As a pet-owner, I’m growing increasingly pissed off with the news coming out of this whole Menu Foods’ contaminated pet food debacle. Preliminary reports pointed to rat poison as the likely source of the problem, suggesting nefarious intent, but the latest laboratory analyses have found traces of melamine, a chemical used to make plastics, in the food. The source: tainted wheat gluten from China. My initial reaction upon hearing this was: “Why the hell are they importing wheat gluten from China?”. Alas, the answer is fairly obvious – because it’s cheaper and, really, who are we kidding, in business (and the pet food business is no exception) profits are the bottom line. I mean, I’ve seen the various commercials with their bounding cats and dogs, happy owners, and gentle-voiced narrators explaining how their respective companies truly care about the well-being of your pet. But do they really? Is there any truth to the complaint that Menu Foods was informed of the problem two full weeks before finally announcing the recall? How often do they test their product for problems? Why is it that in a April 1st MSNBC report, Menu Foods confirms the deaths of only 15 cats and 1 dog resulting from the consumption of their tainted product while The Veterinary Information Network, made up of some 30 000 veterinarians and students reported over 471 cases of pet kidney failure in just the ten days between March18th and March 27th? Pet Connection (, meanwhile, has been compiling their own database which puts the number of pet deaths at over 2 900!

While I’d love to believe that Menu Foods and the various pet food companies involved really do have the best interests of our pets at heart, I am quite frankly disinclined to place much faith (and the lives of my dogs) in them, especially after learning that grief-stricken owners looking to sue Menu Foods may get little in the way of compensation for their losses. They may recoup some of the money spent on veterinary bills but if they’re looking to get anything for their pain and suffering, forget it. In most places, pets are viewed as nothing more than property so owners are out of luck. Oh, did I mention that, according to that MSNBC report “ Dog and cat food sales in the United States reached over $14.3 billion in 2005, according to the Pet Food Institute that represents manufacturers of commercial pet food.”? Not bad. Not bad at all. Of course that healthy 14.3 could take a decided hit if, say, owners elect to bitch-slap the companies involved by seeking out alternate meal sources for their animals like: organic pet foods that don’t contain filler and crap like Chinese wheat gluten, the raw diet alternative, taking the time to cook for their pets (many websites offer quick and easy recipes. Fondy made the pugs some chicken breast and veggies for dinner yesterday.).

In the meantime, angry and inconsolable owners have taken to the net, expressing their
outrage and frustration on sites like –

Oh, and here’s one more website if you happen to be a customer of Iams pet food. Not only is the company part of the ongoing pet food recall, but it would seem their compassion for pets only extends to those whose owners purchase their product. Other dogs in their experimental care have not fared so lucky –

Okay, now that I got that off my chest and I’m in a suitably angry mood, let’s field some questions –

Alipeeps writes: “How are you in the kitchen? Are we talking gourmet standard chef here?”

Answer: I’m alright in the kitchen although, to be honest, I don’t have occasion to cook much. One time, last year, I had Gero, Hewlett, and various others over and went all out. The highlight of the dinner was a foie-gras and marscapone cheese stuffed rigatoni with black truffle butter. I’m more of an ice cream master.

Foolishpleasure writes: “Were you aware that “Red Mars” is a trilogy? You still have “Green Mars” and “Blue Mars” to read.”

Answer: Got ‘em but not sure when I’ll get around to them. So much to read…

Jason writes: “Will there be a new opening credit sequence for season 4?”

Answer: It will be a slightly modified version of the season three opening credit sequence.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Good God you eat a lot. Do you ever check your blood pressure?”

Answer: Actually, I did check my blood pressure the last time I was at the pharmacy checking out their selection of dark chocolates while Fondy shopped for shampoo and wrapping paper. My blood pressure is good.

Jesse writes: “Do you guys plan on filming any scenes at SFU for either Atlantis, Universe or the SG-1 Movies?”

Answer: Nope. Sorry.

Peter writes: “What, in your opinion, is the funniest line from both series? Oh, and whatever happened to that time-traveling puddle jumper of yours?”

Answer: Funniest line? I’m going to have to do some research to refresh my memory. As for the time-traveling puddle jumper – it’s in the shop for a fine tuning (it was off by a dozen decades either way). Hopefully, I’ll be getting it back in May. But you know how these things go.

Minigeek writes: “Back when I still had only two pug babies, I took the advice of a friend, packed them into my car and took us all to a “Pug-a-Lug”. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of these but, this is an event where people – specifically pug people and their furry companions – gather together in parks at predetermined dates and times for a giant social party of sorts.”

Answer: Yup. At the last Sunday of every month, pugs and their owners gather at Kits beach between 10:00 a.m. – noon for a furry free-for-all. Maximus likes to go bobbing for clam shells.

Majorsal writes: “When replicarter was inside sam’s head, showing her what fifth had put her through (being born, killing her friends in the gateroom); were those images what ‘really’ happened to replicarter, or where they images created by replicarter to influence/manipulate sam?”

Answer: The latter.

Pattirose4 writes: “Just curious where on earth do you store all those already read books?”

Answer: They’re all shelved in alphabetical order in my office.

Someday Scientist writes: “What’s with the sudden homosexual exposition on John’s part? Not that I’m complaining, just curious. Is our fearless leader perhaps projecting?”

Answer: No, but I believe Martin Gero is.

Kim W writes: “Okay, so you watch a lot of DVDs, try out all types of food/restaurants, read, blog regularly, and have a job. Seriously, where do you get the time?!”

Answer: My clone and I share the same hive mind.

Smiley Face06 writes: “Another Harry Potter question: What ‘ship are you rooting for? If you care at all, that is.”

Answer: I’m not a Harry shipper.

Luis Jr. writes: “Does Rob Cooper have a blog???”

Answer: Alas, the plug was pulled on his blog before he even had the chance to get started.

Royal Nonesuch writes: “What connection does the android Reese have to the replicators now (if any)?”

Answer: Now? None.

Arctic Goddess writes: “1. Is James Robbins related in any way to Ryan Robbins, who is a wonderful and talented actor (no, Ryan didn’t put me up to this :)). 2. You read a lot of sci-fi, which is understandable as a writer. Do you ever find yourself accidentally repeating themes in books you have read in the Atlantis episodes? How do you avoid that if it doesn’t happen?”

Answers: 1. No relation. 2. I haven’t yet but if or when I do, I’m sure the fans will be kind enough to inform me.

M writes: “How do you work out?”

Answer: I alternate lifting days and cardio days. Lifting: 45 minutes of 5 exercises, 4 sets of 12 plus 7 ab exercises again 4 sets of 12. Cardio – thirty minutes of high intensity running.

Tricia writes: “With the “extreme” Shep whump coming up in S4, does that mean we will also get some (juicy) infirmary scenes for Shep?”

Answer: Yup, but I don’t know what you would consider “juicy”.

Joshua Meyers writes: “1.)Has anyone ever paid you to be in an episode?. 2.)Was it alot?”

Answers: Nope and nope. Sad, no? I’m holding out for an appearance on the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Zabadoo writes: “How do you get a writing/directing agent? And what’s your least favorite SG-1 episode ever?”

Answers: Put together some writing samples or a short film and start knocking on some doors. Emancipation.

Anubis91 writes: “Is there any chance that we see a Wraith city?”

Answer: It’s possible.

Anthony writes: “How man season 4 scripts have been completed? And from the completed scripts, which is your favourite? Do you have a preffered food or beverage to consume while working on a script?”

Answers: Depends what you mean by completed. Of the completed scripts, I really like Missing. As for my preferred brain food – chocolate, natch.

Ankhmutes writes: “I also rec Charles de Lint and anything by Elizabeth Moon”

Answer: Loved The Speed of Dark. What a great protagonist.

Cadmanfan writes: “Could you tell us if we’ll see Cadman in season 4?”

Answer: Doesn’t look good.

Linzi writes: “Wondering if you had decided on some more backstory for Sheppard yet?”

Answer: Not yet.

Starr writes: “1) have you read Terry Goodkind’s ‘The Sword of Truth’ series – if so, what do you think? 2) have you read Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ series – and again, what did you think? 3) have you eaten at West Restaurant? Did/do you like it there?”

Answers: 1. Not yet. 2. I tried. 3. Love it. Great oxtail.

Grapesofwraith writes: “Any suggestions for a good sci fi book to start with?”

Answer: To start with Old Man’s War. More advanced, Childhood’s End.

Anonymous #2 writes: “On irrepressible, is there any truth to the “last time on SGA” part?”

Answer: Everything about the script was a gag. Except the part about killing off McKay in Adrift. Oh, and the introduction of Dr. Avril Poisson.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Just curious, do you use Final Draft to write your scripts?”

Answer: We use MovieMagic Screenwriter.

56 thoughts on “April 2, 2007

  1. Ah, a fellow Snape fan. I am actually currently in the process of reading Goblet of Fire for my Adaptation class. My only exposure to the series having been the films, with the wonderful Alan Rickman.

    Here’s my question:
    In the past, you’ve expressed your dislike for “ships” on SGA. Is this a general dislike for writing those kind of relationships in general or just those present on SGA? After re-watching the last couple of seasons of SG-1, I’ve noticed that the show deals more directly with romance and relationships than its spin-off. Did you ever have a problem writing that kind of material?

  2. Dear Joe,

    I was wondering about the ship that you said carter will come with in season 4. Is it a closely guarded secret that you can’t tell us just yet or can we deduce that we have already seen it before from past seasons of SGA and SG1. My second query is concerning the season 4 opener, will it be the usual date in July or fall 07. If its the latter can you tell us which month approximately.


    Your montreal fan

    ps. concerning the tickets for the presidents cup I understood that the unresponsive Joseph Mallozzi meant an unintrested Joseph Mallozzi so I went ahead and invited professors.

  3. Joe,

    There is a lot of concern that Continuum will be yet another reset story where nothing that happens in the movie will be permanent. Will any of the character development and interactions in the movie actually stay with the characters? I’m not sure if you’ll answer this or not, but an answer in the affirmative would make many fans much more excited about Continuum. We don’t want more alternate versions of Jack, Sam, Teal’c, and Daniel. We want the real team interacting. Thanks for blogging.

    Wendy Nicklaus

  4. Joe…

    As a pet owner, I’m terrified right now. I use Purina Dog Chow for my dog Cleo (she’s a spaniel mix) and Meow Mix for the cats (I have several thanks to two who gave birth in and near my house).

    I check the website for each food type regularly, now but I’m scared out of my mind that one time I’ll go there and see a notice that they’ve known for weeks that there’s a problem but delayed a recall for whatever reason. It may sound a little paranoid…but businesses do funny things to protect their collective butts sometimes.

    I was seriously considering going to table scraps…but I think I’ll look into your organic suggestion. Sadly, I don’t know too much about it. Is it available in regular grocery stores or is it something that has to be purchased by special order?

    Okay…lightening this comment a little as it’s a tad too morbid for my taste…

    I think one of my favorite lines is from The Other Guys. There are a couple that stand out:

    Jack: What…are you doing here?!??

    Felger: Stand easy…we’re here to rescue you!
    Sam: Did he say “we”?

    Felger: That’s right…I have Coombs with me.

    Coombs (popping his head up from behind the panel): Hi.

    Jack (dripping with sarcasm): Why look everybody…he’s got Coombs with him!!!

    And then a bit later…

    Jack: We’re on a mission, you nit!

    This entire sequence cracks me up every time I hear it.

    Mary Beth 🙂

  5. What’s your all time favourite restaurant in Richmond for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

  6. How is Teal’c older than Bray’tac but doesn’t look at all older than him? And spending all that time with sg-1 members, would tat not change Teal’c’s opinion of them?

  7. Is it possible to tell Brad and Rob to re-write The Ark of Truth to incorporate the gate into traveling to the Ori galaxy rather than the Odyssey? There’s a reason that it’s called Stargate SG-1, not Odyssey SG-1. Sorry to complain, I usually don’t like to.

  8. HEY JOE,



  9. We all know about the planned “Shep whump” in season 4. What about “McKay whump”? Any of that on the horizon?

  10. Zabadoo writes: “And what’s your least favorite SG-1 episode ever?”

    joe mallozzi: Emancipation.

    it might have had it’s flaws, but it was the *first* episode to really show us kickbutt sam. i LOVED the fight at the end, where she whumped the leader meanie’s backside! 😀

    anyways, ’emancipation’ surved a purpose, which was to show the viewers that sam was a capable soldier that could take care of herself under harsh’pow’ circumstances. flaws or not, it worked for me. 😀

    just saying’.

    sally 🙂

  11. *pokes nose in*
    Allo, I’m normally just a lurker, but I felt the need to comment, as I was watching “Window of Opportunity” earlier and just noticed the autor of that Latin text Jack was reading…

    I am amused. 🙂

    Also, Childhood’s End is one of my favorite books. It may not be the newest or shiniest on my shelf, but it will always be fantastic.

    Thanks for blogging, sir. ^_^

  12. Thanks for the Reese answer–I was wondering if we’d see her again.

    Have you ever tried to include very obscure pop culture references in your scripts and had them cut? Which reminds me, what was up with the Poochinski reference in “Wromhole Extreme!”. It was hilarious. I googled it on a hunch and discovered that the show is real, well a failed pilot. Someone a fan?

    Thanks much,

  13. “Is it possible to tell Brad and Rob to re-write The Ark of Truth to incorporate the gate into traveling to the Ori galaxy rather than the Odyssey? There’s a reason that it’s called Stargate SG-1, not Odyssey SG-1. Sorry to complain, I usually don’t like to.”

    I am so with you Zabadoo. This is a freakin STARGATE movie. If I wanted weak ass space ships that are used solely because they’re cheap standing sets, then I’d tune in to The Original Trek. The Gate is what makes SG-1 so unique, and it’s what made all of us fans in the first place. Down with space ships and CGI space battles. Up with Gate travel and location shoots. Sort it out.


  14. One thing I’ve always wondered is – if the Ancients built all of these Stargates (thousands of them), had these war ships, puddle jumpers, etc – where did they build them!? I mean, there must be some part of Atlantis that for building new Stargates. So far replenishing puddle jumpers, drones, etc has been a case of “oh look, we found some!” What are the chances the team with discover some of these ‘manufacturing’ parts of Atlantis?

  15. Hi Joe, love your blog 🙂 Quick question re relative timelines…
    Do Carter’s episodes in S4 SGA happen before or after the events of SG Continuum? Ooooh and on the topic, any word from Brad on how the Arctic filming went? Was RDA as sexy as ever?

  16. I think your blog is freakin’ fantastic. It makes me want to eat more and visit Canada.

    I’m also a fairly new SGA fan, and have been taken aback a little by the incredible, um, fervor some people have for the show. What’s the
    “most ferverent” thing you’ve ever seen or experienced from a fan?

  17. Hi Joe.

    You kindly informed us that Travelers was a gift for those of the Shep whumping persuasion. We would really like to what you mean by that.

    Is it a gift mainly for either: A) those that like to see Shep getting the whump or, B) those that like to see him doing the whumping?

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  18. Enough of the dogs, already! You’ve said you have cats! What are they, second class citizens? Post some photos of them!

    And my question: Elizabeth. How many eps is Torri involved in the filming of so far?

  19. Someday Scientist writes: “What’s with the sudden homosexual exposition on John’s part? Not that I’m complaining, just curious. Is our fearless leader perhaps projecting?”

    Answer: No, but I believe Martin Gero is.
    Y’know, first with Duet and now with Sheppard. I think Martin just likes to cause trouble ;D Quite a subtle evil villian streak (only not) >).

    How was your April Fool’s? Any pranks to speak of around the office? I actually missed the day completely ^_^;

  20. Hiya Joe,

    What other guest stars would you like to see on the show and as what? I know Jill Wagner is appearing which is great news and can’t wait for the episode to see her in.

    Take care Joe!

  21. My Puggle was a victim of the tainted food, and I appreciate your take on the pet food companies, it’s certainly well-deserved! My doggie is recovering from a serious kidney problem due to the non-caring pet food companies, but survived,thank goodness, when others did not. I am scared of whatever I give her any more unless it’s what I make personally and that’s a sad state of affairs.I’ll have to look into the organic pet food that you suggested.

    Only a little over a week to the back half of the SG1 and SGA seasons! Can’t wait!

  22. Damn Menu Foods. Poor dog’s, fantastic pet’s they are. I had a Beagle for 12 years, wonderful pet and friend.

    But speaking of Stargate, in Continuum, are you able to say which characters will make a possible appearance? Older characters, such as Narim, or the characters that have met their doom, that is.

  23. Hi,

    I’ve started re-watching Series 1 on DVD and getting amazed at how annoyingly cocky Shepherd was in those first few episodes; also how undecisive and lost weir appeared whilst trying to be strong and make the right decisions.

    It’s great to be able to go back and see the character development – I like them a lot more know then in those episodes.

  24. I had Iams food from “the list”, and my cranky old cat was tested and passed her lab tests, but I know two people who lost young cats in Feb. to unusual ailments, and who used Iams food. On Live Journal, there is a blog by a person called dogemperor (, who is doing daily updates on this issue and the info is excellent, including which Chinese companies have been exporting this junk, and which companies have been purchasing it. This blog is “friends only” for posting but anyone can read the posts. Latest info is that Iams UK may have received some of the contaminated wheat, so the recall may reach Europe. Even scarier – the Chinese export company also works heavily with the US pharmaceutical industry!

  25. hey joe! still loving the blog!
    hope to see more behind the scenes photos soon….*hint hint* 😉
    Thanks for all the season 4 hints too!!

    my question is regarding doppelganger, we shep whumpers have been discussing what you meant by full-contact extreme shep whumping and we were wondering if you could clear something up for us?
    do you mean shep will be the one being whumped, or will he be whumping everyone else? please say its the former…we’re getting all excited and we’d hate it to be for nothing!

  26. When I worked at a Supermarket, we had to recall so much pet food it was absurd. We discovered that four cases of dog food and another several of cat food were full of maggots and mouldy inside. The worrying thing was that the managers at the store actually took a lot of time making the decision to recall because they were deciding whether they could get away with it and keep the profit or not. It’s disgusting!

    I love your pugs and it always makes me smile to see pics of them. They’re such cute little critters. I only have a cat, three gerbils and a hamster myself. I want to get a dog, but it’s looking increasingly likely that I’ll be moving to Ontario in the next few years (I’m currently in the UK).

    Anyway, just thought I’d stop by and growl in support of the pet food rant and fawn over the puggles a bit.

    Seeing as you love villains, are there any former SG1 villains / foils that you wish you could bring back? Why? Who was your favourite to write?


  27. My Mother and I have been furious, hearing about this whole pet food thing. We’ve been purchasing an organic brand since we found out (despite the fact that it’s more expensive – but we wouldn’t feed the family tainted food, why would we feed it to the animals?) and we’re going to try making our own dry food for the dog and the two cats now. We don’t really trust the commercial brands anymore.

    Haha, I have to wonder what Gero would have to say about that, lol.

    Sharing your rage over the petfood,
    Ayla McKay
    Nova Scotia

  28. hi joe just wanted to ask if the wraith are going to be in the mid season 2 parter in season 4?

  29. Hi there!

    Firstly, how many episodes of season four will Katie Brown be in?

    Secondly, are there any deserts you’d recommend that are low in fat and chocolate free? My cholesterol’s almost triple what it should be!

  30. which episodes in season 4 would you say are considered to be “darker” like Common ground (sga) and talion (sg1), if there are any!

  31. (Oops-made a blunder, let’s try this again…)

    Thank you for posting more pics of your pugs! This whole dog-food thing doesn’t sound good, though, the poor little dears! Gah–what are some people THINKING?

    Anyhow, I noticed that your least favorite SG-1 episode was “Emancipation.” I was surprised to realize that I knew precisely what episode it was. About what percentage of Stargate episodes can you accurately name and/or place (by season and episode #)?

  32. Yesterday GeekBoy had a doctor’s appointment after school, so I stopped at the library on the way and picked up The Stars My Destination for him and To Say Nothing Of the Dog for me. I was laughing out loud in the waiting room when I figured out who Mr. Spivens was. I had to stay up until 2 a.m. to finish it because I had to know what was causing all the problems. Loved it! GeekBoy just emailed me from school to tell me that Lady Schrapnel has shown up in his book. Same Lady Schrapnel?

    Here’s my burning Stargate question. What happened to the downed jumper in “Condemned”? They surely didn’t just leave it there for the Wraith to take?

  33. Dear Joe,
    I have a couple questions comments;
    1. Is it true Mckay dies in Adrift and is replaced by Rod?
    2. Does you magick 8 ball have anything to say about discovering a ZPM manufacturing plant?
    3. Now that we have matter converters thanks to the Asgard, creating reliable power sources and parts for building ships should not be a problem correct?
    4. Will SGA see the Asgard tech we received in SG1 unending?
    5. You said you will be getting the time jumper back in May. Is that a reference to continum or for SGA?
    6. The ancient ship Tria? Anyone?

    Ok enough questions, keep up the good work Joe. Have a good one


  34. Hey Joe, love your blog. But you might want to check your sources… The iamscruelty website is a PETA production that has been refuted by organizations like the American SPCA and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. Check out for some information that might make you think twice.

  35. I am so glad to see your mention of the pet food recall in your blog. I lost 3 of my cats to kidney failure over the past three months and, while none of them were directly tied to the recalled food (no necropsy was done at the time)I feel very strongly that there are many more affected products out there than have been made public. It scares the hell out of me quite frankly. Like you, I love all of my animals dearly. I have made the switch to organic foods but am strongly considering preparing homemade food for my surviving pets.

  36. “Enough of the dogs, already! You’ve said you have cats! What are they, second class citizens? Post some photos of them!”

    Well I guess since this is Joe’s personal blog, he can talk about his dogs all he wants to.

    Now let’s talk about something really important. Just how whumped is Sheppy going to be? I mean will there be blood, compound fractures, severed limbs? Because nothing excites a whumper like a little arterial spray from their “favorite” character.

  37. The biggest problem with pet foods is we put our trust in the companies that make them. However, before you jump on the homemade bandwagon, do you reseach on reputable sites. Raisins, grapes, chocolate – all BAD for dogs. Cats need taurine or watch them get kidney failue. I’ve been feeding my pets Solid Gold dry food, supplemented with table scraps (not junk) and so far, they’re doing okay.

    Meanwhile, a fan said on a blog that when they did the SGA set tour, they saw Carter’s photos, etc. in Weir’s office. Has carter taken over Weir’s office?

  38. Joe,
    How many books a week do you read????Did you by any chance take the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course???

  39. That dog food recall is a mess… I hope your pugs aren’t adversely affected because of it!

  40. Well, with the whole PETA thing accusing Iams of maltreatment, in the magazine “Discover” there was a story about a wildlife conservation group who’d had their wedbsite link’d by a circus on their website. Well, the PETA mailed them and told them to cut their links to them immediatly or hundreds of rabid PETA fans would rise up in anger against them. A wildlife conservation group! PETA is an organization for a good cause, but they can get a bit overzealous at times.

  41. Anonymous said…
    “Enough of the dogs, already! You’ve said you have cats! What are they, second class citizens? Post some photos of them!”

    Yes! Post photos of your kitties as well.

    Interesting question (the same) anonymous…

  42. Joe…sorry if my post went through a gazillion times…i’m technically inept.

  43. The Atlantis expedition has had several really great love-to-hate secondary characters (Bates, Kavanaugh). Do you write them to be recurring or is their return based on audience response?

    Any plans for new “Kavanaughs” in S4?

  44. Joe, quick question, Can PM be bribed, and if so what can he be bribed with 😀

  45. I read a lot of scifi books as a teenager (some of the ones that you mentioned) but don’t read them so much any more…. i cant seem to get in to them.

    Have you read any Jasper Fforde (“The Eyre Afair”)? I am realy enjoying these at the moment. They are slightly scifi, but very funny, and there are a lot of literary in-jokes. If you get the time and havn’t read them i would give them a go! They are a fairly quick read and very easy to get in to.

    Hope season 4 is going well. Cant wait for it to air!!!

    Martin Gero has gay subtext and is into musical theatre hmmmm….. Recomend Avenue Q to him if he hasn’t seen it (my current most played musical CD!)

  46. Earlier I mentioned that I wanted to see the team go through the Stargate instead of the Odyssey to the Ori galaxy. I said it with a little bit of hostility, and I would like to apologize for that. But is it possible that you could make sure that there is a lot of “gate travel” in the movie? Along with season 4 of Atlantis, the Stargate is amazing, don’t ever forget about it.

  47. Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll see what I can get next time I’m at that bookstore.
    I have a question about scripts, etc. How much, if any, of things such as panning, fading in and out, angles of shots do you get to see/envision/write, as opposed to the director? Do you and the director of the episode talk to each other about how you see the scene, or are they 2 completely different proccesses?

  48. Dear Joey,

    Why is it that Stargate SG1 had 22 episodes from season 1 to 7 and only 20 episodes from season 8-10 as well as the four seasons of stargate atlantis. Thank you and give the pugs pat on the head for me.

    Don Corleon

  49. Do you know if Gero has seen a production of the musical ‘Wicked’? I will be seeing it in April; I can’t wait.

  50. Wait. That post made no sense. I’ll be seeing Wicked on April 20. Not just ‘in April’. It’s already April. Ye gads.

    And you know what April means…

  51. hi joe, i was just wondering will we see sgt bates this season and what was the reason for him not returning over the last two seasons. Also any chance of seeing Ford?
    thanks for your time

  52. One of the Sheyla fic writers mentioned in a previous comment on one of your posts claims to have inside information from YOU that you’re going to go with Shep/Teyla as a ship. Please tell me that’s not true!

    It’s possibly the most cliched thing I’ve ever seen. That cave scene in the pilot was cringeworthy. The actors have zero chemistry, and the chracter of Teyla is wallpaper at best. The only time she comes alive is in scenes with Ronon.

    You want to look at who Joe has chemistry with, look at him with David Hewlett and Torri Higginson. To me, and so many others he and Rachel have no connection on camera.

  53. Loved your April Fool’s Day joke 😉
    I guess there were no jokes at work this year (being a Sunday…), right? But can you tell us about any April Fool’s Day jokes from previous years at Bridge Studios?

    I also loved the pics you posted the other day from Lifeline. Please, keep’em coming!

    We already got a couple of pics of Jason at your office. Any chance we get some from the rest of the cast? Joe Flanigan would be particularly nice *hint, hint*

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