One of my culinary pet peeves – alongside overcooked pasta and raspberry coulis – is unwieldy sushi rolls. For the most part, sushi chefs here get it right, fashioning beautiful maki creations that are not only delicious to eat but easily manipulated given the most basic of chopstick prowess. And then, there are the pretenders, fashioners of those annoying oversized rolls that make up for in height by shortchanging you in width, almost paper-thin and nearly impossible to snag and transfer without completely losing their integrity and coming apart on the serving tray, your plate, and the surrounding table. Such was my experience last night at Ajisai, a tiny little Japanese restaurant right across from the clinic where Fondy and I had spent most of the early evening enroute to her eventual bronchitis diagnosis. Some very interesting-sounding rolls all around (top marks go to the mercifully tiny and tasty mackerel and shiso leaf maki) but for the most part is was almost impossible to pass judgment on the various creations with half the ingredients littering the table. And then, assuming I’d have better luck with the hirame nigiri, I popped the piece into my mouth and almost choked on the generous portion of wasabi concealed beneath the fish. Now I enjoy spicy foods but this was a near-lethal dose that had my eyes watering through the rest of the meal. By the time Fondy was finished her meal, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. As it turned out, a little too fast as I had to backtrack and retrieve the rough forty pages of my script I’d left behind. Some Japanese waitress/Stargate fan almost scored a truly memorable tip.

I’ll shift things over to the mailbag in an effort to play catch-up, but just wanted to add a few pics. Those of you asking about my cat – I had one in Montreal that my sister adopted when we moved to Vancouver. Here are a couple of shots of the adorable (?!) Baby, and a shot of Andria with her own dogs Roxy (on the left) and Aspen (on the right).

Moving on to the Q&A –

Sarah writes: “Are we going to see any of the main cast out of their uniforms in season 4?”

Answer: Yup. Even Teyla and Ronon will don some atypical civvies in Miller’s Crossing.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Is this script the one for the first part of the mid-season two-parter? Have you named it yet? Are you going to write the second part of the mid-season two-parter? Or, is Carl Binder writing the second part?”

Answers: Yes. Yes. No. No.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Does NOAS stand for Notes On A Scandal?”

Answer: Nope.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Okay, this is where we’re getting mixed messages. Cooper says in an interview that she had to go and there’s nothing he can say to make her fans feel better, and now you’re saying there is hope…”

Answer: I’m not sure what you’re getting at. I’ve confirmed four episodes with a possibility for more. We never planned on having the character disappear for good.

Longwindother writes: “As a matter of curiosity, have you ever met J. Michael Straczynski(jms)?”

Answer: Yup. I met him briefly while he was up here shooting Jeremiah, and would occasionally run into him at the local comic shop and on Tuesdays at Virgin Records when new dvds were released. Don’t really know him but he seemed like a very nice guy.

Kalia writes: “So I wonder why tpb come to their decisions only to backtrack as soon as a few fans start complaining.”

Answer: A number of different elements came into play in Carson’s return. It wasn’t a simple matter of suddenly deciding to bring him back overnight. The possibility of his returning was set into motion as early as the back half of season three.

Tanis writes: “ Did you ever eat catalan food?”

Answer: No. I don’t think I’m even familiar with it. Do tell.

Anonymous #4 writes: “The new season began shooting in March, correct? So… this time, how many episodes for season 4 are “ready for air”?”

Answer: By this time? 0

The Suicidal Goldfish writes: “Hand on heart, do you anticipate a 5th season (or more!)?”

Answer: I’m the wrong guy to ask. Same time last year, I thought an eleventh season of SG-1 was a slam dunk.

Anonymous #5 writes: “What are the chances that we can see Dr. Katie Brown in season 4?”

Answer: Chances are excellent.

Anonymous #6 writes: “Honestly joe, which of the two shows draws the biggest crowd present days ( since the conception of Sga): SGA or SG1.”

Answer: Honestly? After we crunched all the first half numbers, we discovered that both shows averaged an exact same 1.68 rating.

Jessica writes: “Watching “The Return Part II” sparked a question about the Gate Bridge – what happened to it? Did Landry really blow it up or is it still there?”

Answer: More on the gate bridge in season four. Big happenings, big happenings.

Susan writes: “How long can David Hewlett keep his eyes wide open like that without them drying out?”

Answer: His record is 27 minutes and 12 seconds.

Foolishpleasure: “How many of those catchy quips on SGA were actually written, and what did he make up on the spot?”

Answer: Pretty much all of them were written by Martin Gero but, occasionally, Rick would give one his own personal spin.

Anonymous #7 writes: “So can you give us any more hints on joe f’s angsty shep script??”

Answer: Well, we spent Friday afternoon spinning it out and I must say we’re all very excited about it.

83 thoughts on “April 14, 2007

  1. Hi Joe!

    Which episode in the first half of season four are you most looking forward to?

    And which episodes should fans be looking forward to most for each member of the Team?

    Finally, will Chuck get a surname this year? 😀

    Thanks for your time!

  2. eww – pasta and raspberry coulis – I can see why that dish would not appeal!!

    Look after poor Fondy – I hope she gets better soon.

    And the SCRIPT look after the poor script … tut, tut.


  3. Sarah writes: “Are we going to see any of the main cast out of their uniforms in season 4?”

    Answer: Yup.

    *has a fangirl moment*

    Shep out of uniform?

    *checks to make sure she read it right*

    *has another fangirl moment*

    Woohoo all my badgering and cajoling, of seeing Shep nekkid has come through? *faints*

    If I may be so cheeky Mr M (and I usually am) ;o), can we have him hot and sweaty to? :o)

    You are a very wise and kind man ;o)

  4. Hi Joe
    I was wondering whether we could see Rodney doing some target practice with Ronan or Shep or even Teyla seeing as he is so spectacularly bad with guns. I know it’s funny to watch but seeing as he is on the premiere gate team he should be better than he is. Obviously he is a scientist and would scoff and mock all those with the opinion that he needs to practice but it might make him more confident. THen you can have him “accidently” shoot Shep and it would be funnier now that he knows what he is doing.
    Just a thought.
    Great pix of your cat. Man does it look pissed at the idignity of that grooming.
    Have a great one.

  5. Joe –

    So sorry to hear you and Fondy have been ill. Being sick sucks, no two ways around it. And, bronchitis? YUCK! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

    “I’m not sure what you’re getting at. I’ve confirmed four episodes with a possibility for more. We never planned on having the character disappear for good.”

    May I just say – THANK YOU! =)

    Okay, this time I’ve got a question – what do you do and/or where do you go to recharge your creative spirit? I’ve only written for recreational purposes and not very much at that. Seems doing it for a living might drain the well quite fast. How do you fill it up again?


  6. OMG, the dogs are soooo cute! But what the hell happened to the cat?? oO
    And another question I’m forced to ask -my mother was fascinated by your plates- where do you get them??

    take care,


  7. Earlier, I decided it was time to catch up on what you wrote way-back-when, before I started reading. It’s now 1.30am here and having finished 2006 I decided it was bedtime – now I find you’ve updated again! Just wanted to say I found your Asian Tour interesting and amusing, despite not understanding fully half of what you ate. (Dim sum? Green tea in sweets? HAIRY CRAB? WTF?!) I’m sorry you were ill in Tokyo, that must have been a real downer. The tapas thing with the 28 tiny bizarre courses sounded absolutely awesome and if I ever make it to Japan, I’m definitely going there. I mean, how could anyone not?

    The poem was a fantastic way to finish 2006, very VERY tantalising! I can’t wait to find out what all those little hints will lead to – some we know a bit more about now, but some… Some were kinda mindblowing, actually. Parenthood? I can’t wait for season 4 now!

    Thanks for blogging – I’ve really enjoyed the last few hours. Tomorrow I hit Jan 2007. Wish me luck 😉

  8. I watched the “Behind the Mythology” special, and I have to say, OMG, you need to hire that Michael Shanks guy! :O

  9. Joe, Thank you very much for the The Quest Pt. 2! After 6 1/2 months, I wasn’t the slightest bit disappointed!

    The time zone I’m in makes it easier to watch Atlantis at 7:00 and SG-1 at 9:00. Are there any episode of SG-1 that need to be watched before Atlantis the back half of the seasons? If so, which ones? Thanks.

  10. how long have you been asociated with the shows sga and sg1?
    Would you personally like to see 20 episodes a seasons or 22?
    what is the possibility of seeing more of Chris Judge Michael Shanks and Ricki D in the third series or sga?
    What are the latest revelations for Stargate Universe?

  11. im glad you like wales but please dont encourage the scots to invade. the mordants need series by stephen r. donaldson is a good couple of books, i highly recommend are you likeing the storylines in BOSTON LEGAL at the moment? do you think bethany is the one for denny? do you think brad and denise will last? cause i think it would have made a more interesting storyline if it had been jeffreys kid.
    (please note boston legal in caps in a pathetic attempt to gain your attention)
    in season four of atlantis are there likely to be any relations between characters revealed/debunked/hinted at. (like say a ronan teyla one?)

  12. I hope Fondy feels better soon.

    Thanks for the pics and for taking the time to try and catch up with the questions.

  13. Hi Joe,

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and I hope by now Fondy is also.

    If for some strange stupid reason the network does not pickup SGA for a fifth season, will you try to find it another home? I think SGA can outrun SG-1’s 10 seasons with the proper backing and promoting.

    I love reading your blog, thanks for your time.

  14. You’re taunting me with the sushi aren’t you. It will catch up with you, I’m telling you!
    By the way, I hope no one gave Fondy any antibiotics, bronchitis is usually viral. The antibiotics will probably just cause….umm…potty problems.

  15. Oh my. Baby the cat looks a little… out of sorts… to say the least. I can’t say I’ve ever given my cats a trim to resemble that one, and… I hopefully will never have to. O.o

    I’m really looking forward to the Team Moments(TM) that you keep aluding to. ^___^ I’m looking more and more forward to season 4! Part of me is glad that the Movie Network aired he show so much earlier than the States, but part of me is also wishing I had “new” episodes to watch now, so the wait for season 4 wouldn’t seem so long, lol.

    Terribly sorry to hear that Fondy has bronchitus. That really sucks, all my best wishes, it’s awful to have to deal with. I’ve only had it once, when I was about 8 years old, but it was in the middle of winter in Regina, Sask – never attempt to walk across a parking lot in -30 degrees with bronchitus and bronchitus-induced asthma. O.o

    Take care of her, I hope she feels better soon!

    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  16. Ack! That is one pissed-off looking kitt cat! And with reason! 😉

    My little darlings are not in my good books atm… as of 1 hour ago we hit a not so happy total of three – count em! – three live mice brought in and let loose in the house within 24 hours. *grrrr*

    Anonymous #7 writes: “So can you give us any more hints on joe f’s angsty shep script??”

    Answer: Well, we spent Friday afternoon spinning it out and I must say we’re all very excited about it.

    Ack! You live to tease! Curse you! 🙂 You do realise what this is doing to the Shep fans to tell us how excited you are about the script idea but with nary a hint as to why?! Oh wait.. of course you do! 😉

    Sorry to hear Fondy’s cold has progressed to bronchitis. Not fun at all. Hope it clears up soon.. and that she doesn’t pass it on to you! 😉

  17. I hope you don’t get offended Joe, but that cat scares the living crap out of me. I mean, it’s like those things from horror movies man…

    Ok, now that you’re in an answering questions mood, how obvious is this hint about Carson’s return? I mean, now that we know there is one, will it be easy to pick it out amongst the back half of Season 3?

  18. By the way, if you’re ever in Halifax, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Lower Deck’s “chocolate bomb” desert… since you love chocolate so much, 🙂

    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  19. Heya Joe! Several posts back you mentioned that you and Paul had several pilot scripts for new shows ready… do you think we’ll ever get to see any of those?

    By the by, that cat of yours is freakin’ adorable, but it looks very angry.

  20. Hey Joe
    WoW lots of stuff going on. I was just wondering do you ever check out some of the projects that other stargate actors are doing? I was actually wondering, since 24 isn’t on your list of shows that you watch, if you are going to watch it on Monday night since it begins Michael Shanks four episode run?
    I hope that you and Fondy are feeling better and over the evil cold virus.


  21. Nice kitty. What’s his or her name?

    I think the point on the Cooper comment was that he all but said she was gone for good. He said something along the lines of not being able to make fans feel better if they wanted to see her on the show because it’s not going to happen. That sounded pretty definite, and extremely harsh given the fact poor Torri most likely read it.

    To be completely honest, her fans won’t be totally happy until Torri is reinstated as a full cast member, or unless she gets at least as many episodes as Amanda. That’s nothing against Amanda, it’s just that as many of us are fans of SGA and don’t give two hoots about SG1. Many of us see Torri as our leading lady, not Amanda.

    I’m hoping for lots of Shep/Elizabeth/Rodney interaction in her eps… The three of them have fabulous chemistry. It’s a winning combination.

    On something completely different, someone on GW is getting excited about a wedding photo on Elizabeth’s desk (yes, to me it’ll always be Elizabeth’s desk) and saying that Sam/Jack are married. Is that someone’s case of wishful thinking?

  22. I didn’t think that there was such a thing as an ugly cat – but it just shows you I was wrong.

    It does, however, look sort of Puggy!

  23. My Persian has the same haircut. Except he’s black not cream. I love those lion cuts…a lot more then the cats probably do!

  24. There is nothing cuter than a cat with its tongue hanging out! Very amusing shots. And tell people Baby’s not angry! That’s a very pretty face!

    I wanted to ask you this: what’s the story with Elizabeth being taken off the MGM site:

    Several recurring character are there. Beckett’s there, and he’s essentially (for now) dead. Why is Elizabeth not on there? Can you suss that out?

  25. Hey Joe,

    Just speculating here, but would a certain doctor’s return be through say genetic cloning? I had the sudden idea from watching the last minutes of 3.14 Tao of Rodney episode, after which Carson explained that “Fortunately I keep blood samples from all the Atlantis team members for baseline comparisons.” This wouldn’t happen to be your ‘hidden clue’ would it?

    Keep the series’ coming.

  26. Oh wow, your cat, I like that his funny looking. Cute. Strange is always good.

  27. How extremely intriguing this blog is. I have recently come across it and can honestly see myself sneaking back soon. Keep up the great work Joe 😀 (shhhh I know, I know die hard fan, but seriously your blogs rock!)

    So I see people ask question, so perhaps I shall try my hand at it, and perhaps you shall embellish?

    What are the chances of any other SG-1 stars stopping by for a visit in Atlantis? Say perhaps the lovely and talented Michael Shanks?


  28. Poor Fondy! I’m just getting over bronchitis myself so I have a couple trusty & tested home remedies to pass on:

    Kiss my Face has a fantastic Cold & Flu vapor bath that does wonders for that nasty sore feeling in the chest. It’s like Johnson’s Baby Vapor bath, only much stronger.

    Speaking of vapors, you can never go wrong with a vaporizer at night (when the cough can be especially bad). Try putting eucalyptus oil in that little cup on top (not inside the water, it’ll clog up the works) for a little extra comfort.

    Never underestimate the power of a cuppa hot lemon water with honey. Not only is it soothing but it keeps you hydrated as well. I like to put a little fresh ginger in it but some folks find that a bit nasty.

    And what a miracle a long back-rub from a charming man in black is (Joe, that’s your cue!).

    Hopefully these little comforts will at least help Fondy feel a bit better. 🙂

  29. Joe,
    Doppelganger/NOAS – Is the doppelganger the “resurrection” of Dr. Beckett? In which case NOAS might be “Never On A Sunday”, referring to the 3rd season episode?
    ….or not.

  30. What’s your take on shipping on SGA.

    I found this GW poll interesting. The figures are pretty difinitive, even with many of the Shep/Weir people voting Teyla/Ronon instead (some mentioned that in their comments):

    Teyla/Ronon 26 7.95%
    Teyla/Sheppard 55 16.82%
    Teyla/Beckett 4 1.22%
    Teyla/McKay 4 1.22%
    Teyla/Lorne 1 0.31%
    Teyla/Caldwell 0 0%
    Teyla/Zelenka 0 0%
    Weir/Ronon 5 1.53%
    Weir/Sheppard 183 55.96%
    Weir/Beckett 1 0.31%
    Weir/McKay 17 5.20%
    Weir/Lorne 0 0%
    Weir/Caldwell 3 0.92%
    Weir/Zelenka 5 1.53%
    Cadman/Beckett 16 4.89%

    It makes me wonder again who thought it would be wise to cut Lizzy.

    admittedly a lot of people aren’t shippers, but of those who are, it’s clear to see which the most shipped pairing is.



    At the end of Sunday Beckett was standing right next to McKay comforting him while he grieved.

    It is McKay’s fertile imagination -or has Beckett ascended?


    Season three is all finished here in Africa (now we have a season of Battlestar Galactica to replace it, so that’s not so frackin bad) so I’ll sit out and watch what the others have to say now.

  32. Thank you for finally assuring us that our dear Elizabeth won’t be gone for good (and for giving us some pics of cats *lol*).

    jennie said…

    To be completely honest, her fans won’t be totally happy until Torri is reinstated as a full cast member, or unless she gets at least as many episodes as Amanda. That’s nothing against Amanda, it’s just that as many of us are fans of SGA and don’t give two hoots about SG1. Many of us see Torri as our leading lady, not Amanda.

    I agree with Jenny’s every word.

  33. how would one get in touch with Martin Gero?
    Is there a studio address or company e-mail?

  34. The production team as a whole are all far too intelligent not to realise that the complete absence of any non-US military personnel in any significant position is unrealistic, especially as Atlantis is supposedly an international mission. Can you expound on the real-world considerations that are militating against a realisic portrayal?

  35. Anonymous #7 writes: “So can you give us any more hints on joe f’s angsty shep script??”

    Answer: Well, we spent Friday afternoon spinning it out and I must say, we’re all very excited about it.

    You’re not the only ones to be very excited! In the whump thread some of us have been talking about our need for valium after the news about this, DG and Travelers!!!I mean an angst Sheppard episode!!! What are you trying to do to us? Lol!

    I don’t suppose you could give us a little hint as to what it’s about? Just a teeny, weeny little spoiler to give us Sheppard fans something to procrastinate over for the next…arrrgh, 8 months or so?

  36. hi joe i wanted to ask what are the chances that we will get to see Dr. Kate Heightmeyer again?

  37. Hey Joe,
    We have an idea of what each episode with a known title will talk about, exept for “The Seer”. Can you tell us a clue ?

  38. I recently rewatched “Prodigy”, which I believe you wrote with Paul Mullie.

    (1) Did you decide in your own mind if Sam or Jennifer was right about why the glowing creatures attacked? My son and I think, from their behaviour, that Sam was most likely right (they didn’t like one of their number being captured): did you have a definitive answer?

    (2) My son was surprised that more people didn’t catch the mistake in the equations at the beginning of the episode, as he says in his class when the teacher makes a mistake at least three or four of the young people point it out! Was the rest of the class asleep?

    (3) It was interesting to see the glowing creatures reappearing in Peter De Luise’s Atlantis episode, The Defiant One, especially as it was set on another habitable planet within the Atlantis solar system. Do we ever find out why these creatures are found on a planet in one galaxy and a moon in another?

    (4) What are the chances of seeing the glowing creatures again?

  39. Hi Joe,

    Is SG-1’s Ark of Truth set before Season four starts or some time during season 4?

  40. Hiya

    What are the chances of Torri’s character being a regular again in Season 5? Now we know that she won’t be gone for good.


  41. 😮 Joe, I have to say that cat (and I use the term loosely) is the most freakiest ‘thing’I have ever seen. It looks seriously pissed, but then if someone cut my hair like that, i’d be pissed to!

    Sorry to hear Fondy is still sick, please pass on our thoughts and well wishes to her.

    The script! Joe, where was your head? Have you tentatively named it yet? If so what’s it called? And do you name a script before you write it or write it then choose a name?

  42. Hiya Joe,

    Hope you and everyone there is feeling much better. I was wondering if we will see Dr Heightmeyer (sp?) in this next season?

    Take care Joe.

  43. Hi Joe,

    Out of all of the episodes coming up in season four, which would you say is the most controversial??
    And are we going to see a different side to Sheppard this season?

  44. I think ill play the devils advocate here!! If you are planning to get rid of Weir i want to thankyou!! I have disliked this character alot because of her poor decision making, and personally i think she is a weak leader.

    Replace her with Carter Please Please Please Please!!!

  45. Was that a new expedition uniform David Hewlett was wearing on the 13th?

    I’m really looking forward to season four – so far, it sounds great.


  46. When fans were getting furious about no Carson next season, were you telling the fans to just watch the fourth season because you already knew that Carson would be back? Or did you tell us when you came up with the idea?

  47. Hey Joe!

    Just got the chance to watch the premieres (Yeah, I know. Two days later.) I had to tape them, ’cause I wasn’t home and well… that got interesing quickly.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say they were completely awesome! I love the scene between Cam and Vala in The Quest pt. 2 when he tells her “the hardest part about being part of this team”, and basically all of the SGA epy in general.

    One question though, at the end, Daniel says that all of Merlin’s memories are gone… did they just fade away? Or did I miss something big?

  48. if we enlarged the pic of david with the book would we be able to see the strings being pulled to keep his eyes open oh so wide for 27 minutes 12 seconds????just kidding

    if there was one thing you could rob from the atlantis set (apart from the gate) what would it be and why????

  49. Oh my GOD. That husky is absolutely beautiful.
    *dog lover going absolutely crazy over here*

    haha, That cat looks so pissed. I love it. =P

  50. Does NOAS stand for “Not On A Schedule”?

    “Cheeky Lil Devil said… “Woohoo all my badgering and cajoling, of seeing Shep nekkid has come through? *faints*””
    Eh, by “out of uniform” I think he meant in civilian clothes…
    You did mean that, didn’t you?

  51. As it turned out, a little too fast as I had to backtrack and retrieve the rough forty pages of my script I’d left behind. Some Japanese waitress/Stargate fan almost scored a truly memorable tip.
    Actually, the staff planted the wasabi in a cunning attempt to make off with your script and sell it to the highest bidder >).

    Or, is Carl Binder writing the second part?”
    Answer: no

    Martin Gero? 😀

    I’ve always wondered if everyone who goes off world has to take shooting lessons, even if they’re not on a regular team. Take Dr. Z, for example. Will we ever get to see if he’s any good?

    im glad you like wales but please dont encourage the scots to invade.
    Okay, then. How about an invasion of just Austin, create a city-state and claim it as a colony of Canada? That way, we could actually watch the episodes when they are released for the first run ;D.

  52. I have, quite possibly, the most important question you’ve ever been asked…do you know what brand of hair gel Joe Flanigan uses?

    We’ve been taking bets at uni over this 🙂

  53. i just read on some obscure fansite that the ratings that the second half of Atlantis S3 receives in the US (im in the UK) will be the sole deciders in whether S5 gets made or not, please please make season 5! it would be such a waste not too, espescially if stargate universe is in the making!! why axe atlantis and make a new series – it wont get half as much attention as atlantis – which already has so many fans. its much better to keep atlantis going – im hoping to see as season 7 at least!!! 🙂 pleeeease! and thankyou! x

  54. Baby cat – that IS his name – is never angry! More affectionate than any cat I have ever met, he will stand on his hind legs and paw you in order to be picked up. Once in your arms, he will wrap those little mittens around your neck and hug. He always purrs, even while being examined at the vet… they love him there, even keeping him in the lunch room during breaks.

    On the downside, he is a “special needs” kitty, deaf in both ears and leaky from every possible body cavity. Frequent haircuts keep him somewhat clean. His frequent hacking episodes make him sound like an old man who has smoked four packs of cigarettes every day of his life, and evidence of his sneezing fits (sometimes up to eight in a row) decorate my walls.

    Loveable, eh?

    Uh, Susan, there is a striking similarity between Baby Cat and that wet persian beside your name, no?


  55. Hi Joe!
    1. Will the Asurans know about RepliCarter and the fate of the Asgard?

    2. Will there be less stand-alone (5-6 episodes / season) in season 4? Will every main character get at least a 2-3-4 episode long story arc?

    3. Will you introduce new mythological races or stories in season 4? Are the Asurans named really after hindu gods?

  56. Is there any chance to have a Teal’c-Vala-Ronon-Teyla or a Beckett-Keller-Fraiser-Lam common episode? It would be so much fun!

  57. Hi Mr. Mallozzi, on the Gateworld Forum, there is a man claiming to have been casted for SG: Universe, as an alien named Rye. Can you confirm this and/or that casting for the third series has begun?

  58. Tauri Sith said…
    Does NOAS stand for “Not On A Schedule”?

    “Cheeky Lil Devil said… “Woohoo all my badgering and cajoling, of seeing Shep nekkid has come through? *faints*””
    Eh, by “out of uniform” I think he meant in civilian clothes…
    You did mean that, didn’t you?

    That’s your definition of ‘out of uniform’… mine, well let’s just say it’s a lil different. ;o) As for Joe’s definition, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. :o)

  59. Both SG1 and Atlantis have had a long history of cast start names from the Star Trek franchise. Is there anyone from the franchise that you would like to cast in Atlantis, and if so why? Is there any chance of seeing Robert Picardo back in season 4?

  60. Will there be a b story in the first half of season 4, dealing with how Carter will cope with taking command of Atlantis, simliar to O’Neill taking command of the SGC in season 8 of SG1?

  61. Hi Joe, I know you said that you have no plans for Lt. Ford in seaon 4 as of yet. However, alot of fans want at least some kind of closure with the character if it is not possible to bring him back to the team. Is there any chance to have an episode in the back half of season 4 where the team catches him, cures him, and then have an emotional scene at the end where he reunites with his grandparents and in future episodes occasionally visit Atlantis from Earth or something? Alot of fans miss the character and we would hate to have his story unresolved… Thanks

  62. Dear joe,

    Ever think of doing an episode where the Atlantis team is evil; kind of like Enterprise’s In a mirror darkly. That should be fun and intresting to watch from a fans standpoint.

    Also, I was wondering if your wife is doing better.


    your montreal fan

  63. I’m a little late with my response, but “Return Part II” was fantastic. (At lest I don’t htink I repsonded…) Great action, great humor and underwater Jack. Haven’t had that much since “Descent”. Another fine Martin Gero offering.

    I haven’t watched “Quest II” yet since I have yet to catch up (I’m almost there!).

    This quesiton is getting into minutia, but does Jack O’Neill know he was the subject of Weir’s fantasy induced by the replicators? If he did, the hug would be a little more akward 😉

    Thanks for all the great pics, and I hope your wife is feeling better,


  64. Jennie said…
    admittedly a lot of people aren’t shippers, but of those who are, it’s clear to see which the most shipped pairing is.

    No.. it’s clear to see who the preferred pairing is out of the small number of online fans (who themselves make up a fraction of the overall viewer figures) who were aware of the existence of the poll and who could be bothered to express a preference (and the numbers who participated are not even a fraction of the membership of GW).

    Trying to use an online poll to prove that your opinion is the majority one is an exercise in futility.

    Besides which, if TPTB started making creative decisions based on the results of GW polls, it really would be the end of the show…

  65. I’m glad to hear Baby is okay with that haircut, because my cat would KILL me for that. But it sounds like Baby’s personality fits his name, so that’s as it should be. My cat’s name is Tuftie, which apparently is Yorkshire for tough guy.

    Who writes the quotes from the Book of Origin?

  66. Oh My God!!!!!!
    is that your cat ?? is that even a cat ??!! wow I LOVE cats but I have to admit it’s the first time I see one so…surprising !! is that the way you canadian people shave them after the winter ? 😀
    what I like about cats is petting their fur while watching tv…they’re so warm ! don’t you miss that with this skinny furless animal ?
    I don’t have time to read your blog anymore but I really enjoy the pics 🙂 keep them coming 🙂

  67. Hi Joe,
    according to some spoilers, “The Ark of Truth” begins with the Alterans leaving the Ori galaxy for the Milky Way, so are we going to see them leaving with ships ?And if it’s with ships, with a new kind of ships ?
    Thanks for answering to us all 😉

  68. Hi Joe:

    First of all, cheers to the Carson fans! You know, if you decide to bring him back via the Dallas dream sequence, one of the SCB people would probably volunteer the use of their shower if you can’t find one on Atlantis. 😉

    Ratings question: We always see the ratings for both the early and late showings of each episode. Do the late ratings mean anything?

    Hoping everyone feels better soon,


    PS: Now, about that fifth episode…

  69. Will you use the indoor village set again in season 4? I have to say it’s gotten quite clear that it’s the same damn village every time, and I’m sure the casual Stargate audience is noticing too. You know you shouldn’t underestimate your audience Joe.

    Gotta say, the way you’re describing season 4 it sounds like it’s gonna kick all sorts of ass.

  70. “Maya said…

    Who did that to that cute cat? and why??”

    Oh, my almost-namesake, hi!

    I’m loving all the positive Torri news lately, Joe!

  71. Hi Joe,

    I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s case of bronchitis. Never a fun experience anytime. Especially during Spring.

    Sloppy sushi. I have to agree with you. I like chefs that go out on a limb with their ingredients but that’s no excuse not to make tight maki. I have another peeve, too. Places that don’t properly toast (or store) their nori. It leaves you with impossible to bite through
    layer of leather-like seaweed that will do it’s own damage to the integrity of a roll.

    I sympathize with your wasabi overdose.

    Your cat looks so cute with his/her
    lion cut. (I’ll have to send you pictures of mine some time.)

    Today’s Q&A:

    NOAS; (a wild guess of my own) National Organization of Aeronautics and Space?

    You included a picture of Jason Momoa in an earlier entry. He was brandishing a rubber chicken key fob. Is there a story behind it?

  72. That is one bloody scary cat…*hides*

    As I understand it, Major Lorne is going to be in S4, but I was just wondering if he’ll be in it more than he was in S3? There are a lot of Kavan Smith fans out there and it would be great to see more of him.
    And please take care of that poor script 😀 Oh, and Fondy 😉

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