Sometimes returning to a favorite restaurant after a long absence is like being reunited with an old friend. Fond memories are stirred, new appreciations blossom, and one marvels at the soulful consistencies that have managed to endure. Other times, the reunion is more like getting together with an ex-girlfriend – less happy memories and madeleines, and more befuddlement, bathos, and barely lukewarm oxtail pavé. Such was the case when I returned to Diva at the Met last week, a place I had always considered if not notable, then at the very least reliable. A cut well above your average, overpriced hotel restaurant. It was where, every few months, my fellow producers and I (and, occasionally, Chris Judge) would gather for burgers and chocolate bars. More to the point, Diva’s signature DC Burger, a home made patty topped with braised short rib, wild mushroom ragout, foie gras, and white truffle oil, and the Thomas Haas-designed chocolate dessert.

Unfortunately, on my last visit, I made the mistake of going off-book. I started with the roasted purple garlic velouté which looked fabulous on paper (scallion purée, sunchoke, crispy rice) but turned out be a harsh and heavy-handed mishap. Carl and Stephanie ordered the Dungeness crab salad with hass avocado and hearts of palm which proved beautiful to look at yet disappointingly bland in flavor.

While Marty G. and Carl went the burger route and were not disappointed. I was served a potato and braised oxtail cauliflower pavé served atop a bed of white beans, a dish that had clearly been left sitting, forlorn, while my fellow diner’s plates were prepared. It was dry and barely lukewarm. The accompaniments skirted the fine line between “sides” and “garnish”, a slice of mushroom, two thin slices of an asparagus tip, two slender green beans, and a lone cipollini onion. Now I’m usually not one to argue price point as I don’t mind paying a little more for quality ingredients, but you’d think that for $42, they’d have thrown in the entire asparagus.

Service was frustrating. Even though the dining area was less than a quarter full, our waiter was MIA through most of our meal. At one point, I had to actually flag him down and ask him to clear our plates. When he proved bewilderingly reluctant to swing by and take our dessert orders in a timely manner, we elected to just grab the bill and go.

In the end, a far from happy culinary reunion. Unless you’re ordering that specialty burger, Diva at the Met is little more than your average, overpriced hotel restaurant.

Today’s pics: Yeah, I could’ve posted pictures of my crappy meal but, really, why bother? Here’s some pics of the dogs instead.

Mailbag –

Squall78 writes: “Does it look like there will be any more eps besides the original 5 for the beloved Carson Beckett.”

Answer: It’s too early to say at this point.

AMZ writes: “I have a question about Inquisition. Will there be clips from previous episodes in it?”

Answer: Looks like it.

PG15 writes: “1. Who’s getting the great honor of writing the 100th episode of Stargate Atlantis, 520? 2. When you take pictures on set, do you take them soley for the blog, or for other reasons as well?”

Answers: 1. Right now, it looks like Paul will be doing the honors. 2. I only snap pics with the intention of posting them to this blog.

Kimberly writes: “Any chance seeing the ‘bugs’ which Michael was creating making a return ? Also will Teyla and the Wraith Queen have a showdown ? Will Teyla bring forth newer and more powerful gifts ?”

Answers: The hybrids we saw in Kindred I and II were the next step in the evolution of the bugs we saw in Vengeance. Any wraith queen in particular? The Queen will show off the Teyla character in a very interesting way.

Keirberos writes: “Am I right in guessing the reason you’re not disclosing ‘who’, despite the multitudes asking, is for privacy?”

Answer: Nope. If it all falls through next week, I’ll tell you exactly who you can send your angry letters to.

1norriski writes: “The orginial airing was 2 hours together the reairing was 2 hours just in different parts why the need to cut out so many sceens?”

Answer: That was a network decision and had absolutely nothing to do with us. Sorry.

Padawan Aneiki writes: “How do you choose the order in which to shoot an episode?”

Answer: A number of factors are considered when one of our Assistant Directors is putting together a schedule. For instance, we’ll usually try to accommodate a guest star by shooting their days concurrently so that they don’t have to hang around, sitting on their hands. Sometimes, a guest actor may be unavailable on certain days of a shooting schedule. We also try to group like locations together. For instance, if the script calls for scenes in the gate room, conference room, corridors, or Woolsey’s office, they will be grouped because they will all be shot on Stage 6. It doesn’t make sense to shoot a corridor scene, then pack everything up and move over to the FX Stage to shoot a village scene, then pack it up and head across town to shoot a forest scene. We shoot about eight pages a day, so the key is to play mix and match, marrying certain scenes in order to build a day at a specific location. In short, it’s a lot like piecing together a complex puzzle. There’s no “right answer”, only a “best answer”.

PG15 also writes: “1. Are the mid-season 2-parter given 2 clues, like The Kindred Part 1 and 2 each getting a line in the poem? 2. Are they for the first 14 episodes of the season (minus The Queen, since you guys made that up after you wrote the poem), or are they for just 14 episodes within the season? I ask because I have a hunch that “While myriad permutations are viewed from space” refers to the 100th episode.”

Answer: Actually, two clues for the two-parter – and both apply to part one. 2. The hints refer to 14 episodes within the body of the fifth season. And your guess is incorrect.

81 thoughts on “March 23, 2008: My craptastic dinner at Diva at the Met

  1. Thank you Joe 🙂 I love those creepy critter bugs and am happy they’re going to return though I would imagone much more powerful and dangerous. Also thank you very much for the Teyla vs Queen info too . Love that these two will face off . Also cool about Michael returning too .. I enjoy the Michael story arc so thank you 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear your latest dining experience was below average. But I have to say that Lulu (right?) looks like she got something nice to eat. That is probably my favourite of your dog pictures so far, very very cute.

    Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about animation and animated productions. I was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on the production process. I know you were a writer for animation for a while, but I’m hoping you know about how a production would work.

    Based on your experiences, where abouts do the voice actors come into an animated production? Oh, and feel free to tell me anything else about it too if you want to.


  3. I wonder why you didn’t complain (nicely).. about your lukewarm, dry dinner? Or about the fact that you would have liked dessert but you were deserted (hehe no spelling errors there!) by your waiter.

    I guess if you are going to go back there (a big IF) then just stick with the burger..

    Gorgeous pic of the dogs, Lulu cracks me up!

  4. Such adorable puppies, such a sad sorry story about what should be good food. Why is it that in almost all hotel restaurants, the burger is always the safest bet, whether it’s prepared simple or fru-fru?

    Forgive me for rehashing (no pun intended) my sushi question, but I realized at 3 am after asking that you would probably answer it as you did. Since it’s incredibly unlikely I’ll ever get to Tokyo, or even off the continent, could I please re-ask the question as, “Where have you found the best sushi on the North American continent?” thanks 🙂

  5. Thank you for answering my questions Joe! Much appreciated. Also, thanks for answering the other question about how production works. Only a few years ago, when I watched the Lord of the Rings DVDs that I understood how scenes are filmed so out of order sometimes. I can’t imagine how…puzzley it all is. Crazy.

    To Anne Teldy and her little sister:

    Thank you so much, Anne Teldy’s Little Sister for the update! Wonderful to know that Anne is out of the hospital and is getting better. I wouldn’t have expected anything else, given the kind of person Anne showed herself to be on here. If such a funny, kind, and generally nice person didn’t end up on top, then heck, we’d all be going to hell.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I think it’s clear that we’ll all be welcoming her back with healthy doses of ANNNNNEEE!!!! and similar things when she returns.

    Oh, and Joe, remember that talk we had before, about you being the boss? I think this is the perfect time to exercise your immense power and get Mr. Flanigan and Mr. Hewlett to say a little something for our dear Anne here. Just push your little camera into their faces and order them to do it. It’s so easy!

    Finally…the Rescue Brigade is a little rusty after having nothing to do for the last few months..and there was that apple picking accident, but I think we’ll be ready in no time. The puddle jumper just needs to be washed, that’s all. Rest assured, we will rise to the occasion if Anne needs us, despite the fact that we didn’t actually get anything done last time. But really, let past records be damned!

  6. Lovely pics of the dogs! Dog question for you: my housemate brought home a ten week old Maltese over the weekend, and is having no luck crate training/housebreaking him. What strategy did you use with your pups?

  7. Hey Joe!

    Sorry to hear about your dining mishap. I’m sure your upcoming dinners at Fuel will make up for it though. 🙂

    Lulu looks cute, looking up at the camera from the bowl. What is that food in Lulu’s bowl though?

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  8. Hi Joe, just a few questions… 1. Any possibility that Ford is the the key to curing Beckett, if not, is ther any chance that we will see Ford in Season 5??? 2. Since it appears that Teyla’s babby daddy is done for, will we see anything between Teyla and Shepherd this season???? If there is a 6th season pickup do you think Beckett will be a regular again??? Thanks

  9. I have to write a 5 page novel review for my English Lit class…. any suggestions as to how I should break it up (ie, what should the ratio be of basic plot information to analysis?)????

  10. *AMZ writes: “I have a question about Inquisition. Will there be clips from previous episodes in it?”

    Answer: Looks like it.*

    Ok, so…simple question: Clip show in season 5, yay or nay? That answer left me worried…

  11. Yes – Get Well Anne T

    Just for fun I looked up the fellow who played John Sheppard’s bro- he is listed as the same height 6’2. Now go watch Outcast again. 🙂 so carrying forward Joe F’s perceived height projection problem, seems he’s not been alone in this. Just to name a couple more in scifi, I think Ricky Dean A & Harrison Ford also had trouble maintaining their 6’+ height due to “the big guys” co-stars Chris Judge & the fellow who played Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew, respectively… and for Joe F. I’m talking about his “big guy” Jason M. Not to give anyone a complex or anything… I think all mentioned look perfectly fine the way they are.

    And speaking of dead men walking… someone mentioned Torchwood again. I absolutely loathed that show season 1, thought it sucked and couldn’t bring myself to care anything about the stupid slutty cop, the lecherous doctor, the pathetic butler, the insecure computer tech or their gorgeous bi leader (whom I did like in Dr Who), but wow season 2 has turned it around!! on a bored whim I decided to give it another shot and caught up, and it was well worth the effort so far. Really surprised me.

    Next I get started on what may be the gift of the year (sorry Stargate unless bloopers are coughed up for SGA s4 dvds & Continuum is better) – The Complete Man from UNCLE dvd set. WooHoo!!

  12. How old are your dogs?

    Sorry to hear about your crappy dining experience!

  13. Hi Joe:

    I assume you don’t tip bad service. Do you speak to the manager about it or just let it go?

    Besides writing various episodes and overseeing the general goings on at Bridge Studios, how else do you spend your days? What would you say is your favorite part of your job? What part of it do you wish someone else would do?

    Happy Easter, Joe and Fondy.

    Patricia (AG)

  14. How many “whacks” do you give an establishment before permanantly writing them off of your “to eat at list”? And how long between experiences at a particular dinery do you think is sufficient to give them a chance to correct shortcomings? Sorry to see you had to experience such disappointment.
    Just a WAG at the clues to the verses. I’m pinning the “While myriad permutations are viewed from Space” on Daedalus Variations. For Search and Rescue, I’m going with “While Sheppard battles some really bad luck”. Not that I really care if I’m right. It’s just another way to while away a few stray minutes until the next season finally starts.

  15. Hi Joe,

    “Ouch” over your dreadful ans expensive dinner – considering the drubbing the US dollar has gotten $42 Canadian sounds like a lot of money to me (I guess the crummy service and absent server were gratis). When I talked to my husband tonight (he’s in California on a business trip) he told me he’d stopped for lunch in Big Sur. His burger was $17 and the accompanying soda was $4.50; in retrospect, his meal sounds like a bargain, with Big Sur and all that.

    As usual, the pooch pics were charming.

  16. Ouch! I hate lousy food and bad service. Even more so when you return to a place and expect better. I’d so pics the dogs too.

    Shall we get the pitchforks out for the blooper miss-hap?

  17. Last year you mentioned that if the US dollar continued to be weak, it could impact the show’s budget for Season 5. Have there been any problems?

  18. I’m sorry you had such a lousy meal. At least I think I have you beat on a bad day. My email address that I use for everything, including all my bills I pay online, got hacked last night and because it’s Sunday and Easter, nobody is at Yahoo to help me right away. I hope tomorrow’s meal is better for you.

    I have noticed that some people who have posted questions for you have mentioned asking if you got chocolates they sent you (or something along those lines). If I wanted to send you guys some home-made sweets, could I, and if so where can I send them? I swear they’re not poisoned; I like you guys too much to do something like that. The thing is, I was the one who asked you if you’ve ever eaten anything gluten-free a couple of days ago and I like to try new recipes out on my family and friends who are strangely kind enough to be my guinea pigs. I’m hoping that one day I would be able to open a gluten/celiac friendly bakery and deli and I just like to hear people’s opinions and reactions and to see if they can tell the difference between my gluten-free baking and “normal” baking.

    And I love the pics your dogs. They’re too cute.

  19. hey Joe,

    well squall78 can ask about Carson, I’d ask about Sam 😀 however I did ask a few days ago so… anyway I’d just like to say thank you for at least considering another episode with Carson (and Sam of course):-)

    I was looking for some info on episodes from previous seasons when it occurred to me that director and writer of an episode are usually two different people. is this just a coincidence or might it be easier to direct something that’s written by someone else?

    SCI FI confirmed the 1.5 for The Last Man! awesome!!!!!:D

  20. A belated Happy Ostara/Bacchanal/St Patrick’s Day/Easter to everyone!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA, lots of stuff I’ve been working on (including my Arc of Truth review for next month’s Sequential Tar) …. Sorry to hear about your aggravations with your script, Joe — hope it’s all ironed out now! And thankee muchly for the dusty David & Kavan pic the other day. 😀

    Now for one of the myriad of things I’ve been working … for all the Todd fans out there, I bring you: My Little Todd-the-Wraith Pony! 😀 (Hey, other people paint model airplanes for a hobby — this is mine ….)

    To Anne Teldy ~ glad you’re doing better — come back soon!! *HUGS*

  21. Joe; How many episodes of season 5 have you finished and filmed to date?? I’m assuming hide and seek is already done as it’s the first in the series and if you wait to long the actors may change their apprearences and considering it is only suposed to be hours not months in between the two episodes you would want them to look the same. Also not to beat a dead horse, but I can’t help it i’m sick, any thought to blinding sheppard?? I know I know I have a disorder and absolutly no influence at all but I’d sure love to see it.

    Happy Easter hope yours was alot better then mine. Nicole.

  22. CDB wrote: “2. Since it appears that Teyla’s babby daddy is done for, will we see anything between Teyla and Shepherd this season????”

    I hope not. While Flanigan and Luttrell are both fine actors otherwise, their on-screen chemistry with each other is about as interesting as wet cardboard. It doesn’t matter how good the writing is, if the actors don’t have chemistry, forcibly shoehorning their characters into a romantic setting just won’t work.

  23. Thanks for answering my question Joe! and I hate it when you go to dinner and have a crappy experience. I don’t care if it cost 10 buck or 50 bucks.

    Oh and I love the dogs… I’m a dog person that hasn’t been able to have one for over 10 years (stupid apartment) so I have a 25lb cat instead.

  24. Anne Teldy’s sister, thanks so much for the excellent news! I was wondering yesterday when we’d get an update, and am very glad to hear that Anne’s out of the hospital and anticipates being back online soon.

    Joe, I don’t see how your dogs could get any more adorable.

    Commiserations are in order for anyone who returns to a favorite restaurant, only to find there’s no longer anything about it that holds much appeal (outside of a hamburger). I have to say, though, that your loss is my gain: I very much enjoyed your tale’s opener, with its reference to the only line of Proust I recall (but one that’s very evocative) – plus your characterizations of reunions that either exceed one’s expectations, or else disappoint in some way. While that’s naturally a universal experience, it’s also often predictably difficult to pinpoint one’s feelings and then describe them in a way to which others can relate. Connecting the effect to what I’ve felt while reading The Empire of Ice Cream, it’s such a pleasure to come across those succinct word-pictures that make me think, “Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like.”

    Hoping you and those who are able to meet up with you and Martin G. at Fuel next week will have an excellent time in all respects.

  25. Yakes!! Sorry to hear about your experiance Joe at the restaurant.
    Up to now, the places that I have gone to, are pretty average run of the mill. I only enjoyed once a place here in Melbourne, in the Italian sector of Lygon street. It was Spaghetti marinara. It was all so fresh and delicious.

    Before that, it was at a 24h corner restaurant in the middle of Melbourne, that I use to like going. I have not stepped in since around 2002/03 when they served salad with a nice long acazu (kinda bronze color) strand of hair near the bottom of the Greek salad. Else, all the other times, it was great.

    Anyway, I thought to have a look at your dog pictures, they look great. I was surprised to see though, that you have used two different model cameras and they were both programmed to last year 🙄 hmm… how do we enter the date on the camera. I got caught out when I changed a battery and had actually left the camera with no battery inside for a prolonged period of time. I forgot even the time stamp on, and then… everyone started to tell me that they were “old”. Timestamps, can’t do without, and can’t do with them I guess.
    Here is the profile for the dates and models in order of appearance.
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Model: HDR-SR1
    Date: 7/05/2007 6.05PM
    Olympus Imaging Corp/
    Model: SP350
    Date: 24/04/2007 4:24PM
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Model: HDR-SR1
    2/05/2007 11:36PM

    Question: Is there any plans for any of the crew or writers coming to Melbourne, Australia in the near future? Just so that I would add it to my calender of “do not miss event”, and to organise (yes, it is an ‘s’ in the English we use here, not a ‘z’ 😉 ) a nanny or someone, to look after the toddler, depending on the type of event (family friendly or not).

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. 42$? Ouch, that is the mid-high to upper end over here, but then again, I have not been able to get out with the misses lately to a nice great place, that would be pram /Pusher / baby stroller friendly.

    P.S.2. Nothing, just wanted to add a p.s.2. Actually, I wish you a better experience next time you are out 🙂

  26. [Quote=”PJ]On March 23, 2008 at 1:52 pm PJ Said:

    Hm, presumably the blooper problem is one of ego 😉 (Some can take a poll elsewhere so fandom can see who fandom thinks it is 😉

    On another note, how come some of you have a little icon on your post – relatives of mallozzi? :)[/Quote]

    The pictures next to our posts…? well, that would be, due to having signed up to wordpress and logged in when leaving a comment. That is what I have noticed 😀
    Hope that helps.

  27. About the myriad permutations viewed from space…

    Could it be a reference to The Daedalus Variations? Since it seems to be a space-set ep, with another permutation of the Daedy crew…


    Just a thought.

  28. hey Joe,

    I just realized you said there are two clues for the mid-season two-parter and the hints refer to 14 episodes in season 5. how can there be hints for 14 episodes if two lines refer to one episode? is this a mistake or does one line refer to two episodes?

  29. hey joe
    i was just wondering if you had ever eaten at al porto ristorante on water st?
    I start working there this tuesday evening as the hostess and the place looks amazing cant wait.

  30. Hello Joseph! sa va ? Moi oui!

    éhéhéhé quoi? pas de réponse aprés tout sa ?? hummm vous aussi vous êtes tétu a se que je vois ..tenmieux, j’aime sa 😉

    Rasurez moi, vous ne détéstez pas les francais? Sinon c’est même pas la peine d’essayer.

    J’ai aussi une autre question,

    Combient de temp mêttez vous pour écrire le script d’un épisode de stargate atlantis?

    Sur ce je vous dit a plus, Bonne journée!Je vous adore


  31. Pups, as always, are adorable! Love the first one with that ‘daddy fix’ look. Too cute! 🙂

    And nothing worse than a ‘meh’, overpriced meal with poor service. Live and learn, I suppose. My dinner went much better. Hubby had to work, so I indulged myself and went with ‘sushi and a movie’ (well, Common Ground…it still counts! 😀 ). Who knew Todd is best with some edamame and a nice warm sake… 😉

    After hubby came home, we watched Irresponsible, Tao of Rodney, and The Game…good times!

    Poor Michael – I used to have tons of sympathy for him, but not so much anymore since TLM. Of course, he’s good to keep around, just so the Lanteans have someone else to shoot at besides those pale fellas in the spiffy leather coats. 😉 As far as who should take him down…I say Teyla. Sheppard just needs to stay out of this one…

    Bloopers – I’m thinking someone not in the show anymore is being uncooperative. I guess their justification for it all depends on how screwed over they were – or were not – by the show. Just a guess – but I would doubt the problem lies with any who are currently still part of SGA.

    Cancelled Czech – after watching Tao of Rodney, I really hope TPTB aren’t considering getting rid of Zelenka. He’s such fun! But more than fun…he’s like a sad little puppy trying to please, and getting scolded at every turn.

    In this regard, I do wonder where the reasoning comes from when choosing to keep – or get rid of – a character. Is it mostly ‘politics’ (contracts, personality conflicts, etc), or for story advancement (and the bigger picture), or is it simply because some characters stagnate? Bringing this up because of something I read in the Season 3 Companion… (regarding Carson and Weir’s ‘departures’):

    Robert Cooper: “The fact is that the network was pressing us for cast changes even at the end of season two. We fought to try and make things work as long as we could. And sometimes just change itself is good, to add some energy into the show.”

    Martin Gero (regarding First Strike): “…It was just something that we all felt we needed to do. There was concern, like [with] Rainbow [Sun Franck]’s character, that maybe this character wasn’t doing everything that we thought it could be doing. So a lot of that episode is geared towards putting Weir at a crossroads in so far as her command of Atlantis and wondering if this was the right place for her.”

    So, it seems from this that the network pushes for change (‘politics’), while at the same time some characters become flat and are written out. But on this point, is that the fault of the ‘character’, or the writers? Isn’t it the writer’s job to push the character, and see how far they will go, and how they change as a result?

    I think Shep’s character development between S3-S4 is a perfect example – the dirty Wraith Killer not only sets one free, but later finds a way to feed him – excellent example of pushing a character to see what he’ll do – with a very satisfying – and thought-provoking – result. So, it can be done, has been done. Therefore, isn’t killing a character off just an easy way out? Or are the writers’ hands tied by the network or other PTB? And when changes are made too often or too soon, doesn’t this interfere with the chemistry between cast members, which – in turn – robs the show of the very energy such changes are supposed to be creating?

    Just curious about how this all works…

    And lastly – if you’ve made it this far (doubt it) – what exactly was Rodney’s ‘better name’ for Todd?


  32. When you have a crappy meal,or day, you can always come home to the smiling, happy,resting,zonked out, dogs, and know that they love you..

  33. Hey Joe,
    I was wondering what program you use to edit the footage for Atlantis eg Final Cut?
    And what type of computers you use?

  34. See that’s why I wouldn’t pay an exorbitant amount of money on a meal. There’s a certain expectation and it makes you feel especially crappy if the meal and the service isn’t up to scratch. Do you ever hear back from a restaurant when you’ve given a bad review? Given a complimentary meal?

    Cute dogs – is that an icecream in the water bowl? I always thought that was bad for them.

    Thanks for the set pictures. I noticed that Connor has dark hair in them. What’s the deal? Is it a side-effect of his experimentation? Does he have any new powers? I hope he gets to have a showdown with John. That would be soooo cool.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. why am I trying out the nickname pg15? It seems like it’s one of the only names that work here 😀

  35. Hey Joe,
    I hope filming is going well for SGA-5.
    Anyway i’ve just got two questions for you or somebody to answer.

    1) What happened to Tria? (In Return pt1) 2) Was it destroyed or is it floating in space between the voids of the Pegasus and Milky-way galaxy?

  36. *waves*

    Keirberos writes: “Am I right in guessing the reason you’re not disclosing ‘who’, despite the multitudes asking, is for privacy?”

    Answer: Nope. If it all falls through next week, I’ll tell you exactly who you can send your angry letters to.

    So there’s still a chance we may get them then if we send in the ‘angry letters’? If not, can I be honest?What’s the point? It’d just piss us off more, knowing that no matter how much we rant and complain, nothing will change. Or are you hoping it will guilt said parties into action? Well, I suppose if that all fails, you could go with Dovil’s idea? 😉 Can I just say though, if you do name and shame, can you please give us the full facts, as I hate going off half cocked and actually like to know the reasons behind decisions made. My mom always said and i’ll quote her, “Before you go opening that big mouth of yours and stating your case, make sure you have the full facts.”

    So, Mr M, you know me, whilst i’m always up for a good rant, and love to hear the sound of my own voice. Please don’t name and shame and then not tell us all the full reasons behind the decisions. That way we, the fans can make a properly informed decision. I mean you wouldn’t want us to be Shrill AND ill-informed now would you Mr M? 😉


  37. If anyone stills cares out there…Joe Flanigan, when asked at a con in Vancouver a couple of years ago, how tall he was, stated he was 6′. I was sitting right in front of him when he said it.

  38. Hi Joe,
    I read your foodie blogs with a mixture of lust and abject jealousy – I’m a coeliac who is also allergic to dairy, so my food choices in most restaurants are limited to plain fish/meat, with no sauces or sides!! Have to say that to me though, Can$42 doesn’t sound so bad – try eating out in London for £20 and see what you get! Probably the only burger you’d get would be MacD’s and the closest you’d get to truffle oil would be the smell of the local deli after closing!

    Can I just ask you a nerdy question about stargates? There have been many episodes where the gate cannot be used due to lack of power, so how do stargates in space work? There doesn’t appear to be anything powering them – or is the power supply cloaked???

    Love the cute dogs actually, even though I am a cat person myself, but then your dogs look kind of like those ugly almost hairless cats, no???

  39. That does sound like a crappy dinner of monumental proportions. How sad!

    On a dog-related note, I’m about to welcome a second dog into my home. I’ve never had more than one dog at a time. Any suggestions for a smooth beginning?

  40. Hey Joe,

    I’ve been wondering, whats happened to the NID? Will we see them again? What does NID stand for? Also, will we see that female replicator created on Earth and left in that virtual reality world again?

    Take care and keep safe Joe!

  41. These are probably not questions you’ll answer definitively, but maybe you’ll have an opinion on them –

    1. Almost every bit of ancient technology we’ve seen in the Milky Way uses the clumsy stone panel interface. We haven’t seen anything like that in Pegasus. Is there a reason for that?
    2. This is very much not related to you, but you might have an opinion anyway. Hathor used to refer to herself as ‘we’. Would you say this is because she was crazy, or because her host was complicit with her actions?

  42. Hey Joe

    Sorry to hear your dinner was kind of a let down. Not only bad food, but lousy service is a bad way to end a day.

    I hope things are less frustrating for your rewrite. I know the feeling all too well.

    To PG15. I have a theory on your line. “While myriad permutations are viewed from space”. Another word for permutations is variations. Perhaps that line refers to The Daedalus Variations?

    And finally a question. Joe, which do you think would hurt more? A Replicator sticking their hand in your head, or being fed on by a Wraith?

    Thanks heaps for all your work, and your dedication to us, the fans. =)


  43. My first thought was that the food in the dog bowl was leftovers from the restaurant, but you wouldn’t give your pups craptastic leftovers, would you?

  44. Anne Teldy’s Little Sister You are such a wonderful sister to keep Anne up to date on all of the goings on and thank you for the update on her condition. I’m so glad to hear that she is doing better. If the Pain and Torture Twins keep interrupting Anne’s SGA viewing, we’ll have to send Todd the Wraith over to have a little chat with them. That’ll get them to toe the line!

    Joe, I’m sorry to hear that a trip to one of your favorite restaurants was such a disappointment. It’s always a bit disheartening when that happens, not to mention frustrating and annoying. I think LuLu may have been showing sympathy for you when she dumped her toy into the water dish, perhaps as if to say that the food you were served should have been treated similarly. She is so darn cute, I bet she cheers you up a lot even though she makes an entirely too efficient alarm clock when you want to sleep in (she reminds me of my cat that way).

    As for the individual holding up the approval of the bloopers, good grief, they really must have thrown quite a hissy fit on camera for them to be that reluctant. Hopefully you’ll be able to edit the offending footage out if they do continue to be such a stick in the mud about it. If not, I can foresee them receiving quite a few raspberries from the fans.

    By any chance will MGM be showing some of the blooper footage that has been given the green light at Comic-Con this year? I’ve finally broken down and bought my ticket and made arrangements to go, budget be damned. I’m really looking forward to the Stargate panels!

  45. Drat this thing’s lack of an edit function! I meant to bold your name, not italicize it! What I get for posting before I’ve had my coffee. *grumble*

  46. Shall we get the pitchforks out for the blooper miss-hap?

    Oh yes, let’s do! Because wouldn’t we all just be delighted have our occasional professional stuff ups shown to millions for their entertainment? /sarcasm

    If any of the actors would prefer that their mistakes remain between them and their directors, how about a little respect for their choice? Knowing the potty mouths prevalent on most film sets, it maybe as simple as not wanting their younger fans or even their own children hearing what might be said in the heat of the moment.

  47. Sorry to hear about your crappy dining experience, Joe! I had a similar (sort of) experience a couple of weeks ago at a barbeque place. Lousy service (ten minutes for drinks!), something suspicious growing in my potato (it was replaced), and the worst ribs I’ve ever had (and this is Texas, I’ve had a lot). It was so bad it was laughable, you know? Not quite the fine dining you’re used to, but still a shame to see a good restaurant go down.

    I’ll be crossing my fingers about the bloopers! Happy Monday (if that’s possible)!

  48. So how does Cookie Monster feel about the Davidson beating the Hoyas? While normally I root against Davidson (in the same conference as my alma matter Wofford College—Go Terriers!), I’m pulling for them in the Tourney, but I didn’t expect them actually beat the Hoyas. I’m almost as happy as I would be if it had been Wofford.

  49. I’m counting down the hours to AoT which is being screened on Sky One tonight can’t wait but have a few things to do before then…

    1, Feed family…only they do have a tendency to interrupt my ranting at the TV when they haven’t eaten for a while.

    2, Feed the dog…worse than the family as I can ignore the family but not the dog.

    3, Impose communications black out…switch of all phones and other communications devises and tell friends and relatives I have gone to free Anne Teldy and should be back around 22.30hrs

    4, Go shopping for a ‘few’ snacks…last of the chocolate Easter Eggs on sale will suffice.

    5, Take insulin…see above Easter Egg chocolate eating frenzy

    6, Collapse in a coma from too much chocolate/insulin…and probably miss AoT

    7, Revise above list for Health and Safety reasons!

    Hope your Easter was happy and peaceful one.


  50. Ah Joe, sorry about the bad dining experience. I actually had a good dining experience this weekend. My father wanted me to go out with him and his friends. He’d heard that I liked a local Turkish place and suggested that. Knowing that my father doesn’t “do” exotic (in particular, he’s not crazy about lamb), I was hesitant, but I thought that his friends would probably like it. I was also a little nervous because the last time I’d been there, I wasn’t overwhelmed by the food and hadn’t been back in quite a while.

    Thankfully, however, my lamb kabob was fantastic and my father was very pleased with his grouper. (I forced him to get the grouper even though he thought they wouldn’t “do it right.”) But, more importantly, the feta appetizer, my favorite item on their menu, was spectacular. The meal would have been perfectly capped off by a round of baklava, but my father insisted that we settle for ice cream at his house…but not before he got in one dance with the belly dancer.

  51. wolfenm Said:Now for one of the myriad of things I’ve been working … for all the Todd fans out there, I bring you: My Little Todd-the-Wraith Pony! (Hey, other people paint model airplanes for a hobby — this is mine ….)

    Too cute!! Who knew sexy Todd could be so adorable as a wee little pony! Love the detail you put into this stuff – feeding hoof and all…good job! (That’s Todd’ ‘prison hair’, isn’t it… 😉 )

    I’m just having trouble getting my head around the idea of Todd having a bushy white tail – 😆 – WHAT a surprise THAT would be for fans to see!! O_o Maybe there really IS much about Wraith we do not know… 😛

    Thanks for sharing! Well done!


  52. What ever happened to the guy that came back with expedition through the Stargate in Condemned? We’ve never heard anything about him, or his sister for that matter.

  53. Hey Joe,

    Every once in a while, ancient writing is the topic of conversation on the show. I read somewhere that it’s based on latin. Can you explain where the symbols come from, and does the text (for example, on the steps in the gateroom) have meaning?

  54. “If it all falls through next week, I’ll tell you exactly who you can send your angry letters to.”

    That’s the spirit! *g*

  55. How does your production office and sets compare to a typical corporate workplace?

    I have worked 20 years in an international corporation, plus years working with PTA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scout organizations, etc.

    Would you say that your work environment is similar to what’s acceptable in business, or more like 13 year old boy humor?

    If a waiter at your favorite restaurant acted in a similar manner as an actor on set, would that be okay?

    Is it typical of the TV industry for over the top or juvenile behavior to be accepted, or chastized?

    How closely do you think your professional world is to this:

    “No matter who you are or what you do, your manners have a direct impact on your professional and social success. In today’s increasingly global society, international etiquette is the essential “soft-skill” that often determines who becomes a leader, and who gets left behind.”

  56. On March 23, 2008 at 4:57 pm NarellefromAus Said:

    I just finished reading the four Hitchhikers books and found them a great read (loved the humour element). I was wondering if you (or any other BOTM people out there) can recommend another book of a similar style?

    You could get the fifth book in the series, ‘Mostly Harmless’! Otherwise, not really sure what to rec – Douglas Adams is in a league of his own as far as I’m concerned!!!

    Anne Teldy’s Little Sister: Thanks for the heads up. Hope all is going well – and if she needs to make a break for freedom I’m sure the peeps here will rally to her call!!! (And ow, yeah, PT, not nice; been there, done that, still doing that in fact and no t-shirt in sight!)

    Joe Thanks for the cute pics of the dogs. Thank you also for all the pics and vids you take for us fans … we really do appreciate it. As well as all the behind-the-scenes info and teasers.

    Leesa Perrie

  57. @ das ~ *headdesk* Feeding hoof! *That’s* what I forgot!! What you see there is actually my signature mark — it’s a “w” over an “m”, making an archaic symbol for wealth. Gah, too busy at the mo to take another shot and edit it into the montage — will have to do it later. (Hmm, maybe I should add claws?) But thanks, glad you liked it! 🙂

  58. @ wolfenm – Oh, I thought the hole in the front hoof was for feeding…it’s in the right place. See??! Your little pony was ALREADY a life-sucker before you even knew it!! 😀

    Tricksty fellas, those Wraith… 😉


  59. Hi Joe
    I feel your pain…
    Nothing worse then going back to a place you have such fond memories for your taste buds only to be crushed. Especially when you bring friends and have done days of raving. Been there done that.

    Take Care
    Have a good one
    Jean :~)

  60. So this ep with the Wraith Queen,is it gonna be a huge Teyla heavy ep…..Some of us Teyla fans have been a little disappointed in the past when there were supposed to be Teyla eps and i’m trying to be optimistic about this one but i don’t want to misinterperate anything so can you set our minds at ease please 😀

    Also is there gonna be any Teyla Whumpage in S5,we didn’t really get much physical whumpage except for “Missing” and maybe “Reunion” a little bit….

    Thank you JM!!!

  61. Bon Joseph, je vais aller me coucher, et oui demain une dure journée m’attend.

    en tout cas j’ai passer un super week end de trois jours!!

    Bonne journée, Enorme bisou bisou, a Demain =D♥♥

  62. @ das ~ You’re right, that was “handy” (har-har) that there was a hole there already. 😀 I’ve updated the page ….

  63. a oui, j’avais oublier de vous dire.

    ==> J’ai bien appris ma leçon stargate, entant qu’Ori je prêche de bonne parole auprés de tout les gater sur un splendide avenir pour la citée, avec du soleil, de la joie, DES FRENCHI!!, des baleine toute gentil, des découvertes, DES FRENCHI!!, de l’amoure, des petits oiseau qui fond cuicui, DES FRENCHI!!

    Voila, ne voyer dans ce commentaire aucune allusion a des personnes vivant dans un pays ce trouvant entre l’espagne et l’allemagne.

    Sur ces bonnes pensée je vous dit bonne nuit =D

  64. I disagree with the poster saying John/Tela have no chemistry since it was the chemistry between these which got me watchiing SGA in Season 4 and I want to see some shippy moments between these two in Season 5 . I think Joe Flanigan and Rachel Luttrell are outstanding together and I see plenty of sexual tension between John and Teyla while I never saw any between John/Weir and even Joe Flanigan said there was sexual tension between John/Teyla and many others see it too .. Anyway Joe while some do not like John/Teyla many others do and their scenes are some the best on SGA so please give us more J/T scenes and I’m hoping a couple of shippy moments . I’ll bake you some cookies and dog sit for you .. Pretty please !!

  65. Quick questions…

    Will we ever learn more about Wraith children, like Ellia? How they are ‘born’, their early training, etc?

    Will we ever learn what the tattoos/facial markings mean, or are they just ornamentation to distiguish one character from another?



  66. Another question Joe is I may ? Any plans to do a wraith baby story arc ? I really enjoy the Wraith as adversaries and think it would be cool to see a wraith baby ..

  67. So there I was sitting waiting for AoT to start and the phone rings…so I ignore it surly some one else knowing that I’ve waited longer for this movie to be released then the birth of any of my children.
    Then the voice “Mum. Nan needs you now!” To explain my mum has just been diagnosed with bone cancer her fifth episode of cancer…so I rush to my mum’s the car screeching to a halt bounding up the path to be greeted with “Thank god you’re here I can’t find the remote control for the TV and Coronation Street’s on!”
    So I’ve not seen AoT as yet and I look forward to watching it eventually.
    I did however get to have a nice cup of tea and watch my mum’s favourite soap with her!

    Pauline…who is still looking forward to the Ark of Truth.

  68. chev trying out the nickname pg15 Said:

    p.s. why am I trying out the nickname pg15? It seems like it’s one of the only names that work here

    Hey, you can’t beat the original. 😉

    Tim the Technician Said:

    To PG15. I have a theory on your line. “While myriad permutations are viewed from space”. Another word for permutations is variations. Perhaps that line refers to The Daedalus Variations?

    See, I thought that too, but all this stuff about a transdimensional gate and a mysterious “Captain Sobol” makes me think that another crew (a replacement crew, as it were) from another dimension is here to wreak havoc, so I attribute this episode to that line “While a group of replacements puts the team in a bind.” Both could work though.

    Oh hey, and a question that’s totally from me:

    Who spends the most time in the infirmary so far in season 5, as a patient?

  69. Having just seen Ark of Truth my children asked why Michael Shanks name appears at the end of the actors credits, I know in the series it was part of his contract, but can you explain what it is the significance of it ?

  70. Only me….


    PG15 now decides that the art of subtlety is overrated and has said,

    “Oh hey, and a question that’s totally from me:

    Who spends the most time in the infirmary so far in season 5, as a patient?

    Real subtle, babe!!! 😛

    So, anyway while i’m here, just wanted to say that I finally watched The Ark of Truth, and at no point in the whole film did I feel the urge to spork my eyes out. Really loved the VFX, the score, the replicators intertwined with the Ori storyline was a nice twist. I think I missed a few things about the Ori storyline while on my on and off phase for S10 SG1, so I might revisit that and then watch the film again. But good job, enjoyable, and sweet infirmary scene at the end. Very touching. But what stole the film for me was Teal’c. I loved his scene with Tomin in the commisary, I felt the urge to give Teal’c a big cuddle and I love that he’s become the advisor to some of the others and helped find their way again. Great stuff.

    Ok i’m going now.

  71. Joe will McKay get some ‘alien chick’ action in Season 5 ? Maybe he and a Wraith Queen can do some ‘Dirty Dancing’ LOL!!

  72. Ark of Truth was excellent nice and dark just how I like my chocolate.

    *waves @ Anne Teldy’s little sister*

  73. Oh yeah and AoT is released on DVD region 2 over here in the UK on April 28th.

    That Lulu is just too cute and by now obviously knows it. Have you caught her posing in front of the mirror yet?

  74. Nice to hear some good news about Anne Teldy. Hang in there, Anne!

    Oh, Lulu and her ice-cream – so cute!

  75. I was watching “Shadow Play” the other day and a question came to mind. In one of the scenes with Dr. Kierson(sp?) he’s having a hallucination where he is going to meet the resistance and Jonas appears. They are being followed and while Jonas is firing back I notice that he is shooting with a Ntar(sp?). At least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was…it had the red glowing base on it that we were shown in “Rules of Engagement”. Was he supposed to be using a Ntar or a regular 9 millimeter? Why would the Dr. be having a hallucination with a character using a weapon he’s never encountered? And finally, why when one of the opposing is shot with said Ntar does he not have a Ntar reaction, but a regular “getting shot” reaction.
    Just curious…

    Sorry to hear about your foul dinner excursion. I would be very vocal about such a mishap. But that’s just me. I tend to be a bit picky about the quality of my food, especially if it’s a more costly restaurant.

  76. Any sexual tension between Sheppard and Teyla will have to remain tension only…….
    In the military, there is no place for the type of intimacy that some want to see. It may be acceptable in an office somewhere, but not when it comes to the military. When this happens, morale begins to seriously unravel and that spells disaster for any mission.
    Finally, I realize fully that she is NOT military, but he is and so is his mission. She is a member of his team and part of each mission it undertakes.
    I frankly don’t want to see his team wrecked so some can have their vicarious experience.

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