Playback Supervisor Krista McLean came by the office today with Playback Artist Rob Fitzimmons to discuss – yes, you guessed it – playback. What kind of information do we see on McKay’s laptop in this scene? Is it scrolling data? What kind of data? Numbers or script? Ancient or English? Do you want any sort of undulating power graphs to go with that? How many, how big, and what color? While they were in my office, the topic turned to cigarettes, and I offered (imposed on) Krista my surefire method of quitting smoking. It’s quite simple really. Whenever she is struck with the urge to light up, she should eat a cigarette. “Even the filter?”asked Paul. “The whole cigarette,”I informed them. “It’ll be tough at first but I guarantee that after the fourth or fifth cigarettee, the mere taste of one will be enough to turn you right off them.” Krista was surprisingly reticent to embark on my program. “I don’t know if I’d be able to digest the filters,”she admitted. Again with the filters! “Everything your body can possibly absorb, it will,”I assured her. “Everything else will pretty much pass right through your system.” Eventually, Paul offered a compromise: “Okay, you eat the cigarettes but you don’t have to eat the filters.” Someday she’ll thank me for this.

An old friend from Montreal dropped by the offices today – Doug (Hawman) Taylor – who was in town working on his latest project: “A ghost movie,”is how he referred to it. Alas, he leaves town tomorrow which means he won’t be in town for this weekend’s festivities.

Received my second and third shipments today – the second from Genevieve Grandbois in Montreal, the third from Christopher Norman in New York. I also had a nice chat with Chef Poole over in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, who has put together quite an assortment of some of the most delectable creations I’ve ever seen. They looked great on Road Tasted, and equally great on his website –
I could decided so ordered six of each.

Production has begun on SG-1 movie #1: The Ark of Truth with writer-director-producer Robert C. Cooper at the helm (looking particularly fearsome and fiery-eyed in his “Get the fuck off my set!” gangsta pose). Check out the man in action, working with DOP Pete Woeste, the Ori warriors winding down, Ori warrior Jason Calder, Ivon Bartok shooting me shooting him, and, of course, the set.

Q&A –

Jen Kirk: “Ever tried Jacques Torres chocolate from NYC? I had it shipped once to DC for a party and it was pretty good.”

Answer: My sister mentioned Jacques Torres and I did contact one of the New York locations, but was informed they don’t ship to Canada.

Anonymous #1 writes: “I love guessing games….NOAS…Now Orbiting Another Star?”

Answer: Negative.

Susan writes: “(1) why is there a legal problem taking story idea from fans? Is it a money issue? (2) why is there such a big break in the screening of each series. Here in Scotland we see 6 months of a series and have a 6 month break. (3) are you a ‘chocolate snob’ or do you eat the usual commercial stuff also?”

Answers: 1) If we actually approached a fan for a story, that would be one thing. But that isn’t what we’re talking about here. 2) That’s a question for the networks airing the show. 3) I wouldn’t say I’m a snob, but if I’m going to enjoy a chocolate bar, I prefer to enjoy one with the best top-quality ingredients as opposed to preservatives and heaps of sugar to mask the flavor.

Anthony writes: “NOAS = Nuclear Oatmeal Avenges Subtlety. Never Overlook Angry Siberians.”

Answers: Negative. Negative.

Jenny Robin writes: “I’m thinking of buying a house. Any advice?”

Answer: Get something with a sizable guest room as I may need someplace to stay the next time I’m in town.

Valerie writes: “Why are the first and second parts or two-parters written by different people? It seems as if the same person would normally write the two of them?”

Answer: We break all of the stories together so it doesn’t really matter if the two parter is written by two different writers.

Anonymous #2 writes: “1. I was wondering if atlantis as a show can survive with the destruction of the city ship? 2. Will Doppelganger be an unusual high budgeted eppy like Sateda given the fact that its the BIG boss’s baby? 3. Would you accept an invitation, all expenses paid for a trip to Morocco?”

Answers: 1. No idea. 2. Nope. 3. To be honest, I don’t know when I’d have the time to go.

Anonymous #3 writes: “NOAS………. Nearly outstanding asuran special.”

Answer: Negative.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Joe which will be the science geek eppy in season 4.. I mean the one where we will see a hell of a lot of space ships and advanced technology at work…”

Answer: The second part of the mid-season two-parter certainly fits the bill in a big way.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Can you tell us who in the office pool guessed right on the ratings numbers? Was it the abnormally lucky Martin Gero? The quiet, calculating Paul Mullie? Or maybe Brad Wright just has too much experience for all of you?”

Answer: None of the above. It was Robert Cooper who may well assume my Wizard of Odds title.

Kelly J. Compeau writes: “I’ll have my Aston Martin in cherry red, please.”

Answer: Yeah, I’d figure you’d go red.

Arctic Goddess writes: “NOAS – Never On A Sunday.”

Answer: Negative.

Paul writes: “”Not Only Another Sheppard”

Answer: Negative.

Firefly827347 writes: “Any chance you could make it to SG-12 in November or Pegasus 3 in January?”

Answer: Probably not as I’ll probably be in Asia in November and, hopefully, working on season 5 in January.

Anonymous #6 writes: “I was wondering after seen unending will we see development and evolution of the legacy they left behind for us or will it be just forgotten it’s hard to show it in sg-1 but will we see it in atlantis.”

Answer: Did I already mention the second half of that mid-season two-parter?

Anonymous #7 writes: “Have you ever had an actor/actress do such a great job as a guest star that you had to have them back for another appearance?”

Answer: Robert Picardo comes to mind. So does Claudia Black. And David Hewlett.

Lily writes: “It seems odd that Joe Flanigan is the leading actor and we haven’t had any extra dedicated to him or any of his episodes neither in s1 or s2.”

Answer: The subjects of the various special features are dependent on actor availability.

Ugly Pig writes: “How did your mother, the minister, react when you told her you wanted to be a supervillain?”

Answer: She doesn’t know. Shhhhhhh.

Tom Foolery writes: “When you are writing the first part of a two parter with someone else writing the second part – say Martin Gero. Do you try to make it as difficult as possible for him to save the team/right your wrongs (or write your wrongs)??”

Answer: The whole point of writing the first part is to write the guy person following you into a corner. Mission accomplished.

Anonymous #8 writes: “Ok people, here’s the deal. It makes no difference to Scifi that so many people download the episodes illegally…”

Answer: An astute and well-presented argument. However, there are a couple of points you’ve missed and some incorrect assumption made. For starters, while the fact that a network may not have ownership in a given show would place a greater impetus on ratings, the reality of the six month lay-off that has resulted in the show airing elsewhere first (and, as a result being readily available for download online) does necessarily figure into the equation. Keep in mind, it’s not just a matter of “What have you done for me lately?” but “What can you do for me?” especially considering the network has already committed to a fourth season that is well into production. If episodes that have aired elsewhere and are available online are still pulling in 1.4 and 1.5’s and leading the network ratings, then one can only expect bigger and better from a fourth season with all new never-before-seen episodes – particularly if, from what I hear, the fans won’t have to wait all that long to see it. Furthermore, don’t underestimate the value of repeats. SG-1 was a solid performer for the network’s Monday block over the years. Obviously DVD and downloads will eat into the market share, and certain shows simply do not perform well in reruns, but Stargate has always proven the exception to the rule. And one of the best way to keep interest in these repeats alive is through the airing of new, first run episodes. A syndication package of 80 episodes (4 seasons) is very attractive to a network, but a 100 episode (5 season) package even more so. Finally, the fact that “most shows start seeing audience erosion around season three” is, again, not necessarily true. Look at SG-1 that actually saw it’s ratings climb over the course of its stay on SciFi.

GW Whumpers writes: “Our suggestion for NOAS is Nightmare on Atlantis Street.”

Answer: Affirmative.

66 thoughts on “April 17, 2007

  1. Whenever she is struck with the urge to light up, she should eat a cigarette.
    >> I nearly choked on the water I was drinking. But it’s a great idea…

    You freakin’ rock, Joe. =D

  2. Joe…

    Great behind the scenes pics from AoT. Any reason why Rob Cooper looks particularly evil there? :S

    I have a request to make:

    Will you be able to post any more concept art in the near or not so near future? Ships, technology, weapons, cities, costumes…whatever. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.

    Mary Beth 🙂

  3. Ahhh..the Whumpers win out once again!! ^_^ If I didn’t lose my appetite I read one of their fics, I’d be all over that. By the way, whumpers—I’d expect it’s the goal, because I still come back for more.

    Well wow..JM great post on ratings. But it did give me a question…^_^

    If episodes that have aired elsewhere and are available online are still pulling in 1.4 and 1.5’s and leading the network ratings, then one can only expect bigger and better from a fourth season with all new never-before-seen episodes – particularly if, from what I hear, the fans won’t have to wait all that long to see it.

    What do you mean by the comment in bold? That it will actually air in July (as per usual)? And not in the Fall as the interview with RC said?

    I’m not surprised by changes in network decisions, but your statement definitely begged the question. I find 7 months a ridiculously long time to wait for such a great future season! ^_^

  4. Wow, someone guessed what NOAS stood for. I’m impressed!

    1. Is your poem’s clue to The Seer: “Receive a grand gift from an all-seeing shaman?”

    2. Since you also said The Seer is the episode you think fans of Carter will enjoy most, is she the recepient of this “grand gift?”

  5. Joe, two questions

    Will we see Col. Caldwell in Season 4?

    Do you watch Scrubs?

  6. Hello! This is my first comment on your blog. My fingers are shaking. The first time IS the hardest.

    Anyway, couple-‘o’-questions…

    1) Has any PTB postulated the idea of a Stargate expanded universe, much like Star Wars does? I don’t mean the novels that are out now… I mean novels that add to canon and explore territory beyond SG-1 and Atlantis, telling tales from millennia ago or into the future, putting it in print so there’s no pressure to devote eps to it. Star Wars’ timeline extends 5,000 years before and over 100 years after the movies.

    2) Are you familiar with Star Trek: The Experience? If there were a Stargate: The Experience, I’d forego establishing a family and devote my life to it’s awesomeness.

    Thanks for keeping the fans up to date man. I’m glad you don’t let creepy whiners give you crap.


  7. I have decided that the new poster named ‘my name is scott’ is adorable. …shaking fingers and all.

    Scott, if Mallozzi gives you grief, just tell him to shut the pug up. He likes that.

  8. Well, of course the hoped-for benefits of an Atlantis season five will be taken into account by Scifi. Your position seems to be that if Atlantis can pull 1.4’s and the like after having the episodes be dessminated in many other media before airing on Scifi, then surely episodes that air first on Scifi must logically garner a higher rating. That’s a false assumption. In fact, it seems to be contradicted by the ratings for the first halves of SG-1 and Atlantis. When Scifi was the only place to see SG-1 and Atlantis, the ratings were in the same ballpark they are now. What makes you believe that they’ll go up the next time Scifi is privy to first airing? I mean, certainly if Scifi believes that future exclusivity of the product will increase ratings then it would be a tick in the plus column for season five. But I’m having a hard time seeing how anyone is going to believe that’s going to happen given the data. Unless perhaps the prevalent belief is that the ratings for SG-1’s and Atlantis’ first halves were aberations? Sorry, but the ratings for Scifi’s other shows don’t really support that idea either.

    As to the point about repeats, you’re right. SG-1 has obviously been a strong performer in repeats. But I’m not sure if that translates over to Atlantis or not. I don’t have any ratings data on those to work from, but I do know that when Scifi attempted to replace SG-1 with Atlantis on Monday nights last year, it was a one week phenomenon that was quickly reversed. I suppose that move was ratings driven. I also know that my personal opinion is that SG-1 is much more rewatchable than Atlantis. So, I guess we’ll leave that one as “remains to be seen”.

    Yes, a 100 episode syndication package is inherently stronger than one for 80 episodes, but is there really that much to be gained from a show that is admittedly expenseive to produce? As stated above, the value of those repeats is, for me, unknown. But if Atlantis’ budget is somewhere in the 40-50 million dollar mark, and Scifi is paying 20-25 million of that for the licensing fee, then that’s roughly 1 million Scifi will be paying for each additional episode that will be included in the package. Will the new content be that much more valuable than a rerun of an old episode? That doesn’t even mention the fact that the benefits of dual production being shouldered by the SG-1 movies aren’t guaranteed for a possible season five. Not yet, anyway.

    As far as SG-1’s ratings climb goes, I think we both know just how unique of a property SG-1 was. After reaching a relatively small market on Showtime for five years, it was much more broadly shown on Scifi. It logically increased its viewer base as a result, and it continued to grow for a long time. I think that growth is accounted for by Scifi’s increased availability, and because seasons six, seven, and eight were some fantastic television. Atlantis can’t duplicate the circumstances that led to SG-1’s success. And there is the fact that Atlantis has seen audience erosion already this season.

    I’m still thinking that if Atlantis going to be a slam dunk for season five, then its numbers have to pick up.


  9. Joe, is David Hewlett wearing a new Atlantis uniform in that picture? If he is then I think it is terrible. Too Trekky. It looks just like the “outfits” the SG-1 guys had on in the 200 spoof.

  10. I’ve been wondering something… Which of the writers determined Sheppard would take “War and Peace” with him to Atlantis to read? Do you think he’ll ever finish the book?

  11. Came across some online photos of one of your chocolate parties-I about died from a heart attack just looking at the pictures! Hope everything goes well with it.

    Also came across Martin G’s Stargate Atlantis “promos”. Brilliant!

    Now only if the monkeys over in the promotion department at Scifi can get their act together-that be a great team!

  12. On the downloading issue, does the fact that it’s illegal and people still do and talk about doing it piss you off?

    There was a discussion on GW about how angry some people were that a couple of people had secret recordings of events at the Van con, and all these people who download all the time were attacking those who were talking about these recordings.

    In my opinion, one is ‘against the rules’, the other is illegal… I know which one I think is worse (and no, for the record, I don’t download)

    The effect can be seen when you take New Zealand into account. Torri and Rainbow drew in huge crowds at a convention there a few years back given the fact the show hadn’t even screened, because people had been downloading. That’s a whole country (admittedly with a small population) that downloaded to see it.

    How do you feel personally that you’re putting this product out and need ratings, while people are breaking the law to watch it before it’s gone to air in the US?

  13. particularly if, from what I hear, the fans won’t have to wait all that long to see it.

    Please tells me the US will be getting season 4 earlier than we thought and will be premiering it – PLEASE!!!?

    As a UK viewer, who watches EVERY airing of SGA, (and SG1) on Sky, yes, I’m that obsessive, it has astounded me that we got the back half of seasons 3 and 10 first, and such a long way ahead. My religious and dedicated viewing has no impact on the renewel of SGA, alas. However, I’d gladly wait to view the episodes on Sky, if it means the ratings are better in the US and there’s a season 5 of SGA – GLADLY!!!! In fact it has annoyed me that the US has had the episodes so late, as I understand the impact that could have on the ratings!

    As far as NOAS goes, Josie, from the GW whump thread, solved your puzzle a few days ago, but didn’t want to spoil anyone and was too shy to post here. She deserves the credit for her sleuth-like skills!

    The good news for me, is that, as I believed, she was correct. That is good news for me on a personal front, because I had bet her that if she was wrong, that I’d give up chocolate for a month. Can you imagine the withdrawal I’d suffer visiting here every day and having to look at your chocolate piccies? I shudder at the thought!

  14. Shame you won’t make it to the UK. (you’re going to Asia AGAIN??? Surely they have no food left for you to eat?) Hope you have a good time.
    I was wondering how many languages you speak? From what I’ve read so far, you speak Japanese, French and I’m assuming, Italian. (Oh, and English – duh). Do you find it easy to pick up new languages?

  15. Oh yeah! Before I forget, since I was re-watching Echoes earlier… what are the chances that we’ll hear about the Flagisalis again? I’d love to see Carter’s reaction to Sam the Whale. XD

  16. Ew eating cigarettes, but alas I believe that would deter anyone and everyone. *insert gag reflex here*

    Ah chocolate conoisseur you are?? So, you’re not into the store bought easter candy where everyone is frantically trying to get the 75% day after sale??

    Do you travel much within Canada, like say into the prairies? I’m a Saskatchewan gal myself 🙂

    Ah seriously…Nightmare on Atlantis street? I was going on more like NOAS:Never Overestimate(or I suppose underestimate) Ancient Stuff.


  17. You said “then one can only expect bigger and better from a fourth season with all new never-before-seen episodes – particularly if, from what I hear, the fans won’t have to wait all that long to see it.”

    Do you mean that we will be able to see Season 4 before this fall ????????? *crosses fingers*

  18. hey Joe, will we be seeing what happened to the crashed wraith cruiser in season 4 from the Submersion eppy?

  19. Wait… eat a cigarette? That must be effective. Keep us posted! 😉

    Nightmare On Atlantis Street. Will an old psychopath (why am I thinking of Kolya?) appear in one of the guys’s dreams to seek revenge?

    Another question, in Reunion, will we see a sparing between Christopher Judge and Jason Momoa?

    Oh and… What kind of information do we see on McKay’s laptop in this scene?

    I suggest a cursor in the shape of an ananas.

  20. Joe, is David Hewlett wearing a new Atlantis uniform in that picture?
    I seem to remember some leather jackets promised for this new season.

    And the whole thing about downloading or filming things at conventions: People who don’t have enough money but who are die-hard fans still want to be a part of this sci fi community. Especially for those who live in the states, it’s terribly infuriating for a season to finish airing somewhere else with the internet bursting with talk of amazing episodes, and there’s no way to join in.

    Take ‘Sunday’ for example. It aired in January…and we’re still on the second half of ‘The Return’. I’m just waiting for the S3 dvs come out. I don’t own any SG (1 or A) dvds because of a sever lack of money, but because I found this last season so awesome, I felt like it was worth it. Also, for us non-cable people, Atlantis comes on at 1:00 am…

  21. Mel said…
    I’ve been wondering something… Which of the writers determined Sheppard would take “War and Peace” with him to Atlantis to read? Do you think he’ll ever finish the book?

    I figured they went what’s the longest book ever written next to the Bible. Hmmm…War and Peace wins! Didn’t it beat Oliver Twist by a few pages?

  22. Joe,
    It’s exciting to see some behind the scenes from The Arc of Truth already, thank you. Is there any chance of getting snap shots of Michael Shanks and the others when they begin filming please? (it’s worth a try asking huh? 🙂

  23. Just curious, Danieljackson has not been mentioned on Atlantis since the pilot, even when some some of the storylines would seem to closely connect to the character. While other SG1 members names have been brought up almost there a particular reason for his exclusion?

  24. Considering the massive size of Atlantis, when are we going to see an episode devoted to finding technlogies and/or dangers (or both) in as yet unexplored regions?

  25. I forgot to thank you for the awesome behind-the-scenes photos you posted, and to ask for more soon please! You rock 😉

  26. By rapport with the scrip “This Mortal Coil” It is possible that somebody dies?
    Can we await us to something of malicious?

  27. Joseph:

    Great to work with you, and great blog-site! Well done! Thanks also for the comments about the show, we had a good time filming. Please let us know how you like the products, and the additional goodies—-we call that Lagniappe (a little extra), just our way of saying thanks!

    Chef William & the Staff at WEN Chocolates

  28. So… today’s David Hewlett’s birthday… Any cake on set? Care to share some pics? 😀

    And happy birthday to David 🙂

  29. That big machine-thingy looks AWESOME, and Man-In-Armour also looks AWESOME, albeit in ways the machine doesn’t, ;P

    This whole ratings thing is slightly depressing, as I can’t have any affect, living in Canada and all. Oh well.

    With exams over, I’m now job hunting, (my “sure thing” summer job was given away behind my back – oh, the inhumanity!). As a big-boss-man yourself, do you have any advice for a job hunter with limited experience and qualificatons on buttering up the interviewer(s)? (For some reason, I’m thinking McDonald’s, Superstore, and a garden center aren’t going to go very far in buffing up the resume.)

    Anxiously awaiting the SG-1 movies and season 4,
    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  30. Love the pics! These behind-the-scenes shots make us feel like we are part of the action. Most of us would hand over a body part (I’m thinking arm or leg here, people) to be allowed on the set, it whets our appetites.

    Wanted to point out a lil something a group of us did on the Dog’s Blog. There was a haiku thing, where one person would write a haiku and the others would guess what episode it referred to. Three days and over 200 posts later, we had one of each ep (a couple eps had more than one.)

    Then someone got the idea to put ’em all together in pdf to give to DH for his birthday. We’d love to give it to him, but I’m afraid it’ll get buried under all the other email and well-wishes he’ll get. Can you give him a nudge?

    I also thought you might like a peek at it. I put it on my livejournal here.

  31. Next time that you talk to Martin could you do me a favor Joe. At the 2006 Vancouver convention he promised something regarding one of the SG1 actors that we would see in season 10. I’m still patiently waiting Joe.

    If he doesn’t remember then here’s a hint – It was during one of the actor’s panels and hospital scrubs don’t count.

  32. Hello Joe,
    As SG1 is finished, there will be more crossover in the future on Atlantis?

  33. *sigh* Nightmare on Atlantis Street, huh? And here I thought I’d be clever with Nasty Organisms Attacking Sheppard. Always a day late and a dollar short.

  34. Joe,

    1. I was wondering if you can tell us the exact size of atlantis ( radius of the city and height for central tower). I dedicated some of my spare time to a website giving technical details on ships and space faring vehicules in the Stargate Saga.

    2. Will we see Atlantis on the move in later eppys in season 4, kind of like Progeny and First Strike, Adrift.

    3. Am I right to assume that Zpms are not going to be consequential to Atlantis in season 4 as they were in the past seasons.


    Chalk and Talk

  35. Ah, Joe, I must applaude your method to stop smoking. Brillant! You will have to let us know if she actually attempts it, but somehow I doubt she will. Some people just aren’t that adventurous.

    Thanks for the pictures. Can’t wait to see the movies.

  36. Joe will we ever see or hear about the Trea/Tria in Atlantis S4. If no plans to include or refernce it, can you at least say if it was destroyed or whatever either by the Lanteans or Asurans, or is it just lying at the midway station still!


  37. Thanks for the pictures, Joe!

    Care to share your invitee list for the chocolate party? Production office, Vancouver elite, favored dog-sitters, actors? Are you hiring a valet for parking? A bartender? Help us live it with you, Joe. 🙂

  38. Joe,

    I just read the MGM press release for the two SG-1 movies, and they have RDA listed as lead actor on Ark of Truth as well as Continuum. So, is it in any way possible that we’ll be getting maybe a little Jack O’neill in Ark of Truth? Please? I’ll send chocolate!

  39. After just reading Alex Levine’s updated blog I have two questions. When there are lots and lots of scenes that can be edited out why edit out a scene that is really important to the events of the previous episode? Saying that it was filmed and then edited out for time doesn’t help those fans that don’t come on line to know that. As much as I enjoyed “Line In The Sand”, I found the beginning of the episode very jarring. Even one line at the beginning would have been enough and wouldn’t take much time.

    Also, is Shanks still in L.A. filming? Alex mentioned all of the main cast but not him.


  40. The characters seemed to get banged up pretty good over the course of the seasons. Who would you say is going to be spending the most time in the infirmary this season? Ah what can i say, im a sadist through and through.

  41. I’d love to see a more military, darker, slightly evil, not so cool Sheppard season four. Am i going to get that??? Any hints as to which eps if so??

  42. In a poll conducted in the GW Shep whump thread the whump of choice was Shep fevered and restrained (runners up were Shep shot with bullets (not stunned and and not in left arm), Shep intubated and Shep nekkid under the infirmary sheet). Any chance of us getting these in S4? If not can you give us any hint of the type of whump that we can expect? 🙂

    (PS we are still excited because one of our own got the NOAS right woo hoo!)

  43. Hi Joe

    *nods to Ankhmutes* … so cat out of the bag regarding the Haiku Surprise then.

    I know I sent a message before about this poetic endeavour with a view to you passing it on to DH for us. But seeing as it is now posted in text form on ankhmutes’ LJ and the original PDF card is mentioned there I guess that some folks might like to see it. So you can view it here.

    …. oh and Joe … maybe you would like to contribute?? The next 10 or even 20 stanzas would do nicely … LOL


  44. couple of questions, first off do you have any problem with the vidding that many fans do? I personally am not that creative but I’ve seen some wicked vids and heard some awesome tunes that have turned me onto bands i wouldn’t necessarily have heard otherwise.
    Secondly,have you read any Terry Pratchett? if not might i recommend Good Omens written with Neil Gaiman as a great start.
    Nice one for keeping us plebs informed. LL&P.

  45. DH says Robert Cooper looks like a Ferengi in that pic. I personally like the evil red eyes…

  46. Loved The Return !!! Please bring back RDA to Atlantis for some epis next season !!!

  47. Hiya Joe,

    Nice to know the whumpers brains are on the same wavelength as yours, that’s a really scary thought 😉

    So if N.O.A.S is Nightmare on Atlantis Street, most nightmares take place in ones own bed do they not? 😉 So can we expect a bed scene or two in this ep? *nudge nudge wink wink*

  48. I forgot to say Thank you, how rude!

    Thank you Mr M you’re a very wise and kind man 😀

  49. I love all the high end chocolates too… but when I want something sweet, nothing is better than one of those Monster Apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory… actually, anything with “Monster” in the name at Rocky Mountain is high on my list of faves (such as the monster bombs or monster cookies)… If you’ve never had one, you should! Just make sure to ask for it cut up… it’s impossible to eat off of the stick without making a huge mess!

  50. Hi Joe,

    You didn’t answer my question yet, so I’ll try again. What episodes in the first ten do NOT have Amanda Tapping in them?

  51. Heh heh, all of the rude questions are anonymous 😛

    This is an interesting place!

  52. If stargate sg-1 gets picked up for more stand-alone movies (apart from Ark of Truth and Continum) do you have any plot ideas in your head….

    and (please please) if they do get picked up will we get to see or learn more about the furlings?

  53. Joe, can you tell us how many more episodes the new group of Humans introduced in “Travelers” will appear in Season 4? After filming Travelers, do you think your casting of Jill Wagner as Larrin was a good choice?

    Thanks from a JW fan!

  54. Dude – eating a cigarette?! The reason why she’d be off smoking is because she’d be dead! The filter is probably the healthiest part of the thing! There’s stuff like arsenic and plutonium 23 and rocket fuel in them!! Eating a cigarette is probably the only thing more dangerous than smoking one!!

  55. Joe,

    While I understand your desire to see someone that works for you stay healthy and strong, eating a cigarette filter is not the way.

    This is what a filter is composed of, along with the rest of the cigarette:

    A “plug” of acetate cellulose filter tow
    95% of cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate (a plastic), and the balance are made from papers and rayon. The cellulose acetate tow fibers are thinner than sewing thread, white, and packed tightly together to create a filter; they can look like cotton. Other materials have been tried and rejected in favor of the taste that acetate produces. Filters vary in filtration efficiency, depending on whether the cigarette is to be “light” or regular.

    When my Dad caught me smoking while I was much, much younger, he did as other parents did. He went out to the store, bought me a pack of Pall Mall red, the filterless ones and made me smoke 1 an hour.

    Needless to say, by the time I was picking tobacco off my tongue and teeth I’d changed my mind about how glamourous it looked. She may want to try a patch or gum to stop the cravings.

    Also the photo with David Hewlett, is that one of the new uniforms?

    Thank you,

  56. Just found your blog a few days ago. LOVE IT! So…hey! Heh. I like chocolate, too…and Stargate…and DOGS…and *reads more posts* What the hell is a Fondy?! *shrug* I….uh…I LOVE those too. heh. …Just Kidding…Great little place on the web!

  57. I have a question that your gonna have to go waaaaaay back for SG-1… Beginning of season five the episode titled Enemies… what galaxy where we in? Was it a new one, or are we talking Ida, me and a friend got into a debate as to the possible number of galaxies the Stargate network spans so far all we know is Ori Homeworl, Ida, (Maybe the Enemies galaxy inless it is Ida), Pegasus and Milky Way. And i’m sure Stargate Universe will be set in another galaxy… or even in another universe hah.

  58. Mel said…
    I’ve been wondering something… Which of the writers determined Sheppard would take “War and Peace” with him to Atlantis to read? Do you think he’ll ever finish the book?

    War and Peace = Sheppard and Weir. Or so I though, I’m probably wrong, but I like my theory 🙂

  59. So, who do we have to talk to about getting a Full Box Set of all 10 seasons of SG-1 with extra special new extras? i.e. BLOOPERS and more deleted scenes


    Love your blog Joe! Take care.

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