Whenever people would ask me: “Joe, when did you first start writing creatively?”, I’d always hearken back to the dreadful little horror and science fiction stories I used to pen in fourth grade. But, upon further reflection, I realize now that my artistic spirit was awakened even earlier. Truth is I started spinning inventive little yarns around the same time I was old enough to have to field my mother’s questions about schoolwork, friends, and who exactly scratched those stick figures into the upstairs wall. And it’s been something, I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve only gotten better at with time. My mother being Italian, there are just certain things you cannot tell her. For instance, when talking with my mom: do not reveal how late you were up partying last night, avoid saying how much you really paid for those clothes, and never, ever, tell her you went out for Italian because, in our household growing up, going out for Italian food was viewed as an act of supreme disloyalty akin to rooting for Brazil in the World Cup. Whenever my mother would make her home made pasta, she would wonder aloud how much a comparable dish would cost you in an Italian restaurant. But, really, this was a trick because, in her opinion, an Italian Restaurant could never prepare something as comparable. The portions offered in restaurant were tiny, overcooked, and devoid of any true Italian flair. “They just boil the pasta, throw some tomato sauce on top and serve it,”she would inform us, like a town elder fabricating some terrifying tale designed to steer the neighborhood kids clear of “the old McGillicutty place”. And it worked. Despite being an avowed foodie, I avoided Italian restaurants on principal. Why go out and pay for a lasagna that could in no way compare to mom’s? It didn’t make any sense. Until I moved to Vancouver. Then, my attitude changed. And Quattro on 4th was the restaurant that turned it around.

In that first year following my move to Vancouver, Quattro opened the door to a host of wonderful Italian eateries – Don Francesco, Villa del Lupo, Il Giardino. But, given its more remote location, it eventually fell off my radar. Until yesterday when a bunch of out-of-town friends were looking for some good Italian food. My mind immediately went to Quattro. Yet it had been years since my last visit. Would this meal prove as remarkable as the ones that had first won me over?

The seven of us arrived at approximately 8:00 p.m. to a fairly full house. Fortunately, I’d had the foresight to make reservation and we were steered over to a nice cozy corner table. Like a number of the city’s finer Italian restaurants, Quattro offers a warm and elegant atmosphere, dark woods, chocolate walls, and low ambient lighting. A great place to go for a relaxing dinner.

We started off with their legendary antipasto platter (in this case, for seven) which included: prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe, grilled prawn, lamb sausage, artichoke hearts, olives, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, and a stand-out prosciutto and radicchio-wrapped grilled mozarella cheese in a cherry vinaigrette, all crowned with salt-crusted breadsticks. We also shared a couple of plates of the carpaccio sottobosco – the thinly sliced, melt-in-your mouth beef tenderloin topped with arugula, parmigiano reggiano, and white truffle oil. In my humble opinion, the best carpaccio in town.

For my main, I decided to go with one of the evening’s additions to the menu: a nicely marbled rib steak, grilled medium-rare, served in a red wine reduction with sweet cipollini onions, veggies, and a potato galette. It was a generous serving and, although I assumed I’d be bringing a third of it home in a doggy bag, in the end, my pugs ended up going hungry. Rave reviews from my friends who had the pistachio-crusted Alaskan black cod with the fire-roasted sweet pepper sauce, and the perfectly-grilled deboned Cornish game hen served with garlic, peperoncino, and riviera herbs (my former go-to dish). We also enjoyed a plate of the spicy Spaghetti Quattro and an off-menu pasta dish (Ask for it. They’ll be more than happy to prepare it for you) of fettuccini served in a heavenly porcini and Portobello mushroom sauce topped with fresh basil and parmigiano reggiano.

Plenty to choose from when the time came for dessert, so we decided to go with almost everything. Top marks go to the marscapone-rich house tiramisu and ultra-chocolaty dark chocolate tart topped with whipped milk chocolate. The apple-pear almond cake was good but underwhelming in comparison. Finally, the whipped marscapone cheese, cream, and sour cherries in phyllo pastry was excellent but proved incredibly difficult to slice up and share.

Great service from our friendly waiter, Daniel, and it was nice to see affable owner Patrick Corsi greeting guests, visiting the respective tables to chat and offer recommendations, and generally working the room.

Just like old times, Quattro continues to impress.

Please, don’t tell my mom.

Q&A –

Mel writes: “So, if you did the read-through for This Mortal Coil today, when will start filming it? Also, how many season 4 episodes have you guys filmed so far? And… do you go in order??”

Answers: This Mortal Coil starts shooting on Wednesday. We’re in the process of filming The Seer and will shift back to finish up Reunion on Monday and Tuesday. We’ve filmed approximately 8 episodes and, no, the shooting order differs from the airing order.

Anonymous #1 writes: “I also have more respect for people who make the hard choices and admit when they don’t go the way they expect…”

Answer: Er, again, you mean they don’t go the way you expect…

Thomas Sharpe writes: “ Since it looks like Atlantis might not go to a season five, and almost certainly won’t go to six, how do you think the show should end.”

Answer: What’ve you heard?! Do you know someone at SciFi? We’re still working under the assumption that we’ll get that fifth season pick-up.

Anonymous #2 writes: “What did you think about the 6th Harry Potter book? Did you enjoy it?”

Answer: I really liked The Goblet of Fire a lot. It was my favorite in the series.

Jen, the cow hugger writes: “This may seem like a mundane question, but: do you own any Stargate stuff?”

Answer: Does my life-size Martin Gero cardboard replica count? No? Then no.

Dori writes: “Question 1: Does Col. Mitchell survive the movies being filmed now? (He looked really banged up.. but still cool)
Question 2: Did you read Lord of the Rings? Probably a silly question, who hasn’t.. but how does it rate with you?”

Answer 1: No can say.

Answer 2: I did way back in high school and I did enjoy them.

Scifan writes: “Can you give us a hint about “Be All My Sins Remember’d”? Is it just about one member of the team or all of them?”

Answer: All of them. And then some.

Becky S. writes: “So, Joe, after reading the comments I can see so far on your latest blog entry I find myself wondering…when are you planing to have another big dinner?”

Answer: We’ll be heading back to Gastropod next.

Tom Foolery writes: “ 1. Have you ever tried Duck? If so, what does it taste like, would you recommend it and what is the best meal you have had where it is the main ingredient?
2. What is the average cost of a meal (2 course) in the restaurants you talk about in your blog?”

Answers: 1. My favorite duck dish is Peking Duck which is really the crispy duck skin topped with hoisin sauce and green onions wrapped in a pancake. A little on the rich side, yes, but very tasty. 2. It really depends on where we go. Last night, Fondy and I went to Budapest and paid $35 for our meals. When I was out with Bob Picardo and C Restaurant, one of the city’s more upscale dining destinations, the meal was mor in the $200 range.

Gilder writes: “Want to place a chocolate bet on the Spurs/Suns series?”

Answer: Sure. I’ll take the Suns.

Jessica writes: “Will the father of Teyla’s baby be revealed in Season Four?”

Answer: Yup.

Anonymous #1 also writes: “I notice you have posted every one of the entires I have sent both before and after the one I sent this morning that replies directly to what you posted on yesterday’s blog in reply to my first post – what’s up with that??”

Answer: Uh, you mean the one in which you get all worked up and resort to swearing and name-calling? Yeah, surprisingly, that post didn’t make the cut.

Cheeky Lil Devil writes: a whole lot.

Answer: You should put together your own rap video and give both Zach and David a run for their money.

69 thoughts on “May 11, 2007

  1. Man, I hate when mothers ask you trick questions…
    I won’t tell 😉

    What’s your all-time favourite movie?

  2. hi, joe,

    i know you guys -makers of stargate- don’t have any control over scifi and their decisions, but is there any chance of the channel changing their minds and airing atlantis before the fall?

    sally 🙂

  3. I gotta stop reading your blogs after I eat a meal. I look at those pics, read the description of the gorgeous looking, almost certainly heavenly tasting meal you recently consumed and then consider what I just ate (tonight on my plate = hot dog, french fries and green beans). Granted, I have an almost 5 year-old, but still…..I so need a culinary life.

    I’m one of those people that loves to watch food tv, buys cookbooks, but then doesn’t have the energy or creativity to put together a great meal night after night. What’s up with that?

    Anyhoo – thanks for the food pics and play-by-play – I think….

    Quick Torri question – is “This Mortal Coil” the last episode in Season 4 where she will make an appearance? Is this her 4th episode for Season 4?


  4. OMG, that scene with Daniel, the bounty hunter and the bus!! We were on the floor howling! That was so perfectly out of the blue! Did Damien Kindler write that? I’ve got to send that man some cookies!

    And BTW, GeekBoy totally called the scene with Sam on the stage.

  5. If the team is looking for the Athosians in “The Seer,” do they disappear in “Missing?”

  6. Hi…
    I just wanted to say thanks for the creative joy you’ve brought to so many… though there are naysayers out there, there are also people who are just fans enjoying the ride…
    Thanks again

  7. Quote: “Answer: Er, again, you mean they don’t go the way you expect”

    Er, again, wrong.

  8. Nice to catch a glimpse of you on ATOS, Joe… tell me, do you own any suits that aren’t black? Or is that simply not an option when one has a supervillain reputation to maintain? 😉

  9. Just hitting reply to let you know that I enjoy your blog….still. Thanks for using you talent on the Stargate Universe! When I watch an ep and see that you have written it, I know I’m in for a good time 😀

    I am a big Mitchell fan, thanks for all the great writing for that character! I also love Dex and I know a few fans who would like to see him shirtless a bit more often. Sorry, I’d ask for you to be shirtless too but you aren’t on screen, LOL Thanks a bunch.

  10. Hi Joe,

    I just got done watching Bounty and all I can say is SCOOBY DOO!!! I was a huge Scooby Doo fan when I was a kid and when Daniel said that famous Scooby Doo line it brought back great memories. I thought Michael’s delivery was perfect. Oh and the bus running over the bounty hunter reminded me of The Road Runner cartoon.

    *Loved it*

  11. I decided that every time I post to you, I’ll be doing this “finish the phrase” thing:

    “Euthanasia is not for those with a weak…”

    Hey, have you ever postulated the idea that you could make your first novel a Fandemonium Stargate novel? It’d be relatively quick and easy, seeing as you’re familiar with the world.

  12. Quote: “Answer: Uh, you mean the one in which you get all worked up and resort to swearing and name-calling? Yeah, surprisingly, that post didn’t make the cut.”

    Again I never thought it would come to this Joe – please feel free to point out the swearing in the post. Perhaps my not being one of the “lemmings” you called many of the fans in an earlier post (name-calling indeed) you find it necessary to make unfounded statements to give the impression that something transpired that didn’t. As to the use of naive – if you were offended by that remark than my apologies, however it never even crossed my mind prior to your reply of May 10 that “naive” would ever be a word I associated with you – it was shocking to me.

  13. I was wondering if you’ve seen David Hewlett’s movie yet, and if not are you planning to watch it?
    I also see on IMBD that Linda Ko is going to be on a few eps. Did you ever think about her shipping with Ronon? ha ha. I’m a J/T fan. hee hee.

  14. I really liked The Goblet of Fire a lot. It was my favorite in the series.

    What was your opinion on the Goblet of Fire movie then or any of the HP movies in general? Or are you one of those “books only!” fans?

    Thanks for answering my previous question – your blog is a lot of fun! Any chance of some Joe Flanigan pictures soon? *joins chorus of Joe fans* 🙂

  15. Hi Joe.

    I’m a former Scifi Friday fan who used to watch the ultimate stack of Scifi goodness when SG-1, Atlantis, and BSG used to air together. Obviously, I was disappointed when Scifi decided to break up that group of shows. Anyway, I stuck with all three, and have continued to follow all of the shows.

    I know that SG-1 is coming to an end after the next few episodes. And it’s been announced in the last couple of days that BSG will also be ending after its fourth season. Some of BSG’s cast members have been saying that the ratings numbers for Galactica just aren’t good enough to keep making the show after that.

    So, here’s my question. I’ve been keeping track of the Gates and know that Atlantis’ ratings are a little lower than what BSG’s were for season three. Should I be worried about Atlantis getting cancelled as well? Or do you think that maybe Atlantis could continue despite the ratings? Do you think that the end of Galactica could be a good thing for Atlantis?

    I’m just a little worried about losing all three of my favorite shows in one fell swoop. I mean, if Scifi can’t keep its premier, critically acclaimed show around because of low ratings, then what chance does Atlantis have? Do you think that Scifi wants to do away with all the Scifi Friday shows? Maybe they want to create a new identity for the channel?


  16. My mom never cooked anything that didn’t come out of a box or the freezer, so I can’t relate. I remember the big treat of my childhood: every other Friday night (payday) we got to have frozen pepperoni pizza and frozen french fries for dinner! We thought it was heaven! I didn’t realize people could actually make scalloped potatoes without the Betty Crocker box until I was in high school. And by the way, our mahi mahi with garlic herb sauce turned out very nicely tonight, even though I’ve never cooked that before.

    When Mitchell tried to dissuade Vala by telling her “it’s in Kansas” we were laughing here in Kansas. We so got that! I’m not a Kansan, I’m a transplanted Missourian. Huge difference.

    May I add that you were in rare form on the mailbag tonight? I’m learning not to drink and read your replies at the same time so as not to spray my laptop.

  17. *Offering a “professional” opinion, as it were, as someone who works in recruitment, we advice cadidates *never* to bad-mouth their previous employers in an interview… it comes across as unprofessional and gives absolutely the wrong impression.

    Not half as silly and ill-equippd as you tend to sound when you completely incorrectly use the word ingest when you mean interject.*

    And not as inept as you do when you lecture me on my grammar and then use the word advice instead of advise and can’t even spell candidates properly? lol snort

  18. Awww, I thought Jack was gonna be back until the end. 🙁 I guess that’s what comes with being unspoiled.

    OK, I just watched Bounty. It was, um, different. I just can’t imagine there ever being an episode like this one in seasons 1-8. I’m not sure what the point was, really. It wasn’t all bad, some of it was cute (odd word for a Stargate). All said I just don’t know what to make of it. I get why it was Cam and Vala, I mean I don’t think you could do this sort of thing with one of the real characters. I’m having trouble figuring out how to rate it, because I it was not really like an SG-1 story. It was more of a parody or a collage of scenes. Hmm…..don’t know. I didn’t hate it, but I wouldn’t say it was really good either.

    Kelly’s Rating: *1/2

    On a side note, Joe, how do episodes like this one get received in the writers room? Do some of you really like these unconventional, gimmicky stories and some not so much? Does the network respond well to them? I’m curious how episodes like The Road Not Taken and The Shroud get made alongside an episode like Bounty. They’re so different, so completely alien to each other. For me, I think I just expected something way different than Bounty after the end last week. Instead there was nothing about Jack, nothing about the Ori being alive or dead, and nothing about the new ships that just invaded. And there was nothing about the Supergate being open again. Yup, that’s how I feel….What happened to the story???

    Thanks for listening to one raving fan loony. *grin*


  19. Joe,

    Thanks for spending time with us. I know you are extremely busy. As Executive Producer, what do you find to be the most difficult part of producing an ep?

  20. Joe, I have a cold. Any tricks you can recommend so that I can get writing done without being strung out on cold and flu tablets?

    Also, your last meal sounded devine. Once again, I love your food!porn.

  21. guess what i saw? It was green could fit a lot of people?
    It was a van in green with the side saying “jumper”. I say this because the people where getting pulled over.lol

    Ever happened to you.

  22. Glad to hear you are rooting for the Suns (at least against the Spurs) – if the Suns win the championship I’ll be sure to send you some chocolates from here in AZ. You mentioned that there won’t be a third Carson episode – given that there are twenty episodes shot, how many additional stories don’t make the cut beyond the idea/planning stage for various reasons?

  23. So then, is it safe to assume that you’ll try any food/drink once without prior knowledge of exactly what it is?? Or, would you sooner know and then still take the plunge anway?

    Ah Harry Potter, should be good, the books are rather addictive. They are definitely something to pick up and read again when I am avoiding my “lovely” University text books.

    Until next time,


  24. Dude, you have some … persistent hecklers. Watching you shred the foamers is entertaining, but have you considered eliminating anonymous commenting?

  25. So, you get even snottier comments than the ones you post here? Wow. I don’t get it, because if I was as upset with you as some posters clearly are, I would be spending my time somewhere else. Okay, I might really sound off once, but then I’d be finding something else more pleasant to do.

    I am perfectly willing to agree to disagree on the following list, but I feel compelled to say this: I like Vala, I like Cam, I think Carson was boring (nice, but boring), I really liked Jack but can move on, Katie Brown is a wet noodle and Rodney deserves better, I liked “Bounty,” Atlantis is my favorite but I’m always happy to have SG-1 folks drop by, and I’m okay with everybody keeping their shirts on. Except that last one would really disappoint cheeky lil devil, and that would be sad.

    And Carson fans, I’m not being mean, he’s just not my cup of tea, so to speak. I do think it’s cool that you get him back for a while.

    Is there a rule on how many times you can post in a 24-hour period? Because I think I’m approaching the limit. I’ll shut up now.

  26. Another producing question….which episode (that you’ve produced) has been frought with the most production hastles? Which one really turned out worse because of problems behind the cameras? Oh, and I disqualify Irresponsible as an answer. We already know that one is up there. 😛

  27. Has the shooting schedule for “Be All My Sins Remember’d” been determined yet? Oh, and about halfway through ‘Canticle for Leibowitz’ and am really enjoying it so far. Might want to put it in the margin of your books-i-want-to-read-in-my-spare-time list. Is probably a very quick read for you anyway (curse you and your fast reading! *shakes fist*) ;D.

    By the way, you rock. Plus, the more ‘hecklers’ you get, the more you get to be snarcastic and ruin everyone’s keyboards. I wonder how many people have made the mistake of drinking something while reading your blog? (guilty on three separate accounts, almost fried keyboard) ;D

  28. what is your favorite sandwich?
    Also, what is your favorite spring activity?

  29. Wow sir. Not only are you an awesome writer for one of my favorite shows, but man the FOOD! I thought I loved you for your random putting in of your name as dr. for the latin book for “Window Of Opportunity” (greatest SG-1 episode ever) but your food choices are exquisit. How do you eat all this food and not get HUGE? Are you working out with Judge?

  30. All black all the time, or jeans and a tee-shirt when you’re not working?

  31. I just read an old comment where someone slammed Vala — how can you NOT love Vala? Vala in Bounty was 100% awesome.

    You should moderate out all the crabby people posts. They give me a headache.

  32. Are you a fan of Wes Anderson(Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic)?

  33. To the Anonymous lecturer now defending his/her “name” by arguing with Joe about a comment not being approved… You’re Anonymous. Therefore your reputation and “relationship” (you never thought it would come to this — wtf?) with Joe are pretty much moot, are they not? Beyond that, I know I don’t have the energy to ferret out any sort of profundity in your thousand-word essays. I think these blog accounts are free. Maybe you should sign up for one of your own.

    To Joe, I’m really glad to see you reviewing some Italian food! The carpaccio looks to die for.

  34. Hello again,

    My computer broke and I can only check your blog on weekends, so please forgive the delayed questions.
    Alrighty, on with the questions…
    1- Do you have any advice for a budding foodie who is, quite frankly, broke. (A ‘gourmet’ meal means The Keg or Red Lobster once or twice a year.) Core recipes or dishes that everyone should try at least once or… well… you’re the experienced foodie – you tell me. I wish your Vancouver tips could help me, but I’m in Ontario.
    2- It was really nice to see those photos of the Student Bodies guys and get a quick update because I used to love that show. Was it a chance meeting or did you keep in touch with some of the cast? I hope they’re all well.
    3- Of the many books you’ve read, are any of them mainly comedies? I could really use a few nice, light reads, especially with my laptop down for the forseeable future.

    Take care.

  35. Joe, I don’t know if you generally do this sort of thing, but could you pass on a message to the playback people and/or people who do everything that shows on computer screens/data screens in SGA? I know they probably don’t get a lot of fan girling but I’m always so impressed by what they come up with.

    In re-watching “The Game” and going through stills, I was just blown away by the detail and color and just the sheer beautiful design of it all. I could geek out about how much I like it all day.

    It just makes my little graphic designer fan girl heart go pitter pat with joy every time I see the big hanging screens or a close up of a computer screen.

    If you could please pass on how much their work is appreciated, I would be overjoyed.

  36. speaking as a mother *slaps upside the head* do Italian mothers give free guilt trips as well?

  37. Good morning Joe. As a newbie to the blog thing, can I firstly say that I bow before you with regard to your attitude towards all the questions posed. It is a rare thing to find a place where you can not only question someone with such a deep involvement in a very successful show, but that you actually take the time out of your day to answer questions on a daily basis and for that and on behalf of the whumper crew, I thank you. Reading your daily replies makes my morning more bareable..and fun.

  38. prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe

    Never would have thought of that combination.

    Does it work well together?

  39. Hi Joe!

    I finally signed up for one of these Google accounts, so I’m road testing it.

    I just wanted to say thank you for spending so much time talking to us and answering all our questions. Season 4 looks fantastic so far, and I can’t wait until we get to see it. Thanks for all your hard work, and please thank the rest of the cast and crew too. I think we sometimes get too involved in what it means to us, and forget that you all put in so much effort to create these two wonderful shows for us. And if bribes in the form of chocolate can facilitate Cheeky’s quest, just say the word. 😀

    Thanks again.

  40. I love your mom! You should know how right she is! Italy has the best food ever, and if you already like the things in the restaurants…if you ever come to Italy, you could drop by and I’d cook for you!

  41. Anonymous said – you find it necessary to make unfounded statements to give the impression that something transpired that didn’t.

    Oh and you don’t buddy? Here’s an idea stop posting as Anonymous and grow up. Joe’s already got enough on without listening to you badger on about ratings and who said this and that. Just grow up, your being pathetic.

  42. The food, the food, ah …

    My mom used to make the same comment about southern homestyle cooking. You can pay for it but it’s not the same. She’s been right about two items, both of which will kill you unless consumed in moderation: homemade biscuits and baked macaroni and cheese.

    Not exactly gourmet, but man, oh, man.

    By the way, I switched from a quote-unquote casual viewer to an online forum lurker last year when Atlantis vanished (for a few months) from SciFi’s Friday line-up. After a few days lurking at various places, I realized (a) I must love this show something awful because I really liked being around it at least once a week, and (b) I had somehow stored in long term memory the name of all the episodes.

    With that being said, I am wowed by the ep names you and your colleagues are sailing for season four, with This Mortal Coil, Tabula Rasa, and Be All My Sins Remember’d my favorites.

    Looking forward to the stories that go with them.


  43. Anonymous said…
    And not as inept as you do when you lecture me on my grammar and then use the word advice instead of advise and can’t even spell candidates properly? lol snort

    Luckily for me, there’s a great deal of difference between one-letter typos (and having a keyboard where some of the keys stick) and using completely the wrong word which doesn’t even mean what you were trying to say (and on that front, I think informed was the word you were looking for, rather than equipped..) 😉

  44. Okay. Really hungry for some Italian, now. Not terribly great Italian in Atlanta. (Unless someone else has ideas?)

    Big kudos on “Bounty.” I enjoy the more intimate shows that allow a bit more character background than you normally have time for. And I loved seeing Cam get a little romance. Yay!

    “The Game” was not one of my favorites, but I just loved how you captured the essence of the teenage gamer. (Sadly, there are many adult gamers who behave the same way….) And all those pictures of McKay. David must’ve been totally lovin’ that set! 🙂

  45. Wow… OMG!! Je n’ai jamais vu autant de photos de plats différents réunis sur un blog. ça me fait toujours un peu bizarre quand je passe sur votre blog ^^. Merci beaucoup de nous faire découvrir ces mets venus d’ailleurs et merci de prendre sur voter temps pour nous dévoiler quelques petits spoilers très intéressants sur SGA. Même si je m’étais promise de ne pas le faire il est trop difficile de résister à la tentation de vous poser une petite question sur SGA.
    Est-ce que la grossesse de Teyla va permettre de rapprocher les membres de l’équipe entre eux ?

    Bonne continuation et @ bientôt !!

  46. On a scale of one to ten, how much should we expect to be shocked by the revelation of who the father of Teyla’s baby is (one being akin to being told that Richard Simmons is slightly effeminate, two being more like finding out that the world and all of us are just the figments of the imagination of a sleeping fish)?

  47. Just finished re-watching ‘The Game’ – is the clue you spoke of McKay’s question about killing one to save ten? (We just debated this in my bioethics class, coincidentally).

  48. Hi Joe

    Can I become one of your groupies?

    By the way , does the City of Atlantis remain mobile or does it find a new home?

    Take Care


  49. If you had a working Zat, who would be the first person you would fire upon? For comedic sake, or sake of causing someone mild inconvinience in their day. Take travelling distance out of the equation.

  50. Salut Joe,
    Regardez vous Heroes ? Est-ce que vous vous inspirez quelques fois des histoires d’épisodes d’autres séries TV ?

  51. Question: How can you shelve Carson’s third episode? I thought Paul was under contract for 3!

  52. I liked “The Game” a lot. Maybe I can’t say I adore it as much as I adore others this season, but I give it at least an 8 out of 10. Maybe even a 9.

    It seems the team eats a lot more this season, since we’re getting lots of scenes of them in the comissary. Hehe. I liked John eating citrus 🙂

    The flags and framed drawings with Rodney’s face. Haha!

    It was great to see more Lorne. I loved the interaction between Lorne and Radek. It’s the first time we see the characters together and it was so much fun!

    It was nice to see Elizabeth as a diplomat.

    Ah, the scenes with Rodney/John/Elizabeth and Radek/Lorne/Elizabeth were great. Poor Elizabeth. She must have felt like a mom in charge of a bunch of kids.

    It was funny every time Nola and Baden argued, in a Rodney and John style. It cracked me up when Nola said to Baden that he had sent crates of citrus fruit, and that it was a huge insult to her people. Hehe.

    Nola liking blue jello made me smile.

    I liked how lots of tiny bits of what we know about John and Rodney where there in Nola and Baden. Even some gestures, like Baden rolling his eyes at some of Nola’s comments 🙂

    I liked the twist with the simulated battle where Nola and Baden are deceived.

    And I absolutely adored the end with John and Rodney playing chess.

    All in all, I think it was a very good episode, with several great moments.

  53. I live in Maryland, a significantly large haven for seafood restaurants and their patrons, and I’d never heard anyone refer to shrimp as ‘prawn’ until I went to Vancouver. Granted, I’ve not had the chance to visit a lot of other cities in the west, but is that a Vancouver thing, a Canadian thing, or a west-coast thing?

  54. Just one tiny quick question: all those McKay portraits on the Geldar set: how were those done?

  55. Anne said…
    Joe, I don’t know if you generally do this sort of thing, but could you pass on a message to the playback people and/or people who do everything that shows on computer screens/data screens in SGA? I know they probably don’t get a lot of fan girling but I’m always so impressed by what they come up with.

    I second that.. the playback animations etc for Atlantis are not only integral to the telling of many of the stories but are also absolutely beautiful.. they make me want my own Ancient database! 😀

  56. im inspired by crazymom so ill just say, im excited about season 4, i love the team, i dont like sg1 crossovers, but im warming up to the idea of carter being there, because i didnt particulary like weir and im annoyed carson is coming back because i feel it makes the ep sunday rather redundant now and all the poignant moments about his death were for nothing. i also wish people would stop insulting you its out of order, not to mention all the bitching about season 4 is getting old…..why cant these people just accept the changes or move on??

    as for your comments joe, i loved goblet of fire too, its my fav HP and i definately recommend a handmaids tale, i did it for my english a-level class (well before i dropped the class lol)

    my question (not that you will probably answer but its worth a shot) is about Tabula rasa having watched G4 attack of the show, can you please tell me that sheppard isnt going to save the day like he always does, whenever the city is hit by some epidemic (Hot zone, Echoes) or the city is in danger for whatever reason (siege 2 for example)…its always sheppard that saves the day!! i mean i love hero shep but i dont want him to be the hero again like he always is….does someone else save the day instead??
    also is shep affected by the disease or whatever it is thats affecting people? im a whumper what can i say!

    and finally joe…..i love this blog! the sga spoilers and behind the scenes photos ROCK!!:D

  57. What’s your favorite Italian dessert?

    I’m overly partial to Tiramisu myself. There’s this wonderful cafe down the road in New Orleans that has the BEST Tiramisu, though the one in your pic looked mighty tempting as well.

  58. “I find it kind of sad that Canadians are so insecure in their national identity that they feel the need to make this country’s cultural offerings a compulsory part of everything from the t.v. we watch to the literature we study.”

    Hey, I like the Canadian TV that I’ve seen (Stargate and The Great White North), and if I read any Canadian literature, I’ll probably like that, too, and I’m not even Canadian.

  59. In regards to this exchange:

    Quote: “Quote: “Answer: Uh, you mean the one in which you get all worked up and resort to swearing and name-calling? Yeah, surprisingly, that post didn’t make the cut.”

    (me) Again I never thought it would come to this Joe – please feel free to point out the swearing in the post. Perhaps my not being one of the “lemmings” you called many of the fans in an earlier post (name-calling indeed) you find it necessary to make unfounded statements to give the impression that something transpired that didn’t. As to the use of naive – if you were offended by that remark than my apologies, however it never even crossed my mind prior to your reply of May 10 that “naive” would ever be a word I associated with you – it was shocking to me.” From May 11th Blog entries.

    New to May 11 – Just in case you confused my post of yesterday with someone else’s that really did use swearing and name calling mine was sent between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m EDT on Friday, May 11 and the first paragraphs went like this:

    “I get that you all are in charge and you all make the decisoins but come on Joe.

    Quote Joe: “The command issue obviously did not sit well with you, but it made sense within the narrative framework: Mitchell is chargedwith the task of putting together a new SG-1 team after the original memebers have gone ther separate ways.”

    Jack O’Neill from Season 8 Lockdown —

    “O’Neill: Oh. Well I made it clear he shouldn’t expect preferential treatment, that he’d have to prove himself before I’d consider him for offworld travel.

    CARTER: He is one of the most highly decorated officers in Russian military history, and he has over twenty years’ flight experience.

    O’NEILL: And EXACTLY NO YEARS IN OFFWORLD TRAVEL.”. I’m not gonna risk the lives of anyone under my command on a slick résumé.

    History and canon two things the fans care deeply about — etc., etc.”

    I wanted to send this because it bothers me that you have indicated something that is not true about my post and I am hoping that it was a just a mistake on your part stemming from confusion of the posts.

  60. *waves*

    Cheeky Lil Devil writes: a whole lot.

    Answer: You should put together your own rap video and give both Zach and David a run for their money.

    Alas, the only thing I can ‘rap’ are my ham sandwiches that I make each morning to eat in work :o)

    Hehehe, actually a friend has offered the use of her camcorder and lots of drink as way of bribary…it could make for an interesting night. :o)


  61. Anonymous said…
    Just in case you confused my post of yesterday with someone else’s that really did use swearing and name calling mine was sent between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m EDT on Friday, May 11… etc

    Maybe if you weren’t posting anonymously all the time, there would be less opportunity for confusion…? 😉

    Lil Devil – Camcorder at the ready.. do you like whiskey? You do the rapping and I’ll be the backing singer (you = eminem, me = dido)!! 😀

  62. Hey Joe
    Now that sg1 has wrapped and the second movie is almost finished shooting will the Atlantis set expand to fill up any of the space? Also, since Ben Browder and Joe Flanigan got along so well filming the Pegasus Project last year could we see Mitchell on Atlantis for an episode?

  63. As a coloured woman, I can’t help noticing that most of the people in the pictures you post, the people you work with, are white men. How do you think that affects the shows you work on? For example, it bothers a lot fans (including me) that both Teyla and Ronon are portrayed to a certain degree as the ‘noble savages’, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that hadn’t even occurred to you.

  64. Joe,
    Everytime you post a picture of all that good food I start to Salivate (did I spell it right??)Im going to visit friends in Vancouver and alberta soon. Is there a website of these retaurants you go to ??

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