We had intended to go to Zakkushi on 4th for dinner but a lack of parking sent us to O’Thai, Vancouver’s latest Thai eatery. Plenty of parking out front and plenty of tables available, so we grabbed our seats and, after a preliminary menu perusal, simply asked our water to recommend the restaurant’s top three dishes. He suggested the lobster with green curry, the crispy spicy duck, and the house pad thai. He also suggested we start with the house dumplings. Done and done. As we settled in for our meal, I became aware of the baseboard heater we’d been seated next to and the hot to the touch overhanging tablecloth separating it from us. I was going to wave down the passing hostess and inform her (“Pardon me, I believe this table is about to burst into flames.”) but was distracted by my buzzing cellphone. By the time I clicked off, the dumplings had arrived and I’d forgotten all about the heating unit (until much later in the meal when it felt like I was about to melt into my chair). The dumplings were a less-inspired version of the Princess dumplings I’ve enjoyed at other Thai restaurants: stuffed with ground meat and peanuts but disappointingly bland in flavor, the actual envelope a standard opaque dumpling wrapper rather than the striking purple or pink flower creations served elsewhere. The lobster with green curry was the night’s biggest disappointment however. While the lobster was meaty and nicely cooked, the accompanying curry sauce was weak and insipid, barely imparting any of its flavor to the dish. Fondy liked the crispy spicy duck although she later admitted it was more a matter of it comparing much more favorably to the other dishes. Again, the center piece of the dish – the duck – was nicely cooked, but this time the accompanying sauce – a standard sweet and spicy chili – overwhelmed. The final dish, the pad thai, was my pick for the best dish of the night (all things considered): satisfactory but unremarkable.

Overall, a nice dining room and great service, but the dishes we tried felt like half-hearted attempts at the real thing as though those preparing them feared turning off Western palates with the cuisine’s more robust and daring flavors. In a strange way, I went away thinking of O’Thai as the perfect thai restaurant for people who don’t like Thai food.

Questions –

Peter writes: “Which episode, in your opinion, would’ve benefitted the most from a bigger budget (barring Irresponsible)?”

Answer: Are you kidding? Given the choice – all of them.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Of course the much anticipated guest character is from the SG-1 universe.”

Answer: Right. After all, I doubt fans would be “anxiously anticipating” a guest character they didn’t know.

Susan writes: “Is there any chance of a resident cat or dog in Atlantis?”

Answer: Or maybe a Furling?

Zabadoo writes: “Will we ever get to see anyone from SG-1 or Atlantis on the new spin-off or is it so out-there that it doesn’t have to do a thing with either? Plus-do you know if they are going to make you a show-runner on it?”

Answer: It’s way too early to tell what Brad and Rob have in mind for the new spin-off. As for who will be show-running the new series – well, I’m not a betting man but I’d go all in on Rob and Brad.

Anonymous #2 writes: “I was wondering sir, do you take the plots of the books in consideration before you go ahead create new episodes.”

Answer: To be honest, we’re so focused on the show that we have no idea what’s going on with the books.

Minigeek writes: “Dolby is doing much better since my last question.”

Answer: Pleased to hear it. Give him a big kiss on the nose from me.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Are any of the main cast going dark side in season 4?”

Answer: That was the plan.

Bugguy writes: “Ok Joe still planning my trip to Vancouver. Where would one get the biggest, and I do mean biggest and best chunk of charred flesh i.e. steak in Vancouver.”

Answer: A lot of industry types like Gotham a lot, although I’ve found it unimpressive. Morton’s is another fave, better than Gotham but, again, nothing stand-out. I like Hy’s for upscale and The Keg (the best prime rib in town) for more casual dining.

Michelle writes: “To Joe, I can see you in a BMW 7 series, black of course.”

Answer: Someone at work owned a BMW 7 series. It was in the shop more than it was out on the road. I’ll pass.

Allison writes: “Who wrote the script for ‘Sunday’?”

Answer: Martin Gero.

RebeccaH writes: “Goran Visnjic of NBC’s ER has said he’s a Stargate fan and would love a guest spot on Atlantis. Would you ever consider putting him in an episode, maybe as a foil for Dr. Zelenka?”

Answer: We actually tried to get him on SG-1 a couple of seasons back but couldn’t make the scheduling work – but we’ll definitely give it another shot.

Majorsal writes: “Are there ‘really’ any plans to continue the *stargate sg1* movies past the first two?”

Answer: SG-1’s adventures will continue so long as the fans are out there supporting the franchise.

50 thoughts on “March 25, 2007

  1. That burner reminds me of a story:
    Even though it’s always hot in Austin, I love to drive with my bum warmers on in any weather. I had gone to pick up my Great Uncle and as we’re driving, he starts to fidget. It’s then that I realize that the bum warmers are turned up full blast. ‘Sorry!’ I quickly flicked the switch off and he started to laugh. ‘Ha ha. Good thing. For a second there, I thought I was having hot flashes.’ ;D
    I love my Great Uncle and Aunt ^_^;

    In the Rep. of Georgia, they love dumplings. At almost every meal, they come out with this huge tub of steaming dumplings and for some reason, you have to take them out with your hands…My two other friends couldn’t even get them onto their plates the yummy morsels of food were so hot, so I was always the one who reached out and shoveled the steaming dumplings onto their plate. One time, I got a double-decker dumpling! It looked like a deformed jellyfish. So cool.

  2. Oops, forgot to check my question this time. Good answer though.

    So…how about that big bright thing in the sky today? What is it, exactly? I mean, I sort of remember what it’s called, but it’s been so long…ok, I’ll stop.

    Question, more thought-out this time: Have you guys started on planning the back-half of season 4? If so, any vague hints?

  3. Will Amanda Tapping be in the opening credits of season 4? I’ve been wondering…

  4. In yesterday’s entry you asked for automobile recommendations. First I’ll mention 3 that I think you would like. Then I’ll talk about the love of my life.

    Jenny’s top picks for Joe’s wheels include: Porsche Cayenne, Infiniti FX45, and the Jaguar XK-Series.

    The love of my life: My 2006 Honda Element EXP 4 wheel drive-in tangerine metallic-fully loaded. Hot damn! I’ve put 20,000 miles on my beautiful car since I purchased it on January 19, 2006.

    I’ve driven it from Texas to Michigan, to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, Colorado, and I’m going to Michigan again in 2 weeks. The 4 wheel drive is unnecessary here in Dallas, except for when the roads get icy, but it has come in handy on my mountain-trips.

    Also, I love to go camping, and my Element has a tent specifically made to attach to the vehicle. The rear seats fold up against the sides, and I have enough room to throw an air mattress in there and sleep in bliss.

    I love my car so much I named my blog after it.

    Anyway, you may not enjoy a tangerine-colored Honda Element, but I do see you as a person who has always wanted more than a sedan, but didn’t want to appear as such.

    I feel a game coming on…perhaps we could start guessing what make/model each of your cohorts drives.

  5. Joe, you mentioned last year at Comic Con how Tivo’s and DVR impacted the ratings, I personally use one of these and I can’t live without it, even if I’m watching live, I’m always recording or pausing or rewinding… Now that new eps of SG-1 and Atlantis are about to air in the US, what do we need to do to have the ratings count?

  6. “Answer: Right. After all, I doubt fans would be “anxiously anticipating” a guest character they didn’t know.”

    Yeah, that’s was sort of my point. Atlantis hasn’t been able to develop any of its own characters. Who from Atlantis do we get to look forward to the way SG-1 fans always cheered to see Bra’tac or Jacob or Mayborne? There’s no one. It’s all stuff that was built in SG-1 being used to keep Atlantis going. We’ve got nothing original.

  7. Joe,

    Which character were you guys trying to cast Goran Visjnic for? I’m betting it was Pete. Am I close?

  8. It’s Felger, isn’t it? Goddamn it. I knew you guys wanted to replace Lucius.

  9. this message is to jenny,

    Jenny I don’t mean to disrespect you in any way but the Honda element is the ugliest car on the surface of the earth, I would rather walk in a snowstorm rather than be seen in that box.

    Mr Mallozzi,

    I would suggest you check up on the new M5 BMW… that car is outstanding but be prepared to get some speeding fines.


  10. Hello Mr. Mallozzi, I was wondering that when the back half of season 4 is planned, or finished shooting, can we expect another poem about it?
    Also, are the Stargate official websites run by people at your end, people at MGM, or people at scifi?

  11. I was on the studio tour with John Smith yesterday. I asked him if he had a blog like you do and he said “no”. Who would you say are the most computer savvy among the cast and crew?


  12. “I was wondering if you and your staff weren’t aware of their plots before because there could be a possibility however remote that your show’s plot and time line and the book plot and technical details create confusion or contradictions.”

    …*stealthily shoves Zat gun under bed with toe* Contradictions? Wha? ;D

    I’m actually a Honda Accord sort of person, but a black Nissan Z or Acura TL is pretty sweet. ^_^

  13. Do you eat out every day? Do you have a kitchen at home? Do you never take sandwiches to work? When do you take time to ‘chill’ out with those ugly little rats of yours – you always seem to be at work or eating.

    Real food – mince and tatties, stovies, steak pie, haggis and neeps.

    Never tried deep fried Mars Bars, but the local chip shop deep fried a David Hasselhoff CD once, not sure if they dipped it in batter first!

  14. Will there be more one-off based episodes or serial episodes in season four of Atlantis? Which do you prefer?

  15. To the Anonymous who commented about the ‘lack of’ guest characters: I guess the GW thread that explodes every time Major Lorne appears doesn’t mean that Atlantis has any good guest stars. But you’re welcome to your own opinion. I know I always enjoyed seeing JR Bourne appear.

    And now, here’s the actual question to you, Mr. Mallozzi: Speaking of Major Lorne, can we look foward to his first name finally being spoken out loud in one of the reported two episodes that he’s in so far?

  16. Everytime I have a nosey on your blog, I come away feeling extremely hungry! The pictures of the food you’re eating – it’s torture, sigh.

    I’ve been loving the Stargate Atlantis series, I can’t wait for season 4 to air.
    One question – Will Carter be inoculated with the ATA Gene? And if so will it take? I was hoping that she wouldn’t get it, or it wouldn’t take, as it would be the cause of more rivalry between Rodney and Carter if she doesn’t get it.

  17. Mr. Mallozzi:

    Can you please tell the fans what is the first epsidoe Carter will appear in – is it the premiere or one of the later eps – I only ask because I do not normally watch Atlantis but so wnat to see those with Carter and unless there is some sort of pre-announcement about the episodes she will be in I will likely miss them since I don’t follow the show. Sorry but that’s just how it is so hopefully you can give some insight so those that do want to watch those eps have the heads-up.

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Hey Mr. Mallozzi,

    Hope all is going well at the studio.

    I’ve spent the last couple of days reading the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories and I was wondering if you have you read any of them.

  19. Yeah, that’s was sort of my point. Atlantis hasn’t been able to develop any of its own characters. Who from Atlantis do we get to look forward to the way SG-1 fans always cheered to see Bra’tac or Jacob or Mayborne? There’s no one. It’s all stuff that was built in SG-1 being used to keep Atlantis going. We’ve got nothing original.

    I couldn’t disagree more. I could never get into SG-1 and its characters. Give me 100% Atlantis any day. Atlantis have plenty of great recurring characters, such as Zelenka, Kolya and Michael. None of them from SG-1, at least that I know of.

  20. Hello? To the people saying Atlantis doesn’t have anything like SG1, Atlantis HAD two fabulous regular cast members in Torri Higginson and Paul McGillion.

    TPTB in their infinite wisdom (insert rolling of eyes here) decided that they couldn’t find any way to boost ratings other than dumping them and bringing in Amanda Tapping.

    Consistent, well-written stories are needed, not stunt casting.

    Long live Beckett and Weir… at least in the memories of many of us. SGA is dead to me. I love Flanigan, but I don’t think I’ll be tuning in every week just to watch him. Hell, I can just look at pretty pics of him on the internet or watch his movies instead.

  21. Any chance some of those lab rats from SGA season 1 (The Gift) may have escaped to somewhere other than Athosia and the team might meet someone with other “gifts”?

  22. Answer: SG-1’s adventures will continue so long as the fans are out there supporting the franchise.

    Amen to that! I’ll definitely be one of those fans.

    I know you probably can’t tell us much about the third series, but is there anything you have suggested or would like to see in it? Sarcastic 8-ball answers are acceptable lol.

    Thanks much,

  23. Sorry about the Venom bust breaking dont throw it away I can fix it …the Venom statue is awesome!!!1

  24. If it was so empty, I’m surprised you even went inside. You know what they say about restarants where it’s easy to get a table at dinner time: there’s probably a reason.

    Dark side, you say? Mmm…me like.

    So, what does the magic 8 ball say about Caldwell continuing to grace Atlantis with his presence?

  25. The character going dark side-what hints can you give us-male/female? alien/earthling?

    Also-furlings? really? You know they must be furry and cute right? (furry at least? pretty please! can the magic/sarcastic 8 ball tell me what they’ll look like?)

  26. Joe, you asked for suggestions for your next car purchase. How about these:

    Kia Rio (my current vehicle, love it)

    Suzuki Swift (my previous car, loved it, too)

    SmartCar hybrid (my next purchase)

    Hummer H3 (when I win the lottery)

  27. Mr. Joseph Mallozzi,

    I’ve just recently finished a stargate atlantis marathon. Started at SG1 season 7 finale and just finished with First strike just a little while ago. Took me a good three days to accomplish this feat but one thing strikes my heart and I really felt the need to ask you this question. There is a very similar redundant pattern to the episodes in the 3 seasons. Can we expect the same for season 4 or will it be completely unique. Lastly, if one was to attribute one word to describe a Stargate atlantis season, this is what I would say: season 1 exposition ; season 2 relief, season 3 Jeapordy, now what word would you use to describe season four so far? Thank you very much

  28. So, I went back and watched all of season 10 of SG-1 recently, and I was wondering: what character do you find the easiest to write for (on either show)? Going along with that line of questioning, what character do you find it the hardest to write? From my perspective, I think you’ve done a really good job writing Vala, keeping her from being a one-note character.

  29. Q: What’s all this we keep hearing from various Davids about leather jackets? Best idea ever ;D
    (and you should actually give Nykl a Nickel everytime you say his name, because we all know you’re thinking ‘Nykel’)-ha ha-

    And my hand’s in for Mayborne. He just makes me laugh. Started off really disliking him, now one of favorite characters.

  30. Is there any liklihood of Sheppard’s phobia for bugs to reappear in S4? And are we likely to have Michael in more than one ep in S4?

  31. 1. Will the Wraith characters get a name as their equipment too? The viewers can’t take them too seriously, if they are called like Bobby, Johnny etc.

    2. Will we see a recurring Wraith Queen character? It is a bit boring that they are killed in every episode.

    3. What will be the name of Michael’s bug people? Will they be like the zergs in StarCraft (more evolution, new types)?

    4. What will happen if the Wraith meet with the bug people? Will they be our allies against them? Or when they wounded by bug people than a new evolution will begin? How long can Michael controll them?

    5. Can the expedition create food for Wraith with the Asgard’s knowledge?

    6. Will we learn something about Atlantis’s siege and the Wraith telepatic abilities?

  32. In Reply to Anonymous said…
    “Yeah, that’s was sort of my point. Atlantis hasn’t been able to develop any of its own characters. Who from Atlantis do we get to look forward to the way SG-1 fans always cheered to see Bra’tac or Jacob or Mayborne? There’s no one. It’s all stuff that was built in SG-1 being used to keep Atlantis going. We’ve got nothing original.”

    Personally I think that’s a little unfair. Off the top of my head…

    Katie Brown
    Dr Heightmeyer
    Kolya (who I loved and wished wasn’t dead)
    Michael (who I love and adore as a character)

    All recurring characters who originated in SGA if I remember rightly…(I think Lorne was actually in SG1 first…could be wrong).

    The one thing I would say is that SGA does need more recurring allies like the Asgard/Tok’ra/Free Jaffa. They’re doing great on the villains, ambiguous allies and Earth personnel but not so great on actual good guy allies.

  33. You guys have really put Amanda Tapping in a tough position. Everyone now knows that Torri was let go because either you guys or the network wanted to hold Amanda to her contract. Now, among fans, where it really counts, Amanda is getting trashed. Nice one.

  34. “Anonymous #3 writes: “Are any of the main cast going dark side in season 4?”

    Answer: That was the plan.”

    Is that darkside like the Shroud, or darkside like Darth Vader? 😉

  35. Mer, so many questions (sorry) ^_^;
    Q: One of my friends mentioned to me today of a Ninth Chevron…any truth to that?

  36. So now we know that Carter will be replacing Weir as in taking over the leadership of Atlantis.

    One thought: Weir is the *only* leader of Atlantis and she should remain just that. Carter doesn’t belong there. And I won’t be watching the episodes without Weir. The horror of seeing Carter sitting behind the desk in Weir’s office. And seeing Tapping in the opening credits. *shudders*

    For the record I have nothing against Tapping, as long as she’s in SG-1 or comes to Atlantis every now and then as a guest star as was the case until now.

  37. When you mentioned ‘extreme whump’ for Sheppard, is the extreme likely to kill off the whumpers? And if it is, can I just say what a lovely way to go 😀

  38. Since you use several different writers and are writing several episodes at a time, do you have anyone on your staff that looks at character continuity or is that left to the actors?

  39. I’ve hung in there as long as I could hoping that I would see something in here that would make Season 4 of Atlantis appealing to me but I’m afraid that’s it. Another SG-1 character, well whoop-de-do. Add that to Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite and I can quite honestly say I’ve never been so underwhelmed in all my life. I watched Atlantis from day one and loved it, but I just never took to SG-1 – why would I want to watch Atlantis turn into SG-1’s mini-me?

    You have disappointed a lot of SGA fans with the culling of well loved characters, and frankly disappointed viewers don’t tune in. And that should be your number one concern, not whether you want to watch the show, but whether your viewers do. You may write the greatest Sci-fi the world has ever seen, but guess what if no one is watching it really isn’t going to matter – (See Firefly apparently)

    I will give you one thing though, you were absolutely right in the interview with Maureen Ryan when you said that things weren’t as bad as the rumours suggested.

    No, they are a million times worse.

  40. Mr. Mallozzi, I would really like to see a follow up to the second season episode Condemned…. I believe that story arc can have some potential in the future of SGA for two reasons. For one thing Atlantis can gain whatever left of the Olesians’ technology or even better save the survivors if any and gain a powerful ally against the many enemies. If I was part of your writing team that would be first on my mind. Another follow up I would seek would be to Before I slept from season 1. Heck, a two parter, trying to retrieve the zpms from Weir’s list. If I remember correctly, one was a zpm from Childhood end, the second was the Brotherhood of the fifteen which left three unexplored adresses. Should be fun to see what professionals such as you guys have in store for us in Season 4.


  41. Mr Mallozi

    honest to god question, hope you answer.

    how can you bring carson beckett back after he was vapourized..

    i mean seriously, i love the character just… your a great writer in all but come on.. if the save carson beckett thing works, will we get a slight hint

    and please dont say flashbacks or dream sequences or whatnot lol


  42. Lizzyana,

    I saw news, concerning the role of Torri Higginson, saying that she does not appear in the first six episodes!
    Is what she will die, or to only sleep and beings in the coma?

  43. Holy Moly!

    Molson gave me top billing over Mallozzi in his post comment.

    Step back, Joe, Molson may not like my car, but he must hate it more than he likes your blog.

  44. To quote Kelis: I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!

    To quote the a scene from Firefly, a series by the brilliant Joss Whedon, for what you’ve done to someone as beautiful inside and out as Torri Higginson just in the hope of dragging some SG1 fans across you’re “going to that special place in hell reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the movies.”

    I hope the higher ups at SciFi and MGM are happy that you’re willing to piss off a great section of your Atlantis audience by doing this to Elizabeth.

    Carter’s SG1 pics in Elizabeth’s office? Torri’s Sedge picture gone? Did you even consider giving it back to her? Or did you just throw it out, as you’re doing with her character.

    Karma’s going to bite you on the butt bigtime for this. Sadly other people are going to be affected first, though. Not the least of which is that long time Sam fans are now at the point where we can’t stand the sight of her. I’m sure Amanda’s going to thank you for that.

    You should have just let her do the movies and left Torri where she was.

  45. Elizabeth Weir will ascend after the accident and Shepard will take her place as leader of expedition. Carter will take shepards place as head of the team and there you go bobs the uncle.

  46. I hope Shep gives Carter a hell of a lot of grief. I won’t be watching, but knowing Elizabeth’s great defender is causing trouble for his new boss will be a wonderful thing to think about as I live my fandom out through fanfiction. Where Elizabeth and Carson are alive and well. Where writers (some of them exceptionally good) actually know how to write for these character.

    Unlike some of the people at Bridge.

  47. These comments about Weir and Carter and Shep are fantastic. Really, really amusing. Tremendous stuff. Please keep posting them, Joe.

  48. Hi Joe,
    I was wondering if you ever saw any episodes of the animated series Stargate: Infinity. I understand that you guys have nothing to do with its creation, and that it is not considered canon. (I dearly hope so…I think that the only thing that it has going for it is that it is executed so lamely it is almost funny.) I saw an episode a long time ago…
    Anyways, I came across it on Gateworld and was just wondering if you (or anyone else) know anything about it/ever saw any of it?

  49. Hi Joe,
    Any word from your colleagues way up North? Are they staying warm? Multichannel news reports they’re sleeping 6 to a “hooch”, RDA included. I hope someone is planning a DVD special for that one!

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