I’m proud to announce, after an intense and complicated labor, the birth of a spanking new baby first draft script at approximately 4:29 p.m. on Sunday, April 14th, 2007. Although the due date was not for another week, and despite the fact that the premature little tyke clocks in at a lighter than average 53 pages, I’m sure he’ll be showered with the love, affection, sarcasm, and criticism that will shape him into a fine and outstanding young episode of Atlantis’s fourth season. I’ve named him “This Mortal Coil” after…well, I don’t need to tell you literati. I’ve included a picture of the little fella. Awww, ain he cute?

I’ve also completed work on another major work: finishing Stanislaw Lem’s The Cyberiad. It was an alternately amazing, frustrating, confusing, and highly entertaining work. And what made it particularly impressive was the fact that the version I read was not in the original language (alas, my Polish is a little rusty). Kudos to Michael Kandel for a truly remarkable translation.

Well, one down, one to go. I’m now a third of the way through The Blade Itself and should be making some significant headway. I’ll be picking up the second book in the series, Before They Are Hanged, next time I’m at Chapters. Anybody else familiar with these books, and the similar Lies of Locke Lamorra, and able to recommend similar titles in the same vein?

I’ll spend the next couple of days polishing the script, then switch over to prep for Reunion. Finally! And all this week, I’ll be planning for the soiree Fondy and I will be hosting this Saturday night. I’ve got shipments coming in from all over the U.S. and Canada for the special event.

Let’s see what’s on everybody’s mind –

Suekay writes: “Which episode in the first half of season four are you most looking forward to? And which episodes should fans be looking forward to most for each member of the Team?”

Answer: To be honest, I’m looking forward to seeing all of the first half episodes this season. I think we have an exceptionally strong line-up for season four so far. As for which episodes fans should be looking forward to most for each member of the team – it‘s tough to say only because my opinion could be very different from fan opinion especially when you start factoring in the different fan factions. But, in my opinnion, I’d say: Travelers for Sheppard, Miller’s Crossing for McKay, Reunion for Ronon, Missing for Teyla, The Seer for Carter, This Mortal Coil for Weir, and Missing again for Keller.

Amarati writes: “eww – pasta and raspberry coulis – I can see why that dish would not appeal!!”

Answer: No, no. Overcooked pasta is one pet peeve, raspberry coulis another. Although I agree that having both in the same dish would be the very worst of both worlds.

SMB Books writes: “What do you do and/or where do you go to recharge your creative spirit?”

Answer: Prior to this year, I’d have to wait until my late Fall trips to Asia to recharge my batteries. The fact that we were producing 40 episodes of television – and my own European guilt for enjoying any sort of free time – kept me working pretty much straight through the past few seasons. In fact, I even recall working on scripts while on vacation – specifically, making use of the hotel computer at The Tides in Miami to work on season eight’s Lockdown. Nowadays, with a more relaxed schedule and a more relaxed mindset, I am able to enjoy my downtime usually spent reading.

Anonymous #1 writes: “You said SGA got a 1.68. Is that good and what you guys were hoping for?”

Answer: Given our rocky start and in comparison to other shows, it was downright spectacular.

Siba writes: “My mother was fascinated by your plates- where do you get them??”

Answer: To which plates are you referring exactly?

Joshua Meyers writes: “How long have you been asociated with the shows sga and sg1?
Would you personally like to see 20 episodes a seasons or 22? What is the possibility of seeing more of Chris Judge Michael Shanks and Ricki D in the third series or sga? What are the latest revelations for Stargate Universe?”

Answers: About eight years. 20 is fine. No idea. None at the moment.

LJ writes: “Are you likeing the storylines in BOSTON LEGAL at the moment? do you think bethany is the one for denny? do you think brad and denise will last?”

Answers: Fondy and I are both enjoying Boston Legal. Possibly. Hard to say. Probably not.

Anonymous #2 writes: “If for some strange stupid reason the network does not pickup SGA for a fifth season, will you try to find it another home?”

Answer: That would be up to MGM.

Bugguy writes: “By the way, I hope no one gave Fondy any antibiotics, bronchitis is usually viral. The antibiotics will probably just cause….umm…potty problems.”

Answer: In fact, they did give her antibiotics. But Fondy is not a fan and elected not to take them as she felt her condition was improving. She is much better. I’m am far worse.

Peter writes: “How obvious is this hint about Carson’s return?”

Answer: It’s subtle. And here’s a hint: it wasn’t in Return II.

Vikitty writes: “Several posts back you mentioned that you and Paul had several pilot scripts for new shows ready… do you think we’ll ever get to see any of those?”

Answer: Hopefully when they’re produced.

Anonymous #3 writes: “What are the chances of any other SG-1 stars stopping by for a visit in Atlantis? Say perhaps the lovely and talented Michael Shanks?”

Answer: It’s possible but we have another actor in mind for the big crossover episode that Carl will be writing.

Kevin writes: “Doppelganger/NOAS – Is the doppelganger the “resurrection” of Dr. Beckett? In which case NOAS might be “Never On A Sunday”, referring to the 3rd season episode?”

Answer: Sorry. No.

Anonymous #4 writes: “The production team as a whole are all far too intelligent not to realise that the complete absence of any non-US military personnel in any significant position is unrealistic, especially as Atlantis is supposedly an international mission.”

Answer: McKay is a Canadian civilian while Zelenka, a Czech civilian, runs his own department. The CMO is also civilian.

Anonymous #5 writes: “I wanted to ask what are the chances that we will get to see Dr. Kate Heightmeyer again?”

Answer: Good.

Anonymous #6 writes: “We have an idea of what each episode with a known title will talk about, exept for “The Seer”. Can you tell us a clue ?”

Answer: Check out the poem. The clue is pretty obvious.

Nicolas writes: “Lt Ford will make he an appearance in the season 4?”

Answer: It’s possible.

Obsessed writes: “Out of all of the episodes coming up in season four, which would you say is the most controversial??”

Answer: Hmmm. Well, I suppose controversial in different ways: Lifeline, Reunion, Doppleganger, Travelers, The Seer, Miller’s Crossing, Missing, This Mortal Coil.

Obsessed also writes: “And are we going to see a different side to Sheppard this season?”

Answer: Yup.

Teknikal writes: “If there was one thing you could rob from the atlantis set (apart from the gate) what would it be and why????”

Answer: The puddle jumper so I could beat traffic.

Anonymous #7 writes: “Hi Mr. Mallozzi, on the Gateworld Forum, there is a man claiming to have been casted for SG: Universe, as an alien named Rye. Can you confirm this and/or that casting for the third series has begun?”

Answer: That’s a load of B.S. The script hasn’t even been written yet.

Anonymous #8 writes: “Is there any chance of seeing Robert Picardo back in season 4?”

Answer: A very good chance in The Seer.

Crazymom writes: “Who writes the quotes from the Book of Origin?”

Answer: Blame Robert Cooper for starting the craze.

Lughtigern writes: “NOAS; (a wild guess of my own) National Organization of Aeronautics and Space?”

Answer: Nope.

Lughtigern also writes: “You included a picture of Jason Momoa in an earlier entry. He was brandishing a rubber chicken key fob. Is there a story behind it?”

Answer: I hope so.

84 thoughts on “April 15, 2007

  1. I must ask – In all of the Ancient database on Atlantis, is there no entry on “ZPMs for Dummies”? With as critical as these critters are to Lantean technology, one would think this knowledge would be bookmarked.

    Maybe the Atlantis Expedition is going through the entries in alphabetical order?

  2. If only your script could turn out as well as its title’s source. What are the odds of that occurring?

    And I daresay it’s a portentious title for Dr. Weir’s apparent return. 🙁

  3. Glad Fondy is feeling better. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Will you tell us which episode will be Carter’s first appearance in season 4 of Atlantis?

  4. Answer: In fact, they did give her antibiotics. But Fondy is not a fan and elected not to take them as she felt her condition was improving. She is much better. I’m am far worse.

    Obviously an exceptionally wise woman, despite her choice in mates. Come on down and I’ll see you in my office tomorrow and fix you right up.

  5. Hey Joe! My first post on your blog although I’ve been reading it for a few weeks now for spoilers.

    I cannot wait to see season 4 and I wish you luck on the writing. Remember, if the show is going to end the best conclusion is Rodney being named King of the Pegasus galaxy.. It’s too bad he didn’t have a role in SG1, he could of been named a God by primitive people…Talk about going to his head.

  6. Nooooo! Brad and Denise has to happen! One of my two ships has to come to fruition, and given that you people are cutting Weir back, I guess you won’t be giving me Shep/Weir.

    On that subject, one of the Sheylas claims to have been told by you that you’re shocked that anyone sees Shep/Weir or Ronon/Teyla. This person has apparently been reassuring fellow Sheylas on various boards that their ship will happen.

    What to you say to that, JM? Did you tell a Sheyla that?

  7. Bob Picardo! Fantastic! He was great with Richard Dean Anderson this past weekend. How about some more hints about the crossover Carl is writing? Was this person a main cast member on SG-1?


  8. I have returned from my trip, O Blogmaster Joe. On the drive home I did stop for the night in time to catch SG-1 and SGA. A fine effort, my good man.

    Actually, my viewing was a difficult choice between CNN coverage of tornadoes near both my store and where my parents live, and Stargate. But, after two quick calls to determine people’s safety, I was lured to quickly find the Sci-Fi channel.

    I didn’t bring you a gift, because really, what can possibly top pug cufflinks?

    ..and you’re having a party this coming weekend? Surely my invitation must be on its way.

  9. Do you have the Nielson Ratings for the Quest Part 2 and the Return Part 2? If so, were they higher than expected? Or were they what you predicted?

    Haha, I just checked out the Gateworld forum of that guy saying he has been cast as a main character in SGU. You should read his posts, it’s surely entertaining! But his bubble has now burst.


  10. Awww…such cute script. I’m sure it’ll be a bouncy final draft in no time, and before you know it, the dailies will be rolling in. They grow up so fast…

    Ok Joe, a question regarding this subject: is the second part going to be written soon, or are you guys taking a break? And is Martin Gero writing it?

  11. You’ve mentioned “The Seer” a few times in this latest blog. Any hints as to the actual storyline or premise?

  12. Have you read the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb? I’ve read quite a bit of her books and that series was the one that stood out for me. Her characters are brilliant, particularly Fitz. The trilogy is made up of Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin and Assassin’s Quest. I think you might find them worth checking out.

  13. Has anyone thought to just come out and ask, “What does NOAS stand for?” If not, there it is.

    Also, weren’t you looking for a reminder to re-post a poem I haven’t seen yet?

  14. Another great blog Joe! Send Fondy well wishes from me and my daughter, big Sam fan that she is. She’s very excited about The Seer now. 🙂

    As for me, I’m very curious about Mitch Pileggi. Can you tell us which episodes in season four he’ll be guesting in?

    The Lynns (Terri and Jess)

  15. Vikitty writes: “Several posts back you mentioned that you and Paul had several pilot scripts for new shows ready… do you think we’ll ever get to see any of those?”

    Answer: Hopefully when they’re produced.

    >> Would it be hell to be a showrunner for more than one show?

    Teknikal writes: “If there was one thing you could rob from the atlantis set (apart from the gate) what would it be and why????”

    Answer: The puddle jumper so I could beat traffic.

    >> Would you approve if somebody decided to build a puddle jumper on wheels?

  16. “And all this week, I’ll be planning for the soiree Fondy and I will be hosting this Saturday night. I’ve got shipments coming in from all over the U.S. and Canada for the special event.”

    I didn’t know Canada was going to show Alabama’s A-Day game but glad to hear you’re pulling all the stops and going big. But you better move the time up, its Saturday afternoon! 😉 ROLL TIDE!

  17. I realize you can’t be too specific on stuff, so I’ve been trying to come up with vague ways to ask questions, but I’m afraid I’m failing miserably. So here are my two not-so-vague questions, perhaps you can be more creative in answering crypticly:

    1. How long is Weir going to be in the infirmary?
    2. Is she going to have to deal personally with nanites in season 4, similar to how she did in The Real World?

  18. Oh sweet Jesus, it’s Vala, isn’t it? Bloody hell.

    OMG – NOOOOOOO, please, please, please quash this rumor right away Joe, please!!!!


  19. You seemed to not be too fond of this script while trying to write it. Though I’m sure you love it like the parent you say you are, have there been any other scripts you’ve written that have given you trouble like this one? Can you name a couple?

    Lisa Saveard

  20. As a Canadian, does it irk you to be using American spelling… eg Travelers. I’m pretty sure Canadians (like the rest of the English speaking world except the US would spell it Travellers.

    Peronally, American spelling annoys the hell out of me. It’s lazy….

  21. Hey Joe,
    Another lovely post and I agree your little scriptling is down right *dare I use the dreaded “A word”? and no.. not the one you’re probobly thinking of* Adorable 🙂
    Now i’ve been reading the questions on some of your lasts blogs and they are all so intelligent… So in my mood tonight of great flippantry I thought I’d ask something that would be considered truly the opposite. Having been made to endure an ENTIRE shift of this debate at work today, I’ll put my poor brain to rest and simply ask:
    Joe, would you rather be a pirate or a nija?

  22. Joe,

    Is the SG-1 guest star in Carl’s script Ben Browder? Thanks answering these questions.


  23. Thanks for keeping up with these blog entries… always something to look forward to. I did have a little question that piqued my curiosity this past Friday, however…

    Why was it “The Quest, Part 2” and “The Return, Part II”, as in why did one use roman numerals and the other used the more standard numerical system?

    P.S. Denny and Bethany all the way–it’s just too funny. I still laugh when I think back to their first scene.

  24. It’s the chocolate party, isn’t it? That whole concept is just killing me. I was dreaming about chocolate last night!

  25. Aw… you’re right–the script IS cute!!! (Though, that might be strongly tied to fact that I am immensely easy to please/impress.)

  26. I feel I must delurk to ask: NOAS = ‘Noxious Odor Advisory System’? That’s as much as Google is willing to give me. It’s been bugging me for a while now.

    Congratulations on a successful ‘birth’. I’ve been reading thisi blog for quite a while and coming home to a new post each day has been totally awesome, and sometimes quite hilarious, thank you!

  27. Firstly congrats on your baby boy. And since you’re in the mood for showering things… and by your own reckoning the script is slightly less than you normally do, you could always fill the pages with other, things…


    :o) :o)

    You know the Dallas scenario is growing on me more and more 😉

    And since i’m feeling extremely squeeish today…

    Obsessed also writes: “And are we going to see a different side to Sheppard this season?”

    Answer: Yup.

    Could this be *tries to contain her excitement and fails miserably* Evil Shep? *squees at the possiblilty*

    Thank you Mr M, you are a very wise and kind man 😀 😀

  28. Sorry to hear that you and Fondy are still under the weather… I take it that illness doesn’t stop you from working?

    The line-up for SGA Season 4 sounds very exciting and promising. I can’t wait till September but I guess I’ll have to.

    Oh and congrats on getting the script written. I am rather excited by all the tidbits you’ve given us, so no questions today!

    Thank you.

  29. About This mortal coil, will Weir fans love it not just because she’s in it but also for what’s happening to her? I just hope there’s a happy ending for her in this story arc like there was in TRW.

  30. Glad to hear Fondy’s on the mend. However, I do feel I need to jump in and say that antibiotics are not evil. Misprescribing them is. If she doesn’t heal up in a few days, she might consider them. As for you? Rest and fluids, young man.

    Congrats on the script. Often the most painful ones to write turn into the best shows.

    So what’s on the menu for the party?

  31. Hiya Joe,

    Was wondering also if the Apollo and Colonel Ellis will make another appearance in season 4?

    Take care Joe.

  32. Hey Joe,
    will we see another McKay episode, except Miller´s Crossing, with development and background for Rodney? And can we expect some turn in his character, too?

  33. Hi Joe, I am curious, will Zelenka have his own episode this year? When Keller, reccuring character, has her part in Missing, will we see Radek somewhere as well? And is there any chance that David Nykl will be in Credits? Thanks for answer.

  34. Hey, Joe. I think this “dark turns” thing sounds great. Is there any chance that even McKay will go through something like that? Thanks for answer.

  35. Well done on the script! Only a few more to go! What’s been you’re funniest moment on Stargate – both on- and off- camera?

  36. Can writers take ideas from fans or is there a legal issue still.
    If so are there ways around it like for instance artistic liscence or something like that?

  37. Hope you and Fondy are feeling better. Haven’t been able to get a computer before but just wanted to say I enjoyed both the Gates and I loved Carter punching Baal.

  38. I’m really dissapointed that Daniel isn’t the character that will be in the crossover that Carl is writing. I thought that I read somewhere your saying that it would be easier to come up with a reason for Daniel to visit Atlantis than it would for Vala or Mitchell – so I’m guessing that it might be Jack.

  39. In the poem you posted on the 31 Dec, does the line ‘Find survivors concealed in an orbiting rock’ refer to the people of the ark or some other persons (or things) yet to be discovered?

  40. I just watched The Quest II the other day and had a question – was the Ba’al a clone or the real one?

  41. Another SG1 character? Are you serious?

    Just wait for the SGA fans to turn off. A lot of us switched to SGA because we were SICK TO DEATH of SG1. It’s run its course. Let SGA have a life of its own..

    It’s bad enough that you’ve killed off Beckett and cut Weir to recurring. Adding more SG1 characters is like pouring salt on an open wound…

  42. Hello Joe,
    congratulations on finishing the script and hopefully you and Fondy will be all better soon.
    A while ago you said Jason Momoa has a pink cadillac and promised pictures. So when do we get to see them?

  43. I hope it’s Jack, too. The Return is my favorite episode of Atlantis!


  44. Hi! I have just discovered your blog I really didn’t know we could talk with you like this… 😀 This is a great idea. Thank you for your time!

    Before everything, I wish you a very good luck with the writing. And I’m sorry for my poor english, I’m trying to make it better, but hey, it’s hard to become bilingual. ^^

    I was wondering about the angst in the show. (I know an episode of 40 minutes can barely hold everything that needs to be done and said, but…)
    For exemple, in “The Hive”, McKay suffers a deep withdrawal and then he thinks for a long moment that his team is dead. I suppose it has been hard for him to… well “return to his normal self” after the enzime and the believed lost of his friends, in the Daedalus.
    And McKay is not the only one. When Sheppard is turned into a bug, I suppose it was hard for him too. Or in “Irresistible”, being manipulated *is* traumatic.
    I know we don’t see all of the “post traumatic stress” because there is no time, and well it’s a show. But I’m curious, how do you think they cope? (no, no, no I don’t want to see a character with nervous breakdown… or maybe McKay…)

    And another thing, when Sheppard goes to see Heightmeyer (because Weir must tell him to go there sometimes, right?) is he cooperative? I just don’t see him talk willingly to her so, I ask.

    Thanks again for your time ^^

  45. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. I do hope “This Mortal Coil” doesn’t portend any major characters shuffling off it. Because that would be, like, depressing.

  46. I know you don’t have anything to do with when the DVDs come out but do you know who I can ask? I tried e-mailing MGMonline but I haven’t had any reply so I don’t know if that was the right place.

    BTW Even if I had seen the episodes in Canada or wherever I would still watch them again given the chance – more than once. So I hope the ratings keep up so that I eventually get to see more.

  47. “Peter writes: “How obvious is this hint about Carson’s return?”

    Answer: It’s subtle. And here’s a hint: it wasn’t in Return II.”

    Can you tell us then what episode the clue to Carson’s return is in? Or do you intend to keep us guessing?

  48. hi joe just wanted to ask if we will get to see more of the wraith queen’s+keeper’s and find out what else they do on a hiveship?

  49. Please, no more SG-1 guest stars in s4. I understand that fans of SG-1 want to see more of their fave characters, but they got 10 years of their show. Let Atlantis be on its own.

    SG-1 has ended as a TV show, but fans of the show still have the movies.

    Fans of both shows have both SG-1 movies and SGA.

    Those of us who only like SGA… what would we have? Atlantis SG-1?

    There’re about 20 x 43 minutes to tell stories per season. Having characters from other show many of us don’t watch instead of dedicating those precious minutes to our own characters is a slap in the face of many Atlantis fans. And with “many” I’m not claiming majority. I’m just saying that you can find quite a bunch of SGA fans out there who never watched SG-1 or stopped watching SG-1 at some point over the years for whatever reason. We watch SGA to see John, Rodney, Ronon, Elizabeth, Teyla and Carson. Not to see characters from another show.

    I hope fans of SG-1 get many more of their fave characters. But not in Atlantis. Let them have lots of movie with them.

  50. How many episodes will Major Lorne appear in in season 4? any chance of a Lorne episode?

  51. Just for the record, while still firmly upholding anybody else’s right to completely disagree with me, I like Vala. My whole family likes Vala.

    And I don’t care if every second actor ever to appear on SG-1 comes to Atlantis, as long as they make good things happen in the episode.

    Yes, McKay is my favorite character, but if TPTB killed him off and still made good shows, I’d still watch. Not that I wouldn’t mourn. And I’d definitely keep track of where David Hewlett went next.

    And finally, I HATE spoilers! I don’t WANT too much information about upcoming episodes. I like surprises! Hints are nice, yes. I realize that if I really want to stay unspoiled, I shouldn’t hang out here, but the behind-the-scenes stuff fascinates me, so I take my chances.

    Just wanted to get that off my chest.

  52. Yay! I love new babies!

    Um, that’s a doozy of a title you got there.

    Personally I don’t mind occasional guest spots from SG-1 on Atlantis. The shows are separate, yes, but linked. Guest spots like Jack or Daniel make sense to me.

    Any word yet on when S4 will debut in the US?

  53. Hi Joe,
    I’m from Italy and I’m a huge fan of SGA.
    Unfortunately, over here they’ve aired only season 1 and 2 so far and since I wanted to see more I had to find other “sources” in order to watch S3 as well (but don’t worry, I bought both seasons 1&2 DVDs on Amazon, and I’m going to do the same with S3 once it’ll be out) 😉

    So I just want to say that you all are doing a wonderful work and I can’t wait to watch S4.

    I wish you good luck with the S3 half season ratings, so that there might be a chance to get a fifth season as well.

    Greetings from Rome.

  54. I’m sorry Joe, but with all the Arctic stuff and behind the scenes info I’ve lost track of what the order for the first half of season four will be. Gateworld also seems out of order to what I remember. Can you please tell us again which episodes will air where? And, because I know you like to split hairs, I’ll make it imperative:

    Please tell us the episode order for the first half of Atlantis’ season four.


  55. Congrats on the new arrival. Sounded like a painful birth…LOL!
    Did you get to go on the SG-1 movie shoot in the Arctic?

  56. Don’t fall off your chair Joe, but i’ve got a non Shep question for you 😀

    With the NOAS abrreviation (now Doppelganger), if someone got it right, would you tell us? Or would you not authorise the post to stop people being spoiled?

    I can’t believe i’ve posted something that doesn’t involve Sheppard and/or hot sweaty or semi nekid…

    I must be ill…. 😉

    Thank you. Hope you and Fondy are feeling better now 😀

  57. Joe…

    Congrats on the birth of your new creation. 🙂 So…This Mortal Coil, huh? Would it be safe to guess that the theme of the episode at least in part relates in some way to that famous phrase from Hamlet?

    I can’t tell you how fantastically excited I am about Season 4 of Atlantis. I haven’t been this excited about Stargate since right before SG-1’s Season 8!

    I had a chance to re-watch the first half of Season 3 the other day during the marathon SciFi ran and it was even better than I remembered but seeing one ep after the other also highlighted how much of the show was centered on Shep and McKay. I’m thrilled to see that things will balance out more in Season 4 and we’ll get more of a chance to explore Teyla and Ronon.

    Oh and send someone over to SciFi to smack them around for misspelling both Sheppard (ShepHERD) and Ronon’s (RoNIN) names in two separate promos. Urgh. I wasn’t thrilled with their promos for Echoes and Line in the Sand either.

    Speaking of promos…

    I saw the commercials you all put together and they’re fantastic. The ones with David and Joe are particularly hilarious…I’m not sure which one I love more.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen these, they’re showing on the home page of the following link amidst some other SGA promos: http://atlantis.stargatecommunity.com/

    Take care!
    Mary Beth 🙂

  58. Eeek – Mortal Coil ….
    And this is the first part of the mid-season cliffhanger – yikes …

    Does it end in End in Tears, Blood, Filigree & Shadow?

    ok I’ll shuffle off now …

  59. Oh it saddens me reading LJ comments of people saying how they don’t care for the show anymore. I’m still holding on somehow… we need Torri back to full time asap.

  60. Vikitty said…
    Quoting Teknikal: “If there was one thing you could rob from the atlantis set (apart from the gate) what would it be and why????”

    Answer: The puddle jumper so I could beat traffic.

    >> Would you approve if somebody decided to build a puddle jumper on wheels?

    Ha, Ha – I think someone already did – it’s called a Winnebago !!!

  61. “Oh and send someone over to SciFi to smack them around for misspelling both Sheppard (ShepHERD) and Ronon’s (RoNIN) names in two separate promos.”

    That to me tells me how little they know or care about their own show. And if they’re behind some of the casting decisions (Torri and Paul out, Amanda and Jewel in) then you can add to that that they know nothing of the audience.

    There are many people who don’t watch or no longer watch Sg1 because they don’t like it.

    I know a lot of people have said that, but it’s true. About 50 percent of my SGA fans don’t watch SG1. Some have tried and hated it.

    Adding Carter, however popular she is on SG1, is not going to go down well with a lot of SGA fans. Let her to the movies for crying out loud. Give Torri and Paul’s jobs back.

  62. Hey Joe,

    Any chance we’ll see some repercussions from Rodney naming a whale after Sam? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for naming things after people, but to name a whale after a person is right up there in the negative connotations category with naming a weasel after someone, wouldn’t you agree?

  63. Hey Joe is the Sg-1 actor you’re trying to get for the crossover RDA ? Please answer !!!

  64. Joe,

    I found these:

    Friday’s Sci-Fi Finals:

    Stargate: SG-1
    – 2.028 million viewers
    – 1.2/2 HH
    – 0.8/3 A18-49

    Stargate: Atlantis
    – 1.920 million viewers
    – 1.1/2 HH
    – 0.8/2 A18-49

    Can you tell us what they mean? Are they good, because I’m totally freaking out with 1.2 and 1.1! That’s lower than ever!

  65. Something to consider:

    If you run each season with 20 episodes, then episode #100 will be the last ep of Season 5. So, you’d either have to cliffhangerize the season in ep 19 and end the season on the prize #100, or you’ll need to have 22 episodes in Season 5 to provide some ‘comebackaroundtothestoryarc’-edness.

    I vote for 22 episodes in Season 5. If production costs are a concern, and I’m sure they’re always a concern, you could always hold a bake sale. Or Gero could sing show tunes on the street corner for coins.

  66. Anonymous said…

    Adding Carter, however popular she is on SG1, is not going to go down well with a lot of SGA fans.

    With respect…please define what “a lot of SGA fans” means. Do you have access to the numbers showing how the general public feels regarding the changes that will take place or are you basing your assessment on what you’ve read in a few select fan LJs and forum threads and such?

    I’m an SGA fan and I’m thrilled with the changes. Or perhaps I don’t count because I also watch SG-1.

    I’ve learned the hard way that the problem with saying something as general as “a lot of people will not like such and such” is that someone else can come along with a similar claim to prove the exact opposite of your argument. For instance, I’ve seen “a lot” of fans say they were nervous at first but are warming to the idea…or are down right ecstatic about them. Does that prove anything? That my position is right and yours is wrong? Of course not nor does it give any indication as to how the millions of fans worldwide feel about these things.

    I’m giddy about the changes I’ve read are taking place in SGA…more focus on the other characters, darker/more complex stories…etc. Then there’s the fact that Amanda Tapping is being added to the mix…making me thrilled about the possibilities.

    Let her to the movies for crying out loud. Give Torri and Paul’s jobs back.

    What does one have to do with the other? Amanda can and will be in the movies AND be in Atlantis…and her being in the movies and Atlantis have ZERO to do with whether or not Paul or Torri will be there.

    The arguments I’ve read against Carter going to Atlantis are contradictory, where she is both “not from Atlantis” and is therefore an unknown quantity while simultaneously being an established character from SG-1 who has had 10 years and should let the characters of SGA get some attention.

    The thing is…she’s going to be a cast member of SGA now. I doubt strongly that the Carter we see will be an exact duplicate of what we’ve seen on SG-1 (for those who watched that show too) since she’ll be thrown into a new position with new responsibilities and new relationships. She can’t help but be different than before.

    My hope is that she will be used to flesh out characters that have been lacking attention while creating new facets to the existing team dynamic.

    I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

    Mary Beth 🙂

  67. An SG1 character in SGA. no hold on, I’m not gonna go postal on you. Just suggesting… Felger. I liked Felger, he was funny and I can only imagine him and McKay locked in a lab together.

    I liked Bill Lee, too, and think he’d be a great guest. Other SG1 characters I wouldn’t mind seeing: Siler or Walter (someone needs to help Chuck out, the man can’t work 24/7).

    See, I enjoy secondary characters as much as the main cast and love to see them interact with the main cast.

    Hmmm. One last thing. Settle a bet for me — are all the military on Atlantis American (with all non-US people in uniform being support staff/non-military) OR are there soldiers from other countries under Sheppard’s command? (my guess is the latter — I’m sure one of the Germans was carrying a P-90).

  68. If those numbers posted are correct and it means SGA got a 1.1, it doesn’t sound good for a possible season 5 🙁

    I was checking Sci Fi’s SGA forum and someone asked yesterday when the new episodes started to air. I wonder how many viewers out there had no idea the second half of the season started last Friday. Sigh.

  69. I’ve heard Ben Browder watched all the episodes from the first 8 seasons of SG-1 before joining the show, and that his fave episode was “The Torment of Tantalus”.

    Do you know if Amanda Tapping watched the first 3 seasons of SGA before joining the show? If so, do you know which episodes were her fave ones?

  70. Thanks for the book recs a few entries back: am just about to start Scalzi’s ‘Old Man’s Mar’ now that I’ve finished re-reading Yevgeny Zamyatin’s ‘We’ – you read it?
    Is the inspiration for Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ though I think it surpasses that easily in terms of quality.

  71. Stargate: Atlantis
    – 1.920 million viewers
    – 1.1/2 HH
    – 0.8/2 A18-49

    Hey that’s the number of views the sparky thread has. LOL. Sorry that just sort of came across my mind when I saw the number. I’m weird.

    Hey 1 million for being gone for such a long time isn’t bad.

  72. When you wrote Window of Opportunity, did you expect it to be the fan hit that it was? Or were you blown away by the fan following?

  73. Ah so you did answer my question, how extremely intriguing. 🙂

    So more crossovers in the future of Season 4….if it isn’t Michael Shanks and I’m assuming you aren’t counting Amanda Tapping perhaps Chris Judge then?

    I do hope Mr. Shanks reappears in Atlantis, Daniel needs to have more fun in Atlantis!!!:D

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