The other day, I caught up on the Hugo nominees for Best Short Story. Yesterday, I checked out the stories in the running for Best Novelette. Paolo Bacigalupi does a masterful job of conveying the sense of utter despair that pervades his protagonist’s world in Yellow Card Man. Michael Flynn’s Dawn, Sunset and the Colours of the Earth is a compelling account of regular lives turned upside-down by a mysterious incident. In Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter, Geoff Ryman offers up a creepy tale about retribution and the power of lost souls. Mike Resnick’s All the Things You Are is reminiscent of those classic scifi stories of old, while the title of Ian McDonald’s novelette, The Djinn’s Wife, only hints at what awaits readers of this highly unusual narrative.

And, again, if you like what you read, maybe think about picking up further readings by the respective authors (I’ve included some suggestions):

Paolo Bacigalupi’s “Yellow Card Man” –
Pick up: The Fluted Girl (Great Science Fiction Stories), Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge.

Michael F. Flynn’s “Dawn, Sunset and the Colours of the Earth” –
Pick up: Eifelheim, Rogue Star, The Wreck of the River of Stars, In the Country of the Blind, Lodestar, Falling Stars.

Ian McDonald‘s “The Djinn‘s Wife“ –
Pick up: Brasyl, River of Gods, Ares Express.

Mike Resnick‘s: “All the Things You Are” –
Pick up: Santiago, The Outpost, The Widowmaker Trilogy, Mutiny.

Geoff Ryman: “Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter” –
Pick up: Air: Or, Have Not Have, Was, 253: A Novel, The Child Garden.

Steve Eramo dropped by the offices today to conduct some interviews. He was on hand when Ben Browder staggered in, on lunch break from shooting Ark of Truth. Clearly, he’s having a bad day. I hear Director Robert Cooper can be a bit of a taskmaster.

Hey, look at what showed up on my desk yesterday. It’s the second part of the mid-season two-parter compliments of Marty G. I predict it will vie for the title of Season Four Fan Favorite Episode. We’ll see if the title sticks.

By the way, check out the two new additions to my office: the fearsome Apocalypse and the, well, colorful-looking Kraven the Hunter in his skin-tight leopard-print pants, sandals, and partially exposed chest. “Hey!”marveled Ivon upon noticing the statue. “It’s Freddy Mercury!”

Tried to read a book for my scifi book club and was only able to get some 75 pages in before setting it aside. I am now faced with a choice of three other titles from my scifi book club (Quicksilver, The Handmaid’s Tale, or Revelation Space), two books that Playback Supervisor Krista McLean dropped off (Blindness, and Haroun and the Sea of Stories), or some of the wildcard selections I’ve been wanting to get around to (Nine Princes in Amber, Blindsight, Before They Are Hanged). Suggestions?

Questions? Sure you do.

Kristen writes: “What kind of ethnic foods do you like? Have you eatin any vegetarian food, or tofu?”

Answer: I’m a fairly adventurous eater and do enjoy most any food – although I’m not wild about vegetarian food, and tofu in particular.

Cindee writes: “I’m reading John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War right now. I bought The Androids Dream and The Last Colony. Between the two, which one should I read first or does it matter.”

Answer: Old Man’s War was his first, I believe, so that’s the one I would start with.

Neep writes: “Would you consider yourself more of a polar bear or a penguin?”

Answer: Definitely more penguin than polar bear.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Are you familiar with”

Answer: Yup. That’s where I used to post all of my restaurant reviews.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Any ideas on what type of novel you would write?”

Answer: It would be scifi. I have an idea in mind and some characters in mind.

KaziWren writes: “Can you suggest new things I could introduce into my diet that will make me enjoy meals again?”

Answer: Well, I don’t want to make an recommendations that could screw up the diet plan your trainer has come up for you. I found that what worked for me was a good breakfast and generally healthy choices, supplemented by between meal snacks (a power bar, almonds, maybe some cottage cheese with fruit). I never ate late (past 7:00 p.m.) but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the occasional dessert.

GrapesofWraith writes: “How do your personal cooking skills compare to places you eat at?”

Answer: Unfavorably.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Intresting article in CNN about ratings.”

Answer: Yeah, I saw that. Very interesting.

74 thoughts on “May 9, 2007

  1. Finally a book I recognise the name of that you’ve mentioned: The handmaid’s tale. One of the books I read during class, and saw the movie. The book was better (well, the parts I *did* read) haven’t read the others you mentioned, most likely will not … ever. I’m not a bookworm per se (sp?), and even though I love scifi, I never got the taste of reading scifi-books. (kind of ironic, since it was one of the theme of books I had to read for class last fall) Last book I read on my own choice (no school involved) was Jean M. Auels book series “The Clan of the Cave Bear”. Started with the 3rd book.. a year ago I think.. only halfway through.

    anyway, excuse my late night rambling …
    Always fun to read your blog 🙂

  2. hi, joe,

    why such a ghastly picture of ben browder? 😮 how about something more gentle, like without blood pouring down his face. :p

    penguin vrs polar bear? so you’re a lover and not a fighter. 😉

    concerning your previous blog entry and the unlikely chance of jack/rda being in atlantis… :\ 🙁

    ~subliminal message – post picture of amanda tapping~

    sally 🙂

  3. Wow. And I thought *I* had a rough day at the office! 😉 That’s a pretty cool Apocalypse figure.. who’s your favourite Marvel bad guy? Oh, have you had chance to see Spiderman 3 yet? In my view, overall a pretty good film but varying from some cool action set pieces to some truly cringe-worhty character arcs… Venom was pretty cool though… though honestly, they could have done a *lot* more with such an iconic villain.

    Anyway, as far as books go, out of the list you quoted for your club, I can recommend A Handmaid’s Tale.. but then I’m a fan of dystopian future-type stuff… 🙂

  4. “The Handmaid’s Tale” was a good read, though it was a bit heavy handed in its political commentary. If you’re going to read Margaret Atwood, I’d suggest “Oryx and Crake”. I found it much more readable, and a more engaging story. Maybe get your book club to switch up the titles? Or just read both of them, they’re both worth at least one read through.

    Your blog is going to bankrupt me. Between the book recommendations and the chocolate enabling, you’re a really bad influence!

  5. Whoa, cool pics – Ben, I mean Cameron looks like he’s gonna get pounded. What was his reaction to you taking his picture?

    Say, are you kinda “famous” around the set for snapping up pics constantly, or does everyone else do it too?

    I read with interest the Hugo nominees and awards – mainly coz I love reading Mike Resnick and own a couple of his books. Amusingly his stuff isn’t in Australian bookshops and I get them off Amazon.

  6. Hey Joe,
    Is there any release window for “The Ark of Truth”. I don’t mean a date, but is it this fall, winter, next spring? Thanks

  7. P.S. I do appreciate you going to such lengths to cater to the whumpers amongst us but *ahem* you got the wrong Colonel… how about a pic of whumped Sheppard? Hmmm? Please? Pretty please? 😀 😀

  8. Wow, it looks like Mitchell is going to continue to fulfill his true role as SG-1’s all purpose punching bag. I’m so excited to see this! I don’t suppose it’s Teal’c who beat the crap out of him this time, is it? Real people are always so much tougher than holographic knights!

    Oh, and I second the question on the release window for the movies. Do you guys have a general idea when we might get them?

  9. I’ll be sure to check out some of those short stories when enough spare time comes my way.

    Nice additions to your office! I especially like the Apocalypse. How many statues do you have in total?

  10. I’d highly recommend The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a chilling dystopia, the kind that really sticks with you–not as violent as A Clockwork Orange, but powerful. I’d honestly say this is one of a very small number of novels that changed my view of the world.

  11. Woah, you guys are all getting Hamlet-y up there eh? I think this is the longest title Atlantis has ever had.


    Yup, although McKay and Mrs. Miller comes close. Hope you guys keep it.

    Hmmm…let’s see, seeing as my Stargate questions have gone unanswered and you seem to be focusing more on other topics (or maybe that’s just today), I’ll ask something else.

    What’s your favorite color Joe?

  12. Yipe! Cam! Looks like he got a faceful of … hm. What does one call the dashboard of a spaceship? Love all your behind-the-scenes shots.

  13. Hmm… It would appear that we have a winner for “Who had the worst day today”.

    Also, I like the title currently given to the second part of the mid-season two parter (say that 10 times fast). Sounds intriguing–perhaps a bit of emotional angst? Either way it sounds intriguing. *sighs* I can’t wait for Season Four (not that Season 3 isn’t great… still looking for that clues, though).

  14. Joe – Sorry for the length but I see you have posted comments that are novellas unto themselves so here goes:

    I get that you cannot make creative decisions based on fan reaction. However when something is pretty much panned wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the show to try and temper the negativity and decline by trying to bring the show back to its equilibrium point?

    Season 9, which harbored many chnages (some necessary, some not) coincides with the beginning of the slide in the ratings (it is also the first time there are anti-season threads on several forums not just the dreaded GW).

    The early S9 ratings seem to indicate that viewers (hard core as well as casual) were willing to give the changes to the show a try so it would seem that it was not really the actual creative decision to bring in new people but something beyond it that started the ratigs slide as people stopped watching.

    Based on comments from the internet forums it seems that the hard-core fans thought the changes were implemented and handled poorly – coinciding with the slide in ratings. I did not see much of “Mitchell and Vala never should have been added”, on the contrary, setting aside what is idiocy from some, I saw quite a bit of constructive, well-written, well thought out crit that focused more on “the new characters were handled so poorly in their introductions, and the main stars, who had the loyal fan followings for 8 years, were incredibly mishandled based on the shows history and canon”, etc.

    The question has to be asked that with so many people (of the so-called hard core fans) saying how the command issue (newbie who never saw the Stargate versus 8 year veteran who spent 7 years as 2IC and 1 year as leader of SG-1); Vala’s childish, immature innuendo; the Landry/Lam soap-opera that begs the regs question; etc., were inappropriate and illogical within the Stargate history — the CANON of the show –something that is very important to the fans, and seemed important to the people in charge until S9, was there a correlation to that crit and the ratings decline?

    When you have a group of people, albeit a small group in comparison to the viewing population (similar to, but not formalized, the way a poll for President is a tiny percentage of the millions of people who will actually vote) who are longstanding, loyal fans who stood by the show for 8 years (and who, by the admisson of many involved in the making of Stargate, know the show better then some of the people who make it) and who, in some unison at the beginning of S9, start to criticize how the changes were handled while at the same exact time the ratings begin, and continue, to decline indicating that in addition to the hard-core fans providing the input and feedback on the changes, casual fans are also abandoning the show, why would the people in charge not even consider that those things that the hard-core fans have pointed out and were wary of right from the get go be at least partially to blame for the problems and the decline of ratings??

    Honestly, it seems odd that downloads (which have been available for years — well before S9-10) and previously aired eps (which is not new to Stargate since in the seasons prior to 9-10, the second half aired in UK and Canada BEFORE they aired in the US) would be waved about as excuses since ratings did not seem to suffer in the seasons prior to 9-10 when fans watched downloads and had access BEFORE eps aired in the US. As for the promotion, you know as well as I do that promotion for Stargate has been dismal forever and that S10 with it’s record breaking 200th eppy had a lot more promotion than any previous season so that excuse is not really getting much yardage especially since ratings increased through S8 with little to no promo and the decline only started in S9 – when the changes were made.

    I don’t get it – why is it so hard to admit mistakes were made?? JJ Abrams and Mark Cherry did it – actually I have more respect for those who are able and willing to admit mistakes and at least try to rectify them as opposed to continuing down the same path that contributed to the decline while using everything else as an excuse but never even deigning to admit that the changes played some role.

    Bottom-line – hard-core fans begin, and continue, to criticize how S9 changes were handled while at the same time ratings, which by your own statements are driven by casual viewers, start out okay and steadily decline right through S9 into S10 – coincidence? I think not.


  15. I would recommend A Handmaid’s Tale. I really enjoyed it (although I am a fan of the whole dystopian futre genre, so I may be biased). I found it to be very engaging. As another person commented, it was a little heavy handed with political commentary, but was still very enjoyable. Perhaps most interesting was reading Margaret Attwood’s comments on the novel, and how all of the aspects of the novel had at one point been present in history in various countires under different regimes (although not to the same extent).
    On a completely unrelated note, have you ever watched Veronica Mars?

  16. Thanks for the great pics. Looking forward to seeing what has Mitchell in such bad shape.

    I like the title. It’s interesting and thought-provoking. Though I question the necessity of spelling it “remember’d” rather than just “remembered”. It certainly evokes a classical sort of feeling, a sort of poetic language, but it would probably be more distracting that it’s worth. But I really do like the title and am very curious to see what it’s about.

  17. Goodness, Ben certainly hasn’t had a good day! Darn you, Joe, now I’m going to go nuts trying to figure out what is happened to get him in such shape.

    As for the books, my boyfriend and I highly recommend reading “Nine Princes in Amber” The Amber books are wonderful! But I found it a lot easier to follow the story by having the next four books ready to read after I finished the first. If possible pick up either “The Cronicles of Amber” which is the first Amber series (all 5 books) combined into one edition or “The World of Amber” which is the first and second series (nine books total) in one edition.

    While some of the best fantasy stories out there, the Amber books are intricate, with textures and layers woven beautifully toegether.

  18. I have a new name for Martin Gero, brought about by his love of writing for the character of McKay.

    Gero + McKay = McGero

    Now THAT would make one wicked action figure. And I mean wicked in a non-cool, sarcastic way.

    Also, people Remember to Submit your Evals!

  19. Gah! Poot kitty! Whumping bad. Not getting crap kicked out of you good. ^^;
    Now I’m about 4,000 times more excited about Season 4. Thank you for that lovely shot of the script -heart- ;D

    I just finished up a book my sci fi loving friend lent me, ‘The Stars My Destination.’ Ironically, although I absolutely adore sci fi programming, I’m not a huge fan of actual sci fi literature. Hm. I found the book too angry and tedious for my general disposition, although the last two chapters were absolutely fantastic. Maybe it’s something up your alley. I’m going to take on one of your recommendations after I finish up a book that was gifted to me yesterday, ‘A Cantice For Leibowitz’. It’s very interesting so far. Tell you if it’s worth reading soon.

  20. The pics of the action figures in your office made me remember my husband has an entire collection of Spawn figures in a box in the basement.

    Do you like Spawn figures? If so, say the word and I’ll pick out the scariest looking ones and stuff them in a box for you. Would that get me any pull for seeing more of Weir in Season 4 and Season 5? Tee-hee!


  21. I think a Society Against Cruelty to Cam needs to be founded. That guy sure takes a beatin’ (though admittedly it’s usually by a holographic Knight or Teal’c).

  22. On the 7th you wrote: Martin is finishing up work on the second part of the mid-season two-parter. Alan is working on what like to call “the third part of the mid-season two-parter”. And Carl has started work on the relationships episode. He’ll be moving onto the cross-over episode once he’s done. Then there’s the two-part return of THAT character. Which brings us to episodes 17.

    Does this mean that you’ve slotted 16 episodes and are about to slot the 17th? In your rundown, you didn’t mention Carson’s 3rd episode (that you announced on the 12th). Was that Joe Flanigan’s ep that got moved to Season Five? Does that mean that Carson will only be in the two-part return story now?

  23. Is there a reason the latest Stargate Atlantis episode (Tao of Rodney) isn’t on iTunes? It’s Thursday already and I want to show my support by buying it.

  24. I never made it through The Handmaid’s Tale, but I believe it is still floating around here somewhere.

  25. Hey there! I love your blog and all of the pictures! I’m a big fan of the show! I just had one question for you, being in the television and film industry… as a kid, did you invision being a filmmaker? Did you expect it to turn out like it is? Is there anything that surprised you once you got into the industry?

    Haha, sorry that turned out to be a few questions. I’m quite interested in getting into film and television myself. Any advice?

    Thank you!

  26. Answer: First of all, the number of hardcore fans are actually dwarfed by the multitude of casual viewers. As for listening to the hardcore fans, which hardcore fans would you be referring to? The hardcore fans that want the Shep-Weir ship or the ones that want to Shep-Teyla ship? The ones that want to see more Rodney or the ones that want to see less McKay? The ones that want to see more crossover or the ones that don’t want to see any crossover?

    Hmm…good point. I would have thought that the hardcore fans would be the ones buying up merchandise and DVD sets and watching episodes and repeats in droves, ‘specially since Stargate is such a niche show.

    As for listening, well I could tell you what I personally would like to see, but thinking of all the characters that have been developed from season 1-3 I would say that you should listen to all the hardcore fans and give them a little bit of everything, ie) those who like the dynamic the way it is now…the Shep-Weir leadership/friendship/possibility for something more, the Shep-Teyla friendship/team-mates/possibility for something more, Rodney in manageable and funny quantities who is sarcastic while saving the day, and a couple crossovers here and there to bring more SG1 fans over to the show…

    …all in all, I would say to keep the cast the way it was in season 3. Elizabeth and John as the leaders making the decisions, Rodney as the scientist occasionally making breakthroughs and occasionally screwing things up, Teyla- well, I know that you guys are developing her character so that’s taken care of, and the same goes for Ronan and dear Carson patching everyone up when they get hurt. I think that all fans would agree that cast changes are dicey at the best of times. I mean, I love the character Carter as much as anyone, but I don’t want to see her character pushed on Atlantis at the expense of Elizabeth, and I love the Elizabeth/John friendship and every moment between the two of them gives me and the Sparky fans something to *squee* about but I also like the Teyla/John friendship that give the Sheylas something to *squee* about too…etc. I’m sure that you could say that you can’t make everyone happy- but you can- don ‘t get rid of any characters for good- that would make everyone happy.

    You guys had a perfect dynamic in season 3- everyone for the most part had at least one episode that was devoted mostly to them, and everyone had almost equal screen time. You guys created drama and suspense without having to actually kill someone like you guys did in Sunday… ‘The Return’ had me on the edge of my seat even though I figured from the spoilers from later episodes that everything would work out fine…

    …I guess what I’m trying to say is that you guys can make GREAT suspense and drama without actually killing off a character—and even if you do kill off a character I personally believe that it should be because the actor wants to leave and even then you should leave the door wide open just like what happened to Daniel Jackson. He died, ascended- we saw him maybe 4 times in season 6 and then he was back full time in season 7 and everything was back to normal— that’s all we really want. We watch Stargate to escape from reality, not to be reminded of it—yes people die, but that is what the ‘red-shirts’ are for- you don’t have to kill off a main character to create suspense for the other characters, you can do that just fine by killing off ‘red-shirts’…


    …sorry for the ramble, its by no means the general feeling of the Atlantis fans, just my own personal opinion but I’m sure that a fair number of fans feel the same way. The show was running like a well oiled machine in season 3 and we didn’t see the reason for getting rid of two recurring characters… mind you, if Carson and Lizzie come back in season 5 and their disappearance makes a HUGE difference in season 4 (ie: John and Rodney complaining about Carter and missing Lizzie being in charge, John mentioning with great feeling to Keller that she does as good as job as Carson did …etc. Just like the first few episodes of Daniel’s death, and throughout all of SG1 S6- Sam was upset, Teal’c was upset, Jack didn’t warm up till Jonas till nearly the end of the season…etc.)


    There I go rambling again… sorry- but I’m sure that you get the point that I am trying to make…

    (Oh, and thank you for responding to my original comment, it’s really cool to know that I got your attention with something I said… ^_^ …hope filming is going well! I am looking forward to S4, so long as doors are kept WIDE open (unlike with Ford who was in 4 episodes of S2 and has not been seen or spoken of since) so that our favourite characters can be brought back…

  27. Ouch! Poor Mitchell. He does look in a sorry state. As a Shep whumper, and I hope my fellow whumpers don’t throw tomotoes at me for this, I actually wouldn’t want to see Sheppard looking quite like that!I mean, a few facial bruises and bits of dripping blood on his handsome features would be great, but poor Mitchell looks like he’s had his face smashed into a force field. Poor mite! I know, call myself a whumper???

    No food piccies today? I really enjoy drooling over them, especially the the desserts! What is your most favourite dessert ever? Mine is probably my mother’s homemade chocolate ice cream. It’s positively sinful! Made with double cream and 70% cocoa bean dark chocolate, amongst other things, it is the best ice cream I’ve tasted.

    While perusing the wonderful pictures you posted, a question came to mind. So, I was wondering, why do you think MG’s ‘Be all my sins Remember’d’ will tie for fan favourite, and which is the other episode you think will be tying with it, Doppelganger?

    Thank you!

  28. Haroun and the Sea of Stories remains one of my favorite reads. I can certainly recommend it, but make sure you have the next book right besides you as it’s a rather quick read. It’s very well suited for a writer to read.

  29. Hey i have a q. Is there a possibility for Ford to reappear in S4, and even then if there isn’t is there a possibility he will be mentioned? It feels almost like that plot thread is dangling since mid-S2.

    I am fearful Ronon will wind up the same way (close to redundant), except for his centric episode.

  30. Ah poor Ben, he almost looks like he got in the middle of a paint throwing competition.

  31. Shawna said…
    I like the title. It’s interesting and thought-provoking. Though I question the necessity of spelling it “remember’d” rather than just “remembered”.

    It’s a direct quote… and you don’t muck about with Shakespeare’s spelling… 😉

  32. I strongly recommend The Handmaid’s Tale! I couldnt put it down. It’s not very scifi-y or anything, but just plain amazing. Even though it mentions a lot about politics…
    And who got to Ben Browder? A on set fight broke out?

  33. Wow, authentic much! :o)

    Thanks for the Ben/Mitchell Ark of Truth pics, absolutely can’t wait to see what happens to him here, but did you have to break the poor guy’s nose? 😉

    Well, done to the make-up department.

    PS: What was the reaction in the lunch queue?

  34. I don’t read your blog everyday but visit it every few days to check out wiht’s happening but I’ve found myself orientating myself with your pictures of food! It’s incredible how much more interested you become when it’s put infront of you!

    Also I was reading an earlier post with floor plans/schematics. Just wondering how much of Atlantis the team has already discovered/explored? Will we get to see more building exploration in the future?

  35. I’m not a big fan of dystopian books, but I have to admit to being really wowed by The Handmaid’s Tale. As everyone else has said, though, it can be a bit heavy-handed. However, I found it fairly easy to skim those parts and still enjoy the story.

    I think you need to take that close-up of Ben’s face and make a poster saying, “What do you mean you’d like to rewrite this line?” ::grin::

  36. I recommend Nine Princes in Amber.
    Roger Zelazny rocks. my son has the entire series on audio read by the man himself, he listens to them on the drive to work

  37. Ugh, do NOT read A Handmaid’s Tale. The most mind-numbingly boring and depressing book in existence.
    And thank you so much for posting those pics of Ben, you are my hero!!! 😀
    Tell him if he needs someone to clean him up, I’m offering 😉

  38. Hi Joe

    Love your play on words!! “Hey” marveled Ivon.. cute..

    Just a thought on ” why the number of people watching TV has declined”. Besides the obvious computer toys, could the length and number of commercials be a factor. It must be really annoying to writers when they watch their story come to life but it happens in short segements. Also while these commercials are running viewers tend to surf and if they see anything else they like you may have lost them. I know that commercials pay for the main program but surely there must be another way? How about putting the products in the story you know …someone in the back ground drinking coke , or someone eating a Domino pizza or perhaps a big poster of Tide in the background.. A picture paints a thousand words.. When I download some old shows there are no ads and it is so much better. There has to be a better way..

    Looking forward to your novel…

    Take Care


  39. Wow! What a great title for an episode – Be All My Sins Remembere’d! So when you said it is a second half of a two-parter that means that the first part has a different title – like The Lost Boys and The Hive and not like The Return – part 1 and part 2? Also is Carter going to appear in this two-parter?

  40. Blindsight by Michael Stewart, or by Peter Watts? The first I read ages ago, and quite enjoyed; the second I have yet to read, but have heard many rave reviews about.

  41. I’d recommend The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s more political, but very good.

    I was wondering what you thought of ABC’s decision to set an end date for Lost, with a set number of episodes (16 per season)? As a fan of that show I’m relieved, because I was worried ABC would try to keep it on way past it’s prime (like the X-Files was) and I’m feeling confident that the producers will start to reveal answers in the final show.

    I’m afraid Ivon is correct, Kraven The Hunter definitely looks like Freddy Mercury.

  42. Great pics of Ben!! When can we see this sort of damage on SGA? Huh? Huh? Pretty pleeeeease!

    Had to laugh at your comment about Freddie (that’s with an “ie” btw, not a “y”! I nearly had a seizure!) But that’s the exact same thing I thought when I first looked at it. 😀

  43. Hi Joe,

    Seeing the picture of Mitchell all bloodied reminded me of a question. I noticed that in seasons 9 and 10 of SG1 some of the episodes are more graphic then previous seasons. The burning scene in “Avalon 2” is one example but “Talion” has to be the most violent episode that SG1 has ever done. Compare that to season 8’s “Reckoning 2” when Daniel has a sword put through his chest by Replicarter. Daniel should have had a hole in his chest that you could put your fist through but instead all he had was a trickle of blood running out of the corner of his mouth. He didn’t even have blood on his shirt where the sword went through.

    I know that Rob and Brad will have alot more freedom with what can be shown in the movies then on T.V. but I was curious why the big change between season 8 and season 9 involving the graphics. Especially since the show was still being shown on the same station.

  44. Thanks for the food advice to mix things up a bit with my training. I’ll make sure to send you a link to a picture of me all buff! *giggles*


  45. My two cents –
    Handmaid’s Tale, and Nine Princes in Amber. Definitely.

    Joe, have you ever written anything (an episode of SG-1 or SGA, for example) in direct response to world events? Conflict in the Middle-East, Israel, Russia, etc.?

  46. Hi Joe, first time I have discovered your blog, and I wish I had seen it sooner! Any chance we might see more of the design of Atlantis in the future? It would be nice to see some of where things are located in the city.

  47. Please givesus a hint as to who is the daddy of Teyla’s baby’s and have you ever been to London?

  48. Have you ever considered writing a culinary guide to Vancouver? Aimed for the tourists (mainly).

    If nothing else the pictures would be great.

    Maybe there are some canine delis and restaurants that the terrible trio could write about.

  49. Please givesus a hint as to who is the daddy of Teyla’s baby’s

    My money is on Larry Birkhead.

    I was so going to make a “Kraven the Hunter is so gay…” joke, but Ivan beat me to it. The guy had such potential, but I never enjoyed his arcs too much. And since the rise of Steve Irwin (*jewish voice* may he rest in peace) I just can’t help but here ol’ Kraven with an Austrailian accent. Apocolypse is pretty bad ass, but once again, I have a hard time getting past the costume. I wish they would revamp him soon. Although I guess I should stop bashing on Marvel. Since my husband is staunch D.C. I have to “represent” Marvel in my household. Otherwise how will my step-daughter know that Dr. Strange is really the lovechild of Tony Stark and Reed Richards (check it out!).

    Totally unrelated question of the day. Do you read Harry Potter?

    Tanya C. Anderson

  50. You guys do remember that Daniel is the one that is supposed to take most of the whumpage on SG1 don’t you. If Rob didn’t give Daniel any whumpage in “Arc Of Truth” could you please remind Brad that some Daniel whumpage would be appreciated.

    I was surprised to see that Ben was still there filming the movie. Michael has already rapped filming and is in L.A. Since there’s a good possibility that CJ is also in L.A. with Michael does that mean that their parts are alot smaller in the movie?

    *Still worried about the BIG 3*

  51. I just can’t help but here ol’ Kraven with an Austrailian accent.

    Oh goodness, did I just spell “hear” as “here”.
    …I can never show my face at “homophones anonymous” again.

  52. Love the peek into your toybox, keeping the kids away from mine was a problem until I put the kids on ebay

  53. Joe,

    I’m a little worried that Ark of Truth is going to turn into a Mitchell/Vala fest. I think that skewed focus is what got the show in trouble in the first place, so can you promise us fans that the movie won’t be another Fargate rehash (like most of season nine).

  54. “I was surprised to see that Ben was still there filming the movie. Michael has already rapped filming and is in L.A. Since there’s a good possibility that CJ is also in L.A. with Michael does that mean that their parts are alot smaller in the movie?

    *Still worried about the BIG 3*”

    I wouldn’t worry too much. Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks seem to both be quite busy with upcoming projects and whatnot. Likewise, Amanda Tapping has Atlantis and Sanctuary on top of the movies. It’s probably something as simple as those actors having had the majority of their stuff filmed first so they could do their other projects. I haven’t heard of Ben Browder working on anything else yet, so it’s not unlikely that he’s filming his stuff for the movie once the other guys have gotten out of the way and on to their other committments.

  55. Definately, Handmaids Tale. I read it for my A level English class, and absolutely loved it. It remains my favourite scifi novel, and is in my top ten novels of all time, and I read a lot, so it’s quite a compliment. Margaret Atwood is an amazing writer, and this is a definate must read. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve read it now.

  56. to anonymous #point billion:

    Tao of Rodney was available on iTunes several days ago, as I downloaded it then. I’m sorry I don’t remember the exact day. I just checked, and it is currently available there. Give it another try and let me know how it goes.

  57. Another update to anonymous #point billion:

    I just tried to watch my downloaded ep of Tao of Rodney, and it began playing SG-1’s ep The Shroud. So iTunes has a labeling or assignment error.

    To add to the confusion, I had just begun downloading The Shroud from iTunes about a half hour ago, so now I have two downloads of the same ep, though housed under different show names.

    I want my $1.99 back! Off I go to contact iTunes to request it.

  58. *waves at Joe and Fondy*

    Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom, I knew it was best to leave the decision in your capable hands. You’ll be plesaed to hear…or maybe not 😉 that I’ve alredy started my quest. Unfortunately it meant that yesterday I hd no access to the internet..the connection’s a bit slow in the Pegasus Galaxy :p But I couldn’t continue forward without dropping you a note of thanks. :o)


    Cheeky’s Quest!


    A quest is such a wondrous thing,
    So Cheeky goes forth through the ancestral ring.
    With JM giving a slight nod of his head,
    To find shirtless Shep, or see him tucked up in bed ;o)

    With the Doppelganger’s script, there’s the hope of a scene.
    Of seeing Shep in his bed, while he’s having bad dreams.
    So I’ll be cheeky and ask, is there a chance we will see?
    Semi nekkid Shep lying, in the in-firmary. (okay so I’m not a great poet, lol)

    Whumped to oblivion I hope, and team moments galore,
    These are the moments I’d love in season four.
    Any chance he could be intubated? To please our friend SD,
    She’s been so patiently waiting since the start of season 3.

    Although not always possible, we know you’ll try your best,
    To give us lots of action so that I can end my quest.
    Of seeing Sheppy shirtless, adore the scene I will,
    I’m sure I’ll have a fangirl moment, and be a lil shrill. :p
    But please don’t let this put you off, contain myself I’ll try,
    Though seeing Shep not shirtless will only make me cry..

    Never one to fail a challenge, Joe,
    unless there’s something we should know, ;o)
    Is this a quest or a hopeless plea?
    Please Mr M, I just want to squee.
    So wish me luck, although I’m sure that I’ll find,
    A shirtless Shep, in my own dirty mind.
    But give up I won’t, I’ll try my very best,
    To one day get a peek, of John Sheppard’s chest :p


    Thankyou Mr M you’re a very wise and kind man.

    PS. I bet you’re sorry you answered my question now, hehehe.

  59. Are there any new developments you can tell us about the movie ‘Continuum’? It’s still scheduled to be released this fall correct?

  60. Edward4th said…
    Ben might try holding the lid on the ketchup before he shakes it next time

    😆 I like it! However…

    Cheeky Lil Devil, I love you! Where have you been hiding this unsuspected talent for prose? Thank you for finishing my day with a much-needed chortle! 😀

  61. Joe,

    Is Tabula Rasa an “Atlantis” episode? Meaning, is it an all on base episode like, say, Echoes?

  62. Joe,

    I’m really worried we won’t get much Carter in the movies because of Atlantis. It seems like all of the spoilers and pictures show Sam on Atlantis, not in the big movies. Would you say Sam will have a bigger role in Continuum than she will in AoT? Or will it be small in both movies because of Atlantis?


  63. BTW: If anyone is intersted about that promo Joe had pictures of, you can find it here:

  64. Thanks for answering my question. However, do you think you could put up a pic next time you do some home cooking – or make ice cream? Wow, Ben looks really roughed up. Can’t wait for Ark of Truth!

    (If you would like to answer this,) could you tell us if the hint to “him” returning is post/pre sunday? i suppose i could phrase that as “is the clue in saturday or monday?”

  65. Thanks for the Ben/Mitchell pics. I’m really looking forward to the movies.


  66. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It is always great pleasure to read your posts.

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