Yesterday, we bore witness to a true Easter miracle when, prepared to head out for a crappy Chinese buffet dinner, we received word that our host had been felled by a suspect Church potluck potato salad and that our dinner plans had been cancelled. And so, instead of chicken balls and lukewarm egg rolls, we enjoyed a home made feast compliments of my mother-in-law: roast soy chicken, stir-fried beef with broccoli, and shrimp and bok choy. While my sister-in-law’s husband attempted a textbook lecture on the rules of no-stakes Texas Hold ‘Em for all those interested (“I have two pair. You have three of a kind. So the winner is…Mr. Tam. That’s a point for you.”), I caught up on my blog. Somewhere between the completion of yesterday’s Q&A and the frantic drive home to catch the season premiere of The Sopranos, panic of another sort began to set in. Apparently, the script elves have abandoned me as no progress has been made on the first part of the mid-season two-parter since Tuesday’s creative outburst. I stalled out on page twenty-five – not so coincidentally, the scene in which the team seeks the explanation to a stunning revelation. This, of course, would be followed by the scene in which the team privately comes to term with said revelation. Tough, tough scenes in which I have to reveal…






…not only fact A and fact B, but the how’s and why’s of B which ultimately segue into A’s uncertain relationship with C and D’s ultimate fate. (I hope I haven’t given too much away.). As is often the case when I write, fear is a wonderful motivator and, after watching The Sopranos and returning to mom’s place to pack, I sat in front of the t.v. at 11:30 p.m. and wrote that bitch of a scene – three painstaking pages that set-up the next painstaking scene I’ve yet to get around to. Still, 28 pages and, once I’m past these two scenes, it’ll be smoooooth sailing. Until the top of Act IV when the team heads off to meet up with you-know-who. But I‘ve already said too much!

I woke up this morning and, with some time to spare between shower and smoked meat, I went over the scene I wrote last night. It will require a couple of more runs (in which I’ll print up the script and pace about reading it to myself, irritably mumbling away like some Bellevue outpatient, adjusting dialogue and description here and there before making the necessary changes on my laptop and moving on).

Lunch at Smoked Meat Pete’s was a bit of a disappointment as the meat proved more lean than regular, devoid of that glorious glistening fat that really makes this Montreal staple. The double-fried fries were very good, however, and more than made up for whatever cholesterol-reinforcing constituents the sandwich lacked. Still, as unimpressive as the smoked meat proved, it was downright heavenly compared to the “barbecued chicken” I sampled on the flight back. Boiled and then slathered in barbecue sauce, the chicken held a disturbingly medicinal flavor I couldn‘t place. It was either an intense rosemary or a hint of Pinesol.

Oh, and I keep forgetting something very important I’d been meaning to run by all of you. I really need to know. In your estimation, which of the following would you consider the worst movie title of 2007. I realize it‘s only April but, holy crap, it‘s going to be hard to compete with this early field:

The Last Mimzy
The Reapening

Please discuss.

Well, another hometown visit draws to an end as we return to Vancouver with fond memories of our trip, slight indigestion from the in-flight meal, and a pic of that accupuncture needle my mom fished out of her scalp.

And finally, get ready for a big season four announcement in the coming days. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday. And, no, it has nothing to do with me finally getting that Apocalypse statue for my office. I said “ a big season four announcement”, not a HUUUUGE one.

Mailbag –

Mel writes: “Your dogs snore, too? My dog did that (we had to put her down a couple years ago)”

Answer: Uh, I hope that wasn’t the reason you put her down.

Smiley Face06 writes: “ How good are you at using chopsticks?”

Answer: I’m a little on the excellent side.

Propagandor writes: “I’m pretty sure that nanovirus was the work of the Asurans, because 1) They use nano tech, 2) They hate humans and 3) they are unable to hurt Ancients (people with the Ancient Gene count as ancients as far as the virus goes I think)”

Answer: Bingo. And brilliant.

Vikitty writes: “Speaking of chibis (and anime), have you ever watched Serial Experiments Lain or Noir?”

Answer: I liked Lain a lot and Noir is among my top five favorite anime series of all time. I even own the soundtrack.

Pattirose 4 writes: “Curious about the signage comment and was wondering about franchise signs in Quebec. Please don’t tell me they have Le McDonalds and Monsieur Timmies?? Le Donut?”

Answer: Not in the case of McDonalds but many other cases, yes. They employ language inspectors to ensure businesses keep a lid on English, following up on all complaints. I worked for a company that produced English-language animation for the international market and we faced a “language audit” because someone complained to that our internal office correspondence was in English as opposed to the legally-required French. There was a pretty infamous incident many years ago involving a language inspector’s investigation of a unilingual pet shop parrot. Seriously.

Jenny Robin writes: “I know it will be difficult for you, but I must leave you once again, this time for a trip to Michigan for work.”

Answer: Okay! Have a good trip! I don’t want you bringing me back anything! I’m serious this time. Unless there’s something you come across that positively screams “Joe!”.

Zabadoo writes: “Ever tried to get anyone from Lost on the show…”

Answer: Funny you should say that. Stay tuned.

Someday Scientist writes: “How do you feel about fanfiction?”

Answer: I think it’s great that fans love the show so much that they will actually produce their own stories based the series. That said, for legal reasons I’m unable to check out fan fiction. I hear some of it pretty good though.

Anonymous #1 writes: “That not so western replacement location that you mention- what is that place? I know you have used it a couple of times and I have always wondered what it is in real life.”

Answer: It’s a placed called Fantasy Gardens. As for what it is in real life – good question.

Prior_of_the_Ori writes: “Will we see Oberoth and Niam this next season? Also, will we see those Asurans who wish to ascend?”

Magic 8 Ball says: Outlook is good.

Ruffles writes: “Has SciFi given you any indication of how they intend to air S4? Will there still be a long mid-season break since they are starting it so late, or will it be more like BSG with a six week break?”

Answer: Last I heard, that was still to be decided.

Ruffles also writes: “Will Carter be given the ATA gene therapy?”

Answer: No plans to.

Benny writes: “Which of these past episodes is most likely gonna have a follow up in season 4: The Brotherhood ( for the Dagan ZPM) , Before I slept( for the three unexplored planets with potential ZPMs), The condemned ( The fate of the Olesians and their technology), The Hive ( Ford’s whereabouts and the Wraith Civil war), Aurora ( wraith weakness), Common ground ( the noble wraith), Mckay and Mrs. Miller ( project acturus).”

Answer: Those last two look pretty promising.

Linzi writes: “…I asked if Reunion will air 7th, as reported on a fan site recently, or will it air 3rd, as you previously posted.”

Answer: It will definitely air third.

Anonymous #2 writes: “I was wondering if you have any tips for getting through writers block?”

Answer: 1. Take a break. Read something. Watch t.v. Go for a walk. Then get back to whatever you’re working on. 2. Print up what you have so far and re-read it to get back into a rhythm. 3. Set it aside until a couple of days before the deadline. Let fear be your motivator.

91 thoughts on “April 9, 2007

  1. Hey Joe; long time reader, first time responder =P
    For the worst movie title of ’07 I’m going to have to throw in my own opinion, with “Black Snake Moan”…
    The Last Mimzy is so…Mimz-ical (*applauds self*)
    The Reaping and Disturbia are on the same level of mediocre or cringe-worthy as…I don’t know, Footrot Flats? (haha, had to throw that in there even if it’s 20-odd years old…)

  2. Joe,
    I can’t remember if you said you watch Galactica or not. If you do, did you get a chance to watch the season finale with the great cover of Dylan’s Watchtower?

  3. Hi Joe,

    Did you get a chance to dine at 40 west during your stay at montreal? I hope your return trip was safe and comfortable. I was wondering if you know a place here in mtl where a can buy a female pug. Thanks as usual..

    Your montreal fan

  4. Do you have any say on where to shoot for ‘on-location’ episodes? And do you know if the location for “Paradise Lost” s6 of Stargate:SG-1 was the same place where BSG shot “Kobol’s Last Gleaming”?

  5. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    I thank you for answering my questions. I was just wondering in season three the main bad guys were the asurans but not the wraith like seasons 1 and 2, will season four be a little mix between the two or a main focus on the asurans?



  6. I knew it. It’s Jack O’neill, right! God I hope it’s Jack. I LOVED the Return and The Shroud. Now, with Sam on Atlantis, I can’t wait to have Jack come for a visit. Please, get Jack on Atlantis…Please….Please.


  7. I think it’s spelled The Reaping, not The Reapening…still sucks though. But really, they all sound craptastic, especially when “Disturbia” is just ripping off that Simpson’s episode, which I’m sure was just ripping off of something else.

    Can’t wait for that big announcement! If it’s not revealed tomorrow, can we get some hints?

    If not…let’s see…well, ok, you admit that you read the fanboards once in a while; how do you feel when you read fans’ comments about plot holes/inconsistancies in an episode? Do you think that they were unavoidable given the deadlines you guys have? Do you beat yourselves up for not noticing it? Other responses?

  8. Oh, no! No… no, no, no! My dog was quite old and she was beginning to have health problems–she was NOT put to sleep because she snored or barked in her sleep. (Words can be so problematic sometimes!)

  9. My vote for worst movie title has to be “The Last Mimzy.” I picture this old woman sitting either in her mansion or the country club, sipping her mint julip, marking the end of her life. Complete with a hat that would rival any woman at the Kentucky Derby.

  10. “The Reapening.” Hands down. The others at least sound like they tried to be proper nouns… “The Reapening” just sounds like bad Engrish.

  11. Oy…you’re not kidding. Of your list so far it’s kind of three-way tie…but that’s a cop out. So I’ll edge Disturbia to the fore because it stands out as being particularly cheesy. Such a painfully contrived title pretty much turns me off to the movie itself. I shudder to consider what titles they gave a pass.

    I’m trying to envision the meeting where they decided what title to use:

    Fearless Leader: So what shall we call this film? We need ideas people! What do we know so far?

    *the executives mumble to themselves until one daring soul speaks up*

    Exec 1: Well…it’s disturbing…and it’s in suburbia.

    *long thoughtful pause*

    Fearless Leader: How about we smash those to words together and call it DISTURBIA! Focus groups say that titles with words crammed together to make a new word perform better at the box office!!

    Exec 2: Clever idea, sir!

    Exec 3: Simply brilliant, sir!!!

    *the rest of the execs all bob their heads in unison, applauding the genius decision of their Fearless Leader like good little lemmings*

    Mary Beth 🙂

  12. LOL!!!!!!!! Joe, why do you hate us so? Those “spoilers” were evil. I re-read them and put all sorts of scenarios together, which did nothing but leave me screaming as my overactive imagination took hold and I began channeling one of my Jamaican ancestors.

    Hmm, I see your list of stupid movie titles of 2007 and I raise you these additions:

    “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters”

    “Black Snake Moan”

    “Live Free or Die”

    “I Think I Love My Wife”

  13. Good looking food tonight Joe! Loved your spoiler alert.

    Last Mimzy was cute, based off the short story “Mimsy Were the Borogoves”.

    I want to see The Reaping, for just seeing the Biblical references. Interesting that they are picking Exodus plagues instead of Revelations plagues.

    Disturbia….eh, might wait to see that one. However, Premonition was excellent.

    Btw, my husband said that if you ever are in need of “extras” airmen for SGA he would happily volunteer some leave time. It would be a treat for him after being in Iraq. 🙂

  14. I think ‘Disturbia’ is one of the worst movie titles I have heard. It sound like they pretty much ran out of original words to create this mockery of hybrid.

    Do you dogs have any strange habits? When I had my dog, Snoopy of 12 years (Charming Beagle), in our old house she used to patrol the border of the backyard, and a bare path had actually formed from her patrolling the same line, right around the rim of the yard.

  15. Hiya Joe,
    I’m going to have to go with “The Last Mimzy” only because working in a movie theater I’m constantly being asked “What exactly IS a last Mimzy, what does it mean?” and Since I don’t actually watch all the movies *their are somethings not even the allure of the free tickets can make me view* it does help when the name can give you at least some inkling of what the movie will be about. The Last Mimzy… I have to answer with a bland “I’ve not seen it myself but…” Which inevitably leads to mental indegestion.

  16. Hey, hey! Alanna, Footrot Flats is awesome!

    Joe, I love that last way to get past writers block. Fear is the best motivator.

  17. Hi Joe,

    I’ve read your blog now for only a few weeks and finally brave enough to comment:

    I have to say that your last tip for overcoming writer’s block to Anonymous #2; “Let fear be your motivator,” has worked for me.

    I’ve found myself in similar straights and when taking a step back from it, or doing something else didn’t always work.
    Fear of missing the deadline always got some kind of result. Although, I often found myself wishing I’d had more time to edit my work.

    Have you ever found yourself with similar regrets/realizations or do production schedules allow you the opportunity for fine tuning a script on set?

  18. Hey Joe,

    You’ve mentioned legal restrictions preventing you from reading fanfiction on a couple of occasions. Could you provide the details of the restrictions, even if it’s just a link to some rulings or statutes? I’d be interested to learn about the justification for such regulations.

  19. Great post. I really enjoyed this one. And just because I’m stubborn enough to ask again:

    Will we see more of Teyla and Elizabeth’s friendship develop in season 4?

  20. Congratulations on your 100th blog post! Time to do something silly! Any plans?

  21. Are the two A’s the same thing? Are all the letters facts or are some of them people?

  22. *let fear be your motivator*…

    This is how I have so far passed university. I thought that when I got a writing career (which I *will* *grin*) I’d grow out of it. Kinda refreshing that I won’t 😀

    Worst title of the year: Reapening sounds like ‘reimagining’ and we all know how well that turns out… ‘Disturbia’, definitely. I’m seeing bad OC actors being killed slowly and painfully already.

    Actually this might have promise!


  23. I must link a fellow fan’s way of expressing his love. This is pretty cool. 😉 It deserves a few viewings by The Cast & Crew.

    That was fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  24. The Last Mimzy is pretty bad. Mimzy sounds like a cartoon chracter that would be on Nickelodeon. It could potentialy be a cool movie, but the name is a turn off.

    Question: Do you like getting a lot of comments? Personally, I think it would be rather nice. On my own blog, I get 3 comments and think, “Woo hoo!”

  25. Dear Joe,

    I just read the interview you did with and I wanted to say a heartfelt “Thank You.”

    You are a class act.

  26. I think movie titles in general started going down the tubes around the time “Excess Baggage” came out. (Alicia Silverstone? I think?).

    As for those three… hm. I’d have to say The Last Mimzy… Disturbia and The Reapening are at least interesting sounding. The Last Mimzy makes me think, for some reason unknown to me, of Mary Poppins on amphetamines. (Quality wise I don’t expect much from any of them – I’ve already heard dissapointments about The Reapening, but that’s not a surprise, and I have doubts that Disturbia will be as interesting as it promises. Thrillers rarely are these days. I don’t even know what the Last Mimzy is about. Is it a children’s film?).

    Have you had a chance to see Sharkwater? I’m seeing it tomorrow night, and it looks fairly interesting. I’m a big fan of docs, and sharks are always fun.

    It’s really too bad that you can’t check out some of the fanfic. I think you’d get a kick out of some of it, though I’m sure some would make you cringe, it’s just really bad and out of character for everyone. Actually, now that I think of it, tt’s probably be best you just hear good things about some of it and not have to suffer through the awfulness that abounds. There are some good writers out there though who have the stuff to be great writers – whether they ever get there or not, and whether it’s even desirable to do so is another story.

    Wow, those spoilers were mindboggling – I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming! ;P

    Have you ever heard of the book “My Life With Corpses” by Wylene Dunbar? I’m not really sure what genre it would be classified as, sci-fi, fantasy, or contemporary philosophical stuff, but if you’re ever bored of the usual sci-fi and fantasy, you might be interested in giving it a go – it’s quite the interesting mind-trip.

    Take care, and good luck with those difficult scenes. (Scenes like that frustrate the hell out of me.)

    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  27. So what do the language police do about a bastardization like “The Reapening”?

    Seriously… Reapening? Whoever is responsible for that one should be have every English language teacher appear in their nightmares for years as punishment!!

  28. The movie is actually “The Reaping”. So the title isn’t that bad, but the movie apparently really is. I don’t begrudge Hillary Swank making some money, though. She’s won 2 Oscars for movies she was barely paid to do!

    Thanks to Joe for the Q&A on SaveCarson — Carson back for 2 or 3 eps — let the celebrating commence!

  29. Ahhh…so, that’s the big annoucement, isn’t it? That news about that…uh…doc guy? *tries so very hard to avoid spoiling people*

    Nice one Joe! And a…hint eh? Oh boy, I can already smell the weird theories people are going to come up with. It’s going to be a loooong few months.

  30. Have you watched any episodes from the SuperNatural tv series??Filmed in Canada saw one episode got hooked

  31. Which movie had the worst title. Well if you are going on the basis of the title probably cost the movie cash it could have earned with a better one then it would be The Last Mimzy. Otherwise if it is a case of what appears to be a crapfest movie with a carp title then that would be Disturbia. Othewise I’d say they are tied.

    Will we ever get to see a restroom on Atlantis? Or will it remain as mysterious as “waste extraction” was on Deepspace 9?

  32. Regarding this comment:

    “Anonymous said…
    Great post. I really enjoyed this one. And just because I’m stubborn enough to ask again:

    Will we see more of Teyla and Elizabeth’s friendship develop in season 4? “

    We’re unlikely to see it because Cooper has said that Elizabeth had to go (though he’s yet to explain why)

    Now that they’ve agreed to bring Carson back for three episodes, it’s highly unlikely we Weir fans will get what we want.

    Congrats to the Beckett fans. I’m proud of you for keeping up the fight. BUT, wasn’t it said before that he may be recurring? Have you considered that maybe this was the plan all along? You get free publicity and are given the episodes that were planned anyway?

    Joe. One question from me.

    Can you PLEASE tell us how many episodes Torri is due to appear in. Can you point us in the direction of the person we need to target to get her back on a more regular basis. The Save Elizabeth campaign isn’t going anywhere. We will be a thorn in your side for as long as this show runs.

  33. Many thanks to you Joe for holding up your end of the bargain with the SCB campaign! Season four looks better and better; I can’t wait!

  34. First, a question: It sounded like there’s a possibility of seeing Niam again. What are the odds of seeing Niam, Michael and Ford team up to be the Atlantis team’s arch-nemesises, a la the Trio on Buffy? (What? Come on, like a supervillain team consisting of a replicator, a wraith, and a superhuman wouldn’t be totally cool? They’ve already got having been betrayed/abandoned by the heroes to bring them together.)

    As to the worst movie titles of 2007, how about “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters”? I know what they’re getting at, but I just don’t find it as amusing as they obviously do.

  35. Hi Joe!

    Thank you for the update!

    Of how many pages does an average SGA script consist? Your comments regarding the latest work in progress have me contemplating the issue.

    As for the movie titles, Mimzy is ok, considering it’s a kiddie flick. I can forgive Disturbia, since I assume it’s a play on the word suburbia. That leaves The Reapening/Reaping as the worst of the three, in the book according to Kate.

  36. Joe, does it bother you to see your ideas and creative endeavor stolen by every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there, turned into fanfic, and then seriously considered as some sort of viable, original piece of work by others? Greatest form of flattery and all that, but it must be a bit grating. I understand that most see it as all good fun and no harm done, but at some point it goes beyond a purely fannish activity and turns into flat out theft. Whether that point is defined by the use of ideas or by sheer quantity of material, there are a multitude of “authors” out there who are well beyond it.

    I thought Citizen Joe was a great dig at fanfic writers in general, but the not-so-subtle implication of the episode has been brushed off by most fans that I’ve seen talk about it. So, does it bother you? Does fanfic and it’s pervasiveness pique at you, especially when faced with posters deciding that they’ll “fix” what you, TPTB, supposedly “broke” when you actually turned out some original content? At what point does it become an insult?

  37. There was a pretty infamous incident many years ago involving a language inspector’s investigation of a unilingual pet shop parrot. Seriously.

    Heh. Was it a Norwegian Blue parrot? 😉

    Copernicus said…
    Hey Joe,

    You’ve mentioned legal restrictions preventing you from reading fanfiction on a couple of occasions. Could you provide the details of the restrictions, even if it’s just a link to some rulings or statutes? I’d be interested to learn about the justification for such regulations

    I don’t think it’s a matter of specific statutes, Copernicus, more a simple case of the studio/network covering themselves. Intellectual property is a complicated concept and fanfic itself exists in something of a legal grey area (as in it’s technically illegal use of copyrighted characters etc but is tolerated/ignored by the copyright owners) so the simplest solution is to have a blanket ban on writers for the show reading any fanfic.. then there can’t be any accusations of them, even accidentally, using ideas from a fanfic.

    Interesting tip on beating writer’s block, Joe… however, what can you suggest (as in my current situation where I write non-professionally/academically) when there are no deadlines to work to? How does one interject the necessary fear to inspire one to write?! 🙂

  38. Glad to hear you pace about and rant at yourself when working on a difficult bit – I do it all the time with my PhD thesis! I suggested it to a collegue last month who looked at me like I was mad…. she came back the other day and said it actually helped – well duh!! As for getting past writers block – I find reading your blog very helpful 🙂 Thanks!

  39. At the risk of sounding negative, I’m concerned about the Sam/Rodney factor for season four.

    Just for the record, I HATED Rodney in SG1. I’m not a fan of Carter, either.

    Together, I really can’t stand either of them. He makes her into a bitch, she turns him into an idiot, because of course Carter always HAS to be right, being the golden girl she is.

    I love Rodney with Shep, Weir, Beckett and Zelenka, but with Carter? Nightmare.

    How prominent is the going to be, and can we get some type of word on whether or not she’s going to cause changes to the Shep/McKay relationship?

    In my opinion, it would have been much wiser to have her with Elizabeth still in the lineup.

    I’m glad the Beckett people are getting to see him in possibly three episodes. Can you tell us how many Elizabeth will be in?

  40. Ok, question that is a little out there but…By any chance, to solve the power problem in Adrift, do they use ‘Project Acturus’ to power up the city?

    Just a little idea I thought of.

  41. Barbeque chicken! My university caféteria used to serve that. It become known to my witty friends and I as “Generic meat with goo” because it would also appear under the name ‘pork’ and ‘beef’ with no discernable difference in taste or texture. The smell of the sauce could fell a man within twenty paces of the building. Nasty stuff.

    Those are some amazing filmy titles. My vote goes to Disturbia. You’ve got to wonder what exec signed off on that.

    And that parrot story made me howl with laughter.

  42. Looks like your big news got let loose a bit early – All the Carson fans on Gateworld are already celebrating 🙂

    How do you feel the writing of only 20 episodes this year (as opposed to 40 episodes last year) has affected the writers and the quality of the scripts? Does the extra time give you guys the chance to go all out on scripts (be more creative, take more risks or just spend more time fine-tuning) or is it pretty much bussiness as usual at Bridge?

  43. I have to go with Disturbia. When you’re watching this intense thriller/horror movie trailer and you’re listening to The Voice of God (at least I think it’s The Voice of God who narrates that one) and then the title comes up and you giggle?

    Doesn’t bode well at all.

    So are we going to see you on the Mythology of Stargate special this Friday?

  44. Holy Cow! I thought you were kidding about the acupuncture needle! Surely they should be counting them at the end, like swabs in an operation? Of course, you know you should have had a handy ruler beside the thing for comparison – not watching enough CSI!

    And stop giving away spoilers – you really are spoiling things for us all 😉

  45. I say again, you are *evil*.

    Now I am going to be so busy trying to figure out what ‘clue’ you left us in those eps, that I won’t be able to concentrate fully on the eye candy (Joe, David, Jason, David and Paul… and um, Kavan). You are going to force me to tape and rewind endlessly and disect the eps looking for that clue. Evil.

    I think I understand why you aren’t allowed to read fanfic… someone might claim you stole an idea from them and sue the studio, right? Which is a shame because there are fanfic writers out there that are professional-quality writers, better than some whose work I have paid money for. A few do write professionally and do fanfic for the love of the characters.

    I think it is a compliment to you guys, because you have created characters that we love enough to want to play with, and that we can’t get enough of in one hour a week, 20 weeks out of the year. *grin*

    Seriously, though. Thanks for sticking to your word. It means alot to us.

  46. Re the legal restrictions on reading fan fiction, I would guess that if the writers/producers of a show were openly known to read fan fiction and say a similar plot-line to a fanfic posted on-line happened to appear in the next Season’s episodes, then perhaps it would leave said TV show and writers open to the allegation of plagerism and to being sued. Hence why officially TV writers/producers, etc would never admit to reading fanfic because of ‘the legal restrictions’.

  47. First off: Thank you for being honourable. This will not be forgotten by this “Carsonite.”

    Next: If you’re looking for new books, I’d recommend “The High House” and it’s sequel, “The False House,” both by James Stoddard. They’re not long, maybe a four-hour flights’ worth of reading for you since you read so fast, but out of all the books I’ve read, “The High House” remains my favourite.

    The Songspell Cycle series by L.E. Modesitt is also enjoyable.

  48. Re the Save Carson Beckett campaign: you said “A: When he returns for the two-parter, it will be Carson Beckett in the flesh. Late in season three, we discussed the manner in which the character had been written out and the possible ways in which he could be brought back. I threw out an idea that not only brought Carson back, but answered a very big question I had concerning a late-season arc. In order to lay the groundwork for his possible return, we threaded a subtle hint into one of the late season three episodes. So, if fans want to know how we plan on bringing the good doctor back from the dead, they should seek out the hidden clue when the back half of season three returns to SciFi this Friday, April 13th.”

    This sounds like the idea to bring Carson back was in action long before the fans even found out and began their campaign.

  49. And finally, get ready for a big season four announcement in the coming days. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday. And, no, it has nothing to do with me finally getting that Apocalypse statue for my office. I said “ a big season four announcement”, not a HUUUUGE one.

    You’re bringing back my beloved Carson! Joe…words cannot adequately express my joy. Thank you so very much for this wonderful news.

  50. Woo-hoo!! Thank you soooo much!

    And: I don’t like the title The last Mimzy…what the hell is a mimzy?? I looked it up in the dictionary but: nothing…
    Disturbia sounds okay, the reapening sounds poor but acceptable.

    Mimzy makes me think about the extinction od the dodos…


  51. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    The big announcement you said yesterday, does it concern Carson BECKETT or is it something else. Also according to the thread that Carson will return in the back half of season 4 via a method we have seen in the back half of season 3. Is it the machine in Tao of Rodney?


    ps: you guys really know how to take fans on rollercoaster rides. Hats up for that…

    Molson and Heineken

  52. I can’t believe you revealed all that about A,B,C and D. If you give away anything with X, Y, or Z it will ruin the episode.

    I think they all pretty much are horrible movie titles. This is what came to mind as I read these.

    The Last Mimzy—some drunk person couldn’t say one last mimosa,
    The Reaping—A story about farmer harvesting wheat
    Disturbia–a sad, overly self-conscious, self-important, heavy-metal band

    I remember reading earlier blog entry that your wife had cooked dinner for your adorable pugs. You may want to keep it up. My cat (whom I had since I was 14, so she was about 20) lived at my parents out in the country and was indoor/outdoor. She ate at neighbors (they feed their cats outside) and got some of the tainted food we believe. It was completely by accident, because the neighbor called us as soon she as she saw the food had been added to the list, because she knew Maggie would visit her cats and steal from their bowls. We had to put her to sleep Good Friday—she was too old handle with the treatments or pain and her body was shutting down fairly fast. We didn’t have an autopsy done, but due to the timing and sudden decline I’m fairly certain it was the freaking food. At this point I’d recommend cooking food and sending it to doggy care with them or going completely organic, preferably with non-imported ingredients and sending that along as well.

    Funny Maggie Stargate story, my Mom called me during an Atlantis commercial break during Season One. Maggie was fascinated by the Wraith. Every time one came on screen for a good bit, she (Maggie, not Mom) would crouch in stalk mood and slowly creep towards my parents TV. While I was home one Friday shortly after the call (and watching the Gates with Mom), I got to witness my cat, Maggie, stalker of the Wraith, actually pounce at the TV. I admit I laughed very hard when she hit the TV screen and looked confused and ashamed she didn’t end up with paws full of Wraith. I really wish I had a camera to take pictures, but honestly who thinks their wacky cat is going to attack the Wraith on TV?

  53. Joe!!!!!!!

    *tears of joy fall from my eyes*


    *re-reads story*

    I’m so happy. You have no frakin’ idea how emotional this news made me. YES, Carson Beckett is a fictional character, but goshdarnit, he’s a sweetie and I just love ‘im!

    Do you like Jamaican food? I’m soooooo going to get you some Jamaican food!

  54. Joe said, I woke up this morning and, with some time to spare between shower and smoked meat, I went over the scene I wrote last night.

    Joe. As Joan Rivers would say, we need to talk. I know I asked for you to write a shower scene, but I didn’t mean for you to write that it would be you in the shower. 😉 I think maybe I was too subtle before.
    My bad, Joe. So this script you’re writing is that the one with SHEPPARD shirtless and then we see him jumping in the shower after a particularly dirty mission 😀 Or failing that, with those wonderful infirmary scenes that you’re going to write in S4, any chance Sheppard could be given a bed bath? 😀

    Thanking you so very kindly 😀

  55. You said; “That said, for legal reasons I’m unable to check out fan fiction. I hear some of it pretty good though.”

    How come, when we always state that all stories are the property of Stargate and we’re just borrowing the characters…?

  56. You said; “That said, for legal reasons I’m unable to check out fan fiction. I hear some of it pretty good though.”

    How come, when we always state the stories are the property of Stargate?(We only borrow the characters y’know…)

  57. Quick yes/no question. Is your big season four announcement the ‘return’ of Carson Beckett as reported on the SCB site? Thanks.

    And if given my choice, I’d rather this be answered than the ‘eat at home’ question I posed earlier 😉

  58. Hey Joe,

    I think I know who the special guest is that you have mentioned.

    It’s Carson’s turtles isn’t it! 😀

    Thanks if it is, they’ve been missed.

  59. Let Fear be your motivator – that’s a classic.
    Do you need a reminder about telling us the episodes the lines of your poem refer to? *wink, nudge*

  60. Caffine really helps me write, does it help you? And what’s your favorite season opener of SG-1?

  61. CARSON IS COMING BACK(even if only for 2-3 eps)!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  62. “Let fear be your motivator”
    Wish that worked for me. As things get closer to due dates I find myself screwing up more. Hope it workds for you though.
    The worst movie title…I don’t think I like any of them but the worst, I would say the last mimzy. What kind of name is mimzy anyways? Mimzy sounds like one of those little children’s shows. I could see it – “Welcome to Mimzy’s House!” All the little puppets singing and dancing…
    Anyways, heard about Carson – nice to know a man who sticks to his word – is that “the late fallen one makes a surprise reappearance”?, or does that refer to another person?
    Also a question about the SGC sets. Does the upper level (with the general’s office) have a lot of hallways? And do any of the elevators actually work?
    Hope you had a nice trip/vacation.

  63. Oi, you have awesome taste in anime. I approve.

    Answer: It’s a placed called Fantasy Gardens. As for what it is in real life – good question.
    >> That is a good question. Isn’t it a plant… store type thing?

    And what on earth have you guys been cooking up for season four? Upon stumbling onto the set of SGA yesterday, I found a head in a pot. Cannibalistic aliens? XD Speaking of sets, do you ever go to location shoots?

  64. I just read the announcement over at SCB.


    Now I can watch the episodes between now and then without the sad feeling in the back of my mind, knowing what we have to look forward to.

    If I had the money, I would send you some delicious chocolates. Alas, I do not. But thank you anyway.


  65. Hi Joe,

    Thank you so much for upholding your word and writing Carson back into at least 2 episodes of season 4 – that’s brilliant news 🙂

    Take care and thank you once again,


  66. Dear joe,

    Are you into chill out music such as Buddah Bar or Cafe del Mar type music? If the answer is yes, where can I send you a copy of a mix I made.


    Dj Asgard

  67. Well Joe, I’ve said plenty about you this year but now I have to take most of it back! (Not all as he’s only in 3 episodes) but still.
    Big sloppy kisses are sent your way!

  68. YAY Carson, does that mean that I can still get Teyla/Carson. What, people they would be so cute together.

  69. Ooh, love Noir! I have the soundtrack myself!

    I have Utena’s soundtrack too, though I still haven’t seen the last two DVDs. Have you seen The Adolecense of Utena? I liked it despite the differences between it and the original series, but the last ten minutes kinda killed it for me.

    I see you picked up On a Pale Horse — hope you like it! 😀 If you don’t, please don’t kill me. 😉

  70. Now that Paul has been contracted for two episodes in the back half of season 4 is there any chance to have a count on how many episodes Torri has been contracted for? And if you don’t have a number- why not?

  71. “…not only fact A and fact B, but the how’s and why’s of B which ultimately segue into A’s uncertain relationship with C and D’s ultimate fate. (I hope I haven’t given too much away.)”
    [sarcasm] Don’t worry about it. I mean, it’s almost like you didn’t give anything away at all. [/sarcasm]

  72. Just a question Joe- you’ve brought Carson back for two episodes, but you must have had plans for this for a while now because spinning stories and contracts do not appear over night….

    …what can you say to this?

    And is there any hope of seeing more of Elizabeth than the two episodes she has already filmed?

  73. Hey Joe,

    Regarding your movie titles…..yes, I have to say “Disturbia” is a tad goofy for a movie title.

    Have you seen the movie “Children of Men”? Just saw it over the weekend and was wondering if you had, and if so, your opinion.

  74. I know you all are seriously wanting to know how many eps Weir is in, but I highly doubt JM is going to answer that question as it would most likely give away too much information about what happens to her. You’re mostly likely going to have to wait.

  75. Hello, first off. A few things I’ve been meaning to say but put off a bit.

    Glad you (and whomever you shared them with) enjoyed the walnut cakes! And got them! My mom actually made them. And if you want and more “brain food”-more than gladly send you more.

    Found some Scharffen Berger chocolate at the store the other week. Fellow customers had to think I was nuts-smiling that big at chocolate. Excellent, btw.

    Thanks for the tip on Childhood’s End and Old Man’s War. Read the first one-makes you think. Can’t wait to read Old Man’s War next. And for All-Bran (though I prefer the kind with the yogurt bites)

    And thanks for all the food tips in Vancouver. Will be using ALOT of them on vacation the end of this month. Pretty much planning the eating part of my vacation because of you.

    And the offer of treating you (and anyone else who wants to come along) to lunch/dinner that week (4/24-5/1) still stands. Seriously. Love to set up something the 29th. Though I understand if its not possible. If interested I’m reachable at No need to respond if no though. I still had to ask/offer.

    But I’ve had thoughts if I saw you I’d either run the other way or faint over dead. More likely I’d go mute. 🙂

    Ah whatever but thanks for the tips, best wishes to the wife (and dogs), and here’s for my luck running into you on vacation (ok I’d rather run into SGA filming on location but I’d have a better chance winning the lotto). 🙂

    Thanks again,

    p.s. Keep up the blog. Highlight of my mornings to read it. And since I feel I should add something else SGA related- I understand any choices the PTB make. Though I hope there is a Season 5. And that SciFi ACTUALLY promotes it! Well that goes for S3 and S4 too. 🙂

  76. Hello Joe –

    First time to post a comment/question – been lurking for quite a while though. =)

    Since it appears you are man who enjoys a good meal….do you watch Food TV and if so, who’s your favorite chef and why?

    I apologize if this has been asked before. I am not a patient person and my ungodly slow dial-up internet connection at home has threatened to give me a permanent tic when I try to browse older blog entries….

  77. So Joe I guess you are very much like Tony Montana… you got your WORD and your BALLS and you don’t break them for Nobody….


  78. I’ve had good resluts with accupuncture myself. It seems to me that if the person giving it was dumb enough to leave one of the needles in they might not know what they were doing.

  79. Hey Joe,

    I was just checking through Gateworld forums, to see what people thought of Carson’s return to Atlantis. I expected to see excitement and joy, since most of them were so sad and complained so much about his death. But when I looked through some of the threads, all I could find was more complaining and whining. My question is, do you sometimes find it irritating that no matter what you do, people who are supposedly fans will complain about everything.

  80. Hey Joe is the Sg-1 actor you’re trying to get for the crossover RDA ? Please answer !!!

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