I apologize for today’s late entry but it was a busy day capped by a big t.v. night: I’m the three hour Survivor finale followed by what I believe was the fourth to last episode of The Sopranos. Spoilers to follow so if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading….


Well, maybe not now exactly as I want to mention we’re in the market for a new car and so spent the afternoon at the Richmond Auto Mall. The auto mall is like a magical kingdom unto itself, an independent little principality teeming with hopes and dreams and wondrously colorful characters. Sort of like Disneyland or Shangri-La or Vatican City – but with a wider diversity of automobiles. Where else can you go drive a Jag, a Range Rover, and even one of those crazy fishbowl electric cars for good measure? Well, no crazy fishbowl electric cars on this day, but we did check out the Lexus dealership and took one of their models for a spin. I’m considering a Lexus because: 1) They are very reliable cars. 2) They are beautiful cars. 3) The other car makers have done something to annoy me. I used to drive a BMW, had no problems with the car, and then when my lease ended and I wanted to transfer ownership to a friend, BMW Financial made what should have been a simple matter a very unpleasant ordeal, thereby ensuring I never EVER buy a BMW again. I used to drive a Mercedes as well but after some six recalls and a toasted transmission (in all fairness, the car was two years old and, really, how long do you expect them to last?), that German-engineering kind of lost its allure. I think it’s time to give Japanese engineering a shot. Still, I just know that a month after I get my new Lexus, those hovercrafts I keep waiting for will finally hit the market and I’ll be kicking myself. So, what do you think? Lexus now or hovercraft later?

Back to the spoilers…stop reading…


Okay, the Survivor finale. Two things. First – I’ve never seen a whinier bunch of sore losers. Seriously. Had they never watched the show before? Did they know realize going in how Survivor works? Their indignant outrage at being double-crossed (read: outwitted) was both hilarious and kind of sad. Second – Poor Yau Man played a masterful game up until the final day when his senses seemingly deserted him. Dreamz was facing certain elimination if he gave up immunity. They made no secret of the fact that they would be voting him off. So why the hell didn’t Yau Man simply offer up Cassandra in exchange for immunity? It would have ensured his trip to the final three, booted out milquetoast Cassandra and replaced her with Dreamz who probably had more enemies on that jury than anyone. Truly bizarre.

As for The Sopranos – holy crap. I was expecting it to happen, but not this early. He will be missed.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Mailbag returns tomorrow. Probably.

In the meantime – hey, check out the dogs!

45 thoughts on “May 13, 2007

  1. I was really upset that Dreamz went back on his word, the lying scumbag. All that stuff he was spouting about integrity and setting a good example for his son goes out the window when there are dollar signs flashing, apparently. As if he had a snowball’s chance at sniffing that million bucks, anyway.

    But on to Stargate. If you didn’t axe Weir for the sole purpose of bringing in Carter, why *did* you decide to reduce her screentime?

  2. Hi Joe:

    On Survivor, I was amazed that so many jury members had issues with Cassandra. She was such a nonentity throughout the season.

    My question for you tonight has already been posed by anonymous yesterday. Any rumours about when Atlantis S3 will hit the streets?

    As for that island vacation, I would have to have my Firefly.

    Have a good week,


  3. Hi Joe love your blog and this is my first post.
    Any chance you can ask the techies over there in Atlantis land if they will get a screensaver or wallpaper out to us fans like the ones that are used on the show?
    Two that come to mind are the mission patch one and the ancient database.
    If not then pass on my message of brilliant work and hope they get one out soon.

    Cheers Chris

  4. “Lexus now or hovercraft later?”

    I think we should see a picture of you in Jason Momoa’s Pink Cadillac before we assess further your choice of future transportation.


  5. Good morning Joe. As the show is a pretty action based one, I was wondering if you could tell me how the actors stay in shape on set.I’m assuming that Jason pushes a few weights around, but what about Joe and Rachel…do they have personal trainers or do they do their own thing?…Thanks again for the fab show and here’s hoping for a season 5..

  6. Hi Joe:

    Definitely the Lexus. Hovercrafts are so bulky and may not fit well in your garage next to Fondy’s car. Gotta think about esthetics here.

    You know, you could always get the art department to build a full size puddle jumper, have a garage put a Lexus engine in it, and drive it around Burnaby. Then, you’d either get a lot of free advertising from the media, or they’d lock you up in your own private room at the hospital.

    I’ve just hooked two more people onto Atlantis. Both Americans. Yay, me!

    Have a great day.


  7. Good Morning or as we say in my house Unh! I see you’re still walking your dogs in cornwall, helluva long walk! must say though they are SO sweet.
    As far as vehicle choice is concerned well I’m driving a 12 year old Vauxhall so what do I know, go Lexus, the hovercraft will be a real let down til they work out the kinks.

  8. Aww, the pugs are so cute.
    Maybe you could buy a Lexus now and trade it in for a hovercraft later?

  9. Also concerning your comment about not having watched ‘Rome’ yet. I highly recommend the entire series. I mean yes there were liberties taken with history but they way said liberties were handled made it smooth and totally believable. The costuming was a little too…modernish…but then again I’m a costumier AND a historical re-enactor so I’m just anal-retentive about that stuff. But overall, the story arc (both the main story of Rome in it’s heyday) and the more minor subplots are told with an intriguing POV. All the roles were excellently cast in my non-professional opinion and the dialogue, obviously, had to be updated and, though I have issues with some of the dialogue, overall it’s not bad. I mean the “F” count for the show is sky high…But overall an amazing show and I truly miss it.

    Have you been able to catch any of The Tudors on Showtime? That’s the series that has me hooked totally. I mean from the casting to the costumes to the locations…I love it. And, again, liberties were taken with history (and the costuming/set designing/dressing) but it actually enhances the show for me. (I wrote a history thesis on Henry VIII called “Henry VIII, Defender of the Faith?” and I like to consider myself an amateur Tudor afficinado.) Plus, the historical re-enactment I used to do was during the timeline of 600-1600AD and I focused mainly on Henry VIII’s reign so I’m a tad biased.


  10. Your little cream doggie looks like he/she is taking a big bite out of the black doggie.

    They look quite cute and angelic.

    Susan sunny Scotland

  11. Maybe the japanese engineering can somehow incorporate hovercrafts into a specially made Lexus for you???..or theres always ‘pimp my ride’

    hve you seen ‘Pans Labyrinth’?

  12. Well I have owned two Japanese cars, thus far, and they both made it to 11-12 years before I sold them off. (My Honda Civic, now 20 years old, is apparently still going.) So I think you’ll get some good reliability from it.

    But maybe you should hold out for that hovercraft, instead.

    Don’t watch either Survivor or Sopranos, but I will trust your editorial opinion. 🙂

    So yesterday was apparently International Dog Mischief Day. David Hewlett commented on Mars’ feats. My dog and my friends’ dogs were all a little nuts. Did your dogs get into anything they weren’t supposed to?

  13. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve finally managed to catch up reading all your posts! Anyway, I’m not going to say anything about how many episodes Paul and Torri are going to be in or the fact Amanda has joined the show – all I will say is I can’t wait for season 4 and fingers are crossed for a season 5.

    I also can’t believe Blogger is stopping me from logging in so I’m having to do this anonymously!


  14. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here so I’m sorry if I’m inundating you with attempted posts.

  15. Hey Joe,
    Great to see out stargate directors Andy Mikita and Peter Deluise directing some episodes of Blood Ties. Great to see… Have you had a chance to watch the Series?

  16. In regards to the Survivor finale, despite how the whole thing went, I still rather Dreamz had won than Earl. I don’t know, something about him irked me… and yeah, the jury was a big pack of whiners. Especially Alex, Lisi and Boo.

    Have you heard of Script Frenzy? You write a full-length screen/stage play in a month (Like NaNoWriMo but with a play). Could be right up your alley.

  17. will see the goa’uld in season four of atlantis and in the TV-Movies ? Will see baa’l in season four of atlantis and in the TV-Movies ? will see french in stargate atlantis and in the TV-Movies ? Thank you

  18. Hey Joe, when you mentioned Get Smart the other day I found a couple of episodes and sat down to watch, the episode was entitled Groovy Guru and I swear it could’ve been made yesterday.Then I got to thinking about an Atlantis/Get Smart crossover…then the men in white coats turned up and i have a lovely room with special padding and everything

  19. Hi Joe!

    First of all, thanks for not shipping Carter with anyone in SGA S4 (since we all know she’s already involved with O’Neill!), but out of curiosity: how is McKay going to react to her being on Atlantis?

  20. Pugs are always adorable, especially when they’re being cuddly. As for the questions, how do Amanda and Jewel seem to be settling in with the Atlantis veterans? Was it similar for Jason when he joined as well?

  21. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18645179/
    $7.4 billion is a nice hunk of change for 80% of Chrysler o_o. -pats Honda Accord lovingly-

    Hovercraft. That or put Hewlett and Nykl on getting those jumpers to actually fly ;D. Actually, a dart is more your style, possibly even a hive ship? I think I would want an Asgard battle cruiser myself. Either that or a hoverboard (I always fall off real skateboards when I have to go up an incline. Classic slip fall) ;D.

  22. Hey Joe…
    Nice pics. Really…
    As for the Lexus, I would take it. For the reasons you named. I love Lexus, so beautiful cars.
    But German cars are fine, have to say that as their neighbour. We have one, still okay, no problems. But I guess Lexus is very good.. Have a nice day..!

  23. Hi Joe !

    I read you every day, you make me laugh with your littles stories, and it’s great to have updates on the stargate front !

    A I see, lots of people don’t understand the whole carter vs weir issue (which isn’t an issue, but people sometimes are slow to understand what they’re told). I’d like to say : wait to see before judging ! well it’s my way to apprehend things… anyway !

    As you should know, to day is the airing day for the first webisobe of sanctuary. Have you seen it ? if Yes, did you like it ? And what do you think of it generally (on the release mode, all-on-green-screen made up etc…)

    And since you spoke of your desires after SG, let assume (and hope it won’t be) next year is the end of Stargate altlantis, what do you do immediatly after ? litlle vacation ? writing your novel ? desire to restart with a new series (yours or someone elses)???

    Et j’apprécie grandement votre effort de répondre en francais à certaines questions.


  24. Hmmm, well despite your bad experience with a German auto, I still have to say “Go German!” very enthusiastically. My family drove VW’s growing up and I of course now drive one. My Passat is fantastic, and my family’s VW’s just kept going and going and going….. like the Energizer Bunny (we had a Rabbit at one point back in the day fittingly enough). AMAZING gas mileage (minus hybrids of course). They have fabulous safety ratings as well. Good for precious cargo, such as Fondy, the pugs, and your current SGA script. Oh, and you as well I suppose 🙂

  25. You think buying cars is hard. Try Semi’s …

    Go with the Lexus. At least it has a cool sounding name.

  26. *from inside nicely padded room* What music do you listen to? I’m currently listening to Dolores O’Riordan’s “Are You Listening” but I’ve nearly chewed through one strap…

  27. Hi Joe.Will we find out what was the origin of that plague in Milky Way which almost wiped out the Ancients?

  28. Survivor? There’s the problem. While we have some cross-over our concepts of watchable (notice I didn’t say quality – even I like some trash) television are very different.

    Were I you (and could afford more than an oil change at the moment) I’d get the Lexus. I know quite a few people who have and love them. I like the RX. Roomy. Lots of leg room for you tall people. Whee!

    Those pugs are too darned cute.


  29. Joe, The Lexus, they have the best Hybrid SUV in the market and I assume you will go for the hybrid, with all the goodness in you, I can only imagine you as friend of the enviroment right? Do you live green, you know, changed your light bulbs for eco friendly bulbs?

  30. Go Lexus!

    Here in South Africa they are managed by Market Toyota and their after-sales service is superb.

    If our service is good, yours should be equally so.

    Besides, the adverts for the new Model of Lexus here in South Africa show that they have a great sound system with something like 19 speakers!?

    Wow, talk about your ear drums meeting in the middle of your brain!

    Just remember, check the inside of the doors for the date of manufacture and DO NOT buy anything made on a Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon and all day Friday as that’s when the Lemons are made.

  31. Joe –

    If you celebrate Mother’s Day – what did the pugs do for Fondy for Mother’s Day?

    You mentioned in a recent entry that you were doing a read through of This Mortal Coil. When does filming begin for this episode and how long will it take to shoot?


  32. Aha, perfect way to distract from the lateness…use puggy cuteness!

  33. Hey Joe,

    I’d definitely go with the Lexus. My mom is currently leasing one and my dad plans to start leasing one this summer when his lease comes up.

    I have a special request:
    My brother, father, myself and our next door neighbours all watch Stargate here in Winnipeg, and we were wondering if one of the Canadian characters (McKay would be awesome, but Chucknician would be cool too) could be from Winnipeg like us.

    Hope things are going well,

  34. How many zeros in a million?? How many? Six?! That’s what I thought. Hmph.

    Ha ha, wtf?

  35. I was in New Orleans last weekend for Jazz Fest and saw a woman taking pictures of her lunch ( red beans, rice, and anduille sausage). It made me think of your food pictures and I snapped a few pictures of my own (dessert mostly). Have you ever been to New Orleans? If so, how did tou like the food?

  36. Your picture is why I like having more than one dog in the house. Really nice. We had three, and then two, and now for the first time since the 80s, we’ve just got the one little guy. I miss seeing them do a “pack cuddle” like that.


  37. First time commentor here…

    What is the current airing order for S4 Ep 5-10?


  38. Lexus, eh? You ever think to “put a Mercury on your list?” Oh, wait, you already have the best part of those commercials guest starring in a few episodes of season 4. 🙂

    A J Wags fan!

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