As I pulled up to the gate and skimmed my pace card, Bill poked his head out of the guard shack and asked: “Did you hear about the Scottish people?”. Indeed I had heard about “the Scottish people” although, in reality, I doubted many of them would be actual Scots. Still, I knew what he was referring to and smiled, nodded: “Yeah. Should be interesting.” What Bill was referring to, of course, was the big fan demonstration planned for next week. Timed to coincide with the Whatsis Con, it will bring together fans of Carson Beckett who’ll be outside the Bridge Studios expressing their support for the lovable character by exercising their constitutional right to free speech. Sadly for them, that right is solely entrenched in the U.S. constitution and since the Canadian constitution, as many non-Canadian may be unaware, affords individuals no such indulgences, Paul has informed me that we’ll be shipping in South Korean riot police for the event. Just in case things get out of hand. I imagined the scenario perfectly: the writers peering out Paul’s office window during lunch, snacking and watching as Robert Cooper’s car rolls through the exit only to be surrounded by placard-waving demonstrators. We look on with mild interest as the car door is forced open and Rob is pulled out of the car by his flailing arms. But wait! He’s managed to hook the steering wheel with his ankles! He’s holding on for dear life! “Geez,”I murmur between mouthfuls of my dark and white chocolate tuxedo bar, “He’s determined. I’ll give him that.” Unfortunately, Rob’s ankles are no match for the sheer, unbridled fury of the mob that eventually detaches him from his vehicle and then tears him apart like a pack of wild dingoes. “That’s the damndest thing,”remarks Martin Gero as the carnage subsides. “I think his shoes are still wedged into the steering wheel.” We all lean in to verify. “Oh yeah,”confirms Alex. “Cool.”

Of course, I exaggerate. I’m not actually worried about meeting my grisly fate on the appointed day because: A) Despite being intensely passionate about the show, Stargate fans are decent, non-violent people at heart, and B) I’ll be sending Lawren out in my car through the front gate while I slip out the back.

Of more pressing concern is the fact that I’m having trouble posting pics via my blogger tools, forcing me to download via flickr. So, as a trial run on today’s pics: check out me and Martin whooping it up at the 200th episode party and fab director Martin Wood and 1st Assistant Director Alex Pappas burning the midnight (well, 5:20 p.m.) oil.

And before I get to the questions, many thanks to Amy Lynn for sending me my favorite Michel Cluizel chocolate bars (pictured). The writers greatly enjoyed them and so, as per your request, we’ll be shipping Sheppard with a wraith queen later this season.

Now, on to the questions –

Royal Nonesuch writes: “Have you ever seen “Dirty Jobs” on Discovery channel? […]
Lastly, have you ever seen “Sledge Hammer!”?”

Answer: No on both counts. I’ll keep an eye out though.

Jason writes: “With Vancouver being a big haven for TV and Film productions, I was wondering if you guys (Stargate production staff) ever interact with any of the other productions staffs in the city?”

Answer: No, we’re an introverted bunch. We usually keep to ourselves.

Peter writes: “Do you ever watch Fan-made music videos?”

Answer: Another no I’m afraid.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Is it possible that you would continue some season one story arcs in season 4; for example the exploration of weir’s list, the other planets on the list in before I sleep, or the follow-up on the brotherhood of the fifteen?”

Answer: Funny you should bring this up. We were discussing a possible story re: one of the three you mentioned just yesterday.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Do you get any preferential treatment/free food, now that your reputation as on-line food critic is growing?”

Answer: Not really. Although once I start snapping pics, there have been occasions when the chef has come out to introduce himself.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Can I ask, what was it that made you stop watching Lost?”

Answer: To be honest, it’s hard to say. We were watching an episode and, suddenly, I got distracted by my dog and left the room. Then, Fondy got distracted and left the room. By the time we made it back, the show was ending. Even though I’d recorded it, we never did go back and re-watch what we’d missed.

Shawna writes: “Would you mind sharing with us your time travel story that didn’t get made?”

Answer: It was a crazy, complex adventure which charted the progress of three different versions of the team in the past, present, and future. Events from the past would effect the present and future while events in the present affected the future. Eventually, events in the present and future began to effect the past and events in the future effect the present. I still have the outline somewhere.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Sora — is she coming back?”

Answer: Alas, no.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Have you seen ‘300’ yet?”

Answer: Not yet, but I’ve heard good things.

Vaberella writes: “Any chance of Chaya in the future, if not in S4, any hopes of bringing the actress back on some level. Magic 8 ball me.”

Magic 8 Ball says: My sources say no.

GateGipsy: “Have you had a chance to see the BBC series Life on Mars?”

Answer: Have not but am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival on DVD.

Adron writes: “Are involved in the development of the third Stargate show? If yes, when will it start production? I read sometime in 2008. If not, who is developping the show?
A chocolate question. Do you know Camille Bloch chocolate?”

Answer: Brad and Robert are developing the third series. As for the timeline – it’s up in the air. Re: Camille Bloch chocolate – Never tried them. I don’t think I’ve even seen them around Vancouver.

Redtwin writes: “I am wondering if the Ancients will ever decide that enough is enough and help the millions of humans in the galaxy fight off the Orii? Will we ever see Morgan Le Fay again?”

Answer: For the answers to these and many other questions, check out Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Do you know an actress called Amy Acker?”

Answer: Yes, she’s a terrific actress. Would love to have her on the show if the right stars aligned.

73 thoughts on “March 13, 2007

  1. Joe,

    I have an SG-1 question. Why was Mitchell’s role reduced so much in S10? Why was her turned into a supporting character? Were you guys unhappy with him or something?

  2. That time travel idea sounds great! Nice and twisted. Perhaps sometime in the future we might see a version of it as an Atlantis episode?

    I hadn’t heard of the Scottish people. Though, being fans of Beckett, it’ll probably be a firm, yet gentle protest.

    You’ve said you like Firefly (and I agree; one of the best sci-fi shows ever), as do many of the other people who make Stargate, apparently. And, of course, you’ve already had three of the actors on Stargate. Any chance of seeing more of them pop up? (Personally, I’d love to see Alan Tudyk playing a Pegasus human or something. Or maybe Gina Torres as a wraith queen.)

  3. Which did you personally prefer, season 10 of SG-1 or season 3 of Atlantis? What is your favorite season of SG-1 and why? Same for Atlantis and do you think that season 4 of Atlantis will be the series’ best so far?

  4. You’ve been working on the show for a while now Joe – who would you consider to be your Sith Apprentice? ie the one who, after learning everything they can from you, will rise up to destroy you and take your position?

  5. Do you like Ghiradelli chocolate? I’m on a Ghiradelli kick since I just recently returned from my latest trip to San Francisco and Ghiradelli Square.

  6. Can we expect some ground shaking character revelations alla The Gift in season 4? The episode The Seer is very suggestive in this direction. A maybe will do…

  7. Will we ever see Janus from Before I Sleep again? He and the captain of the Aurora were the only people who put a good face to the unascended ancients. I liked that.

    The question of which kind of powers they had is left in the void again since The Return because if the crew of the Tria were Adria like people they wouldn’t have died so easily at the hands of the Asurans unless there were hordes of them which wasn’t said.

    Well in a whole is there any chance to delve a little more into the history of Atlantis in season 4?

  8. Hi Joe! Greetings from Hungary. 🙂

    I have two question regarding the original Devlin-Emmerich Stargate movie: how did you like it? Also, Devlin said that he’s planning his own sequels, is it possible for him to make them? Thanks and good luck with the die-hard Weir-fans, I’m eagerly waiting S4! 😀

  9. The writers greatly enjoyed them and so, as per your request, we’ll be shipping Sheppard with a wraith queen later this season.

    ZOMG NOO!!! Wraith Queen is only for Teyla. We even have a thread at GW, its love damn it. 😉

  10. You and Martin clean up very nicely. 🙂

    Will you be serving refreshments to the Scottish people as they exercise our constitutional rights?

  11. I just watched Unending…tell Rob he did an excellent job, and created one of the best episodes of Stargate, at least according to this fan.

    *sigh*…I know there are the movies, but I actually got physically sick just realizing that SG1 is over (I had to take an antacid very quickly after that), I just can’t believe it. I haven’t followed the show since the beginning, and that’s probably a good thing; I’d probably have a heart attack after Unending ended if I HAD followed it since Children of the Gods.

    Anyway, I just like to use your blog, Joe, to thank all those involved with the show for the great/awesome/stupendous/extraordinary/etc. 10 years worth of stories you guys were able to tell. They’ve affected my life greatly, and positively.

    But still…*sigh*

  12. I noticed that you said Boston Legal was one of your favourite shows. Do you think Denny actually has mad cow or is it just alzheimer’s?

    Also, do you think Jim and Pam will ever get together on The Office?

  13. I had an opportunity to see Unending and I thought it was a great episode.

    Two thoughts:

    1.The really frank discussion between Daniel (mostly) and Vala was well done.

    2.You lost a great opportunity to have all the Sam/Jack shippers loving this episode. It would only have taken about 10 seconds of screen time.

    How you ask..

    “take” the picture of the Jack/Sam wedding from the season three episode Point of View and “place it” in Carter’s room when she is playing the Cello. Then pan the camera from Carter playing the Cello to the picture (on a table/stand in her room) and then back to Carter.

    By doing so it finally resolves the Sam/Jack relationship. Some would also say that it adds dramatic depth to Carter showing she too had frustration for the loss of all that time but never told anyone or acted it out. Others might believe the Cello represented the “missing Jack”.

    All that for just 10 seconds of screen time.

    Maybe you should add it for the US showing and then drop a hint when the back half of season three starts to show on SciFi.. 😉

    SG1 had a good run. I will miss it.. Indeed…

  14. What a great way to end the sg1 series. Unending was just perfect… hands down the best series final. Whatever happened to Hermiod?

  15. How will change season4 the events of Unending? Are you happy with the fate of the Asgard?

  16. Talking of time travel, it always amazes me how much you fit everything into one day. Did you build your own time machine perchance that allows you to accomplish everything? And if so, any chance of renting it out so that we can watch S4 without too much of a wait?

  17. Has anybody told Alex Pappas that he looks a little like Bill Clinton?

  18. No question here, I just finished “Unending,” and I want to say that it was completely heartbreaking, in a good way. I can imagine that not everyone will love it, but I think you did a brilliant job. Everything was just….wow…amazing. Thanks for many great years of SG-1!

  19. Hey Joe,

    Another question from me I’m afraid. I watched ‘Unending’ the other day and must say I am shocked by what happened.

    Not wanting to give ‘spoilers’ away from others who are reading your blog, I was just wondering why it was decided to change the Asgard direction like that? I can understand the effect it has on the audience but it seems like a big thing done to a popular race.

    Take care Joe!

  20. Glad to see the bars got there. And you shared? 🙂

    As for my request, thanks but I’d gladly exchange it for a vist or a job for the week (hey I’ve still got to try and I work cheap!)

    Though that dinner offer still stands. Sucks going to dinner yourself.

    Oh and another package will be coming your way soon-though sorry its not chocolate. 🙁

  21. Well the SG-1 finale was a cracking way to end the series. I really enjoyed it and credit to those involved that helped to conceive and develop the episode.

    I was wondering though Joe – are we going to see those brand spanking new weapons appear on the Daedalus and Apollo as they venture to Atlantis on their regular visits? Or does this mean, dare i say, a new design of earth ship appearing on Atlantis to incorporate the new tech?

  22. Hi Joe!
    You said a while ago that you were trying to sort out some backstory for Sheppard, but that nothing had gelled. I was wondering if you’ve had any luck with that yet?

    I’m pretty keen to learn something more about the enigma that is John Sheppard. Just something that gives me a glimpse into what has helped shaped the character we see on screen.

  23. Why do I keep getting images of Groundskeeper Willy tossing the caber over Bridge Studios fence. I don’t even know if Bridge Studios has a fence. I hope you take some pictures of the protesters and post them on your blog. If I were you I’d be scared for 2 reasons. (1) People who would actually travel from Scotland to protest over a TV character = NUTS! (2) Canadian ‘Scots’ are pretty flippin’ nuts anyway. I have experience of this in the form of Great Aunt Jenny (aka Groundskeeper Willy in a skirt)My advice for that day. Get to the office early, switch of all the lights and hide behind Martin Gero.

  24. Joe, reading the GW spoilers for Travelers, they didn’t mention any whump for Sheppard. Does that mean that the script has been revised and there will be no whump?

  25. Hi Joe 🙂

    I have two semi-related questions: do you know if there was a conscious decision made not to mention Jack in ‘Unending’? If so, what was the reasoning behind it? Similarly, is there any reason Beckett’s death wasn’t mentioned again until two episodes later?

    Thanks for your patience in answering all these questions! I know it must get overwhelming 🙂

  26. ” We look on with mild interest ” as Poor Rob Cooper is being torn apart.. YOu’re funny.. so funny..
    Mr Cooper doesn’t read your blog does he?

    By the way any chance of introducing a Wraith with a sense of humor? They are so “deadly” serious!


  27. As much as Carson is my favorite character, I have to giggle. Protests always amuse me. We’re not talking stopping the war, or something.

    Please tell me you’re taking pictures!

  28. I’ve been a longtime reader of your blog, but have never commented til now. I just had to though once I read your take on the Carson demonstration. Absolutely hilarious! I can picture it now. :p
    Good idea to slip out the back because you never know. 😉

  29. Hey Joe

    As you don’t look at music videos I doubt you would have seen the excellent SGA s3 promo/rap video on You Tube by Zach Selwyn? You should check it out. You can find it by searching ‘Stargate Atlantis rap Video’, it lasts about 4 and half minutes. You should give tat guy a part, he seems very determined to get one;)

  30. “The Scottish People”

    NOW that sounds like a concept that could be included in the 100th episode.
    Just think – screentime for the writers and producers, yippee!

    OR maybe included as an extra on one of the dvds for all of us who can’t make it to Vancouver to see it live.

  31. Two questions: 1) Are you guys considering bringng some SG-1 characters as full time characters on the third series?

    2) How does a film student like me get a job working on Stargate(Atlantis, the movies, series 3, a board game…)? If you need a PA to get you coffee… I used to work at a Starbucks so I know all their secrets…

    Thanks for taking time to answer questions, that’s really awesome of you to do!

  32. Just a note to anonymous re the ‘protestors’ at the gate… Nobody traveled across the globe to protest; they’re all in Vancouver for the big SG convention and, wisely, decided to make a vacation out of it. I know many people who tie days if not a week or two of vacation around this convention just to sightsee the city 🙂 I sure as heck would if I were going! 😉

  33. I am one of the Scottish people, from Scotland and proud this fact.

    Remember that many of us have yet to forgive the English for trying to invade us hundreds of years ago.

    How long will it take it for us to forgive you for killing off Carson?
    I use you in the plural!

    “The Ancients sank Atlantis to save her.
    Killing Carson might sink her for good”.

    From Susan – on a typically freezing Scottish day, with the cats hugging the radiators.

  34. LOL, at your description of what would happen to Cooper. Of course Beckett fans are so nice I don’t think it will happen.

    Are we going to get any sparky(sheppard/Weir) in s4?

  35. Another awesome blog entry! Very amusing.

    2 quick questions. Is there a particular reason why, in “Unending” you used CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” as background music? Also, if you could write for any show or project other than Stargate, what would it be?

    Keep up the awesome work. Have a great day!

  36. I got in trouble for laughing too loud at your description of Robert Cooper’s demise. My husband was trying to sleep and complained about the noise my son and I were making as we read. That prompted him to get out of bed to see what we were laughing about, and he sat down to read and started laughing, too.

  37. About the Sparky question from anonymous: if they can’t see the value of Torri Higginson in the general scheme of things, they’re most likely blind to the goodness of all things Shep/Weir.

    They should be made to sit down and watch every scene Joe and Torri have done together multiple times and see what’s right in front of their faces.

    So, JM, do you see it? Can you honestly not see the amazing connection between these characters? (I know you won’t answer this, because heaven forbid, it’s about Elizabeth. I’m just posing the question yet again to TRY to get to to answer it.)

  38. Joe, when will we know if Jack O’neill is going to be in the movies? Unending felt wrong without him, and it’s getting pretty close to crunch time. Will Richard Dean Anderson be in the movies? It’s a simple question.

  39. hi, joe,

    do you know if richard dean anderson has signed on for the second stargate sg-1 movie ‘continuum’?

    ~waits impatiently for s/j resolution~

    sally <3

  40. LOL, poor Rob! Aw I was so hoping that the Scottish people would be a surprise…ah well. Hope the weather’s good that day! 😀

    I enjoyed Unending last night! (I think it might be a strange thing that my favourite bit was a conversation between AT and a puppet…)

  41. Hi Joe, I have a question about the timeline. What should we watch first? “The Ark of Truth” or Atlantis’ season four? What is the right order of the story? Is the first movie going o be released before season four starts on SciFi?
    please, explain us

  42. Hi
    sorry that i am asking this probably inferior and stupid question but i’d love if you could answer.
    Is SG-1 going to return beyond series 10 … as in is there a chance that in 5 -15 years someones sais hey lets start that again?

    thnx Chris from London

  43. With Paul and you in charge, is there a chance for some Sam/Jack ship in Atlantis?

  44. *spoiler for “Unending”!*
    I just saw “Unending” and was wondering that with the whole time-traveling thing, did the ZPM get recharged, or is it more of a matter of it not being uncharged in the first place? And if it didn’t, why can they never manage to hold onto one for more than a few episodes?

  45. Yeah, Joe, that’s a good question. What should we watch first, the movies or season 4? I don’t want to jump around in the story if it can be helped. Thanks!

  46. Re: Undending **SLIGHTLY SPOILERY**

    ^______________^ <- big grin I am one very happy fangirl. Finally, *FINALLY*, there’s some ship satisfaction — and not just the consummation (I was very afraid, after the cancellation announcement, that we would never see *that*), but years of aftermath, something an audience almost never gets to see! Sure, it was quick, but definitely better than nothing! (Even if it’s now as if it never happened, at least we now the possibility is good if circumstances are ever right for them!) Tell Rob it is much appreciated! Hell, kudos to all of the staff for the wonderful character growth over the course of the season that led to it being possible in the first place! ^^ I am a little broken-hearted on the lack of a certain character, but I understand there’s time issues to consider. And the fact that there will still be the DVD movies (and therefore some hope for resolution regarding that other ship) makes it easier to take. 😉

  47. *Unending spoilers*

    Unending aired in the UK, and I must say it was an amazing and fitting end to the show, the resolution with Asgard and becoming the Fifth Race was brilliant, and the character interaction was superb.

    My questions:

    1. Unlike other recent times when we get great technological advancements (The Orion etc…), will we actually get to keep what we got off our little grey friends the Asgard?

    2. Will what happened with the Asgard and the sudden advancements have anything to do with Sam coming to Atlantis? And also will it have something to do with her ‘coming in her own ship’?


  48. OK – Most important question of the night – ‘She also made brussel sprouts using my mother’s recipe – steamed, then fried with garlic and chili flakes’ – How long do you steam them for before you fry them and are we talking shallow fry or deep fat fry and how long??

  49. i have a question

    how do you see the stargate francise as a whole in a few years time, do you see yourself and others still being involved or having a more, you know relaxed job?, dont get me wrong, you guys have done a great job and have provided everyone with 10 years of quality entertainment, but, will there be fresh faces to write/direct episodes for the 3rd stargate series, to give it a fresh/new dynamic, as well as having a new brain to pick for questions/brainstorming..

  50. Hi Joe,

    I’m not sure if you can answer this but The Jack character gets mentions on Atlantis but why is it that the Sam character never mentions Jack? Thank You

  51. Hey Joe,

    Do you think there was any behind-the-scenes footage taken during the prosthetic scenes in “Unending”?

  52. No question, just another fan that watched “Unending” 🙂 It was perfect!! What a way to end the show!

  53. Speaking as one of the ‘protestors’ believe me, I would never in my right mind consider crossing an ocean, spending 15+ hours melding my arse to an airline seat probably having to endure sitting next to some drunken numpty who smells of sweat/wee/something nasty… JUST for a TV character. If I ever did…SHOOT ME! It was carefully scheduled to coincide with all the SGA fans (not to mention Scots for the Scotland vs Canada soccer game)descending on Van. And I am passionate enough about the loveable Dr Beckett and talented Mr McGillion to coincide my vacation with a little side trip to attend. Thanks for the hilarious blog entry, I’ll be picking breakfast out of my keyboard for the rest of the week.

    And dont worry, we are indeed peaceful souls, we dont bite…much! 😉

  54. Hey man, I just saw Unending and it was phenomenal. One of the best episodes I’ve ever seen and my personal favorite beating Lost City. Here’s why: lots of people complained that there was no Jack, but the fact that there was no Jack actually got me enjoying it even more because it shows how far the show has gone since the beginning. The fact that you guys didn’t need Jack to tell such an amazing episode. It just throws me aback when I think that you guys could write such an outstanding and original episode after ten seasons. Loved the ending, but it seems that you guys are really hating on Teal’c, with the team abandoning him in Talion, making him sit through the Vagina Monologues in Family Ties and making him age fifty years in this one. Just kidding of course. This season is one of my favorites, although there were a few stinkers, but every episode has a few. Did you come up with any of the ideas for this episode? If so, awesome, if not, too bad. You still did write Window of Opportunity, Exodus/Enemies, Wormhole X-treme, Homecoming, New Order Part 1, Moebius Part 1, Camelot, Counterstrike, and The Quest Part 2. Which happen to be some of my favorites, just wanted to tell you that you had a fan and being a writer myself, I look up to you.

  55. I just watched Unending, and I was very impressed. It was a great episode! I think that everyone did an excellent job (as they have for the past 10 years), and it was certainly my favorite episode of season 10, and one of my favorite episodes overall. I’m sure there will be some who disagree, but I think it was a very fitting end to the series :-).

  56. I watched ‘Unending’ last night, and I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful series ending. I’m especially pleased to see some Daniel/Vala resolution. Here’s hoping we can get a similar resolution to Sheppard/Teyla.

    Waiting patiently for season 4,
    An SG Fan

  57. Hi Joe,
    Scottish people…hope all goes well. Maybe you should send out the Thor puppet to meet them. It could make a good bonus feature on a future dvd!
    By the way, ever watch any Star Trek?

  58. No on both counts. I’ll keep an eye out though

    Good–I think you would enjoy both.

    Shep and the Wraith Queen!? You will do anything for chocolate lol.


  59. Joe,

    I was wondering if we can know the fortune of the Asgard starships. Were they destroyed along with the planet orilla or are you guys thinking of making them appear in “Inferno/the Orion” type story arks. Also, were the two Ori battle cruisers destroyed along with the planet or did they survive? Thanks a bunch…its just that it wasn’t clear during the episode.

    your montreal fan

  60. I’ve been waiting six years for an end to the sam/jack ship and when the show finally ends I get squat? You know, I told my daughter I wasn’t buying the season nine or ten dvd unless you guys got your act together. guess what, she ain’t getting them. or the movies. And to have the Daniel/Vala stuff thrown in my face at the same time, well it’s downright rotten. I know you’ve been losing fans for two years now, but I hung in there through all the bad stuff, still hoping things would work out.

    Bottom line–you have one less family watching your franchise now than yesterday, and I’m only angry that I allowed myself to be f’ed over for so long.

  61. No doubt the Beckett fans would scream at this but I thought the writing of the character was too schizophrenic and uneven. That said, I will freely admit that Paul McGillion was my favorite actor on the show — mostly because he made me want to believe in his character. However I found it difficult to believe in a doctor that was by turns broadly comic, coldly scientific (with somewhat questionable ethics) and the friendly ‘country’ doctor that so many people loved. To me, this bouncing back and forth made the character too weak.

    Of course if you brought him back as a strong evil or seriously conflicted character (Stockholm syndrome helping the wraith or genii? kidnapped and taken over by some new evil entity?) then it would be very cool to see.

    Of course this would probably get the fans more upset, since they seem to only see the sweet side. Here in the U.S. that could actually be a good thing — if we are going to have such a logg wait for new episodes, at least we can get some entertainment from the silliness of real life people 🙂

  62. Guess the onslaught of Scottish people shows you how much Carson was loved…

    …and your time travel story- uh, isn’t that a total rip off from the Series Finale of Star Trek: TNG ‘Future’s Past?’

    And about the Asgard, are we going to see Hermiod on the Dedalaus in season 4?

  63. Maybe they wanted Jack there to do a resolution to Sam/Jack. Besides there are still the movies. People its not over. I’m sure you’ll get your Sam/Jack, no matter how bad it might be. Or not, I mean Daniel/Vala was squeeworthy and I don’t even ship them. So it might work out.

    I wonder if I Will be able to squee for sparky too. *hopes*

  64. South Korean police? What, no Mounties? Having witnessed several demonstrations first hand in Seoul, I can honestly say that those were the most co-ordinated riots I’ve seen -everyone knew what they doing, no one got hurt, but it certainly looked scary (several phones calls were required to reassure worried parental units).

    Seriously, there is no freedom of speech in the Candian constitution?

  65. I read in your last post that some fans are planning to PROTEST at the studios where Atlantis is filmed… PROTEST? Are you serious? Do you guys have some sort of war or tuition hike going on down there that I should know about? Anyways… is this the first time fans have done something so… nuts?

  66. Hey JM,

    I hope you survived the early attack by the “Scottish” since you didn’t update on the 14th. 😀 I figured they got you instead of Mr. Cooper.

    I say buy some Raid and Bullet-Proof vests for the lemmings coming to the Van Con…If you’ll be there. Or just rent Ronald MacDonald—I find him always treading the line of funny and nightmarish…

    Anyway, I’ll be at the Van Con next year, need to save up the funds to get the “golden ticket”…Why does the Charlie and Chocolate factory song come up when I think of the ‘golden ticket.’

    Anyway, I wanted to run a question by you…Are we going to find out a reason why the Wraith Queen was immune to the retro-virus, from No Man’s Land, in S4?

  67. From anonymous: I’m especially pleased to see some Daniel/Vala resolution. Here’s hoping we can get a similar resolution to Sheppard/Teyla.

    Damn it if I can’t just see that happening. Let’s see: Sam/Jack has a massive following. Daniel/Vala not so big.

    Shep/Weir again, a massive following. Shep/Teyla, not so big.

    It stands to reason that you’ll go against popular opinion and go with the couple least shipped.

    If the show lasts that long. I’m already leaning towards not watching. Giving us Sheyla would be the final nail in the coffin for this Shep/Weir fan. Ugh!

  68. Hi Joe! WOW! -Fantastic- end to the series!

    I have to say though….for me, the utmost best scene was the Mistletoe when…..well I won’t spoil it for others. But I wanted to ask you…if it’s allowed….

    What are your two (most) favorite scenes from Unending, and why?

    Well hope you have a good day! And thanks again for a great ending episode!!

  69. I’ve watched “Unending” for the 3rd time today since yesterday and I must say I abso-frellin-lutely LOVE IT. It’s the most wonderful and truly bittersweet SG-1 episode for me and THE BEST one. I don’t think the lack of O’Neill in it felt wrong, definitely not for me. His storyline basically finished with season 8, he doesn’t belong to this story. Tell Rob Cooper he did great job with “Unending” and this particular viewer LOVES him very, very much, especially for Vala/Daniel story in this episode. I also hope Teal’c is going to say something about these events in the movies!

  70. can we expect doppelganger to be similar to Sateda and runner. Or at least well packed with action scenes such as Sateda. That seems to be the style of Rob and Brad.

  71. i wish i could get to the save carson beckett event!!! its not fair.its funny how you have written about it joe. lol

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