Well, I was back at Fuel last night for the fourth visit in about a week, this time with Fondy who had her heart set on the Cote de Boeuf. I’ll let the picture do the talking but, suffice it to say, the quality of the food and the service remains wonderfully consistent. A huuuge fan of Chef Belcham’s luxuriously rich chilled corn soup, I’m not ashamed to admit that I started the meal with a double serving – but a little embarrassed to confess I skipped dessert in favor of ending my meal with another double serving. According to Chef Belcham, 8 ears of corn go into one full-bodied serving. So, do the math. I had 32 ears of corn in one sitting. That must be a record – for me anyway.

I’m pleased to report that Baron Destructo (one of my many online aliases) received a response from a determined email scammer, committed to “doing business” with him despite the fact that the Baron and his cohorts are super villains bent on taking over the world. Meh, who cares? So long as he gets the $200 processing fee he requested, I suppose. Yeah, about that, Baron Destructo wrote back:

“ Dearest Human Offal,

Your speedy response is much appreciated. Regarding your request for $200, the sad reality is that as a secret league of supervillains dedicated to world domination and the enslavement of humankind, we do not make use of public bank accounts or any traceable means of finance, thus any sort of wire transfer is problematic. Mailing you the cash is out of question as well as the thought of entrusting the payment to a postal service plagued by unscrupulous opportunists makes us all very uneasy. So in lieu of the $200 fee, might I suggest we temporarily loan you one of the following items:

1. Fire Gauntlets: Ideal for generating and manipulating fireballs, firewalls, and incendiary strikes. A wonderful conversation starter. And stopper.

2. Rocket Boots: Fly around the city! Buzz news choppers! Catch the big game from the best seat in the house and then beat traffic home! A great way to check out the exosphere (note: if you do, dress warmly).

3. Chameleon Cloak: Blend in to most any background like a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie on a summer release slate.

4. Helm of Fortitude: This handy headgear guards against the deleterious mental effects of psionic assaults, attempted mind control, and summer reality television.

5. Two Tickets to see Neil Sedaka at the Mirage: Great seats, third row center, at this once in a lifetime show! Unfortunately, the tickets are part of a foursome that will have you seated beside the Dr. Catastro and the Purple Lamprey who are notorious for talking through these types of live events.

Let me know which of the five you would prefer. All we ask is that you have said item on your person when our representatives show up to collect the monies, and level your offices, so that we may conveniently reclaim it from your smoldering corpse.

Many thanks and, as always, thank you for keeping the dream alive,


Baron Destructo

Cc: Calamitous Jane, Glaxnor the Miscreant, Sinderella Washington, Xxxaptak’qul, Dr. Catastro, Dr. Disastro, Dr. Quinn Meddlesome Woman, Ray Mephistopheles, Archfiend Animus, Brutus Badly, the Plague Zombies, Vorzik the Planet Squisher, the Malevolater, Count Sinister, Kugal Baruth, Death Knell, Star Father Celestio, Shatterdam, Princess Arcana, the Mystifier, the Procrastinator, the Soul Emancipator, Quickstrike, Professor Frosty, Flamer the Flaming Man, the Pummeler, the Purple Lamprey, and John Tesh.”

Personally, I would go with the rocket boots.

On the other hand, I’m sad to report I’ve received no word from my other industrious scammer, James Williams. Hoping to prod a response, I had his mark (and my alternate alias) Cookie Monster, send off a quick, hopeful note:

“Hello dere,

Oh boy oh boy! Cookie Monster have good news for James Williams! Get another $480 dollars, this time from Oscar the Grouch. Oscar flush running Nigerian email scam. Contact idiots and offer dem millions of dollars, but first make dem cough up personal information and cash. Halarious! People so stupid dey send him free money! Ha ha ha!

So anyway, Cookie Monster send $480 dollars yesterday. No worry. Look up James Williams address in U.K. directory. Luckily is not very common name. So when James Williams get money, let Cookie Monster know. Cookie Monster not trust mail system. Last week receive package of crocodiles not remember ordering.


Cookie Monster”

Here’s hoping he writes back soon.

Oh, good news and bad news. The good news is blogger.com has added a new video feature that will allow me to post clips. The bad news is I’m completely inept when it comes to things techie and I haven’t the faintest how to convert clips from my HD camera to wmv or avi files. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Today’s pics: Appetizer, dinner, dessert, Evil shows off the bling, Director Wil Waring and Evil, Lulu settling in, something from the Art Department

Today’s mail –

Alipeeps writes: “Good lord! What on earth is Jason wearing in that photo? Is that a costume or his own clothes?”

Answer: When I spotted him, I wondered aloud: “What the hell was our costume department thinking?” Alas, it was an outfit from his own closet.

Flying Fig writes: “It sounds like Nora Jones was behind Stargate quite a bit…”

Answer: Great to hear we have celebrity fans. I know Nora did a guest stint on CSI. Wonderful if she’d be willing to do one on Atlantis.

Anonymous #1 writes: “When will you find out if Atlantis is gonna get picked up for a fifth season?”

Answer: Probably not until November.

Anonymous #2 writes: “And did you even attempt to get Rick for a couple of episodes in S4? It’s just strange how you tricked him to do 3 Atlantis appearances last season…”

Answer: Yeah, tricking him was really tough. We told him we were going to take him out for lunch and told him to meet us down on Stage 6 and then, when he showed up, we locked the doors and told him he wasn’t getting out until he delivered the lines we had scripted for him. Boy, nothing gets by a swift-minded cretin such as yourself. Anymore juvenile conspiracy theories you’d care to throw our way?

Skopadiggle writes: “ Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away and The Castle of Cagliostro. Bearing in mind that I have never watched any anime films before (mostly because I don’t really think I would like them) which one do you think I should pick?”

Answer: I’m assuming you’re watching them subtitled (I hope). Castle of Cagliostro is great but much older. Haven’t seen Howl’s Moving Castle yet but did watch and love Spirited Away. So, if I was going to recommend one of the three titles, I’d go with Spirited Away.

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “How are the ‘pack’ doing? Is Lulu now a member or is Jelly still giving her a hard time?”

Answer: She’s settling in quite nicely. Check out the pics.

Joshua Meyers writes: “Where is John Glassner? Why doesn’t he do Stargate anymore, since season 6/7?”

Answer: Uh, you mean “since season 3”, no?

Sanura writes: “I thought I’d introduce myself first. And ask if you like cookies (if so, what kind?).”

Answer: I personally prefer chewy cookies devoid of fruity bits.

40 thoughts on “August 25, 2007

  1. Joe-

    First no making fun of Neil Sedaka! His song ‘Calendar Girl’ is a great anthem on good old rock and roll. I met him in Vegas and was awesome. 🙂 A better choice of tickets would have been REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent. Yes, I saw them together on one bill. It was one “special” night……

    Second, what type of files does your cam create? I could easily point you to the correct programs to convert files. Or just upload it to Youtube and embed the file on blogger.

  2. hi, joe,

    i know this is your blog, but i just wanted to thank you for allowing me to voice my thoughts.

    that’s all.

    sally 🙂

  3. A thought: if Stargate ever finishes for good (PTB and ratings and heaven forbid), would you be allowed/inclined to read any fanfiction? …Okay, that sounds like I’m desperately plugging my McShep mpreg AU travesty, but I assure you I don’t write the stuff, only read it (and certainly not the bad ones if I can avoid them). I’m just curious as to whether you’d take the opportunity if you had it.

    Back to cookies. Hmm. Chocolate is preferable, I assume? Do you mind nuts, or have a specific nut preference?

  4. Hi Joe!

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend. 🙂

    Nice bling for Evil! 🙂

    Baron Destructo is offering his scammer a very nice selection of items. I think the Fire Gauntlets would be great for flaming creme brule or s’mores. Rocket boots are great, until you get a bird in your teeth. I had a Helm of Fortitude in Baldur’s Gate, so I know that does come in handy. But I gotta go with the Chameleon Cloak (gasp! Not Neil Sedaka?!) I’m thinking he could use the Cloak to get into the Sedaka concert, thereby getting two for one.

    *Great* reply to cretinous Anon. who ‘saw through’ your evil Rick-tricking conspiracy plot. Glad to know he respects Rick as much as he does SGA. Cuz Rick’s never done anything smart career-wise, such as taking leading roles in two long-running hit series.

    I’ve read Howl’s Moving Castle – pretty good book, so it might be a good anime movie.

    Great food pics, as usual, making me hungry for my leftover porkchop. CUTE puppy pics!!

    I’m wondering if Pegasus has a Galactic-level Dept. of Transportation? Cuz the bridge in the last photo definitely needs some work. Maybe a nice coat of asphalt?

  5. Heee. Okay so I was going to quote a line from your Baron Destructo letter that I thought particularly awesome but I couldn’t pick just one.. every single item in your list of five option had me chortling.

    Are you sure you don’t play any kind of RPGs..? I’m sure half of those items are actually available in City of Villains… (actually I know for a fact the rocket boots are! :lol:)

    Sooooo, some questions for today:

    Season 3 of Dr Who is due out on DVD in November – you planning to pick it up?

    What is your absolute favourite cut of meat (or is that a silly question, given your recent rhapsodizing over the Côte de Boeuf)?

    Any interesting hints/snippets you can share with us about Outcast, now that you’ve read the first draft?

    P.S. I’d pick the rocket boots too.

  6. “Yes please Joe, do tell us which episodes are safely Carter free to make it easier for those of who will only watch those six episodes this season. I want to let my brother’s neighbors who are a Neilsen family know too!”

    LOL, is this a thinly vieled threat? Please don’t tell me your brother’s neighbors will take your request seriously. These are adults with jobs and minds of their own? Oh wait, maybe they are Borg, you know hive mind and all, and you can influence them with your mind. You know, while your at it maybe you can convince them to give you all of their worldly possessions.

    “I want to let my brother’s neighbors who are a Neilsen family know too!”

    Translated this means:
    “I will take all of my marbles and go home.”

    The immaturity of some of the commenters on your blog Joe, is truely amusing and frightening, but never boring.

  7. OMG. Those puppy pictures are just too darn cute. Glad to see everyone is getting along.

    You might want to warn Evil not to run with that heavy looking bling on… wouldn’t want him to fracture his sternum or anything… 😉

    You’ve mentioned in a previous post or two that Carter and Keller will become friends. Is there a particular episode that we should be on the look out for in regards to that? I just think it’s funny Sam befriends all the doctors. Must be all that time she spends in the infirmary…

  8. Hi Joe,
    Inspired by your gastronomic exploits, when my sister and brother-law asked me out to dinner I jumped at the chance to choose the venue, a new restaurant in Liverpool called Negresco Deco. Due to lack of time and the fact that I have consumed a bottle of wine I shall only go into the details of my meal.
    As a lover of sea food I went with the Coquilles St Jacques a la Parisienne.
    King scallops in a white wine and mushroom sauce, topped with grated parmesan cheese. The scallops just melted in the mouth, my main course was sea food again Roti de Lotte, Roasted monkfish tail with a red wine butter sauce and herb risotto magnificent, I’m not a great lover of risotto but this one has turned my head and my heart.
    The waitresses were attentive without being constantly ‘in your face’ as was the Maitre de Cameron Acott. Chef David Parker has definitely made himself a devoted fan and I look forward to many more meals out at the Negresco Deco.
    So thank you Joe for your food reviews they have started me on the slippery slope towards gastronomic seduction.
    It’s a pity that the internet doesn’t have a taste facility that soup sounds superb.

    Many thanks Pauline

  9. Hey Joe.. as a confirmed foodie and chocolate lover, could I get your opinion on a menu? I’ve recently found details of a rather fab-sounding evening presented by “The Chocolate Club” – and conveniently taking place the weekend before my birthday 😉 – which starts with champagne reception with chocolate fountain and then proceeds to the following 3-course menu:

    Marinated and grilled swordfish steak served on a salad of peppered rocket, olive oil, lime and chocolate shavings

    Roast duck breast served with swede fondant, marinated cherries and a bitter chocolate sauce

    Dark chocolate tart served with a white chocolate and parsnip ice cream

    Whaddaya think? Never really tried chocolate in cooking (other than deserts)… hubby doesn’t seem to enticed by the idea but I think it could be interesting…?

  10. Oh thank you for the puppy pictures! As a newcomer to this blog I do recognize Lulu but which ones are Maximus, Jelly and Bubba? As for the 2 tan coloured ones do you need the bandana to distinguish which one is which? Oh such cuties!

  11. In a recent Entertainment Weekly article,


    it states:

    “A newly announced rule by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences now limits the number of writers and producers who can receive an award if their program notches a victory in the best-show categories. (The edict allows 11 recipients for a comedy win and 10 for drama.) Trouble is, shows like 30 Rock and Ugly Betty — both of which are up for an Outstanding Comedy statuette — have 20 or more producers listed in the credits, and that includes some non-writing personnel who no longer participate in the day-to-day production of the series.”

    Exactly how many producers are involved in a Stargate Atlantis show?

  12. 1.)Since Brad Turner works on both Stargate and 24, and hooked Mike Shanks up with a sub-plot on 24. Any chance he could talk Kiefer into doing an ep. of Stargate?
    2.)You should get Hugo off of Lost on Stargate, he should have been the “Delicious Fat Guy.”
    3.)Amanda Tapping said in an interview that although Atlantis S4 is airing before the Ark of Truth and Continuum, it actually takes place afterwards, if that is true, will it be obvious? Or is it legit?
    4.)Any chance on getting DeLuise back for some eps in S5? How many is Martin Wood doing this year? He’s the best.

  13. Hey Joe, in case you haven’t figured out the video thing yet, look and see what kind of cord your camera takes. It probably takes Firewire (aka IEEE 1394), so plug a Firewire cord into your camera and the other end into the Firewire port on your computer (if the computer is newer it should have come w/ one). Then I’d say a quick program to use would be Windows Movie Maker (ships on win XP systems). Look for the “capture from video device” option. It will open a wizard that will take you through the rest of the steps. There are other programs you can use but that’s the fastest off the top of my head. Looking forward to those vids. 🙂
    PS: the clips will be WMV if you use MovieMaker.

  14. Hello,
    I’m sorry if you mentioned this before, but I’m wondering, what is the garnish that accompanies your bowl of delicious corn soup? They look like french fries, but I’m thinking it is something else.

  15. Joe,

    So, I have a question that’s been plaguing me since I rewatched the movie and all the seasons of SG:1 and SG:A(not that SG:A has a lot to do with the gou’ald, but still. SG:A!).

    My question is, if you can(want to) answer it: SG:1 has had a lot of Jaffa running around and they all have tattoos on their foreheads. I can’t seem to find a single episode with Ra’s eye as a tattoo. Either I’m missing something or Ra had few to none warriors.

    If it is that I’m not totally blind(god forbid) and there were no Jaffa with Ra’s tattoo, do you know why the writing team never used that (very big)plot angle?

    Ra was the main bad guy in the movie and he ruled the entire universe before Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson killed him. Where did all his warriors go? Yes, shuffle the Jaffa off to another gou’ald, but… still. It’s a tattoo. Not that easy to change.

    Anyway, the puppies are just cute and I love the pictures you put up of David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan!

    Also, if you keep posting pictures of that delicious looking food, I may try to eat the monitor! 😉

  16. …Since I think I misunderstood your dilemma (re my earlier comment), if simply converting your rendered files is your problem, try this piece of freeware-
    I’ve been using it for a couple months to convert .flv into .wmv and it seems to work great although sometimes you have to tweak the various settings (trial and error) to get it to convert. I’ve never used HD (sadly) so I’m not sure what kind of file your cam uploads its footage as, and hence don’t know if this program will work for you. Anyway it- Super- is a great little piece of software nonetheless. Cheers and STILL looking forward to those videos…
    ~SnarkySidekick 🙂

  17. Response to: wingwyrm said…
    I can’t seem to find a single episode with Ra’s eye as a tattoo. Either I’m missing something or Ra had few to none warriors.>>>>

    Watch season five’s “The Warrior.” You have to go frame by frame in the last segment where Teal’c is restrained by two Jaffa as he is denouncing K’tano. One of the Jaffa has the eye of Ra tatoo.


  18. Hi, Joe.

    I see evil Kenny is wearing a Stargate Continuum sweatshirt.

    Where can we get one?


  19. Hey Joe! I’m back from my vacation with about 500 photos of nature and stuff like that, which I love.

    My question is, do you ever travel to just see the scenery? Or is it mainly for relaxation and food?

    Oh, and good to know there weren’t many huge revelations while I was gone…except that engagement thing, I suppose.

  20. Yeah, well, we’ll cross that Ruined Bridge (with VFX view) when we get there.


  21. Salut,

    Est-ce que vous avez vu “Les Simpsons, le film”?
    Moi je l’ai vu il y a pas longtemps et il est trop génial, j’ai adoré.
    Bonne journée

  22. Dear Joe,

    I’m travelling to Vancouver in October, with my family, and I was wondering if you could suggest some good restaurants to visit? Especially if there are any good sushi or steak restaurants.
    Thanks in advance,


  23. You shouldn’t be surprised by this, but David Hewlett’s great at doing video clips. When all else fails, ask a geek!

  24. hello, how are you ? me good.
    désolé de pas avoir mit de commentaire hier j’ai eu un gros bug informatique, un gros black out. cela vous est deja arrivé? LOL
    sinon je remet ma question que j’ai mit il y’a deux jour.qu’une seule que j’aimerais trop trop savoir svp.
    > est-ce-que david hewlett interpêtre de rodney parle légerement français ? et tant cas faire dans le meme genre ^_^ rodney mckay sait-il parlé une autre langue? se serai so cute, voila je vous laisse en éspérant que vous me repondrait. bisous bisous et bonne contunuation pour votre blog il est géniaaaallll!!

  25. Answer: I’m assuming you’re watching them subtitled (I hope)… Haven’t seen Howl’s Moving Castle yet but did watch and love Spirited Away.

    Howl’s Moving Castle is fantastic, but bears little relation to the original book, which is way better. I’m also given to understand (from a friend who’s in the know about this sort of thing) that the English language version is very accurate to the original Japanese script and since you get to listen to the dulcet tones of Christian Bale (Welsh, like Howl) and Billy Crystal amongst others, for once I’m standing up and saying watch the English version. Normally I’ll ran a mile to get a sub rather than a dub, but in this case…

    (The book is by Diana Wynne Jones and you all need to run out NOW and get a copy.)

  26. Hi Joe,

    I wasn’t a big fan of the new cast on SG1 after Jack left and was wondering if there were any plans to bring over Cam, Vala or both for the fifth season of Atlantis?

  27. Hi Joe, I was just wondering if Connor Trinneer was going to be guesting in S4? Michael is one of my favorite characters and I’ve heard rumors that range from: he’s the father of Teyla’s baby to He’s built an army of Beckett clones to infiltrate Atlantis. I don’t really need specifics, I’d be happy with one of your cryptic yes or no replies. 🙂


  28. Regarding the Desperate Housewives comment, I think it would be wonderful if we could see some Wraith doing what they do best on that show! (What would be their reaction to botox?)

  29. salut salut encore moi, lol ce serai pour vous demandez, en fait c’est de la part d’une amie qui n’ose pas vous ecrire!!^_^
    part apport aux photos d’hier pourriez vous me dire qui est le jeune homme qui taquine jewel staite, mon amie pense que c’est la doublure de paul mcgillion est-ce-que c’est vrai??

  30. Did Fondy enjoy the dog expo? Did she bring back gifts for Lulu and the pugs? Did she bring you any New York chocolate?

  31. Joe, I’ve heard you’ve seen both DVD movies, so which one do you like best “Ark of Truth” or “Continuum”? Are they better than let’s say “Serenity”?

  32. ………..c est qui?

    C est moi =D!!!lol

    Me revoila!

    heureux??…..hmmm jespert.

    Moi oui! je suis trés trés heureuse de vous retrouvez!

    J ai passer un week end génial!!
    Mon cheri est venu, c etais magique!!Mais franchement je ne vous remercirez jamais assez, car un peu grace a vous stargate atlantis existe et grace a stargate atlantis je les rencontré !Jespert que vous aussi votre week end etait bien!
    J ai pris soin aussi de garder en mémoir tous les bons plats que ma mére nous a préparer.
    =}Vendredi soir: Croc Monsieur (jambon,fromage entre deux pain de mie griller\ou\ ou chocolat et banane avec du pain de mie griller..il y a pleins de sorte de le faire)
    =}Samedi Midi: Escalope de dinde avec du Maroual(c est un fromage) ou du fromage a raquelette.
    =}Samedi Soir:crevettes,bulots, des Moules avec des Frites (miamiame)
    =}Dimanche:nouille au fromage avec confit de canard, et en dessert un fruitier(c est gateaux vraiment délicieux, c est mon pére qui la fait^^!)
    Donc voila! j ai passer un bon week end et j ai bien manger^^!!

    Superbe les photos! vos chien sont vraiment trés adorable!

    1)Vous avez toujour eu des bouldogues francais comme chiens?
    2)Vous préférez, le chocolat blanc? noir? au lait? avec des noisettes?des amandes?aux riz soufflé?
    3)Le bébé de teyla sera normal?
    4)Avez vous un couple préféré dans stargate atlantis ? Lequel?

    bon Merci d avoir lu mon trés lomg commentaire d aujourd hui! =D

    Je vous fait les plus énormes bisou de la planet,Merci encors, je vous adore!A DEMAIN!

  33. Your dogs sure are adorable. I’m glad Lulu is fitting in nicely with the others.

    Just why is Kenny called Evil?

  34. Well hi Joe!

    Long time no correspond. Glad the puppies are getting along. LuLu is very cute.

    I was watching SG-1 S-10 DVD extras the other day and saw you doing the bit on Deleted Scenes. Did you enjoy that, and will you be doing something similar on any future SGA DVD sets?

    Thanks, and looking forward to watching bloopers and outtakes sometime soon!

  35. 1)Will Rodney have continuing moments of selflessness this season, thoughtfully putting others before himself?

    2)Can we expect some interesting interactions between Keller and Ronon?

    3)Can we expect big storyline changes when Season Five gets picked up?

  36. aurélie said…
    part apport aux photos d’hier pourriez vous me dire qui est le jeune homme qui taquine jewel staite, mon amie pense que c’est la doublure de paul mcgillion est-ce-que c’est vrai??

    C’est son mari, acteur Matt Anderson. 🙂

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