The explosion was so loud it reverberated throughout the building and set the windows thrumming. I looked outside and watched as stunned lot personnel stepped out of buildings and cars to investigate. “Damnit!”cursed Paul who suddenly stepped into my office. “I missed it.”

The “it” in question was one of the stunts for the Atlantis promo being shot on the lot. Directed and produced by Martin Gero, it details the misadventures of three uber-fans and their attempts to reach Atlantis. Since I had made astounding progress on my script (already seven pages in!) I decided to reward myself and go for a little stroll.

I got there as they were setting up the bike stunt. BamBam, our stunt coordinator, was prepping his stuntman. Martin and the actors (pictured along with on-set visitor, Martin’s gal Stephanie) were kicking back as the ramp was readied and the measurements taken to ensure the impromptu gate not be damaged during the stunt. I said hi to everyone then moved over to snap some pics of the set-up and some preliminary bike jumps. Check out the improvised DHD. As I was snapping away, Martin came over and informed me that the actors, upon seeing me stride over in my all-black ensemble, gloves, and overcoat had remarked: “Wow. Is he a Count or something?”. Close. Close. Wil Waring, manning the camera, got into position as the rope that would be used for the ratchet pull was laid out serpentine (to avoid it snagging), and the signal given. I readied the camera. Action! I heard the bike approaching. My finger pressed the button – just as BamBam side-stepped into my direct line of sight. The stuntman made the jump, got ratcheted, but not before taking out a portion of the gate. Click. And I snapped a pic of the back of BamBam’s head.

I returned to the office and a delightful surprise. Well, besides Jason Momoa in his snazzy snakeskin boots and dangling rubber chicken. Anne M. from Highworth, Wiltshire sent me a hardcover copy of John Scalzi’s The Android’s Dream which I recently mentioned I was having some trouble tracking. Anne, the book is much appreciated. In fact, I swung by set today and ran into David Hewlett and told him about it and he was equally thrilled. Since I’m only a hundred or so pages into Red Mars and he’s finishing off To Say Nothing of the Dog tonight, he’ll be swinging by the offices at some point to borrow the book and break it in with a first read.

Guys night out tonight. The place: Wing Nuts. In attendance: Carl Binder, Alex Levine, Lawren Bancrot-Wilson, and myself. On tap: assorted wings including – cajun, salt and pepper, spicy thai peanut, garlic parmesan, tandoori, and smoking hot. The latter were so hot that Alex was actually perspiring and I was riding an endorphin rush that hit 11 with dessert: deep-fried Mars Bars and deep-fried Snickers bars. The meal averaged out to about 18 wings and a deep-fried bar and a half each not counting miscellaneous fries and celery sticks. By the time we were done, we could barely move. Soooo diiizzzy. I’ve included snaps of the after-meal hangover. “Let’s never do this again,”moaned a barely coherent Carl.

Give it a couple of weeks.

40 thoughts on “March 29, 2007

  1. Earlier today by me:
    “I hope nothing in your life has exploded recently that was not supposed to explode. (I’m running out of random well-wishing comments.)”

    Later in that day by you:
    “The explosion was so loud it reverberated throughout the building and set the windows thrumming. I looked outside and watched as stunned lot personnel stepped out of buildings and out of their cars to investigate. “Damnit!”cursed Paul who suddenly stepped into my office. “I missed it.””

    I am the master of coincidence.

    (Also, I accidentally submitted this on the wrong day.)

  2. Well, that looks like nothing short of sweetness; both about the promo and the mars bar. So are we going to see it on the SciFi channel or something?

  3. Look, I’m a little worried about the image you guys are shooting for when it comes to Atlantis. I know you like the humor, but the whole image of geekboys playing shoot’em up action adventures is so far away from the original premise of Stargate it’s sad. SG-1 was always a serious show with a great element of humor to it. Atlantis seems to come off more as a cheap Galaxy Quest type show where campy humor comes first. I’m not asking for BSG, I wouldn’t want it. But I think the pendulum has swung too far in toward the immature direction.

  4. Why in the world does Jason have a rubber chicken on a wallet chain? (That is a wallet chain, right?)

    And I can’t wait to see this promo.

    And SGA is not like Galaxy Quest. But even if it was, I’d still watch it. I love that movie. It’s fandom at its best.

  5. Hi joseph, I’m fan of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, and I’m fan of John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan

    I love Sheppard and Teyla !!!!!

  6. Loved all the pictures in today’s post. Immediate thoughts:
    a) Jason Momoa appears to be slightly barmy
    b) Excellent picture of the back of BamBam’s head
    c) A Count? With the shades added to the ensemble, you looked to me like someone that shouldn’t be outside in bright sunshine… 😉

  7. “Let’s never do this again,”moaned a barely coherent Carl.

    Give it a couple of weeks.

    Sounds like my friends after tequila and beer at my house.

  8. Okay. Anonymous obviously failing to read closely. Sounds like a hilarious promo; although the actors look a bit dubious in some of those pictures. (Or was this when they were wondering if you were a count?)

    In a quick skim, I don’t see it mentioned. Have you made your way through Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series, yet? Great characters.

  9. I’ve heard of that book, and I’ve been dying to read it myself… I plan on doing so this summer when I have time (oh, wait, I’ll be working 60 hours a week and then in classes ’til July… I guess it’ll have to wait until August).

    You’ll have to let us know what you thought of it (or tell David to let us know what he thought of it in his blog, :P).

    Any book you’ve finished or heard of recently that you’d recommend to a microbiology/immunology major who adores contemporary and science fiction?

    The promo sounds great. 🙂 I know anonymous above doesn’t like it, but I’d rather look at it from the perspective that… well… a lot of Stargate fans ARE geeks! I know I’m a huge geek-girl, lol. And goodness knows I want to be a world-class scientist someday so that I’m actually informed of these top-secret programs and get to traverse the galaxy myself…

    Because you never know… it could be true, 😛 (Hey, I can dream)

    Ayla McKay,
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  10. Ha ha! I think it’s a great idea. Love the DHD ^_^; Which episode are you writing now (the seven page long one) ;D?

    Is ‘To Say Nothing of the Dog’ good? The title sounds very interesting. Also, any more news on that ‘Starcrossed’ pilot?

  11. Hiya Joe,

    Do you think we will get to see Cadet Hailey again? Either in Atlantis or Universe or in the movies?

    Take care Joe!

  12. Something that hs bugged me for a while. Why did Dr. Beckett have the Scottish flag on his arm whilst other Atlantis team members had the British flag in their arms? Scotland isn’t an independent country yet and I don’t seen any say Texas or Quebec flags on peoples arms so why this distinction?

  13. When you get a chance to travel, do you go for out of the way places or major tourist spots? And is there any place in the States that you want to visit, but haven’t had a chance?

  14. Good morning Joe. The promo sounds interesting. I’m not sure if it’s one that I will like, but I really won’t know that until I see the finished product. So I’m more than willing to give it a chance. You’re guys night out sounds like one that my boyfriend would have loved to be a part of. Wings is afavorite o his and if the hot ones don’t make you perspire within a few bites…well, they just aren’t as good as they could be for him 😉

    This next bit is not a comment, so much as a request. So feel free to delete it if you wish:

    You have heard, I’m sure, that a group of David Hewlett’s fans have put together a fundraising drive for David’s favorite charity (Doctors Without Borders) as a wedding present to David and Jane. As we are trying to reach as many people who enjoy David’s work as possible, I was hoping you might either mention it or link it to your blog. If you don’t, it isn’t a problem. If you do, it would be greatly appreciated. Either way, Thanks so much for your time.

  15. Excuse me while I die laughing over the fact that it appears that while eating that crap (and yeah, your arteries will tell you it’s crap) you’re drinking DIET coke? What’s that for, to off-set the calories in the deep fried mars bar?

    I can see your tombstone now.

    “Here lies Joe Mallozzi, eater of saturated fat, and killer of popular TV characters everywhere.”

    They might even add hoarder of pugs to that. You never know your luck in the big city…

  16. Deep fried Mars and Snickers bars?! Dude, did you not just remark with a note of concern a couple of days ago about the 108% daily recommended dosage of saturated and trans fats in that coconut tart you ate?

    You’re a heart attack waiting to happen, my friend. I think I’m going to mail you a bag of baby carrots. 🙂


  17. This is just out of idle curiosity: why do actors wear such strange layers of shirts, raggedy pants, and an absolute king’s fortune on their feet?

  18. Scotland isn’t an independent country yet and I don’t seen any say Texas or Quebec flags on peoples arms so why this distinction?

    Oh ho ho. Little do you know *looks down at Texas flag patch on jacket* ;D I think that although Scotland isn’t independent, they wanted to make a distinction between the two. It’s a good idea and adds a little more to the character’s personality. Show some Scottish pride, eh? (If only Austin had it’s own flag. I would totally get one for my room). ^_^

    And goodness knows I want to be a world-class scientist someday so that I’m actually informed of these top-secret programs and get to traverse the galaxy myself…

    So, around this time, all the military recruiters are flocking to the schools and me, being unable to control those impulses and one hell of a geek, always seek out the new Air Force representative and ask gravely, “So…Gotten to go through the Stargate, yet?”
    The reactions are simply priceless ;D.

  19. Mr. Mallozzi
    I’m wondering if you and all the stargate people are ever going to get together to write a memoir of the 10 years of stargate. the good, bad, funny, sad and everything else.

  20. I see from a recent article on Gateworld that the new race in Travelers will be recurring. Since you were so careful to find just the right actress to play Larrin and were lucky enough to find the fabulous Jil Wagner, does this mean she could be a possible love interest for Sheppard? Please say yes because I think that combo would be perfect. They are going to set the screen ablaze.

  21. I have to agree with a couple of others of today’s commenters, i.e. your diet! Have you had your cholesterol checked lately? We would certainly not want to lose your talent and expertise prematurely from this world.

  22. Oh my, I gave up chocolate for Lent, and now the fried candy bars, at which I always turned up my nose up when we went to the fair, are looking yummy. Good thing I only have 8 days until I sit down eat myself into a happy Nutella stupor. (And only 13 ‘til the Gates—wahoo!)

    Jason’s snakeskin boots were rocking, but I think you need to take him shopping for clothes—I think a little bit of the Count’s “dandy” influence wouldn’t hurt.

    Have a good weekend!

  23. In Common Ground, Sheppard makes mention of having been in prison before. Will we see any backstory on that in S4?

  24. Hello,

    Just a semi quick note to say how much I enjoy reading your blog everyday. I feel as though I know you, Fondy, the fur-kids (pugs) and the rest of the crew.

    Congratulations on your Hugo Nomination for the SG1 eppy “200” it is well deserved.

    I am an actress in NY and I like hearing about your side of the “business”.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that after reading about your wonderful dining experiences you inspired me to take myself out to a lovely meal at new restaurant I hadn’t tried before.

    Good to know that I am not the only one who hates celery!!!!!!

    Best, Madalyn

  25. Once upon a time there was a little Internet-er named A. Nonnie Muss who lived in a small village with a few people who said a lot and a lot of people who said nothing at all.

    A. Nonnie was often ignored by the Leader of the village, for she sometimes made no sense when she spoke, and was even occassionally inappropriate in her comments.

    However, there were times when Miss Muss spoke something relevant, interesting, and witty. For this reason the Leader did not cast her out of the village.

    One day the Leader saw Miss Muss reading the Myth of Sisyphus and had an epiphany.

    What was his epiphany?

  26. I think it’s fairly clear that in your Supreme Evilness, the reason you posted the pics of Jason was to make yourself look even cooler. Took me a while to figure it out, but I have to tell you it worked on me. Have a quick word in the lad’s shell-like and set him on the right path – “Black, Jason, it’s the way to go.”

    Deep fried Mars? No ta, we invented it here in Scotland and Glasgow is known as the sick man of Europe for a reason. But the diet coke is ok – just for the taste of it, eh? Chicken wings I really don’t get though. There’s nothing there… More room for dessert though, I suppose.

  27. I’m glad you’re making promos for Atlantis. Those should be fun.

    Those awful ones SciFi is airing have soo many spoilers. My six months of self control of avoiding sites that give away spoilers (if I did stumble across one, I quickly shut the browser window) was ruined by watching a 30 second commercial on SciFi. *sigh*

    That’s why the line in “200” was so great. “Are you kidding? It’ll be in the commercial.” Who wrote that line?

  28. Jenny Robin said…

    ( sniped ……….)

    One day the Leader saw Miss Muss reading the Myth of Sisyphus and had an epiphany.

    What was his epiphany?

    I would say the answer to your question is:

    That Joe would be forced to answer the same questions about Elizabeth Weir over and over again as long as he has this blog?

  29. Dear Joe,

    1. Are we going to encounter another ancient city ship like Atlantis, Asuras or the one from The Tower episode in the upcoming season 4.
    2. What happened to the Asgard Space ships after the destruction of their planet.
    3. Any ZPM conquest episodes for season 4, you know like The episode the Brotherhood.

    Thank you


  30. Joe-

    I can’t help but notice that Lawren looks alot like a supposed curious passer-byer from last week’s rally.


  31. Hi Joe – I am pleased that the book arrived safely. You are most welcome, and I hope that David and yourself both enjoy reading it. Let me know what you both think of it.

  32. Are you ever going to answer the question about what your Torri’s long term future is on the show (if any) or do you really have zero respect for her fans, as it appears.

    You’re constantly answering questions about Amanda, because obviously Amanda’s very popular among TPTB.

    Your silence on this speaks volumes, as does the fact that, having read this last night, I think there are a couple of Torri/Elizabeth comments that you’ve deleted.

    So the questions are these:

    1) how many episodes does Torri have (so far)

    2) Will Elizabeth be alive by the end of season four

    3) What do we have to do to get Carter’s stuf the hell out of Elizabeth’s office.

    I know you say that you don’t care about fan opinion, you write a show that you want to watch, but you have so many people furious about this now.

    The bottom line is that people will stop watching, because right or wrong, they feel that you’ve imposed an SG1 character on them at the expense of someone they know and love on Atlantis.

    How can that be good for the series in the long run? It can’t.

    And what are you going to do once Amanda’s contract is up? She’s there for season four. Then what? You’ve offed the very popular leader of Atlantis, you’ve lost the replacement leader because she’s out of contract… has anyone ever thought that far? Because from where I sit, all this stuff about not having looked at the second half of the season shows that you guys just wing it and hope for the best.

    I hope Flangian and Hewlett are looking around at other options, because how you expect to have a season five when you’re effectively saying to Carson and Elizabeth fans “thanks for the ratings, it’s been nice knowing you, but we don’t need you anymore”.

    No TV producer in their right mind would actively alienate viewers to the point where they’d rather find something else to watch.

    And you challenge to the Beckett people? Your way of getting them to get you free publicity. I doubt you’d hold up your end of the bargain, and if you did it’d be a stupid flashback or something.

  33. After all that eating, you’re going to need a more relaxed wardrobe.

    I happen to know of some very cool t-shirts. They come in organic cotton, even.

    And they have a choice of slogans:

    “Weir: What happens when Wright gets it Wrong”

    “You want Atlantis to sink again? Taking Weir away should do it”

    And my personal favourite:

    “Dr. Elizabeth Weir: Female… Intelligent… In charge… (So naturally she had to go)”

    Let me know. I’m sure someone can set you up with one. I dare you to wear one. Go on, double dare you! You’re smart enough to know in your gut that this is a dumb decision.

    Then again, if you need some herbal tea to take away the bloat caused by all those chicken wings and snickers bars, there’s a wonderful array of “I love Elizabeth” mugs. Go on! Get one! You know you want to!

  34. “Gah! I showed Carl and he LOVED that pic.”

    My oldest guy (now 3) was just as wacky when he was that age.

    Crazy Puppies

    Mr. attitude, he was (and is). 🙂

    Your little guy looks adorable in that tub, too. You bathe him *every* day? Wow. That’s dedication. I thought I was bad with my once per week ritual. All three of my guys have nacho feet also. Some days worse than others – there are days I think they should be wearing little sombreros. If you ever figure out why that is, please take out a community service ad. I’m at a loss. Though I do find that using Tea Tree shampoo takes the nacho smell away for about 24 hours or so… Hm.

    Cheers to you (and Fondy for putting up with you – I saw that photo with the suit and the purple tie) =P

  35. *lulls you into trance!like state*

    Now repeat after me… I will stop taunting fans with little tidbits of infomation regarding Torri/Elizabeth already and just spit out a reason, ANY reason really, of why she’s being so royally screwed over. Or at least be willing to part with a number of eps that you managed to do for Jewel and Amanda with no problem, but can seem to be capable of pulling it off with Torri.

    You want people to stop being angry/vindictive/enraged at you and the other bigwigs over at Bridge and Sci-Fi, then maybe if you gave us something, anything besides from ‘state of flux’, I dare say that many people will get off your back. It’s a cop-out to us weir fans of the highest order that you can’t seem to muster the guts to tell us what you plan to do with her and your prolonged slience on the matter just gives off a very bad only gives off a proboding sense of doom ahead for anyone that’s a lover of Weir.

    Also the fact that you treat your fans like dirt doesn’t help your cause eiter.

    But you know what, I might as well be talking to a wall than try to reason with you. I guess it was worth a try.

    Thanks for the fish. It’s been fun.

  36. People really deep fry Mars and Snickers bars? My bad cholesterol went up 60 points just reading that sentence. By the time you all recover from the sugar comas, you’ll be ready to go eat it all again.

    For what it’s worth, the promo sounds like it’s going to be a classic.

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