Fondy’s aunt passed away several days ago and her funeral and wake happened to coincide with our trip to Montreal. And so the extended Tam family gathered yesterday at one of Montreal’s plethora of unremarkable Chinese eateries for a pre-wake dim sum. On hand: everyone. A lively affair and, as always, my mother-in-law was the life of the party, hamming it up for the camera as she packed it away. The various nieces and nephews were in attendance as well, giving me the delightful opportunity to annoy, confound and, on occasion, amuse them. As we were eating, little six year old Anthony proudly offered up a joke: “What did the Ocean say to the Beach? Nothing. He just waved,”. I immediately seized the opportunity to school the youngster in the fine art of counter-productive discourse on the off-chance he someday find himself defending his vision to a “creative executive”. I, of course, played the part of the creative exec.: “I don’t get it.” “The ocean waved,”the poor kid tried to explain. “You know. Like waves.” He mimicked the surging water. “Were they mad at each other?”I asked. He blinked back in confusion. “Because that’s something I can relate to,”I followed up. “You know, you’re friends with someone and then you have a falling out and you end up not speaking to each other for the longest time. But then you happen to run into each other and you don’t want to seem like a jerk so you sort of wave from across the room. Something like that, right?” He nodded uncertainly and then tried: “No, but it’s just a joke. The ocean waved. You know – with its waves.” “No, no, I get that,”I insisted. “I’m just saying a lot of people who’ve gone through a similar experience – friends, not friends, not talking, courtesy wave – may not find it funny at all. Instead, it would be something they could relate to. But let’s mix it up a bit. How’s about this. Instead of the ocean waving, let’s make it the beach. That would be totally unexpected.” “Uhhhh,”was his response. “You know how people build sandcastles?”I asked. “Well what if someone built a sand hand. And when the wave came in, it fell in on itself but in a way that looked like it was waving. How’s that.” “Uhhhh…okay,”he replied, clearly worn down. “Alright, let’s go with that!” I sent him on his way stunned way but infinitely better prepared should he consider pursuing a career as a writer.

After dim sum, we arrived at the funeral home. Since it was open casket, everyone thought it best that the little ones wait in the car with their aunt Grace. As we piled out, I instructed the kids: “There’s three days of food in water in the trunk of the car. If after three days we don’t come back, you’ll find some cash in the glove box. Go across the street to get yourselves something to eat at McDonalds, then use a quarter to call for help.”

Now I’ve never been a big fan of open casket affairs (as if to imply there is a fandom for this sort of thing) and this one was no exception. As is the custom, we approached the dearly departed and bowed three times in respect. I studied the body. It looked like it had been caved out of wood. After we’d passed along our condolences and made our way back to the cars, Fondy vowed: “No open casket for me!”. For my part, I had already made my last wishes perfectly clear. But in the event mixing my ashes in cookie dough and feeding them to my unwitting friends and family is an impossibility, I’d like to be prepared for viewing. However, rather than the staid lying-in-the-coffin standard, I’d prefer to be standing in an action pose pursuing some skillful exercise that may have eluded me during my life – like belting out a tune on the saxophone or solving one of those sudoku puzzles.

We returned to the Tam family residence where I caught up on my blogging and even found time to impart some sound advice to young Elizabeth who, at age seven, is already contemplating a career as a dentist. “Why not be a dentist-detective?”I suggested. “That way, you can have the best of both worlds: cleaning teeth AND solving mysteries! And you can use your dentist business to help you out on your various cases. For instance, Mrs. Haversham comes in for an appointment and, while you’re giving her the fluoride treatment, you happen to mention the theft of Lady Montague’s priceless Ming vase. And, of course, this jogs Mrs. Haversham’s memory and she mentions seeing Lord Montague leaving the estate by the back entrance a little after midnight on the evening in question. So, naturally, you follow up the lead, recover the vase, arrest the guilty party, AND charge an exorbitant amount for Mrs. Haversham’s bridge work.” The kid was sold. I would’ve made a terrific career counselor.

We got back to the West Island where my mother – who has been suffering from migraines of late – had just returned from her very first visit accupuncture session. To say that she was unimpressed would be to undersell her opinion of the experience. “It did nothing for me,”she informed us. And then, later, while combing her hair, fished out a solitary overlooked needle still attached to her scalp.

For dinner, my sister made reservations at a cozy little restaurant in Pointe Claire Village: Comme Chez Soi. Lots of wild game on a menu with numerous intriguing choices. So many, in fact, that we decided to skip the appetizers and order two main courses between the four of us to start before moving on to the proper mains. The entrees-turned-appies: deboned quails stuffed with foie gras, and beef and onions braised in dark beer. Both were excellent, especially the sweet and savory beer sauce that laced the beef and onions. My sister and Fondy also split a hearty bowl of French onion soup. For the proper mains, my mother had the rack of lamb with rosemary broth – which, to my horror, she ordered medium instead of medium-rare. To no one’s surprise, it came overdone – but still flavorful. My sister had the wild boar filet with brandy sauce which was very good but perfumed with an herb I couldn’t identify and, frankly, didn’t quite like. Fondy’s wasn’t a fan of her rum-flambed sweetbreads, preferring the pan-fried treatment for these delectable morsels. I had the kangaroo steak because it was there. Good, but not something I’d order again. For dessert, we shared a cheese platter, a delicious brie baked in phyllo pastry topped with maple syrup. Although very tasty, it was something I thought would have served better as an appetizer. Fondy’s vanilla ice cream sundae was alright while my chocoate mi-cuit was decadently delicious. We also had two outstanding Stella Artois mini cheesecakes for the table.

So, what’s on everybody’s mind?

Allison writes: “How ’bout that ‘Today’ show, eh?”

Answer: What happened? I missed it. Is Katie Couric back?

Shawna writes: “Possibly more character death? Haven’t we had enough already? At this rate there won’t be any of the original characters left.”

Answer: Okay, but I want to suggest something in the way of some very cool substitutes. Bear with me…Sentient Gorillas! But here’s the twist – they’re voiced by our original actors!

Josef writes: “I am curious for what major decisions with Stargate over the past two years you think were good decisions. I see more that do harm not good mostly.”

Answer: Alas, I can’t go into details but I will say there is never one hundred percent agreement in the writers’ room when decisions are made. In the end, you either support the decision or learn to live with it. There were decisions that I agreed with that fans hated, decisions I agreed with that fans loved, decisions I disagreed with that fans hated as well, and, yes, even decisions I disagreed with that fans adored.

Anonymous #1 writes: “And good luck with the special guest casting you mentioned a few blogs ago.”

Answer: We are pursuing a wonderful actor for a guest spot in an upcoming episode. If we get him, you’ll all be the first to know. Well, after the actor and our casting director.

Anonymous #2 writes: “I read on Gateworld that when Atlantis returns for season four that it will be on Mondays at 9PM. Can you find out if that’s correct or not? That would be pretty bad, as it’s the same time that Heroes is on.”

Answer: Yeah, that WOULD be suicidal.

Vikitty writes: “Just curious… do you or the other writers/decision-making people ever get headaches from reading all the ‘Weir VS Carter’ comments?”

Answer: It’s annoying but if fans really feel the need to turn it into a silly Weir vs. Carter debate, then there’s not much to do but ignore them.

Vikitty also writes: “What’s your favourite Japanese restaurant in and around the Lower Mainland? And, what’s your favourite Japanese dish?”

Answer: Yuji’s on 4th. Get the Meguro avocado crepes and the deep-fried spicy tuna rolls.

Anonymous #3 writes: “1) I’m in Burnaby for work in early May for about a week, can you recommend a good Italian restaurant in the Burnaby/Richmond/Vancouver area?
2) What’s your take on latter half of season 3 airing in Canada first? I know alot of American fans that are absolutely livid about it…, 3) Why don’t human ships include more Ancient tech? Asgard shields seem to be inferior to that of the Ancients for example…”

Answers: 1) For Italian in Burnaby, check out Anton’s on Hastings for huge portions at reasonable prices. For higher-end Italian in downtown Vancouver, check out CinCin on Robson (but beware, they are losing their head chef). 2) Ideally, the shows would air at the same time. 3) It’s not from lack of trying.

Vaberella writes: “1. Are you a headdesk or a headwall person, JM? 2. Will you ever touch upon why Athos had a sister city-ship and if there are Athosians with the ATA gene? We never did a full tour or check for drones. 3. Any chance of Ms. Luttrell singing this season?”

Answers: 1) I’m a head laptop person. 2. Possibly. 3. So far, no plans.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Out of the nine episodes titles of season 4 we fans have been made aware of which is likely to: 1. Be the hardest ( utilizes new techniques never before employed in past seasons) to film. 2. Coolest in all aspects 3. Most proud of to be included in season 4. 4. fans will most likely love the most.”

Answers: 1. Hmm. That’s tough as we try to bring something new to every episode. In terms of story-telling techniques – Tabula Rasa. 2. Coolest in all aspects? Adrift. 3. For me – Reunion. 4. Doppelganger.

Someday Scientist writes: “Why has Rodney never mentioned Timmy’s or RRoll up the RRim?! The guys’ Canadian, and he loves Coffee – surely he mustn’t have forsaken the great old Canadian tradition! Is it trademark issues?”

Answer: I’m not a coffee guy so I never considered it. But now that you mention it, it would be kind of cool to have a Tim Hortons on the base.

Anonymous #5 writes: “So long and thanks for all the fish
So sad it had to come to this…”

Answer: Bye, Porpoise-Man. May your celestial wings carry you far on your cosmic journey.

Arctic Goddess writes: “As a writer, and now a Show Runner, are you in the same place professionally, when a show ends? Do you contribute to other productions so that you would be able to move over to another show should yours go under for some reason? The very nature of television – it’s uncertainty as a job you can depend on – must be a worry to some people in the field. How do you deal with it? How do other members of the cast and crew deal with it?”

Answer: Paul and I have a couple of pilot scripts written and waiting to go in the event Stargate ever ends. And if there is some downtime between jobs, I can finally work on that novel I’ve been dying to write. Or live with a different fan family every month as I try to get back on my feet (How cool would that be?! A real live t.v. producer sleeping on your couch and eating your food!!!).

Anonymous #6 writes: “About the spoilers which recently appeared on GateWorld for season 4 episode ‘Reunion’, was that leaked by the production and/or the network ? Is it a way of advertizing season 4 ? Because if this was intended it sucks. Teasers are great but I don’t see the point in giving out the complete plot months before it airs on TV. Why can’t people just wait and see ?”

Answer: Good question. Teasers are great and spoilers do suck but in the desire to out-scoop each other, fans and websites search for increasingly detailed information regarding upcoming episodes. Yeah, it’s annoying and we’ve tried to stopper potential leaks but, at the end of the day, there’s not much to be done.

Anonymous #7 writes: “I was just curious, what things do you and the rest of the writers take into consideration when killing off either a major or recurring character? With the recent trend in television right now of killing off main characters, I always wonder what the discussion among the writers is like when coming to that kind of decision.”

Answer: It really depends on the character.

Anonymous #7 writes: “Which show has been the most fun for you to write: SGA or SG-1?”

Answer: I’ve done most of my writing for SG-1 so, at this point, I’d have to say SG-1. But I have a feeling that could change.

ScottishPirate writes: “People from the Save Carson Beckett campaign managed to get the banners shown on camera a few times on the “Today Show”. I heard that you told the campaigners if they got a banner shown on the “Today Show”, Carson could make a possible comeback. Is this now going to happen?”

Answer: Hmmm. Well, technically I asked for ET or Access Hollywood…

Anonymous #8 writes: “Do you think we will get to find out how the wraith reproduce?”

Answer: You will.

Anonymous #9 writes: Anonymous 4 writes: “So, can you confirm Carter indeed comand her own spaceship?” Answer: I cannot. Why not ? You’re a scriptwriter !

Answer: You’re not understanding my response. I can’t get anymore convoluted that that.

Anonymous #10 writes: Answer: The big argument was exactly how to kill him. Carl wanted to go with rabid space squirrel while Martin wanted to stick with the tried and true exploding tumor. I thought it would be cool to have him done in by a whipped lemon curd. Tune in to season four and find out what we eventually decided to go with.

That doesn’t explain why you said that he died in Adrift whereas he is alive in Lifeline. So why did you say that ?”

Answer: Well, he dies in Adrift and is replaced by a robot McKay who is in turn killed and replaced by a Rodney McKay from the future – but he is killed as well and finally, in Lifelife, is replaced by AU Rod from last year’s McKay and Mrs. Miller. He too dies in Lifeline but is resurrected by Teyla making use of the Ancient evolution machine from Tao of Rodney. So on the one hand we have AU Rod alive and on the team but on the other hand we have an ascended Teyla who has lost corporeal form – which is kind of cool as it allows her fly around and through walls, gaining access to enemy headquarters and such. UNTIL – the wraith find their own Ancient evolution machine and the wraith queen evolves herself to an ascended being and descends Teyla. The ascended wraith team kills Sheppard and AU Rodney, not counting on the fact that they too will ascend and, teaming up two against one, descend the wraith queen. Then, they destroy the wraith’s ascendometer. The Ancients grow disillusioned with the abuse of ascendly power and descend Sheppard and AU Rod – but not in their original forms – remember what I said about sentient gorillas, right? Then they destroy their ascendometer so that Atlantis will never make use of it again. Which prompts some other Ancients, annoyed at their interfering in human affairs, to descend these ancients who will appear as goldfish in Dr. Keller’s lab in episodes #3-#12 until a drunken Zelenka, staggering home from an after-op party, will stumble into their fishbowl home, knock it off Keller’s desk, and shatter it into a million pieces. The descended Ancients will die a horrible suffocating death reserved for earthly fish (or “Fishes” as Jonas used to say) but there will be no one around to ascend them. Zelenka will have no memory of the event and be so hung over that he’ll wish he could ascend. No dice. Gorilla Sheppard and AU Rod, meanwhile, will continue to contribute as keys members of the team – until they return to Earth at the end of season four to receive a special commendation – only to be shot by poachers. Cliffhanger!

Anonymous #11 writes: “So are you going to Japan in September to collect your Hugo?”

Answer: Would love to (Go Bay Stars!) but we’ll be eye-deep in production at the time. Plus, we face some very stiff competition (That “Girl in the Fireplace“ was pretty damn good).

C.M. writes: “I will watch season 4 but, in all honesty, do you think that I (as a Weir and Torri fan) will be able to like Season 4 ?”

Answer: It really depends. If the only reason you watch the show is for one specific character, then you’ll no doubt be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you watch the show because you enjoy Atlantis, the series – you’re in for a treat.

Gate Geek writes: “You mentioned Ender’s Game as a book to get back into reading Sci- Fi. Having read it recently and enjoyed it immensely, did you read any of the sequels and are they worth reading?”

Answer: Haven’t read any of the sequels but from what I understand they are quite different.

Trialia writes: “So long, and thanks for all the fish. So outta here.”

Answer: Farewell, Dolphin-Girl. May your fins of fury continue to mete out interstellar justice amongst the distant stars.

Anonymous #12 writes: “My question is as someone who is concerned about the inclusion of carter..can you please at least assure me that the focus will definately be on shep’s team and not to heavy on sam??”

Answer: Carter will play a support role on Atlantis. The focus will remain on Shep’s team. However, Carter’s science and military background will allow her to play an active role should the need arise.

64 thoughts on “April 7, 2007

  1. Holy crap, this season is shaping up to be *spectacular* if all this ascending and descending and fun is going to be going on! I really can’t wait! Namely, I am looking forward to drunken Zelenka and Gorilla Shep. And the cliffhanger! 😉

    I honestly have to say, your sarcasmic wit in the face of Atlantis fans makes me grin.

    I wonder how the franchise legalities would work out to get a Timmy’s on the Atlantis base…

    In the meantime, I want to apologise for the increasingly juvenile behaviour of my peers, and let you know that I really am looking forward to season 4, a darker caste (i’m a fan of the angst and the whumping… and okay, maybe the morbid), and more Team Moments(TM).

    Perchance, will there be any field-trip type Jumper moments? You know the kind, Rodney sniping at Ronon, Teyla searching for some sort of Athosian Tylenol, and John getting fed up and crying out “I *will* turn this jumper around!”

    Also, I’m sorry to hear about the passing of family.

    Poor Anthony – you probably confused him to pieces. Good Job. Kids need to learn young. 😉

    Have a pleasant Easter/generic chocolate holiday, and be happy with your family.

    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  2. Answer: Hmmm. Well, technically I asked for ET or Access Hollywood

    Hmmm. Well considering they’ve managed to get you more publicty than you’ve managed for yourselves lately I wouldn’t be so dismissive if I were you.

    And if you thought Girl in the Fireplace was good… ain’t seen nothing yet. I just watched the second in the new series of Doctor Who!!!!!! All I’ll say is Shakespere quoting Harry Potter!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for *not* writing that killed, ascended, AU, gorilla farce into the show. Although I did find it worthy of a chuckle.

  4. Joe,

    Sorry to hear about Fondy’s aunt, please send her my best wishes, my thoughts go to you and your family. I lost my Dad not long ago, so I know how hard it is to lose a family member. It kinda puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

    I hope some people out there realise that there are more things in life than squablling over who’s going to be in command in Atlantis. Especially when real life comes and bites you in the ass.

    *sends hugs*

  5. Ah, you’ve reminded me of family events spent with my Uncle David, the Marine drill sergeant. While I was generally a gullible child, I learned quickly to be very, very skeptical about anything David told me. Good training for reading your blog, as it turned out!

    Our couch might be available post-Stargate, although you’d probably have to share with our dog. Radar seems to think it’s rude to leave guests on their own and insists on sleeping with them to keep them company. Where do your dogs sleep?

  6. Joe, you were on a ROLL today! You had me laughing throughout your entire post. I love your answer to Anon#10 – I see why TV shows have a TEAM of writers. ;P

    I’m sorry to hear about Fondy’s aunt though.

    Thanks for the Japanese restaurant rec! ^_^

    Hey, I know fans send flowers to the actors. Do fans ever send the writers flowers?

  7. Is Lt.Ford dead?.
    Whats Tealc’s purpose in his cameo?.
    Are we gonna see more about Teyla though?

    Ronan’s episode sounds really cool good job on the story.

  8. Could you ask JOE FLANIGAN to post something on his blog because its been like over a year since he has posted anything?

  9. In answer to Anonymous 10, joe said a lot more than this 😉 “Which prompts some other Ancients, annoyed at their interfering in human affairs, to descend these ancients who will appear as goldfish in Dr. Keller’s lab in episodes #3-#12 until a drunken Zelenka, staggering home from an after-op party, will stumble into their fishbowl home, knock it off Keller’s desk, and shatter it into a million pieces.”

    So given this for S4 we’ve got Sheppard shipping with Carter and now Zelenka shipping with Dr Keller. Interesting twist Mr M. 😉

    I’m sure the whumpers will appreciate Shep and AU Rod being shot by poachers. So i’m assuming they will be tied up and restrained to?

    And can I just say how pleased I am that Teyla has a great story arc. As she will be invisible to us in her non corporeal form, i’m sure it will save a fortune on the budget for S4, which i’m sure will go a long way towards hiring more busty women 😉

    I think with that episode in the works you’ve covered just about all your major fan bases (except for Ronon) Tut tut Mr M, can’t forget Ronon) unless of course he’s already been killed off in Adrift and you didn’t want to spoil it for us. Ooops did I just let the cat out of the bag? Sorry about that. ;)Can I just say how great S4 is and I look forward to this episode immensley, please keep up the fantastic work 😀

  10. Can’t wait for season 5 at this rate – sentient gorillas Sheppard and McKay (AU of course) caught by poachers? What about making Sheppard’s team go through some alternate reality where they become puppets and have to go to puppet chulak to rescue puppet SG1 from ‘200’?
    Have you ever been recognized by people on the street as a producer? If so, have you ever been asked to sign anything/ be in a picture/ do any of those strange things? If I ever see you in a restaraunt in Canada, I’ll be sure to say hi!
    Well Happy Easter Joe, and give my regards to Fondy

  11. Answer: Well, he dies in Adrift and is replaced by a robot McKay who is in turn killed and replaced by a Rodney McKay from the future – but he is killed as well and finally, in Lifelife, is replaced by AU Rod from last year’s McKay and Mrs. Miller…. [snipped for length]

    Oh dear god. You just made me laugh so much I think I may have herniated something. Is your long-awaited novel something in the comedy genre? It should be! It’s a crime to waste such talent!! 🙂

    Answer:Plus, we face some very stiff competition (That “Girl in the Fireplace“ was pretty damn good).

    I loved Girl in the Fireplace too.. possibly my favourite episode of the last season – just wait till you get to see the new season tho! The first two episodes have been brilliant! “Nighty-night, Shakespeare” 🙂

    P.S. Sorry to hear about Fondy’s aunt.

  12. hi, joe,

    just some random questions:

    1- do you like ‘the ten commandments’ movie?

    2- any chance of getting to see what fondy looks like?

    3- have you ever been to a fastfood restaurant called ‘weinerschnitzel’?

    4- have you ever been to southern california amusement parts ‘disneyland’ and ‘knott’s berry farm’?

    i’d also like to add, thanks for continuing the sam carter journey onscreen. 🙂

    sally 🙂

  13. For Fondy: Sorry this is so impersonal, but please accept my condolences on the death of your aunt. *big hug from Texas*

    For Joe: I think your blog should come with warning labels, such as “Do Not Read While Drinking Near A Computer” and “May Cause Choking” and maybe “Danger: Sarcastic Wit Enforced.” =]

    What you told the children — priceless. You’re such a villain!

  14. Joe-

    I was rolling on the floor when you blogged about your “interaction” with the kids. Your last “kid” blog was hilarious as well. Keep it up, both the messing with the kids head and blogging about it.

    And I am sorry to hear of the family member passing.

    Happy Easter!

  15. Majestic baskets filled with love and tons of energy sent your way! So very, very sorry to hear of Fondy’s aunt’s passing. Although I am still young, death and I are well acquainted. The concept of death is one that hits right home, reminding us all of our mortality, but I believe that through death, unity and friendship is discovered, showing us that we are far from personal solitude. I think that is very evident by your fans’ replies. Even though we are all separated internationally, we are together here. To you and your extended family I extend the warmest condolences possible and a huge basket of cyber-hugs! ;D

    Answer: Hmmm. Well, technically I asked for ET or Access Hollywood…
    My, my. Splitting hairs, aren’t we? XD I think the late night shows would be a better agreement. No one really watches ET/AH anyways >.> *shifty eyes*

    And, you’re a wonderfully terrible person, you know that? When I was little, my father would point randomly and shout, “Look hon! A dinosaur!” Of course, I always looked, which would always be followed by a, “Aw. You just missed ’em! -snap-“…wait a minute. He just did that to me the other day! Damn those sprightly Triceratopses ;D.

    Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes?
    -looks at well-worn copy of ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’-…*drops everything and begins reading, again* XD

  16. Joe, I love that Gorilla script! Just for that, you can have one of my Easter eggs. I would try to email it, but I have found that hotmail isn’t great for chocolate because it tends to end up melted. What email service do you use for emailing food long distance?

    Happy Easter from the future! Whoooo…

  17. “Answer: Farewell, Dolphin-Girl. May your fins of fury continue to mete out interstellar justice amongst the distant stars.”

    Have you ever read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” or any of the sequels? Or seen the movie, which was TOTALLY messed up?
    (Seriously, they took all the good parts out! And it had an ending that made sense! Sheesh!)

  18. Really looking forward to SG:A next year.
    In RL I have alot of friends who watch SG:A but don’t post on the internet about it (except the one who slashs McKay/Sheppard ;). I just want to say that they’re all excited about the new season aswell, infact most people I know (in RL) are very positive about the changes

    Will there be an episode dealing with the stargate itself next year? The technology behind the stargates and such

    P.S. I loved “Unending” but it could have done with the stargate playing a more prominent role. It was a great episode but a ship based episode for the finale felt alittle off for me

  19. Oh, you are funny! I’ve solemnly vowed to myself, however, that I am NOT gonna read your blog after 11pm anymore–I’m far too gullible when I’m tired! (Also, I must avoid drinking beverages while reading… it’s just not safe for the well-being of my computer!)

    Your interaction with you nephew and niece was priceless! Also, my condolences to you and Fondy for the loss of a family member.

    I’m looking forward to season 4 (though, sentient gorillas? Interesting. Very… interesting.)

  20. Wow…already 17 comments? Oh well, I’ll ask my question anyway. But first…those poor kids; they sound so confused and frightened. What’s with you and your villainous talents?

    Anyway, the question: TPTB at Battlestar Galactica has been doing video blogs and all of that online stuff; have TPTB at Bridge ever thought about doing this?

  21. “Well, he dies in Adrift […] only to be shot by poachers. Cliffhanger!”

    Best sarcastic response to a silly question ever!

  22. Hey, was chatting with some other fans tonight and we decided what we really need to see in S4 is Rambo!Radek… let’s see the Czech kick some butt this season! *grin*

    He could, uh, rescue Shep and McKay from those poachers, maybe?

  23. Oh, you’re so evil to children. I love it. Such young, impressionable minds…ripe for the messing with.

    Answer: Okay, but I want to suggest something in the way of some very cool substitutes. Bear with me…Sentient Gorillas! But here’s the twist – they’re voiced by our original actors!

    I like it. Sort of “Planet of the Apes” meets…well, “Stargate”, I guess. Only how about instead of gorillas, we go with orangatans. You know, sort of throw a curve ball. Gorillas are so expected. Or maybe even gibbons. Yeah, “Stargate: Gibbonlantis”. I think that idea has legs.

    Answer: …Or live with a different fan family every month as I try to get back on my feet (How cool would that be?! A real live t.v. producer sleeping on your couch and eating your food!!!).

    Sounds like a crappy reality show. Which means we should probably expect to see something just like it within the next few years.

    Anonymous #8 writes: “Do you think we will get to find out how the wraith reproduce?”

    Answer: You will.

    Aw, man. On the one hand, I’m excited to learn more. On the other hand, I’ve figured it all out in my head and most likely I’ll end up being wrong. But here’s what I think:

    Once the actual act of fertilization takes place (which seems to be the bigger question for the characters on the show; one presumes, given the number of autopsies done on wraiths, that if they had the traditional equipment there would not be nearly the same level of speculation), as the fetus develops, it feeds off the mother in the same way adult wraith feed off humans/other wraith, similar to but not the same as the way human fetuses get nourishment. The mother wraith, therefore, must feed more in order to give the “life energy” (or whatever the heck is sucked out) to the growing child, given in a manner similar to that which the wraith used on Sheppard in “Common Ground”. Also, other wraith could help by giving to the mother in the same way. Then, of course, once the child is born, there’s the time from birth to adolecence that it lives off human food. The interesting question to me, following this system, is what would happen were a human (provided it was made somehow possible) became pregnant with a half-wraith baby (following the line of some of those with various human/wraith ship ideas). That, to me, would be interesting to see.

    Okay, assuming you bothered to read all that, how close am I to the truth?

  24. Migraines are horrible.
    If your mom finds something that does work, I’d love to hear what it is! I get migraines faaaaaaaaaar to frequently (daily actually) and have tried just about everything.

    Though I haven’t found a cure for mine, maybe there are things that I have tried/learnt that may be of help to your mom. Please let me know if you would like me to pass any on anything; I’ll be glad to. I’d write them down now, however my own migraine is causing this screen to go blurry, but I wanted to at least get a quick comment in before turning off the computer and going to bed (and willing this thing to go away).

  25. Dear Joe,

    Now that we know that Amanda Tapping will be in charge on Atlantis expedition and all, my question concerns Dr. Weir will she be still on Atlantis doing another job like diplomatic liason or some science work aboard the city or will she depart back to the milky way or otherwise if you know what I mean. I welcome this change because now Sheppard can hit on her without any repercussions. That should make the “ship wino fans” shut up.


    the sinner

  26. Hi Joe:

    Condolences on the loss of a family member.

    Joe Flanigan has a blog? Why does no one ever tell me these things?

    Hey, I have a great way to save Stargate! In Tin Man, we discover Harlen, a fairly harmless alien who has turned SG-1 into robots of themselves. You could resurrect the story line that Harlen created more team members who continue to go through the gate with better power sources powering them and thereby continuing the SG-1 story. Is that a cool idea or not? What would be a cool title?

  27. I can’t believe how flippant you are when it comes to the Weir and Beckett fans who are saying they won’t watch.

    They won’t, you know that, right? You’re losing a huge number of viewers.

    It might be too late for Beckett, since the character is dead, but you have a chance to keep some of the Weir fans by at least using her in a decent recurring way. Instead Cooper says “Sorry, she had to go”.

    She had to go. Did any of you consider how Torri would feel when she read that? The fact that statements like that are made really negate the whole ‘we love Torri’ comment later in that quote. If you (and I mean the collective you) loved her, you wouldn’t allow yourselves to be quoted saying things like that about her. Consider how she feels about seeing those sort of comments.


    yes, some not so great things have been said about Amanda, but the majority of people don’t have an issue with her. We’re just upset that it seems you can’t handle two strong women on one show. That’s to your detriment.

    Now that the news is out, can you at least tell us how many episodes Torri will be in. We know she’s going, just tell us how many episodes she’ll do.

  28. Thank you for answering my question. I hope for good luck for you in fourth season of Stargate Atlantis.


  29. It seems to me that you are the “Uncle Joe” that all the kids like. And though you may protest, I have a feeling you like them as well…in moderation.

    The best part about other people’s kids is that you can give them back when you are done playing with them.

  30. I’m somewhat surprised that you haven’t read the sequels to Ender’s Game. Should you get around to it in the midst of your ever-busy schedule, I would recommend them. They are indeed different, but quite enjoyable. I find that the later Ender trilogy is very philosophical/moralistic in nature. My favorite, though, is OSC’s companion Bean series (starting with Ender’s Shadow). Great political intrigue and military strategy.

    And speaking of books, you mentioned a few posts back that from time to time you read fantasy. Have you ever read Piers Anthony?

    Fabulous writing from you today. I am quite amused by the Ancient exploits. The cliffhanger sounds particularly exciting.

  31. Dear Joe,
    Thanks for answering my question, always keeps me coming back for more gossip, anyways I hope you enjoy your stay and relax well in our hometown. Also now that you are in Montreal, you should check out the restaurant 40 West in the west island; it’ll be a nice place to take out your mom there too. Last time I went they had an outstanding Jazz band. Have a good time here and maybe your next visit will be in the auditorium of Concordia University :).

    Your Montreal fan

  32. This whole Carter in command thing is about making up for Mitchell, isn’t it?

  33. hey joe,
    I’m just curious which counrtries you have been to.?
    If any/
    What were they.

  34. Hi Joe!

    So sorry about Fondy’s aunt. Please send my condolences 🙁
    I don’t know about you, but to me open casket affairs seem a little…morbid?

    I spluttered tea all over my keyboard reading about Gorilla Shep and Au Rod on their adventures… that sounds very promising. Perhaps that idea could be saved for the Atlantis:The Alternative Animated Series? LOL!

    Loved your answers to the folk thanking you for the fish, (yeah, hmmm, okaaay!). Who knew you were so generous? 😉

    I’m really glad we’ll be learning some more about the wraith and how they reproduce… obviously they just don’t go and ‘get a room’! I have been really curious about that, and it’ll be so interesting to find that out in season 4.

    So, a question.

    Which episode would you say so far, has the most physical action in it? By that I mean fighting, being thrown around,running around, firing guns etc?

    Thanks, and have a great Easter!

  35. hi joe after reading plot details on reunion i weas wondering if the wraith were in the episode

  36. Really important question today, about chronology :

    What will we have to watch in first: SG-1 movies or Atlantis season four premiere ?

  37. Does “Miller’s Crossing” refer to Jeanie, the sister of Rodney? Or to Rod McKay(you know that from another universe)?

  38. Hi Joe,

    just wanted to let you know that we took a vote in the whump thread about what kind of whump we’d like to see for Shep. Seems like most of us liked the idea of fevered and restrained Sheppard… Any chance of that happening? Maybe in Season 4?

  39. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    1. Who would you think will win if one was to pit an Aurora class warship in mint condition versus an Ori Battle Cruiser; that is if you were to bet money on who will you gage on? I really would like to see a fight of that nature.
    2. Also I was wondering if that downed Wraith cruiser from episode Submerged will see the light in season 4?

    Thank you sir and good luck


  40. Hi Joe *waves* I was thinking today…*wonders why her brain hurts* and a sudden thought occurred to me of how we could have a semi nekid Sheppard. Maybe when you’re whumping him in travelers he could be wired up to the interface, and have the electrodes sticking out of his chest and spine 😀 that way you’d please all the Sheppard fans and the whumpers at the same time 😀

    What do you think?

    Thanking you kindly 😀

    *this post may have been written under the influence of sugar overload* 😉

  41. Hiya Joe,

    Was wondering if we will see any truly ‘alien’ races in season 4? I think we only ever saw those mist aliens who were very alien but I suppose story wise it was explained that the Pegasus galaxy was nearly devoid of life and the Wraith would kill potential threats but still, was wondering.

    Thanks Joe and take care!

  42. I like the idea for that episode but you forgot the part where they find a time machine and try to rescue Ernest Littlefield before he goes through the Stargate the first time. However, their calculations are a little bit off by around 7 years during which time Ernest has used the holographic DNA to teach himself medicine and become a doctor. They take him back to Atlantis because they need another doctor. Sadly, Dr Keller was standing infront of the fishbowl when the drunken Zelenka knocked it over. Turns out something in her genetic makeup reacts badly to water and she disappeared into the ground screaming something about melting. The only remains – a stethoscope and some eratus bug fingernails.

  43. Just had to respond this (a longer comment post is comming)

    “Or live with a different fan family every month as I try to get back on my feet (How cool would that be?! A real live t.v. producer sleeping on your couch and eating your food!!!).”

    Sure! The more the merrier! Though I bet you would be too bored. But with Washington, DC right down the highway from me-I bet finding a nice place to eat would not be a problem. But you be more than welcomed to my whats in my pantry. And hey I’d even cook for you.

    And the response to Anonymous #10. What a trip! 🙂 Thanks for the smile.

  44. Amanda Tapping said in an interview for SciFi Mag that Samantha Carter is going to be the leader of Atlantis. Can you confirm that?

    P.S. Im not said about it I just want to know if this is true. And it would at least be the end for those posts about her ship. 😉

  45. Good luck with the new show you’re starting “Atlantis:SG-1”. You’re gonna need it.

  46. Hah, I think I have figured out what happens after the season four cliffhanger.

    At the last moment, Sheporilla and Rodaurilla are beamed aboard the Daedulus by Caldwell and co., who have miraculously made a return from the Pegasus Galaxy in less time than it takes to travel between galaxies by stargate. Bizarrely, it seems, Zelenka’s hangover has made him ten times more productive, scientifically speaking, and he’s devised some kind of super-hyperdrive technology (far faster than anything the Asgard were able to design). The rest of the science team have taken to keeping Zelenka drunk — though this is mostly out of admiration for his table dancing technique than Zelenka’s increased intellectual prowess when he sobers up. Realizing he’s just been saved by Zelenka sends Rodaurilla into a funk. Meanwhile, Dr Keller is still hunting for the cold-blooded killer of her goldfish…

    So, am I even close?

    Also, one final question: Would ascended wraith have an iratus bug-blue glow? 🙂

  47. Hi Joe

    You are such a torment!!! I see you with a perpetual twinkle in your eye and a wonderful humorous outlook on life. Sort of Mark Twainish… YOu are a riot.. I really liked your “Bye Purpoise – Man” comment.
    Any more hints as to this actor you’re pursueing for the show?

    Take Care


  48. I don’t know if you have answered this or not, but I was wondering what, if any, effect the iTunes sales have on decision to renew a show, even if the ratings are not as high as the network would wish.

  49. Hi Joe!

    I was hoping you could offer some advice on the latest Atlantis mystery: you’ve already replaced Ford with Ronon, Carson with Keller, and Weir with Carter, so who are you going to kill off (or as you like to say, “reduce to recurring”) for season 5? I figure since most of the stories revolve around Sheppard and/or McKay (or is it AU Rod now?) they’re probably safe, but Ronon and Teyla are the “sexy alien warriors” who are vital to most of the B and C plots, so the question is would you kill/reduce one of them anyway or is it the fans of Caldwell, Zelenka and Lorne who should be worrying? Certainly if any of them get bumped up from recurring to regular it’d be cause to worry. 😉

    Oh, and I’ll second the comments about Doctor Who. Great start to the season so far and the Shakespeare stuff was particularly fun for a Bardgeek (and HP fan) like me.

  50. Anonymous said:
    “This whole Carter in command thing is about making up for Mitchell, isn’t it?”

    Joe is never gonna answer this, but yup.

  51. arctic goddess said
    “You could resurrect the story line that Harlen created more team members who continue to go through the gate with better power sources powering them and thereby continuing the SG-1 story. Is that a cool idea or not? What would be a cool title?”

    Hmmm. “Robogate”? :p

  52. Anonymous said…

    I can’t believe how flippant you are when it comes to the Weir and Beckett fans who are saying they won’t watch.

    What is he supposed to do – beg for their forgiveness? *snort* I don’t think so.

    The people who have stopped watching have made their choice and I doubt anything short of bringing back Carson and Wier full time is going to change that. And it’s never going to happen. So in that case those fans should just go ahead and leave if they want to.

    Those of us who are still willing to give the show a chance are still here and there are probably more of us than you think.

  53. What happens if you walk through the other side of the Stargate? Also does Stargate deserve a capital S (in the context of travelling through the gate)? We don’t cap train or plane . . .

  54. Condolences to Fondy on the loss of her aunt. Not a fun activity to add to a vacation trip. And I’m with you: no open casket! In fact, just cremate me and throw a good party, instead. Funerals are entirely too expensive.

    As for the children? You should send them a copy of this blog. They’re going to be in therapy in a few years and will wonder where they got this strange imagery in their heads.

    And the episode description? I can’t wait to see how it gets turned around and becomes a spoiler that floats around the internet!

    Oh. And no gorillas. We prefer Rodney as a squirrel. 🙂

  55. Hi Joe

    My sympathies to Fondy on the loss of her aunt. My Mum passed away a little over two weeks ago and it has been a sad time for the family. Mum, however, had a wicked sense of humour and I have found that it helps to keep up the tradition.

    The funeral was a quiet affair but sister and I were in hysterics over the various options on offer.

    Ranging from a Green Funeral featuring a wicker coffin complete with leather straps and buckles – looking for all the world like a gaint picnic hamper … to the fantastic option to be cremated then have your ashes packed into fireworks so you could really go out with a bang!!

    Also amusing – we could have Mum cremated in her own clothes but shoes were frowned on as they are trying to cut down on emissions!!

    And finally the funeral director’s comment that we could scatter the ashes ourselves if we had a burning desire to do so … that rated a quizzical eyebrow I can tell you!

    As to your replies today to the pleas for *death of McKay* spoilers …. all I can say is “You funny man … I kill you last!”

    Season 4 – sounds great – bring it on … ( but pwees don’t kill Wodney – or I’ll stamp my foot and never watch the show again – hee hee hee)

    Anthony said…
    What happens if you walk through the other side of the Stargate?

    Mmm – I wondered this once too, maybe you would meet yourself coming back …


  56. anonymous said…

    Now that the news is out, can you at least tell us how many episodes Torri will be in. We know she’s going, just tell us how many episodes she’ll do.

    This question has been asked and answered so many times, even I’m beginning to get sick of it, and I have nothing against Weir/Torri. He hasn’t stated a number not because he’s just trying to piss people off, but because they don’t know exactly what that number will be. They haven’t figured out all the eps for the season yet. And keep in mind that even if they mean her to be in one, something may come up that would prevent it.

  57. Okay, okay. A couple questions.

    1: I’m gonna take a guess and say that the Odyssey will most likely make an appearance in the SG-1 movie/s, but will the ship (with all its new technology from the Asgard, post-Unending) ever make an appearance on Atlantis to lend assistance/whatnot with any enemies? But I guess Atlantis now has both the Apollo and the Deadalus. Which kinda leads me to question number two.

    2: Is the Apollo taking over the duties of the Deadalus (supply runs, aid in battle, etc.) or will they work together against the Wraith/replicators/humanoids that just kinda wanna kill them?

    (I’m not exactly sure why both my questions are about the ships, but eh, whatever.)

    Thanks a ton for everything you’ve done for both shows over the years, you’re awesome for it 😀

  58. Seeing the previews for the return of Atlantis here in the States, I logged on to the web and starting searching for info to refresh my memory for the rest of season 3. Big mistake. I have inadvertantly been seriously spoiled for the rest of season 3 and unfortunately season 4 as well. I was not happy with the information I read and extremely discouraged to read about the cast changes coming to Atlantis and the new direction to the show. I don’t know who actually ever reads these comments…no one probably; but I felt compelled to share my dissappointment anyway. Thanks for a great first 2.5 seasons. I loved Atlantis, but I think I’ll be taking advantage of the long US hiatus to cut ties. I’m no longer interested or invested in the “new” Atlantis.

  59. Joe…Dumb question here.

    So we know Carter’s going to be the head of the Atlantis expedition…but does this mean she’ll pretty much be stuck behind a desk now or will she have a chance to go out and about with the team when necessary?

    Thanks and Happy Easter,
    Mary Beth 🙂

    PS…My sincere condolences to Fondy for her loss. Please give her our best wishes.

  60. I’m really sorry to hear about Fondy’s Aunt, my thoughts are with you both.

    I also sympathize with your Mum regarding migraines, and sorry that the acupuncture did not work out. I used to suffer with them quite badly, but found cutting out caffiene (I LOVE coffee, but I’ve had to switch to decaff and I can’t stand it! But the filter version is infinitely better than instant), and also taking the herbal supplement Feverfew has helped a great deal.

    I hardly get them at all now, and would recommend the above to your Mum most definitely 🙂 As for the Feverfew and other medication, I’m on anti-depressants and I was safe to take it, but if your Mum does decide to try it, I’d suggest she checks in with her Doctor first. Stating the obvious I know 😉

    Anyway, since this is quite a personal post, I don’t expect this to be approved, and won’t be offended if it isn’t. But if your Mum decides to try it and it does work for your Mum, from a fellow sufferer, that would be fantastic. Btw, your Mum sounds GREAT 😀

    all the best

  61. Thank you for answering my question two days ago !

    Answer: It really depends. If the only reason you watch the show is for one specific character, then you’ll no doubt be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you watch the show because you enjoy Atlantis, the series – you’re in for a treat.

    So, I’ll say it will depend of what you will do with Weir! Because I don’t watch the show for one specific character, I watch the show because I enjoy Atlantis, the series for the stories and its team dynamic, Weir included. But with less Weir my love for the show is amputated, then if she is completely removed, well my love for the show will surely go away 🙁

  62. Was the character John Shepherd named after a frequent writer on MacGuyver named John Shepherd? Or just Coincidence? Thank you for a great blog that gives me something to do on my lunch break. I am very boring eater and it is fun to see the pictures and critiques you give on the food you eat. Keep up the great work on Stargate. I am wicked excited for the 2nd half of the seasons.

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