Tonight, I’d like to welcome back this blog’s resident reporters on the Arts, Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo, as they join us for another round of movie reviews –

THERE WILL BE BLOODReviewed by Cookie Monster.

Dere Will Be Blood. Eventually. But it take a while. A loooong while. Almost two and half hours! Even still, dis very good movie dat keep Cookie Monster interested true-out. Is very sloooow moving but hypnotik story of turn-of-century prospektor played by Daniel-Day Lewis (Ganges of New York, Last of Mojito’s, My Two Left Feet). He go from dirt poor to dirt rich when score big oil strike – and also get bonus baby after piece of equipment clang off partner/baby-daddy noggin. Movie show how he get more powerful, buy up land, try to build pipeline, slap around preacher, get slap around by preacher, almost get conned, and score big deal. But at heart of story is relationship between progatonist and boy he raise as own dat go from beeootiful partnership to not-so-beeootiful so-long-see-you-later long distance relationship when kid go deff and try to crispy fry bedroom. Daniel-Day Lewis give incredible performance likes of which not seen since Fozzie Bear play part of Willie Lowman in off off off-Broadway kabuki performance of Death of Salesman. Veeery gruesome death of salesman. Not sure if same in original play but sure hope so because ritual seppuku very hard to top for entertainment value. Anyway, Lewis give very believable and restrain performance up until last scene when, during milkshake solililquee, he go off like Grover dat time he get short-changed by hooker wit wooden leg.

Overall, very good movie if you willing to immerse self in story. Progatonist self-destruct life and relationship wit adopted son very sad – but end of movie even sadder because just stop all of sudden as if producer say “Ah, dats enough. Let’s go home.”. Leave Cookie Monster sitting dere wondering What de Fudgee-O?


Reviewed by Baron Destructo

Should you find yourself in the mood for a period version of The Sting minus The Sting’s clever end-twist and its charming characters, then this is the movie for you. At times, The Illusionist – which tells the tale of a young magician who is reunited with a former love now betrothed to an unpleasant Viennese prince (which, given Baron Destructo’s experience, is about par for the course) and his plot to win her back – feels almost like a satire of whatever type of movie it is striving to be. And even now, I’m not quite sure what that is.

In a key moment in the film, the magician, reunited with his long lost love, suggests they run away – but she informs him fleeing is not an option. So long as she is alive, that evil Crown Prince will not stop looking for her. At this point in the movie, it doesn’t take a Professor Cerebellum to realize that the magician will proceed to pull off his greatest trick yet: the seeming death of the soon-to-be-Princess. The only question is how will he pull it off? What clever sleight of hand will he make use of? What tantalizing tricks and clever conjurations will win the day? Would you believe…none? Some sort of potion that presumably allows the imbiber to mimic a death-like state, although this is never really explained and only offered as a rapidfire piece-of-the-puzzle explanation in flashback. That and an incredible amount of dumb luck as secondary characters conveniently discover hidden clues when they need to be discovered, follow fleeing prospective princesses into barns where they are conveniently overcome by whatever drug they were administered back at the castle, conveniently witness what could be a murder but do nothing to stop or help the seeming victim as she rides off into the night (Oh, were The Fates only so kind to the Baron whose machinations have been undone by everything from superheroic interference to a resentful and unusually loquacious cyber-baboon.). The bride-to-be is found dead. The detective is on the case. The Crown Prince is a suspect. Despite the lack of any real evidence linking him to the murder, the Crown Prince stands accused. And kills himself. Finally, when all is said and seemingly done, the detective realizes he has been played and puts it all together (in a wholly unsatisfying montage intended to offer the presumably clever reveal of how the trick was done), a good hour or so after the audience has already gotten there, impatiently waiting around for the rest of the movie to play catch up.

But after all is explained away and the end credits roll, a couple of questions arise. Why? Why go through all the trouble of setting up the Crown Prince when the magician could have simply left town, been secretly reunited with his presumed dead love, and lived happily ever after? Why go through all the trouble of framing him for murder and manipulate him into killing himself? Because he was boorish? Is that a good enough reason. Of course it’s a good enough reason for Baron Destructo, but for the average magician? And what was the secret behind the magician’s act? His tricks are never explained (and, I would argue, could never be satisfactorily explained), so are we to assume that his magic is real? And, if so, couldn’t that real magic have come in handy in pulling off his rather amateurish fly-by-seat-of-one’s-pants hoax?

This was one of those rare movies that filled the Baron with a quiet rage that could only be quelled by a series of very particular stress-relieving exercises (one of which included loosening a horde of giant intoxicated boll weevils on Uzbekistan).

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Still, if you thought this film’s twist was either brilliant or unexpected, then the Baron has an M. Night Shyamalan movie to sell you.

Okay, hanks to both Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster for dropping by.

Finally, with regard to the fan night at Fuel – Some of you prefer April 1st. Others April 3rd. Finally, ShippyChick wondered whether it would be that much of a hardship for me to make it both nights. Upon further consideration – no, no it wouldn’t. So I’ve booked myself a table for both the Tuesday and the Thursday. Marty G. will definitely be joining us the Tuesday, but I’m not sure about the second night. This is probably for the best because, as PG15 pointed out, it’s not a huge place. I plan to be there for 7:00 p.m. both nights.

Oh, and for those of you assiduously ticking off the clues in the teaser poem as they line up with the episodes aired – Trio = “In an underground chamber the trio is stuck.” Darn, these are just too easy. The Last Man clue is a doozy though. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Karen and all of the other hardworking tech-support people out there, Anais33 on her blog’s first year celebration, and birthday gal Jelly.

Today’s mailbag –

Awesome sauce writes: “By the way, who’s idea was the Colbert reference?”

Answer: Marty G. scripted the Colbert reference.

Cat4444 writes: “Have you ever read “Into the Out Of”?”

Answer: No, but given everything I’ve heard so far in this comments section, it looks like a title I should pick up.

Wams352 writes: “ Although, nitpick – if she is so socially awkward, never had any friends (which is what I understood her to imply in Quarantine) how’d she learn any nifty bar/beer drinking games?”

Answer: There is a difference between having trouble fitting in and being completely friendless.

Shawna writes: “So, let me get this straight…there isn’t going to be any conclusion to wrap up that random and tantalizing teaser/cliffhanger scene because Torri decided not to do it?”

Answer: That is incorrect. The script will be revised, adjustments made, and that particular story will be told in season 5. We won’t leave you hanging.

Anne M. writes: “Hmm… did I miss it? I thought that you had mentioned the possibility of a contest in conjunction with the discussion of Sean Williams’ “The Crooked Letter”. Me bad if I missed when you mentioned in your blog.”

Answer: No. You’re right. I have to go back through the discussion and pick a couple of winners.

Mamasue9 writes: “Joe…if the dinner is on April 3rd, could MGM/Bridge stop you from attending any events while Creation is in town?”

Answer: What are they going to do? Stop us from eating? “You! Stop chewing! Put that fork down! You! Spit it out! Spit it out NOW!”

Dayse writes: “I was just looking back at the spoiler poem you posted in December and was wondering if this line:

The status quo shifts, a power play made.
The arrival of this one leave some feeling dismayed.
refers to Woolsey taking coming to Atlantis?”

Answer: My, my, my. That does look like a good guess.

Henry writes: “Joe, have you experienced dinners at Chivana yet?”

Answer: I haven’t.

Paloosa writes: “A shake room would be a great way to teach people what it’s like and why they need to prepare. Any info on how it was built?”

Answer: Lots – but you’ll have to wait until the season 4 dvd set comes out to check out the very cool “Making of” feature that Ivon Bartok did for this particular episode. By the way – great links. I’m off to stock up on bottled water.

Prior of the Ori writes: “Don’t suppose we might see an episode that shows a Hive-ship being created?”

Answer: In the words of Cookie Monster – Mebbe.

Setmaat writes: “The first picture about books there is one “Brasyl” Ian McDonald, I am not sure if this book is the same story like the movie “Brazil”, it is a retro-scifi-movie

Have you seen this movie? What do you think about the book? and What do you think about the movie?”

Answer: The movie and this recent book are completely different entities. I haven’t read the book yet, but I look forward to doing so. I did see the movie – and hated it.

Mike Moore writes: “I’ve always wondered what the actors, and the production staff, think when they watch the finished episodes of their own product?”

Answer: We always think “Oh, that could’ve been better.” and “I wish I’d done that differently.”

Paula writes: “Y’know, Marty G is going to need to be careful, should he ever get near a con. I think there would be a long line of women waiting to give him a big ol’ smooch for yet another great episode.”

Answer: Ah, Marty G. collects smooches like some people collect coins. Line up early to avoid disappointment!

Inpa writes: “Will the Rodney/Keller thing be revisited or is it official now?”

Answer: Official? All they did was go out for a drink together. Seriously. Applying that logic, given the number of times Carl and I have been out to dinner together, we should be happily married by now.

Caty writes: “When you said that this season is going to be very tight schedule-wise, did you say that because you guys are pushing for a possible July premiere?”

Answer: The decision on the season 5 premiere date rests with SciFi. However, I’m hopeful that fans won’t have to wait until the Fall to see the resolution of our season four cliffhanger.

Thunder writes: “I hope that means Mr. Binder will be flying back up to Vancouver soon.”

Answer: So do we all. Well, most of us. Certainly not those who turned his office into a rec room. Now where’re we going to put the ping pong table?

Mick writes: “. I know that you guys were totally concerned because five or ten online fans were screaming bloody murder about Carter joining the team and how she was going to take over everyone’s positions. She was going to trump Sheppard on military stuff, Mckay on science stuff, etc. Clearly this was the big worry and the thing you guys took to heart all throughout season four.”

Answer: Actually, like numerous fan concerns, the early criticisms of Carter’s involvement in season four were duly noted but in no way influenced the writing of the show. There was never any attempt to pull back on any initially conceived notions of how involved she should have been. As the base commander, we had always envisioned Carter playing a support role, perhaps drawing on her scientific or military expertise when needed but, ultimately, deferring to Sheppard and McKay given their many years of experience in the Pegasus galaxy.

ElisaD writes: “ who thought of the bar trick, because seriously that was brillent and who thought of Rodney’s hand motions when he wanted Sam to flash the boys (just hilarious).”

Answer: Again, Marty G. came up with the bar trick. And I believe the hand motion was a little bit of Hewlett magic.

Elisa D. writes: “So I was wondering if you ever considered writing some short stories for FFN. “

Answer: What is FFN?

151 thoughts on “February 9, 2008: Cookie Monster reviews There Will Be Blood, Baron Destructo reviews The Illusionist, while I consider two fan-Fueled feasts.

  1. Hey Joe,

    This might be a tough question for you to answer if you can. Do you know if the Season 5 budget is less or more than this current season? Some fans have said MGM cut the budget and it is likely why SGA got picked up for a 5th season. I assumed MGM makes revenue in multiple markets to pay for the production budget for future seasons.



  2. maggiemayday wrote:

    Brilliant Season Five product placement idea: Purina Space Cow Chow.

    Purina Space Cow Chow: 52% More Anne Teldy than Other Leading Brands! Space Cows just can’t get enough! 😆

    Olea wrote:

    If I were to guess, I would say that “The status quo shifts, a power play made refers to “Midway” and “The arrival of this one leave some feeling dismayed” to “The Kindred Part 1 & 2″

    Personally, I’m betting that “Midway” is represented by

    Two warriors head off an incursion on Earth.

    The two warriors being Teal’c and Ronon, of course.

    I’m thinking the line

    The experiment’s minions the team will combat.

    will be Kindred 1 or 2.

    Oh, Mr. M., put me down as one who did not like the Zelenka-bashing. It was a very jarring note that seems unsupported by previous episodes.

    Anne Teldy (saddened because Mr. M liked Dovil’s brilliant pseudo-rant about not being consulted better than my pseudo-rant about the Season 5 press release 🙁 )

  3. 1) When did you find out that Amanda Tapping would not be able to be apart of the show in season 5?

    2) When did you cast Robert Picardo for season 5?

  4. Joe

    Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Life of David Gale’ starring Kevin Spacey? The reason i ask was that its the first time i’ve ever watched a movie and found myself thoroughly enjoying it only to come away hating the movie after a shambolic final 15 minutes. Personally, a movie that promised so much ultimately failed to deliver due to astonishingly poor writing, in my humble opinion.

    I was just wondering what your thoughts were as a writer? This hinges on you having seen the movie, of course.

  5. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for choosing to answer my questions -it’s a great thrill! FFN stands for a great website where people can submit stories for others to read and enjoy. I have read some really awesome stories written on some of my faviorite T.V. shows. The site has different categories were writers can submit stories about characters from Movies, T.V. shows, Books, etc… or they can create their own characters for Original stories. Go check it out.

  6. Have you perchance had an opportunity to see the Will Smith flick I am Legend? Or read the book by Robert Matheson? I read the book before the movie and was not really astonished by the vast amount of difference between the two. I was more weirded out by how bizarre the book got after the first initial story. Very interesting.

  7. Hey there, Joe.

    I watched Trio, of course, and I have to say it wasn’t my favorite. Though, I’ll easily admit that probably had to do with the lack of Sheppard.

    Either way, all these character based episodes in which there is only one or two of our Fantastic Four is making me sad. Don’t get me wrong, I like them and I think the writing is still fantastic. Also, with Rachel’s pregnancy, it was obvious she wouldn’t be seen as much. So, that’s fine. And, it was interesting seeing this new way of looking doing episodes that don’t have the team, but I think I have decided I miss the team episodes. (Haha, like that means a whole lot…) But anyways, yeah, I just thought I’d say that.

    Still, everything is excellent.

    Oh Joe, I must say (on a completely different note) that I am crying like a baby. Well, I’m recovering from it. I just watched The Sixth Sense… man is that a good movie. Did you like it? I’m not too in to scary movies, at least not the ones that deploy torture and just evil and unnecessary things to scare an audience. I’ve always held The Sixth Sense and Signs as good examples of scary movies that get inside one’s head. Do you feel the same?

    I was just wondering.

    Well, I do believe I’ll get to my ap euro notecards.. they are due very soon.

    Hoping you are well 🙂

  8. I mostly enjoyed The Illusionist and think Baron Destructo missed something important: they couldn’t just leave the Crown Prince because he had a history of controlling and abusing women, and they believed he had killed at least one. I don’t condone forcing the man into suicide, but I thought it was clear the characters saw that as the only justice the man would ever get for abuse and murder. They also saw it as the only way to be safe (though that’s pretty far-fetched). I found the revenge aspect unsettling, because it isn’t my idea of justice.

    I’m curious that BD would miss what I saw as a crucial motivation given that I’ve recently seen a lot of discussion of Lucius Lavin and how you all as writers could have overlooked the fact that using a drug to convince women to have sex with one is properly called rape. It is criminal, deeply immoral, and a terrible form of violence against women. (Anyone who thinks that rape with a substance isn’t violent because there’s no gun or knife involved should talk with someone who has survived such violence. I assume you don’t, but I know from some very frustrating discussions on the Sci Fi Channel Stargate bulletin boards that there are those who do and can’t be persuaded otherwise.)

    I found “Irresistible” appalling because no one ever seemed to recognize that Lucius was a multiple rapist; his wives’ anger when he returns home leaves no doubt they were not cheerfully consenting to polygamy but were drugged into submission to him.

    I found “Irresponsible” appalling because Our Heroes still fail to recognize that Lucius is a rapist; he’s treated as a lovable but annoying scamp.

    I’ve heard that at a convention, a rape survivor stood up and spoke about the “Irresistible” and how it affected her, and that you acknowledged that aspect had been badly handled. I was very glad to read that, although the person who posted the comment didn’t give a lot of details.

    I’ve also seen in your blog that you weren’t happy with “Irresponsible,” and I’ve been wondering: is that
    1 because the show wasted a good villain, Acastus Kolya, on a lousy episode?
    2 because the personal shield worked differently in this episode than it had when Rodney used it to save Atlantis, thereby making a continuity goof? (The first shield only worked for Rodney; the later one worked for Lucius and then for Sheppard.)
    3 because you realize that Lucius Lavin is not and never has been funny because non-consensual sex isn’t funny?
    Or some combination?
    Obviously, I’m hoping it’s #3 mostly or entirely, and that we never see Lucius again. (I like Richard Kind but really wish he hadn’t done this role–that no one had.)

    I’ve been wondering about the episode and what you and the other writers were thinking when “Irresistible” was written; the problem of Lucius Lavin keeps coming up in fan discussions because some of us are deeply disturbed by the character and his treatment of women. Your mention of The Illusionist reminded me to ask.

    No, I don’t think it’s acceptable for protagonists to drug the Crown Prince and manipulate him into suicide either, whatever their justifications; it brings them down to his level of violence, even if they’re a little more subtle. What they did was wrong. I do, however, think the protagonists had a coherent motivation.

  9. Apprecieate the guest movie reviews by Cookie Monster and Baron Dsstructo. A bit sad though, since based on them I will be lowering both on my list of “must see” movies. Eventually I suppose…
    Relieved at the assurance that the storyline concerning Weir will make it to season five in some form. Now, to count how many more times, and in how many ways, you’ll have to repeat that assurance over the next few days/weeks/months.
    Loved your analogy about calling McKay/Keller a couple. But to extend your own example, if you and Mr. Binder would be considered a married couple, does that mean that Mr. Gero is the “other woman/man”? And with Mr. Binder hopefully returning soon…fortunately for all concerned its a false analogy. We can’t have discord in the writing ranks, not with the bar set so high for the upcoming season.
    Best wishes to all on the dinners on April 1 and 3. I’m sure someone will make sure those of us peering into the virtual windows of Fuel are given a few photos to console ourselves with…

  10. ElisaD said

    Thanks for choosing to answer my questions -it’s a great thrill! FFN stands for a great website where people can submit stories for others to read and enjoy. I have read some really awesome stories written on some of my faviorite T.V. shows. The site has different categories were writers can submit stories about characters from Movies, T.V. shows, Books, etc… or they can create their own characters for Original stories. Go check it out.

    Oh, alas, Joe cannot check out fan fiction. Writers for TV shows are not allowed to read fan fiction (or unsolicited scripts) due to legal considerations. Say they read fanfic and then the episode is awful similar to your story of McKay being devoured by a giant turtle. So, you sue. The courts look at computer records and go oh, hey, JM was reading your story. Hm, bang gavel, make award. So, TV writers do not visit sites or lists that host fanfiction.

    Joe, do you watch any movies on the SciFi Channel, or well, movies of that ilk, I should say, as Skiffy doesn’t air in Canada?

  11. Is there any possibility that Torri Higginson could come back and play Dr. Wier later on? I mean, did she just turn you down for that episode, or turn down any further involvement in the series period? I’d really like to see her back sometime in some capacity.

  12. I am guessing that FFN is for FanFiction .Net. One of the places that hosts the short stories that you – as a producer of the show – can’t see, read, or maybe even know about.

  13. Hello Joe 🙂

    In watching just the opening of Trio (hey, I remembered an episode title!) it got me wondering about something broader.

    Just looking at your work on SGA, what kind of sense of satisfaction do you get at creating such a well-loved and award-winning show? I almost said “work of art” instead of “show” but it is analogous to conducting an orchestra, just over a longer period of time 🙂


  14. Well I liked Trio, liked the interactions between the three, although I think Keller and McKay stole the episode. I am a little saddened that so many folks seem to think Keller is a loose women, god when did it become 1952 again?!

    I do miss the Team eps but for me I am enjoying seeing Rodney without his Team as sometimes I feel Rodney is belittled within the Team, he is always being yelled at by Sheppard or slap up side the head (well OK that only happened once but once was more then enough for a member of the Team).

    I guess what I am saying/asking here is that if SGA goes back to more team eps in season 5 can we have less kicking of McKay within them?

    Show McKay some love and respect. He means well, mostly 😛

  15. Wow…Joe, thank you. I appreciate the kind remarks about my comment (sorry I missed thanking you in yesterday’s blog), and though it is tied into something disappointing for me personally, I am glad it helped to speak for some of the Weir fandom. I am also honored, in a way, to have the comment tied to the news about Torri’s decision. Many well wishes have already been sent her way, and of the Weir fans who enjoyed her portrayal of the character, pretty much everyone wishes her the best.

    I appreciate also your speaking as to the diverse nature of the fandom–sometimes we get so tied into listening to vocal members we forget a large part are relatively moderate and quiet, and generally extremely respectful. They will brook disappointment over certain things, but will continue on as fans in general.

    It is too early and too close to the news for me to know for certain what I shall do next, but I can say that the respect you demonstrated for the Weir fans yesterday spoke worlds. Thank you.

    And, though I don’t know what you and the other producers think personally, if you ever get the hankering to give us fans a bit of a tickle, dust off that Athosian ceramic jar used in “Before I Sleep” (if it’s somewhere in props) and stick it someplace unexpected. Providing Sheppard grew selfish enough to keep it, I know we’d all get a nice laugh if it showed up as a vase in McKay’s lab, a candle holder in Teyla’s room, or a mint jar in John’s.

    Thank you again for everything. And I’m glad Cookie Monster enjoyed the movie. 😉

  16. Joe,

    I watched “Trio” the other night and loved it! I enjoyed watching McKay fumbling around with his two female companions,then to become the hero in the end. Do you know when the filming of Season 5 will begin?

  17. *GASP* You don’t like Brazil? Aww. Well, not that it’s a fave of mine, but I liked it, and I have a certain fondness for Terry Gilliam in general. Have you seen Baron Munchausen? That’s prolly my fave of his stuff. I know I liked Time Bandits when it was released, but I haven’t seen it since I was a wee lass. Twelve Monkeys was pretty good, I thought, especially given that I’m generally not fond of time paradox stories. And of course I like much of the cartoon work he did for Python.

    Speaking of Python … I hope to see a Holy Grail evil bunny reference in SGA at come point. In fact, you can use my bunny, Evil Alice, in a scene, if ya like. 😉 Ooh, or maybe a black knight (I could see a Wraith being that tenacious) or “What’s your favourite colour?” nod! Coe on, Rodney and John *have* to be Grail fans! “Ni!”

    Hey, I just remembered that Keller is from Wisconsin — it seems all too appropriate that she loves beer! yes, it’s a stereotype, but I have a couple of friends who were raised in WI that always joke about being bottle-fed the stuff ….

    I have no actual interest in the movie he reviewed, but I so less-than-three Cookie Monster’s reviews. 😀

  18. Joe, I noted the selection of F. Paul Wilson’s “The Keep” as a book club choice. Have you read the rest of The Adversary – “The Touch”, “The Tomb”, “Reborn”, etc? I was kind of surprised (happily!) to see one of my favorite older book series on the list!

  19. So you’re going to ‘revisit’ the Weir storyline without Torri. Why do I feel like you’re going to kill the character off again?

    Or will the revised script be put to Torri?

  20. Hi Joe!! Will we see any living, breathing Ancients like those from “The Return” in Season 5??? Also, Any chances of revisiting Ford in Season 5??? Thanks

  21. Is there the potential for Torri to be offered something in the future? I can’t see how you’re going to do an Elizabeth storyline without her unless you’re going to kill her off for… what will this be, the third time?

  22. David Hewlett and Jewel Staite have both mentioned in their blogs the awesomeness that is the breakfast sandwich—served by your SGA craft service. Have you ever eaten one?

  23. Personally, I’d rather see Weir left out there, roaming around the universe, than see you try to do the storyline without Torri.

    That can only end badly for the character. Very badly. Her fans had had enough disappointment without you adding to it.

  24. alipeep said:

    Interesting point and one which had not occured to me before. In the episode John came over, to me, as the younger brother, based on his actions (and the fact that Joe looks younger than the actor playing Dave, despite actually being older than him!). [ . . . ] So it’s a very possible interpretation.. and if Sheppard were the elder it would go a good way towards explaining his father’s expectations for him and the resentment of Dave being left to take on the role everyone had assumed John would (carrying on the business etc.)

    Exactly. John leaving would mean that their father’s expectations for him fell to David, who may have wanted to do something else with his life. John’s failure to follow in his father’s footsteps meant that David had to take on John’s role in the family, and being the dutiful son, he did so, but resents John for, as he sees it, trapping him in that role, hence his attitude toward John. John may also regret that David had to take on the role laid out for John and so takes a more deferential attitude toward David. This would certainly make for an interesting family dynamic and it would be nice to have it explored more fully. *hint, hint*

    After all, what did we really learn about John’s family from Outcast? John had a rift with his father (but not what it was about), has a brother named David who followed in their father’s footsteps (and who may or may not be older than John), they’re rich, and has an ex-wife who apparently still loves him.

  25. I personally think that McKay saying he didn’t like Zelenka was a gambit to get Carter to fess up to not liking Zelenka. I get the impression that while not best friends McKay and Zelenka are friends – competitive friends.

    Absolutely loved TRIO. Marty is amazing (as are the rest of the writers especially that Joe guy.)

  26. Would you dedicate Tuesday’s blog to me? I’m having outpatient surgery early Tuesday – very early. I have to be at the hospital at 5:45am! Yuck. That’s almost worst than the surgery.

  27. I wish I could go to the dinner, alas Im half way around the world so I demand many MANY pictures please XD
    Have a great night everybody ^^

  28. Hey Joe, quick question. Feel free to shoot me down if this is completely wrong. But do you believe that the fact that SGA season 4’s success (ratings and awards etc) has been influenced by the competition (other shows on SciFi and other channels) being hit by the Writer’s Strike? Or is it just because SGA is so damn good?

  29. Hi Joe!

    I just finished watching “Trio”. I really liked the episode and all the banter between the characters, but I have to say I was very disappointed that we didn’t get that “subtle” hint on Carter’s love life. I heard that it got cut from the episode. Why? I’ll be honest and tell you that this was the one episode I was really looking forward to see all season. Obviously, I’m a Sam and Jack fan and really want to know how it ended for them since Stargate SG-1 never answered this question (I have my hopes set on the second movie). Personally, I feel we as fans have been very patient in waiting to see an answer for her/them…so when will we get it?

  30. On February 9, 2008 at 9:08 am sarahlacey Said:
    In Trio, when Keller asked Rodney for a drink, was that meant as a casual friends drink or as an “I’m interested in you” thing?

    We’ll Joe answered that Q a friend can ask a friend and colleague to go for a drink and maybe she hopes he’ll brings Ronon along with him RD/JK make a cute couple plus Rodney has Sh…. I mean Katie to get over. he he

  31. I’ve been thinking about “Travelers” recently (God, I hate Larrin!) and I keep coming back to one thing. After Sheppard forced the Wraith to give Larrin back her life (boo! hiss!), she told Sheppard it felt good and he agreed. Why? Sheppard never mentioned it at the end of “Common Ground”. There must be a reason why it was said. So I have come to the following conclusion:

    Some people are tortured into becoming Wraith worshippers (like Ronon’s friends). Some do so out of self-preservation and/or fear. Some people are always going to kiss up to the powerful. And some people become Wraith worshippers because they are ‘addicted’ to the pleasurable aspects of getting one’s life returned.

    How’d I do?

    Anne Teldy

  32. The Ganges of New York – Drat, now I’m going to have to find a new title for my twisted sci-fi pseudo-documentary on that one brook in Central Park, the one where the NYPD keeps turning up all the used condoms (and it’s always the last one forensics checks that turns out to have a positive DNA match. – Oh wait, maybe I’m channeling Dick Wolf.)

    Thanks to Cookie and the Baron for their frequent guest spots on your blog. I’ve pretty much given up on other movie reviewers, who often seem to be writing under the influence of self-infatuation, and whose reviews aren’t anywhere near as funny as what I read here (except maybe when they say things like “one of the truly great movies of our time”).

  33. Mamasue9 writes: “Joe…if the dinner is on April 3rd, could MGM/Bridge stop you from attending any events while Creation is in town?”

    Answer: What are they going to do? Stop us from eating? “You! Stop chewing! Put that fork down! You! Spit it out! Spit it out NOW!”


    Anyways, finally wrote up that review, and it’s a…well, it’s definitely praising, because I thought the episode was freaking awesome, but it’s also a tad wild because I was on such an emotional high after that immensely-tense climax, so beware. The review:


    I shall have to go now, to place offers at the altar of Martin Gero for his insertion of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart’s names into Stargate, basically combining, for me, two of the greatest universes of modern times.

  34. Good luck on Season Five. It sounds fascinating. I have yet to see Season Four (I don’t have cable) but will buy the DVDs when they come out. More fun that way because then I can rewatch eps I like over and over, especially on crappy weather days (I live in Oregon). Also, I’ve read Ian McDonald’s River of Gods. I found his treatment of AIs and Indian culture and other things I won’t mention so as not to spoil you rather fascinating and interesting enough to keep reading it.

  35. Hey, Mister M. I was wondering if it’s possible to find out why Ms Higginson declined. Was she commited to something else? Conflicting schedules? Or do you not know? Just curious.

    Trio was excellent, by the way. It was great to learn some more (however little) about Dr. Keller.

  36. Keller coming up with the bar trick was great! It was difficult trying to explain it to my Russian friends whose English is not so great, same goes with my Russian. In the end, after vodka shots, we spoke the same language!

    Yay, its my birthday tomorrow!!

  37. Hey Mr. Mallozzi,

    As someone who has always been fascinated by space travel, and likes reading about the real Atlantis mission I’ve got a couple of questions. Does anyone of the writing crew follow news about NASA? I mean, do you guys look at the technology coming out, or follow the missions, etc.?

    Also gotta add, love the new movie reviews. Cookie and the Baron almost always make me laugh.

  38. Thank you…Joe…for making yourself available for dinner on both nights. I’ll be there both nights. BTW, I was at the Save Carson rally last year and I was wearing a jacket that has the colors of the Scottish flag. I was interviewed by someone who looked like Amanda with dark hair.

  39. Hey Joe, it’s my birthday today (the 10th of Feb here in Aus). Do you think you could wish me happy birthday? Or Cookie Monster or Baron Destructo? Please…

  40. Forgot to add, as someone who usually enjoys Martin Gero’s episodes a lot, I was rather underwhelmed by “Trio”. It was a nice attempt to change the tempo after last week’s action ep, but it never really drew me in. One that looked fun to make, but not nearly so much to watch. The folks I watched it with left half way through claiming they were bored and annoyed, and these are fans that will stand for a lot.

    Anyways, looking forward to seeing Teal’c in the Pegasus galaxy.

  41. Great reviews. Both hilarious and true. Cookie Monster and the Baron are definitely your “Kramers” of the league of villians. Shining a light on anything they damn well please in funny but insightful ways.

    Since in years past it seems like you chose different passions to indulge like the ice cream days of yore, and the chocolate days of yesteryear. Now that a new season is about to begin production, do you see yourself shifting from hardcore book reading to some other interest?

  42. Please say that means the season 5 premier will be in July. That would be sweet! Any idea when the s4 DVD release will be announced? Who sets that date – MGM, Scifi, the producers?

    And by sheer coincidence, I’m starting over with SG1 episodes and just saw “Emancipation” where Jack (or Daniel?) alludes to Sam flashing them during an off-screen mission, so the precedent was set way back.

    But I thought that McKay should have offered the kids chocolate 😉 as it’s worked for him before.


    *waves at Anne Teldy* I love your rants! your posts, your wit! and I thought the Zelenka bashing was a bit mean, too. The hair smelling thing makes him sound creepy?!

  43. I dont have many idols. But Joe F. Martin Wood. Martin G. and yourself all fit in to that catagory in my life.
    Thanx for being such great idols to me.

  44. Ah, I’ll admit to liking The Illusionist, though not so much for it’s plot (which I guessed about five minutes in), but rather the great acting by Edward Norton, the surprisingly brilliant acting by the man playing the Crown Prince, and the score. Sometimes, for me, music can make a movie. Jarhead was one such movie where the music just sold me on it. And I actually watched The Illusionist because I am such a fan of Philip Glass. I know you mention your respect for Joel Goldsmith a lot; is music something that can make or break a movie/TV show for you?

    Also, all this talk of Fuel! I am envious of the fans who will be able to attend. I hope you plan on taking lots of photos for us.

  45. Hi, Joe,

    How much do you think an actor/actress can either enhance or detract from what one of the writers puts into a script? When someone likes or dislikes (in this case) an episode of SGA who is more responsible – the writer or the actor (or even the director)?

  46. Joe said: “Marty G. will definitely be joining us the Tuesday, but I’m not sure about the second night. This is probably for the best because, as PG15 pointed out, it’s not a huge place. I plan to be there for 7:00 p.m. both nights.”

    My first reaction was, “Awww…no Marty G?”.

    My second reaction was, “Two nights? Wow, how cool of Joe is that?” (to go for two nights..sorry about the crappy grammar)

    If Marty G. can’t go the second night(which greatly saddens me as he is one of my most favorite writers), maybe you can get Martin Wood or Carl Binder to join us on Thursday? Or David Hewlett, or Joe Flanigan, or Amanda Tapping? Hey, you can just bring a surprise guest! *LOL…yeah right Kim! Sure! Hey…we can all dream.* hehehe 😉

    Not that it matters really. The main reason I would be going would be to meet you! *big grin* 😀

    Joe’s Answer: What are they going to do? Stop us from eating? “You! Stop chewing! Put that fork down! You! Spit it out! Spit it out NOW!”

    I laughed out loud at that!
    *nervous giggle* I can almost see that happening.
    The Con police come in and ask everyone to pay an extra fee as “The Fuel dinner extravaganza” was not included in the $499 to $599 convention price. And, everyone still has to pay for their own dinner also!


  47. Can’t wait to see Midway. SGA team action, Wraith, space station… and Teal’c!! Can’t go wrong cooking with those ingredients. Even glad we’ll see Dr Lee again.

    Also… I’m sure Rodney & Radek are friends. Their bickering is the kind btw friendly rivals. Maybe Keller & Carter don’t like him but I think Rodney should’ve stuck up for him. Personally I like Zelenka a LOT and glad he’s in s5 plans.

  48. ElisaD Said:
    ElisaD said:
    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for choosing to answer my questions -it’s a great thrill! FFN stands for a great website where people can submit stories for others to read and enjoy. I have read some really awesome stories written on some of my faviorite T.V. shows. The site has different categories were writers can submit stories about characters from Movies, T.V. shows, Books, etc… or they can create their own characters for Original stories. Go check it out.

    Joe can’t. He’s not allowed to read fan fiction because then he might be sued for “stealing” an idea.

    Some are pretty good though.


  49. So you weren’t lured into the “Who would you rather?” game. Probably smart of you!

    I was thinking that it was very much like the game “Maryann or Ginger” (Gilligan’s Island-maybe it was derived from that). That led me to thinking how most guys would probably think of Ginger for a short term “girlfriend”, but Maryann as the marrying kind.

    So here’s a new game:
    Which one would you “date” (yes that’s a euphemism) and which one would you marry?

    Could be shortened to Date or Marry?
    So for the two choices I gave Fondy last night, I would date Josh Holloway, but marry Hugh Jackman.

    BTW my husband picked Angelina Jolie, hands down, for the would you rather game. *makes a face* I would’ve picked Catherine Zeta Jones…uh..if I were a guy…lol.


  50. In defense of Zelenka, I think it’s likely that he’s had very little interaction with Keller when he wasn’t sick, injured, or otherwise under the influence of pain medication, and when you’re loopy like that, your brain does tend to go to the “Pretty girl’s hair smells nice” mindless rambling. Poor Radek.

    I have to say, though, I can’t blame John and Rodney for trying to get out of going on a mission with Keller; I want to like her, because I adore Jewel Staite, but she’s actually rather obnoxious. Lucky John for convincing Sam to take his place. Poor Rodney wasn’t so blessed, but maybe now that there’s a friendship developing, he can show Keller how to tone down the whining in the field.

    This is probably the most ridiculous question I’ve ever asked you, Joe, but… was the lollipop scripted, a prop decision, or did Joe F just need a sugar boost?

  51. @PG15
    Great review of Trio. You made me relive it again!
    *goes off to watch Trio for the third time*


  52. I’m sad that they/you were so mean to Zelenka in Trio. Please be nicer to him in the future, pretty please???? I like him too, he is NOT a perv.
    On the other hand, Rodney encouraging an adult woman to flash her breasts at young children is a bit on the sick side. In reality she could be arrested for being a sexual predator for an action like that. Can you imagine the repercussions of a man flashing his “you know what” at 10 year old girls???

  53. wow! I wish I could go to Fuel… that place looks amazing! You can be sure, if I’m ever in town, I am so eating there. And to go with you and Marty G! so much fun! sigh… for a plane ticket & the time off.

    oh, so Ronan and Keller aren’t together yet? that makes me sad… they are so awesome together! so cute, and totally believable… but I definitely trust you guys… you know tv better than I! 🙂 ha. for real. I thought the bit with Keller and Rodney at the end of Trio was cute :). I really enjoy how Rodney’s character has grown and matured over the years: he’s still him, but a better and different him.

    anyway, I just think Ronan needs a girlfriend. Keller would be awesome! but then, I’m a girly girl who sees ships in almost nothing. 🙂

  54. Since people are taking the ending two different ways, which way did you intend?

    Was Keller just inviting McKay for a casual drink as friends only? Or was she asking him to take her out for a drink as a sort of date that could lead to more?

    With all the body language, facial expressions and nuances of speech between them, I took it to be a date that could lead to more.

    I’m hoping it’s the latter, but if not, I could see a great friendship forming between the two of them. She seems to really understand him and not get annoyed with him and belittle him as others do. And yet she doesn’t take any of his crap…lol.

    I would be better if his team were a bit more sensitive to him. Not when he’s being a total arrogant jerk, but how about when he’s actually being earnest and nice? Not a good time to bash someone that you should care about and have been teammates with for 3 to 4 years.

    I didn’t like the Zelenka bashing either. Poor Dr. Z! He is such a sweet guy. He can smell my hair or be stuck in a transporter with me anyday! And Rodney so doesn’t not like him!


  55. Thanks to Cookie Monster’s review of “There Will be Blood”, I’ve heard awesome things about DDL’s performance, but not much about the plot!

    Will def take a look when it comes out on DVD.

    On that note, who are your favorite big screen actors?

    I’m a fan of Edward Norton, Christian Bale, and the late Heath Ledger.

  56. Now that Higginson has decided to not come back for the 5th season, do you still think the rouge replicator story will be played? I think it sounds like an awesome storyline…


  57. @Leila ~ I think the anti-Zelenka thing was sort of a karmic way of getting back at Zelenka for all of his cracks about Rodney being off of his game! ;D Maybe Rodney had a look at the security footage in the transporter and can read lips! ;P Anyway, good luck with your surgery!!

    OMEDETOU TANJOUBI, Katja and Amz! 😀

  58. This is something I probably shouldn’t worry about but Will the new Captain Vega character take away screen time from Major Lorne meaning will she be use in the same situations you would normally consider Major Lorne for?

    More Lorne in Season 5!!!


  59. What kind of Dr. will DOCTOR Allison Porter be? A Dr. like Rodney and Radek or a Dr. like Keller and Carson?

  60. kdvb1 Said:
    Great review of Trio. You made me relive it again!
    *goes off to watch Trio for the third time*

    Thank you! It was fun to write too. Haha.

    I find that my reviews tend to be…well, I guess funnier (and longer), when I’ve enjoyed the episode, and Trio was definitely one of them!

  61. Answer: That is incorrect. The script will be revised, adjustments made, and that particular story will be told in season 5. We won’t leave you hanging.

    Whew. Glad to hear I just misunderstood that. I was starting to panic a little.

  62. WOLFENM – Um, not sure what “OMEDETOU TANJOUBI” means, but I’ll say thanks and hope that I’m thanking you for something good. If not…well I may never know anyway 😉

  63. Huh. I heard about “There Will Be Blood”, but I had no idea what it was about. Thanks for that.

    Also, about Woolsey. I find it funny that just about every call he makes turns out to be wrong. I imagine him kicking himself after every episode he’s in. Do you plan to use the same formula for season 5, or will you “grow up” the character somehow?

    Have fun at the dinner.

  64. Hey Joe,
    I see from some previous comments that you can’t go into FFN website for legal reasons and I’m pretty sure that you knew that so your answer to me may have been to indicate that you “know nothing!” (as Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes would have said) about the website. I guess I’m more like McKay than I thought and am oblivous to subtle hints -lol! 😀

  65. Thanks Joe for hosting two nights at Fuel. You are the best?

    Since Marty G. can’t make Thursday’s dinner, will you consider bringing Fondy or maybe a surprise guest? Also, should we let Fuel know individually which night we plan to be here, so they can plan accordingly? Or will you tally the total and book the back room which seats up to 45 for the 700 pm meal? Please let us know. Thanks again!

    I am so looking forward to the tasty flavors Fuel’s Chef Robert Belcham has to offer us that evening. And, yes I can’t wait to try the Quebec Foie Gras Torchon, meyer lemon, long pepper, brioche… my mouth is watering a lot right now.

    Taste buds all a quiver!


  66. Once again I’d like to thank Cookie Monster for his movie critique. Its easy to see which personality is the brains of the operation. Do you have problems though with the Baron’s ego?

  67. 1)With Keller and Woolsey being regulars in season 5, will the both get center stage in their own episodes to further develop those character (Woosley inperticular)?
    2) Will the Daniel two-parter be the mid-season two parter or a two part episode in the first half of season 5?
    3)Will Kate Hewlett be back in season 5?

  68. Pity I can’t be at Fuel. Hell’s teeth, pity I can’t even reach Canada, but the South African Rand is very weak against the Dollar (Canadian and US)so going anywhere outside Africa is pretty much out.

    Please take pictures. Take movies, email food…

  69. By the way, it’s raining here! It was 39 degrees C (102F) and then it started to rain. Aah, what a relief.
    We’re all walking in the rain with sappy smiles on our faces, even the cat! (Okay not me as I like my computer water-free).

    Wait a couple of months you snowbound lot. Your time will come…

  70. Hello Joseph =)

    Waouhhhhh!!! Merci de ne pas m’avoir oublier aujourd’hui.! Vous êtes génial! Sa me fait téllement plaisir ♥ Je vous adore =)

    Oula, moi je n’est pas trop le temp de regarder des films en ce moment. Mais bon, sa va, mes vacance sont dans 2 semaine.

    Et vous, qu’en sont vos prochaine vacance?

    Hier j’ai acheter plein de super truc pour la Saint Valentin!! En Plus pour l’anniversaire de mon cheri je lui est acheter une figurine de wraith^^! Il adore sa! Mais chuuutt c’est un secret^^.

    Bon aller, gros Bisou Bisou, je repasserais plus tard.

  71. Whumped Sam. Ow. That. Was. Awesome. Ow.

    You guys trapped 3 of my favourite actors in a wee room and I did a wee happy dance. It was almost painful watching them on the beams, especially knowing about Amanda’s fear of heights.

    Oh, when I heard that Sam would need crutches I cringed for her and then had to remind myself that it isn’t real. Just because mine finally got returned to the hospital today. I think that when we get so lost in a story and that emotionally… entangled in the characters, that shows what an awesome show this is. Stargate is just one show I can’t be cynical about, no matter how much I roll my eyes and say “but the cops never mentioned the satanic masks!” for other shows.

    Maybe it’s Amanda’s brilliant acting that makes the pain so very real.

    I’m babbling. I’m allowed. I have my internet back!

    Oh, and I had a brilliant idea for the big mid season 5 2 parter! So it goes like this… RDA, Shanks, the Judge, Joe, both Davids, Jason, Rainbow and Connor… all in jeans and nicely fitted black t-shirts. Come on, I know you can work that into a story. I blame Ronon in jeans last week for suddenly giving me a taste for it… it’s like putting blood in the water for a shark. I’m circling.

  72. Hey Mr M.!
    1.Are there any plans for bringing Michelle Morgan as F.R.A.N. back for an episode in season 5? She could be a “Data sort of character”.
    2.Is there any chance for an appearence of Major Davis in the upcoming season?
    3.May we see another class of Ancient ships (i.e. science vessel, mentioned in “Echoes”)?


  73. Offically jealous now. 2 dinners at Fuel. Firgures I can’t make it. Again if I ever get a chance to be in Vancouver again you’ll have to take me up on the offer of a dinner there with me.

  74. I’ve just watched ‘Trio’, and enjoyed it greatly. There were some really lovely character moments, I think Keller is a great addition to the show, and it was interesting to see a period of extended interaction between Rodney and people who aren’t on his team.

    That said, there were a number of moments which gave me pause, and which prompted me to comment here.

    Firstly, the repeated comments about Rodney’s weight and general level of fitness. They don’t make internal sense for the show–how could Rodney survive four years of off-world missions if he were out of shape or overweight?–and they certainly don’t make sense if you look at David Hewlett. I’ve seen him in real life, and I would never classify the man as being overweight.

    Though that’s rather incidental to my point: even if Rodney were clinically obese, how can you justify, over the course of repeated episodes, making fun of someone’s weight? Take Rodney down a notch or two because of his ego, yes, or his arrogance. But having to watch this over and over again is decidedly less than entertaining those of your viewers who have struggled with weight or body image issues.

    Secondly, this episode had overt sexism on a level I’ve not seen since ‘Irresistible’ and ‘Irresponsible.’ Those are episodes which I try not to think about and which I will not rewatch because, as Aelfgyfu pointed out in a comment above, they treated a serious issue in an incredibly cavalier manner.

    Now in ‘Trio’, I think that there will be scenes which I will have to skip on a rewatch. Rodney is an arrogant ass, yes–but why is there a need to present him as a sexist pig, and to place it in a narrative light which expects us to regard it, if not with approval, at least with amusement? Amongst everything else, for Rodney to suggest to a woman, to his *boss*, that she flash her breasts at a group of *children*–I found that incredibly distasteful, and not something I would ever have expected from Rodney, for all his flaws.

    Can you explain to me why you felt that these decisions were appropriate to make in the context of this episode? Because seeing them on screen felt like a slap in the face to me as a woman, and greatly diminished my respect for both the producers and for Martin Gero.

  75. Trio was interesting, a good set piece, though… not enough Sheppard 🙂 I Loved Outcast… but not enough McKay! Ah, I miss the team episodes, though I suppose you have to show off other characters at times too. I have been very much enjoying Season 4. I’ve liked the bits of history you all have finally been filling in for the characters.

    Huh – I would have put Sheppard as the younger brother – ie was supposto follow in family tradition/etc. hmm… I hope we get to see a little more of his family, and that this time McKay will get to go.

    Glad to hear you will be keeping Flanigan busy when filming starts. I hope so! He’s our popular show runner after all 🙂 As I’m getting a little worried about how little I’ve heard of him in the opening episode and so much talk of this new military character. Or are you pulling our chains because of the evil torment you do in The Last Man? I have no idea what.

    I’m getting jealous of those getting to meet up with you for dinner. Sounds like it’ll be a blast. Unfortunately, I’ll be chained to my desk and working like a dog. Sometimes, working for an accountant has major drawbacks – like the months of March and April.

    I’ll “see” you at ComicCon, but along with 6,000+ other fans who ask questions I cringe at, and I’m sure you’re all there all day, but busy in the back doing interviews and marketing/etc. I know, because my sister was with guest relations for several years. I was jealous of her access to stars, and yet, if I ‘worked’, I’d miss the panels and all. Catch-22.

  76. The Keller/McKay final scene I saw as a lovely girl, who by doing such a simple thing as taking McKay for a drink, is lending a hand to teach her male friend how to interact with women more confidently so he doesn’t have to go through the same heartache as he has with Katie.
    Wow was that a poorly constructed sentence!

  77. Hi,

    In Before I Sleep Weir said that the Lanteans sent their biggest and best warships to protect their delegation to the Wraith. Will we ever see one of those mammoths or were they aurora’s?

    Also, will we ever see a Lantean type 302 or Glider?

    And finally, in season 5 will we get to see Atlantis itself in the thick of a battle, firing drones and any other weapons that Atlantis might have?


  78. First time poster, so please excuse me if I do this wrong. Here goes.

    I noticed from a recent comment from you that Larrin will be making an appearence in season 5. Do you know how many eps she will be in? Or is this still up in the air? My reasons for asking are completly selfish. I really did not like this charcter, at all. I’m hoping that if I have to watch her she will be toned down some, and her interactions with Sheppered will be freindship only. I have no shipping preference before i’m jumped on. I do however find romance in scifi extremely tedious. I would rather see the charcters grow through there interactions with there team mates and dealing with whats happening around them. i dont think you need to have one character smooching every week to achieve this.

    I am also completely aware that my wants for these characters are different from yours. I would however appreciate it if, you would clarify now, or nearer airing wether I will be subjected to even more romance/flirtations next season and wether any of these will result in an actual relashionship.

    I have felt as season 4 has progressed that this year seems more about the romance and individuals and less about the team together. The teaming of duos/trios makes it feel that way to me. I am sure that the direction your taking has pleased a great many fans. I am however left extremly disappointed in season 4. I hope that season 5 will contain the team together in more episodes and there will be less romance.

    On a final note, even if Atlantis becomes something I no longer wish to watch or continue to support. I hope you get a season 6 for the sake of the actors and everyone behind the scenes. It is clear that a great many fans continue to enjoy the show.

  79. Much to my surprise, I loved Trio. It was my favourite episode since BAMSR. For the first time I also felt Carter wasn’t just a Weir clone, but was actually a different character. This kind of ‘character’ episodes are always fun.

    You are going to revisit Weir’s storyline without Weir or at least without Torri. I do think Jessica Steen would be a nice option, cos it seems almost impossible to do the storyline without Weir, that would be rather forced. But perhaps you writers can come up with something great.

    I do hope Torri gets something offered by you in the near future that suits her. I think she wants something positive for Weir. I miss her character. Luckily there are others (McKay, Keller, Woolsey, Beckett) that I also enjoy. But Weir had a certain compassion, that isn’t found in the other character.

    And oh yes, I have to mention it… Don’t forget about Lindsey Novak! 😉

  80. Joe,

    Any chance of seeing the Genii storyline revisited in season 5? I just LOVED them in season 1 and was a bit dissapointed what happened with them in seasons 2 and 3 (Kolya deserved a better death…).

  81. Just wanted to say how much I loved Trio. My new favourite lines from a TV/Film ever :

    “I see light”
    “No, no, don’t go toward the light – stay in the land of the living”

    I’m still laughing.

  82. Ok, fair enough on the drink thing. But when one character asks another one out for a drink given the context of the episode (Her asking if he was still single, him saying he wasn’t very good at this stuff and then her acknowledging it when asking) it wasn’t a big leap to assume she was asking ‘asking’ him out for a drink. And if they did go out in that way then asking if they were going now isn’t that far a question, but from how the scene played out I didn’t take the question of a drink any other way. I mean common in our society it’s the classic line for ‘do you want to go out’.

    Either way, I suppose we have the answer.

  83. If you lot all go to Fuel, make sure that you don’t go when that corn soup that Joe dreams about is in season.. he’ll kill you if you dare order it’s all his!!!! All his, you got that??!!!

    I thought I posted today. My bad.. Joe’s probably asleep now so he can’t moderate my comment…(thinking of some stuff I could do here in this blog… drop fake dog poo and blame Jelly… put yellow dye in the snow…)

    I watched ‘Trio’ and wondered how long before Marty G thinks up some fart jokes for the next season. He’s just like a little boy with his writing antics. 🙂
    Yeah I like it..

  84. Hey Joe! Have you ever read Orson Scott Card? I just got done with Empire, it was great. A futuristic, Sci-fi book about the next possible Civil War in America (because nothing like that would happen in Canada right!) It has hover bikes, Walkers, and other cool gadgets, but set not to far into the future.

  85. He Joe, one more question. How does a show like SGA or others filmed in Vancover be considered “Canadian” and thus immune to the WGA Strike? I know Smallville is up there, so is it immune? Thanks!

  86. By the way congrats to you and carl have you told fondy yet?cant wait for midway!

  87. Sorry I have another question. In Critical Mass Caldwell, from what I remember, had his symbiote removed by beam technology. Was there a specific reason why that was not done to Adria in Dominion because if they had beamed it out from another room then Ba’al would not have expected it, especially as he was unaware that Caldwell was implanted with one, and would not have released the poison that killed her.


  88. Hi Joe,

    I just watched TRIO and I loved it. Yes, it’s becoming a bit strange with three non-team focused eps in a row but still I loved it. I like Keller as a caracter and I like Jewel as an actress, same goes with Sam and Amanda. And Rodney/David is of course just priceless. The invitation to go for a drink didn’t seem to me like a date so that’s good for me coz I still hope there’s gonna be more Jen/Ronon.
    I got one question though: Was there a framed pic of Jack in the background in that scene in Sam’s office? A black frame with a bit of silver??? Couldn’t recognize the other pics but that one seemed to me to be a Jack pic! And yup, what were the other pictures?

    On another note: I’m sad Torri won’t come back but I wish her all the best. I am convinced you’ll come up with something good, never was really disappointed by you guys!

    I wish everyone a great time at the Fuel dinners! Take pictures!

    Another question: Have you ever read Samit Basu’s “The Simoqin Prohphecy”? and if you did, what did you think?

    Cheers, Yeo

  89. Oh, Baron Destructo. Alas, you have managed to overlook and comprehend the true magic of The Illusionist: The pretty. There is much pretty to be enjoyed in this movie!

    As for Marty? I hope his girlfriend isn’t the jealous type. 🙂

  90. While McKay isn’t my #1 favorite character (I know! That makes, what, one of me?), I do actually really love him to pieces, and the way he acted and the things he said in Trio really bothered me because of how they reflected on him. He came off as oafish, moronic, and a bit of a pig and wow, it was just…incredibly uncomfortable to watch. His tendency to put his foot in his mouth, especially in regards women, can be funny, sure, but in this episode it was generally just kind of ugly. Like, suggesting to Sam that she flash her breats? And then staring at Keller’s breasts in hopes of same? What the hell? He said that he knows what gets the attention of boys of that age; I was watching the show with a boy of that age, and his response was “mom, that’s really gross. Should he be saying that to her?” My response was, I agree, totally gross, and no he shouldn’t, and I would hope he’d get the reprimand of his LIFE for it later on.

    Some of the dialogue on the part of all three main characters also left me with the impression that continuity with previous episodes and established characterization was tossed out the window just because the writer of the episode had come up with a line that he thought was OMG so funny!! A lot more of the dialogue left me with the impression that the writer came up with a line that he thought was OMG so funny and never mind that it was actually offensive in spectacular ways. I mean. WOW. What the hell?

    I have really been loving this season so far. “Harmony” left me rather underwhelmed, but it wasn’t completely horrible, and the rest of the season has been so fantastic. This episode, though, I flat out did not like. Vehemently. It could have been so good – I love all three characters, and I was looking forward to their adventure. Keller’s adventure with Teyla in “Missing” was wonderfully done; Sam’s mini adventure with Zelenka in “Quarantine” was also a lot of fun (which, by the way, what was up with that bit of cruelty to Zelenka in “Trio”? Geez); and McKay being out of his relative comfort zone with them could have been a metric ton of fun. I’m glad other people seem to have enjoyed the ep, but I wish I could have as well. I wanted to.

    I feel kind of awful being all ‘grr, argh’ here. There were a couple of things I did really enjoy, so I wanted to mention them:

    I liked a couple of Keller’s comments r.e. Rodney’s relationship issues; she had a couple of very sweet moments. The kids who treated the trio like a circus side show were really funny and totally believable. Rodney’s heroism at the end, interrupted by the brief moment spent frozen at the end of the rope, was great, and illustrated something I like about Rodney – the fact that, yeah, he’s pretty obnoxious and shrill and not really Mr. Action Hero, but still, when the crap hits the fan he absolutely comes through. And the set was pretty cool.

  91. So far I’ve been fairly pleased with S4 despite still being annoyed at the loss of Carson — I still see absolutely no reason for replacing him, as Keller is less charismatic (no offense to Jewel) and brings nothing new to the dynamic — but what is with the Zelenka bashing? Radek is a wonderful character, one I’d be VERY happy to see more often, and that scene, while I’m sure the writers meant it to be humorous, actually made me angry. It not only made me very disappointed in Rodney, it cooled down the gradual warming-up I’d been having towards Carter and Keller. Radek can tell me my hair smells nice anytime and I’ll take it for the well-intended compliment that I’m sure it was (I have the feeling that if Ronon said that, Keller wouldn’t think it was creepy, would she?). As for Carter, being stuck in a lift with someone you don’t like for a few hours in no way compares to be trapped alone and concussed inside a jumper rapidly filling with frigid water. You won’t trump Rodney on that one, Carter. Give it up.

    Anyway, I hope there won’t be a repeat of this sort of thing in the future. Radek doesn’t deserve that.

    And this this new military character takes any scenes away from Lorne, I will be mightily upset. I echo the above comment…MORE LORNE! I don’t see why there has to be this constant shuffling of characters when you could do so much more with the already fabulous and well-loved characters that you already have. In my experience as a fan, it seems like a great many of the fans love SGA for the same reason I fell in love with it — they love the characters and the family dynamic they’ve created in Atlantis. That dynamic is what makes the show for me. The cast is fine the way that it is. Tighter writing with better emotional continuity and less dropped plot threads would improve the show a hell of a lot more than mucking about with cast.

    Complaints aside, I love this show. I complain because I care. 😉

  92. So, do you and the other System Lords have any tantalizing tidbits or even confirmations or denials on anything Genii-related in Season 5? I think they were one of the best creative decisions the series’ big, giant heads have come up with, and so I’d give my left pinky for more.

    Oh, and Kolya is awesome. Just saying.

  93. Any chance of seeing Harry Maybourne turn up in Atlantis anytime soon? Would also love to see more of the Aris Boch race!

  94. Hey Joe!

    It is really great to hear about your fan dinners at Fuel. If I lived in the Vancouver-area, I would love to come, but I’m a tad too far away to come. I’ll be there in mind though come those two nights. 😛

    Excellent reviews, as always, by Cookie and Baron! You got to put a reference to the two of them in Atlantis sometime. 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  95. Weren’t the Genii supposed to be super secretive in their underground hiding places/society… it seems as though almost everyone in the galaxy knows that they aren’t simple farmers…

  96. So much love for this episode! It’s still sinking in and I think I need to watch it again, but it was great!

    Jennifer has come on a bit since Missing (I did like her in that, btw) and that’s good – it means she’s starting to find her feet, so’s to speak. Looking forward to more character development from her.

    I loved Sam here as well. I know some think she should have taken charge more, but I think it was good that she didn’t, that is was more about teamwork. And letting McKay try to do the grapple thing was more about respect than anything else, well that’s how it seemed to me, anyway. I think the episode shows us that the rivalry isn’t there in the same way it used to be and that they are more friends now – which is only sensible after all this time!

    Rodney – oh Rodney! Sooo very, very competitive!! And trying to be ‘the man’! Ah, gotta love that guy! Snerk! And so brave, even when scared – refusing to leave Sam behind (no big surprise there). But poor clueless Rodney, not realising that he broke up with Katie. So sad, but so like him. And that whole thing about ‘perfect body’ and then stumbling etc … sooo funny, sooo him … and Keller seemed to be enjoying letting him dig that thar hole deeper and deeper! Ah, the teasing of friendship…

    As for the flirting, it could be read both ways I guess, but I saw it more of a friendship thing than anything serious. I will have to re-watch it sometime, but that was my first impression of the scene.

    Anyway, brilliant episode as far as I’m concerned, despite one or two ‘huh’ moments (poor Radek).

    Oh, and John with the lollypop? LOL!! Where did he get it from? Mess hall, personal order (if they’re allowed to do that), brought it back with him from Earth, pinched it from Keller’s supplies – or did Jennifer give it to him for being ‘such a brave boy’ during a physical or pre- or post-mission check-up?

    Leesa Perrie

    PS – a broken leg takes, what, six weeks or so to heal? So six weeks, more or less, between this episode and the next (the clips I’ve seen don’t have Sam in a cast still). How long between previous eps – as you say in Harmony the painting takes time to paint (though the ending could occur after Outcast, who knows!!), hmmm, trying to work out the timing … and just how big Teyla will be when we see her next!!! If you can give any tips on the timing, would be very appreciated!

  97. Another PS – sorry, hate double posting – but can someone explain the Colbert reference to us over the water? I gather he and the other chap are on TV or something…?

    Leesa Perrie

  98. After re-watching TRIO for the 3rd time, I have to mostly agree with “equusentric” that I was disappointed with this episode. Some of the character dialogue was sweet, some quite humorous, but on the whole it fell short of the usual pizzazz of the rest of S4.

    I was angered by the reference to Sam & Jen’s breasts in such a disrespectful and not-needed manner. The entire scene about Radek was unnecessary and seemed contrived. It’s one thing to have Rodney be professionally competitive with Radek, and quite another thing to have him say, “It’s okay, I don’t like him either” and have the commander more or less agree. Why?

    Ah, well, everyone is allowed an off-day in writer-land.

    On a separate note, can we hope for any non-bipedal type of aliens in S5? Hm-m, we’ve had cloud aliens, cocoon-birthed aliens, insect-men aliens and ascended ancient aliens, but can the budget withstand something fully CGI, i.e. not obviously stunt man-habited in suits type?

    Kudos to the set construction dept and the F/X geniuses on TRIO — job well done folks!

    With all respect to the Baron and Cookie Monster, this season of films has left me totally unmoved to see ANY of them or even rent the DVDs. But I am waiting anxiously for my pre-ordered “Ark of Truth” DVD to ship in early March!

    Send lots and lots of photos and movies from the Fuel dinners please!!

    Carol Z

  99. I’d like to wish Jelly a very Happy Birthday!! Could you please post some pictures/or video of the Birthday girl along with the rest of the kids?

    Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, Joe!


  100. I was disappointed that the hinted at comment in “Trio” about Jack and Sam wound up on the cutting room floor. I have read on other sites that “per canon” these kind of things always wind up on the cutting room floor. No disrespect intended, but if this is so, then why even bother filming them? There were certainly one or two other places in the episode that could have been deleted and the “hint” put in their place. And (this is where the “no disrespect” part comes in), are these “hints” only let out to tease the fans, knowing that the “hint” will most likely or definitely be dropped?

  101. Hello,

    Got to see Trio today. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. It was funny a lot of the time and helped flesh out Keller, but the Zelenka bashing? McKay’s suggestion that Sam flash the kids [what kind of idiot would actually say that to his boss, especially given his and Sam’s history?] And did Sam forget she was in charge? Did McKay? A couple of very sour notes that kind of spoil the episode for me.

    That’s something I’d hoped would be explored in more depth when Carter moved over to Atlantis – she never seemed very comfortable in a leadership role in SG1: She seemed very nervous the first time she led a mission on her own and seemed to need approval from Jack afterward; She seemed perfectly happy to let Cam take charge of SG1; She refused to sit in Landry’s chair; She always seemed by far the most reluctant to question authority. It was one of the character’s few real ‘flaws’ in my eyes.

    And how come everyone in Pegasus suddenly knows who the Genii are? What happened to the people who were happy to kill to keep everyone thinking they were simple farmers? Simple farmers do not take over mines [or get involved in alien coup attempts.]

    But still, ‘Stay in the land of the living!’. Not a total loss.

    I too hope Teyla makes at least a brief appearance in Midway. I miss her and given what I know of the story it would be odd for her not to appear at all. At the very least I’m sure she’ll be mentioned and hearing her name for the first time after, what, three episodes now, would be nice.

    Reguarding the Lucius situation, I must admit I never thought about the rape aspects until they were pointed out to me. But there’s no doubt its there. Still if the whole production team and probably a good number of fans can miss it, so could the expedition. If Lucius ever returned perhaps one of our new charcters could point out what everyone else had missed. That’d be a great way for Woolsey to demonstrate that he’s not the only one who can make mistakes. Not that I’m advocating Lucius’ return. Not unless we get to see him Wraithed anyway.

    My first thought on DOCTOR Alison Porter was as a replacement for Kate Heightmeyer. I wouldn’t have thought we needed more scientists or medics and I hope it’s not as an archeologist – I’d always hoped if they ever got a recurring Arch&Ant character they’d bring back Anna-Louise Plowman as Sarah Gardner. She’s surely Earth’s second best expert on alien culture and technology afterall.

    Cookie and the Baron were as entertaining as ever. I haven’t seen either movie and, not being a huge film fan, now probably won’t.

    Thanks as always, Joe.

  102. Hey, Joe, just got caught up with you again–I keep forgetting how long your posts can be!

    I wants to congratulate the team on another splendid episode in Trio. I, myself, thoroughly enjoyed it. And this is beyond me just being easy to please–I really think it was a great episode.

    One of the fans I was watching with and I disagree about one thing (well, more than one, but meh..), however. What was with the Radek conversation? I rather think that Sam didn’t mean her comment the way it came out, but Fraggs maintains that she thinks she did.

    Surely, there’s an explanation, Joe. I don’t think that Sam really dislikes Radek (I, personally, adore him.) If you don’t know, would you be so kind as to ask Martin the next time you see him?

  103. Hi Joe !

    J’avais remarqué il y a quelques mois de cela, que vous aviez lu Astérix et la Serpe d’Or.
    Alors je me suis demandée si Cookie Monster et Baron Destructo auraient la curiosité d’aller voir le nouveau film “Astérix aux Jeux olympiques”? (si toutefois il est diffusé à Vancouver 🙂 )

    (I noticed few months ago that you’ve read “Astérix et la serpe d’or”. So, I wondered if Cookie Monster and Baron Destructo would have the curiosity to see the new movie “Astérix at the Olympic Games”? Whether it is broadcasting in Vancouver)

    Je suis vraiment très admirative du travail que vous faites! Bon courage pour la saison 5 !

    (I’m admiring your job ! Good luck for the fifth season!)

  104. You didn’t like Brazil, huh? My illusions are shattered. I saw it so long ago that my copy is on laserdisc. One hopes you didn’t fall for the televised network butcher job on it which deleted all the dream sequences and changed the ending? Hmm. Perhaps my liquor cabinet is simply better stocked than yours.

    I wept when I saw Last of the Mojitos, nothing sadder than the final swig of mint and rum.

    Wolfenm, on the other hand, is a paragon of good taste. Not that I know whether Wolfenm tastes good, I surely hope she (?) is not on any menu I’ll be perusing in the near, or far, future. But we like some of the same movies!

  105. Morjana Coffman Said:
    How did Marty G’s benefit performance with the 6th Annual Canterbury Stars go this weekend in Ottawa?

    Fans can see videos from previous events (with guest appearances by Rachel Luttrell and Rainbow Sun Francks) at this link:

    Watch Martin Gero sing!

    Oh, my! That was too funny! Loved the prison one.

  106. I didn’t believe Rodney for a minute when he said, “I don’t like him either.” when they were talking about Zelenka. They are friends. Rodney just wanted to make sure that Sam clarified that she preferred him to Zelenka. Besides, Radek has talked a lot of *^#$@ about Rodney in the past—both to his face and behind his back—-so I think the little guy can take it…..and smelling women’s hair when they are not your girlfriend/wife/significant other is creepy in my opinion.
    All is well in the world of Rodney-Radek. However, I’m not quite sure about the world of Sam-Jennifer-Radek.

  107. Any plans to make a Rodney/Teyla episode in Season 5. We don´t see a lot of interaction between the two, only little moments.

  108. If you’d like a good laugh, Wraithfodder has put together a most hilarious take on Midway, using caps from the MGM promo and her own very clever wit. She’s a master of the rib tickling spin.

    I will completely understand if you cannot check it out, but I hope you can.

  109. Hi, Joe!

    I’ve been shamelessly lurking, watching your blog and enjoying your rants and ruminations. 🙂

    A friend and I were wondering about the dinner at Fuel on April 1. We both live in the lower mainland and would love to go. How, exactly, do we sign up for this?


  110. Joe, has the order of the episodes in the latter half of season four been switched around, maybe to try and de-emphasize the lack of Teyla and Ronon a little? I ask only because Trio felt like it should have come before Harmony, what with Rodney learning for the first time about his breakup with Katie in Trio, and his “Bags!” comment to Sheppard regarding the third sister in Harmony.

    Is the episode order often switched around during filming or just after, in post? Do episode switches happen as a result of network decisions, or is it something decided by you and Paul? Or both?

  111. Oh my God…Martin Gero…singing…

    I think I just witneseds the greatest thing in the history of the world.

  112. Joe,

    Are you surprised by the generally negative reaction to Trio? As a caveat, do you think that you guys have written Carter as a strong leader this year? If so, why?

  113. Hi again Mr M. Greetings once more from Tipperary. Firstly, my thanks for agreeing to attend both nights! That is very kind and thoughtful of you to do so.
    Since you are a voracious reader, I wondered how much of the Ancient Fables/Myths have you read..I’m thinking here of not just Ancient Eygpt (or the tie-in to the Goa’uld) but also Ancient Greece and the Celtic Mythologies (and the tie-in to Arthur)..The reason I ask is because there is a new translation of the “Tain” cycle from Ireland. It dates from around 650 to 750AD. Have you read any of this?

    Thanks again for your attendance to Fuel


  114. Just dropping by to say, there’s something off with what you’re doing with Keller. I mean, you’ve never seen a need to suggest romantic relationships between two main characters before. SGA has always been sprinkled with great interactions between characters that could be interpreted as close friendship, but could also be seen as something more by those so inclined. And then, suddenly there’s Keller almost kissing Ronon in one episode, and asking Rodney out for a drink a few episodes later! It just feels jarring and out of place from the patterns of character interactions you’ve established for SGA. And maybe you are just trying something new, but personally, in this case, I feel like why mess with a winning formula?

    Apart from that, I enjoyed Trio, and I’m certainly looking forward to Season 5!

  115. I second Pg15’s comments on Marty Gero singing… even though it was 4 years ago… OMG! Was that funny! Tell Marty he looks sooooooo baby faced in the video, it seams that SGA has aged him somewhat; but he is still cute and a sweetheart! To bad he has a girl friend now. I’d let him eat crackers in my bed any time. Or sing a wierd song, whatever floats his boat!

    Giggles… 🙂

  116. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I can’t believe you read all the comments! It must be time-consuming, and so I’ll try to comment sparingly and not add too much to all the traffic your popularity has garnered you. Just know I’m enjoying your blog and SGA.

    Today, though, I thought I’d repost a question I had from Quarantine, if you don’t mind:

    Why is it that, given that Rodney wanted to propose, we never saw a truly intimate moment between the two, e.g. a kiss (I’m not including Duet)? Was it a specific creative decision (for example, to make it a relationship that never really blossomed on-screen) or was it just unnecessary/wouldn’t work in the few episodes Katie was in?

    Also, I’d really appreciate it if you’d care to give us a better idea of where Rodney and Katie stood with each other pre-Quarantine, because it seemed Katie was initially ready to accept the proposal. Had “I love you” been exchanged?

    Thanks for your time,

  117. Bon, Bonne nuit Joseph =)

    je vais au lit. Demain je ne pourrais pas passer sur votre blog..snif car j’ai un contrôle trés dure sur la TVA.

    Je me posais une question.

    Combient de commentaire sur votre blog ne validez vous pas semaine?

    aller, gros Bisou Bisou, je vous adore trés trés fort!.♥♥You are the best for me♥♥Merci

  118. I watched the Illusionist last weekend and very much enjoyed it. The explanations behind the ‘magic’ are discussed by the director on the commentary track.

    Many of the comments you make about the film are true, including: the viewer definitely can see where it is going to end up. But honestly Joe, the same can be said for many episodes of a certain TV show I like, yet I still carve out an hour from my week to watch and enjoy it.

  119. In watching Trio, there were a lot of things I liked, but the “show them your boobs” comment was completely disrespectful. Especially to his boss. Frankly, he should be sent back to earth for that sort of remark. He was never disrepectful to Elizabeth or Teyla, and to tell Sam to show her breasts to children, no matter how much of a crush he had on her or how bad he is with social norms is terrible. It was definitely *not* funny.

  120. And, please don’t say that they were created by the Ancients (as the Wraith and Asurans were).

  121. *waves*

    I crashed, so I wasn’t sure if my rambling post got through, sorry if it comes through twice.

    So, anything is possible in Scifi, even a shirtless Shep ep! Why Mr M you aren’t just teasing me are you?

    So have we got names for three eppies then? Are they all running concurrently? Or are there eppies in between those three you’ve named?

    Have to say, I watched Trio and sorry, but it didn’t do anything for me. To be honest it fell flat for about the first 37 minutes. I just didn’t do anything for me. To be honest it fell flat for about the first 37 minutes. I just didn’t feel as if it was up to Marty G’s normal standard. The plot for me was just ‘Characters stuck in a box, and they have to get out of it.’ I kind of expected more from an ep of Marty G’s. I don’t know why, but I compared this ep to ‘Missing’, maybe because i’m trying to like Keller, and I felt these two it would let me see more into the character. So, let me get this straight, you put in a nearly shirtless Keller, and yet no shirtless Shep? Shame on you Mr M.

    I really loved Missing, and I think for me it felt as if there was a real sense of danger for Teyla and Keller, and I loved the Bola Kai characters. Their neanderthal type of characters kept things real, and primal and exciting, and there was a real sense of danger for the team. Here it didn’t come across like that at all, so sorry I was bored. I did ‘snort’ at Keller’s Arnie reference. (I’d spell Shwarzneggar, but i’d probably just embarrass myself ). So, there’s still hope, but for me it only gets a 3/10 And it wasn’t just because it was the ‘Trio’ I love Sam and McKay moments, and humour, but nothing seemed to work it appeared too predictable and no suspense.

    And the medical thing, oh Mr M, please tell me you have a nurse or doctor on staff or counsell, because the medical stuff again, just didn’t cut it for me at all, no pedal pulse check, just pressing of the balls of the feet. no checking of Sam’s abdomen for internal injurie’s and an hour for symptoms to show of internal bleeding? And then at the end Sam was okay apart from the broken leg? Not good Mr M. Sorry, I tried.

    So, quick question since you were kind enough to answer my last one. Will we see the Bola Kai again anytime soon?


  122. Joe, I caught the extended (55 second) teaser for “Midway”. Am I going to need extra medication (or booze) to make it through this episode? I found myself saying “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” towards the end of the teaser.

  123. Why isn’t nudity and profanity included in Stargate anymore? In stressful situations it’s more realistic people would say “f*ck” instead of “d*mn” for example.

  124. How to agree with you whole heartedly with regard to the Illusionist. The movie’s sheer lack of faith in its audience’s intelligence annoyed the bejaysus out of me. If I had the choice in the matter I would have turned it off (I watched it on a transatlantic flight).

    May I recommend a film I rented this evening on a random wander around the video shop: The Fountain. Written and directed by Darren Aronofsky of Requiem for a Dream fame.

    It’s a very interesting look at peoples views on (impending) death, the afterlife and resurrection. A much visited theme I know but there is something very intriguing about this particular film. It is set in present day though it does have fantasy and sci-fi themes and the cinematography is absolutely beautiful.

  125. 1)Does Kannan’s presence/actions in upcoming eps put Teyla in any awkward/dismaying positions?

    2)Will any of the crew suffer long-term emotionally over any future events?

  126. Hi Joe!

    I’m sorry to say that “Trio” is not Martin Gero’s best work. Sure, it had a couple amusing scenes, but their value is totally lost when compared with the whole product, and especially, with the myriad of cringe-worthy scenes, the most destacable one being the infamous ‘Zelenka bashing’ one.

    I imagine that scene was supposed to be humoristic, and it’s just fair to say that some people found it that way… but the vast majority of us didn’t, quite on the contrary (in fact, after seeing it I past the next minutes not being able to concentrate in the scene, shocked (and not in a good way) as I was).

    In short, I agree with what equusentric says, and I see as a very bad strategy making two of the generally less well-liked characters in SGA say such things about one of the most well-liked ones when Zelenka’s background doesn’t fit that description, quite the contrary .

    All this is bad especially in Keller’s case, the one who insinuates the most ill-intentioned thing of the three, when she’s going to be promoted to regular next season… a lot of people has a problem accepting her in that position, and this doesn’t help.
    Sam also appears in a delicate position as expedition leader, making those kind of comments about a subordinate… honestly I can’t imagine Weir saying such things.
    And Rodney… we know all he says is about the competition, and that fits in the kind of relationship he has with Zelenka, but the way he says things sound just wrong (I suppose that compensates the way Radek talks about him in “Quarentine”, in my opinion a quite good episode, but with a totally OC Zelenka, so much it hurted).

    So, now every time we see McKay, Carter or Keller interacting with Zelenka, we’ll be occupied thinking that they’re a bunch of hypocrites that don’t like, and even despise, him. Probably not what you had in mind to achieve when making “Trio”

  127. I’m glad Aelfgyfu brought up the subject of Lucius Lavin. I remember watching “Irresistible” and wondering why in blue blazes the Atlantis crew weren’t up in arms over the man’s overt use of an alien herbal equivalent of Rohypnol.

    Not trying to gang up on you here, but please add me to the list of folks who hope never to see that particular character again unless he’s being irrevocably drained by a Wraith or dancing on air at the end of a hangman’s noose. Yes, I have a very draconic attitude towards rapists, no matter what their modus operandi.

  128. Women’s Names:

    Amelia Banks — new gate tech
    Alicia Vega — new Cpt.
    Allison Porter — new doctor
    Anne Teldy — doomed red-shirt

    You do realize that there are women’s names that start with the other 25 letters of the alphabet, don’t you? Oh, you also have Abe Ellis, commander of the Apollo.

    Men’s Names:

    Rodney McKay
    Ronon Dex
    Richard Woolsey
    Radek Zelenka

    Again, their are 25 other letters that men’s names could start with.

    You also have John Sheppard and Jennifer Keller.

    Anne Teldy

  129. wams352 wrote:

    *waves at Anne Teldy* [snip nice things about me]

    Waves back and says “Thanks!”

    Hes wrote:

    Why isn’t nudity and profanity included in Stargate anymore? In stressful situations it’s more realistic people would say “f*ck” instead of “d*mn” for example.

    Not in my life, it isn’t. In my experience, the frequent use of strong profanity is usually an indicator of a poor vocabulary, which, in turn, signals lower intelligence or it is an attempt to look tough, or cool, or younger, or part-of-the-in-crowd, etc. and almost always fails miserably.

    As always, your mileage may vary.

    Anne Teldy

  130. You tell’em Anne! I agree with you; there doesn’t have to be bad language to make it “realistic”. As a matter of fact I like the show better without it.


  131. Isn’t it interesting how people have different reactions. I was both totally creeped out by Lucius’ “roofies”, but was able to put that aside and find many enjoyable things in “Irresistable”. On the other hand, I wasn’t at all offended by Rodney telling Sam to flash the kids – I knew she’d never do it, and I just laughed. At the same time, I must admit to getting a little excited when Rodney suggested tying their pants, jackets and shirts to the grappling hook, because = Rodney in his underwear!!! Of course, that didn’t happen, either (but a girl can dream ;-))

  132. @ Anne Teldy ~ re: “A” names, I mentioned that very thing in my column, back when I reviewed Lifeline”:

    Note to the Stargate writers: You already have Athosians, Asurans, Alterrans, the Asgard, Apophis, Anubis, Anise, Avalon, the Apollo, and Atlantis (well okay, those last seven weren’t your fault exactly, they pre-existed, but you still used them), so could y’all please refrain from naming anyone/thing else with names that begin with “A”?? Especially if the name also includes an “s”, “o”, and/or an “i”! (It’s as bad as the Aes Sedai in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time — I can’t keep them all straight, too many of them have similar names!) Oh, and you already have a Kate and a Katie, so let’s avoid variants on that one, too.

    And now Alison and Alice?? Joe, you guys need a copy of From Aaron to Zoe — best baby name book ever!

  133. maggiemayday said …

    Wolfenm, on the other hand, is a paragon of good taste. Not that I know whether Wolfenm tastes good, I surely hope she (?) is not on any menu I’ll be perusing in the near, or far, future. But we like some of the same movies!

    Thanks! 😀 And yes, I hope not to be on any menus either! I don’t think I would taste good (although the ribeye I had tonight was quite tasty)…

  134. “Trio” was a great McKay episode. He was smart, whiny, brave, inappropriate, and loyal–everything that makes McKay McKay!

    Have you seen Alton Brown’s “Art of Darkness” episodes of Good Eats? All about chocolate! I’ve watched the first two episodes so far. I’m definitely going to try his chocolate mousse recipe.

  135. God, I’m so glad people are bringing up Lucius Lavin (though I’d guess you’re getting sick of hearing about him Joe). Pretty recently, someone (I wish I remembered who) compared Irrisistible with an episode of Buffy in which 3 heretofore loveable, bumbling nerds conjured up a magic ball that would put anyone in their power. They go to a bar and enchant a girl to come back to their lair (yes, lair) to have sex with. She’s all dressed up in a French maid’s outfit and the lead nerd tell her to get on her knees which she is perfectly willing to do. Luckily she comes too and tells all three of the nerds that “it’s not a game! It’s rape!” and they actually get surprised looks on their faces, like this never occurred to them. Like Lucius’ wives, she wanted to please Warren. It doesn’t make it any less rape.

    What if Lucius had slept with Rodney or Carson. Like Martin Wood said about Lucius wives “They loved him and loved loving him. How would they have felt, especially if they aren’t gay or bisexual, to have been used like that? Would you still think Lucius was a loveable rogue?

  136. @ Amz ~ Omedetou is Japanese for “This is an auspicious occasion” (roughly translated), and is used for everything from Congrats on the new job/baby/home to Happy Anniversary/New Year/Birthday (and maybe holidays, I’m not sure). Tanjoubi means “birthday.”

  137. “Not in my life, it isn’t. In my experience, the frequent use of strong profanity is usually an indicator of a poor vocabulary, which, in turn, signals lower intelligence or it is an attempt to look tough, or cool, or younger, or part-of-the-in-crowd, etc. and almost always fails miserably.”

    In your experience, which obviously doesn’t apply to all people.

  138. I need some advice from a food connoisseur such as yourself. Today’s my 21st birthday, so I’ll be having my first drink soon. Any advice on what I should have and what food goes well with it? I’ve heard certain combinations of alcohol (like wines) and food can influence each other, making it better or worse. I’d really appreciate your help. Thanks!

  139. finally got to see the infamous There Will Be Blood… Daniel-Day Lewis’ performance was top-notch. He takes well to the overbearing, violent father-figure role — he also did this in Gangs of New York.

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