Last night, I rang in the New Year with my mother, Fondy, the dogs, and Fondy’s business partner Shawne. We celebrated by playing Scrabble, testing our blood sugar levels, and then impatiently awaiting the strike of midnight so that we could finally call it a night and head up to bed. It was great a time. So, anyway, while I was lying sprawled out on the couch, sipping eggnog and watching the cookie-cutter skateboard-bands-du-jour “rock out” on the east coast, I thought I would take the time to make a few New Year’s resolutions. I know, I know. “Good luck with that,”you say. And, true, enough, for past experience has proven that sticking to these well-intended declarations is well nigh impossible. But, in all fairness, that’s because people tend to have unreasonable expectations of themselves. Saving money, losing weight, getting organized – sure, they’re commendable goals and they certainly seem doable…on New Year’s Eve after you’ve put down half a bottle of celebratory champagne and a handful of those liquor-filled chocolates someone re-gifted you. However, give it a month and you’re mislaying files, scarfing down fries, and swinging by Tower Records to pick up the new Juiceboxxx CD. Ultimately, in order to succeed, your objectives must be realistically achievable. Like mine:

1. Be less charitable: By this, I don’t mean make fewer contributions to charity (by all means, continue sending your annual donation to the Mottled Orange Ferret Organization); simply be a whole lot less accommodating to those around you. Now I realize this sounds a tad selfish, but that’s only because it is. A tad. But believe me, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Montague and Trudy just called to let you know they’re running late? F ’em! Start dinner at the appointed time and have them play catch-up on what’s left of the leg of roast while you polish off their slices of sachertorte. Best case scenario: they’ll learn a valuable lesson and the rest of your dinner party will thank you. Even better than best case scenario: they end up offended and you lose their friendship, meaning one less holiday greeting to worry about when the time comes.

2. Be less patient: This one goes hand in hand with the aforementioned resolution and goes a long way toward putting on notice all of the coasting nimrods and jerks who take advantage of your stolid equanimity. Stop thinking of life as a series of compromises. That kind of attitude aspires to adequacy. Don’t lower your expectations and never feel sorry for anyone. Next time you go to a fancy restaurant and the waiter asks “Sir, how were the short ribs?”, tell him the truth: “They tasted like urine-soaked balsa wood shavings sauced with the residue of last week‘s pan scrapings. But, on the bright side, they were immeasurably better than whatever the hell you served my wife.”

3. Be less accommodating: When I first started blogging, I vowed to keep the comments section open to all opinions, from the high-and-mighty to the occasionally caustic. I felt it important that all voices be given a forum. In retrospect, it was an honorable goal and one that I would surely continue to pursue – were I the webmaster of Mahatma Ghandi’s website. However, this is my private blog. So, while I welcome input and will continue to welcome criticisms, complaints, or calls for Character X’s return, I won’t be quite so forgiving of surly missives or blanket show-bashing. If that’s the way you want to go, then I invite you to limit your comments to dedicated forums where your opinions can be shared with like-minded individuals…and absolutely no one else.

4. Be more reckless: Repercussions are for losers.

5. Be more camera-ready: I can’t help but think that if I’d adopted this resolution a little earlier, I could snapped that pic of Fondy losing her shoe in the mud last week.

By the way, we kicked off last night’s festivities by going to dinner at one of Vancouver’s premiere restaurants: C. Actually, I should say “formerly premiere restaurants” as this once dependably solid eatery has had the wheels come off in a big way since the last time we visited some seven or eight months back. A for effort on the foie gras macaroons that, while splendidly creative, proved a little too cloying. The lobster risotto with shaved truffles was an excellent appetizer that pretty much blew away everything else we were served that night. Fondy and my mother had the lobster sous-vide and, while this particular cooking method has yielded remarkable results in the hands of Fuel’s Chef Belcham and Gastropod‘s Angus An, it proved far less impressive on this night. “The meat is gummy,”was my mother’s review. Shawne and I, meanwhile, chose turf over surf, going with beef tenderloin served atop a bed of braised short ribs with a rosemary crumble and bone marrow au just, accompanied by a rather drab pine mushroom tortellini. Although we’d both ordered it medium-rare, they were served rare to blue and cool to the touch. By the time the tenderloin was whisked away and a replacement whisked back (medium-rare as ordered) it was ticking toward 7:30 p.m. We’d been advised that we only had a two hour seating (perfectly acceptable given it was such a busy night), so dessert was out of the question. Still, points to our waiter who inquired anyway, clutching the dessert menus to his chest as if in fear we would actually take him up on the offer. Strangely, our meal was punctuated by a cacophony of clangs and crashes emanating from the kitchen, as if someone was practicing their juggling technique. Hey, one or two dropped items – accidents happen. Four or five and you begin to suspect that someone has jumped the gun and started their New Year’s celebrations a tad early.

In response to some of the comments on yesterday’s poem, I would like to emphasize one passage in particular:

“So here is this year’s abstruse composition,
Designed for you fans who possess the volition,
To examine and study its cryptic contents,
In a bid to unearth hints to future events.”

In other words, all of the clues refer to unaired episodes. Each line of rhyme, more or less, hints at one upcoming episode, covering the back half of season 4 and into season 5. And to those who complain that the clues are too vague – they’re a lot more specific than they appear. Also, as much as I appreciate all of the guesswork, I will not be commenting on your various theories (as admittedly brilliant as some of them may be) until after the cryptically-alluded to episode has aired.

Speaking of which – Okay, as I’m sure you’re all aware, the back half of Atlantis’s fourth season kicks off this Friday on SciFi with Be All My Sins Remember’d. Well, I exchanged emails with Marty G. and, despite being in vacation mode, he has expressed a willingness to do a post-episode guest Q&A for this blog. So, if you’re interested in finding out what the hell Martin was thinking when he wrote the episode, get your questions in on Saturday and he‘ll, hopefully, get back to us in a timely manner.

Finally, a note to all of you leaving comments. Although I read all your posts before approving (or casting them down to the fiery pits of internet Hell), when it comes time for me to do the mailbag, I only reference the most recent questions (unless I missed a mailbag in which case I will go back and review the questions missed). So, if you want your question answered (or considered for a proper answering), please make sure to post in the most recent blog entry.

Today’s blog is dedicated to the flu-ridden Alia UK fan.

Some mailbag –

Mailbag –

PG15 writes: “Do you ever talk to the directors about what you envisioned the shot to be, or do you just let them do their own thing?”

Answer: Unless it’s crucial to the story, we have confidence in our directors and pretty much allow them free rein.

Thronyrose writes: “Are there any ideas or plans being tossed about about doing an AU episode next season?”

Answer: In fact, such an idea was tossed about in early November, yes.

Thornyrose also writes: “And are we going to see any major changes in the relationship between the Atlantis expidition and Earth? More specifically are we going to see any Earth/US politics affect the mission’s status?”

Answer: Hmmm. Yes. This possibility was also discussed.

Jake E writes: “Do you like theater at all?”

Answer: Honestly? Not so much.

pl writes: “From all I’ve heard, the Discworld series does not need to be read in publishing order — do you have any suggestions of books to start with?”

Answer: They don’t need to be read in publishing order, but I always prefer to read them that way (if I’m planning on making my way through the canon anyway). Start with Colour of Magic.

Nettyo writes: “Oh and I thought you might like to check out an anime show called Death Note if you havnt seen it already.”

Answer: It’s on my to-view list. Is the complete series out? I don’t like to start watching something unless I can watch the entire run uninterrupted.

PG15 also writes: “Atlantis’s usual ~0.3-0.4 million viewer increases after DVR is factored is is far below the top DVRed shows. So…what’s with the discrepancy there?”

Answer: It depends who you talk to and what research you happen to be referencing. It can be very frustrating at times because, clearly, the fast-developing technology is rapidly outpacing the industry.

Elizabeth writes: “Did the deleted scenes from Trio make it onto the deleted scenes special feature on the season four DVD?”

Answer: I’m not sure there were any whole deleted scenes or significant cuts in Trio that warranted a special feature appearance.

Emily writes: “Let’s say you’re shot with a zat (if it makes you feel more comfortable, imagine it’s me, not you). How much time must pass before it’s safe to be zatted again without being killed by it?”

Answer: Good question. Thinking back, I can’t recall if it has ever been established.

Linzi writes: “I was also wondering if Joe F. is going to direct in season 5…”

Answer: There are no plans to have any of the actors direct in season 5.

Shiningwit writes: “I remember my very first Trek convention in 1981, I was 18 and it was held in Newcastle upon Tyne with guests Theodore Sturgeon and his wife Jayne with whom I was fortunate enough to be invited to breakfast with…”

Answer: Theodore Sturgeon! So, what was breakfast like?

SamJack Shipper writes: “I have a question about Continuum do Jack & Sam have any emotional moments with each other?”

Answer: If you mean emotional in the way I think you mean, then no.

suspicious writes: “Could this entire Joe persona be a promotional constuct to promote controversy and interest in SGA? […] Have you hired actors and actresses to play your “mother” and “Fondy” for your photos? And hired others to play your pups? Come clean please, enquiring minds want to know!”

Answer: I can assure you that it’s all real. With the exception of the role of my French bulldog Lulu which is actually played by a very talented boxer named Mutton. Also, for the purposes of this blog, I am portrayed by Armand Assante.

92 thoughts on “January 1, 2008: Happy New Year! No, really.

  1. Joe

    Your resolutions for the New year are noted.. YOu know what this means don’t you? You are no longer a Canadian. Those behaviours you noted are what canadians are . YOu know polite considerate charitable etc. But you know maybe its better to be honest and truth ful .. tell everyone the truth.. It sort of gives you a sense of freedom.. But knowing you it will be impossible for you to keep these resolutions.. You’ll be back to your very own sweet self in a matter of days…

    Take Care Joe and hope you have the best of the best for 2008..


  2. Hey Joe,

    Based on how the show is doing success wise now and if the trend continues, do you see the show going past 5 seasons?


  3. Joe said:
    3. Be less accommodating: When I first started blogging, I vowed to keep the comments section open to all opinions, from the high-and-mighty to the occasionally caustic.

    So are the lunatic fringe like myself still welcome?

    I find your blog very therapeutic, after a long day working with the general public.

    I find it stops me going postal.

    Where else can you get a virtual dinner and a virtual floor show?

    Especially when one of the fans goes off on one!

    I do miss those anonymous people and their rants.


  4. Elizabeth writes: “Did the deleted scenes from Trio make it onto the deleted scenes special feature on the season four DVD?”

    Answer: I’m not sure there were any whole deleted scenes or significant cuts in Trio that warranted a special feature appearance.

    SamJack Shipper writes: “I have a question about Continuum do Jack & Sam have any emotional moments with each other?”

    Answer: If you mean emotional in the way I think you mean, then no.

    Aww come on Joe, it’s a new year. Please stop breaking my heart.

    – Seren

  5. I just want to say thanks for the poem and I am eagerly anticipating the episodes to which they refer.

  6. Armand Assante. I didn’t think he was still acting professionally! Kudos to Mutton for the deft portrayal of a puppy coming into her own in a big world. It sounds like it could be a Lifetime movie-of-the-week.

    Thanks to Marty G. for offering to give us a pre-DVD commentary. He’s done a really good job of sitting in on most of the past season DVD commentaires and behind-the-scenes featurettes. I will prepare a suitably intriguing question for him.

  7. Hmm. Did the resolution making come after dinner? I detect a cause/effect there. Sorry to hear your last meal of the year turned out so poorly. I know how dissappointing it is to have a place you like deteriorate in quality. Still, all the resolutions look to be not unreasonable(especially if I manage to avoid being on the target end of them). Thanks also for clarifying the verses. I’ve sorted them out but have decided not to post them up. Having them all apply to the last half of season 4 and into season 5 has complicated deciding which verse to which episode. Still, anything to take my mind off the clock and the start up of the second half of the season. No questions today, just best wishes to everyone for a great new year’s.

  8. “….In other words, all of the clues refer to unaired episodes..”

    My bad! I assumed it had to do with all of Season 4.

    Sounds like you had a nice quiet time. Sounds like a lot of us did.. are we getting too old and perhaps too cynical to celebrate NYE banging pots on tables and chugging copious amounts of woobla? (Aussie slang for booze).

    I love your blog Joe… it brightens my day!

  9. Is it hard to reset up the SGC sets like the Gateroom/control room for an Atlantis ep now that SG1 is done? Like for Millers Crossing, do you have to write more then one scene in them to balance the cost or are they cheap since they are already planned out and created and just in storage?

  10. Hi Joe

    Well your first blog for 2008, how did it feel??

    I love reading it so funny, do form an idea for your blog entry during the day or do you sit and just start typing in the hopes you come up brilliant… which you always seem to do.

    So here begins the beginning of my New Years resolution which is to comment on every single on of your entries. Please don’t take me for being a stocker.. I posses neither the ambitions or the money to be effective in that endavour.


  11. Just wantedt to say, lovely poem! Did you know you are similar to Tolkien in putting riddles so well versed that way?

    oh and Happy New Year!!

  12. Hi Joe

    Enjoyed the enigmatic poem – I’m impressed with the number of folks who wrote back in verse (I think your readers are more erudite and learned than the usual lot).

    Are you watching the bowl games? My Gators were outplayed by Michigan, but so far this bowl season SEC has done well (4 wins, 2 losses – Florida and ARkansas). Right now Georgia has Hawaii on the ropes.

  13. “Also, for the purposes of this blog, I am portrayed by Armand Assante.”

    I don’t know why, but this amused the hell out of me.

  14. Hi Joe. Happy New Year! And Happy Hangover 😐
    When watching the Sci Fi channel there tend to be the same actors going from one show to the other. Is this intentional? ie: Is this because there is a Sci Fi actor’s guild or is it just that those actors understand the genre and have more experience therefore more appropriate to the part?
    PS: My husband agrees with all of your new year’s resolutions and is now aiming to be a real doosh bag in 2008.

  15. You rock, Joe. You seriously rock!
    I absolutely loved the poem.. got me thinking real hard, and that’s sayin a lot. Joking.

    Anyways, when you were in school, did you find youself really interested in TV shows? Or… the idea of working in that kind of business in general? I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but I never saw it so..

    Yeah, I’m just gaining different people’s career histories and stuff like that as I’m getting closer and closer to having to choose one for myself, and you have a really cool job.

    And here’s one you probably can’t/won’t answer, but is there any good Shep whump in the second half of the season?

  16. Happy new year to you as well, Joe! It’s already the next day here in Oz. Back to the grind for another 16 days before I jet off to the Cocos Islands for a 10-day ‘do-sweet-FA” holiday!

    New year’s resolutions? Huh. I’m with you on all of the above. Only thing I’m really resolved to do is TRY not to let too many people p*ss me off this year. Hard, considering the number of semi-evolved simians I deal with on a daily basis…*SIGH*… oh, for selective breeding programs!

    OK, finally come to the ‘question’ part: Do you have any good Italian patisseries in Vancouver? Because I had a cake on NY eve here in Australia that was to DIE for!!

    Bring on 2008, mate!

    – Dana

  17. PS. like the blog ‘snowflakes’ – thought I had dandruff on the screen for a moment (only ONE snowflake) but then it moved…

  18. Will you be attending the peoples choice awards to pick up Atlantis’ prize?

  19. So sayeth the Joseph.
    Now, those are some worthy resolutions. I’m adding them to my list, which at the moment consists solely of:

    1) Build a big bomb to kill all the stupid people.

    That’s been my aim for a while, but my friends seem to think it’s a bad idea and keep thwarting me. Perhaps I should use one of your resolutions to solve the pesky problem of interfering friends.

  20. 1. Will we ever see any ori in stargate atlantis? 2. Is Baal ever going to atlantis? 3. Is Oma gone for good? and 4. Is Weir ever going to come back as a regular cast member?

  21. Now those are some resolutions I can pull off. Nice.

    So we know what types of books and movies you like. What kind do you hate?

  22. Are the dogs well behaved around the Christmas tree? I guess the pugs have seen one before but what was Lulu’s reaction? Happy New Year!

  23. Interesting…I suppose those ratings studies won’t be out there on the internets for us fans to find? Damn, I really wish we can know these things. Oh well.

    And I’m stealing your New Year’s Resolutions. Oh no, you can’t stop me Joe…it’s part of the resolutions!

    I gotta say, I’m highly intrigued with these season 5 possiblities you’ve mentioned in today’s Mailbag…and I think the politics one in particular can make for big arc storytelling, which I loooove. Ahem, yeah. Hint hint. Arc = good.

    Ok, I’ll stop.

    Here’s a question: Have you guys thought about doing an arc where we loose Atlantis and, instead of getting it back right away ala The Return Part 2, we actually fail at doing that and have to survive in the Pegasus Galaxy just by ourselves? Obviously we’ll get Atlantis back later on, but I think it’ll be an interesting little arc that will really give the characters something REALLY new to react to (and give Teyla a good chunk of the storyline, since she’s a survivalist).

    Just putting it out there.

  24. Joe —

    Since I’m recovering from [planned] abdominal surgery and my Vegas Christmas of Kobe beef at Craftsteak is a dim memory, with a New Year’s dinner of Ramen and saltines, can I have a blog dedicated to me? Please?

  25. Ah, juggling in the kitchen. Can’t say much in the food department, I ended up munching my friend Genius’s homemade Mongolian potstickers, generic but tasty cheeses, and tiny fruit pies. All good solid drinking food, even though I didn’t drink much. Still managed to toss my bra over the library loft wall into the party below. I sense a trend here; it ain’t a party until the old lady loses some undergarments. So glad I’m well over tiny things such as shame or remorse.

    Happy New Year … and poetry? I’ll have to sober up and read it! Joy to you and yours, have a Most Excellent 2008.

    Thank you for the blog, oh yes, and for that little team effort called SGA.

  26. Armand Assante?? Not one of my favorites and he seems, well a tad OLD to be you. Plus, as an actor, I doubt he could write such brilliant and funny lines (am I kissing up enough? Maybe that should be my resolution – more kissing up, less arguing…hmmm…. naaaaw).

    Over the holiday, I finally got to a Ruth’s Chris steakhouse and I have to say I was extremely disappointed with my “medium well” NY strip steak that resembled a bit of charcoal. And the sides were – plebean? String fries? Onion rings? Broccoli? (OK my in laws picked those out). But I’ve had better steak at the Outback! What a bummer.

  27. Not a theater fan? Hm. For some reason, I’d envisioned you as being partial to something like Hamlet. Or, perhaps more amusingly (and almost as dark), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, by Tom Stoppard. Heard of it?

  28. Once again ROFL, which comes in handy for finding those hard-copy proofing FAQ files I’m supposed to have on hand at all times. (Although it’s hell to get all the dust off a fleece top afterward.) – My former MO for expressing great hilarity over your blog entries was LMAO; however, I’m resolved to discontinue that practice, since eventually … well, I suppose it doesn’t really need explaining.

    Boo, hiss to the chef responsible for a beef tenderloin not cooked to the diner’s stated preference. That just might be a misdemeanor in France (I’ll ask Armand Assante the next time I see him [riiiiiiight] ), and perhaps the city of Vancouver should adopt your resolution of being less accommodating, particularly in regard to culinary gaffes. Just trot out your Baron Destructo personality, and … and, how well do you think you could operate as executive producer when confined to a padded room? I want my … I want my … I want my SGA…..

    My sole New Year’s resolution is to find another occasion for someone else to put on a really kick-ass party, for which I will happily play hostess. Sk8tbordrz in formal attire (i.e., jeans not falling off their skinny little arses) will be admitted.

    – Juiceboxxx has a new CD out?! Like WHOA, dude!! Thx 4 teh 411!!!!!!1 *brings up 8th browser window for limewire*

  29. In other words, all of the clues refer to unaired episodes.

    Ah, my mistake. However, this does leave me feeling a trifle uneasy, particularly in regard to this line:

    As the death of a loved one spurs McKay into action.

    I have my own idea as to what may happen, which I won’t bother to speculate about here (given your entirely understandable disinclination to spoil), but may I say, if I’m right I’m not going to like it.

  30. Happy New Year, Joe!

    *sigh* I wish I was as much of a foodie as you. Sadly, down here where I live, the eatery choices run mostly to chain restaurants (although not all fast food). Oh, well. Guess I’ll stick with boring salad. 🙁

  31. Hey Joe,

    Do you happen to know if Scifi will be broadcasting the back-half of Season 4 in HD? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

    Very Respectfully,

    Chris A.

  32. Tell Mutton she is a very good actress.
    Until I clicked on the top photo and got a closer view, I thought a replicator had attacked your food!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  33. Hey Joe, Happy New Year!

    Interesting resolutions you have there, good luck in trying to keep them up. Usually I notice people forget them after a month or so. I honestly can’t remember my resolution from last year. 😛

    I hope all the best for you in this new year, for you and your family, including the dogs!

    – Enzo Aquarius

    PS – It is to my understanding from GateWorld that there was a Stargate Atlantis promotional event last night at Times Square. People were hired to dress up as Wraith and walk around various areas during the festivities, were you aware of this and do you have any details on how it went?

  34. “Could this entire Joe persona be a promotional constuct to promote controversy and interest in SGA”

    Is it real? It could all be just a cover story…who knows? Baron Destructo could be behind the entire blog, trying to bring everyone who reads the blog into the elaborate plan where we are all…
    I’ve already said to much.
    *Shuts mouth and runs away*
    (Yesterday’s blog post was up to the 10th most popular earlier today!!)

  35. Your mom is so adorable 🙂

    Just a quick question: What is the chain of command on Atlantis? I know Carter is first and then Sheppard, but who would take the helm if they were out of commission? And who after that, etc, etc, etc?

  36. Just remembered something else, rather disturbing. Chatting with my Santa Barbara pal yesterday, she said that even NON-US filmed productions will now be affected by the writer’s strike! Is that gonna affect the way things go for season 5 of Atlantis????

  37. hi, joe,

    Elizabeth writes: “Did the deleted scenes from Trio make it onto the deleted scenes special feature on the season four DVD?”

    Answer: I’m not sure there were any whole deleted scenes or significant cuts in Trio that warranted a special feature appearance.

    what happened to the deleted scene where sam and keller were talking and sam mentioned a not-so-subtle hint about ‘that guy in washington’ (jack)? you said you’d either a- put it (deleted scene) in the s4 dvd package, or b- put the same sentiments in an s5 ep. or you’d do both maybe.

    so what say you?

    sally 🙂

  38. Wolfenm, just voted so doing my part here. So did my dogs, goldfish, my estranged cousin Rufus and my alter ego, Lama Dharma of the Enlightened But Slightly Frustrated Ones.

  39. Annie from Fremantle said: chugging copious amounts of woobla? (Aussie slang for booze).

    That must be a Freo special there, Annie – I’ve not heard that particular piece of slang over here in Melbourne … Seriously? Woobla???

  40. So, any other info on The Last Man? And, I was wondering, it has been established that the only races (dominant, thriving, biological ) races in the Pegasus galaxy are the Wraith and humans. Are there any other humanoid races in the Pegasus Galaxy? As well, will there be any connections to the Andromeda Galaxy?

    Also, in light of what BAMSR will show, in reference to the Asgard upgrades, how does Asgard technology compare with Ancient technology? Will the emergence of the new Asgard upgrades diminish the value and importance of Ancient technology?

  41. I thought the poem was very thought insightful! Ive come up with a million ideas so far, some are obvious others not…
    “As the death of a loved one spurs McKay into action.”
    This line has got me spinning in my chair XD

  42. I don’t usually make resolutions, but this year is a huge change for me. I’m moving houses on Sunday and starting a new job on Monday… I’m going to kick ass.

    A few fans were talking today and we decided that an awesome description for Amanda Tapping is a goof with a heart and a brain. Do you agree?

  43. Hi Joe, I caught a glimpse of Michael in the latest SciFi commercial and I was reminded of how much I love that character. Do you see him as a villian or more of a tragic figure?

  44. I’m sure this has been asked before but have the actor contracts all been finalized for season 5? Will Sam be back?

  45. Annie from Fremantle said: chugging copious amounts of woobla? (Aussie slang for booze).

    Riley said: That must be a Freo special there, Annie – I’ve not heard that particular piece of slang over here in Melbourne … Seriously? Woobla???

    I’m with Riley on this one (another Melbournite here)… sorry Annie!

  46. Like another commenter said, Armand Assante is definitely too old to play you – or at least that’s the case in *this* reality. For the future movie to be based on your blog, the real-life equivalents of the McKay siblings, Samantha Carter, Radek Zelenka, and Todd the Wraith will all have to work on bringing the younger (and very hot-t-t) Assante into this timeline (only at an earlier point) in order to do an adequate job – or, one hopes, a truly excellent job. In the end, however, it will all be worth it, since Assante has always had that je ne sais quoi aura; an intriguingly persistent five o’clock shadow; plus the versatility that will enable his younger self to play your present self in all your myriad incarnations. Besides, Assante does have a flair for dress; and as we all know, there’s something about..a really sharp-dressed man. *steps off to a blues-rock beat*

  47. Riley – yeah, I’m a West Coaster too…”woobla” is more like an ‘aboriginal slang term’ – perhaps only heard in the west? But I think it was coined by Ernie Dingo years ago when he did that comedy skit show…terribly un-PC, but bloody hilarious!

  48. Hi Joe,
    Happy New Year.
    Do you and Paul have free reign when it comes to Atlantis? Say you want to kill Sam, Mckay or Joe (for good), or marry Sam and Mckay, can you do it or you have to check with Rob and Brad first before making such major decisions?

  49. Good afternoon Joe!
    I love your resolutions, especially number 5. I think I will adopt your objectives if you don’t mind!!
    With regard to the cut scene from Trio, that is the scene where Sam reveals something about her relationship in a not so subtle way, you stated last year that it would be put on the dvd’s and that if SGA got renewed for a 5th season, (which it did…yay!!), you would put it in an episode in another way…so, will that still happen?
    I’m sorry if this sounds just like another shipper driving you nuts but you kinda put it out there.
    Oh…and I hope I’m doing this right, I’m still very new to this!
    Thank you Joe. Take care and have fun! ~ chelle xxxx

  50. Thanks for answering my question about Continuum. I know I’m pathetic but please answer this do Jack & Sam have any scenes with just each other?

  51. Probably, ‘woobla’ is WA oriented. Ernie Dingo is originally from WA. The word’s actually in Urban Dictionary hahaha.

    Yep Errand Boy I remember his skits. Hilarious!!!And very unPC. LOL.

    anon- Our Joe’s a pretty sharp dressed man no??? Pah to Armand Assante who looks like Sly Stallone after being in a compactor. Joe’s heaps nicer looking than he …uncompacted that is.

  52. Answer: Theodore Sturgeon! So, what was breakfast like?

    well as a completely overawed ingenue I was glad when Mr Sturgeon did all the talking, he was a charming intense man with piercing eyes and here was I sitting with a sci-fi legend, I tried desperately to think of something intelligent or polysyllabic to say and just about got away without dribbling into my breakfast .
    I’d been up until 5am doing strange fannish things mostly involving alcohol and ODing on blooper reels and nonstop Star Trek viewing.
    Later however I found myself at the bar with the great man himself and we exchanged drinks and he totally put me at my ease by once again doing all the talking, the one thing I remember clearly was his explaining the symbol he wore on a silver chain around his neck as meaning “always ask the next question” It was a very memorable experience especially considering that my favourite episode of Trek was “Amok Time” and I did manage to utter some observations on the theme of Vulcan mating cycles and the tenets of Surak’s philosophy and was quite pleased not to come away with that feeling of “D’uh! you must have sounded like an imbecile” JUST!

  53. Happy new year to you and your Family too from germany.
    I ash me how you can eat all this things? You are the cook or your mummy?
    I have read all this about the new season… How you get the Idea for the Stargate storys? If you go and take a bath or If you go with your doggies?
    I have see you read Asterix Comics? That´s great!!! How do you think about a Comedian episode for Stargate Atlantis?
    So love greets from me….

  54. Hey Joe,
    Interesting New Years Resolutions haha
    About Death Note, yes, the complete series is out but only with english subbs. They are up to episode 10 in english dub though. All on youtube =D
    It’s apparently being shown on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

  55. Joe, happy new year!

    Sorry that your meal wasn’t as good as it looked.

    Please, please, please can you tell me if there are any ‘shippy’ moments between Jack and Sam in Continuum?

    Does the subtle change mentioned for the end of the movie concern Jack and Sam?

    Thankyou and I love your resolutions!

  56. To: cat4444
    Subject: Blocked emails?

    You actually thought you could block my emails? Have you forgotten who your talking to? (smirk)

    Dr. Rodney McKay

  57. To: cat4444
    CC: Dr. Rodney McKay

    Dear cat4444,

    I have no lingering desires or secret longings for Dr. McKay’s touch. You can have him. Now, if you succeed in making a real man out of him, tell him to call me.

    Maj. Lorne will take his leave of me when Col. Sheppard takes his leave from Atlantis. You wouldn’t want me to be totally unprotected, would you? I mean, if the Baron ever figures out I was the one who uncovered his kidnapping scheme…..

    Anne Teldy

  58. Holy flying hamburgers Batman, the above picture in this blog of yours managed to scare the crap out of me. In my haste I mistook the little whatchamacallit on the top of that food thingy in the first picture for a big @$$ spider on my screen.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you too.

    Be safe,

  59. Hello and Happy New Year:) I hope your dogs are ok. I would like to ask – in Conversion Ronon suggested that the Iratus bugs have natural enemy. Will you introduce in Season 5 this natural enemy?
    I think the Wraith Todd is amazing. Please, don’t kill him.
    And another question – Have ever tried Bulgarian cuisine? Musaka, tarator, banitza or something else?

  60. “Say you want to (snip) marry Sam and Mckay, can you do it or you have to check with Rob and Brad first before making such major decisions?”

    Shouldn’t you check with Fondy before marrying Sam and McKay? Does Canada even allow multiple marriages? 😉

  61. Question: If budget was no obstacle who would you have as a guest writer ?
    *wonders about a Tarantino SGA script and dives for cover*

  62. Happy new year, Joe. I’m really looking forward to the back half of season 4, especially after reading your poem yesterday.

    Comments regarding the possibility of delays with filming season 5 are starting to get me unsettled. Is it likely that SGA will be affected by the current WGA strike? While I’ll admit that I’d hate for the show to be affected, I do fully support the writers in their efforts to get a fair deal. Out of curiosity, have Canadian scriptwriters been getting a better deal from the networks and so on when it comes to things like new media?

    Oh, and please say we have at least another ten days before the discussion of the Sean Williams novel is due to take place! I’m reading it, but it’s taking longer than I thought. (The other novels all got read over Christmas, with the exception of the Peter Straub one because, ick. The only Straub novel I’ve enjoyed to date was one he co-authored with Stephen King, called The Talisman, which was awesome).

  63. Joe, your evening was a lot like ours. 🙁

    We went to the Casino as it has a huge (non-gambling) entertainment section with about 10 very good sit-down restaurants and plenty of smaller take-aways.

    We planned to sit down and perhaps have some hot Indian food, but that wasn’t set in stone. It was a case of whatever took our fancy when we finally got there.

    Imagine our shock when we found out that everything was shut. It’s a CASINO for F#$%. You know – 24/7?

    We were left with a choice of a pizza or a greasy hamburger, both owned by the same chain.

    Ah well, at least this nice man with bagpipes serenaded in the New Year.

  64. Towards the end of Stargate:SG1’s run it seemed like Tealc was carrying and using earth based weaponry instead of his staff weapon or Zaat. Was this done to save FX costs and if not why?


  65. When you and Paul are sitting around together typing a script, who usually does most of the typing? How often do you two “sit around together typing a script” versus “sit around separately typing a script and later exchanging what you’ve written”? Out of curiosity, how many wpm do you type?

  66. Oh, I’ve also noticed the significant drop-off of the “Bring Back [Character Name Here]!!” and “You Suck, I Hate You, I No Longer Watch The Show!” posts. Is this due to you practicing your New Year’s resolution #3?

    Or do you think that “those people” aren’t able to find your new home and/or are turned off by the inability to comment anonymously? Seeing as you’re undoubtedly omniscient, I expect you to be able to answer this.

  67. Just a question regarding the article in which you said you were misquoted (and before people accuse me of accusing JM of lying, I’m not, get off your high horses, for crying out loud)

    The original version mentioned Weir. The revised version did not. Obviously Weir was mentioned, but you didn’t seem to want to have what was said about her in print.

    Why is that?

  68. I thought you were putting the scene from Trio that mentions ‘the guy in Washington’ in the deleted scenes and in season five?

  69. I was wondering, are there any SGA characters you (the collective you, i.e. you-all involved with the show) had a more difficult time getting a handle on in terms of personality/background/dialogue/etc. over the course of the show’s run? I’ve enjoyed watching the characters develop over the course of the seasons, and it got me wondering how that process has unfolded for you guys. I know I’ve read/heard interviews in which one or two writers have talked about, for example, focusing an episode on a certain character because they found that character easy to pin down compared to the others. How do difficult characters become fleshed out (if they do)? My guess would be that it would be a sort of group effort, with writers, producers, actors, directors maybe contributing, but, then again, maybe not.

    Anyhow, just curious. Thanks!

  70. Joe said: “Also, for the purposes of this blog, I am portrayed by Armand Assante.”

    Ooooh…very hot! He may be a bit to old to portray you…but very hot! 😉

    About the Sam/Jack thing? Man!…just marry them off already and people will be happy…lol. Then you can totally ignore that they are married and Sam can be on Atlantis and Jack back in DC and they’ll have a long distance marriage…mwahaha! Nah…I’m sure that won’t end it…lol! ;-P

    Part of me would love to see some romance on SGA and another part of me is totally scared that it wouldn’t be done well and I would regret it! I think the show writers’ strengths are more geared toward humor and action rather than romance. It also seems that in many genres, once they write a romance in…they don’t know what to do with it and either totally ignore it or write it into a corner. I did think Firefly was done well with Zoe and Wash. We knew they were married and that they loved each other…but it wasn’t ignored or overly done. Just IMHO, I’d rather not have a romance if it isn’t done well.
    (hmm…have I thrown down the gauntlet to the writers??? Or will they accept defeat in the romance department? LOL)


  71. Another thought to add onto that last one I had:

    Isn’t it a bit odd that almost no one is married? I guess some have been married and divorced or widowed (Jack, John, Daniel, Teal’c etc) Maybe some are married and we just don’t know it?

    One more thought…I am just full of them today…or full of something..lol ;-P

    I saw for the first time the first episode “Children of the Gods” and was quite shocked at the full frontal nudity of Daniels wife! Of course my 13 and 14 yr old sons were watching with me and I had no idea THAT was coming up! I quickly fast forwarded through that part…which was totally unnecessary to the story…ahem….but anyway, I was wondering why the shows seem to have gone the other way totally….we hardly ever get to see any nice beefcake anymore. Now I’m not saying nudity…but there have been some suggestions of a shirtless Shepp……Ronon would be nice too and some of the military guys shirtless would be a good thing. Cute, hot MALE guest stars would be good shirtless too! Hey…I’m just saying! Obviously someone did’nt mind a naked Sha’re(sp?)….so some shirtless beefcake would be appreciated! Too bad there aren’t more females in power at the SGA franchise! ;-P


  72. Joe,

    I hope everything goes well at work for S5 and at home with Fondy and “the kids”.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer in spite of what must surely be frustrating to read sometimes (even from me).

    Your blog – and wit – is always a fun read, even though I might not agree with you or the poster. Plus, I’m getting great ideas of places to drag my brother when I go visit him in Seattle. Though I need ones that aren’t so deep in the pocket. Still, I’ve almost melted into the screen at some of the food descriptions.

    Enjoy the rest of your time off with Mom and the rest of the family.

    Happy New Year!

    (no need to post)

  73. 1)Will Rodneys reaction to Carsons return be a priceless moment?

    2)Will anything be different about Carson when he reappears?

  74. “…covering the back half of season 4 and into season 5.”

    Ooooh… so the Dr. from Earth could be Daniel Jackson. Of course it could also be Dr. Lee, but it does kind of fit with your conversation with Michael at the screening. *crosses fingers*

    PS: I LOVE #3.

  75. Do you know, i am horrified to realise that i am already expertly and enthusiastically mastering all 4 of your objectives for this New Year, mwahahaha! Oiy vey.

    Anyway. I LOVE sachertorte. That’s the really the most important thing i have to say in this comment. The end.

    (my Firefox spellchecker suggested that i was mistaken, and in fact meant to write ‘schoolteacher’ instead of ‘sachertorte’. I held my ground, despite the sudden desire to ditch both suggestions and go with ‘lamp’.)

  76. Okay, this book isn’t on the reading list, but I just read it so…”Stepping Through the Stargate: Science, Archaeology and the Military in Stargate SG-1″, Benbella Books, 2004.
    It covers up to 2004 in SG-1 and only briefly mentions SGA, but it opened my eyes, let me say! Early on, one essay draws a comparison between Star Trek and Stargate and explains why I so admire and love these programs. Other essays tackle time travel, the unique voice of Stargate characters, SG villains, Jack’s mind and much more all discussed in an entertaining and joyful manner.

    The editors do a fairly good job by including essays from a wide variety of Gate fandom, all talented specialists in their own right.
    David Gerrold, Melanie Fletcher, Ann Wortham, James Tichenor, to name a few, express their unqualified respect and enthusiasm for all things Stargate.
    I recommend this book for a fun, though somewhat dated, read!

    May all good blessings be yours this new Stargate New Year!

  77. Ever since you switched to a blog requiring an e-mail has cut down on the nastiest factor that sometimes got out of hand. This is your personal blog, and not a battleground for fans or a place to take target practice on you. Its a great forum for balanced discussion, not pipeline for people who have nothing better to do then complain.

    A grab bag of questions:

    1.Have you ever read “House of Leaves” by Mark Danielewski?

    2.Did you catch the bowl games? I hated the ‘traditional’ match ups. Would have preferred to see Ga vs. USC.

    3.Does Carson’s return have anything to do with events from “Misbegotten”?

    4.For Sheppard fans, besides “Outcast” any angsty character moments of emotional ones to look forward to? What about whump? Sorry had to ask.

  78. Nice poem and rhyming! I will say though that I don’t want to know everything that is going to happen!! It spoils the surprise. It’s like looking ahead in a book. I am eagerly awaiting Fridays episode.

  79. Hi Joe,
    Wish you and your lovely family Happy New Year! May this year turn out very successful for you and all your desires come true! Wish you enough willpower to stick to your New Year’s resolutions… 😉
    I found your blog about a month ago and i’m already addicted… 😀 I find it very entertaining and full of good humour so in 2008 carry on like that….
    p.s. I wondered how did you came up with an idea to start bloging in the first place? What reasons did lead you to that decision and what keeps you bloging so constantly now (I mean more than a year without disruption is admirable).
    p.p.s. sorry for possible bad english 🙂

  80. I certainly didn’t expect you to actually respond to any of thge interpretations of the poem, but I do hope you address the issue after each episode airs, so we can be sure to eliminate the appropriate line from further pondering.

  81. Annie –

    “anon- Our Joe’s a pretty sharp dressed man no??? Pah to Armand Assante who looks like Sly Stallone after being in a compactor. Joe’s heaps nicer looking than he …uncompacted that is.”

    Yes, definitely, Joe’s a sharp-dressed man. But since he pitched the idea of being played (for the purposes of his blog) by Armand Assante, I just thought I’d explore the possibilities. – Take 25 or so years and 30 or so pounds off Assante, and he looks pretty good in his uniquely rugged way. Plus, he can act rings around the Italian Stallion (although apparently, and unfortunately, his name is linked to Sly’s ever since he did Judge Dredd.) – a note: Loved the scene from Men In Black where Stallone appears on a board of known aliens living on Earth. *g*

    If Joe wants to play himself for the purpose of his blog, I think that would be excellent, even if those pesky critics might call it typecasting.

  82. Great poem Joe!!! I wish I could rhyme like that.

    I couldn’t think of any New Year’s resolutions until I read your blog. I think I am going to be less kind and more angry at people. Especially the people who have been p*ssing me off for the last year or so.
    And I may steal your idea about being more selfish.

    Thanks Joe for your resolutions!!!! I hope you keep them all year round.

  83. I kind of miss seeing those anonymous blogger baggers get shot down in flames by Joe. *sniff*

  84. Also, three-hanky alert!? I’m afraid. The most recent episode of a sci-fi show that I think required a three-hanky alert was “Doomsday” (the second-season (or series, if you’re British) finale of new Doctor Who) — do you know it, and if you do, would you say that SGA is going to require more or less hanky-age? I’m going to guess more, because the SGA audience has known these characters for four whole seasons, whereas by “Doomsday” the Who audience had only had 26 episodes, so the equivalent of barely one season. And now I’m kind of afraid.

  85. Eek, sorry, that somehow published to the wrong entry, I meant it for the one that talked about The Last Man, which was the most recent entry… I’m just going to stop now. :/

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