Finally, the wait is over. Season four of Atlantis kicks off tonight at 10:00 p.m. on SciFi with our BIG premiere: Adrift. It seems like just yesterday that David Nykl was stomping around the production offices in his space suit in preparation for the huge chasm/meteor sequence. Six months ago! Has it really been that long? The short answer is – yes, you idiot, it HAS been that long. As Brad Wright is fond of reminding us: “Art takes time”. Or, in the words of the great Peter DeLuise “Arttakestimegotit!”. Yep, art does take time. But visual effects take A LOT longer – and this particular episode is jam packed full of spectacular sequences. Yes, lots of stunning visuals, but also a very tight, suspenseful script by Martin Gero, and some wonderfully nuanced performances by our cast, newcomers, and guest stars. My episode highlights: Asteroids, the jump, Ronon’s touching expression of gratitude, the Sheppard-McKay clash and McKay’s surprisingly defiant “I’m not going to do it, no.” Your post-viewing thoughts?

Check out April MacIntyre’s review (after watching the episode but still – beware of spoilers) –

Hey, they were shooting just outside my office window today, on the other side of the security fence where the Carson Beckett campaign held their much-publicized piper demonstration and the very spot the motion-detecting laser systems torched those curious fans back in season two.

By the way, I’m going to keep the polls open until late Sunday night for the second month vote for Joe’s Books of the Month Club. So far, we’ve got a real barn-burner. In the scifi category, Niven and Pournelle’s The Legacy of Heriot leads William C. Dietz’s Legion of the Damned 2 vote to1, while in the fantasy category, Donaldson’s Lord Foul’s Bane and Melville’s Perdido Street Station are all knotted up at 1 vote a piece. I have a feeling this heated race is going right down to the wire.

Today’s blog is dedicated to me and everyone else who has caused themselves bodily harm.

Today’s pics: What Martin Wood was shooting today.

Today’s video: What Martin Wood was shooting today.

Today’s mailbag:

Di writes: “Joe my husband wants to know if you are a red sox fan? Apparently is very important to him that you are, he says if you are a yankee fan he will feel forced to stop watching the show…”

Answer: The Top 5 Sports Team I Love Rooting Against (in no particular order): 1. Los Angeles Lakers 2. Denver Broncos. 3. New England Patriots. 4. Duke Blue Devils. 5. New York Yankees.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Make me puke. Carson obviously wasn’t slutty enough for you guys…”

Answer: Welcome to the 21st century Prudence Goodwife. You’ll find many things have changed since the “magicked contraption” transported you some 350 years into the future. Some things about our contemporary society will no doubt confuse you – like the fact that playful flirting is perfectly acceptable and no longer considered lewd or lascivious behavior punishable by scarlet lettering, or that musical instruments are no longer considered the devil’s work. Hope you learn to adjust. And, of course, enjoy your stay with us.

Kdvb1 writes: “My husband is arguing with me that he wants the TV tomorrow night to watch football. Can you believe that? Football over SGA???”

Answer: Tell him they already played and West Virginia won. It was a blowout.

Anonymous #2 writes: “…please do NOT let Robert Cooper anywhere hear SGA…”

Answer: Why would we do that? Just because he co-created the show and has written multiple episodes of Atlantis in addition to running SG-1 for five years, writing more episodes of that show than anyone, AND writing and directing the Ark of Truth movie. Gawd! I’m with you. Why would we want someone like THAT working on Atlantis?

Semisweet writes: “Why doesn’t Mr. Flanigan ever tie up the laces of his boots?”

Answer: For the same reason his character wears those wrist bands. They’re cool, no? Until, of course, the day comes when he’s fleeing from the wraith, trips over his untied shoelaces, and falls, allowing his pursuers to catch up with him. Fortunately, the recovery team will be able to identify his corpse by those black wrist bands.

Nodakskip writes: “Why have we never seen the UFO/Men in Black side of the Stargate Program?”

Answer: I smell spin-off!

Rrmf writes: “Joe, have you read Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy?”

Answer: I read the first two and a half books in the trilogy.

A.A. writes: “Higginson believe that her character as becoming recurrent for making room to a SG-1 character (among other reasons). It’s true?”

Answer: No. It’s not true.

Fran writes: “With Sci Fi Books have you read any books by Arthur C Clarke and if so what was your favourite?”

Answer: Childhood’s End.

Anonymous #3 writes: “I just read a recent interview that you did and something really bothered me. After I finished reading the interview, I couldn’t understand why you didn’t mention Daniel as possibly doing a guest spot in season 5.”

Answer: You happen to read one of the few interviews I’ve done in which I didn’t mention my desire to see Michael do a guest spot or two in season 5. Suffice it to say I can‘t make mention of it in every interview I do.

Anonymous #4 writes: “I hope he’s taking a good look at the Anti Season 4, Pro Weir and Anti Carter threads.”

Answer: He also enjoys frequenting the Pro Mike Branton and Anti New Atlantis Night Establishing Shot threads as well.

Elizabeth writes: “Someone above said that in Trio there’s a Carter/Keller kiss.”

Answer: Someone above said? You mean the Anonymous poster who expressed an interest in seeing this happen?

Anonymous #5 writes: “ How does auditioning for a role work?”

Answer: We send the script to our casting director who reads it and then contacts various agents around town, asking them to submit talent from their client roster for the specific roles we’ll be auditioning.

Anonymous #6 writes: “ Joe, have you seen gateworld’s main page? A nice big picture of Sam/Mckay advertising tonights episode. But lets not stop there. They have an article about how Sam/Mckay LIGHT UP ATLANTIS. WTF. I thought you said that we wouldn’t have Sam/Mckay shoved down our throats.”

Answer: Ohhhhh. I thought you said you DID want Sam/McKay shoved down your throat on Gateworld. Unfortunately, it’s too late to do it on Atlantis this season, but maybe if we get that fifth season pick-up.

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