombie as the May BotM selection! I’m just now reading book 2 (Before They Are Hanged) and am loving it. Maybe I’ll actually join in the book discussion this time around. 😉

    Oh, don’t know if it’s your cup o’ tea, but you should check out The Dresden Files series. They’re all quite good and addictive!

  76. Me again! I’ve just seen this pic here and thought you might be amused by it.

    Has Fondy any dog clothing like this?

    Leesa Perrie

  77. Hey Joe,
    do you think you could stop to humiliate McKay in S5? You did it so far and I think it really isn´t funny any more and the character of McKay is damaged by it.
    Thank you

  78. Hi Joe.

    StellaByStargate beat me to it but I’ll ask the question in a different way. Since you said it’s highly unlikely that will get any insight into Sam’s personal life and you said that there were no emotional scenes between Sam and Jack in Continuum, would you say that particular romantic story arc has been concluded?


    My wife’s birthday is on Friday so if you miss answering this on StellaByStargate’s birthday you have a second chance!

  79. I just finished “The Blade Itself” and will be starting Book 2 tonight- very entertaining! Is there a chance Sheppard will be muttering to himself “still alive, still alive” during Season 5?

  80. Ok, So I just saw Ark Of Truth and I got a question…

    What in the hell was that thing that came out of the mountain and went into hyperdrive much like Atlantis did in the pilot of SGA?

    Did I miss a big plot point or what?

  81. Does the reorganization of NBC Universal production into separate network and cable productions, with cable being led by Bonnie Hammer, affect you guys? (Variety article). Don’t think so, but thought I’d ask. It seems sci fi pitches will be able to be picked up directly for cable, so maybe we’ll see more new shows!

  82. How protective of your favourite character(s) have you become?

    Do you and the other writers discuss generally how you think a character will react to a situation?

    For each of the main characters do you keep a ‘little book of foibles’ that each one has?

    The main ones I can think of are, McKay’s citrus allergy or Sheppard reading ‘War and Peace’ and his Johnny Cash poster!

    See I can come up with some fairly descent questions on a good day…let’s just hope today is a good day!


  83. Run Teldy Run!

    I’ve glimpsed someone’s mention and just gotta comment on a couple of other entertainments that surprised me with their goodness- the TV show Life on Mars and the Dresden Files book series. I hit on Mars accidentally as a fan of John Simm and the show hooked me, always happy to relive my own 70’s nightmare. Started reading the Dresden books after seeing the short-lived TV show, I wanted to know what was really going on with that guy!

    I’m also really glad Lorne came to Atlantis. Now we just need to hear someone call him by his first name.

  84. Shiningwit: two words for you: Burning Man. Buy the ticket, take the ride. You won’t look back. Next pagan celebration in Utah would be Eclectic Element 11 Elephant, in May. There’s burners worldwide, you want freaks, you can find ’em.

    Started the Empire of Ice Cream. Like it a lot, but the introduction has me bothered. Guess what I’ll be discussing. Also began The Keep, seems like it will go down easy. Still picking at Fast Forward, good, but I’m distracted, working hard on the dollhouse. Click on my username to see the progress: the Green Gypsy Parlor, with crystal ball and Tarot cards, is Done done done!

  85. Joe:

    The trend in the industry seems to be leaning more toward “green” productions (i.e. using recyled and reclaimed wood for building sets, using eco-friendly paints, recycling old scripts, using all-natural cleaning supplies like vinegar instead of chlorine etc.). Have you guys been doing that on the Atlantis set?

    Oh, yeah! My 40th birthday is on Thursday the 27th. Read my blog to find out how happy I am about that. 🙂 Would you please dedicate Thursday’s blog entry to me, Joe?



  86. Jadzia Said
    Hey Joe,
    do you think you could stop to humiliate McKay in S5? You did it so far and I think it really isn´t funny any more and the character of McKay is damaged by it.
    Thank you

    It really isn’t going to stop any time soon because the writers DO like that kind of humor (as does David Hewlett himself – go watch the movie he made if you don’t believe me). While I do think it goes a bit to far sometimes (not as often as others say but yes sometimes I do agree it gets to be a bit much) I do also think that Rodney always was supposed to be the “comic relief” character and his issues weren’t ever supposed to be taken as seriously as they have been.

    And you really have to be fair and look at how much the writers HAVE had Rodney grow as a character. He really isn’t as obnoxious as he was in the early seasons. He’s MUCH more of a team player. And even though he does still get scared and freak out a little he stands his ground and does what needs to be done to save the day. He doesn’t even whine as much about being hypoglycemic or his allergies any more! (Yes I do think he is mainly a hypochondriac more than anything else).

  87. Really? You don’t think Kansas will make it to the Elite 8? My guess is that they will…but I am a little biased. I’m a PhD student at KU, and apparently you have to be a fan around here. 😉

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

  88. I got a very similar feeling when I was an extra one night in a zombie movie. We’re all standing around, chatting and snacking on moon pies, and everyone looks like they should be in the ICU and I’ve got so much fake blood on my face and neck that it looks like I just ripped someone’s throat out with my teeth. Of course, that’s not my everyday job…which is deeply unfortunate.

  89. Have you read “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman? That’s my favorite of his that I’ve read so far.

    I’d love to see some more team episodes with just a simple off-world mission that goes wrong forcing the whole team to work together to get out of the resulting mess, because I feel like there’s not as much team dynamic anymore. Is there going to be anything like that in season 5?

  90. Hey, *pointing at picture* that’s Connor *jumping up and down*. Gah-damn, he’s foine!


    Alright, I asked this question before and I’ll ask it again. Are you blokes going to give Michael and Teyla anything other than the same dialogue? This is scifi right? This is a genre where writers are supposed to come up with near impossible scenarios, right? So, why is it everytime Michael or Teyla are on (seperate or together), you guys can’t seem to come up with anything new?

    And why can’t Michael just clone Teyla or himself or both him and Teyla or…I don’t know…just get ’em in a shot where they’re together, using dialogue we can all vibe with, and in a scenario that’s as hairy as your grandmother in a threesome with the 60 year old gardener and the maid…do something different, man.

    You guys are allowing this tension-filled, frienemy thing slip through your fingers. It’s a frelling shame!

  91. Kimberlee Said: ok so whenever Sheppard is in the infirmary, how come the stretchers he is always on seem so small?

    Further to that; when is he going to get a man-sized bed? How the hell is he supposed to get any sleep with his feet hanging off the end?

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