“I’ll do the takoyaki,”I told the guy behind the counter. “That’ll take thirty minutes to prepare,”he informed me. A thirty minute wait! For octopus balls?!! Forget it! I wandered over to the Cantonese Food counter and ordered the pork slices with garlic sauce and eight pork-chive dumplings…and a blueberry yogurt shake…oh, and an order of Hainanese chicken. Fondy ordered a whack of fried wings that proved a little too fried for her liking. However, the fried rice noodle with beef she shared with her sister Grace (snapped here strolling in her shades) did impress. For my part, I though the (almost) boneless Hainanese chicken was fine. The dumplings were great. The pork slices (think thinly sliced slightly cooked bacon) was pleasingly gelatinous but the accompanying “garlic” sauce had a hint of, well, the closest I can come to describing it is “redolent of some corrosive agent”, and it marred the flavor somewhat. For dessert, I had the Matcha (green tea) soft ice cream that proved surprisingly light and unsatisfying.

Following lunch, we ended up at The Costco. Fortunately, I had the foresight to bring along my book. While Fondy and Grace shopped, I followed along behind them, one eye on Red Mars, the other on the back of my wife’s feet lest I lose her. After a while, I could tell she was growing a little impatient with me, no doubt preferring to command my undivided attention. But I’m sure all of you will sympathize with my position. The Mars colony was in a state of revolt, the city’s were coming under missile attacks, the space elevator had just been downed – and I was expected to fret over laundry detergent?! Come on!

Went by Chapters late last night and, as is often the case when I visit, I ended up leaving with a bunch of books. The new additions to my ever-growing library include: Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself (Although I’m reading mostly scifi, the occasional times I have shifted gears to the fantasy realm has been very rewarding – The Lies of Locke Lamorra comes to mind – so I thought I would check this one out), The Princess Bridge 30th Anniversary Edition (which includes a terrific introduction by the great William Goldman who wrote also wrote the screenplay to one of my all-time favorite movies), The Zombie Survival Guide (Loved World War Z so I thought I’d get the first book that turns out to be exactly what it says, a guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse complete with chapters dedicated to zombie-proofing your home and the most effective weapons to use in the event of a zombie attack), Neil Gaiman’s Never where (which I’ve heard great things about), Consider Phlebas (following your Iain M. Banks recommendations), and H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds (a classic). With a hundred or so pages to go on Red Mars – a meticulously detailed, occasionally overwhelming work of hard scifi – I’m trying to decide whether my next read should be scifi or not. A little break might be nice and, hey, you never know when the dead or going to rise and that survival guide could come in handy.

Oh, and in case he’s reading this blog entry – Happy Birthday to my dog Maximus who is seven today.

Let’s see how many questions I can field today…

Craig MacD writes: “The Athosians (Teyla aside of course) haven’t really played a big part in Atlantis since season 1, and I’m curious as to how well they’ve been faring on the mainland.”

Answer: Actually, the Athosians are no longer on the mainland but have since been moved off-world to a place we’ll call New Athosia. More on the Athosians in season four.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Damn this show went downhill fast.”

Answer: Normally I’d write you off as just another over-reacting fan but I can’t discount the possiblilty that you may actually own a time machine that allowed you to jump into the future and watch as-yet-unproduced eopisodes of the show. So, what’re the last five episodes like? We’d love to know as it would save us the trouble of coming up with them.

Minigeek writes: “Would you still be open to an agented pitch? Or are you a closed shop at this point?”

Answer: Because we’re only producing 20 episodes of television this year, the script slots have already been spoken for. However, that could change next year. Stay tuned.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Lets say the world of Stargate really existed and you’ve been offered a position on Atlantis….knowing what you know what would it be?”

Answer: Head scientist in charge of Ancient icecreamology.

Anonymous #3 writes: “1. When are you going to make a cameo appearance in an episode? 2. What do you mean by “whumping” in shep whumping? Do mean he gets his fanny kicked like in Common Ground or he does the ass kicking like in The Eye. 3. Will reunion be another Sateda or Runner, where Ronon will be the main protagonist?”

Answer: 1. Maybe episode #100. 2. A bit of both. 3. Ronon will play a significant role in the story, yes.

Anonymous #4 writes: “I was wondering what is the budget of Atlantis, roughly speaking.”

Answer: Roughly speaking? I’d say somewhere between fine and good.

SmileyFace_06 writes: “What other career choices were you thinking about before deciding to become a writer?”

Answer: In elementary school, I considered becoming a detective. As I matured, I realized that becoming a detective was probably not something I could realistically achieve, so I set my sights on becoming a writer. Well, a writer or a super villain.

Mel writes: “I just can’t picture Jason Momoa driving a PINK Cadillac.”

Answer: If I remember, I will – and post it.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Why on earth are there no bloopers on the DVDs?”

Answer: Stay tuned for more on this topic.

Linzi writes: “Who comes up with the ideas for what everything will look like? Do you, or Paul, as writers, have an image of, for example, what the Travelers ship would look like in your heads, and you pass on what you envisage to the artists/set designers, or do they pitch ideas to you and you decide which you will go with?”

Answer: The writers always have a general notion of what they’d like to see – but when we turn it over to James Robbins and co., they take that initial concept and come up with something that will surpass anything we imagined.

Anonymous #6 writes: “I was wondering if you’ll be continuing showing the progression of Sheppard’s and Teyla’s relationship as you have been from season 3 into season 4?”

Answer: Oh, we’ll be continuing to show the progression of everyone’s relationship.

Anonymous #7 writes: “When you’re looking for an important secondary character, what is the process you and the casting directors for SG-1 and SGA use?”

Answer: We send the script out to our casting directors and they’ll scour the city and the various agencies for just the right actor or actress to come in and audition.

Crazymom writes: “You’ve recommended John Scalzi’s books–do they need to be read in any particular sequence?”

Answer: I’d suggest starting with Old Man’s War. Oh, by the way, re: The Demolished Man. I meant to recommend The Stars My Destination which is the scifi version of the Count of Monte Cristo. I’m sure he was wondering what the hell I was talking about.

SweetPea writes: “Anything you can share about the trouble they get into? And talking of animals, how do you feel about cats?”

Answer: When they’re together, they like to boss other dogs around. They’re little terrors at doggy daycare. Re: Cats – Love ‘em, and animals in general.

Shawna writes: “So, you’ve read Harry Potter? Two questions: Who’s your favorite character(s)? Snape: good or evil?”

Answer: We are in agreement on Snape. He’s my fave. And, in the end, I think he’ll prove himself a worthy secret ally.

71 thoughts on “April 1, 2007

  1. *giggles at the Irrepressible script* But just a couple of questions relating to it. i’ll try and keep it PG 😉

    The busty babes – natural or enhanced 😀 and since i’m qualified in that area, any chance of a job as an extra? ;)Hehehe

    Carter touching the personal shield, who is it on? Luscius, Sheppard or Rod 😉

  2. Oh Joe, that has to be the best April Fool’s Day joke ever. I can’t wait to see all the irate/concerned/outraged/WTF?!! comments from people who have forgotten about today’s date. 😀

    Such a terrible tease you are… 🙂

    Glad to see you have taken the plunge with an Iain M Banks book. Consider Phlebas is definitely a good one to start with. Will be interested to read what you think of it.

    Quick question: You obviously eat out a lot and have written appreciately of Fondy’s cooking… so how are you in the kitchen? Are we talking gourmet standard chef here?

  3. Knowing you are a Snape fan puts you back in my good graces. ;o)

    Were you aware that “Red Mars” is a trilogy? You still have “Green Mars” and “Blue Mars” to read.

    Have you read “Hyperion” and “Fall of Hyperion” by Dan Simmons? Both need to be read for the story to complete, but it is well worth the effort.

    Glad to hear the writers want to explore ALL friendships on SGA, and not just concentrate on one. Hopefully you will have noticed how “ship” has bogged down BSG this last season. Don’t go there. . its bad, like Hurley’s numbers. :o)

  4. Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” was a good read, with (for me) a surprising ending. Much better than his “American Gods” which was decent, but nothing memorable. His short story collection “Smoke and Mirrors” is also pretty good, particularly the “Snow, Glass, and Apples” story towards the end.

  5. After doing some serious scouring of opinion today I’ve come to the conclusion that the addition of BB and CB are the primary reasons for the ratings drop on both SG series. There are numerous threads at Our Stargate, Gateworld, the Stargate Archive, the Scifi forums, and even Scifi Pulse with many different people all saying that they lost interest in the show when they came on board. I hope that when the new movies come out SG feels more like everyone out there seems to agree it should, as it was during the first eight years. Thanks for the opportunity to state my opinion and I hope for the best in SG’s future.

  6. Oh, by the way, re: The Demolished Man. I meant to recommend The Stars My Destination which is the scifi version of the Count of Monte Cristo. I’m sure he was wondering what the hell I was talking about.
    Um, yeah. But he did like it a lot. We’ll give the The Stars a try.

    I have been saying for years that Snape is secretly a good guy. Not a nice guy, but an ally nonetheless. I can’t wait for the next book so I can crow “I told you so!”

  7. Will there be a new opening credit sequence for season 4? Will it be delayed a few episodes like season 3 to accommadate character changes like with Ronon?

    Or will Sci-Fi ask for the short opener again?

  8. Hey Joe,

    Do you guys plan on filming any scenes at SFU for either Atlantis, Universe or the SG-1 Movies?

  9. Oh No!!!! More Lucius epis!!

    Oh, I can’t wait for that. And a 2 parter. Very Cool! I loved the two epis of his in season 3. Especially the 2nd one, Irresponsible. And I can only imagine what Irrepressible means.

  10. Oh! I can’t wait to see Irrespressible! I’m sure it’ll be as good and well recieved as the others.

    Insert winking smilie here.

    Oh, and a happy birthday from me to your lovely Maximus; I hope he’s having a good one!

    Here’s a question: what, in your opinion, is the funniest line from both series? Oh, and whatever happened to that time-traveling puddle jumper of yours?

  11. When they’re together, they like to boss other dogs around. They’re little terrors at doggy daycare.

    Back when I still had only two pug babies, I took the advice of a friend, packed them into my car and took us all to a “Pug-a-Lug”. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of these but, this is an event where people – specifically pug people and their furry companions – gather together in parks at predetermined dates and times for a giant social party of sorts. The pugs run around leash free (and so do the people). My guys were one year old and two years old when we went to our first Pug-a-Lug. I thought they were pretty bossy around other dogs, too. In the local dog park near our home, they’d have no problem body checking the Labradors and Bouviers into the fence. On occasion, I felt sorry for the poor Labrador(s). But at the Pug-a-Lug? WELL. There were about thirty pugs that first time we went. Give or take a curly tail. By the tenth minute of freedom, all but two of them were in the corner of the park in a giant PILE. Someone across from me yelled out: “oh look, a pug pile!” and I turned in time to see my oldest (2 year old male), partially flattened beneath about seventeen other pugs who were all rolling around on top of each other, yipping and growling (good naturedly). To his credit, my little man didn’t seem phased by the fact that he was laying flat on his face beneath at least ten times his own body weight. Rather his tongue was lolling out onto the grass, his eyes were bright and he looked right at me with the BIGGEST SMILE I’d ever seen. I resolved then and there to go to every Pug-a-Lug I could manage to fit into my schedule. Pugs, it seems, not only love to boss other dogs around, they’re pretty happy to be bossed around themselves, given the right ‘bossers’ (is that a word?) – it’s a thing, I guess. Like … the Pugtona. They’re born loving it. 🙂

    Cheers **


    (check out the photo gallery)

  12. hi, joe,

    on the ‘amanda *and her roles* discussion and appreciation thread’ at gateworld forum, we’re having a discussion about the ep ‘gemini’.

    i have a question, and it is –
    when replicarter was inside sam’s head, showing her what fifth had put her through (being born, killing her friends in the gateroom); were those images what ‘really’ happened to replicarter, or where they images created by replicarter to influence/manipulate sam?

    sally 😀

  13. McKay sacrifices himself to save the city/AU Rod takes his
    place on the team (Lifeline).

    Wow, what a Teaser! That means that David Hewlett will have to change his portrayal of Rodney into Rod? Or, is this just an April Fools Joke? If so, ha, you got me.

  14. Ha hahaha! And Happy April Fools Day to you, too.

    Be prepared to be amazed with Neverwhere! Then check out American Gods. The same author wrote an excellent script for one of the episodes of Babylon 5 (season 5 episode 8 Day of the Dead) it would be beyond cool if you get him to do one for Atlanis or the new series.

    Just curious where on earth do you store all those already read books? You could fly them my way – I have lots of room on my bookshelf and would be happy to pay for postage. 😉

  15. Ohhh, Chapters. The wonder that is. If I go in there, I don’t leave without books. The great thing is, I live with my parents and my mother pays for the books (she homeschools my younger brothers, and did me as well, before I started uni, and so she just writes them off as school expenses).

    Quick question regarding a few of Sheppard’s comments in the back half of season 3. First, when he asks Ronon about Sateda and if he was married and Ronon responds, “Like, to a woman?” John replies with “Or a man.” And then, of course, a few episodes later John tells Rodney and Zelenka to just make out already.

    What’s with the sudden homosexual exposition on John’s part? Not that I’m complaining, just curious. Is our fearless leader perhaps projecting?

    Ayla McKay,
    Nova Scotia

  16. Okay, so you watch a lot of DVDs, try out all types of food/restaurants, read, blog regularly, and have a job. Seriously, where do you get the time?! I’m a teacher, and the only time I can do more than one of those things is during the summers!

  17. There’s a 30th anniversary edition of Princess Bride now? Dangit, I need that one, too! 😀 If he added in a new segment of Buttercup’s Baby, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    At the bookstore I work at, we often get people coming in asking if we have copies of the original Morgenstern… 😛

  18. Hi there:) I really enjoy your blogs, and was wondering how you find time to write for Stargate, produce, head on ‘adventures’, take care of your dogs, and still read so many books at the same time?

  19. Octopi have balls? And they’re edible? O_o

    Great to see that shot of the script (although I’m sad to see that it’s not in the traditional courier font; do you guys get lazy in the comfort of steady work and just forego such formatting standards?)…Rod replacing Rodney (well, that’s a no-brainer), Sam being revealed to have the Ancient gene (duh), the Genii teaming with the Asurans is just inspired, the return of Lucius (possibly the favorite villain ever to grace Atlantis), and a French team including “April Fish”. Yep, I now have no doubt in my mind that season 4 will be the best season ever. Keep up the good work, guys.

    Good to see you’re in the supporting Snape contingent. In all honesty, the only people I’ve met who think Snape is evil are either under the age of 20…or that one guy I know who doesn’t believe in gravity. No, that’s not a joke.

  20. Another Harry Potter question:

    What ‘ship are you rooting for? If you care at all, that is.

    I’m for Harry and Hermione, but that’s obviously not going to happen. Oh well. I’ve discovered I tend to root for relationships that don’t have much of a chance. *Cough* As of Episode 10.10, Sam and Jack *cough* haha.

  21. A toy poodle? Great! They are very clever creatures, if a little fickle at times.

    Okay, I have a quesiton about the replicators–I apologize if this has been addressed before:

    What connection does the android Reese have to the replicators now (if any)?

    Thanks much,

  22. Hi Joe:

    Well, a man who loves animals can’t be all bad, no matter how hard you try (kidding).

    Two questions:
    1. Is James Robbins related in any way to Ryan Robbins, who is a wonderful and talented actor (no, Ryan didn’t put me up to this :)).

    2. You read a lot of sci-fi, which is understandable as a writer. Do you ever find yourself accidentally repeating themes in books you have read in the Atlantis episodes? How do you avoid that if it doesn’t happen?

    Have a great day


  23. OMG! When do we find out that Carter has the Ancient gene?!?!?! Is it when she and Sheppard “connect”? Is that why they’re so drawn to each other? 😛

  24. I’m thoroughly disappointed with you – I was expecting some deliciously evil (one might even say supervillainous) April Fool’s-related blog entry! Ah well, it’s just as well – Shadowmaat writing a positively giddy blog was sufficient scaring for one day 😉

    Oh, and anyone who adores “The Princess Bride” (er, Bridge?) rates right up there 😀

  25. Ha! I recognise the char kuey teow, uh I mean fried rice noodles. Since it’s in black sauce, that’s a more

    Malaysian style than say the Singaporean no black sauce (ie white) style.

    Ditto to the Hainanese Chicken rice. Hmm, the pics look great!

    Now you got me all excited about the scifi promos – geez, I will have big expectations from Martin!

    Question How do you work out – I only ask in a polite manner because I notice that you uh have a fine culinary taste (I’m not talking about walking the pugs!)

  26. The first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is to grab a cup of tea, some breakfast and then catch up on your blog. I must say that this mornings post did give me the biggest laugh…..Irrepressible (that was awesome!)Of course I should have expected something good from you!!! 🙂 Oh I also really enjoyed the pics that you posted the other day of the cast. If you manage to grab a pic of JF on his skateboard can you post that please???

  27. Hey Joe,

    With the “extreme” Shep whump coming up in S4, does that mean we will also get some (juicy) infirmary scenes for Shep?;)

    Kudos! Tricia

  28. The Princess Bride? GREAT book. Great movie too, which is unusual, as it’s rare to see a movie live up to the book. And I, too, succumbed to the delights of Chapters – several times – while not getting soaked outside the studio. I think they had to frce me out of the door dragging my sleeping bag with me at one point…

  29. Oh, hurrah for picking up Neverwhere. A little knowledge of London’s Underground system may be required to get some of the jokes, but you’ll lose nothing for not knowing. Get hold of American Gods next!

  30. Hey Joe,

    1.)Has anyone ever paid you to be in an episode?.

    2.)Was it alot?.

  31. Can’t wait until the comments post and we can see the anguished cries of the people who took your April Fools joke seriously. You should see the angst on David Nykl’s blog!

  32. Hiya Joe,

    Would you say Orilla is located in the Ida galaxy or some other one? Do you think we will see Loki again or, considering “Unending”, that there is no chance?

    Also a non-Stargate question; have you seen the Spider-man movies?

    Take care and have a good day Joe!

  33. I want to thank you all for producing two wonderful shows. My father and I (and heck, even my mother) really enjoy “Sg-1” and “Atlantis.”

    Have you read C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy (“Out of the Silent Planet,” “Perelandra,” and “That Hideous Strength”)? If not, check them out sometime. Merlin makes an appearance in the third book, and he’s definitely old, but I was shocked to learn that he wasn’t really an ancient and that he’s never traveled in space.

    And speaking of “War of the Worlds,” for a quick read I recommend Gabriel Mesta’s “The Martian War,” which showcases characters from many of H.G. Wells’ books in a unique fashion.

  34. I wouldn’t have recommended starting on Consider Phlebas. It’s good, but it’s far from the best of the Culture novels and the protagonist isn’t terribly likable or sympathetic. However, you could have done worse – I still don’t know what’s going on in Excession and I don’t think I’ll ever be courageous enough to read Feersum Endjinn! I do hope you enjoy it though, if only to get you on to Look To Windward and Use of Weapons.

    So Jason Momoa has a pink cadillac, wears snakeskin boots and dresses like a… a… No, can’t think of anything suitable but whatever he dresses like, he does it in the dark. Could he be any different from Ronon? Is that what’s known as acting? 😛 I bet he’s a riot on the con circuit!

  35. How do you get a writing/directing agent? And what’s your least favorite SG-1 episode ever?

  36. Howdy from Texas, Joe! Have you read any RA Salvatore books? If not, I highly recommend him if you’re interested in fantasy. You’ll love Drizzt (main character)! Regarding casting: Any chance of asking Canadian actor Roy Dupuis to appear on SGA? =]

  37. Sparky, Yes or No?

    *wonders if you even know what sparky is, but I’m bored*

  38. Hi Joe,
    I’m a french fan of Stargate and I must say that the franchise that Stargate has become is my favorite ! One of the reasons is beacause you all writers succeeded in making it always fresh, with new ideas for all this years !

    But I’ve a question :
    Is there any chance that we see a Wraith city ? One in which they create ships, with huge hives (not in the ships-way but hive-cities)and tremendous ships building site ?
    I dunno if it has already been asked but it’s something I would really like to see in the Wraith story.

    I hope I made myself clear ! If I didn’t, sorry I’m just a french ^^

  39. “After a while, I could tell she was growing a little impatient with me, no doubt preferring to command my undivided attention. But I’m sure all of you will sympathize with my position.”

    Heh, Sounds like my husband when I’m reading. I tend to get a bit “involved” in whatever book I’m reading. :p

  40. A few questions, Master J:

    How man season 4 scripts have been completed? And from the completed scripts, which is your favourite? Do you have a preffered food or beverage to consume while working on a script?

  41. Dr Fishy tells me there is something wrong with that script. Hope you wrote it before 12.

  42. You are indeed an evil man. Or at least, a man with an evil sense of humor as your “irrepressible” script shows.

    If you want a break from reading hard sci-fi after you finish Robinson’s book, you can try any of Spider Robinson’s Callahan books. I also rec Charles de Lint and anything by Elizabeth Moon, especially The Deed of Paksenarrion.(I’ve had to replace the book five times because people keep borrowing it and not returning it!)

    For some humor, try the Phule series by Asprin. Sci-fi, but funny.

    I always wonder, when I see the food pics on your blog, if people look at you oddly for taking pictures of your meals. Does anyone ever ask you about it?

  43. Hey Joe!

    Sorry to be a pain in the backside again, but, on the whump thread at GW, we’ve been discussing possible backstory ideas for Sheppard, and were wondering if you had decided on some more backstory for Sheppard yet?

    You mentioned a while ago that you were trying to think of something for Season 4, but that nothing had gelled as yet. Are you nearer to deciding on anything?


  44. Uh, Joe? When you say “octopus balls” you’re not talking about testicles, are you? You mean, like, little rolled up balls of meat, kinda like Chinese chicken balls, right? ‘Cause eating someone’s testicles is totally not cool.

    I’ve never heard of Matcha but I’m a huge fan of green tea and of soft ice cream, so I think I might try that sometime.

    KJC (who practically lives at Costco)

  45. Just a quick(ish) question…or two.

    First, is the ‘Blast Door’ that closes over the control room windows in the ‘SGC’ real? If so, how does it work? Second, have your read ‘Eon’ by Greg Bear?

  46. Dear Joe,

    I have two quick questions for you. The first is concerning Rainbow, are we going to see him in the future or is he definitely written out? The second question concerns your PUGS, any chance of buying a pup when your dogs have babies… that way I can get my favorite dog in the world and from the famed Joseph Mallozzi.

    Thank you and good luck on the rest of the season I’m sure its going to be a hit. The only problem is the freakin wait until Fall 07.


  47. Paula said…
    “Can’t wait until the comments post and we can see the anguished cries of the people who took your April Fools joke seriously. You should see the angst on David Nykl’s blog!”

    i’ve stated before that i’ve never watched an ep of atlantis (and won’t be joinging the show until sam does)…. so that april fools joke went right over my head! :p

    i really didn’t see anything wrong with it, even getting excited by sam having some special ‘power’ in running/using things.

    i guess you just have to ‘be there’ to get the joke. :p

    sally 🙂

  48. dear joe,
    Are we going to encounter more ancients in season 4. Ascended or none ascended? How bout the clavius infinatius ( infinite treasure cache) will it be found back on the milky way?

    thanxs chief,


  49. Woohoo on the Snape bit :).

    I am wondering a few things:

    1) have you read Terry Goodkind’s ‘The Sword of Truth’ series – if so, what do you think? 2) have you read Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ series – and again, what did you think? 3) have you eaten at West Restaurant? Did/do you like it there?


  50. Hi Joe, I’m looking for some new reading, but haven’t really read much science fiction. Any suggestions for a good sci fi book to start with?
    As for irrepressible…um…cant wait for it!…?…!

  51. Will Larrin herself be a recurring character or just her people? I ask because I like the actress that was picked up for the part and would like to see her again in SGA besides Travelers.

    Thanks for your time.

  52. First, late happy birthday to Maximus.

    That April Fools joke with the fake script was awesome. I laughed a lot reading it. I love your sense of humor. I liked some aspects of it actually and wouldn’t mind seeing some of it on SGA.

    Just curious, do you use Final Draft to write your scripts?

    Thank you for your time.

  53. That Shep whumping people have been talking about lately including yourself: is it Shep whumping people or being whumped by people? Yes, I’m one of those crazy whumpers….

  54. Shawna writes: “So, you’ve read Harry Potter? Two questions: Who’s your favorite character(s)? Snape: good or evil?”

    Answer: We are in agreement on Snape. He’s my fave. And, in the end, I think he’ll prove himself a worthy secret ally.

    This I agree with both you and Shawna. I have a favorite thing for the bad-good guys. That’s why I like Michael….even though he was evil to Beckett.

    Icecream. Thanks! Now I have to drive 1/2 an hour to the nearest DQ (since Florida seems to hate DQs) for a blizzard.

    Lol, and happy April Fools to you too. David Nykl’s blog was a good one.

  55. I completely forgot to say Happy Birthday to Maximus! (You don’t have to double post if you don’t want to.)

  56. I’ve been away a couple of days and am catching up with your blog.

    1). I laughed at your Irrepressible script – nice fools’ joke there!

    2). I’m glad we’re going to get some more Shep-whumping :o) But I’m disappointed that Carter is joining the cast, and that we won’t be seeing much of Weir. I’m not a fan of SG-1 only of SGA.

    3). My favourite character on SGA is Sheppard, closely followed by McKay… I love the snarky banter btween the two of them, and I hope we get a lot more of it in season 4.

    4). I, too, thought that Irresistable was offensive and switched it off way before the end – IMO it should have carried a warning to viewers. Also, because of those issues, I didn’t watch Irresponsible as the same character was in it.

    5). Have you read The Giants Trilogy by James P. Hogan?

    6). I loved the picture of your pugs – they are so cute!


  57. Paula said…
    “Can’t wait until the comments post and we can see the anguished cries of the people who took your April Fools joke seriously. You should see the angst on David Nykl’s blog!”

    I visit DN’s site quite frequently and virtually everybody (with the exception of maybe one person) knew it was an April Fool’s joke.

  58. Joe, if you’re interested in fantasy books as well, have you checked out Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time? Gotta warn you, though – you might get stuck reading 12 books in a row.

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