Today is the official start of a new season as production finally gets underway. I am, of course, very excited, mainly because this means that the catering truck will be back on the lot. Given that I put on 15 pounds my first year on Stargate, I’ve vowed to show a little restraint this season. I’ll be opting for healthier choices, avoiding the finger food, and, most important of all, limiting myself to just one dessert a day. I’ll see how long I can hold out.

Speaking of excitement, Wild Hogs opens tomorrow. It’s a movie about a bunch of middle-aged guys who head out on a motorcycle road trip and, of course, hilarity ensues. Well, maybe not so much hilarity but fitfully amusing instances certainly. Or not. It’s really hard to tell from what I’ve seen. Usually, the studios like to frontload their marketing campaigns, putting most of a movie’s funniest bits in the trailer. But for some reason, in the case of Wild Hogs, it seems as though they’re saving the actual funny bits for the movie. Perhaps they don’t want to give too much away? Or maybe it’s a sign that you may want to consider skipping this movie in favor of something more enjoyable. Like, say, setting your hair on fire. Or eating at Olive Garden. Okay, maybe not Olive Garden. Stay home and watch t.v. instead.

One of the great things about reality t.v. is that it represents the everyman/woman facing challenges that – beyond all the high wire walks, obstacle courses, and banana slug meals – ultimately reward them with epiphanic self-understanding. These people, be they lawyers, artists, or crawfish farmers, are real and so we, as viewers, are able to empathize with them on their respective journeys. The settings in which we watch their various adventures unfold may seem strange and bizarre to most (Bornea, Calcutta, Los Angeles), but that doesn’t stop us from connecting with the likes of Survivor’s Yul, The Amazing Race’s David and Mary, American Idol’s Jennifer Hudson. And, oh yeah, Victoria Beckham. For those who haven’t heard, Victoria’s upcoming reality series will follow the former Spice Girl in her grand quest to make the adjustment from a pampered and privileged existence in London to the unarguable hardship of a pampered and privileged existence in California. Finally, a reality t.v. star that Joe and Jane Average can really empathize with.

Caught the tail-end of Lost last night and saw them driving around in that VW van (not the Winnebago I’d been led to believe). Since I didn’t see the episode I have to ask: What was the van running on?

Also caught Friday Night Lights and all I can say is – ouch. Still a wonderfully written show but the second they introduced the sexy single mother with the precocious son, my first thought was “Oh, God, no!”. Nothing turns me off a show faster than the addition of a hammy little scamp. Well, hopefully this is only a minor hiccup and the show will reward viewers by bumping the kid off in next week’s episode. Bonus points for “in gruesome fashion“.

I added two new additions to my villainous décor today: Kang the Conqueror and the Grey Gargoyle. Check ‘em out.

16 thoughts on “March 1, 2007

  1. What are your thoughts on Churrasco (or Rodizio) resturants? I love the Brazilian way of serving food, no need to wonder what to order, just get it as it comes by. Mmmm…

  2. I don’t think my neighbors appreciate your blog. I’ve been trying to catch up (made through 2006 now), and every time I laugh out loud, my dog Spock leaps to his feet, charges out through the doggie door and starts barking. I have no idea why he does this.

    I promise to never pitch you a story idea. A couple of days ago my sister-in-law sent a photo of my brother to my cellphone and asked me if I could tell what those “bumps” were on the sides of his face. She figures that because I am a medical transcriptionist, I can make a diagnosis looking at a 1″ square photo. I suggested he ask his doctor. She faxed me a diagram of his face.

  3. Joe, is Adrift and Lifeline a two-parter like Lost City (one episode) or like Progeny and The Real World (two single episodes)?

  4. Good luck on maintaining restraint with the catering truck. I’m rather weak, myself. That’s the one drawback to having your writers offices on the same studio lot as your sets — the weight you gain from all the goodies the catering truck and craft services tables provide.

    I’ve never been on a show that worked the regular hours you guys seem to do, so I’ve been able to fast on night shoot days. That is, until I discovered that the crafts services guys have secret hordes in the stages and are only too willing to make you sandwiches and special treats if you’re nice to them.

    And if that’s not enough, there are the directors who send their thank yous to cast and crew via specialty cofee carts, ice cream carts, even burger vans. And the studio execs and network execs who show you how much they love your ratings by showering you with caloric content.

    Only a few savvy, classy directors sent us masseurs instead. My weight does much better when the sets are in New Zealand, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, or anywhere but LA. However, then the show is not as much fun to work on, if your only contact with them is through dailies, emails, and phone calls.

    You’ll have to give us a report on how well you did (in showing restraint) when you wrap.

  5. If a season five goes ahead, is there a hope of getting Elizabeth back as a regular character? I think you’ll realise once season four goes to air that there’s a huge gap where she should have been. I hope that’s the case, anyway.

    She’s a hugely popular character, and Torri is an exceptional actress. She’ll be sadly missed by many, many fans.

    I’ll watch only the episodes she’s in. That’s how strongly I feel about the decision to get rid of the character. I love the show and the characters, but without my favourite character, it’s really not for me anymore.

  6. Joe, there has been a certain amount of comment on websites about Amanda Tapping moving over to Atlantis. I appreciate that you cannot discuss all the ways and wherefores, but I wonder if you could say what you think Amanda Tapping/Sam Carter will bring to Atlantis.

    Julia J.

  7. What are the odds of getting a “Lower Decks” type episode of Atlantis? And I mean *really* lower decks, like the cooks, janitors, etc. A city can’t run very well if everyone’s a brilliant scientist or career military. I mean, sure, the city may be in constant peril, but the bathrooms (assuming, of course, they exist) still need cleaning. I’d love to see an ep focusing on these (kind of like “The Other Guys”, only even more low-level). It could be really funny (and provide an opportunity to give the regulars a bit of a break).

  8. As I write this you are still in the arms of Morpheus. I love reading your blog .. It always can make me smile or at times chuckle out loud. Love a guy with a sense of humor.. Have you ever read any of Steven Erikson’s series Malazan Empire tale of the fallen.. Good series … his writing has such a beautiful flow to it… By the way how long have you had this love affair with food?


  9. ‘Restraint’….not sure I understand that word. ‘Healthier choices’…nope, now you’ve lost me again. Is this some fancy writer’s term?

    ‘Finger food’…that’s more like it. ‘Dessert’….is that my stomach growling….hmmmm, must be time for lunch…at 10.30 in the morning. 😉

  10. Joe, do you know anything about NBC starting to shut down Stargate websites? They forced Emedian (THE place to go for promo shots) to close and Darren at Gateworld has also had problems with NBC in getting promo shots, etc. He says MGM is still working with him though. What’s the deal? Doesn’t NBC want “free” advertising?

  11. Joe,

    On Lost, the VW was running on whatever was in the tank. It stretched credibility a bit that the gas after that long had not gelatanized and that the tires were still in shape. But no more than believing the plane crashed as it did and survived.

    Question for you since you are in the area, I have to be in Vancouver in a couple weeks and need to be as close to the Vancouver Convention Centre (easy walk is needed) as possible. Any good hotel recommendations?

  12. I would apologise for our country inflicting Victoria Beckham on you but, at the same time, it means we don’t get her back.

  13. Is Torri involved in filming of the first episode? My friends and I want to send her something.. a little show of support.. but we want to make sure it gets to her.

  14. Thanks for all the inside info, Joe. You’re a trooper.

    In the episode Sunday when Sheppard and Ronon were drinking beer and Shep was teaching Ronon (not by example I noticed) to smash beer cans on his forehead, what song was playing on Shep’s laptop? Inquiring minds are dying to know. Thanks in advance.

  15. Mmm. Food. I like food. It’s good. You should restrain your restraint, for food is good.

    Quick question, my lord. What is the meaning of life?

  16. I started watching your show two years ago because of Browder (I will watch anything he is in). I just wanted to thank you for the entertainment that you provided over the last two years. While I did not enjoy every episode, I enjoyed a multitude – like Ripple Effect, Arthur’s Mantle, Crusade, Camelot, Flesh and Blood, Pegasus Galaxy, the Quest Part 2, Line in the Sand, and bad guys. Thanks. As you wind down your current season (too late to change) … I just want to offer a commentary. It seems TPTB (writing, studio, financial, etc.) have decided to make the Shanks and Black bff relationship be a selling point for future stories. OK – I think Claudia Black is a wonderful actress and they are very entertaining together but please help us newbies understand why this relationship is taking place? I am not opposed but don’t quite understand their connection. Ok you stole my ship and linked us together … now I will do anything for you. Or I am a space pirate who met a cute guy and now I will stop running and only focus on you. Please don’t take this as bitching. I am trying to follow the story and characters, and failing. I will watch the last half of SG1 but help me understand where the creative minds are heading in the DVDs. I’d love to buy the new DVDs but hope the remaining two episodes will help me bridge the story gap.

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