Day two of production means our first day of dailies (a.k.a. the previous day’s footage). Stand-outs sequences included a mesmerized Keller, that Rising-era look, and an armed and barefoot Lorne.

Had some people swing by the office today including all-year-round-shorts-sporting director Martin Wood who came in to talk scifi lit (note his enthusiastic response to our latest script), fellow anime-fan Krista McLean (hiding behind the blond lock) who borrowed China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station from my bookshelf, and playback artist Julie Oya who decided to come back from New York after all (holding the coffee). I took a stroll through the art department and checked in with finger-pointing supervising art director extraordinaire Tom Wells, and our production designer, James Robbins, who was more than happy to show off some of the nifty weapons he designed for Missing. Enroute, also got some snaps of Todd Masters and Nicholas Podbrey of Masters FX. Finally, I went by set and snapped shots of script coordinator Alex Levine and post coordinator Kerri McDowall working it for the camera, Doppelganger director Robert Cooper and DOP Jim Menard hard at work, a actor David “Dr. Zelenka” Nykel kicking back in his off-set leisure wear.

Let’s check the mailbag…

Arctic Goddess writes: “You never mentioned Joe Flanigan or Rachel Luttrell at the cast dinner. Were they away for some reason? How do you feel about beef jerky? Love it or hate it?”

Answer: Joe and Rachel were both there. As for jerky, there’s a place on Fraiser where we picked up the greatest spicy beef and pork jerky.

Aaron Weinburg writes: “WTF? Yeah, that’s right, the firm. I’m a lawyer, I work at a firm.”

Answer: Right, I’d made that assumption. I was simply wondering what firm and what kind of work you’re alluding to.

Anne S. writes: “Is there a way to present stories for Atlantis without an agent, or is the show even accepting unsolicited stories?”

Answer: Sorry, Anne. We’re all staffed up for this season.

Iamza writes: “May I take this to mean that the wraith will also be making more of an appearance in season 4? Also, are there more stories in the works about the Athosians?”

Answer: Yes on both counts.

Nichole writes: “Do you think spending 2-3 days of my British Columbia trip in Vancouver would be worth it-the rest are in Whistler?”

Answer: Absolutely. Lots to see and do – and eat – in the city.

Dem writes: “Do Sam and Cam have a romantic/physical attraction to one another?”

Answer: I haven’t seen it but who knows what Rob and Brad have in store for the cast.

Kliggs writes: “Would you be a judge on Iron Chef America if asked.’

Answer: Sure. Hook me up.

JohnManzione writes: “Are there plans to continue SG1 past the two movies? Would it be possible to produce 3 movies a year? On Atlantis for S4, are there any plans to have Daniel, Vala, and Mitchell as guest stars?”

Answer: The SG-1 franchise will continue as long as it has fans to support it. If the first two movies sell well enough, it would guarantee many more movies to come. As for SG-1 cast members putting in an appearance or two on Atlantis – it’s very possible. It’s a small universe after all.

CatBoy AKA Charles writes : “That pear tart looks incredible. Is that a gooseberry on top?”

Answer: Not sure. It’s either a gooseberry or a ground cherry – neither of which I will eat.

Nathaniel writes: “What are your thoughts on Churrasco (or Rodizio) resturants?”

Answer: Are those the restaurants where the waiters walk around with skewers of meat and carve them at your table? If so, I like the concept but the restaurant we have in Vancouver isn’t all that good.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Is Adrift and Lifeline a two-parter like Lost City (one episode) or like Progeny and The Real World (two single episodes)?”

Answer: More the latter. There will, however, be several like story elements that will run through a number of episodes in the show’s fourth season.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Have you ever read any of Steven Erikson’s series Malazan Empire tale of the fallen?”

Answer: Nope. Just finished The Terror though and am about to start on Spin by Robert Charles Wilson. Martin Wood was just in my office today recommending a bunch of books including Greg Bear’s The Infinity Concerto and The Wind from a Burning Woman, and the Chung Kuo series.

Akbar Fazil writes: “I have to be in Vancouver in a couple weeks and need to be as close to the Vancouver Convention Centre (easy walk is needed) as possible. Any good hotel recommendations?”

Answer: I would recommend either Fairmont Waterfront or the Pan Pacific.

36 thoughts on “March 2, 2007

  1. With the added burden of showrunning, will you be writing fewer episodes than in past seasons?

    I noticed that Brad Wright has written less and less since becoming the sole showrunner, and Rob Cooper has also written less than in earlier seasons since assuming greater behind the scenes responsiblity.

  2. Joe said:
    I haven’t seen it but who knows what Rob and Brad have in store for the cast.

    Does that cast happen to include Richard Dean Anderson?


  3. How long did it take McKay to recalibrate each of the gates for use in the gate bridge?

  4. Already working to hard there Joe. Dailies….sounds like my reports and phone calls I make every morning at exactly 8:45am.

    As for your evil-heros below, love it. The grey gargoyle is wonderful.

    David Nykl just can’t seem to get it together at work. Hm? Look at him all goofing off! “Sea bass thiiiiiiiiiiiiis big…..”

    Btw, there are two new recipes you try on my blog. They are great! My favorite!

  5. Well then when you come down to Denver we will show you a good Churrasco resturant.

    In fact Rachel Luttrell will be in town next monthe for Starfest, maybe hitch a ride with her. 😉

  6. Can I ask why you unscreen comments about Torri, but then refuse to answer them?

    Also, the question was asked by a friend of mine if Torri was at the dinner you had. It wasn’t unscreened or answered, yet you of course answered about Flanigan and Luttrell.

    So was she there or not?

    The less you guys talk about her, the more it looks like you have an issue and an agenda when it comes to her.

  7. Atlantis is an international expidition is it not? Season One boasted a few Non-American charcters such as Grodin, Beckett and Zelenka. But now you have replaced two of the above with two new Canadian and American charcters.

    It is a little disappointing that the diversity has been cut down. Even Guest Characters are all American. Seeing little flag badges isnt really the international diveristy that alot of fans want. With that said is there any plans for Non-American/Canadian guest stars to be in S4?


  8. Window of Opportunity is often classes as one the best episodes ever made.

    But I really really want to know what Daniel was asking Jack about at the start of every loop? Could you shed some light on what he said, or did you and Paul never think about what he was asking?

  9. I think I’ve said this already, but seriously, reading your blog has me more excited than anything else about the new season. It sounds so good! (I’m especially curious about a Rising-era look and what this means.)

    Any chance for hints on what Doppleganger’s about? Knowing what a doppleganger is (some people apparently don’t get the reference)…perhaps could you tell us: whose?

  10. What sort of things do you guys look at when deciding which characters stay and go?

    Do you consider shippers at all? I know that you mostly hate shippers, but when you look at the numbers for the Sheppard ships, Sheppard/Weir shippers vastly out-number Sheppard/Teyla shippers. Are you guys willing to risk losing all of those people (who won’t tune in to see Sheppard fawning all over Teyla or any other female) by getting rid of Elizabeth?

    This is something I don’t understand about the Elizabeth decision. You may not want to bring anything to fruition with the ships. You may want to just pretend they don’t exist, but the fact is, a lot of fans tune in for that reason.

    When your biggest, most popular het ship is Shep/Weir, losing her seems like a very, very big risk. Go check the fanfiction numbers. Have a look at the shipping threads on GW. The numbers speak for themselves.

    I’m stunned that you’re willing to risk losing a large number of these viewers, possibly the majority of them, by getting rid of such a wonderful, amazing character as Elizabeth Weir.

  11. Joe,

    I need your opinion, which season of Boston Legal should I buy on DVD, Season 1 or Season 2?

    Speaking of Boston Legal, I think Shatner is better as Denny Crane than he was as Kirk. Your thoughts?

  12. In a recent chat Amanda Tapping said that she’d like to see the Sam/Jack relationship be resolved or already resolved in the stargate movies. Will this aspect of her character be addressed, touched upon, or mentioned in Atlantis’ season four?

  13. No food pics? Unlike everyone else, Martin Wood looks ready to join us here in Texas. We’ve had upper 70s to low 80s already. Spring is well underway. Looking forward to more Lorne – barefoot or otherwise.

  14. Nice pics! Gosh, I wished I worked there…seriously, do you guys need a janitor or something? Maybe an intern? A bus boy? I’d volunteer if I’m allowed. You see, Bridge Studios is only about a 10 minute drive from my house.

    Anyway, some questions: What’s “Missing”? A future episode? Also, How many standalone episodes would you say is in the first 10 eps of the season? Lastly, are you guys going to talk about why Ronan couldn’t get fed on in “Runner”?


  15. In a recent chat Amanda Tapping said that she’d like to see the Sam/Jack relationship be resolved or already resolved in the stargate movies. Will this aspect of her character be addressed, touched upon, or mentioned in Atlantis’ season four?

    Regarding the above comment, if Sam’s racking off to Atlantis to take Elizabeth’s job, then the relationship’s most likely to be resolved in the negative.

    Another thing that you guys don’t get: A lot of the Sam fans are fans because they’re Sam/Jack shippers. They’re going to be very pissed off to see her in Atlantis instead of riding off into the sunset with Jack.

  16. Something came up on Gateworld and several of us thought it would be hilarious (at least to those who got the joke). Amanda’s first love scene was with Mitch Pileggi on the X-Files. If she and Caldwell haven’t “met” yet, you should have them look at each other with an “you look familiar” look. 😉

  17. Hi Joe:

    You said you don’t like to see a “hammy little scamp” on television programs. Speaking of children, do you and Fondy have any…besides the pugs, I mean?

  18. Joe was the reason to delayed season 4 to Fall because you guys want SG-1 movies out by then? Since the shows are parallel with each other. I’m guessing you want the Ori arc to wrap up first then send Carter on her merry way to the lost city. Tell me if I am getting warm.

    I can’t wait for the new season and movies!

  19. I’m a bit worried about what’s going to happen with McKay in season four. I know he’s the favourite of the writers, that much is obvious, but for me, I hated the character in SG1. I mean really, really hated him.

    I taped Rising, thinking I’d watch it if I could stand to stomach that much of McKay, and when I eventually sat myself down to watch it, I loved him. I mostly loved him for his interactions with Sheppard, Weir and Beckett.

    What worries me is that with two of them gone, and Samantha Carter (the character whose interaction with him made me hate both of them in the episodes they were in) will turn him back into that repugnant character.

    I love the softer side McKay shows with Elizabeth, I love the friendship that’s so obvious with Beckett and the brotherly competition between him and Shep.

    I feel as though with Beckett and Weir gone, Rodney’s going to go back to being that snarky, stereotypical characature that I hated so much in SG1.

    With the characters you’ve kept, I don’t like Teyla (I find her boring. I don’t think anything you could do with her would change my mind), I’m indifferent when it comes to Ronon, I love Shep and McKay, and I adore Zelenka. And after 10 seasons of SG1 I’ve had it up to here with Carter.

    I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. Are you worried at all that there will be people who will be turned off, especially by the Carter/McKay interaction? Because for me those moments will be excruciating.

  20. Love the pix, as always. But what I would like to know is, who is that woman sitting behind James Robbins? You realize she is seated on a big blue ball? What is this big blue ball? Is sitting all day on a big blue ball difficult? Also, what sort of job does the woman have and does it require that she sit on a big blue ball?

  21. Joe,

    Scifi is showing a show called “Stargate Mythology” before the Second Half of Season 10 starts. Do you happen to have any information about it? And who would be hosting it?


  22. How do you keep yourself from shouting “It’s a TV show! Get a life!”?

    I actually would like to ask you WHO makes the decision to cut or cut back on characters like Weir and Carson. This isn’t a coded way of asking you who to yell at–I’m just interested in the process and/or chain of command. I actually thought Weir was wasted on the show. Her job was vital to Atlantis, but it didn’t make very compelling television very often. Maybe now Torri can find a good role that builds on her time as Weir and gives more screen time.

  23. Answer: Not sure. It’s either a gooseberry or a ground cherry – neither of which I will eat.

    No ground cherries Joe? Is that because they’re ground, or do you not like cherries?

  24. Hey Joe, is there a connection between the Asurans and the Hot Zone Virus that will be explored this season?
    And what time you usually leave/get home from work?

  25. Joe, I don’t know if you like cake, but think you’d appreciate Mike’s Amazing Cakes simply because he does things with cake that is unbelievable. He did a scale of Yankee Stadium that I couldn’t believe. Everything he does is edible too. you should check it out.

  26. I read David’s blog and how he is loving the new uniforms. I can’t wait to see them. Those black jackets in season 3 also looks really nice. Maybe Zelenka can have something new too. Mr. Nykl complaint in his blog that every year he is fitted for that same blue shirt over and over. LOL. Poor guy. 😉 And I totally dig the leather jacket “Rod” was wearing. I hope our McKay is half as cool in it as AU “Rod” was. Speaking of AU, is that in the 20 or so script this year?

  27. Will Jack O’neill be in Ark Of Truth? I read a side for casting but it just said SG-1 team. Is Jack there or are we stuck with Cam?

  28. hi, joe,

    i’m wondering if you’ve made up your mind about whether amanda/sam would be having long hair in atlantis or not? i think amanda is gorgeous with long hair, but i think she’s gorgeous with short hair too :p. but anyways, i’d prefer sam to show up with short hair, just because she’ll look more like ‘sam’ that way.

    also -and i think i’ve asked this already- can you tell us what episode sam will make her first appearance in?

    sally 🙂

  29. Hi joe!
    We heard earlier a rumour, that maybe the story of the new Atlantis attraction in the Movie Park Germany will be in season 4 too as a two partner episode. Is it true?

  30. Dude have you seen the promo for the second half of Atlantis? They suck and make no sense. I think Sci-fi just doesn’t care anymore.

  31. Dearest Joe,

    Do ever just read some of the crap, ahem I mean stuff, that people post to your blog and laugh?

    Seriously though, thanks for putting up with it and staying around. I would have told us all the ‘frak off’ by now 😛

  32. So, Joe. I just have to commend you on how you handle some of the more inane statments made to your blog. You are fast becomming my hero. 😀

    And I’m sure you’re quaking in your boots about the possibility of losing- what – 10 whole viewers when there never is any romance between John and Weir in season 4 or any other season for that matter!

  33. Actually, yeah, I saw the Atlantis ad too. It does suck. I hope the rest of season three is better than it looks from that.

  34. Right that’s why the Shep/Weir thread at GW has over 1 million views and is only second to Sam/Jack.

  35. “Right that’s why the Shep/Weir thread at GW has over 1 million views.”

    So what if there’s a million views for this pairing on GW…from those views maybe a few hundred people contributed to them–big whoop.

    I as a non shipper, in all honesty, do not see anything remotely resembling romance between anyone on SGA… especially Sheppard and Weir; to me they have an incredibly profound friendship; but you know what, if having said many viewers convinces and solidifies there’s something more than friendship between these two for you and others then go right ahead it’s a great way to pass the time…I guess.

    “Sheppard/Weir shippers vastly out-number Sheppard/Teyla shippers. Are you guys willing to risk losing all of those people (who won’t tune in to see Sheppard fawning all over Teyla or any other female) by getting rid of Elizabeth?”

    If Sheppard and Weir aren’t placed together I seriously doubt any threats from so called fans jumping ship from the show because they didn’t get this pairing would make a dent of any kind.
    The only thing it’ll show is how you guys were never really true fans in the first place.


  36. Thanks for the cast and crew pictures. Great to see the people behind the camera as well as in front. 😀

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