I completely forgot to mention one more incredibly efficient means of motivating myself to write: anger. I’m coming down with a cold that has felled both my wife and writing partner, my back is incredibly stiff and sore from that torture rack my mother calls a guest bed, it feels like I spend half my afternoon in traffic struggling to get home because of the damn Olympic construction, and I had stalled out on page 30 of the script. Well, for lack of a better way of putting it – I lost it! I stormed into my office this morning, sat down, and forced myself to bang out six excruciating pages. It was akin to reaching your pain threshhold and removing the tooth yourself – agonizing but effective. I ran the dialogue over and over and over and over and over and over until I got a rhythm going, then rewrote it again and again and again and again until I was not unhappy with it. The worst is over. I’ll re-read it again tomorrow, make the necessary changes and, finally, be able to move on. Next: the jumper travel scene and after that it’s…smooooooooth sailing. Seriously, this one will be the death of me.

Went out last night for Vietnamese food. Being sick made me more irritable than usual, so I can’t say I enjoyed the meal all that much. Fondy had soup. I had some boneless stuffed chicken wings and a prawn curry dish served in a coconut that proved a little too heavy on the potatoes. My irritability lasted until I got home and polished off a bar of amaretti dark chocolate after which my mood greatly improved.

But since I’m out of chocolate and back to irritable again, I’d like to take this opportunity to weigh in on some of the comments I saw on Gateworld regarding the decision to bring Carson Beckett back and the Save Carson Beckett campaign specifically. I find it truly astonishing that some serial whiners are directing their criticism at a group of fellow fans who worked so hard on behalf of the Beckett character. While the SCB supporters were out rallying the troops, organizing demonstrations on both coasts, hiring a pipe band to offer a creative but wholly appropriate expression of their passion for Paul, even braving Vancouver’s torrential downpour – these constant complainers were planted in front of their computers gathering seat sores, watching it all from the sidelines. And now that the campaign has proven successful and the organizers and fans who participated are feeling good about their accomplishments, these envious little gripers feel the need to undermine any feeling of celebration or fan empowerment by crapping all over them and placing doubt on said accomplishments. Truly astounding.

I’m two-thirds of the way through Stanislaw Lem’s Cyberiad (!) and about a quarter of the way through Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself that I am truly loving. Anyone out there familiar with either?

Le Mailbag –

Lughtigern writes: “Anthony Bourdain is one of my favorites as well. Have you read his book? Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly”

Answer: Yup. And watch his show, No Reservations.

Smiley Face06 writes: “If you could have any super-human ability, what would you want? If you decided to ceome a super-hero/villan, what would your name be? Cape or no cape?”

Answer: The power of suggestion. Cape.

Anthony writes: “The ice cream on that pie looks like a persons head, with an extremely large growth on its forehead.”

Answer: Good Lord! Now that you mention it, that is without a doubt the creepiest dessert I’ve ever eaten. Well, second creepiest anyway.

Allison writes: “You do realize that because of your aforementioned awesomeness, you now have an entire Scot-loving army at your beck and call?”

Answer: Awesome. Let’s invade Wales!

Anonymous #1 writes: “ Gee. I remember a bunch of people telling you they’d heard Torri was going to be in four episodes, and you ridiculed them. Looks like they were right all along. Their sources must be good.”

Answer: Given the law of averages, everyone eventually gets it right with a little luck – or in this case the proper timing. Last month, when rumors were flying that Weir would be appearing in four episodes, she had actually only been signed for three. Imagine if I’d made that announcement then? The fourth episode became a reality a couple of weeks ago after I pitched Torri the story and she agreed to come back do it. So, for now, four episodes as of the officially done deal – which closed yesterday.

Anonymous #1 writes: “If you’ve revealed it now because you think it looks good compared with Beckett, think again.”

Answer: Actually, I revealed it because, again, we had finally closed the deal on that fourth episode and, given the recent confirmation of Beckett’s return, I thought it might be nice to make a similar confirmation with regard to Weir. Regardless, thanks for the nitwit response.

Anonymous #1 writes: “ Since you said “so far”, I presume that you mean the first half of the season. Have you looked at the second half yet?”

Answer: Interestingly enough, I just answered this a couple of questions back but, given your presumptuous tone, I went back and deleted my response. So feel free to make use of your magical source on this one.

Anonymous #1 writes: “The postcard campaign continues, by the way.”

Answer: Fab. I’m starting a collection.

Lizzyshoe writes: “If scripts in normal television usually run about a page/min, and if SGA eps are 40-odd minutes long, do the extra pages all end up crammed into McKay’s dialogue? Hewlett does tend to speak, um, insanely fast.”

Answer: David Hewlett is the fastest talker on television. Michael Shanks is a close second.

MS writes: “Since you guys get the ratings way before we will, is there any chance you could let us know on your blog what the ratings are for SG-1 and Atlantis when they air in the next few weeks?”

Answer: Sure.

Charlotte writes: “Since you appear to Love food (as do i!) have you ever seen the dodgy 80’s TV chef (he was on BBC so you may not have) Floyd? he was great- he’d open a bottle of wine at the start of the show and be drunk as a skunk by the end!”

Answer: That’s the guy I want presiding over my table-side steak flambé!

Prior_of_the_Ori writes: “Will we see some Asuran warships this next season?”

Answer: Depends. Will you be watching Stargate: Atlantis? If yes, then the answer is yes.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Can you tell us if Michael will be come back in season 4 of Atlantis?”

Answer: It’s very possible.

Crazymom writes: “Thanks for all the book suggestions!”

Answer: Pleased they enjoyed it. If GeekBoy is in to fantasy literature, I’ve got a couple of great titles to recommend as well.

Nichole writes: “Oops I messed up the URL it’s

Answer: Actually, the first link worked just fine. And thanks or the update.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Have you seen this?
Do your pugs have a similar problem??”

Answer: Great vid. Jelly only does it when she’s feeling nauseous. Maximus never does which is why the tip of his nose is always dog food-encrusted.

Anjirika writes: “So basically that means yes, bringing Carson back was in the plans all along.”

Answer: The potential for a return was discussed and set up early on, but the decision to bring the character back was only made recently.

Madalyn writes: “When you are writing an episode do you start with an outline? Do you start with the first scene and go through the script in a linear fashion or do you go back and forth through scenes?”

Answer: We come up with an idea, discuss it with the other writers, then produce an outline which is critiqued and revised before going to script. I go through the script in a linear fashion, writing the first scene before moving onto the second, then going back and revising the first two scenes before moving onto the third, then back to the beginning to polish the first three scenes before moving onto the fourth, and so on.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Did Martin Wood wear his shorts up in the Arctic?”

Answer: Find out in the Stargate: Continuum tease Ivon Bartok has put together for the season 10 dvd release.

Dee in South Africa writes: “”Wil and DOP Jim Menard testing the force field on their cell.”

You can let them out now. They must be hungry and have suffered enough…”

Answer: Only once they’ve finished shooting the episode.

Anonymous #5 writes: “You have promised some Shep whump – which I am assuming is physcial – can we expect any emotional whump or team angst.”

Answer: Joe Flanigan pitched out an idea for a very angst Sheppard episode that the fans are going to LOVE and that Carl Binder will be writing. It’s a terrific idea and Carl is the perfect person to write it. Very, very, very cool. And, incidentally, it will address an issue fans have been discussing since – well, the late back half of season three.

Propagander writes: “Regarding Beckett’s return – your not going to pull a Dallas on us are you? Someones not going to wake up and find him in the shower and the past season was all a dream are they?”

Answer: Damn, you’ve figured it out! The team wakes up after a looooong nap on the mist-shrouded world from season one’s Home to discover they never left the planet and the past two and a half seasons have all been a hallucination.

Ses110 writes: “Daniel/Vala Fans got there Ship in Unending and Beckett is coming back in Season 4.What can Sam/Jack Fans do to get a resolution in the Movies?”

Answer: Write to the movie’s writer-producers – Robert Cooper and Brad Wright, c/o The Bridge Studios.

121 thoughts on “April 11, 2007

  1. Joe does not look happy that you took his picture or it could be the sun. LOL.

    I’m so confused about the Weir situation. Gah.

  2. Since you seem to be in a question answering mood, can you tell us if Carter will be in all ten episodes of the first half?

  3. Ok, so I get that you’re upset about some of the things that people are saying regarding Torri, etc. But I hope you realive that not all fans are behaving in that way. For the rest of us, can you tell us if the four episodes Torri will be in are all in the first half of season four? Is there a chance Torri could appear in more episodes in the back of the season (hopefully a lot more)?

    Thanks a lot, Joe.

  4. Sorry you’re not feeling well. When I feel that way I curl up with hot chocolate and a good book until I fall asleep.
    Regarding your recent Q about movie titles:
    Does anyone remember watching Mystery Science Theater? I could sit through any movie they watched and be endlessly entertained. The host, Tom Servo, and Crow were probably the most amusing, and they certainly breathed life into many would be dust collecting closet dwellers. One of my all time favorites had a good ‘bad’ title, as well as a good ‘bad’ movie. Space Mutiny, a strange but hauntingly similar story to the original Battlestar Galactica. All of Earth’s inhabitants were on a little ship, and they were in search of a planet to colonize. The bad guy was a “pirate”, who tried to take over the ship, etc. etc. The movie and story were infinitely flawed. Showcasing people who had “died” in previous scenes and unforgivable “special effects” made this movie a classic love to hate movie.
    Thanks for bloggin’

  5. Hi Joe,

    Please know that most of the Weir fans who post here are not a true representation of all Weir fans. Most Weir fans can state their opinion and respect others and not be rude about things.

    I have always asked that if people are going to participate in our Save Elizabeth Weir campaign, to please be polite when writing letters or posting in threads. It’s okay to express an opinion but it is not okay to force that opinion on others.

    That being said, I do hope we get to see Torri in more than four episodes next season. I can only hope that you see how much fan support there is for Torri/Weir and that you change your mind and write her into all of the back half of season 4.

    Thanks for your time!

    Campaign Manager

  6. Hi Joe–

    I know that you’re a big comic book and anime fan, but what about video games? The two go hand in hand often. Ever play any comic book based games by Marvel? And are you a Marvel or DC man?

    IGN has given both The Quest and The Return parts two good reviews, noting especially how great Richard Dean Anderson was in Atlantis. Do any of season four’s episodes include guest appearances by RDA and his “overwhelming coolness”?

    Thanks for an always entertaining blog,

    Brian Aalders

    Here are links to the IGN reviews.
    The Quest:

    The Return:

  7. Joe,

    I’m almost afraid to admit this on the blog, but I’m a big Weir fan and admire the work Tori’s done in this role on SGA…..(ducks to avoid food being thrown at her from other posters)…. =)

    I am saddened to read all of the posts back and forth regarding the Weir character. I mean, I think it is great when fans show their support for a character, I just wish we Weir supporters could voice our passionate support for this character with appropriate zeal and enthusiasm. And by appropriate, I mean using words or tones that don’t deliberately inflame.

    I, too, wish there was a way to have Tori in more episodes for Season 4, doesn’t sound like that’s going to happen, but a girl can still hope, can’t she??? And, maybe, just maybe, Season 5 will offer more opportunity for us Weir supporters.

    I truly enjoy SGA. Not just for one character but for the way in which all the characters of the first three seasons have interacted together. Plot and story have always been important to me in the shows I’ve gravitated to, but more often than not its the relationships of the characters and how they grow and interact together that keep me coming back. In my heart of hearts, I really hope Tori is back with us full-time at some point, not because she’s the only reason I watch the show, I just really enjoy her portrayal of Weir and how her rendition of the character comes across on screen.

    Okay – stepping down from the soapbox now.

    Following up to my “who’s your favorite chef on Food TV” question – I have not watched Anthony B. much. What do you think of the Iron Chef series? Corny or cool? And, if your first pick at comfort food (chocolate) is not available, what’s next on the list?


  8. Sorry to year you were in a bad mood.

    A while back you said Jason Momoa had a pink Cadillac. Could you post a picture of it in the near future? (Preferably, with Jason Momoa in it.)

  9. Charlotte writes: “Since you appear to Love food (as do i!) have you ever seen the dodgy 80’s TV chef (he was on BBC so you may not have) Floyd? he was great- he’d open a bottle of wine at the start of the show and be drunk as a skunk by the end!”

    Oh god, Graham Kerr used to do this all the time when he was the Galloping Gourmet. He would get plastered while cooking. It was truly entertaining.

  10. “Answer: Damn, you’ve figured it out! The team wakes up after a looooong nap on the mist-shrouded world from season one’s Home to discover they never left the planet and the past two and a half seasons have all been a hallucination.”

    So does that mean the great Ford is coming back? 😛

    And while I’d certainly like that, I wonder if theres any planned Ronon and Sheppard interaction? Like some awesome episode where they have to get past a problem without their fighting skills and McKay’s brain 🙂

  11. Hi Joe,

    I’ve been watching the latest discussion from the sidelines and throwing in the odd comment. Not sure if you’re interested (probably not) but here’s my take on things.

    I think the SCB guys did a great job. Even if nothing else (and this isn’t having a dig), it’s given people a lot of entertainment and given an indication of what fans can do with a bit (Well, a heck of a lot!) of organisation.

    But I’ve been dubious of this whole “announcement”. You have said time and time again that fans don’t affect the direction of the show or the creative process. So either the show runners have gone back on a fundamental claim (which according to some on GW, it seems, would make parties “incompetant”) or this was all planned in advance.

    Now, me saying the following is not at all “raining on the SCB parade”, it’s just how I see it and I would LOVE to be proved wrong: I envisage the Beckett episodes to be flashbacks or something to do with the Asurans or something, because I don’t see how you can truly bring Beckett back without losing credibility. Saying that, it IS science-fiction and you do have a few talented writers on the team 😉

    Of course, given your love of villains and of playing the villain (it does, at times, seem like you are trying to stir up the masses!), it is all too easy for fans, including myself, to envisage you sat behind your desk, stroking a pug and watching the SCB campaigners stand in the pouring rain, campaigning for a cause that’s already been won.

    Just too easy.

    Anyway… the SCB lot have done good. It’s been entertaining to watch and I think people are just a bit wary of how things are going to play out. Because things never seem to happen as we expect in Stargate: you always throw us off the trail!


  12. Joe, As one of the SCB campaign crew your comments on the whingers made my blood day! In the words of a top bloke…Loving it, THANK YOU! Of course this doesn’t mean we have any intention of cutting you guys some slack until we get Carson/Paul back full time for season 5 and beyond!! *grin*


    – Is 2 episodes the max possible available for Paul/Carson (I’m not complaining just curious!) in season 4?
    – How late is ‘late in season 4’?
    – You said we get THE Carson back, but will what happened to the character effect/change him in any way? Paul’s a great dramatic actor, he can certain do the really gritty drama (watch ‘See Grace Fly’…AWESOME movie), tug the heart strings and do ‘angst’ with the best of them, we’ve not had a chance to see much of the more serious acting utilised on SGA.
    – Will we FINALLY get to see any personal repurcussions for the character’s ethical flaws in reguards to the retrovirus? As a man of compassion and conscience one of the most frustrating things about his premature death was never really seeing the personal cost of his actions or events such as Micheal’s torture.
    – And seeing as SCB like challenges, what would it take to secure Carson back fulltime in S5? A commericial during the Superbowl? International coverage? Invade Wales? World domination? *cringes in anticipation*

    P.s. And if you want to have Carson wake up in the show you wont get any arguements from me! (kidding…well the non-shallow side of me is) 😉

  13. Oh–I’m also sorry to hear you didn’t feel very well today. That’s never any fun! I hope you feel better soon. I find that lots and lots of lemon water helps most of my ailments…

    Anyhow, as smiley_face06 kindly reminded us all, you did promise to post a picture of Jason Momoa’s pink Cadillac. I, too, would like to see him in it, if possible.

  14. Dear Joe,

    If I understood correctly the your name appears with Paul Mullie on the credits at the end of episodes as exe producers. My question is why so many exec. producers in a show when compared to a movie there are at most two. In the shows, especially Atlantis there are 4, including yourself. I hope that doesn’t cut back on your salary.


    your monteal fan

  15. No one likes change, but a show grows old if there isn’t conflict, internal or external. I too, will miss Weir and Carson. Although I’m not happy to see them go, I am glad that a show like SGA will see a season 4 and hopefully 5. People will complain while a favorite program is on the air, then be bitter and depressed when its gone. We as fans need to enjoy what we have instead of waste time nit picking decisions that are out of our hands.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, knowing about the cast changes, I fear reoccurring characters will only mess with the flow of the Team chemistry that I think is the cornerstone of the show. I just wanted you to know that one of the hallmarks of SGA is the Team, which was Sheppard, Teyla, Rodney, Ford and now Ronon replacing Rainbow. Most of us fans tune in to see the trials and tribulations of this group as well as the rest of the cast.

    My question with all the dark episodes, emotional conflict and now reading about Joe’s idea for an angsty Sheppard episode. With the emphasis on character driven episodes will we see more layers to Sheppard this season? I know you said that you were not planing on revealing more his back story (we can hope for later), but will we witness what makes him tick or significant character development this season?

    Thank you,

  16. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    I thank you for answering my questions. I was just wondering in season three the main bad guys were the asurans but not the wraith like seasons 1 and 2, will season four be a little mix between the two or a main focus on the asurans?

    Also, when will we know if and hopefully when SGA will be kept for a 5th season. I mean so I can start sharpening my knives for the boys at MGM just in case 🙂

    thank you


  17. Hey, Joe.

    Sorry you’ve been feeling poorly lately. I know all about uncomfortable guest beds- it’s runs in extremes in our family. One in-law’s bed is waaaaaaaay to soft and you sink and the other’s is like sleeping on the floor. Here’s hoping you have a supply of ibuprofen and a heating pad.

    Very much looking forward to the bathroom episode, and I’m glad to hear Torri was available for a fourth episode.

    And this fangirl thanks you for the Joe pic. 🙂

  18. Oh by the way, it’s not a cold it’s the sushi. I told you this would happen.

  19. Ugh, not a Sheppard’s wife story. I can’t wait. Lemmee see if I can predict this one now:

    John Sheppard came back from Afghanistan to find out that his young son shot himself with his personal weapon while he was away. John’s wife can’t deal with it and they broke up. The ep ends with John telling Rodney that she forgave him for what happened but couldn’t forget it, adding poignantly that for him it’s the opposite: sometimes he can forget about it, but he can’t forive himself.

    How close?

  20. Joe-

    As one of the SCB Campaigners, I would like to say thank you for the support about all the comments being said about us, mainly at GW. Its very much appreciated and totally made my night! But of course, we will keep on plugging away (in our usual and humorous fashion) to ensure that door that will be left open for Carson’s return is used and he is back full time in season 5. Yes, I know S5 isn’t a concern at the moment, but we want to make sure it’s in the back of your mind for when it IS time 🙂

    PS- After the rally, we found that hot toddies were a good remedy. Hope you feel better, we like our adversaries in top shape 😉

  21. Dear Joseph,

    Since you hinted season 4 will be a very dark one. Will we have the opportunity to see a snipet or a short moment where the team gets drunk or party of some sorts, you know to blow off the ever increasing pressure they encounter after each episode. I particularly liked that scene in Sunday where Shep and Ronon were a having a beer and chilling like good friends.

    I have been wondering if MGM studios along with SCIFI have picked a particular date yet for the season 4 opener…

    thank you

    Your Moroccan fan ( used to be avid but not any more because you don’t answer my questions…but there is still hope :)-

  22. How do you find time to do all you do? Between writing for stargate, eating out and critiquing, reading 1 book a week, and watching all the TV you do, do you get any sleep?

    Also, have you ever read any of Clive Cussler’s books?

  23. “Answer: Damn, you’ve figured it out! The team wakes up after a looooong nap on the mist-shrouded world from season one’s Home to discover they never left the planet and the past two and a half seasons have all been a hallucination.”

    That’s one way to bring Ford back! I knew that episode ended too easily! XD

    Seriously, you made my morning today with the news of Beckett’s return. I guess I now have to make good on that bribe I offered up way back when?

    Now that you’ve quelled most of my Carter-induced fears, I’m a little intrigued as to what’s going to happen with Weir. I’m hoping for something more than the IOA gets in a snit. She did get almost blown up in the finale…

  24. Joe,

    Thank you for taking time to answer questions. I hope you enjoy answering the questions as much as we enjoy reading your blog and asking them.

    How do you decide which writer will write an episode? Is it by availability or does the focus of the story dictate the writer used? (for example Martin Gero for a McKay-centric story)

    On the angsty Sheppard story that JF pitched, from which ep in late season 3 does this issue arise?

    Thanks for your time.

  25. Haha! Dallas! I can see it now. Actually, I’m more inclined to hope that somehow we’re the ones who’ve been dreaming, and wonderful Carson never died and beautiful Elizabeth was never made recurring.

    Are Torri’s eps in the first half of the season? Is she going to be a significant player in those eps? (the more the better….)

    How far ahead do you write/cast episodes? (you, not just with recurring actors, but how far ahead do you cast guest actors, etc.)

  26. “Answer: David Hewlett is the fastest talker on television. Michael Shanks is a close second.”

    I think the Gilmore Girls could give them a run for their money… if they really tried…

  27. LOL at anonymous about the Shep episode. Heee.

    I don’t know I love what Carl Binder writes so I have hope for something original. I loved The Real World, Before I Sleep, etc, so I guess I have some trust in Carl to make the Shep angst awesome.

    I’m still not sure whether I will watch s4 but Shep angst is definitely tempting me. I watch for Shep, Weir and Mckay, and while I do love Ronon, Beckett and Teyla I just don’t feel a connection to them. With Elizabeth being mostly gone it’s making me not want to watch s4, but I’m still deciding. I don’t know. This decision will be especially hard if it does go against Heroes.

  28. Hmmm, 21 comments so far – you may not get to this one but I’ll venture a question or 2.
    Season 4 is a definite yes – it cannot be cancelled?
    And when do you find out if season 5 is a go?

  29. I came to this blog several weeks ago, under a full head of righteous indignation, but you know what, Mr. M? Now that I’m a regular, I realized that reports of your rudeness were greatly exaggerated and frankly, I think you kick ass. In a good way.

    I’m a little concerned about the changes in upcoming season of SGA but I’m going to wait and see. I love this show and I’m more than willing to give you guys a chance. Rock on!

  30. More than a week with no doggy pictures? Where are they? Are the SCB people holding them hostage?

    Not that I’m complaining about the pic of Joe. He’s way prettier to look at, IMO… I heard someone told him he was pretty at a con once, and the poor guy was horrified… very amusing.

    But I digress. Where are the dogs? Did they run away because they know you’re eating gourmet food each day and they’re not? Are they somewhere holding their own protest along the lines of the Beckett and Weir campaigns, demanding sushi and other delicacies?

    Thanks for the Weir info, btw. Is there room in the unplanned (if there are unplanned) episodes for more of her?

    I’m kind of getting the feeling that TPTB, either you guys in Canada or the LA types, didn’t realise how popular she and Paul are.

    We do love them both, so much, and they’ve been such a brilliant part of SGA. It’s so sad to see the pair of them reduced like this.

    Can we expect to see them in season five, if there’s a season five?

  31. Please don’t let those complaining fans get you too annoyed or think that they represent a large part of the fanbase. Most of us are thrilled at the news. I can’t say I did a whole lot with the campaign, but I did write a few letter/e-mails, which is more involved than I usually get in things like this. It’ll be great to see Carson again, and Carter being there will be cool, and however much of Weir we get is great, but I wonder…any plans yet for any (non-villainous) characters from past seasons to reappear? And sort of on that note, will we ever find out what happened to the Hoffans (it’s assumed the wraith culled them, but never verified)?

  32. Thank you for defending the SCB group. They have all been made honorary Scots for their actions above and beyond the call of duty.


  33. I think everyone must be sick. I’ve been down since Sunday, myself (which isn’t exactly helpful, considering it’s exam week!). I hope you and everyone else who is/gets sick feels better very quickly.

    May I suggest echinacea? I swear by the stuff, but some don’t think it works. (I personally use the liquid tincture, even though it tastes awful – the pill form doesn’t seem to do much.)

    As for some of them fans, well – some people are just never happy! Born to be miserable, and of course, misery loves company. Just kill them with kindness, 😉

    I’m excited for the Flanigan-spawned Shep whumpage. You said it’s based off something from the back half of season 3, so… perhaps involving Shep’s ex-wife? Will we find out just what happened there? Not sure if I want to know that John is an awful husband, 😛

    Anyways, it’s already 1am and I still have to study for a biology exam tomorrow, so I’m off,

    (Also, thanks for the pictures – strange as it seems, I ove seeing pictures of the cast when they’re on set but not acting.)

    Take care of yourself and feel better,
    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  34. You’ve probly gotten this question before.

    I’ve noticed that you get alot of people that ridicule alot of your posts and proceed to be ignorant, even picky at times. Do you find it rough to sit there and take it all? I go through similar issues with my business and i for one am irritated by it.

  35. With all the books you read, how much detail of the story and characters do you remember over time?

  36. I’m sorry to hear that you, Fondy and your writing partner are feeling so rough, I hope you all get better soon!

    Ok, how on earth did you get your pugs to sit still in those costumes in your profile photo? They look adorable by the way.

    “But I digress. Where are the dogs? Did they run away because they know you’re eating gourmet food each day and they’re not? Are they somewhere holding their own protest along the lines of the Beckett and Weir campaigns, demanding sushi and other delicacies?”

    LMAO Jennie! Yes I’d like an answer to that question too.

    If you’re ever in the UK, the restaurants I’ve linked below I’d highly recommend, I’ve been to both and the food was outstanding (though you have to book a year in advance for Rick Stein’s!! Unbelievable, but well worth the wait LOL).

    The Seafood Restaurant

    The New Angel

  37. I just have to say you held out a lot longer than I ever could, no matter how much chocolate I had. That was one seriously good rant.

    A question regarding the idea Mr. Flanigan pitched and Mr. Binder is writing. When something like that happens, how involved is the person that came up with the idea involved once the writer has it? Is it minimal, as in “thank you, now go away” or more like “hey, check this out, whaddya think?”?

    Us fans, well, most of us, in the lower 48, Alaska and Hawaii are very happy that the back half of season three starts this week! Many thanks!

  38. Hey Joe, I’ve been reading your blog since January, and read your blog when you were blogging on Gateworld. I just have to say that I think you have a great sense of humor, and look forward to reading the day’s entry when I get home every day.
    In the last few months, it seems you’ve gotten more and more people reading. So 2 questions – 1:what ways do you think I could do if I wanted to increase readership of my blog (I don’t have one yet, but if I do sometime in the future…) and 2:How the heck do you find the time to read through all the comments?

  39. Hi Joe:

    Regarding your cold, two words: COLD – FX

    Have a great day.


  40. Have you ever seen Hell’s Kitchen? If so, what did you think of it?

    By the by, the SGA crew really IS awesome. =) Say thanks to them for me will ya? I forgot to ask them which episode they were filming today in Langley… care to share, Joe? 😀

    And I hope you feel better soon. Drink more OJ! <3

  41. ” Joshua Meyers said…

    hey joe,
    i was wondering since you do get the time to roam could you please get JOE FLANIGAN to write on his blog regularly?

    That isn’t Flanigan’s blog. OOPS!

    Now you can stop harassing Joe on this subject and find something better to do.

  42. That ice cream thing is incredibly creepy.

    Joe is beautiful.

    What did you think of Friday Night Lights last night? They probably should have lost… but winning just made me so dang happy anyways.

  43. Joshua Meyers:

    Look at the right side bar of that blog under “About Me”. The writer of that blog is Judith Brandy, not Joe Flanigan.


  44. hi, joe,

    do you have any idea why there wasn’t a commentary for ‘threads’?

    sally 🙂

  45. I hope you feel better soon, but I must say, you have a heck of a lot of stamina. You’re able to be productive when sick…and writing linear. People who can do that impress me. I myself am a helter-skelter writer and if I don’t write down an idea as I think it, it’s gone forever. I suspect that is why you’re a professional writer and I am not (not creative writing, anyway).

    Also, thanks for sharing the picture of Joe. It’s nice to get these little behind-the-scenes shots. And I’m very excited to hear about the Sheppard angst episode. Introspective episodes tend to be some of my favorites, whatever show.

    Good luck in your campaign on Wales. Dress for the weather.

  46. Three things today, Joe. I’m becoming adventurous 😀 Scary isn’t it 😀

    Firstly, thanks for the very sweet JF pic.

    Secondly, Dallas scenario… it has possibilities, but only certain parts *nudge nudge, wink wink* See no mention of Shep in the shower for a change… oh so close ;D

    Thirdly lets talk Chests today ;D Specifically Sheppard’s 😀 There’s a shocker! *insert big cheesy grin* I wanted to ask you if there was a reason why there was no hand print on Sheppard’s chest after Common Ground. We’ve seen it in all the others, but not on Sheppard. And while we’re on the subject of chests, is there a reason his clothes weren’t ripped from his person? I mean they can’t taste very nice…to a wraith. *whispers, I had to clarify as some people apparently have dirty minds* Not me of course. *puts on her most innocent face* 😀

    Thanking you kindy

  47. Sorry that you are not feeling well- that sucks!!!

    A huge thank you for the pic of Joe!!!! It is nice to see something new!!! Woo hoo!

    The promo clips that are being shown on http://www.stargateatlantis.com are awesome too- I know you mentioned them being filmed a while ago – they are fab!

  48. Hey Joe,

    What can David “awesome” Hewlett fans look forward to in McKay’s arc? Any shocking revelations? So far we heard from very little on this front.

  49. Thanks for telling us about 4 episodes with Torri. The number is way too low though. Can we get a lot more? Another 10 episodes would be perfect! 🙂 Thanks Joe.

  50. Hi Joe.

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Get better soon!

    Thanks for posting the piccie of Joe F. That cheered me up no end this morning – he looks as wonderful as ever.

    Thanks also for telling us Shep fans about the angsty Sheppard episode CB is writing. I’m sure it will be brilliant, and gives me something more, (as if there isn’t enough already!!!), to look forward to in season 4.

    As far as the SCB campaign goes – I think many of us on the outside of the campaign, whether cynical or not about Beckett’s return, have been really entertained and pleasantly surprised by the SCB’s antics, and whatever the outcome of their endeavours etc., have admired their determination, sense of fun and the military precision of their campaign! I certainly could never have masterminded a strategy such as theirs.

    My question:

    Regarding the Sheppard angsty eppie CB is writing. Can you tell us if this episode will have any of the much anticipated Sheppard backstory in it?


  51. Hi Joe, can you tell us if the 4th episode that you pitched to Torri and she agreed to do is the same episode Joe Flanigan suggested? It would be cool. Carl Binder rocks!

  52. Dear JM & Colleagues

    I am writing to THANK YOU for seeing fit to bring back the character of Dr Carson Beckett for 2 or 3 episodes worth of Season 4… Thank you for bringing Paul McGillion back into the Atlantis family-fold..! It is wonderful to see such a show of faith and continued inspiration, both ways, between Carson/Paul and the writers… Each can only be made stronger by the return!

    I truly believe in the worth of Paul, and his character, Carson, to Stargate: Atlantis. The notion of the show without him, to me, is like being unfortunate enough to buy a really good product that you’ve wanted for a very long time, admired even longer, and then, when you finally bring it home, a piece is missing… It’s still wonderful, but it’s not up to its full potential; it is no longer made whole… That is how much I, and many, many more SGA fans, will miss Paul’s Main Cast status!

    Having said that, we thank you very much for bringing him back this far… We know how much work and effort it takes to put our beloved Stargate Atlantis together. We can only hope that, one day soon, in a series 5, you will bring Paul & Carson all the way back home, to the centre of Atlantis, where he truly is its heart, and allow him to stay, for good this time; continuing to be as inspired by him, as you so evidently have been before his leaving… You really have done some of your best work in writing Carson to be as he is, and he is such a strong presence of character for the others’ to interact with… Not only that but because you have been brave enough to write him as he is: A heart on the sleeve, deeply feeling, thinking, strong when it counts kind of man, and because Paul brings him to life so gloriously; Carson is an intriguing, endearing, enthralling character; a character with many, many more stories left in him… And no, his enthralling status isn’t only down to his good looks (he’s a Scotsman – His charms are much more numerous!)

    Congratulations on creating such a strong, multi-facetted character, one whom so cleverly and humbly keeps us enchanted… And congratulations (as well as MANY thanks) on the fact that you are bringing him back… I just pray you keep him this time… http://www.savecarsonbeckett.com will work hard to try and convince you to do so, even as we bow gratefully for the fact that you are bringing him back at all…

    We love our Carson! We love Paul… Neither man, never for a second even, has ever lost our interest… And written/acted/performing as strongly as he always has been, never will do!!! Please, invest in both Carson and Paul again – Forever this time!!!

    Yours Thankfully,

    Bethany S. Heard, UK

  53. You are still speaking about Sheppard whump. Can we expect some normal whump at McKay, too? Normal I think not humiliation (arrow in the ass was humiliation imo)but some emotional whump as well.

  54. Answer: Awesome. Let’s invade Wales!

    I was about to get indignant over your blatant threat to the sovereignty of my homeland but then I thought… nah. It’s a long walk from Scotland to Wales so your army will probably get tired/fed up before they get there. Besides, us celts tend to stick together.. 😉

    Sooo.. when are we going to see a Welsh flag on someone’s uniform on SGA? Come on, you know you want to.. it’s a cool flag, got a dragon on it and everything. Chuck Campbell was all for the idea when we chatted with him at Pegasus 2! 🙂

    Kat said…
    Joe does not look happy that you took his picture or it could be the sun. LOL.

    Oh I dunno… it looks to me more like he’s trying not to laugh.. and thinking, “Why did you say you were taking this picture again, Joe?” *lol*

    Gotta ask – does Joe have to be surgically removed from his coffee cup whenever its time to start filming? 😉

    Anyhoooo, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Joe. Having suffered through a hideous cold recently (and unable to take any time off work as a major project was completing and I *had* to be there) I can truly sympathise. I hope the healing power of chocolate will enable you to soldier bravely on. 🙂

  55. Umm… I just realized you may not have watched Friday Night Lights yet and I just gave away a key plot point. So if you can, please disregard the other question by “Hannah.” If it’s too late– I’m really sorry!!

  56. Just a quick note from a fellow writer to say that it is both inspiring and relieving that other writers take out their writer’s block in an agressive manner too! thank you!

  57. Hiya Joe,

    Sorry to hear about the cold and hope you feel much better soon. Thanks for the answer on the questions.

    Take care Joe!

  58. The prolific Anonymous writes:
    “I think the Gilmore Girls could give them a run for their money… if they really tried… “

    The perfect convergence of worlds would be putting Lorelei, Rory, Rodney and Daniel in a room doing a scene. That five minute scene would probably require 40 pages of script, but would be hilarious!

    And the crossover fanfics begin.

    Funny you should mention the nastiness going on. We’ve been having a discussion about that over on dgeek. We all admire your patience and stamina.

    Sorry to hear you’re sick. I’ve been down with “the creeping crud” since Saturday. Oh, to be able to breathe out of my nose again!

    Keep pushing the fluids or the dehydration will make you feel even worse. And as a public health professional, I feel it important to nag you to work from home so you don’t spread it around the studios.

    After all, fast-talking Rodney scenes cannot happen unless David can breathe through his nose. 🙂

    Feel better!

  59. Thanks for the great pics, Joe! I always love to see pics of the cast in their ‘off-time’!

    And a very angsty Shep episode coming up? That’s awesome! Really, could season 4 get any better? 😀

    Thanks again!


  60. Hey Joe, first time visitor here! All the food pictures are disorienting, I thought I stumbled upon some chef’s blog. But then I saw the Flan’s pic (working him hard I see? )and now it’s all good.

    Only now I’m hungry.

    Feel better, Joe.

  61. Hi Joe

    Hope you don’t get sick too often… Invade Wales !!! Inciting war!! Good you didn’t suggest England. The Scots would probably begin an incursion especially with their success with the Beckett Campaign and they do have the Stone of Scone now..

    Just a question re The Sopranos?
    Do you watch it for (a) the plot/storyline or (b) for the background/scenery?

    You need a nice hot toddy for your flu. It helps your flu and causes creative juices to flow more freely.

    Take Care


  62. Don’t know if you’ll get to this comment as I’m sure there is a backlog of them…

    But I wanted to tell you that I first started reading your blog because I was just hoping to glimpse any “gossip” about SGA. Now I genuinely enjoy your tales of anime, pugs, chocolate and especially, those gorgeous pics of food.

    Sorry to hear that you aren’t well – but I’m glad that it fuelled you with something to write 😀

    I really dig the pic of Joe Flanigan and he has a rather interesting expression – I thought he was going to burst out laughing.

    I look forward to more eps with Sheppard. I love to see more of what makes him tick or him opening up a bit.

    In addition, wanted to add my positive note to you for supporting the SCB fans. I did indeed read about their trial and tribulation in the rain but I don’t frequent the GW forums so I am unaware of any complaints/whines.

    I would love to see Carson in Season 4.

    Thank you agin.

    (Uh, question if you do get here:

    Are the SGA cast grumpy if they are deprived of coffee???? Every time I see pics of them, they always appear to have a coffee cup in their hands 🙂

  63. Those of us on the shallow end of the pool would like to thank you for that last picture of the handsome Mr. Flanigan.

  64. Fortunately, all fans are not to put into one basket !!

    Glad you’re starting a collection of postcards !
    After the landscape one and the funny one that will arrive soon (I hope it arrives at least) I’ll send an home made one 😉


  65. Hi Joe!

    Hope you’re feeling better.

    I have had one of those all day headaches myself. I’d like to thank you though…..I was looking at all the food photos, and really enjoyed the last pic of the tasty Joe Flanigan!!! *waves to JF*

    Glad to hear Joe pitched an angsty Shepisode.

  66. smiley_face06 said…
    A while back you said Jason Momoa had a pink Cadillac. Could you post a picture of it in the near future? (Preferably, with Jason Momoa in it.)

    Sans shirt wouldn’t be so bad…

  67. Just thought I’d pop back in to say a heartfelt thank you. I always enjoy reading your blog but today’s entry appears to have miraculous properties..

    I’ve been feeling generally fed up and “bleh” (as Dr Who would put it) over the last couple of days and had pretty much lost my enthusiasm for just about everything.. but reading your blog today with the cheerful, sunny picture of Joe, your usual entertaining discourse and the very interesting news of JF pitching an angsty ep for Carl to write has perked me up and rebooted my cheerfulness sub-routine. 🙂

    So thank you. For taking the timee to take photographs, to write your blog entries, to read through everyone’s comments and to reply to our varied questions – and for being cheaper than therapy!


  68. GeekBoy says yes, he’d be interested in some fantasy title recommendations from you.

    I’ve got the VCR running to get SciFi’s Atlantis marathon on tape. I have a timer set on my desk so I can run downstairs and change the tape every 2 hours. I really need Tivo!

  69. Great news hearing about the good doctor’s return, there’s a bit of a debate on GateWorld about how this comes to pass though.

    Would the name ‘Michael’ have anything to do with it?

  70. Oh, would that wonderful magic 8 ball of yours be able to tell us if that late season three issue that Joe Flanigan pitched had anything to do with the conversation Teyla was having at the start of Sunday?

    Cheers Joe, keep up the truly excellent work!

  71. Regardless of some forum goers, I’m very proud that some fan have the initative to do so much for such a beloved charactor. It’s also very big of you to stick to your word. I’m very excited to see how you bring him back.

    On another note, any word on what Rodney’s very complex mathmatics were at the end of “Tao of Rodney”? Might that have something to do with how Carson comes back?

    Cheers Joe
    P.s. Get well soon bud.

  72. WOOHOO on becketts return!!

    sorry to hear you are not feeling the best..nothin a massive dose of chocolate wont fix!!!!

    out of all the movies you’ve seen in the last 12 months?? what would be your top five????

  73. I just read Scalzi’s Old Man’s War—good recommendation. Have you ever read anything by Raymond Feist? He’s fantasy—magic, elves, dead gods, dragons and such. I like David Edding’s books also (another fantasy writer) however, I like the first series The Belgariad better than the second series than The Malloreon (it involves the same characters as the Belgariad) or his most recent series the Dreamers. I think I remember seeing you haven’t read Frank Herbert’s Dune series yet. It wasn’t bad—the God Emperor was my favorite of the series—at least it’s the one I remember most of the plot, but I haven’t read them since high school.

    On food note, Mom finally decided what she wants me to make for Mother/Daughter quality time (the Gates premiers tomorrow night). So while a lot of my friends will be watching the annoying interns at Seattle Grace, I’ll be prepping (and tasting) the fillings for my Nutella/Ricotta Calzones to take to my parents to assemble and cook tomorrow night.

    Hope you get over your cold and feel better!

  74. Hey Joe,
    I loved the scene between Ronon and Rodney in the beginning of Vengeance. Will we see some sparing between Rodney and Ronon again? Or at least how Rodney learns selfdefense?

  75. Is there a possibility for micheal turn out to be a real friendly ally in season 4. Will there be any new ship designs for season 4.


  76. Hey Joe, hope you’re feeling better. My suggestions for fighting a cold: lots of vitamin C, lots of soup (my picks – hot and sour or egg drop), and staying away from dairy products for a few days (there’s a couple components in milk that contribute to mucus build-up -seriously). There’s also something to be said for complaining loudly (and frequently) about how sick you are.

    Thanks for the pic of Joe – the man’s definitely not hard on the eyes.

  77. Please can we see Sheppard using his skateboard in Atlantis- we have seen it in view in his bedroom but it has never been used 🙁

  78. hey Joe,

    can we please have some more joe flanigan pictures because that first one of him was positivly delish?!

    Also will we ever see a cross-over happen ever again?

    Keep the faith,


  79. nichole said…
    I like David Edding’s books also (another fantasy writer) however, I like the first series The Belgariad better than the second series than The Malloreon (it involves the same characters as the Belgariad) or his most recent series the Dreamers.

    Oh wow, the Belgariad and the Mallorean series are some of my favourite ever fantasy books. I still have all 10 books and have read them all so many times over. I adore the characters in them and his complex depcition of the world they live in. Have you read The Rivan Codex? It basically is a compilation/explanation of all the research and preparation he did on building the world/the races/the mythology etc of the Belgariad and the Mallorean. Very interesting stuff. Never could really get into any of his other books/series (tried the Tamuli (I think it was called?) but just didn’t really take to Sparhawk..)

    Joe – Have you read any David Eddings? Or any Mercedes Lackey?

  80. Man, one pic of Joe and you get 82+ comments. Not that I’m complaining. Any time you want to post a pic or seven of Joe… you know, just go right ahead.

    The Shep-Angst ep — please God let it not be Sheyla related. I’m not a fan of ship, and that ship in particular just irks me (yes, I know some of you love it, I just happen to hate it more than I believed it was possible to hate anything!)

    If it’s related to Sheppy’s secret wife, is it possible that Joe’s wife could play that part? Is that something you’d consider? You’ve had David’s sister, after all. It would be cute to have Joe and his wife working together.

  81. Will Carter be promoted to full-bird Colonel when taking the command of Atlantis?

  82. Hello Mr. Mallozzi, could you inform us if Beckett will have all the memories as he did when he died?
    Thank you for your time, sir.

  83. Joe, you’re not the sort of person I’d usually say this to, but thank you for bringing Carson back and for defending those of us insane enough to be getting soaked in the pouring rain in Burnaby last month. I appreciate that you’ve kept your word to us, and hope that you’ll see your way clear to bringing Carson back full time for season five.

  84. dear joe,

    “On the production schedule, Rob is first up with ‘Doppelganger,’ a.k.a. N.O.A.S., assuming both writing and directing duties on this one.”
    (Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi)

    What does NOAS stand for…


  85. Hi Alipeeps!

    I can’t figure out the quote thing–too technical, but yes I’ve read the Rivan Codex, Belgarath & Polgara. Have you read those two? It’s their individual stories beyond the Belgariad & The Mallorean. I just re-read all of them. I’m with you on the Tamuli thing–couldn’t really care about Sparhawk and the Dreamers series ending just ticked me off.

    If you haven’t read David Eddings, you’d want to read them the in the following order, The Belgariad Series, The Mallorean Series, Belgarath & finally Polgara. I’d say you could read the Rivan Codex anytime after the Belgariad series–don’t you think Alipeeps?

  86. Please excuse us Joe while Nichole and I take over your blog to discuss our favourite authors… 😉

    Nichole said…
    Hi Alipeeps!

    I can’t figure out the quote thing–too technical, but yes I’ve read the Rivan Codex, Belgarath & Polgara. Have you read those two? It’s their individual stories beyond the Belgariad & The Mallorean. I just re-read all of them. I’m with you on the Tamuli thing–couldn’t really care about Sparhawk and the Dreamers series ending just ticked me off.

    If you haven’t read David Eddings, you’d want to read them the in the following order, The Belgariad Series, The Mallorean Series, Belgarath & finally Polgara. I’d say you could read the Rivan Codex anytime after the Belgariad series–don’t you think Alipeeps?

    Yup, read both Belgarath and Polgara too. Loved the whole series and got my hands on the “prologue” books as soon as they were released. (Btw, who’s your favourite character? Mine would have to be Silk… closely followed by Zakath)

    Joe, if you like high fantasy then I can highly recommend The Belgariad and The Mallorean, in the order Nichole suggests. The first book of The Belgariad (there are five books in each of the two series and then Belgarath and Polgara are “preludes” telling the fuller story of two of the main characters) is Pawn of Prophecy. As a writer yourself, you’d probably find The Rivan Codex a very interesting read – definitely leave it till after reading the first series though so you know who all the character etc are.

    Here’s a question for you – you mentioned recently (not entirely in jest?) your desire to one day write a novel… what kind of novel would you write? You seem to read a lot of scifi and fantasy type books – is that the sort of book you would write or would it be something completely different?

  87. I had a freakishly weird dream last night about an Atlantian soap opera featuring McKay being eaten by Jaws and a Sheppard/Weir/ Beckett love triangle.
    I blame you and your sentient gorillas. (Either that or it was the creme anglaise.)

  88. If Save Carson Beckett was responsible for bringing Beckett back like you say, then doesn’t it contradict what you’ve been saying that the fans can’t change your decisions.

  89. Joe,
    It’s very awesome of you to let us highjack your blog. 🙂 I’ll have to figure out what sort of Southern Treats I can send that would survive be shipped off to Canada. I don’t think Shrimp and Grits will travel well. 🙂

    Hi Alipeeps!

    When I first read these, way back in the 80s, it was Polgara hands down- I wanted to put a white streak in my hair just like Polgara, but my hairdresser nixed it. She said my Mom would kill her—joys of small southern towns were everyone knows everyone. But now it’s shifted, I’ll have to with Silk—he’s such awesome little scammer & Velvet because she plays him beautifully. I really like Beldin & Poldera. I know random combination and more than one. It’s hard to narrow down!

    And what do you recommend by Mercedes Lackey? I don’t think I’ve read any of her work.

  90. Hi Joe

    I’m really loving reading your blog right now. I was originally avoiding coming over, but what the heck. I’ve been converted 🙂

    I’m getting more excited about season 4 everytime I read anything from your blog. I have to admit that some things have upset me and I was a little worried about what direction Atlantis could be going in, but pfft to pessimism. All the speculation has revived my love and I realise that I will end up enjoying it no matter what happens anyway.

    I have a few questions:

    – You mentioned we might be seeing Michael again. Is there a chance we could see him as a human again in season 4?

    – Will Michael have anything to do with Teyla’s story arc?

    – Could the replicators have anything to do with Elizabeth ‘disappearing’ from Atlantis?

    And I was reading your poem again:

    ‘Self-doubt for one, parenthood for another’
    – would this parenthood have anything to do with Teyla, wraith children, and Michael’s crazy experiments?

    Thank you so much if you do answer any of those. As you might tell, I love Michael. Great character. I keep comparing his storyline to that of Fifth in SG-1, and I loved him as well. The complicated bad guys are always the best.

  91. Joe I just saw a new ad for Atlantis and they spelled Ronon (RONIN), so it still is Ronon right. Don’t tell me I have been spelling it wrong. The ad was funny but eh, the spelling made me go WTF.

  92. A few days ago you mentioned that for legal reasons you’re unable to read fanfic; is the same true for the actors on the show?


  93. City of Atlantis will be come back in the original world or will be in a new planet ?

  94. hi, joe,

    now that *the* issue of sam taking command of atlantis is out, what goodies can you give the sam fans on stuff to look forward to? well, besides her being in command (she’s not going to just sit there :p).

    sally 🙂

  95. “It was akin to reaching your pain threshhold and removing the tooth yourself – agonizing but effective.”

    I can sympathize. Actually, I find it (oddly) satisfying to read someone else’s take on that particular problem (and resolution) as sometimes we don’t get the luxury of throwing in the towel. Pressure? What pressure? Oh, and it works. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    Alas, “Friday Moments” have temporarily come to an end. You would have to be on this side of my computer to fully appreciate how weird it is that I am a touch excited about getting the group in front of the TV tomorrow for a little Stargate.

    Season Four feels less distant (thanks!) but oh so very interesting. I’m deliberately avoiding slipping to the edge of my seat in anticipation. It’s taking a lot of will power, though.

    Thanks, too, for the pic of Joe Flanigan.

    Btw, your blog is addictive.


  96. Okay, first off, hopefully something to make you smile – a Pug Pile: http://www.stuffonmymutt.com/index.php?itemid=128

    Secondly – as for your back, I’m sorry! You’re just a tad bit too far away for me to drive over to your office &/or home to offer my services as a massage therapist. *lol* (St. Louis, MO to Vancouver, BC – that’s about a 3 day drive…)

    Have you tried drinking lots of hot ginger tea (with honey!) for your cold? Along with upping your vitamin C intake massively, I’ve been told that the tea is a good cold remedy by one of my teachers who’s been an MT for close to 30+ years.

    I feel your pain on the cold – I have drug allergies, so I have to tough it out without cold meds most of the time.

    Thanks for your kind words on the SCB campaign – they have worked their butts off to be recognized and I only wish I could have joined them!

    And, speaking of chocolate – is that a hint that we’re supposed to send you more chocolate bribes?

    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  97. Mel said…

    Joe I just saw a new ad for Atlantis and they spelled Ronon (RONIN), so it still is Ronon right. Don’t tell me I have been spelling it wrong. The ad was funny but eh, the spelling made me go WTF.”

    Are you talking about the Batman/Fatman gag with “McKay on Ronon”… “Ronon on McKay”?? I caught it just barely while channel surfing during SGA marathon.

    Yeah very funny ad.

  98. Hi Joe, wow you’re getting alot of comments!
    Wonder if you’ve ever seen this:

    of Richard Dean Anderson singing – to me fun and scary at the same time. What do you think?
    Hope you feel better and hope the script’s going well!

  99. Thanks for all your tidbits. Looking forward to the Shep angst! Hope Elizabeth comes back eventually. My take on it (since I know you want everyones individual opinion 😉 ) is that one of the things I (and perhaps others) loved about Atlantis that was different from SG:1 is that the whole show was an expedition (vs. just the team doing expeditions) and that unique situation made for a different team dynamic, one that was more inclusive. The basic “team” that I saw, even though it consists of more than the team, was Elizabeth, John, Rodney, Teyla, Ronon, (or Ford in season 1), and Carson. Everyone else is secondary, while in SG:1 I saw the “team” as just the team, and while Hammond (or whoever was general at the time) and Frasier (or whoever was dr. at the time) were integral characters, they were still secondary. I would argue this different dynamic is written right into the titles with SG1’s title focusing on the team, SG1, while Atlantis’s title focuses on Atlantis, for me indicating the show is about the expedition as a whole, making the main characters all the key people, which I saw as the more inclusive “team” I mentioned earlier. Many people probably don’t share this opinion, and still see the “team” as the actual team on Atlantis. But for me, and perhaps others who share my opinion, this is what makes it so hard to let go of characters like Elizabeth and Carson. Granted, I was sad to see Hammond and Frasier go, but I felt the loss of Carson, and fear the loss of Elizabeth much more strongly. So, just in case you wanted one more person’s view on it, there’s mine. Hope I didn’t bore you. Thanks for your blog, and have a nice day!

    P.S. I think that view is also a reason why I enjoy Atlantis based episodes so much more than I ever enjoyed SGC based episodes. And on that thought…will we be getting a lot of Atlantis based episodes in season 4?

  100. Joe; your comments are lovely but I think that I can speak for most Beckett fans when I say I really don’t care what the whiners say. We’re too happy to care!
    Do I think you would have left yourselves options in case, well exactly what happened happened? Of course you would, the really daft option would have been to give yourselves no way out. So all I can say if being used means I get what I want (well most of it, we’re still going for full time regular in season 5) then hell yeah,! I’m up for getting ‘used’ like that any day of the week!
    As to the cold, yes a hot toddy does work. The best method is Single Malt(don’t ask me why that works better than a blend, it just does), a teaspoon of sugar (heaped) and some people think lemon juice as well. The real trick is to drink it when the water is boiling hot – it’s the most foul concoction you will ever drink but it really does work; Just think of it as the kill or cure school of medicine.
    I hope you feel better soon
    And what exactly do you have against Wales? Trust me, a Scots army would NEVER pick them as their first choice for invasion.

  101. Anonymous said…
    On the production schedule, Rob is first up with ‘Doppelganger,’ a.k.a. N.O.A.S., assuming both writing and directing duties on this one.”
    (Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi)

    What does NOAS stand for

    Not Only Another Stargate ??

    Never On A Sunday ??

  102. I hope you start to feel better soon, drink lots of water lol.

    Was wondering, are there any plans for DH’s birthday on set?

  103. nichole said…
    Hi Alipeeps!

    When I first read these, way back in the 80s, it was Polgara hands down- I wanted to put a white streak in my hair just like Polgara, but my hairdresser nixed it. She said my Mom would kill her—joys of small southern towns were everyone knows everyone. But now it’s shifted, I’ll have to with Silk—he’s such awesome little scammer & Velvet because she plays him beautifully. I really like Beldin & Poldera. I know random combination and more than one. It’s hard to narrow down!

    And what do you recommend by Mercedes Lackey? I don’t think I’ve read any of her work.

    Really sorry Joe… but I can resist a conversation about good books! 🙂

    Nichole, my favourite books by Mercedes Lackey are her series set in and around Valdemar – the earlier series are better than the more recent stuff. My absolute favourites, and ones I can read again and again, are The Last Herald Mage trilogy (Magic’s Pawn, Magic’s Promise and Magic’s Price)

    I’m done now Joe, honest. Nichole, if you want to carry on this conversation without monopolising Joe’s blog, I’m alipeeps on LiveJournal too.. 🙂

  104. Glad to hear that Weir is only in four episodes. From one of those who’s happy that she’s leaving, please let that be the limit.

  105. Joe,

    I know this will probably get lost in the blog given the hotness that is JF, but thought it might at the very least make you laugh 😀

    An ode to whingers

    You moan about things, that are sometimes left unsaid,
    Or if characters die and then brought back from the dead.
    You whinge about Weir and about Carter coming over,
    All because it’s a little crossover.
    You’ve stomped your feet and thrown a hissy feet or two,
    But as everyone knows you’ve been doing that since season 2.
    So enough with the moaning,
    We’ve just heard it all before,
    If you don’t like the series,
    Then over there is the door!

    Some of you are leaving,
    I understand the reasons why,
    But why do some have to act so righteous?
    Or is ours not to reason why?
    There’s a thing that’s called just being polite,
    When you’re putting to Joe your anxious plight,
    There’s no need to be nasty, good manners help more,
    But if you can’t behave nicely,
    Over there is the door.

    I won’t post anonymous as it will fuel the fire more,
    So instead I’ll sign Monty,
    Who’s still rooting for S4

  106. Joe, will Teal’c be keeping the grey streak in his hair he got from Unending in future Stargate movies/shows/etc.?

  107. Hey Joe,

    I’d definitely third the recommendations of the Belgariad and the Mallorean.

  108. Hope you are feeling better… stay in bed with a good book and cuppa tea till it passes.

    I had a couple of thoughts (which I am forced by my InnerMcKay to thrust upon you):

    How much input do the acotrs get on their characters? Do they ever come up and say ‘Hey, my guy wouldn’t do/say that…’ and ask for changes? I heard that DH asked that McKay’s sibling be a sister rather than a brother. IS it common for that to happen?

    I like the pic of JF, too. It is kinda cool to see the folx out of character. More behind-the-scene pics would be great. How ’bout one of DN *not* in a spacesuit? What about Rachel or Jewel? Spread the love, man, spread the love! *grin*

  109. ahhh! so many SGA questions! bring back SG-1!!! *tear tear
    joe, do you miss writing for sg-1? or miss the characters of sg-1? wats the major difference tat you find as writer, from both shows?? the humour is quite different as well

    hope you get better!!!

  110. Pleased to hear that we’re getting Sheppard angst… even more pleased to hear that Carl Binder’s writing it.

  111. I’m two-thirds of the way through Stanislaw Lem’s Cyberiad (!)
    I liked Solaris.

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