The great thing about being the show runner is that the position commands respect. Gone are the days when I would make a request for something – say a new book shelf or another insert shot of the floppy hat – receive a “I’ll see what we can do” response, and ultimately end up shelfless and occasionally floppy hatless. Now, when I make a request, things are different. It’s no longer “I’ll see what we can do.“ The response is: “No problem.” For example, the other week I requested that read-throughs no longer be held on Friday because it was the most difficult day when it came to actor availability. “Fridays are a pain. Any day but Friday, okay?,”I requested. And do you know what the response was? Yup. “No problem.” Ah, how sweet it is.

Anyway, today – Friday – we had our readthrough for Travelers. Jill Wagner (who it turns out is an old friend of Jason’s) participated and then headed down to costumes for her fitting. I went down and snapped some pics (No! Not of the actual fitting! My show runner title only gets me so far.), got some great shots of our terrific costume department – Val, Koreen [going crazy with the clothes], and Lesley – and a couple of shots of our special guest star. I then headed over to Stage 1 where Andy was shooting a jumper scene for Lifeline, then over to Stage 2 where they were putting the finishing touches on the Traveler’s set. I also swung by post and watched Martin Gero’s three hilarious Atlantis promos (with cameos by Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, and Jason Momoa). He did such a terrific job that I instantly regretted not having hired him to do our wedding video that, in retrospect, could have benefited from a bike stunt and perhaps one additional explosion.

Oh, and to all those wondering about the post wing and fried Mars Bar extravaganza fall-out – we are all alive and well (enh, close enough). I only woke around eight times last night but was otherwise unaffected. Carl admitted to an equally sleepless night marked by incredibly vivid dreams. Lawren did us one better: trouble sleeping, nightmares, AND a pimple. For his part, Alex slept well enough – when he finally got home. It seems he was so disoriented after last night’s meal that he got lost and, after a twenty minute drive, ended up exactly where he started.

Let’s play catch-up on the questions –

Shawna writes: “Owning a pug yourself, do you take more notice of other dogs you see on the street or other places (…)?”

Answer: Are you kidding? If we spot a pug while driving, we’ll actually pull over to say hi.

Anonymous #1 writes: “I was wondering how many episodes in season 4 are you writing personally not counting reunion and the mid season two parter nor the joint projects with your buddy Paul?”

Answer: Paul and I will probably write four scripts this season. Two down. Two to go.

Sanssong writes: “Does it ever drive you crazy that people who have NO experience or knowledge of the television business comment on your decisions as if they are experts?”

Answer: Only when they claim to have plenty of experience and knowledge of the television business (“I worked for the local WKRAP affiliate in Estonia and I should know what I’m talking about…”) and then go on to make ridiculous assumptions, displaying an utter lack of experience and knowledge of the business.

Smiley Face06 writes: “Have you read the Harry Potter books? If so, which book is your favorite?”

Answer: I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books to date. My favorite: The Goblet of Fire.

Anonymous #2 writes: “What is it in Pugs that makes you go crazy. Is it their personalities or is it because they are little. I personally like the big dogs like Great Danes or St. Bernard. How much does a pug cost by the way?”

Answer: Pugs have very distinct, eccentric little personalities. They’re also incredibly affectionate and lazy which means more lounging and less walkies. They can go for upwards of $1500.

Alipeeps writes: “Have you read any of Iain M Banks’ novels?”

Answer: I haven’t although David Hewlett has recommended him as he’s a big fan. I’m thinking of checking out the Cultures series. Which book should I start with?

Prior_of_the_Ori writes: “Should the SG-1 movies be a success, and I hope they are, would we see story arcs introduced in the show being wrapped up in the movies? Say like perhaps that rumoured third Aschen storyline or return of those Foothold aliens?”

Answer: These would be questions for Brad and Rob as they’ll be the ones writing any future movies.

CatBoy writes: “I have no question, just a recipe that I posted on my blog and Ms. Jenny Robin suggested I share with you…”

Answer: Reminds me of the Nutella sandwiches I used to have as a kid. Well-rounded meal plans such as these made me the success I am today.

Paula writes: “Have you made your way through Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series, yet?”

Answer: Another author I’ve been meaning to check out. If I was to check out this series, which book should I start with?

Someday Scientist writes: “ Any book you’ve finished or heard of recently that you’d recommend to a microbiology/immunology major who adores contemporary and science fiction?”

Answer: John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War is a pretty popular book at Stargate nowadays. If you’re looking for some hard, meticulously researched and detailed scifi, check out Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars.

Prior_of_the_Ori writes: “Do you think we will get to see Cadet Hailey again? Either in Atlantis or Universe or in the movies?”

Sarcastic 8 Ball says: Are you kidding?

Chevron Seven writes: “When you get a chance to travel, do you go for out of the way places or major tourist spots? And is there any place in the States that you want to visit, but haven’t had a chance?”

Answer: I’ve never been a beach and roughing it guy, preferring big city adventures. Tokyo and Hong Kong are two of my favorite vacation destinations for example. As for the U.S. – Fondy and I would love to head back to San Francisco some day. And I’ve always wanted to check out the home of some good barbecue.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Excuse me while I die laughing over the fact that it appears that while eating that crap (and yeah, your arteries will tell you it’s crap) you’re drinking DIET coke? What’s that for, to off-set the calories in the deep fried mars bar?”

Answer: Technically, I wasn’t drinking the diet coke. I had the slimming bottled water.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Speaking of promos, Joe, have you seen the absolutely ridiculous ads that Scifi is using to promote the upcoming episodes? They’re horrible! The one for SG-1 gives away just about every cool image and episode resolution from the final ten episodes.”

Answer: We’ve complained about it in the past, even made jokes about it on the show. They’re clearly graduates of the Robert Zemeckis school of teasing.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Have you had your cholesterol checked lately?”

Answer: Nah. It would be too depressing.

Anonymous #6 writes: “I can’t help but notice that Lawren looks alot like a supposed curious passer-byer from last week’s rally.”

Answer: I think you’re referring to Alex Levine. He’s intensely curious by nature.

58 thoughts on “March 30, 2007

  1. Do you read anything besides sci-fi? And does Jason Momoa always dress like that?

  2. Barbecue, eh? I guess it would depend upon what type – whether it be vinegar based (North Carolina – the western part of the state adds tomato sauce) or mustard base (South Carolina). I don’t know what anyone else uses. Don’t forget to get hushpuppies with your BBQ! We’d love to have you visit.

  3. I was at EPCOT’s Mitsukoshi today, and it made me think of you (since you’ve mentioned the chain at some point here). I went in specifically to get the “Grape Pocky” I had gotten last time I was there, but today there wasn’t any to be had! *pout* Have you tried it? (If you haven’t seen it, it’s chocolate Pocky with grape-flavoured frosting lightly drizzled on it.) I actually prefer Yan-Yan to Pocky, but since I like to wash down anything chocolate with grape juice, I thought I’d give the Grape Pocky a go, and fell in love with it….

  4. Dear Joe,

    1. Are we going to encounter another ancient city ship like Atlantis, Asuras or the one from The Tower episode in the upcoming season 4.
    2. What happened to the Asgard Space ships after the destruction of their planet.
    3. Any ZPM conquest episodes for season 4, you know like The episode the Brotherhood.

    Thank you


  5. joe,

    I was wondering about the episode the seer; is there any other episode from the past three seasons that is similar or we should refer to to get a hint. Of course I’m not asking you to divulge too much. Thank you.
    Please answer this one for me, you’ve been ignoring my questions for a while, ever since I wrote the Camulus Zpm idea. By the way did you like it.


    the one and only Moroccan fan

  6. Of the scripts you’ve written, which in your opinion was the bigger disappointment The Tower or Irresponsible?

  7. I’m going to ask on behalf of everyone else (politely) because please God you have to answer one of these questions some time:

    Can you tell us how many episodes Elizabeth will be in. You have numbers for the others, including Jewel, who’s also recurring. Please give us an indication of how many Torri will get.

    I think you’re aware of how many people are stressed out by this situation, and you actually take pleasure in it. Prove me wrong by giving us a reasonable — and by that I mean not a sarcastic bloody 8 ball comment — answer to at least one of the questions about her.

    Also please realize that people are only asking so persistently because they love the character the SG people have created, and the actress who plays her.

  8. OMG! That’s Torri sitting behind David!!!

    Is that something that’s being shot now? Does that mean our little Elizabeth is not brain dead/confined to the infirmary???

  9. When in Tokyo again, if you want an interesting, but delicious, sushi experience, there is a tiny sushi bar in Asakusa across from the Sensoji Temple, just to the left of the mechanical clock. It may be for lunch only, but stands (yes, you have to stand) only 8 or 9 patrons. The sushi was simple, but the best I’ve ever had and incredibly inexpensive.

    When you’re in San Francisco next and like Dim Sum, Yang Sing. We also have a very good smokehouse joint on Haight at Fillmore called Memphis Minnie’s.

    A question, for both SGA and SG1 – is there anything left on the cutting room floor that you wish had been in the final product, and what was it?

    As ever, many thanks for the fun and games here, and the great shows!

  10. When you watch t.v. shows do you find yourself nitpicking the writing and/or the special effects or are you able to actually sit back and enjoy them as a regular viewer?

  11. Oh! I was steered here under the lure of “season 4 pictures” and yay! There they are. Thank you for that (no, not desperate at all)…So, is there anyway you’ll continue to tease with more set pictures, because it’s going to be a long, long time until the premiere and us not-desperate fans could really become pathetically attached to refreshing your blog just for, you know, a sneak peek, a tidbit of Ronon, a dose of Sheppard, a snapshot of McKay…::whistles innocently:: just, you know, if you’re so inclined.

  12. LIZZEH!!!!!!!! Okay after my joy of seeing her alive. Terrible thoughts went across my mind, if she does not die than does she quit? *iz sad* Because Elizabeth will never quit. We just can’t win with whichever scenario.

  13. Knowing that I am able to get various and sundry interesting packages across the border, I believe I could conceivably get some home-made South Carolina barbeque to you along with hush puppies and maybe even a couple more southern “delicacies”. Interested?

  14. Thanks for all the behind the scenes images and info–very interesting.

    As for the Mars Bars fest, I can only hope tonight is better for you lol.

    Ever run into any poodles up there? I have three, and one is from Vancouver.

    Thanks again,

  15. Joe,
    Have you read any of Stephen Baxter’s books? I highly recommend his “Manifold” Series.

    Also, have you ever tried to get Anthony Michael Hall on the show, I think he would make a good wraith :0)


  16. re: Bujold’s Vorkosigan books:

    The best place to start is probably with Cordelia’s Honor. This is an omnibus of the first two books chronologically (one of which is the first released, the other later on).

  17. hey joe,

    how u doin. What exactly is the rank “specialist” translate in our military ranks.

    the ranks are the following:

    private, corporal, sargent, staff sargent, 2nd leutanant, 1st lt, cap, maj, lt col, col…I know he isnt a general.


  18. I love listening to the commentaries on Stargate Atlantis/Sg-1 and several of the people talking (Torri) has said to send postcards letting her know that we do listen. I was wondering where do we send these postcards to in order for them to reach her or anyone else? Any help is greatly appreciated.



  19. Hi Joe,

    I was just wondering why you don’t have any female writers? While you guys generally do OK writing for the women when an episode finally concentrates on their character, (very excited about S4 and the news of Teyla’s arc), I’m just wondering why the female writers seem to have disappeared from Stargate…especially given that getting some balance of male/female ratio is important in most walks of the working world arena these days…

    Thanks! Mary.

  20. Hi Joe:

    1. Do you prefer to be called Joe or Joseph?
    2. If you were invited to Creation’s Vancouver Convention (or any other) would you go?
    3. Who is your all time favourite actor/actress?
    4. Have you ever tried to get him or her on Atlantis?

    Have a great day.


  21. I’m an Elizabeth fan who’s just had an interesting conversation with a Sam fan. She’s one of the Sam fans who also watches Atlantis, and says she’s disappointed by Elizabeth’s recurring status.

    She says she sees it as the beginning of the end for the series, because about 50 percent of the Atlantis fans don’t actually watch SG1, either because they don’t like the show, or they’ve never bothered to try watching it.

    She said she feels that Sam will be too central in the series, and that many long-term Atlantis fans will turn off. That’s coming from someone who loves Sam, but also loves Atlantis.

    What a lot of us don’t understand is why you couldn’t have both of them in 14 episodes. Is it a cost cutting issue? If so, there should be cuts to the pay of people who can afford to eat out every night of the week (I think you know who I’m talking about here, Mr Deep Fried Mars Bar)

    But seriously, when a Sam/SG1 fan thinks that cutting Elizabeth and giving Sam 14 eps is bad news for the series… surely you can see that it’s not a popular decision.

    It’s fantastic to see pics of the beautiful Dr Weir in the puddle jumper… but will she still be around at the end of the season? We Weir fans are crossing our fingers and toes that she will be..

  22. Elizabeth in the jumper? Is it really her? She’s all right? *big grin* After months of giving us zero hope you finally do this. Thank you. I hope we get to see her in as many episodes as possible. 🙂

  23. A few quick questions:

    How will Season 4 Atlantis and the SG-1 movies relate to each other chronologically? And if Sam has gone to Atlantis before one or both of the movies are set, will you be explaining her presence in the Milky Way/absence from the Pegasus Galaxy in the movie(s) and series? Also, is Amanda only in 14 episodes of Atlantis to allow time for the making of the movies … and can we hope for a full season of her involvement with Atlantis next season?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    PS: I am one of those looking forward to Atlantis more next season because of Amanda’s involvement … and have always had doubts about Weir’s character! Not up to the “Hammond” standard of leadership (but then again, he’s the best there was …)

  24. Re Iain M Banks:

    I haven’t although David Hewlett has recommended him as he’s a big fan. I’m thinking of checking out the Cultures series. Which book should I start with?

    Hmm.. good question. I didn’t start with the first culture novel myself.. the first one I read was The Player of Games – that’s probably a good recommendation as it was good enough to suck me in and have me seeking out more of his work. He kinda immerses you in the world of The Culture right from the get-go (a style of narration I quite enjoy) and you work out as you read exactly what The Culture is about. For his non-Culture novels I highly recommend Against a Dark Background (probably my favourite of his books) and, as a writer yourself, you’d probably find Feersum Endjin an interesting read…

    Love the photos and behind the scenes glimpses in today’s entry – thanks for that. It’s always interesting to get a peek into how things are put together on the show. The Travelers sets look cool.. am very jealous of those at the Vancouver Con who got to have a wander around them…

  25. Where would one post a question for you to answer?

    And, have you ever tried a Toblerone Cheesecake? Quite delicious if you ask me, I just made one today.

  26. “I then headed over to Stage 1 where Andy was shooting a jumper scene for Lifeline…”

    Not that it would matter, but about a month ago (2/26), you said Martin Wood would be directing Lifeline. Has that changed because of the filming in the Artic, or is Andy Mikita just directing some scenes for Martin’s ep?

  27. Had a “Friday Moment” yesterday.

    If you’re not familiar with the syndrome, it’s recent and occurs in the States to sci-fi addicts who get their sci-fi fix from the Sci-Fi Channel. Said family of sci-fi addicts (such as mine) wanders into the same room, say, around 8:00 PM EST. The family looks at each other, realizes it’s 2007, not 2006 or 2004, and Stargate is not on primetime. No re-runs, either. The family wanders off, shaking heads, takes off for the movies, grabs a DVD or a book, whatever.

    Which made me think, man, my family has been in love with Stargate for a decade. That’s a long time. And not once has it occurred to us to say, um, thanks.

    So … um, thanks.

    Seriously. What a ride. Wow.

    Please keep it coming.

  28. “Paula writes: “Have you made your way through Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series, yet?”

    Answer: Another author I’ve been meaning to check out. If I was to check out this series, which book should I start with?”

    That’s really hard to say. My high school English teacher introduced me to this author, and I’ve loved her ever since. You might want to start at the begining, Shards of Honor. It’s the story of Miles parents, how they met and all, and then there is one more book dedicated to his mother, Cordelia, who is an amazing woman. After that, it’s Miles Vorkosgian adventures all the way.

    I do have a question though: Do you have any say in what goes up on iTunes? Because I don’t have Sci-fi, just got into Atlantis, and really would like to see the rest of Season 3! I don’t have any patience at all!

  29. Wow, you are so important! (no seriously!)

    With your new important status have you ever thrown a qeeney fit, or asked for something totally unreasonable, just because you could?


  30. Hi! I was just wondering something… do you know if we will see Kavan Smith/Major Lorne in season 4? and if we are going to, how often? I’m a fan of the character so I am curious, as we don’t have any words about that yet!

    Thank you!

  31. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to thank you for all the great behind-the-scenes pics and tidbits you’ve given us so far. They’re greatly appreciated, thank you!


  32. I can’t believe you’ve actually posted a picture with Torri in it.

    I’m stunned beyond belief.

    I suppose this shows us Elizabeth isn’t dead (yet…. you never know when an exploding tumour will strike *rolls eyes at the lameness of that death*)

    I can only hope that Torri’s character will be alive and well and REINSTATED as a regular by the end of season four.

  33. It seems he was so disoriented after last night’s meal that he got lost and, after a twenty minute drive, ended up exactly where he started.

    Poor kitty ^_^;. I always have to leave about a half an hour early if I want to get somewhere as I have the habit of seeing a road halfway through my journey and going, “Huh. I wonder where that goes?” Just going to the Post Office becomes an all-day event because I find myself on the other side of town, not really knowing how to get back. Basically, I flip a coin and then go in whatever direction it tells me to.
    …Amazingly enough, it seems to work 4/5th of the time -ha ha-.

    Btw, you’re awesome! And such a tease with that jumper picture and Torri hidden in the back ;D I love it. Also, sounds like you’ve been keeping “Nickel” busy ;). Just tempt him with a box of donuts if he starts to get distracted.
    And, of course: *energy energy energy*!

  34. Dear Joe,

    I can understand your love of pugs now, cause at the rate you’re stuffing your face with all that food, you’re gonna look like one.

    I guess you’re trying to win favour with them early on, to align yourself somewhere close to alpha male status I bet, before the rolls kick in all over and you’ll be one of the pack.

    Have fun ok? You crazy kid!

    Much Love,

  35. Anonymous (yet refreshingly dim) writes: But seriously, when a Sam/SG1 fan thinks that cutting Elizabeth and giving Sam 14 eps is bad news for the series… surely you can see that it’s not a popular decision

    Why must the intellectual and emotional philistines of fandom always voice their angst in the royal “WE”?

    There are those – sane and rational – amidst the viewership who are perfectly capable of not pitting one actor against another; one character’s fan following against another based on the number of seconds each face is apparent on screen.

    Seriously, should anyone wish to delve into their personal schizophrenic wellspring in order to wage an imaginary holy war between two perfectly lovely artists who are brilliant colleagues – or pit the points of view of their respective fan followings into some sort of delusional duel – that individual might seriously consider taking up YOGA or TAI CHI instead.

    There are other outlets for personal spiritual unrest which do not involve dragging the magnitude of the unwilling “masses” into a Dali-esque projection of one’s own private emotionally unstable maelstrom.

    Zoloft, even …

  36. About Great BarBQ, I live close to some of the best in the world…I won’t name names but those who would teas you Joe about BBQ and diet coke don’t even think about it if you eat all you want of BBQ and coke and then for the rest of the day eat only about 5 or 6 bowls of plain Cheerios it will cancel out the cholesterol effect completely. Just a thought 🙂

  37. For the people going nuts over Weir being in that one picture:

    Have you considered that it might be a flashback scene?!?!?!

    For crying out loud people… stop jumping to the worst case sanario.

  38. I don’t think Joe or anyone else ever said the character of Weir was going to die, so I’m a bit surprised at the rejoicing in seeing her. (not that you can’t be glad to see her, I was thrilled to see Ronon) But the facts are, she’s still a recurring character in Season 4, so what’s the big deal?

    As for her change of status, I’ll beat the dead horse yet again. If TPTB thought for one moment placing Weir to recurring would hurt their show or ratings, it wouldn’t have happened.

    Oh and d.s. – LOVED the quip about the royal “we”. Excellent.

  39. Tell Martin Wood that Netflix says there’s a “short wait” for Teenage Space Vampires. Who’d have thought? Does he have a cameo in this one? Have you screened it at one of your movie nights?

    Can’t wait to see Michael Shanks in Megasnake! I think it would make a good Stargate double feature with David Nykl in Pterodactyl. For a special treat, we could add Boa vs. Python so we don’t miss David Hewlett! Nothing like a good cheesy movie with CGI creatures! Or better yet, foam rubber!

  40. I’ve always wanted to work behind-the-scenes on a TV show. Something Science Fiction related would be awesome. What sort of advice would you give to somebody who wanted to get into that line of work?


  41. Joe…

    You’re too nice to be a villain. See, if all you’re doing is getting people to do what they’re supposed to but faster or per your specific wishes or whims, then you’re truly not making the most of the all-encompassing power you wield.

    For instance…when one of the lowly souls who do thy bidding respond to one of your demands, rather than simply saying, “No problem,” they should be forced to bow, never EVER be allowed to make eye contact and reply with, “Yes, my liege” or “Yes, my lord” or the variation of your choosing.

    Next, cattle prods are a nice start (I hope Carl is on the mend) but you should expand your repertoire to include whips and Goa’uld pain sticks.

    Lastly, the lighting in your office. It’s too tame! Not at all fitting of a truly eeeevil villain. DEMAND that a few of the lighting crew fix this oversight at once!!!

    Mary Beth 🙂

    PS…Thanks for the really cool behind the scenes shots! They are really cool. Will we see more concept art too in the future?

  42. Why would you respond to Prior of the Ori in such a dismissive fashion? It is not odd to think that there are those that would like to see Hailey again especially since she was better qualified to co-lead SG-1 than Mitchell was – in fact she was a better written character than Mitchell was. I too would not mind seeing her again but too bad we are stuck with Mitchell.

  43. Hi,
    1.) Is Amanda Tapping in any of the first four or so episodes of Season 4?
    2.)Has the whole city of Atlantis been explored yet? Or just some of it still? If most of it, will we ever see anything that’s been discovered?
    3.)What’s your favorite book or movie?

  44. If you’re thinking of checking out Iain M Banks Culture novels, I would have to recommend Look To Windward and Use of Weapons as my favourites, they both completely blew me away the first time I read them. I don’t think there are any bad Culture novels, but I tried to read Against A Dark Background and hated it – one of the few books in my adult life I have been unable to persevere with. His non-sci-fi novels are also very good and Espedair Street is quite possibly my favourite book of all time. (He publishes his regular fiction under the name Iain Banks, dunno why.)

    Happy reading.

  45. Joe,

    Can you please give us some more insight regarding the new plot themes you are planning to introduce for season 4. Thank you.


  46. Can you tell us the name of the episode that the pictures are from? It looks cool! 🙂

  47. Good Morning, Joe! This blog is way fab, it makes me laugh all the time. I’m rewatching my fav Lizzie episodes and just finished Real World. Are there any plans for Richard Dean Anderson to do another guest appearance? I adore the Torri/RDA dynamic, and think he brings out a side to her character we don’t often see. I hope he stops by for a visit, either on Earth [if that’s where Liz ends up 🙁 ]or on Atlantis to give her a pep talk.


  48. Hi Joe!

    Here’s my SGA question du jour: I was just watching “Conversion” (again) and was thinking about all the stuff Shep has in his quarters….the skateboard, the Johnny Cash poster, that guitar, the pic with Evel Knievel, et al. Here’s my question…..ummm, when did Shep bring all that stuff back from Earth? In the first season, didn’t he have like 2 personal items….”War and Peace” and the Doug Flutie BC tape? When did more of his personal possessions make it to Atlantis? Did they come back aboard the Daedalus, or what?

    Non-SGA question: what’s your favorite Easter candy?

    Thank you!

  49. Dang. Go out R2D2 mailbox hunting all day and come back to find everyone has already answered your question back to me! ::dramatic sniff::

    Yes. I’d definitely recommend starting with Cordelia’s Honor. After that, I find that most of Bujold’s fans recommend going by story timeline, rather than publication date.

    You can get the story timeline list of books here:

    Enjoy! And my black lab says to say hello to your pugs. (Being a lab, she is doing so rather enthusiastically.)

  50. Hi Joe,
    Could you tell us of which episode come the photographs from the article of March 30, 2007 ?
    Thank you

  51. *dies with shock*
    OMG! That’s Torri! *jumps around with excitement*
    She’s been filming?
    OMG…That’s our dear Lizzie behind McKay in those photos! And she’s alive and well- Does that mean that her being reduced to a reccuring character doesn’t really mean anything? Is she going to be in a decent number of episodes? (and by decent I mean like 15).

    How many is she going to be in? Can you PLEASE answer that? Just a number– 2, 10, all 20- doesn’t matter, I (and all Lizzie fans) just want to know–

    –and where is Teyla in that picture?? In this big Teyla arc will Lizzie be temporarily taking her place on Shep’s team?
    *crosses fingers*

    Your pictures have given me hope Joe- and have calmed my frayed nerves– just a definitive answer about the # of episodes that Torri will be in is all thats needed now-

    Take care Joe! Hope filming for Season 4 is going well.

  52. Joe, I’ve been having a laugh all day reading an argument going on at, um, another stargate forum. Some of the regular posters over there are arguing that Daniel is in command of the military, specifically Major Davis, based on Small Victories. Another has even posited the idea that Daniel holds an imaginary rank of Colonel and is second in command of the entire SGC.

    So, is this accurate? Was there a missing scene that hit the editing room floor in which Daniel is presented as a military officer or an equivalent? Does he in fact outrank Mitchell? Which would be hilarious, since no one listens to Cam anyway. Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous?

  53. Anonymous said…

    –and where is Teyla in that picture?? In this big Teyla arc will Lizzie be temporarily taking her place on Shep’s team?
    *crosses fingers*

    “Temporarily” would be the operative word here. I don’t think Teyla is in any danger of Weir taking her place.

  54. hi Joe wanted to ask you something will we ever get to see another wraith keeper similar to the keeper in rising?

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